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Worshipping Jews as “gods,” in Israel, Jews in America

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Here’s typical website of how Whites “worship” Jews as mortals, rather than a spiritual God.
Note how he says, “he won’t remain silent.” Yet Whites have been silenced totally regarding the Jews genociding us, and of our own disposition to worship “them.”
I believe in what is called humanly as “miracles,” for I’ve experienced and witnessed and read about perhaps “5,000.”  Yet, when Miracles are used to advance the Zionist agenda of  making Polish Jews of Israel and around the world as “gods,” I refuse to worship that. That is “blasphemous” against God Almighty.

Redford, Jew, Hanging Women

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I tried to read an AARP magazine, and since I don’t watch TV, movies, Jew books, etc. I need “something” in life to live for and do.  There is very little, but I try.
There’s an article in this months issues regarding Robert Redford. As you know, he was a sort of recluse and insisted his “work” should speak for him, and not words or interviews. He is of Scot-Irish-English ancestry, (and it is good that AARP is noting this.)
But, as a tribute to her highness Queen Barbara (the Jewess) Streisand, he decided, just for “her,” he would come out of hiding and take her side and support her when she was on the “Black Madonna’s” show, Oprah Winfrey, Queen of Chicago.
One part that really upsets me is that AARP goes overboard to write about how Robert Redford “loved” Jews. They write that after World War II there was a “dark current” running thru their school about “Jews.” Then at his school a Jew-raced girl gets up in front of the class and tells the kids, “My name is Lois Levinson. I am a Jew, and I’m very proud of it.” The class gasped. (think if all 700 million Whites got up in front of their bosses, teachers, clergy, friends, sons, daughters, parents, husbands, wives, neighbors, and shouted out loud, “I am White and I am very proud of it.”  And if all of us did it at once we would earthquake the world in mental proportions using more energy than all the earthquakes since the beginning of time.) Anyway it was then that Redford went home and asked his father, “if she is a Jew, what am I?” And his Dad said, “You’re a Jew too.” (The beginning of hatred against Whites that comes from the own father, who should have been teaching him to keep his race pure and stay away from Jews, as yellow Chinese do.) His White father meant that we are “all the same.” And if so, then all of the Jews wealth should be distributed equally around the White world for all the “good” we have done for them. The blacks get the Jews $$ and what have they done for them?
After that he decided to go “mainstream” as he is doing a movie, and I quote:
The Conspirator” tells the story of Mary Surratt whose boardinghouse was a meeting place for John Wilkes Booth and fellow plotters of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Charged with conspiring in the president’s murder, Surratt is reluctantly represented at trial by a young Union war hero.  The political climate of post Civil War Washington – when individual rights sometimes took a backseat to national security—mirrors post 9/11 America.
Odd that the South was punished and still is today for “Hanging” criminals, but when the government “hangs” women, it is ok.  From what I had written before, Abraham Lincoln was “close” to Jews. So close, if he were walking, Jews could come right up to him and discuss and influence him.  No one else could do that. They were “privileged.”
Here is from Wiki, her mother was French,
Mary Surratt Born May/June 1823
Maryland Died July 7, 1865(1865-07-07) (age 42)
Washington, D.C Conviction(s)
Treason, conspiracy,
plotting murder Penalty Death by hanging
(Also if the Jews are genociding the entire White race isn’t that even “beyond treason!”  Whites must think in terms of world-wide laws, and “global” now that the entire globe has fallen in love with Jews and their White Green Dollars.)

“Following the outbreak of the American Civil War, though the border state of Maryland remained in the Union, the Surratts were Confederate sympathizers like many other Southern farmers.[citation needed] Their tavern regularly hosted fellow sympathizers, and their post office did double duty as a United States and Confederate post office.[1] The full extent of the family’s involvement in clandestine Confederate activities may never be known, but it is certain (and was introduced into evidence at Mary Surratt’s trial) that weapons and cash for Confederate agents were stored at the Surratt tavern, which had been leased to John Lloyd.[5]

John Surratt died suddenly at the family homestead and tavern in August 1862.[3] Though the marriage had not been happy, his death left his widow far from relieved as she was in desperate circumstances financially and even in danger of eviction. The family’s slaves had either run away or been repossessed (it is unknown exactly what became of them), the sale of a substantial amount of property which had given hope of resolving the financial difficulties failed because of the buyers’ default, and John’s many creditors still pressed to collect.”

(I find it disgraceful that these Whites “paid” legally to Jews and Blacks to buy people to work for them and to bring them up and civilize these blacks and Jews, and then they “run away,” probably to Detroit where Jews and Blacks have ghettos for Whites to support them thru taxes and worse yet Jewish drugs which are then syphoned into our children’s brains, nerves, reproductive systems, minds, and spirits.)

Well, to make a long story short, Mary can’t make ends meet but gets a home and turns the upper floor into a boarding house. It was in Washington DC near government buildings.

This is the boarding house below and now is in “Chinatown” for yellows to enjoy easy access to our Federal Employees. Although since so much of

Washington DC is black, I think a White man would want to relocate and “flee” from there if he ever were elected president. And that would be right in tune with Jewish blockbusting, when their highlight would be chasing the Whites out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Surratt’s boarding house, now housing a restaurant in the Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

“After a lengthy evasion of justice and overseas capture to be returned to stand trial for the assassination of the President, John testified at his that he had been in Elmira, New York, en route to Montreal, Canada, when Lincoln was shot. He also denied that his mother had been involved in the plot in any way.”  (It is quite astonishing that Jews can run to Israel and escape, but if there is a White man, the government goes overseas to “capture” him. I mean take a look at all the Jews and how they got Nazis, National Socialists whose only goal was to save the White race from Extinction, they went all over the planet, even arresting men nearly 90 years old.)
(Now since Mary denies these charges, nonetheless she is held for trial.)
On the day of the assassination, Mary rode out to her tavern with one of her boarders, Louis J. Weichmann, a young War Department clerk, who was a friend of her son, John Surratt, Jr. Although Mary Surratt claimed to have made the journey to collect back rent owed by her tenant, John Lloyd, Lloyd later testified against her, saying she gave him a package containing field glasses and told him to “make ready the shooting irons.” This referred to two repeating carbines and seven revolvers that she had bought and stored for the conspirators on her property. After assassinating President Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre, John Wilkes Booth did in fact first stop at the Surrattsville tavern with his accomplice David Herold. John Lloyd, the innkeeper, gave Booth and Herold whiskey, pistols, and one of two Spencer carbines as well as the field glasses. Lloyd claimed Surratt had told him to do this when she arrived earlier that day. Booth and Herold then continued traveling southward, helped by many of the same Southern sympathizers who had aided John Surratt in his activities as a courier for the Confederacy. All her accomplices were tried and either executed or jailed.
(I wonder if Redford will bring out that Lincoln actually wanted all blacks sent back to Africa, and that Jews were the rich winners and funders of the Civil War, which was truly the beginning of the end of the White race.  I mean think if during the Cold War with Russia, that all the Communists would flood America and then there was a KGB agent living right next door, whose allegiance was to the Jewish Communists who wanted not only the destruction of Christ, Christianity, God, but the White Race. That is what we Whites have now with blacks, browns, yellows, Jews, surrounding us and believe me they are here to steal everything we own and worked for 400 years.  It reminds me of Joan of Arc, when France was in turmoil for 400 years, with invading neighbors, and then “she” decided to put armor on and go fight and put France back on the map. All the art, music, food, culture, history of France, would be totally different hadn’t it been for St. Joan of Arc, a (White) role model, the opposite of Oprah the Black Worker. She is neither a “slave” for a “queen” but a worker, like anyone else, for in case Oprah doesn’t realize it, we are “all equal,” and she is no better, despite the fact that White women worship her for generations, then we wonder why the book says ‘if we are to save the White race and male our women must change.” Well, blame Oprah; and since we are all equal, we should redistribute her money too for White causes for we are the most pressing cause of “all” and the “minority” of the world.)
“Mary Surratt was arrested on April 17. While Surratt was being questioned by police in her boarding house, Lewis Powell, the former John Mosby‘s Ranger who had attempted to assassinate Secretary of State William H. Seward, appeared at her door. Although witnesses later testified Surratt had met Powell several times, thus linking her further to the conspiracy, she denied ever having seen him before.”
(Could the government been planting witnesses even then? Would people lie just to save their own hide just to have a sensational trial? Since 9/11 and 3 colossal skyscrapers going down with 2 almost paper airplanes in comparison, I don’t believe anything anymore. Until it is proved, it is a lie.  It makes a White fool out of me, who tries to be honest, always has been, and always will be, no matter how much people want to live in lies like pigs in filthy mud.  We are supposed to be the “highest” of God’s creatures not the lowest.)
Now mind you this woman was not even convicted and denied the charges, nonetheless she was tortured:  “Held in military custody under sweltering conditions, Mary Surratt had her head enclosed in a padded canvas bag to prevent a suicide attempt. She was also kept manacled and was constantly guarded by four soldiers. For two weeks after her arrest and before her trial, she was held on board a warship that was being used as a prison for the conspirators. Her cell was sparse and equipped with only a straw pallet and a bucket.” And no doubt it was all White men that did this to her.
(I’m sorry I have to laugh. Now I know why they all hated Mary, she was “buxom,” or big-boobed.  “During the trial, a newspaper described Mary Surratt as a rather attractive, 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m) buxom, 42-year-old widow.”  Their White wives probably drove them to that state if they don’t have boobs.)
“Defended by Reverdy Johnson, Surratt maintained her innocence throughout the trial, denying any knowledge of the assassination plot. The evidence against her presented by the prosecution included a hidden photograph of John Wilkes Booth found in her house and bullet molds on top of her dresser. Weichmann’s testimony was offered by the prosecution as evidence directly implicating Surratt in Booth’s plot, although authors such as Dorothy Kunhardt have written that there is evidence the latter’s testimony was suborned by Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton.”
(The word suborned means: “

Subornation of perjury is a legal term describing the crime of persuading another to commit perjury.[1]

It may be applied to an attorney who presents testimony (or an affidavit) the attorney knows is materially false to a judge or jury as if it were factual. Generally, the knowledge that the testimony is materially false must rise above mere suspicion to what a reasonable attorney would have believed in the circumstances. For example, the attorney cannot be wilfully blind to the fact that their witness is giving false testimony. An attorney who actively encourages a witness to give false testimony is clearly guilty of suborning perjury. It can occur in either a civil and criminal case.

Subornation of perjury is a crime. It is also an offense for which an attorney can be disciplined, disbarred or jailed…….The line between subornation of perjury and simply helping witnesses recall what actually occurred is a fine one.)

(So it seems that the only testimony given against her was perjury, for the prosecution attorney’s “put words into the defendant’s mouth,” in order to convict her.)

“Despite the desperate pleas of her daughter, her priest, and her lawyer, President Andrew Johnson signed her death warrant.”

(The pleas surely would have been that a woman took care of her husband, carried babies for 9 months, breastfed, took care of them, when her husband died, supported them, and they had no mercy or pity. Sounds Jewish to me.)

“Johnson, according to Holt, said in signing the death warrant that she had “kept the nest that hatched the egg”.

(I wonder why I write like this. Just think how popular I would be if I would send fuzzy, cute emails, for all to enjoy and feel better as if a death row prisoner gets his/her favorite meal before we destroy them.  This certainly isn’t enjoyable, and is even painful. I get upset with myself, and have even deleted emails instead of sending them for there is not only “no reward,” but “pain.” It is not just that I should suffer for justice sake, while the Jewess shares in $11,000,000.00 an hour and she doesn’t even give her husband sex, let alone clean his house, help him up the ladder, take care of his kids, breastfeed them, she certainly wouldn’t have natural childbirth, and that is why the whole world “follows” the Jewess and worships her, instead of God and or Nature.)

I think it just came to me as I wrote this “why” “Mary” was executed. It wasn’t just a woman that owned a boarding house. It was a “White” woman.  What the Jews or their ilk did was to put on public display a White woman and men and had them painfully killed and hung for “all to see.”  And in reality, that really meant that it was the “End of the White Race,” the White male and female.  Yes, that must be it.

Continued from Wiki:


Newspaper drawing of Surratt in the death cell with her priest in July 1865.


At noon on July 6, Surratt was informed she would be hanged the next day. She wept profusely. She was joined shortly by a Roman Catholic priest, her daughter Anna, and a few friends. She was allowed to wear looser handcuffs and leg irons during this period, but was kept hooded. She spent the night praying and refused breakfast. Her friends were ordered to leave her at 10:00 on the morning of July 7, and her heavy manacles were replaced. She spent the final hours of her life with her priest.

On July 7, 1865, around 1:15 P.M., a procession, headed by the nearly fainting Mary Surratt and consisting of the four condemned prisoners (their hands manacled and legs chained with heavy irons and 75-pound iron balls) and many guards, was led through the courtyard, past the condemned’s newly dug graves, and up the thirteen steps to the gallows where the four were to be hanged. Surratt had to be supported by two soldiers. The actual gallows was on a ten-foot-high platform. The hangman had made Surratt’s noose with five turns instead of the required seven because he had thought that the government would never hang a woman.

Surratt wore a long black dress and black veil. The doomed party was attended by several members of the clergy. In addition to the military personnel and various officials, one hundred civilian spectators with tickets were present to watch them die. From the scaffold, Powell said, “Mrs. Surratt is innocent. She doesn’t deserve to die with the rest of us”.

(Quite unusual they would hand out “tickets” as if a concert or something.)

When the condemned were judged prepared, General Hancock clapped his hands twice, and by prior arrangement, two soldiers on the ground at the back of the scaffold used long poles to ram and knock out the two supporting posts, releasing the gallows platform front to fall at the hinges. The conspirators dropped about five or six feet, which apparently killed Surratt instantly, as (unlike the other condemned) after the drop, spectators saw no motion at all from Surratt’s body, save natural twirling on the rope. [Atzerodt’s stomach moved, but spectators judged his was the second easiest death after Surratt’s. The drop clearly failed to break the necks of Powell and Herold, who from their motions both slowly strangled over the next five minutes].[10] The body of Mary Surratt and those of the other convicted conspirators were allowed to hang for about 30 minutes.[11]

[edit] Burial

After being cut down, all of the bodies were placed on the lids of their coffins (which were actually gun boxes) by the gallows, declared dead by doctors, and unceremoniously buried with the hoods still on and a glass vial containing their names to help identify the bodies. Several pieces of the rope that had ended Surratt’s life and locks of her hair were sold as souvenirs.

