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The Best: Southern Charlie Daniels Band

In Uncategorized on October 29, 2011 at 7:43 pm
Since the Jews can only be called “Supremists,” which they are, and Whites “cannot” be called Supremacists for fear we will try to raise ourselves up out of our problems, perhaps the ADL Jews, or SPLC Jews will “allow” us to be called the Best Whites we can be, like Charlie Daniels is the Best to me. Does that make me evil? Please don’t say yes, for as you know, that was my main complaint when I first sought the advice from the enemy: a Jew, psychiatrist.
I’ve seen very few famous bands play live, but at the Taste of Chicago with millions in attendance, I got to see Charlie Daniels for free, right in the front row!
I had complained when I was writing my emails to the DJ, that most of Chicago karaoke was black and hip hop, rip rap. The next year, Voila! Not only Charles Daniels playing instead of Aretha Franklin the black madonna for us to worship…. but the karaoke was sponsored by a country and western radio station encouraging more country.
I wrote that to my DJ friend because at the mostly black music karaoke, a gal got up to sing country, and since I was in costume, she came down from the stage and walked up to me and said, “I know this crowd doesn’t like country, and that I won’t get applause, but I’m going to do it anyway.
That is what I relayed to the media, as I wrote, the next year it changed.
This video needs to be watched more than once especially how he interacts with the others.

Insane Jews & Mental Illness

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In the ‘60’s, we now realize the Jews fought a revolution against Whites beginning with their assassination of our Irish President, John Kennedy. But then the Jews have used our poor Irish for bodybags for centuries. One of the many changes forced down white throats was that the Jews issued some sort of Mental Health bills in our schools, so Jews can determine if Whites are insane, crazy, mentally ill. And….. our only recourse, as I learned was to go to a Jewish doctor and have him not help me but rape me in my deep suicidal depression. Does it get worse? Hitler knew. The Nazis knew. Those men were the last on earth to try to save the White women and white children and protect them, no matter what their attempt was. They “tried.”
So now all White children are under Jewish doctor’s laws of who is sane and who is not. Since the Jews are “insane,” and even go into psychiatry to cure themselves for they know they are insane, Whites have only their books, pills, advice (which is none but a blank look) for Jewish “cures.” There are no Jewish cures. The Jew psychiatrist told me that point blank. Yet, look at what I’ve achieved, since I broke lose of him.
In 47 second video a “child” confronts the labels put on him. As I wrote before, Jews only had a small pamphlet of the “names” and “labels” Jews put on people that say they are “mentally” ill. Now the Jews have big volumes of names like a dictionary and we nod our heads to everything they say or don’t say. Our White boys will never survive under Jewish dictatorship, because Jews intentionally brought them down, to make sure Jews stay #1 or Supremacist. Whites make sure they don’t rise too high or assert themselves, for they have that “label” of White Supremacist hanging over them like the Iron Curtain the Jewish Commies of Russia put over Poland, Russia, East Germany, Ukraine, etc. Who is going to take drones and “liberate” them from Jewish oppression and who will bring the Jews to justice for all the damage they did not only to Europe, but the entire White race.


Marine Wounded Occupy

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I’m in extreme pain as I type. My right hand and shoulder are burning and I cannot hold a mouse without enduring so much pain I would start screaming to the outer ends of the universe. In order to type this, I have to put my mouse in my left hand and barely hit the keys with my right fingers, and just suffer to get this message out.

Elvis’ Jewish Little Sister Died

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2011 at 5:11 pm
As I have written extensively, there was only “1” woman around Elvis continuously to know his every thought, word and deed, and to “advise” him……. a Jewess.
Patty Parry.
She called herself Elvis’ “Lil Sister.”
After I write something, it is so hard for me to find it again on the internet, but here it is in this article.

EIN – Maybe that was it Elvis needed more people to actually tell him how it was. Did you tell him to stop and cut back on those fatty sandwiches?!

Patti Parry (Laughing) Oh no, I never could do that! When we were at Graceland we’d all be eating like red-eyed gravy and grits together! Those were some of my favourite times when Elvis and the guys would sit around and just sing gospel songs. In fact the guys commented, when I was singing along, that I was Jewish and shouldn’t know all those songs. But I loved that music.


Jewesses, Jews, and their Jew kids will do “anything” to camouflage themselves into our White Christian lives. She was a spy, just as a Jewish housekeeper was placed in Marilyn Monroe’s house. (I mean really, Jewish women are the dirtiest in the world, Mama said, and the richest movie star in the world, Marilyn Monroe, would get a “Jewess” for a housekeeper.) It is all part of their Jew spy network and monopoly over the world to “keep” that monopoly. Jews are not about to let go of it. It might be the end of the world, but “not” by God’s hand, but the Jews bombs and biological and chemical warfare.

The only other person to be around Elvis constantly even in the bathroom where he cut Elvis’ hair, was Larry Geller…. the Jewish hairdresser.

Both Geller and Patti Parry were “hairdressers,” and Geller must have pulled Parry the Jewess into Elvis’ clique and Memphis Mafia, when Geller got the assignment to fix Elvis’ hair. Geller the Jew then dyed Elvis blonde hair black, (it looked dark because he used like a vaseline or grease on it.) Geller the Jew tanned Elvis’ very White skin. Geller the Jew put dark sun glasses on Elvis to cover his very blue eyes. That is how the Jews genocided Elvis’ White identity. Plus it was surely the Jews who planted 3 black singers behind Elvis. Elvis being poor would have done and said anything the Jews wanted, as my recently dead brother said, when I asked him if he would sell his soul to the Jewish recording industry to get his new CD in public. He said, “I will do anything the Jews want.”




Black Crooked Supreme Court Justice Clarene Thomas

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2011 at 10:26 pm
I just got this today about Supreme Court Justice Black Clarence Thomas. (Remember there are no White Protestant Males on Court, and no White women, only 2 Jewish women, 1 Hispanic woman, (the Jews’ preferred slave of the day, which used to be black, before Polish White).
I am going to sign the petition and am told to call my House of Rep, but she is a powerful Jew, Shelley Berkeley in Vegas.
And the Supreme Court’s head is 1/2 Jewish. How we can suffer from Jew problems and our only recourse is to turn to Jews, or in government blacks, browns, yellows that run the office and those are the only ones who we can complain to. Our White Congress probably doesn’t even know any of our calls, petitions letters, for they are shredded, disposed of, garbaged, by the non-whites and Jews who are united against us to take over our home.
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 6:02 AM
Subject: Clarence Thomas is not above the law.
Take action!
Clicking here will automatically add your name to this petition to Rep. Berkley:
“Please co-sign Rep. Louise Slaughter’s letter to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts demanding action on Clarence Thomas.”
Automatically add your name:
Take action now!Learn more about this campaign

CREDO Action | more than a network, a movement.Tell Rep. Berkley: Co-sign Rep. Slaughter’s letter demanding action on Clarence Thomas.

Dear Barbara,

One of the bedrock principles of democracy is that nobody is above the law — not even Supreme Court justices like Clarence Thomas.

Thomas has flouted the law for years by failing to disclose his wife’s substantial income despite being legally required to report it.

That is why U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter is demanding that the Judicial Conference, an administrative arm of the court, uphold the Ethics in Government Act by referring Thomas’ apparent misdeeds to the Attorney General for further investigation.

Rep. Slaughter has written a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts, who is the presiding officer of the Judicial Conference, about this, and she has asked her colleagues to sign on as co-authors (you can read the letter below).

