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Jewess Devil’s Sperm

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Yes, the Jewess won the war, and left Eva Braun, Mrs. Hitler dead, and the hopes of a “perfect White race.”  Many men will confront the Jew, but few confront the Jewess for fear of looking like a wife beater, yet Jewish men assault White women and this is supposedly OK.
I found this song “Burn” by Whitesnake. I am going to sing ‘Shake my Tree,’ and take a prop on stage with me of one of my Magic Mulberry Tree Limbs.  I’m reading the book, “How to Make Friends and Influence People.” I read it before and it didn’t work, but perhaps it will help me to get along with this reality, of which I don’t belong.   It says in the book, that props of all kinds are “good,” so as people think I’m crazy for taking props on stage, I’m really following 70 year old advice for “remembering” things and making sure other people remember my performance.
Here are the lyrics though to “Burn.” It talks of an evil woman who is so evil she is the result of the sperm from the Devil. And at present Jews have not only the power, but the money to destroy us in a conflagration. Didn’t one of their black stooges, Martin Luther King Jr. threaten to burn down the USA with a few token fires if we didn’t bend our wills and give the blacks everything “they” wanted and take all away from the Whites and leave them so indebted it will be only decades before we starve to death as the Jews did to Poland, or have us killing each other as Whites by decapitating our loved ones and put their White Heads on Sticks while “all” the rich Jews will live as not one Jew billionaire died in the French Revolution. The book I was reading, although a novel, lied by introducing a “lovable male Jewish assistant,” whose family perished, and one felt more sorry for this concocted Jewish family, than all our White Christian brothers and sisters, even nuns and priests, who were guillotined in the French Resistance.
No Jews died according to the Polish White Historian in France during the 3 Revolutions. They were billionaires and living high off the hog, as the Jews did in Poland for 1,000 years, while my Daddy’s ancestors were their White slaves for Jews, bodybags for Jews, and the White women were sewers for Jewish sperm! The Devil’s sperm. I wonder if the Jew doctor that raped me injected Devil’s sperm inside of me. Thank God I wasn’t pregnant, for they wouldn’t have had to kill me, I would have killed myself rather than bring a 1/2 Devil Jew baby into the world. That is why Hitler deported all the rapists first, even before banksters.  The Nazis had “character,” and wanted to “protect White women and children.” Now our White women and children are at the mercy of the Jews and God-hating Communists who have no “mercy.”

The sky is red, I don’t understand,
past midnight I still see the land
People are sayin’ the woman is damned,
she makes you burn with a wave of her hand.
The city’s a blaze, the town’s on fire.
The woman’s flames are reaching higher.
We were fools, we called her liar.
All I hear is – “Burn!”

I didn’t believe she was devil’s sperm.
She said, “Curse you all, you’ll never learn!
When I leave there’s no return.”
The people laughed till she said, “Burn!”
Warning came, no one cared.
Earth was shakin’, we stood and stared.
When it came no one was spared.
Still I hear – “Burn!”

You know we had no time,
we could not even try.
You know we had no time.

You know we had no time,
we could not even try.
You know we had no time.

The sky is red, I don’t understand,
past midnight I still see the land.
People are sayin’ the woman is damned,
she makes you burn with a wave of her hand.
Warning came, no one cared.
Earth was shakin, we stood and stared.
When it came no one was spared.
Still I hear – “Burn!”

Meeting on Himmler Not Shut Down

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As I wrote in lengthy email we Whites were shut down in Chicago peacefully uniting, by a bomb scare probably planted by Jews or their ilk. What if we made it so difficult for the Jews to unite that even the Jewish male and female couldn’t be together from our “mind techniques.” That is how badly the Jews have broken us down at a profit of billions. They even destroy our churches, as Pastor Eli is a non-violent preacher, who was very kind to me, kinder than my own husband as far as hospitality.
I also attended a David Irving meeting here near Vegas, and again will not tell you ahead of time, nor tell you location to protect his privacy. It is no wonder that we don’t have 200,000 attending like the Willie and Kate wedding, for we can’t even talk about these meetings or write about them as if we are in a dream and they don’t exist, but only the reality of the Jews and how they have twisted our minds, souls, and even bodies.
This is the second annual meeting I attended and there were no problems. It was a lovely room, with a buffet, and a nice little crowd of White people. David Irving is a historical scholar who has studied many volumes of literature, 45,000 code messages of Germans from their authenticity and not as we have studied, “Jewish books, Jewish authors, Jewish witnesses who lied their tongues off.” I’m surprised Jews still have tongues for if I lied like that my White Polish Mama would have cut it off as well as my arm if I stole from her. Jewish Mamas encourage their offspring to lie and give their children $$$ rewards when they do for Jewish Supreme Control of us and the world.
The government of Austria arrested and imprisoned David Irving and I read his book “Banged Up,” showing how crafty Jews can be in constantly punishing White people if they even get close to the truth.
I was a little surprised that David Irving’s editor is JEWISH! That leads me to believe that even David Irving has to watch what he says, and writes, and even he gets closed down in many cities.  It also means that David Irving knows much more to incriminate the Jews but is holding back, I think.  Hopefully, he will get over this Jewish Writing cramp that Jews have given him and he can analyze his work from a White man’s perspective.  Other than that, the meeting was delightful and I met a few White Europeans who actually came with me to karaoke. I went home and changed into my best Scarlet O’Hara gown and sang for them.  They were shocked that anyone would be so nice to them as they wanted to see the Strip but not living here didn’t know what to do and to be treated so “royally” by the Queen of Karaoke for I had to go home to change, make up, hair, and then drive back to a casino to meet them and give a special performance for them at midnight. I never leave that late for I’m usually too tired. Can you imagine me with a Jewish editor for my autobiography?
I did mention at the meeting about being raped by Jewish doctor and did David Irving know that the first Jews deported were these Jewish rapists, not even the banksters!  He didn’t know of it and I gave him the reference book name I found in college. Hitler wanted “police reports,” and back in 1967 White women were conditioned to be scared to death of admitting being raped. Jews are First Fist Class Terrorists! The Fist they wield is not like my Mama’s fist if I was bad or Daddy was bad, but a mental unseen fist that makes us enjoy their Genociding us.
Most historians, even Irving, study from a male’s point of view. I think my bringing in the female point of view, especially since I would be called the Perfect Hitler woman in that I breastfed, had a large garden, took good care of my husband, even worked full or part time if needed to help the family, was outdoors like Hitler wanted families to be, developed character in my White sons thru my own example and took them to Sunday School.  Also, I was like Hitler’s lover, Eva Braun, who was the “entertainer” of the Nazi People. She loved her gowns and dinner parties, but she also drank, chainsmoked, and also tried suicide 3 times like me. Only I’m here to write bout it and she is gone and defiled as the “lover of Hitler.”
The other meetings that were shut down that I went to was the David Duke, European American Conference 3 years ago in Memphis.  The blacks had us shut down at the hotel threatening management to pull their Christian Church meetings which gathered there. Wonder what kind of “Christianity” they are teaching there: Hating Whites, but loving each other only to get ahead and unite as the Jewish founded and led NAACP.
The first meeting was the No More Wars for Israel in 2007, where my car engine blew up on the way in Barstow California and I was 24 hours late. Only to find the group shut down and they finally met in a Greek Church basement!
We are reduced to worse than animals not White humans. This is totally unacceptable. And my only hope is that we can somehow become easier for other Whites to assemble, but never losing our identity or watering it down to appeal to Whites who are more Jews than Jews themselves.
Oh and yes the White People’s Party leader was threatened by FBI if we ever had another protest as the one that counterprotested the 85,000 illlegals who marched down near the Strip as if the Mexicans “owned” the Strip. Jews who “do own the Strip” encourage that maladjusted behavior against Whites and even the Polish immigrants here are terrorized of the Mexican Mafia. They don’t even know of the Jewish Mafia Mossad that is genociding us.

