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Sharon Angle, Jew, Nevada, Tea Party

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Anyone for a tube of Super-Glue? As I have suggested, the Whites must unite and stick together, which is not evident at least in my life today, and I see the Whites growing further and further apart instead of uniting.
I’m reading some wonderful internet articles about the Jews in Europe and especially their beginning in Khazaria, where “Turks” migrated there, took over the land, perhaps “killed” the White people that were there, (hence we should have no guilt for “all” of humanity was migrating and killing others to get the land they have today. Even in Africa, the blacks were killing each other for land for survival, so this White guilt over the Red Indians is exactly that “over.”
I happened to have the radio on, during my ride to church. Since it was a Rabbi, I would have immediately shut it out, as most Christians would, but then I thought I would “spy” on the Rabbi radio show and see what they talk about.
They had Sharon Angle, the famous woman who is running against Harry Reid for Senate of Nevada. It is odd but Harry Reid is sending so much “evil” literature against her.  It must cost him a small fortune to send that much mail making her look like a raving lunatic.  But do the Whites really know the difference between a “raving” lunatic woman, and a good woman? I think society has crushed the White Race by brainwashing of “hatred” of Good Women.  Then the Good women break down from constant hatred against them, yield to despair, and give us their good qualities or become very uncertain and doubtful.
So on this Happy Rabbi show, (well USA is “kingdom of heaven” for Jews and we made them “kings and queens,”…… their guest on this holy show was not another Rabbi, but Sharon Angle!  Sharon Angle is a Scientologist, yet when interviewed by the Rabbi she says as a White woman, “I love the Jews and Israel so much that 20 years ago my church went to visit Israel and it was my dream of my entire life.” She repeated that her “only” dream, of her whole lifetime, was to visit Israel. And then when she went back a second time, it was just too good to be true, for her husband joined her. Does Angle know that the people there are dumb Polak Jews who have climbed the ladder to ‘god-dom,’ through vicious practices of which they were kicked out by 80 countries and only give “homes” in 2 countries, dumb Poland and now dumb America. Even “Africa” with their blacks of little intelligence didn’t Jews a home.
Now one would think that Angle would call a visit to the headquarters of her White founded church, the “highlight” of her life. But alas, Angle is a big, big, big Jew lover. 
The question of religions sticking together came up between the Rabbi and Mrs. Angle.  The Rabbi said, “The Jews have stuck together for their whole existence. We are a ‘small’ group and do not have the “luxury” of fighting one another. The people of the synagogue to do not fight one another, and the other synagogues to not fight with other synagogues.  They live together in what seems like perfect harmony, like a hill of biting fire ants.  They don’t “bite each other,” but bite any human that comes near them. And not just one ant. But the ants will come on masse to bite the intruder.
We don’t “bite” the intruders to our country.  We give it away to them for nothing, and we do it in the name of a “God,” that I cannot recognize or understand for God says as one sows so shall he reap. God doesn’t say, “Sow and let another reap everything you worked for and then starve to death.”  There is no such God.
The Whites have splintered into 38,000 denominations and perhaps a new White Christian Church is started every day in America alone. What would it take to “unite” those churches?  And I don’t mean a Pope who would act as a dictator.  For that Pope would still convince us to give away our last penny to the blacks/browns/Jews/yellows just to put another number in their books. 
I think that Churches can maintain their own identity of what makes them unique, adopt ideas and learn from each other as the Jews do, but when it comes to one question which is not spiritual, but “racial,” we should stick together. Bury the hatchets the Jews put in our hands. Instead of looking on our Christian brother as the enemy and ready to fight with, close your eyes and know that person is really your friend and even kin. It was the Jews who turned us against one another.  Every time we Whites “hate” one another, the Jews “love” our $$$ that results from that hatred:  Wars, divorce for Jewish lawyers, illnesses from this hatred between Whites as we land up with so many psychiatric and physical problems.  Yes, where do we run to for help in our problems?  To Jewish Masters who created the problems. Those people that create our problems can never solve them finally.  For every disease the Jews cure or eradicate, another 4 show up. Gives the Jews plenty of $$$ and convinces Whites that they cannot live without their Jewish Masters for we are dependent on them for our very life from cradle to grave. It is dangerous, more dangerous than all the nuclear weapons that the entire earth is holding right now.
The Jews are totally united, especially their churches. They think as “one mind,” and “one body.”  We are like 700,000,000+ all running around like a swarm of ants but all going in different directions, and we are doing so because not of a Queen Ant, but of a Jewish Queen ant, that is leading us indirectly through her Jewish husband’s money. 
The Muslims are united and aren’t there a billion of them?  Surely the Jews will work on conquering them as they conquered the yellow Chinese through “$$$” practices.  It will cost the Chinese the yellow race, for they are now drinking, drugging, gambling, smoking like chimneys, everything the Jews don’t do.  The Muslims don’t either.  As in Hitler’s day, he didn’t care what the present generation did, even Eva Braun smoked like a chimney, but her role was the “entertainer” of the Nazi’s. 
As far as I can see in Christian Churches, they are of one mind, and that is to “help” blacks, browns, Jews.  When a White is in need, such as myself, they get nervous and don’t even want to hear my problems.  My church did help with raising Paul through boarding schools.  For that, I will be forever grateful.
What was done for Paul, needs to be done for “all” White males. Although having Paul raised in a school, where they don’t drink, smoke, gamble, take drugs, eat plenty of vegetables like Hitler, once Paul was raised and has to confront this evil Jewish society, called America, he is set loose to live in a country he absolutely doesn’t fit in.  Must be hard as a White man.  Just as my brother John never drank, smoked, took drugs, nor gambles, never had sex, took very little pills, doesn’t curse or swear, attends church regularly, tries to do good deeds, protests the evil, (on his own for he got kicked out of the Tea Party for they support heavily White boys turning into Old Testament vicious homosexuals.)  My brother has been considered ‘crazy’ and a ‘freak.’ When in actually he was normal, but in this Jewish driven society of White genocide, my brother is a freak. If one gets treated and told he is a freak and crazy, he will continue to live up to normal human standards of self-preservation, but gradually breaks down, as this country has broken me down.
Oh by the way, in conclusion, the last joke of the Rabbi Sunday Show was for Sharon Angle and the Rabbi to travel together to Israel after she is elected to the Senate. She is a Tea Party member?  When I wrote to you that the Tea Party that I went to in Chicago was run by Jews, and the head of the Tea Party was heavily funded by Jews in Chicago, it was hard to believe.  Hard to believe?  Almost every word that I have written can be documented. I first reason it out in my head.  Boil over with anger and resentment at such debauchery against Whites and Christians, and then find evidence for my conclusions.

Arizona Fights Back

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From Floyd Brown’s email:

Arizona Fights Back Over UN Human Rights Report
By Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

Arizona is fighting back against the Obama administration’s decision to haul her state before the United Nations Human Rights Council. Governor Jan Brewer has penned a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday expressing her “concern and indignation” at the administration’s report to the UN, which cited a federal lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration bill as part of its efforts to fight human rights violations. This author was the first person to report that provision of the administration’s brief.

“Apparently, the federal government is trying to make an international human rights case out of S.B. 1070 on the heels of already filing a federal court case against the State of Arizona,” the governor wrote in a line that echoed the opening of my own piece.

She rightly noted the Orwellian aspect of a sitting president appealing to a world government to quash a popular state law. “The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a State of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional,” she wrote. Brewer vowed to challenge the report all the way to the UN

Jews Hate Crimes at Home Depot Against White Christian Male

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While the Jews are “hating” White Christian Males, I will preface all the “hate” crimes against them so that when they try to turn the tables and trick the public into make “me” the hater, there will be plenty of hate crimes against them. (As if the ones in my own personal experience isn’t enough?)

Also it seems as if these Jews not only hate “Whites” and not only hate “males,” and not only hate “Christians” who use the word “God,” but the Jews “hate” heterosexuals, for they discriminate against them as in the instance above, but “promote”  homosexuality which is a sure way to end the population of sexual reproduction of the United States.

Dumb Polak Jews on Editing Wiki

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Here it is:

The Complete Guide to Killing non-Jews – Whites

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I copied and pasted the following that the Jews are circulating on the internet amongst themselves. I received it from Pastor Eli who kindly sent this to me.

Settler Rabbi publishes “The complete guide to killing non-Jews” — UPDATED

This is why five year old toddlers are routinely shot through the head by Israeli snipers.  They are just goyim. Cattle.

