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White Breast

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I sent this to a friend below encouraging breastfeeding and fertility. For those that don’t know, Charles Lindberg was very pro German and Nazi and had a German wife or girlfriend with Nazi children. But somehow, his own young boy, was kidnapped, and a scheme developed to use “gold” certificates in the ransom $$$. Then the Jew news put out propaganda thru movies, (machine invention stolen from White Thomas Edison) newspapers,(stolen from Protestant men by advertising and bankrupting tactics) etc.  The Jew news asked for the mostly White people in the ‘30’s to return all their “gold” certificates to the bank and that it would “help” find the kidnapper. A German man was accused and convicted, but his wife worked for him until her death to free the German. The other man involved was a “Jew,” and somehow, conveniently fled the country back to Germany and was never heard of again and the German not only got the sentence, but the country began “hating” Germans preparing us for war as the Jews now make us hate Muslims. All people I deal with “hate” Muslims and hate them so much they are ready to get a machine gun to kill Arabs. That is really a strong level of hate. We Whites could never say the same about Jews of Israel.  Think of me just repeating the words of a woman my age only changing the word “Muslims” to Jews.  Here is what she said, “I hate the (Jews) so much, I am ready to go to Israel and get one of their machine guns, (many, many Israeli Polish Jewish “women” have machine guns and are “trained” in using them to defend their “race,” not “religion,” for most are not religious attendees.)… and kill all the Jews there.” Now those are “not my words,” but her words, just changed.  And 94% of Americans, especially probably 100% of Whites feel that way for that 94% reflects “all” races and surely the Muslims do not hate themselves. Only Whites hate themselves so much, they will even take their own lives which is the final result of self-hatred.
Charles Lindberg’s baby was found with limb amputated, which is surely a sign of what Jews were trying to tell us. The baby was dead. And when I started to research and write at the same time, I typed my longest email:  126 pages.  I studied the actual FBI report and walked in the shoes of the characters.   I didn’t start with Charles Lindberg, as I didn’t when I wrote this email. I was going to send an email about breastfeeding Whites. One of the songs I sang, actually for my finale, was “Here I Go Again,” by Whitesnake. I was saying goodbye to my karaoke friends for 3 months, and wanted to sing something special. I never heard of this song, but miraculously met an Elvis impersonator just a few days before who loved Whitesnake. I never heard of the group until a few months ago. I watched this video and for those that think White sex or sensuality is evil, don’t watch.  It is meant to be artistic, both singing, musicians, dancing, and the ballet and sensuality of the White red headed woman.  The only “Jew”ishness is the fact she is singing and dancing on a black and white car. So we know what Jews mean when they do that, especially since all her sensual dancing is on the “black car,” not the “white car.”  But I saw in the chat that on 2:17 of the video her left breast is shown.  I had to stop in and go back a few times, but it is actually true, just as my breast fell out on the Jenny Jones Show and I whipped it back again. It was on the same video tape I gave to the Jewish advertiser for the Super Bowl “before” the black Janet Jackson’s nipple fell out. He also got the “new” show, “American Idol” which was the result of my Video tape. He even called to tell me after the show started that this new show had “my name, Barbie” written all over it, and “he” got the account. Owen Robbins. If his name is “anywhere” near the American Idol show you know it is true. Or if he got stocks or any thing from it, it was my idea. I signed a form, so I have no rights to it and I didn’t get paid. (But then as a “good” White women I have no rights, they have been forcefully taken from me and given to Jewesses and the non-Whites of all races and sexes.) I saw a “black woman” get paid $1,000.00 for knocking down the Mexican singer on the show. I’m going to have to download the TV show and send it to you. I also like when he screams at the end. As a woman rock singer, I have felt those male emotions of men crying out from the agony and pain that was being “induced” on them to emasculate them, take over their women and country and treasury, by Jews just as Jews did to my Poland.
Here are the lyrics:

Here I Go Again lyrics

I don’t know where I’m going
But, I sure know where I’ve been
Hanging on the promises
In songs of yesterday
An’ I’ve made up my mind
I ain’t wasting no more time
But, here I go again
Here I go again
Tho’ I keep searching for an answer
I never seem to find what I’m looking for
Oh Lord, I pray
You give me strength to carry on
Cos I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams
An’ here I go again on my own
Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
An’ I’ve made up my mind
I ain’t wasting no more time
I’m just another heart in need of rescue
Waiting on love’s sweet charity
An’ I’m gonna hold on
For the rest of my days
Cos I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams
An’ here I go again on my own
Going down the only road I’ve ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
An’ I’ve made up my mind
I ain’t wasting no more time
But here I go again
Here I go again
Here I go again
Here I go again
Cos I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams
An’ here I go again on my own
Going down the only road I’ve ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
An’ I’ve made up my mind
I ain’t wasting no more time
An’ here I go again on my own
Going down the only road I’ve ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
Cos I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams

Gordon, I just found this on the internet.  Jamie Kelso surely would like to know, although he perhaps he already does, that the Nazi Swastika was painted on the original propeller of Charles Lindberg’s plane, on the spinner, the Spirit of St. Louis. I’m also going to send this to a few others. Also I enlarged it, so that you can see one of the employees of the air company that made the plane wrote his name very large:  “ADOLF”  SCHMIDT, a German, and the largest name. I think this one “cracked” in the flight, but was repaired and can be seen in museum as in article or on Wikipedia.
Been on pioneer in breastfeeding and perhaps my 9 page email to the media, changed the course of history on attitudes towards breastfeeding. Just as I changed the course of history, (or helped changed since no woman is an island) for Veteran’s I helped do the same to restore sanity for feeding our babies by pioneering breastfeeding in 1973, even though I was so ashamed of my breasts and thought them piggish, evil, from Satan practically, that I had to stay hidden for 3 1/2 years each time. I was even too ashamed to go to La Leche meetings for breastfeeding mothers.  I can’t find that long email, as so much has been lost thru Jewish and their imps hacking, warping my floppy disks, viruses that destroyed what I have. Thank God, I knew right from the beginning to “save” this material or try. And I have hard copies of pages printed out in huge binders, then back up by Carbonite, and also on the web. But uncertain where the email is about why Sophie the Orangutan was “not” breastfeeding at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago bout 9 or 10 years ago.  Not only did the Jew media use it, but PBS, Public Broadcasting TV, made an hour TV show called “Sophie,” about an Orangutan, but the central theme was “not” breastfeeding. Jews use our White ideas, make them sterile, and then entertain us with them and get all the $$$ and awards and credit and even worship for our own White ideas!
Saving our white race begins with our babies, as even the German Nazis and Hitler knew for their Nazi symbol was one of “fertility” and “Not” Supremacism.
These symbols can be seen carved in the hill structures by even ancient Indians years ago. You can see that in the essay below, the Swastika was painted on airplanes as a “good luck” symbol even on the Spirit of St. Louis. (the picture can’t be copied, so see

Nuremberg 1: Jew Morgenthau

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In reading the book “Nuremberg” by David Irving, there are many things that stand out that to me are shocking. I learned about World War II both in a Catholic grammar school, and public high and their stories were the same.
Yet, David Irving, an Englishman that studied the actual documents and private codes of Germans, gives an entirely different view. He also said at the conference I went to here in Vegas, that Churchill wrote 6 volumes about World War II and there isn’t a single word on “gas chambers.”
  • Robert H. Jackson, an All-American guy, was chosen to lead the Nuremberg trials & a left wing liberal.
  • President Roosevelt appointed Jew, Henry R. Morgenthau, Jr. (Secretary of Treasury, also, which is a strange combo to have Jew head of our Treasury during War, so surely there was plenty of $$$$ to destroy Germany, “free” the Jews to come to America and kick out Palestinians from Israel.  Can you imagine the person wielding the rod of death over Germans that loved and fought for their nation, also was the head of our Treasury! How Jews do this is unbelievable.
  • One of the other 3 Committee members, Stimson was worried about the blood bath that was in store for Germans bravest men…. the smartest men… the Jews competition. We “know” what Jews do to their “competition” in any field that they are in. They are ruthless.  And we have no laws on the books to punish or prevent that since Jews run our court systems, and we are now “lawless,” as Poland was for 900 yrs under their maddening rule.
  • It would appear that Jew Morgenthau was the “leader” of this committee, as Jews usually are, and Whites nod and bobblehead to the Jews’ horrendous dictates “against” Whites.  Just give a chance for Jews to punish Whites and Jews are in their glory and in the $$$$.
  • ‘Hull surprised me,’ admitted the British ambassador Lord Halifax in his secret diary after dining with him on March, 16, 1943, ‘by saying that he would like to shoot and kill all the Nazi leaders down to quite low levels!’ In this belief Hull was on a par with the ambassador’s barber in Washington, who perpetually told him” “Kill every one. Leave one—they will breed again and you have to do the job again. It is like leaving one rabbit in a young plantation.”  (Note that this was 2 years before the end of the war, when plans were already drawn up by Jews on how to kill the top White German men! It was already determined USA, England, Russia would win, and Germany has already lost.  What kind of war is that but like a Hollywood Jew production, in which, as I said before, Jews knew both sides. Jews got their secret info from the last person in the world any one would suspect: Hitler’s doctor, a former doctor to Jewish entertainers! Hitler never went to a meeting talked with anyone, unless Morrell was there. Did Morrell feed this info to the Jews. Since Jews don’t talk, we will never know. And for a people that have 130 IQ for “talking” they sure know how to be silent for the Truth.
  • Our own Gen. Eisenhower, said enemy leaders should be “shot while trying to escape.” (Note again, the woman who lived next door to me in Chicago skyscraper was a Jewish German woman who was Eisenhower’s interpreter. So what Dwight knew, wasn’t gained from White Americans, but a Jewess woman no less.
  • Jewish Hollywood movies would show constantly the enemy being “shot” as they tried to escape.
  • Eisenhower: “The whole German population is a synthetic paranoid,” (he told the Jew Secretary of Treasury, Morgenthau, “and there is no reason for treating a paranoid gently.”  (Now if we change these words to fit the Jewish crimes for which they seemed to go scot free for 1,000 years, it would sound like “The whole Jewish population is a synthetic paranoid, and there is no reason for treating a paranoid gently.”  (And Jews are said to suffer from extreme and abundant mental illness.”
  • Did the Jewess interpreter for Eisenhower “pump him up” and put these ideas in his head, perhaps while they slept together?  It doesn’t say that in the book, but since Jews do “not talk” about anything that might put them in a bad light we will never know.
  • Eisenhower said “The German General Staff should be utterly eliminated. All records destroyed and individuals scattered and rendered powerless to OPERATE AS A BODY.  (and isn’t this what has happened not just to Germany after World War II, but to the entire White Race. We cannot operate as a “body,” when every other race can, even the most primitive of nations of Africa, operate as tribes, but Jews have exploded us, divided and conquered us, and we operate in total obedience to the “Eternal Jew,” as the movie of the same name.
  • Morgenthau then sketched his plan on punishment and terror against the highest and best of White Germans. Morgenthau wanted to make sure that never again would White men want to take care of White women, be concerned about their breeding of the healthiest, brightest, and being aware of what would harm young embryos, children:  drinking, drugging, smoking, lack of exercise, lack of vegetables, lack of CHARACTER.  How else could Jews genocide us and then make us think we did it to ourselves like white suicide?
  • Jew Henry wanted to reduce the smartest Whites to an agrarian economy, of small farms. Make our finest White men ‘farmers,’ while Jews became the heads of all the banks, the head of Europe, the head of all of TV, all of Hollywood movies, head of all the doctors and the medical schools, the head of Harvard, the Heads of Supreme Court, the heads of schools, like Harvard, heads of court systems, attorney organizations, Jewish heads of Fed Reserve Bank, and the IRS in control of every red cent Whites have worked for over 100 years… at least.. probably 900 in Poland before they moved here and invaded our country, worse than the brown Mex’s who are just doing what the Jews want them to do.
  • Roosevelt says “We have got to be tough with Germany. (notice that no one says we got to be tough with Jews for their acts, misdeeds, crimes, but we must genuflect and worship criminals instead of saints or good role models) … and he continues… “tough with German ‘people’ not just the Nazis.” (That meant to torture, punish, terrorize German White people for trying to save White race, have intelligent and abundant and youthful breeding, get plenty of fresh air, instead of having sex on stage with donkeys as the drunken Germans were doing, teaching Whites to organize, teaching women to breastfeed, drink juices not booze, ban smoking and exposing cigarettes as cancerous, while Jew Eddie Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, had tremendously successful campaigns of getting “White USA women to smoke,” hence having malformed babies or stunted babies.  Roosevelt gets even tougher on fellow White Germans “You either have to castrate the German people or you have to to treat them in such a manner so they can’t go on reproducing people who want to continue in the way they have in the past. (The presidential interest in castration is worth bearing in mind.”  (But what if we changed one word “Jews,” instead of Germans for Jewish crimes that have gone unspoken, unpunished, and left to multiply:  “You either have to castrate the Jewish people or you have to treat them in such a manner so they can’t go on reproducing people who want to continue in the way they have in the past.”  This type of writing is “debate” and “equality.” Jews no longer get a “free pass,” or worse yet, a United White Race genuflecting at their every sneeze or snot.
  • Now I only read several pages, but this Jew Morgenthau constantly has his meetings over tea, or food, or dinner.  He probably does this to make “friends” with the other parties, and get them to do his bidding. Perhaps he feeds them drinks so that the White person is off balance and can’t even concentrate on what Jew is saying let alone make decision.
  • Morgenthau, Jewish Secretary of Treasury, just as in Civil War, Jew was Secretary of Treasury for President Jeff Davis. Apparently that is the Jews’ favorite position and role in wars and not on the front lines getting their heads blown off or they testicles…… But Jew Morgenthau tells Roosevelt that his plan is to “punish and emasculate”post-war Germany—regardless of the effect which this “running sore” would have on the rest of the European economy.” Here we go again. Jews playing the Wrathful God of the Old Testament to see how many ways Jews can punish the White man, when Jews started the war in 1937 with headlines “Judea wars with Germany.” (economic war) Then Polish Jew gives Churchill who is indebted like crazy 2.5 million to start an anti-German campaign of hate, even though Hitler never wanted war with England but idolized them and wanted a “partnership” in reviving the White Race. Look at England now, and “see what has happened to the White Race there.  What White Race. It is flooded with non-Whites worse than the floods at Janis Joplin Missouri.  Jews were head of the purse strings for the war, Jews were head of Hollywood, TV, Radio and News so the “only” things we knew of the war was what the Jews wanted us to know since they control our “minds.”
  • In this 3 person committee, Stimson said in his diary that they should intern and “investigate” the main instruments of Hitler’s “system” of terrorism. Here we go again. More terrorism, just like the ones of the Muslims. The hatred expressed above for Germans is the same hatred I have heard several White people express, who hate Muslims so much they will pick up machine gun to go fight personally for the dumb Polak Jews of Israel. It is “all” the people I have come in contact, with no exceptions.  100% total alliance and worship of Jews which even God Almighty doesn’t get. What a shame.
  • Stimson says to “punish the White German men as far as possible.”  While this was going on, the punishment was not only for the SS, Nazi, Gestapo, but 200,000 innocent White German men, women, children, and pregnant women of Dresden Germany. So many bombs were dropped the people “melted”.  That was so that they would never unite again as “one body.” Only Jews can unite as one body for 5,000 yrs. Blacks thru Jews can unite as one body: NAACP.  Browns can unite “La Raza.”  Yellows thru Communism. Whites??? Whites must stay divided and conquered, their women raped and used as sewers by all the other races, all our $$$ confiscated, our lands, our children broken down on drugs, very similar to how the young German boys were “before” the schools “begged” for Nazi intervention for the teachers couldn’t teach them. Sounds like USA or at least school my sons went to in Illinois.  German Shepherd dogs had to patrol the halls for drugs, kids vomiting their parents’ pills in the toilet at 8 in the morning. How can White boys “learn” like that when their brains are upside down, and the yellow and Jew brain are healthy and refreshed and have been so for thousands of years. We have our work cut out for us, and it is going to be an uphill battle even if we had every single agency and dollar in the world at our disposal and every prayer to God.
  • Stimson writes in his diary, (it seems like many of these men mentioned had diaries. Do our White men have diaries?  I think they should. My diary or journal changed my entire life and probably saved it. Stimson found are him, particularly Jew Morgenthau, a very bitter atmosphere of personal resentment… and I’m afraid that it will result in our taking ‘mass vengeance’ on the part of our people in the shape of clumsy “economic action.”  (But the Jew was head of our USA-White economics.  I wonder how the war would have turned out without any Jews pulling our strings, or pushing us into hatred against each other. I doubt there would have been any wars in the last 200 years for Whites at least. Just as the Muslims are being “pushed” into revolutions.
  • Jew Morgenthau’s principal assistant Harry Dexter White was accused of being a Soviet Spy. So here again, we have nothing but Jewish spies for us to just nod with consent as such infringement of our rights and privacy for a tribe of people to treat us like that and keep getting away with it. Whatever Germany did, it lasted only 6 yeas, the Jews emasculation and punishment of us, is millenniums. Only Jews’ punishment and emasculation of us can only last 100 more years. They will finally have killed, tortured, bankrupted, perhaps starved, buried alive, every last one of us and put into Jewish cemeteries
  • In my own thinking, I would like to see all the records from April 30, 1945, when Hitler died, until today, to see how much $$$, labor, time, energy, ideas, the Germans had to do for Polish Jews of Israel and rebuilding Russia.  Jew Morgenthau says that he wanted to put 18 or 20 millions out of work and eh wanted able bodied Germans transported to Central Africa as “slave labor.”  (Can you imagine Jews getting away with reducing our smartest and brightest White men to nothing more than “slave labor.”  Jews are cruel.
  • Again, Morgenthau the Jew is always inviting someone to dinner or tea. Does he drug them? Jews have the doctor and scientist capability. I would never accept a drink around them, turn my back on them, or even eat in their presence. I certainly would bar my mind to protect myself mentally from their Jewish mental tricks or hypnotism.
  • Stimson said of Jews’ plan: “Tis proposal will cause enormous evils. The Germans will be permanent paupers, (our smartest and finest Whites reduced to rubble as they reduced Dresden and German people to rubble)… and the hatreds and tensions that will develop will obscure the guilt of the Nazis and poison the springs of future peace.” The “only” reason Germany is #1 today is that all those White Germans who followed the healthy ways of Nazis to survive, were either killed, starved, but definitely replaced so that today Germany is a Jewish country, run for Jewish profit.  Jews won World War II and we fell for their tricks of the mind.
  • “My plan,’ retorted Jew Morgenthau, unabashed, “will stop the Germans from ever trying to extend their domination by force again.” (note no one or force on the earth can stop Jewish domination, from year 1096 and their arrival into Poland, until now in USA and world-wide.
  • Stimson wrote that he was in charge of the “killing” in the war and he was the only one showing any mercy.  There was no mercy on the Jews’ part, they have no heart or mercy. And Jews’ tend to lead the pack and we follow.
  • The questions were now being asked: “Whom shall we shoot or hang? The feeling is that we should ‘not’ have great state trials, but proceed quickly and with despatch. The English idea, once preferred but then withdrawn, was to give the army lists to liquidate (White Germans) on mere identification.
  • Jew Morgenthau was “demanding” (like a dictator) “that the leaders of the Nazi party be shot without trial and on the basis of the general world appreciation of their guilt.”(Do you think the Jews have any “guilt” about Genociding us or the Palestinians? I do not think so.)
  • The Jews did “not” want trials but extermination of 100,000 of Germany’s finest soldiers, generals, men. But a man named Frankfurter, like the hot dog, said that White German men were to be given a fair trial and should not be railroaded to their death.  But the fight of the Jews continued
  • President Roosevelt’s only concern was that Germans were banned from wearing uniforms and marching. Perhaps that is what Whites need to do. Wear uniforms that identify us and start marching all over the USA and world, with marching bands up and down all the main streets and even rural towns and like a Conga Line, all our Whites seeing us could follow our march for justice and survival.  (Just a brainstorming idea)
  • Now Jew Morgenthau barges into Roosevelt’s life by attaching his Jewish barnacles into him on a train so Roosevelt could “hear this Jews’ many, many, many words. After all, Jews have word IQ of 130 and now we know how “they” got it and ours is lower since we were “silenced.”  Naturally if one doesn’t speak their word IQ can’t be that high for we just “listen, listen, listen, read, read, read, and speak, speak, speak Jewish words like tape recorders.
  • “Roosevelt responded on this occasion that in his opinion a premature effort to seize the “head devil,” (Do you ever wonder who the “head devil” of the Jews is? Is it a man or a woman or an alien-type monster?
  • So now who do you think is in charge of the punishments of the White German people who tried to save the White Race, no matter what mistakes they made, anymore than the mistakes we are making today in a last futile attempt?  The United Nations. It sounds like such a wonderful group, yet last I read 1200 of the 1800 people working for it are all Jews!  So let’s change the name for simplicity sake:  The United Jewish Nations. UJN.  And get your checkbook ready so you can donate to these Jews.
  • There was to be a list of these Germans and declared “World Outlaws.” (Do you think we could get a list of Jews and declare them as World Outlaws. I mean isn’t genociding an entire people against the Law?  But then when Jews ruled Poland it was “law-less.”