Anniversary of Hitler’s Death

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Sigh…… I just wanted to write about an additional meeting that I went to in Chicago for pro-White people; we again were kicked out because of a bomb scare and a fire started in the men’s bathroom. It is said the ARA started it, but this is the 4th meeting that was shut down for pro-Whites and I have only attended 6.  Plus the American Renaissance meetings for Whites has been shut down twice on the East Coast.
Here are the meetings that have been shut down since I started attended meetings in October of 2007.
I have tried to open up different websites regarding “No More Wars for Israel,” but 2 of the first 4 I tried to open refuse to open. Jews closing down websites as fast as we can put them up. This is nothing new. This is how Jews controlled White Poland with a Jewish Iron Fist for 900 years, France from my recent studies, and now America. And all the while they are controlling us, the Jews are screwing the hell out of White women and getting away with it, as they did “before” Adolf Hitler came to power.
I will start with the last meeting I attended when I went to Chicago. I was the guest of Pastor Eli who is from Christian Identity. No matter what your beliefs are or opinions are, there are very few Christian clergy activists trying to not only save the White person, but the White soul.  The people were very kind to me and I was able to get transportation to the meeting, a lovely buffet, and a second buffet the next day. I was lucky that the room I scheduled gave me 2 days for less than the price of one, otherwise I couldn’t have attended and it gave me the luxury of attending my own church in the morning. I see many of us attending “interdenominational” meetings, as that is good for us to research “other” religions. To “not” research a White religion would be to discriminate and add nails to our White Christian coffin.
The waitress guided us in to a secret back room of a restaurant that no one knew about. I will not tell the name or place.  Although with Jewish Mossad and the SPLC, Jewish Southern “Poverty” Law Center, which is not only “Not” in poverty, but disgraces the word as I suffered poverty as a daughter of Jewish Whipping Masters. The Jews didn’t use a “physical” whip, they used the “mind” to whip us into shape, as we Whites are whipped into slavery daily, 24/7, as we worship “Not’ God, but “jew gods,” as our masters, leaders, directors, healers, lawyers, book writers, entertainers, hair and clothing design, jewelers, gold goons, ec.
The waitress said to me “Oh you are going to the party with the Nazi flags and I nodded.” The meeting had been held there before. I was very impressed for on the table were 2 large cakes:  1 of Adolf Hitler and 1 of General Lee.  It was Adolf Hitler’s birthday and it was Confederate History Month. Since my White husband commit suicide I have studied much of people who have tried to save White women and children, and Hitler’s name popped up first. It was at school, thru college books at library, I learned of book HitlerJugend, which said that the Nazis were trying to “save” children by programs and propaganda of “not smoking, drinking, drugging,” having character, eating plenty of vegetables, and loving one’s Mother for Hitler started “Mother’s Day,” and the “Mother’s Cross” for any woman who had more than 8 children. Hitler was going to extend his policies also to White Poland so surely if my Mama were there and had 12 babies, she would have gotten the highest medal in the land. That is a far cry from the kick in the ass that Mama got in the USA where she and Daddy were White slaves for Jews in South Chicago, and their ancestors were slaves for 900 years for Jews, even starving to death 50,000 a year while the Jews walked in golden glittery robes robbing the corpses. Even though I wrote that a hundred times, do you know how many times the Jews told you that Whites killed 6,000,000 Jews and it wasn’t true. And that those phony pix that are in the Holocaust Museum are of White Christian Poles and “Not” all Jews! They are filthy liars, and that is how the Jews got all their filthy money, with filthy lies and acts for “their” Jewish wives and Jewish children.  It has worked for 2,000 years, why would they change a good thing.
And why would the Jews let us meet, even a small crowd?  Jews demand 100% as Tyrant Gods to Whites and World. There is no freedom of speech or freedom of peaceful assembly.  Violent Assembly, yes, for Jews will make $$$ off of wars as I showed you in French Revolutions where Jews were not only “rich” but billionaires by today’s standards, and getting all that money by deceit and chicanery.
We should change the Pledge of Allegiance to read:
“I pledge allegiance to the Jews and to the United Jews of the World,
And to the Jew Republic for which I stand, one nation, one world, under (God)….. I mean under Jews,
Indivisible (certainly Jews cannot be divided for they act as one 15,000,000 peopled whole, only the Jews divide us Whites), with liberty and justice for “all” in America, except for Whites who cannot speak, meet, or even have reminders of Christianity.  The “liberty” is like the USS Liberty Ship the dumb Polak Jews of America tried to sink in 1967 and blame the Egyptians Muslims.  Whites have no liberty.  Jews are “not equal, but the are Supremacists.  And the for “all,” refers to “all” the 92% of the other races and Jews that Whites have had to work for 24/7 for free benefits and schemes against us that will end in genocide by “mind” techniques.
I only got to hear one speaker and then when Pastor Eli went up to speak, which is really why I went, he couldn’t have spoken just a few sentences and then all of a sudden there was fire smoke drifting thru the hall. Since I was in an actual fire and saved a White Polish baby in 1960, I became frightened.  I didn’t think for a second it was an “accident” but again the Jews or their ilk who have been brainwashing us for centuries, had taken Gestapo control. We could only wish we had Gestapo control so that we could at least meet as White people.
Before you know it we were surrounded by Police and Firemen, firetrucks, police cars, bomb squads, and we were “kicked” out like nothing more than human footballs for the Jews to “be entertained,” at how easy it is to stop us from speaking and meeting peacefully.
Jews are not afraid that we will start a revolution.  Jews are already doing that thru regular talk radio which says provokes anarchy and many other ways.  As Jews kept France thru 3 revolutions and then constant wars, Jews are doing the same here. Jews have used their black physical slaves up, and want brown slaves. Jews have used up Whites and want yellows for their intelligent slaves.  Whites do not need a single moment more of talk of wars, or Mideast Revolutions. China is amassing the world’s greatest army and economy. China did the same when we Whites thought our civilization under Alexander the Great was so great, and then came China and outdid us and left us Whites in the dark ages.
And without a doubt, these meetings are peaceful. The preacher talks only of God or Yahweh that will save us and doesn’t talk violence at all.
My Polish White grandfather, Polish-Russian General, wrote in the front pages of the Bible, “You will walk for miles and miles to see even a ‘footstep’ of another human.”
How I walk thru life throughout the year, meeting only with Whites that are doomed to death by Jews, or non-Whites, or Christians that only want to help other races.  And finally after 3 years, I go to meet with other Whites and we are shut down!
It is Hitler’s Birthday today and in order to study him I had to suffer the worse pains of life, worse than giving childbirth without drugs at home. The pain was not only in my uterus or womb, but to study Hitler it was as if I had to break out of my own body and soul and enter another dimension.  It was there I read about the fact that Jewish men were raping White German women like crazy, ejaculating in them, getting them pregnant and abandoning them. That is why the Jews made the movie “Inglorious Basteurds” which portrayed Jews bashing the hell out of of the heads of White Germans when indeed it was the Jewish Bastards that Hitler deported from Germany first. Jews get revenge on us all the time, and we seem to think we should take it like Jesus just took it. That is a misconception of Christianity, for one must think deeper about that.
Hitler made the 25 rules for his Nazi party to “save the White Race.” And in that it was clearly defined that Jews were not to have sex with White women. In the Nazi schools the young girls from 8 to 12 were taught and warned of Jewish doctors preying on White girls. The example movie was of a White German girl waiting in a doctor’s office for a female problem. The girl in the waiting room hears strange noises in the doctor’s office and goes in to see the doctor raping the White female patient not just examining her. The other girl runs to the police station and fills out a report. Had I been taught that in 1967 when the Jew doctor Rejtman raped me in Chicago, I could have run to an “all-White” police department for support by these strong men, not have to hide in shame a secret so dark it nearly destroyed “me” while the Jews lives in luxury with his own clinic for him, his Jewess wife, and Jewish kids. Just as he threatened me if I told anyone he would confine me to insane asylum for he had 10 witnesses to prove I’m crazy and that this would destroy his career for “he had a Jewish wife and kids” to worry about! I was nothing but worse than an animal or a sewer for his infected evil sperm. Worse than Rosemary’s Baby had I conceived for surely he would have had to have killed me if I spoke. Here is my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeRC0RxBCJ8
From reading books from a “Woman’s perspective” one can see why the German women found so much hope in him, as White women have put their hope and love into Elvis. The books I read were one of the only 2 about Eva Braun, his mistress that commit suicide with him.
With this newspaper cover it isn’t only “Hitler” that died, but the last nails in the White man’s coffin:
I have to pray that God was Hitler’s life, and the good that he established is forever. What was human, like our own, dies away, but never the good.  And boy oh boy did I find the good at least from my own White Polish female life.
There is still controversy until today as to how Hitler died. Also, don’t you find it “odd” that President Roosevelt also died just a few weeks before. The Jews used up Roosevelt and had to dispose of him for Roosevelt had too much secret information that was never written.  And Hitler could never ever be a witness for the Jews need 100% pro-Jewish testimony at their trial.
Surely the information “fed into” Hitler was intentional to drive him to suicide: here is how Hitler found out if the cynanide would work…. thru his doctor killing his pet dog, Blondi. And didn’t the Jews kill the White blonde woman anyway, with all the “dumb Blonde” jokes.  The Blonde woman is not the pillar of the White race but the joke for all the world to laugh at or screw the hell out of. But never intelligent, nor spiritual, and certainly one that will never “obey” like Kate Middleton refuse to. She’ll obey the Jews… or else….. it will be the end of the English Monarchy and she will be living in a shack as my husband’s ancestors from Lithuania that were once royalty.
During the course of 29 April, Hitler learned of the death of his ally Benito Mussolini who had been executed by Italian partisans. Mussolini’s body and that of his mistress Clara Petacci had been strung up by their heels and later cut down and lay in the gutter where vengeful Italians reviled them. It is probable that these events strengthened Hitler’s resolve not to allow himself or his wife to be to be made “a spectacle of” as he had earlier recorded in his Testament.[40] That afternoon, Hitler expressed doubts about the cyanide capsules he had received through Himmler’s SS.[41] To verify the capsules’ potency, Hitler ordered Dr. Werner Haase to test them on his dog Blondi, and the animal died as a result.[
It must have broke Hitler’s heart, as I had to put my dog, Queenie, mother of 52 puppies to sleep, when my Viet Vet husband kicked her down a long flight of stairs because she was old and couldn’t walk down fast enough. He called her a “slink,” for she was afraid of him.
This Dr. Haase above was under the notorious mad quack, Dr. Morrell, and here is about him:
Dr. Morrell, from my studies, was a doctor to Jewish Entertainers of Germany, and had close associates with Jews in Hollywood. It would be a piece of cake for Dr. Morrell to be feeding information to Jews around the world, for Dr. Morrell, never left Hitler’s side, even through appearances.
“Some historians have attempted to explain this association by citing Morell’s reputation in Germany for success in treating syphilis, along with Hitler’s own (speculated) fears of the disease which he associated closely with Jews.:  (Here Hitler associates a filthy STD of syphilis with Jews and their perverted sex.)
Since it was doctors that administered and counseled Hitler in the suicide of his dog, Blondi, all of Blondi’s innocent puppies living in the Fuhrerbunker, his assistant, Goebbels, his wife, and all their 6 children. and then Hitler, Mrs. Eva Hitler, we can see what a evil effect the doctors had on the Nazi regime. Here is more on the Dr. Morrell, from Albert Speers his partner in Architecture to rebuild Austria and Germany and turn them not into “old” world countries of Whites all used up, and ripe for destruction so America Jews could take top billing.

