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Pubic Hairs; Love White Skin

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I went to clean the church this a.m. at the break of dawn.  Someone turned off the main air-conditioner so I had to work in heat and dryness. 
When I arrived though, a big, black man was sleeping in the parking lot near the curb.  I intelligently access the situation and think, “if the Blacks have it so bad, why are they all the size of giants, and big, not skinny and boney as I was when I was called “Barney Beanpole,” when I was in high school. 
I thought of calling the police, but then I thought if I the black man knew it was me, he might get revenge.  But, I thought if all of us think like that, these third-world types have us in nooses made of fear, and are punishing us for inviting them to our American Party, instead of not giving them an invitation at all. 
I decided that I was going to call Las Vegas police, as these black homeless are breaking our church windows, (3 since I’ve been cleaning the church, spitting on the windows, making more work for me, and pooping and peeing where I take out the trash. 
Can you imagine, inviting someone into your home as you extend your generosity and hospitality, and even share all the money you make with this person.  This person is a black person.  When he comes into your home, he doesn’t want to work, and breaks all your windows, poops at your back door, pees on rags that the stench is unbearable, and sleeps over and you never gave him that permission.  “Who” did give the blacks that permission?  The Jews, but we never saw it, because we kept looking at White faces, just as the tea party people are taking their anger at White people.  If the White people gave it to the Jews, and even dared to “whisper” the word “Jew,” then I would feel better about all this. But the Whites cannot even whisper the word “Jew,” without falling to their mental knees, and sometimes physical knees as Marilyn Monroe said, “I can’t wait to get rich; I will never have to suck another Jewish cock again.”  It sickens me. 
I called the police and the officer said, “Does he have a gun?”  I was shocked.  I never dreamed that these “poor” black homeless, that we “feel sorry” for, might actually be an army of agents used against us with guns?  The blacks have an ‘art’ of homelessness.
I’ll give you an example. When my White Veteran was homeless, he didn’t look that bad.  He had false teeth, and tried to take care of himself. Therefore, when he wanted to get help, because he was suffering internally, he was refused over and over again. The Mexicans and blacks make sure they look really bad, and make an art of it.  There was a black homeless man that lived on the Magnificent Mile where I lived in a skyscraper in Chicago.  He wanted to get $$$ from the rich people shopping at Jewish stores such as Neiman Marcus.  So he started to paint himself silver.  It was not well done or creative, but, he would set up shop on the Mag Mile, and have a small boom box playing and he would just stand there and do nothing, as a mime.
Now I’ve worked with Black maintenance men and janitors and they work so slowly, especially compared to Polish janitors, that the blacks barely seem to move.  They are like slugs or snails as they stroll through the office as if they own the company, rather than be the janitor.  Now, take these same blacks that can barely move when cleaning, all of a sudden, they are put in the Olympics and they run so fast, they take all the prizes. Same with Black running backs. They run across the football field, and beat out White players, such as my son, yet put these same blacks in an office, or warehouse, and they can barely move.  We think their mentality is only 85 but, they are outsmarting us, as they found their way into the White House. 
So, this black guy where I lived in Chicago, would draw more and more $$$ from White people.  With the $$$ he made from handouts, he put together a shabby stage, and made his silver painted costume and face more thorough.  The Police and City never arrested him, and surely the places like the retail store, Marshal Field, very elegant, allowed him to block their doors for him to have an audience.  He didn’t sing, he didn’t dance, his costume was done poorly, and yet because he was “black,” the whole city of Chicago genuflected for him.  Did my White husband have to “trick” others to help him.  Why should Whites have to “trick each other or play games or politics.”  Why can’t we forthright and honest?  There is no reason in the world that we can’t.  We just have been “taught” the diabolical Jewish way of life, and think this should be our reality. 
I would pass him by and my way to karaoke, and thought that I would have a few people in attendance, and I wouldn’t make a penny, and yet I had invested thousands of $$$, especially with my time.  Not only that, a Greek man that owned Fantasy Lounge, said that he wanted me to win contests, because he knew karaoke contests were fixed, and he not only liked my singing, but the fact that I danced with his male customers, (who spent $$$) and talked with them and sang for them.  Yet, this black man, had huge audiences on the sidewalk. They were mostly rich Whites whose favorite passtime and entertainment is to “feel sorry,” for blacks, while not even “seeing” their White brother or sister.
Anyway, I completed my call to the police on the black man, and even though I was scared, I had to try to protect myself as I was alone.  Yes, I’m scared to death to live in the United States of America. It wasn’t always that way.  In the days of the KKK, women and children not only “felt” protected, but “were” protected.  I believe if we had an all White society, without Jews, we would be competing on a much higher level with China, Israel, and India, than we are today. 
I don’t know much about South America, but from what I got the feel, it is a third-world type continent.  That has spread to North America, via our connection, Mexico, which I’m sure we might as well annex just like Texas, since we are giving our White Rights away anyway. 
I came across this article:  http://www.csmonitor.com/2009/0811/p12s01-woam.htm and it clearly states that there is a “government” anti-Semitism, or anti-Zionism.  I don’t want to feel that I have to trip over my words and make sure I dot every i and cross every t, before we bow, genuflect, and cast our eyes to the ground in shame over mistreating the Jews, as they control our very existence. 
I’m saddened about the movie about the Jewish besterds.  What the Jews are really flaunting in our faces, is that the Jewish married men have left their besterds for Whites and Gentiles to support, “intentionally” to keep us encumbered with raising families, while they had their 1 child, like Isaac, for the “inheritance,” reaped fortunes, education, and freedom.
Picture if there was a Polish movie made, about how the Poles took bats, clubs, and swords and bashed the brains out of the Jews in 1096, and massacred them as China did, and hence our White civilization would be on a much better footage. Especially, Poland, because they have never had it so bad, and that is why they are leaving Poland for other countries.  The Poles should have a wonderful kingdom over there.  The Poles should remain pedigreed, and not intentionally get involved in “race-breaking,” or even “nationality breaking.” 
I’m going to be attending a “pedigreed Polish four day festival,” the largest ethnic festival in Chicago.  I will be around mostly “pedigreed” Poles, and yet, why should we dance, celebrate, laugh, and be joyous, when their children will be marrying Mexicans, (Latin Lovers) Blacks, raped by Jews, being White slaves, but will never be able to achieve what the other White nationalties did before them. Such as becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, heads of NASA, etc.  They might do “well,” or better than Poland, of course, but not to their full potential, as we are importing all our doctors and engineers, and “intelligentsia,” which is dangerous for our race, because we are unable to “think” for ourselves.  We have farmed out our thinking, believing others are smarter than us.  If we keep believing that, we surely will decline.  If we plan and believe we can compete on a global scale, we will achieve that. 
Our footage cannot get any worse than today, although I’m encouraged by Whites getting involved.  But if the Whites just holler at other Whites, we might as well start World War III between Whites again, and surely it would be under Jewish grins, laughter, and entertainment, and $$$$$$$$$$$$$. 
I’m thinking about going to Washington DC for the “tea party,” for I think it would be nice to be with a bunch of Whites asserting their White Rights.  How is it the Jews came here and just “took over,” through an idea:  The Jewish Holocaust in Poland, and we need to always clarify that, so that will take some of the heat off the Germans.
If my son Paul will let me sleep there, (and if I don’t say a word,) I should be able to go.  I need to take off early from work, but with my working almost 60 hours this week, I could use a couple of week-ends for being involved with my Polish White people in Chicago, and American White people in Washington DC.
I met a friend in Las Vegas, who is German.  He is older than me, and worked as a watchmaker for Jews for many years.  He he was a Hitler fan.  I met him at a German Restaurant in Chicago, and he invited me to dinner.  He had a big black wolf of a dog, that wore a “swastika” around his neck and would parade the Las Vegas neighborhood.  This German man had a house guest, before she died, Hitler’s nurse from Germany, who would also take the dog out for a stroll. 
He was in the “joint,” as he calls it, but is a very brilliant and handsome man, like Von Brunn.  I guess those are the ones that the Jews hurt the worse, because the Jews had to bring down handsome White men for the White Gentile women to hate the White men and “love and worship and obey the Jewish man.  Especially the Jewish married man, so the Jewish wife could still get his “inheritance.”  I think he was desperate and was smart enough to get into bank sites, although I don’t think he did it for money.  But, even with his prison record, he was so smart that the Navy approached him and enlisted him to work for the Navy banking payroll.
He is a nice man, and even invited me to dinner.  His daughter was there, and when she saw the table set so elegantly she was shocked, for she had never seen that before. She depicted her father as a “crazy Nazi” who lived very simply and perhaps that is the only side she ever saw.  Him and his Nazi dog.  But, I met him while he entertained playing the clarinet with an accordian player, and as soon as I met him I told him how much I liked Germany, Hitler and the Nazis’ and he opened up with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen.  A woman that finally understood him.  He also knew I was a gourmet cook, and he invited me to dinner and had a barbecued pork roast for me.  The table was set with a fine White lace dinner cloth, and even flowers and silver on the table.  His daughter, who worked in medical sales making big $$$$, as these people rejoice in our misery, suffering, diseases and illness, never saw in her whole life what a fine and cultured man her father was.  He just never had anyone to bring it out in him.
Well, this nice Las Vegas German man was fired by the Jews.  They just “got” rid of him, and replaced him with some Mexican, who really didn’t have the German skills he had.  He got rehired though by some people from England, and he is better off for it. 
But, he called to say he heard me on the radio, and that was the first time that ever happened.  Oh he was tickled pink and called me his Polish dancing girl, as I danced at the restaurant while he played.  There are very few true White moments where we can connect in person, without any “restraints,” or “straight-jackets” put on our White skin.
Speaking of White skin.  I decided yesterday that after I took my bath, I would get some nice Nivea (European) cream, and just massage it over all my White skin.  So I looked in the mirror and really looked at myself as “White.”  Not just a pair of eyes, or hair, or legs, arms, etc. But, just “skin.”  I took the White cream, and started on my White face, and just lovingly massaged it into my forehead, White eyelids, and around my nose.  I massaged the back of my ears, and even inside, looking at my White skin in these places as if I looked at it for the first time.  I put special cream that I bought on the RBN network, for my face and neck, and watching my White hand massage my White face.  I then, looked down at my hands and my White arms, and massaged the cream.  I did “not” see any “imperfections.” You know, I had a bad habit when I was younger. I would lay in the tub, and just itemize all the things wrong with me.  Starting with my hair, it was too fine, and straggley.  My skin had pimples, (although the more pimples the higher the sex drive I found out in my studies).  Then  would go down my body and just criticize myself.  Although I didn’t have hair on my head, I had it in other places where nice Scandivanvian girls are bald or hairless.
I think this is a little personal, so if you want just delete it from here on end.  But, as I said before, my husband said I had the hairiest vagina he had ever seen and hated the Viet Namese women who were bald down there.  Since he was bald headed he didn’t care about the hair on the head, it was the hair on the pubic area that he was fascinated with, and probably was the reason he married me. I’m laughing, cause it doesn’t get any stranger.
But,  read in the “Scent of Eros: The Mystery of Odor in Human (White) Sexuality,” and these tiny and springy hairs have “scents” on them like moths that emit a hormone that attracts the opposite sex for mating.  Well, I have a ton of them, and they don’t end in the pubic area, but go down my inner thigh, under my knees and even on my large toe. Now it is not like I have “fur” on me, (ha ha ha) but, they are sexual strands nonetheless. They also were on my breasts, and I was so ashamed of them. But surely, it was very Eastern European, but I hated myself and the skin underneath for it.  Now, as I massaged, the cream on my White skin, I am no longer ashamed of anything on my skin.  I am no longer looking for things that I ‘hate’ about myself, but what I Love about being White and just the Way God made me and not a Jewish doctor who gives is Jewish wife the millions and billions from White women and their plastic surgeries.  (I won’t rule that out, because if I get to be a multi-millionaire, I just might do that.)  But for now I just watched and put cream on my entire body, with loving strokes, and forgiving strokes.  My body has been through hell, and it deserves the love from me.  And my White skin, that I see as something “spiritual” and “lovign” is a great gift of God and must never be taken for granted otherwise it will be taken away from us. 
I massaged the cream on my White breasts, areolas, and nipples.  The nipples are so light, they are almost “White,” instead of “pink” “reddish” or “brownish,” as most women have.  They used to have hairs on them, really long ones, and I cut them off and mailed them to the radio station as a present when I left Chicago.  (ha ha ha)  Well, when one is White poor, what else could I send them to remember me by, but the scent of my hairs on my nipples.
I opened my fingers and toes and spread them wide like duck’s feet, and looked and massaged the White skin there, for it is the Whitest part of my body.  And I did the same for my butt, and legs, knees, and feet.  Massaged the cream into the White bone areas as my elbows, and ankle-bones.  And I just kept thinking that this White skin has always been loved by the White God/Goddess that made me. I have never been hated based on the color of my skin, or my Polish nationality, and any historical event that says the opposite, must have just been a bad dream of sorts, compared to the overwhelming White love that God has for me and for each of us. 
Even as I speak, I look down at the Whites in my nails, and the White crevices of my belly button, which once attached two White sons on my insides.  I ignore any veins, brown spots, or any irregularities, for what is “irregular” is just being different, and not a White crime.  I think perhaps for us to “love” ourselves and save our race, we can start with our own bodies.  I have to see them as spiritual, which is not quite what metaphysics teaches, but we also seem to live on a human plane, and for me to ignore our White race, while the others embrace theirs, seems wrong to me. 
I look down at my legs and use to hate them because they were not formed like Scandinavian woman.  Hitler put that model for us, and indirectly it made any one that wasn’t Scandinavian feel “inferior.”  I’ve had a deep inferiority complex my whole life, and I need to feel comfortable with the body and mind that I live with.
I’ve always wanted to be someone else. I especially always wanted a different Mama and Daddy since mine were so bizarre.  Now, I cherish them all, as I cherish all of you.  How I see myself, I would hope that I could think and see each one of you, even though my consciousness has been brainwashed so much.  Even if there are just moments or seconds that we can see each other in Love, not squabbling, but truly cherishing one another’s being both in skin, and in qualities, perhaps can be steps towards saving our race from extinction.  And after all, that was what my school paper was about 3 years ago.
Good Nite, my White friends, and may our White God heap blessings on you and your White skin and body, to eliminate the White hot coals the Jews have heaped on our aching heads, ancestors, and descendents.  Whether we ever see the day of progress, we can “feel” in right here.  When I see Obama or Michelle, (and a day doesn’t go by that these names don’t come across my screen,) I turn away immediately and either picture a White man in my mind, or I look down at my own White skin, and know that I’m good, and not evil.