Here are some youtubes regarding this. In the pix, one can see as she is hanging, that she has large breasts, even though they hang low, which is natural to breastfeed. Some women, especially in Chicago, but even many here in Vegas, would do the same to me, and do it “mentally” as they turn their men away from me.
In this video, the chatter claims his direct ancestor was Mary Surrat.
I snip clipped this from the next video about the “audition” of Mary Beth Barber to play, Mary Surrat…..  for we have “mob” rule, or “Mobster” rule by Jews and their black/brown/yellow mobs.  It is totally a disgrace that such a refined, intelligent and spiritual race as the White race should be subject to what we are as victims. Since Jews are the law professors, lawyers, judges, and even Supreme Court Justices we live by “Jew” law, not White Constitution law.
When we find ourselves changing our very content of our “minds and spirits” to fit what Jews want us to think, we are victims of “mob law.”  The greatest mobsters of all time.
I think also the North wanted to continue to “punish” the South as when the “Allied Communists” bombed the hell out of Dresden, Germany. It wasn’t just to “kill” them, but to terrorize them and paralyze them from “thinking.”

Martha Washington: Jews, Gold, Diamonds and Drug Money

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The blacks and Jews called them “slaves” yet Jews never thought for a moment of what they did to Polish White people as their “slaves.”
Anyway, I’m reading about Mrs. Martha Washington because I’m going to do a character song to celebrate George Washington’s Birthday? What you are thinking? There is actually a White man that we can celebrate today.  I know there is only a black man, Martin Lucifer King, and a Jew, (They say Christopher Columbus was a Jew but seeing Jew can fudge records, I would have to see that clearly.)
In reading on Wiki, Martha married a man her senior by 20 years, he died, and left her a wealthy widow.  It was then she married George, both about 27 years old. They had no children. There is more than you can read but I thought this passage about what Martha really thought about the black workers might interest you. She thought they would kill her.
Here is from Wiki:  “Martha freed Washington’s slaves on January 1, 1801. Abigail Adams visited Mount Vernon two weeks earlier, and wrote: “Many of those who are liberated have married with what are called the dower Negroes, so that they all quit their [family] connections, yet what could she do?” Adams cited a sinister motive for Martha freeing Washington’s slaves early: “In the state in which they were left by the General, to be free at her death, she did not feel as tho her Life was safe in their Hands, many of whom would be told that it was [in] their interest to get rid of her–She therefore was advised to set them all free at the close of the year.–” (A. A. to Mary Cranch, 21 December 1800)”
I just wonder what kind of crimes the blacks were committing during this time for all we hear are the “good” things that they did and that is why we worship them today, even more than God.
Since I consider we Whites to be slaves today, I agree with George when he said to have slaves was “repugnant.”
In 1938, they made a stamp of Martha Washington. It was 1 1/2 cents. (can you imagine them thinking in terms of “1/2” pennies, while Jews today think of “trillions of dollars,” and make $11,000,000.00 an hour for his Jewess wife and children.  How much of that $$$ came from Whites or earlier labor or investments or gimmics from Whites?
So since the origin of the post office until 1938, a stamp was only 1 1/2 pennies.  Then, after World War II, and the Jews flooded America like locusts, that price went up nearly 40 times in just that short time.  That is because partially the unions that protect the 80% of the workers at the post office which are black. It is no wonder my Viet Vet couldn’t find work or if he did he was “ousted” out by the non-White mafias once they control a company, business, neighborhood, school, church.  (The headpiece I’m making is more flamboyant as I found Martha in on google.com/images.
So the post office was set up officially by Ben Franklin in 1775, and for 150 years there was no inflation… and then the Jews were kicked out of Germany and invaded White America like the brown Mex’s and then the price of stamps goes sky high with no end in site except to cut days etc.
Here is a chart to confirm how inflation and Jewish banking as they came here “en masse” has affected the Whites for postage.
http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/economics/postal-rates.htm You can see that each decade saw a big whopping increase, and that ratio can probably be applied to all other avenues of our lives. Up until the Jews took over, there was no financial or money extremes.  There was even a time when the stamp “dropped” in price!
(Just make sure we get more Somalian blacks to invade us and make sure they have plenty of sex so we can pretend their black babies come out of our wombs so we can take care of them and not our White offsprings of the world.)
You are really going to faint with this one considering my topic is always trying to stop race-breaking as I did when I started to breed “pedigreed” German Shepherds as our ancestors did for 6,000 years.
It talks of Martha Washington, 1st President’s wife, who they took his holiday away in favor of giving it to Martin Lucifer King, beater of White women in Las Vegas actually thanking God he could beat them and have sex at the same time. What kind of prayers does he give for a role model for White children? Whites need to be guilty, but not about what the Jews put on us as “guilt.”

“U.S. paper currency

Martha Washington is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on the face of a U.S. currency note. It appeared on the face of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1886 and 1891, and the back of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1896. An 1856 national banknote carried The baptism of Pocahontas on its reverse face.”

(I told you how prominent and dominant the effort was for “race-breaking” even back to John Smith and Red Indian Pochahontas, where the English named a ship after her, back late 1500’s)

Note how “wonderful” the Indians were to the White man.  Also note her breast is hanging out in the pix. Quite a club the Indian was wielding. If the Indians were attacking Whites and their red women chopping Whites up and boiling them as the Whites were boiled on the ship just prior to the Mayflower, would we really have fought them


19th century illustration of Pocahontas saving Smith’s life.

We know the Jews had already had full control of the New York Times by 1898, and the New York World News, so surely they had their control over the banks even before the Federal Reserve Bank when they confiscated all the Wealth of the Whites of America with one bill signed on “Christmas Eve” while we didn’t even notice.

“U.S. paper currency

Martha Washington is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on the face of a U.S. currency note. It appeared on the face of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1886 and 1891, and the back of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1896. An 1856 national banknote carried The baptism of Pocahontas on its reverse face.”

Let’s see if the Dumb Polak Jews of Israel will put a picture of their Israeli First Lady on one side of the bill and a Palestinian woman on the reverse side. We should “demand” it or stop all $$$ going to Israel and demand, in the name of God Almighty, to have USA inspectors to comb Israel for all nuclear weapons, germ warfare, all our gold which they probably took out of Ft. Knox since a Jew was head of that too.

Here is from snopes on the fact that Washington never said a bad word about Jews, (he didn’t have the internet)


In most of Colonial-era New England, it would have been about as hard to find a Jewish family as a grove of palm trees. But when George Washington visited Newport, R.I., in August 1790, the president found not just one Jewish family, but a Hebrew congregation with its own synagogue. They offered him a warm welcome to their community through a letter written by the leader of their congregation, Moses Sexias. (note the name of the rabbi, “sex-ias,” I wonder how many Indians and blacks he raped, as only “White” men have had to pay restitution according to the Welfare Sheet I went to fill out that asks:  Are you 1/2 White and Indian? Are you 1/2 White and African? Are you 1/2 White and Eskiomo?  Yet, who asks the “eternal Jew” question: Are you 1/2 Jew and Polish? Are you 1/2 Jew and black? Are you 1/2 Jew and Mexican illegal immigrant? Are you 1/2 Jew and Asian? etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Jews get away with everything even getting the rest of the world to hate us for the crimes they commit. Jewess mothers always taught their children to “stay in the background” and don’t get noticed.

If you think about it, the USA has been the “only” country “not” to kick the Jews out in 2000 years or more, and they have been here for 400 years!  I would say we are super-patient or super-crazy one or the other.

Not only we didn’t kick them out, but we cannot even utter the word “Jew” unless we use the same tone of voice and reverence as we would say the word “God.”

(here is something I found on Raum Emmanuel. His parents were pill pushers and opened the first pharmacies in Tel-Aviv. We can see why this Jew who now wants to rule the Kingdom of Chicago, wanted the Health Care Bill passed so badly. Tighter control and more $$$ for Jewish doctors and pharmacists.)

“You know, Rahm Emanuel is a name that would not be out of place in the Tel-Aviv phone directory,” I told him. A large warm smile spread across his face. “Our original name was Auerbach. We opened the first pharmacies in Tel-Aviv and in Jerusalem. My father changed his name after my uncle. Emanuel, was killed in Israel’s War of Independence (I 948-49]. “

Here is a little about the wealthy Rich Jewish “religion.” From what I saw advertised at the university here, it is more of a “business organization to get rich and powerful.” Our Whites are wondering “why” they can never be as rich as the Jews, but the Jews have an Iron Curtain net over the USA and world.  Jews can just pick up the phone and “call” and be connected to the President, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. See if you or I or any White organization has that power.

“Adat Yisrael” synagogue in Washington is not only a place of worship. It is a Jewish community center, with a prestigious Jewish kindergarten, a Jewish school with Judaism, literature, culture and of course, Hebrew classes. On Saturdays there are always two separate prayer sessions. The first is the large one, encompassings hundreds of worshippers, which ends in a food blessing at tables tastefully laid with Jewish delicacies. Its members belong to the creme of Washington society: senior administration officials, successful lawyers, rich businessmen. All are wealthy people. Next week, on the Jewish New Year, the prayers will be joined by many other Jews who usually spend their weekends at the most exclusive clubs, or on the most expensive golf courses, or riding the best horses, or at their expensive houses near the West Virginia lakes, or sailing in their private yachts. Next week, like during all Jewish holiday seasons, the most expensive limousines that can be imagined will stop at the entrance to the synagogue, to let out the elegant women, the men mummified in their expensive suits at their side, followed by the well-dressed children. The entrance fee to synagogue is $1000 for a single holiday In addition to that prayer session another, with younger members and cheaper entrance fees, regularly gathers in one of the other halls, where prayers are held according to the customary Israeli style, except for the fact that men and women sit together. This famous session has several other characteristics. Most of the members visit Israel at least once every year. Most of them speak fluent Hebrew. All of them are familiar with the prayer procedures. Only a few of them come out of deep faith. Others do so out of the wish to meet the best Jewish society or to meet a Jewish girl whom they would marry. But the most important reason for their praying is that they feel a close connection with Israel. Those of them whose love for Israel is most ardent watch the Israeli TV news every night. It might sound strange, but the Washington cable station broadcasts the Israeli TV news program every night at half past midnight.

The other synagogue competing for the young generation of wealthy Jews is located in Georgetown. It is a fully Orthodox synagogue, but its prayers are conducted in the Israeli style favored by “Gush Emunim”. The Israeli flag is proudly displayed above the Sacred Ark alongside the American flag. On each Sabbath the prayers include the benediction for the Israeli Jewish soldiers and the prayer for the welfare of the Israeli government and its officials. Many Jewish Administration officials pray there. They not only don’t try to conceal their religious affiliation but go to a given length to demonstrate their Judaism since it may help their careers greatly.

Here’s website: http://radioislam.org/islam/english/toread/collect.htm

Radio “Islam” is free to “tell it like it is and have freedom of speech.” Something we don’t have here.  Or as the Bible says, “They were afraid to speak for fear of the Jews.” All the Jews are are liver and kidneys, perhaps some White they killed at the hospital for their own Jewish lives which Jewish Talmud says they can do.

(I think much of what the Jews have accomplished is because it has been hidden from us and encoded and we always trusted them and never kicked them out in 2000 years as our foreparents did or massacred them as the yellow Chinese did. Note the Jews didn’t stay long in China. But now that the Jews brought all White business know how to China, China “welcomes” Jews with open arms. Did the Jews get 867,000,000 yellow Chinese addicted to cigarettes? )

You can see from this clip why the tragedy of the Polish Israeli Jews bombing the hell out of the USS Liberty during the 6 day War with Egypt had to be covered up, especially since they didn’t sink the ship which is what the Jews really wanted.  Again, it would have had that “catch” word that we would remember throughout history after they blamed Egypt, “The Egyptians sunk the USS Liberty,” and you know how American Whites feel about Liberty, even though we are not free to meet and assemble peacefully, talk and expose and critique Jews, be concerned and even be able to “think” about White rights, before we get genocided by the Jews who doubtfully will ever give up the power and $$$ they have swindled.

“Indeed, all the Jews at the top of Clinton Administration, including Dennis Ross and Martin Indyk firmly believe that the change in the attitude of American Jewry towards Israel came mainly as the result of the Six Day War, since that war had first reawekened the Holocaust memories3 and then filled them with enormous pride. “It was the Six Day war which brought the U.S. Jews out of the closet. They had been there, wielding power and influence in the fields of science and culture but they were rather distant from Israel”, said one of the top Administration officials, who is very close to Clinton. “The main goal of our parents’ generation was to become part of American society, perhaps even to become assimilated. It must he remembered that the Holocaust was also a traumatic event for American Jews.4 They were unable to do anything for their brothers who were murdered. The Six Day War created tremendous identification with Israel among the American Jews. Its main importance was to create a deep link between the Reform Judaism, the largest Jewish tendency in America, and Israel.”

Jews realize that they need to “interbreed” of the White Race’s highest and finest women for their breeding stock. Jews did that in Poland when the interbred with “Royalty” and the most educated to produce the highest caliber baby. But that takes away from the White breeding stock of fine women.  Jews stealing our banks is nothing compared to stealing our fine White women and turning White women to “hate” White men.

For Jews to “increase” their numbers, (for do you know any Jews on “unemployment” or “homeless” or have to throw themselves out onto a busy street and pretend as if one is dead to get medical help as my White Scottish husband?) And all the while, the Jews would have no heart except to steal that man’s wife if he were dead, as David in the Bible did when he sent Bathsheba’s husband to the front lines of war to get murdered for he wanted her for “breeding,” his own Jews and cancelling and destroying that Gentile man’s descendants.

Notes (by Israel Shahak):

1. According to the Jewish religion the obligation to follow the rules and laws of a Gentile government is limited to some extent. For example, its custom and currency regulations of such government need not be followed by pious Jews in all cases. On the other hand, the regulations of a government in which pious Jews have a predominant influence, even if it contains also some Gentiles, have to be strictly obeyed.

3. Needless to say, these “Holocaust memories” are a fake. The Israelis were not only not afraid but sure of victory before the Six Day War and of course Israel faced no danger during the Gulf War. On the other hand, when the Israelis were really afraid during the 1973 October War, not of “a Holocaust” but of a stalemate affecting their interests, the American Jews swallowed all the stories about the supposed Israeli victory.

4. Actually it was not a trauma at the time when the Holocaust happened. The trauma developed much later, when the U.S. Jews acquired power.

Israeli paper Maariv, September 2, 1994

By Ben Kaspit, New York correspondent

(I do not know if this is true, I’m only copying and pasting. I wasn’t there. But I do want the drug dealers who made my husband an addict to be held accountable. Not just an individual, but the entire Jewish Mob.)

The Jewish Laundry of Drug Money

(Since the USA government loaded my US Marine husband up with Viet Nam heavy drugs in order for him to murder and kill, (Jews don’t need drugs to kill as in Meyer Lansky’s “Murder Inc,” they are sadists and enjoy it. Even Jewish comedians practice hating Whites before getting up to tell jokes to them.)

(Jews can trade drugs easily and get the blacks and browns to run as their drug lords into White communities especially rich White communities for Jews want to bring down the Rich Whites and leave the Jews as “gods.”)