According to our sources in Congress, your Representative, Shelley Berkley, hasn’t signed on as of Friday night.

Tell Rep. Berkley: Co-sign Rep. Slaughter’s letter demanding action on Clarence Thomas. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

It’s inconceivable that a Supreme Court justice like Clarence Thomas would be unable to understand how to fill out the simple disclosure forms. And now information has come out showing Thomas accurately filled out the form for years before abruptly failing to do so.

Failure to disclose is a serious breach of the law, and the Ethics in Government Act requires the U.S. Judicial Conference to refer any judge to the Attorney General whom the Conference “has reasonable cause to believe has willfully failed to file a report or has willfully falsified or willfully failed to file information required to be reported.” 1

We need to make sure Chief Justice Roberts knows the eyes of Congress and the American People are on him, and we need to raise our voices and demand he take action.

Tell Rep. Berkley: Co-sign Rep. Slaughter’s letter demanding action on Clarence Thomas. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for speaking out.

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

Here’s the text of Rep. Slaughter’s letter:

Dear Mr. Chief Justice:

We write you today in your capacity as Presiding Officer of the Judicial Conference. We call your attention to the letter sent to the Conference by members of the House of Representatives on September 29, 2011, requesting an investigation of possible violations by Justice Clarence Thomas of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

Evidence that Justice Thomas failed for 13 years to accurately disclose his wife’s employment has been submitted to the Conference and we believe the Conference is required by law to refer the matter to the Department of Justice for further investigation.

In January, Common Cause and Alliance for Justice alerted the Judicial Conference to Justice Thomas’s repeated failure to make accurate financial disclosures as required under the Ethics Act. Justice Thomas then amended 21 years of his financial disclosure forms, explaining that he had, “misunderstood the reporting instructions.”

Since we sent our September 29 letter, important new information concerning this matter has come to our attention. Disclosure forms obtained by Common Cause and Alliance for Justice show that Justice Thomas accurately filed his financial disclosure forms, including his wife’s employment, for as many as 10 years beginning in 1987 when he was Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Justice Thomas continued to file accurate disclosure forms concerning his wife’s employment when he was a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. He also accurately filed his financial disclosure forms regarding his wife’s employment for the first five years he was a Justice of the Supreme Court.

In 1997 however, Justice Thomas stopped disclosing his wife’s employment on his annual form, instead marking the box labeled “NONE,” to indicate his wife had no employment that year. Other public documents show that Justice Thomas’s wife was employed in 1997 by the Office of the U.S. House Majority Leader.

Justice Thomas continued to omit his wife’s employment from his disclosures for the next 12 years, marking the “NONE” box on his annual forms. Other publicly available documents indicate that Justice Thomas’s wife did have employment in every one of those twelve years. Her employers included the Office of the U.S. House Majority Leader, the Heritage Foundation and Hillsdale College.

Documents obtained by Common Cause and Alliance for Justice show that Justice Thomas’s wife earned over $1.6 million from these sources. We understand that Justice Thomas is not required to disclose those earnings but we include the number here to show that his wife’s earnings were very substantial and that their omission is unlikely to have been a mere oversight.

It is very difficult for Justice Thomas to make a credible argument that he understood the filing instructions for ten years but then misunderstood them for the next thirteen years.

Section 104(b) of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 requires the Judicial Conference to refer to the Attorney General any judge whom the Conference “has reasonable cause to believe has willfully falsified or willfully failed to file information required to be reported.”

We believe these facts easily establish reasonable cause, and as a result the Judicial Conference must refer this matter to the Attorney General for further investigation.


Louise Slaughter

1. “Clarence Thomas Should Be Investigated For Nondisclosure, Democratic Lawmakers Say,” Jennifer Bendery, Huffington Post, September 29, 2011.

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Halloween: Hitler Jewess

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2011 at 5:09 pm
Several days ago I mentioned I wanted to do my Hitler costume for Halloween. After all, there was a stage production of the highest magnitude ($$$) called the Producers, which was all about German Nazis and how 2 Jew producers wanted to put on a play and musical about them to make $$$. So it didn’t seem wrong for me to do Hitler. As did Prince William when he dressed as Hitler and the Prince is from England, the hater of Germans. England seems to like war a lot. And I think the Jews were pulling the strings, whether Jews were living there, or were hidden out in Poland and operated England from their Polish home. Someone really should investigate that for that is of monumental proportions for our race, England, and especially world war ii.
Well, this person told me that a female friend of hers dressed one year as Hitler Nazi. But ironically this friend was a Jewess. And this person commented that the only ones that would be offended by my Hitler costume would be the (White) Gentiles. What the hell did the Jews do to our minds when even their own Jewesses are not afraid to wear Hitler costumes.
Nor are they afraid to put on plays for the KKK down on Charleston Blvd. near the mountains.
How’s this “Baby Hitler standing next to dishwasher with his “mug of milk?” This tops the cake for my Halloween this year. Doubtfully nothing could be better. I have to save this pix for as I wrote yesterday, I’m trying to save the White baby, from the hands of their own White parents and Jews who pull their parents strings and $$$$.
image I copied it again, this time with the words under the pix. Note that the remarks were that any parent that would do this is “so sick” they will be on a therapists couch forever. Yeah, if they only knew that the Jewish psychiatrists invented that “couch” to make their rapes of White women and boys “respectable.” They have driven us mad, insane, crazy and I can barely maintain subjectivity trying to sort thru the daily garbage of the USA which is all Whites are left with.


1. Hitler



There are some kids who are just screwed from the get-go because of lousy parenting. They are going to be on the therapist’s couch for years… and that’s if they’re lucky. This poor baby Hitler is one of these kids.


I just… there are no words. It’s a toddler dressed as Hitler. Try explaining that to your first girlfriend when she asks to see your baby pictures.

Oh dear, here is another costume, that is quite interesting. But considering I read that the Jews were grinding the Eastern Europeans in prisoner camps into hamburger, I don’t know if this is funny or not. At least Hitler didn’t grind the Jews into hamburger and feed them to his starving White Germans. Makes Hitler a saint compared to what Jewish businessmen of Eastern Europe did.
How’s this for our White babies? Each White baby is worth $132,000.00 of debt to be paid to the rich trillionaire Jewesses.

ps. Halloween Dead Babies

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2011 at 6:39 pm
Just a ps to my long email on just some of the problems that the White race faces that we can do something about, and the solutions.
I should have thought of this first, but $$ has never been my God like the Jewess’.
  • Problem: White babies born already in debt $132,000.00 (I read, with interest). Solution: Dissolve White credit immediately for all. Let the Jews pick up the slack of our indebtedness whether housing mortgages, car loans, school loans. We shouldn’t even have any of those since our parents should leave us their houses and $$$ and not to Jew government, we don’t need new yellow Japan or Korean cars, we can fix the ones we got, and school loans should be “grants” for Whites and free. We then need to change our concept of debt, loans. Our food can be raised ourselves, which will freak out the Jews and their ilk who think they are going to starved us to death now that we are crippled as a race. Whites really don’t need anything. We need God, or a concept of good, not the evil Jews have modeled for us. We need each other to survive. It is as simple as that.

