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Good Video on America’s Disguised Communism under Jews just as they did in Russia 1900

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Our friend, Wendy, was the audio director in the video and you can see your name on the credits at the end. Good Job, Wendy and thanx.
I read much of this and watched the 27 minute video.  Yes, I think we have Communism in our country.  After all we “lost” to the yellow Chinese Communists in Viet Nam so the Communists must have been the “winner.”  (Check China and Viet Nam’s economy today.)
To ‘spread’ the wealth, was really meant to ‘spread’ the White wealth, and yes, even Christianity’s wealth, whose treasury has been filled for 2,000 years.
If you take a look at Jews today, they are filthy rich. I say “filthy” for I don’t believe that rich is “bad,” only “rich” that got all their money thru wars, bloody assassinations, murders, drugs, bootlegging, Mafia-type organization that “excludes” Whites from ever becoming “President” of “their” banks, etc. (Japan and China do the same. Their top positions are for “yellows only.”  So as in Animal Farm, there are “some” more equal than others.  Oh yes, I hear the Jewish jingle that would argue back…”but Whites are rich too.”  Same as when Jews controlled Poland. Jews indebted the “rich” or “nobility,” and then made the nobility weak and dependent on Jews to put into effect any law that “preferred” Jews since 1096, and for the rest of the White Polish population put them into “slavery” eventually starvation. And I don’t mean “starvation” 900 years ago, I mean as recent as my lifetime with Jewish Communist bread lines in Iron Curtain, (more like an Iron Vice that squeezes every ounce of hope out of the White poor people).  While at the same time “recruiting” blacks from Kenya, etc. to give them the royal treatment, free education, food, gas, cars, White Swedish bridges, etc.  Rich is “good” for we need money to sustain Christianity, God, the White Race.
Anyway, Jewish wealth is not to be “spread,” only to dumb Polak Jews in Israel, or if it gets the Jew “power” in breaking down the White people, and their innocent born babies.
But other than that Jews have taken White money thru tax dollars of Whites and “given” it to brown babies and Mex’s with all their “Sex’s” and we pay for it. Sometimes work 8 jobs as I did, and then my “companies” pay into this mess.  No one paid for my Mama and Daddy’s Sex and their 12 babies. No church, no government, no family members, no neighbors, friends.  Remember what the Whites told us when I was young “If your family “played” they must pay.”  Why in the name of Jesus Christ doesn’t one White person tell that to the blacks, Jews, browns, reds, Hindus, “If you ‘played’ or ‘had sex,’ then YOU PAY, NOT WHITES ANYMORE!  The weight of 92% of the non-White world population is crushing us to death as the mostly White people killed in 9/11 having 100+ stories of concrete, brick, furniture, roofing, heavy machinery, air-conditioning units, furnaces, computers, coffee machines, refrigerators, stone, steel, copy machines, heavy carts, tables, chairs, (the list is endless, just think about it or look around at your place of business or home and you will see how much weight fell on the innocent victims of 9/11)
I listened to the video of Floyd Brown and he is bent on impeaching the President. O the Americans are such hypocrites, they will send their sons and daughters (who should be breeding White healthy children with character) to fight in Libya for the Jews and their ilk, want to bring down “all” the Arab men in the Middle East and have been successful in most of their attempts, but then they are “Master Murderers!”  But we cannot even “approach” Obama the Black about all his crimes and even how he “got to be President” with his Jewish entourage.
With Jews having nothing to do all day, like Maytag Repairmen, they have too much time on their hands to think up atrocities against their host country of USA as they did in Poland. No wonder Jews called Poland and America, “Golden Age of Jews,” “Paradise,” “Kingdom of Heaven.”
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Subject: Video: The UN’s Assault on Property Rights
Sunday Edition
Video Of The Day
The UN’s Assault on Property Rights

Video Screenshot

Watch the Video and Comment:

“The Book the ACLU Does NOT Want You to Read! I Promise. I saw it happen!”
— Gary DeMar, President of American Vision

The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States

Christian Life and Character“I was debating an ACLU attorney at Christmas on an NPR station. I pulled out a Xerox copy of The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States and said to her: “Until you answer this book, the ACLU can’t make a case against America’s Christian founding.” She was shocked when she saw it. She asked where I had gotten it. The only thing that gave her relief was the fact that the book was not in print. But now it is.

“Be afraid ACLU. Be very afraid. Morris packs The Christian Life and Character with page after page of original source material making the case that America was founded as a Christian nation. The evidence is unanswerable and irrefutable. This 1000-page book will astound you and send enemies of Christianity into shock. Keep in mind that it was published in 1864 and has been out of print for more than a century.”—Gary DeMar. Hardback, 1060 pages.

RETAIL $49.95 SAVE $10! — ONLY $39.95 • ORDER ONLINE!