Food: Steak Marinade

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For those who are thinking of a rib-eye steak on the grill, it needs to be marinated, and hopefully restaurants do the same. There are cancer causing agents on BBQ’d meats, and marinades are said to prevent that. I went sale shopping today and buy “only” the bargains, (Angus rib-eye $6.99.)  I have a kitchen scale so I only eat 3 ounces then fill my plate with veggies, fruit, garlic whole grain bread, water or milk, or Ban Cha Japanese Green Tea which doesn’t seem to have caffeine nor decaffeinated.
Also, one of the major food chains had a 75% off aisle, and I found my favorite brand of soap, White Dove, some cayenne hot sauce, (cayenne is very healthy) low fat mayo, Raspberry Pomegranate vinaigrette for watercress, kale salad.
My teacher in my religion, grew up in farmland Indiana in the Great Depression, and their family would eat watercress sandwiches.  Cheap and healthy at 1,000 at Whole Foods. Tastes much better than mustard greens etc.  Plus those greens are so loaded with salt, such as Salt Pork, filled with nitrates, and highest of all salt content.
I know a black woman who owned a Soul Food restaurant in Chicago and she serves greens to her White husband also.  At first I thought they must be really healthy, but since she uses Salt Pork, that one portion is so salty it’s 81% of salt intake for the day.  One serving of those greens would be all one could eat.  We Whites probably spend a fortune in taxes and have to work 6 months of the year, to pay for blacks and their heart attacks, diabetes, and the Jews get all our $$$$ that way from Medicare, Obamacare, Black Care by Jews. That is why Jews passed Obama Care, for all the browns were not covered. Now they are and they will squeeze every dollar and ounce of blood out of Whites until we go extinct.  Cause of Death on the White Death Certificate:  Overtaxed, overworked, undersexed, hated as evil, brought to death “deliberately” to take over their country, wives, houses, bank accounts, 401Ks, etc.
 I found watercress which is also 1,000 on Whole Foods List, for $.99 and kale at Wal-Mart was only $.74.  I am also stocking up on produce I can freeze as Wal-Mart will price match.  Carrots 4 lbs for $1.00.  Peaches $.33, (bought both White and yellow).  Strawberries $.89 for 1 large 1 pound. They are the highest fruit.
By stocking up for summer, I should be able to eat just from my freezer all summer long. I have to defrost my freezer, and marked the date of Nov. 8 as the last time I defrosted it and need to defrost again.  It is energy efficient. Bought on sale on Home Depot, plus 10% new credit card, and a $50.00 off for a little ding, came out to $220.00.  It is a giant Maytag, energy efficient, lights, shelves on door.  I surely saved $220.00 the first year by buying on sale of my favorite healthy foods, as well as some treats once in a while. I bake my own bread, cookies, and freeze those at well.
I get “excited” about eating healthy, and bargains. It is not a chore or a bore, it is something I look forward to. After all, I don’t have TV, radio only internet, no movies, no newspapers, no mall shopping for clothes, no beauty parlor or Viet Kong nail parlor, (Viet Kong is the name the US Marines used for the yellow enemy led by Jews Commies who had already killed 66,000,000 God-loving people. Too bad we “lost” that war for I bet all the churches can trace their decline to that “loss.”  Jews win; Whites lose. So what is new?
You’ll see below the tips on marinades and the “health aspects.”
It’s also said “not” to BBQ hot dogs as they might contain nitrates. Jews are hot dog lovers and junk food lovers from what I saw when I went to the Holocaust Center here in Vegas. They were having lunch at the time.  I was more scared about the food they had on the table for lunch than asking them about why they lied and exaggerated about the Holocaust.  I wanted to talk to the Jews there to ask them about the info I had about Hitler etc and what they thought about it, but someone talked me out of it.

Foods: Unacceptable Ingredients

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In my diet, I stick pretty much close to nature. I was horrified to find out my son was a vegetarian, but living on powders and supplements to make sure he got a good diet. I asked him if these tablets and powders grow on trees on in the soil. He is smart and he got my message. He then took a gourmet cooking class at college and today he can cook very, very well.  I think he has added a little meat too. In this website from Whole Foods, they talk of including meat, seafood, legumes, nuts, seeds.  As you know a Vegan mother breastfeeding could turn her baby into convulsions, coma, and coffin, for lacking the meat vitamins in her diet.
A person cannot be a vegetarian unless they abide by very strict rules to get their complete nutrition intake.  From what I read, the only complete vegetable is actually a combination of 2 products… beans and rice.  So one really has to analyze unless one is getting beans and rice with every meal, all the vegetables in the world won’t equal what a balanced diet would be.
I wrote before I won’t take vitamins or tablets for it is “guesswork,” and it is like playing pharmacy. I learned back in 1971 how harsh and dangerous these vitamins can be. I would go to the Health Food store and talk to them there are their products. Everyone was taking Vitamin C, and lecithin is so good, and protein substances are good, etc.  Brewers yeast another.
It wasn’t long and my gums started to bleed, but I never thought it was these tablets.  I went to dentist and he said I had a gum disease and all my teeth had to come out.  I went home, and started to do heavy thinking about what was different in my life. (Dentists lie too, as well as the Jew dentist that felt me up in the chair when I was just turning teen ager. Perhaps that added to my fright of them.) I then cut out all those tablets through them away, and as you can see today, I have “all” my teeth in perfect condition, and I was too poor for toothpaste, toothbrush, and I don’t think floss was invented. I must be good breeding stock for I defied the laws of what is good for teeth. Although now I try to take good care of my teeth. I want to avoid: Jew dentists, Jew doctors, Jew lawyers, Jew Insurance Agents, Jew hospitals with brown and black staff, Jew nursing homes, with brown and black staff, Jew accountants, Jew movies, Jew TV, Jew radio, (can’t avoid the Jew banksters for we all have bank accounts.)
But here is an entire list of “drugs” they put into products. I wrote over 8 yrs ago that if people ate the way I did the country would collapse for I don’t use all the 23 middle aisles of the store and only buy the outer aisles. I shopped that way my whole marriage and life, I guess I went with my Mama and she shopped like that too.
This kind of list is what I found that was in baby formula. I was horrified. Baby formula wasn’t fit to give the mice or cockroaches running around, let alone an innocent, helpless White baby, who has been nothing more than a slave for Jewish consumerism.  There are more articles on the website and I’m signing up for newsletters or even raw food classes. But watch out, for they are “retail,” and their object is also to “sell” you products so let the buyer beware. I think that is why I’m going to take classes with the university. Once I get a healthy diet set up, I don’t have to think about food, it was just be natural. It takes only a few days to retrain taste buds.

Polish General & Prime Minister General Sikorski

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I decided after a long hard day of cooking, freezing, cleaning, to sit back and read a new book I got at the David Irving conference here near Las Vegas. It is entitled, “Nuremberg: the Last Battle.”

I always read the back cover, inside, etc. as I was taught in a recent course on writing one’s own book. Irving has written a book entitled:  Accident: the Death of General Sikorski.

Well, naturally my eyes light up for “Sikorski” is a Christian Polish name, ending is “ski” rather than a Jewish Pole that now left Poland and took over Israel and the United States, their names end in “sky” for that means the Jew married into Royalty, as Jews seek the highest White women to breed with here.

I’m also interested in what really happened in the Holocaust, for although I have never denied it, I questioned if Jews gave the White Germans reason for their actions, and above all, why is it that “most” of the victims were White Polish Christians, Jew Commies killing 22,000 of my finest men in Poland and blaming Germans, and the entire country of Poland is “silenced.”

So in this book, the biography of the death of this Gen. Sikorski, is being examined. I remember clearly reading about him in one of the World War II books, but only as a faint character.  Now, I’m going to study him in Wiki, or at least what they say and perhaps a few other sites.

His predecessor was “Julian Nowak,” which is the same last name as me. Think of having a President of the United States with the same last name, meaning we are ancestrally related.

But what interests me is that he is the one who wanted the Red Cross to investigate the Katyn Massacre where Jewish led White Russians killed 22,000 of the finest White men of Poland and it was “hushed” up, or worse yet, blamed innocent Germans.

From Wiki:  “He supported the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and the Soviet Union, which had been severed after the Soviet pact with Germany and the 1939 invasion of Poland — however, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin broke off Soviet-Polish diplomatic relations in April 1943 following Sikorski’s request that the International Red Cross investigate the Katyń Forest massacre.”

Naturally, Stalin, with Jewish Masters and Jewish Mistresses, literally, and his 3rd Wife Jewish, broke off relations with Poland right after Sikorski made this request to this “International” agency.

Since Wiki is Jewish, we know that the final word will always be what the Jews want us to know. Whether it is true, we Whites have more or less just blindly accepted what they have been teaching us, and moreover, withholding from us.

“In July 1943, a plane carrying Sikorski plunged into the sea immediately after takeoff from Gibraltar, killing all on board except the pilot. The exact circumstances of his death have been disputed, and given rise to a number of conspiracy theories surrounding the crash and his death.”

That was “3” months after Sikorski started the investigation. There are so many of these stories, one has to wonder, like Sono Bono of Sonny and Cher investigating the government’s role in Waco and then Ruby Ridge massacres by the USA government of White people, and then Sonny is found dead at the bottom of the hill.

I must seem like an idiot but I recently saw a video about Sharon Tate, the blonde actress living with the Jew and carrying his baby, when Charles Manson the song writer went to murder Sharon and her friends, while Roman Polanski, Jewish husband “was away.”

Here’s a youtube about Sharon Tate and her first role in “Eye of the Devil.” In it, she wears a amulet that seems to hypnotize people. Now Whites have been taught that hypnotism only works for “good” and not for evil. But is that true? Can people hypnotize others into suicide or murder and then they don’t remember it for the hypnotist tells them not to?

We Whites live in a Christian world where we are trusting, loving, caring, and are totally unaware of the forces that direct many other people who have our genocide at heart.

Back to Sikorski: “Sikorski was born in Tuszów Narodowy, Galicia, at the time Austro-Hungarian Empire. His father was Tomasz Sikorski, of impoverished Polish nobility (bearing Clan Kopaszyna coat-of-arms and apparently descended from it);”

My Daddy is from “Galicia,” where 50,000 a year died of starvation while Jews walked in golden glittery robes robbing their corpses. As you see, it was part of “Austria.”  His father Tomasz was of “impoverished” Polish nobility. Didn’t I write clearly that when the Jews invaded Poland in 1096 with just a handful of them, the first thing they did was to “get in with nobility,” start the banking and credit, and then made the nobles slaves to them, while the Jews turned the entire country of Poland into slaves. Jews are already bringing down the richer White men, and even taking over Bill Gates’ fortune and Microsoft, although I heard on the radio that Microsoft is getting fed up with the new leader, who is Jewish.  Hooray, Hooray for another prayer answered.


“Starting that year, young Sikorski studied engineering at the Lwów Polytechnic, specializing in road and bridge construction.”  Back in 1967 when I worked for Jews in the office, the Jews were already importing Hindu immigrants to be their “engineers,” and just today I saw that China has made the first portable bridge to go from San Francisco to Oakland, and China is shipping it by boat in “sections.” It is the biggest project of its nature that’s ever been done. I also read that China was doing a project for Poland with road construction, and then the White Polish had to “fire” the yellow Chinese for not doing it right or not completing it.

