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David Duke Radio Show Transcript 1-31-12

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David Duke: This broadcast is for “all” men to preserve its freedom. Humanity is “not one,” but many. We all have the right to live and to be preserved. It isn’t just for Tibetans and Indians, but for Europeans. It is said that we have a special evil quality, because of conquest, as if Ghingas Khan didn’t commit evil, or Ottoman Empire commit crimes, or even the Aztecs. They demonize Europeans because there is an ethnic group that came into America. They wanted the media power, the economical power, etc. Zionism has been around for thousands of years and have learned to preserve themselves as a minority. Love in; Hate out! I’m not talking about all Jews, but Judiasm religion is about Supremacism. Newhouse Publishing (Jews) 50% of Jews in synagogues are “atheists,” and some are actually leaders in synagogues. And they say, “I want my children to get in touch with their heritages.” These atheists actually lead prayer groups. You do not have to believe in God, but you have got to follow rules and support Jewish people, and you must embrace the Jewish people as the entity of God.
I want to preserve my heritage. My guest is Alfred (Beirin, spelling?) He will tell us of the Netherlands today.
Jews accuse us of Supremacists, when in fact, they run the media in USA, Scandinavia, Brazil, Russia, and they are the dominant force. They want to bend the political policy to their wishes. They will even have America go to war with Iran. They were driving force against Iraq of a million killed. Not just Muslims, but Christians. Saddam protected the Christians. Zionists hate Syria. Zionists want to be Supreme and label “us” as Supremacists. I have read so many books of Jewish scholars and leaders, liberals, incredibly hateful pronouncements against European people. Goldman Sachs, Fed Reserve (a private corporation, not controlled by our government, not even our President, can control our own currency and $$$ in our pocket.) I have it on tape by Ben Shalom Bernancke, of Fed Reserve, that “no one tells him what to do!” They can bring down any president they want, by turning the economy turn down, or turn it up. When President George Bush was trying to turn down the allegiance to Israel, Jews brought in Obama.
AB: I’m living in Netherlands. We are criticizing EU for its policies. Our politicians say they want to build strong Europe, but take our industries to Asia. They are replacing our population with Africa.
DD: Tell us more details. Our immigration policies are “replacement policies.
AB: They think have mass immigration from Africa and Turkey into EU. They have different culture and religion. They will never be solitary with us. Europeans will be overwhelmed and disappear. We have been enslaved by international financial system which has almost paralyzed us as in USA.
DD: We need to get a better phone line. We will call back.
DD: We are here to understand the prospects for the European people, and the influence of Zionism. We want to preserve our beauty, and even the physical expression.
AB: I can hear you very well this time.
DD: The population of Europe is being replaced.
AB: We are under replacement fertility of Europe. Say commercial leaks say if you don’t make babies we will import them from other people. They come from Africa, Turkey, and don’t fit with out culture. We have many clashes, but most of these people commit crime, because this immigration is a failure.
DD: There is a lot of huge expenses, housing, for them and their babies and children of immigrants.
AB: What is bad is that Europe, which has to compete with economies of India and China, we should build strong continent, but instead of defining Europe according to physical borders and values, they dislocate our industries to Asia, and replace our people here with immigrants.
DD: The Zionist powers.
AB: Yes, we see that easily. Bombings of Afghanistan, Iraq, people who didn’t do anything wrong to us..
DD: It is crazy. If the people of Holland had bombs over them from Afghanistan. It is absolutely insane.
AB: Our mass media don’t allow any discussion. It is a surrealistic scene here. How can our countries keep up face like this.
DD: People talk of racial mixing but no one is trying to blend out Chinese, or Saudi Arabians, but let us blend out the Europeans. As far as the birth rate, I remember them telling American people were overpopulating. That we have too many people for the land we are on. Many people became sterilized. They turn around and say “we don’t have enough people and now we have to import other people.”
AB: Our Queen said that we were overpopulated and would be supported to leave. The earth was overwhelmed with human beings, and now we are replaced by other peoples who have many, many babies and welfare and support.
DD: They told us we shouldn’t have kids. Jews have spearheaded this.
AB: The policies should enable people to have families. Now people in Netherlands tell us to “move” where we can have jobs, but that is in China!!!! He is forcing people to leave family and work in other towns without organizing family life or housing. Even in Communist countries they didn’t do that, but in the Wild West, they are encouraging this. They are not sustaining families and babies.