LATEST UPDATE — December 15 2009: Haaretz uncovers US federal tax exemptions for American charities funding the rabbi (older updates at bottom.)
The ultra-fundamentalist Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar is infamous for its involvement in settler violence against Palestinians. Memorably, one of the students fired a homemade “Kassam” rocket at the neighboring village of Burin in June 2008. This morning, Maariv reports that the Yeshiva’s dean has just published on the proscribed dos and don’ts (mainly the former) regarding the killing of gentiles. Here are some choice excerpts.

“In any situation in which a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives, the non-Jew may be killed even if he is a righteous Gentile and not at all guilty for the situation that has been created…When a non-Jew assists a murderer of Jews and causes the death of one, he may be killed, and in any case where a non-Jew’s presence causes danger to Jews, the non-Jew may be killed…The [Din Rodef] dispensation applies even when the pursuer is not threatening to kill directly, but only indirectly…Even a civilian who assists combat fighters is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Anyone who assists the army of the wicked in any way is strengthening murderers and is considered a pursuer. A civilian who encourages the war gives the king and his soldiers the strength to continue. Therefore, any citizen of the state that opposes us who encourages the combat soldiers or expresses satisfaction over their actions is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Also, anyone who weakens our own state by word or similar action is considered a pursuer…Hindrances—babies are found many times in this situation. They block the way to rescue by their presence and do so completely by force. Nevertheless, they may be killed because their presence aids murder. There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”…In a chapter entitled “Deliberate harm to innocents,” the book explains that war is directled mainly against the pursuers, but those who belong to the enemy nation are also considered the enemy because they are assisting murderers.
A full translation of the Maariv article can be read after the jump.
The complete guide to killing non-Jews
Roi Sharon, Maariv, November 9 2009 [page 2 with front page teaser]
When is it permissible to kill non-Jews? The book Torat ha-Melekh [The King’s Teaching], which was just published, was written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, the dean of the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in the community of Yitzhar near Nablus, together with another rabbi from the yeshiva, Yossi Elitzur. The book contains no fewer than 230 pages on the laws concerning the killing of non-Jews, a kind of guide for anyone who ponders the question of if and when it is permissible to take the life of a non-Jew.
Although the book is not being distributed by the leading book companies, it has already received warm recommendations from right-wing elements, including recommendations from important rabbis such as Yitzhak Ginsburg, Dov Lior and Yaakov Yosef, that were printed at the beginning of the book. The book is being distributed via the Internet and through the yeshiva, and at this stage the introductory price is NIS 30 per copy. At the memorial ceremony that was held over the weekend in Jerusalem for Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was killed nineteen years ago, copies of the book were sold.
Throughout the book, the authors deal with in-depth theoretical questions in Jewish religious law regarding the killing of non-Jews. The words “Arabs” and “Palestinians” are not mentioned even indirectly, and the authors are careful to avoid making explicit statements in favor of an individual taking the law into his own hands. The book includes hundreds of sources from the Bible and religious law. The book includes quotes from Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, one of the fathers of religious Zionism, and from Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli, one of the deans of the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, the stronghold of national-religious Zionism that is located in Jerusalem.
The book opens with a prohibition against killing non-Jews and justifies it, among other things, on the grounds of preventing hostility and any desecration of God’s name. But very quickly, the authors move from prohibition to permission, to the various dispensations for harming non-Jews, with the central reason being their obligation to uphold the seven Noahide laws, which every human being on earth must follow. Among these commandments are prohibitions on theft, bloodshed and idolatry. [The seven Noahide laws prohibit idolatry, murder, theft, illicit sexual relations, blasphemy and eating the flesh of a live animal, and require societies to institute just laws and law courts]
“When we approach a non-Jew who has violated the seven Noahide laws and kill him out of concern for upholding these seven laws, no prohibition has been violated,” states the book, which emphasizes that killing is forbidden unless it is done in obedience to a court ruling. But later on, the authors limit the prohibition, noting that it applies only to a “proper system that deals with non-Jews who violate the seven Noahide commandments.”
The book includes another conclusion that explains when a non-Jew may be killed even if he is not an enemy of the Jews. “In any situation in which a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives, the non-Jew may be killed even if he is a righteous Gentile and not at all guilty for the situation that has been created,” the authors state. “When a non-Jew assists a murderer of Jews and causes the death of one, he may be killed, and in any case where a non-Jew’s presence causes danger to Jews, the non-Jew may be killed.”
One of the dispensations for killing non-Jews, according to religious law, applies in a case of din rodef [the law of the “pursuer,” according to which one who is pursuing another with murderous intent may be killed extrajudicially] even when the pursuer is a civilian. “The dispensation applies even when the pursuer is not threatening to kill directly, but only indirectly,” the book states. “Even a civilian who assists combat fighters is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Anyone who assists the army of the wicked in any way is strengthening murderers and is considered a pursuer. A civilian who encourages the war gives the king and his soldiers the strength to continue. Therefore, any citizen of the state that opposes us who encourages the combat soldiers or expresses satisfaction over their actions is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Also, anyone who weakens our own state by word or similar action is considered a pursuer.”
Rabbis Shapira and Elitzur determine that children may also be harmed because they are “hindrances.” The rabbis write as follows: “Hindrances—babies are found many times in this situation. They block the way to rescue by their presence and do so completely by force. Nevertheless, they may be killed because their presence aids murder. There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”
In addition, the children of the leader may be harmed in order to apply pressure to him. If attacking the children of a wicked ruler will influence him not to behave wickedly, they may be harmed. “It is better to kill the pursuers than to kill others,” the authors state.
In a chapter entitled “Deliberate harm to innocents,” the book explains that war is directly mainly against the pursuers, but those who belong to the enemy nation are also considered the enemy because they are assisting murderers.
Retaliation also has a place and purpose in this book by Rabbis Shapira and Elitzur. “In order to defeat the enemy, we must behave toward them in a spirit of retaliation and measure for measure,” they state. “Retaliation is absolutely necessary in order to render such wickedness not worthwhile. Therefore, sometimes we do cruel deeds in order to create the proper balance of terror.”
In one of the footnotes, the two rabbis write in such a way that appears to permit individuals to act on their own, outside of any decision by the government or the army.
“A decision by the nation is not necessary to permit shedding the blood of the evil kingdom,” the rabbis write. “Even individuals from the nation being attacked may harm them.”
Unlike books of religious law that are published by yeshivas, this time the rabbis added a chapter containing the book’s conclusions. Each of the six chapters is summarized into main points of several lines, which state, among other things: “In religious law, we have found that non-Jews are generally suspected of shedding Jewish blood, and in war, this suspicion becomes a great deal stronger. One must consider killing even babies, who have not violated the seven Noahide laws, because of the future danger that will be caused if they are allowed to grow up to be as wicked as their parents.”
Even though the authors are careful, as stated, to use the term “non-Jews,” there are certainly those who could interpret the nationality of the “non-Jews” who are liable to endanger the Jewish people. This is strengthened by the leaflet “The Jewish Voice,” which is published on the Internet from Yitzhar, which comments on the book: “It is superfluous to note that nowhere in the book is it written that the statements are directly only to the ancient non-Jews.” The leaflet’s editors did not omit a stinging remark directed at the GSS, who will certainly take the trouble to get themselves a copy. “The editors suggest to the GSS that they award the prize for Israel’s security to the authors,” the leaflet states, “who gave the detectives the option of reading the summarized conclusions without any need for in-depth study of the entire book.”
One student of the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in Yitzhar explained, from his point of view, where Rabbis Shapira and Elitzur got the courage to speak so freely on a subject such as the killing of non-Jews. “The rabbis aren’t afraid of prosecution because in that case, Maimonides [Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, 1135–1204] and Nahmanides [Rabbi Moses ben Nahman, 1194–1270] would have to stand trial too, and anyway, this is research on religious law,” the yeshiva student said. “In a Jewish state, nobody sits in jail for studying Torah.”

