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USA / Mexico to Sue Arizona???

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I like to send things I hear right away for I like our people to have it “first” on their blogs etc. If you heard already please forgive.
Is this a Civil War and USA is the North, Mexico is the South, and they are going to close in on Arizona, and they will start with the Courts. This is absurd.
Also the Jews Bloomberg Mayor of New York and the Hollywood Moguls are putting together an amnesty package, “Partnership for a New Economy.”  (New Jew Economy.)  Who are the “Mayor of New York,” and Jewish Hollywood Moguls to be setting and “dictating and declaring” USA economics and Amnesty which is what the “Partnership is.”  It is a Partnership with Mexico and against our home of White Europe.
In that radio show yesterday I repeated what Matt Johnson from Voice of Reason radio said about how the Jews destroyed Poland with help of the richest.  He said “There was absolutely NO LAW in Polnad.”  And that is what we have today with these Jews and Mexican illegals.
When I called my representative yesterday and told them about the Illegals and the Amnesty that might be put forth, this White woman (or Jew) quickly corrected me and said, “Dearie, you mean “undocumented workers?”
Who in hell says that we “Have” to have any more brown immigrants… period.  I responded with if someone is set up for murder and commits a crime is he just “undocumented?”  For that is what this is about. They have made “crime,” sane and if you are against crime one is insane or crazy. And then there are Jewish psychiatrists who will dope you up to “get over” and “shrink” your problems.  That is why they call Jew Psychiatrists “Shrinks.”  But the Jews are making the problems and will get rid of the White Middle Class as they did in Poland. Only 2 classes there: Nobles, richest, and poorest slaves.  No middle class. That eliminates the White race completely and I reasoned that out in my emails before. The words “They don’t need the Whites anymore,” is what I wrote. There are Jews and their ilk, and the brown/black slaves…. period.  They have all the “workers” in China, Japan, South Korea, and of course Viet Nam.  Did we go to war with 3 of those countries, actually 4 because my US Marine Husband said we were fighting the Chinese in Viet Nam.  Doesn’t this all sound fishy or are we “paranoid,” for thinking these things. 
Gotta run and catch a plane. Can’t talk.

Whose the Terrorist? Christian White Gentile Woman or Jewish Woman?

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As I go to get on a plane today, I am always aware that when I go to sit down I hear over the loud speaker:  “Code Orange!”  Meaning terrorist in the building. I learned that when I was sitting with the people from Dr. Duke’s conference in Memphis and when one guy started to talk loud about something he was angry about, (didn’t say Jew though,) immediately “Code Orange” comes on.
To treat one of the best White women that could possibly, and wife of a US Marine Purple Heart, ancestry back to the Mayflower ship, giving him “2” sons with genius mentality that this country broke down, they treat “me” like a common criminal.
Yet the illegals who are filthy in mind, body and crime like their Jewish masters get treated with a “law” of amnesty as did President Ronald Reagan. Everyone talked of how “good” he was.  He was from Jewish Hollywood so how good was he? Was he put there as a handsome man that everyone knew specifically to “sign the document to allow all the brown criminals “amnesty” in 1984 I believe. (wasn’t that George Orwell’s book, and wasn’t that the beginning of the end for us.
Now that I’ve totally exposed the Jews and their women “who” should get the Code Orange, me or a Jewish woman like Ethel Rosenberg that was “executed” for being a spy and giving our worse Communist enemy, Jewish Russia, the secrets of the atom bomb so that now anyone can blow up the world in a moment.
And for all this “goodness” I get slapped in the ears, heart and feelings with “Code Orange.”  And I’m supposed to be sane after enduring all this abuse?  Who is abusing the Jewish women for 900 years in Poland and now spreading their hatred and their anti-White here in America. There are plenty of Whites left with money and courage and these Whites do “Not” have to treat me like that but instead do it to every Jewish woman that goes through those gates. Checking them for drugs, excessive pills, money from drugs, gold that they are smuggling out of the USA, silver, etc.  Give the Jewish women who have destroyed our White males and race the “Code Orange,” not me. Tell them not to break me down anymore, I cannot take it. They do that so that we give up that is why they harrassed so badly in Memphis. Not just to prevent the meeting but to “terrorize” us.  Instead of Jews watching and spying on us, we should spy on them and uncover every crime since Rome and St. Paul going to the Jewess for “forgiveness” to get out of prison,  and before that.
I should be treated with dignity and respect for what I’ve accomplished way ahead of everyone else that I know as far as Jews, Poland, and the women and mother and children things about Hitler.
I automatically treat people like that; people that are rotten and don’t even deserve it, yet I am always at my best if I can be.
I may not write for a few days.
Barbara Ann

Doctors Drugging Infants?????