Halloween: Dead Babies (White)

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2011 at 6:06 pm
Here is the song “Dead Babies” that I will be singing and below are a long list of “problems” and “solutions” that need to be tackled for Whites.I never saw this version before. It is horrific. But it is also “symbolic” of how Whites kill their own babies, thru abortion, and also the words that the baby climbed up into the medicine cabinet and died from taking a pound of their Mama’s pills, is indicative of what the rehab counselor told me of my son’s addiction. The (White) parents start their babies on addictions. In my own words below: starts with drunken sex for procreation. Drugged up mothers on pills, hope, meth. Mothers having drugged up childbirth, even Caesarian Section butchering by Jewish “doctors,” Jewish Dr. Frankenstein’s is more like it. Next time you see a picture of a “nice” or “good” Jewish doctor, close you eyes and see the Frankenstein monster ready to kill you and you will have the true nature of the Jew. White mothers giving babies baby formula: sugar followed by 22 drugs. There is an itemized list below for “Saving not the White race” bu the “White baby!”
Could a Jewish man be singing this song or a yellow or red man? That is between then and God, but Jews are “not” doping up their kids with all the drugs and pills we are taken. I was told that by a Pharmacists’ daughter. It is only the White slaves who are on the brink of disaster.
I’m going to be singing “Dead Babies” by Alice Cooper, the musical master of horror, & have the props: a baby-like dead, blue-eyed White baby doll, and a gothic carriage. I’ll put song below, but lyrics say that baby Betty climbed up on the sink into the medicine cabinet and ate a pound of aspirin. And was now lying in the cemetery. The baby is very authentic and looks like a decaying corpse. It is so frightening that a black woman said it was too much. Naturally, the government, Jews and churches have been taking of “her” black babies and letting white babies rot literally. I can see why white women want no more children and have made a collective sub-conscious decision to end the race by womb genocide of their own White mothers. Jews are not dying off. They “know” there are too few of them so they automatically halt their “pure breeding race program,” and start to interbreed with the finest of White women. Say President Bill Clinton’s daughter, who is so treasonous for she should be breeding White babies. Where’s the guillotine? If the guillotine was good enough for Last Queen of France and she had white babies and even had a special home to raise them with farm animals and farm veggies, then the guillotine would be good enough for the Clinton daughter who is a model for our young girls and a race-breaker, even with Jews. You know what my grandma Helen did when a Jew came to break up my mother’s wedding day to poor White Polish Daddy: She took a broom and batted the Jew out of the doorway. And this jew had $$$.
But I had a dream when I awoke suddenly and in heat. I rarely write of dreams for I rarely remember them. When I was younger, I never had friends to eat lunch with, so when I worked for the crooked Jews in South Chicago in 1967, I would go by my Mama’s to eat and watch her and listen, since I couldn’t talk. (Vow of silence I took early in life left me a mute.)…. well if I had a dream I would tell my Mama and she would interpret them.
This is only the 4th dream I’m writing of in my 9 years of writing.
It was a very chaotic dream. There were three other characters in my movie dream. A White grandmother, her daughter and the daughter’s baby.
Within the commotion of the dream, the mother “accidentally kills” her baby. I’m confounded, but unable to speak in the dream. The mother devises a plot to leave the baby under the bed as if it fell off. So here we are working around the house, and the dead baby can be seen under the bed. I was frightened, so frightened, especially since I couldn’t speak or scream or leave the dream and wake up. Finally, the grandmother shows up, and her daughter had some kind of lie she would going to tell her mother. Her mother didn’t see the dead baby lying on the floor. And then just as the grandmother spotted the lifeless baby, and her daughter was going to tell her lie, the baby rolled over, and with the biggest, happiest, brightest eyes, smiled and everyone……… The White Baby was Alive! In a nano-second, I awoke as in rigor mortis!
My mind immediately went for an “interpretation” of the dream, similar to when Joseph, the Jewish prisoner of Egypt, interpreted the dream for the Pharaoh, (King) & was made “Head of the country of Egypt” for doing so.
My answer came immediately: My mission in the White race is not to save the ‘White race’ but the White BABY. Remember, I already sent you a news clipping where I helped save a Polish white baby from at fire of our shack of a home on Colfax in Chicago on March 30, 1960, when I was 12.
Then the thought came to write you of all the reasons “why” our White babies have to be saved.
Right now in our USA, (United States of Assassins, which is a good name especially after assassinating Hussein, Gudhaffi, bin Laden and others we don’t even know about.)…. but I’m going to write that in the USA and around the world exactly “how” the Jews and their imps are producing “dead White babies,” instead of lots of healthy, well-cared for, White babies with a wonderful future. I’ll shorten this with bullets:
Here’s a list of things I wrote about concerning the death of the White baby:
  • Problem: Jew media has already programmed White women into having fewer babies, with shows like “Friends” with Jew, David Schwimmer that teaches it is better to have friends than a baby or mother or father. Hence white babies are born late to white women or not at all, for she really want to be with her “Friends,” than saddled with the responsibility of a crying baby with dirty diapers. (My Mama did it with 12, her Mama with 14. Only difference was her Mama was fairly well-to-do Polish while my Mama was starving and so were her babies.) “My White Solution to this Problem” have a government edict on prohibiting births of black, brown babies, and encouraging tax $$$ to go for supporting White babies only. Especially and only those of healthy mothers, as in Nazi Germany. (less all the pills and medicine they were hooked on.)
  • Problem: White tax dollars, thanks to Jewish laws, are going to promote the sex, welfare, education, medical of black and brown babies, who seem higher on the scale than our white babies. (Solution) Examine all the laws that were put thru that defame, degenerate, emasculate or effeminize the White people, and burn those laws as non-valid. In its place an amendment to the Constitution that each future law guards the rights of Whites, including their spirituality, culture, heritage, future.
  • Problem: Whites having drunken, drugged up, pilled up sex that result in babies. Solution I’ve written that I think “all” White parents should “think” before having babies. Even my son drinks booze, and I would advise him to stop that at least 3 months before. In taverns there are signs on the wall that drinking is dangerous to (white) babies, and in Russia we see the effect of what White (Jewish) Vodka has done to them and their babies. I heard my teacher in Christian Science at our meeting that when she visited to Russia with her son, the (White) Russians were lying all over the street drunk, both men and women. These babies made thru drunken sex are deformed many times for the alcohol, which is really a poison, affects the brain, nervous system, development, organs, bones and blood of the fetus. Teaching should be made at “all” levels of white race. Media is no longer in the hands of Jews, in my advanced White state to save the White Race. Media is used to “save’ the white baby’ not destroy it before it is even born.
  • Problem: Jews get away with murder and genocide thru media, government, war, banksters, books, Jew propaganda. It was even the Jews of Russia that were not only making the Vodka and taverns for less smart Russians, but Jews were giving them credit and using that credit when Russians were drunk. In Poland, the Jews did it deliberately to confiscate all that the Polish family worked for at a Jewish business, get the father and mother drunk, and then when they couldn’t pay the credit, take away everything they had worked for under Jewish employment and left the White Poles and their white babies to starve to death. Solution: Whites have to unite and expose the Jews to the world. At present the Jews have successfully got the entire 92% of the world to hate us. Just as the Jews got Poland’s neighbors to hate her with 4 of them went to war with Poland for different reasons! Even if we did anything to Jews, or deported them, China would gladly pick them up, or some other non-suspecting Latin American country. Just as the Babylonians did, just as Persia did, just as Europe did, and then Poland, and now USA. Their cycle is unbroken. Taking away their wealth, limiting them, didn’t help. Since the Jews have turned our White children into little kykes with white skin, our own children are brainwashed.
  • Problem: Our White women are race-breaking: Solution Set up a reality where the white woman is such a conscious and loving mother, like a Great White Polar Bear, that she would protect her White child under any circumstances, even fight unto the end, anyone that would harm the baby cub. How can White humans have less rights and less sense than an animal. Race-breaking should be seen and taught at church levels, home levels, school levels, youth functions that it is not desirable but self-destructive and suicidal for having sex with other races. If not, each White from the poorest to the richest, should take their “pedigreed” animal and literally throw them out of the car and let them run wild. Leave them un-neutered so each of the French Poodles can mate with Dobermans, or Mexican Chi-Hua-Haus can mate with Great Danes etc. It is the Jews driving us insane that led to the genocide and death of our White baby. Hence Whites only conceive White babies. We have had wreckless, genocidal breeding for millenniums, back to the White Roman orgies of buffets and sex and booze and drugs. No more. We Whites are turning the White Titanic Ship around and will get to the other shore without sinking.
  • Problem: White Women aborting babies; Solution (A ) If the White mother is on crack, meth, etc. give her free abortion. We don’t need “more” White problems. Even the God-less Chinese realize that they are overpopulated and most of their country is drug free even pill free turning to herbs, acupuncture, meditation, etc. Their babies are healthier than our drugged up, vaccinated babies for Jewish wealth. (B) White women shouldn’t have to worry about $$$. All tax dollars will go to “good” White women first. Effort should be made to choose the best White mates. I know a man from World War II. He was involved somehow in eugenics, and when he chose a woman for a wife, she had to meet his qualifications of both physical and spiritual health. Their baby, who is fully grown, is now a Christian Science healer and before a very successful Las Vegas Real Estate woman. Since our White women are being “equal” to blacks and browns and having illegitimate babies, that too should be discouraged. We are “not” to imitate other races, especially greedy destructive Jews. Unless there is a life-saving characteristic of good that can improve our lives.
  • Problem: Drugged up babies. Solution Doctors get paid only minimum wage. They get no kickbacks for being Drug and Pill Lords over Whites.