“Rabbi Yosef Crozer fell because of his big mouth. “I launder money, a lot of money”, he once told an acquaintance. “Every day I take $300,000 from 47 Street in Manhattan, bring it to the synagogue, give a receipt and then take a commission”. The man who heard that story from Crozer was, how sad, an undercover Jewish agent of the U.S. agency for fighting drug use, DEA. A month later, in February 1990, Crozer was arrested by agents on his way from 47 Street to Brooklyn. They found on him prayer books, five passports, and also $280.000 dollars in cash in the trunk of his car. He traveled that route every day. He would arrive at the gold trading office on 47 Street in the afternoon, and leave shortly later, carrying suitcases and bags loaded with cash. From there he drove to the “Hessed Ve’Tzadaka” [“Mercy and Charity”] synagogue in Brooklyn, which was turned into an instrument for laundering millions of dollars, the revenue from drug sales in the New York area.”

It seems that this argument had some effect since Crozer was sentenced to one year and one day imprisonment. In exchange for a lenient sentence, he supplied his interrogators with valuable information which helped them to capture a person whom they had been seeking for a long time: Avraham Sharir, another pious Jew, the owner of a gold trading office on 47 Street, who was really one of the biggest sharks of laundering drug money in New York City. Sharir, an Israeli Jew aged about 45, to whom we will later return, subsequently confessed to having laundered $200 million for the Colombian drug cartel of Kali.

(We can see that Viet Nam had a “triangle” of drugs, and the Viet Vets took cocaine and heroine. They asked “me” to take it and thank God I had read the book, “The Art of Breastfeeding,” knowing cocaine would hurt my White baby boy in my womb in 1973, that I’m probably still around today.  My husband’s friend died at the age of 37, another US Marine. Many more of them. It is no coincidence that our soldiers and Marines are in Afghanistan to guard the “heroine” crop there. That is why the US is still #1 even though we don’t manufacture. Drug Lords of the world. I said that on the radio 5 years ago. Both legal drugs, (pills) from Jew doctors, and illegal drugs, from Jewish drug lords who are also Slum Landlords and can use the blacks and browns to deal drugs to pay for their slum apartment to Jewish landlord.  It is blackmail, where Jews force blacks to push drugs for rent payment, or get the blacks addicted so in order to get their next fix, they will do anything the Jews want of them.)

(Where is the FBI when you need them? They spy on us and watch our every move, and let the Jews have total Mafia Syndicate Organized Crime in the USA and World against Whites and Christianity, and they do nothing.)

“The match between the drug barons and 47 Street”, an American customs investigator told “Maariv”, ” is ideal.” The gold and diamonds industry circulates large amounts of cash. The diamond traders are accustomed to transporting large amounts of money in cash, from one state to another, efficiently and without leaving a trace. Large amounts of money pass from hand to hand on 47 Street, without arousing suspicion. A diamond trader might launder $5 million every day, without arousing special attention. It is difficult to monitor the deals, to locate the sources of the money and it is very difficult to infiltrate that closed field, which is based on personal acquaintance and trust.

All of that would not have been of interest to us if not for the massive Israeli or Jewish presence on 47 Street. “At least 50% of the diamond traders there are Israelis”,

But Jewish presence on 47 Street is much greater than that. Experts in the field estimate that 75-80% of the active traders on the street are Jews. A large part of them are very talous Orthodox Jews, mainly Hassids. There is also a respectable representation of Jews from Iran and Syria, usually also very pious. One can get along fine in Hebrew on 47 Street. There are many more kosher restaurants in the area than in the entire Tel-Aviv. The place is also the biggest laundry for drug money in the U.S..

(Can you imagine a religion as Judaism based on drug money wealth especially to destroy White people for Jews never touch the drugs themselves?)

(The Jews are really steam rolling us. Our Whites have to spend all their time disciplining Jews when their Jewish mothers should have taught them, and that would free up our good White males to “mentor” and “teach” and “save” our own White offspring, not the world’s races’ babies. When you see all this $$$ in this article, no wonder Jews have a million and a half dollar Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for their 12 year old kids.)

One reason for the growing power of the Jews in the laundering drug money business is the Law of Return with its easy possibility of escape to Israel. In May 1993, five members of Jewish international laundering which had worked with the Kali cartel were arrested. The ring was exposed following an FBI ‘sting’ operation, in the framework of which it established a dummy corporation called Prism, which served the gang for laundering money. In the course of less than one year $22.5 million were laundered through the company. The head of the ring was an Israeli named Zion Ya’akov Evenheim, known as ‘Zero’ Evenheim who had a dual Israeli and Colombian citizenship, stayed in Kali, from where he coordinated the activity and supervised the transfers of money. Most of the ring’s members were arrested in May 1993. Evenheim was arrested by Interpol in Switzerland and extradited to the U.S.. He is cooperating with the FBI. Additional Israeli detainees; Raymond Shoshana, 38, Daniella Levi, 30, Binyamin Hazon, Meir Ochayon, 33, Alex Ajami, 34. Many other suspects, to whom we will later return, escaped to Israel, and there are difficulties in extradicting them to the U.S.

(Just as the Jew that was involved in the kidnapping and amputation of the limb and murder of Charles Lindberg’s 2 year old White baby boy. As you know, they used that for Jews in banking to “get back” all the Gold Certificates.)

(as I figured out above, Jews make their deals in “Hebrew” and we spend White tax dollars for Jews to go to Polish Jewish Israel to learn “Hebrew.” Note that they don’t speak “Polish” the land that they came from. For the Jews never called Poland their home, only the place for them to rob the Polish treasury, rape the White Polish women, and starve them to death for 900 years.)

In the meantime the FBI was forced to hurriedly arrest all those involved in the affair. In spite of the hurry, many involved Israeli Jews fled to Israel. Some few of the tens Israeli and American Jews who fled on this occasion to Israel are: Raymond Shoshana, Adi Tal, David Va’anunu, his nephew Yishai Vanunu, Ya’akov Cohen. Most of them came out of the affair with a lot of money which they also took to Israel. The Americans know that the chances of any one of them being extradited to the U.S. are close to nil.

(No wonder the FBI watches Whites. It is hopeless for them to pin anything on Jews.)

Note that these Jews were dealing with “Columbian Jews,” as the Jewish doctor that raped me in 1967 in Chicago was a Columbian Hispanic Jew and also a criminal. He always wore sunglasses on the ward during the day, very, very dark ones. He probably was a drug dealer also, pushing not only pills, but illegal drugs.)

The story of Adi Tal is worthy of elaboration. He is an impressive youth, handsome, with a good record in the army, a son of a fine Israeli family, formerly a security guard at El-Al. All that did not hinder Tal from becoming involved in laundering drug money already in 1988. In March 1988 the American authorities arrested 11 members of the laundering ring, including Tal and his good friend, also an Israeli, Nir Goldstein. The investigators at the time said that Tal and his friends had operated cautiously, used aliases and codes and lived in constant fear. They would receive large amounts of money from Colombian couriers, divide the money into sums of less than 10,000 dollars (any amount over 10,000 dollars that is deposited in an American bank requires a report), deposit the sums in banks and convert them into travellers checks which they sent, by means of international couriers, to a dummy corporation in Panama. The most popular code which Tal’s gang used was taken from diamond industry. When information was transmitted about the transfer of a diamond of 30.4 carats, it meant the sum of $30,400. Tal worked for the money launderer of the Kati cartel, Jose Satro. The Colombians constantly pressured him to increase the scope of the laundering. Tal was afraid. “He lived in constant fear, his bags were always packed and he was prepared to flee at any minute to Israel”, one investigator said.

The gold and diamond industry has recently become the favorite of the drug barons, due to the numerous possibilities for laundering which it contains. One of the popular methods is laundering by means of trading in gold. This is how it works: the drug money is converted into gold, which is smuggled to Colombia, from where it is exported to Milano and used to make jewellry which then legitimately returns to 47 Street. “The funniest thing in this business”, say the investigators, “is that the jewellry comes here under favored import conditions because the gold seemingly originates from Colombia, and that state has favored trade conditions with the U.S.” There are also other methods. Drug money is deposited in the accounts of diamond merchants as though it were their profits and is later transferred to Colombia. Sophisticated diamond deals are made between various parties with the aim of ‘releasing’ large amounts of money on the side. Sums of less than $10,000 are deposited in various bank accounts, converted into travellers’ checks and are then transported to their final destination. But in spite of the ingenuity, undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful ways to launder money is through Jewish religious institutions, such as yeshivas and synagogues. Since the majority of the 47 Street gold and diamond merchants are religious Jews the process is made easier. The Jewish religious institutions badly need funds. The Colombians drug traders can be generous. They transfer their drug money “us donations, which go to the Jewish religious institutions one way and come out by the other way back to the donors. On the way the synagogue or yeshiva obtain a respectable percentage for its pious uses. Everyone is happy: the drug barons who launder their money quickly and efficiently and the synagogue or yeshiva which makes easy money.

(There are so many that are willing to bring down the White race thru illegal drugs that the Jews have no conscience about what it is doing to our children’s future.  Dying from lack of breeding or constant wars and White bodybags is one thing, but to die of degeneration of drugs is worse and painful death. Jews are not taking drugs. They learned this thousands of years ago that it was a good way to break down a nation, get them high on drugs and then they profit for the host people can’t think straight and the drugs makes the entire Gentile family crazy.) You can see why the Arabs are upset with Jews of Israel, along with Polish Jew Israel Nuclear Weapons.)

(And we thought the Jews are “so charitable,” now we know “why.” ) Only in July 1990 the situation began to change. The Federal authorities renewed an investigation of some Williamsburg’s Hassids, owners of jewellry shops on 47 Street, who were suspected of laundering drug money. The investigation focussed on brothers Naftali, Miklosh and Yitzhak Shlesinger, and on Ya’akov Shlesinger (Naftali’s son) and Milon Jakoby his nephew. The investigators found evidence of close connections between the Shlesingers and the Andonian brothers, members of a Colombian family accused of laundering almost one billion dollars. The Shlesingers were suspected of laundering money by means of a subsidiary called Bali, through checks drawn from the account of “Camp Yereim” [Camp of the Pious”] – a Hassidic summer camp in the Catskills. Camp Yereim denies any connection with those checks. On April 7 of this year, Rabbi Abraham Lau, a prominent Hassid from “Magen Abraham” synagogue in Los Angeles was convicted of conspiring to launder drug money. Lau is married to the niece of the Satmar Rebbe, Moshe Teitlebaum who wields enormous political influence in New York State. Unfortunately, Lau told an undercover FBI agent about a “sacred network” of Satmar Hassids in which other Orthodox Jews had also participated. The “sacred network”, whose membership was strictly limited to pious Jews, operated in the 47 Street area in New York and was capable of laundering up to $5 million weekly, thanks to its widespread contacts with Jewish charitable institutions.

(When that term is used a “billion dollars,” equate that to perhaps a 10,000,000 Whites that took those drugs, got addicted, lost their jobs, lost their ability to compete with Jews and Yellows who are smarter than us and not drugged up.)

(Since the Mayor of New York is Blumberg the Jew, I’m sure he is looking the other way and the FBI never suspects him for he is “pious” too.)

All this Jewish “piety” makes me sick at the cost of the destruction of our White race, even children.)

I’m getting tired, it’s late, but I had to laugh for Jews do not “launder drug money against Whites on the Sabbath.” Wow! What a religion!  Also, when I see how paramount the Jews are with gold, I would think the Jews made a literal “killing” off the new gold market that had Whites buying gold like crazy, but I bet the only profiteers or the “big” profiteers were the Jews with this hyped up gold inflation.  If and when we ever decide to save our race, we somehow must get back what the George Washington days had for us. No inflation, no obsession with drugs, a civil Christianity, and perhaps where Whites actually got along with one another. Jews do. Look how they “network,” and “organize.” They put their differences aside and concentrate on how they can make money off the White race. (Now they are getting the other races too, but not like the White race for we are their patsies.)

In 1988 Sharir’s laundering activities reached amazing heights. His gold shop on 47 Street became one of the greatest laundering centers in the entire U.S. “Three times a week”, Sharir told the court at one of the many trials in which he is now testifying, “we received the cash. It used to arrive in canvas sacks, in cardboard boxes or in suitcases. Sometimes there were a million dollars in one shipment”. Ruy Lopez, representing the Colombian cartels would especially arrive from Miami equipped with a document sent from Colombia which contained detailed coded instructions about where to send the money. “Even with automatic money counting machines it was difficult to count the money“, Sharir testified. “It arrived in bills of 5, 10 and 20 dollars. The bills, most of which had been used to sniff cocaine, had a strong odor of coke. A real stink. My employees could not stand it. Every 2-3 hours they had to take a break, go out for some fresh air, so as not to get high”.

Sharir’s role was to see to it that the money would be transported out of the U.S. and arrive in the bank accounts of the Colombian cartels in Panama and in Colombia. For that purpose he deposited money into his bank accounts, as though it was his profits from the shop, purchased assets for the use of the drug cartels, bought and sold gold at inflated prices from merchants who were part or the conspiracy, concealed money through various manipulations. Finally, all the money was turned into checks drawn on the accounts of Jewish religious institutions. Sharir received from the Colombians for his labors 6% of the turnover. Within a short period of time he moved with his family to a luxurious house in Woodmere, on Long Island. He purchased a luxury Jaguar car, showered his wife, Miryam, with expensive jewels, and donated lavishly to Jewish charities.

The troubles began in late 1988. In December his shop was raided by American customs and internal revenue agents, after they received notice from his banks concerning the volume of his deposits. They brought dogs to sniff out drugs, carried out a meticulous search of the offices and took away cars full of documents. Sharir did not lose his cool. While the agents were milling around his offices, he managed to conceal $600,000 which were in his bank account at the time, and transfer the money to a safe place. Simultaneously, Sharir fell out with his Colombian operators who claimed that he stole from them $26 million of drug money. Sharir, who denied the accusation, hired an Israeli professional investigator, Lihu Ichilov, to solve the mystery. Ichilov soon became Sharir’s partner. He flew to Panama, established two dummy corporations there, opened bank accounts and improved the laundering routes.

Following the Federal agents’ raid on his offices Sharir did not give up. Within two weeks he opened two other offices on 47 Street and resumed work. When asked by one of his lawyers how he had expected to escape the attention of the law, Sharir replied: “I changed my system and believed that now, with God’s help, I would never be caught”. Sharir’s new system included Rabbi Yosef Crozer whom we discussed earlier. Crozer’s big mouth brought Sharir down, and he was arrested in March 1990. Crozer also led to Sharir confessing to having laundered $200 million. His wife, Miryam, was arrested together with him. Sharir, under the pressure of the interrogation agreed to cooperate in exchange for his wife’s release and for the cancellation of the charges against her. The prosecution agreed.