DD: Hollywood Zionist media is hedonistic is having sex with as many people as possible. They talk of having children is trouble, difficulty. They have promoted homosexuality, which lowers birth rate.
AB: People are not able to have children because of banks and financial restrictions which are a burden on family life.
DD: The more immigrants in our country, the more welfare recipients, social services, problems of increased crime, courts, the more societal quality declines, the less encouraged or less likely our White people can have children. They say “I don’t want to bring children into this world!”
AB: Europe as you know it has been divided since World War and we are cut off from Eastern Europe, Russia, who have low fertility rates. If you are running a wild life park and the animals can’t go from one source to the other. We are cut off from reservoirs of people, yet our borders are completely open from people in Africa.
DD: Russian people are great people and Holland has had liaisons with Russian people. What can we do to increase Russia and East European relationship.s
AB: There have been a lot of people working here from Poland and were horrified to discover are now populated with Muslims and Negroes and Poles were frightened here and go back to Poland and they have at least in mind should “not become” what Western European cities are becoming.
DD: Russians are now saying we should have immigration from 3rd World also.
AB: Moscow is much more European than London, than Amsterdam. I am inspired by East European countries.
DD: Moscow is the largest population of European descent of any city in the entire world. They are beautiful people, talented people. What is going on in propaganda as far as being against Zionist policies? Zionists are trying to make civil war and war against Iran, which would be catastrophic. Being in Europe, there is a huge amount of propaganda against Russia. It is meant to separate European descendants against their Russian brothers and sisters.
DD: Alfred is quite an intellect and the international dynamics of the destruction of European inhabitants. It is no longer our media, government policies, causing incredible damage not just to us but other nations as with war. You read vicious anti-Russian propaganda pieces and it is even in European broadcasts.
AB: European media is copying USA media. You might think that we are wiser because of “over-kill,” but then these days they are talking about Russia is only supporting Syria, because Russia is supporting weapons to Syria. But no one is telling that USA is providing weapons to surrounding countries. Our people are being brainwashed. People are paralyzed by news and don’t have skills to find counter information on the internet, in a way the are stupid consumers and don’t feel any more responsible for our continent. They look at the other side and don’t feel any responsibility for all the wars that we are waging.
DD: It’s mass media. In the entire history of mankind, we are saturated with media. They go to movies, radio, music, they are saturated, newspapers saturated. Let’s talk of some of lies with Russia. In comparison, Russia is so free. In America, there is only Republicans and Democrats and you don’t have a chance. That cuts out expressions in America. They rig the entire thing like a casino game, and only Republicans and Democrats have a chance, just as Gingrich is getting endless money from Adler, and others from Goldman Sachs (all Jews). The last Russian election there were 10 parties.
AB: Goldman Sachs’ boys are in high positions in Europe, new prime minister in Italy and Greece, and high positions in England. Public doesn’t know this.
DD: Goldman Sachs was responsible for the Great Depression and many of their people were responsible for fraud and were put into positions to control USA $$$. Who runs Sachs: Mr. Blankfein and Cohn. A Zionist operation. Sometimes they employ Gentiles but only those who do their bidding.
AB: You can see the future of Europe by watching Greece. Greece owns a lot of primary resources can’t explore them, but when they go bankrupt, then the banks will have all of Greece’s resources. It will happen to the entire European Union. Zionists will get free way to do what they like.
AB: I have to be careful, and this is a fully Jewish country, and careful of my expressions.
DD: But Goldman Sachs is destroying the productive people in every country and put us into debt. I think we have a problem in opposition to immigration and there are parties that are anti-immigration, are Zionists trying to control opposition and Zionists are running governments who are destroying Europe.
AB: Mr. Wilders is fierce supporter of Israel and anti-Islam, but is not attacking Jewish establishment who is the main promoter of multiculturalism which is against Gentiles.
DD: Muslims have come to Holland did not come on their own, but the Zionists who have attracted them. We need to make sure the Dutch promote their heritage.




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German Nudism, Jewish Secret Code, Books

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I couldn’t find anything on the secret code of “Esperanza” that both Hitler and Stalin knew was in force “uniting” the Jews. (against us? did they realize that?)
Here is pix of book but do not know if this is the one. (see #192 below in summary of some interesting books on German nudism.”)
Also, on this website are loads of old and international books written about why people are anti-Semites. Most books we have are either written by Jews or published by Jews as even our dear English David Irving who studies documents of Nazis, has to be ok’s by a Jew to get books out. One wonders what he is covering up or what the Jew edits out, as Jews edit out and re-write so many of White Gentiles works, books.