  • Problem: Sickly White babies Solution Health standards for Whites and make it fun for them. Above all costs stay out of the clutches of Jew doctors who rape and kill, and Jew nursing homes where Jews and non-Whites will be persecuting us and torturing us in USA nursing homes. Organic Veggie gardens, fruit trees, Healthy meats for iron and B12. Exercise. Meditation or prayer even as families.
  • Problem: Parent Alienation, where children are raised by Jewish media who encourages “Peers” to raise each other, opening wide the idea of “peer pressure.” White children should not be “pressured” into drugs, cigarettes in this despicable society. Our White children should be living like angels, free from Jewish terror, fear, worry. Solution: Going back to old standards of respect for the elderly, parents, White heroes, White figures of authority. Children should learn all that their White parents learned and then some. Not just from manuals, Jewish tv, Jew books, Jew magazines, Jew newspapers, but White TV, White books, White biographies, White magazines, White news of things “really happening” not the fictitious Hollywood stunts that are pulled called “news,” like 9/11
  • Problem: Neglected White babies raised by state schools, etc. Solution White and non-White tax dollars go into restoring and resurrecting White baby. After all we have been supporting red babies, brown babies, black babies for 400 years, Jew babies into being princes and princesses, but not one nano-penny spent for the united welfare of our White babies and parents. White women will be able to stay home and raise their children just as rich yellows, rich Hindus, rich Arabian Muslims, welfare blacks and browns.
  • Problem: White sickly babies: Solution Baby Formula exposed as sugar followed by 22 drugs given by rich Jew doctors for their rich Jew wives. All White babies breastfed for at least 3 years, perhaps 7 as we had done for 200,000 years before Jews came along and became “gods” of the planet and “rulers” of the world which is what they accused poor Hitler of wanting to be. Although Polish hate Germans for invading their country and the work camps, but Poles could not get out from the Jewish enslavement and murder and bankstering of their people. Smarter Germans had to do it for them. The Poles still can’t see it today. They would burn me at the stake if they could, but they should be grateful that I’m advocating for their benefits and restitution not from Germans but their former leeches for 900 years.. .the billionaire Jews.
  • Problem: White Sickly babies Solution Full Term babies born at home; not in Jewish temples of worship, called “hospitals.” No drugs given at birth. That for sure would curtail birth rate once the White woman had to have the baby without drugs. One cannot give powerful, potent, drugs equivalent to the size of the mother. It is damaging our children at birth.
  • Problem White sickly babies Solution: Full term babies born thru the vaginal canal. No more Jewish and their imps, Caesarian Section babies, which butchers and knifes up the mother, heavily sedates her and the fetus with vicious drugs, and takes the baby at 7 months. Nothing is so cruel as this. Caesarian births are shooting up and in South America Brazil, Caesarian butchered births are now the “normal” way of delivery. White babies need to be born just like an apple that is ripe and not until then. No one would eat a green unripe apple, why force out White unripe babies. The insanity of Jews has penetrated so far it may never be rooted out, but we must start at some level, why not the babies. Hitler and the Nazis knew this.
  • Problem: Sickly White Babies Solution As Hitler suggested, our youngest should be breeding with strong eggs and healthy sperm. Not sperm that is tainted with ADHT drugs, cough medicine, booze, drugs, mother’s pills like poor Elvis and probably Hitler. As my Vet told me in raising pedigreed German Shepherds: Get the bitch to screw at her first heat. Same for our White girls: Get the bitches to breed at their first period. Then sterilize. This Jewish doctor’s $$$ dream of getting old women to have babies is nonsense. Breeding first; college second. And she should be supported, not like me when I thought I was pregnant and suicide was the only answer. You can see why I was so upset when the Jew doctor ejaculated in me and I thought I was pregnant with “his’ baby and his concern was only his Jewess rich princess on a pedestal wife and their ‘raced’ children. He certainly would have driven me to suicide if he didn’t kill me had I been pregnant.
  • Problem: Spiritually dead babies Solution: My Mama thought the entire world was spiritually dead, especially her White Polish husband and White babies. We were not turning out as she raised us with high spiritual loving selfless values, but consumers of products and disrespect for her calling her crazy for her standards. Spirituality needs to be a way of life. The family that “prays” together, or worships together, stays together. There should be prayer time in school for Whites. Not Jews or Muslims. Let them go out and play. We are not their “keepers” and they didn’t come out of our womb. Glad we are out of the Mideast, now let’s get out of Polish Israel, which is going to be a lot harder than the 9 years of White Tax Dollars we gave unknowingly for Muslim women’s rights and “their” Muslim babies. There could be times at work for spirituality, reading, praying… not cigarette or coffee breaks. Cigarettes and coffee both products sold by Jewish traders like Jewish black slaves (workers, and highly paid at that compared to my poor White Polish Mama and Daddy.
  • Problem White sickly babies Solution Businesses, Businesses, Businesses. Business today shouldn’t concentrate on Stockholders, but the welfare of White children. Believe me, if the yellow Chinks and brownish Kykes are hacking my emails and reading these points, they will be adopting them and pronto for they are united and could have started improving their races within 24 hours. Whites spend most of their lives and hours at “work.” We have become the slaves of the world. Even the poor White Romanians are leaving after only 1 year of working along side the Mexican Mafia here in Vegas. Therefore the “work” place must cater to White parents and babies. In Nazi Germany, the Whites wanted babies so badly, the young Germans could screw right in the office. (Ha ha ha ha) Boy have the Jews tarnished our minds making sex “piggish” and “secretive.” Business tax $$$, probably much more than individual, are paying for Jew babies, brown and black babies, yellow babies of China products, Hindu techies, etc. That must all stop.
  • Problem: White sickly Boy Babies: Solution: Immediately end circumcision of White babies. That was only for slaves of Jews and we are now free. I’m declaring it. Circumcision is amputating. It is going to produce a man whose penis is not covered and protected as God Almighty, not Jewish rich greedy doctors, decided to amputate it. The skin is needed to keep the temperature just right for the sperm to be alive, well and healthy. And we really want healthy sperm. When making a baby the females’ eggs are created in the grandmother’s womb when the mother was formed. But the sperm is new with each ejaculation. We should have White rallies all over the world demanding “healthy sperm and eggs,” instead of bacon and eggs! What a sign!
  • Problem: Jew emasculated White boys Solution: Since White women bring up boys, perhaps we need to change that and have men as mentors, just as my dead husband said before he killed himself, “It is about ‘white men’ and not about money.” He needed mentoring, guidance, a job. No Jew man in the world is left without a job or homeless. Even the poor yellows and Hindus are taking in many of their relatives when they start to work for Christian organizations. These other races and Jews “want” to survive. I once saw a TV clip of 2 Jewish women 99 years old in a nursing home. They were talking about how happy their lives were and want to live another 99 years. That is because they came from Poland as Jews and not White Christian slaves. White women want to survive so they turn their boys into accepting bitchy behavior instead of treating our men like kings and we queens. When the killed off the role of kings and queens, we lost that ability to strive to become more refined, even royal. Instead we become like browns and blacks and the lowest of them.
  • Problem White emasculated boys Solution: End of Affirmative Action…. with Restitution.
  • Problem White effeminized girls Solution Role models on TV not like Oprah the Black Madonna our Women have worshipped for 30 years going on 2 generations of women and daughters, nor the lesbian Ellen Degenerate, who cares less about anything I’ve written above but would destroy me and my thinking in favor of “her” perverted rights. Our role models should be women of refined, healthy, spiritual, strong character that would do anything for the preservation of her offspring and that of her White sisters, and also their husbands. And Husbands also would be fighting not for Jews’ rights and their billions, or black rights in the Civil war, yellow rights of Communists who hate God in Korean, China, and Viet Nam, but would fight for White rights and stand up for his women and children as the Nazis and KKK Did. But the the Jews managed to kill both of them in one year 1944-1945
  • Problem Whites being outnumbered by non-Whites, especially illegals or other races that come in at the top of the ladder, instead of the bottom rung as Whites had to do. Solution: Whites need to re-think the entire farm and food production industry. Besides having little gardens, (and nothing to fancy for we need time to study, pray, think, organize) our young White children could go work on organic farms. Watch animal babies being born naturally and watching the animals breastfed. Even watching the animals mate and have sex to learn that this is from God and not set up for Jewish Greed, perversion, $$$ and gain for “their” Jewish children. I would also change the entire food production of the USA to be self-sustaining. Let’s fool the Jews and fudge up their plans making Africa the next breadbasket after so much brainwashing and pictures of their “sad” black faces. My face has been scarred with tears since I was in my Mama’s womb and tears and egg, and no one ever felt sorry for me growing up. I would also close down all prisons or turn them into farms. We just have to tell the browns, Jews and blacks, we are bankrupted by them, and we have to start again. Jews go back to the Mideast and let the Muslims do whatever they want with them even putting them in freezers at malls like they did Guadaffi. Muslims care about their God, Jews care about their God: $$$. Where is our God, good in our White lives. Take all the White prisoners and put them on organic farms. Create a reality at the farm where the victim of alcohol drugs “wants” to be sober for everyone else around him is. If there are prisoners that are empty, use them as a place for withdrawal and re-programming.
  • Problem: Non-White rapes of our girls Solution: Exposing and recording every single rape against a White girl, by whom, what race, if Jewish, then perhaps we should stone the men to death as the women were stoned in the Bible. The girl needs to know her womb is sacred, not a “piggish” thing. If we “don’t” do this, the Jewish doctors and their imps are building artificial wombs, and sperm banks, and will eliminate us on using their own sperm to breed as Sperm Banksters, and killing off White sperm. Also, educational videos as Hitler had for girls 8-12. 4 years of programming how dastardly Jews rape White women and boys and to run to the White Police for reports and deportation, immediately.