(Note the Jewess wife gets off scot-free as the Jew kids as did Madoff’s wife.  Like Adam and Eve in the Bible, the Jewess is the instigator, and the man is a wimp at her whims. And she doesn’t even give him sex for all that $$$ but makes her husband have sex with White Gentile women to disgrace us.)

Here’s a good quote:   – Palestinians won’t get their independence until Americans get theirs!

Ariel Sharon:
“We control America”“Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
– Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

Israel controls the United States Senate.
– Sen. William Fulbright

Clinton´s list:



(So we know the Jews are pulling Hillary’s strings but instead of just the USA on a “world-wide” basis.)

The following is a list (which doesn’t include lower staff levels)
of Jews in the present Clinton administration.

Madeleine Albright
Secretary of State
Robert Rubin
Secretary of Treasury
William Cohen
Secretary of Defense
Dan Glickman
Secretary of Agriculture
George Tenet
CIA Chief
Samuel Berger
Head National Security Council
Evelyn Lieberman
Deputy Chief of Staff
Stuart Eizenstat
Under Secretary of State
Charlene Barshefsky
U.S. Trade Representative
Susan Thomases
Aide to First Lady
Joel Klein
Assistant Attorney General
Gene Sperling
National Economic Council
Ira Magaziner
National Health Care
Peter Tarnoff
Deputy Secretary of State
Alice Rivlin
Ecomomic Advisory
Janet Yellen
Chairwoman, National Economic Council
Rahm Emanuel
Policy Advisor
Doug Sosnik
Counsel to President
Jim Steinberg
Deputy to National Security Chief
Jay Footlik
Special Liason to the Jewish Community
(no other group has a special liason)
Robert Nash
Personal Chief
Jane Sherburne
President’s Lawyer
Mark Penn
Asia Expert to NEC
Sandy Kristoff
Health Care Chief
Robert Boorstin
Communications Aide
Keith Boykin
Communications Aide
Jeff Eller
Special Assistant to Clinton
Tom Epstein
Health Care Adviser
Judith Feder
National Security Council
Richard Feinberg
Assistant Secretary Veterans
Hershel Gober
Food and Drug Administration
Steve Kessler
White House Counsel
Ron Klein
Assistant Secretary Education
Madeleine Kunin
Communications Aide
David Kusnet
Dept. AIDS Program
Margaret Hamburg
Dir. Press Conferences
Many Grunwald
Liason to Jewish Leaders
Karen Adler
Dir. State Dept. Policy
Samuel Lewis
National Security Council
Stanley Ross
National Security Council
Dan Schifter
Director Peace Corps.
Eli Segal
Deputy Chief of Staff
Alan Greenspan
Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank
Robert Weiner
Drug Policy Coordinator
Jack Lew
Deputy Director Management and Budget
James P. Rubin
Under Secretary of State
David Lipton
Under Secretary of The Treasury
Lanny P. Breuer
Special Counsel to The President
Richard Holbrooke
Special Representative to NATO
Kenneth Apfel
Chief of Social Security
Joel Klein
Deputy Whlte Honse Counsel
Sidney Blumenthal
Special Advisor to First Lady
David Kessler
Chief of Food & Drug Adininistration
Seth Waxman
Acting Solicitor General
Mark Penn
Presidential Pollster
Dennis Ross
Special Middle East Representative
Howard Shapiro
General Counsel for the FBI
Lanny Davis
White House Special Counsel
Sally Katzen
Secretary of Management and Budget
Kathleen Koch
Heads FBI Equal Opportunity Office
John Podesta
Deputy Chief of Staff
Alan Blinder
Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve
Janet Yellen
Heads Council of Economlc Advisors
Ron Klain
Chief of Staff for Al Gore

“……The tragic reality is this; freedom of speech is almost non-existent in many European countries.”

To the Palestinians and Muslims the Zionists appear to be the Nazis of today.

To the victims of Zionism this ideology is not experienced as something positive, but rather as a symbol of evil.

This Jewish concentration of power in USA gives World Jewry tremendous influence to promote their “special agenda”. Never before in American history have so many Jews been appointed as US Ambassadors. They are all members of powerful Jewish organizations.

These are hardened supporters of Israel and the “Jewish race”. It is impossible for them to put the interests of America ahead of their Zionist state. None would hold these ambassadorships unless they were members of the ruling Jewish elite.

Here is their listing which you will never see in the daily press.

List of some of the Jewish US. Ambassadors:

Ambassador John C. Kornblum
Germany has long been seen as an adversary of the Jews. Thus a Jewish Ambassador places them under direct Jewish pressure.

Felix Rohatyn
Rohatyn is a former partner in the Jewish Lazard Freres investment bank. In September the French oil company, “Total,” invested $2 billion in the production of oil in Iran. Rohatyn is seeking to Veto this project due to Israel’s hostility toward Iran. Rohatyn said; “Globalization doesn’t carry a threat, but it carries discipline.”

Daniel Fried
Chester Grabowski, editor of “The Polish Post Eagle”, and others urged Clinton to name a Polish American. This plea was ignored. There has never been a Jew ambassador to Poland before as Jews hold an animosity toward Poles. This is considered as a gross insult. Regardless, Fried jokingly said: “I will now have to brush up on their language.” (Can you imagine White Poles gave the Jews a home for 900 years after Whites of Europe kicked Jews out 83 times and yellow Chinese massacred Jews, and for the Kindness of White Poles, the Jews “hate” White Polish?  Go figure. No wonder the Jewish led Communists killed off 20,000 of the finest of the White Polish men, most spiritual, most intelligent, handsome, etc.

Ambassador Edward E. Elson
Dr. Fields attended Marist High. School in Atlanta with the Elson brothers. He learned that their family made a fortune in the textile business and are big contributors to the Democratic Party.

Ambassador Donald M. Blinken
This country has long been considered “anti-Semitic”. Budapest has the largest Jewish population in Europe, some 125,000 Jews, only exceeded by Paris Thus Blinken can protect their financial interests.

Ambassador Alfred H. Moses
At one time Romania was ruled by an all-Jewish Communist Party under Anna Pauka. Romania is closely allied with Israel. Six members of the Rumanian Senate, three of them priests, objected to Clinton’s 1994 appointment of Moses stating that he was closely connected to the fallen Communist Ceausescu regime.

Alan J. Blinken
Antwerp, Belgium is the diamond capital of the world next to Tel Aviv. The diamond business is totally Jew-controlled. Blinken is in a position to further protect their interests. He is related to the Blinken ambassador to Hungary.

Kenneth S. Yalowitz
Belarus is located between Poland and Russia. It once had a huge Jewish population.. They still have interests there.

South Africa:
Ambassador James A. Joseph
The Jewish Oppenheimer family controls this gold mining capital of the world. The Jewish-run South African Communist Party and the ANC now control the government and loyally do the bidding of the gold interests.)

Ambassador Frank G. Wisner
This economic powerhouse has long sided with the Arabs against Israel and needs more Zionist control

Marc Grossman
The “Kemalist” Turkey is the only Middle East border country with a military alliance with Israel. They pose a threat to Syria and Iraq over long simmering border disputes. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
was a secret Jewish infiltrator ! This explains the alliance between the Ataturk-influenced military regime in Turkey and the fraudulent and criminal state of Israel! This also explains the opposition of the “kémalian” junta against the rennaisance of Islam amongst the muslim people of Turkey!

New Zealand:
Ambassador Josiah H. Beeman

Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer
Egypt is the recipient of the second largest amount of US foreign aid. This is to “buy off” Israel’s southern front. Any hostility toward Israel would end the aid.)

Ambassador Thomas L. Siebert

Ambassador Marc C. Ginsberg

Ambassador Timothy A. Chorba

Ambassador Arlene Render

Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky
This is South America’s largest country and economic powerhouse. Jews have huge investments here.

Curt W. Kamman
This is another mineral rich country; copper, magnesium, lead, etc.

Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow
Davidow was formerly Assistant Secy. Of State for South America under Albright. Mexico sends the US more immigrants and trade than any other nation.

Ambassador Gordon Giffin
Thus Clinton has given both our border neighbors, Mexico and Canada, to Jewish operatives.

US Interest Head,
Michael G. Kozak
One would think that this nation would have a Spanish Catholi “Interest Chief” instead of a Jew?

Ambassador David B. Hermelin
Hermelin is a Michigan multi-millionaire real estate developer and president of the World Jewish ORT Union. Re owns Palace Sports and Entertainment, “The Palace” of Auburn Hills and the “Pine Knob Music Theater”.

Ambassador Madeleine M. Kunin
Kunin is the former Democratic governor of Vermont. Her four children attended a Hebrew school. The New York Times of Oct. 4, 1997 says she, “doggedly pursues the Swiss on the issue of gold for holocaust survivors.”

Unions Protest Rally in Wisconsin

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2011 at 3:50 am
About 3 or 4 months ago I was on Fox Radio, a rarity for me. But the topic was the “poor teachers,” and the unions.
Working for Roadway for 10 years as a Teamster I had to put my 2 cents in.  I spoke kindly of the Teamsters in that I made the same $$$ as men, and same $$$ that the truckers bargained for which was a really good salary and even better benefits.
But I complained that the Unions are ruining this country. (I didn’t tell them that the Jews started the unions in Chicago and stirred up the people against management, and got quite rich doing so for then the Jews (who were not in the union but gave them “control” of these large companies, the employees, and of course the Unions would then tell their people “who to vote for,” which was the Jewish Communist Candidates.)
I also complained that in the Unions, 20% do 80% of the work.  I said that while I was working diligently, never taking off work for my kids, for my job came first, (had no husband, so they really made a slave out of me making my whole like “work” and nothing else)…… that the other people abused the work situation.  They used their off days because their children needed a ride, or the man drank too much beer at the football game the day before, etc. etc.  While the 20% of us did their work, with no extra bonus or pay.
I asked the radio guy, I think his name was Gibson, but not sure for I went on 2 of them on Fox News, if “China had a 20%-80% policy, where only 20% of Chinese did 80% of the work, but all got paid the same. I explained that we live in a global economy and we cannot afford to have these unions ruin us.
I mentioned that people in the unions will never tell you these things for they want to keep the status quo.  From what I saw I Roadway, with blacks and browns getting “special” treatment and hiring for then Roadway would get points from the government for “minorities,” women, …. anybody …. but …. a White man…… business in America is in bad shape.
Black janitors taking 1 hour to walk from one end of the office to the other, which was only 20 feet! Oh yes, he would “smile” with his gold front tooth, (blacks are handing down gold in their teeth for ‘security’ so their Black race survives and thrives.) Browns would be defiant and antagonist with the blacks for browns are vying for their jobs, as browns hate Polish whites who are being hired for the same job. As I wrote, the Poles here call the brown Mex’s a Mafia that not only stick together but give the White Polish immigrants a hard time. So hard, Poles don’t want to come here anymore, nor do Romanians, the poorest country of Europe. The Romanian man said he would rather face abject poverty in Romania and have a “life,” then do what Americans are doing.  Having to be split in America as if there were 2 countries, America and Mexico, right in our borders. (Especially so for menial workers.)  Even Whites though had no sense of hard work, or trying to work as a team to excel and push harder.  Some women would talk on the phone all day long, (Jewish bosses do that and they turned around and gave me all their work and I only made minimum wage.)  One pretty young girl, would go out to the docks and screw the manager and even got pregnant on company time.  (Do you really suppose they are allowed to do that in China with such tight and rigorous schedules.)  The managers and employees used to shoot rubber bands at each other all day long. But the black janitor was happy for it was job security picking up the rubber bands.  Needless to say I didn’t fit in, for I would take a huge stack of work and was conscientious, while the other Union people would take little stacks and slack off for “job security,” again.  I never got paid more than the rest and it took a toll on my health.)
If there were any Jews in the trucking it would have been more in the stocks or financial, for Jews never get their hands dirty, or drive for a living.
While everyone took the sides of the union teachers, I took the opposite.  And, guess what.  A huge protest in Wisconsin and even Glenn Beck says this could be the beginning of “insurrection.”  (resurrection might be a better word.) Good manufacturing jobs will never come back to the USA once they leave. To cater to black prima donna employees, and browns that want to “oust” the Whites. Once while working here in Vegas at a legal firm, there were blacks and browns in the front offices taking all the phone calls. And when it was slow they would turn to each other and talk, and talk.  Nothing constructive about the company or making it a better place, etc. it was “blasting the Whites” and how much they hated us. They didn’t see me as I walked by and I crossed right in front of them, and they didn’t even change the topic.  If “I” said anything I would be fired for be “racist” and “insensitive,” but if an entire White species goes extinct or completely degenerated in 100 years “that’ is not a problem!?”
The black and brown girls were saying that the Whites are rotten at school, and the Whites this and the Whites that. I’m appalled. When my Polish White family came to America we worked out fingers to the bones and never complained. Look at Daddy! Minimum wage working for Jews for 40 years and Daddy was the “man with the golden” hands.  Always a smile, never a complaint. Always a good attitude, as I got the “Positive Attitude” Award at school. I still could “act” that way, but just being “positive” when the White race is collapsing and in danger with the rest of the world hating us, (Jews did the same to us in Poland when all 4 of Poland’s neighbors went to war with her at the same time and Poles had 4 wars going all around them that they had to fight.)
I heard the Hindus in the background when I called for computer virus help thru paid agency. They laugh together, clap when something good happens to a fellow employee. They are all with one mind, as the Jews have been for 7,000 years, the browns stick together in La Raza, Blacks in gangs, and NAACP.  Black grandmothers are happier than me. One black grandmother was bragging how happy that she has 16 (black) grandchildren.  So while we Whites stop mating and stop breeding to “save” the planet because of over-population, we Whites in turn had to bring blacks and Muslims and Mex’s into our country to “take the jobs that we no longer had White babies for.  Working on an organic farm could be a very healthy and worthwhile job.
Well, here is the new protest and it might spread in the Midwest. I would hope so. I was appalled and mad as hell when Hillary got on the news saying “Well, Egypt should allow their people to “assemble peacefully,” when we Whites were shut down as trying to “assemble peacefully,” simply based on the color of our skin that it “offended” the blacks for Whites to unite. And having the blacks be so powerful that the entire state declared a State of Emergency, shows you the deep danger we are in, and worse than us, the Whites that don’t even know this or will fight you if you try to save the White race or White male.

