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Blacks in Communist Poland Discriminated Against Polish Whites

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I like that story about the dog and the democrat.  Both true.

You know, when I was a little girl, in a Polish-American family of 15, Mama and Daddy were “democrats.”  Yet we all worked and slaved our fingers to the bone.

No “democratic” handouts.  What changed? Why weren’t Polish entitled to all these wonderful “freebies?”

It’s what makes me mad when I see them giving away our country and on a silver platter no less.

I may have told you this story before, but in case I didn’t it’s better to hear it twice than not at all.

It is a story about the sad and poverty stricken Poland.

I talked to a man that came into the mini-storage company I was working at.  He was black yet he spoke with a Polish accent.  I was astonished.  Just as astonished as when I was in St. James Hospital to have Mike’s and my first baby and the nurses strolled in a black baby instead of my white son.  Talk about freaking out. And the saddest part was that I believed the hospital, and trusted the nurses and doctors as if gods and goddesses and instead thought, “It must be my husband’s Mike’s blood line. He is wild and surely he as black blood.”  Sadly, I would blame him, before I would ever suspect the hospital religion.  I learned my lesson quickly:  next baby have at home with a doctor and midwife and a Christian Science nurse.

Well, back to the black guy at work.  This black man was very distinguished and much richer looking than myself or my former husband.  He appeared more confident and intelligent and rich than Mike or I.  Mike’s ancestry went back to the Mayflower the first ship to arrive.

I asked him, “How do you speak Polish?”  I didn’t say it but Poland is one of the whitest countries around, and even Hitler got rid of all the Jews, (by deportation not gas ovens).

He replied, “I was in Africa and I was approached by “Communists,” (the same Communists Mike and you fought against in Viet Nam, and Mike received his Purple Heart,). 

He continued, “So I moved to Poland where the Communists provided for “all” my needs.  It was like paradise and heaven there for me.  I not only had food, but they provided “fancy buffets,” with all the food and liquor and pastries that I wanted.  I had a car and even though gas was rationed and expensive I got all the free gas to go anywhere in the entire country of Europe.  The government provided free books and tuition, language help, housing, and mentorship.  I lived like a King.  I got a PHD in environmental studies, (which is super-hot today) and have a great job now in Las Vegas. I was able to marry a White woman from Sweden.  All because of the “government.”

He reluctantly confided:  “But, I was worried about the (white) people of Poland.  This was 1977 and they were under Communism and although the Communists and government had $$$ for me, there was little to go around to the Polish people. 

“Where I had lush, fanciful buffets, they had scarcity and almost starvation.  The Poles were in bread lines and many had to wait all day in a line for bread, only to find out there wasn’t any left and would have to come back the next day, or even next week.

“Where I, the black man from Africa, was recipient to the Communists’ free car and gas and maintenance and insurance, the Poles were too poor to own a car, or if they did, there was gas rationing and the Communists upped the price so high very few Poles could drive around.

“Where I had free tuition, books, mentorship, supplies and got to take the “best” classes at the university all provided by (Polish) tax dollars, the Poles couldn’t even attend the universities.”

“I got to marry a beautiful White woman, and the Poles were so depressed they didn’t even want to think about marriage or having babies.”  (This, Larry, is a far cry from my Mama and Daddy having 12 children where my Polish Daddy only made minimum wage as a talented carpenter, plumber, painter, landscape architect, in Chicago at a book publishing firm in Skokie, Illinois.

Well, Larry, now that I look back at his words, we can compare “democrats” to “Communists.”  None of those things were provided to my husband at the end of his life.  I even have the hospital papers where the doctor exclaims that Mike’s foot would have to be partially amputated as he stepped on a rusty nail and he refused surgery.  His foot was all infected and he was in much pain.  It is a really serious thing for there is a former Karaoke Jockey that I knew in Vegas a big tall German-American that worked as a roofer and he also stepped on a roofing nail and landed up in the hospital. I went to visit him and he was in extreme pain.  They amputated part of his foot, but he has been on life support since June:  7 months!  He is not expected to live.  Yet this man is surrounded by his wife and her children, where Mike had no one at the end.  He was abandoned by all and didn’t know how to pick up the pieces for the V.A. didn’t provide that or “help” him as the government helped the Black man that spoke Polish.

Yes, the Democrats are Communists, and it is too bad we lost the war to them in Viet Nam.  For it seems like we have Communism here today.  We don’t see the harshness of it yet.  It took Poland after World War II about 30 years to get to the point that it was so obvious.  Yet the Poles couldn’t even talk about it. I talked to a Polish Immigrant here in Vegas and asked her some questions about this and she replied with trembling and teary eyes and hands, “I don’t talk for they will shoot me!”  Yes, Larry, it is hard to believe, and no internet site, or radio show is telling us this. 

Well, on a much more positive note, I thought of Queenie and Boo our German Shepherd dogs.  Queenie had 52 puppies.  Do you remember them?

Have a really happy New Year.  Hope the Communists in our government don’t take away any more of our rights for we have very few rights left. “except”  the “right to remain silent.”  Thank God for the internet so that we can share ideas freely. The government is working to take that away from us too.  If they do, even our government will be destroyed and I fear will be replaced by something much more horrible for us than what we even have today.  Think of the Poles in 1977.

My nephew teaches in Poland today and said, “If you think that is bad, you should see how bad it is here today. Worse than under Hitler or Communism!”  Yes the Communists took all the $$$ from the Polish treasury, killed all the highest of the government, the smartest, and the best military men, and shot them dead. See the movie “Katyn” or even read about it. Here I will give you the link.

I know in my Daddy’s town of Galicia Poland, his ancestors were dying at the rate of 50,000 a year, while the rich would raid the corpses for any valuables!

Here is from Wikipedia:  The only thing I might add is that Wikipedia is written by people just like you and me. It is not necessarily researched.  I read on the internet sites that 20,000 Polish Christians were murdered and many of those positioned replaced by Jews.  Stalin and Communism were run by Jews. Out of the initial Communist board in Russia, of approximately 350, over 300+ were Jewish, and yet the Jews were not even 1% of the population!