  • Problem: Non-White and Jew raping of our boys taking away some of the finest features for our white breeding stock Solution: Anyone caught interfering with the breeding of Whites is set up for treason, not only of the USA, for if we die, so does the USA, that is predicted in book A Fine Young Man… but also of every country, city, county, neighborhood block and home of where Whites live. All those places will be declared “sanctuaries” against our extinction and genocide. We must have an “open” society. If we older people don’t do it that have a smidgeon of morality left, our following generations have been so broken down by Jews, they are not capable. In this “open” society, there are no secrets as I heard a Russian White website is advocating. No secret drug deals, no secret Jewish rapes, no secret homosexual or lesbian parties, no secret Jewish genocidal codes against Whites in art, music, literature, education, churches, business. All that is to be reversed. No secret government actions. No secret business deals or takeovers as Jews took over White Protestant Heterosexual male news publishing in 1898, where both the New York Times and New York World were gotten by shady means. No one-sided history written by the Jews, of the Jews and for the Jews and their “pet” races, which genocide Whites and get the world to hate us. I live pretty open. I have never did anything that was not reasonable according to our horrible reality. In fact, I was able to rise above it.
  • Problem: White girls rights Solution: Right now there is a law on the books that advocates women’s rights in the workplace. That needs to be altered. There is no way a White woman should have a baby then dump it for government and Jews to mold thru programs, both TV programs and government programs. Equality of women will come when all White sex and babies are supported and “thought out intelligently,” sticking as close to God and Nature as possible. It’s said if we are to save the USA then “women” have to change. But no one is telling us that.
  • Problem: White boys not being able to compete with Jews, yellows, Muslims, Hindus. Solution: As I’ve written about all these things, our youth needs 21 mentors each. That would mean taking the Whites out of nursing homes, off all their drugs and pills, and clearing up their minds so they can be part of this healing process and educating process for our White children.
  • Problem: White Sexual Perversion Solution: Sex education and classes of the highest degree as I have read 27 books. Also, the realty of sex, that we don’t need to think about it every 8 seconds. I would be the yellow Chinese men who are ahead of us don’t think about it. The Jewish men don’t “think” about sex and walk around horny, the jews rape all your White women or as many as they want.
  • Problem: White divorce Solution: We have White divorce because we have a glut of Jewish lawyers and their imps. Bring down the legal field. Whites will develop a society in which we will not ever have to sue one another again, either for divorce, or petty claims. We will be helping one another, not hurting, hating or killing one another as Jews have gotten us to do with White racial wars in Civil War, French English war, all the wars of Poland, Germany Russia, World War I and World War II. If it is part of our own doing, then we need to find the cause within our race and not spend another White tax penny, let alone dollar for Jews billions or black babies or brown babies that are S h – t our on our soil like baby fertilizer on our land. Marriage will have to be looked at carefully. If White men and women were sober, not drugged and raised healthy, I doubt if there would be too much divorce. If sex were legitimized, thru sex instruction, or even White prostitution (which I did an essay on in college) that would minimize our divorce. Sex would be out in the open and not secret anymore for $$$. Jews put a price tag on everything Whites had from God for free: Breastmilk turned into baby formula, dating turned into Jewish dating websites, having babies turned into Jewish doctors butchering our White babies and White women. The list is endless. Perhaps with White tax dollars supporting White babies around the entire world, relationships might have to be on a yearly basis, that needs to be renewed year by year. If we are born to be nothing but White slaves for business, then that needs to change. I was bred to be a breeder of babies. But my folks were too naïve in this heartless cruel country that only wanted black brown and Jew babies and not healthy White Polish babies.
  • Problem White poverty Solution: Every single White person homeless throughout the world is picked up and provided for. Our own young children having babies could live in RV’s or trailers right by the parent’s home so the parents can help raise them. The government would help the old folks also so that it isn’t a $$$ burden. In other words: Whites eliminate White $$$ problems.
  • Problem: The Suicide of the White Race from Within Solution: I have written about this endlessly. Get a Census of “all” the Whites of the world, just as there were Censuses in the New Testament where even Joseph and Mary, Jesus’ folks, had to leave their home to be “counted.” That is how they were not in Nazareth their home, but had to travel to Bethlehem where there were no Holiday Inns at the time and had to sleep where the animals slept. We need a Census Report of the 700,000,000 Whites and added to that, the White Mormon Database of who were our White ancestors for a listing of every White that ever lived or is alive today. The rest of the world will be in shock when we start to exhibit White Love and demonstrate what the New Testament has been teaching us for 2,000 years but somehow got perverted into loving “other races” more than ourselves.
  • Problem: White dumbing down Solution: We know that that has happened deliberately by the Jews. It is why the White Bavarians kicked the Jews out of Bavaria in 1300’s because of their Civil Rights which meant Jews and non-Whites were the “only” ones to have rights and the host country to rot. Our forefathers were probably sober and not so drugged up and could see it immediately where our children can’t recognize that today. To solve the dumbing down, White education is separated immediately. All tax dollars goes into the development of Whites. The other races are not endangered. Nor should it be of “endangerment’ or fear or Jewish terror that we live, but by the “love” of learning, of going up higher, of seeing each of our White children as the next Valedictorian of their class, the “highest” in academia, not becoming “equal” by “everyone one is equal” except Jews and yellows are higher, as in the book “Animal Farm,” about Communism. We are living Communists today.
  • Problem: Lazy Whites Solution: Get them off of drugs, pills, illegal drugs, addictions like TV, porn, and get them outdoors to breathe more air. Humans need oxygen and we don’t need the tablets but real air. Diet also helps. Getting plenty of rest, not having Jews drive our White men into working 94 hours a week as the sales people had to do at Fresh Start Loan Center for Second mortgages, but working, resting, meditating, time with wife, children, mother, father, white neighbors, white protests, white government, etc. That 94 hours has gone into developing “other races” and making crooked Jews billionaires. It will be very painful, but when we share the White pain together, like one White body, with many parts, that is one finger is hurting the entire body feels that pain and does something about it.
  • Problem: Crime Against Whites Solution: Every single crime against Whites is listed, numbered, and dealt with. If it is a Jew or non-White, deport them. We have no time for 7 year Jewish court cases which wear down Whites like the Nuremberg trials of German Nazi men with the Highest IQs. Even when Whites are in business, and non-Whites like Mexican Mafia give Polish and other White immigrants problems, that is all recorded and dealt with. This fraud against whites thru internet as I’ve experienced is recorded in a large Crime against White database and dealt with accordingly.
  • Problem: Just as we deal with non-White or Jewish crime against Whites (like Jew Fed Reserve, Jew IRS, Jewish Monopoly and Takeover of America and our capital city and even raping our White women which is usually a perk of the conqueror of a country)…. we also deal with White accomplishments in White Pride.
  • Problem: Death of White Christianity Solution: Whites are permitted to work less hours and have time to pray, study, meditate, ponder the real meaning of life. White churches of all denominations unite as Christians. Although I would not see Christianity being reversed by homosexuality, lesbianism, or turning our Whites into drunks, druggies, minorities and favoring the non-Whites over us. Churches could be used as White meeting places where we can try to assemble and “heal” our problem of death looming over our head like a Jewish hypnotist with a watch pendulum. Grab the watch out of his Jewish slimy hands and wake up! Not only churches used for White meeting places but schools, businesses, parks, even private homes, nursing homes for old people can still lead productive whites and what better cause than to save their country, race and offspring, God and Christian principles.
  • Problem: Whites in a rut. Solution: Get out of the house and sing. Don’t just watch American Idol, be out there in person sitting with other Whites, watching and listening Whites sing and dance. There are White dances for all to mingle and have fun. I have way more fun and more strength and energy now that I’m not addicted to anything. I used to sing one song a week, If at all, now I am singing as many as 16 a week, with self-made costumes which is very time consuming and could do more if I weren’t writing letters like this.
  • Problem: Whites blaming others Solutions: Since it seems to me this is intentional and if we are to gain our sanity or develop one for little seems sane today, then we must see who our foes are. In my garden, I check each day to make sure only red radishes are growing in the square foot garden. If I see that a mustard has shoved their way in, I remove it. Or if a bird dropped a seed with its poop in a different square I will uproot that. It doesn’t belong in my White boxed garden. That is called Cultivation, not Garden Gone wild. We are a “Cultured people,” not a bunch of stray mongrels. But I can assure you if we don’t adopt either these steps or your own, we will have our enemies ideas forced on us as our own. Whites need to be realistic now. Whatever blame goes to Jews, place it there and bring them to justice. Hopefully it won’t be the justice that the MIddle Eastern dictators had gone thru as for our Jewish dictators of the world might have to go thru if they are equally guilty. And these are not going to be “Jewish” courts, where Jews rule. There will be White Courts with anything dealing with White problems and solutions. We are not going to use our $$$ for courts for all the other races or disciplining them thru police force. We will take care of our own. Something that I was deprived of as a White baby, that was nearly dead, for as I wrote, my Daddy kicked my Mama in her stomach and aborted the baby she was carrying. That baby came right after me. It could have been me and the world treated me as if it should have been me.
Well, Sorry for the long email, but there are so many problems and solutions I could write about, that this is really short. We need “action” along with writing.

