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Jewess Con Artist Anne Frank and her Autobiography

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I’ve faced worse than Anne Frank as a Polish White Christian woman who was enslaved by Jews for 900 years:  Here is the latest jewish absurdity.


On CNN headlines today is the following story of Anne Frank the Jewish Princess or “Queen of Autobiographies.”
http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/04/30/anne.frank.tree/index.html?hpt=C1  You may not want to read it to the end, but in summary, how the Jews ever brainwashed the entire world in 80 languages that this woman is a jewish saint, martyr, and heroine is disgusting to say the least.
What about the White Polish Christian women that died in World War II and then left in abject poverty waiting in bread lines for a few crumbs and then turned back because all the food was given to blacks from Africa by jewish communists?
If you read into the article she describes a tree and it doesn’t sound like she suffered at all.  My writings have described suffering and you really haven’t even begun to know the suffering of my life for I talk on topics that are relative to today.
The Jews continue to make their big industry of Holocaust, Inc. to be the biggest scam and fraud in War History.  But if it keeps them richer, safer and happier in this “Jewish Paradise USA,” as the Jews called Poland paradise for 900 years, I guess we have no “choice.”  America used to be about democracy, but now it is democrazy because stories like this drive our White people “crazy,” for I believe in their intelligent minds and their hearts that really want to survive, they know they have had their minds assaulted.
Every time there is an article like this it says, “Jewish women are good,” White German women that had Nazi’s who didn’t smoke, drink, take drugs and had character and racial preservation….. are evil.
Who cares about a rich Jewish tree? And what the f —- do they keep it alive when it has fungus on it?
Anne Frank died from fungus caused by lice, which Hitler in his wonderful kindness tried to prevent with Zyclon B used “only” on jews clothes and shoes for they are loaded with them because of their filth.
(Take away all the dumbed down servants, and we are part of them, for the Jews, and you will see how filthy they are.
Can it be that our entire White Race is dying and especially in danger and in crisis the White male and our White people have nothing better to worry about than a jewish princess’ tree?
What suffering did this jewish princess go through? Did she watch her father being beaten daily by her mother?  Did she face starvation as I did?  Was she left with shoes, coat, hat and gloves in icy winters like Chicago?
Is her entire family dysfunctional from the extreme poverty and abuse as my family suffered in this country?
Was she deprived of all the niceties of life for her entire life?  Was she left without heat in the cold European winters? 
She had lesbian tendencies and had she lived she probably would have been a full-fledged lesbian. Hitler would have hated her more for that than her diabolical jewish heritage.
One can see why the Nazis were so angry about all the jewish books.  What the Nazis despised about Jews, loathed, and hated, the Whites now love, cherish, applaud, and praise.  Even though this brainwashing will destroy us.