Well, Larry, I didn’t mean to rant.  It is New Year and one of the sorriest things that happened to me after Mike’s death besides his loss was the intensive study I have done in many regards.  I was a straight A Student at St. Mary Magdalene and CVS, (not all the time, but most of the time) and my mind tends to think a lot.

—- Larry Olejnik <leolejnik@hotmail.com> wrote:

> My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day.  He has his food prepared for him.  He can eat whenever he wants, 24/7/365.  His meals are provided at no cost to him.  He visits the Dr.  once a year for his checkup, and again during the year if any medical needs arise.  For this He pays nothing, and nothing is required of him.  He lives in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than He needs, but He is not required to do any upkeep.  If He makes a mess, someone else cleans it up.  He has his choice of luxurious places to sleep.  He receives these accommodations absolutely free.  He is living like a king, and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever.  All of his costs are picked up by others who go out and earn a living every day.  I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick in the head, Holy S#!t, my dog is a democrat!
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1999 Blacks and Revolution

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Although a black guy sings this, I’ve heard blacks on White radio and White internet, so hence I will sing this.  The blacks like my singing also, and if anyone were to run in the USA, they obviously would have to get black/brown votes.

The last line is “I Don’t Wanna Die,” and perhaps that could be the motto for the White race for 2010 and beyond.  “We don’t want to die (nor degenerate any further.)

It’s by “Prince and the Revolution,” so obviously the Blacks won the Revolution since one sits in the White (Black) House run by Jews.


Elvis, Southern White Gentleman

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Hope to sing along With Elvis, a Southern White Gentle-man and give scarves and kisses away tonight to the White men in the audience.


And yes Black women as well as Jewish women want the same. Once when I was performing in Chicago, and was at the microphone, and black couple was at the front table.  When I got up to sing in cleavage her black husband was “staring.” She litrally took her hands and put his head in a vice to turn away from looking at me. And that is how it should be.  Black women are not “afraid” of taking over the White man’s country or lives. They are very bold and they get away with it because they are “poor” Blacks.  Jews get away with their crimes because they are “poor Jews.  Mexicans, etc. Why couldn’t I get away with anything because I was “poor White.” If anything, I was punished twice as hard as a non-White.

August and Adolf: Hiter’s only Friend

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Just a few more comments about Jews and White Slavery from jewwatch.com:

And I only write to “save” the White male and race and if this is interpretted in any other way it is from “ignorance,” as we have been White dumbed down.

  • Jews are “addicted” to vice.  We Whites are their victims
  • Did we send our White men to war in World War II to create the Mafia State of Israel and become victims of this cruel state?
  • There is no law against prostitution in Israel. Hence the Jews can continue to lure innocent “poor” White girls who have to give sex to at least 75 Jewish men a day.  While the Jewish pimps become “millionaires” the White women get beaten, murdered, their passports taken away, and are led to believe the “Jews are good.”  The Jewish Communists intentionally kept Eastern Europe down so as to keep these people with “slave mentality.”  Hence the Jews can rise easily to the “top,” and bring down our Cream of the Crop, or murder the “Cream of the Crop” as Stalin did under Jewish regime in the Katyn Forest, (and blame the Germans for it.)
  • None of the Jews were “sentenced” in America.  Even if arrested, they are never “punished.”  Yet they have “punished” us silently and overtly over the past 1,000 years.  The Jews go “scot-free” and USA has become a “free for all,” for all criminals as governments like the Black Haitians even “dumped” their murderers and criminals into Florida and we took them in.  Where Florida should be a haven of beauty for Whites and vacationing and repose, it is a cesspool of blacks, Jews, criminals, and we Whites are depriving our own land to use as we please.

In the book, “The Young Hitler I Knew” by Hitler’s only friend, August Kubizek, I continue my comments so that it can be like a Cliff Notes of books I’ve read and can condense. 

Adolf Hitler moves to Austria and coaches his friend to do so also. They live in the poor tenaments. His friend is a music major dreaming of becoming a conductor. Hitler lives on pension from his dead father who once worked for the Austrian government.

After Hitler’s mother died, he gave his share of $$ to his younger sister, Paula, caring about her needs. There are documents.

Hitler was a ‘good’ friend to August.  From the book:  He comforted me when I despaired, he bolstered up my self-confidence, he praised, he criticized, occasionally rude and violent as he railed at me. He never lost sight of the goal (music) that he set for me. “And if sometimes we had such furious rows that I believed it was the end of everything, we would enthusiastically renew our friendship after a concert or performance. By God, nobody on earth not even my mother who lived me so much, was as capable of bringing my secret aspirations into the open and making them come true as my friend, (Adolf Hitler) although he had no musical systematic training.”

August’s father “tolerated” the friendship, but wished a more suitable friend for him. (It’s why I have had so few friends. White parents would discourage their children from befriending me.)

When they moved to Vienna, Hitler’s suitcases were not filled with “clothes” but “books, books and more books.”  Hitler’s education was not a PHD from a college, but from the books he read.

August went to join Hitler in Vienna & as August left she made the sign of the cross with her fingers. (The same “cross” that is not allowed at the White House for Jews don’t want anyone to know that they not only killed Jesus, they practically drove him insane with their constant threats of death against him.

They lived together at 29 Stumpergasse. August needed a place for his grand piano & could not afford it otherwise.  Once the piano was put in, Hitler’s constant pacing was limited to 3 steps forward, 3 steps back, almost like a dance.

From the book, “Hitler was at odds with the world. Wherever he looked, he saw injustice, hate and enmity. Only music was able to cheer him up a little. (They would listen to the Vienna Boys’ choir.)

Hitler would sit and read for hours, and then write until the wee hours.  His childhood was particularly painful for him. (It doesn’t say it in the book, but his daddy beat him 32 times a day.  Hitler once counted to be able to withstand the pain.)

The floor would be covered completely with designs of buildings with his passion for architecture.

Hitler would pour his fury over everything in mankind for “not understanding him.”  And he felt persecuted.  “I see him before me, striding up and down the small space in boundless anger, shaken to his very depths. I sat at hte piano with my fingers motinless on the keyboard and “listened to him.”