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White Peacock: Mating Dance

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I was thinking of wearing my chicken dance costume this Sunday and teaching the audience the chicken dance. Also I might stop at the German (Austrian like me) Hofenbraus House Restaurant to show them my costume. Often the band will play the chicken dance and I can get up and dance.
While I was looking for the lyrics I came across this magnificent White male peacock doing his mating dance. This is the image I want to hold of our White male. Magnificent, always was, is, and always will be, and nothing less.  The blue/green ones are wonderful and my Queen’s feathered self-made head piece is made of peacock feathers for when I was dancing for 6 blocks instead of marching in the Polish Unity Parade in Chicago, I saw the White Poles wearing large peacock feathers in their tall hats!

Brown Mex Foreigners caught at Border

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It is interesting for as I was reading my book today, on Madame Tussad a novel about the French Revolution, these are the words I wrote down for notes to write you. (There are many more for I think people are thinking of Revolution and it is good to compare the past just as it is good to compare World War II to today for we are in a WAR with Libya now, that is “3” countries in the Mideast. Wars for Israel and their filthy rich Polish Jews?  While Christian Poles remain “dumb Polaks” thanks to Jewish horrific degrading humor? This “Is” the Third World War, only the Arabs don’t have technology to make earthquakes or even bring down 9/11 skyscrapers as they were accused of.
Here is what I wrote from the book:
There were 3 estates: Church, Royalty and the people. Church and royalty didn’t have to pay taxes and the people had to work and support all of them. (Now we support churches and should, and we support the “royal couple” Obama’s and Mrs. Obama spends $$$ like crazy and has 10 times the staff of any other First Lady! And we Whites pay for the fact that they cannot do the work of a White person and we have to pay 10 times the amount for their work. (Why Whites ever got black slaves instead of White ones, especially Poles and Eastern European who were living in poverty and dying to get here, I will never know.  All these 400 years we have been only getting 1/10 the amount of work from most blacks and even had to give them “extra” teaching and training. I wouldn’t teach Mr. and Mrs. Obama anything. Let them write their own speeches.  We are in a depression, cut off all their help.
The book talks of “throwing off this mantle of tyranny and embracing freedom.” For us to not be able to assemble peacefully, have had all the media and laws against us, is
“beyond tyranny” for a White Race.
Then the book reads that the French King has “hired foreigners” because the French men were deserting and also the King of France was hiring men “over the borders” who have no compunction about firing (their guns) on the (White) French!  I never read this but I’ve been writing that is why our military has blacks and browns now, and they allow the blacks, browns and Jews to have all the guns they want. And yes I think there are Chinese gangs also in California. Are we a basket case of a country or what?  Try to save the White Race thru all this madness is impossible.
Yes, blacks and browns would have “no compunction” about firing their guns and bombs on Whites if it meant only one of these races is going to occupy this land and care for it like a loving child not like a bastard child the Jews left behind after their screwing White women.
Anyway this article is about brown illegal Mex’s coming over the border (perhaps for Martial Law.)  I asked for Martial Law perhaps 9 years ago in my emails to get the drug dealers so our white boys can begin a sane and globally-competitive existence. All the other races are united as one to promote their boys while we tear ours down, deliberately, and under Jewish mastership and direction.
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 5:47 PM
Subject: FW: Mar 25 10:01 Border Patrol Caught US Government Van With Foreign Nationals in US Military Uniforms.

Blacks torture, murder, Chris Newsom and Channon Christian

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It’s only going to get worse for White male and females and the misery inflicted onto Whites continues…. unreported.  And all these thugs got was 18 years of prison. (Free food, free clothes, the prison does their laundry, fixes their food, takes care of their hair, gives the blacks dentists, doctors, Jewish psychiatrists, Jewish medicine, free exercise, free education, free Christian counselors, free games to play, free computers, free libraries, free classes, free desserts, free fresh air, free protection by guards for if they were in their neighborhoods they would get shot, free sex, as many are homosexual, free tv, free movies, free coffee, tea, milk, free electricity, free paper and pen, free stamps to write with, free friendship, free gas and water, free trash pick up, (some servants take care of all these needs for them.” Oh yes, White Tax payers. YOU are paying for it. Where that $$$ should be spent for your own son’s to be able to compete in the world market today, Whites are sinking quickly as Jews are smartest (though most evil) followed by yellow Chinese, Red/brown Hindus, Philipinos,’ etc.  Instead of improving, we are sinking more towards the blacks and browns they made us ‘equal’ with. Only soon we won’t be “equal” with blacks and browns, we will be worse.  What a way for a Christian White Race to die. Horrifically just as the blacks poured deadly chlorine bleach down the White girls throat for they forced her to have oral sex on the black thugs, and they ejaculated in her mouth. How filthy! “This” is America today and “This” is what we want to spread in the name of the Almighty Jewish gods and goddesses that rule our planet.  And we send out White boys off to war to make sure that “this” continues. It is only snowballing to make sure we have a steady diet of it. “Not” talking about it doesn’t help.

