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White Slavs; Black Slaves

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I heard on Rev. Matt Johnson’s radio show, (he is from Orthodox Ukraine religion) that 50% of the Ukranians are un-employed. Yet because they are “Slavs” which means “White Slaves,” Whites don’t even hear this, but go on bowing to Black former “Slaves” like Obama. (his father in Kenya was never a slave, and blacks were very well treated compared to White Polish slaves for Jews. Matter of fact these blacks look like royalty and kings and queens compared to what my Mama and Daddy and family and ancestors had to go thru under Jewish dictatorship, where “one” Jew doesn’t rule, as Hitler did, but an entire 15,000,000 world wide Mafia rules. Their motto: Jews stick close together; Jews break down White Race’s unity. It appalls me that Eastern and Western Europe, including Russia, are not united. They should have their own set of laws, business rules, and doing business with each other and not with China.
Remember that the “Slavs” were as the name suggests, “Slaves,” and have been “intentionally” kept down, dumbed down to be slaves. If their behavior is not as the Western world, then it seems it was done intentionally.
We worry about blacks in Africa, as my brother adopts a black baby to “Help” him and guide him, support him, mentor him, feed him, Catholicize him for their membership roles, yet that same energy could be used to help those poorer people of the Eastern Europe. Not with handouts either. As my husband said before he killed himself, “It is about “men” and not about “money.” Meaning he needed to feel like a man again, working, responsible, active, and part of something that was even larger than him as a White man. He didn’t want to just “waste away,” as many of our elderly Whites are doing for the older people have nothing to do but watch Jew TV, go to Jew doctors, Jew nursing homes. Jews have the power right now to do away with the older White population if the Jews ever felt inclined and there is nothing we can do about it.
So why do we worry about blacks in Africa, their “slavery” role which makes me want to vomit and convulse, when there are “Slavs” in Eastern Europe. Fire that Jew Sarkozy and those that are now the “Masters of Europe.” You see, Jews were worried about a White man, like Hitler, ruling Europe and trying to save the White race, hence Christianity, all the while, knowing they would force Whites to accept Jewish Dictatorship, silencing of our White Rights, and Jewish demands of non-White immigrants to help break us down even further, as if World War II wasn’t enough.
I think Eastern and Western Europe, as Whites now, not including the non-Whites for they don’t belong there, should unite as one. Travel to visit each other. Have think tanks and problem solving groups. Share ideas as we have given the Yellow God-Less, Murderous Jew-Led Communists… “all” our secrets…. “all” our technology…. “all” our White leadership to help them transform from a third world country to a first world. Just as White Dr. Demming, founder of the Quality Movement of which I was a leader, could not apply his techniques in America, but was grabbed up and sent to transform yellow Japan, hence the wonderful Japanese car. These same business techniques could be used to help the poor Whites. Whites had no qualms of spending 400 years helping blacks and they were transformed to cannibals and now are only drugged up violent thugs who only rape, murder us, ruin our USA home, our children with their violent music……. But Whites have no desire to go help the poorer Eastern Europeans. I once talked to a German woman in Vegas and I brought up subject of the poor Eastern Europeans and she right away jumped on me and told me off (White women find that very easy to do; as do White men yet they would never stand up to a Jewess Princess or Jewish King.) By the way it is said that White women have lower self-esteem than Black women!!!! And White women have lower self esteem than even brown Mex women who have so much self-esteem they and their men that impregnate them “demand” their survival and breeding thru plenty of sexual intercourse, plenty of babies, and plenty of White Tax $$$ to support them all. I don’t feel bad about low self-esteem anymore, for my White sisters are slowly joining me and will someday be where my Polish female ancestors were: death thru starvation a very painful and slow death. Jews too cheap to use a bullet.
all White organizations need to stick together. There are too few of us to be standing alone when a mere 15,000,000 Jews got so powerful, they control the planet, and probably the universe with Jewish say so in space exploration.
It is interesting that the same multi-million $$$ organizations, Jewish, are trying to shut him and his group against illegal immigration. The Jews: SPLC, (Southern Poverty Law Center), NAACP, founded and funded not only by Jewish $$$, but Jewish free labor. Although I think once the Jews passed the Civil Rights Bill, we the Whites, paid for their services abundantly thru White Tax $$$, which meant we were forced to cut our own white throats. Also listed was the ADL (American Defamation League,” which really means one can defame the White man, his wife and children all they want, dress them in raggedy ripped up (Jewish owned) jeans, and one gets “smiles from the world.” But try to resolve and identify our White problems so that we can grow and blossom like the tomato plants in my square foot garden, and one is literally hacked to death mentally. As I read they are so rich that just one Jew man, (and his lucky rich family that are assured another 900 years in the kingdom of heaven as they got in poor White Poland) is worth $300 million, and that isn’t even the entire group. That money was sucked from Whites thru crooked Jew lawyers, Jew banksters, Jew doctors and pharmacists, Jew drug lords, Jew book publishing, Jews that hike up art prices and control them “after” the artist is dead, so the White artist remains a “starving artist.”
The odd thing is that these browns and blacks which might have been called “slaves” are now ruling us… see Obama. Or abusing us is more like it as they hold that rope over own White collective neck ever tighter to rob us while we are alive, and then rob our corpses as the Jews and government take over our Wills and Estates, but Jews somehow “escape” these laws thru tricks that we are too dumb to understand or do anything about.
Why do Whites fall for these brown and blacks harassing us? They abuse the power of speech, violence, criminality by forcing their way onto our soil. When 3 Jewish hikers went into Iran, they were imprisoned. Well perhaps Iran should rule the USA if we Whites can no longer get a grasp on the idea of law and order and even worship of God. I think more than anything, they want to kill off the Muslim’s ability to worship God, when Jews want to be the “gods and goddesses” on earth. It is why they got rid of our gods and goddesses. To turn that obedience and worship to “Jews” and not to higher forms of Deity.
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2011 11:59 AM
Subject: ALIPAC’s ‘Perry Is Finished’ Release Goes Viral Across America

