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God and the Jews

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After writing to you about the Space Challenger, I just happened to open at random “The Message” Bible to these paragraphs:
1Kings 8:  After Solomon ha completed building The Temple of God and his own palace, all the projects he had set his heart on doing, God appeared to Solomon again, just as he had appeared to him at Gibeon.
And God said to him, “I’ve listened to and received all your prayers, your ever-so-passionate prayers.  I’ve sanctified this Temple that you have built: My Name is stamped on it forever; my eyes are on it and my heart in it always.  AS for you, of you live in my presence as your father David lived; pure in heart and action, living the life I’ve set out for you, attentively obedient to my guidance and judgments, then I’ll back your kingly rule over Israel, make it a sure thing on a sold foundation. The same guarantee I gave DAvid your father I’m giving You:  “You can count on always having a descendant on Israel’s throne.
But if you or your sons betray me, ignoring my guidance and judgments, taking up with alien gods by serving them or worshipping them, (namely $$$), then the guarantee is off!
I’LL WIPE ISRAEL RIGHT OFF THE MAP AND REPUDIATE THIS TEMPLE I’ve just sanctified to honor my Name.  And Israel will become nothing but a ‘bad joke’ among the peoples of the world.  And this Temple, splendid as it now is, will become an object of contempt; visitors will shake their heads, saying, ‘What happened here? What’s the story behind these ruins.  …….That is what is behind this God-visited devastation.
(The next story goes into Solomon (the Jew) making a deal with Hiram King of Tyre, who I suppose was a Gentile. The deal was for Hiram to give King Solomon all the cedar and cypress and gold that he wanted.  King Hiram gave Solomon 4 1/2 tons of gold or 9,000 pounds! 
In return, Solomon gave Hiram 20 villages, but when he saw the villages he was mad and said, “What kind of reward is this, my friend?  Twenty backward hick towns!
So it is obvious that immediately after God warned Solomon about being pure, just, righteous, which is honest, he broke that vow with God and double-crossed the King of Tyre and usurped all his gold, cedar, and cypress for worthless land.  Sounds like the Jews of today.
And it is “God” that said that He will wipe Israel off the map, not me or the President of Iran. God Almighty and His words.
Solomon is called the “Wisest” or “Smartest” man, just as the Jews are called today, but if you look above was he “really” smart or do the Jews study topics that make them rich and destroy us. 

Jews, Israel and the Space Challenger Explosion

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January 28, 1986, the Space Challenger exploded carrying the entire crew.  What separates this NASA, National Aeronautics Space Agency, space adventure was that it carried a school teacher:
“While the presence of New Hampshire schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe on the Challenger crew had provoked some media interest, there was little live broadcast coverage of the launch.”
I saw pictures today of the Space Challenger from the outer space satellite view of the explosion.  They are original photos from NASA and someone that worked there long ago.  I’m not afraid to tell you because others have these pictures too, (although rare) and know what I’m going to tell you.
There was a series of 5 photos.  The first showed that the tail of the Challenger was on fire.  The second showed that the fire went “through” the interior of the space craft.  Then 3, 4, and 5 showed the explosion with pieces flying everywhere.
Our media never showed these pictures.
Are you ready for this?  My friend very innocently said, “These pictures were taken by “Israeli” Satellites!
It is odd that Israel should have the “only” real photos showing the spacecraft still intact except for the fire on the tail. And then step by step explosion.
What is more scary is that the Jews, have the only film of the President John F. Kennedy Assassination, the famous “Zapruder” film.
It would be just like the Jews to pull off horrors like that and be so arrogant that they would want films of them to “amuse” themselves.
There are just too many horrors that seem to point the finger at Israel and the Jews.  Our people are too unsuspecting; if anything they are conditioned to look the other way.
But I almost dropped my jaw when he said that it was “Israeli” satellite cameras that caught the whole explosion from beginning to end!
I’m shocked beyond words and that is what the Jews like: to administer shock treatments to Whites, while their women live in calmness, no tears, $$$ and paradise.
I almost think that the fact that there was a ‘schoolteacher’ aboard that makes it stand out for even me that never saw it on TV. It probably signified the end of the control of our schooling of Whites over our own children. It is probably when we collectively gave our children up for good to the Federal State. 
The picture looked something like this only in reverse as if taken from outerspace, with the earth surface showing, but near, and the sky black. This picture was taken from the ground showing a blue and white sky.
It is hard to believe the Israeli Jews could have been involved in this, but since we have never had movies since 1928 and the first talkee that were not part of the Jewish conglomerate, and not least the ones that blanketed the White race because of constant hammering of Jewish media, propaganda, marketing and advertising. 
I never mentioned anything about “Jews,” to this person, so he is speaking the innocent Truth.  Are the Jews responsible for the Space Challenger Explosion wth the White female school teacher on it?  I’m not saying they are, but we need to debate “everything,” for we have been kept in the blind for at least 80 years, and perhaps as long as 1,000 years!
Components of the Space Shuttle
Failure of the liquid oxygen tank in the ET
Structural breakup of the Orbiter
Orbiter debris