As Hitler’s physician, Morell was constantly recommended to other members of the Nazi leadership but most of them, including Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler, immediately dismissed him as a quack. As Albert Speer related in his autobiography:

In 1936, when my circulation and stomach rebelled…I called at Morell’s private office. After a superficial examination…Morell prescribed for me his intestinal bacteria, dextrose, vitamins, and hormone tablets.
For safety’s sake I afterward had a thorough examination by Professor von Bergmann, the specialist in internal medicine at Berlin University. I was not suffering from any organic trouble, he concluded, but only from nervous symptoms caused by overwork.
I slowed down my pace as best I could and the symptoms abated. To avoid offending Hitler I pretended that I was carefully following Morell’s instructions, and since my health improved, I became for a time Morell’s showpiece.” (Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich, 1970).

Speer characterized Morell as an opportunist who, once he achieved status as Hitler’s physician, became extremely careless and lazy in his work, and who was more concerned with money and status rather than providing medical assistance.

Göring called Morell Der Reichsspritzenmeister, a nickname that stuck. This term does not have a precise English translation. Among the translations of this nickname are “Injection Master of the German Reich“, “The Reich’s Injections Impresario” (Junge, Until the Final Hour), and “The Master of the Imperial Needle” (O’Donnell, The Bunker). However this term is translated, its underlying meaning is the same—it implied that Morell always resorted to using injections and drugs when faced with a medical problem, and that he overused these drug injections.

Morell developed a rivalry with Dr. Karl Brandt, who had been attending Hitler since 1933. The two often argued, though Hitler usually sided with Morell. Eva Braun later changed her opinion of Morell, calling his office a “pig sty” and refusing to see him any more.

You can see with Dr. Morrell’s view of “love of money” the Jews of America could have easily bought out Morrell, and even under his direction had all of the White people in the Fuhrerbunker killed. It was ruled “suicide” but was it really “suicide” or did the doctors coach and coax them and even administer the cynanide pills.

It was said that Hitler was so disgusted with all the medicine at the end that he “fired” Dr. Morrell. Also Dr. Morrell might have had prior knowledge that the Russians were going to overtake the Bunker and Jews always keep their “own doctors” safe and sound, no matter what they do to us Whites as their White Rats and White Guinea pigs.

After the 20 July 1944 assassination attempt against Hitler, Morell treated him with topical penicillin, which had only recently been introduced into testing by the U.S. Army. Where he acquired it is unknown, and Morell claimed complete ignorance of penicillin when he was interrogated by American intelligence officers after the war. When members of Hitler’s inner circle were interviewed for the book The Bunker, some claimed Morell owned a significant share in a company fraudulently marketing a product as penicillin.

By April 1945, Hitler was taking 28 different pills a day along with numerous injections (including many of glucose) every few hours and intravenous injections of methamphetamine almost every day.

On 22 April 1945, about a week before committing suicide, Hitler dismissed Morell from the Führerbunker in Berlin, saying that he did not need any more medical help.

I can empathize with Hitler for I was on 23 pills a day, and at the end of my rope with physicians who made me so much worse than I was to begin with. I was suffering from a broken heart from a relationship that ended with a Chicago Policeman kicked off the force during the Civil Rights days. He was White and that made him a target for their New Jew Law of Civil Rights.  Thank God, thru Christian Science, I not only got off all that medicine, but was able to scream at the Jew boss at my former place of employment that was demanding sex from me.

Morell escaped Berlin on one of the last German flights out of the city but was soon captured by the Americans. One of his interrogators was reportedly “disgusted” by his obesity and complete lack of hygiene. Although he was held in an American internment camp, on the site of the former Buchenwald concentration camp, and questioned because of his proximity to Hitler, Morell was never charged with any crimes.

Substances given to Hitler

Morell kept a medical diary of the drugs, tonics, vitamins and other substances he administered to Hitler, usually by injection or in pill form. Most were commercial preparations, some were his own. Since some of these compounds are considered toxic, many historians have speculated Morell may have contributed to Hitler’s poor health. This fragmentary list of representative ingredients would have seemed somewhat less shocking during the 1940s:

Morell apparently never told Hitler (or anyone else) what he was administering, other than to say the preparations contained various vitamins and “natural” ingredients—although this is discredited, as both Hitler and Traudl Junge (Hitler’s Secretary) knew what was being administered, with the latter assisting Morell. Some ingredients were later confirmed by doctors who had been shown pills by Hitler while temporarily treating him. A few of the preparations (such as Glyconorm, a tonic popular in Switzerland for fighting infections) contained rendered forms of animal tissues such as placenta, cardiac muscle, liver and bull testicles. During his interrogation after the war, Morell claimed another doctor had prescribed cocaine to Hitler and at least one other doctor is known to have administered it through eyedrops after he requested it in the hours following an almost successful assassination attempt on 20 July 1944. Cocaine was routinely used for medical purposes in Germany during that time but Morell is said to have increased the dosage tenfold; despite this, the concentration was still weak as the eyedrops were only 1% cocaine. Overuse of cocaine eyedrops has been associated with psychotic behavior, hypertension and other symptoms; given the weak dosage, it’s more likely they were caused by Methamphetamine of which these are also common symptoms. However historians[who?] have generally tended to discount any effects of Morell’s treatments on Hitler’s decision-making.

Note that even Wiki says the word “Who?” wondering where some of these opinions came from. Jew quack doctors have used us for guinea pigs for centuries, and have not only made us dependent on them, but Jews have inflicted us with horrible illnesses.  Take Typhus and how Jew doctors from Poland injected people with it to spread the disease.  Or Jews breaking us down with illegal drugs, excessive pills, booze, junk food, too much sugar, coffee, all the while adding $ $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.$$ into the Jewish treasury of Polish descendants.  Jews make us sick, then we have no recourse in most cases except to “run to them.”  The New Health Care law should include alternative medical care and eventually wipe out the Jewish medical industry, for even the American Medical Association was started by a man who wasn’t even a doctor but a failed clown.  What a terrible terrible joke on the White Race.

So on this Hitler’s Death Anniversary, we can see that our White fate, which Hitler tried to save before he got into the vulture doctor’s hands, was so well meant. I can’t even think with caffeine properly. Even I find that lemon juice seems to have a funny effect on me.  I do my best work on no drugs whatsoever. Perhaps especially now as I get older. Surely if I ever have to take drugs, my writing will stop, for drugs have done crazy things to me before.  So at least until I finish writing and performing I need to stay clear of any foreign substances, just like Whites should stay clear of foreign substances like Jews and foreign races!
Every time one of these Jew-type agencies shut us down for peacefully uniting, breaks me down personally.  I tend to want to give up anyway, and even the slightest discouragement could stop even a stronger person than myself who the Jews have broken down for 1,000 years.  Why they would do that to a “good” White woman and not their evil, lazy Jewesses I will never know. Jews can’t be that stupid as I think they are.
Some went so far as to claim Morell used Hitler as a “guinea pig” for several of the drugs he tried to develop and sell but these latter claims were made by people without medical backgrounds and may not be reliable.
From a flyer I got at the meeting in Chicago trying to unite White people peacefully, I got some info on the “Holocaust Racket.”
The Six Million Jews killed is based on testimony of 2 Jews: Simon Wiesenthal, and Elie Wiesel, both Jewish weasels and liars. “The purpose of these Jewish lies are to BLEED, BLACKMAIL, EXTORT, AND TERRORIZE THE ENEMIES OF ‘ORGANIZED JEWERY,’ into Silence or Submissiveness to Zionism and Communism – both movements founded, financed and led by Jews. (As you know my dead husband that commit suicide saying there was no help for the White man in Chicago, also fought the yellow Commies on the front line of Viet Nam jungles, and Jew Commies killed 66,000,000 God-loving people.)
It further states that these blood-sucking, bloodthirsty, criminal vampire-Jews are organized to put us Whites into the Third World War…. against Iran.  Isn’t 2,000 + years of using Whites for war enough? Don’t you want to have your children excel and become valedictorian speakers and the “best” at their field of endeavor?
In the flyer it states that Elie Wiesel, went to Weimar to sleep with German White woman after being released. So what is the first thing a Jewish man does who has been in a work camp. Does he thank God he is free? Free to what? Rape, rape, rape. Again, the first thing he does is rape German White women, just as Hitler tried to stop with the 25 rules of Germany from Jews raping and ejaculating in White women.
And I can attest to Jewish doctor raping me in 1967, and other women that I know who have had to be their White Gentile sex slaves, giving up their White identity their White Christianity, to be a sex sewer for Jewish sperm!
This political pornography is “required” reading in Chicago schools!  So it is “good” that White women get raped.  That takes the Jew man and his kyke wife and kids off the hook and enables them to take trillions more of your dollars. I cannot for the life of me see why any White person would work another die in their lives for this Jewish system of filth.
White tax dollars pay for these courses defiling White women and applauding Jewish men!  I refuse to worship Jewish men, women and children.They are not ‘gods’ my God is good and wants me to live forever, not die in a Jewish hospital, with a Jewish doctor having sex with me, or a Jewish nursing home.
As soon as one of us says “Peep” to break the 2,000 year silence, the Jews will throw another $50,000,000.00 into more Jewish propaganda and “I Hate Whites” film and only have sex with White women as “revenge” to the White man. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. would come to Vegas to have “revenge” sex against White prostitutes here and beat the White women as “revenge” for the Southern White men giving the blacks the biggest and best chance of their lives, for feeding the blacks the #1 vegetables to keep them well and healthy, giving blacks Christianity instead of Cannibalism, for “that goodness” in this holy Confederate month, Black leaders beat White women IN REVENGE!
Surely, the doctor raping me in Chicago was “revenge” to the Whites while uplifting his jewess wife and children “higher” into god-ship worship.
And today, his Jewess wife lives in utter luxury, “Kingdom of Heaven” “Paradise” “Golden Age for Jews,” while I suffer in silence and am kicked out of meetings along with all my fellow white men and women who tried to meet peacefully, for cake with White icing, with Hitler’s and General Lee’s pictures on them, a nice buffet, pleasant enlightened White people and even an innocent non-violent preacher!