Black Lyrics: We Will Multiply

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2011 at 5:45 am
You may be very offended at these black lyrics with a ton of curse words.  What if these blacks were still in Africa, would they be cursing then? What if they had been slaves for Jews as my Polish parents, myself, and my ancestors were raped, robbed, bankstered to death, and then robbed our corpses by Jews in golden, glittery robes.  Then perhaps the blacks would have something to whine about.
In these lyrics, the words keep saying “a New Power,” and we can see the new Black power in the White House. Although to me the Jews are going to replace both blacks and whites with yellows for those being smarter than us, and browns who can withstand working in hot sun climates so Jews can “relax” such as Florida, Nevada, Hollywood, even Mexico.  After all they get pretty tired running companies into bankruptcy, ripping off the Gentile White co-owner, and screwing their black mistresses while their Jewish wives live in huge mansions with wrought iron fences for “security” which we don’t have from them.  Who protects us from the Jews? There would have to be a wrought iron fence around each of us and that would put us into their Jewish prison.
Also, the lyrics say over and over:  “We don’t cry, we don’t die, we just multiply.”
I said already, that the blacks will be here in 2042 and “increase” and “only” the Whites will be the minority.  The blacks, browns, have their sex and plenty of babies, and we pay with White taxes as if they came from our White wombs which have been shut down worse than any website as far as having healthy, with character, White babies.
When the black guy sings “The exodus has begun” he certainly doesn’t mean the “blacks” or “Jews” leaving America. It must mean the Whites for we literally are either exiting thru dope, suicide, not living up to current standards to survive, leaving the country to find work, leaving the neighborhoods as blacks and browns intimidate us, and Jews laugh and promote that so Whites buy new homes and Jews can collect White welfare money as blacks living in Section 8 housing, as browns get.
I knew a lady from church near Chicago. She was so happy when she moved and bought a home in Olympia Fields right on the golf course. Her husband worked hard his whole life and was successful. She rehabbed the home, and I helped her clean it.  And then when I talked to her several years later, she cried that the neighborhood had “changed.”  It was all blacks and browns for the (White government run by Jews) put in Section 8 and was giving the homes away for free. (White tax $$$) Then they would abandon the house and it was empty.  All her and her husband’s work for their entire lives was ruined for no one would buy the home for what it was worth. The Whites “relaxing” and use the gold course? Forget it. Let’s just work from am. to p.m. so that we can leave our White inheritance to Jews, blacks, Yellows, browns, and our children can “smile,” thru it.
Note in the lyrics how we “smile” through all the crime against us, both legal and illegal.
When it talks of the millions that we Whites reap, I do not know anyone in the White Cause that gets millions, only a Jew that gets 11 million dollars an hour!  That is a lot of people, probably mostly Whites, although the other races are sure giving their fair share to the Jewish Mafia and their shakedowns. (definition: Dictionary.com)
Never forget the words of the blacks:  “We don’t cry, we don’t die, we MULTIPLY.”  So do the browns, even paying for illegal baby criminals that use their powers to get their mothers to commit crime and come over the border illegally. And we pay for “that” sex too!  I still can’t get over Whites thinking they shouldn’t have more children to “save the planet.”  It is “ok” for blacks in Africa to increase their population 3 fold to a billion. And for the Haitians to have so much sex since the earthquake that their sex has tripled the black babies. Just what I wanted. Another black baby to support and worship as in the government workers, the entertainment football players, the TV and film blacks that race-break with Whites, black babies being adopted by whites in Hollywood, the blacks that sing, for Whites go into orgasm when a black even appears on stage. I can’t tell you how many White men have left karaoke contests when a black person signed up to sing. Blacks always win.  Whites do it for them.  If Whites walked out, as the White couple I talked to that walked out of the Jewish Bette Midler concert recently, this worship perhaps would stop.  We worship God, not man. And we certainly must “love our White selves” but I will tell you, the Jews have done a number on the world for much of the world “hates” us with a passion for our wars etc. and “Whites” get blamed, “not” Jews who get the $$$$ as in World War I and the Federal Reserve bank.  Here’s what the Jews do to us, and even use the blacks and browns against us.




extortion, as by blackmail or threats of violence.

The Exodus Has Begun Lyrics
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The Exodus Has Begun Lyrics

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Have mercy, uh
The exodus has begun (The exodus has begun!)
Have mercy, uh
The exodus has begun
Now these are the names of the New Power Generation
(These are the names)
The funkiest suckers of the new gold nation
Polyvinyl acetate, New Power Soul
Guaranteed 2 stick 2 the roof of your Oldsmobile muthafucka

Long live the New Power!
Have mercy
Generation after generation, the soul will never die
(The exodus has begun)
Long live the New Power!
Have mercy
We don’t cry, we don’t die, we just multiply

Polyvinyl acetate, New Power Soul (Mercy)
The exodus has begun
These are the names of the children of the sun
Pumpin’ the love sign in the days of wild
Tearin’ shit up with a vengeance and still they smile (Still they smile)
Though their lives were made bitter with hard labor and no pay
These are the children that will come 2 save the day
(These are the children)
The exodus has begun
Have mercy


La da da da, da da daaa (U ain’t gonna hurt me)
Sho do do do do doo (Have mercy)
La da da da, da da daaa (U ain’t gonna hurt me)
Have mercy

Behold the children of the New Power
Are more and mightier than U (Mighty, mighty)
U that have scorned and held back the inevitable
Must now come 2 grips with the truth
(All that is good in the eyes of heaven)
All that is good in the eyes of heaven
Will rebuke your powder monkey ways
(Have mercy, mercy, mercy)
And let that same heaven have mercy
When the wrath of the sun knocks upon your gate

Have mercy
The exodus has begun
(New… New Power!)
Uh, brothers and sisters
(Stop me if U want, it’s between U and me)
The exodus has begun
Uh (New Power!)

Just cause..
Just cause it’s.. (Have mercy)
Just cause it’s nasty..
Just cause it’s nasty it don’t..
Just cause it’s nasty it don’t mean..
Just cause it’s nasty it don’t mean a.. {loop}
Just cause it’s nasty it don’t mean a thing

All that is good is nasty
All that is good, all that is good (Have mercy)
All that is good in heaven (The exodus has begun)
All that is good, all that is good (Have mercy)
All that is good in heaven (The exodus has begun)

Long live the New Power! (Long live)
Have mercy
Generation after generation, the soul will never die
The exodus has begun
Long live the New Power! (Long live)
Have mercy (Live a little while)
We don’t cry, we don’t die, we just multiply

Spatch cocks in black face offer us pennies (Offer us pennies)
When it’s millions and millions upon millions they reap
(When it’s millions, when it’s millions) (Pluck his eye again!)
How in the world can we call ourselves equal
When their wages outweigh
When their wages outweigh the time that they keep?
(Pluck his eye again!)
And if they stood up and behaved like the humans they’re supposed 2
As opposed 2 the way they are not
Then this New Power Soul would not be so soulful
(Then this New Power Soul would not be soulful)
And the water they’re in would not be so hot
(And the water would not be so hot)
The exodus has begun (The exodus has begun!)

Have mercy
Uh (The exodus has begun!)
The exodus has begun
Now sing

Long live the New Power!
(Long live a New Power where all that is good in heaven)
Brothers and sisters
Long live the New Power!
(The exodus has begun!) (Have mercy!)
(Long live a New Power where, where… mercy!)

Come on
(The exodus has begun!) Uh
(Long live) Have mercy
Play muthafuckas (The exodus has begun!) Uh
(New Power) Have mercy
(Long live the New Power!) Yes muthafuckas, yes
The exodus has begun!
(Generation after generation, the soul will never die) Have mercy
(Long live the New Power!) Yes muthafuckas, yes
The exodus has begun!
(We don’t cry, we don’t die, we just multiply) Have mercy

La da da da, da da daaa (Yes muthafucka, yes)
Sho do do do do doo (Have mercy) Uh
La da da da, da da daaa (Yes muthafucka, yes)
(New Power) Have mercy

Oh yeah, U can sing
But what the fuck are U complainin’ about baby?
Oh yeah, I will read your big ass
Cuz I think U’re thinkin’ about readin’ me
And when the people ask U everywhere
Is that really all your hair?
Tell’em U don’t tell a lie
Bald-headed son of a motherfuckin’ housefly
And like George said (What?)
Get satisfied
Let’s get satisfied, let’s get satisfied
(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…)
La da da da, da da daaa
Sho do do do do doo (New Power!) (Have mercy)
La da da da, da da daaa
(Long live the New Power!) Whoo, yeah, yeah

(Stop me now)
Stop this muthafucker like we intend 2 finish, yeah
(New Power!) (Have mercy)
(Long live the New Power!) A New Power
(The exodus has begun!) (Have mercy)
(Generation after generation, the soul will never die) Oh, yeah
(Long live the New Power!)
Shit, y’all can’t fuck with me (The exodus has begun!)
(We don’t cry, we don’t die, we just multiply)
La da da da, da da daaa (The exodus has begun!) Oh, oh
(New Power!) (Have mercy) Oh
La da da da, da da daaa (The exodus has begun!) Oh, oh

{refrain repeats in BG}
(Wait a minute, let me check my messages)
Spatch cocks in black face offers us pennies
When there’s millions and millions that they reap
Millions and millions that they reap
What the fuck is that about?
What the fuck is that about?
What the fuck is that shit about?
We don’t play that muthafuckin’ shit!
U think we got a muthafuckin’ joystick up our ass or somethin’?
Fuck that!
I don’t know what U thinkin’ about
But the exodus has begun muthafuckas!
(New Power!)
The exodus has begun

U ain’t gonna hear that shit nowhere else
Ha, ha, ha

This shit is dedicated 2 the memory of His Royal Badness
I know his name, that muthafuckin’ Prince
Rest in peace nigga!

Send “The Exodus Has Begun” Ringtone to your Cell

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    ALIPAC Frozen, Lawmakers threatened by brown illegal Mexicans, with Assassination

    In Uncategorized on February 18, 2011 at 5:43 am
    The “powers: that be have murdered the account of the prime organization against illegal criminals invading America.  When I believe that ‘God’ is the only power, how can these human agencies be so powerful?  I had contacted this man informing him of the White Genocide, but he was not pro-White, just against illegals, and pro-American.  Now, he is starting to see what he is up against. He is also from North Carolina, I believe, so somehow these people need to “connect” the dots.
    —–Original Message—–
    From: ALIPAC2
    Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 11:03 AM
    To: ALIPAC2 Subscriber
    Subject: ALIPAC unexpectedly silenced
    (Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions, is located at the end of this message.)
    Friends of ALIPAC,
    I hope this email reaches you. We tried to send you an email alert this morning about illegal alien supporters threatening state lawmakers in Utah. Unfortunately, we found out that our email service provider Constant Contact has frozen our account and scheduled it for cancellation without adequate explanation.
    Most of you did not receive our important email on Tuesday.
    Copy of first blocked email
    We have spoken with their staff and find their excuses to be far less than sufficient. Constant Contact claims that over 400 of their customers have been dropped over mysterious email difficulties. Hundreds of online businesses or organizations may be down like ALIPAC. Imagine if 400 radio or TV stations were suddenly turned off in America.
    The important material we tried to send you is at this link. Please do your best to distribute this information far and wide.
    Please consider posting beneath this material to let us know if this email has reached you through ALIPAC’s emergency backup systems.
    Today’s Email completely blocked
    Lawmakers Threatened With Assassination by Illegals
    We are working today to remedy this problem and hope to reestablish normal communications soon.
    Our website and phone lines are still operational.
    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration AMERICANS FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION PAC
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
    FEC ID: C00405878
    Our funds drive needs major help fast. Time is running out for us to fund our minimal operations budget. We have no funds for unexpected expenses or special projects. Please help ALIPAC continue our fight by contributing at alipac.us
    The following information is a reminder of your current mailing
    list subscription:
    You are subscribed to the following list:
    using the following email:
    You may automatically unsubscribe from this list at any time by
    visiting the following URL:
    If the above URL is inoperable, make sure that you have copied the
    entire address. Some mail readers will wrap a long URL and thus break
    this automatic unsubscribe mechanism.
    You may also change your subscription by visiting this list’s main screen:
    If you’re still having trouble, please contact the list owner at:
    The following physical address is associated with this mailing list:
    Paid for by
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
    FEC ID: C00405878
    Mailing List Powered by Dada Mail

