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Halloween Horror; Dwight Frye

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Here’s a website on Dwight Frye as the song I sang in karaoke when I dressed in costume as “Mrs. Alice Cooper.” The song; Ballad of Dwight Frye. But “who” was Dwight Fry that Alice portrays. See the website above. He was a “Christian Scientist” as I am.

Reign of Terror, White Kennewick Man

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Well, I finished my goal of singing in all my Halloween costumes, 17, and 17 Halloween songs to match, and I’m glad that it went very well.

I’m welcomed to visit other countries, as I chat a little with people around the world. It was quite enjoyable to perform as Mrs. Alice Cooper, for he is a master of horror. I sang “Welcome to my nightmare,” with a black long wig that I curled into locks. Then I sang the “Ballad of Dwight Fry,” with my straightjacket, and while on stage I struggled to get out of it as Cooper does, and I ripped it open, which made it seem very authentic.

The big one I saved for last: Dead Babies. I play it for all its worth, and pretend the little dead baby puppet is real, but I never show the face until the end when I’m on stage.

It is said that it is hard to scare people, but, I think in a way, that I scared people. Of course, I scare people just by being alive, so this scaring is just exaggerated and festive. It is a scaring that comes once a year, and then drops off for the entire 11 months, when I tackle other holidays and tributes to great mostly European music.

So, after carrying around skeleton heads, (I have 3 of them, decorated differently by me) I am now just sort of coming down. I decide that I don’t want to start on any projects, as this was a very major one for me with the costume and props. The only day I had so much costume material and props, there was no room for me in the driver’s seat.

Well, I was led to just relax and sit in my swivel rocker Lazy Boy, (or Lazy Girl in this case) and I noticed a DVD I had received but hadn’t watched. It is called “The Homocide of Kennewick Man.” Here are just a few notes, of a very intriguing, thought-provoking, and challenging movie.

In a nutshell, a scientist finds a skull in Kennewick Washington. (Now one must pause here, because our White boys are not even becoming scientists anymore, for we are letting other races do our thinking, so we must pay careful attention to what the remaining White scientists have to say, especially if not just “quoting Jewish Zionist rhetoric that they learned in school,” but “progressing.”

It had been found to be carbon dated at 9,000 years ago. The White scientist was shocked, for it shattered all preconceived notions that the Indians were the first to arrive here. But, there was something very revealing in the bones that were found along with the skull. In the pelvic bone of the male skeleton, was a spearwound in the butt.

So, it could have been that there was a White Settlement that came from Europe that settled there. And perhaps when the Indian ancestors migrated they found the White men and savagely attacked them and killed our ancestors off. That would make perfect sense, judging my where the Indians were when we arrived, chopping us Whites up, and boiling us in Jamestown where the first Mayflower settlers landed, or even not so long ago when the Mexican Mayans were decapitated their fellow tribe members and using their heads for football, one can clearly see and reason out that Whites were not as savage, hence were taken over by these other ferocious people.

In analyzing the skull and skeletons it was determined scientifically that because of the wearing of the facial muscles that the White man was in “anguish.” I can assume, that since I’ve seen my White Daddy cry, my son, and my husband, I know first hand that the White male is in pain and anguish. And it seems all that is done is to heap more coals on a suffering species. I can only write from “my experience.” And surely if I’m experiencing this, other Whites are too, but they just have Jewish jingles in their head either from advertising, marketing, schooling, or media, that make these White disassociate themselves from their pain. But, just doing that does not make the anguish of the White male go away.

There is one prominent feature on the skull and that is a prominent nose. My son, Paul, has a prominent nose, and that is very Polish. My son, Paul, and Mikey Jr. do not look alike, and I was not unfaithful to my White husband. Although we always look at Whites for fine features, in the department of sex, the nose is the #1 instrument.

The skull could not have been Red Indian and was demonstrated in many, many different ways. It was demonstrated that it was White European. (White is never said.)

My sons are said to have Cherokee Indian being that their bloodline went back to the Mayflower. My intent is not to harm the Red Indians, but to try to convince White people that it is “ok” to love their White half, or White part, and to be proud, and to work as hard as hell to stop the “homocide” of our race. For, once we are dead, it will never even be documented that we ever lived, for it is not in the interests of the other races, and these other races are not “Christian,” and if they are they are in the religion for the $$$ and what they can take from our government, church, and individual treasuries.

But, the story goes on that the Indians get wind of this skeleton and claim it “theirs.” The Indians are financed by rich lawyers, who are just part of the arsenol of human weapons used to murder our Race. It seems as if all the other races have “preference” above ours, and for the life of me, I can’t figure that out. The Jews have preference over our White studies to “debate” not “deny” the Holocaust, the blacks have preference over us in Affirmative Action, Entertainment, now government, even Mexicans have united so strongly, I couldn’t make as much as a Mexican woman if my life depended on it here in Nevada. Unless a miracle happened. And Whites should not be expected to survive on “miracles,” while others are using organizational techniques to overpower us.

I feel so sorry for this White scientist, for not only did a White finally make it to become a scientist, but once he gets to that high level, he is shot down by Red Indians with arrows of “laws,” that were made to “protect” Red Indians, and somehow, end up destroying the White race and our history and our intellect. The same can be said for all avenues of society, lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers, professors, etc.

The bones were confiscated by the Sheriff, and it broke the heart of the White Scientist, for he felt this skull was trying to tell him something, and he wanted to be there to listen and learn what the past was saying. But, the crushing effect of the government, Corp of Army Engineers, Red Indians, and (Jewish?) lawyers, annihlated any hopes this scientist had. (you can further study on Wikipedia.org.)

Aha! The DVD was made in 1996, and in 2004 there was another ruling saying that the Indian tribes had not met the requirements proving it was an Indian skeleton, so research continues. Let’s see what the most recent evidence is.

From Wiki: Skulls older than 8,000 years old have been found to possess greater physical diversity than do those of modern Native Americans. This range implies that there was a genetic shift in populations about 8,000 years ago. The heterogeneity of these early people shows that genetic drift had already occurred, meaning the racial type represented by Kennewick Man had been in existence for a considerable period of time.
(So it could be, as I thought above, we Whites had already colonized America, in a small portion. But then more aggressive, savage tribes came over the Bering Straight, (ancestors of the Indians,) and “genocided us.” Just as Atilla the Yellow Hun, wanted to genocide all of White Europe, and came really close to doing so.)

Anthropologists sued the United States for the right to conduct tests on the skeleton. On February 4, 2004, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit panel rejected the appeal brought by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Umatilla, Colville, Yakama, Nez Perce and other tribes on the grounds that they were unable to show any evidence of kinship.
(Get a load of this: Sen. John McCain who ran for Republican President wanted to enact a bill “insuring the rights of the Red Indian, and would have again assaulted the rights of the White male.) Apparently the ones that make it to the top are “only” those that will further our extinction, and leave America to “all” the races, which will blend into one brown race, as the Jewish brown “International Barbie Doll.,” made many, many years ago as a symbol of the Death of the White Woman. Hmmmph? I have written many times about the Jewish Michael Savage book, “The Death of the White Male,” but, now surely we have the “Death of the White Female.”

“On April 7, 2005, during the 109th Congress, United States Senator John McCain introduced an amendment to NAGPRA which (section 108) would have changed the definition of “Native American” from being that which “is indigenous to the United States” to “is or was indigenous to the United States.” However, the 109th Congress concluded without enacting the bill. By the bill’s definition, Kennewick Man would have been classified as Native American, regardless of whether any link to a contemporary tribe could be found. Proponents of this definition argue that it agrees with current scientific understanding, which is that it is not in all cases possible for prehistoric remains to be traced to current tribal entities, partly because of social upheaval, forced resettlement and extinction of entire ethnicities caused by disease and warfare.”

(Since the White population of the entire first ship before the Mayflower was wiped out by disease and homocide by the Red Indians, I can assume that it is very possible our first ancestors were wiped off this country’s soil. And again, I think we were more “intelligent,” and not as barbaric or savage, and we were not even aware of the danger we were in, just as our fellow White humans are not aware of the severe danger we are in right now.)

What the White scientist could understand, that for years, everything was done “exactly as the Red Indians” wanted. It is the same could be said, that today, everything is done exactly as the Jewish race wants especially regarding the Holocaust, disregarding all of Poland’s anguish, suffering and loss, which must be compensated by the Jews if there is any Christianity or justice left in our White society. Whites should live by the “Highest” standards of honesty and justice, as we have tried being Christians, not the lowest, dating back 10,000 years to the Bible’s version of killing off innocent humans for the sake of the Jews and their neighbors. The Jews hated Jesus, the founder of Christianity, not only hated Jesus, but, all of the disciples were slaughtered by Jews, except for John, who took care of Jesus’ widowed mother, Mary.

Well, this story has a happy ending. The White skeleton remains are in the University of Washington in Burke Museum. That the White scientist had to go through all that torture, makes me believe it is the Whites that are being tortured, and not the other way around.

On another topic, I was grocery shopping to make Chicken Curry, and I came across “Oxtails.” My Polish White Mama used to make “Oxtail soup,” when I was a little girl, especially before our family became too large and poverty set in.

I bought them and will make this Polish delicacy, as these bones are quite expensive, (not unlike the skeleton bones of the Kennewick Man, but in a different way.)

So I open up my book, “The Joy of Cooking,” (I also read the Joy of Sex, and both should be read and studied carefully by Whites since our digestive system and our sexual reproductive systems are very primal and necessary for not only our “survival,” but that we may thrive as a Unique Race once again.)

Here is what I find under “Oxtail Soup.”

“One story claims this rich meaty soup was born of necessity during the French Reign of Terror in 1793. During that period of privation, hides were delivered to the tanneries complete with tails. These were commonly thrown away, until one day a hungry nobleman pleaded for a tail and made it into soup.”

Let’s analyze (3) very important things in those few words above.

French Reign of Terror: From Wiki: The committee was responsible for thousands of executions, with many high-profile executions at the guillotine, in what was known as the “Reign of Terror.” Frenchmen were executed under the pretext of being a supporter of monarchy or opposing the Revolution. (What does this tell you? It tells you that my comparison of Poland’s Constitution and Upheaval and the American Constitution and Upheaval, both between 1787-1792, proveded for “Civil Rights.” The poor Whites thought it was for “them,” but we can see, that it really was to “dispose of royal White pure blood for governing,” and allowing others to get into the government and rule. Now, we find that at the same time, “The Reign or Terror” swept France, and if one opposed ruling by a White pure-bred royalty or nobleman, one was actually put under the guillotine to have their White head chopped off. The Jews have chopped off our White head, when the stifled our ability to think and have intelligence or breed intelligent and healthy White babies.
1793: The year is exactly within that same decade when Poland and the US thought they were becoming “free” of White pure-blood rule. France followed suit.
A Hungry nobleman. As in Poland, when I wrote that the Jews begged the Polish King for a home, after being kicked out by most all of the other nations of Europe, the Jews started to give free money and credit to the “nobles of Poland,” making them much richer than they were. But, the Jews have a habit of “pulling the rug out from under their White Gentile host/hostess countries and being filthy rich in the process and using that $$$ for the gain of their Jewish race, which has gone undetested until now, and probably forever. We see our White race as being “affluent,” and “middle-class,” but it seems like the “rug is being pulled from underneath us,” and our very laws are “against” the White race, especially the White male, and not “for,” them.
Well, it is the end of our White Pagan Halloween, and it was very exhausting for me, but then I work hard at everything I do. My Polish White boss at Roadway once told me when he handed me the “Employee of the Month” placque, “The only way we could get more work out of you, Barbara Ann, would be to sew on another pair of arms. Even “I” don’t work that hard, and we have never seen anything like it.” I never could get “raises,” for the Unions treat everyone “equal.” But I received rewards.

