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Ben Franklin: Jews

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Here’s a video on Ben Franklin and the Jews. Although some people challenge some of this, I wonder if those “some people” are Jews themselves who twist our reality, distort it, and destroy it as all records of Jews were destroyed in the bombing of Warsaw Poland to cover the crimes of Jews in government for 900 years.  Hitler was deathly ill with “jungle disease” in the bunker.  (and I wish the Jewish talk show host, Mark Levin, stops using the quote that he is broadcasting from his “Bunker” it is a slap in poor Hitler’s Face to disgrace him as such, that Jews won, Germany lost.
My son went to a Christian Science School for 1/2 of his grammar school. It was though open to all but also a boarding school for which I’m so very grateful. The Public School called Admiral Rickover in Sauk Village a town that gave Veteran’s Loans was swarming with drugs, parents pills, booze, cigarettes.  My brother taught 6th grade there. (thanks to my giving him a home for a year for in the Viet era there was a glut of teachers for they didn’t have to go to war. Today my brother ignores me as if I’m dead already, although he did come to see me once in Florida, so I’m grateful for that.) He used to monitor the boys bathroom, and this poor town was ‘mostly White.’ It’s really odd how they “gouge” the “poor” Whites who really need the help the most as in my trailer park of poor Whites they keep raising the rent and we get nothing in return. I sent them a long letter it did no good. No one gouges the blacks, for if blacks and browns need homes they get the White Tax $$$ and Housing Urban Development giving them and their sex babies mansions after Whites have to flee in terror from their violence and hatred against us.  Whites get attacked by Jews both ways.
My son went to this boarding school which was probably as free as drugs as you can get, except that the drug dealers like to prey on “rich” school where there is money. This school taught the 14 qualities of Ben Franklin as their “Character Training.”
  1. Self Control
  2. Obedience
  3. Industry
  4. ‘Gratitude
  5. Humility
  6. Honesty
  7. Courtesy
  8. Social Attitudes
  9. Reliability
  10. Punctuality
  11. Thrift
  12. Good Judgment
  13. Initiative
  14. Personal Habits
To think if we Whites could live by these standards for ourselves and especially or fellow White man. We seem to have special qualities of treating Jews and other races with special care, teaching, patience, training, generosity, but how about our own?
I wrote before I worked with a man that looked like Ben Franklin, and his hair was exactly like him, and the face, build etc. Except…. for the long horizontal scar across his neck. I never asked until one day, I blurted out if he had a surgery. And he said, “No, I was riding my bike, put it on a bus, got off to the grocery store and was attacked by minority who went to slice his neck off! You wouldn’t do it to an animal. The White Man that looked like Ben Franklin must have been on hard times as he was trying to go to school and work full time to pay his tuition. No car, no complaining, but horrendous, barbaric treatment. Where were the White Tax $$ and “all” Tax dollars including the taxes Jews don’t pay for his tuition, books, food, housing, cell phone, monthly allotment, medical, mental health care, tutoring, mentorship, counseling as the blacks and browns get freely based on the color of their skin.
If you think that is bad, he quit the job where we worked. I quit too. It was in the same building as the Polish Jewish mayor of Vegas had private office with his son (note how Jews stick together), who used to be the lawyer for the Mafia, and then turned his White Italian clients into the government and Jews bought up Vegas pennies on a dollar and the Whites needed that $$ to pay off the Jewish lawyers, so the Jews really got Vegas for “free” at the cost of White blood and White prison and White disgrace.  They did awful things to me in that building until I had to quit also, such as giving me a parking ticket in a lot where I was the only one that got the ticket and there were no stickers needed etc. Stole my bike, etc.
Well, this White guy that looked like Franklin got a job working for a black woman. He called me and said that he slaved for her, and that his work was top notch as well as his habits and performance and attitude. Then one day he wrote a letter to his Home Association for they were screwing him over as they screw us in our Trailer Park over and we have to just “suffer” as Whites for we think Jesus suffered at the hands of the Jews so it must be “glorious” to do so. Wrong! It was Jesus warning us what the Jews are capable of and to watch out.
This guy wrote a letter to the association and used the letterhead of the company without thinking. I mean come on, how can his brain work when he was nearly decapitated, and even with that he performed well.  The black lady, (we won’t call her a lady but a black bitch) fired him on the spot.
FIRED HIM ON THE SPOT.  You mean we have been putting up with black workers for 400 years to the point of our white exhaustion, and no one ever “fired” them or retired them and returned them back to Africa? Whites and Jews, Blacks are not afraid to fire this man, me, my husband etc. But in return we can’t do it. Would we fire Obama, when the Internet is flooded with complaints against him. No for every man that was called a “terrorist” that Obama kills, murders, the country gives him a higher rating.
So this Ben Franklin man went to unemployment which is given especially if one is let go, downsized, fired.  And this black attorney was so “connected” in Vegas, (connected with Jews as their lover and mistress as the Jew President I worked for in Chicago. Is “that” how black women are making “twice” as much as I can?  This black attorney fought the case and refused to pay him unemployment and the Ben Franklin look a like “lost.” He left Vegas and I can’t tell you how bad he had it here. Hopefully it will be better where ever he went. The black attorney is probably well-dressed, well-trained thru White and Christian $$$, well-connected with family, friends, neighbors, Jews, and will have 16 grandchildren and be as happy as can be on this Memorial Day.