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Friends of ALIPAC,

We want each of you to know that ALIPAC’s press release titled “Rick Perry Is Finished” has gone completely viral on the web and in the main stream media.

Despite intense and protracted efforts to silence us and prevent news agencies from quoting us, we have succeeded once again.

The false and defamatory attacks by numerous multimillion dollar organizations that support amnesty and the illegal immigration invasion of America, such as ADL, SPLC, NAACP, LULAC, MALDEF, and La Raza, have failed to stop ALIPAC’s ability to remain a notable national organization.

It is clear to all that ALIPAC is a national leader in the fight against illegal immigration and against Amnesty, and that we are influencing which candidates will or will not win races for Congress, US Senate, and the Presidency.

Our national press release and the materials contained in it have been picked up by major wire services Reuters and Associated Press as well as Fox News. Our position that Rick Perry just destroyed his chances due to his support for in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens appears in hundreds of newspapers across America today.

Our “Rick Perry Is Finished” national press release has been read over 17,000 time on our website while Google shows us the term “Rick Perry Is Finished” has quickly risen from a few mentions to over 4,700 websites now carrying all or part of ALIPAC’s release.

As Americans opened their Sunday papers, our web traffic at www.ALIPAC.us set new historic records with over 26,000 pages of our site viewed between 9-10am ET alone!

If you were to try to put a price tag on how much this amount of exposure would cost you in advertising to the American public, the tab would be in the millions.

But we have accomplished this with a minuscule budget because we are trying our best to speak for the 81% of Americans of all races, political parties, and walks of life that have said NO in the polls and surveys regarding taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens.

Thanks to you, millions of Americans are hearing ALIPAC’s message this weekend.

Many of you have heard the news that Perry lost the Florida GOP straw poll and Herman Cain won. Fox News reports that voting delegates in Florida cite Perry’s unpopular comments about illegal immigration as their reason for not voting for him.

Rick Perry has destroyed his own chances at winning the GOP Presidential nomination, and our job has been to inform and educate the media and public on this issue.

We are accomplishing that in a grand fashion but we have much more work to do.

This coming week, we have to make sure that more Americans find out about Rick Perry’s support for illegal aliens to assure his support levels continue to fall.

Then, we will have the historic example of Rick Perry’s political implosion as a warning to all traitorous candidates and lawmakers that would stand on the side of the illegal immigrant invasion of American against the rising American defenders.

We have placed many of the major news articles from Fox News, Associated Press, Texas Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and Reuters UK on our homepage at www.ALIPAC.us for you to review.

Special thanks to all of our allies out there that reported, posted, forwarded, and relayed our timely and direct release!

Special welcome to the numerous new supporters that have joined ALIPAC’s email alerts in the last 48 hours in response to our national press coverage and popularly supported positions.

More great things to come!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

Some of the many articles quoting ALIPAC since Friday

Perry’s Stance on Illegal Immigration Threatens His Front-Runner Status

It’s a Perry Pile-On, Some Critical of His Illegal Immigration Views

Conservatives slam Perry’s support of education benefits for illegals

Day after debate, Perry feels fallout from stand on illegal immigration

Romney pounces on U.S. rival Perry on immigration

White Anniversaries

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I just came across this video of Tom Jones singing “The Anniversary Song.” I couldn’t help but think of the anniversaries of my husband and myself, as well as my sister’s and brother-in-law’s 60th anniversary. Most of the siblings that are married stay married their entire lives, as Mama and Daddy did. That I recall we never celebrated one by dinner or presents. I do know that Elvis started to play Vegas on July 26, 1969, the same day we got married.
I think the painting is a Modigliani, Italian. Oh and by the way, I was conceived on Mama and Daddy’s 16th wedding anniversary. Probably they had no $$ and the only gift they could give each other was each other’s sex and love. I would have been the 8th of 12 babies. I was then born 9 months later! They got married on that infamous day: November 22!!!! So I not only think of the horrors of having President Kennedy’s death assassination being an “inside” job, but the wonders of life that my parents were able to think of having children even being so poor.

