Part 2 – International Criminal Syndicate Jews steal others and my White Race Ideas. White German Author, Ernst Hiemer, exposes Jews through children’s stories: “The Poisonous Serpent.”

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The source: Ernst Hiemer, Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher (Nuremberg: Der Stürmer-Buchverlag, 1940).

On May 15, 2014, I went innocently to Branson’s Moonshine Beach, which just opened for the year. Jews had me beaten, crippled, and covered this deadly act in Las Vegas and fled. Since I could barely function and thought I’d decline and die, I tried to exercise. So I went to Moonshine Beach on the first day it opened. There was only one other family along the shore. I didn’t dive in. But since I also had 3 fractures on my left foot, I walked along the cold shore back and forth.

I saw the White father of the family dive in. I thought it a good idea. And I dove in and swam in shallow water to be careful parallel to the shore. Underwater I heard the father scream, “Snake! Snake! Snake!” I flew out of the water like a dolphin and hid behind him and his wife. I trembled and asked to show me where the snake was.

He said, “See that Black Head” bob up and down coming toward the shore. He (she) was coming right in your direction. It was a Black water moccasin, Poison and deadly. The most expensive treatment in a hospital is the anti-venom medicine. I was saved but here is a children’s story warning the White Race of the deadly snake: the Jew and Jewess. I’m not calling to “Kill the Jew” or “Throw them down the well,” as the song sings, but they must be brought to international justice and especially for my Polish family, White Veteran, me and my descendants.


“Background: Here are five chapters from the last of three anti-Semitic children’s books published by Julius Streicher’s Stürmer Publishing House. The author was Ernst Hiemer, Streicher’s second-in-command. Each chapter compares Jews to unpleasant forms of animal life: drones, hyenas, chameleons, coo-coos, locusts, bedbugs, starlings, mongrel dogs, poisonous snakes, tapeworms, and bacteria. The title comes from one of the stories, which focuses on a mongrel dog. Three of the stories end with calls to kill the Jews. And remember, this book was intended for small children. The book was viewed as crude even by some Nazis. For example, Der Hoheitsträger, a monthly for party leaders, gave it a brief negative review.

For more information, see my book on Julius Streicher.

Julius Streicher: Nazi Editor of the Notorious Anti-semitic Newspaper Der Sturmer Paperback – July 17, 2001

The Poisonous Serpent –  Ernst Hiemer

Behind a lovely farmhouse in the Black Forest! Two young girls lay in hammocks and swing back and forth.

“I’d like to stay here forever! It is wonderful here!” That is what 14-year-old Inge from Berlin says to her friend Else. “You people in the country do not know how good you have it. You do not have the noise of the trams and cars, the roar of the factories, the hubbub of the big city. — Most of all, I envy this wonderful place to rest. Here one can gather strength for even the most difficult times.”

Inge falls silent and breathes in the tangy air that blows from the mysterious forest. Suddenly she sits up.

“Else, what is that big worm that is under the tree over there?”

Else looks. She shudders and whispers:

“My God! It’s an adder, a very poisonous snake!”

Inge laughs.

“Nonsense! The thing seems much too harmless to be poisonous. See how tired and sad the cute snake looks. Its eyes are very dull. Maybe it is sick! We have to help it! If we give it something to drink…”

Else interrupts her with excitement:

“Be quiet! You do not know what you are saying. That is the most dangerous thing about this snake. It looks so harmless. But it only wants to fool us. It is really a treacherous murderer that creeps up to animals and people, looking like a harmless creature, then bites them with its poisonous fang and hurts or even kills them.”

Inge knows that her friend Else always tells the truth. She shudders a little. But she has another question. But Else says “Shh” and points to the snake. The girls are quiet and hold their breath.