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Jews Head Military in USA

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If you haven’t read my email on How Jews destroyed Poland, I would recommend it higher than all my (15,000 pages of) emails for it is the culmination of study into world history.  And listen to the radio show with it. 
I heard we are getting a new General (Patraeus) to head the military in our 10 year and counting war in the Middle East for Jewish age-old Bible enemies.
But, what really peaked my interest when I just happen to accidentally listen to the Laura Ingraham radio show was that the CHAIRMAN OF THE ARMED SERVICES WAS NAMED “Levin.”  I know Levin is Jewish for one of my teachers at Chicago Vocational, my Physical Ed teacher, was a woman named Mrs. Levin, a Jewess.
So when I came home I researched this Jew that heads the military.  Just as Raum Emanuel the Jew is dictating Obama’s every move and word on teleprompters, this “Levin the Jew,” heads our entire military.
No wonder we are fighting of all the Jews enemies to break them down and sell cigarettes to them as they did to China, 867,000,000 cigarette addicts in China!  And “this” is Democrazy!  And one should remain “silent.”  What happened to Freedom of Speech? It was all right for the Jews to get “their” rights after the exaggerated lies of the Holocaust.  Don’t Christians object to this?
Well, here is about Levin from Wiku.  And yes all white tax dollars for this war and the $$$ we are borrowing from China who can own America and the white race at the snap of their fingers, are all going to a Jew, ( a really fake Jew for he probably has more Polish blood than anything, and is certainly “not” the relative of Jesus for Jesus’ relatives are the ones we are bombing in Palestine and who are being held as hostages and slaves for Israeli Polish Jews.)
Levin was born in Detroit to Jewish parents Bess Levinson and Saul R. Levin”
Naturally he is a Harvard Graduate for almost 30% of Harvard is Jewish and most of the medical ideas such as the deadly baby formula came from these “professors,” who passed it down to many of us unknowingly for we thought doctors were ‘gods.’
And one can see that he was a “racist” favoring blacks and promoting them over whites to our destruction.  Just as Wiki talks of all the community organizing in all black neighborhoods of Chicago where all the whites were chased out of by Jewish blockbusting, just as my “crazy” Mama said they would back in 1955.  She doesn’t seem so crazy now; she seems like a prophetess or at least someone that knew keenly what the Jews did to Poland they are doing to America. And if one tries to talk about it I’m told to “shut up,” or “I talk too much.”  If the whites want to let their children die and degenerate perhaps I should just let this go and appear “sane,” just like all those that have been brainwashed by the jewish psychologists of the mind.
He was state assistant police officer and general counsel for the Michigan civil rights commission from 1964–67.[6] He was special assistant attorney general for the State of Michigan and chief appellate defender for the city of Detroit from 1968–69.[7] He was a member of the Detroit City Council from 1969 to 1977, two four-year terms, the last four years as council president.”
One of the committees he chaired was the “United States Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.”  Why is that important? For as you will see in 1950’s this committee headed by Sen. Joe McCarthy was trying to prosecute all the Jews of Hollywood as Communists and anti-America, (anti-White).  Yes, even one of the Jew Defendents, Playwright Arthur Miller, married Marilyn Monroe….. just to get acquited. (And to think in Las Vegas college they had a 3 day god-like tribute to this villain, and I told them I refused to go and honor such a man, even with a free $80.00 ticket. All the rest of the unthinking ran as fast as they could to give their $80.00 towards promoting another Jew.  It was the “only” tribute they had that year.  Brainwashing in colleges to who should be our “Heroes.)
Here is a little about the McCarthy committee, (Irish American) and how he tried to expose the Jews but apparently they all invoked the “5th amendment” and the Jews probably forced that “5th Amendment” for their own crime cover-ups as they pass so many of our bills which are anti-White.
“In the 83rd Congress, under its new chairman, Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, the subcommittee (now known as the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations or PSI) greatly increased the number of investigations and number of witnesses called. His subcommittee held 169 hearings throughout 1953 and 1954. Of the 653 people called by the Committee during a 15 month period, 83 refused to answer questions about espionage and subversive activities on constitutional grounds and their names were made public. Nine additional witnesses invoked the Fifth Amendment in executive session, and their names were not made public. Some of the 83 were working or had worked for the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the Government Printing Office, the Treasury Department, the Office of War Information, the Office of Strategic Services, and the Veterans Administration. Others were or had been employed at the Federal Telecommunications Laboratories in New Jersey, the secret radar laboratories of the Army Signal Corps in New Jersey, and General Electric defense plants in Massachusetts and New York. Nineteen of the 83, including well known communist party members James S. Allen, Herbert Aptheker, and Earl Browder, were summoned because their writings were being carried in U.S. Information Service libraries around the world.” 
(For example this James A. Allen was a known Communist who stirred up hatred against the White Southern Gentlemen who never warred for “slavery,” but to protect themselves from the bankers of the North who wanted to destroy them.  Here is the book this Communist wrote about the South: )Reconstruction; the Battle for Democracy (1865-1876)  Even when I talked with a lady from the South when I bought fabric and talked of the Civil War, she told me, “The Civil War was so painful, but when they did to us “afterwards,” is horrific.  And Jews were part of that, especially the cocaine peddlers.  Look at the movie, Gone with the Wind, and watch how the Jews and their ilk go to Scarlett O’Hara and demand triple the taxes for the plantation “Tara,” which was bombed!  The place had no value yet they were going to squeeze every ounce of $$$ out of the white Southerners who didn’t have any. Yet it was because of the whites, especially Irish, that the blacks have freedom today. Now we have a black in office and all of a sudden there is no longer “freedom” of speech or no newspapers will cover any of the protests or marches. Just as I was in the End the Fed protest on Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles, there were no cameras or news for all of the Hollywood cameras. They were all on the “Gay marches for their ‘rights,” and then we wonder why our sons are turning “gay,” and not finding out about their own rights.
The hearings also investigated such matters as communist infiltration of the United Nations; Korean War atrocities; and the transfer to the Soviet Union of occupation currency plates.”
Now isn’t it “odd” that this Jew becomes head of this Committee right “before” the tragedy of 9/11??????  In other words, where he would have the duty and right to investigate 9/11 on behalf of the interests of “all” Americans, was he really involved in keeping quiet because of his Jewish – Israeli affiliations?
This committee he was on earlier also was connected to investigating and bring evidence “against” Saddam Hussein:  In May 2005 the subcommittee held hearings on their investigation of abuses of the UN Oil-for-Food program, including oil smuggling, illegal kickbacks and use of surcharges, and Saddam Hussein‘s use of oil vouchers for the purpose of buying influence abroad. These hearings covered certain corporations, including Bayoil Inc., and several well-known political figures, including Russian politician Vladimir Zhironovsky.  And of course “Oil Baron,” was Jewish, Zhironovsky, with “sky” at the end.  How are the Jews connected to oil?  Or is that too simply put? 
Although Zhironovsky is Jewish, look at his “racist” remarks for it takes a Jew to know one. Look at the atrocities the Jews have and “are” afflicting our European brothers/sisters in Russia:  Racist remarksZhirinovsky has been widely accused of anti-Semitism (for his part, he suggested that Jews were often to blame for anti-Semitism[6]) for statements in which he accused Jews of ruining Russia, sending Russian women to foreign countries as prostitutes, selling children and organs to the Western world, and provoking the Holocaust. He reportedly even praised Adolf Hitler‘s ideology of Nazism[16] and befriended Edwin Neuwirth, an Austrian industrialist and a “proud” former officer of the Waffen-SS who has denied that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews during World War II, leading some of the German media to denounce him as “Russia’s Hitler”.[7][14] Zhirinovsky has expressed admiration for the 1996 United States presidential election contender Pat Buchanan, referring positively to a comment in which Buchanan labeled the United States Congress “Israeli-occupied territory”, and said that both countries were “under occupation” and that “to survive, we could set aside places on US and Russian territories to deport this small but troublesome tribe.” Buchanan strongly rejected this endorsement, saying he would provide safe haven to persecuted minorities if Zhirinovsky were ever elected Russia’s president, eliciting a harsh response by Zhirinovsky: “You soiled your pants as soon as you got my congratulations. Who are you afraid of? Zionists?”[17] Zhirinovsky repeatedly denied his father’s Jewishness until he published Ivan Close Your Soul in July 2001, describing how his father, Volf Isaakovich Eidelshtein, changed his surname from Eidelshtein to Zhirinovsky. He rhetorically asked, “Why should I reject Russian blood, Russian culture, Russian land, and fall in love with the Jewish people only because of that single drop of blood that my father left in my mother’s body?”[18]

