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Mourning Losses at Love Parade

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I had written about the Love Parade about 6 years ago.  As a student of an art teacher that taught life drawing or nudes at Purdue University and I as a nude model at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, I was interested in nudity when I met a German gal on the airplane from Chicago to Las Vegas when I wanted to see if I was going to move here in 2003.
She invited me to her home, (a complete stranger) and wanted me to attend the “Love Parade.”  I was surprised that a complete stranger that I had never met would open up her home and hospitality for me to stay there for me to attend the “Love Parade” in Germany.  She giggled that many of the people are totally nude there.  I had written the media about it and said that I wanted to go, but have never been to Europe.  I still have her email address and phone number. 
As I open my telephone book it is filed under “G” for Germany.  And the words “Love,” (Naked) Fest and Berlin.  I’m going to try to email her now and wish I would have kept in contact.
The only thing is that in 2003 that was 3 years before I went back to college in 2006 and studied Germany and World War II history which has been faked and exaggerated.
Now there will never be another “Love Parade,” for it has been permanently cancelled. 
From what I understand it was the only event in the world that allowed nudity. 
It is very tragic for Germany, and I wish my deepest condolences to the families and friends and Germans who are undergoing such a great loss for something that seemed so much fun. 
In reading on Wiki about the Love Parade they did “not” allow hip-hop and perhaps that seemed “racist,” in a world that has been deluged by it and its sinister practices.

Hitler and Steralization of Jews

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From the “Triumph of Reason,” a quote by Hitler. There are many that he made concerning the Jews and other ideas that I can see clearly today, he was right on many of these things.
Here is one on his thoughts about “Hollywood.”  “Announcements by American film companies that they intend to produce anti-Nazi — this is anti-German — films, can but induce us to produce anti-Semitic films in Germany…We believe that if the Jewish “international” campaign of “hatred by press and propaganda” could be checked, good understanding could very quickly be established between the peoples. It is only such elements that hope steadfastly for war.”  Reichstag, 30th January, 1939.
Yes, Hitler knew the Jews were thirsting for White blood before World War II.  He also knew that he wanted counter films of Hollywood for it was a shame for all that hatred against Germans.  And that “international” campaign of Jewish hatred must be checked. It still goes on today, all around the world, not just in America. How they have duped an entire planet, I will never know.  But Hitler has “hope” that once this media is checked, good understanding between our peoples would come “quickly.” 
Hitler talked about sterilization but not for Jews, just for those with hereditary problems, and that is what I recommended for blacks and browns in this country years ago.  But now I will take that one step further…. all Jews sterilized, especially the Jewish men that prey on White Gentile women.  The sooner the better.  Let them know we mean business for this cannot go on forever.  Our European ancestors stopped it.  The only thing is that the Jews flooded America with non-Whites to get rid of us and it is now a lot more difficult.  But do we consent to this “forever,” as I heard on the Derek Black show this morning.  It has to stop some time.  And the Jewish women can be sterilized too.  No sense in letting them keep up the lie that their womb is going to have the “next” Messiah hence they can extract the entire accumulation of what the Whites have built up over 2,000 years!  And all that interest!  Why the Jewish women and their offspring have the rights to it and to destroy White Rights is beyond me.  They should be sterilized and their children too.  They have done enough damage and it would be hypocritical of me to write “Sterilize browns and blacks,” and not destroy the ones that are the “Masters” of this intentional destruction of us.

Nazi Skinheads March in Mexico

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Looks like the Mexicans are even getting fed up with what is happening or not happening in their own country.

Dr. David Duke’s Post on Youtube 7-30-10

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Circumcision against White Baby Boys

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Just thought I would forward this interesting article. These crooks called doctors should be exposed for these unnecessary practices to pad their salaries.  It has done so much damage, and even if the doctors “stop” circumcising our poor innocent helpless baby White boys, the world should know how we have been treated against our knowledge. Perhaps the world would know the White race has been “victims” and not the “evil” ones as we are known today.
pivotal article:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Circumcision Causes Lifelong Harm, Concludes New Research U.S. attorney warns doctors, “The foundation is well laid for lawsuits.”
A new study on circumcision in the latest edition of Journal of Health Psychology concludes that the surgery causes a host of psychological problems-including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)-in adults who have suffered the surgery as babies. The study is due on doctor’s desks this week.