Sterilize all Jews & Money

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You heard me right. It is time to Sterilize all Jews to prohibit them from multiplying and monopolizing and killing off our White Race.
I rarely listen to radio other than internet radio.  But I turn it on although it is usually so filled with commercials that scream to music and melody, “Buy me,” and then another screams “No buy me.”  Then another, “Buy Me.”  My check book is a “0” because of the Fraud and the dumbest banking system of the world who goofed up and had my check sent back.  Both the Federal Reserve and the IRS were started at the same time by Jews in banking, so that we could work as Whites for 100 years and give “ALL OUR MONEY to JEWS through these two companies, rather than our own White Treasury.)  If these Jewish banks, Fed Reserve and IRS which taxes us, are run as badly and inefficiently and even criminally, like Wells Fargo, we are in worse trouble than one can expect. Well, I guess Jews are so busy “gouging” us Whites that they don’t care about their services.  I had to make at least 7 calls to the bank to straighten out their mess of signing me up for checking and savings account I didn’t want or need. (Beware the banks now work on commission in addition to their salaries and are pushing banking products just like many companies are pushing blacks in their telephone service companies such as Cox.net where a black guy answered and didn’t even know what to do.  Surely they are getting “$$$” for doing so.
Well, as I was listening to the radio, Fox News has this “replay archives” where they take a snipet from one of their shows and replay it all day.
The snippet was from the Jewess, (any person 1/8 Jew is Jewish, and she is 1/2 on her Jewish rich and greedy Daddy’s side which is the worse).
Dr. Laura,  was using the “n” word non-stop and wants “freedom of speech.”  So she is on the snippet for she first announces she is quitting so that the Whites will now chase like madmen and madwomen, every single word she says.  It is a Jewish brainwashing trick.  First get her name well known, then listen to every word she says and even share it at the water cooler, for it is only Whites that can’t talk about taking over the USA at the water cooler.
Dr. Laura’s was voicing her objection to a woman that called in for advice for her daughter is marrying a former prisoner. (Jewess and goddess advice which we know we worship 24/7 and can’t make a move without them we are so paralyzed).  Now surely this is coincidence that I just went to Colorado to help my White son who I had to bail out of jail.
This Jewess doctor, (God help us and save us from Jewish doctors) gives the advice that she should tell her daughter that if she wants to marry him, she must be sterilized.  Now, since the Jews have “put our Whites” into prison through their monopoly of media where 90% of men arrested on TV are Whites, never Jews, rarely blacks and browns, which do all the crimes, and never a yellow for Jews and Yellow Communists are partners, why should the White prisoner be cursed by this jewess?
Not only that, Dr. Laura, says to sterilize her daughter if she wants to bring him into her home.  She advises Whites not to have grandchildren. (Another ploy to hurry us up into extinction, like on a treadmill, Faster into Extinction, Whites, faster.  Faster into extinction Whites, faster, faster.
Naturally I take this personally for my White son was in prison.  My White brother was in prison for protesting.  Therefore, it is fair game to say the same to the Jewess, “If you think my son should be sterilized, then I will fling this manure right back in your sliced up, Jewish plastic surgeoned face, STERILIZE ALL JEWS!”
We have to! We must! Why?
Hitler tried to stop the Jews “only after Jews declared war on the people he loved. (What a politician like him dear Lord, only comes once in a millennium.)  The Nazis were ‘Kind’ to Jews and only forced them to work. Something that cannot be done in the USA for Whites are bearing the entire workload for Jews, Blacks, Browns, teaching Hindus and Chinese, it is the 80% – 20% law where we do all the work, and even for the lazy Whites who have been intentionally degenerated by Jews.  So when Hitler tried to just round up the Jews, get them to work, and then deport them, we see the Jews outsmarted their way out of that.  Oh the Jews go their way. Jews in Europe knew that Europe was declining and there would be no more wars there for they would race-break it and degenerate them and stop their loans, (Other than Germany for Jews pay Germans blackmail to keep them quiet so they don’t start another war.  That is how Jews have arrested our most intelligent and use their intelligence as White slaves to Jewish interests… or else. Jewish banks will cut off their $$$. 
So if Hitler’s idea of relocating to Madagasacar didn’t work, then what? (Jews wanted to live in America for it was “the” place to live not some tiny island no one ever heard of.) How could Jews play the role of “gods,” for us to worship in a tiny island there.
Even if today, we rounded up all the Jews, got them out of TV, movies, books, schools, banking, Israeli cell phones they can listen to every word we say for them put antenna in them so they can monitor them, I think even our own White sons and daughters would kill us and they would get the blame in the eyes of the rest of the world. Our children cannot live without Jewish influence.  Our children are the Jews’ children and at their mercy. 
But let’s suppose we got them all out of here.  What is left behind is Jewish ruin that we would rubbish through.  Our Whites are already too Jewified to the point of ad nauseum.  One cannot have a decent conversation with them about any of our problems without a “fight” or “war,” and haven’t we had enough of Jewish wars for 900 years?  I know coming from Poland where Jews called Paradise for 900 years and their home or headquarters for their Jewish Mafia and Syndicate, I don’t think we need to be bashed around and exploded and left into bloody corpses, or bloody trunks of bodies without eyes, ears, brains destroyed etc.  You don’t see the Jews like that do you? Then why are we so gullible to every Jew and Jewess hypnotic suggestion.  We have to make our own White thoughts, White ideas White $$$ for White problems, etc.
Jews need to be sterilized. And they can’t even call that a ‘hate’ crime unless they arrest Dr. Laura for “hate” crimes against me as a White woman.  I think I will write her and tell her that her descendents should all be sterilized at why.
Whites are finally waking up to the Mexican problem. But Mexicans are coming in through “big bucks.”  By the way, Burger King has a new hamburger for $1.00 called the “Big Buck,” one of my favorite written expressions.  Do you suppose Jewish advertisers came up with that idea? Doubt it. Jews can memorize well, talk non-stop, and steal from Whites 24/7 or push us to work beyond our means as slaves have never been pushed.
Think of it.  The blacks are servants or slaves in the South. They “barrrrrreeeeellly move,” as they hoe.   They can’t talk English so by the time the White man tells the black what to do, the White man, even if an aristocrat, should have done it himself.  Jews have made up a rule that “you can’t get dirty.” Who say?  Break that rule.  We are going to have to do our own menial labor just as Daddy did.  Blacks are taking over these high paid jobs and given “special treatment.”  Whites are getting “bad treatment.”  I know I worked for Jews and God should have sent me to hell for eternity before I ever stepped in at Donco Paper Supply in Chicago where I was sales coordinator for this Jews accounts. He got all the $$$ for his Jewess wife to build an entire floor onto a skyscraper for “that” is where “she” wanted to live. Jewesses have mighty power, and I’m praying to see that God is Almighty, although it surely isn’t in our experience for we Whites put the Jews and Jewesses up to god-like status. Time to take them off their worship pedestals.
Whites are working as much as 94 hours a week for males and about that for women since they work a regular job since the Jewess Gloria Steinem grabbed the White women by the throat and forced them into work places …. as well as…. the full time job they had before feminism… wife and mother and daughter of an older parent.