A White Football Hero, My son

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Just wanted to forward the cute little video below for those thinking of the White Stork, and bringing us more healthy White babies.

Here is a response letter to the gal from church that sent it to me.  I’m sure the church wants to cheer me up, since I’ve written them many emails with buckets of tears.
I will attach pix of my sons, one Mikey, Jr. and one Paul.  Paul’s number on his jersey is “81,” so I looked up on the Internet, and 1981, was the “magic” year that President Reagan, (a Jewish Hollywood controlled actor) used as the year for granting criminals, invaders, warmongers, the Mexicans, “amnesty.” Surely the Jews knew that America “loved,” Ronald Reagan for he was so patriotic, and having a movie star in the White House, the Jews could get the Whites to just “love” any law they wanted to pull over our eyes.  And they succeeded.  Just so Jews could set up an army as they did in the Roman Empire of non-Whites, which will eventually bring our “fall of the American Empire” and it would be the “Jews” that are the “fallen race,” as Adam and Eve, but the Whites will be the “fallen race,” as we already seem to be now.
Really enjoyed the pleasant “Stork video.”  When I saw the lovling clouds making a football player, I couldn’t help but think of my little Paul, who I wanted to be a football player. 
I’m attaching 2 old pix of my sons, Mikey, Jr. and Paul.  As you know, me and my sons suffer from Parent Alienation, which certainly was just part and parcel of being the close and loving family of a Viet Vet, Purple Heart Recipient, that fought the Communists in Viet Nam on the front lines.  Surely, if there is a claimed power against Christianty, and Christian Science it was and is the Communists, who destroyed over 100 million people in Asia and Europe and wiped out their Christians and God for the European and Asians. 
But, on a lighter note, I saw a little football player that the stork brought, and couldn’t help but think of this pix I had taken when Paul was still breastfeeding and in diapers. (I actually took Mikey swimming when he was about 2 months old in what was called “diaper swim.” 
At the YMCA, the teachers would have classes to bring very young babies into the Olympic Size Pool.  The mothers would teach the baby how to “blow bubbles,” and move freely through the water.  After several lessons, the teacher would have the mothers go in deep water and we would hand the teacher our baby.  Being Mikey, Jr. was my first, I was very nervous and apprehensive about giving my baby into an unknown swim lesson.  But, as I watched the ohter mothers, I saw what the lesson was.  The teacher took the baby of the mother and while she stood on the edge, she would throw the baby into the deep water, like a football.  The mother would be doggie paddling right there.  Then the baby would sink to the bottom all by itself.  Somehow, instintictively, the baby would float to the top, and the mother would right away catch it.  It almost gave me a heart attack.  It was the longest moment of my life, from the time the helpless baby sunk to the bottom of the pool and floated back to the surface.  I caught my baby when he arose to the top, and then guided him to the side of the pool to grab the ledge. The whole lesson the YMCA was teaching was that if the baby would ever fall into a pool, it would remember how to save itself and swim to the ledge.  After several times, I felt better. 
So if you open the attachment, there is a picture of my son Mikey, Jr.  He looks like James Dean, heart of Jesus, and smarter than Einstein, since Mikey’s mentality was top 1 1/2% in the nation when he was younger. 
Principia was going to give him a scholarship for baseball, but Mikey Jr. declined, as he was “sowing his wild oats,” as Principia counsellor mentioned to me when Mikey declined.
As you can see in Paul’s baby picture, I wanted to have him a football player.  (If you can’t open the pix, you can download “Adobe,” which is free and a very popular software tool, as when I read and research books on line, I use “Adobe.”
I remember after the divorce, I realized that my relationship with the sons was really in severe danger, as they were identified with their Dad, who by that point had abused me, turned by sons against me, and had driven me to the Crisis Center for Battered Wives, where I had to run for fear of my life, since he and his 17 year old girlfriend had a hit man after me.
So, when my husband left me penniless after marriage, and believe me I was the best wife that I could possibly be and mother also, I couldn’t write on a resume for work that I “got my husband up the ladder at Frito Lay,” or that I “breastfed,” or had Natural childbirth, or was an organic gardener or accomplished artist, or a breeder of pedigreed German Shepherds being shipped around the world, or a gourmet cook and professional baker.  Nor, could I write that I was talented even beyond doctors in that I could heal through the mind. No, business doesn’t care about any of those talents, so I took the only job I could make $$$ at and still be home for Paul when he came home from kindergarten.  Housecleaning.  I cleaned 11 big houses a week.  4 is usually the average in America.  But,  I needed that many just to live in poverty, as I was just starting out.  I cleaned 3 Christian Scientists house. One lady, was really cool. She was the daughter-in-law of the practitioner that brought both me and Bea Roeggie into Christian Science, Ruth Bumba.  Well, Shirley Bumba was really great with her children, and although I never talked about my problems when I cleaned there I asked her, “You know, I’m going through a divorce, and I need to work on my relationship with my sons.  What do you think I could do?” She said, “Boys like to play rough. Why not go outside and play football with them. It’s autumn and the leaves are on the ground. He’d have a great time, and so would you.” 
So I did.  I went in our large backyard and my son, Paul, and I, (yes the same one on the video I sent you when I was on the Jenny Jones Show in Chicago,) went to play football.  First we would throw the ball back and forth, but then I started to teach him to block and to run with the ball.  I told him that he needed to block me and use me as another player. And he said, “Mama I can’t block you. You’re my mother.” And I said back, “Paul, you gotta be tough to play football. And if you block me, you won’t be afraid of anyone.”  So after I started to run with the ball, he went to block me, and we just fell in the leaves and had a lot of fun.
(If I told you this, please forgive me, as I have written this to the media, and in my memoirs.) 
Anyway, when Paul was in 4th grade, I was working at a well paying job as a TEamster at Roadway Express, the #1 trucking company in the world.  But, I had to work nights doing computer work in the office, and I had to take Paul to a stranger babysitter and leave him to sleep on their couch.  It bothered me, and when the opportunity came to put him into a Christian Science boarding school, called Chicago Jr. School, I put him in there.  It meant the end of my relationship with him, because he was in there Monday through Friday.  I would pick him up but since I had to work Saturday and Sunday, he spent that time with his Daddy who had joint custody.  Our only relationship, was in the long ride back and forth to the boarding school twice a week, which was a 5 hour trip, (and I would then have to work 12 hours at a high pressure job, so I had 22 hour days.)  I paid partially, to that school, and was very grateful.
In the home our family lived in, it was probably the poorest white neighborhood in Illinois.  But, since my husband could use his Veteran’s loan, it was the only place we could afford. It is not like today, in the US, anyone can get $400,000.00 houses and not even have a job.  It was much different then.
My brother Nicky Novak, that taught English there, said that the boys in 6 grade were coming to school drunk, drugged, and high on their parent’s prescription pills, but 8 a.m., so I was glad to give up my son and very grateful for the Christian Scientists who assisted me in raising Paul. 
Paul went on to Principia High School, and the second pix you see is him playing football for Principia.
Well, as you know, Principia had never won a football championship.  I don’t think they had ever even got 50/50 wins and losses.  But, Paul was on the team, and he had a desire to bring a championship to the team.
Paul was an excellent metaphysician. And in high school, his houseparent told me: “Paul was sick this last year, and I was very concerned.  He was so sick, that I even suggested that if he wanted medical help, it would be all right.”  I think he thought that perhaps they would lose Paul.  But, Paul just said, “Do me a favor and pray with me and I know I can make it through this.”  The houseparent agreed, but was a little uncertain, seeing that Paul’s appearance looked so very pale and grave.  It took about 6 days and he was healed, and the houseparent said that he was never so happy in his life.
Paul went on to Prin college, and received the Dean’s award when he graduated from Prin High. I was there, and you see, my son, Paul, is very quiet, almost mute as I used to be when I took the vow of silence when I wanted to become a nun. So on graduation day, when Paul received his diploma on stage, there were not many people clapping for him.  But, since I was already into karaoke, I jumped up and was clapping madly and loudly, but the rest of the audience just looked at me since I was alone. Most of the other kids had so many people clapping that no one stood out. 
Well, as Paul was playing football for college, he would come home for summers to my Condo on the Magnificent Mile, 777 N. Michigan Suite 3604.  It was formerly owned by the quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Bob Avellini, #7, who played under Mike Ditka, the famous Chicago Bear Coach. (I sung in Mike Ditka’s club, Iron Mike’s, downtown Chicago.)  I met Bob Avellini, #7, and had a magnificent dinner for him with 3 entrees from the new chef school that I had attended. We even “sang karaoke,” together on my new equipement and back in 1994, he had never heard of it. 
Paul wanted to be extra strong to play football.  He is very tall. Perhaps 6’6″ but very, very thin.  He is so white and light, he looks like he has never seen the sun in his life.  He is very handsome.  But he and Mikey are different, totally different looking.
So the summer before he graduated, Paul had 3 jobs. I told him he had to work, since I had left my job at Roadway, and never made the $$$ from the Union and was struggling.  I had to leave cause the girls were jealous of me.  They would go into my computer and alter my documents, try to get me in trouble, and once when I went out into the parking a gang of them surrounded me and had cigarette smoke in their mouths and just kept blowing it out at me to make fun of me cause I didn’t take cigarette breaks. I never have given anyone a hard time about smoking, since I did when I was younger.  So, Paul had to work.  He earned enough $$$ to pay for his way to get a membership at Gold’s Gym on Rush St.  Paul met Michael Jordan’s coach, and asked him how much he would charge for him to train Paul.  He said, $35.00 a half hour.  Paul, and I were desperate for $$$, and the victims of my husband and his father being a war hero.  But, Paul, managed to pay him, for I didn’t have it then. 
Paul would go to his other jobs on roller blades, and even if I wanted to drive him, he said, “No.  Look Ma, I’ve got legs of steel.” And his long linky legs were like steel pillars.”
Well, those long linky legs like steel pillars, were going to be really tested.  Paul was in a football game, right near Chicago, so I got to be there in the stands.  This game for Principia was crucial.  Principia was having the best year of its entire 100 year history, by far.  Paul was the wide receiver.  And the plan was for Paul to catch the Paul, which was about 10 yards before the goal line.
But as Paul caught the ball, the other team, from Elmhurst Illinois, ganged up on him, and not only brought him down, but so violent, that they injured him.  Again, I felt like a had a heart attack, for he limped off the field, and I could see blood on him.  The coaches helped him to the bench, and I guess we all prayed. 
Soon, before the game ended, Principia needed him, for there were so few football players, they didn’t have anyone on the bench to put him, as larger schools might have 2 or 3 strings.
Paul begged to go back in.  He loved Principia so much, he wanted to take them to a championship, which was really dreaming, and if not a championship, than a decent win-loss record they could be proud of.
So, the coach agreed. And Pauls’ leg seemed better.  Then again the quarterback threw the football to Paul, and Paul caught it, and Paul couldn’t really run into the end zone for a touchdown, it seemed like he had to limp and drag his leg over.    He got the touch down and Prin got the win.
After the game, I walked with Paul into the locker room, and heard the Prin Head Coach say to Paul, “Paul, my son, today, you became a man.” 
That was perhaps 20 years from the time I had that pix taken of him, for somehow, God answered my prayer, in a way, that made me happier than if he was playing for the Chicago Bears.  But, I’m sure Mike Ditka the coach would be proud of this story and the determination of the male courage and spirit, and the female’s prayers, hopes and dreams.
Paul, met a lovely practitioner daughter at Prin.  I will tell you that it was the practitioner daughters that ‘loved’ Paul.  He treated them well.  One gal he was dating was madly in love with him, and wanted to marry him.  She called me up for she took a job as a nanny for a year.  She wanted his children.  She asked me:  “Could you call up Paul and get us back together. Oh, I love him so much and want to marry him and have his children?”  So, I did, but Paul wasn’t ready for marriage.
He had met another practitioner’s daughter, and her father worked for George Bush in the White House.  He was a Christian Scientist, and was the head of National Security for Asia.  When 9/11 tragedy occurred, the entire White House was evacuated but the 5 “National Security Advisors,” for each continent had to stay in the basement, for the White House can never be totally abandoned, just as a captain goes down with the ship.  He was that high up in the government.  Paul lived with the daughter on Embassy Row, when the parents were stationed in Japan.  (She was raised in Japan and said that 2,500 Japanese would gather in a park to celebrate Elvis frequently, dressing like him singing, doing karate.  There are actually 85,000 Elvis impersonators in the world, and if it continues if one “isn’t” an Elvis impersonator, they will be in the minority.)  She also loved Paul, and wanted marriage, but Paul wasn’t really situated with work, since he was designing computer games. 
I think I may have mentioned that I taught my sons all the sports that I could think of:
Swimming, hiking, football, baseball, raquetball, ping pong, tennis, repelling, skiing, ice skating, roller skating, basketball, gymnastics at the YMCA, roller blading, hockey, diving …. I was out there with them.
Lovingly, Barbara Ann
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 É muito fofo!  