A little mouse is near the snake, sniffing for food. When the snake notices the mouse, it is suddenly transformed. It raises its head in the air. The eyes, formerly so dull, become bright. The snake’s body tenses. The adder’s tongue flits quickly in its half-open mouth. Suddenly its body quivers. With amazing speed the head darts forward. The jaw opens and the teeth sink into the body of the little mouse. The poison enters the blood of the startled animal. A few seconds later the mouse lies dead on the ground. The adder opens its mouth and swallows its victim whole. Then it glides slowly and wearily back and disappears into the bushes.

The girls watch for a long time. Then they leap from their hammocks and run as fast as they can into the farm house.

“What is the matter with you?”, Else’s father asks the two children. Excitedly they tell him the story. The farmer says nothing and listens quietly as the children get the story out. Then he reaches for his pipe and lights it.

“Sit down, children,” he says. “I will explain it all to you.”

“Now, listen children! You really have seen an adder. It is poisonous, as dangerous for animals as for people. As long as there is no victim in the area, it looks peaceful and harmless. I can easily understand why Inge believed that it was not dangerous. But remember this: never trust a snake! From the moment it sees a victim, it shows its true nature. It pitilessly attacks the unsuspecting animal. Its fangs poison its victim’s blood.”

“Yes, the poor little mouse died right away,” the two children say.

“That’s right,” says the farmer, taking a big puff on his pipe. He continues:

“When people are bitten by a poisonous snake, they do not die so fast. At first, their body gradually tires. Their strength declines. They become dizzy. The blood pressure changes. They start bleeding heavily from the mouth, nose and ears. Some of those who are bitten become unconscious, but most suffer terrible pain for a long time before they die.”

“That’s terrible!”, Inge from Berlin says. This is the first time she has seen a poisonous snake. Then she asks:

“Are there other kinds of poisonous snakes besides adders?”

The farmer nods.

“Poisonous snakes come in all colors and sizes. There are poisonous snakes in every country around the world. The beautiful sand otter in Italy is just as poisonous as the ugly puff adder in Africa, the restless horn viper of Arabia, the copperhead in Mexico, the secretive bushmaster in South America, or the rattlesnake in North America! They are and remain poisonous snakes. They are and remain a danger for people and animals. To show you how many victims poisonous snakes have, children, I can tell you that every year in India alone an average of 20,000 people die after being bitten by poisonous snakes.”

“That’s terrible,” stutters Inge, and shakes her head. “And I wanted to go over to that poisonous snake, I wanted to feed it…”

“That would have been a mistake,” the farmer warns. Then he continues:

“There are many scholars and scientists who keep such poisonous snakes in captivity to study them. These men say that these poisonous snakes can behave for months as if they were fully tame. But one day they suddenly bit their caretaker in the hand, the same hand that touched them tenderly. Many a scientist has died in this way.”

“Dreadful!”, Else says, and then asks:

“Father, isn’t there any way to protect oneself from these beasts?”

“Certainly,” says the farmer. “Much has been done to alleviate the effects of a snake bite. There are medicines that, if used quickly, can save the lives of those who are bitten in many cases. But the poisonous snakes are still there. They threaten man and beast every day. To protect against these creatures, there is only one real solution…”

“I know what it is, father,” Else interrupts. ““One has to destroy the poisonous snakes.”

The farmer nods grimly.

“That’s right, my child. One has to destroy the poisonous snakes! One must find them wherever one can. One must make their offspring harmless. One must hunt them down without pity and exterminate them in all the nations of the world. If we do not kill the poisonous snakes, they will kill us!”

*There are poisonous snakes not only among the animals, but also among people. They are the Jews.

As long as the poisonous snakes do not sense a victim, they behave like the most peaceful and harmless animals. Only when a victim nears do they show their true face. They attack from behind and kill their prey without pity.

The Jews do to people what poisonous snakes do to people. As long as the Jew is not certain of his prey, he behaves as if he were the most innocent and best of people. He even gives the impression of being a poor devil whom one should pity. Many Gentiles are deceived in this way. They unsuspectingly let Jews into their countries. They unsuspectingly give them the same rights as they have. They even give the Jew special protection as an “innocent and good person.” In their ignorance, the nations feed the Jewish poisonous snake from “their own bosom.”

