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How Jews took over USA

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David Duke was raised by a black woman in Louisiana. A woman that he treated as lovingly as his very own mother.
Jews want Race War between blacks and whites. That would wipe us both out, for Jews now have Mexicans to do their dirty work, and yellows and Hindus to be their doctors, engineers, manufacturers. 
If you read the chat, I think Dr. Duke tried to open another account and the Jews banned it immediately.
Whites must listen with their ears and understand that WHITES HAVE THE POWER TO SHUT DOWN YOUTUBE!  We cannot act like helpless victims forever.  Whites have that power, for without Whites, who are the slaves of the World and the USA and Jews, the Jews are absolutely nothing.
But….. remember…. we are losing ground everyday… and we will never be as strong as we are today. 
If only the Whites knew.  How can they even take another breath without demanding some justice.
Let’s pretend that there is a White Mama and Daddy.  They bring in a foreign exchange student from Israel, a Polish Jew.
This Polish Jew goes into the White hosts’ pockets and puts a thousand times the amount of credit on them. The Jewish student brings in blacks, through Jew Real Estate friends, stiffs the Whites on a proper price for their home, and forces the White hosts’ to buy a bigger, more expensive home, which the Jews will take away through a housing collapse, or through 2nd mortgages for seniors, giving all the $$$ the White couple worked for to Jewish children and to Whites as an inheritance.
The Jew student still lives with the White couple, for the White couple has been dumbed down.  You see, the Jewish student bought the White people a television. The White people had never seen television, and was so impressed by it. Yet, this box with wires had only Jewish thoughts and ideas.  But they were camouflaged, so Whites didn’t know.
The White couple used to be smart, but little by little, they were dumbed down, and by the time their children arrived only 32% of youth in USA have ever read a book after first year in high. And those 32% are probably yellows and Jews and Hindus and some Whites like myself and yourself. 
The White couple is living in a place with alarm systems for terror and fear, yet the Jews have made dope dealers out of the blacks, who perhaps have no other means of survival, if they can’t get welfare from Whites.  Now the White couple finds that their cherished home which was once happy, and harmonious, is now filled with dope dealers that come and go for the Jews have to distribute drugs throughout USA and use the White home for their headquarters. Kind of like how the Jews used “Poland” for their headquarters, while they spread destruction and war through Europe for 900 years.
The White couple keeps catering to the Jew student, who has graduated but does very little work. So the White couple just works 100 hours each a week, and gives their money to the Jewish student, whether through Jewish doctors, lawyers, professors, media, news, book and magazine publishing. 
The White couple has children, but the children sass their parents back unless the parents affirm loudly that they love Jews and even are proud that they died to the tune of hundreds of thousands and worse yet maimed, addicted, and amputees of every White body part conceivable for the “freedom of Jews,” who in turn “enslaved” us Whites.  
The White couple only has 1 children or 2 for they desire to be like Jews, for they have no identity only what the Jews tell them. The Jewish student pulverized their only White son, by deceit called Affirmative Action. Hence many White boys are out of work, underemployed, at odds with their White women, odds with each other, and perhaps Jews turned him into a drug addict, so that his future is bleak, while the Jewish student, who practically does nothing, continues to live in the White peoples’ home. 
The Jewish student, brings in plenty of his Jewish doctor friends, to force the White mother to give her baby, baby formula, filled with drugs and worthless, even though the Mother could have nursed with perfect White milk.  The student brought another of his Jewish friends to amputate the skin of the little White baby, even though the pain is beyond anything in the universe, but the Jewish student wanted to make sure that the White boy is now part of the Jewish occult religion.
The Jewish student rapes the White mother, and threatens her with an insane asylum, and since the Jewish doctors have already pumped her up with so many tranquilizers or anti-depressants, sleeping pills, the mother is convinced that the Jew is right. She feels so week and confused from all the meds, that she is afraid to challenge him, plus all of society is somehow against “her” and not the Jew.
The Jewish student again appears really nice, and brings the couple a new radio. Although he makes the Jewish couple pay for it. Yet all……. of the info…. is pro-Jewish and anti-White.  It is a form of hatred the world has never seen before, yet the Whites smile, laugh, chuckle and say “Oh those Jews are so smart. Black women are so beautiful. Browns are such hard workers, when in fact, Whites must become sufficient, so that we don’t need any of them.
The Whites send their child to school that are 100% anti-White are actually mediums to destroy their son, thanks to the Jewish foreign student they brought to live in their home. Yet the couple cannot think a single thought that isn’t worshipping Jews.  The Whites $$$ that they are working for 100 hours a week, is going all to Jews first and foremost, and then other races, and the Whites think of taking classes to make their more like Jews, wealthier, but it is never going to happen.  For the Jews have an Iron Curtain around media jobs, legal and doctors jobs, etc.  So the Whites spend their whole lives trying to be like Jews, but are therefore never happy. Or only happy to the #6 in a scale of 10, because Whites are not Jews, only part of the Jewish religion as their slaves and can never escape slavery.
Now, the Jewish student is doing everything he/she can to destroy this White couple, giving away everything the White couple owns to blacks and browns and yellows and reds and even 1/2 breeds now since there are no other races to appease. 
And why doesn’t the White couple at least kick the Jewish foreign student out of their home?  Our parents handled the Jews and didn’t put up with it.  Why don’t the Whites do anything or see it.  Here is the video below.  
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 10:34 PM
Subject: Black Man opposes suspension of David Duke’s you tube account.