Do you suppose that the black niggers did it (they call me dumb Polak and that is worse) because their name was “Christian” and “Chris” and the blacks just “hate” the Christ, even though we have given 400 years of time and money, energy, sacrifice to “raise” them as if these blacks came out of our womb and penis.  Since we are paying for their jail, these murderers must have come out of our womb and penis otherwise why are we paying White tax dollars for them?


Induced Japan Earthquake

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Just wanted to forward this to you. The item and video are in the body of this email which talks of “HAARP” inducing Japanese earthquake. I will give you my comments, but if you don’t have time, just scroll past my comments, and right to the article.  Thanx
I got this from Pastor Eli’s email and it confirms what my own reasoning from my head thought out.  We have induced Japan’s earthquake.  Rather than write 25 pages of this email apologizing, explaining, etc. I have too many notes for more emails and cannot go into that for we have no time and our enemies are on payrolls such as the Jews at ADL or SPLC, etc.  Huge salaries where one Jewish man has 300 million in his bank account alone just to terrorize us, spy on us, harass us, or even murder if they so choose to play God and what or who would stop them. Nothing has stopped them until now.
It is only in the last year and a half that I started to pay attention to news when I would listen to Republic Broadcasting Radio and guests like Ted Pike would ask us to call Washington DC about atrocious bills, (like daggers to the White Race’s Heart, but those are my words as an Eastern European woman descendant.)
It was when I started to pay attention that I began realizing that I did not believe these “acts of God,” such as earthquakes or the Gulf Oil Spill were “accidental.”
I knew for a fact that Jews who control news for most part, don’t “report” news and disasters, they help create them as did Oppenheimer the Jew who “created” the atom bomb and his signature alone is on the document to drop it on two Japan cities.
When I heard that an earthquake was near where China was going to have the Olympics, I thought, “Hmmph? Great Advertising to get the people of the world ready for the Olympics.”  I know that media uses the technique of “getting the crowd” ready for I was hired with costume when I was Director of Human Resource Development for Employees at the #1 Caterer in Chicago. I was hired to “scare” the crowd the day Stephen King, the horror book writer, was going to give his first book talk. So before he ever got on stage, I ran around the auditorium dressed as the Bride of Death and cackling like a dead witch to entertain and sort of stir up the crowd.
And then I heard of the bridge that “collapsed” but it was right at the Republican National Convention which would mean to me that the government wanted $$$ for repairs and this would scare the White People enough to accept it.
(Mind you I have not had TV or radio for all practical purposes for my entire 63 years, so seeing this as a mature adult it isn’t hard to read into their schemes.)
How about the “Vaccine” scare and threat, or the “bird flus,” etc.?  Generates a lot of doctor and pharmacy $$ and I know for a fact that Arabs are big dealers in pharma in this country so we Whites are getting it from “all” directions. And yes we must think of World War II and even Viet Nam where our boys were “sent” into areas that they would be bombed, murdered etc. In the USA we were sending all our military plans to “Jews” first for they had some kind of council of something and in turn they would control the war from the other side telling the enemy exactly where our boys would be. White boys. How can a country hate their own White boys so much it is beyond comprehension?
I had read a long time ago that both Russia and US had signed an agreement not to use “earthquake” technology.  And when I started to hear about the Haiti earthquake and the fact that Obama the Black had just taken office and I thought they are going to spring it on the White people and their tax dollars to “rebuild” the black Haiti. Even though the Haitians slaughtered the French “coincidentally” at the same time the French Revolution was beginning and the Last King and Queen of France, Marie Antoinette of Austria, (as I’m from) and Louis were murdered in public for all the White French to “cheer.”  (and it was Jews that were responsible for the “Diamond Necklace” affair that brought the royal couple down.  Also, in the late 1700’s howbeit that black servants and workers and natives, who at that time probably had the IQ of 70 just happen to “think” of massacring the French in Haiti?  Some organization or people, that were very well travelled worldwide, such as Jews and Whites, stirred up those blacks to murder, just as the Arab countries today were “stirred” up to rebel.
The plan was for the USA with Jewish Masters and $$$ would go to each Arab country and violently make war on their Muslim people. But with all the Tea party protests, the protests I have been on for 5 years and have written about, it was easier to “bring down Egypt,” and the other countries and make war and “force” Libya into submission. How utterly cruel and callous?  I cannot believe I live on this blood soaked soil. It is no wonder I tried suicide 3 times. I “had” to shut out this reality. It is too ugly, sinful, and agonizing to a “good” woman, especially one that cares about children and our future.
As I wrote the Gulf Oil explosion was also induced, as were Gas prices, to keep Whites under “control,” for Whites only care about what hits their pocketbook, not their children, or their Race or even Christianity or God.
Why was Japan induced with an earthquake and tsunami?  The Jews and their ilk realized they were going to war to test out some more Jewish Science and weapons.  But…. I think they don’t want yellow Japanese as an ally anymore.  Unlike World War II with Japan as an ally, this will be an all White war, and surely it will be “only” Whites that the world will hate, “not” the Jews for the Jews have set a 100 year plan so far (much longer..) to get the world to “love and feel sorry for Jews” and “hate” the White man. Surely it is the main cause of why our White boys need to be “saved.”  It isn’t because of something weak or imaginary it is real and we keep adding salt to their wounds, as well as their children.
Since this has been going on in our White history for thousands of years, the Jews and their ilk have “perfected” it.
Nor do I believe it a “coincidence” that the dumb Polak Jews of Israel blasted “White” phosphorus over Palestine, and then blasted “White ash” from a volcano over all of White Europe. This is “entertainment” used against Whites.
I may not be right about all these things, but I’m glad at least a few people are questioning the “earthquake” theory and see it more as “weaponry.”
Isn’t it “odd” that Japan had to sign over its banking to “oligarchs?”  It is as if there was a power to get Japan to work like crazy, even love Whites and America, especially after what the Jews did to them in World War II, and then after all these years of yellow slavery, just takeover their economy and “all” they worked for. The Jews did it to my Polish White ancestors. Their lifetime accumulations, lifetime savings, their house, their White Polish women, daughters and boys, starve them to death worse then one would treat an animal or even an amoebae.
Now we just have to wait to see what horror they are going to spring on us next. And we cannot even defend ourselves as White people. We have no rights or freedoms.
I know why Mama smashed things now around the house. She couldn’t bear to see what the Jews were doing to her, her beloved husband who we know she gave sex to at least 12 times to make 12 babies, and her children who were being “ruined” in this country.
From: Eli James
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Subject: HAARP and 3/11
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Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
March 26, 2011
HAARP and 3/11