Well, since November is coming, I came across this video. It is rather “somber,” but like the skeletons on my Halloween costumes, it is rather serious. If you prefer, don’t watch it. I do, because I feel these White men have “anguish” in their hearts, and I really believe I have touched their souls that they have been singing about all these years. Believe it or not, this video has over 33,797,262 views, double the highest I have ever watched. This video has covered topics very similar to my costumes and props, White wedding gowns, crucifixes of Jesus, drinking/drugging, coffins and funerals. These were topics that the White Polish sung about in our music, and of which I wrote the media about.

In conclusion, I find in today’s headlines that Roman Polanski, the Jewish rapist, Hollywood director and sodomist, wants to “pay off” his the 13 year old victim, now mature, so he can get away scot free. $500,000,00 to a rich Jewish director, is like $.05 to you or me. Not only that, it seems as if her Jewish lawyer, named “Silver,” (I’m assuming Jew, for so many “Silver and Golds,” are Jewish, that one must really consider this hyped up value of both metals, and look for a different means of trade, and perhaps that would once and for all stop the Jews in their tracks if they had to “work,” at survival trades for a living.)…….. this “Silver,” says that his client, Samantha Geimer is sick from the exhausting media hype and is caving in and in fear of losing her job.

The same thing happened to my brother, when the Board of Education wanted to get rid of him in the very Jewish West Palm Beach Florida, where my brother taught, and was “sabotaged” so badly, his doctor said that he had to quit teaching in order for him (A White Heterosexual Male, once raped downtown Chicago by a “male,) to get well. How do we “get well,” when we Whites have to face numerous crisises. In this day of “Health Care,” WHO OR WHAT IS BREAKING DOWN OUR HEALTH, and go after them. Use the resources of our past White history, and make that judgment. Then no matter what or how painful, we need to pick up the pieces and try to go on. Are we a crippled race? It seems that centuries of bad living, drinking, drugging, loads of doctor’s pills, have taken a toll on us. It is only the Whites that can correc that. It is not up to me. There are plenty of White rich women, with tons of $$$$ they got from their White husbands that can do this job more effectively.

After all, the Jewish women, take most of the $$$ they get from their Jewish husbands, to put back into their race. Rich Jewish women. I don’t know of a poor suffering Jewish raced woman, so for the life of me, I can’t understand the Jewish Holocaust. Perhaps a Polish White Christian Holocaust, but not a Jewish, for the Poles are still suffering worse today, than at any other time in their history.

I would hope this White woman, Samantha, the victom of Roman the Jew Polanski, would stand up tall, and use her victimhood to help save the White race. Perhaps I can email her.

Healthy White People

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One of the things I have been espousing is “health” for Whites. I have been doing this since the Jewish doctor raped me and I knew there was no help in the medical system for me.

I am not a “fanatic” on health, as I don’t want to die in 10 years or so, while living on twigs. I want to enjoy life. Yes, even our racist friend, Jesus, could sum up the entire New Testament with the words, “Enjoy Life.”

Here is a website that I received from the Jewish Dr. Mayer Eisenstein who helped me with my home delivery of my second White son and made it “legally” possible, when the government tries to crack down on that.

It talks of “fiber,” and I make sure that I eat plenty of fiber. I can tell if I’m eating fiber if my grocery bags are “heavy.” If they are light, it probably was a waste of money.

I would go on to say something “true” about Jews, but if I write the Truth, I’m afraid the “Hate” bill or “Let’s hate White’s some more,” might have passed, and I just have to resign myself to the Final Destruction of our White People.


There are 30 ways to add more fiber in one’s diet. Many I have already written about, but “all” of them I have already incorporated into my diet. Since I’m also a spiritual person, I don’t take it too much further, but I do know that my bowels are now perfect and have no trouble with constipation.

I make beans in my pressure cooker, (be careful how one uses it, but pressure cooking food retains a lot of vitamins, microwaves destroy them.)

My White body is a temple and gift from God. Where I once tried to destroy it, for I truly felt and believed there was no place in this world for me, I have basically taken myself “out” of the world, and live in touch with Nature and my God.

All our White people should be concerned about the White body. If one could afford the highest octane gasoline for one’s car, surely they would buy it. It doesn’t take a lot to add fiber. As I mentioned if I make my own juice, I add quite a lot of the pulp to it, otherwise I wouldn’t drink it, and throw the machine away.

Again, I wouldn’t obsess about this, but just make small adjustments, or perhaps you already have.

Polish White man beheaded; not Jew

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It seems that the world still has it in for Polish people. I don’t check youtube and find that Jews are beheaded. No all the countries around the world just sit and pray all day for Jewish loans, money, and credit in order to advance, as such is the conference in Copenhagen, where they again found a way to steall whatever the Whites have left.

Here is a Polish man pleading for help before being beheaded. But, it seems as if the Jews through Stalin and Jewish led and funded Communists beheaded 20,000 in the Katyn forest. Not their actual “heads,” but their brains, their intellect, their superb governing capacities.

Freddie Kruger: Nightmare on Elm Street

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Never saw the movie, but the song is on my Halloween disk, and I want to complete my 17 Halloween self-made or designed Halloween costumes and karaoke song.

It is as my “teacher” Dennis Baby Richards taught me. And I’m a “good” student and obedient, and I took his teachings to the “nth.”

As you know, almost every song is somehow linked to Jews, homos, lezzies, blacks, browns, or anti-White. But why should that be a surprise, when my 2 English classes at the college were the same as far as the essays I had to read, and I wrote the school about the “Poison” they were administering into my brain, instead of “teaching me to improve and progress,” they teach me how to degenerate.

Be that as it may, I have to live, and work with what I have. It’s all we have. Perhaps in the next 100 years our White offspring will say something different.

With the new Hate crime bill possibly being signed tomorrow, I don’t know if I will write, or I suppose I will have to write all “positive” things as every else would like to hear from me. Yes, we can positively slide right into oblivion as a race, and there would be plenty of Whites smiling, applauding and approving at our own demise. Brainwashed, and I can’t help but feel sorry for the “real” victims on the planet today, that have worked 2,000 years, and a handful of Jews have just stolen, usurped not only our fortune, but our women, children, and have totally ruined our land.

My autobiography can look and sound just like my two Catholic brothers, who say “all positive” things about our growing up. I’ve asked them both: “Did you grow up in the same house as I did?”

I guess the “Nightmare on Elm Street,” should be changed to “The Nightmare on Colfax Street,” for that is where I grew up and experienced all the Third World War Nightmares between my Mama and Daddy, and the poverty that al the Jewish-brainwashed people would say, “But you have had “choices.” I’d like to put them inside my mind and body for just one day, and then tell me that I have had “choices.”

It was my “Mama and Daddy’s choice,” that I should be born, and they created me through penetration sex. If they had stopped at 9, I wouldn’t be here.

So I’m going to sing the song, Rebel Rebel, by David Bowie. I saw only one movie in the last 15 years “Pirates of the Caribbean”, (maybe more for even during my entire marriage I only took my two White sons to see “Snow White,” that was playing at a local drive-in.) I rarely left the home. Although when a human being doesn’t have all the artificial stimuli live can seem rather vacant. Life probably is rather vacant, but with all the Jewish stimuli bombarding us, it has made wrecks out of many of us.

The mask looks something like this, and I guess I would be “Mrs. Davy Jones.” I used my artistic skills and repainted the mask to make it look more life-like, and I added a second hat on the top, to again give it more texture.

I have a treasure chest that I purchased from ebay. It was a plain brown one, but I nice one, and I got spray “Stone” paint to make it look as if it came out of the ocean and had encrusted “White stone” on it. In it, I have gold coins….. ah you know the Jews with their “gold,” even Moses smashed the 10 commandments when he saw the Jews just idolizing gold. They still do. Hitler’s Germany was going to be more on “work” than on gold, as far as I read. Jews are making a killing on the elevated price of gold, as well as at the banks. Even if they had to be deported, they would again go into another country at the “top,” where we Whites had to come in at the bottom, such as the Eastern European people. I have a telescope, that I will pull out on stage, and pretend I’m watching the audience from it. If I was “black” I’m sure the White audience would “love” me more, but I’m grateful for whatever they give me back in return. I have given them my heart, my soul, the last 9 years of my life, all my $$$, my heartbreak at being kicked out over and over again, or being abused over and over again. They can never know or realize the pain I go through just to live out my “passion.” Perhaps I was mistaken and took the wrong course in life, I don’t know.

There are life-life worms crawling around the treasure chest, and a real beating heart, for the movie says, “Dead Man’s Chest,” and I put bloody red letters on the front that say, “Dead “wo-mans” chest. And my chest and breasts are just about dead for all the flack I have taken for showing cleavage. (Especially since I breastfed for nearly 7 years.) I have to wash up some of the artifacts to make sure they look their best.) I have a parrot that looks lifelike and I will tie it on my shoulder as he adds a lot of color, those “male” parrots do. My costume is the original and I will add a White shiney satin Pirates shirt. Black tall boots. I was going to get a hook on one hand at the $.99 store, but will not be able to carry the treasure chest unless I have both hands. Walt Disney always taught, (the great White man that he was) that the first rule of entertaining is “safety.”

I also have a real street sign that says, “Easy Street,” but I will change the last letters to make it “Elm Street.”

Now, I looked up Freddie Kruger, and immediately I thought, “Why, my dear White God, that is a “German Name,” and the Jews are still making monsters out of Germans, even 50 years later. They will still be doing it 150 years from now, but then we won’t be here, so I guess it won’t matter, nor will our descendents. If so they will be so degenerated it would be better if we left the planet in grace, and not as Hitler found the Germans before World War II.

So sure enough, the Jews got the name “Freddie Kruger,” from a German Gestapo, Freidrich Kruger. Here are some tidbits about him from Wiki:

In 1935, Krüger was appointed SS-Oberabschnittsführer; his career was discussed by the SS leadership and Adolf Hitler, and on February 21, 1936, he was appointed inspector of border guard units as well as Hitler’s personal representative at a variety of formal and informal NSDAP events. Krüger enjoyed continued promotions as a result of his loyalty to Nazism as well as his military, police and administration skills.

(Can you imagine having Freidrich Kruger & German Nazi’s patrol our Mexican border?! Look at the disgrace that we have had for 50 years letting every piece of trash come over as criminals and the Jewish criminals who “love” crime and “hate” Whites, have made it “easy” and even provided endless jobs for them.)

Freidrich was one of the most powerful Germans in occupied Poland and headed the “work camps.” (Certainly “death camps to Jews,” but Polish people like to work, so I’m sure they have a different attitude towards what really happened there.)