France: Guillotine Royal Couple Charles XVI, Marie Antoinette

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First of all, autobiographically speaking, I wrote of having horrible nightmares when younger. And it was the same dream. Mama and Daddy would both be holding a guillotine and they would be chopping it and coming after me to chop my head off! I reasoned later that perhaps Mama and Daddy really wanted me to breed and hated the thought of a girl going to school and even graduating high school, which no girl in my family did. Even when I checked my Mama’s ancestry in the 1930 census, it shows the boys in high school, and Mama dropped out in 5th grade to milk cows in South Chicago for the “rich Jewesses and their kyke children that lived across 83rd Street. Jews always lived close to their Polish White slaves for Jews trained us to accept their greediness and abuse as if we were trained seals. Only trained seals had it better and didn’t starve to death as my Polish White ancestors did under Jewish rule in Poland for 900 years.

And the last line I wrote in my noes was that this French Revolution of 1789 where the object was to kill off the rich Royal Couple, is said to have been “the first genocide in history of 500,000 (white people.) Although Jews lived in France and were filthy rich as usual, not one was killed or hurt in any way!!!

The French started to plant “liberty” trees all over France. Women patriots wore red caps.

The mob rushes the palace and Queen cries, “They are going to kill us.”

Jew boy in story says to Marie Tussaud not to worry. I have 3 quick examples how Jews use mind tricks so they don’t feel any guilt over their crimes of even genocide of White Race.

  1. When I worked at Jew Production Tool in Chicago, Jewish president told me that I worry too much and I should be like him. His company was going bankrupt and in chapter 11, creditors calling, and he would skip the office in the afternoon and spend it screwing his black girlfriend. And all these years the White Southern men have been blamed for making 1/2 black babies, when it was the Jews screwing the black workers (slaves,) and blaming Whites.
  2. At Jewish Mind Clinic in Chicago with Ben Belden he taught to say silently phrases like “Big Deal! Who Cares! So What!” Do those phrases apply to our White extinction. For the Jews actually have these phrases programmed in their minds.
  3. Brother Eddie saw psychiatrist and he taught “Throw the word ‘should’ out the window.” In other words, Jews ‘should’ feel remorse, but they throw their ‘shoulds’ out the window. Shoulds only apply to Whites. We “should” feel sorry for Jews and 92% of the world’s population and abandon our own White needs.

The author writes that she sees a woman breastfeeding her baby and was so taken by it she sculpted them both. When I was breastfeeding I had to hide like a common criminal in the USA in 1970, and it is no wonder I have mental problems today. The mind can only withstand so much pain before shutting down.

And of course it is about “liberty and equality.” Ask the Jews if they are “equal” or are they Supremacists?

The “National Assembly” the name of the Revolutionaries issue each citizen a 10′ pike, cannons, pistons, sabers, knives, fire and oil.

No one is allowed in the city without a passport. (Why do we have illegals running around in America like cockroaches? Why? Because the Chosen Ones, the Jews, have chosen the browns for their new slaves and replacement for the entire White Race. The Jews are dispossessing us of our own country.

The French crowd was really into all this bloodbath. I wonder if our own White people will feel the same when it is our White blood the Jews, yellows, blacks and browns splatter.

Year 1792: We have a new government dedicated to keeping the citizens safe. … Why can’t we have at least that in America as Whites suffer so much crime not only from hoodlums, but from the ones at the top, and Jews.

The Royal Queen trial begins and she is accused of molesting her son to get a shock from the people. (Again the people need a reason of hate to guillotine her, just as White Americans needed reason to bomb the hell out of Germany, our own brothers and sisters and their little children, babies, and pregnant women.)

Verdict is read: guilty on every charge. (if you think of it, the French Queen was gone and replaced by a Jewish princess, literally, on a pedestal to be worshiped.

The newspapers begin to print the end of the “Reign of Terror,” yet the terror that we live under surely seems like real terror to me, from Jews raping me, to blacks beating up my Mama and Daddy and brothers, kicking my holy brother in the groin disfiguring him for life, and the blacks drugging and prostituting my sister Rose. Then a black with a gun comes in my toolshed. And we “pay” blacks for this, when they should pay us for giving them the luxury of living in the USA and not sending them back to their black mothers of Africa who beat them constantly cause blacks wouldn’t work.

Not only that, Jews want more and more work from Whites for that means $$$.

In the book the police go to arrest a mother, she screams “But I’m a mother,” and they reply, “you should have thought of that when you betrayed your nation.” Think of how many in USA today have “betrayed” our White nation and people and even Christianity.

In this French Revolution if one wore clothes that were “too fancy” they could be executed. There must be an unwritten law like that in the USA for we Whites seem to be dressing in ripped up jeans and rags and all dressed the same like Communists.

Madame Tussaud drew up a pre-nup before her wedding to Mr. Tussaud who she met in prison. After the marriage he turned to drinking and heavy gambling, and that is why she left France.

Just before the Revolution, Paris became one giant cafe. (The people wanted constant bread and coffee, and if they were deprived of that they were ready to kill…. probably to get their caffeine fix. Do you think the French were over-caffeinated and that is why they guilotined 40,000 of their fellow whites.

I’m looking up “guilotine” and Jews to see if any Jews were guilotined during the Reign of Terror, and they weren’t. They had to pay heavy fines, but were kept alive and well.  Here is a website on page 529 which shows how “rich” the Jews of France were, and as my research showed. also note the occupation of one of them: sale of tobacco, a substance that has killed perhaps a hundred million White people since the 1600’s.

As in Poland, the richest people were the Jews and were left untouched and unguilotined. Only the Royal Couple and all those rich people were guilotined and murdered, but the Jews were let off scot free….. again and again I find this throughout European history.

Here’s the website where the French “taxed” the Jews heavily. Today, Jews have lawyers and a majority of Jews in Supreme Court to make laws in “favor” of Jews who get off from paying heavy taxes. I saw that in 1967 when I worked as a Jewish Accountant’s assistant and saw all the tax loopholes they had, and the bankruptcy which didn’t affect the Jew President at all.

I finally finished book and notes of Madame Tussaud, A Novel about the French Revolution, and their royalty, King Charles XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette from Austria.

It is a good day to write about this, for 2 billion people watched the wedding of English Royalty, of Kate and Willie, so in your mind you can imagine that Willie is Charles XVI and Kate is Marie Antoinette. You will then see more clearly how horrific this book of France’s Reign of Terror really is. For the French couple started out very similar to this young people with the praises and adulation of all the people, especially hoping for a baby for an heir.

Thomas Paine: “Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way!”

Here is Marie in her finest clothes and with her hubby. I happen to like all the hair, feathers, glamor for both.  These are the waxed figures made of them.  This is “before” when the people loved her, the next picture is after, when the Jews plotted a conspiracy against Marie, and had her decapitated thru instigating a French Revolution with the Jewish Necklace Conspiracy. That entailed a trick the Jews pulled using a Catholic Cardinal who was to buy an extremely expensive necklace in the name of Marie Antoinette at a time when the French people were “starving.”  Let me note, from my last email, that this “starving” method has been used on Europe for 1,000 years on White people, and I know it was Jew Communists of Russia and then Poland that “starved” their people by first making the people dependent on bread and then taking the bread away along with the mental processes to grow one’s own food.

