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Christmas Foodcourt Flash Mob Hallelujah

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From my “White” friends, that are loving, peaceable, and heartfelt! We are not the hate mongers that Whites have been labeled to be.  Nor should be be hated anymore in any form.
And yes, it brought so much hope I needed 2 hankies. It was so beautiful. 
Go get a hankie–yer gonna need it.

Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 1:40 AM

White Eastern European, Weird Al

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Will be singing, “I Wanna New Duck” in my White Daisy Duck costume, with White Donald Duck. Mascots for end of World War III between White male and female.
Weird Al, Jankovic, sings it as a parody on song “I Want a New Drug.”  (Yes, that is what the Whites need:  a new drug, whether from Jewish doctors or Jewish international drug dealers, since the Jewish cocaine peddlers hit the South after Civil War. What the cannons didn’t do to the Southern White Males’ bodies, the Jewish cocaine peddlers did to their spirits, which is worse.)
Weird’y, is Serbian, or Eastern European. And we know what the Chicago Political machine did to Eastern European men:  sent them to prison, such as Blago!  They never have sent “Jewish” men to prison in Chicago, as Raum Emmaneul seeks the Irish White Mayor Daley’s spot. Remember what Jews do:  They wait until the White men do “all the work,” say as Elvis and Col Parker, and they “buy it up,” with money they extorted from Whites, whether legally or illegal. And it is only “legal” since Jewish lawyers made the laws making their crimes “legal.” 
Mother Italian and English.  His father believed in working at a job that made you “happy.”  That is why I sing karaoke. It makes me “happy” but also makes me “sad.” In either case, it resurrects “feelings.”  TV’s and computers cannot “feel.”  Nor smell.  The only way one can “smell” another human, is to be out with them.  Ask “Dogs” how important “smelling” is.
According to Wiki: Weird Al married a Polish woman:  married Suzanne Krajewski ….. “Krajew’ski’” with “ski” at the end is not only White Polish, but as my Mama’s ancestry, Polish royalty. That is how Jews married and got names with “sky” at the end. The Jew married “White Polish” Royalty and then changed their Jewish name such as Meyer Lan’sky’ Jew, President of Murder Inc. Isn’t it odd that Whites can’t become President of Jewish corporations, such as Disney, ABC, NBC, etc. once Jews kick Whites out of their own businesses?  Only equality in White government positions.
And even the White Protestant male was not “equal” anymore in Supreme Court where a Jewish “woman” kicked out the last White Protestant male. How can the Jewish women kick White men so hard, after so many White men married them and Jewess’ became “royal!”
The Polish name above “Krajewski,” was the lawyer that Mama went to when she wanted to divorce Daddy. She consulted with him twice.  Mama knew she couldn’t handle any more of Daddy’s drinking at the Jewish tavern, (as White Poles did for 1,000 years in Poland), smoking tobacco, from Red Injuns, gambling with Jews as we have done for 1,000 years, and womanizing, etc.  Mama didn’t want to “beat” Daddy anymore, as White Polish women were forced into to get Daddy to work.  She wanted divorce.  But, with all the babies, there was no $$$ for attorney “Krajewski.” She probably managed to give him “deposit.” And even that hurt us horribly.  There was no way out.
Anyway, Weird Al, his White parents died together.  (I performed his songs in Chicago prior to their death. I sing several Weird Al songs for they have a “polish polka” beat.)
In 2004, the month I left Chicago for Vegas, Weird Al Jankovic’s parents were found dead in their home.  As Wiki says from “apparent” carbon dioxide poisoning. Anyone could have closed the damper to the chimney and turned on the gas jets!  We will never know.
Al mentions God” and “polkas” and truly German and Poles both …… love a good Polka.  “Yankovic also includes a medley of various songs on most albums, each one reinterpreted as a polka, with the choruses or memorable lines of various songs juxtaposed for humorous effect. Yankovic has been known to say that converting these songs to polka was “…the way God intended”.
The Whites in America, and Europe always used the “poorer” White people for their music. Such as Southern Elvis in 1954.  Or Irish music, earlier.  In 1967, it would have been the poor Polish people’s “Polka” music for Whites, but you know the 1960’s and the Jewish revolution even on music. The “new” minority music, was black, brown, and homosexual, thru Beatles’ etc.  That was the “pink” music.
Jews really turned the world against Poles, to cover the Jews’ dirty tracks they made in Poland.  Also, against Russians, who will always have the Russian Communist label on them, rather than on the Jews where it belongs.
As I read further, about my darling “Al,” he was a straight A student and valedictorian.  How many times have I written to Whites on my blog:  Is your White son the valedictorian of the class.  At the top of the class?  Why not? Then why support your “other” children, through White tax dollars and their babies thru their plentiful sex while we remain frigid?
Yankovic began kindergarten a year earlier than most children, and he skipped the second grade. “My classmates seemed to think I was some kind of rocket scientist so I was labeled a nerd early on,” he recalls.[10] As his unusual schooling left him two years younger than most of his classmates, Yankovic was not interested in sports or social events at school. He claims to have been a straight-A student throughout high school, which earned him the honor of becoming valedictorian of his senior class.[