P.O. Box 232, Boston, MA 02133, Tel/Fax (617)523-0088
http://www.circumcision.org crc@circumcision.org


Circumcision Causes Lifelong Harm, Concludes New Research
U.S. attorney warns doctors, “The foundation is well laid for lawsuits.”

BOSTON (Monday, June 24, 2002) – A new study on circumcision in the latest
edition of Journal of Health Psychology concludes that the surgery causes a
host of psychological problems-including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
(PTSD)-in adults who have suffered the surgery as babies. The study is due
on doctor’s desks this week.

“Half of all men who were circumcised as babies have some degree of PTSD.
PTSD is what happened to men who went to Vietnam, and parents are doing it
to their babies,” said J. Steven Svoboda, Executive Director of Attorneys
for the Rights of the Child, a lawyer and co-author of the study.

The study concludes that the trauma of circumcision affects the developing
brains of babies, and as a result, they may later suffer a host of
psychological problems as adults, including “depression and a sense of
personal vulnerability,” in extreme cases causing the men to react in
“aggressive, violent, and/or suicidal behavior.”

“We’re hearing from a lot more men about emotional difficulties, sexual
difficulties, and psychological problems that they are attributing to their
circumcision,” said Ron Goldman, Ph.D., Executive Director of the
Circumcision Resource Center in Boston, a psychologist, and another
co-author of the study with two other academics, “and it brings the
attention to mental health professionals that circumcision may be the cause
of some of the problems that they are diagnosing in men.”

Up to now, many mental health professionals have been unaware of the
psychological harms of circumcision. “Now, men who have problems that they
cannot explain, and which may be mystifying their therapists, may look at
circumcision as the possible root of their problems,” added Goldman.

The study’s authors write, “PTSD may result from childhood circumcision,
just as it does from childhood sexual abuse and rape,” and that “some men
circumcised in infancy or childhood without their consent have described
their present feelings in the language of violation, torture, mutilation,
and sexual assault.”

The study found that “as compared with genitally intact men, circumcised men
were often unhappy about being circumcised, experienced significant anger,
sadness, feeling incomplete, cheated, hurt, concerned, frustrated, abnormal,
and violated.” The authors also found that circumcised men reported lower
self-esteem than did genitally intact respondents.

Svoboda of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, an organization that has
brought lawsuits against doctors who have circumcised babies, said: “This is
going to affect the kind of damages that adult men get for being circumcised
against their will as babies. Lawyers are going to be in court holding up
this article and judges are going to have to pay attention. To win a legal
case you have to show harm, and what the harm cost you, and this article
does that.”

Svoboda has a warning for doctors who continue to circumcise babies against
the recommendations of medical bodies: “We know the physical damage being
done by circumcision, and that it is not medically recommended at all. The
foundation is well laid for lawsuits. Doctors who are still doing
circumcisions are already investing in a lot of trouble, and this study
makes their trouble worse. They just have to wait 18 years until that baby
grows up and they’re in for a lawsuit. And an army of lawyers will be there,
with this study and many more in their arsenal.”

Marilyn Milos, Director of NOCIRC, an organization that seeks to end routine
neonatal circumcision in North America, says, “This is the first time an
article addresses the long-term psychological trauma. The trauma is
significant for babies, resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Any
time that we can determine that there is such severe harm to an unnecessary
procedure it should be outlawed. Female genital mutilation has been
outlawed, and we need the law to set the standard, here, too, followed by
aggressive educational programs. Parents and doctors need to know that this
is a harm that lasts a lifetime.”

Svoboda is convinced that this study will have a major impact on
circumcision in the U.S. “Doctors ignore a lot of medical literature,” he
said, “and they ignore the screams of the babies, but they listen when they
hear the word ‘malpractice.’ As a lawyer willing to sue, I’ve never had a
doctor not listen to me.”

The Journal of Health Psychology is an interdisciplinary, international
journal that acknowledges the social context of health, illness, health
policy, and publishes theoretical, methodological, and empirical studies.
The circulation of the Journal is worldwide and papers are invited from
authors throughout the world.

The U.S. circumcises over 1.2 million male infants per year. The rate has
gradually declined to just under 60% in recent years. Circumcision is
generally considered an American cultural practice, but the pertinent legal
questions have not been decided and are only recently being asked. The
debate about circumcision has been more vocal lately due to increased
awareness and questions about harm and lack of proven benefits. Proponents
continue to claim potential decreased risk of certain diseases, but these
claims are not accepted by any national medical organizations.