The common ones like a 4 volume book of Henry Ford’s material against the Jews. Perhaps that is why Jews were bent on forcing cars to be made overseas. Jews get their revenge no matter how long it takes. http://www.danwymanbooks.com/fearthejew.htm
image Book about how the “poor” Jew that shot the German diplomat before World War II. He was so poor he stayed at the finest hotels in Germany and right around the corner from famous Jew organization.
Here’s a goodie? Look at this title: Elsom, John R. LIGHTNING OVER THE TREASURY BUILDING, OR, AN EXPOSE OF OUR BANKING AND CURRENCY MONSTROSITY-AMERICA’S MOST REPREHENSIBLE AND UN-AMERICAN RACKET. Boston: Meador, 1941. Banker’s conspiracy, with various Antisemitic insinuations regarding the Rothschilds, and, for example: “…the Jews became, for the most part, the money lenders and goldsmiths of England. They for some reason had no compunction of conscience on the matter. They lived outside the pale of the teachings of the New Testament and ignored the unmistakable commands of the Old regarding usury. ” And: “As much as we may disapprove of Hitler, his regimentation and his ambitions, it must be recognized that he put into effect a money system by which goods and services were transferred without paying a toll to those ‘Who toiled not-neither did they spin. ‘” Text on title page: “A clear and concise treatise of the banking and money system of the United States as manipulated by the international bankers, by whom governments are controlled, wars promoted, peoples exploited and the real wealth of the nation gathered unto themselves through the process of mortgage and foreclosure-together with a constitutional remedy for our national dilemma. ‘All Other Reforms Wait on Money Reform’ So Why Wait to Reform Money?” Singerman 0582. “Widely circulated and frequently reissued.
(My comment: Jews forced England and Churchhill to war. I read and reason it over and over and over again.) But these are not light words: This is beyond words how sinister, sadistic, and horrendous these Jews are.)
There’s a book by Fr. Coughlin, who used to speak out against Jews before the war, but he was threatened and nearly had his radio show shut down to conform to Jews. (Fr. Coughlin was from the priest order of the “St. Theresa, Little Flower of Jesus,” who was my role model in taking my vow of silence. He wrote of “Jewish tears,” and “Christian blood!” But those Jew tears are as phony as the imposters they are. When Whites come in contact with Jews, they must turn away, for everything in their being is going to be taken in by them. Run, if you have to. Don’t analyze why. Jews keep us “analyzing” like the Jew Sigmund Freud will analyze for years some Jewish neurosis.
From the old book website above: imageI wonder what the “mystery of the grin,” is? ADL goons with guns and looks like some weapon in guy’s pocket.
Here’s a gem by Henry Ford: Even Henry Ford with all his power, $$$, success, was beaten down into submission by Jews who destroyed the US car market. image
Here’s another book from 1973, that tells exactly what came to me thru my enlightenment, how we will all be slaves (as in White Christian Poland.)
53. • Freeman, I. M. THE DEVIL’S DISCIPLES: MASTERS OF ILLUSION. Reedy, W. Virginia: Liberty Bell, 1977. Paper; 8vo, 110 pages. Includes several appendices. Singerman 1373. “‘The Devil’s Disciples’ major effort is currently the promotion of a One-World Dictatorship in which they shall be the dictators and we the slaves. It is a conspiracy of monstrous dimensions and it is led by the Jews. The Jewish conspirators represent the body of the octopus and all the perverse, diabolical deeds which emanate from this conspiratorial body function as the tentacles which are at this moment, crushing the life out of us and destroying our society. To attack these tentacles is futile, for they are replaced by others and the result is simply that we have expended our energy merely in order to replace one plague with another’ (p.6) ” OCLC lists four copies worldwide. Cover soil; back corner bent. Some underlining and margin notes. Good condition. (AS-1) (ID #13519) $100.00
(These books are fascinating. It is so hard to believe that there were enlightened people all around the globe, but nothing to unite us, instead Jews dividing us.)
56. • Grieb, Conrad. JUSTICE LIKE CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMAN. Chicago: “America was persuaded by Jewish hate propaganda to declare war on Germany and, at war’s end, to wreck the German economy and reduce her people to starvation by implementing the Morgenthau Plan. (Morgenthau: Jew, my own addition.)