Besides expressing his hatred for Turks and Caucasians,[19] Zhirinovsky also called for the deportation of all Chinese from Russian Far East.[20] During the 1992 visit to the United States, Zhirinovsky called on television “for the preservation of the white race” and warned that the white Americans were in danger of turning their country over to black and Hispanic people.

(One must really look at this carefully for he even praised Buchanan who rejected him. We don’t know all the facts on things sometimes and even now I have to trust what I read not what might be really happening.)

The Sub-Committee of our entire 111 Congress today is “headed” by this Jew. And it happened right when Obama took office: 

Majority Minority

This putting jews who have already destroyed Poland and kept them in White slavery in charge is like putting the wolf in charge of the chicken house, while the farmer snoozes.


Polish Prince

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Since the blacks have had the world protesting for their black cause, I have had to find on my own even without schools or even Polish friends and family, my history of Polish White slavery which no one can talk about. As in the movie “Katyn” an entire nation was silenced, as we are surely losing our freedom of speech, now that the Jews put across their agendas including now the Mid-east war.
But, I don’t wallow in pity nor do I have false hope that my cause will ever be recognized or at least that I won’t be treated badly for searching for truth in education.
Here is a song that cheers me up.  It is by the Polish Prince, Bobby Vinton. He is the only person I went to see in concert here in Vegas.  I wore my Polish dancing girl costume and he got off the stage and came up to me and gave me a kiss!!! Wowee!
I told him “I love you so, Bobby!” and I meant it.
For all the rock n roll songs I do, even hard rock, this song touches my heart as well as the pictures.  Turn up your Polish speakers and sing along.  If Poland has survived,(barely) the Jews for nearly a millennium, surely the Whites will too. Yes, the White middle class will dissolve and all that will be left are very rich Whites who are enslaved to Jewish $$$, and the Jews slaves. Only this time the slaves will be brown/black, so where does that leave the White people?

Finally! How Jews Destroyed Poland

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The beginning of White Polish Slavery under Jewish Banking and Rule

If you know of someone in the media or scholastic field, perhaps they would be interested in this.