White woman cries to Sukiyaki

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Japanese Wedding Bride Costume for song Sukiyaki

I heard on Voice of Reason Radio that Bill Johnson, who is the Chairman of the American Third Position, (neither Democrat Party nor Republican Party) had lived or worked with Japan. Perhaps he would enjoy my next Karaoke song and costume: “Sukiyaki” the only song on our charts in total Japanese which I will try to sing on Monday. (Hope they don’t call me crazy, but, that’s the Jewish and Sigmund Frued, the Jew, who “defined” what is “crazy” for Whites and the World. 

I cried a little when I heard the English translation for I think perhaps if I lift my head while I walk instead of looking down in despair, my tears won’t fall on the ground.  I read on the internet that the USA, (United States of Arms and Artillery) are putting up arms and artillery all along Russia, China and Iran. (The USA probably

doesn’t have the $$$ to pay its debts. I think the Jews also are over-extended on debts that they can’t pay back. So they will get the world off of them and their debts and onto a 3rd World War.

I’m tired of US War and Imperialism.  Let’s let our White male heal and not take advantage of other races moving here to use as body bags.
No wonder I cry! and I Cry!  Every mother in the world should be crying in harmony with me.
Afghanistan is occupying center stage at the moment, but in the wings are complementary maneuvers to expand a string of new military bases and missile shield facilities throughout Eurasia and the Middle East.

The advanced Patriot theater anti-ballistic missile batteries in place or soon to be in Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates describe an arc stretching from the Baltic Sea through Southeast Europe to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Caucasus and beyond to East Asia. A semicircle that begins on Russia’s northwest and ends on China’s northeast.

Here are some pix of my costume for my Japanese Bride: It is by far the most beautiful of my collection. I bought it on ebay from a White man who brought it home from Japan. His wife was going to throw him out for she refuses to wear it and “walk behind a man” as the Japanese custom. The White hat worn over the head that I designed and sewed is said to be worth $50,000.00. The yellow Japanese lady at the Japanese Embassy told me that the had is so large to cover the horns of the (Japanese) bride so the husband doesn’t see that the woman is devilish or a bitch until “after” the wedding and its too late.
The Japanese Kimono that I have is so beautiful it looks like it is worth $10,000.00 in fabric alone.

You’ll have to click on this for the Barbie Doll version of my costume:  http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://kimonofromjapan.com/japanese-doll/og174/kimonodoll174s.jpg&imgrefurl=http://kimonofromjapan.com/japanese-doll/index.htm&usg=__ilmMHM2cXnFqkX1LyYN-jmc154E=&h=226&w=141&sz=14&hl=en&start=120&tbnid=JduJXw24CA2oMM:&tbnh=108&tbnw=67&prev=/images%3Fq%3Djapanese%2Bwedding%2Bkimono%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D20%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26start%3D100

My costume Kimono is way more beautiful than this. The White Cranes embroidered in blazing gold leaf on it are fantastic, along with the shining green leafs, white, pink and stunning turquoise flowers. This costume needs to be seen in person as well as the talent I try to reflect in my performances. I do not think pictures, words, movies, do the performance, the song, the singer, the costume justice.

Muslims in Poland

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As if the Jews in Poland and America weren’t enough, now we have “Muslims” pouring into a poor, poor country like Poland, and taking their jobs when their White Polish unemployment is off the charts.