Off Your Knees, Germany Part 5

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Getting tired. It is nearly 2 a.m. I will send other tomorrow.  I used to write the media with my screams, and the horrors that were being presented to my Jewish trained consciousness to accept whatever garbage they wanted to infuse in it.

It didn’t surprise me when in 2005, the media put out this song called “Breathe” about a girl up at 2 a.m. with her diary “screaming out loud.” Here’s a few versions, and the lyrics also says that “you can do what you want with my lyrics.” (The Zundel video is below if you don’t want to watch the music.  It’s called “2 a.m.” She’s expressing her love, concern, and worry about her alcoholic boyfriend or husband who’s been drunk since October and keeps a booze flask in his fist. Sure, because he has to swallow not only the alcohol intentionally put upon him, but the resentment he feels inside at seeing his country robbed, his White women not only “raped” by Jews, but Jews turning the White women “against” their own species, White male partner, and against their own White wombs. When one can accomplish hating one’s own womb, we know the Jews won not just only World War II, but the White Race, Christianity, the USA, and the World. Interesting that in video Ernst Zundel talks of how the most powerful Jewish lawyers were trembling both hands and feet at the telling of the evidence the defense put out about “no gas chambers.”

We hear of Jews giving testimony like great actors and actresses that could get Jew academy awards for their performances of what it was like during the “Holocaust,” just remember, that in the Nuremberg Trials where the White German Nazis were put on trial, (the ones Jews didn’t drive to suicide like my White US Marine Husband that fought the Jew Commies was driven to suicide 7 years ago, this Memorial Veteran’s Day, and yes, Memorial Day falls again, 7 years later, on May 30, the day he died.)  Yet during the Nuremberg trials there were Jewish witnesses put on trial who talked of witnessing Jews being boiled into soap by Germans. It was a lie and they not only “Lied” to the Court, but were never punished for those lies, hence they have multiplied until now we get Super Lies like 2 planes brought down 3 Skyscrapers that actually sway to prevent collapse even in an earthquake! Other Jew witnesses testified to seeing people being turned into human lampshades with their Jewish pure bred skin. It was a “lie!” A big, super duper. Our entire country runs on a lie, to the tune of 300,000,000 people. How does one associate with such people when they are living in a “fiction” type of novel? How do you solve problems that are “fictitious.” If you work with Truth, you can solve problems, but not with lies, for you will spend all your waking hours trying to analyze lies, figure them out, talk about lies, etc. There are no real answers for lies for they are not real. When one starts to work with Truth, it will bring with it all that it needs to correct and resolve the problem. And “this” is why Jews have to suppress us. I’m sick of hearing about Muslim rights when White Christian heterosexual have “no” rights.


Off Your Knees, Germany Part 4

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Since Ernst Zundel is in Canada, if I ever wanted to publish my own book where my emails first started 9 years ago in Chicago, the person that I sent them to was from Canada. Under the Jew-Commie type rule in Canada this person would be sent to prison for even accepting these youtubes and would be scared to death to even associate with me. Hence for my autobiography to come out the way it really happened, and if we had a society that remotely resembled truth instead of fiction, then Canada has to vigorously take the side or at least investigate the sides of the Whites that are promoting this or at least debating it without facing prison, insane asylum, or assassination or having one’s house burned down as they burned down all of Warsaw Poland to cover up Jewish records of what Jews did there for 900 years.