Among other things he was responsible for crushing rebellion in the extermination camps, setting up forced labour camps, the employment of police and SS in the evacuations of the ghettos, in Warsaw ghettos, the execution Aktion Erntefest, the so-called “anti-partisan” fight in the General Government, and the driving out of over 100.000 Polish farmers from the area around Zamość. Authority quarrels with governor general Hans Frank led on 9 November 1943 to his dismissal. He was replaced by Wilhelm Koppe. The Polish Secret State ordered his death, but an assassination attempt on April 20, 1943 in Kraków failed when two bombs hurled at his car missed the target. Half a year later, he wrote in a letter “I have lost honour and reputation due to my four year struggle in the GG (General Government) (Ich habe für meinen vierjährigen Kampf im GG Ehre und Reputation verloren.)”

(He was transferred to Yugoslavia.)

At the end of war Krüger committed suicide in upper Austria. His great-grandson, Sean Kruger, lives in Gilbert, AZ.

Gosh would I like to talk with this Sean Kruger. I wonder if he lives in guilt, fear and shame, as my White sons do whose Daddy a US Marine, also commit suicide. These White men have “feelings” and “courage,” that come from their Daddy’s that has been so beaten out of them, they are afraid. But, I think it is still there, and if and when it resurrects, it will be refined to much higher standards. Hitler had many good ideas, but Hitler also relied on doctors for his very breath and soul, but, we can learn to sift through the wheat and tares of Hitler and Nazi Germany and pick the wheat and disgard the tares.

Also, I was talking with a man that works with modifying seeds. I know that is not “organic,” but, I have so many other things that I do that I can become a “perfectionist,” on anything.

He said that the most powerful plant is a plant that is called “chokeberry.” (One would think I talk of nothing but myself, but that is hardly the case. I always get interested in “them,” although, what I have to offer, with my White knowledge and Jewish awareness, people should be asking me questions, for it took a ton of writing to get to this, and perhaps it could be a shortcut for our survival. Nevertheless, I questioned him about his work, and asked where they grow. He replied, “Eastern Europe.” And he said, “They are the healthiest fruits of all. There is only one drawback: one of the colors is “poisonous.” Black & Red Chokeberry (Aronia m. & b.) Black (3-5 ft. tall) and Red (6-8 ft. tall) berries cover this plant in fall/winter; White flowers in Spring; adaptable to most conditions of shade, sun, wet or dry. Red fall color rivals that of burning bush. Plant both together for the effect of both blach and red fruits.
From oblivion.wiki.com:

The Chokeberry is a powerful and deadly poisonous fruit and alchemical ingredient, quickly killing whoever consumes it, similar to Poisoned Apple. Like Poisoned Apples, unfortunately, this berry cannot be refined into a poison but rather a potion.

Interesting that the “Eastern” Europeans grow these as they are the “highest” in nourishment. But if you “eat” the wrong “color” one gets really sick. So apparently “color” does matter in nature, and all “colors are not the same.”

I’m not sure which color is poisonous, so beware on this Halloween. But when you think about it, the Jews “choked” Saddam Hussein and he didn’t even have nuclear weapons, and “no one chokes” Jews for having at least 200, and that estimate is from 10 years ago, not including biological weapons, and having access to all of China’s and America’s top secrets for weapons. They are a roudy spoiled rotten bunch, and we spoiled them. We are reaping what we sowed.

I also asked about the fact that if it is possible to change the genes of seeds to grow bigger corn, etc. or especially draught resistance corn, (he appreciated that I knew that for it was the #1 thing they study) ….. is it possible to modify humans. He laughed and said, “No one studies that……. except for Chinese and North Koreans.”

Now isn’t that special. The yellow race is all set to control their breeding practices. By throwing away female babies, they can throw away the ones that are from diseased parents etc. The males they can keep, cause the males have established the largest manned army the world has ever seen of highly “Intelligent” soldiers, while we Whites have taken the blacks and browns of the “lowest” intellect to not only constitute our army today, but if we Whites try to protest, we will be surrounded by blacks/browns who would like nothing better than to see us put into prison, or tazer us to death, as they did to the Polish immigrant at the Canadian airport, when he got upset for he was confused being left alone for 15 hours and getting all kinds of hassling from the airport when he couldn’t meet up with his mother. His mother’s heart must have died along with him in anguish, when she thought she was going to Canada for a “fun vacation,” only to find her only son, murdered by the airport police.

Here is video. The killed him. For even after he was down on the ground, one can hear another shot. And what is that security guard doing pounding on the floor, or were they pounding on him?

My Mama would have put him to shame. My Polish Mama was different that other White mothers. When my Mama saw Daddy being taken advantage of by the Jews, she didn’t get steralized or divorce my Daddy, she screamed and pounded, and yelled, and sorry to say, she beat my Daddy. But it didn’t matter. If my Daddy were not around, she would smash everything in the house. If a White mother finds her son on drugs, she also takes a “drug” but a legal one, such as an anti-depressant. Or if she finds that her heart aches that he dropped out of school, she goes to a gym class to relieve her stress.

By the way, I looked up Gold’s Gym, for I just knew with a name liked “Gold,” that a Jew founded it, and sure enough he did. Jews don’t do physical work so they make up for it with their gyms. It would be “good” for White children to work on farms just as Hitler put his White children on farms, especially those of child-bearing years.

If a White mother finds her daugher marrying a black, perhaps she will go to church and pray, and her guidance counsellor will tell her how “wonderful” it is that she “loves” all races. My mother. Never. She’d hit whatever was around, hence we all left the house when she was so desperately angry at what was happening to her White Polish husband, children, and herself, in this “Jewish American Society,” where she never fit in.

A White mother doesn’t even worry or wonder any more why her White daugher or White son is not the Valedictorian or the Scientist. It has been “beat out of us.” And they thought the White masters were bad for trying to beat the blacks to get some work done, when they never worked in Africa unless they were beaten. So, thanks to laws, such as the “hate” laws, it has been beaten out of the White race to even expect healthy, intelligent and spiritualy minded children. It seems as if our children resemble the non-real images on the TV, or internet, or news, rather than really capable, feeling, intelligent, sober, healthy, and White-conscious children.

Jews are very conscious of breeding. They “chose” the royality in Poland and Russia to breed with. Look who the Jewish woman in Roman Empire’s day, and who she “chose” to breed with. Did she breed with the African slaves the Jews were bringing in or the “Emperor” of Rome. Of course, they chose the nobility the royalty, etc.

The Yellow Chinese might even be working with experiments on breeding, choosing the best partners for their one and only offspring. North Koreans the same.

What are Whites doing about breeding? Well, we are not breeding, but we pay for Jewish breeding, (million dollar Bar Mitzvah’s for their spoiled lazy sons,) we are paying for Mexican breeding, in that Mexicans can have and enjoy all the sex that they want, while we pay for it, when the shit out children on our soil. Same for blacks. We have paid for their sex, and we are still paying for 1/2 breed sex to break down our race with Obama’s black and white mixed up parents.

I thought my parents were mixed up, even crazy, for having 12 White children, (if Germany had won the war and we had better standards for breeding my Mama and Daddy would have been king and queen, instead of janitor and scrubwoman as they were in America. And even now, that seems all the work I can get also, even though I got straight A’s.) But to breed a White and a Black. I mean, I don’t think they mix up black and red chokeberries, let alone people.

And just like heirloom seeds, it is only the first generation that the hybrid corn works to be larger from mixing genes in seeds, after that they dwarf again.

Well, I looked up a man that was in charge of breeding experiments, Dr. Mengele in Germany. Now, since Wiki says he was the person responsible for putting Jews in gas chambers, I read it with a shout of protest in my mind.

But, again, Hitler and Nazi Germany’s problem were their Jewish-type doctors. Getting rid of the Jews was a piece of cake when they deported them. Getting rid of Jewish influence and propaganda was impossible. It is still in Germany today, even though there are probably not that many Jews.

They talked about doing experiments without anesthesia, but then Rosemary Kennedy’s doctor gave her a labotomy of the brain, with two ordinary ice-picks and not only didn’t have anesthesia, but had her say the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father,” until her frontal brain lobes became dead.

When Jesus prayed “Our Father,” it was our “Jewish Father.” He was a racist. I pray the same. I pray “Our White Father.”

Will I pray that after tomorrow, or will this country have sufficiently pounded me down, never to speak the Truth again? I don’t know. We’ll see.

Dr. Mengele escaped the Jewish Nazi-headhunters although he lived his life in hiding in South America. I’m sure the Jews knew exactly where he was, for with Jewish spies that is child’s play.

But the Jews are “doctors,” and “head pills and drugs,” both legal and illegal. The Jews “are” the Health Care system, and when the pass the bill, it will “benefit” Jews, and Blacks/browns. I said before, if a bill in Congress specifically doesn’t say that it’s first concern is the welfare of the Whites, we will never take our race back.

Lovingly, Barbara Ann

More Final Judgment Harry Truman and the Atom Bomb

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I’ve often wondered about Harry Truman who dropped 2 nuclear bombs that destroyed so many people, land, etc.

Then I came across this, and it all made sense. Harry Truman was hand-picked by the Jews, and given $$$$, to do their bidding and dirty work, especially in dropping nuclear bombs.

You know, when “we” drop bombs on others, we can live with it, but the Jews now have the capacity to “drop” bombs on us, as they did the USS Liberty near sinking by Jewish Israelis on June 8, 1967.

From the book


Sometime in the late 1950s, that world-class gossip and occasional historian, John F. Kennedy, told me how, in 1948, Harry S. Truman had been pretty much abandoned by everyone when he came to run for President. Then an American Zionist brought him two million dollars, ($2,000,000.00) in a suitcase, aboard his whistle-stop campaign train. That’s why our recognition of Israel was rushed through so fast. As neither Jack nor I was an anti-semite (unlike his father and my grandfather) we took this to be just another funny story about truman and the serene corruption of american politics.

Unfortunately, the hurried recognition of Israel as a state has resulted in 45 years of murderous confusion, and teh destruction of what Zionist (Jews) fellow travellers thought would be a pluralistic state — Home to its native population of Muslims, Christians and Jews, as well as a future home to peaceful european and American Jewish immigrants, even th eones who affected to believe that the great realtor in the sky had given them, in perpetuity, the lands of Judea and Sameria, since many of teh immigrants were good socialits in Europe, we assumed that they would not allow the new state to become a theocracy, and that the native Palestinians could live with them as equals. ….. But I will say that the hasty invention of Israel has poisoned the political and intellectual life of the USA, Israel’s unlikely patron.

Unlikely, because no other minority in American history has ever hijacked so much money from the American taxpayers in order to invent in a “homeland.” It is as if the American taxpayers had been obliged to support the Pope in his reconquest of the Papal States simply because 1/3 of our people are Roman Catholic. …. But a religious minority of less than 2 % has bought or intimidated 70 senators (the necessary 2/3 to overcome an unlikely presidential veo) while enjoying the support of the (Jewish) media.
Where it seems the Jews had their devilish ways in bringing in this “all men are created equal.” You know Thomas Jefferson used it before revolting against the White King George with probably “pure pedigreed” White blood-line. There was no way that the Jews could take over the govennment unless they helped destroy, murder, assassinate our Kings and Czars. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, there is no such rule in Jewish Israel, “All Jews and Palestinians are created equal.” That “equal” was only to bring “down” the White man, and to give his “inalienable” rights away. We already know that we have lost the rights for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” for our very White Life is endangered and in peril, as a canoe in the middle of an ocean on raging waters, and we don’t even have a paddle, for the Jews stole that from us. Our Liberty is gone, for I cannot even say the word “White” and/or “Jew,” without the threats of exclusion, hatred hurled at me like mega-Herculean hail, and even imprisonment or sent to the insane asylum for “thinking,” and “debating.”