How can my loving country of Poland still suffering from Jews and their wars, take in 30,000 Muslims when the Whites are unemployed?
Our Whites, all over the globe, are having to rely on brown Muslims, like Jews, (who I think are going to unite someday and we Whites will do their dirty work of wars in the Mideast to accomplish it.)
Our White Polish, as well as White British, need to get off the drugs and hard booze, or at least raise their kids that way, (and above all get off the “let’s kiss the Jew’s ass today 24/7,” which is our daily prayer.  We need to be able to do the jobs that the Jews and Muslims are providing for us.  If we find alternative methods for health, starting from healthy parents, as Hitler wanted, breastfeeding, no drug childbirth, vegetable gardens, spirituality, exercise, organization of “all” Whites to help each other, we can make it.  Whites can “unite” their $$$ for sending $$$ to black Haiti and don’t forget Jewish administrators and advertisers get most of it.  Why can’t we unite our funds, (what little we have since the Jews made sure we are indebted up to our toupees and hairpieces,) and bring up our White race so that we don’t need “Muslims” in Poland
Of all places to see Muslims but in a poor country battered by war worse than any woman or man battered by their spouses combined. I do not think Jews, nor Chinese, nor Hindus’ batter each other.  We’ve been duped.  And now, try to prove it, as we Whites dwell in a third world war.
I do not think White Poor Eastern European should get “handouts,” any more than black Haiti, or the richest country in the world, per capita, Jewish Israel.  When my husband took his life his said, “It is about ‘men’ and not about money $$$.”  To develop our boys, comes from “mentorship,” “ideas” “systems.”  The Jewish Communists taught the White Polish to stand in line and wait for bread. Poles can bake their own bread or live off vegetable gardens, canning and freezing, working in groups. I think the Mormons might do this for their Mormon canneries.  White Christians “unite” like now, getting food ready to go to black Haiti. Send the food to Poland, send it to Romania, send it to poor Russians that are lying in the streets drunk out of their minds, having White babies that are born with disabilities.  Jews aren’t having those kind of babies. They intentionally drug up to keep our offspring retarded.  I will say again. There is no reason that the Jews are smarter than us. The Chinese, starting to adopt American ways of Jewish intentional degeneration of their competitors, (enemies of war which we are already in a race war, Whites just don’t know it yet,) but the Chinese Yellow are already declining and soon their status of being 2nd smartest will go much lower than the Jews and the Jews will continue to appear as ‘gods,’ or a 15,000,000 gods.  What a religion? Instead of 1 God that we worship spiritually, we worship a 15,000,000 god religion called International Jewry.
Instead of 30,000 rich filthy spoiled rotten Jewish students visiting Catholic Poland, 30,000 White Polish-Americans like me, should be visiting there.  The Jews go there to “persecute” Catholics further for Polish Whites worked in those work camps for the Germans. The Germans did not do all that prison work themselves, I don’t think. 
When Hitler organized his White Hitler Youth, did he go around and give them all plenty of $$$$.  He gave them “ideas” to survive. My Daddy went to Father Nelson Baker, who he worked for and is going to be canonized as a saint, (if the Vatican ever gets around to it, when our young boys need a White role model and hopefully the Vatican calls him a “White saint,” to help resurrect the Catholics and Christians of today,)………..  Fr. Baker taught the boys organization, smiling while doing hard work, (which the blacks nor jews know either) he taught them to do ‘everything,’ just as I do today. Not just “1” thing, but everything that is necessary.
I think and I know White Poles were treated “worse” than Jews for the Poles were like animal slave labor that had to do the Hard manual work, which Jews are forbidden to do by their god.  Only our God forces us to work hard while the Jews don’t work at all and get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  This is rather a very narrow if not confused idea of what God is.  God is that which enables an entity to prosper in health, perfection, harmony amongst White people.  Anything that denies that, is the devil, and if the Jews intentionally bring us down they are doing the work of the devil. 
