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Elvis Southern Gentleman

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Elvis was very Godly, that is an understatement.  Elvis was also the son of a White Cotton Picker. I just wonder if the government went into the cotton fields and “helped” all the “Whites” who were poor and suffering as Elvis’ Mama and Daddy, who was forced, from poverty, to write a false check and sent to prison.
Or was the government “racist” and only went into the cotton fields of the South and help (or hinder) the blacks?  If so, that needs to be corrected and restitution given to the South for all the damages caused to those Southern Whites and their wealth, health and power restored 10 fold.
Elvis sings “soon my trials Lord will be over.”  And “you know your (White) Daddy is bound to die.
Why? Is that the curse of the Jews to “die in war,” or is it for the Jews to get “Rich in war” while we die off.  And will the jews and their ilk now use the browns/blacks/yellows to replace us in their wars?
It is God’s “only” will for the White man and Race to live. No one would be upset if the white clouds were “exterminated” and there was no more water or rain and the earth would die. So why would anyone argue the preservation of the White race?
This will be my final Easter song of “resurrection” and Life and not death for us.

Jews Exterminate Whites?

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Just studying  Bible Lesson and the Gentile woman that came up to Jesus for healing, she was Syro-Phoenician and was one of that nation that the Jews had been bidden to “exterminate.”  Jesus healed her for he was “loving” and not “hateful” as the Jews.
If the Jews were bent on not just “hate’ of their neighbors, but “extermination,” are the Jews planning our White extermination?  Or shall we say, how far into this White extermination process are the Jews?

Jew Judas and Blood Money

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As I’m looking for lyrics for Jesus Christ Superstar for Easter, I found these of Judas the Jew Treasurer for Jesus’ Group, The Way.  Note the jewish rich and elite want to find Jesus alone and away from the crowd for their torture and murder of “good.” As I sent the other email, all that $$$ paid into the jews was “blood” money that sucked our White blood and enriched the jews’ blood to be the healthiest economic people in the world. Yet they are no better with liver and kidneys and came from Poland just like I did.  They are no “superstars” or “superrich” and would be nowhere and nothing if it wasn’t for the Whites in Europe and USA.  And if our wealth is based on them, well we can see our economy and White wealth collapsing as the jewish demolition of the 3 World Trade Centers with only 2 planes. Only dumb polak jews could do something like that.  Note Annas is the same jew that arrested Paul.  I wonder why Judas says, “Jesus can’t control it.”  Control what? The World? Is that left to “human” or shall I say, “inhumane” jews to “control the world?” 
Why does Judas the Jew say to the rich powerful Jews: 
“Why are we the prophets?
Why are we the ones?
Who see the sad solution
Know what must be done?”  (Prophets of what?  Not just the crucifixion of Jesus but the death of the Gentiles. For our wars with the Muslims will surely end “both Muslims and Christians,” and leave the world government on the hands of the evil jews.) 
And what is the ‘sad solution.’  The end of the White race.  Although I think the jews will laugh their way through just as we have.
Annas the Jew says, “Cut the protesting.”  Only jews can protest and their black/brown slaves.  Whites cannot protest. They can “pretend” to protest, but they are not protesting for their own rights but for the rights of the non-White takeover of our Country.
They paid Judas in “silver.” And that is odd since “gold” is a higher commodity.  Yet the first time “silver” is mentioned in the Bible is from Exodus 20:23:
“The Lord said until Moses, ‘Say this unto the Israelites:  You know now that I have spoken to you from heaven. You shall not make gods of silver to be worshipped as well as me, nor should you make gods of gold.”  Hitler knew that and did away with that, or at least he thought. Now the Germans of today, worship the jewish gods of gold and silver and have lost the “character” of race they once beheld if just for a moment in White history.
It must be for us to “worship” Good and one another and that is called God whatever one believes that to be.  Yet, we live in a world of Communists and atheists that live by different rules and it is “good” for us to have money and supply and an abundance of it. If jews are that rich and are evil, how much richer would it be for Christians….. but are we really ‘good’ or White skinned with jewish minds and hearts and souls like Judas the Jew betraying his own. Just as our Whites betray us.
Judas repeatedly says, “I didn’t come here of my own accord.” Brainwashing.
The rich jews already had the papers and were ready to arrest Jesus.
Yet, the Judas the treasurer says “I don’t need that blood money and I don’t want that blood money.” But the rich jews “convince” him and don’t the jews convince us 24/7 of whatever they want to impose on us and our freedoms.  The rich jew says, “but you can give the $$$ to the poor and to charity. And isn’t that what Whites have done:  feel sorry for the black poor, jew poor holohaux, brown poor, everyone except the White poor of which I was one.  And if jews get “charity” money in these galas and fund raisers, remember they are taking more than 60% it and turn around and put that 60% into the government officials elections as “bribery” and “blood money” still around today.
It is ended to take the money as a “fee.” And our whole jewish wealth is based on “fees,” and not hard work.
Here is from thesaurus.com on “worship.”  We “worship” someone or something every day. It might be God, TV, Computer, or jews which control all of the above. It is up to “us” to decide where our thoughts and affections are going to be and what we “worship.”
(See Thesaurus.com and the chart of the word “Worship.” 