Painkillers Dangerous

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There’s tons of info on pills being dangerous, as well as the Jewish doctors and their non-white imps that help them run their medical mafia. Here is just another.
The worse danger is to innocent children either not born yet through their parent’s ingestion, or while in mother’s womb if she takes pills, drinks or drugs, or thru breastmilk, (baby formula is worse than cyanide poison) or then administering the child through adulthood then to death. And many of the deaths are being caused by pills, as Elvis where his Jewish dentist killed him when he administered a drug to him for dental services and then the report said that it conflicted with the drugs he was on.
Hilary Clinton advertised a bill that there would be a one data base to keep track of all the drugs people were on. (That doesn’t count for “illegal drugs,” so we will never get a handle on this,) and that came off my computer, many, many years ago, but she will get credit, just like the Purple Heart Museum.
What we would need is a crash program of taking off “all” the people in the US off of pills, not a black Obama care to let the government give us more pills, for they only advocate “one” form of medical which is worse than a dictatorship like Hitler. Poor Hitler was a victim also of his Dr. Morrell, doctor to Jewish entertainers, and this White German doctor was probably treasonous and colluded with the Jews to let them know Hitler’s every, thought, word and action. Also, he probably injected Hitler with jungle disease, so that the Germans would be advised to “bomb Warsaw the capital of Poland,” which then covered up most of the Jewish crimes and paperwork and papertrail.

Health Discovery

Dangers of Common Painkillers

Mounting evidence finds regular use is risky for older people

by: Michael Haederle | from: AARP Bulletin | September 27, 2011

  • Most of us don’t think twice about taking a nonprescription pain reliever to ease a headache or soreness that might follow a game of tennis, but there is growing evidence that commonly used painkillers such as Advil can trigger heart attacks or strokes in some people.
Two new studies show that ibuprofen, Naproxen and Celebrex raise the risk of dangerous heart fibrillation in older patients - man at medicine cabinetJust because you can get a pain reliever over the counter doesn’t mean it’s without risk. — Photo by Photolibrary

These nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), a diverse group that also includes Motrin and prescription varieties like Celebrex and Voltaren, have been used for decades.

Now there is strong evidence that many of them raise risks of heart problems, says Elliott Antman, M.D., a cardiologist and professor at Harvard Medical School.

Several new studies underscore a growing awareness of the problem.

In Denmark, a team led by Anne-Marie Schjerning Olsen, M.D., a research cardiologist at Copenhagen University Hospital, reviewed medical records for nearly 84,000 heart attack survivors, 42 percent of whom reported using NSAIDs.

According to a paper published last May in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, the team found more cases of second heart attacks and strokes among the NSAID users — except for those taking naproxen (Aleve) after as little as a week. Researchers reported last year that NSAIDs raised the general risk for heart attacks even in apparently healthy people. The painkillers have also been linked with stomach bleeding and kidney failure.

Although many doctors endorse the short-term use of the common painkillers when there are no other pain-relief alternatives, the study authors decided there is no safe amount of time to take NSAIDs, according to Olsen.

In July, American and other Danish researchers reported in the British Medical Journal that new NSAID users faced an increased risk of a dangerous heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation. The risk was higher among older patients, those using celecoxib (Celebrex) and people with chronic kidney problems.

At the University of Florida College of Medicine, doctors who studied the records of older patients enrolled in a trial of competing blood pressure drugs found that longtime regular NSAID users faced a nearly 50 percent higher chance of death, heart attack or stroke.

Good Carbonite Service; Jews Impregnating Black Women for 400 years!

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Good news! A major computer software backup company, Carbonite, is changing their entire company from “India Techies” to Maine, USA techies.
I have to cancel the service for my Internet now provides this back up service for free and I pay for that every month. But to think the CEO would get on the line apologizing that the customer has a long wait for all the files are being transferred from India back to the USA for USA customers is mind boggling. We must always celebrate and acknowledge the good.
Also, he says on the recording (sounds like a White guy and these races are sure going to miss the White Race when after our genocide)… be he says, “Also, if you would like to send me an email letter please do so for your thoughts are very important to me!”
Times have changed. Before the CEO’s like the Jew I worked for at Production Tool Corporation. He was a slave-driver of white Polish, worked them long hours, for little pay, cheated his own customers, the Steel companies who he did their machining for, and bought the steel he needed from Japan, and that was in 1967! Instead of him inviting the customers, such as the steel companies, or the vendors to whom he couldn’t or wouldn’t pay their $$$ to for their products and services,….to write them of their thoughts, (good or bad) he would avoid taking “any” phone calls.
Vendors would call asking for “payment” for their services and products and the other White girl and I would have to “lie” for him saying he wasn’t in or in a meeting, when in reality he would be in his office or out screwing his black mistress right near the company.
White men automatically took on the burden because we are taught to be “guilty.” Jews do not feel guilt, they just heap it on us like burning White coals.
Anyway, I got to run. The plumber is coming. My kitchen faucet was leaking but the faucet is guaranteed for life so I just called the company and they sent me new parts.