The after is after the Revolutionaries beheaded the White Queen. Madame Tussaud was instructed to make a head wax figure from the decapitated head. Odd but while all these tragedies surround the White race we don’t see this happening to Jewesses.

The people of France were hungry and the “propaganda” was that Marie told the people when they had no bread to “Let Them Eat Cake.” In the book, the people really only wanted 2 pleasures, coffee and cake. No good veggies, or meat or fish. But caffeinated coffee and sugary cake.

The revolution was started against Marie by jealous women who were being violent for they hated the sex stories that were being spread about Marie.

It was said that French Life consisted of giving the people “bread” and “circuses.”  And today, we in America have junk food for bread and circuses, circuses and more circuses. Just turn on the news and see their circus event 9/11 to “entertain” us.  Sadly, but truly.

If one can imagine the people wanted the French Royal power along with the church “carved” up and given to the people. Can you imagine today if we carved up the Jewish power and gave it to the White people? Yet Jews are definitely involved in this story.

Were the bankers Jewish at the time that were showering her with “too much” money to make her look extravagant? I sent an email on France and Jews and the Jewish bankers were there throughout France’s history, do we might assume Jews were.  Jews were always getting the Royalty in European countries in trouble and in debt.  First get the Whites addicted to high life style, then when the White Royals can’t pay, Jews buy the power to get what they want.  Unending $$$$ supply from both Royalty and people. Happened in my Poland, 1096.

People wanted to get rid of King, Queen, Nuns and Priests.  It is written that they were instigated to rid even God in the country.

“When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is… the most indispensable of duties.” Marquis de Lafayette. (yet Whites have been genocided of their rights and we don’t even know all they have done. It is only now I’m starting to find out, and if I’m writing about this much, it must be a million times worse… and hidden.)

Rioters tore down factory with 5,000 clubs and shovels.

Rumor that owner would cut wages.

The word “Liberty” is used throughout the book. And from studying the Polish Jews of Israel bombing to shmithereens, the USS Liberty, as a false flag to blame Egypt if it sunk, I can assume the USS Liberty was “sent” by our government in cooperation with Israel to set up a tragedy which would send us to war with Egypt. Liberty has been pounded in our heads, and that is why now that my and our liberty as Whites is threatened, I’m very concerned.

“The tree of ‘liberty’ must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Who are the “tyrants” of today? Jews? The other races that come in USA as “preferred” people, taking our best paying jobs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, computers, and even the brown Mexicans taking all the Union jobs like carpentry making $100,000.00 a year.

Talks of Thomas Jefferson being handsome, 6′ auburn hair, immaculate clothing, French culottes, embroidered waistcoat.

Here is T. Jefferson & Co regarding the Louisiana Purchase. Note how well dressed and refined they are. Men dressed nicely means so much to me.

Madame Grosholtz (Tussaud) makes a waxed figure of the elegant Thomas J.

The question in the book arises “are the people ready to govern themselves,” as America already had our Constitution. This was 1787 and Poland was the first country to have a Constitution in 1791. Matter of fact, this Saturday will be the Polish Constitution Day Parade in Chicago.  It was Jews controlling US and Jews controlling White Poland that made both happen. That way Jews could get into government in both countries. Control Europe from Poland, and then control Whites in USA with “anybody can get into government; we are all equal. But we are “not” equal in getting to be head of banks, like Fed Reserve, or head of Hollywood Movie Conglomerates and Monopolies.  Only White government was hacked up and given to all races. Jews maintain their Supremacy in whatever field they are in, and also make sure the salaries are high off the charts for them, their Jewess wives and kids.

Can our children, the blacks and browns we support in this country, can “they” government themselves. What if we stopped paying for White Tax dollars for police and prisons and court systems for blacks/browns? How about stopping welfare to blacks/browns, education grants, housing huge allowances. What if we said no more doctors or hospitals for blacks and browns. We have been paying for blacks 400 years. They were workers, and should have been fired 400 years ago.  I for one, coming from Poland as a daughter of White slaves for Jews owe blacks nothing.  The Jews owe me big time restitution.

At this time, America was severing ties to English Royalty, and when we did, I think we tied ourselves into knots with Jews at the same time.

It was written in the book, but bear in mind a novel, that the Constitutional Monarchy of England wanted both Antoinette and Charles dead.

The Royal couple would have balls and everyone had to be in costume.  Singing in costumes I can tell you it is a wonderful feeling to escape reality for a few moments in a costume.

The people in revolt were called the “Third Estate,” to compare maybe something like the American Third Position, White Party. These Third Estates refused to ‘bow’ to King and Queen, yet their descendents have no problem worshiping their French Jewish President, Sarkozy, who not only headed White France but headed “all of White Europe.”

“Behold the King and Queen of Extravagance!” says a bishop as he starts a ceremony. I’m told that Obama and Michelle and even Pelosi are veeerrryyy extravagant with out White tax dollars of which “O” goes for White anti-Genocide.

This bishop says that they must find a king who “hears” the (white) people, who “feels” their (white) pain, and who controls his wife’s appetite for devouring this nation. The Jewess today devours this nation. Jews have set the standards for how we should all dress. That way the Jews can “pass for White.” Once they reduce us to starvation, then the Jews will once again don golden glittery robes and jewels like Jewish Royalty, as they rob our White corpses.

People of France wanted “changes” and the only “changes” I can see is that Whites have not only turned over their power to Jews, but their money to them as well as blacks, browns, yellows, reds, hindus and even half-breeds.

The talk is also that France is bankrupt because of “wars for America.” If what I read is correct that Jews were in finance and banking all throughout France’s history it is the Jews who gave away the White French money for a war in America against the King of England. Then the Jewish man could become King ( s ) of England, individually in their field, and collectively as a collective people to be honored and worshiped. The Jewish trickery of the Holocaust signed that seal for eternity so far.

Marie Grosholtz, (Tussaud) is given a position to teach wax shaping to the King’s sister, and that is how Madame Tussaud fits in with the Royal Couple.

“Create citizens and you have everything you need, without them you have nothing but “debased”slaves. Jean Jacques Rousseau. You can see why I resent being the daughter of White Polish slaves for Jews, and how I see what happened to Poland is happening here in America. Only it will be worse, for the Jews built up a black and brown army that would annihilate us with just a Jewish nod.

There is plenty of description of the battles for freedom, with plenty of blood.  Here is from the Madame Tussaud museum. The revolutionaries were cutting off the heads of soldiers and people who were not into the revolution. They then would put the heads on sticks and Marie Tussaud had the gruesome job of waxing them.

Here’s a pix of Marie in a hat and boat, but I think it is just a caricature.

The odd thing is that when I went to L.A. Fashion District I found a boat on sale for $2.50, the same price I paid for an Elvis ticket in 1957 in Chicago and he wore the Gold Lame Suit. The boat I have is of the Mayflower, but this boat on her head is pretty near the same thing!

When people dined in restaurants, on the daily menu would be the names of those people who were considered traitors to the Cause and killed.

“Who will inherit everything I learned?” laments Madame Tussaud for she wasn’t married. I think the same thing. For all the experience that I have, the monumental problems I worked thru in so many different fields, I have “no one” to leave my knowledge. My White sons get all their knowledge from peers, TV, bosses and co workers.  And that is under Jewish control to silence the White people for good.

“Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?” Marie Antoinette.

I think myself if God had wanted “me” dead, I would have died the 13 times I faced death. 3 times when I tried to take my own life. 1, when I nearly died of double pneumonia in 1949 when no cure, twice when nearly drowning, cancer with lump in womb, breast and tongue, hit by truck while in car, hit by car when walking and I flew on the hood, motorcycle accident, black guy with loaded gun pulled out of my tool shed by plainclothesmen and dogs, heat stroke while working in scalding desert sun for hours, (can’t remember #13).

Here’s what the White French did to not only royal soldiers but to fellow Frenchmen and women who were not part of the Revolution;

(pictures on bottom. Madame Tussaud left France and moved to England for her museum.) http://frankly-cross-eyed.blogspot.com/2007/03/madame-tussauds-london-version.html

As I wrote in my other email, Tussaud’s assistant was Jewish and anything said about him is always wonderful, positive, and when the Jewish family gets killed during the Revolution, for the White French didn’t want any other nationalities in their land, naturally it is one of saddest moments in the book. Sad way beyond Marie and Charles losing their lives and heads.  No sadness is felt for Marie when stripped of her husband and children as I was in America.

The French people broke into the castle and looted her gowns and destroyed her paintings, tapestries, etc.

The people’s songs were of killings and rape.

When Marie Tussaud tells her Jew assistant that she has to get rid of 3 rooms of waxed figures of royal couple and children he says, “You can always model me.” And isn’t that what we have today? We model ourselves after Jews and not our highest standards of what we want for White people and children.

The revolutionaries wore special colored pants and shirts to identify who was for the Cause.

Madame Tussaud goes to the prison and does a sketch of the Marquis de Sade for which the word “sadism” come from. It turns out that when the people take over the palace and royal couple, the prisoners such as de Sade is set “free.” That is what “freedom” has come to mean, where the criminals rule the country, and the law abiding are subject to the criminal rule. Jewish criminals, and now their Mexican slaves.

It was written that the King’s tyranny of the control of press is over and the patriot starts his own paper. We can see that today as Jews run news.

The French revolutionaries thought it “dangerous” to have non-citizens join their army. (like illegals today?)