Since music is the one art where a lack of formal education doesn’t matter much, he took an interest in it.

Hitler once said that the whole Academy should be blown up, (for not accepting him as a student.)  (I wonder if the Jews had control of the Austrian schools as they do the White American schools?)

HITLER REBUILDS VIENNA.  While Hitler wanted to rebuild his hometown of Linz with famous architecture, Vienna was already well-built…. except for the poor White tenaments. Hitler had a “constant” revolt against the existing social order.

Since I lived in abject poverty, it is soothing to know that Hitler identified with the poor Whites that lived around him. He hated the fact that Vienna was a “mixture” of Whites: Viennese, Czechs, Magyars, Slovaks, Romanians, Croats, Italians. (I agree and have written so. I strongly believe that in Europe, they should keep their nationalities “pure” for breeding as well as keeping it White!  I find my instincts that I have written about, to be as Hitler thought, although it is just common sense.  If we are to live at the “highest” level, it should be so in all avenues, no matter where we are today and on what plane.)  He called it a Viennese Babel, as the “Tower of Babel” in the Bible which discouraged Jews from breeding and blending in with other cultures.

Hitler had a responsibility for “everything,” yet he was lonely & solitary. He had to rely on himself to reach his goals.

He had wanted to remove the masses of (poor) from their miserable hovels. There were thousands of unemployed and the homeless lived in the canals by night. 

From Mein Kamf: “I still shudder even today when I think of those pitiful shanties, crowded pensions and massed living quarters, of this dark picture of despir, filth & anger.”  (Yes, Hitler would relate both to my White poverty and my husband’s, a war hero’s, homelessness.  Yet no one in America cared for my family of 15, mine and my husband’s poverty.)

Hitler saw the distress & filth, foul-smelling backyards, sordid filthy hallways, where families huddled in small & sunless rooms. White human beings decayed.

And why? Men who bought the ground wanted to make as huge a profit as possible.  The same in White mobile home parks where rich men take advantage of poor Whites and keep them as “White Trash,” squeezing out hundreds of dollars for very little in return. That $$$ could be used to re-educate White poor people, many of which are descendents of poor White South and the Confederacy who wanted to “protect” White women and children.

These poor Vienna apartments had no light, sun, or air.  “If this is unbearable for grown-ups, for children it is deadly.”  (One thing I have done instinctively was to make sure I have plenty of light. I have so many lights in my house, it looks brighter than day light. I have plenty of air thanks to my organic garden that “breathes” back air through the decomposition of all the organic matter I dump on it.  Las Vegas has plenty of sun and I’m not afraid of it. 

Hitler began to use his architectural skills for poor people’s housing. (Warning:  These ideas are “not” for blacks.  And surely that is where they will go if the government is hacking my computer for so many of my ideas have gone to both black entertainers and blacks now in government for “change.”  15,000+ emails will do that and Jews “love” to read and Jews own and run media & government.)

Hitler hated “bugs.”  Well, anyone that has read all my emails since Vegas, can know I much I “hate” bugs and have warred against them in my garden. Since I don’t want to use poisons that would hurt me I have had to be creative in destroying bugs.  I have also destroyed bugs at Quaker Oats where I worked, (and it might have cost me my job for doing so,) I have destoryed the cock roaches at the #1 Catering Company I worked for in Chicago, I destroyed the mice at the giant skyscraper in Chicago that was loaded with Jews who don’t mind bugs, and also the bugs in that same building, when management didn’t even seem to mind.  We Whites are “descending” to Jewish filth & if you took away al their Jewish slaves, you would see how dirty they really art.

Hitler wrote out and drew how these buildings for White poor would be.  “The tenaments would be demolished.”  (Not the triple World Trade Centers that were demolished and didnt’ come down from just a small plane’s crash.)

In my White trailer park I pay over $500.00 just for renting the land and get no benefits as I pay my own water, trash pick up, etc.  There are 500 of us so that is $250,000.00 a month the manager’s collect.  Or $3,000.000.00 a year, and this ground is surely paid for as the park is 40 years old!  Hitler would have changed that.

“Private speculation” of land would be forbidden.  (That would mean Jews and their Real Estate phony deals and their White block-busting forcing Whites to run, run, run in fear and terror into Jewish Development. Also Jews would buy up that formerly White neighborhood for blacks/mexicans/yellows/hindus and make $$$ off of them too!  Win/Win and Victory for Jews:  White losers?)

16 family limit.  Trees, gardens.

Adolf was radically opposed to alcohol & nicotine. He invented a popular drink called “coffee substitute,” similar to the hemp coffee I drink once in a while. Hitler was critical of Austra which had a “tobacco monopoly.”  IN THIS WAY, THE STATE RUINED THE HEALTH OF ITS OWN SUBJECTS> (Why on earth did we conquer Hitler and drive him to suicide? So that our own United “States” could ruin our health and make us slave and pay for that privilege and have the foreign Jews get rich on us? It is sheer madness only Jews define what sanity is. Hence made Hitler appear as a madman, as they did Ernst Zundel, and our very own Dr. Duke.)

There would be no landlords or tenants.  It would be owned by state. (Believe me, the Jews in Washington DC will do this for “their’ benefit, as they did the health care. Only they might wait 20 years, as Hillary Clinton’s pet project was “health care” under her husband Bill, and took 20 years to get that passed.

“The principal problems of the whole project were to be solved, as Adolf put it, ‘in the storm of the revolution.’ It was the first time that in our wretched dwelling, this ponderous phrase was uttered.)  Another ever-recurring expression was the ‘German ideal state.’ (And we should think of the ‘ideal White state, and within that the ‘ideal Irish state,’ the ideal Polish state, etc.)

Hitler not only suffered with the (White poor) he lived for them and devoted all this thoughts to the salvation of those people from duress and poverty. (Only Adolf Hitler, in my lifetime, had any project to relieve my White large family’s poverty as well as that of my Viet homeless war hero Veteran.  Other than that the entire country was run by Jews for “their” suffering which meant they were not each on of them millionaires.  Or how to take White $$$ and give it away to Blacks/Browns/Yellows/Reds/Hindus and leave us poor Whites to decay and die even though we worked our asses off and slaved for this country for 400 years!)