Finally, after searching for many historical truths, I heard a radio show today on the Jews and the Fall of Poland.  I had “reasoned” this out being of Polish ancestry, but could find very little of my history.
What is really astonishing is that we in the USA are “repeating” the history of Poland and its collapse.
We find Jews involved in the churches and one has to really watch to see how the Jews are dominating the medical and our health, even our lives.  Jews completely dominated the money situation in Poland and as you will hear any country today that has a large population of Jews is facing the same thing.
What is interesting is that in Poland and Poland “only” there were only two classes the rich nobles, royalty, and the poor “slaves” of which I am a descendent.  Everyone worries and cares so much about brown and black slaves and that is not called “racist,” only if a White girl tries to learn about her own history is that called “racist.”  Eric Holder under Obama said that we are a country of cowards when it comes to talking about racism. Well, does he mean that I can talk about my White Polish race and that will be treated “equally” as that of blacks or browns, or not?
He clearly states that as I wrote to you several times, 80%+ of all Jews lived in Poland. And they set up this system of control & money and slavery of my people during their stay. This radio guy does an excellent job and it really is an answer to my prayers.
The problems we face today in America with the extinction and degeneration of the White Race was inaugurated in Poland.  THERE WAS NO MIDDLE CLASS.  Only the rich Jews and Royalty and the White slaves they made out of the poor people.  And how the Jews infiltrated churches with laws to benefit “themselves” for maintaining their White slaves for 900 years.
Here again is that picture of Poland and the Jews when they landed there after every other European country kicked them out for their destruction, and even China massacred them entirely until the Jews weaseled there way back into China under the guise of Jewish Communism in 1949.  The Jews wiped out the idea of “gods,” in Communist countries for they consider themselves the “gods” of today. And since they dominate 97% of media in this country and others, we are taught to worship them without realizing that we are being brainwashed in our minds. They use the “mind” to manipulate us through the Jewish Sigmund Freud and his nephew the Father of advertising and marketing, Eddie Bernaise. 
Oh and one more thing.  Just as I wrote before the radio guy intelligently talks of how the Jews “dominated” the alcohol industry and the taverns confirming what I’ve wrote in other emails.  In Poland a “slave” not a surf, would gladly get a job working for Jews. But he was “required” to drink at the nearby Jewish tavern to keep his job otherwise the Jews would find someone else for the job.  When the Polish man started to “drink” the Jewish tavern owner gave him credit. Alcohol is addictive, and Jews never touch the stuff, they just manipulate men into getting drunk.  The Jewish business owner where the Polish man worked then fires the man or closes the business. The men have no $$$ to pay the Jewish tavern owner.  Hence the Polish man gives the Jew all the $$$ he made working for the 1st Jew. He also ends up giving him everything he owns and probably his wife and daughters or even his boys for Jewish sadistic sex using us as animals as I was raped by a Jewish doctor in Chicago.  Eventually there is nothing left to give to the Jew and all the wages the first Jew paid, now goes back into the hands of the Jews so they got all their labor literally for “free.”  The Polish died of starvation as my Daddy’s relatives in Galicia Poland where the Jews walked around in golden glittery robes robbing the white Polish corpses.
Now, we these same Jews took the $$$ from the Polish people and bought up America such as newspapers, New York Times, or the New York World in 1898, and created the “sensationalistic” news. And I’m convinced the Jews not only “report” news they are so powerful they “create” it using many scientific inventions such as their Atom Bomb for such things as the demolition of the 3 World Trade Centers with 2 planes.  Even the dumbest child could figure that out. 
I’m very grateful to Matt Johnson for this historical radio show.  This info has been silenced in Poland and there is no sense in teaching “history” to our young children if the Jews even dominate the book publishing field and textbooks.  The Jews “tell” us what history is and even exaggerate about the Holocaust to make us “feel sorry” for them. That is how Jews trap Christians.  Get the White Christians to “feel sorry,” and one can control them and their pocket books and treasuries. 
Since the Jews have controlled our own Federal Reserve Bank since 1913 and their first official act was to agitate and fund war money for World War I, and the Jews run the World Bank, Fort Knox, the US Treasury, and those that work in banking “Follow” the Jews’ method of banking. 
As I wrote, in the painting below 1096 and Poland, you can see how the Jews were so “nice” to the royalty and nobles, and it was then they got into controlling the nobles through fake $$$.  Again, the middle class was ‘wiped’ out. Today, the Whites are the middle class and are being wiped out and will not be here in 100 years or will be so degenerated there won’t be much help for us. Just as the Jews totally dominated the alcohol trade, they are now involved in international drug trade and using our sons and daughters as their victims.  Or they excessive pill distribution. Or if one has a problem turn to Jewish psychiatrists, or counselors, when they have no cures just take $$$ and big $$$ at that.
Christians are God’s children and not the children of Jews who discard us and abuse us to keep us under control. 
Here is the radio show and then the painting below. Where I once thought my Polish Mama and Daddy were “crazy” for having so many children, I now see that there were much deeper answers such as Jews only paying Daddy minimum wage for 40 years yet Daddy was the Man with the Golden Hands. Also how Daddy even with his pennies always ran to the Jewish tavern for his beer and Mama her Christian Brothers Brandy so one can see the relationship of the Church and alcoholism and how the Jews got into the holiest of places with their destructive behavior.  Also is a youtube video of our own Dr. David Duke alerting us as he has for 40 years of the crisis of the White people, their customs, their religions, the heritage. Did the Jews get into our churches with anti-White policies as the Jews got into churches of Poland and Europe?
Please listen to this radio show:

Immigration Problems in England

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Attached is a video from Stormfront.org.