He eventually became an architect, which is what Hitler’s passion was besides art and music (opera, Wagner) and religion, since paintings included Jesus crucified by Jews on cross.  Weird Al was only getting passing grades in architecture, as Hitler didn’t make it either, and Al chose comedic music.
If our White $$$ wasn’t going into making Jews smarter through Harvard Grants, or the new Dream Act which makes browns from Hindu and Pakistan, and yellows from China, and Hispanics from Philipino’s smarter, Weird Al, surely would have been an architect.  Perhaps with love and grants, Hitler would have been an architect. But there was ‘No” concentration on saving the White male or at least treating him with love and respect.
Ah! Yes, Weird Al and his Polish or Eastern European Accordion!  What a mighty combo! I wonder where Whites would be today if they chose White Polka music, instead of homosexual music, Jewish music, Black music, Brown Hispanic Salsa music etc?
Al was a “nerd” and he made the song “White and Nerdy.” 
Apparently, Al was prophetic with a series of songs, entitled “INTERNET LEAKS.”   Yankovic has also started to explore digital distribution of his songs. On October 7, 2008, Yankovic released to the iTunes StoreWhatever You Like“, a parody of the T.I. song of the same title, which Yankovic said he had come up with two weeks before. Yankovic said that the benefit of digital distribution is that “I don’t have to wait around while my songs get old and dated—I can get them out on the Internet almost immediately.”[26] In 2009, Yankovic released four more songs: “Craigslist” on June 16, “Skipper Dan” on July 14, “CNR” on August 4, and “Ringtone” on August 25. These five digitally released songs comprise a digital EP titled Internet Leaks, with “Whatever You Like” retroactively being considered part of the EP set. The songs will also be included on Yankovic’s next studio album, due to be released in 2010.
Al finds women’s “nostrils” attractive. And well he should, for it is the #1 sexual attraction, not the eyes or ears.  (after the “mind” that is.)
Many rock stars are Yankovic fans from Paul McCartney to Led Zepplin, (denied permission to parody Zepplin songs though)
“On September 8, 2007, Yankovic performed his 1,000th live show at Idaho Falls, Idaho.[7] Yankovic is scheduled to tour in the summer of 2010” (Sounds like good White town!)
Al is going to travel with a “Canadian” band, with a group called “God Speed!  Black Emperor!”  Can you imagine “in Canada,” the top Jewish country that hates and inhibits and imprisons White for true freedom of speech, actually calling a group Black Emperor?  Too bad the group couldn’t be “Jewish Emperor” for that is who rules us today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
Although Weird Al is a “vegan,” as Hitler was:  “UHF shows the creation of Yankovic’s signature food—the Twinkie Wiener Sandwich. The snack consists of an overturned Twinkie split open as a makeshift bun, a hot dog, and Easy Cheese put together and dipped in milk before eating. Yankovic has stated that he has switched to using tofu hot dogs since becoming a vegetarian, but still enjoys the occasional Twinkie Wiener Sandwich.
Copied from Wiki also a book about Weird Al “growing up.”  I said that on stormfront, when I said, “When I grow up I want to be a White history teacher.” (certainly there are no funds for me, as I was denied them when I went to Community College here, and was denied “mentorship” classes which apparently are only for non-Whites, even though my Mama and Daddy only went to 5th grade in USA!  Certainly didn’t happen to Jews as they snuck into Harvard when they arrived in USA from Poland with $$$ confiscated from poor White Polish slaves!
Yankovic will be writing a children’s book, When I Grow Up, to be published by HarperCollinsin early 2011.
Yankovic was approached by a
beer company to endorse their product. Yankovic had turned it down because he believed that “a lot of my fans were young and impressionable.”
One can see Jewish names and his joining other celebrities defending gays. One could never be part of entertaining if one did not “Pledge Alligiance, not to the USA or White Race, but Jewish homosexualiy as I was forced to read in school or “fail.”  What if we made Jews, blacks, yellows and browns read about what the Jews did to us for thousands of years?  Perhaps the non-Whites would “all leave” America, once they found out America was not going to be about “them” anymore, but White Us.
In the song “Polka Party,” he is wearing a hat like Jamie Kelso has. Jamie needs a “White” feather for his German hat to make it complete.  In the song, as I listen, (and I realize you probably won’t watch or listen as Whites were taught to “hate” Eastern Europeans,) he talks about “Nazi boys!”
There’s a video entitled “Angry White Boy.”  It may take a little humor as well as tears as we struggle back.
Checked the lyrics, and brings up “White male” issues, but don’t get a clear message, as I suppose it is meant for “lightheartedness.” I wish I could feel “lighthearted” about the ‘white issues.’  Surely the rest of the White women and men don’t even “have a heart” whether heavy or light concerning their destiny as well as their children’s.  They only care about “poor” Jews and poor black Haitians. I was an A student, some of the times, but cannot figure this out, no matter how much I write. Everyone thinks the “Whites have it made.”  That is cause they think Jews are White. There is no such protest as “Save the White male Jews!”  Doesn’t exist. They have “special” protection, as do blacks, yellows, and browns, and even now the brown and yellow immigrants from China, Pakistan, etc. will get special White $$$$$ for their children’s education and even citizenship, as we become “replaced” in the higher and highest paying jobs.
I give you an Eastern European White heterosexual Christian male genius: 

