Elvis Gives Viet Vet $500.00

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Short email. Watching “Elvis Meets Nixon,” & only will comment on one minute of it. Perhaps later will send rest. I already write an entire analogy of it, but over the years my computer has been wiped out and emails lost, and even the little flash drive I carried to work to write on my lunch air, was wiped out.
But in this minute of the movie, Elvis is on an airplane to Washington DC to take the President and Vice-President Christmas gifts of expensive World War II guns. But more so, he wants to “save the USA.” And although Elvis didn’t realize it, I think he really meant to “save the White USA,” for his entire audience was practically All White.
The following is just a minute from the movie. Yet being a background actress in Chicago, a minute could take as long as 14 hours to film. So this is modest and brief.
Yet I think of Elvis giving a Viet Vet shattered Veteran $500.00, when my own husband killed himself on the streets of Chicagoland for there was not one person, agency, government official as Obama the black was helping all the “lazy” blacks, leeches, in the same year 2004 in Chicago.  My husband had to try to prove he was “crazy” in order to get any help at all.  Even throwing himself in a busy street so the car driver could call the police to get him help, for “no” one in America or the White world would help my husband.
But Elvis “had compassion,” and this is the most powerful minute in all of motion picture history for me. And until a movie comes out of White Genocided by Jews, it will remain, the most powerful minute in movies.
As I wrote yesterday, the standard Christmas Movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” doesn’t mean anything anymore.  The movie with a White man attempting suicide to be “rescued” is a lie. It isn’t suicide we need rescuing from but Jewish genocide.  Also, in the move the “banking” industry needs to be “saved,” as we are all saving our money today or spending it whatever our Jewish maestros’ want us to do.  Our banking industry owned by Jews from the World Bank, to Fed Reserve, to the personal Jewish women’s bank account for her and her Jewish offspring, like Barbie and Ken Doll, also Jewish creations……. is more worthless and dangerous than our own piggy banks filled with silver and copper. I gave my son a piggy bank not too long ago. He gave it to his live-in’s 9 year old daughter. In turn, she screamed last Christmas that my son was “not” her father! Even though my son supported every penny of her existence. No wonder my son attempted suicide 3 times!
Elvis goes potty. While waiting is a Viet Veteran in uniform. Elvis comforts the young lad. The Young Boy looks Irish, with reddish hair and very White skin. Jews have always used the Irish for wars, Hence “Fighting Irish.” In turn, they degenerate them or kill them, while Jews sit at home comfortably counting their $$$ from profits of war, like Scrooges, and rape your White women while the yellow Asian Jewish Communists shoot off my husband’s testicle. Perhaps they were “jealous,” and don’t want us to reproduce any more.
Elvis tells the lad that he also was in “Germany.” Army. Elvis and Germany, perfect combo, for as history will reveal the “only” country he visited outside the North America. (He was in Canada.)
Young Irish American boy reveals he is “scared,” and that Viet Nam and war was pure hell.  He had signed up with 3 other buddies & all were murdered by Yellow Jewish-led Communist Asians in harsh jungles unfit for animals let alone White intelligent humans.
The lad says, “I don’t know what we are doing there.”  The boy isn’t aware of Jews & their banking schemes which debts are only paid through White blood, not pennies, nickels, dollars, yen, rubles, francs, silver or gold, or stocks.  Only White blood, white body parts, white minds shattered and addicted and white testicles as my husbands.
Elvis had his Memphis Mafia buddy get $500.00 in cash for travel.  Yet, Elvis’ heart broke over his fellow White’s depression at Christmastime.  Elvis races back to his buddy gets “all” the $500.00 and  gives him every penny, leaving himself without even $1.00 for his trip.
Elvis says, “I’m proud of you.” (While the entire nation was protesting, led by Jews, even I treated my husband like the war hero he was. What is odd is that in the movie the protestors surround the White house with vigils and chants against the war, and yet today, if we want to have a No More Wars for “Israel,” we are shut down and my car engine blows up on the way.  That would discourage any man, woman and child from further pursuing a study of the White race and Jews.
He tells the young White man that he is “brave.” What combined media has told any of us that we are brave.” Them have pummeled us to the ground into white ashes, through their words, actions, and even turning our own White people against us.
Elvis called the Hippies “spoiled,” and since Jews led this movement, we see our own Whites were spoiled.
As the movie said, “But the Vietnamese never did anything to us.”  Neither did the Iraqi, Afghanistans, Iranians, or Egyptians, but we war with them anyway because Jews hate their neighbors and Bible is loaded with it as evidence in court of law. That is what I would do if I had to go to court to prove my innocence. I would take the Bible along with my 15,000 pages of emails or whatever remnants I have left.