Adolf wanted “total reorganization.” (If Obama the Black President was “organizing” his own Black raced people in Chicago and got Paid for it, “why not have White Organizers that “get paid” for it?)

Music seemed to be the “queen of the arts.” (Adolf was already an accomplished artist and had a love and talent for architecture.)  He cursed the schools of his day, as I curse the anti-White schools that Jews run today.)  Hitler said that the schools were “Fossils,” and had no understanding for “true artistry.”  (No one understand my costume karaoke either.)  He would show these incompetent fools that denied him an opportunity to learn at the Academy how incompetent and senile they were.

Rather than meet with people of learning, he would instead have “imaginery” conversations with himself.

(Needless to say my 15,000+ pages of writings have been imaginery conversations with myself and my own head and not that of Jewish media, books, etc.)

“So for my friend, (Hitler) it was books, always books. He stacked them in piles around him.”  I read alot, as I’m opininating about this book, but I have the internet also, which is not only “books,” but “encyclopedia’s” of information at my fingertips. 

Whenever Hitler went out he had a book under his arm. His friend, August, once asked him if he intended the read the entire library!

Reading wasn’t something to idle time away, but to hve a deadly earnest occupation. The Contents page was the most important. The more Hitler absorbed the better his memory became. “It seemed a marvel-there really was roomin his brain for an entire library.”

His favorite books: German heroes and legends. He would re-read these books even though he knew them by heart. Gotter- und Heldensagen, Germanisch-Deutscher Sagenschatz- ‘Legends of Gods and Heroes: The Treasures of Germanic -German Mythology.’

The book talks of their trips to the Opera where there singers would “pay” to be applauded.  (I have worked for $10.00 an hour where a Jew would stir up the audience to “clap.” He would throw candy and tee-shirts at us and tell jokes.)  I think I’d like to “pay” also to get the crowd riled up since all the TV Shows do it.  One cannot compare my performances to these artificially induced Jewish performances that people clap only for a reward and don’t know how to enjoy sometimes without this Jewish stimulation.  And Jews have plenty of $$$$ to do so.

The clappers were called claqueurs.  They would also shout “Bravo!” and Hitler and August would hiss at them for being so artificial.  Once one of the claqueurs called the police on Hitler and August and police were waiting for them when they left the opera house.

Time and again, Hitler referred to his favorite: Richard Wagner, The White Master.  (Too bad we have Jewish Masters today who have such low tastes and talents for us.)

When Hitler listened to Wagner’s he no longer felt lonely and outlawed and misjudged by society. “As if intoxicated by some hypnotic agent, he slipped into a state of ecstasy.  From the stale, musty prison of his backroom, he was transported into the blissful regions of Germanic antiquity.  (30 years later August went to meet Hitler when Hitler was chancellor and head of Germany. Hitler wanted August to direct a German orchestra, but August declined.)


Adolf was sort of a Renaissance Man. Sound and color were going to unite in Adolf’s attempt to write an opera and have August, his musicial roomate, translate it for him.

Adolf wanted to write a musical drama abaout Wieland the smith that had been found in Wagner’s posthumous writings.  He immediately looked up the Wieland legend in his book on gods and heroes.  King Nadur’s actions were entirely motivated by hunger for gold.  Wieland kills his son out of vengenance, rapes is daughter and drinks from beakers fashioned from the skulls of his sons.

Hitler’s plans were always moved, more or less, on a plane above normal comprehension.  This writing drove Hitler to the edge of despair and tested his friendship with his friend and roommate to the utmost.  Hitler had the finished opera in his head as he might have had a plan for a bridge or concert hall architecture in his head even before it hit the paper.  It was “intuition.”

Hitler wanted it composed in “old Germanen,” and the audience would have to “learn it.”

“He wanted to know if there was anything preseved of Germanic music. ‘Nothing,’ I replied briefly, ‘except the instruments.’ “

Drums, rattles, flute made of bones, most open the ‘luren,’ made of brass and probably served as bugles between homesteads, so crude, they could barely be called music.

Also, he talked of the Skalds people, who had sung to the accompaniment of harp-like instruments.  The music of Germanen had a vertical trucutre, and possessed some sorty of harmony; they even had, perhaps, some inkling of major and minor keys.

As Hitler composed the Wieland legend to music,  Adolf arbitrarily interpreted and extended it rich in dramatic moments, wide scale of sentiments.  Hitler designed the scenery and “costumes,” and made a charcoal sketch of the winged hero.

He worked & worked until both were exhausted.  He would awaken August and speak softly during the night so the landlady wouldn’t kick them out. It was a contrast to the volcanic violence described in his verse, lent to his impassioned voice a sound of strange unreality.

He never slept, or ate and hardly drank during this ecstatic creativeness.

Why didn’t August leave? The Conservatoire would have been oly too pleased to help him find another room. How much time and energy he lost during these nocturnal activities with his friend, (Hitler).  August was homesick and Adolf represented Linz, home.

Yet the “normal” interests of others August’s young age: flirations, shallow pleasures, idle play and a lot of unimportant, meaningless thoughts. Adolf was the exact opposite.  There was an incredible earnestness in him, a thoroughness, a true passionate interest in everything that happened, and most important, an unfailing devotin to the beauty majest and gradeur of art. Even if it resulted in quarrels.

His work was like that of the days of creation: violent storms, bare dark rock, pale ice of glaciers, flaming fire of volcanos. Balkyries in glittering coats of mail and shining helmets.  They wore “white” fluttering robes, magic garments, which enabled them to float through the air. (Watch the Jews put this into a movie or TV. If not here in USA, then overseas where they also control media in South America, Europe, South Africa.)

His impression of dramatic events were driven by wild, unbridled passion and engraved themselves on the heart.

Wieland der Schmied, Adolf’s opera, remained a fragment although still a vivid memory in August’s mind.

I found this on the internet and perhaps with the drums it might be interpretted as such today.  Hitler is addressing “HitlerJugend” or the Hitler Youth, the future of White race, White boys and girls, and certainly his words would ring through our White hearts today.