Yankovic’s “classic” look before eye surgery: with glasses, mustache and short, curly hair. He used it from 1979 – 1998.


Dream Act; Glenn Beck, Gheen

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Why do they call it the “Lame Duck” session?  Because they are treating the White dignified, smart and intelligent people, like “Lame Ducks.”  First. The Jews made us “Lame.” Literally, in wars, enemies blew off legs of White men, or lamed them by injuries to spinal cords or brain as my Best Man at my wedding, wounded in Viet Nam.
And if we are going to be compared to Ducks, I choose Donald and Daisy. Mama would teach me with her 5th grade education, “Barbara Ann, you are ‘smart’ and you are ‘intelligent.’ “
I pass her humble advice to you. 
As everyone knows, I “love” Donald Duck. I have already planned to perform in karaoke tonight, Daisy Duck, with Donald, and Dumbella, Donald’s sister who had a nervous breakdown when their triplet sons’ Daddy, was killed, when the 3 little ducks put dynamite under his chair for he wouldn’t play with them.  Dumbella was “dumbed down,” and frazzled, and had to go to in insane asylum, where she assuredly was raped by a Jewish married doctor.  He probably not only killed her, but baked her and made Kosher Duck Pate out of her liver.
Here is a video from Glenn Beck featuring Donald Duck. I have been doing the duck characters for about 2 years know, and I even went on stage and said, “I hate Mickey Mouse.”  “I love Donald.”  It takes a lot of nerve to say the word “Hate” on the microphone. Do I hate Mickey Mouse cause he is black? No!  I know my emails are read. I hate him because he is a ‘squeaker’ ‘frightened’ and “misleading” as a mascot for our White males.  What can our young boys identify with as Mickey Mouse?  Other than the Jews have us hiding in holes in the wall, like scared mice, who are so frightened, they never travel more than 20 feet from where they were born!  Many of us do the same. We hug our computers, some have sex with computers even, fearing the opposite White sex, and rightfully so, since we have been deliberately set at World War III against each other.
We can even get away from our computers and travel over 20 feet, and hopefully our feet will take us in a direction where we can bond with each other. It is extremely difficult for me, but I try.
Here is the Glenn Beck Video of White Donald Duck.  A White Donald filled with passion, vitality, masculinity in a right manner of protection for himself and his race of White ducks.  You can see the government broke him down intentionally, and gave all his assets and reserves to be divided up with Jews and their non-Whites.  The Jews robbed the “dead corpses” of my Daddy’s White Polish relatives in Galicia Poland, after the Jews starved them to death, slooooowwwwww death.  But now, they are robbing us blind, and we haven’t even kicked the White duck bucket yet.
Also below, I copied and pasted a “chat” from the website. I “did not write” it.  Just in case the FBI, Federal Bureau of Idiots that might watch “my” computer instead of the Jewish women’s offspring and husband and her computers with the Jews assassinations, murders, theft of White inventions, killings of Whites in wars as bodybags so Jews could win World War II.  If we engage in World War III, remember this: The Jews have already won. They cheat. They have cheated us for perhaps 2,000 years+  First Babylonia, then Persia, then Rome, and boy once they got a hold of the Whites by the neck, they never let go until they wrung every ounce of blood from us.  My Mama would make Duck Blood’s soup.  Don’t laugh, I’ve made it also. Women need “iron,” desperately. Women and men are “Not” alike, no matter what Gloria Steinem the Jewess says.  Breastmilk and even the baby in the White womb need an ample supply of blood.  Her menstrual blood, that flows every month, stops, once she is pregnant. All that blood goes to baby. After birth, the menstrual blood goes into breastmilk, converting it from red blood, to white milk. I never understand why my worse than Gestapo Mama would force liver and this crazy bloody soup down me.  She would take the “live” duck on the back porch.  Wring its neck, as our collective White necks are being wrung now.  And just before death, she would take a razor, and slit the duck’s neck and the duck’s blood would spurt over an empty pot, catching all the red iron filled food. (yellow Chinese are dumb. They make Peking Duck but throw away the blood and Polish people buy it. White Poles have always been slaves since Jews took over in 1096 and since Jews worked us to death, we had to eat as nourishingly as possible, just to not faint while they whipped us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, worse than any whip of the Southern White man, who seems like modern Jesus’ compared to Satanic Jews as Masters.)
When you get to the video that says, “Just remember 1934 when the Jews of Germany didn’t do anything…” or something like that.”  Yes, that is when the Jews “did” something. They declared war on Germany and won and it took 60,000,000 White people (not sure of ##) to “defend” the Jews who inadvertently now own us and are doing away with us.  Please call senators again for this Dream Act.  Another version of “DREAM” would be “D”eadly against Whites, Racist “against Whites” for all the benefits are for non-Whites and not White immigrants from Europe or even our own children.  “E”vil for this is more Jewish propaganda. In the video below there is a Fat rich cat, seeing $1,000,000.00 thoughts as he sits and does nothing.  Picture that is the Jews and their ilk. If it is our White people, we must remember what the Jews did to Poland. They made “nobles” rich, that is true. But then even the nobles had to rely on Jewish credit and were their slaves. They could never break away, for once the Jews got them used to that “lifestyle” they were doomed. 
And the last “AM” in Dream is a bill against White “AMERICAN MEN.” The Jews will do anything to destroy the White male.  Bomb them as Dresden Germany and Warsaw Poland, (capital). Steal their White inventions, leaving the inventor like Thomas Edison a broken man who spent the rest of his life in Jewish courts, not knowing that he was being robbed there worse than his invention.  Until the day he died, he never found justice. Or the Jews will get into churches and steal the White man’s spirituality.
I was listening to the Voice of Reason, the New.right.org show this a.m. There was a talk on a German artist and I think he made a movie.  But he referred to the “spiritual” damage done to Germany worse than all the bombs the Jews dropped on them (as the Jewish atom bomb was on Japan).  Jews replaced pro-Whites in Germany. All the Germans who wanted to protect White women and children were rounded up, hung, driven to White male Christian suicide. 
This radio show talked of using “movies” to program people.  I don’t have many in my mind and I know how to “reject” what I don’t like, or at least try.  “Images” control people. It is even said that PowerPoint Presentations which speakers use at meetings are the most important tool of training. More than the words I’m writing, it is the pictures, graphs, for the eye gets it immediately!
Anyway, the radio speaker (he didn’t say Jew) said that a hole was put in the (White) Germans’ heart!  Took away German culture, and heritage, their art, music, philosophy, etc.  The Germans are now “self-hating” like the Jews hate them.  Sure they have a #1 economy, only because the Jews broke the entire will of the smartest of all people. And very religious too at one time.
The speaker went on to say, that even England is part of the Germanic origin. It was the “cradle” of White Civilization. And that is all we care about. We don’t care about Africa, or the Middle East, or even Egyptian treasures. We are White.  “That” is our beginning. Not Adam and Eve which is allegory and shows the generations and photo album of Jews not Whites.  I read the Bible, but “only” take out what is “good for me as a White person,” and disregard the rest. 
If the Jews put a bullet in the heart of the German soul and their spirituality, our entire race died with them. We are all interconnected in spirit.
What makes me Duck-Buck mad is the Bucks the Jews have stolen, slave driven us, even our women, and now are bringing in brown immigrants to do work that Whites should be doing:  The higher paying jobs.  For this Dream Act is about bringing in Hindus’, Pakistani, brown Muslims, to be the “doctors” “engineers” scientists.  Since these people are so connected, whatever they do is just to take White money for their brown services and use it to help their own race and the people back home.  All other races stick together. Even the “dumbest” such as Pygmies, etc.