It is written that he led a revolt against Russia for Polish Independence. As you know, throughout Polish history, they have always been taken over easily by other countries. How the Jews fit into that I will leave for you to decide. Will the same thing happen to America where we will be taken over by Mexicans, and then perhaps Chinese, and later Muslims, and we will spend the next 900 years as a White people and country that is occupied and controlled by foreign people. It is happening already with brown Mex’s and their sex’s becoming a very vocal and strong majority, our children the minority with all the laws against them. China being the richest superpower in the world, and we being indebted to them, they could call us for payment, and then war with us for we have no $$$ to pay them.

We advance to 1920, where the Jews had conquered White Russia, assassinating their Czar, Czarina, and taking over the entire government.  These Russian Commie Jew Bolsheviks then went on a rampage to attack Poland.  And Sikulski was there heading the Polish forces against them.

“At that time Soviet forces, expecting an easy final victory, were surprised and crippled by the Polish counter-attack. During that battle (sometimes referred to as “the Miracle at the Vistula”) Sikorski stopped the Bolshevik advance north of Warsaw and gave Piłsudski, Polish commander-in-chief, the time he needed for his counter-offensive; for his valorous achievements Sikorski was awarded the highest Polish military decoration, the order of Virtuti Militari.”

Now it is odd to read that another of Poland’s Prime Minister’s were assassinated. We have the King of Poland being assassinated by a Jew in the 1200’s just 100 years after Jews arrive to call Poland “Home.” And then we have this Prime Minister assassinated, and then recently the Polish President killed in a freaky plane crash. Since 9/11 really seems to be a treacherous act either by our own government or with help of Jews, these “plane” crashes could easily be done and we keep thinking our nice Christian way that people just don’t do those things.

“After the assassination of President of Poland Gabriel Narutowicz, the Marshal of the Sejm (the Polish parliament), Maciej Rataj, appointed Sikorski prime minister.”

(I’m laughing for the Jews just appear everywhere even though I’m not on a witch hunt after them. It appears that this President that was assassinated was called the “Jewish President.”  And that the country of Poland and churches were angry about this)  Narutowicz’s victory in the elections came as a surprise to the right wing. Following Narutowicz’s election, Catholic and nationalist groups began an aggressive campaign against him. Among other things, they accused him of being an atheist and a Mason. Some segments of the press called him “the Jewish president”.(So it appears that being a Jewish President meant being an “atheist,” and a “Mason,” which we hear all these horror stories about.

Reading world history is sure different from what we are living today. Here is more bout this Polish President, or the Jewish President:


Gabriel Narutowicz was president of the Polish Republic for only five days. He took the oath of office on 11 December 1922. Earlier on that day, opponents of his election tried to prevent the president-elect from getting to the Sejm by blocking the streets and throwing mud at his motorcade.

(I guess when Polish people are fed up with politics they don’t hide their feelings.)

The Polish man that assassinated him was an “artist,” and we know Jews own 80% of the world’s art and hold the top positions in the art field especially determining the “price” of art, making trillions on it.

Here is more about how the Polish Whites felt about what was happening to their country and government:  The defeated candidate of the National Democratic Party Maurycy Zamoyski gathered 227 votes, yet the National Democrats decided to boycott the President and announced that he was elected by the Reds, Jews and Germans rather than Poles. This started a period of civil unrest in Warsaw, where the supporters of nationalist ideas protested against the election of their president.  (We already know the Reds were Jews, the Jews were Jews, and Germany was controlled by Jews, although no one put the dots together then.)

“On December 16, 1922, the newly elected President attended an opening of an art exhibition at the Zachęta Art Gallery. Niewiadomski, a frequent guest at such gatherings, approached Narutowicz and shot him. Arrested on December 30, he was sentenced to death by firing squad.”

It’s odd, but I just learned of the Jew’s monopoly in the field of art and started to write about it and now I find this above. It is written that 10,000 Poles attended his funeral. Could it be that the Jews of several countries were pulling Polish strings?

Here’s from another website on the actual assassination:


arrived at Zachęta and was admiring a painting by Bronisław Kopczyński when the British ambassador William Grenfell Max-Müller together with his wife greeted him warmly. Müller’s wife addressed Narutowicz saying “Permettez-moi Monsieur le Président de Vous fèliciter” (Allow me to congratulate you, Mr President) to which he prophetically replied, “Oh, plutôt faire les condoléances” (Oh, rather offer your condolences). Narutowicz moved on to admire another painting – Teodor Ziomka’s Szron – after which three shots rang out.

Niewiadomski - Face of a Murderer

Niewiadomski – Murderer

The perpetrator of this crime comes as a surprise to everyone. Eligiusz Niewiadomski, the assassin, is a painter, art critic, man of letters, and one of the many heroes who fought for Polish independence after 123 years of foreign domination.  (One wonders why if Jews called Poland “home” and “kingdom of heaven,” there was this “foreign domination,” of Poland throughout the 900 yrs Jews ruled it.

Here’s more about him:  Later, he worked for counter-intelligence demanding that the government step up its fight against communism. He was largely ignored in these demands. He is a right-wing nationalist and is a known critic of Józef Piłsudski and the late President. An impassioned anti-German and anti-Russian, he is vehemently in favour of a strong, nationalist Polish state.

(and yes, as Hitler and my husband did, he was “against (Jew) Communism)

It’s like how today pro-Whites are totally ignored as if we are already dead and don’t exist, but the other races and Jews are biding their time until we are extinct.

The chat below says that the President of Poland was elected by Jewish votes. And we see that Poland was the 1st country of Europe to get a constitution right after America, in order for Jews to vote and then get into office or control those in office.

Well, now I can start the book entitled “Nuremberg.”

Władysław Sikorski

In office
September 30, 1939 – July 4, 1943
President Władysław Raczkiewicz
Preceded by Felicjan Sławoj Składkowski (in country)
Succeeded by Stanisław Mikołajczyk

In office
December 16, 1922 – May 26, 1923
President Maciej Rataj (interim), Stanisław Wojciechowski
Preceded by Julian Nowak

Who’s the Dummy Now?

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Old Autobiographical Pictures "before" Domestic Violence Set in for White Polish Parents, slaves of Jews.