“Idleness is the beginning of all psychology.” – Friedrich Neitszche.
“Behind every act of treason lurks a Jew.” – Pastor Eli James
“It was not sufficient for the Jews to impersonate Israel.  They, like their father, Lucifer (John 8:44), they must pretend to be G-d as well.”  – Pastor Eli James.    Berakhot 7A: “God asks a rabbi for a rabbi’s blessing. According to the Talmud, God himself is a student of the rabbi’s tradition. He studies the Talmud three times a day. ”
“It was hard for Satan alone to mislead the whole world, so he appointed prominent rabbis in different localities.” —A Chasidic saying attributed to Nahman of Bratzlav, early 19th century. —Leo Rosten “The Joys of Yiddish” (Washington Square Press 1968)
Item:  More evidence that 3/11 was caused by HAARP
Item: Lauren Moret confirms that 3/11 was  HAARP tectonic warfare  (1 hr. video)
Item:  New Madrid Fault “Exercise” Developments

Lots of things happening, so I have four clips for you today.

The first is a relatively well-funded documentary about how the biggest earthquakes in US history occurred along the New Madrid Fault System in the early 19th century.

Video: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/871.html

There are some who see a connection between the barely-controllable BP oil spill and an impending reactivation of this fault system. The Macondo well that was drilled by BP is located at the tail end of the New Madrid Fault.

According to the US Geological Survey, there’ve been a swarm of medium-sized quakes along the New Madrid Fault in recent months.

The Department of Homeland Security has been reaching out to suppliers to gauge the availability of mass quantities of food in case of National Emergency. According to a DHS document archived on February 18, 2011, they were procuring 14 million meals per day, 7 million to be “utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations (12 oz. not to exceed 480 calories).”

Meanwhile, a local news channel in Little Rock, Arkansas reports on a disaster preparedness seminar being held this week for the National Guard at nearby Camp Robinson, to help them manage the aftermath of a massive earthquake along the New Madrid Fault:

Video: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/1281.html

AND the US Army announced this week that it is holding a training event involving the US Military, the CIA, Canadian officers, US Treasury and State Departments, the US Agency for International Development, The Defense Threat Readiness Agency and the International Red Cross between March 21-25 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas…at least *they’ll* be prepared!