But one day, the Jew lets the mask fall and shows what he really is, a poisonous snake among people. The same livestock Jew who formerly seemed so nice and friendly suddenly and pitilessly robs the farmer of everything he has and throws him and his family on the street. The same money-lending Jew, who formerly lent money with the most friendly smile, drives the Gentile merchant into misery and takes over his business. The same Jewish attorney who formerly claimed to fight only for truth and justice robs his wards of everything they have. The same Jewish politician who promised the voters a golden future plunges the whole people into terrible misfortune.

That is the Jew! He always proves a poisonous snake amidst the people!

There are various kinds of poisonous snakes. There are poisonous snakes in the most varied countries in the world. The same is true of the Jews. There are little and big ones, fat and thin ones, black-haired and even blond ones. There are rich and poor Jews. There are Jewish peddlers, businessmen, merchants, doctors, attorneys, scholars, politicians and stock exchange barons. There are Jews in Germany, England and Italy, in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America. But even if they look much different, if they hide in various occupations and speak the various languages of the world, they are and remain Jews. They are and remain the poisonous snakes of humanity.

Just as the snake’s bite poisons the blood of its victims, the Jews poison the blood of their host peoples. People who let the Jews in lose the purity of their blood. At first they hardly notice as the Jewish poison infects their bodies and souls. But slowly they decline. Their children are half-breeds who bear the physical and spiritual characteristics of the Jewish race. These Jewish half-breeds further poison their people’s blood. Once the majority of the people carry the Jewish poison, there is no saving them any longer. The poison has its effect! The people must decline.

20,000 people die each year in India alone because of snake bites. The effect of Jewish blood poisoning is even more terrible. There is hardly a people on early in which the Jew has not caused blood poisoning a thousand fold. There are hundreds of thousands of Jewish half-breeds in nearly every country. Altogether, there are millions of people who have poisoned Jewish blood. The effects of this poisoning of humanity are incalculable.

The effects of the poison spread by Jewish newspaper and radio agitators are also frightful. They lie to high heaven and set the best of a people against each other. They bring discord and unrest to people. They poison public opinion. The results are war and revolution. Millions perish. But the Jewish poisoners of nations are delighted at the success of their destructive work.

In captivity, poisonous snakes can behave for months as if they are tame. Suddenly, they show their true nature and bite the person who has cared for them so well and so long.

It is the same with the Jews. If the Jews are in trouble or danger, if their host peoples are stronger than they, they behave as if they are transformed. They suddenly become shy and quiet, kind and friendly, and creep about on their bellies. They play the “good guy” who wishes the best! They play the humanitarian who always has an open heart for the poor! They pretend to be so dumb as to hardly be able to count to three! Gentile peoples are too easily deceived by this Jewish play-acting. They take the “poor” Jews in and protect and care for them. The Jews are waiting for this moment. Suddenly they show their true face and become completely insolent and arrogant. Woe to the people that are bitten by the “poisoned fang” of the Jews. In most cases, there is no saving them.

Medical science has discovered drugs that can combat the effects of a snake bite if they are taken in time. There is also a splendid means of combating the Jewish poison. It is educating humanity about the Jewish world enemy. Every man, every woman, every child must learn the truth about the Jews. Each people, wherever it lives on the earth, must understand the Jewish question. Poor and rich, old and young, all most learn. Only he who knows the poisonous Jewish snake and the results of its bite can protect himself against disease and decline.

But education alone cannot solve the Jewish question. A people that recognizes the Jews must also have the strength to deal pitilessly with the world enemy. Just as the danger of poisonous snakes is eliminated only when one has completely eradicated poisonous snakes, the Jewish question will only be solved when Jewry is destroyed. Humanity must know that in the case of the Jewish question there can only be a hard “either/or.” If we do not kill the Jewish poisonous serpent, it will kill us!