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Well, it has been a very festive, holy, and thought-provoking Christmas. I’m grateful for the opportunity and ability to express these deep emotions that have been in me since childhood although haven’t had time, place, money, ideas for expression.

I’m totally grateful to have given a tribute to our beloved baby Caucasian Jesus and Mary his mother. (Sorry Joseph, but I guess in the Jews’ day, it was only the Jewish mother and children that counted, as even our Jewish men today live for them, just in case the child is the “Messiah” they have been waiting for.  Surely, 5,000 years from now, these “smart” Jews, will still be up to their superstitious pranks.  I do not think that our White society needs anymore of a Messiah than Jesus who taught us to “love God, our White neighbors, and to stop hating our White selves and putting Jews “above,” us  That is a slap in the face to God to have mere mortals, especially evil ones, walking around the globe, or flying, or screwing around the globe as “gods and goddesses.”

I’m getting ready for Elvis’ birthday and New Year’s.  I have 8 costumes ready, 4 each day. Today: Elvis.  Tomorrow, (which I will consider New Year’s Eve) I will do my 4 best songs and costumes of the past year as I look back on 2009 and look forward to 2010.)

In retrospect, 2009 has been better for me than the past years, although if I look there had been many other good things about Vegas, such as being able to sing with a rock band karaoke.  That truly was a life’s memory. 

But, 2009 found me writing and calling my senators and legislators.  What a bummer!  I never realized in my life that even though the “people” who are us and supposedly run the country, are not “listened” to by the gods and goddesses in Washington DC who listen only to Israeli Rabbi’s.  Every bill that I cared about was defeated.

While the Jews keep winning and winning and becoming “victorious” as King Midas with the Midas touch where everything the Jews touch turns into gold and as a result makes us wither and die to keep the Jews alive, it is disheartening to “not” be victorious.  My Daddy worked for Fr. Nelson Baker who is going to be canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church. Fr. Baker built a basillica to “Our Lady of Victory,” or Jesus’ Mother, Mary, being “victorious” not a loser.  It was copied after a church in France where all the cinder blocks had “healings” written on them. Perhaps, that is why today I’m interesting in “healing.”

So as I prepare my costumes, I won’t go into detail, except for Jailhouse Rock by Elvis. I think first of Ernst Zundel rotting away in a German prison for only 1 crime. Trying to “save” his White German people who insist on dying and becoming “martyrs” for Israel. Sounds far out? Elvis’ leading lady Dolores Hart who embraced Elvis’ metaphysics, left the USA, to go to a cloistered nunnery in “Israel” to spend the rest of her life “not talking” just doing prayers and good works and dedicate them to the “poor Jews in Israel.” Why hasn’t it dawned on her consciousness that it was the “poor White Polish people,” that were the true victims of whatever Holocaust there was and are still penniless. Not only penniless, but the Jews in Israel and around the world are trying to squeeze pennies out of the poverty stricken Poles. It should be the other way around. The Poles should demand 75% of all the $$$ collected for the Holocaust, (since we must think of math like the Jews do who are so good at it, INTEREST, COMPOUND INTEREST.) 

Here are the words to “Purple Gang” and I found out yesterday on stormfront.org for White Pride Worldwide, (and don’t be startled at some of the anger expressed on there, as these people “should” be angry for being murdered, having their women raped and left pregnant and unsupported, been intentionally degenerated so the Jews could “ascend” into heaven right here on earth while we suffer in misery…..etc….

The Purple Gang that I found is the Jewish Mafia.  Who would think that every song I do is somehow related to “Jewish causes.” 

Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone
Little Joe was blowin’ on the slide trombone
The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang
The whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang
Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock
Everybody in the whole cell block
Was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock

Here’s from Wikipedia. And if the blacks don’t get the picture that it was the Jews that were and are intentionally beating them down, they better wisen up:

The Purple Gang was a mob of bootleggers and hijackers in the 1920s. Under the leadership of Abe Bernstein, the gang operated out of Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, which was a major port for running cached alcohol products across during Prohibition, since it is on the border with Canada.

You may not have time to read the entire article from jewwatch.com that I found on stormfront.org, but it is entitled “White Slavery” and the concept of the “Purple Gang” is mentioned there.  To abuse a White womans’ body and beat her is light years worse than a White man beating a black man to get him to work since his mother beat the black man in Africa.  Surely, the White men, were beyond patience, to think the Jews conned the White men out of big $$$ for black men that didn’t want to work. The White men were showing a “loss” after the kind White Southern men had to pay for the entire upkeep of all the black “workers” not “slaves.”  (As a Polish White slave my whole life it is an insult to me and my ancestry to compare our White Polish slavery and hard work to the Blacks who could barely pick a few buds of cotton.)

In the article, it talks of White slavery and prostition.  Remember this: In Hitler’s Germany THERE WAS NO PROSTITUTION OR BROTHELS.  The Jews, especially it seems through the Protestant Church came up with the sin of nudity and sex and breastfeeding.  (Didn’t know it was a sin to breastfeed but it seemed worse than that in 1973 when I  breastfed for over 3 years.)  The Jews think, “Hey even though sex is free, let’s make it taboo and then charge the White Gentiles for something they can get for free. We Jews will alter their consciousness through books, flyers, churches, schools, music, etc., and the Whites will be dumbed down enough to pay us money for it.  Hence we can become “millionaires” off the Whites. With that money we extracted from them, we can then send out Jewish children to Harvard for Harvard is too stupid to ask “Where did you get all this $$$ to send you children here when you don’t even have a real job.”  But then that is “Harvard” for you.  After all, if Harvard were “smart” and knowing that the entire forture of Harvard came from Whites for hundreds of years, they would have sought out my son Mikey with genius capability or my son, Paul, but they didn’t. The government is even more moronic and imbelic in that they went to cotton fields to get the “black” sons and put then in college:  Hence, Obama as the USA President.