The gas chambers were said to be built “after” World War II, and shoddily built by Russians and not the precision that German architecture is noted for. Again, since there was a Jewish Commie Iron Curtain over Poland, no one contested it. Why do some if not all find this hard to believe that there were no gas chambers? Think and compare 9/11 and how Jew media, the “only” media, convinced 7,000,000,000 people of “all” races that 2 planes brought down 3 humongous skyscrapers built to withstand earthquakes. I know, I lived in a skyscraper and they are not steady but “wave” in motion though it appears they are solid.

Off Your Knees, Germany

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Part 3.  The Jews assaulted Ernst Zundel’s rights by insinuating that he was guilty worse than a murderer, a robber, a rapist, or a serial killer or Jewish embezzler, by saying that Zundel’s statement that there were not 6,000,000 jews killed at Auschwitz Poland.  The fact is that even Auschwitz changed their sign from 4,000,000 killed to 1.5 million killed and that will be changed soon also. The number of 6,000,000 was invented by Jews BEFORE  World War I in order to collect $$, donations and US Sympathy and White body bags. So were 6,000,000 suffering before World War I and then 6,000,000 Jews killed in World War II? What are the odds? Do the Jews really think we Whites are that stupid, or worse yet, that we are that spiritually dead that we wouldn’t challenge lies as Christians stand for Truth no matter what the cost?  It was also said that the Jewish Commie controlled Russians “intentionally” put an Iron Curtain around Eastern Europe to “Hide” all the Jewish crimes, and especially the Jews in World War II.  Jews superstitiously believe in this 40 year theory of brainwashing. They get it from the Bible and Moses 40 years wandering in the desert probably, or even Jesus fasting 40 days as having some “numerology” type meaning.  Jews figure that after 40 years, they have created a totally new consciousness, since our White Christian lives are at their mercy from cradle to coffin, womb to tomb. That is perhaps what in 1989, the White Poles were “allowed” or perhaps even “instigated” to end Communism in Poland with the Solidarity Union. Jews figured that Eastern Europe had been silenced, starved, murdered, and so broken down having murdered 66,000,000 that they were “terrorized and punished enough.” Jews have this Wrath of God complex believing they alone can punish and persecute Whites.  Wait until they start using that God-complex on the Chinese and Hindus and see how long they will last since neither country has been educated in the Old Testament to “love” the Jews. I heard the Catholics kicked out the Jews over 100 times in Europe, and perhaps they can help again now.  Note the Jews went right on TV talking about how they think Canada should kick Zundel out of Canada, and the Jews again “won,” just like they were the only winners of World War II.

Off Your Knees, Germany Part 2

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Off Your Knees, Germany Part 1

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Part 1 video below:

Several years ago, when I first became enlightened to the truth of World War II, the Jews genociding White Race and not the twisted other way around that we have been taught, I found the Ernst Zundel Videos.  There weren’t that many on youtube, and I commented how much they meant to me. After watching a few, someone responded to my chat, that there would be many more coming. I waited for them like someone waits for their loved one to come from overseas war.  I was all alone in my search, and worse than all alone, everyone seemed against me.  There was no support. I thought I’d lose my mind approached such subjects as Hitler, Nazis, Auschwitz, Gas Chambers.

What you must realize in these videos, is that I’ve done my own research, although I don’t claim to be an authority.  But in addition, I can add my own views of the Jews from my own life’s experience being the daughter of White Polish slaves for Jews and the terror, poverty, starvation, domestic violence, my family of 15 and I encountered when I was a little girl, around 1952 approximately.  Also, in my own experience of a Jewish Hispanic doctor from South America raping me and then threatening me. The list of grievances against the Jews is overwhelming for once the enlightenment begins, one cannot shut the light off. It keeps shining brighter and brighter, and the truth keeps poring in from all directions.  Also, the fact that the Polish were victims for 900 years under Jewish rule, banksters, and sexual exploiters of Polish women and German women. The Nazis first deportments “not” gassings or murders, were these Jewish married rapists who were using White German women as sewers for their sperms. Even the Nazis taught the young girls to run to the police station and issue reports of these Jewish rapists for back in 1933 or so the White girls were too afraid to talk about it, as I was in 1967.

Also, when I discovered by accident the Katyn Massacre DVD showing how the Jew Commies slaughtered 20,000 of my White Finest Polish men in world War II with 1 bullet to the back of the head and then burying them alive, the most feared form of death, and the world blamed the “Germans” when Jews did it, I was fortunate that I found this DVD and spread it around 9 months before the Airplane Crash killed the Polish President and top 95 of Polish elite, right at the same site of Katyn Massacre. Twas like a premonition.