Here, the only thing the Poles had for “entertainment” was a brothel, or a whore house, house of prostitution. I find that sort of funny, for it shows that the White Germans “cared” about the sex life of the White Poles. Who cares about the sex life of the White man in the world today? Jews are getting all the sex they want from White women that work for them and for free.  Mexican men are grinding their hips and grinding out brown babies and we Whites “pay” for that sex.  Blacks screw the hell out of black women, rape White women, 37,462 a year, and get all the sex they want. If not they get homosexuality in prison and we “pay” for that. I’m sick of it. I can’t stand it. Who is paying for my sex?  Who is paying for the White man’s sex and his babies.  The Jews have literally super-glued the White man to a computer chair and “allow” him to watch non-real images on a screen to masturbate by.  The future White baby sperms fall into his hands and then washed down the skin in a wet wash rag. They have reduced the White man to the “lowest” level of sex in the universe and Jews get rich off it and the rest of the world “laughs” at us.  Oh how they laugh, while I cry.  For I love the White male, always have and always will, even under the worse suffering one could put a woman.  The Jews have put a wedge between the White male and female so that the Jewish men can have their White woman and are giving the White woman to all the other races to screw the hell out of them.  It is a White Nightmare where once the White man was a White Knight.  And the White women have pushed them into this as well as the Jews for the White women “listen” to the Jews, their gods and masters and lords.  The White men should be listened to, but the white men need to develop that consciousness which is healthy, right, loving, stable, sober, and spiritual.  All the “highest” ideals as Bill Johnson, who wants to run for office in the American Third Position, an alternative to the Republican and Democratic Party.
We must stop this and start our own White life, individually and collectively.  No matter the pain. I suffer daily for just being me.
I also have to laugh that the Germans punished the Polish workers for going late to work. As much as 28 days in prison. I for one have always had a hard time getting to places on time. I’m better now, but I have missed planes because of being late.  I never had an alarm clock when younger and my Mama and Daddy didn’t wake me up as my sister that didn’t graduate grammar school where she stayed until she was 16.  I was to be a ‘breeder’ and scrub floors.  Jewish women were to be my goddesses, princesses, queens, and their wish was my command. I was to be paid the “least” of the wages, while Muslims come into a country at the “top” of the wage earners.  They come in as doctors, and truthfully, we don’t need doctors, except in rare occasions. The more people that “reject” doctors, the easier it will be to stay healthier. We live as a result of not just our own “thinking” but of the thinking of those around us, and of the general thinking such as we see on Jewish TV which directs and molds our thoughts, especially those of our children.
Someday, we might live as Hitler wanted for Vienna Austria.  Town House complexes of 16 units where all the families “unite” and prosper. It was the same principle that the people and governors of the Mayflower, 1st ship to come and settle America, did here when the 1st ship’s people perished or were boiled and chopped up by the Red Indian Savages. (How long can Whites endure living and being persecuted by savages, including the Jews who devour our minds and souls and hearts, while the other races kill off our bodies.)  The people on the Mayflower were to live in groups of ’10’. They worked “together.”
It wasn’t “let’s keep up with the Jones,” and have each White person in competition with their neighbors.  As I wrote recently, if one family had a radio, all the rest would share.  It would make the economy collapse, but “whose” economy? We Whites are not producing anything anymore. I don’t even know what kind of jobs we are doing but it seems that we are working on nonsense jobs to keep the non-Whites and Jews alive, thriving and well and securing their future.
Just saw this in headlines.  Bill Gates the richest man in the world who happens to be White and his White wife are giving away $10,000,000,000.00 for vaccines.  Who gets most of the $$$? The Jews and non-Whites for our Whites are not scientists and doctors anymore.  (although, Whites can find other ways of staying healthy than relying on Jews anymore. They have doped us up for profit and to keep us down.)
Probably these vaccines, etc. will not go to “Whites” even but the poor in Haiti. Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing about the “poor” Blacks and “poor” Jews. I don’t wake up in the a.m. to get a daily, if not minute by minute dose of Jewish propaganda.  To think when Bill stepped down, the Jews now control just about everything that is important on the internet.   The Jews “cannot” do it without White bodies, just as the war.  The war needs White minds for decisions to carry out the Jews’ will.  If the Jews are on top, the Whites put them there and keep them there.  Then we no longer serve God, or even ourselves, but a Jewish Monopoly.  Christians believe in on God.  Believing and obeying Jews require believing in a 15,000,000 god religion
Also, here is the “gods” of Germany and their “chemical” weapons,  Just as bad as drugs and these men were also trained in German Jewish universities before World War II where 52% of doctors were Jewish, and the other 48% Whites were taught by Jews as our own Muslim doctors are being taught to drug Whites up today.
I’m putting this up so that we can get a look at the “Polish” view of the war. And Poles must be honest, for when we revise history we don’t just want lies to favor Whites and or Christians. That is destructive to the mind, spirit and soul. But surely, the Poles suffered much more in World War II and their only crime:  Housing and feeding Jews for 900 years and becoming their Jewish slaves as we Whites are today.