“Totally beside the point, but I want to kill anyone that makes Donald Duck cry.:

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5 minutes of your time need to help defeat Amnesty….Step 1: Click on this link to watch and consider the video from this morning at 6:15am on Fox and Friends….VIDEO
Teddy Bear & Grenade: Dream Act Amnesty to Displace and Replace Americans

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Most activists can accomplish all of these simple steps in just a few minutes.

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Brother Nathaniel on Jewish Body Scanners

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Brother Nathaniel is a former Jew turned Christian and is quite aware of his own people’s scandals, sins and crimes.

Shah of Iran with Jewish Mike Wallace

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The Iranians have always known the truth.
Interview clips from 1974 and 1976.  Three minutes.
Wallace is Jewish and interviewing Shah in a way that is not flattering to the Shah. It is a miracle the Shah knew as much as he was for Jews keep themselves “hidden” even though in control, as their Jewish mothers have taught their boys and girls from the womb. That way, even today, with the world hating Whites for “warring,” Whites take the blame, and the Jews take all the $$$ from the wars.  It is win/win for Jews. Lose/lose for Whites.  Especially millions of White men and women as body bags for useless wars.

French: It’s a Heartache

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I’m just posting this on my blog for I think Bonnie Tyler is just great.  As Whites we need to appreciate the “differences” between us. Then we can truly say, “Yes we are “diverse” Whites. We are not all the same.  We are unique Whites.
If you don’t like rock or disco videos then just delete.
I like this one for she is singing in France. At the end the men in charge, (wearing a costume like the uniform the French wore when they invaded Mexico.
As I wrote, the USA, France, and England loaned $$$ and plenty of it to Mexico.  USA and England “forgave” them the loans.
Yes, even then we were paying for plenty of Mexican sex and babies.  France said “No, you must pay us back.”  China is in the same position today and they would be right to demand the $$ we owe them and not start a war simply because we cannot pay our debts. Since the Whites are dying anyway, better to die in dignity than as fools or crooks like the Jews.
So France sent their army all dressed up in cute uniforms with ruffles and feathery hats. (You know I would love something like that!)
Then conquered Mexico and sent in Maximilian from my country of Austria to be in charge.  (One thing you must consider is that the English and Whites in America hate France.  Jealous perhaps.  For the made sure that Canada which is 1/2 French and America were “separate.” Also the black Haitians massacred the French there.  We helped perhaps even with Jewish money.  Jews are definitely jealous of French for French are said to be great  lovers, connoisseurs in cooking, art, etc. (They can afford to be they don’t have 12 children, though, as my White Polish Mama and Daddy had. But again I “appreciate” the differences, not jealous or hateful of them that is out of what we call “ordinary.”  Once it was favorable to be extraordinary, now one must be “mediocre” to just survive. The more the mediocre the better.  Just ask all the black and brown employees on one’s staff.  Even the yellows, Hindus etc. 
Well, surely with England and USA’s help, (yes we have never broken the umbilical cord, especially with Jewish Rothchild’s banks,) the Mexicans were fortified with guns, cannons, and surely “advice” and “advisors” and slaughtered the French there.  Could Mexico be in worse shape than if the French had won? They probably would be a stronger power than we are today, for as Dr. David Duke says, “Mexico is loaded with minerals, etc.  They are richer than way than we are.” 
And with Mexico literally being “Richer” than we are, why are we supporting their sex and brown babies, grandmas, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers, cousins, sisters and brothers.
One would think the “brown” babies are “our” White babies and Whites didn’t even get to enjoy the sex that made the babies, yet we still pay for them.
I came across something on healing yesterday.  It said that when one wants to destroy errors in one’s mind, one must apply the truth, even if you have to apply the truth 1,000 times and more.  Even the Bible has thousands of passages on “Be Not Afraid!”  We are “taught” fear. Babies do not have fear. Babies, White babies, only know “Love.”  That is why Jesus said we must become like little children.  The people at Harvard etc. are so filled with bull crap, that they are the hardest to reach as far as spirituality, for they must forget all that they have learned and they are too proud and rich to do it.  Unless our lives are not based on “money” but “love,” and “character,” we will always be slaves to the Jews.  We Whites can unite right now at this minute. In a blink, all 700 million. And I mean “all.” Without exception. Not leaving the poor Whites behind, or prisoners.  Even perverts. I believe they can and must be redeemed, and then we must create a society where we are “not creating” these perverts etc.
Here are the French uniforms. Like everything else, since the Jews took over, we not only became “dumbed” down, but totally “dressed down!”  It is called “degeneration and dying.”

The uniforms worn during Napoleonic Wars represent the most elaborate display of pomp in the whole history of military dress. Contemporary observers regarded the French uniforms with unreserved astonishment. The luxury of the French uniforms was overwhelming. The veterans of Napoleonic Wars, writing their memoirs in their old age, mourned the passage of such magnificent uniforms. They consoled themselves with the conviction that no greater military splendour, bound up as it was with the charisma of their Emperor, had ever been seen in Europe, or would ever be seen again. It was the ornamental peak of the military uniform in Western Europe. This is identified as being the acme of colorful and ornate uniform. http://www.napolun.com/mirror/napoleonistyka.atspace.com/napoleonic_uniforms.html