I refer to Terry Fator, the highest paid Las Vegas entertainer today, and the most talented in my book, whose humble roots were growing up cleaning toilets, scrubbing floors, houses, (I wonder if he had to get on his hands and knees like Mama and me and my sisters day, being White Polish?) Here is his interview and book.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyF2b1VyPYs&feature=fvsr
Here’s another performance. I sent you one before where he was singing as a black man even “better” than the original black artist, and Terry Fator, (rhymes with “gator” my favorite animal) and Terry never moves his lips. Yet we go into orgasms over black singers and White men are suicidally depressed for if a black man or woman show up on a karaoke contest, they put their White tails between their legs and drop out. So do I.
Here’s a clip of Terry and his “dummies.” The first dummy has a black hat on with rhinestone type tiara, which is just like the one I’ve been wearing for about 15 years on my performances. As you know, I did a tribute to President Nixon and the Plumbers with a real live plunger on stage and a mask of Nixon, and sang this song with a Live Rock Bank 4 years ago at the House of Blues, which now has their own Karaoke TV series. Sounds like when the used my Jenny Jones tape of my and my son’s appearance on the Jenny Jones Show.  I got to put that on Facebook, at least the show, everyone will think I’m “crazy” if I tell the the truth, that the Jew used the tape I gave him and is the Jewish marketer and advertising agent for “American Idol,” as well as Janet Jackson’s nipple falling out. My nipple was not only “meant to fall out,” but to stay out every hour on the hour including during the night if I am to “successfully” breastfeed and not be dumbed down into “how our Masters will allow us to use our own breasts to nourish our White babies, which is thru a pump and stop at 6 months so White women can hurry back to work to support black women, jewish babies for they are so poor, I know a jewish baby in Vegas that gets $11,000,000.00 an hour thru his Jewish father’s “businesses.”  So complicated that we can’t even understand them, let alone challenge them. How could something “human” like Jewish Syndicate be more complicated than understanding God or metaphysics? Dumbing down.  Like the Terry Fator dummies.
Here’s my hat below. My Mama I found out through my autobiographical research was “big” into hats and loved them. I “never” knew that. I “hated” my mother, although I always obeyed her, for I didn’t understand her role as a White slave for Jews. And perhaps my oldest brother, and one of my sisters, are children of the Jew that wanted to marry my mother in 1930.  They look alike, and not like the rest of us. In these “old” pictures I gathered, for we were too poor to have a camera, during my ancestry and autobiography research, my Mama appears like a woman I had never seen before. I can see where my Auntie Anna called her the most beautiful woman in the world, Hollywood beautiful. It is “not” the Mama that appeared in my experience as the baby girl in the family of 15, slaves for Jews.  She has teeth, we were too poor for a toothbrush let alone toothpaste or dentists. When Mama did give me $2.00 for dentist, Dr. Jacob Stern, the Jew, felt me up while I was scared to death in the chair, saying that I was “blossoming” meaning my boobs.  Till today, I’m afraid of dentists, and when I was asked by the Mostly Mormons why I’m afraid of dentists and told them the “truth” they stopped making appointments for me. You can see why to waste my time on saving White children is a chore for me, when Mormons don’t return the favor and if they are Christians they are obliged to and not remain White slaves for Jews.
Mama is in a beautiful suit; I only remember my poor Mama in dirty house dresses similar to what I wear for I’m always cleaning, cooking, gardening and dealing with dirt, while the Jewesses have smooth hands that never saw a day’s work in their lives. “They” can talk, talk, talk. They don’t even have sex. Ah yes, they can count, count, count, county $$$ to the trillions.  But Mama has a beautiful hat on with a big White feather. It is gorgeous and so is she. Hadn’t I studied my ancestry and autobiography I would have went to my grave thinking she was as ugly as a witch and more violent than Hitler for beating my father and me. But then her mother beat her too. Observe Mama’s suit with the White blouse and pointed long collar. Mama could iron so beautifully, it would make your head spin. When my Viet Vet left me penniless thanks to Jew wars, I worked cleaning 11 big houses a week.  One was for a French female aristocrat who left France to “marry a Jew.”  (so what’s new, my writings are filled with both internet stories and my own real life experiences to validate this fact as true.)  He was in “tire sales,” meaning they probably have a tire that doesn’t wear out or cars that don’t need tires, but as long as Jews are making $$$ on this items that keep need replacing, we will be subject to them as if by Divine Decree.  She used to have a black maid and would compare me and said that I was not as “talkative” as her black maid and she liked her black maid better for the black maid would “talk to her (White) French children from White first husband. Because I couldn’t or didn’t talk I was “inferior” to blacks. You can see where part of my “Great Depression” comes in.  Yet, I volunteered to iron for her, saying I finished the housecleaning early.  She said her “black maid” would just talk off early. But I said, “You pay me for 6 hours, I’d like to work that 6 hours.” It was only desiring to please my boss and give her “more” that she even discovered how well I iron.  She saw my ironing and said it was the best she has ever seen either in France or in America thru any maids. In France, she was like royalty and had “many” servants, but gave all her luxuries up to live in a Condo with a Jew after World War II.  So apparently Hitler didn’t “kill” all the Jews of France, and probably didn’t kill any or few.  The only ones I heard that were even murdered were only “after” the Jewish led Russians and Americans blockaded Germany, cut off food and medicine, and they were all starving… both Jews and Germans. And I think it was “then” and “only then,” that Himmler had the Jews shot rather than suffer a slow death of starvation as the Jews subjected us White Poles to in Poland.
Mama used to bleach and starch the boys White shirts for processions in the Catholic Church. It is probably why the Catholics wanted to get my brothers for “priests,” they made such a good appearance. And my brothers did get free education during high school and one year of college, although none became priests. My one brother was kicked out of seminary for he “stuttered” and the Catholics said he was “anti-social.” Since “social” means living the Jewish reality, I could see that I probably was anti-social, and one of the reasons that I took the “vow of silence” just so I could survive in this horrible USA, the United States of A-nti-Whites.  Even sister Rose, quit school at the age of 16 and never graduated “grammar” school for being the “White slave” of the family her role was to help Mama cook, clean, iron, wash clothes, dishes. She was the sister that raised me and was considered mentally ill after the Illegal brown Mexican married her for citizenship then went to murder her around 1964.  Although she was very skinny and frail her entire life.
If you look at picture 2nd row middle, you see me cuddled up to my Mama and my baby brother on the other side. I could cry. Mama loved children so much she couldn’t think straight, and she couldn’t stand what the USA was doing to us deforming us thru a Jewish reality. She knew it. She told my father to stand up to the Jews and get a raise at the book publishing company. She even beat him bloody, as surely the White Polish women “had to beat their men” in Poland as they were white slaves for Jews and Jews had degenerated our men intentionally to “replace” the White Poles in business, universities, banking, royalty, breeding, media, etc.  The Jews turned the White Polish women “against’ their Polish husbands, giving Jews free sex and using our Polish women as sewers for their sperm, while giving all their $$$ to Jewesses who live on pedestals.  Surely, many Polish today are ancestors of these Jewish bastards. After I wrote this to the Jew media, it wasn’t long afterwards the movie “Inglorious Basteurds” came out where Jews get even with the White Germans by beating White men in the head with bats till they killed them and charging whites $$$ to “enjoy” these beatings, where no one has beaten jews in the heads with bats for what they did to us. Only my Daddy got beaten to a pulp, and I know I must write about his story, but to relive it, I’m going to need a lot of extra help so that I don’t die of a broken heart. Even writing this I start to sob, for his story needs to be told, I am the “only” one that loves him enough to talk about it for my siblings are all White Christian Poles with Jewish minds and would turn against me, perhaps even kill me for telling the truth about my family. My only purpose would be “Not” for sympathy for even my brother, Bert the Polak, said “The only place you will find sympathy is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.  Meaning both are to be avoided.  You can see where the “silencing” of Poland existed. It is not only “ok” but “saintly” to feel sorry for rich filthy Jews, oversexed and overpopulated brown Mex’s, dangerous black criminals, the most powerful yellows.. Yes we must “all” feel sorry for them. But hate, despite, fight with, and even kill our own Whites whether mentally which we do today for if we take even one step out of the Jewish reality they created for us, “we” will be “sorry” for the rest of our lives unto 10 White generations. Although we won’t be here for more than 4 more generations so we don’t have to worry about that.
My Daddy is above with Mama at his side, and he is dressed to kill in a fine suit, with also a White starched shirt.  He was said to be very handsome, funny like a comedian, hard worker, and above all, worked for a man they are going to canonize as a saint around the late 1800’s… Father Baker.  Eventually, Mama would rip those suits to shreds. She didn’t want him attending the Catholic Church anymore for she blamed her agony on them for convincing her to have so many children, saying it was for “God,” and then turning their back on her, and giving the aid to browns and blacks. You can see why in my autobiographical writings I loved Hitler for he had it that Mama would have gotten the Mother’s Cross the highest medal in the land for having more than 8 children. The “only” welfare recipients were to be these large families as Hitler wanted to make sure that especially if there were any “bright” ones of the large families they would be educated to the hilt and their intelligence magnified and developed, “not” cursed and asphyxiated as mine was growing up watching the blacks and browns replace me and the Whites applauding it as the White woman married to the Jew in South Africa actually standing up and cheering when the black gangs murder, rape, pillage, terrorize the South Africans. Our White genocide was, is, and will be until the last one of us is gone, “Jewish entertainment.”
In almost all pictures of Mama she is constantly with her arms around her children, other children as in this shot of her holding the baby. Or her arms around Mama.
Just fyi, Mama is holding my cousin Debbie, who was born to Daddy’s only brother.  Daddy’s other 3 siblings died mysterious deaths, after the wicked step-mother “Katrina” murdered my grandmother and married my grandfather.  It was “after” I wrote the entire story about this wicked woman, that “Katrina” was named for the hurricane that devastated New Orleans, and the show Nanny 911 was made showing episodes very similar to how my step-grandmother treated the children, less the beating to death with a black rubber hose.
This baby Debbie, would grow up richer than us, and when the domestic violence set in, they avoided our home like the plague and I never saw them except once. It was a Halloween Party and I was in high school. It was then I discovered that my cousin Debbie was gorgeous with silver eyes that were large and shone like polished silver. But she was entangled with brown Mexican gangs, the same gangs that entangled my girlfriend Irene Debowski that was born in Hitler’s work camp, and a “Polish” victim, not a “Jewish” victim. But Poles have been dumbed down by Jews so bad, we carry the Scarlet Letter “D” for dumb Polaks as the book The Scarlett Letter, which was “A” for Adultery, white women would have to wear instead of stoning to death.  She hung out with the “Gomez” brothers and their Mex friend, JR.  But her life was to be the worse I’ve ever heard of. She became addicted to upper pills, and probably the other drugs, even deadly, dangerous airplane glue, the Mex’s were feeding her. I know, cause they were feeding it to us White girls of South Chicago. I only tried it once as these Mex’s got my boyfriend addicted to it. We looked like White maniacs with a white rag drenched in polystyrene glue, and we’d put it over our mouths and noses to inhale the fumes and then get a cheap high. Kruschev prophesied that drugs, both legal and illegal would “bury” the USA, but what he really meant were the “Whites” and the “cream of the White crop,” which was competition to Jews. What devilish Jewish business strategy to eliminate their competition even from birth and even in the womb. If these same white women have babies surely they are deformed, sickly and certainly not of high caliber as those of Jews who dominate and monopolize as the “smartest” people in the world.
I hadn’t heard from Debbie but lived near my Aunt after I got married. My Auntie Babe said Debbie got so “mean” she was afraid of her own daughter.  It was drinking, pills, and drugs.  From what I learned when I had my son in a Catholic rehab hospital, as soon as my son was on pills, booze, drugs, my real son, Mikey, (Named after Uncle Mikey the trigomist who had 3 wives in picture above, ) that the “real” Mikey was gone and in his place were the bottles or needles that were used to inject my son and destroy his mentality, future, and could never rise to out shine the Jewish boys who have enjoyed this for at least 1,000 years, or millennium.
When I went to see Debbie, who was my favorite person of all growing up for they used to take me on vacations, and Auntie Babe would perm my fine, straggly, uncombed hair, and feed me lots of junk food, but at least I wasn’t starving…. Debbie called me and told me that she was in the hospital in a straight jacket as the Jews are going to put all of us Whites if we dare rebel.  They have already done so to many yellow Japanese. Perhaps these in straight jackets are the babies born to those unfortunate yellow women and men when the Jews invented and signed for the dropping of the atom bomb after Japan had already surrendered. Jews are vicious. And if Whites continue this marriage with them and don’t divorce Jews, they will die a horrible death also, and the Jews will rob our dead corpses, taking off the traditional “business” suit which camouflages Jewish men and women, and they will put on their “golden glittery” robes as they did when they robbed my Daddy’s ancestors in Poland.
Seeing that we are “encouraging” brown Mex’s their sex’s and their babies which Whites will support thru innumerable ways they extract $$$ from us, mostly immoral, White children have been “dummies” for even browns and blacks who are supposedly “dumber than us,’ but in reality since they have replaced our inalienable rights from God, which I thought no power could take away from us, our children will suffer the same drug oriented lives and deaths, too horrible to mention.
Note my sister Mary in big White sunglasses as I have started that trend several years ago when I went “White” in many of my costumes and foods.  Also, my sister Jo, who was engaged to a Polish man, Jerry, but didn’t marry him. I also dated a Polish man, but didn’t marry him, although I had to support him with the meager $.50 an hour I was earning… less then minimum wage… in high school and needed that $$$ for carfare, lunches, clothes, supplies. So you can see “again” why I failed clothing for now that I was working, I was sharing my money 50/50 with a Polish White guy that had to drop out of school for “fighting.”  Hitler and the Nazis saw that this “male White fighting” was epidemic in Germany thanks to Jewish involvement after World War I, totally drugging and drunkening the German White Population, to where there was so much fighting going on, the teachers couldn’t teach the White boys, and men were having sex on stage with donkeys, while Jews usurped the entire German White fortune, art, banks, media, schools, books, (that is why the burning of the books), and raped the German women, (that is why the 25 rules called for harsh laws even deportation of Jewish men raping White German girls.  Hitler didn’t know about Jewish men raping White boys as the Jews have done in America, but then we have “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” laws to find out “How” our children are turning out gay a crime against Nature.  None of my siblings married Polish, we were all race-breakers thanks to the USA and surely it drove my White Mama bad and to the brandy bottle, Christian Brothers Brandy, which Mama thought was ‘holy water,’ and would heal her like the water at the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It was the “Jews” that needed healing for Mama’s pain was induced by them just as Jewish doctors “induce” White women’s babies to be born instead of waiting for natural birth and now worse Caesarian section babies taking the babies at 5 pounds for future sickly kids for rich Jewish doctors to get filthy rich on. Since Whites are not doctors any more thanks to Jewish dumbing down and we have to “import” yellow doctors, red doctors, black doctors and brown doctors, we Whites are at the 92% population of the world, who have been taught to “hate” us as if we are monsters and devils, but love and worship Jews.
Since Jews own the banks, and have since even before Jesus’ days we have to ask ourselves if we “choose” to mold our lives, thoughts, energy around Jewish enterprises, which make them filthy rich, and immortal for Jews will always survive with gold, diamonds, credit, their “word and mind” manipulation of the human species. Even if we kick them out, they will land somewhere else as the Jews left Germany and prey on them.  Parasites. The definition of parasite is where a fungus type of animal lives off another bringing the death of the animal.  Symbiosis is where “both the animal and the fungus” are both helped “equally.” As much as Jews have fought and killed Whites in wars for “equality” for themselves, Blacks, Browns, Women, Injuns, Yellows in Viet Nam, the true fact is that Jews are “not equal,” never have been, never will be. The Jews are Supremacists over us, our Lords and Masters. It is wrong for me to say since I’m Christian, but see that I too have been totally duped. Duped to the point of White suicide and you can’t suffer any worse pain. But we can see the Germans were all driven to suicide and death also, and they can’t even “talk about it with words” today for it is only the “Jews” who have an IQ of 130 with “words, words, words, words, words, words, words, words, words and did I say “more” Jewish words.” Why in the heck don’t those White clapping bobbleheads in the Congress says their own White words and not just be like ventriloquists where the Jewish ventriloquists and we Whites are the dummies.
I’ll put another of Terry Fator who performs in Vegas. I wanted to see him so badly, but when my deceased husband came to town he didn’t want to spend the $$$ so we never went. Truthfully, even though I found an agency where we could have gotten 75% off, we never went.
But before I do that, we know that we Whites are in the same position as White Poles were when Jews occupied Poland for 900 yrs and called Poland not only “Home” but “Kingdom of Heaven,” the Jews were living so high off the White Polish Hog.
Here is a pix from google. Since Jews are actually “dumber” at picture images, even “dumber” than blacks from Africa having no education for Jews have only an IQ of 75 when using picture images, perhaps Jews will not understand my writings when they hack my computer.
Yes, here is the dumbed down Polak, that all the Whites have laughed at, humiliated to the point of Polish tears, and hated since the Jews instilled this idea thru “Jewish comedy” when Jews came here in the late 1800’s bringing with them Polish White slaves.  Only look carefully at the pig: He has our skin color and is no longer a “dumb White Polak,” but now the “Dumb German,” the Dumbed Down Ameri-lak, the dumbed down South African, even dumbed down Aryan Scandinavian, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland. Check them out and compare them to the wealth of yellow Chinese and Jews today, and are these Aryans living off the laurels of the past generations awaiting the Jewish credit lords to pull the rug from under them and turn them once again into “harems” of White blonde blue eyed sex objects for Muslims, blacks, Jews, browns, red injuns who make up 92% of the world and all laws and minds seem to be “against’ us, unless we have $$$ for them.
But we know that Jews did it to us. If I hear “but there are ‘good’ Jews,’ and the “poor” Jews and the “Holocaust,” I’m going to the bathroom and vomit my healthy breakfast, for that is all part of the Jewish dumbing down of America, but especially White Race, especially White male, especially German Whites, and especially German White male. It is as if the Jews were fireants and have done nothing but “bite” us bitterly as they took over own homes of Europe, America, Canada, South Africa.
If you keep thinking the Jews are “good” you will be subject to constant illness and death, thru Jew doctors, Jewish nursing homes, Jewish hospitals, Jewish mortuaries and Jewish cemeteries.  It is why “Jews” are buried in mausoleums for rich; they do ‘not’ want to be buried with their “slaves” or non-Whites. I found that out when my brother, the very White, Bert the Polak, refused to be buried in the ground with all the black Floridians that terrorized him his life, wife and family.  He had in his will to be buried in a mausoleum, and when I went to visit his building it had all stars of david on the squares as plentiful as the stars in the sky at night.  And Jews are our “stars,” even though Jews fake it by making a few token White people as “stars,” as if holding up a carrot for a horse. The Jews gives us a “few” stars and enslave the rest of us in doing so. We will constantly be subject to bad accidents happening so “good” Jewish lawyers can make money, or Jewish insurance adjustors and companies,  you will be subject to race-breaking” for “good” Jewish liberals and Jewish educations, you will be subject to White victimhood with constant wars against us, constant crimes such as blacks raping White women 37,462 a year, Jews raping us, which “no” one but myself will even dare talk about, and the list is endless.  If this “good” is your “God,” you and I will be subject to it as our ancestors and our descendants.
There is a Jewish law of banking and credit. If one cancels their credit card it is “bad” for that person and ruins their credit rating. It is “good’ for Jewish bankers who hope that with the law of averages of pushing Jew credit, eventually the person will end up using that card.
I would like to cut up my credit cards, but can’t because…. I’m poor, have no $$$ in bank to speak of, and have old home, old car, and old body in need of repairs.  So I’m also a slave for Jewish banksters.  The law is that if I close even one account it is going “against” me, and if I “believe” there is a power “against” me I’m labeled “Paranoid,” and thanks to Jewish Sigmund Freud, I can be committed to an insane asylum where all “good” paranoids live and congregate.
I’m seeing more clearly for the first time in my life how my life is affected by credit, how helpless I am to do anything about it if I want to remain retired, and how even if “I” stop my credit, all the other Whites will continue, and probably “must” continue for now the rest of the world’s population is subject to Jewish credit and Jewish whims of “who” will be the “Chosen One’s” Chosen Slaves. Isn’t it nice to know that we are not considered the “Chosen Ones,” but are the “Chosen slaves.” At least temporarily, for I believe the Jews don’t need Whites, it is only the Whites who ever challenged them, and the Jews also don’t need blacks now that Jews have brown slaves and yellow slaves to replace Whites who Jews found out are “smarter” than us, especially since they intentionally dumbed us down, doctored us up, drugged us to the hilt. Read the rest of this entry »