Sex is from God and Nature. We must intelligently and spiritually define what our sexuality is.  Even the German White women would go into the prisons and dance on tables and strip “for free.”  I believe in every marriage, the women should be “seductresses” and “temptresses.”  Sex should be an “art” and not the Jewish animal sex that we have. Remember: Jews think we are “animals” hence “animal sex” is all we get or deserve.  My sexuality is much higher than that and until I meet someone on my level, I won’t have it.  I’m not a White Slave. I was in Poland for the Jews and many of my Polish White sisters had to have 75+ Jews a day to give $$$$ to her rich Jewish Pimp, I’m not that White slave anymore. Someday, the Jewish woman will be a slave and not for sex, since WHITES SHOULD NOT HAVE SEX WITH ANY OTHER RACE!

Did the White Southern Men “murder” their slaves as the Jewish masters of these White girls.  The White girls didn’t do anything wrong. From what I understand, during the Confederacy, the Blacks were not murdered. “If” they were hung, (as the Jews provoking the hanging and lynching of Saddam Hussein who “had no weapons of mass destruction, but was accused of)…. if they were “Hung” they commit a crime.  And we had “LAW AND ORDER” THEN.  WE HAVE WORSE THAN A ZOO IN AMERICA NOW it is so infiltrated with crime.  Just compare the crime statistics of the South in the Confederacy and the crime of Blacks on Whites today.  It would make an interesting study. And “this” is the kind of TV we Whites should have. Then TV would be worth watching again.  WHITE TV~

The White women were murdered.  Jews murdered their slaves in the Bible.  They murdered women and children Gentiles in the Bible.  Moses murdered guard. 

Here is a PowerPoint presenatation of it:  http://www.thebricktestament.com/exodus/moses_commits_murder/ex02_12c.html

Perhaps the Jews also didn’t want to work and had to be beaten just like the blacks didn’t want to work.  If the Egyptians are not mad about this, it would surprise me.  When a person has a job in the USA and the company appoints a manager.  The Manager has certain expectations of an employee.  And if an employee doesn’t want to work and just sits there or complains or works too slowly and pretend to shuffle papers to “act busy,” the Manager is not allowed to “hit” employees, but, the Manager will use “words” on the employee or fire him.  But in the case of Moses’ Jewish brother-like worker, the Egyptian had to “beat” the Jew to move a few blocks.  Why didn’t the Jews go back to Jerusalem. I don’t know my years in the Bible, but it seems that the Jews went there to find “work” and “food,” during a famine, and the Jews might have become “extinct,” as we will be in 100 years, if they didn’t have food and work.  The Jews walk around as if they are “gods and goddesses” and not with that bowing down servitude and humility that I and my Polish brethren have.

So perhaps the Egyptian bosses were mad and rightfully so. But, in today’s society,  would one “kill” their boss and bury them underground?  Even today, we are not that bad as a White society that “civilized’ and “tamed” the other races to a higher level of morality.  (if you find a story like this in the news in the next month or so, we know the Jews did it to fill their newspapers. )

One of the most important things we need to define is our White sexuality. And that it should be only a small part of it. White men are turning to porn, pedophylia, homosexuality, because the Jews have been our “Slavedrivers,” and have distorted and twisted what sexuality should be like. I do not claim to have the answers, but I know, that what we have today is “fear” of sexuality instead of Love.  Also, the Jews, (Gloria Steinem and her Jewish gang of women, ruthless and heartless) drove our women to work for Jewish bosses and slavedrivers. A little girl born today is nothing more than an object for “business.”  And in many cases has to give her boss sex rather than her husband. She has to work for $400,000.00 houses. And if the price of houses have come down, my writings were at the helm of exposing this disparity many years ago. 

Why would anyone want to have a White baby to be a White slave? And as we degenerate further, it will get worse for the Jews, Yellows are getting smarter and have all the organization in place to grow while we wither and die.  There is no reason that we cannot be the smartest.  We have been intentionally drugged and dumbed down by the Jews with no resistance whatsoever.

From Jailhouse Rock: Elvis, A Southern White Gentle-man. 

My costume has the #6240 and the White sewing down the legs. I try to look like a woman and it is a “tribute” to a White Southern Man that I do. If the public doesn’t get it, Elvis surely does, and I believe God also approves of giving tribute to a man that has prayed so diligently to Him. Elvis’ Search for God was hampered by his Jewish hairdress, Larry Geller, his spiritual mentor who was probably trying to get Elvis to go to the monkery in Israel and leave all his $$$ to the Jews. As it is today, the Jews “own” Elvis Enterprises as they bought it from Lisa and Priscilla.  “That” $$$ should be used in resurrecting the White male’s in Elvis’ name, for if Elvis knew, he surely would approve.

When I think of jails, I think of poor innocent Ernst Zundel who tried to save the White German race.  In that jewwatch.com article, even the author was horrified that even after the Jews declaring war against Germany in 1937 and not only winning against the Nazis who wanted to “save” not “enslave” the White male in many ways, but the Jews knocked out the KKK and won the war against both.  We were “kind” to the Jews. The Chinese yellows may not be so kind for they have no God, hence no concience or soul just like their masters the Jews.

I too might have to go to jail for trying to “save” and “restore,” my poor White Polish people.  I can totally understand their fear of the Jews. I mean who could take 900 years of the Jews?

Ernst Zundel has an entire website, but it is on my old computer. There are about 50+ of them, and many are in several parts. If you can find them all, you would do yourself a favor to watch them also.

I was singing in church, and there was an old Germanic hymn and the writer’s name was “Zundel.”  Surely a relative of Ernst Zundel.

Here are some of the words of “Beecher” by the Germanic John “Zundel.”

Peace be to this congregation (of White people)

Peace to every heart therein, (for we have “hearts,” and if we don’t, that should be our New Year’s Resolution, to have a “heart” for our own Whites. White tax $$$ for White problems)

Peace, the earnest, (sounds like Ernst, Zundel’s first name) of salvation;

Peace, the fruit of conquered sin. (And yes, to conquer the Jews is conquering sin.)