Jews say: “Never Forgive; Never Forget, White Germans and Kill their White Children!

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In the movie below, the Jews say about Auschwitz Poland, “Never Forgive; Never Forget.” Hence, since I must follow the Jews who seem to be our Masters, I will “Never Forgive; nor Never Forget” what they did to  my Mama and Polish White Daddy who worked for them; what they did to my nieces, my sisters and I that worked for them, the Jewish doctor raping me, the Jews that drove my husband to suicide for their Jewish wars and Jewish banks.  Yes in the words of the Jewish woman, “I will never forgive the Jews and I will never forget.”
It is said that “anti-Semitism,” is an IRRATIONAL hate against Jews.  My hatred for Jews is “rational,” for I have reasons. It would be as if I hated porcupines. I have never seen a porcupine in the wild, and if I hated them, I would be “irrational.” But if a porcupine came and attacked my sons, and ate them up for dinner, my hatred is “rational.”  I am a female mother protecting her young.  Well, the Jews ate my sons up. Not their bodies, but their minds, their hearts, their souls, their White intelligence, and even the one son’s will to live. The Jews ate and devoured my sons “intentionally.”  They devoured me when I was at the point of death.  Their cruelty is so sinister good Christians don’t even have words to voice their opposition. We don’t even know how to protest against them for the Jews will out talk us, or get their Jewish World Wide Web on us.
Jews are “anti-Christ.” And that means they hate the Christ, Christians, and Whites who have been the bulk of the Christians for 900 years. The Jews have an “irrational” hatred for us, for we have done nothing to them. Whites gave the Jews America. Poland gave the Jews Poland for 900 years including their royalty and women.  Whites gave the Jews Europe for all these wars. Whites gave the Jews our banking, Fr. Knox, Federal Reserve Bank, and World Bank. (as a White Polish woman I’d be happy with a piggy bank with pennies, and the Jewish women get trillions plus, plus, plus, all the gold, silver, platinum and uranium.  Whites gave the Jews our children and our schools.  Whites gave the Jews our bodies so their Jewish scientists can keep us sick and chop us up in hospitals.  Whites gave the Jews the movie invention, Whites gave the Jews the radio invention. Whites gave the Jews “Microsoft,” when Bill Gates the richest man in the world stepped down. Whites gave the Jews Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Israel, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, Mexico, China, Japan, and soon we will give the Jews the last hold out ——— the rest of the Arabs and Mideast.  The Jews want it all and we Whites will give it to them. And we will do it in the name of “Christ,” when Jews hate Christ, spit at him, killed him, still kill him today, and Jews are “anti-Christ.” Their hatred is “irrational” for it has no foundation. If we try to “protect’ what is ours that is normal. Even insects would do the same.  We Whites have been reduced lower than the lowest insect for we don’t have those rights.
It is my hope that this info gets to Poland since so much of it is about Auschwitz, Poland. 
It’s a movie called “Defamation” by an Israeli Jew studying both sides of “anti-Semitism.”  It is on the Dr. David Duke website.
White Polish People have suffered more in the last 70 years than Jews.  Look at Jews today. They are filthy rich and yes Jews are filthy cause me, my Mama and my sisters cleaned their filthy houses.  Look at Poles today, where Jews occupied for 900 years. I’m told it is worse there than under Hitler or Communism.
So why are people “feeling sorry for the richest people in the world.
At the end of the movie, all the teens are crying.  Do you know why?  I have written before that in the Bible Jews were “paid” to cry at funerals and they were called wailers. It is “fake” crying.  It is like in Vegas, they “pay” people to clap. The people don’t know how to clap unless there are “paid,” or “brainwashed.”  The Whites are waiting for a Jewish cue to make their next act.
I was in Jewish therapies and they have ways to get people to cry.  In one therapy the counselor would press on a point under my eyes, make me think of something sad, and I not only would ‘cry’ I would get hysterical.  It is Jewish fakery for it never healed anything. It was like a game.
If I cry every tells me not to. If the Jewish women cry everyone sits up straight, gets out their checkbook, and soothes the Jewish women’s fake pain.  Jews in pain?  Where?  Who?  Where are the actual names of the 6,000,000 Jews killed by Germans, “in Poland.”  Both Poland and Germany must stand together, for they are kin of the same spirit. They must work for “honesty.”  Have them get a list, just like the wall of Viet Nam dead Veterans, of every name of every Jew that died in the Auschwitz, Poland “Work Camp.”  How many Poles died?  What are the Poles names? What are the Poles stories? Have them read a few Jewish stories and then give them an example so that they can write their own.
One of the Jewish Israeli Teenage Princesses says that she hates “all” Nazis, (meaning White Germans that were trying to save their race and separate from the Jews.)  The Jewish Princess said that she hates that so much she wants to kill the children and grandchildren of those “Nazis.”  There is definitely, definitely, definitely ‘anti-German,’ ‘anti-White’ hatred against Germans by Jews.  When I see the actual figure and some day this will happen for we are naturally a “Truth in Lending” sort of society where people are going to want “proof.” One cannot even get a $1.00 rebate off a product unless they furnish a “proof” of purchase because no business of company, that wants to live and not go extinct, would give away $1.00 unless they got that “proof of purchase,” off the box.
Where is the “proof of deaths?”  There must be 6,000,000 Jewish death certificates floating around Poland somewhere. 
Poland had the Jews for 900 years. America has had them for about 100 and the Jews have made enough $$$ off us Whites that the Jews don’t have to work for the next 800 years for the Jews will make us Whites slave for them, our wives also slave, (plus give them sex) and our children have to be kept down so the Jews can float to the top effortlessly. Are the Jews angels or spiritual that they should get that reward?  They are the opposite.
I had to laugh at the beginning when the blacks really honed in on the Jews. How can the blacks with such low intelligence and many living in poverty, drugged up, drunk, yet they know the Jews are rotten and no Americans don’t.  One blacks says, “Jews never get robbed.” 
I thought the same thing in Chicago. How could the thieves and hoodlums steal my purse 9 times in 9 years, and I never can even imagine a Jew getting robbed.  They don’t get robbed. The black guy knowingly laughed that if they rob a Jew they get way more prison time. Plus the Jews don’t have anything.
It’s true.  All the things and materialism and consumerism is for Whites for Jews live simpler and cheaper lives.
In this 1/2 black, 1/2 Jew area, Jews know how to rob the government with Section 8, and discounts and laws.  Laws that Jewish lawyers put in to cover their crimes.  The blacks know clearly that the Jews use mind control on them. This is “common” knowledge among blacks. Why isn’t this common knowledge among the Poles who housed them for 900 years or the Whites who took the Polish Jews in and now are suffering the same fate as the Poles. Why can’t we Whites work with the Poles so solve this problem. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Surely the Poles had ways of dealing with the Jews and we can learn from them.
I notice that all the Jewish men kiss and hug.  I would like to see our White men get along and not fight.  Jews have set us against one another for wars in Europe, brother against brother, for Jewish $$$.  We have to see through that for our men to survive. 
The movie said that Jews bring up the past constantly.  If I bring up the past I’m rebuked.  Even my family rebukes me.  Only “Jews” can bring up the past. Whites can’t bring up their suffering for only “Jews” can suffer.  They are the “least” suffering people on the planet since the beginning of time, and we have to listen if they even have a word of discomfort said against them.
Again, I was thrilled to see that a Jewish Israeli mother told her son “Jews in America don’t work!”  I’ve figured that out; I told you from experience, and not only that they don’t work, but they command huge multi-million dollar salaries “not” to work and screw and impregnate White women while at work.