Bible: Jewish Fireants, Impeachment

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I can’t stand when I bring up the topic of Jews, and immediately the White’s first words like a baby learning to speak says, “But there are so many ‘good’ Jews!”  And then they bring up “poor” Jews of the Holocaust.  They then look at me like “I’m evil.”  And I can see now when I went to a psyche ward under a Jewish Hispanic psychiatrist, that on my chart he wrote that I was there because I was saying that I think “I’m evil.” He must have laughed his Jewish rump off and already started the plans to rape such a White women that was filled with so many delusions.  Either I was “delusional” when I went in there, worshipping Jews, believing every single word of the Holocaust, and worshipping Jewish music, lawyers, doctors, professors, and even being subject to his rape and threats and conditioned my mind and brain never to talk about it, or I’m delusional now. Jews have made 94% of “all” Americans and the world believing in their godship. I refuse to do so.
There are so many calls for impeachment of Obama it is hard for me to listen to news in the Mideast with all those “Revolutions.”  We know the Jews were the money makers and billionaires and the “instigators,” and then the history writers of our White European wars. The Whites get the label of “evil,” while the Jews go around walking like gods and goddesses, as they did in Poland where they called ‘home’ the “Kingdom of Heaven,” “Paradise,” “Golden Age.”  I can tell you it was “hell” for the White Poles who were their slaves.  As far as I’m concerned whatever war we are in the Jews are behind ‘both’ sides and we are to avoid both the Jews and war like a White Plague.
Whites do not have to consent to die under Jewish Mastership or continue being their slaves no matter how long this has gone on. The Whites that are interconnected with Jews are so because of $$$ and credit.  The Jews did the same to Poland over 900 years ago.  Jews make a “few rich” at the tope thru credit and funny money, indebt those people so they are forever, generation after generation, indebted and “grateful” even “worshipful” of Jews. The 99.9% rest of country is put into slavery…. and is the “only” example of its kind in all of Europe.  Those same Jews weaseled their way thru lies, movies, books, $$$, churches, news, banks, schools into our minds and we think the “Jewish” mind is “our White mind.” Underneath all those trillions of layers of deceit, debt, and degeneration and death, and drugs and doctors, the Jews have forcefully coated us with, is a pure, healthy, strong, White man, woman, baby.
I worked in my garden yesterday and was bitten many times by fire ants.  They are probably the stupidest, smallest, most hideous of the creatures in the garden.  Yet their sting is painful.  I realized they were there for I saw the deadly Lice, (you know the Jewish kind that Jewish men, women and children had in their hair, all over their clothes, their bodies, pubic hairs, shoes, hats, (especially wallets) and that there were gas chambers built with highest German workmanship to “kill the Lice NOT AND I REPEAT ‘NOT’ 6,000,000 TIMES 6,000,000 to rid of of that one lie, the father of all lies.  That 6,000,000 Jews and only “poor” Jews were killed in the Holocaust. No mention was made of my White Polish people who lost perhaps 2 times as many as the Jews and probably all those dead bodies that you see with bald heads, skinny, were White Poles and “Not” Jews after all. No DNA tests were done, and even if there were, Jews would do them so how can we believe Jewish doctors.
I saw how the ants had a line and were actually travelling on a white painted long 8 foot board I put.  The ants have always been in that side of the garden. I have used 1 tsp. Boric Acid, 6 T sugar, and 2 c water, and placed a bunch of cotton balls in there. Put many cotton balls in plastic container with lid like the stuff you bring home from deli, or small margarine tub. Punch holes in the lid, place in the garden, and then don’t even look for these ants.  Nature will kill them all for they don’t belong in my garden. Our entire human species would be extinct if we just “loved” the bugs, animals, enemies.  Jesus didn’t “love” the Jews. He “exposed” them. Even the words “Father Forgive them (the Jews) for the know not what ‘they’ do.  Or could it be that Jesus was saying to “Forgive the Whites” for we didn’t know that the Jews had devised an assassination plot against Jesus and “we” Whites carried it out as we Whites are the bodybags for Jewish Polish Israeli war in the Middle East.  Whether one believes in Jesus or not, there are valuable lessons that humans have learned, especially Whites.  Look at the words below. You can’t see the first line, but there is “Father forgive ‘them’ for they know not what they do.”  We are not to forgive Jews, but the Whites who carried out the Jews will of murder against him for “exposing” Jews, even beating them, when their own Jewish mothers should have done that a long, long time ago. For us to worship them is paramount to being members of a cult that worships the Lucifer, Beelzebub, and “all” the legions of devils that the brave Michael the archangel beat in a fair and square war. (Fair and square war sounds like an oxymoron invented by Jewish Polish morons, the “real” dumb Polaks and not the White Christians that have been so labeled and laughed and laughed and laughed at.)  It might be noted right after these words were spoken the White Italian security guards, grabbed a hold of Jesus’ white tunic and gambled and played a sort of dice game to see which one would “win” the garment. It was also noted in my study of Jews and Bavaria where Hitler and I are from, (Austria) that around 1300 the White Bavarians “kicked” their Jewess asses, Jew rumps, and even Jew children babies and pregnant Jewish women “out” of Bavaria for “setting up gambling houses” and then taking all the Whites $$$$ as “fun.”  To go bankrupt, is not “fun.”
The fire ants walk and work as “one unit.” It seems they are going in odd directions and not in a straight line, yet they are all headed for “one goal,”  building their “home” and nest, feeding themselves the young ones and perhaps the Queen of the hill, who then has many, many more babies of the “finest” stock.  We Whites do just the opposite. We all go in one direction all right but it is like a straight line off a suicidal cliff with the Jews have a mental bayonets at our brains that if we don’t go off the cliff they will kill us anyone thru their many avenues. The ants feed themselves well. My cats have better nerves than I do. I have to overcome not only that I was malnourished, starving but often fed poorly on pennies. Think of Mama trying to feed 15 on a can of tuna! Black workers (misnamed slaves) never had it that bad. Today they all carry “4” food stamp debit cards, and get “cash” for illegal drugs out of that also. Whites pay for it. For Whites not only are White bobbleheads, but White Clapping bobbleheads for blacks and Jews etc.  It is only their own White people that they will war against, hate, kill, humiliate, fight against.  Either that or Whites will not walk or even run fast and quickly as the ants do, but all walk in 700 million different directions. Surely, in our history we had to run away from where ever we lived for the 92% of the non-Whites were persecuting us until we finally landed in Europe. But now we have “minds” and “brains,” the same as Whites figured out how to make pedigreed dogs or cats or horses.  It was not “nature” but our highest human nature which to me seems like God or mind or intellect. Being “dumbed down” is from Jews, not God.  Hence to disobey Jews seems like from God for it is my very White live and health at stake.
The fire ants have like antennae that pick up my human scent as someone that is bent on destroying them. Hence these little f-ers gang up on me, crawl up my leg so fast I can’t even get them off, and then sting me. In which case I kill them, but so what. These fighting and biting ants have saved their hill, their Queen, their babies, and they can live off my plants even though they never worked in my garden, never paid for all the supplies, never watered it.  It is either “me” or “the fire ants.”  Needless to say, I will keep putting out the Boric Acid poisons for them to eat, for I’ve worked to the point of exhaustion in this hot desert garden.
But I give the fire ants credit for they want to survive no matter what. Whites have not only lost that, it seems they are anxiously awaiting a catastrophe to get them out of their misery induced by Jews for they see no other way out, except to yield to the wand of the Jewish maestro leading a White orchestra that is so out of tune, it is unbearable.  Nothing in the universe is like that for in the universe, stars, planets, all is harmony. Picture if the planets kept intentionally bumping into each other, like bumper pool balls. They would die, disintegrate from the wear and tear alone.
One might say to wear boots in the garden. No mindless, hateful fire ant is going to tell me how to dress in my own yard. Especially out of fear.
The last 7 sayings of Jesus:
__________________I will interpret my own words, since Jews have 130 IQ when it comes to “words” and 75 when it comes to “pictures” which explains the foul, filthy rotten art Jewish artists, their homo and lezzie counterparts are pumping out today, confiscating our own White art out of our hands, where even Jews run the museums which house our art. Jews could have put up fake art on the walls, stolen our own White art, and “no Whites have questioned it.” I agree it is far-fetched, but technically Jews have that power. If Jewish bombs killed all those yellow Japanese at Hiroshima from the burns, explosion and the worse… the radiation of the bombs, who is to say.
When Jesus says that he will be in “Paradise,” we must realize that Jews are living in “Paradise” today, as humans. Jews don’t believe in the afterlife as Jesus speaks nor should we have a false belief that “Well I’m suffering now, my White son is suffering, I had to kick him out, although Jewess mothers never would harm the Jew rumps except kiss them to get more $$$.  It is no wonder all Whites worship Jews and even go to seminars on how to become like Jews:  well networked, rich, powerful, strong, and Supremacists or bosses and masters able to get “all the women” they want no matter what race. Whites need to build their “own” Paradise.  It was what Hitler tried to do, no matter how primitive the attempts.  I don’t go along with his total reliance on doctors as he couldn’t walk out of the house without his doctor by his side, (surely his doctor was pumping war info into the hands of Jews for Jewish entertainers were this Dr. Morrell’s former patients.  Just as there were 2 Jews around Elvis at all times and “only” Jews to give back, like spies, all the info the Jews needed to control the war thru “mind” not “military hardware.”
Jesus starts out the sentence with “Truly.”  Does that ring a bell?  Truly, coming from the root word “True or Truth.” Then how can we stand for lies for 9/11, this war that is going on, Jewish Supremacy, lies of World War II, I, the blinding of our eyes to see that World War III is on the drawing boards like a movie that is going to be released by Jews and we have nothing but White Clapping Bobbleheads in the Congress. (See the video of 29 standing ovations for Polish Jewish Benjamin Net-his-yahoo from Israel)
Do we write the truth, speak the truth, or do we “hide” the truth and silence an entire nation as White “Christian” Poland was silenced with first an Jewish Iron Curtain, and now the truth as vanished in their minds.  But all a White Pole has to do is close their eyes and picture the Katyn Forest Burial ground where 22,000 of the “highest and finest and most religious” White men were tortured, murdered, deceived, shot in the brain with 1 bullet and then buried alive. This Jewish Commie Aggression against White Poles, the Jewish World War II against White Germans that terrified our smartest White people that until today they don’t question it for all the pro-Nazi people were the ones that died right after World War II…. 2 million of them….. so that White Germans could never “speak” leaving the Jews the only ones with 130 IQ for “Words.”  And the Whites remain silent like John Wayne whose only few words are to agree with Jews.  It is as if the Jews cut out our tongues like my Auntie Josie used to cook up beef tongue for her family all the time.  Eat it, but don’t use it, is what Jews have degraded us to.
The next one is that he said to his mother, “Woman behold thy son, (meaning St. John his favorite disciple who is the ‘only’ one who did not die at the hands of Jewish type persecutors.) And son “behold thy mother.”  I often say that to my White sons who have abused me verbally, mentally, taken sides with their abusive War Hero father … out of fear.  It is said in abusive relationships children identify with the abuser out of fear that this same anger will be lashed out on them.  Yes, Jews are not suffering from this for they are the bankers of the wars, sending White men off to war, so the Jewish men can screw the hell out of all our White women, including me, and at least 10 other women I know who “love” Jews, and did not stand up to them as I have done.  And I don’t know how much longer I can or want to do this either.  Jewish boys “idolize” their mothers for Jewish boys know that the power of the Jews lies in the “mother” not the father.  The Jewish father “worships” the Jewess on a pedestal just as we do.
My sons should be taking care of me in my old age not hating me, nor wondering if they will turn against me, and have me committed as Mary Baker Eddy’s son tried to do.
I do know that the Jews have gotten into the government, the Department of Aging for example.  How?  Well, Jews run the nursing homes and charge 3 times the price of everything. They can administer drugs to kill off any old people they want especially Whites for Jews do not live in our reality of the 10 commandments, the Jesus Beatitudes. Jews “use as and declare us “weak” for doing so. And since the Jewish fruits show them so rich, happy, healthy, powerful, one must think that perhaps Jews are right. But “Whites” put the Jews into the class of “gods” and it is up to Whites to take them out of the class of gods
The words “My God, My God, Why has thou forsaken me?” Jesus asks a question of God. And I can’t tell you thru my life growing up as a daughter of Jewish slaves that experiences the most horrendous domestic violence Chicago has ever seen, I have asked God that same question.  Yet, in my life, what would appear would be “more violence” and not comfort from my pain to the point of suicide that I couldn’t take anymore injustice, hatred, starvation and pain both in myself and my parents, the actual slaves for Jews. And seeing the Whites turn against me and my folks in “favor of Jews, blacks, now browns, yellows, red injuns, Hindus, 1/2 breeds like in the White House,” was beyond what the human mind is capable of suffering. Suffering and punishment is “not from God, but from Jews” who wield their power like gods.
I thirst!  Jesus “refused” the wine mixed with vinegar.  For Catholics to use wine or alcohol in churches is to misunderstand that not only does the invisible “spirit” needs to be redeemed and saved, but the body, otherwise we are a bunch of drugged up degenerates and nervous wrecks. Blacks do not seem as nervous as we are, for they have been fed the “best” of foods for the last 1000 years if not longer.  I try to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Using a glass quart bottle with water I buy at $.20 a gallon, or 5/1.00.
“It is finished!”  I think Whites are hoping there will be a cataclysm or World War III to get them out of the dire mess they are in today, both for themselves with them losing their houses to foreclosure, or reverse tricky mortgages, or their 401K’s or the doom of having to live their lives, perhaps 20-30 years in Jewish nursing homes that stink so badly from the treatment of the Jewish staff and their imps to the filth the Jews have our old Whites live in. It is only going to get worse by the time we get there and if you think we are helpless now, wait until they strap us Whites down in straightjackets as the Japanese have had to do.
“Father” into “your” hands I commend my spirit.  Even though Jesus knew there was no death process, it is “God’s hands” or “good hands” we should trust our future. Not the hands of Jewish doctors, nursing homes, bankers, authors, book publishers, or even Jewish owners of the internet, who will turn the internet into the same thing the Jews turned movies, music, radio, TV into. Avenues of “only” Jewish propaganda and “words, words, Jewish words” and Jewish pictures and Jewish voices. Even if I’m around another White person, the only thing that comes out of them like a Jewish tape recorder are Jewish words, words, words.  We Whites are “limited” to only thinking Jewish words, whereas Jews can think any words they want and use them, probably most in their private meetings and sessions done in Hebrew words or code words that we don’t understand.  It could be why Whites now speak so many languages. Perhaps Jews or Jew-likes infiltrated Europe and it ended up in all these different languages to make us “distrust” each other and believe we had “secrets” that must be withheld from other Whites.  But trust all our ideas, thoughts and words to Jews.
We have a choice: Do we put our hands in the spirit of God, or “good,” or do we continue to put our bodies, children, minds, spouses, fathers and mothers, friends into the hands of “good” Jewish doctors, a “good” Jewish lawyer or 4 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices, or how about a “good” Jewish agent, or “good” Jewish book, or “good Jewish professor, or “good” Jewish scientist that used the power of “atoms” for the atom bomb killing all those yellow people at the “hands” of Jewish scientists and signatures on the document to exterminate the yellow Japanese.
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 7:34 AM
Subject: ALIPAC Calls for the Impeachment of President Barack Obama

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ALIPAC Calls for the Impeachment of President Barack Obama

June 28, 2011

For National Release

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 703-0864 / Press@alipac.us

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama for his involvement in the Operation Gunrunner scandal, as well as his recent edict instructing federal employees to establish a form of amnesty for illegal aliens in defiance of the Congress, existing federal laws, and the US Constitution.

Obama’s ICE Director John Morton issued a memo on June 17th to all ICE Field Office Directors, Special Agents-in-Charge, and all Chief Counsel, authorizing them to decline to remove illegal aliens who meet the qualifications for amnesty under the DREAM Act Amnesty which Congress has rejected many times.

Congressional investigations have determined that Obama’s ATF and Justice Department have been supplying assault weapons to the drug cartels that import most of America’s cocaine, methamphetamine, and illegal immigrants.

“President Obama is no longer the legitimate President of the United States,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “By arming drug and human smugglers with assault weapons that have been used to kill American and Mexican citizens and police forces, and by ordering Amnesty for illegal aliens which has been rejected by both the Congress and the American public more than eight times, Obama has committed a form of Treason against the United States and must be removed from office by Congress.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is a national organization founded on 9/11 of 2004. ALIPAC has over 40,000 supporters, comprised of Americans of every race, party, religion, and walk of life, who represent the over 80% who want America’s existing immigration laws enforced.

ALIPAC is sending letters to the 137 current members of Congress whom the group endorsed and supported in the 2010 elections requesting the impeachment process to begin immediately in the interest of public safety and civil stability.

“Obama just made it clear to the American public that he does not care what they think, what the current federal laws are, what the US Constitution says, or what Congress has ratified,” said William Gheen. “Congress must take immediate action to stop Obama or the American Republic will fall. What use are elections, candidates, or the Congress, if the Executive Branch rules by decree?”

All ALIPAC supporters and like-minded Americans who oppose Amnesty and illegal immigration are called upon to immediately call and write their members of Congress demanding the impeachment of President Barack Obama for crimes against the people of the United States.

If Congress does not respond by July 15, ALIPAC will move to call for public protests across the nation calling for the ouster of this authoritarian regime which feels it can arm rebel groups invading America with their illegal cargo while forcing an Amnesty on the public.

The self-governance of American citizens and the health of the American Republic must be guarded against this form of Treason.

The Congress will be given an opportunity to act before members of the public take things into their own hands and call for a day of nationwide protests.

For more information, to schedule interviews or to show your support for the impeachment of President Obama, please visit ALIPAC at www.ALIPAC.us



All comments about this release welcome at…





Blacks and Greens

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What a combo! Black and Green.  For many years, I have come across info that “greens” are a necessary staple of the diet. The five leading as Whole Foods says,
  1. Mustard, Collard, Turnip
  2. Kale
  3. Watercress
All rated 1000.  Yet, I never understood until just recently about this “greens.”  I always bought a darker lettuce, or spinach, but was totally dumbed down, as a Dumb White Polak, intentionally dumbed down by Jewish masters for 900 years, so “they” could live in their “Golden Age,” and we White slaves could live in hell for 900 years.
I ate a raw mustard green salad, and the greens are not expensive.  Most Whites have never even touched any of these vegetables, hence I think we are not as physically healthy. I believe it has been done deliberately to us, dumbing us down, while Blacks and Jews, Hindus, Yellows, all know about eating well.  They are all our “doctors’ for in order for them to pay off $200,000.00 + college degrees, they must keep us sick and give us tests and medicine we don’t need. If Whites all remained healthy, the medical profession would close down.  We have been hypnotized to neglect our White bodies, as they use these mental techniques against us.
Here’s a website showing how “wonderful, kind, generous, cool, awesome, caring, loving,” The Southern White men were to the black misnamed “slaves” (workers) by giving them all the land the blacks needed, the seeds, fertilizer, skills, patience in teaching them with a different language and much lower IQ,……. all the things necessary so blacks would grow “greens.”  “Greens did not originate in Africa,” hence cannot be considered a “Black Soul Food.” Anymore than Blues is black when the instruments and music were given to blacks by their White Bosses, (not Masters.)
If the greens originated in the Mediterranean then it seems those Arabs and Jews used blacks as slaves a long time ago, kept them fed on the “best” food in the world, so what do blacks have to gripe about. Think of that, as Whites consider they have given up 400 years of their lives to take care of blacks as if they came out of the White wombs.  Perhaps we should have a Whites Unite for Blacks and Jews to see how we can give them “more” and “work harder and long hours,” to keep them in this lifestyle. It would be an improvement for the White $$$ is being routed to them and we are too dumb to know it. At least this way we would have “Excel Spreadsheets,” showing just how much we have given them in the last 400 years right up until today.  Jews are eating well, for they are doctors and they do not like doctors. They want to stay well. Jewesses were some of the first women that went back to nursing, despite the fact that Jewish doctors wives were the ones who started the trend towards baby formula, sugar followed by 22 drugs, a poison nipple and plastic poison bottle.
I mean even having “free land” to grow the highest rated vegetables in the world to the blacks, should make the blacks kiss the feet of the Southern White men, let alone all the tools needed, the expertise, know how to grow, teaching, showing how to cook them, etc….. all came from Kind White Men towards Blacks.
You can see why Blacks are healthier than we are today and their nerves and system are not “prone” to suicide, or other mental illnesses, as Whites are.  Mex’s are the same since they farm, and buy loads of veggies and fruit.  It is only Whites that have absorbed the processed junk food as a steady diet.
In comparison, being a White Polish slave for Jews and daughter of slaves for Jews, my diet consisted of… at times:
  • No food.  Starvation.  Sometimes a few days would pass and there wasn’t even a ketchup bottle in refrigerator.  Blacks always had food, not only “food,” like scraps and rations, but the “best” food in the entire planet…..and Whites treated like black kings and queens. (Where does the extreme White guilt come in all this? Jews are not feeling a bit of guilt when the gouge the blacks, rape their women, steal their $$$ when they manage them.  Why paying all the “black” mail for 400 years?)
  • Parents had to work 12 hours 6 days a week, so no time to spend on garden, where blacks have this easy, slow, manner, where the had plenty of time to grow their own food. If the blacks lived and ruled the Plantation homes, they ate even better.  As slaves for Jews, I “never” ruled their businesses, homes,  Jewesses in order to always be on a “pedestal,” had to have us on our knees, always like a dog or cat, begging for scraps and being grateful to them.
  • Blacks eating greens, and other healthy foods, plenty of sunshine working outdoors in nice lovely weather, are basically now healthier.  If blacks are on drugs, they “chose” to be on drugs and should be kicked out of the country as White Moms have had to kick their White sons out of their homes for all the craziness that goes in living with an addicted person.
  • For breakfast, “if” I had 8 cents, was a carton of milk, and bag of salty chemicalized potato chips.  Lunch might have been $.05 worth of candy.  Supper was sparse, and since my brothers are extremely aggressive and athletic, if they ran to the table first as if they got a hit and ran to 1st base, they ate most of the food leaving little for me. I can see the wisdom of my deceased husband when raising German Shepherds, when there were 13 babies and only 8 titties, he would take the bigger ones off the nipples and put the little runts like me on the tits so the weaker could get nourishment. But the blacks didn’t have to suffer this as workers for White men of the South, as I did as daughter of slaves for Jews.  The very fortunate black people just had to walk outside their homes to eat the most wonderful, nutritious, and with recipes, the most delicious foods in the world. While we ate crap!  And “who” were the slaves?  The blacks who have treated royally, specially, catered to, and even though they “terrorize” us for the good we have done them, they were never slaves.  Whites were. Are. Forever will be.
I do not feel sorry for blacks.  “They” should feel sorry for me but they are not capable of “sorrow” for Whites, or even concern about our race, culture, heritage, or the genocide we are facing.