I’ll write more soon, about another famous German: Adolf Hitler

Dr. David Duke Exposes Jewish Supremicism over USA & World

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Having been raped by a filthy rich Jewish doctor who heads his own clinic today, I can identify and say as “true” that the Jews think of White women as nothing more than “whores,” and the only reason that White women were put on the earth was to serve Jewish (sexual) needs. That is even though their Jewish wives don’t give them sex and push their married Jewish husbands to screw (without rubbers) White Gentile women, even though it would ruin the life of the White Gentile woman. Jews have been getting away with this in America for hundreds of years, 900 years in my home of Poland, and thousands of years in Europe.

We didn’t have internet as Gentiles years ago, but we do now.  Don’t let yourself or your wife, daughter, mother have any dealings with Jews for our White women think it “ok.”  In Hitler’s day, the Nazis made sure every White German girl after the age of 8 was shown movies of how the Jewish men sneak and deceive and rape White German women contaminating the White German Race, while leaving their own Jewish race pure.

This is a direct way of killing off the White male and emasculating him while the Jews raise up and ascend to the most powerful positions in the USA and world.  Obama’s top side-kick is Raum Emmanuel son of a Jewish Israeli terrorist.  If we need to look for terrorists in the USA we should spy on the Jews just like they spy on us, back from the Jewish “hateful” couple of the Rosenbergs who gave away all of our secrets of the atom bomb to Russia who at that time was controlled by Jewish Communism.

Act of War?

In Uncategorized on December 28, 2009 at 6:29 pm

This article below was greeting me, “Good Morning, Barbara Ann. Sen. Harry Reid from your state of Nevada and head of Senate is declaring war against Iran.”  How did the Jews turn this White man into an atrocious bully, the worst in history and certainly worse than Adolf Hitler who seems like Mr. Rogers of the Nice Neighborhood compared to these Jewish thugs and the Whites whose strings the Jews pull, (and the Jews probably pull their peters also when they have their homosexual sex the Jews are spreading around the world.)

The Jews will not be held accountable; they are the phony and filthy “walking gods.”  Or “lazy” gods whose wives get trillions of $$$ for doing nothing and sending their Jewish men to rape and prey on innocent and dumbed down (blondes anyone?) White women.  The Jews hide behind the White man and the Jews made sure the entire world “hates” the White man for all the laws are against him, media, churches, schools, etc.

I will call and email Harry Reid and send you a copy. The Jews want to destroy the White male further, and are using the Mormon Church, (Harry Reid) to do their bidding. The Mormon Church got really rich on this devilish relationship with the Jews. All the Churches have.  They are going to “March our Christian Soldiers” off to war to appease the human jewish-gods whose thirst for blood of non-jews knows no end or satisfaction.

I was talking to a former lifer in the military on the plane. He had a backache; went to the VA hospital.  The doctor made a mistake on his surgery, (probably some Hindu or Jew) and the man cannot get up or down anymore as his back is paralyzed. He isn’t even mad about it.  He just “goes” along with “health care,” which will paralyze more Whites for $$$ for Jews and their religious followers in the medical field.

We got to talking a little about politics. He was very clear where he stood on policing the world. I don’t argue. But I asked him about World War and he said that Iran might have nuclear weapons “someday.”  I told him, “Israel has them ‘now’ and I’m terrorized of them.”  He said “Iran and the Muslims have biological weapons.” I replied, “The Israelis (Jews and needless to say I didn’t say “jew” on an airplane for fear of being sent to prison.  One can say “Muslim, Catholic, Mormon and knock them down, but one must never utter the sacred word of ‘jew’ for it must always be held in higher esteem than God.)  I told him that Iran “might” get biological weapons, but the (Jewish) Israelis are the smartest people in the world, have the smartest scientists, (thanks to grants and $$$ from Whites in Poland and Europe for 900 years while we remained their faithful and obedient servants….. even unto death, starvation, and war.)  The Israels have biological weapons that can run circles over anything the poor Muslims might come up with.  Can the Arabs go on protecting themselves with “rocks” as we stand over them with anti-matter bombs and unmanned missiles where the Jews cannot even get hurt.

How is it that during all these 900 years the Jews don’t even get “hurt,” as we suffering horrendously?

Well, I have to run now, but when I come back I will email and call Harry Reid and try to stop this war. None of my calls in the past year did any good. They do what they want to do.  They want to break the Arabs and Muslims, as the Jews did the Chinese, so that all the Muslims are addicted to cigarettes, baby formula, shopping malls, illegal drugs, and legal Jewish doctor’s drugs, hospitals etc.  That is the “Freedom” we fought for in World War II. The “freedom” to degenerate while the Jews “generate” more and more $$$ for their lazy wives and children.  Oh yes, they are the ‘smartest’ all right.
> Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 09:49:32 -0500 (EST)
> From: Global Research E-Newsletter <crgeditor@yahoo.com>
> To: queenofkaraoke@cox.net
> Subject: Iran’s Growing Revolution vs. the Democrat’s Intervention
> Iran’s Growing Revolution vs. the Democrat’s Intervention
> By Shamus Cooke
> URL of this article: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=16673
> Global Research, December 28, 2009
> On Sunday in Iran, mass protests were drowned in blood by government authorities; at least ten reportedly have been killed with hundreds injured.  The events have been given ample coverage in the U.S. media, with the intention of further demonizing Iran’s repressive government. Absent in the American media are the deeper implications of the protests, which, to anyone paying close attention, constitute a powerful revolutionary movement.

> This movement has grown exponentially in a very short period of time.  Although only beginning in June over allegations of voter fraud, the movement is now endorsed by millions of combative Iranians, demanding “death to the dictator,” while they waive an Iranian flag that’s missing the Muslim insignia.  Massive demonstrations in the streets and university campuses have directly confronted police repression and in some cases have overcome it.  The New York Times describes a scene found only in instances of revolution:
>     “There were scattered reports of police officers surrendering, or refusing to fight. Several videos posted on the Internet show officers holding up their helmets and walking away from the melee, as protesters pat them on the back in appreciation.  In one photograph, several police officers can be seen holding their arms up, and one of them wears a bright green headband, the signature color of the opposition movement.” (December 27, 2009).
> The recent killing of protestors is likely to have the opposite of its intended effect:  protestors are likely to become even more demanding and radicalized.  After the shots were fired, thousands of demonstrators were heard yelling: “I’ll kill, I’ll kill those who killed my brothers.”  If the current Iranian government survives the revolutionary movement, it will do so only after a prolonged period of extreme domestic crisis and repression.