Part 1 – International Criminal Syndicate Jews steal others and my White Ideas. White German Author, Ernst Hiemer, exposes Jews through children’s stories: “The Drones”

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Jews turned by appearance VHS tape as the Queen of Karaoke into American Idol. (see today’s other blogs.) Also when my nipple fell out at 6:26 in that tape, same Jew turned it into the sensational hoax when Black Janet Jackson’s nipple fell out in 2004 Superbowl. All thieved Jew hoax ideas.

“Background: Here are five chapters from the last of three anti-Semitic children’s books published by Julius Streicher’s Stürmer Publishing House. The author was Ernst Hiemer, Streicher’s second-in-command. Each chapter compares Jews to unpleasant forms of animal life: drones, hyenas, chameleons, coo-coos, locusts, bedbugs, starlings, mongrel dogs, poisonous snakes, tapeworms, and bacteria. The title comes from one of the stories, which focuses on a mongrel dog. Three of the stories end with calls to kill the Jews. And remember, this book was intended for small children. The book was viewed as crude even by some Nazis. For example, Der Hoheitsträger, a monthly for party leaders, gave it a brief negative review.

For more information, see my book on Julius Streicher.

Julius Streicher: Nazi Editor of the Notorious Anti-semitic Newspaper Der Sturmer Paperback – July 17, 2001

The source: Ernst Hiemer, Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher (Nuremberg: Der Stürmer-Buchverlag, 1940).

The Poodle-Pug-Dachshund-Pinscher

by Ernst Hiemer

The Drones

Evening is coming. The sun slowly sinks in the west. The farmyard grows quiet. Only the bees are still at work. They fly from flower to flower and gather sweet honey and golden pollen.

Api, a little worker bee, returns. She quickly flies into the hive. She fills the honeycombs with all the honey that she has gathered with her hard work.

Her comrade Melli is next to her. She is usually a happy little creature and laughs the whole day. But now she is in a bad mood. Angrily, her big eyes look to the honeycombs in the upper corner. Many bees who are much bigger and fatter than Api and Melli have gathered there. And these bees do not work. They can do only one thing: eat, eat, and eat!

Tears fill Melli’s eyes.

“I have been slaving away from morning to night every day for eight weeks. I’ve filled two honeycombs all by myself so that we will be able to eat this winter. Now these fat lads come along and eat it all up!”

Little Api has been listening intently to her friend.

“You mean those drones up there? They are harmless animals. And they look silly! They are so fat and helpless. I have to laugh when I see the drones. They are really funny!”

Melli grows angry.

“Funny? Funny? Nonsense! Maybe you don’t know the danger the drones are for our whole bee people?”

Api shakes her head.

“No! But tell me, please!”

Melli rubs her head with her legs a few times. Then she speaks:

“OK, listen carefully! We bees are an industrious people. We work our whole lives long. The sun is hardly up and we are awake and searching for honey and pollen. We stop only when it is evening. We have to work hard so that we will be prepared for winter, when there are no flowers or blossoms. We have to work hard so that our children will have something to eat. We have to work hard to preserve our people. Do you understand?”

Little Api nods.

“Of course! But what does that have to do with the drones?”

“Pay attention,” Melli says, “and I will tell you. The drones are bees too, like us. But they do not help our people, they only harm it. They do not work. They laze away the whole day. The only thing they do is eat! Yes, eat! They eat everything that we have collected for our ourselves, our people and our children. They make us poor, and they are absolutely insolent. Just yesterday a drone punched me so that I fell and nearly broke a leg. That is how the drones are! They do not work. They live in luxury. They do nothing themselves, but live from the work of others. They plunder us. They do not care if we starve over the winter, or if our children die. The only thing they care about is that things go well for them. The main thing is that they can stuff their fat bellies. Api, listen to me: The drones are our misfortune!”

Little Api is thoughtful. For a long time she says nothing. Then she nods thoughtfully and says:

“Now I understand! You are right! the drones are our misfortune! But tell me, do the other bees know this?”