Now if I help you
It matters that you see
This sordid kind of things are
Coming hard to me
It’s taken me some time
To work out what to do
I weighed the whole thing up
Before I came to you
I had no thought at all
Of my own reward
I really didn’t come here
Of my own accord
Just don’t say I’m
Damned for all time!

I came because I had to
Because I’m the one who saw
Jesus can’t control it
Like he did before
And furthermore I know
That Jesus thinks so too
Jesus wouldn’t mind
That I was here with you
I have no thought at all
Of my own reward
I really didn’t come here
Of my own accord
Just don’t say I’m
Damned for all time!

Annas, you’re a friend
A worldly man and wise
Caiaphas, my friend
I know you sympathise

Why are we the prophets?
Why are we the ones?
Who see the sad solution
Know what must be done?
I have no thought at all
Of my own reward
I really didn’t come here
Of my own accord
Just don’t say I’m
Damned for all time!

Cut the protesting
Forget the excuses
We want information
Get up off the floor

We have the papers
We need to arrest him
You know his movements
We know the law

Your help in this matter
Won’t go unrewarded

We’ll pay you in silver
Cash on the nail
We just need to know
Where the soldiers can find him
With no crowd around him
Then we can’t fail

I don’t need your blood money

Oh, that doesn’t matter
Our expenses are good

I don’t want your blood money

But you might as well take it
We think that you should

Think of the things
You can do with that money
Choose any charity
Give to the poor
We’ve noted your motives
We’ve noted your feelings
This isn’t blood money
It’s a fee nothing more

On Thursday night
You’ll find him where you want him
Far from the crowds
In the garden of Gethesmene

Well done Judas Good old Judas

Jesus Saves White Race

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From Elvis’ Graceland


Will be doing a tribute again to Jesus for Easter and the Resurrection. Although I have identified with Jesus’ agony, it is His resurrection that gives us hope. It really shows that we are immortal and really don’t die.  We just seem to in our limited understanding.
I’ve got a St. Mary Magdalene costume, (just like the Polish Catholic grammar school I went to and I have a 3 foot statue of Jesus. It is the one with His Heart exposed and aflame with the fires of burning Love. It is this Love I believe Whites should have for one another if we are ever to survive.  I mean if we keep hating one another, warring one another, then extinction would be a relief for us. But, we must build on the love that we have lived for millenniums.
Here is from Elvis’ graveyard. He has actually “2” statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the heart of love exposed.
Here is what the HIS means in the back of the Statue:  “IHS” is sometimes interpreted as meaning Iesus Hominum Salvator (“Jesus, Savior of men” in Latin.
Do you suppose that Jesus can save the “”White man?” (& race.)  Whether one believes in God or not, what God and Jesus both represent is love for one another, and that I believe can save our Race.