However hyperactive YouTube user, Henning Kemner believes that oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the “fracking” of shale layers for gas deposits all over the US, have destabilized the North American Plate to become destabilized. He believes this will soon lead to an epic catastrophe at the New Madrid Fault and a fulfillment of 20th century “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce’s prediction of “Earth Changes” during the generation after his. These would leave all US coastlines, plus many Midwestern and Southern States under water, with the Great Lakes flowing into the Gulf of Mexico:

Videos: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/1279.html & http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/1285.html


– Alexandra

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Item: Radiation and Infertility
Item: Stuxnet virus designed by Israelis infects nuclear reactors
Note! Before you read the main article below, read the following comment from the WRH website that just posted the Japanese article…

Here is a nightmare scenario for you.
1. Israel and the US create Stuxnet .
2. Stuxnet is deployed to wreck Iran’s nuclear power station .
3. But Stuxnet escapes from its intended target and spreads across Asia!
4. As the above article documents, Stuxnet was in Japan last October, presumably still spreading and intended to wreck nuclear power plants.
5. Stuxnet targets the Siemens controller
6. Fukushima uses the Seimens controllers Stuxnet was designed to interfere with!
So now the difficulty the Fukushima nuclear plant operators faced in recovering control over their runaway reactors takes on a darker significance. Remember that the first problem following the quake was that the automated shutdown systems fsome of the reactors, because pumps failed.


New cybervirus found in Japan / Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers via USB memory sticks
(Open URL to access Links)
The Yomiuri Shimbun
Stuxnet, a computer virus designed to attack servers isolated from the Internet, such as at power plants, has been confirmed on 63 personal computers in Japan since July, according to major security firm Symantec Corp.
The virus does not cause any damage online, but once it enters an industrial system, it can send a certain program out of control. 

Symantec says the virus reaches the servers via USB memory sticks, and warns against the careless use of such devices.

Systems at power plants, gas stations and water facilities are not connected to the Internet to protect them from cyber-attacks.

A Symantec engineer who has analyzed the virus said it was made using advanced technology, and it is highly likely a well-funded organization, not an individual, produced it. The virus has spread throughout the globe via the Internet.

After Stuxnet finds its way onto an ordinary computer via the Internet, it hides there, waiting for a USB memory stick to be connected to the computer, when it transfers itself to the memory stick. When the USB device is then connected to a computer linked to an isolated server, it can enter the system and take control of it.

As computers that harbor Stuxnet do not operate strangely, the virus can be transferred to a memory stick inadvertently.

According to the security company, the virus is designed to target a German-made program often used in systems managing water, gas and oil pipelines. The program is used at public utilities around the world, including in Japan.

The virus could cause such systems to act erratically, and it could take months to restore them to normal.

The 63 infected computers found in Japan were likely infected sometime after June.

According to the company, about 60 percent of the computers that have been infected with the virus were discovered in Iran. Since September, about 30,000 computers there have been found to be infected with the virus. The country’s Industry and Mines Ministry has called the virus an electronic act of war.

Some computers at the Iranian Bushehr nuclear power plant, which is scheduled to begin operation in October, have been infected with the virus.

A supervisor at the plant said the virus has not damaged the facility’s main computer system and would not affect its planned opening.

In Japan, no public utilities have been affected by the virus. Nevertheless, the Cabinet Office’s National Information Security Center has urged electric power companies to exercise extreme care when using USB devices, and to scan any programs that may have been tampered with.

Dr. David Duke’s Video Trilogy 3-24-11

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How I learned about keeping White Race pure thru raising German Shepherds

Here are me and my two White sons and my pedigreed dog, Queenie.  She had 52 puppies but it wasn’t until the last 13-litter that I realized the importance of breeding selectively.  So in 1970’s, my Viet Vet husband and I took her to be professionally mated, rather than with the Shepherd that was a 1/2 breed that lived with us named “Boo.”  So with any amount of intellectual reasoning capacity, one could deduct that if one gives preferential breeding to dogs a lower species, how much more we should have that right as humans. For ask yourself this: Aren’t we humans a higher species.  God must have prepared me for this following my heart to the White Race Crisis of Genocide Against us thru race-breaking laws, put into our government but crafty, deceitful Jewish lawyers and their ilk. While at the same time, Polish Jews in Israel forbid race-breaking with Jews and Palestinians and Jews even disown their own children if they marry outside their Jewish race.

I know this for a fact for I worked as a legal secretary at a Jewish law firm near Chicago, in Skokie that is so Jewish, they are putting up another Holocaust Museum for in the world’s consciousness, thanks to Jewish-controlled media, only “Jews” suffered. Even though most of what we learned is lies. And my niece told me that her teacher taught her in college that it was the Polish Christians that suffered the worse in World War II, yet no one hears a peep about that for Jews “silenced” the White Poles, just as they “silenced” Americans from speaking up for their White rights.  When I worked as a secretary for Jewish woman she confided in me, (knowing full well I was a Gentile and not a Jew and treated me as if I was inferior and not her equal despite the Constitution)… she confided that her Jewish brother had married a White Gentile woman and that their mother disowned him and disinherited him. That means a lot to Jews for we are talking big bucks.  This Jewess lawyer also said that “she” disowned him and refused to attend their wedding. For all practical purposes her Jewish brother was “dead.”  That is how Jews have killed their own for millenniums just to keep their Jewish race pure, as they did with circumcision of the male penis as far back as 10,000 years ago.