Often the monarchs were more preoccupied with the looks of the troops than their generals. Generals Kutuzov and Wellington paid very little attention to uniforms. In contrast Tsar Alexander said he was personally responsible for creating the Russian shako kiver. And he loved parades and reviews. To King George IV (image, ext.link) is attributed the comment that in military dress a wrinkle was unpardonable, although a seam was admissible. (Elting – “Military Uniforms in America” Vol. II, 1977)
King of Prussia Frederick Wilhelm III was described as a “military tailor” and was preoccupied with the provisions of uniforms for his troops. In 1814 he refused to allow the hard fighting Yorck’s Army Corps to participate in the victory parade in Paris because he thought that the troops were of “poor appearance” with their torn uniforms.The uniforms worn during Napoleonic Wars represent the most elaborate display of pomp in the whole history of military dress. Contemporary observers regarded the French uniforms with unreserved astonishment. The luxury of the French uniforms was overwhelming. The veterans of Napoleonic Wars, writing their memoirs in their old age, mourned the passage of such magnificent uniforms. They consoled themselves with the conviction that no greater military splendour, bound up as it was with the charisma of their Emperor, had ever been seen in Europe, or would ever be seen again. It was the ornamental peak of the military uniform in Western Europe. This is identified as being the acme of colorful and ornate uniform.
From left to right:
Westphalian trumpeter of Garde du Corps in 1812.
Westphalian private of Garde-Grenadiere in 1803-1813.
Westphalian colonel of Garde du Corps in 1812 (King Jerome Bonaparte’s Guard).

From left to right:
Westphalian trumpeter of Garde du Corps in 1812.
Westphalian private of Garde-Grenadiere in 1803-1813.
Westphalian colonel of Garde du Corps in 1812 (King Jerome Bonaparte’s Guard).


Jewish Circumcision Against White Baby boys, butchering them.

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As we know, Jews always circumcise not only themselves, but their slaves, in this case “White slaves.”  If a White man ever doubted he has been a White slave for Jews all he needs to do is look down at his penis and see how the Jews tortured the White man in the worse way possible…. for life.
I got this from stormfront.org. It is really really complete.  And I will not be content with the Jewish doctors “sweeping” this under the rug and then somehow “eliminating” circumcision for
White boys, as they did with baby formula where it’s finally becoming common for women to breastfeed.
Jews have to pay restitution and have to be brought up on charges for this collective serial mutilation and sadism and even sucking the blood of little boy’s amputated and bloody “White penises.”  For $$$ and for their devilish cult, which can never get “enough blood.”  Since we never see what the doctors do, they can be sucking the blood of all the little baby boys.  They are the ‘gods’ of the hospital and make the rules and laws and we all just follow and nod our heads.  Mothers should be furious. The men should be worst than furious.  And if the Jews got away with this, how much more are they getting away with that we don’t even know about. We are nothing but White Rats for their worse than German Nazi Dr. Mengle experiments.
Here is what Hitler thought of circumcision, while Jews were slicing up and butchering White new born helpless little boys:
From Wiki: 

The Jews were blamed for things such as robbing the German people of their hard work while themselves avoiding physical labour. Hitler blamed Jews for “two great wounds upon humanity: Circumcision of the Body and Conscience of the Soul.” Der Stürmer, a Nazi propaganda newspaper, told Germans that Jews kidnapped small children before Passover because “Jews need the blood of a Christian child, maybe, to mix in with their Matzah.” Posters, films, cartoons, and fliers were seen throughout Germany which attacked the Jewish community, such as the film The Eternal Jew.

Those words need to be repeated:  Jews inflicted great wounds upon (White) humanity: Circumcision of the (White) body and Conscience of the Soul.  Yes, ….. “and Conscience of the Soul.”  To where Jews have no conscience, and Whites sometimes seem exactly the same as our Jewish masters.  No soul at all

Hitler’s defense against Jewish Bolshevism.  It is usually called “Russian” putting the entire blame on “White Russians,” and as always, ho hum, Jews get off the hook entirely.  Same as Civil War. The current wars, the atom bomb Jews made and signed to drop, “not” the White President Truman as history books reads.

A 1937 anti-Bolshevik Nazi propaganda poster. The translated caption: “Bolshevism without a mask – large anti-Bolshevik exhibition of the NSDAP Gauleitung Berlin from November 6, 1937 to December 19, 1937 in the Reichstag building“.

In the main page there is a dedication to Mikey, and I can’t help but think of my own son, circumcised. Paul was born at home, like Elvis and neither Paul nor Elvis were circumcised.
As I wrote before, once I went to a “meet-up.com” for Elvis in Chicago.  I wore my homemade Elvis boots that read “I Love You, Elvis.” There was a lady who “managed” an Elvis impersonator and made $$$ off of him.  Yet, when we were sitting at the table discussing Elvis, (at least I was trying to talk about Elvis, the rest were talking about their “own” visit to Graceland and their own gigs as Elvis. But nothing about Elvis.  I read 16 books alone, and yet no one focused on him at all.  And the worst thing was when the female manager of the Elvis impersonator screamed at me at the meetup, “I would never “love” Elvis as you have on your boots.  He was never circumcised and must have looked “ugly” down there.  And you want the Whites to live. For what?  For screaming at a “Good” White woman for defending Elvis and then the fact that he wasn’t circumcised.  For what I’ve been through I should never write another word or waste another minute helping or trying to save the White race.  My whole history is filled with episodes like this since I was born. Then people wonder why I don’t want to socialize.  Would you? No one in their right mind wants to keep giving out “good” and just getting screamed at in return.
Anyway, I still feel it unjust for the Whites to die at the bloody hands of the Jews. And while Hitler tried with all their heart and soul, even ending up cannibalized in Russian Communist prisons, the Jews sat safely in Work Camps, missing all the bombs of Dresden, Germany, which only melted and boiled 200,000 White Germans!  That man-monster, is a Jew, murdering all the White Eastern Europeans below, and torturing them.
We need to put up Jewish Communist Jewacaust Museums right next to the Holohaux Museums.  Just like Burger King puts up a restaurant, right near McDonald’s for competition. Where is the Jews’ competition? I thought the Jews are “equal.” Or is it “equal” only for “Whites to be brought down to the level of pygmies, so that the Jews can rise to the top like “gods” and their wives “goddesses.” (I hardly think anyone would call a sexless Jewess a goddess, if she only gave her husband sex one time to get a baby for his $$$ and inheritance, and then shoves her husband to rape White Gentile women.
Here’s on circumcision:

Jewish Body Scanners Worthless & Abusive

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These body scanners are worthless for security, abusive and physical and mental cruelty, which judges would award divorces for. The only ones profiting:  Who else? The Jews such as Michael Chertoff who should be facing court proceedings.