Soul Woman

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During Hitler’s Fun Times in Germany, (There should be a comedy called “Fun Times in Germany World War II.  In it they could have the Jews hovering over who was the next one to be boiled and made into soap. Or which Jew was going to be skinned alive and tied to a post for Indians to set fire ants to eat them alive.  Then the other jews could turn on the lamp and there would be a name of another deceased jew whose skin was turned into a lamp shade. Then there could be the good old gas chambers. And White comedy writers surely could have a field day on that one as the jews are all taking naked showers and thinking it laughing gas find out it’s poison gas but keep laughing and dancing naked in the showers with their heads shaved.  (I’m sorry but I’m laughing out loud, cause I could go on and on and and on.)
Then this 10 year running comedy series could include the Nuremberg Trials and when anyone wants to say anything against the Jews the entire court, Magistrate, Judge, security, all the other witnesses go wild and never let anyone else get a peep in. One could do an entire show of the Truth White Witness trying to get a “peep” in but the others keep shutting him/her up, drowning them out, throwing them out of the court.
Then there could be the good old Shrunken heads of the Jews, (really Black AFrican heads.)  I wonder when the Blacks overrun us if they will let the Mexicans chop off our heads and then the black will shrink them so every jew could have a matching set to go with their Menorah’s on Passover which is today.  Jews love blood, guts, murder, assassination, war, swinkling, rape.
How about a comic episode where a jew professor goes to teach his holocaust trash and every student in the class, one by one stands up and contradicts everything he says or writes.  Will they expel the entire class?  For the Truth?
Why don’t they have Harvard renamed as the “Jewish School of Lies to be Memorized and then one will get an “a” and a diploma and “Harvard” on their resume.
I mean we are a dying race anyway, why not have fun as the Blues Brothers. Why sing the White Blues all the time? 
The Jews have destroyed the Whites for 80 years through humor, maybe we need to get “smart” like the Jews.
I mean we can have plays in kindergarten and have each child wear a beanie and sing “Throw the Jew down the well.” Instead of Mary had a little lamb.
I don’t think even the Jews realize how evil they have been to us Whites for over 2,000 years, before Christ even in Rome
Perhaps we could have an episode where the menorah burns them in the ass, ha ha ha, every time they try to light it. Or it could be a trick candle, that they go to light it and when it lights it dies out automatically, and they could do this for an entire skit like Red Skeleton.
Then perhaps we could have “Inglorious Basteurds II” and the Germany Nazis could bash the heads of the Jewish men women and children until they are a bloody mess, or like in the movie Night of the Living Dead, the dumb polak jew children could take a garden spade and keep stabbing their pushy mothers over and over again, unmercifully, to kill off their mothers or chop off the arms of the jewish fathers by their daughters who use that right arm to dish out too much money to the jewish women anymore for their female laziness.
Again, just for movies, as I don’t believe in violence.  Just New Jew Horror Films. We could just sit back and take all the movies from the last 30 years and put “Jews” as the monsters and make sure they have jewish names, with $$$$ signs all over their clothes and even $$$$ tatoos.  I mean we’ll make a million or 700 million entertained.
Then when we do a remake of Schindler’s List, we will have ever name of every person who died in World War II, including the centillions of Jewish lice that Hitler was so cruel in killing, (he should have left them die of typhus he was too good to them as the Southern men were too good to the slaves.  I as a Polish Good White American woman was never treated so good but left to suffering, White slavery and misery as was my Mama, Daddy, Husband and son.  On that new “Barbara Ann’s List,” will be the name, date of death, bio, verified, (if it can’t be verified by a White it is burned up, like the jew hypnotist told me on the tape to burn the incident out of my mind of the jewish doctor rape.  Now that is quite a pair of evil doctors.
How about we have a horror film like Night of the Living Dead, where in the non-White hospitals, the dumb polack jew doctors and their ilk have surgeries on us Whites and then the entire crew goes to eat our diseases and cancered organs.  I mean wouldn’t the jews and non-Whites be entertained. 
We could then have Ben Bernanke the Jew at an episode at the Federal Reserve Bank. And every time they try to burn the old money the same thing happens. And every time the Jews try to burn their records of their real transactions that they hide from us, someone could jump out of the crowd and say, “Hi, we got it on a flash drive.” And there would be 700,000,000 flash drives of all the jews’ misdeeds for each White Man Woman and Child as a “jewish souvenier.”
(Here’s a Red Skeleton funny moment. Here’s another something we could give the jews as a souveneir:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeUNIp4vH7I)  The  odd thing is that he ends it with “As they say in psychiatry, ‘get it out of your system.’ ” How about we Whites develop a society that we won’t have any ‘shit’ to get out of our systems because we won’t be taking it from anyone anymore.  How about we “get them out of our system’ of government and if that don’t work, how about out of our country. They already have the entire southern hemisphere with better weather, humidity, etc.  Or, let’s trade countries. Let’s take over Africa and South America and send all the non-Whites on the Northern.)
In my Chicago Theme, I will sing “Centerfield,” by John Fogarty and 2 Blues Brothers’ song as their “Sister.”
If these White guys aren’t having fun I don’t know what fun is.  I wish I could have a little of their magic and hope to do my humble best as I perform very little.
When I was Lady Leprechaun in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, (my first) on a float, they had a larger than life statue of the two Blues Brothers.