Mothers Robbing Children’s Pills: Ritalin, AHHD

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I heard where young White boys and girls were robbing their mother’s medicine cabinets (as Elvis did) to get high, but mother’s robbing the children’s medicine?
I’ve written before how many, many White women are addicted to pain killers or anti-depressants. Even the Mormons who don’t drink, smoke, take drugs, and not even caffeine, like me.
There are White mothers so desperate for a pill fix they are robbing their white children’s Ritalin pills for children’s overactive behavior, and the mothers are taking the pills for themselves.
This is crazy. And it is said if we are to save the White Race the White woman must change. We are not dealing with White women, but the pills they are on.
One woman I knew in my skyscraper, a nice older Polish Lady named Jean Janus told me that when she dates a man she looks into his medicine cabinet first so that she can understand the side effects he is getting and how the pills are altering his personality and temperament. They told me the same thing at Alcoholics Anonymous and Alinon, which is for relatives of alcoholics or drug addicts who are too afraid to get help…. they said that when a person is drunk, (or drugged) just pretend the alcohol bottle or heroine syringe is on the table. They try to talk to the booze bottle or the syringe and try to “reason” with these inanimate objects. They can’t talk, they are lumps of liquid, or plastic. “That” is where our children or White relatives go when they are addicted. They are no longer with us. We think because we see their White bodies that they are inside there somewhere. They are gone. It is why it is easier to go to Africa, or Mexico, where people haven’t gotten into addictions, for they can’t be taught, and we don’t have enough “dry up” facilities for them. Not only that if we wanted to “save our own White Race,” and the funding that would require, we have to triple that funding through White tax dollars so that we “dry up” “alllllllllllll” the other 26 races and nationalities (if not more). We have to stretch the White Tax dollar to cover the world. Jews tax dollars and their investments go for Israel, the Jews, their businesses, Jewish wives and children. Like an army of fire ants.