Of all the security equipment I’ve heard of, they either originate in dumb Polak Jewish Israel, or they are making $$$ from.


Dream Act “Hates” White Progress & Survival

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The Dream Act is a Living 3-D, full colored Nightmare (and yes I mean full-colored for it is supported and sponsored by all the colored people of the US & and the world.  I’m sure that Jews around the world, plus the countries that want to push their people here for citizenship are all pushing money into this bill.  We are being bombarded from all sides, as Jewish controlled Poland was when all 4 neighbors went to war with them at the same time.  And the Poles never realized that it was the Jews’ occupation that probably led to this hatred against them.)
I woke up and listened to the Hoosier Nation, (Indiana) on Voice of Reason.  Indiana has some really good conservatives and my teacher in Christian Science, her Daddy was in the KKK there, although she says he quit.  Regardless, the women on the farm and their children and seniors needed protection when the White men were far away out in the fields, and the KKK stuck together to provide that.
I lived about 1 mile from Indiana and went there for groceries, gas, cigarettes for my husband, and even myself when I smoked, for Singles Dances after divorce, my Health Club, etc. and even the Rehab Hospital for my son was in Indiana.  The prices were cheaper, taxes less, and the people were very down to earth.  I was engaged to one.  His name:  Dick Bundy, and no relation to the serial killer.
The man that talked on the Hoosier Nation brought up the Dream Act. I have already met with both my senators, Harry Reid and John Ensign and to validate my point of opposing the Dream Act, I took Terry Graham’s Complaint to the Jew-U.N., with me as a result of the previous “Dream Acts.”  Civil Rights Act, and all the other bills, and even legal decisions in Court that have stripped away White Rights.  If you think going through a scanner is bad and being naked, which it is, think of having every single stitch of clothing, consisting of White Rights, being totally, brutally, and forcibly stripped away from us.  Until we are left naked and freezing for all the world to see.  Again, both are horrific.
The Hoosier, or Indiana Senator Richard Lugar sponsored the bill for the Dream Act.
The Jews and their ilk know that the Whites are tired from Thanksgiving Buffets, and will try to conquer the Whites as the Jews did getting the Babylonians stuffed on a buffet, pretty drunk, and then having their Persian enemy conquer them.  It will be a Black Friday special against the Whites who are still “dreaming” away in some La-la Land.
Here is Sen. Lugar’s website.  But the real clincher is all the people supporting this bill on his site are Jews, and Non-Whites! 
Again, how are Jews and non-Whites puppeting the strings of our White men and women senators!  I will tell you how:  Purse Strings!  Take a Jew, like Las Vegas, Sheldon Adelson, who makes $11,000,000.00 every hour, and does practically nothing, except keep an existing system, probably founded by White Italians, going and stretching it.
This rich Jew gives the Senator perhaps $500.00 for his campaign, and the White man is forever grateful and will do anything the Jew asks.  Even if it means to destroy his White self, White wife, and White children.  When my US Marine, Purple Heart, husband commit suicide, he also said, “I will show them it is about “men” not about “money.”  He saw the bad treatment Whites were getting on the streets of Chicago, and once in a while, some agency or even person might throw some $$$ at the Veteran.  Yet, where was the rehabilitation.  All that $$$, time, energy, mentorship of our own White people is going to further Jewish causes, Chinese causes, and even Tibetan causes, Haitian causes.  I believe that is God’s work.
You say, “Tibetan,” causes.  Yes. A Tibetan Mongolian mother, (yellow raced) sent a letter to Senator Lugar.  She said that her son commit suicide.  He was a “good and perfect” student and wanted to go to college, but Purdue University denied him because he didn’t have a Social Security Card.  (Remember this for as all these browns, blacks, yellows, reds and 1/2 breeds get Social Security cards, when your children reach Social Security, the pot will have to be “split” with these non-Whites, even if your kid did 10 times the work.
I’m sure there are probably even Palestinian refugees that will benefit by the Dream Act, and we feel sorry for them.  We can’t even feel sorry for them at a point like this.  How does this bill affect White people?
The real clincher of the letter of the mother of the suicide boy was “If you do not pass this Dream Act, this would OBLITERATE OUR (YELLOW TIBETAN MONGOLIAN) HERITAGE.
I was 1/2 asleep when I heard that at 5:00 a.m. but boy did that wake me up to grab my pen and write these notes. 
Does anyone care on the Senate that “our” White Children will be “obliterated” as all prognostications indicate?  (I’m going to copy and paste this letter to Senator Lugar. Not that he will see it, but one can’t stand idly by while the genocide us.  It is worse than when the Red Indians stripped our White skin, poured mollasses on the White men, and put fire ants on the White man’s feet to eat the White man alive.  It is the same thing Senator is doing to the White man. And don’t forget, what the Jewish Russians did to Poland.  All the top 20,000 in the country were shot with one bullet to the back of the head. Don’t think the Jewish Communists here wouldn’t do it again. The reason they haven’t had to use brutal force, is that we have let them have their way in every bill.  Just like the Health Care bill that Hillary Clinton was for about 20 years ago.  The Jews and their ilk know just wait a few years and the White men and women will forget and we will pass it later.  Whites should be organized into one organization so that all our time, prayers, energy, $$$ go into one solid effort at saving our White Race.
If you look at this list of supporters direct from Senator Lugar’s website, it is all “Jewish banking” “Jewish organizations,” and Non-Whites that have a revolution against the Whites and have stripped our country from us right before our very eyes, ears, hearts and minds.
Doesn’t Senator Lugar know Whites are going extinct, and the sole purpose of the White man is to work to support Jews and non-White advancement.  I will put my comment along side some of these “supporters” or “Genociders Against Whites” below in (  )
The Development, Relief and
Education for Alien Minors Act  (Remember this.  Your White children get “no” help from government for tuition. We Whites already have only 1 boy in a class of 30 in advanced math and science.  To take Jews, yellow Tibetan Mongolians, browns, blacks, and make them “smarter” as Whites decline is pure suicide or murder of the Whites on a large scale with just one swipe of the ink of the pen when they sign this bill.
Introduced on March 26, 2009 by
S. Senator Richard G. Lugar and
U.S. Senator Richard Durbin
Votes Needed to Pass: 60
Past votes:
Yea: 52
Nay: 26
Additional DREAM Act Information:
Here’s the supporters of the bill:
AFL-CIO  (A union, and as we know, Jews founded unions to stir up trouble)
American Express Company CEO, Kenneth Chenault  (Jewish Banking)
Asian American Justice Center (Yellow raced as they take over USA, bit by bit, dollar by dollar, and soon they also will be raping White women, along with Jews and blacks, for there are many, many more yellow men than yellow women!)
Asian Pacifific American Labor Alliance  (More yellow people support this bill)
Citigroup Chairman, Richard Parsons  (Jewish banking)
Church World Service  (Churches have all been hookwinked by Jews since Jews forced banking on my White Polish people as far back as year 1500.
Harvard University President, Drew Gilpin Faust (We know Harvard is 30% Jewish, And Jewish power controls it) (and they are only 2% of population and the Jews replaced the White man in this country.)