The French not only wanted to destroy the Royal Couple but God. The author wrote that even before God is the nation.

Even the female French nuns were whipped and then killed.

Author writes: “Men will never be free until the last King is strangled and every priest.”  Yet today no one compares the Jew to the King of old.

It was written the thought of reminding French, Swedes, Mesopotamians that Turks celebrate great oneness, one race, one human nation. How do we today celebrate our oneness as one race, one nation, and one White people with our focus on our plight today and our future.

When Marie Antoinette seeks help from her homeland of Austria, Comte de Mirabeau writes that “War is the national industry of Prussia.” And we could say today, “War is the national industry of USA.”

The book writes that the Austrian soldiers will slit your throats and disembowel your women. With bloody hands they will rip out your children’s entrails to erase your love of “liberty” forever.  You see over and over the word “Liberty” yet do Whites have liberty today. It has been transferred to Jews, and their ilk, probably forever. People do not give up easy what they steal and Jews got it so easy also.

It was noted that in 1791 they were selling “ready made clothes,” and tailors were no longer needed. “A world run by commoners.”

The phrase, “God does not rule here,” was advertised in France by Revolutionaries.

The odd thing is that Marie Antoinette was aware that this extravagant lifestyle that was pushed on her when only 14 was empty and she got a cottage and estate with farm animals and fruits and vegetables growing and created a different lifestyle for herself and her children where she raised them. For “this” she was decapitated. It was no wonder, people hated me so much in the early 1970’s near Chicago when I raised my children to be one with Nature, gardens, raising German Shepherds, spirituality and Sunday School.

There was no more bowing to the Royal Couple, (and now we bow to Jews thru $ 24/7.

The question was asked in the French Revolution: “What are we royalists or survivalists?” And the question today to the White people is: What are we Jews or survivalists.”

Before the patriots killed the royal couple, they froze them out with all wood cut off for heat. The Royal Couple had to wear rags.

Here is an interesting statement: “Men of limited intelligence lack the imagination to be touched by inner suffering.” Elisabeth Vigil Lebrum, Royal Portrait artist. And that is why the dumbing down process has stripped Whites of caring for their own White people and our inner suffering.

(I wonder who got all the Royal Couples jewels and gold? No matter who got it, it assuredly landed up in the hands of the Jew Jew-elers, and Jewish greedy gold goons.

Of all the Whites sent to the guillotine, none of them struggled but went willingly like sheep to the slaughter, as our White people are going to their genocide very passively, even laughing during our last days on earth. They worry about what school their children will go to when all the good jobs are going overseas or bringing in other races to do our doctor’s work, architecture, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, computer whizzes. They are getting all the $$$ and grants, big homes and cars, big salaries, while Whites just work more and more hours, both, to just sta alive and buried in debt.  Jews and their debt… watch out! It is how they turned the entire country of Poland into slavery.

There is a website of how the White French didn’t kill or guillotine the Jews who were the wealthiest people in France. Only the rich Royal Couple and those who supported them were bloodbathed.  There is a website of a book about Jews and the French Revolution and how the Revolutionaries made the Jews pay heavy taxes. Yet today, Jews get off scot free from paying their share of taxes for their own Jewish lawyers and even Supreme Court is either filled with Jews or those taught in Jewish law schools and the tax laws “favor” Jews. I know I worked as an Account’s assistant for a Jew and saw all the loop holes they had and also the fact that they could stiff vendors when they company was going bankrupt.

(I lost some of my writing and just wanted to add in case I lost it that Paris had become one giant cafe with people drinking coffee constantly, and if they were deprived of their coffee, the White French were ready to kill!)

Religion was outlawed in 1795.

In the town of Lyon France where townspeople refused to support the “Committee” all women, men and children, old people were executed and their town burned to the ground.

There was a sign “Lyon made war on ‘liberty’, so Lyon is no more.”

The Revolution has made all the prisoner’s equal and they then were “all poor and hungry and ill-clothed.”  (It certainly didn’t affect the Jews who were untouched except for losing a few tax dollars, which they should have paid in the first place.)

Mark Twain called the Lion Monument the “saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world.” Carved from sandstone the sculpture shows a dying lion impaled by a spear and resting on a pair of shields, one of which bears the symbol of the French Royal Couple.

From the book “Jews and the French Revolution 1789, 1830, and 1848, it clearly states that not one Jew lost their lives!!! Only White Christians, White Royalty, and White Priests and Nuns or White religious!  Boy these Jews are “survivalists.” Even though they were filthy rich, it didn’t seem to bother the White French people at all, for their White collective focus was against the Royal Couple and weren’t even suspicious of Jews who might have been the $$$ behind the Revolution.

One Jew was arrested, but his fortune restored and his life spared. If you read the book, “no one was spared, not mothers, or pregnant women, or children, or their homes……. except…… those Eternal Jews.

In this book on Jews and French Revolution, the Jews through a big party with plenty of food for the top Terrorists of the Revolution. Does that surprise anyone?

And although the White French wanted everyone equal, the Jews were “millionaires” in 1791!!!!!!!!!  I’m amazed that I’m finding all this out and from book sources on the internet.  The Jews tried to bribe the heads of the Revolution with $$$.

In the book on Madame Tussaud, she talked of the Jacobin Club which was pro-Revolutionary, and anti-Royalty and anti-God and religion.

The book doesn’t say it but this club was made up of mostly “Jews.”

So we see throughout history Jews were filthy rich, in France, in Poland, Jews stole Russian wealth and the Russians caught them and prosecuted them, and now in America… still… filthy rich Jews.

A Jewish teacher wrote that he thought the (White) French were going to “banish” the Jews, but again Jews always come out smelling like a rose. People don’t just “banish” an entire people without a reason.  But again, the rich Jews got not only to stay, but to profit big time after the war. Which the Jews will profit once these Mideast wars cool down.

Jews protested, protested, protested, that they were paying too much taxes.  And where did the Jews get all this $$$ that made them filthy rich.  Quack doctors, crooked lawyers, defrauding banksters like Jew Ben Bernancke in the US Federal Reserve bank? Or perhaps when Jews steal White ideas and sell them back to Whites as new Jew ideas and we fall for it every time.

There are over 1,000 pages written about Jews in the 3 French Revolutions by a Polish person, Zosa Szajkowski.

Holodomor Starving Gareth Jones

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Like there is a Burger King near every McDonald’s we need to put up a Holodomor Museum next to every Holocaust Museum, and clearly blame the Jews as the Jews blame the White Germans for their so called Holocaust.  That will be the beginning of equality. When the Jews admit that those baldheaded naked people are really Christian White Poles that will be another victory.
I happened to hear this name on BBC radio and thought I would check it out. Gareth Jones from Wales, was the first to coin the word “starving” to the 60,000,000 God-loving people under Jewish Communism that died for the Jews took the White Ukrainians ability to make food. These people were “waiting for bread,” as the Jew Communists promised after the Jews assassinated the Russian Czar, Czarina, family, and spiritual healer.  Just as White Poles of Communist Poland were waiting in lines for “bread,” while the black students from Africa were chowing down lavish buffets of food and drink and looking out the window at starving Whites.  A big laugh for the blacks I suppose, and the Jews. I don’t think too many Whites are laughing that died as my Daddy’s relatives did.
If you read this short article you will see that Gareth Jones was affiliated with Adolf Hitler.  Gareth didn’t live very long for he was directed to take a path into China, and some “Chinese bandits” murdered him. He was only 29 years old and died on the eve of his birthday.
But here is the real trigger point. Note that the “bandits” wanted the random money in ……. Mexican Pesos!!!!  So apparently this starvation of the White Race was somehow linked to our “good invaders” from Mexico.  Mexico is the richest country in North America with natural resources that haven’t even begun to be tapped. Once Mexico takes over America and all our “man-made” resources, then and only then, will Mexico begin to develop their country.

White German Demjanjuk Tried Again

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This is not news to anyone, but it goes to show you how ruthless, cruel and heartless Jews can be when they have an “agenda” against someone. If they are “for” someone, like Obama the Black or Oprah the Black, they will become household words. But if one is a White German, and in this case 90 years old and already tried and found innocent, even in Israel, which is mind-boggling, that the Polish Jews of Israel came up with that for he was accused of being a “Nazi!”
Here is today’s website. I was so sad when I saw this older man being taken out on a stretcher to be imprisoned for crimes against Jews, when no one, no one, no one, tries the Jews for anything.  Either they are gods, and all my emails are nonsense, or the God of Justice will try them in a Court of International Law by all White “Enlightened” Gentiles that will not be bought out like Arthur Miller the Jewish Communist married White blonde and sexy Marilyn Monroe to bribe the judges and others connected with the trials against Jewish Hollywood Communists in the 1950’s. Now, our “best friend and trading partner is COMMUNIST CHINA.” So we must be Communists too, but we don’t know it.

Government’s Alcoholism and Drug and Pill Addiction Problem

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Here is just one example.