Bible: Untie the White Man

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I saw a passage in the Message Bible that I use for further study, and to me, it signifies how the Jews accomplished the takeover of “our” White race. (I heard on White radio that we should say “our race,” or “my race,” but not “the race.
It is from Matthew 12. Jesus had just cast out a devil, both blind and deaf, and the people were impressed. But the Jew Pharisees called it “Black Magic.”
“Jesus confronted their slander. “A judge who gives opposite verdicts on the same person cancels himself out; a family that’s in a constant squabble dis-“integrates.” (We worry about “integrating” with blacks, when we should learn how to “integrate” with other Whites.)
…….But if it’s by God’s power that I am sending the evil spirits packing, then God’s kingdom is here for sure. How in the world do you think it’s possible in broad daylight to enter the house of an awake, able-bodied man and walk off with his possessions unless you tie him up first? Tie him up, though, and you can clean him out.
“This is war, and there is no neutral ground. If you’re not on my side, you’re the enemy; if you’re not helping, you’re making things worse.”
It dawned on me that the Jews and their imps have tied up the White man (family) and although we appear as if we are “wide-awake,” we are under a black magic spell of the Jews. Both thru their “mental agencies” that go hidden, and that which is easy to find and write about. Think of how bad it really is, if the Jews are so clever as to silence the entire country of white Poland even as we speak, then think of how much is “hidden.” And the only resources we have, are those the Jews leave us, which isn’t very much.
Once the Jews tied up the White man, (Race) the Jews then confiscated and lived off everything the Whites made, owned, built. The Jews then doped and drugged him, brought him down with wars and the injuries that destroyed not only the man, but the women and children as me and my sons. One only wonders what I could have attained, or my husband or sons, if we weren’t living in an intentional dumbing down, degenerating, and deviling of my White race. While the Jews tied us up, and we couldn’t move, the Jews opened up the doors to Mexico and had them rob everything they could, for the Jews not only tied us up, but blindfolded us, put ear plugs in, but put thoughts into our had that are self-destructive, not healthy, or life-giving. Of course the Jews get the cream of the crop, even the white women they rape and breed with for their “Supreme Race,” as the Jews accused Hitler of when he just tried to “save” it not make it Supreme. The Jews get the bulk of our $$$, talent, energy. As when they have the funds for some illness, they take the top 80% and the rest goes for the patients. Not only that, the money goes towards Jewish doctors, Jewish pills, Jewish hospitals, Jewish tests, Jewish assistants, Jewish research. All medical. Some of us like “alternative medicines,” and practicing healthful living, and not the curses of addictions put on us.
I was talking to a Hindu from India while he was fixing my computer via remote. There was a lapse of time so I said to him, “I am interested in world history and study all nationalities. It seems to me that in India the people there have never been addicted to drugs, or alcohol their entire lives, cigarettes….. How is that so?”
He then said, “I’m a Christian.” (Now we know that it is the Christians that are helping to destroy us for they are taking our computer business overseas. The Christians offer them not only a Bible but jobs, $$$, connections, food for their families, and whites in America are paying for it. I know the blacks and browns of South Chicago robbed everything they could from benefits of Polish St. Mary Magdalene’s School. When they sucked out as much as they could, the Catholics had to close down the school. When my folks had us white Polish children in there, we had to pay tuition. It was “not for free.” Nothing was for free. And never once did they come with even an apple or orange if we were starving. If I didn’t have shoes to go to school, it was “our” problem. Remember the words I heard from the Whites: “Your family played… had sex… Now your family must “pay.” They helped pay for nothing. My brother recently told me that the Christians “failed” him in school. His grades were fine and when my brother had to stand in front of the class like a “dumb white Polak,” he felt so bad he wanted to cry. He had no control over the fact that we had no $$$, nor did the Christians care.But somehow, the Christians are ganging up like a universal Christian gang and helping to “save” the Hindus, Muslims, when ourselves we cannot save.
I asked him if he smoked or drank, or took illegal drugs. He said, “No, my MOTHER taught me not to!!” Well, I thought, sitting here as a white mother of 2 genius sons whose ancestry goes back to the Mayflower on my husband’s side, and Royalty of Poland, “Why don’t my sons love me? Why don’t they ask for my advice? Why is it when I give advice they automatically tell me off, do the opposite, or give me the silent treatment. And I’m not the only white mothers, there are scores of them, just from my personal experience. Since I don’t indulge in addictions to Jewish media, books, news, etc. I don’t know about the false reality in which we seem to live.
“His Mother taught him,” and he obeyed. The Jews made sure they “divided and conquered” when they set to war with us and Revolted. Starting with the assassination of our White President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and then all the laws in the 1960’s where we would “accept’ anything we were in such shock. Well, they did the same on 9/11. Jewish shock treatments. If it was only “1” perhaps we could handle it, but Jews shock us 24/7 with lies, crime, hate, and this “robbing” of all our possessions. Our land, our churches, our buildings, our defaulted homes, our children whose minds are against us and not for us, our spouses, our friends, and neighbors, co-workers, church members.
My sons’ Mother is the Jewess female Devil. She controls what she wants poured into their bodies thru addictions, bad food, vaccines. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she controls what is going into their minds, their hearts and souls. Is it any wonder our white men are seeking suicide in despair? There is something inside of them that is rejecting this whole scene, but there is little they can do about it. If they try to do anything except consult Jewish medicine, or Jewish destruction for them, there is very little for him to grab on to.
I also read about the Tower of Babel. All the people wanted “one language,” and to unite. But God saw fit, (even if this is just a legend story) to disperse the people into “many” languages.
I see that as fitting to “race.” If God wanted us all “brown,” which is said to be the race of the future, I think She would have in her wisdom of breeding made everyone and everything the same as the Jew Commies want. Oh, did I say, “equality” for the Whites to go down to the level of the blacks and browns, while the Jews, Yellows and Hindus can rise to the top of every field? Oh, that makes me think they replaced us already in our own land, as Jews did to White Poland.
I think it is time to “untie the White man,” and let him rise to his true dynamic, healthy, wonderful being. Let him walk with dignity among the other races of the world, not in guilt or shame, but hope, intelligence, heart, love, but a wisdom which is “shrewd” and not falling for every Jewish sales pitch and their Jewish “business” not “religion” which is devouring us.
If you re-arrange the word “untie” it becomes “unite” the White man and race, in every single aspect of his waking life. I believe that whatever is done today, whether it be our thoughts, or actions of good towards ourselves as a White person, or towards another White person, is a step in the White direction. But beware, for the other Whites we meet have White bodies, but minds of Jewish slaves.