Con’d Quotes from Hitler on the White Race

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I started putting some of the quotes on yesterday’s emails.
Just trying to give the Cliff Notes version. I used to do this with my sex books and those probably were more read. 
They are from the book “The Triumph of Reason,” the Thinking Man’s Guide to Adolf Hitler by Michael Walsh
“The German woman can be assured that the coming generations of men will be in very truth the shield and shelter of their women. And men can have the encouragement of the certain knowledge that the German women of the future will be to them more than ever the truest of companions on the journey of their life.” (And we “won” the war? Look at White male/female relationships.  3rd World War Status. Nothing they can do in this World War III they are starting in the Mid East for Jews’ enemies can compare to what the Jews have done to destroy our families.”
Hitler says that since the war caused a huge shortage of men, women have equal rights at the workplace.
“The phrase, ‘Emancipation of Women’ is only an invention of Jewish intellect and is stamped with same Spirit.” (that is why I got kicked off of talk radio on this station for saying Gloria Steinem, the Jewess, is the ruination of our women. Even White women have cashed in on the Jews war against the White male.
Hitler talks of “no classes” in Germany, where the farmer is equal to the soldier or author.
He emphasizes that he will not allow “religion” to divide (White) Germans so that they can “fight” one another. It is only one reason why Whites fight one another instead of sticking together not in “cliques” which will eventually fall apart but totally 700 million at least on a business-type level if not from the heart.
He talks strongly of how Germans have split themselves into classes such as professionals “The German people must learn to know one another.”
Just as I said I want on my tombstone that I “lived” from 1947 to ?, and not died on such a date, Adolf wants on his tombstone two words with no title: Adolf Hitler.  Could he ever have imagined for all his hard work, sacrifice so that he ate just gruel and veggies, no bank account, not using his status for $$$ and even corrected his Nazis for their extravagance as they got richer & more powerful, that the Whites of Russia, America, England, headed by Jews, would drive him to suicide and that he never would have a headstone, but a gold plaque with his and Mrs. Hitler’s name on it.  They should add on that plaque, “Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, driven to suicide for trying to save the White race by money sucking Jews who destroyed the White mind and will of German Whites.”  Now that would make an “honest” plaque.
Hitler on the Jews in his German economy. I have to laugh cause Hitler didn’t mince words.  To the Jews:  “We don’t care a fig for your paper money. Give us something of value:  gold!  you have defrauded us, you rogues and swindlers. An awakened people with its last 30 marks — all that is left of the millions of its glory — would buy a rope and with it string up 10,000 of its defrauders! Even the farmer will no longer sell his produce.  When you offer him your millions of scrap paper with which he can cover the walls of his closet on his dung-heap, can you wonder when he says, “Keep your millions and I will keep my corn and butter.”
“We are on the eve of a second Revolution. Some are setting their hopes on the star of the Soviet: that is the symbol of those who began the Revolution, to whom the revolution has brought untold wealth, who have exploited it until today. IT IS THE STAR OF DAVID THE SIGN OF THE SYNAGOGUE.  The symbol of “that race” HIGH OVER THE WORLD, of a lordship that stretches from Vladivostock to the West, the lordship of Jewry. The golden star which for the Jews means the glittering gold.”  (Jews probably now have control of all the gold in the world, or as much as they can fit in their endless pockets. They took over Africa, certainly to get the rest of the gold mines and agitate the blacks to kill off the Whites there who may have owned the gold or minerals at one time.
And as I personally wrote of Galicia Poland – Austria where my Daddy’s from, the Whites were dying of starving 50,000 a year while the Jews were walking around in golden glittery robes robbing the White corpses!  You will soon see this in America, if not or children who will never forgive us for leaving them this “rotten inheritance.”
(I’m sorry for writing so much. In fact my mind finds this so interesting I would write the whole book, but am sparing you.  Jews write 52% of the books Whites read and they continue to write and talk, and write and talk. Only Whites should be “quiet” and listen to them and do their will.) 
“Economics is a secondary matter. World history teaches us that no people became great through economics: it was economics that brought them to ruin. A people DIED when its race was disintegrated.”
Hitler wants to fight the ‘DICTATORSHIP OF THE INTERNATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE. (Isn’t that amazing that we saw firsthand what the Jews on the Stock Exchange do to the point of “trillions of $$$.”
Hitler talks of “work” as standing behind his currency not gold which he claims “suffocates” countries.  I tend to agree.
He talks that the “tributes imposed upon Germany in order to keep it in a state of ‘perpetual bankruptcy’ which is certainly what America is in today. of which there is no doubt.
“Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same international Jewish Coin.” (That is so shocking but now I see it is so true.)
He talks of how they cut hours at work or raise wages… but the “crash must come, for the indiviudal does not live on a paper salary, but on the “whole sum” of production on his fellow countrymen.
“…. not ‘theory’ not ‘money’ not ‘capital’ but ‘production.'”  When I was working at Roadway my boss told me as he gave me the Employee of the Month plaque for the second time in one year, “The only way we could get more work out of you would be to sew on another pair of arms.”
I worked at full speed for 12 hours, without breaks and without exhaustion and with a smile.  Yet I was paid as much as the lazy ones who worked the Teamsters Union and worked “slow” to protect their jobs.  Of all races! Even the blacks made fun of me for working so hard, for they “laugh” at all the goodies and treats they Whites have spoiled them with by Jew direction and mastership.
I’d be a multi-millionaire today if I was paid by “production” and given big money for my “ideas” that saved companies “millions.”  And yet I can’t make as much money today as an illegal for this country “breaks down” the talented Whites so only Jews and Jewesses and their children look “talented, rich, smart, even sexy.”
“We have stripped money of its ghostly (jew) character. We have given it the part which it ought to play: not money and not reserves of foreign currency but WORK ALONE is the basis of money. There can be on increase of wages which does not go hand in hand with an increase of production.”  I can see myself in Hitler’s words and books so much it is hard to believe for I lived my life on those standards while those around me not only did the opposite but were rewarded for it and were paid “more” for their compliance to Jewish standards which is to be “silent” and go along with the Jewish-American program.
In 1933, there must have been many White German homeless and he says, “… the compulsory Labour Service is intended primarily to prevent the hundreds of thousands of our young working men from helplessly drifting into ruins on our streets. …. .folk who jounrey aimlessly from place to place, and one can observe how physically and at the same time mentally and morally they are sinking lower and lower.. “
Obama the Black today would use our White tax dollars to implement these ideas for “blacks” instead of using our White tax dollars for Whites to elevate them back up to a status where we can compete and ascend in the world today. Using our money to advance our smartest of Whites.  Not a penny goes towards this. The famous Volkswagon of which I owned a purple one was with Hitler’s ideas and promotion.  
Hitler says that the 14 years after World War I the Germans were gagged.  We today have been gagged since the Jews scared us to death with the word “racist.” He explains that the Germans were supposed to submit calmly to their “ruination.” We are certainly doing this today.
I think in my own life how unbelievably hard I worked even for Jews working 19 times as hard as the other lesbians and blacks and those married to blacks in the office. I didn’t fit in for I was White and heterosexual and normal.  Yet I was the one that suffered at their Jewish hands not the lazy ones who I carried having handled the major accounts for the Jewish President of the business.  The others in the office reaped the benefits of my White slavery and I was not rewarded for Hard labor, any more than Daddy was at minimum wage for 40 years for the Jews.
Hitler was so wise, and he says that regarding the Press he treated them as they treated Hitler and his protests when he took a “stand for White Germany.”  “Their meetings and demonstrations I had only to prohibit in much the same way as for 14 years they had forbidden ours.”  Can you imagine, this is what has happened to us in America when we protest and not a word is printed or televised. And if there is TV it is only what the Jews want America to see.  They make Whites “not want to protest” or to live.  They have killed our will to live.  It is now crystal clear.
We Whites are basically tools of business. As I learned in the Quality Movement that is where (Whites) spend their entire life. And if “business” has gagged the Whites and there are no special laws to help us survive, the businesses will die along with the whites for the businesses have special laws and allowances for blacks, women, Jews, yellows, and laws “against” whites. For example working so hard, having to carry the load of the lazy Jew, black, illegals, and even yellows who do not have our interest at heart.
On Marxist – Trade Union physical intimidation: “The more I understood the methods of physical intimidation that were employed, the more sympathy I had for the multitude that succumbed to it.”
I discovered this when I wrote continuously how the Jews superseded the White Kings and Queens.  “Freemasonry: … who guide the history of the world over the heads of Kings and Queens, those who will undertaken any office without a scruple, who know how to ‘brutally enslave all peoples — ONCE MORE THE JEWS!
From the book, The Walter Rathenau referred to by Hitler (above quote) was a major Jewish Banker who bankrolled Leon Trotsky’s revolutionary ambitions. Rathenau boasted “Three Hundred men,” all acquainted with each other, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successes from their entourage.” (Today, there is no doubt 300 Jews or more that control the world, the press and all these outrageous “catastrophes,” from the Swine Virus to the Haiti earthquake and now the warships into the Mideast.  It is not that there “will” be a New World Order, it is that there already is a White-Race threatening Jew World Order.
On Crime Hitler writes that they have broken with the concept of “hanging” the small criminal while letting the large thief go on is way.  I have reasoned this out many times. The Jews who are the Master Criminals of the world have never gotten punished and certainly their wives and kids are in “paradise” today because of that, while they would “watch” us as “criminals” for trying to help the White race. 
Regarding turning White boys into homosexuals by adult males:  Hitler would have them shot even priests and even his own SS.  Now it is only the Jewish who are profiting by the Church’s priests pedophilia. The Jews created the atmosphere of pedophilia with their Jewish homosexuality which I was “forced” to read about in college recently despite my protests to the 1/2 Mexican teacher for she threatened me with failure if I didn’t.  Like a mental bullet to the brain.
Right now where are the laws and education protecting our young White boys and not the homo criminals who assault our boys with “hate” crimes. Every time a young White boy is introduced to homosexuality it is a “hate” crime against Whites, the severest of all.
MORTALITY:     “For 14 years Germany suffered under a process of (democratic) decay which is unparalleled in our history. All values were overturned. ‘Evil be thou my God’ was the password. The hero was despised and the coward honoured, the upright punished and the corrupt rewarded.  The decent man (like myself) cold expect nothing but “mockery,” while the “degenerate were lauded to the skies.  Strength was condemned and weakness praised.  Quality lost its value and was supplanted by quantity, goodness which is rare, by evil which is ubiquitous.  (meaning omnipresent like ants, evil is everywhere.)  The nation’s past was scoffed at (like today Whites have a guilt past) and its future denied, (our future is gone.)  Those who had faith in the nation and its rights were attacked, scoffed at and reviled. Love of the beautiful gave way to a cult of all that was ugly and rotten. What was healthy was no longer the aim of human (White) striving and decadents and monstrosities became the heroes of a so-called new culture. (Sound like our country today?) The very existence of the nation was threatened by the undermining of all sound principles. Can anyone seriously believe that a national can be kept in such a state of decay without eventually having to suffer the last consequences of COMPLETE COLLAPSE?” 