Genocide of White Slaves

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This email is one of the really long ones and in today’s text me society, no one will read it. No “whites” that is.  But I can bet the Jews who hack my computer for ideas and monopolize the book publishing industry read, study and use my ideas. The Geek squad said they had never seen so many hacker footprints as mine.
Also the Chinese, who again are smarter than us as we gravitate to vie with browns and blacks for the lowest instead of highest.  Yellows are big into karaoke, Japanese CEO’s sing karaoke after business meetings, yellow Chinese believe the success of Japan is karaoke and yellow Chinese install karaoke machines in their cars as “standard equipment.”
Wait until you read that the US had to pass a Law saying that no black or red injun could hold a Christian in slavery. That meant White Christians were considered so low on the totem pole, that they ended up as slaves for blacks and reds!
Here are 3 videos I mention below on “They Were White and They were Slaves” by Michael Hoffman the “untold” story of White Slavery. Being a White slave for Jews as were my Mama and Daddy, thru writing only, and not Jewish pills to solve my past, or talking about it or “denying” it as Christians don’t like to talk of negative things while Rome Burns, I have resolved all these issues, and it has left me stronger, and with a feeling of power, not of weakness. The man, Ernst Zundel, is the one who spent 7 years in solitary confinement in Germany, kicked violently out of Jewmerica, and Jewcanada, and imprisoned even his female attorney!!!! For expressing the “Truth.” My comments on this videos below:
Whites think I write and talk too much.  It isn’t that they people steal just “My” ideas, although they are numerous and new, but they steal “any and all” ideas of the Whites. Although we don’t have to try to keep them hidden, we give them away for any human form of protoplasm that plops in our country.
In my earliest writings and reasonings of what was happening to me and the White race, I wrote of the Irish wars of the North and South which were still going on.  I wrote that they must unite and stop White brother from killing and hating his White brother. I heard not long after that, that the North and South Irish, Catholic and Protestant, made a truce, and I’ve never heard of an IRA bombing or killing after that. Since I don’t have media in my mind, I can’t document all this, only what comes to me, as I try to block out most of your reality.  There is no Pot of Gold in my hand for I hadn’t made it yet, but use your imagination for the one I made is gorgeous overflowing with golden, and coins, and green shiny tinsel.  Also, I would hope the Irish would someday wear a Polish costume, sing our music, and learn our history.  Whites need to communicate. All of Whites need to speak one language. It might be a rare language as Jews use Hebrew so that we can’t decipher what they are saying or their “codes’ which don’t include words at all, but positions of their body, hands etc to give “signals” according to what I read how Jews behaved after making a $$$ killing in the stock market after Napoleon’s war.
Listening to Voice of Reason radio broadcast which can be found on June 23 2011 episode.  The man Matt Johnson is Ukrainian Orthodox pastor.  If you are not Irish you might not find this interesting. I find it interesting, since I make the same claims for Polish as slaves for Jews, but Poles can’t talk, or so terrorized like Germany, they would never rise again.  I also see similarities between the few scraps of info I can find about Jews and Poland as slaves, so I’m interested in this.  Also, Polish and Irish have one thing big in common….. big, big families.  I talked to fella I met recently that is a new Elvis impersonator and his father and mother came from Irish families with over 19 children…. EACH.  I now see why I came from a “big” family, Polish and Irish were and are “slaves.”  And for the Jewish Rothchild’s of England and their nightmare of “Empires,” they want “free labor not as humans but as “beasts.” And yes, folks, I felt like I was nothing more than a “beast” in the USA. Never wonder why I tried suicide when 9 yrs old, ask why I didn’t succeed. Jewesses, blacks, browns, red injuns, yellows, no matter how ‘poor’ they have the will to live. Also, in military, most suicides are “White men.”
First of all, I had notes from a book I read about how the “Whites” were the slaves of America. These Whites were treated “badly” and as “inferior” to the favored, chosen, and beloved “black” slaves the Jews sold us like a crooked used car salesman.  I have held those notes for a year somehow knowing there would be a right time to write about them, but it wasn’t until today that it made sense to do it.  As bizarre as my emails seem, I write as I am intuitively or perhaps divinely moved. I do not question, I just write like a scribe from what comes out of me. Sometimes it seems, if not always, that another person sits at this computer, and I just am the typist or secretary.  I say this for I have never written in my entire life. No college, no high school that centered on college, but rather business, no job that required composing even one letter, but those dictated.
I have written before, though all of you object, to the Pope. I am not a Catholic anymore, and don’t have any connections, but I do know that:
  1. The Pope and Catholics were responsible for kicking the Jews out of these countries most if not all of the time.  Today we have “no one” that will even say “no” to Jews.  White Bobbleheads for Jews.  No Whites have kicked out Jews collectively, no Protestants, no Atheists.  Even Hitler and Eva Braun were raised Catholic and had close union with Pope Pius XII.  I’ve read the book on it. After all, the Catholics were in terror of Communism who had already destroyed the holy religious of Russia, and I can testify from the movie “Katyn” that the Jewish Commies killed 22,000 of Poland’s finest, especially and including priests.  When the Jew Russian Commies murdered my White Polish ancestors, before Jew slave put bullet to the back of the brain (symbolizing intelligence) they would throw a blanket over the priests’ collar or crucifix for in their Russian hearts they still believed in God. It was no problem for Jews to kill Catholics since Jews hate our God, and our Jesus.  And no matter if you believe if Jesus exists, which I heard also on this station that he never existed according to math, what Jesus stood for, love, teaching, healing, I believe in. With us being alive and probably the first people that “knew” they are being genocided, I can’t get into every detail.  The Pope today, should concentrate and pray and act on the crimes against Whites for 2,000 yrs. “not” the poor Jews or poor blacks or browns, no matter how inflated their membership roles become. That is transitory, for at St. Mary Magdalene School that I went to, we Polish Whites “paid” for tuition, books and worked as slaves scrubbing long corridors of floors on hands and knees in schools and nunneries.  Blacks and browns “refuse” to wash floors on hands and knees as that is “below” them. That is why today, I feel “lower” than a black or brown and will say so in my autobiography until society changes.
  2. As a Christian, I know that if the Catholics had not been there for 2,000 years, my own religion probably would not exist, since the founder grabbed a Bible and opened up to a New Testament healing which set off her own healing from fatal injury, and a 3 year secluded study to research and write her textbook.   Hence the Pope is on this email for our White Christian Treasury is in his hands and he should be using it to address our genocide, not as a member of the Catholic church, but as descendants of Christians.  The odd thing is that today, Whites are counseled by Jewish type psychologists, to “kick out” our offspring that are trouble makers from drunkenness or drugged up state.  Yet, according to the Catholic hospital, “Our Lady of Mercy,” the rehab counselor told me that these young people were “deliberately” being degenerated.  First thru parents, and the medical field, pills, medicine, vaccines, doctors. (He didn’t say it but the Jewish medical profession for Jews ran Poland’s and Germany’s medical field, schools, just as they do today. Jews have an iron curtain over that field and allow only those they can completely control. Note, there are “1” student in advanced math and science that would qualify for doctor here in fine school in Nevada.  He is a son of a former priest and nun. If not for him there would be “0”.
I think in terms of saving the entire White race. All 700 million.  That would include all political persuasions, religions, non-religious, and even the damaged and crippled Whites.  Even the old, like myself, who is treated like a used piece of toilet paper in favor of a brown Mex’s baby who can do menial work.
Here are the notes I took from Matt Johnson’s radio show on White Catholic Slavery.

Thu., Jun. 23: Ireland, Part III – Empire, the Shadow of the Enlightenment

I only heard the end, so one would have to wait until they download it, so that is all I can write.
  1. I need to compare these “White Catholic Irish” to the present White Race in general. Also to compare these poor Whites to black favored, sold by Jews, workers (misnamed slaves.)  After studying this it is a disgrace to the White Race and a nail in our coffin to have Black History Month, Jewish Holocaust Worship 24/7, or Sanctuary cities
  2. This show talks of the intentional “Genocide” of all of White Catholic Irish in their own land. Just as we are being genocided in our own land. (Notice how we are hearing the word “genocide” being thrown around today in the news, like it’s getting common like the term “peanut butter and jelly.”  We must think “Oh another genocide. So what. Who Cares. Big Deal.”  Those 3 phrases were taught to me by Jewish psychologist Ben Belden at the Mind Clinic so that “things don’t bother me.” Jews genociding us is “nothing” for them. They have de-sensitized themselves as see us as “beasts.”  Just like I see the aphid lice and fire ants in the garden that are pestilence for my artichokes and nearly choked them to death.  I knew I had to try to solve the problem, but my mind sort of froze since I was doing so many other things.  I have to spray them with soap, like the flax soap bar Mama vigorously and almost viciously scrubbed my hair in for the Jewess women gave Mama clothes (rags) in bags and they had lice. We all got them. The same lice that caused the typhus of World War I, which caused most of deaths, and what Hitler the kind man who may some day be canonized even though not a practicing Catholic…. used in little brick buildings called gas chambers to gas Jews’ clothes and shoes…. not…. Jewish people. For what the Germans “never did,” we live our lives, subject our White offspring to constant guilt, hence debt, so they will always be slaves of Jews, not of Catholics or Protestants, or Sun gods or themselves, even though they think they are “cool,” by not having religion. You can thank the Jew on Happy Days show, the Fonz, who always got the girl cause he was “cool.”
  3. Johnson talks of an “Empire,” as good for only a “few” elite. We can go back to Poland, 1096, when Jews arrived, made a few elite royalty rich with $$$ then enslaved with debt and turned the rest of Poland into slavery. Those “elite” were the Jewish Rothschild 5 brothers, the 5 most wicked men, evil beasts, spiritual idiots and morons, that the universe has ever witnessed for they used “mind and money tricks.
  4. The Irish Catholics realized somewhat as we do today, they were being genocided. It seemed like the “Protestants” were doing it. But the Jews had gotten into the Protestant churches as Jews got into Catholic Polish church as far back as the 1500’s. It is probably earlier, but so little is written or talked about. Only Jews with 130 IQ in “words” comprehension and expression, have written a ton of info. People like me that write perhaps by now 20,000 + pages, is considered a nuisance. Yet every word I have written that seems either crazy or not important was like a stone, that I needed to clear away, to find the fertile land or idea that I needed for my enlightenment of our White Race.  I spend my time or waste my time, which ever way you look at it, and I’m no dumb Polak, for I realize how ridiculous this seems just like costumed karaoke that no one cares about, otherwise there wouldn’t be a House of Blues Karaoke TV Battle Show. I sang with a band for 3 years at the House of Blues karaoke 6 yrs ago, yet no one represents “me and costumed karaoke.”  Another TV spun off of my life and ideas.
  5. These Catholic Irish left Ireland for fear of their lives and became White slaves at Barbados Islands.  But the White Irish could “not” take the heat, and they became sick, their White skin turned “red” (hence the term “redneck) their skin blistered so bad, it became infected and many died, or had to quit and live in poverty…. again.  Matt emphasizes never to use the term “redneck” for it is an insult to the entire hard working, large breeding people. I have tears in my eyes, and I’m crying, and I don’t even know these people genetically. But I’ve been Lady Leprechaun in parades as far back as 15 years ago, dancing and singing their songs.  I feel an allegiance with them, even if they don’t with me.  And they don’t deserve the treatment that I’m writing about what happened to them, thanx to our Jewish Masters who use mental and emotional and spiritual whips on us, and we like bobbleheads keep taking it. And we will simultaneously feel sorry for those who used whips on the blacks. My Polish White Father used a leather whip on us children.  The cat and 9 tails, just as Jesus did on the Jews.
  6. How did the Jew bankers try to genocide White Irish…… (1) forced immigration (2) Using them only as chattel (3) starvation, by burning their crops, shut down stores with food. (Is this happening to us in America as Jews did in Poland. Where we lose the mind of how to survive on farmed foods or even weeds? Jews forced all food supplies to be “outside” of Poland. Then went to war with these countries and … voila… like magic… there was no food, and starved 50,000 a year, while Jews walked around in golden glittery robes robbing our folks’ corpses. (4) Jews used outright killing of them, and warfare using White Irish Catholics for warfare, as my husband of Scottish Irish ancestry. Those that died in Viet Nam on the battle field as Jewish cannon fodder were fortunate, compared to those who lived and suffered a long, painful, slow, and addictive death.  (5) 200,000 White Irish were said to be killed.
  7. The Catholic Whites were raped and robbed.  Their land which they owned was taken from them, as Jew Commies did to Russians.  I heard how this black woman was convicted as the first woman convicted of genocide. She killed 800,000 of her own blacks as genocide and subject women to rape. I’m alive, I was raped by Jew and genocided by them, and no one prosecutes them.  They persecute me instead.
  8. All this “genocide” of White Catholics was done in the mind of “freedom, equality, and enlightenment.”  We see we have been victimized, by giving up our White Rights from god, Rights we worked for and earned, to Jews, blacks, red injuns, based on their skin or religion. We want to do the same to Muslims for “freedom.” WHITES ARE NOT FREE; WE ARE SLAVES; HAVE BEEN, ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE.  Jews just twisted our minds so we don’t realize it.
  9. The exact same assaults on the church and religion happened in France when the Catholic religious were killed, but not a hair of billionaire French Jews was touched nor their children. The same happened in Russia, from my studies.
  10. Pillage, rape, robbery and murder were ok against White Irish Catholics for these people were just unfortunate “beasts” or “chattel,” and everything was done to keep them “uneducated” and dumbed down.  Now the Whites are feeling that in America, where perhaps only 9% of Harvard is White male and the White Protestant male has been replaced both in highest education and even the Supreme Court has “no” White Protestant males.  I believe Whites and Protestants and Atheists have to unite. I don’t think in my lifetime they will ever agree on one religion for they nitpick at little details that are not important.  It is as if a black killer comes into your home and is going to kill and rob and rape you.  But you say, I will let you do that, but I need to do my dishes, then sweep the floor, take the dog out, call my father and do a 1,000 other things.  The nigger, (and I say nigger for I’ve been called a dumb “Polak” and that is 10 times the insult than what one calls black workers for it attacks my “mind, intelligence” and turns me into an animal that can’t think.)…. the nigger is going to kill one in an instant.
  11. These “empires” of Jews using a few elite Whites at the top so Jews never get the blame as their mothers teach them when young, consist of CONSTANT VIOLENCE.  Helllllloooooo!  Constant Violence. I don’t know about you, but in Chicago the violence against me a “good” woman was unbearable. Completely unbearable.
  12. (OOOh!  I think they are rebroadcasting the beginning of this show on the Voice of Reason, I’ll go make some Pork Tenderloin (highest in nourishment) medallions, a few eggs topped with canned tomatoes which have grn pep, & onion, for “canned” tomatoes are healthier. I used to can 50 quarts a year, and the VA hospital said that by teaching my husband to eat like that, enabled him to live till 60 when he would have died soon after he got back from Viet Na…, OJ, Whole Wheat Bread, freshly sliced Irish potatoes with fresh rosemary.)
  13. The Voice of Reason show is about Russian “serfdom.”  So I won’t go into that other than to compare “slave” “serf” “servant” and worker, is about the same.  He talks how the nobles at the top do well, but then become enslaved to bankers, and the entire nation is enslaved. That the nobles or higher workers have to keep sucking more and more labor out of their serfs to = the taxes to keep the nobles into their standard of living which Jews demand more and more.
  14. Back to Irish Catholic Slavery.   It was the object of Protestant Royalty (Jewish Bankers) to “reduce” Catholics to bestiality, stupidity so they could never think or rise against them, keep them hungry and starved, so they couldn’t revolt, as I was when starving when younger.  The hard thing for “me” was that all the White Poles around me had $$$ from Union Jobs, and Daddy was not Union. He worked as slaves for Jewish book publishing company in Skokie Illinois home of newest Holocaust Museum it is so flooded with Jews.
  15. White Irish Catholics men, women and children babies, embryos of these large White families were “not” to have soil. They couldn’t own the land, it was “taken from them.”
  16. The Protestant/Jews confiscated all their guns.
  17. No education; keep them dumbed down, while Jews were allowed the top positions in universities and even replaced the Protestants as in Harvard.
  18. History is repeating itself, and if the Jewish history’s crimes repeat against Whites, so will Jewish history repeat when the yellow Chinese massacre them, when the Yellow realize what Jews did to them, and how the yellows don’t need Jews for there are too many educated yellows and too many yellows that need work to give that work away to Jews when yellows can more than adequately do Jews jobs or spy on Jews to learn that knowledge. Thanks to Jews, Chinese have no god, but that will backfire when the existence of the Jew comes in question.
  19. Catholicism is illegal
  20. If child wanted to reject Catholicism, the child was kidnapped and put into Protestant home. It was probably welcomed by the White Irish parents, who had 19 other children and were starving and this was one way one of their offspring would survive as a “citizen” not “slave.”
  21. Catholics couldn’t have a “good’ Horse for it would mean they might start war or rebel or perhaps travel to meet other whites and unite against this brutality and dictatorship.
  22. There was a man named “Robert Peel,” who took up the cause of the Catholic White slaves. Ironically, there was a Christian Scientist like myself, who was named “Robert Peel,” who wrote a trilogy or 3 books about Mary Baker Eddy which is where I learned in the back notes that she wore hairpieces as I do back in the 1800’s.  Perhaps being born with little hair or fine hair helps one to think more clearly, I don’t know. imageFrom Wiki on Peel:Peel entered politics at the young age of 21 as MP for the Irish rotten borough of Cashel, Tipperary.[3] With a scant 24 voters on the rolls, he was elected unopposed. His sponsor for the election (besides his father) was the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Sir Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington, with whom Peel’s political career would be entwined for the next 25 years. Peel made his maiden speech at the start of the 1810 session, when he was chosen by the Prime Minister, Spencer Perceval, to second the reply to the king’s speech.[4] His speech was a sensation, famously described by the Speaker, Charles Abbot, as “the best first speech since that of William Pitt.”[5]