Who are the slaves here? Or does Hitler have to come back as the ghost of Christmas past, present and future to show you that we Whites are Slaves for Jews and their ilk.
So it is a double edged sword.  First we must sterilize the Jews. Just like the Bible says, “Male and female he created them.” We can add, “Male and female he sterilized them.”
Believe me, Jews have sterilized almost all of our Whites, they made tons of money on us, and now can’t have White kids. I forced my husband to get sterilized for I didn’t want more than 2 children.  Lucky I had those 2 after what the Jews did to my Mama and Daddy when “they” worked for them their “entire lives” for minimum wage. 
Why don’t we force the new minimum wage law on Jews and non-Whites?  They can only make minimum wage for their entire life.  And that would be adjusted for Daddy had “12” children they have one or two, so it would have to be “lower” than minimum wage. Even Hitler in his kindness and mercy gave the Jews:  free housing, free medical to get rid of all their bugs, filth and lice, free barbers and beauticians to cut off their lice-filled hair to prevent an epidemic of Typhus which killed off most of casualties of World War “I.”  Hitler gave them free food, and good cooked, not like their lazy wives that can’t boil water.  Hitler let them have fun for “free” with swimming, plays, symphonies, books and reading libraries.  Hitler gave them free burials, (Don’t laugh at this one, but this is true, or if you laugh just a little no one can see, ha ha ha) Hitler eventually gave them control of the entire White race for the Jews turned this lovely living situation into a morbid horror, but then work for Jews is morbid horror. 
I can’t wait until we take over Hollywood after the Jews are sterilized and or White people are re-programmed and we can make a movie just as above showing how the Jews “really lived,” and what they lied about in the work camps that still hold as “truths” today.  The lie about Jews being made into lampshades which Michael Savage still talks about today. Or the lie that Jews were turned into shrunken heads, which the Jews better watch out for the blacks that they control might turn them into a shrunken head. Do you think Obama the Black would turn Raum Emmanuel into a Shrunken head if Obama “knew that it was the “Jews,” that forced this situation on the blacks and “not” the Whites? He’s got 1/2 White blood that part of him might get up and rebel someday for there is a White man buried in the body of Obama.  Or the lie that there were gas chambers for Jews, when in fact there is no scientific evidence of that.  All these and more lies need to be exposed.
If the Jews lied about “that” think of what they are lying about today.  Legal cases, medical cases, school authority, politics. The Jews have made a disgrace of what was once an honorable country.  The USA.  Being held up by Jewish drug lords, Jewish wars, Jewish doctors and lawyers of ill repute, Jewish evil banksters.  What would happen to the USA if we took away all her crutches and asked her/him to “walk on their own?”  We’ll never know until we do. As Jesus says when he heals Lazarus from the dead, “Rise up and Walk!”  We must Rise up and we must walk no matter “how dead” and how bad we look and feel about it. Jews taught us “how to feel,” even through their media. We only “think we feel” a certain way.  I learned that in a group, like AA, Recovery Inc. A free self-help group that I attended after the Jewish doctor raped me.  The book we studied said that “feelings” are not “facts.”  The fact is that we have good nerves and good feelings, and these “bad” nerves and “bad” feelings don’t really exist. It is just like you can’t take a pill for mental problems, when the problem is “Invisible.”  You perhaps can take a pill for a headache, (and I would even challenge that metaphysically but will let it go) but not for “feelings,” for they are invisible. Yet Jews “produce” our bad White feelings, and then they either medicate us for these feelings or sig Dr. Laura on us like a Jewess Bitch of a dog.
I would sterilize even the 1/2 Jewish marriages for look what the Jew Richard Gordon of Banking did to my White Catholic niece. He got her impregnated with 2 kids, and now that the children are 18 and ready for college the Jew Kyke decides to leave her and refuses to give the children “college money” even. Wouldn’t you call that punishment?  Are they playing punishing gods on us as their White slaves?
Once the Jews are sufficiently put in their place and sterilized and that is a very minor punishment for the number of Purple Hearts the Whites got from shedding their White blood for Jewish greed, $$$, wealth and Jews raping our women.  Did I say Jewish men have been raping our women for at least a millennium? If Jews can say things over and over again until it becomes a reality for Whites to believe in,  I will also repeat myself until I am mentally hoarse.  Lucky I’m not speaking all these emails I’d have no voice at all I’d be so hoarse. But where Jews think they break us down, they are really making us stronger and stronger, and they are scared for they know it.
Yes the Jews are the most frightened species on the planet.  That is why they can’t stop what they are doing. They are scared to death. It is like when I scared Stephen King the author of horror books when I was hired as the Bride of Death at his first book signing. He never goes out in public because he in reality is scared to death. Like me. When I encounter other humans I just can’t get over the things they say and do and  don’t want to live under “their” beliefs which to me are frightening. 
I figure that is is very possible the Chinese have my emails since all 1.4 billion of them are computer literate or getting there. So if the Jews wipe us off the map as Whites, the Chinese are now using the Jews to get their country as a Superpower, and when the Chinese are done with the Jews, for yellow Chinese have no God, the Yellow will wipe the Jews off the map too, and it will be a painful death for think of Chinese mental tortures they use in wars.  Jews will be running to Whites like the cowards they are ‘begging’ us to stop the Chinese and we won’t.  But we cannot think or deceive ourselves that either the yellows or even “God” will stop the Jews. It is for “us” to wake up and the longer we believe we can just sit back and “God” will do it for us, we slide downhill without skis into oblivion.
The Chinese “love” karaoke, so my emails as a Queen of Karaoke might “really” interest them, perhaps more than just another American singer or dancer for Chinese are not interested in that. They “love” what I stand for: karaoke.  So do the Japanese. And if Japan and China unite as yellow race, which they should and will, again, we Whites are in trouble. 
It isn’t “Miller Time,” anymore. It is “Crisis time.”
Again, it is sterilize the Jews, 100%, or be sterilized.  I know a young man that has 3 children and loves children so much he wants 10.  His White mother is furious for she babysits while the mother “has to work.”  She is angry that the woman is breastfeeding and wants to breastfeed for 10 months. This grandmother is ‘brainwashed.’  She had to work when her husband left her, (thanks to the Jews) and therefore women are now “expected” to work and are really bashed if they “don’t get out into the workplace.”  All the $$$ for college grants, loans that are not repaid, etc. go to Jews first, for after all they are Kings and Queen, Yellows second for they are “smarter’ than us.  (The only reason they are smarter was because they didn’t have Jews as pushing alcohol through Jewish distilleries and taverns like the Jews did in Poland, Russia, and a little in Germany, pushing cigarettes through Jewish advertising, see Ed Bernays.) 
If the White man is buckling under, he has been pushed as a White slave to the brink of extinction. It is probably better to die than to work harder, longer, under more addictions, and to watch his women being raped by all these other races. No man under God’s heaven  should have to live under such horrific conditions as White men have had to.
Did I say “sterilize’ all the Jews?  Dr. Laura said to “sterilize” a white prisoner and I take that personally.  It is written “What goes around, comes around.”  Give it back to them.