For More Information Contact:

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. Executive Director, Circumcision Resource Center,
Boston, Mass. 617-523-0088

Ephrem Fernandez, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Southern
Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, phone: (214) 768-3414, fax: (214)

J. Steven Svoboda, J.D. Executive Director, Attorneys for the Rights of the
Child, 2961 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705
Fax/Phone (510) 595-5550 Email arc@post.harvard.edu
Website http://www.arclaw.org

Marilyn Milos, RN Director, NOCIRC, San Anselmo, CA. Phone: 415-488-9883
Fax: 415-488-9660 email:nocirc@cris.com, website:www.nocirc.org/
The Article: http://www.cirp.org/library/psych/boyle6/

David Duke . com

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I quoted Dr. Duke on Fox News Radio and I gave “him” the credit.  It was the Tom Sullivan Show around 1:20 in the afternoon today, Friday, July 30.  It is probably in the archives.
The topic was Gov. Schwarzenegger forcing a Furlough Friday without pay on government employees.  Tom
They put me through, but I was on hold while he talked of other subjects so as I listened to them I wanted to make my comment “current” for the topic was already 20 minutes old.
So I first commented on his recent topic, and then went back to the topic which I was selected for the one above.
Here is the conversation on Fox News Talk Radio:
Tom Sullivan: Hello Barbara Ann
Me:  Hello Tom, I wanted to make a comment about Gov. Schwarzenegger from California as he comes from Austria like me. But I want to address the topic that you brought up while I was on hold waiting and that is the lady from the Teacher’s Union whining at a Town Hall Meeting. 
Me: Tom, I worked in the Teamster’s Union for 10 years in the office. But there was a severe lack of work ethics.  I would do 80% of the work.  We could pick up our work sheets and I would pick as many as tall as a skyscraper.  The others would take 1 or 2 and then “milk” their jobs. (And then I stressed with my heart and soul, “They milked, milked, milked their jobs,” While I did all the work.  They would complain.  It would be only Monday and they would walk in and say, “Is it Friday yet? Where’s my check?  They would shoot rubber bands at each other constantly, talk on the phone, they wouldn’t show up to work and then complain, “Oh I can’t come to work, my kids are sick, or the men would say, there was a game yesterday and I drank too much beer.”  I would do at least 10 times as much as the next employee. And the Union would encourage that. (job security.)  There is a law that 20% of the employees do 80% of the work, and I’m tired of carrying the load for those 80% that breaks people like me down and burns us out.
Tom:  Well, that is true in business the law is 20% of the customers bring 80% of the profits.  And the same law is true in the workplace. 20% of the employees do 80% of the work.
Me:  If that is the “law,” then let’s “break that law.”  Because after all I don’t think they have that law in China (and we are in a global competition, but didn’t say that.)
Tom: Well, I agree, I have always worked hard and some people come in on Monday and they have to recover from the week-end, by Tuesday, they drink coffee all day to get them started to work. By Wednesday, they begin to work, by Thursday, the are getting ready for the week-end, and by Friday, they might as well not be there. (And this will get me to Furlough Friday by Gov. Schwarzegger.)  Yes, I have always worked more than my share.
Me:  That is because you are “Irish” with the last name of Sullivan.
Me:  But not only is there a lack of work ethics what above the government jobs to begin with. How come that in Chicago the Federal US Post Office jobs which pay fantastically, 80% are going to blacks, but blacks only comprise 18% of the workforce.  Isn’t that racism, Tom?  All those good jobs monopolized.   I got these statistics from davidduke.com. 
Tom:  Where did you say you got those statistics from?   (I think he fainted for a second but quickly and professionally recovered.
Me:  (Confidently and intelligently I repeated, good for memory)  davidduke.com
Tom: Oh
Me:  (I wanted to get to the topic that they let me on for, for I want a “good” reputation on the air.)  Now, back to what I really called for. (Although I already had these same notes above I was going to say, only I adjusted myself, or thought on my feet, to fit his topics better.)
(I took an opposing view to Tom Sullivan on this, but was very gentle.)  “I support Gov. Schwarzenegger in his endeavors to control the economy by cutting off Fridays for the government employees for “Furlough Friday.”  But, Tom, I really, really like what you mentioned earlier that there is an “old” law on the books that would require all government employees to work for only minimum wage if the budget could not be balanced.  I think we should do that. I think that it would build “character.”  I grew up in South Chicago in a family of 15. Daddy only made minimum wage for 42 years and never got a raise. Yet he could do “plumbing,” “electrical,” “gardening,” anything and everything, (and do it with a toothless smile!  didn’t say that either)………
Don’t you think that would begin to get our people to “build character?”  I think the old law would do wonders for our economy.  I think we pamper our people too much. 
(They cut it off then, but it was the last part that I was allowed on the air for and got to read everything that I wanted to say.  I’m very grateful.
If you can forward this to Dr. Duke, I think he would like to know that his name made international media in a very professional manner and there was no “cutting him up.”
Just as a p.s. All Americans needs to stick together for we are all sinking and we need comments and ideas that are going to “change” our situation. Otherwise, Obama and his racism will change “only” what is good for the non-Whites.

