Here’s Actual Email to 1/2 Mexican, Ms McBride Las Vegas College teacher on objecting to Gay and Jew Essays

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I object to gays and Jews, for the sake of the White sacred womb. I don’t hate them. But they hate me when they force laws down our White throats. We have to “save” our young White males, instead, all laws and the entire reality is against them. Jews turned the White German men into homosexuals, so much so, before World War II, 149 of 150 bars in the capital of Germany were for gays, nothing for heterosexuality. It’s why Hitler said the worse damage done by the Jews was instilling hatred between heterosexual male and female. National Socialists was about having babies, and today, we have a World War III between White male and female, and only because I was single in Chicago and took so many classes, lectures, books on dating, do I know this.

There’s no World War III for gays. They now have entire cities. They buy up the mansions of Detroit, owned owned by rich Whites who were so terrorized, the Whites committed White Flight. Gays don’t have kids. They pay perhaps $3,000 for a 10,000 square foot home. If the Jews didn’t “block-bust” as Mama knew of the Jews in South Chicago, we wouldn’t have ghettos.

If Jews kept my Polish White people in slavery, 1,000 years, I demand an apology and all the perks the Jews forced Whites to give to the blacks since 1865, I demand from the Jews. This is “common sense” and I won’t go into 20 years of spin. It’s a simple sentence with will sentence the Jews into reparations. And not “all” the Poles. First me. No one others will talk.

The 25 essays I had to read from my Las Vegas college book, were either about gay homosexual (I looked up the name,) Blacks from my neighborhood South Chicago, who had a Master’s Degree in 1967, while my White husband ancestry from Mayflower, 1620, was getting blown up and tortured in Vietnam. Lesbian druggie Anne Frank also had an essay in there. The rest of the 25 essays made the (white) reader “feel sorry” for Brown pregnant girls, or Chinese grandmother, Indians, Japanese, another Chinese woman who committed suicide. Oh yes, there were two essays on the Whites. One ended with the White man was impotent in his groin; the other was “Who’s Irish” which ranted about 4 drunken Irish brothers. Nothing was said if Irish stayed in Ireland there’s no alcohol problem. The teacher nearly had me expelled for my views. But I notified Board of Education and they came to evaluate her and not me.

She also made sure I was on a team of three students to discuss our essays. I read mine on “Worthy to be saved.” for Whites. The other student was an Irish boy and his was about legalizing booze on campus. The third was a 1/2 Mexican man. His essay “Intelligent Design.” He wrote he hated his White half. (sounds like Ms. McBride also 1/2 Mexican, who got four years of mentorship from a White teacher, otherwise she would have failed college, and wouldn’t spend 5 minutes with me. When I went to her office, she never took eyes off her papers.

The Mexican student said he was glad the White Race is dying because we are no longer smart . . . Intelligent Design . . . only the smartest will survive. The Mexicans are making great gains, as the other races, but the Whites are lagging behind, because they can’t keep up intellectually.

And it’s true. If our White boys don’t get 21 mentors, segregated from other races, the USA will be a 3rd world country. But the Jews who put out cell phone addictions for our children, and who manufacture both them and the phone bills in Israel, they are at the top with the Yellows. Our kids know symbols like smileys. It takes us back 6,000 years to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Gays are the same. One can see in the Bible. We’ll never know if Gays are born that way, until we solve first the World War III between White male and female.

Here’s my email to Ms McBride and her answer regarding her threat to fail those who don’t comply with her dictatorship. I had a 3 hour talk with head of the English department and he said the same. I said “why don’t you read out of YOUR EXPERIENCE, and include my right to survive as a person and species. He also told me “get rid of the White men they are no good.” He was White. Self-hatred. Suicidal. But the Jewish Dr. Rejtman who raped me 1968, told me the same thing about my White husband. He went further and told me to give sex to the Jewish boss who was hounding me for he was a “good man” Really? 1,000 years of rapes, enslavement, wars, starvation, deaths against my Polish people makes them “good?”

“You may read what you choose, but the quiz score for this
essay stands.  Part of a college education is a
willingness to read outside of your experience.”

On Mon, 2 Oct 2006 06:39:21 -0700
“Barbie” <queenofkaraoke@cox.net> wrote:
>I’m sorry to bother you again, but am having a difficult
>time trying to read our new assignment about Gays and
>Jews.  You see, Ms. McBride, I’m 59 and I’ve never read a
>formal, school article about the awakenings of
>heterosexuality, and I’m learning ‘first’ about
>homosexuality.  Recently, I have taken lessons about sex,
>after being drugged and raped in Chicago, so that instead
>of treating heterosexuality with Puritanical blindness, I
>wanted to become aware of my own body, and that of the
>male.  But, even so I covered the books with the purple
>stretch bookcovers and hide the fact that I want to know
>more about the act that made me.  Now, I’m officially
>learning about gay sex, before reading anything about my
>identity.  I think this is a major problem with boys, and
>I have two sons, into following the gay community.  They
>teach boys at the age of 13 how to satisfy their high
>testosterone needs; no one teaches our young males about
>the same process only in a heterosexual way.  I’ve read
>the X-rated Bible and the horror stories of the
>aggressiveness of homosexuals is rather scarey.
>The same is true about the Jews.  I am pedigree Polish,
>yet somehow in today’s society, I was taught to ‘love
>everybody’.  When I was in the parades in Chicago I
>marched in costume to the Irish parade, the Puerto Rican
>parade, the Mexican parade, even saw the gay parade, went
>to German and Italian festivals, the only white at an
>all-black tribute for a disc jockety, but it never
>occurred to me to ‘love my own Polish heritage’.  I need
>to learn to love myself, and not hate myself, but get no
>reinforcement in society.
>Can I be excused from reading this without getting a
>zero?  Either that or I will have to read five articles
>about heterosexuality and take five looks at my Polish
>ancestry I’m discovering so that I can be grounded in who
>I am.  It may be fashionable, and ‘in’, and even
>necessary, but I have to cherish the fact that my Polish
>parents commit heterosexual acts (sounds like a sin,
>doesn’t it?) and thus produced 12 children, (would have
>been 24 if they continued until Mama was 57).
>I will read it if I don’t hear from you, because I don’t
>want to appear to be different in any way.
>Thanx Barbie

Laura McBride
English Instructor
Community College of Southern Nevada

World-Wide Jewish Mayors

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Doesn’t include governors, Senators, House of Reps, or Jews “behind” the scenes since Jewess mothers teach their Jew kids to hide in the background. Hence the hatred, as against Trump, attacks him, and his Jew lawyer and Jew son-in-law get off “scot-free.”

Note especially Charlottesville, and my Chicago, Raum Emmanuel, who was Black and White Obama’s first pick and advisor.


The Jewish Trillionaire

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