Got rid of the Illegal Mexicans

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  •   As I wrote before, there was a nuisance Mexican fellow and his mother that moved in across the street.   He called the police on me twice for playing my karaoke equipment very quietly and music that was very gentle. I’ll include the song later.   In my trailer park, (like Dr. William Pierce used to live in) there was a dumb polak jew that lived across the street with his Gentile wife. She is the one that came over to me when I was White slaving in my organic garden and rehabbing my home, inside and out, and said to me, “You really shouldn’t work so hard.  Our men are going to expect that from us and we have them trained!”   In reading Hitler’s biographies one of Hitler’s aims was to make hard work “Fashionable” again as it was considered weak to work hard.  Our country today is suffering from that lack of worth ethic.   Anyway, this jew had a heart attack and the entire neighborhood came out to see what happened when the pull motor came with the flashing lights.  It was the only time in 6 years that I have seen my neighbors!  One must ask:  What are the Whites doing in their homes that is so interesting that they never come out? Do the jews have them that terrorized of fresh air and Whites terrorized or hating each other?    Well, when all of us neighbors started to chat the topic of the Mexican son and mother came up and there was anger dripping from all of us.   One lady volunteered the Mexican guy called the police on her for being on her computer after midnight!  She doesn’t have speakers but the lights bothered him.  She had to go to the police station, give up her time, waste White tax dollars, just for her normal rights to use her computer. The Mexican could have put curtains up like we all have but he was a brown trouble maker.  She write other neighbors that she thought either he was illegal or the mother.   Then the guy on the other side almost labeled him and almost beat him up. The brown spic called the police on this tall healthy White male senior citizen for “watching TV at night!”  Is this what is going on in China or Israel or India?  Then why are we putting up with such nonsense when we should be using our time constructively for all White problems and solutions.   Then the lady next to me backed her car up near his driveway.  That is the normal way of backing up. She never touched his drive-way she drove near it. Again, he called the police on her.   The first time he called the police I called them in and showed them all my costumes. I was crying to them for I work so hard to “give” and get nothing in return except harassment and hatred!  They told me to shut my window so that he doesn’t hear. They had no sympathy for my White tears whatsoever.    Then the brown spic called the police on me a second time. This time the policeman would “Not” come in so I went outside and went right to the front of the house.  I told the police about what had been happening to all of us and this nuisance of a nutcase.  This is “life” in the USA. NO wonder the poorest people of Romania run back to Europe when they get a year of life in the USA for a year.  Who could stand this?    The policeman was a brown Mexican and sided with the brown nutcase.  He said, “Well, HE HAS HIS RIGHTS!”  They have made such fools out of us I don’t know if we can ever regain our dignity and pride again for allowing this on a mass scale.   Then I told the brown police, “HE HAS HIS RIGHTS!  WHAT ABOUT OUR White RIGHTS!”  Needless to say I was too chicken, weak, wimpy, and terrorized and brainwashed to utter “White” I just said “our,” for fear the police would take me away to jail for some odd cause they make up at will.   I further said to the brown police who was sticking up for his own race, “What about my right to open my window or play my music quietly?”  What about the man’s (White) rights across the street to watch his TV and relax and not to be harassed so badly that he wants to fight.  If he did, surely the White man would have gone to prison for the brown man to have his rights of no one around him watching TV or using the computer.  I told the police, “What about my next door neighbor’s right to drive her car without fear and trembling?”   The brown policeman wouldn’t budge and could care less except for his fellow brown man’s rights. I then stuck up for my entire block and said, “I’m calling the police on you officer.  You are taking this abuse of our rights lightly of elder senior citizens.  I’m going in the house to call the police on “you” officer for not doing anything about what I said even though the lady across the street went to the police station and issued a complaint.   And I turned on my heel to call the police on the police and the Mexicans across the street.   The brown policeman was visibly shaken and stopped me saying, “Ok I will have a talk with him.”  I told him, “You better or your supervisor will hear about this.”   The brown policeman finally dragged his feet across the street to talk to the brown man.  Browns don’t want to discipline browns. They expect Whites to discipline them and it is time we stop playing the awful role of Disciplinarian of the non-Whites and teach ourselves and improve our own White lot.  Chinese yellows aren’t disciplining anyone but their own. And the Chinese don’t have an entire country filled with dumb Polak Jews raping their women, murdering and assassinating their yellow men, clobbering their economy, fixing books and running their banking system.  The Jews probably will but they have to mate with enough cream of the crop White women first to have more dumb polak jew babies.   Anyway, to sum up, I saw a Moving Van in the brown (illegal) Mexican parking lot today, and it looks like I got rid of them brown Mexicans, perhaps illegals.  Perhaps the mother was illegal and the police tipped them off that we were on to them.  The lady next to them also took initiative going to the police station and complaining to the park.  Although nothing seemed to work.   I once wrote the media that it isn’t for me to run away (from Jew blockbusting) to another neighborhood. My deceased husband’s ancestry goes back to the Mayflower ship that began America and I have “seniority” something the Jews put in the Unions and can thus be used against them.  I asked the media to get rid of the Mexicans for me that I have my rights. It wasn’t long afterwards the the Las Vegas economy collapsed.   Yellow Chinese don’t have to jump through hoops like we are made to do. They can spend 24/7 just improving their lot in life while we Whites go around dodging bullets from jewish minds and bankers, lawyers, doctors, agents, real estate, professors, or bullets from blacks and browns, or Chinese and Hindus taking our high tech jobs.    Here is the song I was singing when the police came.  The pictures remind me of my trip to Florida with the ocean and the palm trees.  I will write more on that later, but I’m getting my house back in order after my trip.