Just one other thing I think I forgot to mention when I went on talk radio on my other email.  It was regarding the 20% – 80% rule that 20 % of us are doing all the work.  And this is true in our White cause certainly.  I said, “Let’s break that law.  Who made that law of 20% – 80%?  Let’s make a new law:  (AND I WAS REALLY FIRM!) Let’s have 100% of the people do 100% of the work, instead of burning us hard workers out.
You will find that the blacks and browns will have to carry their own weight. We Whites won’t have to keep training them, and slowing us down, and keeping us down.  If the businesses hire them, we can withhold any training or cooperation with them. After all, the Mexicans in Vegas are called the “Mexican Mafia” as far as how badly they treat the newcomer White Polish immigrants in the workplace. 


Forgetting our White Veterans?

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My deceased husband, that commit suicide saying, "There is no help for the white man in this USA."July 26 would have been my Viet Nam Veteran’s and my 41st wedding anniversary.
I happened to go on a website and found this honoring Veteran’s and a prayer so that their “soul” may rest in peace.
I once said, “My husband fought for me in the jungles of Viet Nam fighting the Communists, I will now fight for him after his death.
Here is something I found. You can see that even though the Jews play important roles in these departments, except “preacher,” it is THE VETERAN who gave us our White Rights!

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the VETERAN, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.
It is the VETERAN, who salutes the Flag.
It is the VETERAN, who serves under the Flag.                                                           ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEM. Author unknown 

I received a very large patch to sew on the back of my jacket from my nephew Jimmy Novak in Florida when I recently visited.

As the patch reads on the bottom: “Will our Nation be forgotten, as our Veterans have been?”  Sure now, that blacks and browns are monopolizing the military they (Jews) will make sure they get treated like royalty with White Tax Dollars.  They will drain every dollar and cent out of us until the last one of us is alive and has a penny in our pocket. They will take that last penny.

Black Jews make Jew cry

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From stormfront.org.  The black Hebrews are telling the Jew that the Jews
“You were robbing the Germans, you were oppressing the Germans, God made them burn you Jews.”
He reduced this Jew to tears. I wish I could have done that to the Jew doctor that raped me and then threatened me for he was richer, more powerful, had more connections, a gravy life, and I was young, innocent, and very much afraid.

Blago Statue of Elvis on the Chopping Block

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AS I wrote before, Rod Blago or Blagojevich, an Eastern European descent governor of Illinois is on the White chopping block because he is accused of selling Obama’s seat when Obama left as senator of my state of Illinois.
Blago is too “White Poor,” as the title of my book will be, to pay his “storage items.”  They can really drive us in the gutter and take our every last cent. Sure we might make the $$$, but faster than we make it they take it.
Here is video. Also, there is a life-sized statue of Elvis which you know I’d like on my front porch.

Male and Female Circumcision

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Blacks brutalized their own black men thousands of years ago

Wish I could call my email autobiographical writings, “Confessions,” like St. Augustine

Below is an awful practice of female circumcision.  I am adamant about stopping circumcision for our boy babies, for the practice is said to be the most horrifying in hospitals.  And yet this practice is perhaps thousands years old and probably started in Africa.  Went to Israel and then found its way to America. We know that the Jew Rabbi’s used to grow their fingernail on their thumb extremely long and then sharpen it to a razor point and then circumcise the male of all ages. I understand it was done to keep their race pure. If a woman saw an uncircumcised man she would flinch in horror and either not have sex for she knew he wasn’t Jewish or abort the baby. 