> The reaction of the U.S. government to the month’s long events in Iran has been largely to ignore it.  After some initial comments in June, the White House has talked only about Iran’s “nuclear ambitions,” minus one sentence in Obama’s Orwellian Nobel Peace Prize speech, where he said: “We will bear witness to the hundreds of thousands marching in the streets of Iran.”

> Not only has the U.S. government not “born witness” to the people’s struggle in Iran, the Democrats are working to undermine it.  U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced his intention to push forward potentially crippling U.S. sanctions against Iran’s oil imports (Iran cannot refine all of the oil it needs, and must import 40 percent).  If realized, this action would amount to an act of war.

> The AFP reports: “The legislation, which includes sanctions that can be slapped on foreign companies with more than 20 million dollars of investments in Iran’s energy sector, was approved by the Banking Committee at end of October.”  (December 25, 2009).

> The effect of such an economic attack will be to assist Iran’s current rulers, who will use the provocation to distract the public away from domestic issues, and focus instead on a powerful foreign enemy.

> But “liberals” in Washington are not only advocating economic acts of war, but also the direct military type.  A recent Op-Ed article in the New York Times was titled “There’s Only One Way to Stop Iran.”  The author was more than blunt:
>     “We have reached the point where air strikes are the only plausible option with any prospect of preventing Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Postponing military action merely provides Iran a window to expand, disperse and harden its nuclear facilities against attack. The sooner the United States takes action, the better.”  (December 24, 2009).
> This essay is from the U.S.’ most powerful “liberal” mainstream newspaper.

> In the same article, the author writes about the consequences of a U.S. attack on the Iranian “opposition,” i.e., revolutionary movement.  He admits that such an attack would have dire consequences for the Iranian social movement, but says it would be “temporary.”   

> It should be no surprise that Washington’s “liberal” wing of the corporate establishment is getting in line behind a more aggressive approach to Iran, since the exact same thing happened on the war path to Iraq.

> Like Iraq, politicians are conjuring up nightmare scenarios to scare the American public into accepting an attack on Iran.   In fact, the exact same bogeymen are being used which justified the invasion of Iraq.  Iran, we are told, will give nuclear weapons to terrorists, just like Saddam was supposedly about to do.

> Also like Iraq, there is zero evidence of nuclear weapons in Iran. Contrary to the accusations of Democrats and Republicans, the U.S. government’s own National Intelligence Estimate of late 2007 stated that Iran had halted its entire nuclear weapons program in 2003 and had not re-started it as of 2007.

> U.N. inspectors inside of Iran have also reported zero evidence of nuclear weaponry. Likely, however, as in Iraq, false “intelligence” may be “uncovered” that could be used to justify an attack.

> Regardless of the many media-invented lies surrounding the situation in Iran, the real cause for intervention would be the same as Iraq:  oil and corporate profits in general.
> Like Iraq, Iran has lots of oil.  Also like Iraq, Iran has a large state sector that could be privatized as gifts for U.S. corporations.  Like Iraq, Iran is not a puppet of the United States, one of the few countries in the oil-rich Middle East hanging on to their independence.   

> This Iranian revolution, if successful, has profound implications for the Middle East and beyond.  The last Iranian revolution, in 1979, shook off the U.S.-installed puppet dictator and made Iran an independent country.  Unfortunately, the aspirations of the people were choked off by the Ayatollahs, who stopped the revolutionary movement in its tracks by murdering progressives by the thousands.

> Because the Middle East continues to be dominated by U.S. puppets or directly by the U.S. military, Iran’s independence continues to be a source of inspiration for millions in the region.  Regrettably, the stunted outcome of the 1979 revolution is also viewed as a goal for many of these same people, who wrongly see a religious government as more just and equitable than what they currently experience under U.S. domination.

> The popular revolution in Iran is likely to come into conflict with not only Mullahs, but in addition, powerful corporations. The people will not be satisfied submitting to either, making this revolution inherently more radical than the “pro-democracy” label given by the U.S. government.  If Iran were to complete a revolution that made its goal to spend its oil wealth and other riches on the people, it would send an example that would rock the Middle East.  Any U.S. or Israeli intervention would be useless, which is precisely why they may try to abort the baby before it is born.

> Those in the United States involved in the anti-war movement must be aware of the unfolding events in Iran.  The people of Iran must be allowed to complete their revolution without U.S. intervention.  HANDS OFF IRAN!

> Shamus Cooke is a social service worker, trade unionist, and writer for Workers Action (www.workerscompass.org).  He can be reached at shamuscook@yahoo.com

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White Race with Blacks in videos

In Uncategorized on December 23, 2009 at 8:38 pm

We have “separation” of Church and State. We must demand separation of Races, even though the blacks and browns want to mate with Whites,even have their children to take as weapons to the welfare offices of White Tax dollars.

As I said, I can’t find a song that is truly untouched by Jews.  But, I have to communicate in a way that they are used to.

Why would this White guy put an ugly black woman facing him at different times in the song?

Does this little 5 year old White girl know that she has to “change” and is this little White girl looking up to the black woman as her “mentor,” and then wonder why the White woman is in such a bad state as far as our survival, not just of numbers, but of “quality.”

After all that, I will take the good from this song and think I will use this tonight for my departure and end of my Xmas them.

Merry Christmas Baby

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2009 at 9:06 pm

I’ve read 15 biographies about Elvis a poor White Southern Boy.

Redneck Christmas, Polish White Christmas

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2009 at 8:47 pm


I am going to sing this and many of these things applied to my Polish Poor Christmas.  (There is no domestic violence in this video but the mother is in the penetentiary and Mama was one step away from it.  Why aren’t Jewish women in prison or facing insane asylums? What they have pulled off for 10,000 years surely is insane but I guess there are not enough insane asylums to fit the 6,000,000 Jews in this country.