Elvis is so moved by this “one lone White Celtic Viet Nam Vet,” that he changes his own course of his history. He goes back to his airplanes seat and writes a letter to the President because he says the USA is so “f—cked” up!
But Elvis never wrote a letter in his life.
There just “happens” to be one on youtube. Most important Elvis says mentions the black panthers and jewish led Revolutionary groups. Even in the movie earlier, President Nixon clearly says that the “Jewish dominated media,” is against him.  He wasn’t paranoid, he was sane. The rest of the world had been driven insane, crippled, and now in desperate need of Jewish “help.”
In the video, Elvis speaks of “Communist (Jewish) brainwashing.” Elvis studied it thoroughly.  But surely when he talked to his “friends” about this, the “friends” would tell his doctor and they would give Elvis “more” pills to shut him up and control him.  Don’t forget from the list I sent you early, many of Elvis’ friends were “jews, jews, jews.”
Elvis gives a “ps,” saying that he is going to give the President a “gift” (doesn’t mention it is a gun, as surely Elvis being very psychic knew that there were forces against the President. And surely they could not have been the Christian Scientists that surrounded him for they were sent to jail as Nixon was “forced” to resign. Never ever say, “The Jews control the Media,” as Nixon did “40” years ago.
If you look at video, you will see Elvis staying at Washington hotel, Room 505. That is my trailer number, and my license plate number what I “accidentally” got for I never ordered it or asked for it.
The following pictures I got personally when I went to DC “before” my son moved there and went to the National Archives, and copied the pictures, showing Nixon, Elvis, and his White Southern Memphis Mafia.  Yet showing the 4 White men we would be taught by Jews that they were all “crazy,” and “paranoid,” as I’m considered today even in Las Vegas. Instead of saying that I’m creative, intelligent, attractive, sexy, spiritual, it is “she’s crazy.”  Eventually one hears it and feels it, and one believes it.
The song in video is Elvis’ song “The Edge of Reality.”  I have never been in your reality. As hard as I try to fit in, somehow, I never have, and now don’t even want to.
Note the flag in the video pictures where only “1775” can be distinguished.
Nixon gave Elvis a set of cufflinks.
I never planned this silver bullet theory, and don’t recall this part from the pictures or book I read. I bought the silver bullet items because of the “Lone Ranger.”
Elvis in turn gives Nixon a World War II gun with bullets. Could Elvis have known it was wrong for White man to hate White man and to kill each other while Jewish men $$$, and while Whites are being bloodily massacred, maimed and mind-controlled, the Jews are raping your women and boys. Jews don’t watch porn, they screw your women.  They don’ take drugs, they sell them to you as they did booze in Poland, Russia, Germany, etc.  Jews don’t take the pills they are selling you, nor for their children for they want “Jewish Supremacist” children.
Here’s the youtube and lyrics of accompanying Elvis song. Perhaps I will re-write my Cliff Notes from movie, as they were destroyed either with the flash drive they were on, or the computer that had to be genocided.  Perhaps, in the lyrics, our White women have been driven “against” their own “partner.” But that is nothing new. The Bible started it, making the “partnership” of the White male and female, into a patriarchal society. It was for the Jewess benefit as Abraham, Sarah, who wanted his $$ and arranged for a fake baby from the Gentile scrub woman, and then ordered this woman and son to be killed because she did have a son of her son. That is why it is “so hard for me to study the Bible,” without exposing anything against White race.
Although White men who have met me or read my emails say the same thing:  I have scared them to death. And one White DJ from Canada will holler at me on the email if I say, black, white or heaven forbid or hell-encouraged word of Jew.

Words & music by Giant – Baum – Kaye)
I walk along a thin line darling
Dark shadows follow me
Here’s where life’s dream lies disillusioned
The edge of reality

Oh I can hear strange voices echo
Laughing with mockery
The border line of doom I’m facing
The edge of reality

On the edge of reality she sits there tormenting me
The girl with the nameless face
On the edge of reality where she overpowers me
With fears that I can’t explain
She drove me to the point of madness
The brink of misery
If she’s not real then I’m condemned to
The edge of reality

On the edge of reality she sits there tormenting me
The girl with the nameless face
On the edge of reality where she overpowers me
With fears that I can’t explain
She drove me to the point of madness
The brink of misery
If she’s not real then I’m condemned to
The edge of reality

Reality, reality, reality, reality,
Reality, reality, reality, reality

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