The Pursuit of Happiness, has resulted in the “Pursuit of Misery,” since the last 40+ years have resulted in Whites slaving to make this a better country for the Jews, blacks, Mexicans, etc. Whites haven’t progressed as a whole one bit, but have declined in intellect and in population. And is our only answer to have more White babies to be consumers of Jewish lawyers, doctors, pills, Jewish media, Jewish schooling, even Harvard run by Jews. Better we “choose” to steralize “ourselves,” if this is our children’s destiny. It is a “curse” of such magnitude. I mean who in their right mind would raise a daughter like Ivanka Trump, only to marry an “Orthodox,” Jew, no less. Her mother should have commit suicide rather than bring disgrace on our White race like that. To see out an entire White race and hand over a White man’s $$$ to a Jew, is a felony, and someday, our White women are going to have to account for what they are doing to the next White generation.

While we thought these rights were for “blacks and slavery,” it was for the Jews to get their Civil rights and their rights to plunder, rape, murder, assassinate, and even nuclear bomb, entire countries. And we Whites are at their beck and call.

Here is from the Massachusettes Constitution:

Article I. All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.

Think on these things. We have the “right to enjoy life.” How can we enjoy life when we have been intentionally paralized and can only ‘enjoy’ what our Masters and Dictators allow us, such as “enjoying” a needle filled with poisons such as the vaccines. This passage says that we can “acquring, possess, and protect,” property. Certainly, women and children are the “highest” property of all, yet in 1944-1945 the Jews destroyed both the Ku Klux Klan and the White German Nazis for trying to “protect White women and children.” Only Black women have their children (bastards that they intentionally make just to get $$$ as the Mexican people do)… they have “rights” for protection. Jewish women not only have “rights to protection,” they own the entire world, and I just have to shake my head at how they pulled it off.

The passage says that we should seek “safety and happiness,” but in reality we are not “safe.” It isn’t just the crimes the Jews have hurled against us non-stop and leave White women and children “unsafe” in our home, USA, but our “happiness,” has turned to “misery,” in this United States of Misery.

Here is picture of atom bomb explosion:

It almost looks like a baby lying flat with head on right hand side, as if to suggest it is killing “all” our babies, and “all” our babies are in jeopardy.

I think only “Israel and the Jews” are “safe” from American bombing, since “Jesus” relics are there along with the Old Testament. Yet, I wonder if Jesus was a Jew, as I was reading on Eli James’ website.

So let’s go back to Harry Truman. He was “bribed” with $2,000,000.00 in cash and then was put int government by “Jews.” And go back even farther, to President Roosevelt. He was “active” in Civil Rights, so he was probably more concerned with the rights of the “Jews,” in Europe, than our own White people. From Wiki:

Roosevelt’s record on civil rights has been the subject of much controversy. He was a hero to large minority groups, especially African-Americans, Catholics, and Jews. African-Americans and Native Americans fared well in the New Deal relief programs, although they were not allowed to hold significant leadership roles in the WPA and CCC. Roosevelt needed the support of Southern Democrats for his New Deal programs, and he therefore decided not to push for anti-lynching legislation that might threaten his ability to pass his highest priority programs. Roosevelt was highly successful in attracting large majorities of African-Americans, Jews, and Catholics into his New Deal coalition. Beginning in 1941 Roosevelt issued a series of executive orders designed to guarantee racial, religious, and ethnic minorities a fair share of the new wartime jobs. He pushed for admission of African-Americans into better positions in the military. In 1942 Roosevelt made the final decision in ordering the internment of Japanese, Italian, and Germa Americans (many not released until well after the war’s end) during World War II. Beginning in the 1960s he was charged with not acting decisively enough to prevent or stop the Holocaust which killed six million Jews. Critics cite episodes such as when, in 1939, the 936 Jewish refugees on board the SS St. Louis were denied asylum and not allowed into the United States.

(So one can judge from above, it was in the “best” interests of the Jewish banks to “create” a Depression, so that they could force Civil Rights down our throats….. again.)

(Odd thing is that they judge “great” Presidents as those who “destroyed” their own White race, and who “enshrined” the Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, etc. Like Mother Teresa, calling her a “saint,” who went to the brown/red Hindus and helped them, while our own White males were suffering from emasculation, degeneration, suicide, helplessness, hopelessness, and worse of all, affirmative action. If one helps the White male and race, I’m said to be “crazy” or possessed by a Devil, when God Almighty must want our Race for survive, for He/She created it. I have to believe that, or I have nothing to believe at all.)

Here is on the “death” of FDR, but could it have been “murder,” especially since nursing homes and hospitals, doctors are all run by Jews as in Germany in pre-Hitlerian days. From Wiki:

On the afternoon of April 12, Roosevelt said, “I have a terrific headache.” He collapsed, unconscious, and was carried into his bedroom. The president’s attending cardiologist, Dr. Howard Bruenn, diagnosed a massive cerebral hemorrhage (stroke). At 3:35 p.m. that day, Roosevelt died. As Allen Drury later said, “so ended an era, and so began another.” After Roosevelt’s death an editorial by The New York Times declared, “Men will thank God on their knees a hundred years from now that Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the White House”.

(Certainly, the Jews that owned the New York Times since before 1900, would canonize FDR because he went to “save” the Jews, (when he destroyed his own White sons of America. In 1944 the Ku Klux Klan was dissolved and in 1945, the powers that be, destroyed Hitler and the Nazis and punished them so severely, even until today, with their “mental pressures,” worse than any hangings or beatings.)

(So “right before” Hitler commits suicide on April 30, 1945, (driven to it) President Roosevelt dies of a “headache on April “12,” 1945?????!!!!!) Was FDR murdered or assassinated as he was “resting” in a nursing-type home, and we all know that Jews own them, or have easy access to them. We were never “looking” for that then, we were giving Civil Rights to Jews even though all of our White ancestors kicked them out of all their European countries.)

Now with what I was reading about Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper, I got to a point where he discusses not only that “Israel and the Jews,” wanted a nuclear bomb during the time of President Kennedy’s short term, (only Catholic President I believe, and perhaps that is why the Jews killed him, because they know the Catholics do not like Jews deep down inside for sabotaging Jesus, gaslighting him, torturing and finally murdering him physically, and now spiritually they want to finish him off.)…… but I also read that the “Chinese Yellow people” wanted a nuclear bomb.

This is scarey. Because we already have proof above that the President that dropped the bomb, was literally bought and made for with cash by Jews to get into politics.

Now, I read that the Jews in Israel and “China yellow people,” were probably working on “joint” ventures for both of them to have “atom bombs.” This alarms me, and should alarm all White people. From the war in Viet Nam where my husband said we were fighting China, and I talked to a Korean veteran that told me the same about Korea, “We were never fighting Korea, we were fighting China,” we now have China in a position that they “own” our country through economic means, the Jews have destroyed us through drugs, pills, illegal drugs, etc, and China can “demand” payment of what we Whites owe them, or else????? What did France do to Mexico when they would not pay their debts in 1860’s? France invaded them and took over their country. We Whites are in the exact position today.

Before I go on, the book also talks of the Jews that were “out to get President Nixon.” It is astonishing that a certain small group of men, Jews, can control our very elite, even our President. But, they have been doing it since Joseph the Jew controlled Egypt in the Bible, and then threatened the very country that was so nice to them, and killed even young baby boys, etc.

From the chapter: Quid Pro Quo? The Peking Connection to the JFK Assassination Conspiracy–Israel’s Secret Nuclear Alliance with Communist China.

(We already see the Jews behind Communism in Russia slaughtering millions and millions of White Russians, especially Christians, who the Jews hate, and then Jews find their way into China through Communism, and they slaughter millions and millions of their own people. The Jews have no heart and would slaughter the White Race in a heartbeat if it meant giving up their “Supremacism.”)

I’ll quote from the book:

U.S. policy toward Israel reversed upon JFK’s assassination. John F. Kennedy was planning a military assault on Red China’s nuclear weapons development facilities in the months prior to his assassination. However, one month after JFK’s death, Lyndon Johnson canceled the project and allowed China to proceed with the assembly of its nuclear arsenal. The big secret is that at the time of JFK’s assassination, Israel’s Mossad and Red China’s intelligence service were workign behind the scenes on joint nuclear weapons development.

John F. Kennedy was planning a military attack on Red China’s nuclear weapons development program.

(How can we hang Saddam Hussein until his neck cracks on world-wide Jewish television to “frighten and terrorize all the world) for “not” having nuclear weapons, but allow the most dangerous and vicious people to ever walk the planet to have an entire nuclear arsenal and have their partners in crime, China, to have theirs. Worse yet, the Jews educated China making it “easy” for Chinese to get grants to teach them “Jewish ways” and even put a Chinese the head of our entire space agency, at NASA???? When I hear on the radio that Iran has nuclear weapons, I want to vomit, because if I did from anything, this country did it to me, for no one can accept this behavior… no one.)

What’s more, according to Scott, one month after JFK”s assassination, his successor, President Johnson, ordered the impending attack halted.

(Now isn’t that peachy? FDR “dies” mysteriously and a sure puppet, Truman, sets off the first “nuclear bomb,” and then the Jews make their own bombs and plays footsies with out enemy the Communist Chinese who were part of destroying 60,000,000 people, mostly Christian Whites and their own religious people. For the Jews only want “one God,” the Jewish God. And since Jews don’t believe in afterlife, it would mean worshipping them in their bodies on earth, which is utter nonsense, and 5,000 year old Jewish Voo-Doo. White Americans are too spiritual and too smart to fall for that.)

(JFK was going to thwart Israeli Jews toward developing nuclear bombs and weapons, and “also” and most important to see the link, Israel’s buddies, the “yellow Chinese.” And since both are supposedly smarter than us Whites, it is time for Whites to stop getting entangled with all the non-White races, and to elevate our own intelligence, and especially our spirituality, for they both are out to destroy that too.)

“Knowing that –today–Israel is probably the biggest supplier of arms to China….. the secret relationship between Israel and Red China.” It was then the author wondered if there was a Chinese-Israeli connection in the Jewish Mossad’s role in the murder and assassination of JFK.

It was thought to destroy China’s nuclear weapons they would use explosives and make it seem like an “accident.” But, didn’t that happen to “Russia,” and did that “atomic explosion” put a damper on Russia and eliminating them on the nuclear scene. From the internet on Chernobyl where the accident happened in Russia it reads:

The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel and without proper regard for safety.
The resulting steam explosion and fire released at least five percent of the radioactive reactor core into the atmosphere and downwind.
(Since Communist Jews were all over Russia, and still is today, through the Jewish Israeli Mafia, and all their illegal drugs destroying not only our White Russian brothers and White sisters who have to give their babies up for adoption since they are drunk and drugged, the Jews could have carried out an “explosion” on Russia’s nuclear reactor also.)

Because the USA neglected to act, China exploded its first nuclear bomb, on October 18, 1964.