Jews also amputated the skin of the man’s penis for their “slaves” who usually were buried near them.  Yes, Jews were big believers in slaves as they brought most of the black slaves from Africa and became quite rich for the Jews’ responsibility ended once they dropped off the black people on the Southern White man’s doorstep.  It was the Jews that were responsible for putting blacks in chains, etc. and it was the Black mother who would “beat” their boys and men to get them to work.  My mother, a Polish White woman also beat my Daddy to get him to work and to stop him from drinking, smoking, gambling, and womanizing.  It was wrong, but apparently being slaves for Jews for 900 years there is a different sort of culture. But I do know where my Auntie Helen, Mama’s younger sister, had a husband that didn’t work and did all of the above, and she was easy going and just “divorced” him and he became a bum on skid row in Chicago.  Daddy didn’t.  Mama kept his drinking, drugging, smoking, gambling, and womanizing in line, somewhat. She got him to work and truthfully working for Jews for 40 years and not getting a raise and only making minimum wage, I’m sure he didn’t want to go to work many times.  But he always did. And even Mama beat him to work around our home which sometimes seemed as if it were falling apart with all the windows Mama smashed from being driven over the edge of poverty in South Chicago.  But, as I wrote before, Lil’ Wally, my friend, the International Polka King of the world, wrote a song called, “Why do you break all my windows?”  The white Polish women were driven to distraction, even madness by what was happening to their men that they loved. Mama “had” to love Daddy. How did she give him all that sex to have 12 babies?  On top of working fulltime, breastfeeding for 2 years each baby when the other women were giving their babies formula, (sugar followed by 22 drugs including acid) and take care of all the kids, and make her meals, pies, breads, noodles “from scratch.”  I’m tired just thinking about it.  When people think I am “manic,” picture being in my Mama’s womb and she is going in at least 20 directions at the same time “just to put food in our mouths once in a while.”  She never asked for a coat, or a new dress, or a beauty shop appointment. She never asked for a car, and had to walk several blocks with swollen and bleeding feet to buy our groceries cheaper at the big supermarket rather than than the corner grocery.  I do not picture the black women ever had it this hard for when they came here “all” of their needs were taken care of by the White man, school, education, clothes, medical, church offerings, housing, good farm food including greens.  Being the daughter of White Polish slaves we didn’t get a red cent from either church, government nor business ever “felt sorry” for us. 
That being said, back to the Jews amputating the skin of the white men, and then black men etc.  This barbaric practice that goes back 10,000 years is as you know totally unnecessary, and I’ve been quite a crusader to stop this.  And plus if they are putting these barbaric practices on us in the medical, think just how much is going on in abusing us that we don’t even know but “accept.”  This should not just be slipped under the rug, such as they are doing now that they are bringing back breastfeeding, again, I was one of the crusaders to do that, but it must be exposed of their brutality in these doctors and hospitals.
Now there was another practice worse than circumcision, and that was “amputation” of the entire penis.  It was called “castration,” and it was a form of “emasculation.”  Our men are being totally emasculated today as I am being “effeminized,” but in those days up until 1903 they castrated young boys.  These boys were used by the popes and Catholic church for the Vienna Boys Choir.  Since women could not sing in church, and nuns only behind grills, they found that boys that perhaps were attacked by an animal in the groin and had to have their pecker cut off, were able to sing these high notes.
I remember Mama would take me to the poultry store to buy live chickens.  The “best” for soup was a “capon.”  And that was a chicken that had been castrated. They were the “biggest” and “tastiest” chickens for soup, and today I can still buy them at the “Mexican” supermarket, but they are about $35.00 compared to $4.00 for a regular chix.  Add her homemade “kluski” which is a homemade noodle, tons of parsley and veggies, and a piece of homemade golden raisin bread, and homemade apple pie from the apples from the yard, and “all” of Mama’s guests, family, friends and foes, were treated like Kings and Queen out of our meager pennies.  That I know of no one ever returned the favor, but at least that is from my own recollection.  Before Grandpa died, when Mama could still count on him perhaps for money or babysitting, there was “no” domestic violence or physical battles between Mama and Daddy and Mama “never” beat Daddy bloody.  I never heard of a story of a Black mother having to go to that extreme.
And since the blacks have received all this compensation and “special” treatment from the whites, I think the Jews should compensate “me” for the suffering that I endured when my parents worked for them and left us starving and penniless, and my whole country of Poland should be compensated by the Jews to the tune of “trillions,” for enslaving my Polish people, impregnating them and leaving the children to die or starve for the women could never talk about it, just as in pre-Hitler Germany, when the first Jews that were “deported” not “executed” were these “bastards” or the Jewish men that impregnating these women. There are police reports to this tune.  And I also think the Jews should pay “high interest” for the bastards they left behind, driving the Poles to drink and work for them, for Jewish business and taverns were the only place they could work.  And the Jews should be punished for making a law that condemned Polish Christians to the fires of hell….. for eternity…. if the Poles ever did their money business with anyone except Jews.  Think of today, how many laws in our religion, especially those TV religions that are run and manipulated by Jews, think of how many religious things they are teaching that are to harm the white race and worship the Jews.  If I only got some of the profits of “American Idol,” like the Jewish man that I gave my video tape of the Jenny Jones Show to, I’d be a billionaire!  And truthfully there are plenty of white billionaire wives who have nothing better to do than go get their nails done on their toes and fingers by gays or Viet Namese, let these rich white women save the white race since they are so elevated and happy. 