Spooky Bible: Judas Iscariot, Jewish Invaders

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2011 at 8:25 pm
I have a huge book, the biggest one my hands have ever held called “Gulags.” It is a picture book of the prisons the Jews put the White Russians in before they starved them, worked them to death, confiscated all their $$$, screwed the hell out of their White women, and murdered them, and robbed their dead corpses. And one website found that since the Whites were starving, the Jews and their butchering, used the White human meat for hamburger and served it to the prisoners!
It certainly is in store for the entire White race. It is a “number” game, and the “odds” against us. Not just that we are only 9% of the world’s population, down from 33% in Hitler’s day which he was ballistic that it was so low, but we are degenerating severely even as I write. There “are no” statistics for White anything practically. And take off the Jews from being “White” and “Arabs” for being Whites and “Hindus” for being White, we will see that our population is even smaller, and that we are dumber than our IQ numbers show. Oh yes, while we are at it take of the “Mexicans” as being White. If we only accomplish one thing before we go extinct, let us decide who is White, who is not? I know the world has us dumbed down and we can’t answer any questions, especially truthfully “For fear of the Jews,” but perhaps we can get that one question right.
I heard on the radio that during the takeover of the Jews thru the Bolcheviks, (nice cover up name for Jews) that the Jews tore down the Christian icons, ripped up anything to do with “Jesus”, murdered the clergy, and if that wasn’t bad enough, put up a statue of Judas Iscariot in Moscow. To refresh your memory, Judas betrayed Jesus by going to the Jewish evil leaders who wanted Jesus dead for 3 years and made attempts to assassinate him. The Jews paid him bribe $$$, 30 pieces of silver, and I hear silver price is going up big time. (Jews will get it all somehow, or someday.) And in this case also, after Judas betrayed Jesus, he felt remorse. You see, Judas was the “banker” for the 12. Where did Jesus and the boys get all their $$$ since they didn’t work. I read prostitutes and rich widows. It was legal then. Judas felt so guilty at betraying his boss, teacher, mentor, healer, friend just to get a mere silver piece and the “smiles of the Jews,” (always make sure we keep the Jews smiling or our days might be up quicker than the 100 years that is predicted for the Jews’ genocide of us.) One account has it that Judas took the money back to the evil Jews and threw it on the floor. The Jews in turn thinking it was “blood” money decided to use it for a grave for “foreigners.” Perhaps that is where the Jews dumped the bodies of those they killed or assassinated. By the very fact, the there were so many races because of trade in Jerusalem, there needed to be a dumping ground. Judas is said to have commit suicide. One of the only Jewish suicides I’ve ever heard of, other than Joan Rivers’ husband.
Here is the spooky website I found the statue of Judas in Moscow. It is frightening to think that the Jews would put statues up of criminals and what a Jewish atom bomb to the Christian face and faith. What defiance and arrogance, while all the while making $$$ off us that we will never be able to count the money the Jews stole from us in various ways and professions because there are no more Whites that can count any more, do math, or think. And it is worse for the generation coming up. Here’s the website: Also, there is a video that is also rather frightening, but it exposes the Jews, and their 6,000,000 Holo-hoax figure, especially getting all the “sympathy” of Whites instead of the White Polish brothers and sisters who were the real victims. Plus the Jews victimized the White Polish for 900 years. Picture that we don’t die and we have to live under Jewish rule for 900 years of their persecution!I think I’d rather be fed to the lions in the coliseum at Rome!
Note in the video at the left, the video-maker actually puts in “Billy Wilder,” the Holllywood Jew film maker! If you check my kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, I emailed you an email on the horrors of Billy Idol just a few days ago. It’s like Déjà vu or something. You will see the dastardly, monstrous Jewish name of Wilder at about 3:30 in the video. Below that is another website of the mysteries of the Bible: Judas Iscariot. Whoa! I just found another powerful statement from a book on the first website that again talks of the Jews, their assassinations, their arrogance, (there has to be a word a trillion times worse than arrogance for the Jews but we are limited in our language), robbing our treasury, raping our women. And as the book page says, Jews appealed to the “dupes” and “poor workers. (see black and browns for votes, free Jew lawyers, free Jew doctors thru Obamacare, free Jew pills for the poor dupes, blacks and browns. And the yellows, Hindus and Muslims will help the Jews to get their share of White women, and the United States of America apple pie. Only Whites grew the apple tree, baked the apple pie, and now when it comes time to eat the apple pie, they kill us off, and divide it amongst themselves.
The author Robert Wilton screams on his pages, (he doesn’t write he screams on them for we are in an emergency and being once in a fire, the victims don’t calmly say “help,” they scream for their lives.) Wilton says that the Jews were “hostile invaders.” Get it folks! They are “hostile,” and the blacks and browns are hostile, and the yellows are here only to take America over for land for their people. Instead of doing what Hitler did, and war for land, the Jews and the Yellows and even Muslims are buying it up. While we are “feeling sorry” for The Muslims and other Whites would stone me to death for my stance on protecting Christianity and the White Race, the Muslims and arabs with turbans are buying up Las Vegas and no Whites are even showing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so crazy, I have to stop writing so that I don’t lose my mind, whatever little the Jews have left me, while they build up the minds of the Jewess, Yellow woman for even the yellow women are taking the best jobs in America. They certainly are not scrubbing floors, but the entire White race will soon be. Remember the Jewish hostile invaders did it to White Poland.