Piper talks of James Jesus Angleton that worked with Israel so closely, and is one of the chief suspects on the book, says that Angleton had provided Israel with secret nuclear information in the late 1950s.

A White man named “McCone” was frustrated with Israel’s “constant lying,” about their nuclear development program.”

I have been a victim of Jew’s constant lying to “protect their Jewish women and children,” when the Jewish doctor raped me right around this time, and threatened me for life if I told anyone.

But because McCone worked for JFK and was in charge of monitoring Israel’s nuclear development, when Johnson took office, Johnson wouldn’t even read McCone’s reports, and then he knew it was time to go.

It was clearly Israel’s work behind the scenes that enabled China to launch its atomic bomb.

“Ultimately, if the truth ever comes out, we will probably discover that China’s first nuclear blast was, in reality, a joint Israeli-Red Chinese accomplishment.” … China was getting help from somewhere.

(Don’t forget it was a Jewess High Priestess, Ethel Rosenberg, and her husband that she pushed, that stole our White secrets for the atom bomb, and were “executed” for doing so. But, Jews consider themselves “martyrs” for Israel when they get caught and punished. Most don’t get punished at all. Not even a slap on the wrist, and their Jewish 12 year olds are rewarded with 1 million dollar Bar Mitvahs, for their spoiled brats.)

“According to Ben-Gurion’s biographer, Ben-Gurion felt it was his dream to bring the two most ancient peoples together.” (That’s pretty sneaky, cause they used our White $$$ and our White bodybags to do it.)

The Jews have created a Chinese Yellow-raced Superpower, and it is just another Jewish nail in our White coffin.

The book states that both China and Israel …. “have made in a point of carefully recruiting the help of non-Israeli Jews all over the world who are either scientists or students in nuclear physics, while at the same time patiently collecting all available information in a legitimate manner from scientific journals and conferences and asalysing the results.

Now I already wrote that here in Las Vegas at a prime school, there is only “1” White boy in an advanced math and science class out of 30. What does that say about the White role in these “nuclear” matters. The Jews have intentionally dumbed us down and drugged us, so that we cannot compete anymore, and are sliding more towards being third world blacks and Mexicans, then ascending up towards improving and getting smarter.

I think the Jewish Communists had Russia fighting in Afghanistan and the Mid-east, but they were smart enough to get out of there. Jews probably need all the heroine for “The New World Order,” where all humans no matter what race, will be under Jewish drug addiction of some sort, whether legal or illegal.

“Israel’s longtime middleman in the Mossad’s secret dealings with China-Shaul Eisenberg-was so deeply involved in dealings with China–Shaul Eisenberg–was so deeply involved in dealings with Red China that when he dropped dead at the age of 76 on March 27, 1997, it was NOT IN ISRAEL, BUT IN PEKING, CHINA!”

“Eisenberg–(connected with the JFK assassination) was described by an Israeli writer as ‘the richest Jew in the world.'”

(Yes the Jews are giving away our secrets to our enemies, and getting filthy rich to give that $$$ to their Jewish brethren and especially for the protection and perpetuation of their Jewish wives’ wombs and their Jewish children, while we White women have nothing, “0” “zilch, except to be raped, murdered, brainwashed, and led to be Jewish sex slaves.)

“Eisenberg was……a key figure in Israeli nuclear development but also a partner of Permindex banker Tibor Rosenbaum in the Mossad financial operation known as the Swiss-Israel Trade Bank.”

(Everytime we go to a Jew for any service, or one of their worshippers, just be aware, they take that $$$ to arm yellow raced people with nuclear weapons, get the blacks high and drunk with drugs, ready to spring and leave the White race in a blood bath in the USA, etc.)

(Eisenberg married a yellow woman, and that was one sure way to get past the yellow raced hatred of Jews, for the Chinese massacred them earlier…) Because of his private jet, he was never detected, making his trips carrying (security assistance) officials, army advisers, finaciers, and military salesmen for what the Israel’s described as their “toughest negotiations ever.” The Jews don’t even bother “negotiated” with us, they just tell us what to do now, and we jump.)

Eisenberg made his money in “scrap” metal after World War II, when the Jews got all the weapons, etc. off the ships and sold it to China. Just as the Jews demolished the World Trade Centers and immediately sent all 3 building scraps of the buildings to China within hours after the exploded the buildings. It is “not” coincidence. There is now little evidence if any, to link the Jews and or China to that horrific act.

By making our White Russians our “enemies,” as the Jews made us fight each other in World War II, Israeli Jewish Prime Minister Menachem Begin got US approval for authorizing Eisenberg to undertake a $10 billion 10-year deal to modernize the Chinese (yellow) armed forces…. thereby strengthening the counterbalance to Soviet military might. Dan describes this deal as “one of the most important in Israeli history,” and China insisted on absolute secrecy and secrecy was no problem for Eisenberg. (Remember again, when the Jewish doctor raped me he threatened me for life if I would break the “secrecy” of his rape. Hence I kept silent for over 40 years. Our Polish White Christians must break their silence and expose the Jews for what they have done to them also, even if it means tons of writing and years of investigation. There are plenty of people out of work there, who could “volunteer” to do nothing but work on this project night and die.)

To quote Piper, the author, “The assassination of John F. Kennedy by Red China’s secret ally, the Mossad, in league with the Mossad’s other allies in the CIA and the Lansky Crime Syndicate, made possible the success of the joint Israeli-Red Chinese nuclear bomb project that would have been frustrated had JFK lived.”

“For example, the Washington Times reported that: “Assistant Defense Secretary Richard Perle, the (Reagan) administration official most responsible for trying to deny US weapons technology to (Soviet-bloc) communist countries is said to favor the Israel-China arms link.

(Makes me think that the Rosenberg Jews that stole the White atom bomb secrets were also puppets, in that they wanted that highly media Jewish publicized event to happen, like Saddam Hussein’s hanging in Iraq, for all the world to see and “hate” White Russia and see them as a threat, when they have been framed and brainwashed, just as we Whites here in America, Poles in Poland, etc.)

Surely all the hoopla about Russia and the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba, was to cast a horrible light on the Russians, so while our focus was on those horrible Russians, the yellow Communists, controlled and working together with brown Jews, were really the ones responsible for JFK’s murder. Even the shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, was papered all over the world as having links with “Russia,” and how we should hate and fear “Russia,” when it was China and the Jews who were our real enemies.

The next chapter has David Axelrod the same man that funded Obama’s campaign, and the same Jew that destroyed Chuck Percy, my senator from Illinois, (the only Senator who confronted the Jews, also a member of my Christian Science Spiritual Healing Church,) and perhaps murdered his very own daughter in her bed…. it has him saying about the murder of Prime Yitahak Rabin from Israel, as…. “It wasn’t a Jew who was murdered. It was a traitor who was executed.”

(Just remember this: The Jews have set up an American government today, that considers us Whites as “traitors,” and the Jews are all for the “melting pot-meltdown” of the USA.

I just thought of something, it is time to take the US out of USA, for we or us as Whites don’t matter. And we might as well take the “A” out of USA because it used to be a country of Aryans with Christian goals and values, and the Jews have destroyed that.

It was written in the Washington Jewish Week that 1,000 Israelis “who would pull the trigger themselves,” in referring to murdering Rabin.

“Clearly, Israel’s people are serious about their nation’s survival. …One might even go so far as to say that Israel is a nation of violence.” (They surely turned our country into one, and I don’t feel safe here whatsover.)

“In the March 1997 issue of George, John F. Kennedy Jr.’s published an article by the mother of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin in which the woman, Geula Amir, alleged that her son, Yigal Amir, was goaded into the killing by Avishai Raviv, who was an undercover agent for Shin Bet, Israel’s security agency.

“… business partner and co-publisher Michael Berman quit (Jew) George magazine.”

“Israel does indeed have what the Baltimore Sun has described as an “unacknowledged but widely documented history of assassinating its enemies,” and now Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper, comes along as the first book ever to document not only why Israel perceived John F. Kennedy as an enemy, but precisely how Israel played a part in his assassination in 1963.”

(I think that if anything happens to Obama, that each and every Jew, Mossad agent, all around the world, should be investigated first and thoroughly. Even Dr. David Duke said the worse thing for the White race would be to hurt Obama, for that is what our Jewish enemies want, making us appear as the violent ones, when we have been Jewish puppets in wars, since Poland 1096, and surely in Rome, when the White Emperor was married to a Jewish High Priestess in their Cult.)

“Many American conservatives would say, ‘Those (jewish) Israeli’s are tough. They won’t take any nonsense from anybody.”

Well, in my own words defending our White people, the Jews don’t “take” any nonsense, but they sure “give,” us nonsense to the tune of our own destruction. And it is the only thing Jews “give” since they don’t have hearts and are not capable of feeling.

The book writes about talks for a new investigation into the assassination, but the members seem to all have been influenced by Israeli people or thinking, so it would be a waste of time. The same could be said for 9/11 investigations. If the Jewish government appoints people to investigate it, they certainly will cover up for the Jews, and lead us and deceive us on a wild goose chase.

And here we Whites are flapping our wings as the Jews chase us around. I bet the wild geese have a better chance at survival than we Whites do.

The book talks of the OSI, Office of Special Investigations who were the “Nazi” hunters of the Justice Deparment. Why doesn’t the Justice Department bring the Jews to justice, and not Ukrainian-American John Demanjuk, who the Jews wanted on the end of a hangman’s noose. For Jews to punish Whites for lynching “real” criminals that were swarming America after the civil war between the North and the South, and yet try to “hang” innocent White men that they accuse of being Ivan the Terrible, and “wasn’t.” (And even just recently they wanted to ‘retry’ him and make him go to Israel to be prosecuted, and he is 89 years old and they took him from his home in Clevaland on a stretcher. We Whites absolutely cannot allow this persecution of our White males, no matter what the cost is to our country. It is against God almighty that we are making a fool out of and we know better, and so do the Jews.

He writes that two Jews who were “Nazi-Hunters” trying to catch Mengele, found themselves on the “Warrne Commission” that investigated the murder of our White Catholic President.

White Woman Trump marries Jew

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http://collegeotr.s3.amazonaws.com/images/blogs/72687a1c9802d0b7afd6be9c8bd30e48.jpg PLEASE click on this pix, to see a White woman trophy for the Jews, as the Jews spit right in our White faces!

I had written before that Ivanka Trump, divorcee of Donald one of the only White men to have $$$ in casinos in Vegas, that his wife married a Jew. In other words, everything she “wormed” and “weaseled” and “abused” him to get, all the $$$ from the divorce settlement, (also probably with a Jewish lawyer) she will now share with the brown Jews and Israel.

Now, this a.m. her daughter, marries a Jew: I can hardly believe my eyes, that we Whites have to witness the Jews on such “grandiose” scales. Ordinarly if a White Gentile thinks in terms of marrying a Trump, one would say, “Oh oh, you better watch out. Psychiatrists call that “delusions of grandeur.” But, if a “Jew” marries a Trump, he is considered “powerful,” “talented,” “rich to get richer,” etc. From Wonderwall:

Trump hiked before walking down the aisle
WENN, October 26, 2009
Socialite Ivanka Trump refused to take it easy on the morning of her wedding – she completed a punishing hike before walking down the aisle with Jared Kushner.

The daughter of tycoon Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana exchanged vows with her beau in a traditional Orthodox Jewish ceremony at her father’s golf club in New Jersey on Sunday (25Oct09).