Shut Down the Jew Youtube in retaliation for shutting down David Duke

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If the Whites were truly Christian they would love their brother, Dr. Duke, and stick up for him.
If the Jews shut down Dr. David Duke, we should shut down youtube.  It is a very dramatic statement, but the Bible says to “turn the other cheek.”  We only have 2 cheeks and they have already slapped us around silly, to the tune of trillions of offenses.  We have that power now, although our fellow Whites are not aware of it. Believe me, when it is the other way around, the Jews stick together in massive numbers and war against us.
The Jewish website that JIDF talks of “fighting us, fighting us, fighting us,” yet we just take it over and over again.
We don’t fight back.  Somehow we should be writing letters to youtube, or the government. The only thing is the government already wants to completely censor the internet so the Jewish crimes do not get out, nor how they are genociding us alive, a slow and painful death.
All Whites should unite and shut down youtube and then expose the Jews for doing it to “stop” a future White candidate. I’m not delusive, I know and am told over and over again we can’t unite the Whites, but what else do we have left except to do.
What the Jews did to Dr. Duke is like assassination of a Presidential Candidate.  I wrote before we live in a “mental” world, and that is how the Jews were able to control us for so long, even in Poland.  When one takes away Dr. Duke’s right to freedom of speech, it is assassination of his ability to run for President to the fullest.
Also, I was emailing Polish Whites at the Copernicus Center, and every email is now coming back. That never happened before, as I have been writing them for a long time.  Since I never heard from them in response, I could only assume they didn’t want my emails.  And I kept hoping, beyond hope, that perhaps they would put together a historical investigation of the Jews in Poland with a “Christian White” magnifying glass, for now we have only the pro-Jewish version.

Jewish Internet Defense Fund Brought Down Innocent Dr. David Duke

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There is no more “freedom of speech.”  There is only “Jewish Censorship” worse than the KGB of Russia or Hitler’s Nazis combined. And it is right here, right now in the USA, soon to go global.
Guess what?  The Jewish Internet Defense Force actually contacted “my” website and blog and gave me the information of how Dr. Duke was shut down.
Moreover, they are very aware of my emails which have really come down hard on them, name names, and I have not pulled any punches.
It looks like I’m next on their Jewish hit list.  I wonder what their wives give them that forces them to resort to such obnoxious and hateful behavior as these Jews exhibit.