“No! they do not know. Most of them still believe that drones are harmless. They do not believe that drones hurt anyone. That is why we must educate our people. Each individual bee must learn that the drones are a threat to us. Then we have to ruthlessly destroy the drones. If we do not destroy them, they will destroy us and our children!”

Api is enthused.

“Yes! We must educate the whole bee people. We must call all our comrades to battle our people’s enemy. I promise you that I will help. I will warn all the bees I know about the drones. I will tell them the truth. While working during the day and while resting at night, I will always say:

Bees! Rise up against the drones before it is too late! Save us from the plague of drones to save our bee people!”

*Fourteen days have gone by. Api and Melli have educated the bees. At first the bees did not believe them. And when the drones learned that the truth about them was out, they roused the other bees against Api and Melli. But the two were not intimidated. Wherever they went, they spoke about the danger of the drones. Soon ten other bees believed them and hated the drones. Then it was a hundred — then five hundred! — then a thousand and even more.

One night the bee people, threatened by the drones, roused itself. The whole hive was in an uproar. Bees were running about crying out:

“Wake up! The battle against the drones is beginning! Down with the deadly enemy of our people!”

The drones, who had until now been so impudent, gathered together and tried to look innocent. They acted as if they were the best animals on God’s earth. They begged for pity. But they thought to themselves:

“Just wait until things quiet down again! Then we will devour you!”

But the bees could no longer be fooled. At Melli’s command and under the leadership of Api, they attacked the drones. The battle was terrible. The drones were defeated. They were killed or driven out. Not one of them remained in the beehive.

The next morning, the sun was particularly bright. The thankful song of happy, liberated bees filled the hive. Many hundreds of voices joined their voices in singing to heaven:

“May you ever protect our people
From our destroyers, from robbers, drones!”

*There are drones not only among the bees, but also among people. They are the Jews!

Every nation has millions of workers, farmers, officials and so on. They work hard, like the bees. The worker goes to the factory every day. The work is hard. But he does it gladly. He knows that his labor is necessary if his people are to live. The farmer works his whole life to grow what the nation needs — their daily bread! They are all “worker bees!” They work for the whole people. The farmer could not live without the worker, or the worker without the farmer. Without shoemakers, neither workers nor farmers would have shoes. If there were no teachers and inventors, who would discover things and build machines? Everyone depends on everyone else, regardless of whether they work with their minds or their hands.

But there are also “drones” who live among the peoples of the earth. Who are these drones? They are the Jews!

The Jews have a secret law book. It is the Talmud. In it is written:

“Work is very bad and not to be tolerated.”

What does the Jew mean by that? He means that he hates work because it is hard and difficult.

Elsewhere in the Talmud it says:

“Gentiles were created to serve the Jews. They must plow, sow, dig, reap, bind, weed and grind. The Jews are created to find everything ready.”

What does this mean? It means that the Jews think only Gentiles must work. The Jew thinks that the Gentiles must work for him. He himself does not have to do anything.

The Jews do not want to work. They only want to live from the labor of others. They are just like the drones in the beehive. They are lazy. They do nothing. They create nothing. They rob the community. They exploit the people.

These Jewish drones appear in various forms. For example, there is the Jewish tramp. A tramp is a person who never works. But he understands how to exploit those who do work, and knows how to live an easy life through the work of others.

Then there is the Jewish fence. He buys goods that thieves have stolen. He earns a lot of money. But he creates nothing. He only swindles other people. He is harmful to the nation.

Then there is the Jewish farm swindler.He has no land, he does not sow, he does not tend a field. But through sneaky swindles he takes over many farms and throws whole families into misery.

And there is the Jewish merchant. He buys shoddy goods and sells them at enormous profit. The worker who has labored the whole week gives his money to the Jew in exchange for trash.

That is the Jew!

He is the drone of humanity. He is the exploiter of the labor of others. He is an enormous danger for all the nations. If one overlooks this danger, whole peoples can be destroyed. History is rich in examples that prove to us that the Jew has ruined millions of people.