Um abraço e boa semana pra ti!



!03 coração



Ted Kennedy, Feel Sorry, and Poverty

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I was on the Republic Broadcasting Network radio station, Rick Adams Show, and you probably can get it on their archives, on Aug. 26th, second hour.  The topic was Ted Kennedy, and I brought up a few subjects, but I wanted to opionate on “Why” I thought Ted Kennedy was doing what he did, (which was totally against his own White skin, Irish heritage and suicidal for his own being, which probably is why he drank so much: self-destruction.  He needed a crutch to be propped up for what he was having to do, which was against his very own nature.
I brought up the subject of “Why” Kennedy was behaving, and since I don’t watch TV, I could only make a comment on the autobiographical book, by Frank McCourt, “Angela’s Ashes,” an award winner.  The setting was Ireland, and Irish immigrants who ‘moved back to Ireland,’ from America.  America had destroyed the father, through alcoholism, hence he and his wife moved back.  During that time, the wife smoked constantly and didn’t work.  Hitler tried to correct that through Hitler Youth, but we annihilated him, and instead fought for the Jews who were intentionally killing us off and crippling us Whites, both men and women, one by one, and then in wars, hundreds of thousands by hundreds of thousands. 
When the mother finally went on the dole she was able to get $.25 to give her son, Frank, dance lessons, which she wanted him to have so desperately. Isn’t that really wonderful that a White Mama wants her “son” to dance, and not just spoil their White daughters, with ballet lessons.  I commend her for that, because I, like Madonna, love to dance more than I love to sing.  I can be in the arms of a man dancing, whereas on the microphone, I hold a cold stainless steel stick with wires.  Although my words can reach the White man, and I’m grateful for that, I truly love to dance.  I meet more men dancing also, although men never ask me for a date, and that holds true from the time Ronald Padley, the Russian boy, in 6th grade asked me to a movie, and his mother refused to give him $$$ to take me out.  Nothing has changed, I’m just a “nobody,” and have been my whole life.
(I try to go on amazon.com, where I ordered several copies of “Katyn,” DVD, and someone must have put a worm on my attempting to reach Amazon, because I cannot get into it without constant pop-ups and interference.  I called amazon and have to call microsoft, but am utterly spread out as far as I can possibly go.)
Well, the Irish Mama gives Frank Mc Court, that quarter and after the dance lessons, the Irish teacher tells the students to look at the doorway.  There stood a black boy, (in Ireland??? why???).  And she said something like, “Children, (White) boys and (White) girls, we should “feel sorry,” for these poor black people that are suffering and starving.  When the black boy opens his mouth he will stick out his tongue and you can lovingly place the quarter on his tongue to represent the food he will get from that quarter. You should always help them.” 
Now I commented on the radio that I knew the Jews infiltrated the Polish Christian Catholic Church, (and let’s know it is the Protestants too, who may be worse in their crusade to get us to send our White boys into Iran, and if the White boys won’t fight, they now have an entire army of blacks and Mexicans that will. That is what brought down the White Italian Roman Empire, when their armies consisted mostly of non-Romans.)
And I think the Jews, living in Poland, but being the international travellers that they were, were having a field day all  over Europe and we never suspected anything.  The Jews are still probably wondering how I figured out their nasty history and nasty plot, and just as the Jews shut down the radio station in Las Vegas, fired all the DJ’s, and bought it for $24,000,000.00, the all-White Senate will pass a hate bill to shut me up forever.  (The Jews make sure that their crimes are covered and people like us can “only blame our own Whites,” for this atrocity.  The Jews think they are clever, but are probably the dumbest and certainly the least spiritual on the earth.  And now our Children are like them, as even Frank Mc Court was at the age of 10 or 12.)
“Now,” I uttered forcefully on the radio, “Why would this young boy give $.25 to a black boy and “feel sorry,” for him, when he himself was starving?  That is utterly ridiculous.  He should have kept the $$$ for himself.”
I mentioned that I read in my studies of the Jewish problem, that the #1 weapon the Jews use against us is not “biological warfare,” or their “nuclear bombs,” (and by the way according to the book by Michael Collins Piper, Final Judgment, I said on the radio that the John Kennedy was the last President that stood up to the Jews and because the Jews had nuclear weapons they wanted to make, probably were involved in killing and assassinating him.  And once the world was “feeling sorry” for him, the Jews pushed forth all their bills, Civil Rights, stop White Immigration, open borders to Mexico, Feminist Movement, Psychiatrists in the White schools, to let the Jews tell the Whites how crazy their White children are after the Jews got through smashing their being, and the Holocaust Hoax, so that now we are going to have more Holocaust Museums around the world, than the White Disneyland park.)  The Jews have used “feel Sorry,” on the Gentiles and it worked.  Somehow, the Jews got that into Christianity, and we have been thinking we worship “God,” but instead worship the Jews, unknowingly. 
If I have a problem in the organic I try to correct it.  For a sane White person to be facing extinction and not try to correct it is a severe crippling malady on our Race.
Well, Ted Kennedy, should have been ‘helping his own’ kind and ‘NOT’  the NAACP or the La Raza, I shouted, in my meek voice. 
I then told the story of how Father Kennedy, although I liked him for his friendliness toward Hitler and the Nazis, (and I think was anti-Semetic,) but his Father had a problem too.  I relayed the story of Rosemary Kennedy, who was from a big family like mine. She was oversexed like my sister Rosemary Nowak, and very emotional. Rosemary Kennedy tripped on her way to see the Queen of England while she was in line, and somehow the Father Kennedy was convinced his daughter was sick and emotionally disturbed.  (I thought we had a war against England and won, and can’t imagine why Fr. Kennedy would be embarrassed in front of a foreign Queen and not “feel sorry” for his own daughter.)  So, the doctors (and we know Jews dominate that field to the exclusion of Whites so that every hospital has non-White doctors, brown Philippino nurses, black and brown Mexicans as janitors, and the Whites go into these hospitals as if a temple ‘worshipping’ and paying the other races as if they are all a part of a sordid, Satanic religion that worships “illness,” instead of health.) 
Anyway, the doctor took 2 kitchen ice-picks and stuck them down the eye sockets of the most beautiful, vivacious, loquatious, and sexy Kennedy daughter and jammed them down into her brain. The doctor Frankenstein gave her no anesthetic (Jews make all these pills names and sickness names “hard” for us to understand so they keep us “confused” about our health and sickness.  It is child’s play to control a “confused” people, they do it to white rats in experiments all the time.)  The doctor did it while she was saying (either the Lord’s Prayer or the Lord is my Shepherd,)  And when she stopped praying, they knew they killed her brain.  Well, the Jews are jabbing kitchen ice-picks into our White brains and I for one am sick and tired of it.  They have turned my own White people and even Polish people against me, and crippled me, while their Jewish women go to the mall and shop and laugh and play cards every day.  Doubt if they dance the Polka though?
Ted Kennedy should have been helping his sister Rosemary, “not” the non-Whites. 
Well, gotta run to work, and I feel like only working 1 day a week, so that this company can get a taste of its own medicine.  Surely everyone will rush around to ‘help’ her. Why no one ever “felt sorry,” for me as a Polish White Good woman, I will never know. Why the Whites continue to “feel sorry,” and put this filth on the internet I will never know.
Look at this “we hate Whites” and “we feel sorry for blacks” advertisement about “poverty.”  It makes me want to vomit.
Lovingly, Barbara Ann

White Germans broken down by Black Tina Turner

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Short email, but most important.  Did you know that even though Hitler wanted a pedigreed German White society, just as there are pedigreed German dogs, (we do not rank with importance to dogs yet.  yet,) Germans through Jewish propaganda and interrogation and mental and worse yet threat of financial torture and ruin, the Germans now “love” Blacks.  Their women. There Black Blues, not my White blues.  Even the German soldiers were appalled when conquering France that the French White women were all cuddling up to blacks even in Ourdoor Cafe’s for everyone to see.  The German men were raised in HitlerJugend, Hitler Youth, to stick with one’s own White race. The German men were shocked that White French, with the Allieds, had stooped so low in our evolution.  The Jews figure force the blacks down our throat, and then worshipping the Jews will come easy.
Well, when Tina Turner went to perfrom in Germany, she would wear really short dresses.  She would purposefully stand in the front of the stage and spread her legs apart when she danced for the Germans in the front row to see her black pussy, to intice them and break down not only their White race, not only their German nationality, but their sanity and intelligence and character.  She wouldn’t wear panties, “intentionally” to break down the German male. You can see how the Jews are bombarbing us Whites just as the Jewish Israelis bombed the hell out of the USS Liberty. And yes the Jews bombarded the hell out of our White US Liberty!
Lovingly, the very pedigreed Polish White Blues Singer, Barbara Ann

Chicago White Pedigreed Polish Holiday and Jewish Cohen

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I’m flying up to Chicago for 3 days to attend the largest ethnic festival in Chicago, (and it not Mexican) the Taste of Polonia, next to the famous astronomer, Copernicus Museum on Lawrence Avenue. Eva the adminstrator said that I could attend in costume, but she didn’t know if I could get on stage to do a 11 minute tribute to the Polka King of the world, Lil’ Wally Jagiello, who recently died.  My Polish people have no idea of what I have done to help them, and continue to do, in spite of the few minutes that I have available in my life.  Since I am pedigreed Polish, (for all practical purposes,) and although I’m not a “Cohen” as the Jews consider their highest people, and only “Cohens” can be high priests in Israel, because their ancestry goes back “pure” for 2,500 years, I’m still of royal blood through my Mama with the name of “Kopaczewski,” (“ski” at the end meaning royalty.  “sky” at the end of a Jewish name means they married Polish royalty.)  If the Jews take such care of keeping one bloodline like the Cohen’s pure for 2 1/2 milleniums, shouldn’t we not be as mutt dogs, that will allow our race to break anymore, but keep it pure for the next 2,500 years.  I especially advocate keeping Europe pure, and getting rid of all those race-breakers the Jews, including the French Jewish President of the American Union, that he brought in, the Muslims.  I’m looking forward to going to Chicago, though, and hope I don’t get my purse or anything else stolen there, or drugged and raped again, or my ideas stolen and making shows like American Idol or having a black woman, Janet Jackson’s nipple fall out, while she maintains her “fame,” off my ideas.  Do you know what else would be good for the Jews in payment for what they did for their ‘generosity’ to Whites that destroyed us? I think that Israel should be settled with all blacks and Mexicans and racial equality forced on them.  Especially on the Cohen race, of their high priests.  Race Break the Cohens who have had pure race for 2 1/2 millenium, or so they claim.  Get them to break up their marriages and Cohen family, as the Jewish lawyers greedily broke up our White homes, and their Jewish international drug traders and Jewish doctors have drugged us Whites up.  Yes, let the Jews know what it is like what it feels like to have their race broken entirely and to die off.  The Jewish Cohen women can marry all the black men they want, and the blacks can have all the guns and drugs so they can continue that mass violence against the Jews.  We can go to Mexico City and take some of their 40,000,000 Mexicans that live just in that “city” not just the “country,” and send them to Israel, ILLEGALLY.  No passports, nothing. We White Americans will provide the ships, just like the Jews brought tons of ships with black slaves on our soil. Yes, I don’t think we should be violent toward the Jews whatsover. Send the Mexicans and blacks as they have done to us, and let them race break the Cohens.  Let the Jews see and feel our pain, because I think this will be the worse punishment we can give them.  Their beloved “Cohen” race will be extinct forever.  The only “Cohen” I can think of is someone from my memoirs.  My sister, Mary Ann, who was married to a European Italian immigrant, had a doctor for her and her family. Dr. Cohen.  My sister wanted to be the ‘best’ wife and mother and wanted great medical care and supervision.  We should never allow a Jew, like her family physician, “Cohen” to “supervise” us. We cannot allow Jews to supervise or manage us, but must supervise first ourselves an then our entire race.  This Jew doctor would always tell her to have regular check ups for her and the children. ($$$$) my sister had excellent medical insurance through Blue Cross and Blue Shield through the Jewish run Union of the Steel Mills in Chicago, (I worked at US STeel in the office also)  My sister became “addicted” to her Jewish doctor, and she saw more of her Jewish doctor than her own husband who had to work several jobs to maintain just a meager home, and have poker parties for the politicians in South Chicago also.  The city of Chicago arrested and convicted my brother-in-law’s personal friend, Ed Vrdolyak, of Croatian descent, for politcal reasons, just as we might be arrested and convicted for “political reasons.” All Chicago politicians are crooked.  Only Obama has had a shield and cover over his entire life, so we don’t know the crimes he did there.  One cannot raise to the top in Chicago, unless they are part of the machine.  Just as Chicago got rid of “Blagojevich,” another Eastern European politician, by “shining a light on his White crimes.” (Who’s shining the light of Truth on the Jews except for us, and what a price we pay, while the Jews pay “no price” at all, as usual.)  “Blagojevich,” was brought down in Illinois politics, so that Chicago could put a “black senator” in the US Senate, since there was not one black face in the Senate to join Obama, the Black President.  Chicago might not like me when I return, but they will have respect for me, as I have respect for my home town.  Barbara Ann Kopaczewski Nowak