Elvis and White Scarves

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I’ll be singing this tonight.  For the (White) football team, the Chicago Bears. (I painted the brown bear White, I hope they don’t get mad, but it looks “artistic.”)
My husband was Lithuanian and went to school with Dick Butkus, famous #51, who was also Lithuanian.
I dated Bob Avellini, #7, who used to own my condo in Chicago skyscraper. Had him for extravagant gourmet dinner, he brought me big bouquet of flowers. Taught him to sing karaoke and he loved it.
Sang on his manager’s place, the White Serbian, Mike Ditka’s who owns restaurant and bar downtown.
Also, sang on stage with Bryan Urlacher, when there was a Chicago Bears fundraiser and I paid $100.00 toward a charity. (dumb polak jews probably got $99.99 of that for ‘handling” fees.  Yes, “handling your women” while Whites go to war.
Elvis is giving away White scarves. It is the first time I saw him give out all white scarves or maybe I never noticed. It was right before his death in 1977 and he was still loved and a very large loving audience.  As you can see he ‘gave’ White women as I want to give to White men in only the humble ways I can think of.

Lesbian – Ellen De-Generate

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Saw this at post office. As you know De-Generate is a blonde Aryan type woman that “leads” our White women with her talk show, along with the Black Oprah, and Jew, Jerry Springer.  We think because she has blonde hair that she must be “good.”  Himmler, Hitler’s buddy, thought the “worst” thing for the White Race and the National Socialist Movement was the “lesbian.” Not even the Jews, or homos.  And who makes these women accountable?  Not only that they are raising $$$. Probably through Gentiles who will collect that $$$ and turn it over to Jews who will give 1% to the cause just to have a cancelled check or record and 99% to their dumb polak jewish wives and kids and the Polish Jews in Israel who usurped Poland’s fortune, left it in ashes, and now live in “paradise” and the “kingdom of heaven,” both in USA, Israel and every country they put their big fat brown lazy and worthless asses down on. 
http://www.stampstotherescue.com/  What is odd is that in the rescue centers are mostly, if not all, mutts.  I’ve been to them and there are few pedigreeds.
I think the government that we have “knows” this and the powers that be have bent their will into a broken racial society where there is no more White race.  They want lesbians that not only don’t breed but like many of the women in Vegas actually “hate” men and use their jobs as strippers, bartenders, prostitutes to take out their hatred against White men. Many of these white women have black live-in boyfriends or lovers that they support as my sister supported one many many years ago.
They wave these ideas of a broken down White race and elevate the “mutt” race which is what is going to be left in 32 years.  They use a “lesbian” as a ‘star, celebrity and role model’ to mold our White children’s and even White adults’ thoughts.  Whites have to watch it for there is nothing else offered to them and they don’t know about White internet, White books, White leaders.
How could they have infiltrated even the advertising at the Government Post Office? 

Murder of White man and his dog by Brown Illegals

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I Love White Men

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I really love White men, and I think that shows and they feel it.  I’ve also been very good to White women and children.  My autobiography leaves nothing to be ashamed of for my hard work and love will tell you who I am more than my body.
I was watching this and I wrote Chicago that this would always be “our” song when I went to my last rock concert (for free; they gave me a ticket) which had the Spencer Davis Group.
My Home Town of Chicago gave me much joy and pleasure.