My emails and blog is harsh, but Dr. Duke’s was just factual, informative, peaceful and non-violent.  And I feel for the most part so are my blog emails.  Whereas I know White American “older” women that are ready to buy machine guns and go to Israel to “fight for Israeli Polish descendents,” I have never advocated that, nor have I advocated a race war. But a race war is probably what the Jews want. As I wrote before, a war now of that magnitude will sell a lot of newspapers, and songs, and movies, and more over it will “cover” up all the info that we have dug up and it will again be buried, as they did with World War II, Civil War, Poland.
For Jewish men to “scare” a woman like me, whose husband fought as the Marines did to “free” the Jews, is showing how low they will go.
Also how our fighting for them and slaving for them means nothing. I’m sure their pets get more concern than what they feel about us.
Here is their website and I will also include their comments to me on my website:  kkkaraoke.wordpress.com.
When you read it look how Jews ‘brag’ that they got “thousands,” to complain.  Certainly, Jews don’t work, they just collect money and just sit around like Maytag repairman just hoping some White person says or does something that isn’t “worshipping” Jews.  It is just telling the Truth and facts. Even I have never written one word that was not true, or at least something that really should be debated considering out European history where they were kicking Jews out left and right.
In response, to the Jews that kicked him off of youtube, it is the “Jews” that are the haters, and it is almost frightening.  It actually hurts me physically to know what I know and have to either bury it and pretend everything is fine, or talk about it and be ready for them to take me away.
Their Jewish network has 270,000 “strong” and they all “united” and reported it.  And Whites will bow down to whatever the Jews say.
Can we issue an alert on Stormfront to get 270,001 White Strong to bring Dr. Duke back on youtube?

“3” Hanks and David Duke

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Watched a video with the above name and it showed many Veteran’s wounded, amputated and bloody, and I thought how sad.
But today, we live in a “mental” world, and the wounds inflicted on our spirits, minds, hearts and souls, cause equally the grief, sadness and pain. But because we can’t see these mental wounds on our souls, we don’t have sympathy or compassion. Yet the wounds that the Jews inflicted on Dr. Duke’s soul, hurt not only him, but our entire Cause and Race. 
Where is the Purple Heart for Dr. Duke for the mental wounds inflicted on him by the Jews in this war against us.
I pray to the White God who must be not only above us shining His light, but within us to continue, and to rise to the call of duty whichever way we are led.  This is just another attempt for Jews to pound us down and discourage us. Think if the Jews got pounded down in America how far they would be as doctors, lawyers, banksters, billionaires, politicians or even to lead the USA as Emmanuel is doing in DC.
Hoping that he wins his pursuit of having his videos restored.  I hope he didn’t lost them, and I think I better copy my own blog onto a flash drive, for it is probably just a matter of tme.
Howbeit that one cannot even say “facts” about Jews.  I don’t curse on youtube like many do, and I don’t threaten violence, I just write “facts” either from internet or experience. And yet the Jews have frozen any of my comments that would put the Jews as “less than gods.”  Yet look at all the movies in our 80 year history that Jews controlled.  All that hatred against White males as monsters, dumb Southerners, murderers, was “hate” not only against the White Male but the White female for instead of seeing the White man as desirable, loving, handsome, intelligent, she was subject to all that negative propaganda and now it is said the “women” have to change in order to save the White race!

David Duke Website on Youtube Shut Down? Why?

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Just heard on Stormfront Radio that (Jews) who own youtube and much of the internet, have shut down David Duke’s website.
How utterly, utterly sad. I’m listening to the rest of the show.  Keep you posted.

Me at the Chicago Tea Party in April

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This picture of me as Wonder Woman at the Chicago Tea Party actually appears on many websites.  Let’s Cheer Up! 

6,000,000 Jews Holocausted…. in 1906????