Race and Reality   Part 1  

Race and Reality   Part 2

Race and Reality   Part 3  

Jewish Crimes Against Whites in Hollywood

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Elizabeth Taylor, Jewess, Simon Wiesenthal Center

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I found this Jewish website praising Elizabeth Taylor for her work as a mighty Jewess warrior. The video at the end is astounding if one looks at it from the prospective that I just wrote that Simon Wiesenthal, Jew, Nazi Hunter, and murderer as he hung many White Germans for things they didn’t do, Wiesenthal, the greatest fraud of the 21st Century, and who were the victims, White German men!
As I’m reading about Marie Antoinette, last Queen of France, Marie was scorned by the people for her “excesses” and how the people should be “sharing” that wealth. Who shared the Jewess Liz Taylor’s wealth and her jewels, money, homes, stocks and bonds, her connections to Jews, which is almost like being connected to a god in today’s society.  For if they shut you out, you might as well be dead or it will be so difficult to make it while we are scattered into 700 million atoms of White people.
Note who Liz’s jeweler was, the jew: (From Wiki) Shlomo Moussaieff (born 1922) is an Israeli millionaire of Bukharian Jewish descent who has lived in London since the early 1960s. He is the son of Rehavia Moussaieff, and grandson of Shlomo Moussaieff of Bukhara. He made most of his fortune by selling precious jewelry to international royalty and high society, especially Saudis and Persian Gulf Arab States. He speaks Arabic fluently. The average price of a necklace in his store, located in the Hilton hotel in London’s Mayfair district, is over a million dollars.”
(Also as we Whites are fighting Muslim Arabs the Jews are in bed with them selling million dollar necklaces to Arab Royalty, while our White people have been dethroned.
What I found interesting is how easy it was for the Wiesenthal center, even in 1979 to be able to call and talk to Sen. John Warner…. directly…. not like when I go visit my Senator’s office about my husband’s death or Genocide of White Race and I get all non-White advisors that will not help me and we pay their salaries.  But the Jews.  As in Abraham Lincoln’s Day, the Jews get to walk right up to the president and “consult” with him. That is how the Jews are “connected.”  No one can get to the top Whites, as I tried to contact Bill Gates and his giving away all his money made off of Whites from computers to Jews, blacks, browns, etc.  One cannot get to Jews who control banks, TV, Hollywood, Book Publishing, agents, etc.
Now mind you Whites have to dress in ripped up rags, jewish jeans so tight it cuts off reproductive sperms and kills eggs.  We decapitated Queens for having Jewels, but in turn give these same Jewels to “Jewesses.” Boy were we Whites suckered.
Here’s about a painting of Van Gogh, which I have taken my Van Gogh painting studies on stage with me over 3 years ago, probably before this lawsuit was being filed or I “felt” it being filed and was moved to take my own painting of Van Gogh and his Sunflowers. The painting is called the “asylum” and perhaps that is where the Jews belong, under their Jewish psychiatrists and they can have just one big Jewish party there and then their Jewish doctors can rape their own Jewess wives who deprive them of sex and force them on White Gentile women.
“Taylor won a legal case in 2007, regarding the Van Gogh painting View of the Asylum and Chapel at Saint Remy that she owned. The United States Supreme Court declined to reconsider a lawsuit, filed by four descendants who claimed the artwork as it had belonged to their Jewish ancestor before the Holocaust,[42] to disregard the statute of limitations for restitution claims.”
But look at the article where Liz is crying she has nothing to wear and an entire army of Jewish men go around contacting one another to make sure she has just the right dress. Would you call that Jewess power?  Are Whites connected like that?  I am not connected to even one White, let along 15,000,000 who have $$$ and power.
If you watch the video she talks of the “Genocide” and that is the name of the speech she is giving. Yet, if one changes it from “Jewish Genocide” to Jews Genociding Whites, one gets a very clear message that indeed we are being genocided.  She talks about how Jews were “silenced.” Try to get them to shut up for a minute now and it is impossible, and was impossible in 1789 when the “barker” or “advertiser” would scream around Madame Tussad’s museum to get customers. Taylor talks of their tears.  White Germans only required Jews to “work” for a living, and that brings “tears?”  She says “few cared, leaders forgot to lead, people were “silenced.”
And she says, “Tell my story,” as the Jewish person not victim would say from World War II.  I think that is what my husband is saying: “Tell my Story!”  But, Mike Duncan, the Whites and world not only have been “silenced” that can’t read, hear, or think.
Above all, listen to the strength of Liz Taylor’s voice as the spokesperson for the Jews: “We Shall Outlive Them,” (meaning clearly Whites and it looks as if that has come true in our lifetime.)
She says “If one sows in tears, one reaps in joy.” Then perhaps after all my tears, I shall reap joy of knowing that our message as come alive and we ”Shall Outlive the Jews.”
Can you imagine a White woman, who becomes a traitor to the White Race, and then becomes a Jewess, as you can see how she talks of the color of her dress should be the color of $$$ for that is what she loves.  Elizabeth Taylor was a member of my own church, Christian Science, when she turned her back on Christianity and became the White slave of the Jewish devils on earth.  Hmmmph? (I’m writing as I research this anew.)
Of her 9 husbands, many were Jews, Michael Todd, I know for sure. She “stole” the Jewish man, Eddie Fisher, away from his White Gentile wife, Debbie Reynolds.
Her first husband was Nicky Hilton, of Hilton Hotels, where Elvis performed in Vegas. He was “alcoholic” even though rich, and that is how the Jews bring down the “rich” Whites. I know for a fact, I talked to a billionaire guy in Chicago, and needed to start to “groom his (White” son” for his business, but he confided he was “worthless.”  Worthless Rich White kids?  How did that happen? Was it intentional to their sons and it was to my White son? If so, why aren’t they using their money to help me and us in our struggle for survival.
Her last husband was Larry Fortensky, “sky” at the end means Jewish, and they were married at Michael Jackson’s Never Never Land Ranch of Pedophiles. It is said she gave Michael a red string from the Jewish Kaball to wear around his wrist during the trial against him, and he won and his boys that were raped by him and drugged, lost for $$$$.   I do not believe in Jewish magic like the Kaball, anymore than I believe in Voo Doo. Yet if one believes in it, one can be affected by these mental agencies. Perhaps our entire White Race and Congress is bewitched by Jewish Black Magic.  (Well, they certainly put a black man in there and that wasn’t magic, that was deceiving us thru Jewish media.
Do you see how the “superstars” were made by Jews from Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Frances Farmer, Vivien Leigh?  And how the Jews used their “White” pretty faces (made that way by Jewish plastic surgeons who butcher them like chickens or cows.)  Either that or they die young or are driven to nervous breakdowns, etc. Well, I guess that is one act of “Genocide.”
(Remember to watch the video of Elizabeth, the Jewess, Taylor, at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and How Jews got us brainwashed not only by using “stars” to entertain troops and movies not only “accepting” World War II and the Holo-hoax, but like today, almost all White Americans I know would pick up a machine gun and go fight for Israeli Polish Jews or God-haters.)