America, Knives, Chesty Puller

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Since I’m chef trained at Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, I was sent this video in my mailbox on cooking and gardening and thought I’d forward. We are all in agreement with the right to bear arms. Even poor Jenny Jones the Polish talk show host whose show I was on was arrested, fingerprinted and mug shot for carrying a gun on a plane. She was afraid traveling the US. The government is taking away all our White rights, even the very basic right of survival to defend ourselves, and giving them to the non-Whites to destroy us. It doesn’t get any crazier than that. My teacher in Christian Science, her KuKluxKlan daddy gave her a White pearl handled revolver gun to pack when she went to Chicago……. and that was back in the 1930’s, so one can only imagine what it is like there now, where the blacks are allowed to walk down my street of 8332 S. Colfax packing sub-machine guns and the cops allow it because they are ‘afraid of the gangs.’ Wait until those gangs are cut off from their drugs, money or food stamps and we will find out what a bloodbath will be. Sadly, when I think of knives, I think of a man that I worked with at a legal firm, that sat right above the Jewish Mayor of Las Vegas’ office. The man I worked with looked exactly like Benjamin Franklin, with that cut of hair, and slightly balding, the same frame, face, etc. He had a large slice across his neck. One day, I asked him what happened, thinking it was surgery. He said, “No, I was in a food parkling lot during the day on the north side of Vegas, and a non-white went to rob me and took a knife and slashed my throat, and left me in a pool of blood. I was glad that I survived.” Too bad, he wasn’t sad instead of glad, or mad instead of glad, because he should have been protesting with the White People’s party to get rid of these Mexicans. Too bad his Mama or sisters didn’t stick up for him and do the same in concern for their future of their race. There isn’t a species of animal or insect alive, that I know of, where the female will voluntarily give her offspring to her enemy to eat and devour. It is just that mad and insane for us to have done so and to continue to do so. But, I too have to get away from thinking about what has been done to us, and cooking helps me to focus. So along with our guns rights, I think we should have “knife rights.” It is good for our survival to be able to wield a fancy knife stroke, and believe, the more we can use a knife, the more we can eat plain meat, fish and vegetables in their natural state. As I told you, I have rarely walked down the 23 aisles in the middle of the store. I eat mostly meat, fruit and vegetables. I wrote to the media before, that our country would collapse if people shopped like me. Clothes at Goodwill used clothing, food on the outside aisles, and rarely have I walked into a mall. A shopping mall is so foreign to me it gives me the willies just to walk down there, for I have nothing in common with those people. http://www.hertzmann.com/techniques/index.php?The_Three_Aspects_Of_Knife_Skills I have Wustoff German Knives, and mandolins, slices, a grater for thin potatoes. I have an electric knife for turkey, etc. I have a stand on my counter for easy access for small knives. My son, Paul in Washington DC, sold Cutco knives, and I have 2 serated knifes that I love for bread etc. My Mama never had a cutting board, so she would take the object and cut in her hands and not on a board, and cut extremely small pieces, as we were allowed along extremely small portions of meat, fruit and vegetables in our large family. As you know, I am afraid of guns. My son attempted his suicide with one of his own guns, and will just have to trust that there will be a group like the KKK one day, that will once again protect me. I also have to hope that the White men will get over their hatred of me, and not want to kill me as husband #1 threated, and #2 tried, both with police reports. I can see clearly the World War III the White male and female are going through, and what has been induced in us against our very own survival. I may have written before about Chesty Puller, US Marine, the most decorated man in our history. He was my husband’s idol, and my husband often said the words, “Listen, Private, the road to hell is paved with bleached (White) bones of Marines who did not plan ahead.” http://www.rogermarty.com/ I’m going to try to start planning ahead with pads of “To Do” Lists. Sometimes I use legal pads because my lists are that long. I have gotten away from that, but as I was writing before, we will never save our race without planning. The Jews have “planned” their takeover. And no matter what the Jews do, we need to know what the White Race is going to do, how to survive first, simply, and then how to thrive as a cohesive mass. Enlightened Whites is what I would hope and pray for. As I look at the site above, I can’t help but think of the last sentence, that we could use sentences but conform them to our White needs. US Fighting Man’s Code of Conduct I I am an American fighting man, I serve in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense. (I would clarify it that women must fight also, whether through the pen, or in armed services, and they are fighting for their own White race, and not for Jews, Mexican, Hindu or Muslim rights as we have done for 60 years.) It is our “White way of Life,” and not the Road to Hell as we are on right now, that we have been set on, like a Jewish treadmill, that we can’t get off cause the Jews keep us running on it constantly. I woudl be very cautious of the statement “I am prepapred to give my Life,” and ask ‘who’ or ‘what’ you are giving your life for. Are the Chinese or Jews giving up their lives, or the Hindus men, or even the Mexican men? Don’t let the Jews use you for suckers. Yet, we can’t just lie down and die for them either. 2 I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command I will never surrender my men while they still have the means to resist. (We must never surrender of our own free will. We must regain a White Will, which has been stripped from us, and we must surrender our White men as human sacrifice to the Jewish gods as Abraham almost sacrifed and barbecued his son Isaac to appease a god of wrath. We Whites must resist, while we still have the means to resist any and every power that attacks any part of our being: physical, mental, spiritual, and yes emotional for we are not White Robots as we appear to be now. 3. If I am captured, I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape or to aide others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy. (We Whites are already captured in our own land. And we must resist, except we really don’t know what we are resisting. I don’t. I have no focused plan on what to do or what route to take, except what I’m doing now.) I like the words, I will make every effort to escape. And escape we must, right in our own country. Escape from the Jewish Monopoly, escape from their medical system of drugging us and their illegal drugs on us. Anything that harms our bodies, will harm our minds. Escape from what was termed “TV is an escape mechanism.” They have made our lives so miserable we need to “escape” from it. That shouldn’t be. The Kingdom of Heaven should be right here on earth, not after we die. And we as Whites should help our fellow Whites to escape from the guillotine, the Jews have set up for us. 4. If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners. I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades. If I am senior, I will take command. If not, I will obey the lawful order of those appointed over me and will back them up in every way. These are even good rules of business, let alone war. We are prisoners right now, as I see it, for we cannot even try to save our race without facing imprisonment, and it will probably get worse. “I will not take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades.” We should not hurt our fellow Whites. We have been taught to war against each other, and I believe that came from Jews that kept us in wars, through Poland and used them for body bags as they use us Whites. I think life between Whites should be simple and easy. I don’t think we need to take courses, or read books on psychology to learn how to behave with one another. I know when I think of behaving with others, I use the Golden Rule. I don’t hurt anyone, but I don’t want to be hurt or abused in return. We have accustomed our people to think that we are incomplete and insecure, especially in dealing with one another. It gives Jews a lot of $$$$ to make up websites for dating, and advice columns, like the Jewish women give: Dear Abby, Ann Landers, Dr. Laura, and Dr. Ruth, all Jewish advice, that doesn’t work, otherwise we wouldn’t be in here. We certainly must get off of all the drugs and pills we are in, because we are only creating generations more dependent on them. Plus when dealing with people on drugs, we are dealing with the drug and our White fellow man/worman temporarily is gone. If the Jews don’t have to take drugs, Chinese, Hindus, why do we? They have been put on us since dreaded baby formula. Anyway, the words “if I am senior,” my husband would have been “senior” because his ancestry dated back to the Mayflower. Seniority in the Unions are those that started the job first. My husband’s ancestors started the job of building America and I as his loving, devoted, and loyal White wife and mother of his White sons, should have more rights than even Michelle Obama, or Mrs. Ben Bernacke, the Jewess, for his ancestors were “here first.” Any other laws pushed down our throats are null and void, and they should be repealed. We haven’t had an amendment to the Constitution in 60 years and the next one should guarantee White survival, and any other law that contradicts that should be repealed and eliminated. “I Will Back the Seniors” in every way. I have always backed my bosses. I have never said no, nor did I argue, as I never argued with my husband. I am argumentative now, as perhaps my Mama got as she got older and became more angry and bitter. And I would truly hope I can improve on that. I stay away from Jews and other races. There is a White lady at church that plays the organ. She comes in early every Sunday just to have a friendly chat with the black man that works for our church. Why do White women think it so ‘cool and groovey’ to be able to talk to black men? Even if White men and women can not communicate properly, we are never going to learn by talking with Jews, Chinese, Mexicans. Even when I worked for the bastard, Robert Mendolson, the Jew, whose company treated their employees worse than anything out of a nightmare, always said that if there was a problem in the office, it was a lack of communication. Jews have plenty of $$ to hire the best advisors to see what works and what doesn’t. 5. When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am bound to give only my name, rank, service number and date of birth. I will evade answering further question to the utmost of my ability, I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my country or it’s allies and harmful to their cause. It seems to me we Whites are already prisoners of war, and certainly have been in my country of Poland for 900 years, while the Jews were in control of our money system, as the Jews are now. Ben Bernacke was re-elected to his post as Fed Reserve Chairman, so it shows that our rebelling is not working, for he would have been exposed, not just as a crook, but as a diabolical Jewish crook, whose wife has driven him to madness as using money as a tool to destroy the White race. I thought about what I would do to the Jews as payment and punishmen of their 1,000 years of crimes against us. I would put them in prison, as they did Bernie Madoff, for those that are found guilty. And then there would be no food whatsover. They drove my Polish ancestors in Galicia Poland to starvation while the Jews themselves walked in golden, glittery robes and robbed the corpses as carrion. So, when it came time for dinner, I would really give the Jews a gourmet dinner, of foods they really like. I would serve them dollar bills, nicely arranged on a plate, with silver dimes, and nickels. For desset they could eat shiney new copper pennies. And the guards would make sure they ate every last bit on their plate. When it would be time for their Passover dinners, that celebrate their slaughtering of Gentiles, I would give them special treats. I would take their Excel spreadsheets that list all their $$$, and earnings, and have them shred them up themselves, for we are not working for them anymore, and they can eat the shreddings of paper. The Jews could then eat all their stock certificates, and bonds, and even US Treasury Bonds that they have made worthless as the Chinese probably now own or economy and us. Oh, let’s not forget to give their children a treat. No food, no real food. Have their children eat credit cards. My Mama forced me to eat what was good for me like liver and Duck’s Blood soup. The Jews think that $$$ and Credit is good, so let their children eat credit cards: Visa, Mastercards, American Express, let them have any assortment like they put all that sugary candy on our children. And yes, the Kikes were involved in sugar sales as far back as the late 1600’s from South America. They don’t eat it, just like they don’t take the heroine growing in Afghanistan that we are making sure we protect and defend with White Marines and soldiers. They make sure there is plenty of heroine for White Americans. I do not believe the Hindus and Chinese are taking it at all. They are too smart. The Mexicans and Blacks are and we Whites are following the lower races, and not rising higher to achieve or potential. And yes the Jews can eat all their own gold and silver, and perhaps it is good for their teeth, since their Jewish dentists are the world’s most painful and wicked dentists on the planet. A Jewish doctor accosted me when I was in the dentist chair. His name was Jacob Stern, and I was just a young teenage girl. While he had me in the chair, he went to feel me up, and said, “Oh my, aren’t you sprouting nicely.” Hitler would have known what to do with him, because Hitler had laws protecting German woman, and even classes to warn the White German girls of these Jewish atrocities against our people. So, let the Jews eat their gold and silver. I believe Hitler had an economy based more on work and trade, and purely for Whites to reap the benefits of White labor, not to have Jews and non-Whites reap the benefits of our “White Slavery.” I would have the Jews eat condoms for snacks. Bubble Gum or Mint flavored if necessary, as when they rape our White women they ejaculate in us to leave us downtrodden, tied down with their children they don’t support, and get away with that crime. I’m so mad, I better not write any more on this subject, for I am liable to throw this computer out the window as my Mother would smash things in the house. Only now do I know why my Mama did that. It was not fair what her White Polish husband, her White pedigreed Polish children, and her White Polish self, had to endure in this pathetic society. I would be careful of defending “our country.” The Jews stole our country from us, and gave it to the blacks, and will give the rest away to the illegal Mexicans, and they will use our own White faces in Washington DC to complete this crime, and then it will go down in history as the “Whites” commit suicide, not that the Jews killed us. Our Race comes before “our country.” If you substitute the words above and apply them to “Whites,” and not the Brown race we soon will be, then I would find solace and hope in them. I would work diligently to make “our country,” a White country once again. Not just through numbers of children, but chidren of high character, free of Jewish drugs, illegal and legal, and rising to our intelligent level, that we truly are capable of. It says not to make statements harmful to our allies. Our Allies are other White countries. Our allie is “not” Israel. Israel and the Jews are Public White Enemy #1. It seems as if “their cause,” from the statement above, is “Israel’s Cause,” which has nothing to do with our needs. Surely, in a global economy with China in full steam and India, we may think we cannot maintain our #1 ness… but, it is not the Whites that are #1, and if we have gotten there, such as a Brittney Spears is #1 in the world, then it was done through the Jews and we will never be rewarded if we continue down this path to hell that we have been put on. http://www.webstersismybitch.com/2009/07/britney-spears-is-a-jew-now.php You can see that even Britney, a former Mickey Mouse performer, (Mickey Mouse is black, and Donald Duck is White and quacking his head off, about being “second” to the black Mickey. Daisy Duck too. She can’t stand Minnie Mouse, who although seems sweet and nice, is a villainess in disguise.) But, you cn see that Britney Spears is following the way of Madonna, and surely has been since the onset of her career. Debbie Reynolds, the famous star and singer of the 1950s wrote a book and revealed in her anti-Semetic autobiography how the Jews ruined her, and Britney and Madonna should do the same. They have to “fight” for their men and boys, and not just watch the White men fight alone as we have had to for 1,000 years. 6. I will never forget that I am an American fighting man, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America. Truthfully, our fights should no longer be with each other. And perhaps not even with the rest of the world. We need to heal up, desperately and deliberately. We must be responsible for every action and even every thought that goes through our minds. As one who deals with healing and metaphysics, which is ‘above’ Albert Eistein’s laws of physics, our “Thoughts determine our experience.” And as we till the ground of our minds, and plant healthy White seeds in every single aspect of our lives, both singly and collectively, we will surely harvest a crop of healthy lives and healthy and holy children. Not just robots, slaves, and human garbage disposals as the Jews have made out of us. Our country, “The Unites States of America,” is based on United Whites, not United, every race on the planet. Let Israel develop a country for every race on the planet, along with the Muslims their neighbors. Our country has become the United States of a-nightmare-ica, for Whites, and we must wake up out of this nightmare, just as we would a real one. Or turn off the nightmares on TV showing White men being murdered 20,000 times a year. It is “not” entertaining to see and to be hynpotized by thinking it “enjoyable,” to watch our White men being slaughtered constantly, and then for me to try to ‘Save the White male.’ I’m considered psycho, and crazy, but Whites, but I don’t see any other woman laying down the Truth, or even insights into saving our race, or inspiring others who are much more educated and wealthy than I am to do it. Yes, let us call this the “United States of Whites.” Based on Seniority. I’ll tell you the Chinese didn’t put up with the Jews, they massacred them. And I’m not advocating violence. Sending them to that island that Hitler wanted to, or that part of Russia where they already have a colony, or to prison to eat money all day long, and nothing else would suffice forme. And of course, America, the land that I love so much, that I take risks and even jeapordize my mental and physical health to try to save, while most of all the other women are busy shopping in malls spending men’s $$$$, as their Jewish goddesses have instructed them to do, (let’s not forget the Black Madonna, Oprah, who has controlled our White women and girls for perhaps 25 years. That is an entire generation. How can I possibly get along with women of that ilk? I have nothing in common with them, they have nothing in common with me. Well, in conclusion, The United States of America. America was named after “Amerigo Vespucci.” A White Italian. There is no “jew” can be found on Wiki in his biography. Here is his pix: There is an alligator at his feet, just about the size of my rubber alligator that I use when I sing Elvis’ Polk Salad Annie, (Annie was my mean, vicious Mama’s nickname from Anna. And when the song sings, “a mean, vicious woman, Lord Have Mercy,” that was my Mama, and that is just autobiographical. The alligator, or reptile is looking up at the map of America. Perhaps, the plan was already set how to devour the Whites as a way of life, for the Jews certainly were part of this from its early inception of race-breaking our country with black slaves. Oh the Jews screwed the black slaves, but never took care of them, as Henry Brooks the Jew at Production Tool, (President and Owner) screwed his black mistress, while his Jewish wife and children got all the $$$. Hopefully, if the Whites that work in the FBI, if they read this, they realize I’m their best friend, and not their enemy, as I have been labeled. Their own wives don’t love them as much as I do, otherwise their wives would be writing letters like this, instead of silly romance novels that put unrealistic love standards on both White males and females. Our country’s very name is White, not Brown. According to Wiki Vespucci was really born south of France, and set off for Brazil, but nothing came of it. King Ferdinand made Vespucci chief navigator and he set up a school for navigation. Perhaps someone could establish a White school, so that we will know how to navigate the ever agitated waters of our 90% non-white planet, which would seem very hostile towards us, especially with almost 800 military bases around the world. (New Jewish World Order, or perhaps it has been so for more centuries than we think.) It was the publication and widespread circulation of the letters that might have led Martin Waldseemüller (a German) to name the new continent America on his world map of 1507 in Lorraine. “Americus,” was the male form, and “America” the female form. “See also Naming of America.) Amerigo itself is an Italian form of the medieval Latin Emericus (see also Saint Emeric of Hungary), which through the German form Heinrich (in English, Henry) derived from the Germanic name Haimirich. (Our friend and White Patriot in Finland that was kicked out of Brown America by the Jews and their followers, well his name was “Heinrich Hollap,” from the same root word. Here’s a pix of St. Emeric of Hungary. Note that men dressed more glitzy. Our men think today that if they dress up they will be “gay,” but the Jews have put that on our White men since Jews control the retail clothing industry. Our White men dress the way the Jews want us to dress, just as we eat what they want us to, take whatever drugs they stuff down our throats and in our veins, etc. This is White history, not “gay” history. The gays have robbed us of our heritage and customs, just as the Mexicans and Blacks have and then tell us we have no heritage or customs. I think White men should be able to dress in all the costumes they want, and sing like I do anytime they want. Note the cool mathcing sword that he has dangling at his waste, with a “White Lily,” in his hand symbolic of his White race that he is a role model for, and not necessarily all these Jewish role models that we have had. We must clealy see that if we read the Bible it is the “quality” or “kind deed” these Jewish prophets did, and not their Jewish ancestry and race that we worship. Well, I have already “planned” my day, and someday, soon I hope, we will be “planning” our White race on a global level. Lovingly, Barbara Ann