Red Alert

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I received this in regards to the Brown Mexicans protesting for the rights of criminals.  As you see the jewish rapist has “rights,” and the victims are the losers and afflicted.  Why don’t they protest for all the criminals in jail, protest for the jews and their crimes, and have us become more terrorized than we already are.
This is a law abiding country.  We have to act from that stance.  This protest should not be allowed and if there was a permit given the person should be fired along with the entire department. This is utter nonsense.
If we are that law breaking, it should be declared nationwide and then it should be a free for all to see who can break the most laws.
To have Whites law-abiding and law conscious and to have all the other races be able to break the law, like the chief law breaker of all time, dumb Polak jew, Meyer Lan’sky’ of Murder Inc. is not only folly it is genocide against our race.  We are not martyrs and getting crucified intellectually, emotionally, and sometimes physically is “not” the lesson of the crucifixion of Jews. The lesson was to show how aggressive and hateful the jews really are and they will stop at nothing, even the assassination of the King of Peace, Jesus Christ.
Anyway they are red alerting that no one from the tea parties should attend these rallies. It seems as if these browns can be very dangerous, loud, aggressive as they think this country is already theirs. The USA is already belonging to non-White children with Jews in the “Master” or “Supremacist” role.  But the official turnover of the country from White ownership to the thieves, Brown Mexicans, doesn’t officially happen until year 2042.
It is no wonder older people don’t want to live long or when questioned about the future of our country I hear unanimously, “Thank God I won’t be here to see what is going to happen.”  That is a death wish in disguise and a very hopeless and depressed attitude. 

Take no Prisoners; Break their Will from Mexican

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I was with my sister Mary Ann in a Jewel Supermarket in South Chicago. We were the only Whites and White women at that.
She doesn’t drive so I took her for groceries and a plant for her very sick if not dying husband from Alta Monte Italy, (The mountains).
The area is all Mexican and black. She has a Mexican lady she pays $70.00 for a few hours a few times a week to drive her in her husband’s van to see him etc.  (I can’t make that much for if you figure it out per hour it is about $12.00 an hour plus free lunches.  Must be nice to be a brown woman in this country.)
While in the Jewel Supermarket we walked the aisles shopping, but my ear always hears the Muzak. Even in Las Vegas the Mexican $.99 store plays oldies but goodies for there are some White people that go in.
Then my sister and I parted for she wanted me to check some product in another aisle. It was then that my ear caught the music that was coming over “loud” enough for me to hear clearly.
It was some song I never heard as I don’t do Hip Hop, Rip Rap music.
Then I noticed clearly and loudly the end of the song where they repeated the lyrics.
“Take no prisoners; break their will.  Take no prisoners; break their will.  Take no prisoners; break their will.”
Have the Jews used this to “break the White will.”  Who are the prisoners of the Mexicans going to be: white or black?  It certainly won’t be Jews for Jews live among them in ghettos and the non-Whites don’t touch the Jews. The blacks said that in a youtube video. They rape, rob and murder Whites and somehow they don’t touch the jews that live there and even the blacks don’t know why.
Jewish propaganda to start a war against Whites?  Hadn’t the lyrics repeated themselves like a chant at the end of the song, it would have went over my head.  Had it been played quietly it wouldn’t have affected me.
But this indicates a very vicious plan against us.  The browns might not even realize what they are responding to other then if they are “hypnotized” in their stores even when in the womb or children taken to innocent grocery stores, one can only imagine how bad they are uniting against us.
Look how 99% of blacks united against Whites when they elected Obama the Racist.
Here is from Stormfront.org from Fox News.  And yes they are having pretty women with low cut dresses.
Once when I was on local Fox Radio I talked to the screener who used to be on the show I called in early in the a.m.  Where I talked or screamed “White” “jew” yellow Chinese, yellow Japs, brown Mexicans. With Hart Kirsch the German American radio announcer. The same station the Beasley Jewish Family bought for $24 million and fired all the radio hosts and me included.  Now they have “Rabbis” on “joking’ in the a.m.  yes the jews are laughing all the way to the bank and have been for thousands of years.
When I was talking with him on another station we chatted before I went on and I told him how bad the radio stations are compared to when I was able to go on.  I told him how boring they are and told him the topics I was talking about. That was Fox radio and perhaps it led the way for Fox and Glenn Beck for this was perhaps 3 years ago.
Anyway, here is something really thought provoking about Arizona.  I’m so proud they took a stand there.