Chinese, Jew Brains; White bodybags

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I heard on pro-White radio how the white man was talking to 2 Chinese women who were “brains” from MIT, Yale talked to one. They asked him politely: Where are all the Whites? (by Whites meaning Americans for as Obama the black when to Harvard, our Jewish laws pushed them in, and pulled the White male out. We have been replaced and brought down “intentionally” to take over America without a bullet, bomb, grenade, or Jewish life lost. It was sheer genius and coupe as Jews have used on other countries.
The only thing the White boys will be good for will be growing bodybags for Jew wars, until we give our very last boy and breath for Jewish wars. Either that or holding a remote, and sitting and worshipping blacks and Jews on TV. Even a Jewess told me one time she fears that the way things are going even “she” will be serving the (yellow) Chinese martinis, and we will become their slaves.
There’s got to be a complete turnover for the White Race. And just waiting for the Jewish elections is not going to do it. Now that Jews have power, try to make them give it up. Germany tried that and looked what happened.
My White boys with genius intellect, especially in math and science, which were the highest scores, were left to rot in the public school system. Just one year they had one class for “gifted” students and then it stopped. Why? We needed to split our White tax dollars not for “our” survival and improvement, but to split the White tax dollar for black education, special teachers, more teachers for them, smaller classes for blacks, browns, special books, getting rid of normal education for “diversity” education. After all this $$$ was spent on them, Whites had to work humungous hours to give their children education, and had no time to personally mentor them as Jewish women have done for 3,000 years. If the Jewess is smarter than me it is not genetics, but the fact they replaced our White Poles in college, raped us and impregnated us leaving us barefoot, pregnant, and starving, and dead. I’m lucky I’m alive after the Jews putting Poland thru the meat grinder and now the USA. It will be a hundred times worse for Whites here, than it was for White Poles for we have been split apart like the Jewish atom bomb.
Whites have to reform our entire thinking. Perhaps we don’t need doctors, lawyers, as we have learned in the past to rely totally on Jews for advice, service, and to do our thinking for us. We are going to have to reform our grants and loans in schools and even and especially “restitution” for what has happened to us in our own country. Well, it happened to the Poles under Jews. But Poland was at least unified as one race and one religion and they still succumbed to being bodybags for Jews. Now, we have all these races eating the American Mom’s Apple pie, and it looks like there isn’t even crumbs left for us. What will the future be for Whites under Jews when the Jews have planted all our enemies right on our soil, loaded them with guns, ammunition, anger, hate, lust for White women, and got them loaded on booze, illegal drugs, “free” White tax payer legal drugs, such as pills, etc.
They also talked of the word “Hollywood.” In black magic, there is the basis of the “holly” for its mental persecution. It is said that is why the Jews chose the name “Hollywood.” The Semetics use “mind techniques” since they are not good at “war,” which they have used us for. It really seems like Jews are using a black magic on us for their survival and supremacy. These other races do “not” have God, Christ or Christianity, and if we are at their mercy, it is frightening for our future.

Poland and Jew Commies

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I’ve already written extensively (from the little I could find) about the Jews and Poland. There is a cross for that country to pick up the pieces and being devout Christians they would treasure “honesty” above all else, not like the Jews, Jesus’ enemies. Whites lying to one another had to be the greatest sin of all for it “kills” the soul and leaves Whites walking around in an intentional stupor and daze as what is to be believed, and what is fiction. And, Jews at the helm of this, now have us living in a fictitious land that really doesn’t exist, but which we obey like slaves and Jews, Jewesses and their Jewish kids, masters.
I came across this from Wiki and since they are Jewish take it with a grain of salt or try to be a Houdini and figure out what will benefit true factual history and what is lies and gross exaggerations repeated perhaps a trillion times in our eyes and ears.
It is about “Poland” and as I wrote before, Poland holds the keys as to what the Jews were up to and how it affected them, both good and bad, which we see in America today.
But I was so surprised to see that the “Allieds” or “Friends” who actually gave the go ahead for Poland to start attacks on German people and then if Germany attacked them back, the Allieds were fully supporting them. But the Allieds were mostly democratic, except for Jewish Commie Russia and their Jewish White slaves.
Yet, after Poland started to fight back at Germany, who wanted to take Jewish rule off that country which was in shackles for 900 years, even in their churches, German occupied Poland. And most of the victims of World War II were “Polish Christians” NOT Jews and their drummed up Holocaust, which the entire world worships more than God or Jesus. Surely that autobiography of Anne Frank the lesbian who died of filthy lice called Typhus and “not in the gas chambers”, keeps branding us in our minds like a burning hot branding iron on our minds, that it was only the “Jews” that counted in World War II. That is insane. That is crazy, and people call “me crazy,” for writing this.
Can you imagine the grief that the Poles felt knowing that not only Germans were killing them off, the Russians at Katyn Massacre of their finest, but after the war, instead of being “free and democratic,” the “Allied Commies” forced Communism down their throats, which was worse than the murders of them. A murderer uses a bullet and voila, the person is dead. The torture and paralyzing and painful lifestyles the Jew Commies inflicted lasts even until today where the entire laughs when they hear a “good” dumb Polak joke. It would be funny, except now that “dumb” word could preface the dumb Aryan White blonde and White womb of our future, or the word might apply to the entire White race that has been so dumbed down there are barely any White boys smart enough to tackle science, math, and the most complicated subjects. We leave that for Jews, yellows, even browns and blacks are becoming doctors, nurses thru our White tax dollars because of Affirmative Action which Affirms just one thing as even the Jew radio talk show host wrote “The Death of the White male.”
The article says that it was the Polish Christian people that “saved” most of the Jews that lived after the war. And what do the damned Jews do in return? Blackmail that poverty stricken country for more $$$ and ransom or labor or “favors” and the Jews give them “0” in return.
If only the Poles knew then how they had been victimized. Father Rydzyk on the internet is the only one openly talking about it and I bet the Jews in Poland silenced him as the Jews silenced an entire nation according to movie “Katyn” where the director speaks in a separate segment of how he portrayed the movie.
We only have the “Jewish” side on this encyclopedia. Where is the Christian Poles or have the Jews wiped them off the map and left only their body shells, killing their minds and memories.
Of all the countries involved in the war, Poland lost the highest percentage of its citizens: over 6 million perished — nearly one-fifth of Poland’s population — half of themPolish Jews. Over 90% of the death toll came through non-military losses.
Do you think when the world gets fed up with Jewish-White-Black-Brown-Yellow-Red-1/2 breed America that they will liquidate 1/5th of our population, and perhaps that will be “only Whites” who are taking the entire blame for Jewish sins. No where in my understanding of God, the Christ, Jesus, the Bible, does it say that it is “noble” to suffer at the hands of other races. The Jews surely didn’t and don’t. They guard their race through circumcision, war, deceit, murder for 3,000 years.
Note how Germany was trying to set up boundaries for regaining land that was robbed from them, especially land where German people lived, so he could reunite and save “all White Germans.” Poland refused to give up lands and the World War II began. Now look below how “angry” and “mad” Poland became when the Jew Russian Commies took over and they had to give up their entire country and “all the land” they owned to the hands of Commies, God-less, vicious people, that my deceased husband fought in Viet Nam and was crippled mentally, physically and emotionally, and spiritually his entire life because of his great sacrifice for the “Yellow Race.” (do you kind of get the picture of what is really going on now.