But channelling Grace Kelly in a handmade gown came at a price – Trump kept up with her work-outs right up until the morning of the ceremony.

Yes, here is another “Jewish trophy” for their “victories,” after they almost totally destroyed the White male “intentionally,” to get to their Supremacist powers.

Confederate Duke of Hazzard

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Before I begin, I have more “good” news hopefully as a result of “emails and performances” drawing attention to the Viet Nam Veterans and the Purple Heart Recipients.

I have already mentioned that since I have emailed, I have seen changes in attitude towards Viet Vets:

Parade, first time ever in Vegas,
Investigating and giving media attention to Walter Reed Veteran’s hospital for shabby treatment of Veterans.
Purple Heart Hall of Honor, (new).
Investigating suicides of veterans.
And just a few days ago, one of the karaoke jockeys told me that he received a medal in the mail for “teaching” the soldiers and Marines “before” they went to Viet Nam for 3 years. He says he received a Medal of Honor, with 3 stars, one for each year he contributed to outstanding merit just prior to Viet Nam.

(By the way, as I read more of “Final Judgment,” it seems as if the Kennedy Assassination was the “false flag” the Mossad and our government needed to make Viet Nam a full-fledged war, so we could “lose” to Chinese Communists, and the Jews could establish their manufacturing Supremacy through them.

I enjoyed an email that showed ancestry through grave stones. I often carry them on stage when I do tributes to those White people that paved the way for me. They are probably screaming in their graves ready to come back and haunt America and the world to think that everything they worked for, is being given away to non-Whites, for no reason at all.

I mean it couldn’t be because the blacks picked a few buds of cotton, and would be dying of AIDS and starvation hadn’t their Southern White Masters been so “kind” to them.

Or are we giving the USA away to the Jews who were “not” put in gas chambers, but certainly the White race would have been better off if they were. I mean we could not be sinking any lower than we are today, as least race-consciousness-wise.

If you compare Whites today, to Jews, then yes I say they are more like Jews today….. if you consider that success and victory. I consider it a total loss of everything it means to be White.

Even poor Hitler, who probably doesn’t have a gravestone and really should, would be screaming and shaking his finger at the Germans who he helped transform through HitlerJugend, and other programs. (Although, looking back at Hitler we can take all the “good” he left, but forget all his doctors, injections and pills. Even Hitler, who was one of the most aware people on the planet as far as Jews, never saw that Germany was under control of Jewish doctors, and even if they “deported” all the Jews, the doctors they had were trained in Jewish-type schools as that wretched, dumb-downed school, Harvard. Any White that got their degree there, will have to be at the top of the list for re-programming, because the more schooling in Jew Schools Whites have had, the more they are either going to have to “forget” or “teach again.”

I guess the closest thing Hitler has for a gravestone is the bottom of his jaw in Russia with the 3 gold teeth. (When I took my skull with a bloody dagger in it with brown hair and red lit up eyes, I painted 3 of the bottom teeth on the White skull, “gold,” just like Hitler’s.)

Well, when I was shopping at the $.99 store for some Russian Rye Bread, I passed by the DVD section and lo and behold there was a “Dukes of Hazzard,” DVD. It had 3 episodes which I watched yesterday.

The executive producer for the TV series was “Paul Picard,” and Wiki doesn’t say if he is Jewish. Since the Jews know we are hot on their trail, they will be shying away from identifying themselves as Jews. Then when we die off, they will get twice as aggressive, to our unsuspecting children. That is how the Jews get deported, and then get back in. Also, the White Europeans who have learned to become “addicted” and “dependent” on Jews, don’t know what to do as far as progress, so they allow them back in.

I did look up the name “Picard,” and there is a story of an Orthodox Jewish woman, (couldn’t call her “lady” cause she is no more a lady, than a zombie). She has “6” children, meaning the Jews are surely multiplying their “pedigreed-type,” race, and surely our White tax dollars are paying for it, or perhaps the Poles, Germans, and all the rest of Europe through the European Union and Jewish Sarkozy.

So I just enjoyed the 3 – hour long episodes of the “Dukes of Hazzard,” as I have never seen them before. They sure are good looking I can tell you that much.

Even if the producer wasn’t Jewish or the writer, there seems to have been a Jewish editer or another person on the staff that surely wielded a lot of power. The Jewish mothers are “pushy” and their Jewish sons take after them. And “who” do you think they “push around?” Us Whites……. And now their “Jewishness” is engrained in our culture so even if “they” don’t do the “pushing” they got the blacks pushing us around, literally making us move from place to place like frightened and confused White rats, they got the Mexicans pushing us around, that even Polish immigrants call them the Mexican Mafia, and Whites cannot even see that. The Chinese and Hindus have “pushed” us out of our rightful places in Harvard, Yale, and better jobs as scientists etc.

So here are just a few notes.

The first episode starts out with the General Lee Car, which I have a model one that really has sounds, bells and whistles. It is about a foot long and is brightly colored orange, with a Confederate flag on the top. It has the “01” printed on it. There’s 3 buttons that make sounds: (1) music from “Dixie,” (2) the rumble of a revved up car engine and (3) a Southern man yelling in joy and ecstasy, “Yaa-Ha!!!” They are awesome!

Well, the General Lee Car is riding down the country road, when a big White car coming out of the trees “pushes” it into the ravine, where it becomes disabled. The camera is focused so that the Confederate flag on the top is showing clearly. Was that a gesture that this was to “destroy” the image of the Southern White Christian Male, and replace them with the Southern Poverty Law Center, for “Jewish” purposes? I think so. I think the Jews intentionally disabled our White males, hence our White race. You know, I heard someone say that in the pastures the “male” always leads the herd of females and offspring, whether a cow in the pasture, or an elephant. But, somehow, the devilish Jews were able to “disable,” both Hitler and the Nazis, and the KKK in just one year’s time, which was the end of the White race. 1944-1945.

Two crooks start a fight over Daisy Duke. I have her costume also, and perhaps, I will wear that in karaoke, as I did Southern Line-dancing to that song. Although, something tells me, they are getting antsy at where I sing karaoke. I don’t know why it is, but when I show up on the scene, things really start to chance. It would be a loss for the White race, though, because the Whites do not have many others, especially that love unconditionally, and for no $$$. And since the Jews have no heart, no matter what I have written to the Jewish media, and how hard I cried, it never affected them. They are totally transfixed by their Jewish wives and children and their heart is in the form of a dollar sign or a nugget of gold.

When the fight is over, a chandalier falls at Daisy Duke’s feet, and this chandalier is in the form of candles. A Menorah? Hard to say, but they did things like that in “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Well, the guy that started the fight goes to jail, but develops the “plague,” and the entire jail has to be quarantined for contagious disease. Hence the sheriff can’t get out, nor the police, not even Bo and Luke Duke, the White fighters.

The uncle comes with $$$ to bail them out, and the Jews know the chaos they spread in the US and we as parents of White children, have no idea what is “possessing” our children….. .it is none other than the Jewish devil.

The man in the jail that started the fight, is said to be “faking” the symptoms, even the prickley bumps on his face.

As the Duke brothers go downstairs into the prison area, there is a big sign over the stairs that reads “All hope abandoned, yet all who entere here — over gates of hell.”

I found this passage that it relates to on the internet. And yes, I believe the Jews descend us into the basement prison, just like the Duke brothers, into their Jewish hell they have created for us. “Not” in the afterlife, but in the here and now. Our White folks are so busy saving non-Whites, and satisfying their bosses’ business goals, that they have not even a second to think about their own welfare, or where their descendants are going to be 100 years from now.


The supposed inscription at the entrance to Hell.


From Dante’s Divine Comedy. The translation into English by H.F.Cary is the origin for this English phrase, although he gave it as the less commonly used ‘All hope abandon ye who enter here’.

Through me you pass into the city of woe:
Through me you pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people lost for aye.

Justice the founder of my fabric mov’d:
To rear me was the task of power divine,
Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.

Before me things create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon ye who enter here.

Such characters in colour dim I mark’d
Over a portal’s lofty arch inscrib’d:
Whereat I thus: Master, these words import.

Dante Alighieri wrote this allegorical epic poem between 1306 and 1321. Virgil is the guide who takes the reader through the author’s examination of the afterlife. It travels through the Inferno (Hell), the Purgatorio (Purgatory), and the Paradiso (Heaven).

The painting above, is as if the White people are pushing huge, heavy boulders, or trying to stop them from falling. And that is what the Jews have set on us. Such a weight, that no matter how hard I try, I can not lift this heavy Jewish boulder off of me, my sons, or the White race.

But, I will tell you, the “eternal pain,” is to keep us sick and disabled, so the Jews can herd up doctors to give us pills and vaccines, when indeed “they” created the illness. Keep us all well and healthy, and there will be no need for Jewish doctors, pills, hospitals and vaccines, and then what on earth or in hell, where Jewish women really live, would the Jews do without our White $$$, and White slavery, as depicted above. I do not see the blacks and Mexicans working as hard. They might do task, a, b, c, for instance, but beyond that, they cannot ‘think,’ and that will eventually cause our downfall. Even the Jews, when they don’t have the Whites to live off of, I doubt they will do as well living off the Chinese etc., since there is nothing in the Chinese consciousness that has an “Old Testament,” with Jewish names of heros, as we Christians do.

Anyway, 2 guys come to Hazzard county to rob the bank. They are dressed in “Laurel and Hardy masks,” the comedians of old.

Here is a grand pix of the great master of comedy, “Oliver Hardy.” And here is from Wiki on him:

His father, Oliver, was a Confederate veteran wounded at the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862. After his demobilization as a recruiting officer for Company K, 16th Georgia Regiment, the elder Oliver Hardy assisted his father in running the vestiges of the family cotton plantation, bought a share in a retail business and was elected full-time Tax Collector for Columbia County. His mother, Emily Norvell, the daughter of Thomas Benjamin Norvell and Mary Freeman, was descended from Captain Hugh Norvell of Williamsburg, Virginia. Her family arrived in Virginia before 1635. Their marriage took place on March 12, 1890; it was the second marriage for the widow Emily, and the third for Oliver.

One of the bank robbers is named “Irving” and, as I wrote to you, the tavern where my poor White Polish Mama and Daddy gave their only few pennies they had, even though we didn’t have food sometimes, the Jewish tavern owners name was “Irving.”

“Irving” is played by “Arte Johnson,” from the old time show, “Laugh-In.” I am looking for “Arte Johnson,” who played a “Nazi-hunter” on Laugh-in so the whole world could “laugh till their stomach hurt,” at Hitler and White Nazi’s who tried to “save” and “protect,” our White people.

But, very oddly, I opened up this one instead. Arte Johnson, ties up Chuck Barris, so that the judges could take over the show. “Who” is the next contestant, but Jewish Iraeli dancers, from Israel. There is duct tape placed over the mouths of the 2 judges, so they cannot “vote against” the Israeli dancers. And Chuck Barris is tied up.

This is supposed to be “hysterically” funny, but unless you consider what the Jews have done, by placing duct tape over our White mouths, with the destruction of “freedom of speech” with the “hate” laws, and tying up our leaders, (the Jews have tied up all our White leaders, making it almost impossible to function,) while the only “real” “free” people in the USA are the Jews. Oh the Blacks are free, to create all the trouble they want, and we Whites are only “free” to baby sit them and discipline them, when they are beyond disciplining. Same for Mexicans. They are free to enter our boarder, even though it is the biggest crime of the history records. No civilized country on earth had this.