Jews in Kennedy Assassination, More Proof

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2010 at 10:10 pm
There are some very interesting things below.  But the pictures of our White Christian President with his bullet wounds and autopsy is most grieving. You see, we don’t “see” the wounds that Whites are going through. The only “scarey” pix are those of the poor “Jewish” victims, (richer than hell itself) at the Holocaust, which even those can be questioned.  Also the only “naked” pictures a student in school can see, such as Dr. David Duke pointed out in his book, “My Awakening.”
If Whites every “saw” all the horror that has happened to us, through “true” war pictures, not the bloody messes Jewish Hollywood puts out, but such as these, or even when the Jewish doctors cut us up for surgery, it would perhaps make Whites “pause” at least for a second of their Jewish enslavement as robots, of what is actually happening to us and our most important people.
To me, the Kennedy Assassination was totally orchestrated. Matter of fact, our entire life is “orchestrated.”  While we as Whites and others are all “acting” in a certain manner, the Jews knowing that we are like hypnotized, can walk around us and do anything they want and we would never suspect or even know it. That is why there are never “people to come and talk about it.”  Jews wouldn’t tell on each other.
My question is simple:  The two most famous people regarding the Kennedy Assassination are “Jews.”  Jack Ruby (Rubenstein,) who was the Jew Stripper Club Owner, who shot Oswald, a former US Marine, like my husband, who admitted to the cameras “I’m a patsy.”  Oswald couldn’t be allowed to talk.  Needless to say his “freedom of speech” was doomed the minute they decided to use him as a patsy.  For while the entire world, was again, “looking” the other way in a predictable manner, the Jews can walk around freely, for we don’t even know they are there.
Was reading below about “Sheba” Jack Ruby’s Dog.  “Sheba” might be a code word for she was the Queen from Ethiopia, and I believe the Blacks in Africa claim their royalty through her when she visited King Solomon.  Was this a Jewish code word that the Blacks and Jews would be united with the upcoming Civil Rights Laws which were used to destroy the White man?
The second Jew is “Zapruder,” from Jewish Ukraine.  As soon as I found out he was Jewish I knew then that it was just “too” much of a coincidence that this man had the “only” film of the assassination. Pretty convenient for a Jewish plot.
Here is something I found on the day that Zupruder the Jew filmed the Kennedy Assassination.  It appears that his secretary was going outside with him because he “just happened” to have a brand new, highest tech camera.  He “wanted to film her.”  Isn’t that amazing?  Just testing out his camera and while he happens to be shooting innocent film of her, the Kennedy motorcade is passing. (If you believe this is a coincidence let me tell you of a story where 3,000 Whites died in 3 of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, with only 2 tiny planes in comparison.)
How is it that Zupruder the Jew asked his secretary, (who he was probably screwing for free and she had no choice to do it in order to keep her job as Hitler knew in Germany)…. but how is it that he “asks her to ‘stand up.”  And actually be in the “shot” of the President’s assassination.  (This is more shocking than the Dancing Israelis who had “film” of the Triple Towers World Trade Centers being blown up.  Don’t you find that “odd” that it was “Jews” who had these films?
My Blog will not allow me to download this but here is the website:  http://www.jfkassassinationforum.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=562&fullsize=1
(As you probably realized the movie and song “Nightmare on Elm Street,” was about the fact that the Kennedy Motorcade had “changed” courses of its original parade route and went down “Elm Street.” )
DOESN’T IT SEEM RATHER CRIMINAL THAT AFTER THE FILM WAS SHOT, SHE TURNS AROUND AND ZAPRUDER THE JEWISH BOSS WAS GONE!!!  But again, the Whites are living in a different reality. She as a White woman doesn’t think anything of it, but rather shocked by the murder. She is trained so well as a White woman to act in a predicted manner, her only concern is getting back to the phones to be a “good” worker so the Jew doesn’t fire her for she is totally dependent on this Jew for her paycheck.
Now was is really surprising is that she thought she heard “shots” and “firecrackers.”  This assassination was pulled off by a Mob of people, not a lone US Marine, and this frail White man will forever be bludgeoned in US and World History Books for our children to get more brainwashing as the “only” one involved in the White Kennedy Killing.  Could Ozwald the Marine shoot 3 bullets in 7 seconds (impossible) plus throw down a bunch of firecrackers?  (Again, the facts are there in front of us like the 3rd Trade Center that was blown up, and until today we can’t even organize to question these absolute, horrific atrocities that the Jews and their “ilk,” are putting on us.
Just remember this.  There are Whites that are the Jews’ ‘ilk.’  But don’t forget what the Jews did to the Polish White Jewish ilk at Katyn Poland in that Jewish Communist Massacre?  The Jews slaughtered “all of them.” So all these White people that are playing “footsies” with the Jews and their crimes, will eventually be slaughtered off, fired, or just “dying” in some mysterious way as the Black Obama’s “white” grandmother died…. conveniently… the day before his winning the Presidency. If these things are true, we are living in very dangerous times, and have been for perhaps a millennium.  How do we know if “all” the wars fought in Europe were not financed by Jews from Poland who were “disguised and hiding” there.  All the other countries kicked them out, so they needed a home, and a way to “travel freely” around Poland. As long as the Jews were “living” in a country, the White European people just though to them as “merchant” traders to get a lot of nice things from say, the “Middle East,” and “China.”  Very similar to White America today. Who are we involved with the most?  Middle East Wars, the dumb Polak Rich, Greedy Jews of Israel, and of course our yellow Asian friends.  Not only China, but how about our last 2 major wars. Who were they with?  Yellow Korean and Yellow Viet Nam?  What does that tell you?  These wars are all orchestrations for Jewish warmonger, $$$, and ways to get richer off of White Slaves, not black slaves. Jews get very little in terms of blacks…unless…. it comes from welfare from White Tax dollars.  Can you see how many ways we are being screwed by the Jews as well as they screwing our women and boys? 
Zapruder’s Secretary again says that after the shots there were “gunshots” and Mr. Z was gone. Did Zapruder kill Kennedy?  Did he have a perfect witness as his secretary who in the confusion turned away.  Was the camera really a gun in disguise? Any Hollywood movie spy movie would make that possible.
Secretary Sitzmans makes the comment that Mrs. Kennedy had a quizzical look on her face at both of the injured and dead White men in the limo.  Yes, dear spirit of Jacqueline Kennedy, the irony of this picture is that while your husband’s have been Jewish puppets, without ever knowing it, they were screwing your secretary’s.   If Kennedy was unfaithful with Marilyn Monroe, surely it is the Jews that arrange for only those who fool around, and make our system of government such that one of the benefits is sex, power, money, just as Mrs. Kay Griggs of the US Marine husband who was a White male slave to (Jewish) homosexuals at the top of the Marine Corp.
Isn’t it interesting to note that the “film” was more gruesome than in real life.  Was the film “doctored?”  So as to implant such terror in the minds of Whites, that while the country was in a state of grief, mourning, despair, the Jews could rob our entire US Treasury, Change the Course of our Laws forever, which would make it appear that the White Race killed itself or commit suicide, rather than showing the Jews as robbers, thieves, murderers, assassins.  We already know from World War I, it was a Jewish assassin, and World War II, it was  Polish Jew who gave 2.5 million to Churchhill who had plenty of debts and drinking problems. (Surely the Jews got him elected through their money, power, and tricks.)  Also in reading about Marilyn Sitzman, she was one of the 3 witnesses who said how many shots there were. Here is from Wiki:  “The fatal head shot struck President Kennedy as his limousine passed almost directly in front of their position, 65 feet (20 m) from the center of Elm Street.”  Now does that strike you as odd that a Jewish camera, (or gun) was aimed right at Kennedy at the moment of his murder? 
One has to think of the Kennedy Warren Report nothing more than a bunch of lies from Jews and their “puppets,” just as the World War II Nuremberg trials.  As soon as the Jews put “1” lie in, I would have thrown the entire trial or, or gotten all White honest Gentiles “that can’t be bought” to review it. 
Here is testimony of another witness that recorded “shots.” Note the lawyer questioning him seems to be “Jewish.”
The Jews’ name is “Leibeler” just as a person that “libels.”  But we would be none the wiser that the Jews use these court proceedings as if they were Hollywood movies, only real ones, and we the Whites in these horrors, are the unpaid actors, actresses, and corpses. 
Now in this examination of the Jew on Gentile and in all the Warren commissions there are no “attorneys” for the witnesses. So in most cases, the person interviewing them and even police could be “coaxed” as to what to “plant” in the person’s mouth. I have already been interviewed for TV and yes they did put some of the words in my mouth that came out on the camera.  Not only that but Jews will only use “words and pictures,” that the Jews want Whites to have in their “minds.”  Mind-Control!
If all the court cases that are on our books now, have Jewish or Jewish-led attorney’s they are all worthless for they don’t prove honesty or innocence at all.  Well, here is a news article of Zapruder the Jew’s secretary, and also part of the Warren Commission Trial where one of 3 witnesses who heard the shots was being questioned. (It is long so you might just want to read the part of where he says he saw a “(Jewish) man with a camera.
Now if it is a Jewish lawyer feeding the White man questions, the only words and sentences are those that are “pre-assigned” by our Jewish masters. 


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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
 August 29, 2010
JFK Assassination Was a Jewish Mob Hit
(Plus bonus video at the bottom of this Newsletter: How the Jews Orchestrated WWII.)
“The pen is mightier than the shekel.” – Pastor Eli James
“If you see a rabbi, there’s already been a crime.” – Pastor William Finck






Our July 26 report again:

To all concerned citizens: the Warren Commission Report was a total whitewash and cover-up of the Kennedy Assassination.  This report by Nord Davis Jr and my analysis proves, beyond any doubt, that numerous conspirators were involved in this event, which can only be described as a COUP against America.    The international cabal of jewish banksters ordered the hit on Kennedy.  These gangsters have controlled our government ever since, as every politician knows that the same fate will happen to any DC politician who gets out of line.


Dallas Conspiracy, by Nord Davis, Jr.




 After reading that document, please continue to the evidence gathered here: 

Assessing the Evidence of Dallas Conspiracy

The Identity of the Real Assassin Is Revealed

(Proof That America Is Being Run By a Cabal of Corporate Gangsters)

By Pastor Eli James


This document is a follow-up of Nord Davis Jr.’s Dallas Conspiracy.  When I first read Dallas Conspiracy in 1992, I said to myself, “This makes more sense than anything else I’ve ever read about the Kennedy assassination.”  I never believed the Warren Report.  I was always suspicious, because the “lone assassin” theory and the “magic bullet” theory were just too ridiculous to be believed.  I think that Americans were too afraid to face the ugly truth of a possible coup and preferred to stick their heads in the sand.  Also, the trail of dead witnesses, those whose testimony contradicted the Warren Commission’s pre-established verdict, was proof positive of a very sinister conspiracy.  Now, I believe I have the solution to the entire plot, exactly how it was carried out.  Nord Davis provided numerous clues and insights, but there is substantially more to the story than Georges De Mohrenschildt.

I had initially believed that Nord Davis had the final solution to the physical details of the assassination; but I had several nagging questions that needed to be answered.  After all these years, I have found some of the answers to these questions. I believe that I have enough information now to make a definitive case for at least two other shooters, one of whom was hiding in plain sight.  The shooter who fired the head shot was not De Mohrenschildt.  It was one of the Secret Service personnel, several of whom were part of the conspiracy.

More Evidence to Support the Conspiracy Theory

Biography of Lee Harvey Oswald 


HL Hunt and Clint Murchison


Hospital photos confirming that the right rear of Kennedy’s head was blown away:


Question:  Who set off the distractionary firecrackers?

If Oswald was up on the sixth floor of the TSBD, his main function might have been only to light a set of firecrackers and drop them out the window.  Or, someone on the ground floor may have done this.