    Australia Whites and Blacks

    In Uncategorized on February 15, 2011 at 5:33 pm
    Came across this while searching something else, but it looks like Australian Whites are finally setting the course straight or straighter about the non-Whites in the lands they live in.
    Angela Merkel of Germany said that “multi-culturalism” or “race-breaking” doesn’t work. Somewhere along the line our White and Yellow ancestors agreed that dogs and cats could be pedigreed and should be pedigreed! And now Jews who say they are “progressive” want to not “progress,” but “digress,” or go back 6,000 by race-breaking. While all the time they are marrying our finest White women for their “breeding” “mating,” etc.
    Now comes Australia who has had it with White guilt.  I mean one might take an aspirin for headache, (I prefer prayer or thinking) for relief from pain. But this chronic disease worse than cancer, AIDS, heart disease combined is White Guilt. And that didn’t come from bacteria, unless you call Jews harmful bacteria.
    If you notice the Jewish media, (Murdock?) in Australia, needless to say here is a picture of a naked child. I like going naked so why feel sorry for them. In hot weather, if they live to themselves, they are getting plenty of sunshine and Vitamin D naturally, while we load up ourselves with vitamins. I do not believe one can get Vitamin D from the sun through clothing. I know when I put covers over my soil it prevents weeds from going by blocking the sun.  What I might do is put up a wall in my yard so that I can sunbath for 10 or 20 minutes a few times a week…. nude.  Not because I’m sexy, but because I also think I need sun.
    Naturally the picture of the black boy is one for Whites to “feel sorry.” I’ve written numerous times from something I read on internet and how the Jews conquered the Whites:  get them to “feel sorry.”  That happened in either 1 of 2 ways.  White Pagans were very sentimental, or when the Jews brought Christianity, they created the illusion of “feeling sorry” as something from God. Needless to say though that “feeling sorry” was not for “White people,” poor as my Mama and Daddy, but “feel sorry” for Hindus, these Aboriginals blacks, etc.  Oh and lest we forget Jewish 24/7 brainwashing, to feel sorry for the “Jews of the Holocaust,” who never died in ovens, never were turned into lampshades, never boiled into soap, never cleaned up after themselves in the “work” camps, never lived in “death” camps, until USA Communists, and Russian and English Communists bombed the hell out of Germany closing their means of food, medicine, as dumb Jewish Polaks of Israel did to Palestine and killed 9 innocent people on the Rachel Corey Flotilla.
    I looked like this little black kid when I grew up and do you know what the Whites said to me:  “It’s a shame your parents had so many kids. But if your parents “played” you have to pay.” And they would turn on their hell and walk away. NO “feeling sorry” for me, but “loathing.”  And yes, Jews “loath” us.  I came across that in writings recently and I think that word describes very well why they have destroyed us, and will forever destroy us until the last one of us is either gone or totally degenerated. What will happen though is Jews will destroy China, etc. thru cigarettes first, then booze, then illegal drugs, then building up sex thru porn but offer no relief or satisfaction, and they will finally drive us crazy and other races too. Handwriting is on the wall. China has 867,000,000 addicted to cigarettes. That would be cause for war. When I was on talk radio in Vegas, 50,000 watts I was furious that my granddaughter couldn’t breastfeed her Mama cause her Mama smoked.  And I went on the air and said they should all be shot from the CEO to the janitor of all those cigarette companies.  Just making “no smoking” laws “forgives” Jews and our Whites who played such an important role in this degenerative process, but since it was a Jew, Eddie Bernaise, Freud’s (Jew) nephew that got all our White women to smoke around the world thru his “hypnotic” marketing campaigns, we see how evil Jews are.
    And as soon as something inside oneself argues, “Oh you are being too harsh, or Oh some of the Jews are good, or Oh Whites are to blame them make “choices,” then we have fallen into the trap of Jewish little cassette tapes they planted in our heads thru monopolizing “media” and “government” which control us.  As soon as one allows those thoughts into one’s head, then a fight begins, and a whole slew of Jewish thoughts and arguments will be in our heads which “are not our thoughts, feelings, or ideas.”  They are “foreign” as “foreign” as the illegal aliens that have invaded us from brown Mexico.
    I think Mexicans and Mexico will keep sending people here. (by Jews demands of course for Jews pay the $$$ to get them here.)  Once the Mexicans are educated, and they send $$$ back to Mexico, they will utilize this to elevate Mexico to higher standards than US. She will become richer and more powerful than the USA because she is “cohesive” and “united.”  Jewish Polaks from Israel will supply her with nuclear weapons, and they will easily conquer us. Mexico is loaded with natural resources and is technically on paper richer than we.  And we do nothing about it.  We can’t.  As I wrote yesterday the Jews paralyzed us and doomed us.  I don’t say this to “depress,” but to face the problem and like the Dr. Demming Quality Movement to solve problems as we Whites transformed China and Japan into World Powers thru this method, let’s “solve” the problem of the genocide of the White race.
    Here is a clip from the article”: “Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Wednesday urged Aboriginals to take more responsibility for improving their notoriously poor living standards, warning government progress had been slow.”
    I find it “odd” that Australia and Germany have female leaders, and England has female Queens leading them supposedly.  Was that done to “emasculate” the White man?  Well, France got a Jewish President, and Poland a Jewess First Lady, so where are our White male leaders like a Moses to guide us out of the “Egypt” of today, which is really Jewish Israel of today?
    I would like to see partnerships, but “not” like Hillary. Hillary says, “It is right and proper that Egyptian Muslims peacefully assemble.”  I know now why Mama read the Chicago Tribune and then smashed things around the house.  Her Christian Brothers Brandy gave her a little guts, but to sit and do nothing is really stirring up depression and illness in the body.
    When Whites arrived in these countries we were the “victims.” We were “kicked” out of England for crimes probably due to excessive drinking or robberies, and if the Jews did it to Russia and Poland, they certainly must have played a part in that too. We didn’t come here as Whites to “kill” reds, or rob black lands.  We came here as if America and Australia were “prisons” to get us away from their White society of England.
    If we end up killing reds, the reds were savages chopping us up and boiling us or skinning off our white skin and then painting sweet molasses on our skinned bodies for the colony of ants to eat us up alive. Would you consent to that today or would you fight it? Well, the Jews have skinned us alive. They put molasses on the rest of our bodies for the yellows, browns, reds, 1/2 breeds, blacks to “eat us up alive.”
    There should be “No guilt” for any other species. It is “God’s” responsibility, and we are not gods, and neither should we worship dumb Polak Jews as “gods,” for that is a sacrilege and blasphemy against God.  Pilate once asked Jesus if he were “God,” and he more or less said “yes.” If “Jesus” was God or God-like, and he was the “opposite” of the Jews for he “exposed” the Jews and Jews murdered and assassinated him, then Jews are “evil.”
    Why doesn’t the Australian government pass a bill demanding that by 2018 “all” White males will be tutored, taught, funded, restitution given for these crimes against us, and have the females also educated as to what will save our White Race.  And surely the Jews will “share” all their $$$ for they like “equality,” for “minorities” and we Whites are the only “true” minority of the world.  9% of world population and declining and degenerating.

    Australian PM tells Aboriginals to help themselves

    Australian PM tells Aboriginals to help themselves AFP/File – An indigenous Australian child, Leam Robertson, is seen in an impoverished Aboriginal community in Alice …
    Wed Feb 9, 3:11 am ET

    SYDNEY (AFP) – Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Wednesday urged Aboriginals to take more responsibility for improving their notoriously poor living standards, warning government progress had been slow.

    Gillard, presenting an annual report on Australia’s indigenous people, said it would be “extremely challenging” to meet the core target of markedly improving their life expectancy within a generation.

    She stressed that deep cultural changes were needed “to break the cycle of blame between Australian governments and indigenous Australia”, adding that lives would only improve through greater “personal responsibility”.

    Gillard unveiled the report three years after her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, made a historic apology to Aborigines for abuses suffered under successive governments since white settlement began in 1788.

    “Indigenous people know that when the child starts attending school, when the drinker stops abusing alcohol, when the adult takes the job that is there, then change begins,” she told parliament.

    “And indigenous people know these decisions are not made by governments. They are made by people.”

    Gillard said Canberra was on track to meet two of six “ambitious” goals set in the 2008 apology to indigenous Australians, the nation’s most disadvantaged minority.

    She expressed confidence that the gap would be halved in infant mortality for Aborigines by 2018, and that all four-year-olds in remote areas would have access to nursery education by 2013.

    Aboriginal children are twice as likely to die before the age of five than children in the broader Australian community.

    Gillard also said there had been “improvement” towards another three of the six goals: improving literacy and numeracy, school completion and employment.

    “With faster improvement over time, we believe these can be reached,” Gillard said.

    But she warned that the final target, halving the life expectancy gap by 2031, would be “most challenging of all” and progress was yet to be measured.

    On average, Aboriginal men die 11.5 years younger than non-Aboriginals, while for women the gap is 9.7 years.

    “It will be extremely challenging,” the prime minister said.

    Aborigines, whose cultures stretch back tens of thousands of years, are believed to have numbered around one million at the time of white settlement, but there are now just 470,000 out of a total population of 22 million.

    Revolution: Hitler Jews

    In Uncategorized on February 14, 2011 at 6:20 pm
    Just a tadbit more from that last website which chapters show Jews involvement in Revolutions, and then Haiti one can figure out since it was the same time frame. For Jews to destroy France, culture, people, religion, Christianity, they had to take down Haiti also. And since these black Haitians babies must have come out of our White wombs, we still have to support their every burp. (Oh yes they had so much black sex since the earthquake in Haiti, their babies “tripled.”  Well, that must mean Whites have to triple their workload for taxes. Jews don’t support them. Jews have “tax loopholes,” I know, I was assistant controller for a Jewish Machine Shop Company for 5 years.)
    I’m reading this chapter on The Russian Revolution but I think most of us know that. Surely the newcomers don’t so I will just leave the website and I will make the short Cliff Notes below of what I read:
    This chapter entitled “The Nameless War.”  We have to examine history, no matter how painful. Like the Mormons said when it looked like my step-grandmother might have killed my grandmother who was pregnant, and my Daddy’s sister with a black rubber hose when she became the “new” mother, “everyone” has skeletons in their closet when one goes back in time. (Except I might think that the yellow Chinese don’t for they were dominated and Mastered by Jews as we were for 2,000 years.)
    This part is especially interesting as it is Hitler’s own “Awakening” to the Jews. And if he and the Nazis had the internet around the world, can you “imagine” what the Nazis would have done with that information.  They had little to go on since Jews work in secret code, or change entire governments and people so that their crimes seem “normal,” such as Jewish rape of White women.
    Here is from the website, which hints at the war the Jews have been fighting against us Whites, Christianity, and Muslims even, but we didn’t know there was a war so we just laid down for them to overtake us. There are animals that do that in the animal kingdom. Usually, when a predator goes to kill and eat an animal alive, he chases and the victim runs. (Oh we have done our share of White running and White flight from Jewish real estate agents make big $$$ from bringing in blacks and browns to take over America) but some animals see their predator and just stop, lay down, and let the predator kill and eat it like a “sacrifice.”)
    “We must not forget that the international Jew, who continues to dominate over Russia, does not regard Germany as an ally, but as a State destined to undergo a similar fate.” (How we ever sided with Jewish Communists, who were well known Mafioso around the world is beyond me.)
    Hitler sums up “Mein Kampf” at the end of being pro-Christian. Well it is obvious his enemy was Jewish Communism who destroyed 100,000,000 Christians and God-Loving people in China, Viet Nam, etc. Now they worship the $.  There was “God,” then Jews changed it to “G-d” and now it is simply a sign “$” but that might change to another exchange of $$ such as the yen. Well, my Grandpa wrote in front pages of Bible, when he fled Russia in 1904, “The Yellow Man will Rule the World.”  The Jews think they have “won the war,” but they aren’t anything compared to 1.3 billion yellows who have similar intelligence and numbers and do not need the Jews for anything. Remember yellows massacred the Jews when they tried to emigrate there. China does “Not” have an “open borders” for enemies to occupy their land as brown Mex’s and Jews and blacks do today.

    On the last page and in almost the last paragraph of Mein Kampf is the following:

    “The party as such stands for positive Christianity, but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats the Jewish materialistic spirit within us and without us.”
    (In my own reasoning a few days ago, I would call for “all” Christians to unite as Whites. Every church could have “White” think tanks and committees and not just “How can we give our treasuries to Jews, blacks, browns, reds, Hindus, etc.?”)
    Can you imagine poor Hitler and his brotherhood of Nazis longing for friendship with England and England “hated” them thru Jewish propaganda and $2.5 million from Polish Jews before World War II, and propaganda in USA with the kidnapping and amputation of limb, and death of Charles Lindberg’s son, who was supposedly killed by a “hateful” German and whose wife fought it to her dying day, as Thomas Alva Edisons’ wife fought the Jewish stealing of her husband’s invention the movie machine.  So since 1928, most if not all movies, are Jewish.
    Just imagine the reality we have. We wake up and say, “How can I kill myself today? Should I turn on the TV? or Radio, or a Jewish University Class, Jew doctor or lawyer, or invest if Jew bank. You certainly can’t rape their Jew women as Jewish men rape us White women today.  They are frigid. They have gone so long without sex forcing their husbands to rape us, that they have no feeling for love and sex anymore… only their god….$

    Looking round the world for help in the battle against this terrible menace of Jew directed bolshevism, Hitler’s mind constantly reverted to Britain and the British Empire. He always longed for their friendship. Always declared Britain to be one of the greatest bulwarks against chaos; and that her interests and those of Germany were complementary and not contrary to one another.

    He wrote:

    “It was not a British interest but in the first place a Jewish one to destroy Germany.”

    Mein Kampf was first published in October 1933.

    Before it had left the printers, the floodgates of Jewish hatred and lies had been full-opened against Hitler and the Third Reich all over the world.

    English-speaking people everywhere were deluged with fabrications, distortions and atrocity stories, which drowned the voices of the few who understood the real situation.

    Forgotten in the turmoil was Marx’s slogan that before bolshevism could triumph the British Empire must be destroyed; and totally suppressed as far as the British people were concerned was Hitler’s repeated declaration of his willingness to defend the British Empire if called upon to assist by force of arms if necessary.

    The Nameless War



    The urgent alarm sounded in 1918 by Mr. Oudendyke in his letter to Mr. Balfour, denouncing bolshevism as a Jewish plan, which if not checked by the combined action of the European Powers, would engulf Europe and the world, was no exaggeration. (The “Balfour” Declaration was eventually signed favoring the Jews and giving Jews a home in Palestine. That being the case World War II would not have to be fought, or “all” Jews could and should have left Europe and went to Palestine. But the Jews “had” to have World War II for “World Opinion and Let’s Feel Sorry for the Jews, and Hate your own Self, (suicide) and your fellow Whites, (murder or mental murder which is what we have today.) By the end of that year the red flag was being hoisted in most of the great cities of Europe. In Hungary the Jew Bela Kuhn organised and maintained for some time a merciless and bloody tyranny similar to the one in Russia. In Germany, the Jews Leibknecht, Barth, Scheidemann, Rosa Luxemburg, etc., made a desperate bid for power. These and other similar convulsions shook Europe; but each country in its own way just frustrated the onslaughts.

    (This next statement is really powerful for it shows that Jews were the force behind these European, American, and even Haiti Revolutions. That being said, we can be sure these Middle East Revolutions are orchestrated not in Tunisia, or Egypt, or even Iran, but Israel Polish Jews and American and worldwide Jewry an International Mafia Gang that would put even the Jewish Meyer Lan’sky head of Murder Inc. to shame.)

    In most countries concerned a few voices were raised in an endeavour to expose the true nature of these evils. Only in one, however, did a political leader and group arise, who grasped to the full the significance of these happenings, and perceived behind the mobs of native hooligans the organisation and driving power of world Jewry.

    This leader was Adolf Hitler, and his group the National Socialist Party of Germany.

    Never before in history had any country not only repulsed organised revolution, but discerned Jewry behind it, and faced up to that fact. We need not wonder that the sewers of Jewish vituperation were flooded over these men and their leader; nor should we make the mistake of supposing that Jewry would stick at any lie to deter honest men everywhere from making a thorough investigation of the facts for themselves.

    Nevertheless, if any value liberty, and set out to seek truth and defend it, this duty of personal investigation is one which they cannot shirk. To accept unquestioningly the lies and misrepresentations of a Jew-controlled or influenced press, is to spurn truth by sheer idleness, if for no worse reason.

    To act on such unverified a basis is to sin against the Light. (Newspaper and now internet news has a moral and divine right if they are to survive and not go extinct to do that which is wholesome, healthy, true.)

    In most countries concerned a few voices were raised in an endeavour to expose the true nature of these evils. Only in one, however, did a political leader and group arise, who grasped to the full the significance of these happenings, and perceived behind the mobs of native hooligans the organisation and driving power of world Jewry.

    This leader was Adolf Hitler, and his group the National Socialist Party of Germany.

    Never before in history had any country not only repulsed organised revolution, but discerned Jewry behind it, and faced up to that fact. We need not wonder that the sewers of Jewish vituperation (defined: venomous censure as today our White death is being ignored in news) were flooded over these men and their leader; nor should we make the mistake of supposing that Jewry would stick at any lie to deter honest men everywhere from making a thorough investigation of the facts for themselves.

    Nevertheless, if any value liberty, and set out to seek truth and defend it, this duty of personal investigation is one which they cannot shirk. To accept unquestioningly the lies and misrepresentations of a Jew-controlled or influenced press, is to spurn truth by sheer idleness, if for no worse reason.

    To act on such unverified a basis is to sin against the Light.