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When will the Jews ever realize that Whites will not be duped forever:


News Blast on Another FBI Investigation into Jewish Activity

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Since I was on mainstream media and complained against the “Unions,” and also said that 20% of the people were doing 80% of the work. And that in the Union I was doing that 80% of the work, and was one of the 20%. I also said I was sick and tired of doing all the work, and that this country breaks us hard workers down and burns us out.
Well, today in the news the FBI, (Federals for Barbara Ann Investigation) is going to investigate the Jew, Andy Stern. The odd thing is that my earlier emails I was complaining of 2 Jacob Stern’s, cousins I think, one that felt up my breasts in the dental chair in South Chicago, and the other who was a doctor who pronounced my grandma dead on her death certificate.  Or did he have sex with her on Halloween, and then administer her a poison so that she died immediately after leaving his office.  (Now this is just speculation, but believe me, 5,800,000 of the Holohoax deaths are probably speculation or a deaths which resulted from the Allieds and Communists our best friends, that blockaded and starved Europe.
I have also written extensively about the Jews in the Unions, and the fact that the illegal brown Mex that tried to kill my sister Rose in 1964, lived with her until he got a “good” union job and how the Jewish Unions were attracting all the brown Mex’s in Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A. and elsewhere.  And the word “Union” is exactly what I’ve advocating for the Whites in the World.  “Union,” “United” get it?  Well, this is another answer to prayers and writings and even visits to the Senate leaders.
Also the investigation is about a Union leader who did no work and got paid a huge salary.  Sounds like the Jews and the 80% of all employees on the dole.
Here’s another website: New Jew York Times:  Turns out “Stern” the Jew was “head” of the Service Union and he “stepped” down suddenly.  Wonder why? 
Get a load of this:  “Mr. Stern is a member of President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, and his two-million-member union plans to spend $44 million in this fall’s midterm elections.”  Isn’t it comforting for Whites to know that Obama the black has a Jew for “Fiscal Responsibility and Reform” … I mean how much more money can they take from us and dump into pro-Jewish causes in the upcoming elections? Hope the Republicans and Tea Partiers have gotten wind of this. Although I don’t see our survival depending on them. Otherwise we Whites will always be at the whim of “others” and “other” causes, and not our own survival. It would be like chickens in the hen house depending on the starving wolves for their survival.
Here’s how the Jew paid a brown Mex named “Alejandro” $75,000.00 a year for 3 years for doing absolutely nothing. Then you wonder why brown Mex’s vote for them and bring in more votes from Mexico. Do the Whites even have an inkling of what is going on in their Home of USA?
“The A.P. and The Los Angeles Times also wrote that federal agents were investigating more than $100,000 paid to Alejandro Stephens, the former president of an S.E.I.U. local in Los Angeles, who lost that job when his local was merged into another local. Mr. Stern signed an agreement to pay Mr. Stephens severance as well as $75,000 a year for three years to serve as a consultant to the S.E.I.U. California State Council.”
Folks, Whites have no time to ‘baby-sit’ and discipline these blacks and Jews. We tried to discipline blacks when they worked for Whites in the Southern fields, and look what happened.  Let them go back to their country of origin and let the black mothers, brown mothers, Jew mothers discipline their own. Picture Jew mothers discipline their own sons and daughters for the tragedies they have brought down on USA, Europe, South Africa and White Race. Jews get “no” discipline. I attended my first year of school at the mostly pro-Jewish school, called Phillip Coles School and the Jews there were just as wild as the blacks and browns.  Whites and Christians are or at least were more civilized, but out mingling with them is breaking down the White civilized part, even of our White Race.
The New Jew York Times article also talks of another Jew, head of the book publishing Simon and Shuster:  Adam Rothberg, a spokesman for Simon & Schuster, said, “We haven’t been contacted by any government agency in this matter.” He added, “From our perspective there was absolutely nothing unusual about our publishing agreement with Andy Stern.”
Would you believe or trust a Jew anymore?  Since the book publishing firm of Fawcett Books only paid my White Daddy minimum wage his whole life, what good are these Jews?

Jewish Supremacists “&” Jewish Extremists

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This is in connection to my other email on Jewish Extremicm, as I try to defend myself with the title of being an “Extremist.” 

Here is Billy Joel, the famous Entertaining Jew, calling himself, what I claimed in the other email, accusing them in the Court of Universal Law, where I live, not in the fake, phony, and crooked Jewish courts of law, all the way up to the Jewish Supremacists’ Court in DC.

Also in the video are the “Extremacists” Blacks, Jews, Browns, Yellows, Reds. 

Don’t let them call me Extremist anymore, please, I beg of you, with tears in my eyes. It is too much for one little White good woman to carry by herself.