Brown Mexicans Eat Better than Whites

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Just got the mail and there was a food flyer from a Mexican store.  On sale:  Filet Mignon: $3.98 a pound!
Do you know it is 25 years since I ate filet mignon? Unless one batch of Omaha Steaks but even then it was at least $10.00 a pound.
Potatoes at this Mexican store:  $.58 for 10 pounds or a nickel a pound for potatoes.
Well, we want to make sure that the browns have nice fed healthy mothers and brown babies for us to support.
Not only that browns man the restaurants and either eat all they can on the job, take home the leftovers for “Maria,” and her 5 illegal criminal children. (Those children and babies should be prosecuted.)
Also, the brown Mexicans steal like crazy as I worked for the #1 Caterer in Chicago and everything that wasn’t nailed down was locked up.
Our Whites:  women “diet” and eat lettuce salads. Lettuce has no nutrition at all. I already wrote the Jews this much earlier and surely the dumb Polak Jews in Israel who take the best ideas we got are utilizing it for reproducing their babies.  Also, I heard that caffeine can cause miscarriages of (White) babies as a study done in Switzerland. I do not drink caffeine now, but I did when my sons were babies. Not too much but probably 2-3 cups a day.
Think of what my Mama did. When she had to breastfed all her White babies and work full time, she would express her mother’s milk into a bottle and put 1/2 breastmilk and 1/2 coffee and sugar to feed us.  Can you imagine now why I’m so hyper or whatever. And don’t envy it, it is a cross to bear and wouldn’t wish it on a dog or even a dumb Polak jewess and her kids. 

Russia is feeling the Heat

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Picked this up in Christian Science Monitor today:
Regarding World War II history:  “(Russia) will stipulate fines and prison sentences of up to five years for anyone found guilty of “denying the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal.”

Oprah the Black Madonna with My Ideas

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Tribute to Poland Tragedy of Polish President

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Pictures Katyn Tribute

Please open to find pictures above:  Thank you for visiting. An illustration from an 1919 Austrian postcard showing a caricatured Jew stabbing the German Army in the back. Along with Socialists, Bolsheviks, the Weimar Republic and the general German populace, Jews were frequently blamed for the defeat of Germany in World War I.  Look at the Jew “chef” with his tongue hanging out ready to devour the noble, intelligent, and brave German soldier. The Jew will carve him up to shreds with that butcher knife in his hands.  After World War I, we know the Treaty of Versailles made it possible for the Germans to totally degenerate as our people today, and for the Jews to take control of German men and screw to high hell the White German women, raping them in the name of the word “good jew doctor.”  As I was raped in America by dumb, ferocious polak jew doctor.

One of the ones killed on that plane was Wojciech Seweryn a Chicago artist whose father was killed at Katyn. The jewish led Russian Communists practically ripped him out of his father’s arms when the White Polish boy was only 1 hour, did I say “hour” old and took his daddy to be slaughtered and probably buried alive, (don’t think 1 bullet always kills the person) at Katyn Forest.