But many do not know that the Jew is the drone among people. They see the Jew as an innocent and entirely harmless fellow citizen. They do not know that the Jewish danger for our people and for the whole world is the same as the danger of the drones to the bees. They do not know that the Jewish Question is the most important question in the world.

The bees recognized the danger of the drones. Therefore they fought the bloodsuckers. Ruthlessly they cleansed their people of drones. Only then was there peace and order.

How is it with people? Until they have cleaned out the Jewish brood of drones, there will be no peace and no prosperity among the peoples.

Jew Theft of Ideas: White Queen of Karaoke White Breast Nipple falls out – American Idol – Superbowl, Black Janet Jackson’s Thieved Idea Nipple falls out

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From German Ernst Heimer children’s book for White Race: How Whites feed Jews and the other races from their White Tit:

“Many Gentiles are deceived in this way. They unsuspectingly let Jews into their countries. They unsuspectingly give them the same rights as they have. They even give the Jew special protection as an “innocent and good person.” In their ignorance, the nations feed the Jewish poisonous snake from “their own bosom.”


See below the link from Germany how they tried to teach White children about the evils of Jew parasites and thefts. Here’s just two ideas they stole from me, White woman. See other blog today where “Fat Jew” comedian steals from White Michael Walsh and makes a disgusting Jew famous. Jews not only stole my idea of performance on the Jenny Jones Talk Show as the Queen of Karaoke, the same Jew took my idea of the “accidental nipple falling out,” and made Black Janet Jackson a “controversial SuperBowl, Superstar” when her nipple fell out at Superbowl, 2004. And Jews thieves who never thought up an original idea in their lives raked in billions from Whites off that White idea and so did their weapon and pets, the Blacks. Just one way how Jews also make Blacks “Idols” for Whites to worship instead of a God or our highest ideals.

Also, see how “Fat Jew” stole White man’s comedic idea. This Jew theft is nothing new. Below is a children’s story warning how Jews steal ideas of Whites in Germany.

When the Jew, Owen Robbins, conned me into making him a VHS tape of my appearance as the Queen of Karaoke on the Jenny Jones TV Show, I never gave it a second thought. Jews control “ALL” media. Goes back to newspapers at least 1890’s, New York Times, New World, Associated Press were all news feeds from.

Jew Robbins asked me to take him to costumed karaoke. Being a Polish-White slave for Jews since the year 1025 until today, Whites are blinded to their crime. As they did in Poland, all laws were in their favor, and the entire country was “lawless.” Sound like the USA today, only on steroids? And we’ve only had them for 70 years and exhausted Whites pay Jews welfare and blackmail the richest of the USA.

Since I pioneered and brought back breastfeeding, nearly single-handedly, I nursed babies 3 1/2 years each. Breasts and baby nipples constantly pumping like a prize cow. Mother’s milk only perfect food for humans but in 1973 doctors (run by Jew medical since late 1800’s) only read one paragraph about it. Baby Formula, sugar followed by 22 drugs, not even milk, must be supplemented by plastic vitamins, cereal, baby food, and still inferior.

So when I went on the Jew Jenny Jones Show (also a victimized desperate White Polish-American) they made me “look good,” but “sound bad.” It was a Jew Hoax just like the Holocaust Hoax. All the other contestants either were faked. I saw the Black woman get paid $1,000 to knock down the Mexican singer from Glamour Productions Karaoke show, as I was knocked down. The Jew Owens called and told me he turned my VHS tape into American Idol back in 1999.

When I was doing the “shimmy” my nipple falls out. Something which happened every hour on the hour including the night when I nursed. The dates on the screen prove my truthfulness. Jews control all White media world-wide so the ideas they steal go around the world. Whites (Christians victimized) know nothing.

At about 6:26 in the video I shimmy, nipple falls out, and immediately place it back in. Nipples are for our healthy White babies who are now an endangered species.


Here’s just one story from link below: