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Blacks Hating Whites music

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Here is a thread from the John deNugent website on Black hating Whites music.  It is worse than “hatred” or “Hatred” crimes it is black on white murders, assaults, rapes etc. which the Jews in the media cover up.

Towards the bottom is the black rap music and what the White mothers and fathers have being piped into their homes and into the ears, hearts and minds of their own White children.  It wouldn’t surprise me if White children side with the blacks and end up killing their own parents if this continues.


Gary Coleman Dies

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Gary Coleman the comedian that played the black adopted son of a rich White man dies at the age of 24.

White European Stork Babies

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Although I’m upset and in tears about my White son’s imprisonment and arrest, I got an email with the following from Chicago Radio.
They know I’m very “White” and would sing songs with White in them and even have dressed as the KKK on Halloween.  I also wrote Chicago about Whites not having babies. This was over 7 years ago.  During my Halloween theme my prize song, as I sent to you was the song “Vulture,” and I took a big Vulture that had lights for effect on stage with me.
Lo and behold at the zoo in Chicago, where my boys and I used to frequent regularly, the White European Storks had a baby for the first time in it “142” history.  Not to be outdone, the Vultures over there in the same habitat had babies also.
Well, if White European Storks can have babies and Vultures, perhaps White Europeans can too. The only thing is: having them is the easy part. Even animals can have babies without much effort. But “Raising” Them in this society is another and we should all support each other on that venue.

Jew Polish Kazimierz

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Just wanted to keep you posted about what I’m finding out about the Jews and Poland, especially the Christians. The town is Kazimeirz Poland.
Here is an article from Wiki on the Jews who were confined to a town and had walls built around the Jews to keep them “quarantined” with their lice and typhus.  (Just kidding.)  But they were quarantined away from the rest of the population. These essays always say they were “expelled” or “kicked” out but no where can be found “why,” as in the other articles I found about them being kicked out of Bavaria, England etc.  Why the Jews lasted 900 years in Poland is beyond me.  Note the Jew Wiki essay always “compliments” the Jew:  (Jews played an important role in the economy, which translates to: the Jews forced the Catholic White Poles to use “only” Jews for their money business or these poor generous Catholics would go to hell and burn for eternity for disobeying. 
When was the last time you disobeyed a Jew, whether through TV, movies, or whatever?
It talks about the anti-Semitism in Poland which occurred right around the same time as the law above. 
A large fire nearly destroyed all of Krakow, Poland, and the Polish Whites blamed the Jews.  (You mean Jews actually cause catastrophes such as “fires.”  Perhaps they cause oil spills, or earthquakes in Haiti, or the collapse of 3 gigantic, super-made structures called skyscrapers that collapse with 2 planes only.)
Note that they talk about those that study the awful Talhmud and the Kaballa, which reveal a hatred for Jesus and their White Gentiles.
The Jews were put into these walls for the Jews “own” defense. Similar to what Hitler did when he put the Jews in labor camps…. “for their own good and protection” from the White populace. That is why it amazes me that the White race of America and Europe have been so quiet and calm about what the Jews did to them. Killing the White male of the species is beyond all the horrors and atrocities of history combined.  But then the Jewish comedians have us laugh about it or put a black face for us to laugh at. 

Note clearly, that the “royal physician” was also put there for “safety.” Do you see how doctors have eaten their way into royalty and how we have come dependent on them. I’m not saying to quit doctors, but to re-examine entirely the whole medical profession and the very Jew American Medical Association that dictates our health or rather or diseases.
Note the Jews had a “Golden Age,” during that time. Pretty neat of the White Poles to give the Jews so much protection and support that the Jews had their “Golden Age,” there. What did the Jews do in return?  Robbed the treasury, used Poles as slaves, used us as White bodybags for 900 years for their wars, the Jews got the Poles neighbors to hate them so much, (as the world hates America today for these horrible bullying wars against very weak countries, and kill their innocent women and children of Israel’s neighbors.)……. that all 4 of Poland’s neighbors went to war with her at the same time to destroy her.  The same could “easily” happen in America.  Ask yourself this as a thinking person?  Could this happen not only from our neighbors around the world wanting to destroy America, but within our own borders? Could the blacks rise up and kill us? Could all the Browns rise up and take back our land if we start to resist?
We have not resisted anybody or anything, any law, any hatred and destruction and genocide. We have accepted it graciously almost as martyrs as if we “should” die.  It is that thinking that must be corrected. It is not of God to be bullied or destroyed.  That is only devilish thinking and not to resist is stupid as well as immoral. 
Think of 120 Synagogues in a small Polish town.  Even Las Vegas doesn’t have that many. What does that tell you about how Jewry flourished unabated.  Even when the Jews were expelled from a town, they were treated so well by Poland that there was a “fortress” built around them.  (The White Poles must have been awfully mad that walls had to be built “not” to keep the Jews out, but to keep them protected from their own Christian White citizens.)
Isn’t it interesting that not a word on the internet mentions “Why” Jews were expelled?  The Jews silenced an entire nation of Poland and now the world.  For even if we do find the nerve to talk, we will be ridiculed by the entire 7 billion people of all races who now believe the Holocaust story. The only way to change that is the world must find out the truth about the Holocaust.  And I wouldn’t be kind to them either. Look at what 900 years of kindness to the Jews have done.
This following sentence I cut out is interesting if one reads with an open and critical mind:  In 1791, Kazimierz lost its status as a separate city and became a district of Kraków. The richer Jewish families quickly moved out of the overcrowded streets of eastern Kazimierz.  “1791” is the year right around the time that the Poles “miraculously” changed their government over from White Kings and Pure Blood Ancestry to a “Constitution,” the 1st in Europe.  Was this Polish Constitution and even our American Constitution (1787).  Just 4 years apart.  And why Poland for the 1st Constitution?  There were no White Poles in America at that time so there had to be another underlying hidden cause.  We thought the Constitution was going to give Whites “equality,” but in reality it gave the Jews power to penetrate 1,000 years of Pure White Dynasties. 
I guess Europe had a problem with pedigreed White human beings of Polish ancestry, or French ancestry. Why don’t they slaughter all the pedigreed German Shepherd Dogs, or French Poodles? Why keep dogs pure blooded?  It is hypocritical.  Why don’t humans have as many rights as animals?
I contacted justanswer.com to get a professional answer about taking my cat Daddy on stage. Siegfried and Roy didn’t answer my call that I left.  I was told it would be ok if Daddy was calm and he is. Even Mama might be able to go on stage.  But the Vet warned about Mama that if it traumatized her it could affect her for a long time.
Now that she cares about my cat’s “trauma” is very nice. Who in the hell ever cared about the severe trauma my Polish parents felt? Certainly not their jewish bosses.  Not even the Catholics who just watched us deteriorate into the world White poverty South Chicago ever saw. (Sorry blacks, move over, you got welfare the whole time and even your poverty here is 1000 times better than what your black brothers and sisters are going through. I can’t feel sorry for you any more. And now that Obama “apologizes” for White America around the globe to get them to hate us even more and ready to war with White America, I can say to Obama “I’m truly sorry that we ever brought blacks here for these Ungrateful black workers, (not slaves) to rebel against their bosses like this. NO BUSINESS WOULD EVER ALLOW SUCH INSUBORDINATION.)


–adjective 1.

not submitting to authority; disobedient: an insubordinate soldier.
In all these “equality” Whites gave up “authority” only to have it stolen right from under their noses to make the Jews “authority.” Now we have to obey 3 1/2 Jewish Supreme Court Justices and 5 1/2 White. And we better “obey,” or else. When they disobey us and even murder, rob, kill us, frighten us so that we have to move into homes well beyond our means and not good for our incomes, it is “ok.” What if we chased them out of our country and terrorized them as they terrorize us?  That isn’t the answer, but we must search for one.
Note how all the Jewish buildings are preserved and well taken care of. Their history and culture mean a lot to Jews.  Hence Holocaust museums.  What about Polish culture and history. It is only Warsaw that is new and in good shape and that is surely because the Jews wanted that bombed completely so no records remain of their “economic” influence.
From Wiki:  Jewish Kazimierz


Jews had played an important role in the Kraków region economy since the end thirteenth century. The Jewish community in Kraków had lived undisturbed alongside their Christian neighbours under the protective King Kazimierz III. By the reign of King Jogaila (reigned in Poland 1386-1434), however, relations had deteriorated and pogroms began to occur with increasing frequency. As part of the re-founding of the Cracow Academy, starting in 1400, the Academy began to buy out buildings in the old Jewish district. The Jewish community moved to the area around modern Plac Szczepański. During the last decade of the fifteenth century anti-Semitism led many Jews to move out of Kraków to nearby Kazimierz[1]. There, they built a Fortress synagogue, the Old Synagogue (Kraków). In 1494 a disastrous fire destroyed a large part of Kraków. Raging populace soon attacked the Jews, blaming the fire on them. In 1495 the Polish king John I Albert of Poland expelled all Jews from Kraków, resettling them to the old Bawół district of Kazimierz. For its own defence against Christian raids, the kahal petitioned the Kazimierz town council for the right to build its own interior wall, cutting across the western end of the older defensive walls in 1553. Due to the growth of the community, the walls were expanded again in 1608. Later requests to expand the walls were turned down.

The area between the walls was known as the Oppidum Judaeorum, the Jewish City, which represented only about one fifth of the geographical area of Kazimierz, but nearly half of its inhabitants. The Oppidum became the main spiritual and cultural centre of Polish Jewry, hosting many of Poland’s finest Jewish scholars, artists and craftsmen. Among its famous inhabitants were the Talmudist Moses Isserles, the Kabbalist Natan Szpiro, and the royal physician Shmuel bar Meshulam.

The golden age of the Oppidum came to an end in 1782, when the Austrian Emperor Joseph II disbanded the kahal. In 1822, the walls were torn down, removing any physical reminder of the old borders between Jewish and Christian Kazimierz.

In 1791, Kazimierz lost its status as a separate city and became a district of Kraków. The richer Jewish families quickly moved out of the overcrowded streets of eastern Kazimierz. Because of the injunction against travel on the Sabbath, however, most Jewish families stayed relatively close to the historic synagogues in the old Oppidum, maintaining Kazimierz’s reputation as a “Jewish district” long after the concept ceased to have any administrative meaning. By the 1930s, Kraków had 120 officially registered synagogues and prayer houses scattered across the city and much of Jewish intellectual life had moved to new centres like Podgórze.

Jewish children in front of Corpus Christi church sometime before 1939.

In a tourist guide published in 1935, Meir Balaban, a Reform rabbi and professor of History at the University of Warsaw, lamented that the Jews who remained in the once vibrant Oppidum were “only the poor and the ultra-conservative.” However, this same exodus was the reason why most of the buildings in the Oppidum are preserved today in something close to their 18th century shape.

BP or BtP, Bert the Polak

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BP, short for British Petroleum, or BtP, Bert the Polak

My Dead White Polish Brother's Mausoleum

BP is the oil company trying like crazy to stop the oil leak. BtP are the initials on my brother, ‘B’ERT the ‘P’olak’s mausoleum.  Right below the name, “Nowak,” are the letters ‘B’ t ‘P’.  You can see my crying and praying on my knees at his grave, under the name “Nowak.”  I’m crying not just for him but for the White Polish men and all White men that have suffered under Jewish rule, crime, and their collective dictatorship they use over us.  The Polish red/white flag is in a holder on my left.  My costume is my Polish Dancing Dame.  I left the tambourine at home so that I wouldn’t wake up the dead, especially the dead Jews, for we can’t even handle the ones in our country now.  Poland couldn’t.  Yet I bet they have a better chance of survival than we do as a culture or race without them. They just have to see that.
So everything I hear about the oil spill of “BP” it clearly reminds me of my dead White brother, that we called “our King,” BtP, Bert the Polak!
Bert is buried “accidentally” very near his best friend, although it wasn’t planned like that.  I wrote a letter to Bert in heaven, (or hell but life in the USA was hell and the Jews can’t get into our consciousness any more now that we are wise to them, and threaten us to “burn” in hell for eternity if we don’t do their will.  They did that to Poland if Poles didn’t do their $$$ business.)  If I repeat, which I rarely do, I do that for my blog, in case they only read this one letter.
I hear of all the “BP” madness. It is exactly the pump and hype of the Flu Vaccine.  It was created.  Why? They want the people of the world to focus on “oil,” so then when we bomb Iran, or go to war with them to force cigarettes, alcohol, pills, drugs, baby formula, sex with all races, (Jews apparently want sex from their neighbors since their dumb Polak Jewish wives in Israel won’t give them any, but convince them they need it just to get the Jewish men out of the house, for they can’t stand them.  Gentile women have held a heavy, heavy burden, having to “entertain” Jewish men sexually for thousands of years.  And probably much of our own White race is filled with Jewish bastards that women never told their husbands about that he wasn’t the father, but had a Jewish boss lover on the side.  Ask Hitler! He knew the worse threat after World War I was “Not” the collapse of the economy even though their Deutschmark was inflated to a trillion times its value….. the worse danger to the White German race was the Jews preying on German White women. The sex part of it was one thing, but the attitude of “demeaning” the White German woman was another. For the Jew woman to stay on her pedestal high above all of us mortals, since they don’t do anything of value, they must crush the White woman, especially good White women like me. The lower I go, the higher she goes up.  And the Jews will convince you that is what you want and need. If I’m broken down, they broke me down, my Polish parents down, my husband and White son. 
Jews crush good White women for if they don’t you won’t worship their wives and daughters anymore and try to be “like the rich (dumb Polak jews.)
Here is a pix of me in Miami Gardens visiting my poor widowed sister-in-law of Bert the Polak.  Needless to say, I wept at the Mausoleum, for although he didn’t want to be buried in the ground with the blacks and browns, he got stuck for eternity buried with many Jews.  Although it is ironic, because Egypt used to bury their servants nearby or even in the tombs along with treasured artifacts to take into the next world.  (Do we really want to take “slaves” or “servants” or even Jews into the next world?)  Jews deliberately put themselves in Mausoleums for they know that slaves, even Polish Whites slaves, like Bert the Polak, couldn’t afford it.  I hope that Bert gives the Jews a hard time for eternity. You see, Bert used to tell many jokes poking fun of all the other nationalities.  Including and especially the Jews.  BtP: Bert the Polak. 
Yet, my sister-in-law, who by the way is Scottish, Gloria, wanted him to have it. She could have taken the $15,000.00+ (Prices range from $7,000-24,000) that it cost for the Mausoleum and bought herself and her son, Jimmy Novak, a condo, or used the money to rent a nicer place for the rest of her life, as she is older now.  She could have taken a cruise around the world, for she “loves” to travel.  Instead, she put the $$$ as a memoriam to her beloved husband of 58 years. Here’s pix: 

White History Month

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No Gas Chambers in Germany

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I was reading a book on my church, Christian Science, and the German people that were arrested during Hitler’s day.  I called to talk to the church library and archives today, for in my estimation, Hitler targeted us and the Jehovah Witnesses because we don’t believe in (Jewish or Jewish trained) doctors.  The only person that stayed in absolute close contact with Hitler was Dr. Morrell, just as the only 2 people that had constant contact with Elvis was the Jewish hairdresser and spiritual mentor, and some Jewish woman that was just there by his side constantly. Not Priscilla, not Lisa Marie, the White women, but a Jewish women.  Why? They had to spy on him and more than spy but “advise” him as a good “friend,” when Elvis needed someone.
From what I read in the book The Continuing Spirit, many Christian Scientists were arrested and put into labor camps. There records and documents were confiscated etc.  To me, it seems that Hitler’s non-stop 24/7 companion, Dr. Morrell, doctor to the Jews in entertainment with ties to Hollywood and New York, surely instigated that in the Nazis.  Also, I think for Whites to divide themselves up in 38,000 + different brands of Christianity isn’t really what the Christ is about. One can see why people get upset with churches or worse yet indifferent which is exactly what the Jews want, yet the essence of Christianity are good sound moral principles.  We need a set of rules to live by. The reason that we don’t apply them more often is that we have to apply them to “everyone,” Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Red, and make sure we “love” them and end up hating ourselves, (suicide is self-hatred, among other things.)
Dr. Morrell and the Germans found that any system of healing other than the Jewish led medical system which we just passed our Health Care Bill will provide and furnish, is “wrong.”  Who is to say? The Jews?  Who are they but dumb Polak Jews.  Why we listened to them for 1000 years I will never know. 
Medical Freedom should be certainly paramount, and if one doesn’t want to go to a Jewish doctor but a healer or herbalist or whatever, people have that right and it should be included in our Health Care Bill, otherwise it is just another Jewish twisting of the arm to their demands of worship for only “their” system of medicine and none other.  This is the biggest crime against our nation yet, not having a choice in medicine.
Well, I called my church and asked our library research man about World War II and the Nazis and specifically wanted to know if any Christian Scientists were murdered in a gas chamber.  He said, “No.”  And then I asked were any murdered at all?  He said, “No, they were sent to labor camps and returned afterwards.”
Now certainly if there were any horror stories of “gassings” and these horrible crimes the Jews are talking about that “only happened to them,” (which is Paranoia with a capital “P) then these Christian Scientists not only would have known about it but would have “written about it and written about it extensively since we have so many writers and preserve those writings diligently.”
As I wrote before, the Scottish lady that founded our church has more writings than anyone except for William Shakespeare.  In addition to that we have a publishing society that writes about everything under the sun, including healings, but also the Christian Science Monitor Newspaper, (which is really non-denominational.)  If there were deaths occurring from gassings or even other horrors, it would have been noted in our vast library. 
That the Germans wanted to outlaw anything but Jewish trained doctors, pills and hospitals, is apparent, and that part hurts me deeply.  But I have to look at the whole picture for we all grow. 
Since we were directly involved in this as we were sent to these camps, it would have landed up in the many, many reports, letters, commentary, news articles, etc. held by the Library in Massachusetts.  There is so much documented it is unbelievable for a little church that is on the very near verge of extinction.
There were no gas chambers for humans, just for the Jews’ little tiny friends, “the lice” that almost wiped out the entire White European population hadn’t Hitler done something about the lice. 

Kay Griggs US Marines and Homosexuality

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  It is interesting to note that there are several Jews named mentioned.  Have the Jews master-minded this plot to take our White men and boys and use and abuse them? Also note that the one victim is threatened with an insane asylum as I was by the Jewish doctor “if I ever told anyone.”  Can you imagine how many people around the USA and world have suffered this and are not “telling anyone.”
IF there are any “Hate” laws they should be used against every homosexual or bisexual that approaches or drugs up a heterosexual White male or boy and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for “hating.”  We have to stop being timid and having them put us on the defensive.
Not only that, I can tell you after spending  a year calling up Senators, etc complaining about these bills that are being passed and being totally ignored, we should already be planning that when we get into office we will be putting such outlandish bills it will knock the socks off these Left Wing Communists.
Bills that will annul Civil Rights and replace with White Race.  I mean go for the top and then let them scream scream scream and cry like I had to do for these last 60 years putting up with their breaking down of our White men, Race and society.


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It’s always great to share young White male talent.
20,000,000 hits on youtube. 

German Entertainers; White Tigers

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I’m debating about taking my cat on stage because all the women I talk to are so concerned.  (I wish all these White women would be concerned about the White man, but they are deeply, deeply concerned and so filled with emotion about my taking Daddy the Cat on stage.  As Hitler said, “They love their cats more than their White men.” Now it would be added and even in Hitler’s day, the White German women were “Loving” the Jewish married men, giving them all the sex they wanted, instead of loving their own White German men.  Dual sword, “bring down the White man,” “bring up the Jewish man and make him appear to be a ‘god’ or savior like Raum Emmanuel whose name Emmanuel means “Savior.”  And truthfully all the USA weapons and violence are at his mere fingertips and beck and call. That is why the Jews crucified Jesus. The Jews wanted a warmonger like Joshua.  Jews despise the loving, honest and meek, that is why they hate me. When the used me for sex, it was to “hurt” me even deeper than their wounds to my ancestors in Poland for 900 years.
So now I’m debating whether to take him on stage. I think he would be fine but according to these White women I would hurt the cat.
Have these White women ever have given the thought to their White sons, White husband or White fathers or White brothers, or even their own White female selves and their White female daughters……. Having the White men being intentionally hurt deeply to the point of death, (it can’t go any deeper except to continue this hurt for the next 3,600 generations which is 900 years to our White future if we don’t stop this and get retribution.)
So I looked up Siegfried and Roy, two German Entertainers. I saw them once at the big Bavarian-German Restaurant, Hofenbraus House in Vegas, but they were only patrons not on stage.
The two have a show with White Tigers, both magic and cat tricks.  I’ll give you the link below.  These two were paid $57,000,000.00 a year by Wynn, the Jew, who owns the Mirage. But the revenue that it brought in not only $50,000,000.00 in ticket sales, but the casinos hotel, drinking, gambling, food, etc. etc. probably brought in 100 times that amount.  Jews are no dummies when it comes to $$$. 
Well, there was a severe accident. While doing the show, the White tiger supposedly looked at a woman with big hair and it distracted him. There was a fall, and then the Tiger grabbed Roy Horn by the neck and punctured his jugular.
There were rumors that it was “intentional.”  But there seems to be a logical explanation, but surely the oil spill and Haiti had “logical” explanations. Hitler being a monster for trying to save the White race and knocking off the KKK in the same year was “logical” to Whites also. It just shows how deeply they have broke down the White mind, let alone the White body.
Roy Horn screamed as he was bleeding to death, “Don’t shoot the Tiger!”  Again, an extreme love of animals.
To make it worse a football quarterback when to shoot up Siegfried and Roy’s house because of “animal rights.”  Has anyone shot up someone’s house because our White Rights were in crisis?  I don’t think so, nor am I advocating it.  But, the more I say that there should be no violence, if there ever was a revolution we would be totally paralyzed and the browns and blacks would have a field day.  We must be very careful about the sentences we say in our mind.
I would like to compare it with sex.  When a man holds back his climax to “please” the woman, he actually trains his penis to hold back.  But when he keeps doing that or to make it last longer he finally becomes “impotent” for he has himself trained his penis to “stop” instead of “go.” 
It is why they have had to feed the soldiers so much vodka, drugs, beer, or mean words or these “catastrophes” to make men kill in war.  We have all the ingredients for a Race War in this country, instead of fertile soil to “help” save the White man and race.  I doubt it can be both ways.  Jews have not suffered the damage over the last 1,000 years. Instead they damaged us Whites and kept themselves healthy, breeding to the highest, getting plenty of White sex to make their penises and sperm strong and healthy. Not only that the physical contact with a woman, by penetration, gives each other juices that are “healthy.”  It is even in kissing. When a man and woman kiss each other they send each other different juices that actually can prevent tooth decay for the male and female. Who is telling you this? Surely a Jewish or black woman or even the gay Ellen Degenerate will and they will make millions and I will be poverty stricken, persecuted.
Here is the article.  I want to sing tonight and want to spend the entire day thinking karaoke thoughts, listening to my music, sewing my costumes, so that I can give the best performance possible.
I will be sure to see the White Tigers who are still on exhibit at the Mirage even though the entertainers retired. 
I’m looking up the name “Montecore” which is the name of the White Tiger that attacked Roy Horn, and oddly enough there is a Swedish-Arab man that wrote a book with this title:  “Montecore – A Unique Tiger,” by Jonas Hassen Khemiri His other book as I skimmed the review is very tugging with the Jews, yet he seems to be a Muslim.
From an interview with the author, he says the quote below:
“Honesty is an illusion. Fiction is manipulation. Which strangely enough makes fiction so extremely honest.
I have been trying to tell you this in all my writings for 8 years.  When I write the Truth it is up against “fiction” even news which is created in many cases and appears to be real!  When one reads these fictitious books they are “manipulating” you. It is how the Jews manipulate us.  And all these times when we watch TV, listen to Jewish dominated radio, or even seeing horror films, we walk away thinking “Oh that is just fiction. Everyone watches that..” And then in their minds, although they would never tell me out loud, but I feel it, they are thinking thoughts “She’s crazy. There is nothing the matter with fiction reading and TV, movies etc.”  The last part of the quote is “Fiction: so extremely honest!”
It is why my autobiography would never appeal especially to Whites who have been trained through “Fiction” like Schindler’s list to feel sorry for Rich dumb Polak Jews, blacks, browns, illegal drop babies and the brown sex that created them, bitches, animals, air, water, plants and not poor suffering White Polish Christians who sacrificed beyond human endurance and White poverty to raise 12 White babies in a very anti-White, pro-Jewish city, anti-church, anti0country and anti-world!