The Altgens Blow-up of the Man in the Doorway


The Warren Commission argued that the man standing in the doorway of the TSBD building was William Lovelady.  Here we have another uncanny instance of a pair of look-alikes! 


Another perspective on this aspect of the story:


William Lovelady photos and testimony that he heard firecrackers going off:


Testimony of James Richard Worrell, debunking Gerald Posner’s whitewash book, Case Closed.  Witness Euins also stated that the shooter had a bald spot on his head.  Lee Harvey Oswald had a receding hairline, but no bald spot on the top of his head.


Here is testimony about the various shooters who were at the TSBD building:

“16 year old Amos Euins, testifying before the Warren Commission…noticed that the man doing the shooting had a distinct bald spot on his head,” and the witnesses insisted that the object of their attention was occupying the easternmost window in the Depository—the ‘assassin’s lair’ where Oswald was supposed to have been—when the parade arrived.”

An inmate from directly across from the sixth floor of the Depository on the sixth floor of the County Jail named John Powell “stared across from their window into the window just across the way and watched two men with a rifle. At first they thought that the two were security guards—until the shooting began. Powell recalled that one of the two men had a very dark complexion.”

“Meanwhile, Richard Randolph Carr had observed a white man on the sixth floor of the Depository, only in this instance at the next westward window from the ‘assassin’s lair. Carr, who also saw activity on the knoll, was a steel worker on the upper part of the new courthouse building under construction at the corner of Houston and Commerce. When the shots were fired, Carr, a combat veteran, glanced over at the Depository. Minutes later Carr was standing on the ground near the Depository when he recognized the very man he had seen earlier at the Depository window on the upper floor. Carr described this man as being a heavy-set individual with horn-rimmed glasses and a tan sport jacket.”

“It seemed fair to conclude from all the statements that a composite visualization of the Depository sixth floor just before—and during—the assassination added up to at least three different men: two white, one of whom was apparently youngish and either slightly blond or with light brown hair, and the other heavy-set with horn-rimmed glasses; and one distinctly dark-complexioned, very possibly of Latin origin. Whether they had one rifle or two was unclear. The youngish, thinner white man was seen holding one while he stood back of the westernmost window (at the opposite end of the ‘assassin’s lair.’ ”

“After reading the statements of these eyewitnesses, I knew that Lee Oswald could not have shot John Kennedy from the ‘assassin’s lair’ as the Warren Commission claimed. Unlike the man who was observed shooting from the lair, Oswald did not have a bald spot, or was he ‘dark-complexioned’ or ‘Spanish-looking.’ In my mind at this point, it was still possible that Oswald was somehow involved in the assassination, but it seemed clear that others had participated in the shooting, both from the grassy knoll in front of the President and from the Book Depository behind him.”

[Source:  http://www.tomflocco.com/fs/Bush41RevivesLinks.htm  Also includes the REAL REASON for Nixon’s Watergate break-in and CIA-mob hit squad connections.]

Confirmation of the Switched Corpses

From a website to be cited later, we get this information:

A little known event that I learned about from my interview with Fred Newcomb can best be described as the “hospital room scuffle.” In order to cover-up the shooting of JFK…the wounds had to be altered to make it appear that he was shot from the rear instead of the front. Control of the president’s body was paramount. The Dallas coroner at one point wanted to open the ceremonial coffin to do an autopsy in Dallas. Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman pulled a gun to stop him and in the process a FBI agent tried to intervene and got knocked over in the scuffle.
The Coffin was Empty!
We know from public lectures by David Lifton, author of “Best Evidence,” that when Jackie arrives at the front of Bethesda Naval Hospital with the bronze ceremonial casket that an X-Ray technician also arrives at the front desk with an already completed X-Ray of the president’s head in his hand. How can this be? Well, this ties in very neatly with what Fred Newcomb found out in Dallas from interviews with Parkland medical staff including nurses.
Nord Davis was at least partially right about Tippit and Kennedy.  Both men were murdered the same day.  The plan was to switch the bodies, so that the body with the wounds inflicted from the rear would be examined in Washington.  Whether this plan was put into effect is another story.  From the above autopsy report, it appears that Kennedy’s body did make it to Bethesda Naval Hospital. 

More Questions That Need To Be Answered

Question #1:  If De Mohrenschildt was the main assassin, how did he escape?

Spotting De Mohrenschildt On Film

Video evidence of the Man in Black

At precisely the 1:00 minute mark of this video, a figure in black, as depicted in Dallas Conspiracy, can be seen in the frame, directly in the center of the frame, behind the Presidential limousine, with feet spread and with two objects, like pistols, in each hand.  You will have to stop the video at that frame to see the figure.  Hit the pause button at the 1:00 minute mark and you will see the figure that Davis has on the cover of his report.


If this is De Mohrenschildt, it is only a fleeting glimpse of the man in black.  In this frame, President Kennedy is still waving to the crowd.  The man in the black cape has an unobstructed view of JFK, but the two motorcycle cops will be passing in front of him momentarily, obstructing his view.  He will have to wait for these two motorcycle cops to drive by. As soon as they pass by, he will have an unobstructed shot from the rear.  This would be the only opportunity DeMohrenschildt would have to shoot Kennedy.  This might have been the first shot, that hit Kennedy, and to which Jackie responded by reaching over with her gloved hand.

Here is frame #151, from a website which contains the individual frames of the Zapruder film.  The man in black is in the upper right hand corner of the frame, but the two objects in his hands are not visible.  The lady with the package under her arm, who was described in Dallas Conspiracy, is standing just to his right.  The man in black appears to holding something up in his hands.  It seems more like a camera-shooting pose than a pistol-shooting pose, but it could be either.


This is the link to the photograph, which is clearer there: http://www.assassinationresearch.com/zfilm/z151.jpg

[Link to site which contains the individual frames: http://www.assassinationresearch.com/zfilm/ ]

Frames 151-153 are fairly sharp, apparently because Zapruder’s camera was being held relatively still for these three frames.  Unfortunately, most of the following frames are much less sharp.  But, from the frames that seem to show De Mohrenschildt, it is obvious that the man in black could only have hit Kennedy from behind, and this could only be AFTER the two motorcycle cops have driven by, giving him an unobstructed view of Kennedy.  If Davis’s theory were correct, De Mohernschildt would have to still be to the front of the Presidential limousine for the fatal head shot.  Having viewed many of the available videos, there was no evidence of De Morhrenschildt being where he needed to be, to the left front of Kennedy, for the head shot. 

I finally located a version of the Zapruder film that claims to be an “undamaged version,” which was made before Life Magazine was able to fudge it.  The man in black is clearly seen throughout the early frames.  You can actually see him pulling two objects out from under his jacket or cape as the limousine goes by!


I think Davis was correct in suspecting a shooter at ground level.  If that was De Mohrenschildt, he was probably the one to fire the first few shots.  These would have come from the President’s left rear; but he did NOT fire the fatal head shot. 

Question #2: Where Did All the Bullets Come From?

It was Nord Davis’ belief that Oswald was a decoy and that De Mohrenschildt was the only shooter.  This cannot be correct.  The testimony of witnesses at the scene suggests multiple shooters.  If Connally was hit by bullets fired by De Mohrenschildt, how would those bullets have missed the two ladies in the car, as well as the driver, all three of whom were to Connally’s left?  Given the positions of Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Connally, the opportunity for a clear shot from the left or left front is virtually non-existent.  Clear shots from the right, right front and right rear are much more likely and plausible.   Davis is assuming that all of the shots came from the south side of the street.  Certainly, some of the bullets that Davis has accounted for must have come from the south side of the street.  I agree with Davis that many bullets came from the south side of the street, but these would have come from the left rear, not from direct left or left front.  From the Zapruder film, it is quite obvious that Kennedy was first hit immediately after the limousine emerges from behind the sign.  This shot could have come from Kennedy’s right or from behind, as these were the only two clear views of the President.  The fatal shot came from the front.  Of this, there is absolutely no doubt. Davis’s assumption that the shots all came from DeMohrenschildt is incorrect.  I believe that some shots came from the left, but only from the left rear.  The only visual evidence I can find of the man in black is well before the shooting starts, as the Presidential limousine passes by on Elm Street.  De Mohrenschildt was standing a few yards west of the intersection.  From there, he had a clear shot at Kennedy from the rear, just after the two motorcycles would pass by him.  This is why the head of the Secret Service deployment ordered the two agents off the Presidential limousine, from their usual standing position on the left and right bumpers, so that the shooters would have a clear shot from behind.