Raum Emanuel the Jew: Quitting, Fired or Mayor of Chicago?

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As you know, I’ve been writing of Raum “Emanuel” as being the “Messiah or Savior” of the Jewish Race, for “Emanuel” means “Messiah.”  And haven’t the Jews been waiting for their Messiah 4,000 years and killed Jesus so they could keep waiting indefinitely. Nice blackkmail for Jewish women and kids to get all this Jewish funny money. 
This one is really a humdinger although this article from an Israeli newspaper is supposed to be “false.”
I’ve read a few and they say there is a “rumor” but nothing really substantial about Raum Emanuel quitting and fed up with the White House. And after all Raum, the Jew, Emamuel, like the Jew that raped me “has to think of his Jewish wife and children,” especially the boy that just had his Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Isn’t it nice that the Jews’ path of success is so smooth and that we even get on our hands and knees to pave that path of success for them and have abandoned our own children’s future.
Here is part of the story on his wanting to be Mayor of Chicago. It all makes sense now that I see my skyscraper building was loaded with as many Jews as there were mice, oatmeal bugs, and green fungus growing out of the registers of the Jewish homes where I lived. But “somehow” I was driven out of Chicago. Since I never “saw” who did all the crimes against me, stealing purses, smashing windows of car, stealing husband’s autobiography, I just wonder if Jews can do that to someone they do not want to live downtown as it would be “bad” for tourists. If anything, the tourists had a great time when I was there. And they told me so. I was a favorite of the media in Chicago,….. until I wrote to the DJ the word “Jew,” and only twice.  Just as I said the word “Jew” only once in my many times on talk radio, and then every single DJ was fired, radio station bought up by Jews, and now they are Rabbis speaking where White men of great talent used to. That is how the Jews “break down,” the White male and you see they make it so hard for us, as the meeting in Memphis for European Americans that for newcomers it would be easy for them to “give up.” Somehow we should form a union or mentorship to keep these people informed and in contact for there is so much power “against” them. 
I never realized Chicago was so “Jewish” until I read below that Emanuel, (or Savior) wants to run for “Mayor” of Chicago.  Although when I was reading that book on Abraham Lincoln and the Jews, since Lincoln was from Illinois, they mention the Jews of Chicago frequently and that was over 150 years ago. 
“The truth is this: Emanuel has said publicly and privately for months that if Rich Daley doesn’t seek reelection (which he will determine at the end of the year) for mayor of Chicago, Rahm will move back home and jump in the race. He may leave his job then anyway, mostly because he’s just tired.”