As a result of a Judicial Watch filing under the Freedom of Information Act, the USAF released documents detailing House Speaker Pelosi’s use of United States Air Force aircraft between March 2009 and June 2010. The data are published in the Judicial Watch Verdict of December 2010, Volume 16, Issue 12.
> Here are the main highlights revealed by the USAF. Keep in mind that all the data below relate to United States Air Force aircraft used by one woman over a sixteen month period.
> Several of these flights included Ms Pelosi’s guests such as grown children, grandchildren, various in-laws, friends, and hangers-on. Over 95% of the trips were between the west coast and Washington, DC or what we might call a commute between home and the office. READ it and WEEP!!
> Total trips: 85 trips over a 68 week period or 1.25 average trips per week.
> Total mileage: 206,264 miles or 2,427 average miles per trip
> Total flying time: 428.6 hours or an average of 5 hrs per trip
> Cost to the taxpayers: $2,100,744.59 or $27,715.00 per trip or $1,285,162.00 per year
> Cost of in flight food and alcohol: $101,429.14 or $1,193.00 per trip or $62,051.00 per year.
> On one junket to Baghdad, according to the Air Force report, she had the aircraft bar stocked with Johnny Walker Red Scotch, Grey Goose Vodka, E&J Brandy, Bailey’s Irish Creme, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier Cognac, Bacardi Rum, Jim Beam Whiskey, Beefeater Gin, Dewars Scotch, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Corona Beer and several varieties of wine. This was obviously a very important “gubment bidness” trip.
> Evidence generally speaks for itself, and in Ms. Pelosi’s case it speaks the language of abuse and (evidently) a serious familial drinking problem, for in a single year she and her spawn drank an amount in excess of the net income of the average employed American! When she said, “… if the stimulus doesn’t pass, five hundred million people might lose their jobs…”, I thought she was unintentionally revealing her ignorance. I’m now more inclined to think she was pickled.
> Even though she can no longer abuse the USAF, she can either fly on her broom, or fly Southwest Airlines, where bags fly free.
> If you are an AMERICAN citizen it is YOUR DUTY to PASS THIS ON!!

Nevada A+ Senator

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Another answer not only to “prayers” but the actions that I took calling my Nevada Senators, writing them, signing petitions, going to Wake Up America Meetings, where 300 of us would meet monthly at the Cashman Center, and even going in person to see my Senators, Harry Reid, head of Senate, and John Ensign who resigned.
I was treated well by Harry Reid’s office, but as I said, John Ensign’s office was a fiasco. (Ensign is being replaced by A+ opponent of illegal immigration.) When I went to former Sen. Ensign’s office, a Mexican woman was there who could not speak a word of English, nor was she any kind of asset to the USA if one “chose” which immigrants to allow in since we are sinking into oblivion as far as intelligence, spirituality, etc.  The entire John Ensign office rolled out the red carpet for this “wretched” Hispanic woman and got her special treatment for an “interpreter,” who spent oodles of time with her.
I sat there and watched this and said to them, “I observe that this (brown) Mex woman is getting all this special treatment (and tax dollars) hence to be equal I want a White person for my problems are concerning the Genocide of the White race. ( I had the Complaint of Genocide Against the White Race that Terry Graham submitted to United Nations (almost all Jews. Figure that out.  Jews want to Genocide us, and we submit a Complaint to them to try to stop their own doings!!!! It shows you exactly how crazy this society is and people call me “crazy.”)  Well, there was no one sympathetic to my White cause. The two men at the desk who greeted people were brown, Philipino and Mexican I think. (Where was the White heterosexual man learning people skills at the front desk. And I don’t mean putting a White homo in these positions as Quaker Oats did when I worked there and call it “White men.”  Homosexuals are not male or female or both, they are a generic species. Same with lezzies.
I begged them to let me talk to a White person, in full view of the fact that the Hispanic woman was getting what “she” wanted. That is why in 2042 it will be the brown Hispanic “female” who will be the average person in the USA, not even the brown Male.  I, a good White woman, will be kicked out of not only the country, but out of existence by a Hispanic brown female. Supposedly with less intelligence. Brown women don’t have to have intelligence. The Jews, the smartest people in the world, are the intelligence and minds behind the browns as they were the blacks.  No one would even think of kicking a Jew man, woman or child in the pants, yet Whites kick out their own sons and daughters out of the house for drinking and drugging, when it is an intentional plot to bring down the Whites in the United States and around the world, according to my son’s counselor back in the early 1990’s.
Well, thank God, for blessings and prayers answered that now one of my Senators is against illegals. Hopefully, he will be brave enough to take the next baby step and say the word “White.”
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2011 6:52 AM
Subject: Great news out of Nevada

Great news out of Nevada.

Representative Dean Heller has been appointed to fill the U.S. Senate seat just vacated by former Nevada Senator John Ensign.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, a strong opponent of illegal immigration, appointed Congressman Heller to the position.

Senator John Ensign had only a C+ rating by NumbersUSA.

Congressman Dean Heller has an A+ rating with NumbersUSA!

A+ rating on reducing chain migration.

            A+ rating on reducing the diversity visa lottery system.

            A+ rating on ending anchor baby citizenship.

            A+ rating on reducing illegal alien jobs and presence.

            A+ rating on reducing illegal immigration at the border.

A special election for the seat must be held within 180 days and Heller will be the incumbent.

Heller will join a U.S. Senate that will be much stronger in opposition to illegal immigration than the last Senate.   The November election brought in strong immigration reform Senators most of whom replaced open-border Senators.   In Arkansas, John Boozman (A rating with NumbersUSA replaced “F” rated Blanche Lincoln.   In Kansas, “A” rated Jerry Moran replaced “D” rated Sam Brownback.  In Illinois, “B” rated Mark Kirk replaced “F” rated Roland Burris.   In Pennsylvania, “B” rated Pat Toomey replaced “F” rated Arlen Specter.   In Wisconsin, “A” rated Ron Johnson replaced “F” rated Russ Feingold.  In Florida, Marko Rubio, (Opposed to the DREAM Act and other amnesties), replaced “D” rated Mel Martinez.    In Missouri, “A” rated Roy Blunt replaced “C” rated Kit Bond.  In Utah, “A” rated Mike Lee replaced “D” rated Bob Bennett.


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I woke up hearing of the lovely wedding in England, between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Heard of their first public kiss.  I often kiss White men in the audience, and give them an autographed scarf from the Queen of Karaoke. Even Elvis knew not to French kiss for sharing fluids in any way, shape or form with a diseased person can be contagious for an STD.  Also, watching for sores around the mouth.
But it was the word “obey” that Kate refused to say that gave away our problem of why the White women must change in order to save the race.
First, I would assume that “obey” should have been for “both” Willie and Kate.  That would make it a partnership, and if one equates marriage and gives it the status of “at least” a business relationship, we would assume that the couple “obeys” one another.
Picture a boss telling you at work to do something, especially something this is a time limit.  And the employee says, “I am “Not going to obey you.” I don’t have to and I won’t.
It is stupid. Business would fail within that hour.  Picture a Chinese worker telling his boss as they work together as a 1.3 billion unified unit, that they aren’t going to “obey” their boss, their system, their unified work method. China would fall apart, like America is falling apart today.
I can tell you that White women are “obeying” the Jews.  We know that… 24/7.  White women worship Jews and whatever comes off their presses.
But what is worse is the case of White women screwing their insides out with Jewish married men whose wives refuse to give them sex even though a Jewess can collect $11,000,000.00 an hour for being the laziest bitch on the planet, no the solar system, for sure.
I know of several cases of White women who got a job for Jews. Never would this White woman say to her Jewish boss, “I will not obey you today! And I will tell the entire 2 billion people that watched “I will not obey you.” Do you think the Jewish boss would look like a Jew flunky? Do you think Will looked like a White man flunky?
I have rarely socialized to the point of finding out intimate things about others, so for several White women to come forward and “bragg” about working for Jew bosses, even though they are paid “less” than when working for White bosses, it is quite astounding.
And when these same White women “bragg” that they have been giving their Jewish bosses free sex for 20 to 30 years as part of their job, I would like to vomit, scream, pound my fists, but as Daddy said, “Don’t get upset. They are going to do what they are going to do.”
These White women obey, obey, obey Jews.  Jewish hair designers (homosexuals the same thing) Jewish clothing designers, Jewish bosses, Jewish bankers and stock brokers, Jewish books like the Oprah Book Club where “she dictates thru the Jews,” what you will or will not read. Jewish news.
Oh do the White women Obey with a capital O.  They are like trained seals that not only “obey” but love, honor, respect the Jew as if gods.
My deceased husband and I “Obeyed” one another.  When he wanted something I did it. When I wanted something he did it. No matter how bizarre at the time, such as bringing in manures for the hard clay soil to condition it, or when he wanted to play Viet Nam, which really meant camping outdoors in the wilderness, I did it.
Not only did I obey, but I had the 2 tee shirts made up, his said “Master” and mine said “Slave” like I Dream of Jeannie.
We never had an argument in 18 years and we accomplished all our goals and desires, never had a money problem.
The only woman on earth that “doesn’t obey,” is the Jewess. If her husband says he wants sex, she “dis-obeys” and says, “Go get a White woman. I hate you. Can’t stand you, and only want your money.” You see she “dis-obeys.”
If the Jew husband doesn’t want to go to one of her boring charity functions he “obeys and obeys and obeys.”  I’m not sure what he is so afraid of in his Jewess wife, but nonetheless he obeys without even blinking an eye.
He even obeys the Jewish children who want a 1.5 million dollar Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Yes, the Jew parents “obey” their children.
But a White woman “obeying” her White husband is to be mocked, scorned, and killed.  For a White husband to “obey” is wife when she needs something is mocked, scorned, killed.  How can one save a White Race, until they save the normal and natural relationship of the man and woman.
Yes, keep obeying your boss, for after all since the Jewish Gloria Steinem broke down the relationship between the man and woman with feminism, all White women really care about is “obeying” their boss, and not their husband, or being a role model for her children.  The Jews kidnapped the soul of the White women and wear that soul as a Jewish badge of honor in war against the White man and Race.
It is no wonder one cannot obey God and the laws of the universe.  Just so long as our White woman “obeys” the Jew.  And truthfully, if one checked out that wedding and all the choices Kate Middleton made of “which” Jeweler to use, which banker, which wedding gown, which cameras and news agencies to use, which books to be written, who was to be invited, she had to obey ‘Jews’ or their homosexual lovers!
I’m not ashamed for “obeying” my husband.  What I am ashamed of is that the people of my race made fun of me, called me crazy, insulted me, humiliated me for doing so.  And surely people made fun of my husband for “obeying” me.  I remember before my husband killed himself, he told me that he was trying to get disability to live on since he was homeless 3 times. And it order to get this disability he had to prove he was “crazy.”  It is sad when a White man is desperate to prove he is crazy, when the Jews are stark raving crazy in genociding a race and no one blinks an eye.
He further told me that if an investigator would call to tell him how crazy he and I were when we were married.
Crazy?  Breastfeeding is crazy? Natural childbirth without drugs crazy? Rehabbing homes, crazy? Organic Gardening as pioneers, crazy? Parties to bond employees with boss, crazy? Dinners for husband’s boss and wife, crazy? 3 hot nourishing meals a day for husband and sons, crazy?
If that is “crazy” what is “sane.”  Oh you mean because our Jewish role models and masters and mistresses, Mr. & Mrs. Jew didn’t do those things we Whites are called “crazy.”
You can see clearly why I am broken down and why Jews had to break down women like me to break down and destroy the White race.
Well, I’m going to pray for a while. Yes, I suppose someday the Jews will put in mental institutions those that pray also, for Jews want 100% control of the minds.