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society  (More Jewish Hebrews. Remember that “Hebrew” means “bandit” and the Jews and non-“Whites” are stealing not only your White Tax Dollars, but White rights, and even White Life, as they drive Whites to suicide.
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities  (Hispanics are Brown, and have taken over America, especially the South, by us paying for their sex-a-plenty and babies from it.)
Immigrant Legal Resource Center  (Again, this is for non-White immigrants.  White immigrants have been halted since 1965.)
Japanese American Citizens League  (More yellow Raced people, who killed our men at “Pearl” Harbor on Dec. 6, many years ago and now yellow Japs control car industry while we remain 10% unemployed in USA.)
JPMorgan Chase CEO, James Dimon  (Another Jewish bank)
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights  (Leadership for “rights of Jews, blacks, browns, reds, yellows, reddish browns and 1/2 breeds.  A stake driven through the heart of the White man)
League of United Latin American Citizens (More foreigners of different “colored” races benefiting at the hands of Whites and their unborn children. No wonder Whites don’t want to have sex or children any more.  It makes sense. They are not crazy.
Macy’s, Inc. CEO, Terry Lundgren  (Macy’s owned and operated by Jews)
Morgan Stanley CEO, John Mack (Jewish bankers and benefiters of the bailout)
Microsoft (Now Controlled by Jews since Bill Gates stepped down to give away all his $$$ (formerly richest man in nation) to and through Jews and for non-White progress.)
National Association for Bilingual Education  (Bi-lingual suggests yellows, browns, blacks, yellows, etc. and NOT ENGLISH WHITES.
National Council of Jewish Women  (we already know the Jews control America. Jewish women are so rich they don’t have to work, and not even give their Jewish husbands sex, as Jewish husbands rape White Gentile women.  So Jewish women have nothing better to do than to support bills like that that again will not only “rob” Whites but “rape” us at the same time
National Council of La Raza (Ah!  La Raza, which means the Brown Race.  What about the White Race? Since all The $$$$ and bills and laws in the last 40+ years were “against” Whites, Whites are scared to death and terrorized of Jews and their laws, just as in Jesus’ day, when the New Testament writes, “The people were afraid to talk for ‘fear of the Jews.’
National Day Laborers Organizing Network (Mostly brown Mexicans and blacks that are organized.  Howbeit that Whites tried to organize for a peaceful conference of former Republican
House of Rep, “Dr. David Duke,” and we were shut down, first by black threats, and then the government declaring a State of Emergency!)
National Education Association (I just got out of college. School is anti-White, pro-Jewish homosexuality, pro-lesbian, pro-brown Hispanic pregnant women, pro-Chinese yellow women and if the school “did” mention the White man it suggested he was “impotent.”
National Immigration Forum (Since Immigration laws either stop Whites from coming here or have created such hostilities by the non-White workers against White immigration, this is against against Whites.  The Polish White Immigrants said clearly, that when they have to work with (brown) Mexicans, it is like working Mafia. The Bosnians and Croations and other Whites have told me the same thing. Even one of the poorest White countries, Romania, said they could not stand working in America. And how Whites care more about Jews and non-Whites than their own kin is beyond me.
National Immigration Law Center (again, see the line above.)
New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg  (A billionaire Jew that sent all the wreckage of 9/11 immediately to yellow Chinese so that we can’t analyze the evidence of the crime where a Jew, Silverstein, owned all 3 World Trade Centers and profited by billions and the 3 skyscrapers built to withstand earthquakes were brought down with Practically in comparison by 2 paper airplanes .
Pfifizer CEO, Jeffff Kindler  (I’m taking a guess, but since most of our doctors are Jewish as was in Poland and Germany before they came here, I’m assuming it is a Jewish pill company drugging and doping our Whites so that the Whites can’t even think as they strip away more of our White Rights.)
Progressive Jewish Alliance (Another Jewish Alliance that is for “Jews” who consider themselves a “race” apart, united not to “America” but to other Jews around the world. It is time to unite Whites around the world if we are to save the poor White child. Why do we call the Jewish left, such as homosexuality and lesbians “progressive” when it makes White “digress” not “progress” back about 5,000 years if one reads the Bible and their homosexuality and lesbianism.
Public Affffairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (brown Iranians?  I thought we were going to war with them. How is it that they have “more” rights than Whites who have “0”. And even the people who are going to protest the “Dream Act,” refuse to acknowledge that they have “White skin,” or White heritage.
Service Employees International Union (Another Jewish union for browns and blacks.  I went to a union here in Las Vegas to work in the Service Industry.  It was “all” Mexicans and the only talk heard was not White English but Mexican. Yet in a case of famine or war these browns would survive for they are connected with food, while the Whites would die of starvation as the Jews forced 50,000 White Polish to die a year in Galicia from starvation.)
Stanford University President, John Hennessy  (I checked Stanford for Jew and found this meeting company up, (that the government is “not” shutting down by brutal force as the government shut the Whites down at the David Duke Conference in Memphis 2 years ago.  This meeting is for Jews and “Poland,” my country, where the Jews lived as the Kingdom of Heaven for 900 years while destroying the White people thru Jewish banking, brutal Jewish raping of White Polish women, Jewish takeover of churches, turning Poland into a “society without laws.” Now in America we have a “society without laws for Whites and only laws for Jews and non-Whites such as this Dream Act.”  More on Stanford.  http://www.stanford.edu/dept/jewishstudies/overview/index.html
United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministiries  (Again, churches infiltrated by Jews and their ilk for the progress of Jews and non-Whites and the genocide or murdering the White Race.)
U.S. President, Barack Obama  (a Pure Black Racist. Check Wikipedia and the only work he did in Chicago was to “organize” blacks.  This is his “thank” you for all the free education the Whites gave him thru White Tax dollars, not Green Dollars, but Aliens but “White Tax Dollars.”  Yet this black President hasn’t lifted a finger to save the White race. I, as a daughter of Polish White Immigrants who slaved for Jews for minimum wage had it worse than any black person alive.)
U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano (according to a kind Jew, Brother Nathaniel Kapner, Janet is a lesbian and a Jewish Zioinist Shill:  http://www.realzionistnews.com/?p=395 )
Valparaiso University President Mark Heckler (When I think of a name like Mark Heckler, I think of the Jewish Professional and paid hecklers sent to provoke and agitate us at the White People’s Party who protested all the brown illegal criminals in Las Vegas in May of 2005. The hecklers were browns and Jews, the media was all Jewish, and the police, SWAT, National Guard that were were surrounding the Whites were all brown/black. No whites to protect their own Whites who wanted to try to save our White rights.  And there were only 8 of us, and the Federal government broke us up by threatening the leader of the White People’s Party.)
And many others….
Additional DREAM Act Supporters:
S d
(Please note how they scare us to death with evil images of “Russia” and brown Muslim Al Quaeda!  They live daily, hourly, 24/7 on White Fear and keeping us constantly scared to death, when it is Jewish doctors and scientists that are making up biological warfare as the dumb Polak Jews of Israel have made up against their Middle Eastern Neighbors.