White American Apologizes to White German Soldier for World War II Barbaric Treatment of Prisoners

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I will gladly forward and place on blog. What a “Happy Halloween” Present!
With being a pro-White patriot, it can be so depressing to just watch, study or read what is going on. And there is little to nothing that can be done in comparison to the magnitude of what needs to be done.
But when I get an email like this, there is a tiny glimmer of hope, and it is these tiny glimmers that I live for. It is my reward.
Thank you. I hope you are able to make this conference if it is open to the public. Perhaps Michael Collins Piper who also lives in Washington DC would like to go. He really ought to be there for he has worked tirelessly exposing Jews and study of World War II. He was fearless in how he did it on his radio show. I will include him on this email also.
From: Wendy
Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2011 11:55 AM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Fw: Truth and Reconciliation in DC Monday




On the occasion of the presentation of a formal letter of apology from a former US Army officer to the German people for the mistreatment of German prisoners after World War II AND on the occasion of the publication of a new edition of Other Losses by James Bacque about those prisoners of war, a public meeting will be held at 2:00 pm Monday October 31, 2011 in the Congressional and Monument Rooms of The Courtyard US Capitol Marriott Hotel, 1325 2d St. NE, Washington DC 20002. Tel 202 898 4000


Merrit P Drucker (US army major, retired) has apologized to the German army for the deaths of German prisoners in US army camps after World War II. Following extensive private investigations in the US and Germany, Drucker has sent an e-mail to Lt. Col. Max Klaar (Bundeswehr retired) head of the Verband deutscher Soldaten (German Veterans’ Association) regretting the lethal conditions in the US camps where according to Col. Ernest F. Fisher of the US army (retired) some 750,000 Germans died because they were denied available food and shelter. By order of the American commander, General Dwight Eisenhower, German civilians were forbidden on pain of being shot to take food to the prisoners. Drucker has also formed a committee of six people, in Germany, the UK, Canada and the US to pursue further investigations and make amends. Drucker has posted on the German veterans’ website a questionnaire asking for details of prisoners’ internment which has already elicited many grateful responses. Many Germans have written to Merrit Drucker to thank him for taking a heavy weight of grief and guilt off their minds. Max Klaar is flying over for the occasion to accept the formal letter of apology from Drucker on October 31st. In addition, Max Klaar will present a proposal for a peace treaty between the USA and Germany. It has 14 points.