Anyway, I look up “eunach” in the Bible and it says that they were used to guard the harems.  Since the men couldn’t have sex they couldn’t have a problem with sexual desire with the women. 
In the Bible, Deuteronomy 22:1 It says, “No eunuch is to enter the congregation of God. (But he could enter the courts so it wasn’t as if that was prohibited).”  But then when the Jews brought Jesus to be crucified and Pilate kept saying that Jesus was “innocent” as many of those men and women who are in jail today, even as Bishop Williamson is facing, the Jews screamed over Pilate saying “Our religion doesn’t allow us to “kill.”  So is that why the Jews have such a “low” percentage in the military today, the lowest of all.  But yet they finance the wars such as World War II, the Civil War, the Napoleonic wars, and God knows how many wars in Poland, where Jews called “home” for 900 years. If you check Poland’s history they were constantly in wars.  Just as we are today.
So Jews agitate and win with Gentiles to have people killed, and Jesus is an example.  Might write later on this.
This Bible passage then says that “no bastard is to enter the congregation of God, even to the 10th generation nor any of “his” children.  Yes, how many children in Germany, Russia and Poland were “bastards” from all the Jewish sexual rape and sex that seemed “consensual” for sex was never talked about and the girls “afraid” to talk as I was threatened by the Jewish doctor that raped me in Chicago and got off “scot free.”
The passage does say to be nice to the “Egyptians” for the Jews lived there, and hopefully the Jews will change and repent and be “nice” to the whites whose country, money, and land they have immorally and illegally obtained and left us to die within 100 years.
From Acts 8:27-39
Here is a New Testament story of a eunuch or a male that has been castrated.  It seems as if the black queen of Ethiopia had him amputated, so these customs have come from Africa and how much of what we do today is still based on ancient rituals and insidious practices. 
“Later God’s angel spoke to Philip: “t noon today I want you to walk over to that desolate road that goes from Jerusalem down to Gaza.” He met an Ethiopian eunuch coming down the road.
Here is a painting:
Now it is clear that the African blacks cut off some of their male penises as the practice is still done to women today. See below.
He was a minister of the $$$ for Candace the Black Queen.
He was riding and reading the prophet Isaiah, so it shows that the blacks and Jews were close, just as Obama and Raum Emmanuel, the terrorists’ son.
The Spirit told Philip, “Climb into the chariot.”  And while Philip was running he could hear the eunuch reading out loud, (which is what I do when I study the Bible and even emails sometimes to “understand” them and to focus my mind. 
Philip asked the eunuch if he “understood,” what he was reading and the eunuch asked for “help.”  The passage from Isaiah was this:
As a sheep led to slaughter,
and quiet as a lamb being sheared,
He was silent, saying nothing.
He was mocked and put down, never got a fair trial.
But who now can count his kin.
since he’s been taken from the earth?
This was after the Jews broke the will of Pilate the Italian to murder Jesus the Good.  It also reminds me of all the “unfair” trials of historians that want to “debate” World War II history and statistics especially the Holocaust, when all the white Europeans lost so many more, “especially” my Polish people who never get mentioned cause we are poor slaves.
Then Philip preached Jesus to the black man that was emasculated and a victim of his parents amputation of his penis.
The black eunuch was then baptized in water nearby.
Now this barbaric practice went on even through the church.  Did white Europeans engage in such practices. I do not think so.
I read about St. Augustine in the 4th century who wrote the first autobiography which was called “Confessions,” (good title for my autobiography of today perhaps since women have equal treatment.)
Here is a google.com/images of St. Augustine in his prayers to God and his “Confessions.” 
By the way, the author was Carolinne “White,” and I didn’t plan this.
I do know that is when “celibacy” entered into the Catholic Church from a group of natives called the “Hittites,” which also can be found in the Bible.  There was spiritual healing for the first 300 years of Christianity, and marriage for the priests for 400 years.
In the “snopes,” chat below, and you don’t have to read it, I summarized above, when the Catholic church started to amputate little boys’ penises for their good voices for the Vienna Choir, perhaps that is when pedophilia began also in the poor Catholic Church, which is going bankrupt. I have no “joy” in seeing a church that has been the starter of all Christian religions to go bankrupt. Nor do I see any joy in all Protestant religions dying as we have no Protestants in our Supreme Court today.  3 1/2 Jews and 5 1/2 Catholics.  There is too much money for “good” Jewish lawyers and their ilk to make off of these perversions, when the Jews are guilty themselves and really don’t need to resort to boys when the Jewish married men rape a whole lot of white women as far back as Poland, 1000 years ago to the present now in America since they “emigrated” to America which accepted the Jews freely after the exaggeration of the Holocaust.  Jews knew Europe was declining and America was now the new Jewish paradise. But how to get the Jews out of Europe.  Manipulation, and the Jews declaration of war against Germany in 1937!  And the Polish Jewish rich man that gave Churchill $2.5 million to ‘stir up “hate” against the poor Germans who were not even recovered from World War I damage.
We need to develop a “healthy” attitude for sex.  I don’t know what that is but sex for $$$ for Jews and their ilk since they are the Porn Kings and Porn Supremacists has to go.  As their using my white Eastern European women for their sex slave trade. Sure others follow the Jews lead but the Jews start it.  If whites follow such behavior they too will suffer or if black men pimp out white women as in Nevada here, or as they pimped my sister since they were too lazy to work for a living, hopefully no one “rewards” them for using us as victims.
From: Wendy
Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2010 8:20 PM
Subject: Fw: ‘British’ Girls Undergo the Horror of Genital Mutilation
This is the equivalent of amputating a man’s entire penis.  Click on the link, and see what is now being allowed to happen to females in Western nations.