Lugar Takes Nunn-Lugar Arms Control to Africa

Nunn Lugar GlobalBreaking: Lugar Visits Kenyan Bio Labs

For details and updates throughout the week, visit the Nunn-Lugar Africa Mission page. Updates and photos will also be available on Senator Lugar’s Facebook and Flickr pages. Search for Twitter updates (@senatorlugar) with our #NunnLugar hashtag!

A press packetThe Adobe Reader logo for the Africa Mission is also available.

U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN) leads a mission to Africa next week with a team of Pentagon arms control experts to help secure deadly biological diseases, in addition to destroying other lethal armaments.

“Deadly diseases like Ebola, Marburg, and Anthrax are prevalent in Africa,” said Lugar, the Ranking Member and former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “These pathogens can be made into horrible weapons aimed at our troops, our friends and allies, and even the American public. This is a threat we cannot ignore.”

Lugar and former Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA) developed the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program in late 1991 to secure and destroy nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the republics of the former Soviet Union.

“Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups are active in Africa, and it is imperative that deadly pathogens stored in labs there are secure,” Lugar said.


Letter to President of Russia

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I found this website on stormfront.org of the President of Russia who is releasing the packet of info of Polish Katyn Massacre.
I sent him a letter asking if I could read it in English.  I also begged him to see the Jewish picture of Jews in Poland for 900 years, being kicked out of countries of Europe 80 times, Jews being massacred by the yellow Chinese.  I then made him aware that after one of the Jewish Russian wars, the Jews conveniently found themselves living in Russia when Russia “won” the Jews from Poland’s territory.  And when the Jews exited Russia in 1899, they all came here.
That is a 3-wayhome for Jews for 1000 years. Poland, Russia, USA.  These 3 powers must discuss this, I told him, when Poland and Russia meet to discuss Katyn Massacre, Poland.
I told him that we are in danger in USA and that Terry Graham of USA issued Complaint  to United Nations, but Jews founded the United Nations by Jews, and they fund it White tax dollars through Jewish bankers, and most of the people working there are Jewish.  Very dangerous for our collective race.
I told him that we Whites all need to unite to save ourselves. That my Grandpa was a Polish-Russian General and he said that in 1900 he prophesied & wrote in page one of Bible, that the Yellow man will rule the World.  He was called a madman, then, for China was just a bunch of pagodas.  Now, my Grandpa looks like a prophet not a madman for
China is a world power and accellerating fast. But we can change that prophecy. It was only a warning, and doesn’t have to come true.
I wrote that we must forget country, religion, history, whatever, and put our differences aside, and unite as one. The yellow Race has already done it. The Jews have done it. The Muslims have done it, and even our so-called backward Mexicans and Blacks are all united for their race. 
It is only the White race in danger.  I know the Russians have plenty of info about the Jews, although not as much as the Poles would have. But then the capital of Poland was bombed to smithereens and the archives blasted away.  All done against Hitler’s orders. And done when his doctor, Morrell, probably injected Hitler with some jungle disease and deathly ill for 2 weeks in the Bunker. (no one gets a jungle disease 30 feet under ground in a cement fortress during the war. The doctor did this to incapacitate Hitler and bomb Warsaw. Surely the Jews were at work to cover their trail of living in Poland for 900 years where the Jews called Poland, heaven, Paradise, Golden Age, just as Jews call America the same now….. only at the expense & genocide of the White Race.
Here is the website:   http://eng.kremlin.ru/news/151