Blacks: Whites Should Demand Restitution From Them and Jews

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As all the debris is settling from the Civil War which not only gave black workers, (overpaid ones at that) “freedom,” it cursed the White man, especially the Southern White Man.
As a daughter of two White Polish slaves for Jews, I can’t tell you from my perspective, how fortunate the blacks were and how generous the Whites were. If the White race goes extinct and the other races are at the mercy of Jews, heaven help the other races, for Jews have no conscience.
I was at Whole Foods today, and I have never shopped there since I moved here 7 years ago. I grow my own organics and Whole Foods is really expensive for me. That is for rich Jewish women who get $11,000,000.00 an hour for being lazy and frigid, to shop at.
I only shop the veggies, fruit, meat, fish, aisles to see what is on sale. Also if I spend a $1.00 how much nourishment am I getting since I don’t take vitamins, that doesn’t give the luxury of eating junk food and then expecting to live to 100 and healthy also.
There is a sign that shows the top 10 veggies as far as  health goes. And do you know what they show as #1?  Yes, the foods blacks have been eating since their White Bosses (Masters) taught them to eat and cultivate and actually have a fond taste for.  You guessed it:  Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens and Collards.
Look at how healthy they blacks are now, being much healthier in many cases than we are today as Whites.
First. I think that we must stop paying any more blackmail money to blacks thru Jews.  Jews stiffed us really badly in the 1600’s when they brought in blacks. 400 years is enough! They double-stiffed when the Jews stole all the blacks after the Civil War for Northern labor in factories etc., when the blacks could talk English, were Christianized, eating better than White Kings and Queens, and they have it safer for they have special laws that protect them, and no laws that protect me a good White woman. Hence in the future you will not have any more good white women, you will have greedy, ungrateful black women, making twice as much as I can make as a Viet Vet Purple Heart War Hero Widow. I thought the Bible says to take care of widows first. Apparently we only have to listen to the parts of the Bible that are convenient for us, like go into all the world and preach the gospel, to blacks, browns, and let the white widows rot and die, along with their husbands.
Secondly. Since the White Southern men and women were sooooooo verrrrryyyyy kinddddd to the blacks, I think we Whites should start garnishing their wages as payback so that we can help heal the damage that the Jews have done to us and whatever our own weaknesses are.
Third.  Reverse Affirmative Action, and again look to Jews to pay a bundle for the damage they did. You think a mild tornedo killed a lot of people in Alabama, and Georgia, how many white people especially men,  did the Hurricane Jew destroy intentionally to bring their competition and rape their White women and even impregnate them while doing so?
Fourth: Restitution for White Poles for 1,000 from Jews who robbed their treasury blind, deceived and indebted their Kings, even assassinated one in the night, raped our White Polish women, impregnated Polish women, and it is “still going on full force.”  This isn’t just history it is the present reality based on the last 2,000 years of our marriage to Jews and probably to Satan.
I go to the aisles with the greens for cooking and salad to fill my diet with veggies.  While there, I see the big, bruiser, black thugs filling their carts not with Bud Light, Johnny Walker, Grey Goose Russian Vodka, instead the black men are filling their cart with turnip greens, mustard greens and collards to cook. It doesn’t take long to cook them in a pressure cooker, one just has to watch not to blow the lid off, but it retains most of the vitamins in that cooking.
And as I watch these huge, big black men and women and children feasting on healthy food and have been for 400 years thanks to very generous White men of the South on this Confederate Month……. I feel sorry for myself as a White Polish slave for Jews.  When I grew up in South Chicago, so many days there was no food, and I learned to ignore hunger pains at a very young age. I would get feelings of dizziness, and just a feeling of unreality like nothing was real and I was far away. I thought I was “crazy,” but now look back and I was probably ready to pass out from hunger.  Breakfast might consist of a $.03 bag of chips at school, and lunch a few pennies at the candy store. When we didn’t eat for days, we waited for Wednesday, Daddy brought home his meager check working for minimum wage for greedy Jews and Jewesses and little Kykes at the book publishing plant in Skokie Illinois, home of next Holocaust Museum. (Hopefully, when they put the museum up, there will be Whites and Polish Whites demanding to know if these items were “Jewish” dead, or if indeed, like the pictures of the bald heads and naked bodies, they were probably White Polish Christians and not Jews at all.  Again, Jews defrauded us on the slaves, and with the Holocaust. There could be an encyclopedia of Jewish fraud, rapes against Whites.  If we didn’t have a dollar we didn’t eat.
Those niggers in the South, never went hungry. (I’ve been called a ‘dumb Polak” which is way, way, way worse than a nigger, and Im still called it today, so I have the right to do unto others and they have done unto me.) Blacks Never went hungry, but lived on the “best” food money could buy.  They never were cold, freezing without heat, shoes, gloves, boots, hats in –80 windchill index like we had it. The blacks lived in the gorgeous South and plantations with heavenly weather. Always clothed, cared for, loved by Whites. Jews were cruel to us, and after suffering 1,000 years under their rule, it almost seems like when Jesus fell under the heavy cross three times and could barely get up each time.
Jesus fell 3 times not only from the weight of the cross, but from the Jews who had him beaten bloody.  The Pope says that it was only the “chief” Jews that killed Jesus. I do not believe that. I learned that the Jews that Jesus healed and taught had a parade for him and wanted to anoint him King in the Procession of Palms. It was said that these same people then were the same ones who were yelling “crucify Him, crucify Him.Here is a pix of Jesus falling under the cross in modern day version. Jesus is sweet, gentle and smiling, intelligent, confident, and yet it looks like 2 Jews who are ready to slap Jesus silly.

 And one is a White man, he White men will have to go under just as the Jews when they sink.
This pix of Jesus falling the second time looks like a black man is beating Jesus even though Jesus cannot take any more at this point and falls to the earth. It is very possible that blacks were in Rome, as Jews brought blacks workers (slaves) to White Rome also. The White Roman soldier in silver is “Not” beating him, but looks to want to help Jesus carry the cross.
This pix shows Jesus falling the third time, and this time is unable to get up.  It looks like a White man with red hair is going to have mercy on him and help him carry the cross the rest of the way to Golgotha, the Skull, where he will be crucified.
Have you ever felt that tired, weak, beat up and abused, that like Jesus you don’t think you can pick yourself up another time to go on. I get discouraged very often, but somehow, perhaps someone, helps to pick me up once in a while, and I hope I have picked up many spirits along the way.
I cut this from a website where it says the “rabbi chests heave” meaning Jew rabbis, and the “people” start shouting at Jesus again.  I repeat, it was not “only” the rabbis, but the “People” the Jewish people who were tormenting Jesus. The crowd peers at him with a low buzz of speculation starting to rise. Is he already dead? The rabbi’s chest heaves and the people start shouting again.
If there is a Christian alive today that is supporting the Jews after what they did to Jesus, our Master and wayshower, and what the Jewish Communists did to 66,000,000 Christians and God-loving people because they believed in God and would not forsake His name, these Christians that worship Jews are no longer Christians but devil worshippers and their children little devils.