    As Chief Secretary in Dublin in 1813, he proposed the setting up of a specialist police force, later called “Peelers”.  (With his “Peel” Acts he reduced the deaths of what was considered “criminal” especially for the White Catholic Irish.  From what I read about Queen Victoria, she had an extremely “close” relationship with Disreali the Jew who was Prime Minister of White England, so she was “against” this Robert Peel and his politics. It was called the “bedchamber crisis” because her staff was filled with all people that were favorites of the Whig party, (nothing to do with my wearing wigs of course.) A crazed Scotsman was going to assassinate him, but got his secretary instead.  We’ll never know if the Jew Disraeli was behind this to eliminate any rebellion against himself or Queen Victoria who he probably was sharing her “bedchamber” more than the staff.  But talking ill of Jews or truth about them is considered “evil,” and I’m not evil, I hope, I’m good, or at least trying.  This radical break with Conservative protectionism was triggered by the Great Irish Famine (1845-1849). (Was the Great Irish Famine “induced” as perhaps the Great Egypt Famine in the Bible? We know that there were “deliberate” tactics used against Russia, Poland, Ukraine and others to “starve them to death,” in the name of “the Communist jew god.”  “On that same night Peel’s Irish Coercion Bill was defeated in the Commons by 292 to 219 by “a combination of Whigs, Radicals, and Tory protectionists”.[47] Following this, on 29 June 1846, Peel resigned as Prime Minister.” (We then see the future Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who I wrote about a few days ago, get power and was the “opposition” of this Robert Peel.  Here is from Wiki where the Jew created the “corn laws,” which Peel tried to repeal just as the Jew Civil Rights act should be repealed and changed into White Civil Rights Act:  “He (Disraeli)  played an instrumental role in the creation of the modern Conservative Party after the Corn Laws schism of 1846.