    (The article talks of Mein Kampf and how it was deliberately quoted “out of context” in order to ruin the book’s appeal and so that people even find it disgusting or distasteful, which they probably would do to my autobiography, for no Jewish publisher would touch it.)

    Author continues: I find that I did exactly what Hitler did when I was in college studying the 25 essays that I had to read to see how many were Jews by putting in the author’s name. When I complained to my teacher after class in private sessions, she totally ignored me, never even looking up from the paper at her desk. Eventually I complained to President Bush, Sen. Harry Reid, Nevada Board of Education, the College Head, churches, media, and the school finally sent in an “ombudsman” right during our class to “watch” her, and she said in front of the whole class that “he” wasn’t watching us (or me) but her.  My final complaint was they were forcing me to read about Jewish homosexuality and no one ever taught me the infinite subject of heterosexuality. She told me to read it or “fail.”  This 1/2 Mexican woman sounds like a Mexican Mafia doesn’t she?

    Firstly realisation and exposure of the Jewish scheme for world Marxism; and secondly, admiration of, and longing for friendship with Great Britain. Writing of the days before 1914, Hitler states:

    “I still saw Jewry as a religion … Of the existence of deliberate Jewish hostility I had no conception … (“Deliberate” is the word used when I had to put my poor White son with genius mentality, heart of Jesus, smarter than Einstein, and looked like James Dean in a confined drug rehab, where his counselor said that there is an intentional plot in USA to bring down the cream of the crop. The ward was all White for he took me for a tour. The Jew Communists took out the Cream of the Crop at Poland’s 1940 Katyn Massacre, and recently on that plane where the Polish President and top 95 elite, smartest, most religious officials were “killed” in plane crash right near Katyn Massacre.  The new First Lady of Poland:  Jewish!

    I gradually realised that the Social Democratic Press was preponderantly controlled by Jews …

    There was not a single paper with which Jews were connected which could be described as genuinely national …

    I seized all the Social Democratic pamphlets I could get hold of, and looked up the names of their authors — nothing but Jews.”

    As he pursued the study of these questions, Hitler began to perceive the main outlines of the truth:

    “I made also a deep study of the relation between Judaism and Marxism . . . The Jewish State never had boundaries as far as space was concerned; it was unlimited as regards space, but bound down by its conception of itself as a race. That people, therefore, was always a State within a State . . .

    The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle in nature . . . denies the value of the individual among men, combats the importance of nationality and race, thereby depriving humanity of the whole meaning of existence.”

    “Democracy in the west today is the forerunner of Marxism, which would be inconceivable without Democracy.”

    “If the Jew, with the help of his Marxian creed, conquers the nations of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of the human race …”
    (And indeed that is the “White Race” spoken of for all these 3rd World countries will still be breeding and having tons of sex like rabbits, while we stay celibate within our 3rd World War between White male and White female. Talk about Jews dividing and conquering: it is everywhere. TV commercials, TV, Las Vegas shows, movies, books, news, billboards, from all authority, people around you. And if you don’t concede to it, be ready to be called that dastardly word the Jewish Freud must have made up: “insane.”  Well the Jews now have volumes of “mental disorders” they have made up and given names to in order to justify the psychiatric and psychological fields.)

    He writes of the days of 1918:

    “Thus did I now believe that by defending myself against the Jews I am doing the Lord’s work.”
    And yes, I can identify with this. I feel and think I am doing the Lord’s work for saving myself, family, Christianity, White Race, Christ, and God as we know and understand is the “Lord’s highest work.”  Everything else is null and void in such a monumental task. Although like Moses, it really should be the rich Wal-Mart women or Mrs. Bill Gates that should be taking on this pain, agony, and “terror!”

    At the end of 1918 there came the revolution in Germany organised behind the unbroken army in the field. Concerning this Hitler wrote:

    “In November sailors arrived in lorries, and called on us all to revolt, a few Jewish youths being the leaders in that struggle for the ‘freedom, beauty and dignity of our national life’. Not one of them had ever been to the Front.”
    (Again I use my own autobiography to confirm this. When my poor husband had to go fight these Marxist Jewish Communists in Viet Nam, his Jewish buddy got a “gravy, easy, and profitable” job in the army as an Office manager in Alabama. He then went on to use those skills for his business, become a millionaire as his 2 sons are today.)

    “The real organiser of the revolution and its actual wire-puller the International Jew … The revolution was not made by the forces of peace and order; but by those of riot, robbery and plunder.”  (Hitler didn’t know it should also include the Jewish revolutionists “raping” White women, leaving them impregnated and unsupported until finally the Nazis made a law in their 25 rules that Jews cannot have sex (rape) White German women.)

    “I was beginning to learn afresh, and only now (1919) came to a right comprehension of the teachings and intentions of the Jew Karl Marx. Only now did I properly understand his ‘Kapital’; and equally also the struggle of Social Democracy against the economics of the nation; and that its aim is to prepare the ground for the domination of the truly international Kapital.”

    (So capitalism is not for “Whites” but for Jews. Take a famous star who is totally surrounded by Jews. That 1 star gets all the $$$, but she then gives it back to Jews, such as real estate agents, Jewish car salesmen, Jewish investors, Jewish “causes,” as Dolores Hart, Elvis’ leading lady, left Hollywood to become a cloistered nun in Polish Jewish Israel so she could never talk again, and only talk to “God” to pray to help Israel. Well, her prayers must have been answered for Jews in Israel now have nuclear weapons, I heard on the radio that all our new American planes and military hardware will also go to Israel.  We have totally lost our countries. We have totally lost our minds…. if we ever had one to reason with against all this Jewish propaganda and manipulation of our minds.)

    “With the Jew there is no bargaining; there is merely the hard ‘either, or’.”

    (Examples “which” Jewish doctor, or “which” Jewish TV show, or “which” Jewish book, or “which” Jewish entertainer, or “which” Jewish filled class or textbook, “which” Jewish commercial, “which Jewish diamond, gold, silver, stocks,” “which” Jewish banksters.)

    I was on national talk radio, I think the Tom Sullivan Show? on Fox and ranted on the Unions destroying America. I was a Teamster and spoke as one, for Teamsters do not talk. We were taught not to “talk,” by our Union leaders.

    “Later on Hitler gives in great detail the outlines of the Jewish disruptive machine.

    “By means of the Trades Unions which might have been the saving of the nation, the Jew actually destroys the nation’s economics.”
    How news has worked for at least 150 years, but probably for White Europeans who didn’t know they were being handled by Jews, (although Whites kicked them out perhaps 83 times, Jews keep coming back like cockroaches)… took “news” as “truth.”  As I said, I think much if not most news is “created,” by Jews if you want to call lies and distortion “creation.”  I call it debauchery.

    “By creating a press which is on the intellectual level of the least educated, the political and labour organisation obtains force of compulsion enabling it to make the lowest strata of the nation ready for the most hazardous enterprises.” (Since Jews are flooding the USA with people of barely any intelligence our White intelligence is sinking to their level as well as our spirituality and morals.)

    “The Jewish press . . . tears down all which may be regarded as the prop of a nation’s independence, civilisation and its economic autonomy. It roars especially against characters who refuse to bow the knee to Jewish domination, or whose intellectual capacity appears to the Jew in the light of a menace to himself.”

    “The ignorance displayed by the mass . . . and the lack of instinctive perception of our upper class make the people easy dupes of this campaign of Jewish lies.”
    “But the present day is working its own ruin; it introduces universal suffrage, chatters about equal rights, and can give no reason for so thinking. In its eyes material rewards are the expression of a man’s worth, thus shattering the basis for the noblest equality that could possibly exist.”  (yes, this “equal rights” for Whites to come down to, but Jews are a separate entity and don’t have to live by “equal” rights, otherwise we could take their fortunes and distribute it by White people, not Jewish accountants who take 80% of our charity money for their pockets for their Jewish lazy wives and lazy children.)
    (I find these words interesting by Hitler that man doesn’t live for “material” enjoyment alone. Doesn’t that allow us the opportunity and justification for spiritual study or artistic pursuits?)
    “It is one of the tasks of our Movement to hold out prospects of a time when the individual will be given what he needs in order to live; but also to maintain the principle that man does not live for material enjoyment alone.”
    (Yes our politicians are poisoning their own White people at the bidding of the Jews who only give them “either” “or” choices, and both are evil.)

    “The political life of today alone has persistently turned its back on this principle of nature” (i.e. quality) … ”

    “Human civilisation is but the outcome of the creative force of personality in the community as a whole, and especially among its leaders . . . the principle of the dignity of the majority is beginning to poison all life below it; and in fact to break it up.”
    I think one of the hardest times I endure today is “having personality.” I once read that we are all supposed to be “the same.” And when one stands out or different, the rest of society is talk to take a sledge hammer to bring it down to size. It would be like a field of Queen Anne’s Lace Weeds, (a weed my art teacher made magnificent paintings with) and as soon as one Queen Anne’s lace got taller, the rest of the field were taught to either choke it or push it down violently so they were “all the same.”  Does that sound like “God” wants that? I don’t think so.  That same idea to destroy personality is in all departments, school, work, dress, speech, Twittering, etc. Does it really allow for Renaissance-type creativity?)
    “We now see that Marxism is the enunciated form of the Jewish attempt to abolish the importance of personality in all departments of human life; and to set up the mass of numbers in its place . . . “
    Here is why the Jews had to kill off the “Kings,” have us riot against King George, assassinate Czars in Russia along with their Spiritual Healer, Rasputin,  and have total control of any “personality” which has to be of “Jewish” making, and 100% in their Jewish noose.

    French Revolution and Haiti

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    As I wrote in other emails that it is no mere coincidence that USA gets Constitution 1787, then Poland (of all places where Jews called “home,” Paradise, and “Kingdom of heaven” for 900 years, gets 1st European Constitution 1791. Then in 1793, the King Louis, and Queen Marie Antoinette are sent to the guillotine and had their heads chopped off for trumped up reasons.
    I checked also to see when the French were massacred in Haiti, and yes it was at the …. same time.  Apparently no one was suspect of the Jews Mafia Organizations and Plots.
    Here is from Wiki on Haiti and the French Massacre by Black “workers” not “slaves.”
    It speaks of the fact that Haiti became a haven for “pirates!”  Such corruption and we Whites have funded Haiti for so long.
    By about 1790, Saint-Domingue had greatly overshadowed its eastern counterpart in terms of wealth and population. It quickly became the richest French colony in the New World due to the immense profits from the sugar, coffee and indigo industries.”


    Main article: Haitian Revolution

    Jean Jacques Dessalines, leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti

    Inspired by the French Revolution and principles of the rights of men, free people of colour and slaves in Saint-Domingue and the French and West Indies pressed for freedom and more civil rights. Most important was the revolution of the slaves in Saint-Domingue, starting in the heavily African-majority northern plains in 1791. In 1792, the French government sent three commissioners with troops to reestablish control.

    Those “key” years that globally set the Whites as victims in “Revolutions” by Jews.

    Now oddly enough we have “Polish” troops fighting for France, (Poles were the bodybags the Jews provided for Europe. And until today, in Afghanistan there are probably more White Polish, (Iraq,etc) then any other nationality outside Americans. Poland is stuck in a 900 year Jewish time warp that they can’t break loose from.) Only now we Whites and Americans are in the same time warp.

    Battle between Polish troops in French service and the Haitian rebels. Some Polish soldiers ultimately fought with the Haitian rebels for reasons that are historically disputable

    “Haiti is the only nation born of a slave revolt. Haiti’s perseverance and successful resistance against colonial forces would influence the future of the United States Civil War.[18] Historians have estimated the slave rebellion resulted in the death of 100,000 blacks and 24,000 of the 40,000 white colonists.[25] In February 2010, the eight-page document containing the official Declaration of Independence, which was believed to have been destroyed or thrown out, was found by a Canadian graduate student from Duke University in Britain’s National Archives. Coming as it did soon after the 2010 devastating earthquake, the discovery is seen by many to be providential.”

    I still don’t get it. If in business one “hires” a worker, (in this case black servant) one is not obligated for “eternity” to be responsible for that worker. Also, if a boss doesn’t like the performance of the workers or behavior, (Had to beat them to get them to work) one fires them. And yet we didn’t. We just keep “taking it and taking it and taking it,” and keep making bigger excuses the worse things get towards our White Genocide.)

    Well, we now know why New Orleans is so black, and just as I think the earthquake might have been created in Haiti, since Haitians doubled the population of New Orleans, perhaps Katrina Hurricane also orchestrated by jamming levis or breaking them so that White tax dollars could help all these black people.

    Dessalines was proclaimed “Emperor for Life” by his troops.[30] He exiled or killed the remaining whites and ruled as a despot.[31] In the continuing competition for power, he was assassinated on 17 October 1806.[24] The country was then divided between a kingdom in the north directed by Henri I; and a republic in the south directed by Alexandre Pétion, an homme de couleur. Henri I is best known for constructing the Citadelle Laferrière, the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere, to defend the island against the French.

    (Oddly enough England maintained and still maintains Queens, (no Kings. I suppose the Jews consider themselves Kings of the World.)

    Cité Soleil, Haiti’s largest slum in the capital of Port-au-Prince, has been called “the most dangerous place on Earth” by the United Nations.”

    More: Queen Marie Antoinette, Jews, Gold, French Revolution

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    I had written on my blog the names of the 2 Jews who were Masterminds of the conspiracy of the “necklace” that brought down Marie Antoinette, #15 of 16 Austrian children of Empress, and Emperor. I didn’t come across it yet. But in searching I came across this article. I’m reading the entire thing for we in the USA are repeating this process of what happened to 1. Rome, 2. France, and now the USA. Only we are in the middle of it, hence we don’t realize it is happening.
    I wrote before of my husband’s Lithuanian ancestry. His cousin clearly told me when I went to study “his” side for my White sons, that my husband’s grandmother was a “princess’ in Lithuania, with castle, jewels, the works. But she married an “artist,” and he gambled away everything, so this “royal couple,” was sent to “beg” to be able to live in the servant quarters and then become the “cleaning woman” and “janitor” for the castle, now owned by the entity that “won” it in a gambling game.
    But here is an exact replica of the same thing that happened in France.  (Website: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/nameless/2.shtml for reference and if you want to compare today in USA and world to France it is a carbon copy. Surely the same happened to Rome.  I’m studying this entire page. It is priceless.) The “creditors” are the Jews of France.  Look how the “palace” was turned into a “propaganda machine” and as you will read at the website above, it was important to bring down the morals, as well as inflaming the country with phony debt. “This” is why the Jews are loaded in America. Yes, they made trillions on Whites in America, but they enslaved White Europeans like this and all that loot they raped from our kingdoms, treasuries, private individuals, just keeps collecting “interest.”