Gomułka with Leonid Brezhnev in East Germany

At High Noon, June 4, 1989 – political poster featuring Gary Cooper to encourage votes for the Solidarity party in the 1989 elections.

“The 4th of June, 1989 marked a decisive victory for democracy in Poland and, ultimately, across Eastern Europe.”

At the insistence of Joseph Stalin, the Yalta Conference sanctioned the formation of a new Polish provisional and pro-Communist coalition government in Moscow, which ignored the Polish government-in-exile based in London; a move which angered many Poles who considered it a betrayal by the Western Allies. In 1944, Stalin had made guarantees to Churchill and Roosevelt that he would maintain Poland’s sovereignty and allow democratic elections to take place; however, upon achieving victory in 1945, the occupying Soviet authorities organised an election which constituted nothing more than a sham and was ultimately used to claim the ‘legitimacy’ of Soviet hegemony over Polish affairs. The Soviet Union instituted a new communist government in Poland, analogous to much of the rest of the Eastern Bloc. As elsewhere in Eastern Europe the Soviet occupation of Poland met with armed resistance from the outset which continued into the fifties.

Despite widespread objections, the new Polish government accepted the Soviet annexation of the pre-war Eastern regions of Poland[42] (in particular the cities of Wilno and Lwów) and agreed to the permanent garrisoning of Red Army units on Poland’s territory. Military alignment within the Warsaw Pact throughout the Cold War came about as a direct result of this change in Poland’s political culture and in Western eyes came to characterise the fully-fledged integration of Poland into the brotherhood of communist nations


The Polish own no allegiance to anyone, anywhere, for what was done to them and to me and my loved ones. Perhaps it is better for the White Poles not to know for I think the entire country would die of a broken heart, while the Jews laugh at our misery all the way to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Also note that the “White Stork” is a National Bird, and we need more White babies (healthy ones that is) and the Stork is the figure used with dropping babies off at homes in caricature.


Hilary the Hurricane

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I’ve been doing tributes in karaoke to Hurricane Irene for my childhood friend, Polish White Irene, the young 12 year old girl that walked the halls of Polish St. Mary Magdalene’s with a book of Hitler’s “My Struggle,” or Mein Kampf, under her arm. She taught me about make-up, teasing hair, sewing in clothes, and dancing.
But now comes “Hilary the Hurricane.” As I wrote, when she was in Yale College as a youth, she worked for “free” for the Black Panthers the most notorious gang Chicago has ever seen. Then I find she is close to all these Jews, and then lesbians…..
She kissed all their non-White asses, except she never kissed her White Southern Male husband’s, President Bill Clinton. Instead she would scream at him in the White House and throw things at him, and emasculate him and humiliate him…. And the same arms and mouth that threw the objects and insults at the White President, she used that mouth and arm to “uplift” Jews, browns, blacks, even as she goes around the world… every and any race is better than her White Southern male husband. Do you see why we are going extinct when the white female of our species is like Hilary the Hurricane?