Male Crying; White men being Raped

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You may not want to look at this, but I will include it in my blob anyway.  I was looking up a subject about “Daddy” and came across this video.  When I was reading the “chat” below as I do not just “look” at videos I study the words and reason.  I found that this boy was “raped” as a young child.  When he remembers the event while recording the song he has a “nervous breakdown.”  And how my heart went out to him. For I do not like to continually repeat that I was raped by a Jewish doctor in Chicago in 1967 at a University School, but the “pain” was buried so deeply from his “threat” of confining me to an insane asylum for life, that I couldn’t even speak it, let alone “think” it. 
But through much writing and trying to get Complaints against him, I have come to grips “not” with the crime for if I do that these “rapes” will continue and we will not “solve” the problem like Hitler did of preventing Jews from raping White women and even impregnating them since the Jews don’t use rubbers and ejaculate inside the women.  I will not accept that the Jews “just don’t do it anymore,” anymore than I would accept that the horrid brainwashing of baby formula on White women and even the world should just ‘disappear,” and re-instate breastfeeding.  By doing that we “hide” like mice and these problems never get exposed.  For these 2 examples just “hint” at more of the crimes they are committing against us.
Well, I came across this video, “Daddy,” by Korn.  He sings of his Daddy that raped him, but it was actually a neighbor man.  When the man sings he cries, and literally cries, “But no one will listen to him.”  And boy oh boy, can I relate to that. Everyone wants to talk sports, weather, American Idol.  Do any of these things “change” our White survival?  We have deep problems and yet we are in a position that we could be having a White Renaissance if we so chose to.  And instead, we choose to sink into oblivion, degeneration and death rather than face our problems “and” their solutions. 
I couldn’t help but think of my brother, Nicky Novak.  As I wrote I let him live with me for 1 year because he couldn’t find work after becoming a Male White School teacher.  While he was living with me, he went on the weekends to Chicago for “fun.”  He is very active and fun-loving and sparkles a room.  While there, surely the White women give him a hard time, as I learned in the “How to be Single in Chicago,” seminars.  When a man wants female companionship, which is only “normal,” the women gather together like a cackle of hens and humiliate the man, either by refusing to dance with him, or just using him to “buy drinks” for her.  I wonder though that these same White women, myself including, never found the “Jewish men, even married” dangerous while we thumb our noses up at White men.  Do you ever wonder why White men turn to homosexuality.  The Jews in their media, TV, music, books, etc. have set a 3rd World War between the White man and woman, yet this is unprecedented in Nature.  For me to just “be nice” to White men is “Not” the answer for the White men have been taught to “abuse” good women and I would just end up being abused.  It isn’t healthy for me nor for the man for both of us need to change. 
Nicky was downtown and drinking and having fun.  A man “drugged” him and drug him to a flop house and raped him when he was barely 21.  The man just left him in the room unconscious and my brother was incoherent when he called me. I turned the problem over to my husband Mike the Marine for I relied on his strength and my brother needed a strong heterosexual man to help him.  Mike the Marine must have done something good for when he picked my brother up and brought him home, they must have had a talk. That event could have turned my brother into a homosexual if a bi-sexual or homosexual man picked him up.  They probably would have talked my brother “into” a lie that “it was really good or don’t be such a prude!” 
Whatever my husband said to my brother, he returned to women and even married and is still married today to a German girl, will write more later on him.
But, as I watch this video, I hear the cries and screams of this man that was raped and I’m more convinced than ever to pray and live to see the day where we once again have ‘sane’ sex. Right now we have “Jew” sex for everything we do rests on their approval and ideas.  There is much that needs to be thought out.  But certainly what Hitler was trying to teach the girls about Jewish rape, what he was doing by imprisoning homosexuals, and his taking off of “taboos” for sex, surely was a step in the right direction.
I still think that to teach sex one must have all-White schools. Right now we are laying our women and boys open to severe sexual abuse.  Jews abuse us in a lot of ways but developing a society that is sexual crazy is the worst. 
I think sex should be limited to places like Las Vegas.  Internet sex, Playboy Magazine sex, sex with other races that see Whites as a “real catch” and even citizenship, is degrading.  I mean how can we try to walk with out heads held high in Pride when we have all these wrong ideas about ourselves and our fellow Whites.  Normalcy isn’t hard.  But it is going to take a much higher level of understanding and that is going to come through “intelligence.”  The Jews have “intentionally” dumbed us down and degraded us.  They have to stand up and face the music for their crimes for the Jews are spreading these heinous acts not only through the White race but now the World.  Either we are “victims” of the Jews and their slaves or we are victorious over the Jews and not only their “bodies” such as imprisoning them, but victorious over what they did to our minds, hearts, bodies, etc. through establishing USA as a “Jewish” culture. 
When I was married, I burned all of my husband’s Playboy magazines.  He had a stack 3 feet. Why should he look at girls that were made of “paper,” when I was lying next to him a real sensual and sexual woman. Even back in 1970 I bought sex books such as the “Joy of Sex,” but it is “no good” for just one party to read them. In fact it is a curse. For me to have read 27 books on sex and educational DVD’s and not have a partner is doing nothing but stirring up hormones that have no release. Or worse yet, if I didn’t “know” of the White Cause, other races would take advantage of that.  Although when I was studying sex in Chicago the Jewish men that I met on the internet did “Not” want to read the books either.
I find now that to forget about sex is what I have to do.  I think later I may still seek a sexual partner, but since I’ve been celibate most of my life, I need to think clearly. 
Here is the video.  At the end the man is said to have a nervous breakdown in tears.  If you can withstand that watch and listen.  But, there is more to the video for there are “many, many” White men that are suffering in different forms. And I do not believe that it is “up” to the man suffering for he needs that problem like a cocoon to cover himself from the pains of this world.  Collectively, all 700 million Whites must join together and “love these problems,” away so that all our men are healthy once again and seeking higher levels than the jews or yellows, etc.  Certainly it would include spiritual levels as well as intellectual. 
I think it will be painful, although I don’t think that just crying for crying’s sake is good.  I know when I cry the feelings are so deep that I am not at full capacity for the rest of the day and I cannot afford that. 
Although once in a while if my writing brings me to that level I will.  When I write about the Jew doctor it “angers” me and I want action. When I think of my Daddy who was beaten by my Mama, that requires tears.  So many tears are hidden that I cannot even write about the subject. I may for I do not think I have ever written the entire story of the domestic violence where “HE” was the victim of female abuse.  There are movies and books and groups for ‘Women’ being abused as the case of my son’s common law wife.  Much is done in society about “children’s abuse” and “animal abuse,” but who is writing of the abuse of White man?
When I watched the video and listened to the words, I hear the male cries not just for the rape, as horrible as it is, but “all the cries” of the White men, who have been clobbered for about 100 years and been sent to fight jew wars so the jews can get richer. There is no forgiving that for we will find ourselves fighting Iran or China and be still kissing the stinky jews’ feet and worshipping the jewish women and child on a pedestal.  I hear the cries of the White alcoholics, the families that have suffered with them, the children alcoholics and drug addicts who need those drugs just to feel “normal.” I hear the cries of the White boys who can’t get college money such as Forrest Murphy my great-nephew as he watches the black boys get $1,000.00 a month just to go to school, don’t have to work a part-time job but just focus on “school,” like the smart jews and yellows.  I see the Harvard desks filled with 91% non-White male.
We don’t see the Jews “weeping and wailing” at the Wailing Wall, but they sure have caused enough of it and we have given our White sons for their causes long enough
Words below video. 
// //