And I ask you–WHY??? 

And are we going to allow these people to cut off their children’s hands if they steal, too??  Are we ever going to set limits??  We can do that you know.  Arrest the parents and put them in jail a few years.  Life for cutters.

If people want to live in Western nations, they need to leave their horrors behind and do as the Romans do.  Westerners don’t know the value of what we have, and we’re giving it away.  One more reason I’m pro-Arizona big time.  Especially being female.  Women’s human rights down the tubes?  Forget that!  People don’t know what they’ve allowed into our countries.  No wonder the world is a complete mess.


Liberals have gone mad for accepting this crap.


‘British’ Girls Undergo the Horror of Genital Mutilation

Female circumcision will be inflicted on up to 2,000 British schoolgirls during the summer holidays – leaving brutal physical and emotional scars.
Yet there have been no prosecutions against the practice

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws | Society | The Observer


Like any 12-year-old, Jamelia was excited at the prospect of a plane journey and a long summer holiday in the sun. An avid reader, she had filled her suitcases with books and was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when her mother came for her. “She said, ‘You know it’s going to be today?’ I didn’t know exactly what it would entail but I knew something was going to be cut. I was made to believe it was genuinely part of our religion.”

She went on: “I came to the living room and there were loads of women. I later found out it was to hold me down, they bring lots of women to hold the girl down. I thought I was going to be brave so I didn’t really need that. I just lay down and I remember looking at the ceiling and staring at the fan.

“I don’t remember screaming, I remember the ridiculous amount of pain, I remember the blood everywhere, one of the maids, I actually saw her pick up the bit of flesh that they cut away ’cause she was mopping up the blood. There was blood everywhere.”

Some 500 to 2,000 British schoolgirls will be genitally mutilated over the summer holidays. Some will be taken abroad, others will be “cut” or circumcised and sewn closed here in the UK by women already living here or who are flown in and brought to “cutting parties” for a few girls at a time in a cost-saving exercise.

Read In Full: British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws | Society | The Observer