Loving our White Race; Blacks slow

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I saw a quip today that Bernacke the Jew was reappointed as Federal Reserve Chief, King, and all-around Financial Savior and Messiah of the Church of the Jewish Dollar Bill.
As far as I’m concerned, the Jews false flagged the economy.  Anyone could have gone into Congress with a fudged up spreadsheet, and scared the daylights out of those White people who are so terrorized by the Jews for 1,000 years, always fearing the punishing of hell if they do something wrong, that they could tell them anything and they will believe it. 
Just as the people that were ‘tortured’ at Guantanamo Bay, which made Obama’s race, forlorn as the White men beat and torture the poor people.  Now, when the White man and race is almost extinct, not one of the people that we helped, the Jews after giving tens of thousands of White men for their race and religion, don’t lift a finger to help, with their trillions.  I heard on the radio yesterday that the Jews will suck every ounce of blood from us till they wring us dry, and then just blow us away because all that will be left will be White ashes. 
This economy collapse, just in time for Obama’s presidency is a farce.  Sure it may collapse, but if so, it is intentional, or the Jews just “got caught.” 
I wrote to Jenny Jones today. She has a wonderful website, and it has her diary on it, just as I write my diary for 7 years.  She is Polish ancestry as a man from my church was engaged to her many years ago.  He since married a Puerto Rican or half black. 
As you know, I was on her show, and believe that American Idol, and Janet Jackson’s nipple falling out were a result of my giving the tape to a Jewish guy, Owen Robbins, in Chicago, who was marketing and advertising for Superbowl, Telamundo, (Mexican TV) and he got the account of the brand new show, American Idol.
I told her about this in my email. I read some of her diary and we are so alike. She is Polish descent also, and loves to cook and garden.  I looked at some of her pix, and there is a picture of her holding the black man, Lil’ Richard. I wrote in my emails to the DJ, that when I used to be the female Elvis impersonator in Chicago at the #1 50’s and 60’s restaurant, I used to always say, “Boy I wish we could get Lil’ Richard to come here.”  We White girls were “trained, put through a propaganda mill, where we “adored” and “worshipped” Lil’ Richard, not Elvis a Southern White boy.  I have done a 180 degree turnaround, therefore, can only have compassion and empathy for those that used to be exactly like me. 
If you go on tvguide.com, then TV shows, and Jenny Jones, you will find that on 6/11/2003, there is a show called “People Who Hate Their Own Race,” and that was surely well into my emailing the radio media in Chicago.  I was talking about “race” but not “Jews,” as I didn’t figure that out until I moved from Chicago to Vegas that year.
I called Washington DC, Copyright Office, and of 3 people I talked to…. all were black.  It is no wonder we have a black president, all the people that work there are black, so it stands to reason they give them a black boss, wife and black children as their leader, mentor and guide.  But, when a White person has a race problem, do you really think blacks care?  They don’t, and they have a gruff attitude as if they are slapping one in the face with their answer, rather than the White Christly compassion we are accustomed to. 
I can compare in my own life 3 maintenance men or janitors.  My Daddy, being White Polish, was the man with the golden hands that could do anything: plumbing, carpentry, cleaning, painting, electrical, even gas lines.  He made minimum wage working for Jews his entire life. Yet, there was a black man named Benny Scott, who worked at Production Tool Corp. in Chicago, owned  and run by Jews.  This black man walked so slowly as he would take his feather duster in the office, that I felt my entire life was going in ‘slow motion,’ as I watched him clean or do whatever menial chore he was requested.  He cheated the government because his wife had 5 children and even though he frequented he for sex to make 5 children, (yes I repeat Whites do nothing but pay for Jew sex, black sex and their babies, Mexican sex, etc.) he lived apart from her probably with another black woman or a relative.  He drove a ‘fancy Cadillac’ just like the Jew owners.  He couldn’t do anything except walk slow, and lift a feather duster. I also think he was selling drugs.  There was another black janitor at Roadway Express.  That was the TEamsters Union, which we all know the Jews were head of the Unions and instigated trouble back as far as the 1920’s according to my studies.  This black janitor, could do nothing more than push a broom through the office…. and slowly… as if he were in slow motion.  Yet, he got high union wages, but could barely push a broom, all because he was “black.” That deprived a White man of a very good job, and perhaps earning high wages that would allow his kids to go to college, for even that black man’s kids went to college on government $$$$, or White $$$, since the black man probably never married the mother of his child. Isn’t it wonderful that we pay for Jew sex, as White women are spreading their legs for free for the Jew bosses, Jew entertainment moguls, such as Marilyn Monroe had to, and James Dean when the Jew bosses were tired of White women and cast them aside as used toilet paper so they could get to White boys. 
Now both of these black janitors, working in slow motion, unable to do anything else except lift a feather duster or push a broom in slow motion, probably made 20 times as much as my Polish Daddy, who had exceptional skills and talents, such as plumbing, carpentry, anything with wire.  This is “hatred” of Whites.
I once said on talk radio, that I hated the color of my White skin, and was going to go to Walgreen’s to tan it since the blacks and browns had more rights than I did and I was being discriminated against being White.  I no longer “hate” myself, and now I realize this “hatred” was put upon me probably before I came out of my White Polish Mama’s womb, probably 1,000 years ago.  I now love my race, and if nothing else comes of this, I can be grateful for that.
I was talking to a white lady that had 2 pedigreed dogs. One a German Daschund, and one a Mexican Chi-hua-hua.  She told me that they mated accidentally and had a puppy. The puppy is rather crazy.  I couldn’t help but think, “If a Mexican and German mated, that would break down the race.”  Then I thought, “the blood line of the German dog is gone for life. That offspring can never again be turned around to make a German Daschund.  It took perhaps 6,000 years of painful effort on our White parents to breed that dog, and it is gone in 30 seconds and gone forever!
How much more important we are than dogs.  And yet, I believe, that we have been conditioned into thinking that only Whites are spirits and that their race doesn’t matter.  All the other races can be spirits but their race doesn’t count. Even with Jesus. Jesus was more of a ‘mortal,’ when things were written about him.  Then about the 4 century, the same time that they stopped White men from having sex and marrying, the church started to make Jesus more of a spirit-God that never had a body without skin.  This would make it easy for Whites to accept a brownish Jesus as their messiah, as it would for the black people today.
I believe that God is my Messiah, and a White God, good.  I love Jesus extremely, but, when I pray I pray to my White God, not to Jesus, any more than I would pray to Mary Baker Eddy that is the founder of our religon.
Well, got to run to work.
Lovingly, Barbara Ann