Other Losses, an Investigation into the mass deaths of German Prisoners of War in the hands of the French and the Americans after World War II by James Bacque, first published in 1989, became a world-wide best-seller, published in 13 countries, but has been suppressed in the US for 20 years. This edition, which contains much new information from the KGB archives in Moscow, was commissioned by Karl Siegler, the son of a former prisoner in a US army camp. Col. Dr. Ernest F. Fisher, formerly a senior historian of the U S Army Center for Military History, who supplied the eloquent foreword to Other Losses will be present. In that foreword he wrote, “Starting in April, 1945 the United States army and the French army casually annihilated about 1 million men, most of them in American camps.” The author will speak and two short films about postwar Germany will be shown.



For further information contact Kevin@Talonbooks.com or James Bacque at 705 549 8148 or Merrit P. Drucker at 202 722 6716. Please contact Talonbooks for interviews



See also www.jamesbacque.com and www.talonbooks.com and the Verband deutscher Soldaten www.verband-deutscher-soldaten.de



Ghostbuster and Jews

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Sorry this is a long email. If you can get someone at least to read up to the end of Part 1, you will see what the Jews have been passing as “entertainment” was really the Destruction of Western (White) Civilization, men, women and children. I will draw line up to part 1. How do I go on stage and sing these songs, when everything in my reality is Jewish?
The Director of the film “Ghost Busters” is a Jew from Canada. And surely, the Jews put much in there about killing ghosts, for after all ghosts are….“all White.” Get it?
Reitman was born in Komárno, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), the son of Clara and Leslie Reitman. Reitman’s parents were Jewish; his mother survived the Auschwitz concentration camp and his father was an underground resistance fighter.[1][2] His family came to Canada as refugees in 1950. Reitman attended Oakwood Collegiate in Toronto and was a member of the Twintone Four singing group.[citation needed] He is the father of film director Jason Reitman.
The last name “Reitman” is almost the same as the Dr. Rejtman Jew that raped me in Chicago.
I’m gonna watch some of the movie “Ghostbusters,” to see if I can spot, if any, Jewish influence of genocide against White Race, especially his competition, as in sports.. the White man.
Here’s Ghostbusters Part I. I don’t know if I will analyze what the Jews did in this entire movie. Other than do not watch any movie, (although surely they have stopped somewhat for they know they are caught red handed in their TV and movies) unless you clearly tell yourself just how the Jews are trying to kill us mentally, and if you kill us mentally, you already have killed us physically.
Note at the beginning when the song starts, (Is there something strange in your neighborhood, who are you gonna call….. Ghost Busters.” I would think they mean “busting Whites up.) Right at the beginning is the back of a European Warrior White man statue.
In looking at the names on the window to door to the Paranormal people, the first name is Egon Spengler. (I had to put mirror to computer screen for the names are backwards, which sounds like an occultish type thing.) The man who plays him is Jewish: He also co-wrote the movie so that would put his Jew ideas in here. Also his folks owned a tavern, just like the one my poor parents would go to if they even had $.50 extra from their bills, it right away went to Jews for either beer or brandy.
The fictitious character’s name of “Egon Spengler” was chosen by Jews. In researching Wiki, I just found that “Spengler” was a German that wrote about the Decline of Western Civilization as far back as 1918. This was still a time when Whites had mathematicians and scientists instead of the Jewish and non-Whites we have forced over us as Lords today. He was White.
Oswald Manuel Arnold Gottfried Spengler (29 May 1880 – 8 May 1936) was a Germanhistorian and philosopher whose interests also included mathematics, science, and art. He is best known for his book The Decline of the West (Der Untergang des Abendlandes), published in 1918, which puts forth a cyclicaltheory of the rise and decline of civilizations.
This is rather odd, that the next character “Ray Stantz” (fictitious) quotes the Bible in the movie: Though he expresses skepticism toward Christianity, he is extremely knowledgeable about the Bible, even quoting a specific book and chapter–“I remember Revelation 7:12”– about the end of the world (though the passage he quotes is actually Revelation 6:12).
The third name is Peter Venkman played by the White guy, Bill Murray, and perhaps the Jews used the name Peter to show how they are going to “emasculate” this White man in this movie, but that is a guess.
Here’s a snip it on the same window and I had to use a “mirror” to see what was written in blood: Eickman… Burn in hell! Pretty shrewd of the Jews to get that one by us for the movie goes by so fast that only other Jews knew this was going on and the poor, poor, White folks had no idea they were sitting in movie theatres or TV shows in their living room chairs which served as “electric chairs’ to kill us.
By the very fact that the word “laboratory” is also written on this, perhaps means the Jews have concocted many chemicals to use against us and they know it. Pills, medicines that they themselves don’t use but shove down our throats.
This is really getting scary and I don’t mean Halloween scary for this is “real.” And we are living thru it and this nightmare is our reality.
Now if you watch at 2:43 in movie the camera slowly goes to “maid,” which we all know Jews screw the hell out of like Jew of France and head of International Money Fund, IMF, Strauss Kahn, who got off scot free for raping a maid. Also, what is the first thing they show to “look at” A star. The Jews knew they couldn’t use a “Star of David,” for we might catch on.
Or since it is a White Star and a Black Star, it might mean that the black star is enclosing the White star and the blacks will suffocate us out.
Note when the guy guesses wrong he gets “electric shocks” and that is how Jews have dealt with White Depression, and we are depressed caused by Jewish degenerate influence on us and we have nowhere to turn except Jews for help.
White girls doesn’t get electric shocked for Jews want to keep White women around as sewers for their filthy evil sperm.
Murray says to the volunteer that he is studying the effect of “negative reinforcement” and that is exactly what the Jews did to us making us swallow this “negative reinforcement” constantly against Whites.
Why the Jews chose a large New York library with books flying off shelves and library cards flying out of drawers is your own guess.
Note that when one of them gets hit hard with a book on his head, it is the character named after “Spengler” the White German, pre-Nazi.
The librarian mentions that her uncle thought he was “St. Jerome,” and if one looks that name up he was the one who translated the Bible from Hebrew to Latin for the (White) Christians, I’m assuming. Could this be Jews attempt thru cinema to “destroy the Bible” as we know it leads to the New Testament.
He made his first attempt to learn Hebrew under the guidance of a converted Jew; and he seems to have been in correspondence with Jewish Christians in Antioch. Around this time he had copied for him a Hebrew Gospel, of which fragments are preserved in his notes are known today as the Gospel of the Hebrews,
Perhaps all the books stacked up represent “Western White Civilization” which the Jews have already destroyed.
The “mucus” on the books, which makes Bill Murray, rub the books, kick them, is as if the Jews are blowing their filthy snots on our Western Civilization books. Now we have mostly Jewish books, either written by Jews or published by them, or good Jewish agents. (if you dare blaspheme against God and call Jews “good.”)
Naturally to be “funny” Bill Murray slams the scientific meter that the “Spengler” (German see above) to defame the White man that predicted the death of Western White Civilization in 1918. We are already 100 years into our demise.
I know this is my own thinking but when the nice old White lady turns into a monster, it is what the Jews did to many of our White women. Even myself. I’m not what I think I should be.