Question #3:  Was George Herbert Walker Bush involved in the JFK assassination?



Letter from George De Mohrenschildt to GHW Bush:

Page 1: http://www.ciajfk.com/images/Bush-7a.jpg

Page 2: http://www.ciajfk.com/images/Bush-8.jpg

Question #4:  What Was Ruby’s Role?

The pre-arranged time for Ruby to pull the trigger on Oswald:


The Final Solution

Based on evidence from the video entitled, “Healing of America, Part 1,” by Bo Gritz: 

At the moment that the vehicle procession begins, Secret Service team leader Emory Roberts orders the two agents, who would normally be positioned at the left and right rear bumpers of the Presidential limousine, to stand down.  This is a total violation of protocol.  But it is necessary to provide the man in black, or some other, better positioned shooter, an unobstructed view from the rear. 

Testimony of Team Leader, Emory P. Roberts

Note that Mr. Robert’s testimony omits the fact that he ordered the two Presidential limousine agents to stand down, nor does his itinerary list include their names or riding positions.  He does confirm the fact that the right rear of Kennedy’s head “exploded” upon impact of a bullet.


Question:  Is it possible that the head shot bullet came from inside the limo?

Having watched the Zapruder film numerous times, I came to the inescapable conclusion that the head shot had to have come from inside the vehicle.  Several researchers had already suggested that the deadly shot had come from the driver of the limousine, suggesting that his left hand was pointing at the President just before the impact of the bullet.  But the videos that I had seen showed nothing conclusive, so I dropped that line of thinking.  Instead, I investigated the possibility that a remote control weapon might have been placed under the seat in front of the President.  Such a weapon could have been held in reserve, if none of the other bullets had resulted in a definite kill.

After rereading Nord’s account, I realized that the Zapruder film had been re-released in a doctored formOliver Stone’s clips of the Zapruder film deliberately cut off the right side of the head shot frames, eliminating our view of agents Greer and Kellerman!!!   Other reporters have stated that they had seen the undoctored copies, in which the driver and his gun were clearly visible.  This made me scrutinize the driver theory more closely.  Considering the possibility that the gun may have been airbrushed out of the picture, I reviewed the driver’s actions ever more closely.  Having watched the scene dozens of times over, and from various sources, it became clear to me that the fatal head shot was indeed fired by the driver of the limousine, William Greer

Next are some more links to the Zapruder film.  The first one is very short, containing the frames under discussion.  Even though it is unclear, watch the actions of the driver, who turns to look back at the President, raises his left arm as if to aim at him, and then BANG, JFK’s head explodes.  Greer and Kellerman quickly duck low, Governor and Mrs. Connally also duck, and Mrs. Kennedy makes her escape.  William Greer must have been a very good marksman, and left-handed, in order to pull off a shot like that.

The first two videos show Greer and Kellerman, but not always clearly.  The first one provides frames, and you can, with some difficulty, do stop-action of the video. (You can also view these frames individually at the site listed above.)  [Here is the link to the still shot site again:  http://www.assassinationresearch.com/zfilm/ ]

As stated earlier, President Kennedy was hit with the first shot just as the limousine emerges from behind the street sign.  Both arms are raised up in a reflex reaction to pain of being hit.  This is clearly visible in frame #239. By frame 270, he is falling over into Jackie’s lap.   At frame 287, the driver, William Greer, looks back at Kennedy and sees that he has been wounded.  After this, he turns forward, having assessed the situation.  This is where witnesses say the limousine slowed down.  In frame 294, the two witnesses, Jean Hill and Mary Moorman, appear, just a few feet from the limousine.  At frame 296, the shiny object in Greer’s hand begins to appear above Roy Kellerman’s head.  Kellerman’s head obscures Greer’s hand and most of the gun, but the very top of the gun is visible, causing a light reflection.  Greer has begun to turn around again.  I think he decided not to shoot at that point, because Kennedy’s body was still falling over towards Jackie.  He had to wait for Jack to stop moving.  By frame 297, Greer has turned completely forward again, but, for some strange reason, he is not visible in the frame (more evidence of doctoring).  But a portion of the shiny object is still visible.  At frame 299, Governor Connally is turning around to see what the commotion is in the back seat.  At frame 304, Greer has once again turned his attention towards Kennedy.  In frames 306-308, the shiny object appears again.  It is tilted slightly upwards, at the angle of one getting ready to aim and fire.  At frame 309, Greer is looking back and something shiny appears right in front of his chin.  From the reflection of the object, I would estimate the length of the “barrel” at approximately 6-7 inches.  With each successive frame, the shiny object is becoming more level with Kennedy’s head, aimed directly at him.  It could be either a pistol with a silencer or the famous CIA “dart gun,” developed especially for “silent” shooting.  The latter would be better balanced and easier to aim quickly, compared with a pistol fitted with a silencer.  The head shot frame is # 313.   The shiny object and Greer’s posture are clearly visible.   Agent Kellerman’s body is somehow virtually obscured (blacked out) in these frames, but the shiny object is definitely visible above his head.   (I have tried to find the best quality videos available online, but many of them have been taken off the internet for policy “violations.”  Many of the videos, like Oliver Stone’s clips, only show the back half of the limousine, showing only the four passengers, with the SS agents completely cut out!  Stone had to go to a great deal of trouble to make a copy of the Zapruder film that slices off the front half of the limousine!!!  Fortunately, the still frames at the above site are full frame pictures, but they also show evidence of tampering, using a black cut-out technique, in many of the frames, to hide the bodies of Connally, Kellerman and Greer.  Clear evidence of tampering!) 

Despite all of the editing techniques employed to obscure their bodies, at frame 311, William Greer clearly has his left hand raised, as if to aim a weapon at Kennedy.  I was able to do stop-action viewing to provide these details:  Watch the driver very closely in frames 310-313.  In frame 312, Jackie is clearly trying assist Jack.  The shiny object is still there.  At frame 313, Greer is still in the same position, clearly turning his head backwards towards Kennedy, with his left arm still aiming at Kennedy.  I believe that this is the frame in which he pulls the trigger. Then BANG, the shot from the front hits Kennedy.   Even though the gun itself is not visible, there is definitely something shiny in his hand as he aims and shoots.  This second firing posture of Greer, during which he aimed and fired, took no more than one and a half seconds.  Frame 314 shows President and Mrs. Kennedy very unclearly, but the shiny object is very clearly in the frame, but just slightly drawn back.  Frame 315 is virtually identical to frame 314.  At frame 316, the shiny object is still visible, but its angle of inclination has tilted upwards, as would happen when one would be drawing a gun back after firing it.  The shiny object is still visible in frame 317, with its angle of inclination still further changed.  The weapon is still visible in frames 318 and 319.  By frame 320, the shiny object is gone and Greer has faced forwards again.  Frames 322-326 show the bodies of Connally and Greer as mere black silhouettes, without any visible detail on their bodies.  This can only be a deliberate obscuration, as the silhouettes are so perfectly outlined, as if a black cut-out had been placed over their images!  Considering the fact that Gov. Connally is so clearly visible in previous frames, it makes no sense that his facial features, shirt and tie, and suitcoat would suddenly disappear off the film.  I believe the purpose of this editing is to hide evidence of the fact that Connally was hit a few seconds AFTER Kennedy was hit.  This evidence refutes the “magic bullet” theory.  But Connally and his wife did not completely duck down below the doors until frame 343.  This black-out technique continues many frames later, well up to frame 358.  Whoever doctored this video never imagined that the Zapruder film would be available for frame-by-frame analysis. 

Next best video:

Watch the driver very carefully.  In the time frames at 1:05, 1:06, and 1:07, watch the driver, William Greer, turn back to look at JFK.  Something shiny appears as he holds the steering wheel with his right hand, raising his left hand, pointing it right at JFK’s head.  BANG!  He quickly turns forward to resume driving. This video shows you how little time, just a matter of a second or two, was required for William Greer to aim and shoot.



The Driver, William Greer, Did the Head Shot


Now, watch the undamaged Zapruder film again, this time paying particular attention to the driver, William Greer. I’ll bet you didn’t notice this the first time you watched this video! Most of the Zapruder copies are neither this clear, nor are they full frame copies, which show the driver this clearly.