I wonder how many babies that are “passing” for White are really the babies of a Jewish “nice” rape, a rape where the White woman gives in thinking the Jew is being “Nice” to her. Hitler saw this; he made laws clearly so the entire country was on the same page about the evil of the Jewish men raping White German woman. Surely the same happened in Poland and we must find this out for it is a disgrace to hide the Truth as much as it would be a disgrace to hide the name of Jesus.
It was so odd to see the Auschwitz Work Camp for Jews when Jews don’t work!  And how the Whites slave for the Jews and have for 1,000 years. Are not the Whites tired of working for just a cruel “Master & Mistress!”  You would think after 1,000 years of laboring for the Jews, dying for them, giving them our all and every ounce of our blood that they would let up. But it has been so “easy” for them to walk all over us. If it were “hard,” they wouldn’t do it for they are lazy and can’t work. Hitler knew that.  The Nazis knew that and that is why that Jewish female student wants to kill all the children, (heirs) and grandchildren of the Nazi’s today for the Nazis were trying to persuade Jews to work in an Auschwitz Work Camp.   And all the students were crying at the end of the movie for these Jewish kids can’t imagine anyone being so cruel and heartless as to expect Jews to work for a living instead of sucking the White blood of the country that gave them and their lice and filth a home.
Poles put Jews in ghettos for reasons.  What were those reasons? Perhaps now we can listen to Poles and stop calling them “dumb Polaks.”
I do not see how Polish people could invite the Jews by the 30,000’s “back” into their holy land of Jesus Christ, when the Jews not only crucified Jesus but they crucified the Poles and left them in ashes when they moved to Israel and here. The Jews came here with $$$$. And lots of it. Where did they get it? Poland, Germany and Russia and they took it or made it illegally from our ancestors, cousins and kin.  Our ancestors didn’t know any better but we do.
The Poles should “Not” kiss the Jews asses, especially their spoiled rich Jewish children. The Poles should look at their own lives and their own children and see what the Jews did to them and never forgive the Jews and never forget that the Jews did it “intentionally” to them to make $$$$ off their misery.  I would put up a sign at Auschwitz to replace the one that was stolen, “No Jews allowed in Poland!” And AMerican Whites should stand by Poland.
It is like my Polish White AMerican brother in West Palm Beach. The School system was run by rich Jews and wanted my brother out for he wanted to “improve” the education.  My brother spoke up at teacher’s meetings and other teachers felt exactly the same way and encouraged him to speak more. But when it came to losing his job, not one teacher stood beside him. All the Whites ran away from my brother leaving him to fight the battle to the Supreme Court and lose to the Jews.
Even the Jew from Chicago, Norman Finklestein says the Jews are the “Curse of America.” Sounds like it came right off my keyboard for I know I’ve been cursed by the Jews, but does the rest of the White race know? Other races are catching on and are not afraid to talk about it. What are they going to do “put a black in prison for talking against the Jews?” The black will cry “discrimination,” so somehow all sides are protected by Jewish laws, Jewish $$$, government $$$, (which is really White $$$) “except” the Whites.
Abe Foxman of the ADL, Anti-Defamation League, says, “We will fight you with all our might for our (Jewish) children and (Jewish) children’s children. 
And yet when Hitler and the Nazis wanted to fight the Jews “economically” the Jews of America, the Curse of America, destroyed Hitler for the Nazis wanted to protect their children. If I said, “The White Nazis fought the Jews with all their might,” they would get the hate laws against Whites, which is nothing but a Jewish Psychiatric Straight Jacket put on White people and “our” children for we can’t fight. We can’t even “think” let alone fight the Jews with all our might for our White children and our White children’s children.
The White Poles must think and fight for their White children and children’s children. And I don’t mean war, for that poor country has fought Jewish wars for 900 years and look at how the dirty filthy Jews left them penniless and begging. And we turn our $$$ to blacks Haitians like we did the Blacks in Hurricane Katrina. (Both of which I believe were induced and not acts of nature.)
Jews know how to “induce” labor in babies their their Jewish scientists, they know how to induce levees to break for hurricanes and create explosions from anti-matter laser missals or the like to induce an earthquake.
If Whites around the world pooled their talent, their energy, their intelligence, we could solve this problem and it is going to take 100% participation.  We can’t make it any other way.  The US is gone. Europe is going Muslim. Australia seems multi-cultural. 
Abe Foxman, head of ADL, says that countries “hate” Jews for “if you can get rid of Jews you can take their $$$.” First of all, if a robber steals my purse with money in it and some White hunk captures the thief and gives the purse back to the owner, the “owner” keeps the money, not the robber. Jews got their $$$ dishonestly, even for not working, let alone all their sabotage, murder inc. assassinations, drug dealing, alcohol $$$, doctor’s outrageous fees, Jewish lawyers outrageous fees, Hollywood CEO’s outrageous fees, etc.  Therefore that $$$ belongs back to the White people.  Foxman is wrong for it is the “Jews” who have taken our $$$ off our hard work, and not the Whites taking the Jews’ money.  Although we can’t let the Jews do this anymore.  It is anti-Christ.