By the way, just as a jumpcut. One is comparing the takeover of Israeli and genocide of the Palestinians to the White people and Indians. Anyone with a 1/4 of a brain, would see the absurdity of that debate and argument. The Whites entered a land, called America, later, that would have 50 states. The Indians had not populated the entire 50 states, but were spread out with sparse populations. Israel, is a very small country, occupied by people who had been there since the beginning of time, practically, and they were not “savages,” peeling off the Jewish skins, tying them up to posts, and covering them with molasses, and setting live fire ants on their bodies to “eat them alive.” Although, perhaps the Palestinians would be better off doing that, since if they are going to make the comparison, ever again to Indians they should at least behave like them. Then we can then “debate” it. But, perhaps, if the Palestinians start to cup up Jews and boil them, we should “not debate” that, even as whites “cannot debate” the Holocaust. We must abide by Jewish rules and regulations, and since we cannot debate the holy Holocaust, we should not debate what the Palestinians might do to the Jews, once we turn the camera and news lens “off” of Israel, say for about 50 years. Just give the Jews the treatment the Red Indians gave us. That would be “too” good for them, but it would be at least something.

Next, please note that the “second” song on this Gong Show, is “Heartbreak Hotel.” Why? Haven’t I written to you several times, that Elvis’ first hit,”Heartbreak Hotel,” was about a White man that commit suicide in a Florida hotel? It was the beginning of the “Death of the White Male.” The Jews will deceive the world and call it White suicide, but it is Jewish murdering and massacring the White alien race.

Here is the song, “Very Interesting,” which has Arte Johnson, a Naz and Ruth Buzzi, a White woman, just “laughing her ass off,” at Hitler, the Black Forest, and the Nazis, for even “trying” to save the White race, and “face the Jews.”

Oh yes, the Jews have the “Whites” laughing, and then Arte Johnson, says, “Very Interesting,” but “Stupid.” I would “Not” call Hitler and the Nazi’s — stupid — nor the Southern Confederates who had a clear sense of protecting White women and children. But, yes the Jews are “laughing hysterically” at us, with every $$ sign that rolls onto their bank book, and that of their Jewish wives and children.

So back to the Dukes of Hazzard, the one robber is Arte Johnson, who was playing “the Nazi hunter.” Therefore, if he was “hunting Nazi’s” it is obvious he was “Jewish,” but they never say that. Thus in the TV show, Arte Johnson is always chasing the White woman, Daisy Duke, as a typical Jewish womanizer that haunts and impregnates our White females, even giving them diseases through unprotected sex. Jews don’t care. They go to a friend of theirs, a Jewish doctor, and they get pills for free probably. But they leave those sexual diseases to spread through our White race. Even as many as 10 years ago, it was said that there are 267 sexual diseases, and the doctor’s offices are loaded 24 hours a day just to adminsiter to the people having sex, their pills and cures, and sometimes “no cures,” as herpes, AIDS, etc. cannot be cured. Syphallis, Gonnereah. (spelling of medical???)

One of the things that is quite obvious, is that when the men are fighting, they always seem to grab one another, or are on top of another, in such a way it seems homosexual. At least in this one film. Even the police end up fighting, and land on top of the man, even bumping and grinding, which seems strange. Then we think that our White boys made “choices” when they turned homosexual. I do not think so. It was forced on them, over the years, as the “taboo” the “forbidden fruit,” of the Garden of Eden. Only the Jews forced on us “rotten, decayed” fruit, instead of true heterosexuality, which I have been advocating.

(I stand to be corrected, Arte Johnson, played a “Nazi” not a “Nazi-hunter.”) I wonder if the Jews ever will “correct” their 6,000,000 figure. They have not only 6,000,000 Jews in the US, 6,000,000 in Israel, and 6,000,000 Jews around the world, and I bet not even “1” would correct that figure even as much as 5,999,999 1/2, Jews killed in the “Holiest of Holies” never to be uttered unless one genuflects and repents… the Jewish Holocaust. (And don’t forget more Polish Christian Poles were killed, many, many, more, under those war-time circumstances, but the White Poles have been kept in “silence and poverty” for so many years, so they cannot defend themselves, and all their archives were destroyed. Surely, when Warsaw was bombed, there was Jewish advising going on there, that even Hitler didn’t realize. Probably from his Dr. Morrell, who had all Jewish clients, advised him.

There is a reference on “invading Russia,” as if “destroying and bombing” our White brothers and sisters is “hysterical” “laughable” and “funny.” When we Whites watch the Holocaust movies, do we bust out laughing, hold our stomachs and roll on the floor with laughter, do we even pee in our pants or run for the bathroom that it is so “funny,” then why do the Jews “laugh” at our White misery, extinction, and not only “laugh” but make all these TV shows, movies, and songs, to “help” it along so we die faster?

One of the characters is called “Coltrane,” and the only “Coltrane” I could find in Wiki is a black man that is a jazz artist. Jews have ways of making blacks “famous” and making Whites “infamous,” or non-existent. That is why I believe that we cannot go extinct. We already are.

The next episode is the Ghost of General Lee, and it shows that the two Duke brothers are swimming “naked,” they leave their jeans in the General Lee “01” car, and two crooks steal it. It is driven into a deep pond, and the police think that Bo and Luke and dead under the water. They even have a wake for them. In the meantime, Bo and Luke see the car being stolen, and have to run out in the nude, (they don’t show) and to a female neighbor’s house, where they ask for “her clothes,” to wear, since they lost theirs. Her mother catches them, and doesn’t even look at their nakedness, as if White men are not “big” down there. On overthrow.com, many years ago, I read that the White man’s is the biggest on the average, but the Jews have lied on TV, etc. making us always feel “inadequate.” You see, the more “inadequate” we feel, the more we run to Jews to solve that problem, that the Jews “created” in us, whether drinking, drugs, pills, porn, of their Jewish doctors, psychologists, etc. It is all “big” Jewish business. We mustn’t ever wonder “why” we got this way, but wonder, “how the Jews are going to realize just what they have done to us throughout history, and warn the rest of the world, otherwise, the Jews will turn the non-Whites against us… (if they haven’t done it already.)

The “Ghost” of General Lee, is the car, that was resurrected and made to “haunt” the Sheriff and his buddies, with special lighting and effects.

Boss Hogg, the guy that dresses in White that is Jewish in nature, since he can’t get enough money, decides to capitalize on this “death,” when in fact it was the two crooks that were in the car when it went over the ravine. So, Boss Hogg claims that his famous Jefferson Davis watch, worth $20,000.00 was stolen by the Duke brothers. It is actually in the safe, along with a fake Jefferson Davis replica just like it. Hogg takes a hammer and smashes the “fake” one as if he was “smashing Jefferson Davis,” which again would get roars of laughter from the Jews smashing our “White” heroes, while enshrining their own Jewish devils to the point of sainthood as they are today.

Boss Hogg tries to collect on insurance, but, gets caught when the crooks try to steal the safe it was in. The Duke boys are free.

But at the end of the TV show, Boss Hogg has to write a check for his “mistake” back to the insurance company. And he writes a $20,000.00 check to the insurance man, who is a “black” man and the black man laughs and takes the check from the White Boss Hogg with a big grin on his face.

It is almost as if the show suggests, or brainwashes us Whites, into constant check writing to blacks since they came over here. First as “servants” and “cotton pickers,” and now as President and all the other avenues the Blacks rape the White pocketbook, even prisons for blacks which we Whites have no business disciplining them. The crooks, including Jews, should be sent back to their country of origin and let their own government discipline them, and let their mothers beat them once again.

Too bad the Jews never beat their sons. It is why we have the problems we have today.

Lovingly, Barbara Ann

Open Letter to George Norry Coast to Coast on Scarey Stories for Halloween

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I was coming home from karaoke on the Las Vegas strip, where I sing and dance in selfmade costumes, when I heard your show asking for scarey true stories.

Since I’m writing my autobiography about growing up in a family of 15 in South Chicago, I’m the baby girl, I have these stories fresh in my mind from my memoirs.

When I was a little girl, we were extremely poverty stricken. Daddy only made minimum wage trying to raise this family of 15, where my Grandpa, a Polish Russian General also lived with us.

So, there was no money for doctors; we were lucky we had food and didnt’ starve to death. An unusual story, especially in America. There were no hand outs.

Well, Mama’s body hurt all the time from working full time, breastfeeding, and giving royal treatment to Daddy and her father. When she didn’t have success with doctors, she consulted with a witch, Panee Gorsko. This woman would introduce my mother to various strange herbs to drink. I was scared of this woman, for she really looked like a witch. She would come to our home regularly and sit with Mama and chat and drink these strange herbs.

This witch wore a black woolen cape to the ground and a black veil on her head. She was very old, very old, but had blonde hair, but mostly white growing in. She had the cackly voice also.

What was strange was that she had the most unusual “smell” that I have ever smelled. It was foul, but not in a human sense. It was smelling something awful that I have never before or since ever whiffed in my life. It was like the smell of evil.

Well, I guess witches don’t make a lot of money, so she asked my Mama if she could live with us, and sleep in our old basement. The basement was also ancient, with spiders and mice, a pull-chain toilet, and just outright creepy. It was under an old farm house Grandpa moved on a trailer and dropped into South Chicago.

Having all these children, Mama said “no,” as we only had 2 bedrooms in this old and decrepid shack-of-a-house. The witch insisted and threatened Mama that if she didn’t get to live there, she would bring down a curse on her, her husband, and her children, all 12 of them.

Mama got rid of her, but before she left she screamed out to the universe a horrible curse that would harm all of us.

Well, time went by, and no one ever talked about her. She was history. Then creepy things started to beset our very poor, but very happy family.

Although we were all physically strong, one by one, we started to succomb to mental or emotional illness. My father and mother who had a marriage made in heaven, and even Daddy said my Mama was a saint, they started to battle, literally fist fighting each other. It was as if bad spirit(s) were possessing them, and started to possess each one of us. It was a mental influence that we could not fight off with drugs, or psychiatrists, psychologists, or group meetings. And it was like a domino theory, and no matter how talented we were, or attractive, or smart, this curse just appeared on each one.

That was over 55 years ago, and I have lived to see unbelievable torment, that I have never seen in a large family. We sure were not like the “cheaper by the dozen,” movie, but something out of a gothic horror novel. Only it was ‘real.’

After Mama died, I think she took the curse with her to the grave, for now all of us are functioning much better, although scarred by it. None of my siblings would ever say that our emotional and mental problems were caused by this witch with the smell from hell, but in retrospect of my memoir writings, it now makes sense to me.

Also, I believe that both my Mama and Daddy’s spirit came to me before they died, as I think they both were very psychic and spiritual. When one is extremely poor, one turns towards the spiritual much stronger than if one has an easy life, I think.

Well, I never get sick, at least physically. And I’m 62 now. I came home from work one day, and felt extreme chills in my body, and went to bed early. It was so harsh, that I just shut the phone off, and slid under a piezina, which is a Polish feather tick cover. But, around midnight, something disturbed my sleep. It was a “feeling.” You know, I hear everyone talk of the fact that they “see” ghosts, or “hear” strange knocks, but within our 5 senses it is possible to “feel” spirits, or even “smell” them.