His grandson said of what Poland is like today without their heads of state:  “It’s like a body without a head,” he said. “It’s like a parent dying and leaving young children by themselves.”

Haven’t I written you that they will chop off our heads, like the Mexican drug lords and their drug ladies that get their $$$ for them and their brown children?

Only in this case they chopped off the heads of my country’s leadership!

The 15 year old grandson said his father was killed near Katyn, and now the son is with his father.  Both were killed at the same site, only 70 years apart.

Wojciech Chicago artist, always held a love for his father massacred at Katyn Forest, near “Smolensk Russia,” or Smolen’sky’ Russia, jewish district.

So he made a statue for a Chicago cemetery to commemorate Katyn.

I called the Adalbart Cemetery where this sculpture is.  It must get out and I’ll have to put some religious figures on this email to stress the role of the “Jews” that led Communist Russians, just as we are being led by Jews today in all our wars.

Remember this:  The world “loves” the Jew, thanks to Edward Bernaise jewish marketing and advertising of the holohoax.  But they “hate” the White man who they think is the aggressor.  White men must break the jewish umbilical cord and stand on our own.  Whites should not serve in these jewish wars which are mean to genocide our race.  If the jews gave a war-party and no Whites showed up either with white men or white tax dollars the wars would have to stop for the blacks and browns can’t think or solve problems. They can only “kill,” and someday they will turn on us here.

A boy adds flowers at the Katyn Massacre monument at St. Adalbert Cemetery in Niles, where Poles gathered to mourn the plane crash victims Saturday. “It’s a sign of God or something. It’s hard to explain,” a Polish immigrant from Palos Hills said. “It’s almost like we’re cursed.” (Al Podgorski/Sun-Times)

Here’s pix of a US Marine like costume as I have with the dress blue pants (skirt in my case) and a sword just like the one I carry from the cemetery above. 

Trying to find you a “good” picture of the Katyn Monument in Chicago designed by man killed in crash.   

The picture shows the full monument with large White wings of an eagle I think. Jesus’ mother, Blessed Virgin Mary, she is called, is holding a “dead” soldier lying in her eyes.  Similar to the famous statue where she is holding “Jesus.”

It is called the “Pieta,” and it is a White Virgin Mary and a White Jesus after the jews viciously and heartlessly tortured, humiliated, mocked, tried to assassinate several times, especially mentally, and crucified: 

 One can see bits of the Chicago tribute statue of Katyn Massacre, but I’m trying to find the entire for you. I work hard until I can deliver my best.  Especially since I have to pack for Chicago and would still like to sing one more tribute song to both Appalachian Coal Miners dead: 29, and Polish Heads of State: 95.

(The Jews can learn a lesson in using the number “6,000,000” and throwing it around. They are supposed to be “geniuses” at math like the dumb polak jew Einstein, and they can’t give us an exact count like I just did.

I’d fire all the Jews if they are that stupid. 

I’m sorry but I’m crying again. This hurts me so deeply I can’t stand it but I have to stop crying to see the screen so I don’t make too many mistakes in my hurried writing. 

Here is another snapshot. You can see on the bottom of the statue the soldier or marine’s hat is off his head lying loosely and laying on the stone by itself. The Blessed Virgin Mary is holding the marine’s dead head in her left hand. Oh my God this is so awful I just have to weep. 

Here is the back of the “White Winged Monument by Polish dead sculpture: 

I called the cemetery again, and the sculpture was completed just a year and a half ago and perhaps my emails about my Polish heritage even brought this sculpture into being or at least me and the artist were on the same creative level.

I wonder if the jewish government of our USA will take away this cross from this cemetery now that they want to remove all the “white” crosses from military graves.  I

Here’s the White Eagle on the Flag of Poland with the crown on meaning that Poland was “free” and not occupied or conquered by its neighbors that hated them, (are we hated today around the world for all our aggression? Surely the jews are “loved” and we are “hated.” Is there something wrong with this picture? And Whites must repaint our own picture of our Race. 