Slow motion makes it more obvious.  Near the 1:00 minute mark, watch Greer closely through frames 299-319:


This video shows frame #311, with all occupants clearly shown:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsgumxQMRoo&feature=related

Here’s another video, keep your eyes on the driver throughout the whole sequence.  Oliver Stone’s movie reproduction of the Zapruder film deleted the driver from the frames. The audio on this video is very loud. You may want to reduce it.



This video repeats the head shot over and over, so it’s unmistakable.



Governor Connelly knew it, too.



There have been attempts to debunk the idea that Greer shot Kennedy, but I consider this visual evidence to be conclusive.  Greer did the head shot.  No doubt!


More about William Greer:



Third party analysis confirms my own perspective, also the identity of “Deep Throat,” in the Watergate affair is revealed:


Next best sites:


This video attempts to explain a second head shot coming from the right front, possibly from the grassy knoll.


Here is William Cooper’s video:


Another video featuring William Cooper, identifying the weapon as a flechette pistol (dart gun):  (This video has very loud and annoying music at the beginning and end.  You may want to turn your speakers down for this.)


Archives:  The Dallas Tapes: Watch the local news videos as if it were yesterday!!!


Video of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jewish gangster, Jack Rubenstein.



Video of Jack Ruby admitting the Conspiracy. Look at his Jew-lawyers, left and right!



Marina Oswald Speaks:  “The danger of the truth not being known will destroy this nation.”  – Marina Oswald.



Involvement of the Jewish (Zionist) Mafia



Link to ordering a copy of “The Healing of America,” video by Bo Gritz, giving the reasons for the assassination. This video was available online, but it has been removed for “terms of use” violations.



Ladies and gentlemen:  On July 26, I issued a report by Nord Davis on the Kennedy Assassination, plus a foloow-up report, clearing Oswald of the crime.  Now, a former FBI admits that the FBI knew the assassination was going to take place, confirming our reports:

Bonus video: What Started WWII?

Very Powerful Chicago Blog!

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Another answer to prayers. When you read this you will see my writings and words and even things I’ve said aloud on talk radio.
  • Corruption of Chicago’s Elite, (sounds like the Polish White Elite with the Jews in control). 
  • Gangs and Thugs not fearing “any authority.” (I said on radio that blacks are walking my old neighborhood with machine guns and the police just have to let them do what they want for fear of their own lives.  
  • (3) Chicago Policemen killed in the last 60 days.
  • Lt. John Andrews is being called before the disciplinary body for the commentary on his blog, “The Adventures of a Highway Road Runner.” He titled it “A City at War with Itself: Chicago — Fast Tracking to Anarchy (Understanding the Organizational Paralysis of the CPD and the Mission to Recovery).”
  • The recent shooting is where a police officer was getting off duty ready to play volleyball with “poor, suffering black children,” and his reward for doing this?  A Black man shoots him in the face, head and back.  The newspaper remarked that it was so nice that ’18’  (probably black people) came forth as witnesses.  Can you imagine 18 White people just standing around doing nothing that they can run to testify. 
  • I was engaged to a Chicago Policeman, before I got married, Joe Fekete, which is Hungarian for “Black,” just like Don & Derek Black.  He is the one that got kicked off the Chicago Police force for excessive violence.  I read that our (White men) police are becoming “wife batterers.”  It is due to the blacks and the corruption of the Whites under Jewish Mastership.  I’m laying out case after case of the abuse against our White men, (and then women and children.  We are all in this together as Whites.)
Here’s the news about the policeman’s blog and he ends the article with very powerful words that I’m sure you have felt and said in your life regarding his stand to expose the Chicago Police Department:
“I stand ready to be mocked, discredited, suspended and terminated for what I believe in my heart of hearts is the right thing to do,” Andrews wrote in the letter posted by Second City Cop.”

Total Proof that 9/11 Bombs were Planted

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From Stormfront.org: 

In Poland, where the Jews called “home, paradise, and heaven,” while my ancestors starved to death, I can tell you clearly and confidently that the Jews were controlling the elite ruling class there.  Once these White Poles got used to the “good” life they were they dependent on Jews from then on.  It then turned the rest of the country into slaves.  The same is happening in America. I believe that the Jews were in on this just as they create Hollywood movies such as the Towering Inferno.  It took a very high level of intelligence to pull all this off. If our White government is in on it with them, then we are so corrupt, rotten and evil, that the most our children can look forward to as Whites is “more slavery,” further degeneration and the rest of our country and race pillaged, raped, plundered.

Deceiving and White Eggplant

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When I was writing the media in Las Vegas or even if they can tap into my computer, which is a certainty, I am always discovering different “White” things to help me realize that I’m White and that I do not hate myself, nor do I love “others” MORE than myself.  Even the Golden Rule of “all” races says to love others “as” yourself, and not more.  But for the last 100 years (or so) we have been doing the opposite and perhaps Jews planted that idea into our religion so that they can parasite off of us and we’ll constantly be loving “others” more than ourselves.
Well, I have been writing about many “White” things.  White Tea, White corn, White Eggplant, etc.  Since I don’t drink caffeine anymore, no more White tea or if I drink it I dip it into boiling water for 45 seconds to “naturally decaffeinate” it.  Still love White corn. 
Went to pick at the orchards for it is fresher and usually cheaper.  I went to “2” places, the regular orchards and the Teaching Orchards.
I have to think the “minimum” when I buy. It isn’t “cheap” it is because I was raised on Minimum wage, what Jews paid Daddy for over 40 years.  Sometimes, when it comes to dinners, I go the “maximum” if for other Whites, but that is my “love” for Whites and have reserved that love, not including other races.
I bought White Eggplant and will make probably Eggplant Parmesan with it. It has to be peeled though.
But, according to this website “White Eggplant” is not “trendy!”  I see this happening with all my ideas.  Lady Gaga changing costumes is not only “trendy,” but she is on her way to become a billionaire and she can’t sew her costumes or think but she can easily “do what she is told.”
I saw firsthand how Jews deceive us and the other races.  I went to buy some fruit at one of the orchards. As I was leaving I saw some fruit on the tree that the birds picked but was ripe.  I asked the volunteer if I could have it and she said yes for they would throw it out.  After I picked a few she showed me a few other trees that had a lots of fruit. No one liked the taste and it would go to Goodwill.  As I started to pick I realized that a Philipino-type lady with an accent had followed us without us realizing it.  I was alone and picking a little of the taste-less fruit and she said she was going to ask the manager if I had permission. IN OTHER WORDS SHE WAS GOING TO ACCUSE ME OF ‘STEALING.’  Me, “more” honest than Abraham Lincoln the traitor and Jew-lover, is accused of stealing and the 15,000,000+ Jews who have stolen Americans entire fortune, future, and all the salaries of the White people for about 1,000+ years, don’t get accused of “anything.”  As St. Anne Frank, they are all Saints.  From now on when we mention a Jew’s name let’s put the word “Saint” in front of them so that we know we are talking about sacred people who are walking among us. (and I mean that sarcastically.)
I realized what this Philipino woman was doing.  And I thought I’m going to outsmart her.  The tree that had the really excellent fruit that was bird pecked was the fruit I wanted for it was absolutely delicious.  But I didn’t want her to know that for she was following me.  So I went to the bad tasting tree, and pretended that I picked there.  And when she walked away, I deceived her and went back to the tree that had a few really tasty fruit.
The Jews do the same to us.  We watch everything that they do because they have $$$ and we watch all the Jews celebrities. Many times, if not all times, we need direction, and we choose the paths of the Jews such as baby formula.  The Jews in turn, no matter what avenue they are employed in, make us think they are working for us, when in fact, they work for each other, like a bunch of biting and stinging and painful fire ants.  The Jews are taking a “completely different” course, than the one they have led us on.  The course they are leading us on, whether legal, medical, educational, banking is a “disaster.”  And they have another route that “the Jews” are all on.  One path known “only” to them. When we go to follow them, we get fooled and suckered in many times as the Jews deceived us in the Napoleonic Wars by erroneously declaring who was the winner of the war and then making a killing in the stock market or banking.
While the Jews through media are telling us what to do to influence us, they are doing the opposite.
So when a non-White goes to follow me, I don’t want to give away my White secrets or fondnesses.  They don’t care in the least about us. This woman, (or Mexican) cared only about snitching on me to the person in the park.  Now I look like a “common” thief, when all I was doing was picking fruit no one else wanted anymore, even the birds. Yes, the Jews have it right. Some of us Whites are “lower” than animals.  Perhaps that is what my White husband thought when he took his life.  I at least can see through it and it doesn’t frighten me. Makes me angry for it is “unjust.”