Daddy Lyrics

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Mother, please forgive me. I just had to get out all my pain and suffering.
Now that I am done, remember I will always love you; I’m your son.

Little child looking so pretty
come out and play, I’ll be your Daddy
Innocent child looking so sweet
I rape in my eyes and on your flesh I’ll eat

You raped, I feel dirty
It hurt as a child
Tied down, “That’s a good boy.”
And fuck your own child
I scream, no-one hears me
It hurt, I’m not a liar
My God, I saw you watchin’
Mommy, why?? Your own child…

Little child, looking so pretty,
come out and play, I’ll be your Daddy

You raped, I feel dirty
It hurt as a child
Tied down, “That’s a good boy.”
And fuck your own child
I scream, no-one hears me
It hurt, I’m not a liar
My God, I saw you watchin’
Mommy, why???

It’s alright

You raped, I feel dirty (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
It hurt as a child
Tied down, “That’s a good boy.” (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
And fuck your own child
I rape, no-one hears me (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
It hurt as a child
Tied down, no-one hit me (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
And raped your own child
I sit, no-one hears me (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
It hurt as a child
Tied down, “That’s a good boy” (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
And fucked your own child
I scream, no-one hears me (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
It hurt as a child
Tied down, no-one hears me (aaaaaaaaahhhh….)
Mommy why?? your own child…

“I didn’t touch you there.”
Mommy said she didn’t care.
“I didn’t touch you there.”
That’s why Mommy stopped and stared.

Little child looking so sweet
I rape in my eyes and on your flesh I’ll eat

You raped, I feel dirty
It hurt as a child
Tied down, “That’s a good boy.”
And fuck your own child
I scream, no-one hears me
It hurt, I’m not a liar
My God, I saw you watchin’
Mommy, why?? Your own child…

[almost can’t hear normal words]
You raped, I feel dirty
It hurt, I’m not a liar
My God, I saw you watchin’
Tell me why?? your own child…
I scream, no-one hears me
It hurt, I’m not a liar
My God, I saw you watchin’
Mommy, why?? your own child…
You raped, I feel dirty
It hurt, I’m not a liar
My God, I saw you watchin’
Mommy why?? Your own child…
I scream, no-one hears me
It hurt, I’m not a liar
My God, I saw you watchin’
Mommy why???

[Crying with frustration]
Fucking bitch
I fucking hate you
Fuck you
I fucking hate you
Fuck you
You fucking ruin my life
You fucked…
Fucking bitch
I hate you
I fucking hate you
Fuck you…

[Crying Continues]

[Woman begins to sing]

[Music starts again]

[Jon Leaves The Booth]