Jews Lord over Colored Moroccan, Muslim, rapes of 3,000 White Italian women, some unto death

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Dr. William Luther Pierce, physicist, White Civil Rights Activist. Radio show # 49. Also see below Muslim rapes of white women.

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Jew Rabbi (Military): Ok for Jew men to rape (White Christian) Gentile women during war

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You can’t make up these things about the level of evil of the Jewish men. I never in my life heard of a Jewish woman being raped. And I’m from South Chicago, and my Polish-American family of 15 their slaves. How utterly horrendous! The Black women aren’t getting raped. Jew women “0.” But 37,462 blacks rape White women each year in the USA: US Justice Department. (that doesn’t county the other countries; also Jews using psychological methods to rape White women in USA by turning them against their White partner male isn’t even tallied.) Jewish doctor raped me and threatened me for life because he had to protect his Jewish wife and kids. He cared less about me.


White Race Pioneer – Texe Marrs, Author banned by Amzon; Jew Exposer

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I first listened to Texe Marrs on the Rense Radio Internet on my Grace Internet radio where I get 10,000 radio stations, even many Internet ones.

He hails the “Power of Prophecy,” and one of his books was banned recently by Amazon.

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Killing America
Why has Amazon.com decided that quotes from rabbis, the Talmud, and the Kabbalah are not to be seen by the masses?

Amazon Bans Texe Marrs’ Book, Holy Serpent of the Jews

Texe Marrs appears with Jeff Rense to discuss Amazon.com’s new practice of banning books.

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Texe, Wanda, and Princess