  23. The Jews/Protestant Royalty or Nobles would give 10 pounds for a White Irish Catholic priest’s head.
  24. It’s main ambition was to “oppress” the White Catholic Irish, keep getting as much work as possible from them even without pay, grab their land and drive them “out” of Ireland, and perhaps as slaves for America or the Islands, which I will write more about below. The nobles and “Rothschild “elite” rich banksters main ambition was to “de-humanize” these poor Whites from large families as I was “de-humanized” to the point of suicide that I couldn’t stand living in the USA anymore.  Especially if one was “rebellious” as we are.  Break us down, and eventually we give up, as I often feel like doing.  Matt Johnson compared it to “how Jews de-humanize Palestinians to use them as “slaves,” who can never “go to the top of their Jewish fields,” as Whites can never be CEO of Disney, CBS, Microsoft after Bill Gates stepped down and was “Jew advised” to spend all his money on blacks and browns, hate the poor Whites right on his website, and have Jews take over Microsoft and administer all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that comes from it.  (Jews already have paypal, ebay, AOL, yahoo, youtube, google, and I don’t even know the rest for having “1” is a crime before God and a monopoly which is illegal, but Jews…. know how… to either get around the law…. change the law… make this a lawless country, and thus use us as White victims no matter what religion we now are.  Jews used religlion to divide and conquer us and make themselves Supemacists to the point of worshipping them as gods and high priestesses and children gods who deserve “special and preferential treatment” for a reward for their crimes.
  25. The Empire (faced with Whites, with Jews as a mind.  Picture a human body.  The Whites are the arms, kidneys, blood for sure that we have given for Jew wars, whites are the toes, the genitals which Jews cut off the skin on penis and use the vagina as a sewer for Jewish sperm, unsupported babies from rich, rich, rich Jew fathers, and whites as breasts so that the Jews and non-Whites can suck our White milk to the point that the white mother dies of dehydration she has given so much without getting any food in return or water to replenish….. but as I started The Empire is the Whites as the body parts, with the Jew as the mind or brains. You see it in the song about ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,” about Freddy Krueger, which by the name is named after a German Nazi Man.  And the song sings “You are the body, Freddy, while I am the “brains.”  And that applies to what we have in AMerica today. Jews are our mind. We are the bodies as White slaves continuing to work harder and harder for less and less, and one day the Jews will take away everything we worked for our entire lives. The Jews did it to my ancestry in Poland. An entire life’s labor for nothing, only slow starvation death or death by Jew bullet to brain and then buried alive in pit at Polish Katyn Massacre.
  26. This “Empire,” destroy the “ethnic base,” takes “good’ tradition and perverts it, uses it to maintain and justify empire.
  27. British Royalty linked with Jews as the “Chosen People.”  Right now, I can only think of “surviving” let alone being “chosen,” while we face Jewish genocide thru too many venues.
  28. Irish Catholics were not “White,” nor were they “European.”  I think I see that the Jews turned the Irish into the Western Slaves of Europe, as Jews turned the Poles into the “Eastern Slaves” of their Jewish empire. There was East Jewish Empire: Poland. There was West Jewish Empire: England.
Ok, folks, I doubt if there is a soul that has made it thus far in this reading, but be glad for my longest email was 126 pages when I was researching and writing simultaneously which led me to how the Jews killed Charles Lindberg’s little son, amputated him, and used “Gold Certificates” as a ploy on America to retrieve “all gold certificates” back to Jewish treasury of America.
But here are the notes I got from a book I was reading when visiting a friend at his orchards. I didn’t finish, but the book is on the web:
They Were White; and They Were Slaves, by Michael Hoffman
We have already established, (that is me and this mind that tells me what to type) that the Irish Catholics were low animal slaves with no rights, but to pump out babies for free slaves, like Polish Mama and Daddy of 12 babies, slave them to death and despair, and have the Jews or the nobles who Jews funded, live as Kings and Queens.  So given that the Irish were slaves, the only hope they had was to come to America.  …. but they were rejected here. Even in the North, where there were signs “No Irish Welcomed Here.”
Now we must stop here and question. No one has a problem rebelling against me, but a Jewish law?  Why is it that White Irish who stay in Ireland do “not” become alcoholics, but many, many have turned into alcoholics just because they came to America.  It was for the Irish White people, that I stood up for in school, that almost got me expelled from the college. And the teacher, Ms. McBride, who “used” an Irish name, but was 1/2 Mexican, was the one that threatened me. It was 5 years ago, taking English 101 at College of Southern Nevada. She gave us 25 essays to read and then study and then write our own.  I wrote all about Hitler, Nazis, KKK, my parents White Polish slavery… but never said the word… “Jew.”  Until I started to question each and every essay and its author. And I put together that the essay on Anne Frank the Jewish teenager that died from filthy lice “not” a gas chamber by Whites although her story is considered the Holocaust Bible in 80 languages, she was a lesbian. Had she lived, she would have been a disgrace to the Jewish race for they are more desperate to breed than we are and their women “hate” when Jewish men race break and that is why Jewish women “like” me in Vegas for I warn White women to stay away from Jewish men’s rape, sperm, or chance to get rich ponzi schemes.  I also found out that a Jewish author was promoting Jewish homosexuality. Never ever ever ask “why” our White men turned into homosexuals, ask “why more” haven’t done so. Making White women frigid. Making White women to hate White men for white men’s problems with drinking and drugging which were “intentionally” put on them to bring down the White race and elevate Jews into god status. Well, I wrote my teacher daily, on each essay and told her how the only essay on a White man showed him as “impotent.”  I went to the head of the English department and debated him for 3 hours about the white race and male and Jew and his only words were “give up on the White man they are no good!” That would be to give up on my 2 White sons who have disowned me and who were at my breast for over 3 years and that one was born with no drugs so I remember the pain like a grenade going off in my womb, but I wanted to give them a start in life with “no drugs,” which is impossible in a Jewish medical society, worse than any dictatorship of Hitler.  So finally the day came when I read the story “Who’s Irish?”  It was about a yellow Chinese grandmother who beat her 1/2 Irish granddaughter for the little girl would like to run around nude like I do at home. Matter of fact, the famous “Jean Harlow,” daughter of Christian Scientist would love to go braless and walk around naked.  For some sexy, feminine women in tune with their real female nature, it is sane, and the rest of you seem crazy.  But if I say that, the Jewish psychiatrists will say that is a sign of insanity, so I wont’ say it, and stay “silenced” by Jewish reality and obey my Jew Masters and Mistresses.  The yellow Chinese woman degraded the White Irish father who was “unemployed” as well as his 3 Irish brothers.  The yellow China mother worked and supported all of them.  Now there are other lessons in this, as “every” White man in America and around the world should be fully employed, although not 94 hours a week as I know some, so there is time for uniting, spirituality, gardens, fun, karaoke, dancing and singing, studying, studying, studying, nutrition, museums and schools for Whites to learn and appreciate our culture more, learning at least 1 other language… not Spanish… unless one came from Spain. But I should know either Russian or Polish or Austrian so that we someday can all communicate and above all “compare” what roles Jews had in our history. “THAT” is the thing Jews fear the most.  White Communication not White fighting.  And we need “all” Whites to put their history cards on the table, not just the crumbs I find perhaps every 6 months.  I saw this essay as an attack on White Irish without giving any solution or direction just filthy criticism, in a textbook that out of 25 essays 24 were for the rights of non-Whites, Jews, lesbians, homos, even computer’s rights, Indian rights, Japanese who were bombed by Jewish atomic bombs at Hiroshima. Mexican female rights to have illegal babies and to “feel sorry” for them but to “hate” the White male who was “impotent.”  You can see why I went on Stormfront radio and told them how school was like cynanide to my brain, mind, intellect and soul.  Especially since the schools hierarchy, Senators, teachers, students, books, student unions, etc all were for the non-white rights, and “against” White rights or my point of view. I am grateful I was able to speak that on radio.  So after I read that “Who’s Irish” for homework, I got to class “before” the teacher, faced the class, held up the book, like the Statue of Liberty once held her torch for “White” immigrants, but now holds it and weeps for the fire burns the White race in a mental Jewish Holocaust of our minds, souls, hearts, and bodies, and brings in Hindus, yellows, Arabs, and that is why there is an Arab Revolution, to get these Muslims jobs in White lands to replace us and genocide us Whites.  Well, I turned to the class with the book held high over my head and clearly and sternly faced the class and told them “not” to stand for this Jewish propaganda in these essays. Especially if anyone is of Irish White descent. This is an effrontery to shove this down our throats!  I’m laughing, for I could never do it again, I’ve been so broken down, and although I’ve learned a lot of info on the internet since, it has also taught me fear and caution which I didn’t have before.  Well, the 1/2 Mex teacher using her divorced Irish husband’s name, McBride, came into class the next day, and threatened by saying “If anyone dares to face the class and say that ‘they know something we don’t’ she will kick that person out.” Well, there was only 1 person, me, that ever said a word contrary to what she wanted to hear.  I then moved to the back of the class for I used to sit in the front. And when she asked questions of the class I always raised my hand or answered. I don’t think she liked that.  She didn’t like my answers. Well, also, there was a Jew girl named “Heather.” Heather was “well-liked’ by everyone. Her Polish Jewish ancestors were body bags or cannon fodder for Jewish wars, they were banksters, who never suffered the lost of their minds, emotions, limbs, eyes, legs, ears, faces burned beyond recognition.  She was pampered and spoiled in Poland for 900 yrs and now in America. She and her Jew relatives were subject to “intentional” addiction to bring them down. I would like to subject the Jews to addiction for 900 yrs so they could suffer as we have, and perhaps double it. Holocausting them would have been too easy for their crimes and genocide, just like the first woman to be convicted in Africa of genocide gets wonderful prison for life where the government feeds her, she doesn’t have to cook, she doesn’t have to sew her clothes or costumes, she doesn’t have to slave in a hot sun garden, she doesn’t have to worry about everything breaking down in her mobile double wide home, or car with 100,000 plus miles, or her cat Daddy that gets mad and poops on the floor. White men should get the lesson and not take it. If they are being discriminated against by Jews or put down, pull the pants down and poop on the floor and say ‘I’m not taking your Jewish shit anymore.”  Well, when I gave my oral paper at a podium in front of the class about saving the Whites, naming the Jew doctor that raped and threatened me for life, and was pounding my fist on the podium, and bending over to kiss the ground for what my White Polish slave parents did that I never recognized but was taught to “hate” my own parents, Heather the Jew had to go up next. Now I thought Jewesses who were educated all the way back 2,000, if not 10,000 yrs ago. And my White Catholic Christian Polish ancestors were “denied” education in Poland by Jews and “replaced” in higher learning… howbeit, Heather the Jew, was “afraid” to speak after me. She even said and I quote, “I can’t go up after her. I can’t compete with that I’ll make a fool of myself.” True. Jewesses are fools that their main victim is their Jewish husbands. And the Jewish husbands should kiss my royal Polish White ass for showing them what their women have driven them to. Especially since Jewesses don’t give them sex, cook for them sew for them, garden for them, secretary for them, baby sit their kids, breastfeed their kids, (although that is changing for Jews want healthy kids that don’t take the pills and doctors the force on Whites)…..  Truly Heather who is supposed to be so much more “smarter” than me, a dumb Polak, as Jews hypnotized the world into believing as Jews did the same for White Aryan blonde women to destroy us…….. her speech was not good. And the class that once “idolized” her, now was in silence at learning the truth, yet unable to do anything about it except to feel the pain, nervousness, and avoidance. But those were no longer buried deep in one’s mind, but now fully out in the surface.  I then wrote to National Public Broadcasting System TV about all this, and he wrote me to take me off his list. You see, he was Jewish and the head of it and has spent 2,000 yrs, and more, stifling and destroying this rebellion of Truth! I never sat in front anymore, never made a comment.  But all my letters to the Senators, Boards of Education, heads of school, visit to head of English department did  “1” thing. Towards the last days of school, a White man that headed the school, came in as a “visitor,” to “check on and evaluate the 1/2 Mexican female English teacher, and “not” to punish me!
I’m exhausted from writing and I met a fellow that is the son of parents whose Irish White folks had 19 children and 20 children.  White “slaves”.  Many of the Mormons surely are descendants of these White Irish slaves and White Mormons should “thank me” for what I’m writing for it will save “their” children who may be doomed to slavery and the Mormons will be using all their guns and canned foods when Civil War erupts and Whites won’t even know “who” to fight.  But this time Whites will know the Jews are behind it first, and not turn on Whites or Muslims, or blacks or browns first.  The 92% of the non-Whites will annihilate Whites, use the White women for breeders, take over our land, all our museums will probably be burned down as they did the Pagan priests libraries and books. Perhaps there was info in those books that Jesus actually learned his healing in England and they are “White” ideas not Jewish ideas after all.  Anyway, me as a White Polish slave and him as descendant of White Irish slaves really can communicate.
So here’s from the book above;
  • Even if White Catholic Irish attained their freedom, these dirt poor Whites were forced to compete with Negro slave labor who were “favored.”  Southern Plantation owners sat idly by as poor White Irish died for want of food and medicine.  (Starvation, and we know the slave labor trade was run by Jews.)
  • Negro slaves were expensive. (Yet they could have gotten all the “free” Irish White labor, and surely all of Eastern Europe, but Jews hypnotized us with black slaves.  To protect the investment, as the Jewish middle men who really are unnecessary and dispensable, the White aristocrats usually treated their “black” slaves well, providing adequate food, clothing, medicine, even as the same White people in the same town on the same plantation sickened and died form disease and malnutrition. They let them “starve” to death!  While blacks were being given the highest nourishment in life, collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, BBQ meats.  Even if Whites could not work long in heat, why didn’t the Aristocrats give their households to White women as “Mammys” and not the black woman in Gone with the Wind who really ruled the plantation “not” the White woman aristocrat.
  • I’m quoting the book “Try to envision the 19th century scene: southern Whites, sick and destitute, watching their (White Catholic Irish Children) dying while ENDURING THE SPECTACLE OF THE NEGROES FROM THE JUNGLES OF AFRICA HEALTHY & WELL FED THANKS TO THE MINISTRATIONS OF THEIR FABULOUSLY WEALTHY WHITE OWNERS WHO CARED NOTHING OR LITTLE FOR THIS ‘WHITE TRASH.’  (Well folks, it won’t be long we will “all” be White Trash. We will “all” be dumb Polaks, we will all be “dumb blondes,”…. unless one screws the jews the same for our men and boys.
  • In the course of 1855 journey up the Alabama River in steamboat fashion, Frederich Almstead, who designed New York Central Park, observed bales of hay being thrown from a considerable height into a cargo ship’s hold. The men tossing them recklessly into the hold were Negroes, the men in the hold were White Irish.  That meant the blacks were throwing them violently at the White men trying to catch them, abusing them, knocking them down, and blacks “laughing” at them, as blacks “laugh” at us when we try to sing, (let them sing, sew costumes, dance, do it for free their whole life) or play sports. That is why the White male singers in Chicago and Vegas are crying, and won’t even enter karaoke costumes for black men and women always win.  “That” is how the Jews destroy our talents, intelligence, health, minds.
  • “When I was a boy,” revealed Mr. McIntosh, who had been a (White) slave in Sumter, SC, “we used to sing……. ‘rather be a nigger than a poor White man.”  And truthfully that is how I felt my whole life, that is why I tried suicide 3 times, and that is why I went on 50,000 of watts on talk radio and said I was going to dye my skin because I’m sick of the discrimination against me as a White woman, especially being a good White woman for the White bitches will run into the arms of Jews, yellows, browns and blacks as husbands and fathers for themselves and their shopping mall credit cards if the White men go down.
  • Mr. McIntosh revealed that poor Whites of the South were ranked way below blacks in social standing; black slaves felt unbridled contempt for lower class Whites.  And today, blacks still get away with this contempt and hatred for the White man and woman after aaaaalllllllllllllll that was done for blacks and Jews to the exclusion of our own survival!  I would change that in an instant for that is unjust and stupid.
  • Irish Americans were among the foremost fighters for the rights of workers & for the separation of the races. The term “miscegenation” to mix …Latin… miscere… and genus…. for race was coined by 2 White Irishmen, George Wakeman and C.E. Croly.
  • 1609 until early 1800’s between 1/2 and 2/3 of all White colonists came as “slaves.”  So why do we hear only of the “chosen” blacks who were preferred and treated like black kings and queens here compared to the dying starving White Irish?  This has to stop. Today. Like Yesterday. We are not White Fools, but must have White respect and White dignity, and White Pride or we have nothing, and that makes the Jews happy and smiling and calling USA, “Paradise.” The United States of “A”shkanazi Jews.
  • Even the Mayflower Ship that I take on stage and my husband is a descendant of Stephen Hopkins on the ship that blacks and browns don’t even know about only Martin Luther King the “idol” and “hero” of all our schools, …. but this ship had 12 White slaves on it.  These Whites were used to clear forests, drained swamp land filled with mosquitoes probably and electric eels, alligators, etc. These Whites built roads.  These White slaves died in greater number than “any” other people in our days. Not the redskins, or the blackskins, and certainly no one would dare touch a hair on the Jewish heads for fear of being cut off of credit, or murdered by Murder Inc. Jewish Mossad.
  • Both psychologically & materially, Whites in modern times are called upon to bear burden of guilt and reparation for Negro slavery. This position is based entirely on “forced” ignorance & deliberate suppression of the record of White slavery in America. “This” is why we should “save” America. “This” is our home.  And we must not give it away to blacks, give our lives away, be driven to despair, depression, suicide, foreclosure, Jewish doctors and Jew lawyers, Jew nursing homes and Jewish mortuaries and Jewish cemeteries, where Jews are our masters from cradle to coffin! Yet Jews go into Mausoleums so they don’t have to lay in the ground with us Whites for fear we will haunt them. I bet my mother is haunting them today, and I bet she has got a hold of Anne Frank and won’t let her go until that book is taken off the shelf about the lie that she died in a gas chamber and is some sort of heroine.
  • Reparation for black slavery?  Why they were not given to the Jews and told “take them back,” and I want my money back, I will never know. Jews will fire Whites, even black lawyers fired my White male friend who looks like Ben Franklin and then the black female lawyers learn well from Jews plus they screw them for advancement and passing test scores etc and getting free grant money for schools and then they win cases with Jews in courts, but this same black woman denied the White male friend of mine “unemployment” and lied about him!
  • Ignorance and deliberate suppression of the record of White slavery in North America. And while we are add it let’s go back to Poland and being White slaves for Jews, which is 10 times worse, a trillion times worse for these people weren’t driven to suicide as Polish, Germans and Russians were.  And certainly the Whites suicides in America are the same cause;:::::: Jews!!!
  • The book quotes that the White slaves were brought as servants.  But technically, they were “slaves,”  treated “worse” than blacks, not paid, not fed, and still live in the hills of Appalachia or what the call in my own Mobile Home Park as “White Trash,” which are said to be meaner than blacks and browns put together, although I have not had problems with them and would work for their cause also.
  • “Today not a tear is shed for the sufferings of millions of our own enslaved forefathers.  200 years of our history has been “obliterated.”  (For the White Polish slaves for Jews it is 1,000 years. 900 yrs in Poland living under Jewish rule and Jewish banksters and now 100 years in America with the only hope of being their slaves until we go extinct or become slaves for yellow Chinese and Hindus as well as Jews. They will all be laughing behind our backs, they already are, just watch Jew TV and movies and see how they disgrace us.
  • 1/2 perhaps 2/3 of Whites were kidnapped, shanghaied, impressed, duped, beguiled… oh and yes… did I tell you they all came in chains?  Then why have we given all our White tax dollars to Jews and their black workers, “misnamed” slaves. Now when I use “correct” wording you will fully understand. I write the Truth at first, but even if it takes a year, I write the “Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth so Help Me God!”
  • With the massive concentration of educational & media resources in the Negro experience of slavery, the unspoken assumption has been that only blacks were enslaved to any degree or magnitude worthy of study or memorial. The historical records reveal that this is “not” the case, White people have been sold as slaves for “centuries,” taken as slaves for Arabs, used for sex for dumb Polak Jews of Israel whose Jewish wives won’t give them sex.  The Jewish men should get on their hands and knees and thank me for all I’ve done in my writing to free them from their Jewish women’s gouging of them which amounts to nothing more than Jewess hatred for their men and only want their $$$$.
  • The historical records reveal that this is not the case of teaching White slavery and the true builders of America.
  • AD 319 Christian Emperor of Rome, Constantine, ruled that an owner of White slaves could…. whip them to death … if they didn’t work.  Why do you think my White Polish mother “beat” my father bloody?  We were slaves for Jews and the Jews were sucking so much energy from us that only beating us could make us work, more, harder, faster, especially when we were starving to death and we faint and weak. Jews have no heart or soul, just a mind and a wicked evil one at that.
  • Sale of White slaves to Africa and Asia was one of the few sources for “gold,” for European treasuries.  So even the Africans were buying our ancestors.  Probably working us to death, screwing us and not supporting us, raping our women and using our vaginas and wombs as “sewers” for their sperm!!!!
  • Whites were herded in chains in Muslim countries for …….. 700 years!!!!!!!!! and were White… not…. Black.  In fact, the Muslims or Yellows would have destroyed Europe if the Polish White army hadn’t stopped them! And now “we invite these Mongol brutes into our countries and give them our land, our schools, our farm land, our women, our children, our universities and our museums, our mountains and streams, our birds and bushes, and they did “nothing” to deserve it but they did “everything” that says “they do not deserve our White race nor our lands!!!”
  • Muslims herded us in chains and we spent trillions for Muslims and Jews for “their” $$$$$.  What about Christians?  What about Whites? Are we that stupid, idiotic, moranic or just too drugged up by Jewish doctors and pills and Jewish Israeli drug lords?
  • The White slaves went to “Muslims” and the Muslims worked our White men so hard the Muslims worked them to death. And for “that” we give our trillions for their “freedom?”  For what? Are we that naïve or have the Jewish men and women finally driven us mad and we cannot recover from this induced collective nervous White breakdown?
  • White women and white boys were prostitutes. But isn’t that what I’m writing about constantly, that I no longer have fingerprints, I’ve typed so much and with such force and vigor to try to stop this….. The same is in Amerca. Jews have screwed our White women to death, our White boys as homosexuals, and we stand idly by and do nothing. This is a disgrace to the entire universe and if there is a God, then he should be actively called on no matter what religion, for this cannot go on in His name!
  • The Muslims mutilated White males by chopping off the White man’s penis, not just the foreskin. Muslims “castrated” the White boys. This is why when the White Polish stopped the invasion of Muslims of Europe which would have enslaved “all” even Norwegians, and Swedish, and English, Scottish, Italians, “all” these men and women would have been slaves for Muslims. And today we put out the welcome mat for this slave drivers and the Jews who are technically and genetically their “brothers!”  They are in cahouts and working with Arabs and we take the side of poor Jews who are on the side of Muslims for unification of the two of Abraham’s sons, Ishmael and Isaac, and “then” God’s will be done. That is blasphemy for a good God doesn’t think like that. Only the Devil god would do that!
  • If the Whites dared try to escape, the Muslims would cut off the White man’s noses, the white woman’s ears, and do worse to the children!  Did the Southern White men treat the blacks like that. I see the blacks still have their teeth the White men haven’t knocked them out, the White men didn’t gouge their eyes out, nor did the White men cut off the blacks penises, noses, ears!  And we ‘cry’ for the black blues… what of White Blues!  The Whites have wailed and wept and died, and they scream from their European soil, Poland, the graves and all we can hear is Jewish music, black singers. I’m so mad I can’t even write anymore. It hurts too much to write this and not have any answers. I have never complained about my suffering my whole life and would have gone to the grave in suicide rather than open my mouth. But I have words now, I can talk. Jews have an IQ of 130 only on “words”. I should be using pictures but it’s so long for me to sit here and write that I can’t even have time to copy and paste and the ideas are coming so fast and furious, I’m typing 100 words a minute and trying to self correct at the same time.
  • The Brown Muslims were invading Scandinavia, and the Aryan blue eyed blondes, and these were used for “harems” both male and female for them.  Hadn’t the Polish Whites stopped them, we would have melted into their race sooner than now. We got an additional thousand years or so that we were allowed to keep our race pure. And now the Jews blast our TVS, Movies, Books, Schools, Churches, Courts, Government, Art, Music with constant hypnotism of “race breaking” and worse that we “deserve” it as punishment for we are “evil.!”  When I first went to see the Jewish psychiatrist he wrote on my papers that my mental illness was that I thought I was “evil!”  I was practically a saint, living the life of poverty, chastity and obedience, with a heart of gold, worked like a slave where even bosses said they would have to sew on another pair of arms to get more work out of me… yet in my sick mind I thought I was “evil!!!!!”  Jews were “good”.  But as a Catholic raised Christian… I was evil.  This is crazy. But all the Jewish psychiatrist gave me for this mental illness of believing I was evil were “pills,” and then raping me even though he knew I was suicidal and couldn’t handle the crime.
  • Children of White slaves in Iceland were murdered… en masse. How many black children were murdered in the South by the Southern White men… en masse. Are their huge cemeteries in the South with 22,000 Black bodies as the Jew Commies murdered by Polish White ancestors, my finest men, to destroy our intelligent gene pool, as they did at Katyn Forest in Poland.
  • Even the Caribbean Indians or redskins that were used as slaves were “well-treated,” than “why” abuse the White slaves, the White Irish, the White Catholic Irish. Then you wonder why I want the Pope who should be caring and loving to “stop” this genocide against us as the Catholic Church from what I understand was responsible for kicking the Jews out perhaps 100 times. It was “not” the Protestants who still work hand and hand with them, not the White race for we are too broken down and divided, not the blacks, or browns or yellows, (although Yellows massacred them that is why so few in China today for China knew as my grandpa knew there was only enough food for us and no $$$ or food to feed animals etc.)
  • The word “slave” comes from “slav” which means the poor White Eastern Europeans.  You have heard… Hitler hated the Slavs. or Slaves. But I read Hitler wanted not only to “save” the White Catholics from the Jews of Poland rule, but to remove the Jews to Madagascar and make the White Poles no longer “slaves” or “bodybags” but to be models of excellence for the White Race!
  • “The height of academia and media “fraud” is revealed in the monopolistic “trademark” status the official controllers of education. The (Jewish) mass media has successfully established between definition of the word “slave” and “negro,” while labeling descriptions of the historic experiences of Whites in slavery as “fallacy.”  So Jews call it “lies” that Whites were “slaves” but blacks as slaves was “truths!”
  • Described parts of London as “Rat’s Castle,” cellars with human whites in rags.  These whites were being hung 10-20-30 at a time for non-payment of bills. I wonder if the Jews will get the big black men to “hang us” Whites when we can no longer pay our “debts” to them?
  • In 1840, right before Civil War, the “working” class of Great Britain were in worse conditions than any slaves of any country in any period of time. (Yet at that time, Jews were in power and ruling Britain? Howbeit? I was riding about that last week.) Protestants were ruling.  Jews ruling. Royalty ruling.
  • The homelessness in England was unbelievable, and “that” is what we inherited, the willingness to be homeless, while Jews live in mansions as doctors and lawyers on “our” White $$$.
  • Here’s the website for the book and others. I’m only on page 22 and stopped there. To be continued.
  • As I look up about author Michael Hoffman he writes: The “best” slave to have is the one that thinks they are free. Sounds like Whites today?
  • I think the Jews are mentioned at this point so I have to find their role for they always get off scot free, but here are some videos of one of the first martyrs of the White mind for Jewish cause, 7 years solitary confinement for sticking up for White Germans and denying “only” that the #, 6,000,000, Jews killed was a lie. Even Auschwitz Poland which accounted for 4,000,000 of that, reduced it to 1.5 million and it might go down to 300,000. And those murdered because the USA Jews blockaded Germany and there was no food for their own Germans.

100% Jews in Russia after 1917 Revolution

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Comment on message I posted on David Duke’s videos on youtube.

The number of Jews in the government after 1917 was even higher, if you consider half-Jews and crypto-Jews, deliberately hid their Jewishness. The research shows that the Bolshevik government after 1917 was 100% Jewish and the Jews had almost 600 positions there.

The so called “peaceful” Jewish revolution of 1991-3 in Russia had the same result and the so called “Russian” government is 100% Jewish, and another genocide of Russian people is going on as we speak.