Elvis and Jesus and Barbara

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This is from “Baby Let’s Play House,” by Alanna Nash and Elvis is with a gal named Barbara, and the same name as me:
“At 3 a.m. he took her to his bedroom, and this time the pajamas were red, not black, and offered instead of thrown. They carried the vague scent of what “Barbara” thought was Old Spice.  He showed her the guest room, and then retired to his, and when she came out, he was waiting for her.  She sat at the foot of the mammoth bed, and then Elvis held out a surprise for her.”
” ‘I’d like you to have this,’ he said, producing a Gold Medallion of Jesus.”
A Jesus charm might have been a mood killer for a dazzling actress who had come to Las Vegas to spend the night with the rock’s reigning sex god.  But “Barbara” had relied on faith to get her through the worst of her childhood, and now Elvis was sharing a part of his.  God, Jesus, the Bible became the basis for their relationship.  In time, they would get down on their knees and pray together, and the most vulnerable she ever saw him was when he was on his bed reading scripture and talking about what God meant to him.  But in just the moment, a tear came to her eye, and she leaned over and kissed him. 
That first night, the kissing was the foreplay.  “His mouth was round, full, and soft.”  But during lovemaking, he reminded her a bit of his character from Jailhouse Rock.  He kissed her over and over, eventually finding his way to the back of her neck. It sent chills through her. then he kissed his way downward, touching and kissing her breasts, and working his way down her arm to the back of her hand. There he briefly stopped and they both broke out into laughter.
He grabbed her again, and then they kissed harder, more passionately, almost frantically.  “He was spontaneous, hungry, and made love with the enthusiasm of a teenager. It was a dream to be with him, to kiss him, to smell him, to taste him, and finally to feel him inside of me.

