White Species Pioneer – Hadding Scott, Revisionist

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It’s amazing and he’s amazing, a real Holocaust trooper and nothing can dissuade him. I was just about to stop adding people to Chapter 23 of White Species Pioneers when I was led to this Jim Rizoli and Hadding Scott interview. I do think I will continue on to finish editing the holy Chapter 23 of White Saints Jews call hateful Sinners.

Also his many priceless radio interviews with Carolyn Yeager on Henry Ford. In my book, Ford’s quotes are so perfect and powerful I want to add them to book not just to blog. I was going to cut them since I have to cut 1/2 the chapter, I’m already 12,000 words over in book, but I think I will leave them in and make something else shorter.

Henry Ford knew first hand Jews were villains, but also his friend Thomas Alva Edison’s fiasco with Jews stealing his movie machine, running to Hollywood and nearly “all” movies we’ve ever seen by Jew monopoly 1927 until today! It’s why we have to skip all things Jews no matte how addicted and keep to truth. I believe the Truth will reveal itself with as much as you can handle and no more, little at a time. Disney bankrupted then bought out by wicked Jews. Lindberg’s white baby boy found near home with foot chopped off. A signal or code for Jews always do that. They left codes twice in my life. Once when they stole info from my VHS tape which led to American Idol, the other when I was beaten in Vegas, a drumstick was in the locker I usually kept my second costume luggage in when I performed. Band drummer Jewish! Hadding Scott audio series on mighty hero whose publishing stood up to the Jews, Henry Ford,  on Carolyn Yeager’s website below. Also YouTube with Jim Rizzoli




White French Men Want Jews Out of France

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Juif = Jews in this French video. We must learn to communicate with all our White people and break down these different barriers.

As I’ve written extensively because of my Polish American autobiography, in 1095, Jews had infiltrated both Germany and France’s government, royalty, and church. The citizens were left so upset at the bad treatment they were getting, the White French and German men got on their horses and literally and physically drove the Jews out. Jews who ran to China were slaughtered. That 13,000 fool wall China has up means business. They don’t fool around protecting their women and children.

The Jews then ran back to Poland, my country of ancestry, which is probably where all Jews come from 1025-1945. Worse slavery in history. Silenced until my autobiography coming up.


White Species Pioneer – Frank Walus; Attacked by Jews 7 times, Near Death Acid Attack. Lost US Citizenship, Home

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From Ernst Zundel’s website
Interesting but he felt his country, USA, let him down so badly, he didn’t want to be buried on USA soil!


Frank Walus

Attacked seven times by Jewish assailants; nearly killed in an acid attack. Lost his US citizenship and his home to pay for his defense.

Background and contribution:

A Polish German-American auto worker, Walus was targeted and accused falsely by Simon Wiesenthal to be a “Nazi War Criminal.” Vilified by the US media in a vicious campaign as the “Butcher of Kielce”, Walus fought bravely against his tormentors of the Office of Special Investigations, also known as the US “Nazi Hunters”. He ultimately won his case against them in a costly appeals process but died after several massive heart attacks – a bitter, financially ruined man. He refused to be buried on US soil because he felt the country had betrayed and failed him. Zündel witness in the 1985 Great Holocaust Trial.