  • Became an organic gardener back in 1970 when I pioneered organic gardening with the help of my White husband.
  • Went to LaLeche Meetings in 1973 where I studied the book “The Art of Breastfeeding,” for the “only” nutrition for my 2 White boys.
  • Took spirituality and healing lessons in Chicago
  • Been on TV and radio over 300 times there and worked with many fine White men.
  • Danced along the Great Lake Michigan over 4 blocks in ethic parades and flirted with many White men along the Lake.
  • Attended many ethic festivals for Italians, Polish, Germans, Chinese, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and even did one for the Jews.
  • Performed on stage at the Taste of Chicago that hosted over a million people daily. 1/2 men.
  • Columbia College for students of the media and arts formed a fan club and watched my karaoke performances in costume on TV every Wednesday on Glamour Productions. I have the video of a young White man flirting.
  • The City of Chicago interviewed me several times and actually came to my home for a feature for the most wonderful museum in the world, The Museum of Science and Industry.  It was the “Most interesting People of the Millennium: year 2000”.
  • Hosted for 2 years at the #1 50’s and 60’s restaurant as a female Elvis-a with Standing Room Only.  Became a fan of the great White Entertainer of the South, Elvis Presley
  • Melissa and the White male Juleps (cross between Janis Joplin and Melissa Ethridge) wrote a song about me and is singing it all around the world; it is the most requested song of her repertoire
  • Jenny Jones another Polish gal hosted me as the “Queen of Karaoke” and said I could do anything I wanted for the whole show.
  • Sang on the Jerry Springer show where many other Whites air out their problems. I was just a guest at the end.
  • Sang at the #1 bar for karaoke downtown Chicago according to Playboy Magazine.
  • Took karaoke lessons with a White college instructor, Dennis Baby Richards, who taught to always sing with costume “as if in Las Vegas.”
  • Took sensuality and sexuality lessons and became a sex goddess.  Still waiting for the right White man.
  • Went to the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and took chef lessons to become a gourmet cook and baker to make gourmet dinners for many White men .
  • Raised pedigreed German Shepherds from the dog, Von Sherpa, that were sent around the world in cages
  • Became a full-fledged artist and graduated to the hardest art of all:  portraits of humans and animals.
  • I worked my fingers to the bone holding as many as 8 jobs at the same time: 1 full time and 7 part-time jobs.  Worked in business helping White men and White women of Chicago area from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 1967 to Roadway Express, the #1 Trucking Company in the World, while also cleaning houses, taking care of elderly, waitressing, bartending, working on conventions, working at NAPA auto parts, Ingalls Hospital, legal field as a secretary, executive secretary to the president of a company on the Magnificent Mile, worked at cleaners, Director of Human Development for Human Resources at the #1 Catering company of Chicago and our clientele was Princess Diana and Prince Charles, worked as the Singing Chef on Mag Mile, worked as assistant to a Comptroller in Accounting, worked as Assistant Mgr at Quaker Oats/Gatorade, was a CEO of my own cleaning business, which was 45 years of non-stop work, getting my US Marine husband up the ladder at Frito Lay, raising 2 White sons including chauffeuring one son 5 hours a day to a Christian Boarding School, plus working 12 hours operating 4 computers simultaneously, worked as a background actress with many fine white men and women in Chicago movies, TV shows, and even Judge and Court TV shows in the audience, participated in protests, went to symphonies, operas, plays, museums and all the culture that the great city of Chicago has to offer.
  • Been in Chicago news, magazine articles as the Queen of Karaoke, and newspaper articles.
  • Sang in many nightclubs, downtown famous restaurants, with bands and piano players. 

Ethnic Slurs, Jewish Doctor Rape

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From Wiki on ethnic slurs. It appears that ‘Polak’ only meant someone from Poland who was “polite.”  Added the word “dumb” makes it derogatory.  But now, I can use that word freely towards the Jews who 85% have their ancestry in my town of Poland, robbed our treasury, raped and impregnated our White Polish women and left them unsupported and worse the “shame” of the town.  And no amount of $$$ can heal that. 
I mean when I first wrote of the dumb polak jew doctor raping me, I could only write a 1/2 of sentence.
Then I found some sex tapes on the internet for getting over the “guilt” of horrific past sex experiences.  Only it was a dumb polak jew doctor that recorded the tapes. So the jew commits the crime and another jew records to tape to tell you “don’t worry about the crime (rape)  the (jew) commit.  The jewish sex doctor’s tape said to “Write out the complete incidence of the sexual (rape) or crime and then write something across it. I forget exactly what but it was something like “This is over,” or this is “healed.”  But it never was.  He then suggested to “burn” it wildly so that it would etch it my mind that it was “healed.”
Well, I got news for both these dumb polak jew doctors:  it didn’t heal and while I’m alive they will personally get their due.
Here are other ethnic slurs and there are plenty of them. Especially for Jews considering they had such a small population.