NAACP, White Race, Jews

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Since the NAACP and blacks have trillions of dollars both in cash and Jewish media and lawyers, they can “teach” us something for we are deprived of both. I heard on the radio that the NAACP says, “if children spend 20 minutes a day “after” homework studying math and reading for extra work, they will be able to skip a grade. Who is telling us blacks. If we don’t hear it accidentally we will remain at the bottom of the heap in academia. I’ll tell you something. If people really understood spirituality, all those Jews that consider themselves the “smartest” will seen to be the “dumbest” people on earth for the Jews will have to “forget” everything they learned at Harvard for it is worthless compared to Spirituality and Love. Also, Obama gave his address that was written by Jews telling us what they are going to do with us. It is like a serial killer going into a woman’s room and then telling her all the horrible things he is going to do before does them. It is sick! It is criminal it is an “Obamanation.” For this is an Obama Nation. It is not a White nation. But one of the things I heard on Rush was that Obama really cut the Supreme Court. I already cut the Supreme Court up into shreds even spitting on those Supremacists who are headed by Jews with only 1 – 89 year old White man on there. The Jews did that to really stick it to us to show just how weak we are! There has to be justice. Somewhere in the universe.

SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center

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Just a thought. The Jews hate the Southern White Gentlemen so much and are jealous of them that they put an entire 200 million dollar organization in the South just to keep the White men and women terrorized and to make sure the KKK never rises again.
They put the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to keep the White men down just as the Jews put an army in White Germany “forever” for even Elvis was there, so that the Nazis’ never try to save the race or White women and children.
The lesson though for our White men is that they need to save themselves first. They are no good to anyone until they are “good” to themselves.

Blacks and Music

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You don’t have to watch this video, but you watch sports and have lived with blacks so we need to be aware of how the Jews have put messages into our heads. Tina Turner performed in 2005 overseas it seems. Not sure where. For royalty. She is there for a “Hans CHRISTIAN,” dedication. Was it a slap in the face for “Christians.” Watch how she hesitates before she says “He was simply the best.” It was almost as if it were Jewish coding to arrange for this performance only to make fun of Hans “Christian.”  Aren’t the Jewish organizations such as ADL, Anti-Defamation League, and SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, always taking away Christian symbols and putting up oversized installed with a crane, Jewish Menorah Candlesticks?  The Jews detest Christians and detest the men of the South, that is why they have “Southern Poverty Law Center. There are too many things like this to ignore it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoTCZzenogw&feature=related If Tina Turner would ever come to Vegas she better sew her own clothes and outdo my performance for even the blacks were shaking my hands, video taping, and congratulating me. There were blacks there that might have come from B.B. King’s place across the street. The audience and those that work and live here will be comparing Tina to my heart-wrenching performance. I also changed the lyrics from: (If sex bothers you skip this email) “I call you when I need you my heart’s on fire. You come “to” me, come “to” me you’re wild and wired. You come “to” me, give me everything I need. I change to: I call you when I need you my heart’s on fire You come “in” me, come “in” me you’re wild and wired. You come “In” me, give me everything I need. Just remember this: in order to have White babies a man needs to ‘come’ in his woman, (hopefully good with character and healthy) He can’t “come” in his hand, on a woman’s breasts, in her eye, as I have on one of my sex DVD’s, or come in the butt, or come in the armpit, or come in a woman’s hand, or come in a sheep, or as Weird Al sings, when he comes in a piece of fresh bloody liver he got from the store. He comes in a woman. That is what my Mama and Daddy Did. Sex is infinite, if one chooses to have it. Perhaps those in China don’t anymore for it might be overrated. I think they should cut out all the sex around the USA and just leave Las Vegas to have sexy shows. For adults. It would make me more popular, for why should a man come and see men, when he could jag off in front of the computer screen. No babies born. Doesn’t have to pay his whole life and sometimes for a baby that isn’t even his but his wife told him. For if a woman has an affair during her marriage it is the “boyfriends” baby and “not” the husband’s for she is more likely to climax with a lover than a husband. It is the “taboo” the Jews taught us about. Also, if you watch this clip, Tina is the “Queen.” Above all the White man. In this clip the White man is her slave and is reduced to ‘rags.’ It is happening, it is happening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TViZKt-AX6E

Cellphones and Jews

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From what I understand most cell phones and techlogy is made in Jewish Israel. Do you think they are trying to explode our White brains, or even other races, while their cell phones don’t harm?

Watch this it is the most remarkable thing. It is funny at first, but if it could do that to popcorn I wonder what it does to our skull or brain?