I have nearly 15,000 pages. Perhaps 20,000 by now regarding this and even how I began awakening which didn’t happen until 2 years of heavy, concentrated creative writing. And it came only in spurts.  I mentioned to the person I was emailing about the rape, but then didn’t say another word about Jews for another 2,000 pages.  When I moved to Vegas I was still writing about Whites and found my fingers automatically writing these observances of Jews that were discriminating the White Race.  I would apologize in my writings, and say that I didn’t mean to talk against the Jews and I don’t know why I’m finding myself writing these things. I wrote that I was ashamed, but since I write all my thoughts as they come without editing and so fast, I would not withhold it.  Another person, probably would have stopped their writing, and thought “Ah that is stupid, and I don’t want to look like a fool.”  I never thought that. I realize that to most I appear foolish if not crazy. But one must think in terms of truth for Truth is the essence of Life. Perhaps even more than Love.  For Truth can be stated, whereas Love is more ethereal.

Hitler’s Pope Pius XII

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Gods and Generals, Gen Lee Christian Scientist

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Just thought you might like to know that in the 2003 movie, Gods and Generals, about the Civil War, the White man that stars as General Lee is Robert Duvall, who was raised as a Christian Scientist, and his mother is one also!

Gods and Generals

Here’s from Wiki on him, and his wife was directly related to General Lee.


Early life

Duvall was born in San Diego, California, the son of Mildred Virginia (née Hart), an amateur actress and relative of American Civil War General Robert E. Lee, and William Howard Duvall, a Virginia-born U.S. Navy admiral.[1][2] Duvall’s father was a Methodist and his mother was a Christian Scientist.

(He went to college where my son, Paul, went to a Christian Science College.)


President George W. Bush stands with recipients of the 2005 National Medal of Arts on November 9, 2005, in the Oval Office. Among those recognized for their outstanding contributions to the arts were, from left: Leonard Garment, Louis Auchincloss, Paquito D’Rivera, James De Preist, Tina Ramirez, Robert Duvall, and Ollie Johnston.

White Vanishing Species Stamp

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As I have written before, I went to Post Office with my Brother and was protesting (just the 2 of us) the Lesbians’ Ellen Degenerate’s picture on stamps next to mutts from Humane Society, so we could “feel” sorry for the cats and dogs being put into gas chambers and “save” them, and then by mind tricks “feel sorry” for lesbians.  It’s how Jews work, what can I say about their “mind” assassinations of us.
I also wrote a long letter to the post office regarding this on how “Whites” are going extinct.
And Voila! In answer either to prayers or emails, protests, blog, talking about it to government officials, we now have a “Vanishing Species” stamp…. well, it is a 1/2 way answer to prayer for the White man’s picture is not on there, nor is White heterosexual partner, or White babies’ picture: (Well at least they put a White Cross in the lower right hand corner and that is more than what they are doing by removing all White crosses from Military graves.  The artist did put shining White on the one side of the picture.  Do you think we Whites will ever rate for our own White causes when we can’t even “think” about it. Where is the ACLU or NAACP Jews and blacks that we have obeyed and genuflected to their every word? Where are the yellow Chinese who we not only fought for in Viet Nam, Korea, but we Whites single-handedly made China the #1 power?  You think collectively after all the Christian money we gave and still give to Japan’s disaster, that “they” would speak for us since we somehow have been strongarmed into a White Vow of Silence.  Somehow, God didn’t want me to remain under the Vow of Silence I took for perhaps 46 years, but our collective Vow of Silence has gone on for millenniums. Once in a while, in our history, we speak up, but only to be silenced again.
Here it is:

Save Vanishing Species Semipostal Save Vanishing Species Semipostal. This image is a larger version than the image with the same alt attribute on the previous page.
View Larger Image


Save Vanishing Species Semipostal
$0.55 (First Class rate)
Price: $2.20 – $11.00

White Scottish Dancing

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Super Scottish Dancing! Love the kilts and the “harmony” between the White male and female. Reminds me of my marriage to Scottish American, Mike Duncan, where we never had an argument in our marriage until a 17 year old stole him and my White sons.  Also note how the dancers dance with their “toes” and straight upper bodies which makes is so light and ethereal.
Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2011 8:36 AM
Subject: if you liked Irish Riverdance, you’ll like Scottish dance
a trio of Scottish country dances (under 2 min.)

 (they do Scottish dance in Russia!  1 min. )

I like this dance   (45 sec) (Scotland)

vast majority of dances are about 4+ min.  these are just video clips…