The “white ghost” is the dead White Race.
Note the “Dean of the University” says to them that the University will no longer fund any of their activities. That would be normal pro-White history and civilization. Now all schools are taught to hate the White man and love the Jew as gods, and love the browns and blacks and yellows better than themselves or each other.
The Dean tells Bill Murray he is a “poor” scientist and they have no more place at the University. (It is no wonder Jews and non-whites replaced us.)
Naturally, Murray says “Einstein (the Jew) did his best work as a patent clerk. Always building up the Jew as an intellectual ‘god’ as the White man as a dope or jerk.
The White man has a pint of whiskey during the day.. again…. negative reinforcement…. of this image to bring down White male in subtle, repetitive ways.
Jews don’t drink straight whiskey on any movie. They are always the “heads” of the university. Even though in Russia and Poland Jews owned most distilleries, taverns, just as the one I mentioned above.
Part 2
I took break to make homemade “White” kernel popcorn. Threw away microwave for it destroys nourishment and creates cancer in baby formula. I make on stove with “real” butter. Popcorn has a lot of fiber and is healthy.
The pair of White guys go to New York Manhattan Bank for their funding, and we realize now, how Jewish banks with White money, funded all of Jews’ projects, organizations, and eliminated their White competition even giving guys from India loans for 7-11’s and White men couldn’t get that $$$.
Murray exclaims ‘You are not going to lose the house. Everyone today has 3 mortgages.” Exactly how the Jews can kill us with “debt” that perhaps will never be able to be paid back. Jews will then move yellow Chinese in our homes, Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Hindus and Jews will get even “richer,” if that is possible.
Looks like a “good” Jewish female real estate agent that is going to con them into sub-standard living. Mama told me that Jews are “blockbusters” let alone “white ghostbusters.”
The “White” scientists have a junky car. Why don’t Jews and the Chinese here, or the Arabs with turbans drive “junky” cars? It is unheard of. That is only for Whites.
Sigourney Weaver stars in this. She starred in many “Alien” movies and I read that the next Jewish hoax like 9/11 will be animated “real-type” aliens that all Whites will believe have descended on our planet.
They go to investigate something that sounds like “Zulu” which according to Wiki is the most populated people of “South Africa.” Probably the most dangerous to Whites on the face of the planet to the Jewish grin and laugh.
Murray makes a comment when he goes into her apartment as he wiggles a couple of piano keys that he likes to “torture” them. A piano is said to have black and white keys. Jews enjoy watching us victimized and tortured by blacks.
When she says “That’s the bedroom; but nothing ever happened in there, clearly refers to the fact that Jews kept the secret of having climaxes for women to themselves. As Jewish doctors they knew how to excite and satisfy a woman thru the clit. Now, it is more commonly known for I’ve been writing about this for 9 years.
Even the sex book, “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm” by Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City) and her Jewish husband, Mark Levinson, says that she never reached a climax until the age of 42 with her Jewish husband who taught her everything. One sure way to dumb Whites down so that Jews can seem like sex gods to White women. And they are not.
It’s a sexual slam against the character “Peter” when she says that “nothing ever happens in the bedroom.”
There’s a big “No Smoking” sign on elevator, and we know how Jews used marketing and advertising to get not only White men addicted, but White women who bear children, breastfeed so that we have deformed stunted children.
The 3 blast the black maid but end up saying “I’m sorry 3 times, just as Obama the Black apologized for White behavior all over the world, only now “who is going to apologize for his murders and assassinations of innocent people.
Behind the sign at the restaurant “Sedgewick” Hotel is a nude statue. The words “buffet” today, are also on the sign, and we know Jews used “buffets” to bring down Babylonia, used buffets to entice the black students the Jew Commies dragged into White Poland so Jews could take over all of Africa, get their diamonds and gold, gems and the next “breadbasket” of the world. If I were a White man I would not train any more blacks or browns, or yellows so that they are smarter than us. They don’t care about training us but teach us the minimum and then only if we beg, making us look like White dummies.
When watching the newspapers, the headlines read that the ghosts spooked (yellow) Chinese neighborhoods. The TV news reporter is the Jew “Larry King” always a figure of authority, like a god, and the magazine is “Time” owned by Jews.
So far we have had advertisements for booze, cigarettes, Jewish announcers, Jewish magazines, and that is only what I’m catching, think of what I’m missing.
Here’s White ghost that must be destroyed at all costs. The White Race probably.
Oh they have Casey Kasem, the famous DJ, he is “not” Jewish but Muslim Arab Lebanese. I told you they are working together and we spent nearly 5000 mostly White lives for their “rights,” while Whites rot.
The scene shows one of the ghostbusters in bed, and the ghost unzips his zipper and shows his shorts with a bulge. Right after that, a black man appears, meaning the false propaganda that blacks have larger penises. More Jew lies.
When they bring the black guy in, it is meant to intimidate and emasculate and genocide the other 3 White men: From Wiki:
In the original script for Ghostbusters, Winston Zeddemore was intended to be the smartest and most capable of the Ghostbusters, a former Marine with multiple degrees and a Ph.D., making him more suited for the job than the founding three Ghostbusters. (Although the Jews covered this up and didn’t mention it, but assumed it.)
The scene changes into Ms. Weaver coming out of a Symphony Hall and she says, “I don’t know where we get these guest conductors. What makes they can scream at us in German?” Who would have thought an innocent movie about Ghosts would bring up Germans, Adolf Eichman the Nazi who was framed for killing Jews and killed by them in Polish Israel.
Murray makes fun of her date saying he is a little “pale,” meaning White.
Here’s something from Wiki
on movie:
Consulting blueprints of 55 Central Park West, the Ghostbusters learn that it was built by a mad doctor and cult leader named Ivo Shandor, who designed the building to summon Gozer and bring about the end of the world saying humanity was too sick to live.
To me it seems that if those in Western Civilization have been drugged up, dumbed down, and intentionally addicted to dangerous substances and now are “too sick to live” as a race.
Part 4 is missing, and part 5 starts with Bible passage about “earthquakes,” and I’ve written much about what I think might be faked earthquakes.
The subject again in the movie comes up with the “End of the World.” Jews right now have that capability and if it ever came down to bringing them to justice, they certainly would take down the entire planet along with themselves. Or they have underground bunkers so they will survive whatever cataclysm they will bring on the rest of us.
The character says that after World War I, society was too “sick” to survive. That means White race, for we seem to have the most sicknesses.
They talk again about the “end of the world,” but it is code for ‘The end of the White Western Civilization World.”
The priest comes in for his advice and he says that these ghosts are a sign from God, and immediately camera shifts to red-headed man, and a world map behind him.
The black Ghostbuster now is the strong “spokesman” for them and says “I’ve seen shit that would turn you ‘white’ another insult to the White man.
All of a sudden, New York City is filled with the military in full combat regalia.
The camera zooms to Jewish rabbis doing some kind of chants.
Next part is missing so I’m just going to quit. I think we get the gist of this Jewish movie, which is the “End of the Ghosts (Whites)”