The Jews know very well, that they are Extremists and as I said, they are in ‘Hell’ only they were made to believe they are in Paradise. Nor can they get out of the hell they are in.

This is in connection to my other email on Jewish Extremicm, as I try to defend myself with the title of being an “Extremist.” 

Here is Billy Joel, the famous Entertaining Jew, calling himself, what I claimed in the other email, accusing them in the Court of Universal Law, where I live, not in the fake, phony, and crooked Jewish courts of law, all the way up to the Jewish Supremacists’ Court in DC.

Also in the video are the “Extremacists” Blacks, Jews, Browns, Yellows, Reds. 

Don’t let them call me Extremist anymore, please, I beg of you. It is too much for one little White good woman to carry by herself. (Please see other essays for this day.)

Jewish Dentist Assaults Me; Did he Assault and Rape my Grandma

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Did Jewish Death Doctor Rape my poor helpless White Polish Grandma?

Grandma Kopaczewski's Death Certificate

I scanned my grandmother’s death certificate to show you that she died from cirrhosis of the liver.

Yet, when I looked at the doctor that signed her Death Certificate, it was a Jew, Dr. Jacob Stern on 90th and Commercial.
If you remember right, when I wrote to you, I wrote that when I was a pre-teen and my breasts were starting to grow, the Jewish dentist, Jacob Stern, put his hands on them and said, “oh I see you are sprouting.”  I told that to the University Teacher for Dentists here in Vegas for they asked me why I’m so scared of dentists.  I think it then scared “them” to for they never called me back for my appointments and would not return my call. Do Mormons “stick” up for Jews more than their fellow Whites? I think so.
This is a fine below email, and it was not only “my” concern for myself, White husband and White sons, for for all 700,000,000+ Whites.  It was also Hitler and the Nazis first concern.  White Children, that didn’t drink, smoke, take drugs. (He went overboard on Jewish doctors and pills though, but no one can blame him for he didn’t know.)
Also, I wrote that my Russian Grandmother, Helen Kopaczewski, mother of 14, and wife of Polish Russian General, died of “cirrhosis of the Liver.” As you know they brewed White Lightening in their bathtub and it killed her.  She got sick on “Halloween” and then died the next day on “All Saint’s Day,” November 1.
Here is her Death Certificate:  The famous house where I grew up “8332 Colfax,” and my brother Eddie Nowak, wrote a play with that title, (it was a Haunted House type of play) and my son Mikey, Jr. Starred in it in 8th grade at Admiral Rickover School.
Line 23 tells of her illness. But did the doctor rape her and then cover up his Jewish rape?  I don’t know how a dentist and doctor have the same name but who knows what they were doing to us in 1939 almost immediately after World War II started.  If this Jacob Stern was feeling me up, certainly another doctor with the same name for Stern and Jacob are common just as my name “Nowak” is common in Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia…… but if he assaulted me with malpractice and a felony, certainly he could have raped my grandmother. OF HER 14 CHILDREN HOW MANY WERE JEWISH BASTARDS THE JEWISH SPERM LEFT BEHIND IN HER AS THE  JEW DOCTOR THAT RAPED ME.

Line 24 is the Jew doctor, Stern.  His address is the same address as the dental office I wrote to you about. 
I checked my own blog and found this essay:  List of Jewish criminals. These Jewish criminals were “real” Jews in my life and I’ve led a very sheltered life. I can’t even imagine all the crime that was going on behind my back or without my awareness if I have these many personal tragedies.   My blog is www.kkkaraoke.wordpresscom and then just go to bottom and search Jacob Stern. Probably this email will come up and then the other one entitled “List of Jewish Criminals.”  As you can see he was only #5 on my list.  No Jew will ever confront me for I have the goods on them but good, and in the name of Good.
“5. Jacob Stern, the Jewish dentist. On 90th and Commercial, he had his office on 2nd floor, and he fondled my breasts while drilling my teeth when I was about 10 years old.”
Since I was talking about the Death Certificate of the White Race on the other email, I thought I’d send this one too.