Jews Keeping Whites in Lost Wars

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I came across this when searching for something else from jewwatch.com. It only goes back 100 years and Jewish wars, it should go back thousands of years for Whites only we need to stretch our thinking from the present moment, to the past and future.
Note “Communist” is another name for “Jew.”  War is a deadly, bloody game, that one shouldn’t even be in, let alone, win or lose.  Just like Black football or basketball when White boys have been stripped of all White role models or worse yet told they are ‘evil.’
And now we are in Libya? Do you know how the Jews are going to be so successful in getting the other races to hate us?

Zionist America Has Lost Every War for 100 Years
World War One – Armistice Only – USSR Is Lost to Leftist Jewish Regime
World War Two – End-Game Standoff – USSR Steals Poland & Half of Europe
China Kicks America Out Under Communist Rule in 1947
Korea – Not Won – America Pushed South – Armistice
Vietnam – Disaster – Lost – Americans Have to Escape by Helicopter
Lebanon – Disaster – Marines Killed – U.S. Flees
Somalia – Disaster – Americans Killed – Flee
Yugoslavia – Disaster – Split in Pieces
Iraq – Disaster – War Lost
Afghanistan – Disaster – War Lost

English or Hebrew?

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As we all know, Jews not only control TV, radio, book publishing, banks worldwide, Hollywood, Miami, New York, (now Chicago with Raum Emmanuel as new Mayor or Destroyer of the White man) Vegas, (although most of Vegas money now has to bow to Chinese owners, and China loves karaoke, so I think they would stick up for me even before Jews)……but Jews control internet.
I just tried to download a language interpreter software, babelfishcom, and somehow had to choose “Bing” for my search default. As I was looking for the language translator, a new bar is at the top of my screen.  And where it says “Learn Language,” the “only” option I get is “Hebrew.” Not only that, but it changes its “Hebrew” Translator name to “Babylon.”  The USA today is Babylon. The USA today is Poland. The USA today is Prussia. The USA today is the collapse of the Roman Empire all run by Jewish Masters and we Whites (and the rest of the races and done so by using the “White Christian Face,”) …. Whites as Jewish slaves.  Just ask our White women who were “liberated” by Jewish Gloria Steinem, and now if they want husband and kids have to do “all the work” they did at home, including childbirth, breastfeeding (bottle feeding) help children in school as “alllllll the other racial mothers do, such as Jewish mothers, Chinese yellow mothers, Hindu mothers, Japanese mothers, Mexican and Black mothers for we pay for their sex, and babies, and welfare so mothers can stay at home and help their offspring get ahead….. but in addition to the White woman’s role, she now has to work full-time, say another 50 hours a week they sucked out of her and give her Jewish married boss all the sex he wants for free in order to keep her job.
Do you suppose that Hebrew will be the “1” language of the world, when Jews finish their New Jew World Order Government?  I do think that the Whites should have “1” language when we finally unite (I know I’m crazy and delusional and try not to dip into this insane thinking that Whites will ever unite, but sometimes the mind in my fingertips at the keyboard are faster than my thinking mind).  Yes, I repeat. Whites should have 1 language.  World Wide.  Not just Europe. I would think English would be the one since more
Whites speak English than any other language, but I would not want to give the people of England the false notion that they and their Jewish Rothschild’s are running the White Race anymore.
From what I read, google, yahoo, aol, ebay, pay pal, even the “anti-viruses” some are Jewish name ending in “sky,” all Bill Gate’s $$$ to be distributed around the world to “poor blacks and browns,” and his entire corporation is in the hands of Jews, and his attitude is one of “hatred” against Whites as if we are all privileged as we face genocide by Jews.