Polish Scottish White birthdays

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I hear from my two White sons perhaps once a year on my birthday.  No card, flowers, or gift, but I’m still glad that they called.  I’m sure that they both “honor and respect” their girlfriends mother, because I saw that when I visited my son Mikey.  The other mother-in-law’s picture was on the mantlepiece right in the center. My pix wasn’t there. 
I have no idea why I worked so hard to raise them superbly only to be cast out of their lives as ashes from a BBQ.
Birthdays have no meaning.  When I was growing up White Polish in South Chicago, I have faint memories that before the domestic violence set in between Mama and Daddy, and then just changed to Mama beating Daddy worse than any black slave ever dreamed of, my parents got along really well. My older brothers and sisters cannot write this story because we were poor but happy. 
As I wrote before I probably was conceived on November 22, and those that believe in pro-life, that is when my life began.  It is not what the Chinese believe, for they throw their females babies out on the street to die.  If the Chinese ever take over the world, I wonder if they will throw the Jewish female babies out on the street, or show any mercy to the Jewish men and children, when they won’t need them anymore.  Yellow Chinese have so many people, they can’t and won’t take the burden of the Jews, plus they are smart enough to learn from destroying our race.
Since I have been so much into karaoke, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Chinese know of my dilemna, and even our races since there have been more hacking footprints on my computer than Best Buy Geeksquand ever saw.  The Chinese are so crazy about karaoke that there are cars coming off Chinese assemblylines with karaoke machines built in as an equipped feature.
Not only that, if the Chinese read what I wrote about the Opium War and that it really was the Opium Trade of the “Jews,” that Britain was fighting for, they will stay away from Jews as the Jewish lice and plague that hit Europe in World War I and II.
Jews don’t have lice now, because they have so many slaves doing their work. When Jews were forced to live poor in a ghetto, the “Eternal Jew,” video showed millions of black/brown cockroaches crawling on their walls while they were celebrating one of their feasts.
So anyway autobiographically speaking, by the time I arrived, and perhaps about 7.  I remember the first time that my brother threatened to kill my Mama with a heavy chain because he and my Daddy went to have a few drinks at the Jew bar near our house at 83rd and Colfax in South Chicago.  My brother, Bert the Polak, had already been in the hospital in the Korealn war for alcoholism, since that was his position: an army bartender.  Mama would say that the Jew “pumped” up her (White Polish) son against her, and if my brother were drinking at the bar, surely the bartender was ‘talking’ to him and advising him, as Jewish psychiatrists advise their patients through pills.  This same behavior must have been going on in Poland to its destruction and terrorization. 
So if the Korean War ended in 1953, I was under 6 years old, just to date it.  So up until that time, there were no Third World War battles between Mama and Daddy.  From then on until I got married and left the house, Mama abused Daddy, and Daddy being abused, just lived to work for his Jewish masters as a maintenance man, the man with the Golden hands, at Fawcett Book Publishing in Skokie, which is so Jewish they are set to have the next “Jewish Holocaust Museum.”  What a farce for even one word promoting Jews of the second world war, when their very lice could have annihilated the White race, and now another Holocaust Museum.  If only our White people knew how badly they have been duped and what a dangerous time this is.
So I never had a birthday party, but I never “pitied” myself, nor asked for pity.  We were raised with too much character to ‘complain.’  I learned from my older siblings and parents, who as I recall, never had birthday parties.  If I never left 8332 S. Colfax, and just lived in that atmosphere, I might have survived even with the abuse, but, when I went out into Amerca, its churches, schools, family or friends, I saw intelligently and reasoned how “bizarre” I was being raised, and how I craved to have another mother. Anyone but mine.
Now, my sons feel the same about me.  The difference though was that I respected my parents and worked for them, with chores and errands, setting Mama’s hair with Bobbi-pins, giving her rub downs since her body ached all the time and she didn’t like doctors or didn’t have the $$$. 
One year, when I was about 9 or 10 I decided to give myself a birthday party.  But again it must have been bizarre.  I made homemade invitations and gave them to my 3 White Polish girlfriends. I had attended one birthday party before so I knew the routine, games, and soda and food afterwards. But, since we were so poor, I doubt if I had any $$$ for food or prizes, so I think when they arrived I just waited to accept their gifts for me and then let them go home.  I’m laughing out loud, because picture one of your White sons or daughtes going to such a birthday party.  The White Mama gets her daughter all washed up, hair combed, (which was a rarity for me) pretty party dress, (well you know I didn’t have one, just boys socks and shoes, (if) I had that, and maybe one dress that I had to wear over and over and over again. Probably without washing, since I had nothing else to wear if I took it off.  Then my girlfriends White Mama would buy a gift, wrap it up, and send their daughter to my house.  I’m surprised they let my girlfriends even go inside my home, since the violence and the rumors of my Mama chasing Daddy with a butcher knife.  (I wonder if the blacks had it that bad when they were slaves for us, or if the blacks now have it that bad that the Jews are their Masters and the blacks, drug addicts, with American Opium.) 
I received an offshoot of a type of Barbie Doll from one girl, but soon gave it to my niece Jolene Murphy that was growing up.  So to say I never had a toy, would be a lie. I had this doll for about a year or so. But, think of the girls surprise, when I just took the gifts and didn’t have much in return as a party, and perhaps they left as soon as they came in. Our house was old, and the furniture in poor condition. There were holes in the walls and mice running around.  These girls were semi-affluent.  A one house ghetto.  That is why I like to sing Elvis song’ In the Ghetto, about poor people, only Elvis was referring to “blacks” in South Chicago and not White Polish Poor.
Had I been raised with all poor people around me, just as if being raised poor on a farm, you have the comfort of those around you living the same lifestyle. Just as the people in Africa.  We Whites are paralyzing them, for they should learn how to survive, as they have had and live close to nature with manures, seeds, etc. and above all “Work,” but then the whole problem with Black Africa is that the mothers stopped beating the Black boys as they did when the blacks arrived here, as that was the only way to get blacks to work.
Jews don’t have a hard time going to work, because I have never seen a Jewish man or woman that I worked for do a decent day’s work. They rape off all the high salaries at the top and do the least, and have trained our White people to “imitate” Jews.  It won’t work in this global economy where Hindus, Muslims and Chinese have much higher standards than our work habits.
Here is Elvis Karaoke song, “In the Ghetto.”  If you change the word from “him” to “her,” you will see the things that a little girl went through in her life, and yes, the other Whites, the White church, and White school, and White government were blind to our problems, and in actuality were helping the Blacks at the time, not me.
Daddy worked.  Therefore we couldn’t get welfare or food stamps even though he made minimum wage as a White Polish slave for Jews.  I think I would have welcomed being a black slave for White master, who provided a home for free, food, medical, church for free, schooling for free, even jobs as nannies in the home as Dr. Duke had a black nanny in his book that he liked. Therefore, it is clear that he is ‘not’ prejudiced, but Jewish hyped up charges against him as they did against Hitler, (but not Stalin, which is quite extraordinary, since Stalin was their puppet to destroy White Europe.)
But, if you look at the words, my hunger was burning, cold Chicago icy days without clothes and boots or shoes, nose running and sick. And yes when I got older I didn’t steal cars, but both my boyfriends did and I rode in one one time. But when I learned it was stolen, never did again.  Our White Boys shouldn’t even ‘desire’ cars.  My son Paul didn’t even want a driver’s licence since he grew up in boarding schools, so that he could concentrate on his studies not on a car.  I had to take Paul when he was in college to get a driver’s license, just so he would have one but doubtful he ever used it until he needed a car for work or transportation not for a “toy.”  My sons also had very few toys growing up, even though my husband had money. 
I also learned how to steal and fight, in the White gang I was a member of, and had one fight where I knocked the daylights out of a fellow classmate. There was a girl named Donna Baldina in grammar school, seventh grade.  But Donna was very dark, not like the rest of us.  And when I was drinking with Irene the gal whose folks were in Hitler’s work camps after the war where she was conceived, she pumped me up against Donna to beat her up, and I went to her home and I did.  It was the only fight I ever had.  This gal was knocked up by her step-father and she had to leave St. Mary Magdalene’s to have his baby.
My White cousin, and Irene taught me how to shoplift, and I got caught, and lucky they didn’t send me to juvenile delinquent home.  But, my cousin’s Mama had lots of $$$ so we got out of it. 
Mama got drunk went to the church and told him a story that got me expelled and away from the ‘bad’ girls at school.  Although the act crushed me, because it was 2 months before graduation of grammar school where I attended my whole life as a good and smart student, I had to graduate from St. Michael’s Polish School, the same name of my husband and son.  And you know, it was St. Michael the archangel that fought Satan and the Devils.
I didn’t die at the hands of a bullet, but, tried to kill myself by my own hand, but won’t talk about that for fear of depression. But, I don’t lie. And recently a man asked how my husband died and I said, “suicide.” Of course I didn’t want to say it but I don’t lie, and it is time the White race starts trying to solve the problems of why some of us Whites just cannot stand to live in this country.
Even my son Mikey went to the mountains for a hike, to get away from his reality for a while.  I’m glad I taught him to climb hills back in the Ozarks where I took him to camp. 
Whites need to face reality and snap out of their dreams as Daddy would tell Mama when she would curse him out for drinking, drugging, smoking, gambling and womanizing, and yes, not standing up to the Jews and asking for a raise for our large family.
Since Jews don’t smoke, drink, take drugs, and get all the free White women they want, the don’t suffer from what they have induced on us.
My Mama was tough in beating and punishing me, and perhaps I deserved more. Would any Jew or black say that, or Mexican?! Doubtful, they want more leniency.
I look at the cover of Gulag, and how tough the White Russians were on their own White people, yet Whites allow crime eternal against Whites on our own soil, and we are helpless to do anything being strangled to death by the noose of Jewish laws and lawyers and $$$$, the money they earned illegally against Whites.
I thought of this song and the words apply at not having my sons with me since the divorce, even though I was “lucky” to not have them taken from me, and at the time, I didn’t have a temper as I do now sometimes.   Our White women today don’t have tempers when their sons go to drinking/drugging/gambling or degeneration. They go to a Jewish doctor who ‘rapes’ them and comforts them and makes them pay for it through husband’s insurance, and then the Jewish doctor gives them a white piece of paper, a prescription, to silence these White mothers.
I have to admit that the first year my White husband, Mike Duncan, and I were married he threw me a surprise birthday party.  He couldn’t have imagined in his reality what that meant to me, it was beyond words.
His birthday, as I wrote before was August 29, the day Katrina hit New Orleans, and the first day I went on talk radio and screamed and pleaded for the White male and his memory as being homeless and suicidal.
Here are lyrics to a song for my husband’s birthday, August 29, by
Dropkick Murphy, “21 Gun Salute”  (It was the only thing my husband asked for in his life, for helped provide him with every thing else that he ever wanted in life that made him happy.)
Ready, Aim, Fire

You work all fucking week,
go out on Friday night
You’re looking for some action
and you settle for a fight

Okay, steady, get ready
everybody pull in the loot
We got the equalizer
it’s a 21 guitar salute

It’s a 21 guitar salute, it’s a 21 guitar salute
It’s a…

We saw him sitting there,
a-drinking my beer
And I went in for the war
it’s 7 o’clock on a Saturday night and I’m so fucking bored

Okay, steady, get ready
everybody gets to shoot
We got a 21 gun salution
it’s a 21 guitar salute

It’s a 21 guitar salute, it’s a 21 guitar salute
It’s a…


Okay, steady, get ready
everybody pull in the loot
We got the equalizer
it’s a 21 guitar salute

It’s a 21 guitar salute, it’s a 21 guitar salute
It’s a…

I hear the sounds of marching feet in the distance
and there’s a bloody revolution in the air
And I know what this looks like, but it isn’t
’cause I just want to blow something up

I couldn’t find the song above, but here is another one by Dropkick Murphy that I am crying to.  I love to see the Scottish kilts and the bagpipes, and my White son’s father surely heard them as he laid in his grave at the Abraham Lincoln Military cemetery in Joliet Illinois.  But, were all our wars for the Jews to advance and get to where they are and for the “other races,” and were these wars to destroy us?  It seems so.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huRwBFmAx78  Try not to cry too hard to this one.
Lovingly, Barbara Ann