    “By 1780 d’Orleans’ entire income of 800,000 livres, thanks to his reckless gambling and extravagance, was mortgaged to the moneylenders.

    In 1781, in return for accommodation, he signed papers handing over his palace, estates, and house the Palais Royal, to his creditors, with powers to form there a centre of politics, printing, pamphleteering, gambling, lectures, brothels, wine-shops, theatres, art galleries, athletics, and any other uses, which subsequently took the form of every variety of public debauchery.

    In fact, Egalite’s financial masters used his name and property to install a colossal organism for publicity and corruption, which appealed to every lowest instinct in human nature; and deluged the enormous crowds so gathered with the filthy, defamatory and revolutionary output of its printing presses and debating clubs.”

    (Debating clubs. Isn’t it odd that Jews would install “debating” clubs and “freedom of speech,” equal rights, and freedom to “assemble” and once the Jews accomplished their horrific acts of deception, robbery, rape, and occult to Satan, these “rights” somehow disappeared. Jews did that in America to give themselves an unlimited checkbook, plant non-Whites throughout every county and city, especially thugs, to threaten us if we make one wrong move, or say one word.)

    Also took notes that for Jews to instill Revolution, they “inflict” paralysis.  That is exactly what has happened to our White Race.  Totally paralyzed.

    And the “paralysis” state consists of:

    1. Secrecy

    2. Debt, loss of “publicity” control. (totally what we have now)

    3. Existence of alien influence in a “doomed” state.  “Aliens” run America, from Jew aliens and their Polish Israeli Mafia, to “Illegal Aliens,” to Black Aliens, and especially now yellow “Chinese aliens.” It is odd that yellow Chinese were also “banned” from this country. What did our forefathers of White descent know, as China now practically owns this country and the minds that use their products, like Jap cars.

    I read that in 1780 Jews owned most gold and silver stock.  Wealth ceased to be “wealth” and this “wealth” turned into “debt.”

    Jews “thrive” on our White chaos and the crime inflicted on us. That is why it will never stop but continually to snowball. They have already managed this in France, so they are “immune” to our suffering. Perhaps like the Marquis de Sade, they are sadists and enjoy torturing, terrorizing, and confusing us, even driving us mad or insane. Even if there was a cure for insanity, they surely would withhold it to keep up the confusion and chaos as we run in circles unable to get help anywhere.

    Here’s more from the above website on Marie Antoinette. She didn’t see a “danger” in Free Masonry for in France all was “open,” as the Jews have deluded us to believe.

    The name “Mendelssohn” below is Jewish and the name of the most sinister and wicked company I ever worked for. Even the girl whose place I took warned me that the bosses were “Satanic.” I sort of laughed inside, thinking she just meant a “mean” boss, but as the Swedish CFO told me, “This company is only 10 people yet we have hired and fired or forced to quit, so many really top notch girls, we could have filled a forest preserve.” And my immediate supervisor literally apologized to me right before I moved to Vegas saying that she had to be mean to keep her job there, but what she did to me was unforgiveable and wanted my forgiveness before I left Chicago.”  Donco Paper Supply Company, 737 N. Michigan Avenue.  The other name must be the other Jew I couldn’t find from earlier writings.

    “Marie Antoinette herself was one of the chief targets for this typically Jewish form of attack. No lie or abuse was too vile to level at her. More intelligent, alert, and vigorous than the weak and indolent Louis, Marie Antoinette presented a considerable obstacle to the revolution. She had, more-over, received many warnings regarding freemasonry from her sister in Austria; and no doubt was by this time more awake to its significance than when she had written to her sister some years previously:

    “I believe that as far as France is concerned, you worry too much about freemasonry. Here it is far from having the significance that it may have elsewhere in Europe. Here everything is open and one knows all. Then where could the danger be? One might well be worried if it were a question of a political secret society. But on the contrary the government lets it spread, and it is only that which it seems, an association the objects of which are union and charity.

    One dines, one sings, one talks, which has given the King occasion to say that people who drink and sing are not suspect of organizing plots. Nor is it a society of atheists, for we are told God is on the lips of all. They are very charitable. They bring up the children of their poor and dead members. They endow their daughters. What harm is there in all that?”

    What harm indeed if these blameless pretensions masked no darker designs? Doubtless the agents of Weishaupt and Mendelssohn reported on to them the contents of the Queen’s letter; and we can imagine them shaking with laughter, and rubbing their hands in satisfaction; hands that were itching to destroy the very life of France and her Queen; and which at the appropriate hour would give the signal that would convert secret conspiracy into the “massacres of September” and the blood baths of the guillotine.”

    (Isn’t this odd that the prices of grain are going up in USA? Jews know that they are suspect and have to work fast. They will “never” relinquish the World Power they have achieved for it would be death for them to live without it.)

    In order to further the campaign of calumny against the Queen, an elaborate hoax was arranged at the time, when the financiers and grain speculators were deliberately creating conditions of poverty and hunger in Paris.  (Yes, “deliberately creating poverty and hunger as my Daddy’s ancestors died in Poland, 50,000 a year, while Jews walked in golden glittery robes.)

    A diamond necklace valued at nearly a quarter of a million was ordered at the Court jewellers in the Queen’s name by an agent of the Jacobins. The unfortunate Queen knew nothing of this affair until the necklace was brought round to her for acceptance, when she naturally disclaimed anything to do with the matter, pointing out that she would consider it wrong to order such a thing when France was in so bad a financial way.

    The printing presses of the Palais Royal, (remember how the Jews “won” this from the royalty and turned it into a propaganda machine to destroy France) however, turned full blast on to the subject; and every kind of criticism leveled at the Queen.

    “A further scandal was then engineered for the presses. (We can see clearly as I have written endlessly how Jews “create and engineer” news, they do “Not” report it!) Some prostitute from the Palais Royal was engaged to disguise herself as the Queen; and by the forged letter the Cardinal Prince de Rohan was induced to meet the supposed Queen about midnight at the Palais Royal, supposing he was being asked for advice and help by the Queen on the subject of the necklace.

    This event, needless to say, was immediately reported to the printing presses and pamphleteers, who started a further campaign containing the foulest innuendoes that could be imagined concerning the whole affair. The moving spirit behind the scene was Cagliostro, alias Joseph Balsamo, a Jew from Palermo, a doctor of the cabalistic art, and a member of the Illuminati, into which he was initiated at Frankfurt by Weishaupt in 1774.

    (I keep shaking my head in disbelief. This is too much for a human mind unacquainted with crime to handle this.)

    “When the necklace had finally served its purpose, it was sent over to London, where most of the stones were retained by the Jew Eliason. Attacks of a similar nature were directed against many other decent people, who resisted the influence of the Jacobin clubs. After eight years of this work the process of paralysis by mastery of publicity was complete.”

    “In every respect therefore by 1789, when the financiers forced the King to summon the Estates General, the first portion of their plans for revolution (i.e. paralysis) were accomplished. It now only remained to strike the blow or series of blows, which were to rob France of her throne, her church, her constitution, her nobles, her clergy, her gentry, her bourgeoisie, her traditions, and her culture; leaving in their place, when the guillotine’s work was done, citizen hewers of wood and drawers of water under an alien financial dictatorship.”  (yet, they forgot to add “robbing and raping” their French White women of refinement, culture, and good upbringing and good breeding.)

    (I remember clearly when I worked for the Jew I mentioned above his manager told me when “someone in a different state made a mistake, but erroneously blamed me, “I will have your head on a platter!” This is not a joke or poor choice of words.  This is what the did to poor Marie Antoinette.  Can you imagine being her and your day to day life gets crazier and crazier until the Jews wanted her pretty head on a platter or one of these “sticks!”)

    It mentioned “Versailles” and that was where the Germans got such a horrendous raw deal after World War I that set them up for Jews to buy up Germany, pennies on a dollar.  Treaty of Versailles.

    And Jews talk about an exaggerated Holocaust, look at the mental and physical cruelty, and chopping off White King and Queen’s head. Hitler “never” was cruel to Jews like this. Never.

    Phillipe Egalite, Duc d’Orleans, was used to prepare the ground for the revolution; to protect with his name and influence the infancy of the revolutionary club; to popularize freemasonry and the Palais Royal; and to sponsor such acts as the march of the women to Versailles.

    The “women” on this occasion were mostly men in disguise. d’Orleans was under the impression that the King and Queen would be assassinated by this mob, and himself proclaimed a democratic King. The real planners of the march, however, had other schemes in view.

    One main objective was to secure the removal of the royal family to Paris, where they would be clear of protection from the army, and under the power of the Commune or Paris County Council in which the Jacobins were supreme.

    They continued to make use of Egalite right up to the time of the vote on the King’s life, when he crowned his sordid career by leading the open vote in voting for the death of his cousin. His masters thereafter had no further use for his services; and he very shortly followed his cousin to the guillotine amidst the execrations of all classes.

    So the Jews not only guillotined the elite people of France, but probably “poisoned” also:

    Mirabeau played a similar role to that of Egalite. He had intended that the revolution should cease with the setting up of Louis as a democratic monarch with himself as chief adviser. He had no desire to see violence done to the King. On the contrary, in the last days before he died mysteriously by poison, he exerted all his efforts to get the King removed from Paris, and placed in charge of loyal generals still commanding his army.”

    He was the last of the moderates and monarchists to dominate the Jacobin club of Paris; that bloodthirsty focus of revolution, which had materialized out of the secret clubs of the Orient Masons and Illuminati. It was Mirabeau’s voice, loud and resonant, that kept in check the growing rage of the murderous fanatics who swarmed therein.

    There is no doubt that he perceived at last the true nature and strength of the beast, which he had worked so long and so industriously to unchain. In his last attempt to save the royal family by getting them out of Paris, he actually succeeded in shouting down all opposition in the Jacobin club. That evening he died by a sudden and violent illness; and, as the author of The Diamond Necklace writes:

    “Louis was not ignorant that Mirabeau had been poisoned.”

    Thus, like Phillipe Egalite, and later Danton and Robes Pierre, Mirabeau too was removed from the stage when his role had been played. We are reminded of the passage in Number 15 of the Protocols of Zion:

    “We execute masons in such wise that none save the brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of it.”

    And again:

    “In this way we shall proceed with those goy masons who know too much.”

    As Mr E. Scudder writes in his Life of Mirabeau:

    “He died at a moment when the revolution might still have been checked.”

    The wild figures of Danton, Marat, Robes Pierre, and the fanatics of the Jacobin club now dominated the scene.

    In September of 1792 were perpetrated the terrible “September massacres”; 8,000 persons being murdered in the prisons of Paris alone, and many more over the country.

    It should be noted here, that these victims were arrested and held till the time of the massacre in the prisons by one Manuel, Procurer of the Commune. Sir Walter Scott evidently understood much concerning the influences which were at work behind the scenes. In his Life of Napoleon, Vol. 2, he writes on page 30:

    “The demand of the Communaute de Paris,* now the Sanhedrin of the Jacobins, was, of course, for blood.”

    [*The Paris County Council, equivalent to the L.C.C. in London.] Again, on page 56 he writes:

    “The power of the Jacobins was irresistible in Paris, where Robes Pierre, Danton and Marat shared the high places in the synagogue.”

    Writing of the Commune, Sir Walter Scott states in the same work:

    “The principal leaders of the Commune seem to have been foreigners.”

    Some of the names of these “foreigners” are worthy of note:

    There was Chlodero de Laclos, manager of the Palais Royal, said to be of Spanish origin. There was Manuel, the Procurer of the Commune, already mentioned. He it was who started the attack upon royalty in the Convention, which culminated with the execution of Louis and Marie Antoinette.

    There was David the painter, a leading member of the Committee of Public Security, which “tried” the victims. His voice was always raised calling for death. Sir Walter Scott writes that this fiend used to preface his “bloody work of the day with the professional phrase, ‘let us grind enough of the Red’.” David it was who inaugurated the Cult of the Supreme being; and organized

    “the conducting of this heathen mummery, which was substituted for every external sign of rational devotion.” (Sir Walter Scott, Life of Napoleon, Vol. 2.)

    There were Reubel and Gohir, two of the five “Directors,” who with a Council of Elders became the government after the fall of Robes Pierre, being known as the Directoire.

    The terms “Directors” and “Elders” are, of course, characteristically Jewish.

    (Note the “Cult of the Supreme Being” whereby Jews became “Jewish Supremacists” as they are today.

    One other observation should be made here; it is that this important work by Sir Walter Scott in 9 volumes, revealing so much of the real truth, is practically unknown, is never reprinted with his other works, and is almost unobtainable.

    Those familiar with Jewish technique will appreciate the full significance of this fact; and the added importance it lends to Sir Walter Scott’s evidence regarding the powers behind the French Revolution.

    To return to the scene in Paris. Robes Pierre now remains alone, and apparently master of the scenes; but this again was only appearance. Let us turn to the Life of Robes Pierre, by one G. Renier, who writes as though Jewish secrets were at his disposal. He writes:

    “From April to July 1794 (the fall of Robes Pierre) the terror was at its height. It was never the dictatorship of a single man, least of all Robes Pierre. Some 20 men (the Committees of Public Safety and of General Security) shared the power.”
    (Note how the JEWS ARE THE TERRORISTS, even though we keep hearing, Muslim terrorists, perhaps 100,000 times. We are not only “our” thoughts, but the “general” thought.)

    To quote Mr. Renier again:

    “On the 28th July, 1794,” “Robes Pierre made a long speech before the Convention . . . a philippic against ultra-terrorists. . . uttering vague general accusations.

    ‘I dare not name them at this moment and in this place. I cannot bring myself entirely to tear asunder the veil that covers this profound mystery of iniquity. But I can affirm most positively that among the authors of this plot are the agents of that system of corruption and extravagance, the most powerful of all the means invented by foreigners for the undoing of the Republic; I mean the impure apostles of atheism, and the immorality that is at its base’.”

    Mr Renier continues with all a Jew’s satisfaction:

    “Had he not spoken these words he might still have triumphed!”

    In this smug sentence Mr Renier unwittingly dots the i’s and crosses the t’s, which Robes Pierre had left uncompleted. Robes Pierre’s allusion to the “corrupting and secret foreigners” was getting altogether too near the mark; a little more and the full truth would be out.

    At 2 a.m. that night Robes Pierre was shot in the jaw and early on the following day dragged to the guillotine.

    Again let us recall Protocol 15:

    “In this way we shall proceed with goy masons who know too much.”
    “Note: In a somewhat similar manner Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed by the Jew Booth on the evening of his pronouncement to his cabinet that he intended in future to finance U.S. loans on a debt free basis similar to the debt free money known as “Greenbacks,” with which he had financed the Civil War.” Well, there is more in Chapter 3, but my eyes are watering and can barely see, I’m tired.
    The next chapter goes into the “Russian Revolution.” I’m going to sleep and will read in a.m. I may not comment, but just send you this.