Jews are everywhere almost like the air I breathe. I ask myself, where is God in our world when we depend on them and all the addictions in the world combined cannot compare to our addictions to Jews.  I guess I feel it the worse, having been under their rule since 1096, that is 915 years to be exact under Jewish rule as a Polish White descendant. I wonder how we should celebrate the “1000” year of Jewish god-ship over Whites?  It will give the Jews an entire millennium of domination and control. But then they had it over Egypt, Babylonia, and Persia, so far as my study has shown.
Also, it seems clear that the gulf oil explosion was another Jewish/White Puppet act of terror. Jews in media know they have trained us whites like seals to expect drama in “stages,” like soap operas, or even sit coms that destroy the White male only to bring him back next week for more torture.
Once the Whites & world, have accepted the gulf tragedy, for we have no one “spying” on them, like they spy on us, the next step was to “raiiiissseee gas prices.”
Anytime the Jews want to control the population… “raise gas prices.”  The Jews and their ilk did so right before Obama was elected.  They do that to fix the attention on gas prices rather than on the fact that we gave our government over to the black race before our death. I guess it would be like a man or woman like Marie Antoinette was put to the guillotine for a fake scheme Jewish Jew-elers devised and before she is assassinated brutally in front of the eyes of the cheering French White people, she gives away her entire fortune to her enemy.  Pretty shifty, huh?
One thinks, “no one is capable of actually orchestrating an entire gulf oil explosion?  How about 9/11?  I was there 6 years ago before tv ever dreamed of announcing it through Roseanne Barr on the “View” a women’s TV show headed by….. who else would the Whites want to watch in the a.m. after the black Oprah?   A Jewish princess, Barbara Walters, her black side kick, lesbian Roseanne Barr and “this” is the White mentality that I have to meet and cope with and then you wonder why I get severely depressed and even suicidal.  Only I won’t give the Jews the pleasure of having me commit suicide.  Let the Jewesses commit suicide first.  Look at how the Jews drive the Palestinian men and women to “suicide,” and we not only don’t drive the Jews to suicide, we Whites collectively drive them to “Paradise” “Heaven,” “Golden Age,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” all expressions I found on the internet records describing how “wonderful” the Jews have had it while they sucked out our White blood, destroyed God as Communists, Christianity, Heterosexuality, and Genocide of White Race.
So step 1: Explosion in Gulf with oil.
step 2: Raise oil prices
step 3: Jews stir up country to riot and protest Egypt, etc.
step 4:  Americans bomb Libya and go to “kill” Qadaffi,  just as they (with Jewish Mastership) killed Saddam Hussein and his family, as they did the White Russian Czar and Czarina.
What is the next step?  All out war with the Mideast and their allies, China and Russia?  More $$$ for Jews, and it will certainly hasten our white death, especially of our White male who has been battered in Jewish wars for almost 1000 years, and probably longer, 2,000 years with the White Roman empire.  When you look at the Mel Gibson movie “The Passion,” that doesn’t only signify what the Jews did to Jesus their own for turning on them, (which is surely a method to keep Jews in line to continue their madness,) but what the Jews have done to the White man. One can just put the face of their own White person who has been tortured in the USA or world. For example, instead of the face of Jesus, I put my own son, Mikey Jr.’s face, and see how the Jews have battered him his entire life.  Just like me. I have no bloodie welts, bruises, black eyes, broken limbs or amputated ones, as Veteran’s have, but inside I’m bleeding just the same and because I don’t have the wounds on my White skin, it is as if I’m “crazy.”  When Freud the Jew defined what Whites consider “crazy.”  Will we never think for ourselves?