Gulag Part 1: Whites and Jews

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From the largest book I’ve ever held in my White hands, the Gulah, by Tomasz Kizny:
“What I saw, no man should see or even know about.  But once he has seen it, better that he die quickly.”  Varlam Shalamov, Kolyma Tales Translated by John Glad.
“Officially designated as places of work, the State ADminsitration of Penitentiary Camps, (Gulag) accounted for more human victims than Ypres, the Somme, Verdun, Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau and Buchenwald put together.”
“Tens of millions of the zeks or convists, whether so-called politicals, (Which is where they would consider us) or criminals were frozen, starved, worked, beatenor dispirited to death.  But the average expectancy of life did not exceed on winter.”
(Judging from the 3 sentences above, it makes Hilter’s work camps for Jews seem like a nice retreat, and especially a safe and protected one, while the Whites were being slaughtered in the many, many millions in the war!  All so that Jews can have Civil Rights, while even China not only kicked them out but massacred them.  Yes, if we must be controlled by another race, which seems our destiny, I would rather have it be China than the Jews.)
(Norman Davies states that those that were with Allieds, or us, don’t want to acknowledge any other atrocity other than the Holocaust, (Jewish)
“Mass exterminations in the Soviet Union, which were commonplace under Stalin were generally carried out by shooting in prisons or forests and by other brances of the security services.”
“The reality was scuh that as often as not guests of the Great White Bear would perish, and perish in extreme distress. The harshness of the Arctic climate, the starvation levels of the diet, the length of the sentences, the punitive character of the work norms, the routine brutality and depravity of the guards, the absence of proper medical care or of adequate heating and clothing, and the lack of hope ineveitably produced a devastating mortality rate.”
(Part of that reminds me of how I grew up in Chicago freezing winters, and this was White Affluent America, which made our suffering that much worse, because everyone around us was doing so well.  You know, I shouldn’t laugh, but it is hard to believe that I can compare my childhood to the Gulags.  And I only do that for autobiographical purposes not for “pity.”  My brother taught my large Polish White American family when we were very young.  Never look for sympathy or pity, because you will never find it.  If you want to look for “sympathy,” look between “Shit” and “syphyllis” in Websters’ Dictionary, and that is where you will find it.  In other words, sympathy was a curse word and to be avoided at all costs, not like the Jews command and demand constant non-stop sympathy, for them, the Blacks, the poor Chinese female babies, the Hindus that are living in poverty, the poor Mexicans, and on and on.  When these Jews and their Civil Rights activists demand sympathy and $$$ from now on, you can quote my brother Bert the Polak, (deceased) and tell them to find it between “Shit” and “Syphylis” in the dictionary, and use your $$$ to help yourself and your fellow White men/women/children.)
Tomasz Kizney has made good use of photographs found in Poland. Poles made up a large contingent of the Gulag’s inflow in 1939-41 and again in 1944-48.  It is difficult to say which pictures make the greatest impressions.  One might choose the panorama shots of the worksites by the White Sea Canal with the antlike figures scurrying among the gigantic seas of mud and scaffolding.  Much of the work in the Gulag was not just hopeless it was “pointless.”  (This is my argument today.  Most of what Whites are doing is not just hopeless for the success of our race but “pointless.”
The one picture that is missing and that, in the pre-flash era, could not be easily taken concerns a regular sight in all the camps of the Gulag. It would show huge stacks of emaciated corpses, frozen solid, piled high and wrapped in rags, awaiting the end of the Arctic night and the brief chance of the thaw and of anonymous burial.
(And we must always remember that it was the Jews that created Communism, that killed the Czar and Czarina, that filled the entire government, especially the heads, and that used their “Israeli-type” Mafia to get the Russians completely drunk, to accomplish these barbaric actions, while the Jews stayed sober, warm, well-fed, clothed, their wives and children happy as larks, and perhaps walking around in golden, glittery robes of wealth, as in my Daddy’s town of Galicia, Poland.)
The first Pix is two giant pages wide entitled: Prisoners on their way to the camp.  These White men are walking in a single line, with a ragged bag on the back. They all have hats on… not baseball hats as we wear, but hats.
The next Pix is “The camp at Molotov (home of the Molotov Cocktail bomb) (Severodvinsk) 1946.  It is bunkers and juding by the pictures of these White men, they are not White men at all but boys, or young teens.
Leon Blum, a French Jew, wrote of Stalin:  “I freely acknowledge that Soviet state policy is in the hands of an extraordinary man.  Before the war, when our communist comrades would speak of the “genius” of Stalin,” I was inclined to smile and today I admit I was wrong.  Stalin is a man of genius.  What he has accomplished over the past 20 years in establishing his power, in organizing, …… his genius is measured by magnituded, by the inner strength of efficiency, and by the patient depth of his planning…”
It was Blum whom the sinister Xavier Vallat — the future head of Jewish Affairs in the Vichy government–addressed on June 6, 1936, during the inaugural session of the Chamber of Deputies:  Your coming to power, Mr. President of the Council, unquestionably marks a historic date.  For the first time, this old-Gallo-Roman country will be government be a Jew.”  (And that was 3 years before Katyn massacre and the Russian entrance of World War II, where we gave 1/2 of our White European Brothers and Sisters to Mad Russian Jews.)
In actual fact, we would have to wait for Kruschev’s famous secret speech to the 20th Russian Communist Party Congress, especialy for Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s explosive testimony several years later for the “wall of silence surrounding the Gulag–or rather the Western wall of deafness–to start crumbling.
After the Soviet Russian prisoners were released from Nazi Hitler regime, they were sent directly to Gulag camps and were not freed after all.  So the people that died for World War II and freedoms, did ‘not’ free our Russian Whites, just the Jews, who seem to have made out really well.
“In 1945, it was the heroism of the Russian people in the war against the Nazis and the images of Stalingrad and of Soviet soldiers hoisting the rest flag of victory over the ruins of the Reichstag that made it possible to maintain and spread the great lie about the shadowy realities of Stalinist society.” 
In 1929, (Wall Streets Black Thursday) Stalin launched the collectivization in the rural areas, which culminated in the annihilation of the Russian peasant class through “planned famines,” and “mass deportations.” 
The book mentions another Jew,  “Sergie Eisenstein,” who made the Russian Movie, The General Line, with the propaganda, “Today is better than yesterday and not quite as good as tommorow.
(The Russian Soviets started these “5-year plans.”)
In 1937, the wave of mass terror was unleashed on Soviety society. 
In Soviet Russia a dangerous combination of a slave mentality with a revolutinary one had set in. (Do you think the Black slaves had it anywhere near as bad as our White brethren?  When I think of the Holocaust and Black slavery, it makes me want to ‘not’ think of them anymore.)
The book goes back to the beginning Bolsheviks, (Jewish controlled heads) who first “locked up political opponents,” as the Jews are doing now in Canada and America.  Next to be locked up any citizens who did not support the regime, entrepreneurs, officals, intelligentsia, richer peasants and “priests.”  (it seems as if the Jews were out to destroy Christianity.)  Confessions were signed out of torture,  or arrested for simply nothing.  Social and national groups had to be purged from society.  Disloyals were imprisoned:  Lithuanians, Latvains, Estonians, and Poles.  Dissidents, writers, members of religious or national movements, all the way through mid-1980’s when Mikhail “Gorbachov initated perestroika.”  (I remember going to the first art exhibit exchange between America and Russia during perestroika,  at the art gallery at the University of Chicago.  I had never seen such somber, sad, and sickening paintings, of streets filled with dead bodies that were shot, people in coffin, gray somber coloring.  The paintings revealed how much our Russian brethren had suffered under Jewish regimes.)
The Gulag still exists in “slavish” manner, in its willingness to accept propaganda and lies, the fate of its fellow citizens or to crimes and transgressions included those committed by the state.
“In the camp we used to refer to the prisoners who kept to themselves as being “all alone on an ice floe.”  Today they take your neighbor to solitary confinement, tomorrow they’ll take the other one, the next day… you.  You can’t give the authorities licence for lawlessness — you have to protest.  It might seem ineffective on the surface, but this approach does eventually put a stop to terror and abuse of power.”
The “slave” mentality still exists because Russia was never brought to trial. (And if they ever are, hopefully it won’t be a series of Jewish lawyers and judges and Jewish witnesses that do so.  I guess that is why we only have the account of much faked Jewish Holocaust.  There was no one to protest it.  Not the Germans, not the Poles, who really should have but were beaten so brutally, bombed so thoroughly, so that they were too terrorized to speak for fear of their lives of their nationality and race.  Only the Jewish race and religion could be spoken of with reverence and awe.)
Today all the top posts in Russia are held by people from the old system, former party activists.  No one is eager to “uncover the Truth,” and legal proceedings are out of the question.
(Although the book criticizes the fact that Russians don’t have freedom in the court system, nor do the journalists and writers, we might as well be under Communist rule, for we are under Jewish control of our courts and our writing, and it surely will get worse.)
The book talks of Lenin, and I got this from jewwatch.com

What is clear is that the other Bolsheviks who brought Lenin to power was at least 85%-90% Jewish, and Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler were both in agreement that the USSR was the product of Jewish intrigue, power, and wealth, and that Bolshevism represented a world catastrophe engineered by International Jews who were engaged in the deconstruction of Christendom — i.e., they wanted to destroy Western Civilization and culture.

In any case, Lenin seems to have spoken Yiddish as well as other languages, married Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya who is acknowledged to be a Judeo-Bolshevik and, therefore, a Jewish woman.

Lenin was assassinated unsuccessfully by a Jewess, condemned anti-Semitism as a state crime, and accepted all of the Revolution’s money he could get from Jews in the banking business including Jacob Schiff of the Guaranty National Bank in America.

In general, many historians say Lenin was born of Jewish parents who spoke Yiddish but who they were and their names is unclear and kept that way by the Judeo-Bolsheviks who ran the USSR, 1917-1992.

(I’ve said from the beginning watch out for the Jewess’, that have been completely overlooked for 2,000 years, and until today are protected, even if their husband should go to prison… (a rareity)

From jewwatch.com: There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders.

(It leads me to believe that even today, if the Jews left our soil, they have already turned most of our Whites into Jewish-slaves or Jewish imitators, as I imitate stars of music in karaoke, when I sing in costume.)

There was a Christian monestary built on the White Sea, called Solovetsky Monestary, Although the weather was harsh, the monks had mills, sawmills, ironworks, smithy, brickyards and pottery, a dock for ship repairs, network of canals, water, hydropower, a radio station.  Catastrophe struck when a Red Army divisin and took the grain stock, all the monestery’s valuables, liturgical vessels lootted, bells cast down, the “crosses cut in two) and a red star fixed to the top of the bell tower. (Do you think this “red star,” was really a disguised Star of David, for even the Jews wouldn’t have been that bold to advertise who was at the bottom of this Christian and religious tragedy, and upcoming Christian Holocaust of 100,000,000+) 

This destroyed 500 years of Christian prayer and monk living.  They then set fire to it.  The churches and buildings were converted to prison camps.  The interiors of the churches, the iconostases, or icon screens bearing the works of mediaval masters, and the monestary library were ransacked and later destroyed.  (I had written that the same thing happened to our Pagan heritage.  It was destroyed, and the Jews were behind that also, including murdering or priests, burning our libraries, books, killing our White ancestors.)

The White prisoners of this Jewish regime were kept: hungry, louse infested, (lice) and frozen.  Did the Jews even have it ‘that’ bad.  Hitler was humane in de-lousing the lousy Jews. Did the Blacks have it this bad as slaves?  It is pathetic to even read that Jewish/Black history any more. It pales in comparison, and dwarfs any illegitimate claims they try to make for blackmail.

Prisoners were beaten unconscious with wooden clubs, doused inwater in the freezing cold and made to stand “on the stump,” stripped naked and exposed to the bites of thousands of mosquitoes.  The female prisoners were raped routinely.   The flower of Russian society was deported to Solovki:  intellectuals, philosophers, writers, artists, scientists, political and social workers, aristocrats, Czarists officers, entrepreneurs and clergymen.  (This sounds like the Polish massacre Katyn in the forest, where the White cream of the crop was destroyed, which again makes the Jews, Chinese and Hindus ever more smarter or more powerful than we, and plus we are left beaten both physically there in Poland and Russia, and mentally here, by Jewish media and incessant drugging, whether we are put into insane asylums or not.)

This was the second stage of the civil war– the systematic extermination of the Russian intelligensia as a class enemy.”  With the exhaustion caused by “unedurable workloads in the harsh northern climates.  (Did the Jews ever suffer this in work camps, or the blacks working as pickers of cotton?  Why is this even included in our history books except to degrade and emasculate the White male just as they do in these Guantanomo Bay camps, making Whites look “Evil,” and Blacks and Jews, “Good as gods.”  We must stand for White as “good,” and “our only good.”

The main focus was to ‘raise producitivy,’ and this has already happened to White America, where 2 people have to work, White men as many as 94 hours a week, and wives working 50 hours plus all the hours of domestic work at home.  Leaving Whites not ‘better’ off but worse off than when my husband and I were living in 1970.

Whites haven’t improved: Jews have, blacks have, Mexicans have, Chinese have, even the Vietnamese Communists who slaughtered 50,000+ mostly White men, now live in America much better off than in the huts eating ‘rat’ stew.  Matter of fact, the White German man across the street is living with a Vietnamese woman, (who is probably 1/2 black) across the street, just because she gives him sex once in a while, and surely that will be cut off once she gets his $$$ and his home.  It is a “ploy” against White males.

The Jewish Communists tried to destroy Christianity, but in 1990 it was restored and the Christian monks returned to the island to celebrate 1,000 years after Russia’s conversion to Christianity the Orthdox Church.  (I think it high time though that all these divisions of Christianity cease, and we use our churches as the blacks used their churches for Black Political and Racial Power.  The same churches we built for them and taught them in, are now used as religious weapons against us as Obama’s Rev. Wrights Church in Chicago with the words on the wall, dedicating it to “Black Africa,” not Amerca, or not even God.  They worship themselves and the Jews also.

The #49837 is under the very large picture of a man arrested, (unknown citizen) for publicly calling the Bolsheviks, (the Jews) the anti-Christ.  Sentenced to 5 years.  Members of religous groups refused to coopeate with Soviet authority in any way as they believed it was the manifestation of Satan on earth.   Doesn’t that sound like what we have in America today?  These were the first to die, for they wouldn’t even touch one of the Bolsheviks documents, let alone read them.  There is another Jewish name called “Kamsky Camp on the White Sea.”  Perhaps they chose the “White” sea, for the Jews clearly were out to exterminate the White race. 