So, when this midnight feeling came about, it was a feeling that said to answer the phone. I argued with it, not out loud but in my mind. Then I had to give in for something was calling me to answer my phone messages. It was silly because I wouldn’t call anyone at midnight…. it didnt’ make any sense. There was a message on the phone that my Mama was sick. Well, she was 85, and had been sick for several years, and I got other messages like that. Only this time, this strange feeling that overpowered my reasoning and senses said, “Call the Nursing home where she lives.” I hated myself for being so gullible, but I obeyed anyway. When I dialed the nursing home, I asked the receptionist how my mother was doing. She said, “Oh I just came on and your mother is doing fine.’ I asked her if she could check on my Mama, and she was a little rattled by my request, but she did.

When she came back to the phone, she was trembling in her voice, and said, “I–I–I—I’m sorry to say, but your mother just died. I’m so sorry. To which I fell on the floor and cried for about 8 hours straight for her life had been so cursed.

Now something strange happened when my Daddy died.

My oldest sister of this Coxie’s Army of a family called and said that Daddy was very sick in the hospital and the family was gathering to say their good-byes. I was getting ready to go, but was very grieved, and to pull myself together, I decided to take a walk behind my home, that has a large cornfield. I had never done this before, but I needed to just lose myself in nature, as something was just pulling me like a magnet, and I couldn’t resist.

When I got far into the tall corn, I just stopped in the middle and looked up at all the corn stalks around me. I closed my eyes and I started to cry bitter tears at what we as a family had to endure through this curse, and how it affected my Daddy. As my eyes were closed, I had the strangest “feeling” that I’ve ever experienced in my life. It felt as if these tall cornstalks were using their long leaves like arms and wrapping themselves around me in a big hug. The feeling was like nothing I’ve ever felt on earth, such a warm feeling of supreme and unconditional love. I hugged this feeling back, and wouldn’t let go, nor would I open my eyes. Then it seemed as if I was directed to go back to the home and to the hospital to say good-bye to my Daddy. Only I didn’t want to leave. Whereever I was, I wanted to stay there forever, and not go back to this tiresome world that meant so much trouble for me and my Mama and Daddy and family. But, again this magetic like influence, guided me back home, like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz.

No sooner I walked in the back door, the phone rang. It was my sister, telling me “You don’t have to come to the hospital. Daddy just died. Before he died, he sent all of us girls out of his room, and he wanted to be alone.

I think that my Daddy came to me spiritually to hug me one last time in the cornfield. I believe it was his last act on earth, and I was so humbly grateful he chose me to come to.

Now, if I might backtrack, my Daddy worked for a man named Fr. Baker, who was involved in what was titled “parapsycology,” on the internet.

Fr. Baker had a home for runaway young boys. Also, it seems as if pregnant women were throwing their babies away right after they were born, in the Buffalo River as a form of birth control. When the river was dredged, all these white baby bones were lying on the bottom. Fr. Baker prayed about it, and decided to put a basket in front of the rectory to “save” these babies. He had his “Baker Boys” as they were called deliver flyers all over the Niagra Falls area, hoping to reach these desperate pregnant unwed mothers. This was back around 1900.

Before you know it, he opened the door one day and there was a newborn baby in the basket, that a mother had left, and vanished. Also, he end up building barracks of homes, like a motel, for pregnant women who would show up and the door and say, “I’ll keep my baby, but who is going to support me, my family just through me out!”

Well, Daddy worked for this saintly and holy man. In my ancestry research which I’ve accumlated through vital records, it shows on my sister’s birth certificate in 1936 that my Daddy’s employer was this famous Father Baker. My daddy was a grave-digger, since no work could be found during this stage of the Depression, and right before the World War II.

Strangely enough, my father probably buried him since he was the gravedigger at Holy Cross Cemetery in Lackawanna New York.

Fast forward 60 years, and Fr. Baker’s body is exhumed. But to the astonishment of everyone around the coffin, was a second coffin, or small sarcophagas that no one knew was there….. except perhaps for those that buried him, like my Daddy, who never spoke a word of this

When they opened the little coffin, it had 3 vials of blood that were put there 60 years ago. Suddenly, everyone around the coffin gasped! The blood was still red and liquid, and had never coagulated, which ordinarly would have happened in a short time after death.

If you would care to discuss these true stories you can reach me at 702-878-4333, 702-419-4333, or queenofkaraoke@cox.net.

I’m in the midst of singing karaoke in my Halloween Costumes that I’ve sewed or designed. I have Snow White in the Coffin, (so I sang the song “Gravedigger by Dave Matthews.” Snow White’s wicked Queen Step-mother, (so I sang and danced in my sensational Queen’s costume to a song by “Queen,” Bohemian Rhapsody. The Queen when she turns into a witch, complete with a basket and a red apple that reads “Poison Apple,” and I sang “Poison” by Alice Cooper. I also have a black cat, (I’d like to sing the Pussy Cat song by Connie Vannett, but I don’t think the casino will let me…. I have a sexy Elvira costume, and will sing Elvira, (hopefully lying on my side as the pictures on the internet show of her.) I have a ghost costume and will sing Ghostbusters. I have an Alice Cooper costume, that is sensational, and an old-fashioned Halloween carriage pram, that says “Betty” on it, for the song, “Dead Babies.” I have a glamouros Witch and on my arm will be a 24″ life like vulture that lights up with twinkle lights, her name is “Vela the Vulture.” I had a she-devil costume that I made from fabric that looks like fire on velvet. Also horns and a tail. I had real contact lenses that looked like cat’s eyes, and sang, “Fire,” which starts, “I am the goddess of hell-fire and I bring you “fire,” I beg you to burn, by Arthur Brown. Also, I did Devil Went Down to Georgia, and I have a fiddle made of German Gold Leaf and sprayed 18 karat gold, just like the golden fiddle the devil offers Johnny, if he can play a better fiddle. I’ll also have Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. I have the mask with all the tentacles hanging from it. Also, I made a very real looking treasure chest filled with gold as if it had been plucked out of the ocean. On it, I put blood on it and the words, “Dead Woman’s Chest.” My cleavage and breasts are quite large, so I thought it would make a scarey statement for Halloween.

I’d like to do, “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” Nightmare on my Street,” the “Adams” Family, because this song reminds me of a quirky family such as my own large family. (Although all of us are doing fine now.)

I have a sensational Wonder Woman costume, but think I will have to leave that until after Halloween, since I have all these costumes and songs to go, and there are only so many karaoke days, at Bills Gaming Hall on Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard.

I’m not looking to “sell myself,” I only mention it so you get a better picture of my own psychic nature. Also, if you like to see my website it is myspace.com/singbabs. Under the Polish dancer,(me) is the word “pix.” Click on it, and 82 of my 145 costumes will appear. If you click on each pix, it will make my cleavage get larger also.

I’m not “Professional,” and just took karaoke lessons over 7 years ago in Chicago who taught to always go in costume. Halloween is my favorite time of the year, like the pagans dancing under the moon.

I’m also the widow of a US Marine, Purple Heart Recipient, who fought on the front lines of Viet Nam.

Well, I know this is a long email, but I might as well take just a few more moments to tell you how his “spirit” came to me. Again, not in a form, or a sound, but a ‘feeling.’

My husband and I were estranged at the end. I decided to move to Vegas, and he stayed in Chicago. As I travelled the country, I stopped to visit his cousin, as my husband’s ancestor’s I learned go back to the Mayflower under the name fo Stephen Hopkins. (there is a book about him.) So, I picked up a picture of my former husband in his fatigues in the jungle carrying a rifle slung over his back. When I arrived in Vegas, it was Memorial Day, for Veterans. And I decided the first song I would sing in karaoke, would be one dedicated to him. I thought it was rather foolish because we were divoriced, and rarely spoke, but were still friends not enemies.

So, I put a general’s costume on and funkied it up, and sang “Did you ever know that you’re by hero?” and looked at his picture while I sang. I really belted it out, as I’m a blues type singer.

Well, the next morning, very early, that same haunting feeling came about me. It seemed to say, “Go get your cell phone.” I argue with these feelings, but again I have no control, it is like a magnet. My cell was in the car, so I never heard it ring. When I answered the voice mail, it was the Veteran’s Hospital saying to call them. When I did, the administrator told me that my husband had died last night, and he was in a coma for 2 days before that. I didn’t even know he was sick, let alone dead.

When I got the death certificate it appears that he died right near the time that I made that dedication to him, although he was over 2,000 miles away. I believe in my heart and spirit, that even though he was in a coma, he heard all across those miles, my voice, saying how much I respected him, and loved him still. I think he then gave up his ghost, as I still get tears in my eyes and weep when I think about this.

Thank you for your show, and if you can use any of the above, or none of the above, for your show, let me know. If not, Happy Halloween, from Barbara Ann, the Halloween Witch from Las Vegas

Michael Savage the Jew & his book “The Death of the White Male.”

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I believe that Michael Savage the Jew is on our side at exposing the Jewish Zionists.

I’m shocked at what I just heard on the radio. Michael Savage, Jew, the same man that wrote back in 1991 “The Death of the White Male,” which I sent you a copy of earlier, back earlier, and I can send you again if interested, was actually “criticizing” Zionist Jews on his afternoon radio show.

The station he is on, is the same local station I was on in Las Vegas, and when I started my first attack for what happened to my White husband, (and I said the word “White,” about 4 years ago. I even prefaced my strong & emotional comments with “Since I heard Michael Savage on your station yesterday and he screams and hollers, I, as the audience want to make my remarks in the same manner. And I did.

I wrote to that station for a while, during the time I was on the air, and perhaps they sent some of my emails to Michael Savage.

But, I’m shocked that he is really coming down hard as can be on Zionist Jews. He said that there are many Jews today who hide behind the Jewish religion that are “Zionists,” that don’t even believe in God.

He made reference to a Jew that Obama appointed, named Ron Bloom, who Michael Savage said is a Communist who made a statement that Mao Tse Tung said, that Power comes from the barrel of a gun.

Michael Savage said that with all the Zionists and Communists in the White House, what is America going to turn into, China, where Mao Tse Tung killed 40,000,000. Like Communist Russia that killed 60,000,000. Like Israel that was founded on Zionists that killed each other for power and disposed of their oppoents, or Hitler that killed 6,000,000 Jews in the Holocaust, and “7,000,000” others.

Well, just to get to the last part of that statement, when I first listened to him, when I was on that station, he would say “6,000,000” Jews in the Holocaust, and now he modified it to include 7,000,000 others. Most of which were Poles killed right along side the Jews. And if anyone is going to clear up this “mis-information” and bring us the Truth, it must be the Poles. They have nothing to lose. Their country is already in bad shape, and it can only heal help that country, for I do not believe Poles will lie or exaggerate once they start studying the Truth.

But, if the Holocaust is now up to 13,000,000, where are all those bodies and all the documentation of 13,000,000 people killed in Poland. If that many were not killed, the Poles, in their sacred God-fearing conscience, must step forward and at least begin the challenge and study of what are the true facts of World War II, and Poland’s Holocaust figures… the Jews Separate, the Christians separate, especially the Polish White Christians.

Lovingly, Barbara Ann