I wish they would move the flowers in front of the dead soldier Mary is holding in her arms. 

  There he is the “dead White Polish soldier/marine” a victim of Jewish led Communism and Marxism of their takeover of the highest position in Russia after they killed the White Czar and Czarina.

Here is a news clip:  They were the cream of our people,” said Zygmunt Matynia, Chicago consul general for Poland. “You have the intelligencia. They were the best educated people, but also people who guided the [Solidarity] movement in 1989.”

In other words, the White Poles who defeated the jewish led Communists called the massive union and protests called Solidarity, were killed on that plane. 

And haven’t used the word “cream of the crop” that is deliberatly being brought down as White people.

#1 Funeral Song, My Heart Will Go On

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I wrote very early in my White writings that we are on the sinking Titanic and the iceberg is ahead.  We have the power to steer the ship to safety and  not sink, we just haven’t been told that or shown the skills, as we have been taught White slave skills to other races, especially jews.
This is the #1 Funeral song and again, just open it up after I’m gone on vacation when there are no writings or few.
We can share our Coal Miners’ grief at the 29 that died and now the loss of my Polish President. Obama the Black was “never” my president, Kaczynski from Poland is my flesh and blood and I will mourn his loss.
I do not want to cry as that is not from God and I’ve cried enough to allow my feelings.  That is enough. I need to get my “thinking” cap back on.

Polish President near Katyn Massacre

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I’m shocked with disbelief.  Paralyzed but commanding my fingers they must write.
I just found out on Liberty News Radio, that comes on right before thepolticalcesspool radio show the following:
The last time I went on stage I sang “In the Ghetto” by Elvis but sang “In the Polish Ghetto” of South Chicago where I grew up poor.  I have sent many copies of the video Katyn Massacre to whoever would accept it.
President Kaczynski was on his way to “Katyn” the place I’ve been writing about where 20,000 elite White Poles were killed by jewish led Communist Russians and they blamed the poor Nazis.
April 10, 2010 | 11:47 AM ET

President Obama on the Death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski

President Obama released the following statement on the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and those traveling with him. President Kaczynski died in a plane crash Saturday morning.

Today, I called Polish Prime Minister Tusk to express Michelle’s and my deepest condolences to the people of Poland on the tragic deaths this morning of President Lech Kaczynski, First Lady Maria Kaczynski, and all who were traveling with them to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kaczynski family, the loved ones of those killed in this tragic plane crash, and the Polish nation.

Today’s loss is devastating to Poland, to the United States, and to the world.  President Kaczynski was a distinguished statesman who played a key role in the Solidarity movement, and he was widely admired in the United States as a leader dedicated to advancing freedom and human dignity.  With him were many of Poland’s most distinguished civilian and military leaders who have helped to shape Poland’s inspiring democratic transformation.  We join all the people of Poland in mourning their passing.

Today, there are heavy hearts across America.  The United States cherishes its deep and abiding bonds with the people of Poland.  Those bonds are represented in the strength of our alliance, the friendships among our people, and the extraordinary contributions of Polish-Americans who have helped to shape our nation.

It is a testament to the strength of the Polish people that those who were lost were travelling to commemorate a devastating massacre of World War II as the leaders of a strong, vibrant, and free Poland.  That strength will ensure that Poland emerges from the depths of this unthinkable tragedy, and that the legacy of the leaders who died today will be a light that continues to guide Poland – and the world – in the direction of human progress.

As in Katyn Massacre where we lost 20,000 of our top and finest White Christian Poles,(not jewish poles who took the dead ones places) we White Poles lost our finest 100 heads of government and state.

This shows the red white flag with the eagle with “crown” meaning Poland was independent and not under some other countries rule.  Mark my words.  Being under jew rule now we will become “unfree” and our crown of liberty will be gone when other countries take us over. And we will vacillate between freedom and slavery.  Although we all know that we have lost our White freedom and live under White slavery.