The black and white pictures are fascinating and so large and blown up as these men and women boarded the ships to take them to the first prison camps. The Jews and black workers, (misnamed slaves) never had it so tragic.

(Out of the hundred million victims, the book concentrates on “Jewish prisoners” that were shot, and singled out for their “Jewish tragedy” while the rest of the 100 million White Christians go unnoticed.  The Jews find their way of making us “sympathize” for them, but remember when it comes for sympathy for the Jews, the only place the Jews are going to find sympathy for them anymore, is in the dictionary between “shit” and “syphalis.” 

(Several pages of those shot have Jewish names, ending in “sky.”  These people were imprisoned for Revolutionary activity.  These men are labeled as ‘sadists.’  Also described as politicl provocation and for impersonating a regiment commander. (I wonder how many Jews impersonate today?) 

Well, as I said, many names and references and even the island Great Solovetsky, has an “sky” at the as if Jewish.  The Filomonovsky Fishing ground, again, seems Jewish.  (I barely turn a page without seeing a Jewish name or title, and find this rather odd, for surely the White victims were just as important, and even the names of places should have been White in a Great White Bear country.  Yet, I’m seeing all Jewish names.

When there are White names, it would lead me to believe that the Jew was the leader of their actions and thoughts.

I’ll end with this poem from the book by oneof the White camp prisoners:

On the back of the picture is written:

The days go by,

The nights go by,

the summer is over,

yellow leaves are rustling.

My eyes are asleep,

my thoughts and heart ar asleep…

Everything is asleep…

And I don’t know if I’m alive

or just living out the years

or just roaming the earth

Neither in tears

nor in laughter.

From me, Good Night and Pleasant Dreams

Lovingly Barbara Ann Kopaczew’ski’ Nowak







Pure Raced Jews in Yellow Pure Raced China

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Just a quick email.  I saw on my Wells Fargo Bank statement that it can be read now in (3) languagues:  English, Spanish and….. Chinese.  I was told two years ago, by a banking acquaintance in Vegas, that Chinese money was needed to ward off the 2/3 foreclosure that was expected. We now have the highest unemployment rate in the country, and since we are a tourism industry, we will be the last to recover.
With the Chinese and yellow race so cohesive and united and “proud of their heritage,” it makes me more determined to acknowledge and preserve my own heritage.  I was reading about Chinese and Jews, and they only had a small amount .  From Wiki:
    In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, however, some international Jewish groups have helped Chinese Jews rediscover their heritage.
    Jews are preserving their heritage, culture and race, all around the world, in a very organized manner.  Yet they ‘race-break’ our White race. Why don’t the Jews race-break their own beloved Israel, the Mecca of the White Race that we worship.
    With the Chinese, Jews and Hindus excelling at such a rapid pace, we should not be lagging behind.  I wonder if these 3 races are running around the world, “preserving” all the other races while we die. 
    Tens of thousands of Jewish refugees escaping from the 1917 Russian Revolution and the Holocaust in Europe were to find sanctuary in China in successive decades.
It seems very plain, that the Jews in the US, Europe, were working within China, especially with the advent of Chinese Communism, which killed 20 million of their yellow people. 
The very fact that we built China into the superpower it is today, seems to be that we had fallen into Jewish trade and monopoly and never gave it a second thought but just went with the flow.
    Although the Jews went to China about 7-8 century, they never took hold there. It seems that the Chinese were not as ‘welcoming’ to the Jews as we were, especially in Poland. 
Here is something interesting about the Opium Wars of China, and it seems that right after these wars the Jews found a home there, so perhaps the Jews were involved in it.  Where there are wars and drugs there are Jews.
As I said before, England and the US have been the drug lords of the world, and if Whites are addicted today, it has been in our history. Were the Jewish international traders at the bottom of this, is also probably true, as they have Americans addicted to pills and Jewish doctors, with no hope of getting out of this Jewish revolving door.
In casting about for other possible commodities to reverse the flow of silver out of the country and into China, the British discovered opium. Opium as a medicinal ingredient was documented in texts as early as the Ming dynasty but its recreational use was limited and there were laws in place against its abuse. It was with the mass quantities introduced by the British motivated by the equalization of trade that the drug became prevalent. British importation of opium in large amounts began in 1781 and between 1821 and 1837 import increased fivefold. The drug was produced in the traditionally cotton growing regions of India (under British government monopoly (Bengal) and in the Princely states (Malwa) and was sold on the condition that it be shipped by British traders to China. The Qing government had largely ignored the problem until the drug had spread widely in Chinese society.

Alarmed by the reverse in silver flow and the epidemic of addiction (an estimated 2 million Chinese were habitual user), the Qing government attempted to end the opium trade, but its efforts were complicated by corrupt local officials (including the Viceroy of Canton). In one isolated incident, in 1818, the Laurel carried word to Sydney of a US ship laden with opium and treasure which was invaded by Chinese pirates. The crew of the US vessel had all been killed, but for the escaping first mate, who later identified the pirates to the authorities. In 1839, the Qing Emperor appointed Lin Zexu as the governor of Canton with the goal of reducing and eliminating the Opium trade. On his arrival, Lin Zexu banned the sale of opium, asked that all opium be surrendered to the Chinese authorities, and asked that all foreign traders sign a ‘no opium trade’ bond the breaking of which was punishable by death.

The British Chief Superintendent of Trade in China, Charles Elliot (who, surprisingly, broke the blockade to arrive in Canton) got the British traders to agree to hand over their opium stock with the promise of eventual compensation for their loss from the British Government. (This promise, and the inability of the British government to pay it without causing a political storm, was an important cause for the subsequent British action.)  Overall 20,000 chests  (each holding about 120 pounds) were handed over and destroyed beginning June 3, 1839. Following the collection and destruction of the opium, Lin Zexu wrote a “memorial”  to the Queen of Great Britain in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the trade of the drug, as it had poisoned thousands of Chinese civilians (the memorial never reached the Queen).

The Qing authorities also insisted that British merchants not be allowed to trade unless they signed a bond, under penalty of death, promising not to smuggle opium, agreeing to follow Chinese laws, and acknowledging Qing legal jurisdiction.

(The war broke out when China attacked the British ships and confiscated the Opium.)

Lord Palmerston, the English Foreign Secretary, initiated the Opium War in order to obtain full compensation for the destroyed opium. China lost the war and was forced to open its five ports to foreign merchants and to permit a territorial concession of Hong Kong.

The war was denounced in Parliament as unjust and iniquitous by young William Ewart Gladstone, who criticized Lord Palmerston’s willingness to protect an infamous contraband traffic. Outrage was expressed by the public and the press in America and England as there was a perception that British interests may well have been simply supporting the drugs trade.

(We as Americans are still in the drugs trade, and as our White males especially have been the victims, they were White sacrificial lambs to the drug lords.  Many of our White women, on the other hand, are addicted to Jewish doctors, who the White women idolize and worship, and their pills.)

In retaliation, the British Government and British East India Company had reached a conclusion that they would attack Guangdong. The military cost would be paid by the British Government.

(How do we start to rehabilitate our White Race when they can’t think straight.  I said before, my White School Teacher brother, Nicky Novak, used to have to police the White boys bathroom in Sauk Village Illinois, where boys were drunk, drugged, or high on parents pills right from their medicine cabinets.  These boys can’t enter advanced math and science, or even read, let alone excel or even surpass Chinese, Jews, etc.  Do we want to descend into being more like Mexians and Blacks, cause that is where we are heading.)

By the middle of 1842, the British had defeated the Chinese at the mouth of their other great riverine trade route, the Yangtze, and were occupying Shanghai. The Qing government proved incapable of dealing with Western Powers on an equal basis, either politically or militarily. The war finally ended in August 1842, with the signing of China’s first Unequal Treaty, the Treaty of Nanking.

(If there was a war with China today, it would not be ‘unequal’ for they have most of our rocket technology since the head of NASA was a Chinese man a few years ago.  They are amassing the world history’s greatest army, by throwing away female babies and having a male dominated society, as is Israel, and the Muslims, and India. Only in Europe and America has the emasculation of the White male occurred and that was an intentional breaking down by the Jewish media and Jewish $$$ they drained from us in so many ways, it was as if we Whites were on a tilt-a-whirl, just swirling in circles and couldn’t see straight or focus on what was happening to us.)

The success of the First Opium War allowed the British to resume the drug trafficking within China. It also paved the way for the opening of the lucrative Chinese market and Chinese society to missionary endeavors.

(It gets me mad to have “missionaries” going around the world from Christian denominations, but they can’t help the ailing Whites suffering as my husband did from drug addiction, which was imposed on him by his fighting for US Melting pot in yellow Viet Nam.  It is very easy for Christian missionaries to convert Reds, Yellows, Browns or Blacks, who were too poor to afford drugs or alcohol, and therefore can think more clearly.  They avoid Whites who have been intentionally drugged to bring down our race.)

Lin Zexu, known for his superlative service under the Qing Dynasty as “Lin the Clear Sky”. Although he had some initial success, with the arrest of 1,700 opium dealers and the destruction of 2.6 million pounds of opium, he was made a scapegoat for the actions leading to British retaliation, and was blamed for ultimately failing to stem the tide of opium import and use in China[. Nevertheless, Lin Zexu is popularly viewed as a hero of 19th century China, and his likeness has been immortalized at various locations around the world.

(But when my son was in rehab his counsellor said that the (White) parents start their kids on drugs, in the form of pills, medicine, overdose of vitamins, preservatives and poisons on vegetables, (baby formula) drugs at childbirth, pills that mothers take that goes to babies before, during conception, during pregnancy, and in mother’s milk.  The father would have malformed sperm from his drinking/drugging.)

Many more arrived as refugees from the Russian Revolution of 1917. A surge of Jews and Jewish families was to arrive in the late 1930s and 1940s, for the purpose of seeking refuge from the Holocaust in Europe and were predominantly of European origin. Shanghai was notable for its volume of Jewish refugees, most of whom left after the war, the rest relocating prior to or immediately after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.

(So the takeover of Communism, brought in the first and biggest round of Jews into China, as never before in Chinese History.  That explains a lot.)

A massacre of Jews in Canton, China occurred during the Chinese Tang Dynasty in the 9th century during the Huang Chao Rebellion.

(It is perhaps this episode, that forced the Jews to “leave China,” and find their cursed way to Europe, in Poland in 1096, and now America.)

Now as few Jews as there were in China, when another Chinese war occurs the Jews “disperse.”  I’m sure the Yellow Chinese were smart enough to try to get rid of them again.

During the Taiping rebellion of the 1850s, the Jews of Kaifeng apparently suffered a great deal and were dispersed.

The first Jew who arrived there was Elias David Sassoon, who, about the year 1850, opened a branch in connection with his father’s Bombay house. Since that period Jews gradually migrated from India to Shanghai, most of them being engaged from Bombay as clerks by the firm of David Sassoon & Co. The community was composed mainly of “Asian,” (Sephardi) German, and Russian Jews, though there were a few of Austrian, French, and Italian origin among them. Jews took a considerable part in developing trade in China, and several served on the municipal councils.

(This shows that there were many Jews in different countries of Europe, but “Poland” is not mentioned out of these European countries.)

Here is the info I had been searching for:  Jews in the international drug trade, from Wiki:  During the early days of Jewish settlement in Shanghai the trade in opium and Bombay cotton yarn was mainly in JEWISH HANDS.

Jewish life in Shanghai had really taken off with the arrival of the British. Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East came as traders via India and Hong Kong and established some of the leading trading companies in the second half of the 19th century.  (So we see that Jews are closely related to Europeans, and that is why we are still tied to them today.  We probably believe our continued success is tied to them.  But, it is not our “continual success” but our “continual decline,” that is hooked to them.)

Late in the War, Nazi representatives pressured the Japanese army to devise a plan to exterminate Shanghai’s Jewish population, and this pressure eventually became known to the Jewish community’s leadership.

(I’ll tell you, the Germans really saw the Jews as a “world-wide” problem, not just a German White one.  I think the White Germans knew that the Jews would be destructive eventually to the Yellow Race, just as they had been to ours.  And the Nazi’s hoped the yellow Japanese would be smart enough to see that, but the yellow Japanese didn’t want to upset the “Allieds,” America, Britain, Russia, any more than necessary.  And for that kindness, of “not” slaughtering the Jews in Shanghai, the yellow Japanese got 2 atoms bombs dropped on them, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.)

With the intercession of the Amshenower Rebbe and the translation skills of Ariyeh (Leo) Hanin, the Japanese ultimately kept the Jews of Shanghai safe.  (Perhaps that is why the Japanese and Chinese are doing so well today.

In 2005, the Israeli embassy to China held their Hanukkah celebrations at the Great Wall of China. 

(Isn’t it ironic that the Jews held their celebrations at the “Great Wall of China,” protecting Chinese Yellow race, culture and heritage, while they and their worshipers have open borders to destroy the White Race, here, both figuratively and literally.)

I’m going to look at the pix of my 20 pound book, called the “Gulag: Life and Death Inside Soviet Concentration Camps.”