57. • Griffin, Des. DESCENT INTO SLAVERY? . Clackamas Singerman 1432. “A totally Antisemitic book, dealing with the International Bankers and ‘the story of their total involvement in the Illuminati plot to create a totalitarian One World government. ‘” Banks and banking, International.
(59) Here’s one of a German walking thru Poland and complaining of “Jewish Parasites.” Did the Polish know what was happening to them, or were they so propagandized they have no thoughts or feelings about it as our own White people do today. USA: history repeating itself thru Poland’s history. (my own comment.)
(72) quotes from Norwegian and Dane from 1940 on what they were against the government because the government, even then, was under control of Jews.
(73) (my comment, oh yes, France is now run by Jew President and loaded with blacks, half breeds, and their once proud and refined French female vagina, having wonderful white babies, has been tainted forever.) Complaint about ingratitude of Finns toward the Germans, and about the employment of “uncivilized negroes” in army troops. “What a mistake the French Government makes believing a large number of coloured soldiers can accomplish anything in a modern technical war! …these masses of coloured soldiers are nothing but good enough to stop the bullets. ” He wonders if more ignorants will be found “willing to be slaughtered for Jewish interests. “
(92) “Communism is as old as Judaism.”
(99) The Bolshevik Revolution was the work of Jewish brains.
(101) International-Jewry is, of course, the secret motor of Communism.
(102) “presents a concoction of spurious pa ssages from the Talmud condoning ritual murder & hatred of Jesus and all non-Jews. [Roman Catholic] Father Pranaitis was a witness for the prosecution in the infamous Beilis trial in Kiev. (My comment: it explains why Jews got Whites to kill the Muslims who are non-Jews, and we fell for it killing millions of Arabs, and supporting Jewish Polish criminals, with White Tax dollars and slavery that went to work to fill the Jewish World Wide Treasury.)
(110) George Lincoln Rockwell talks of Jews and nigger agitators. I know for a fact in South Chicago, the nigger that kicked my brother in the balls and ruined him for life, and the niggers that agitated trouble at the bar where my boyfriend, Chicago policeman was kicked off for for trying to maintain peace. Jews love, and enjoy, all the suffering the black criminals have and are putting us thru daily. Whether in our own experience, as the nigger that came to kill me with a loaded gun, or having my mind scarred for life. That is what Jews enjoy. Scarring us for life.
(118) this author calls the Jews “termites”…. “Condemns the Jews (‘conspiring termites’) , progressive educators (‘termites in education’) , religious modernists (‘religious termites’) , liberal theologians, freemasons, international bankers, and all other subversives promoting Jewish Bolshevism. Germany is applauded for crushing its ‘termites. ‘ Vindicates the Protocols of Zion and warns of sinister occult forces undermining Christian faith. ” Jews. Antisemitism. Protocols of the wise men of Zion.”
(119) author speaks of a “united Israel,” of England and Israel. It would explain “why” England’s royalty is really the only one that is recognized. Yet it is just a false illusion for both the royalty and England’s people.
128. • Smith, Gerald L. K. MR. SMITH RETURNS FROM WASHINGTON: A SENSATIONAL REPORT ON THE NATION’S CAPITAL. Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, [1950?) author. Argues that “Washington, D. C. , is ruled, manipulated, browbeaten, coerced, blackmailed, bribed and corrupted by the Jews and financiers of New York City and their collaborating henchmen in 48 states and in every nation on earth. ” It is not too late for loyal American patriots to join the Christian Nationalist Crusade and “free this Christian land from Christ-hating bondage, from the hidden hand government, from diplomatic treason, and from the vile corruptions which now plague us. “
130. (It seems as if President Nixon co-sponsored a bill which targeted Communists. Perhaps bringing him and his aids down was “revenge.” For Jews are so powerful, they get the last word. Deplores the defeat of the Munt-Nixon Bill, the purpose of which was “curbing and outlawing the criminal practices of the Communist Party. The bill was defeated in the Senate, however, through pressure brought by Communists and their ilk. Three thousand Jew Communists picketed the White House and the Senate in opposition to any and all attempts to outlaw the Communist Party….Right at this very hour free love camps are being operated under the official direction of the Communist Party. White women who are members of the Communist Party are used scientifically and deliberately as seducers for recruiting Negroes and others into the Party….” (my comment, yes, Jews used Marilyn Monroe when Arthur Miller, Jew playwright, was up for charges. And apparently White women like Hillary Clinton were used to bash the Southern White man, Bill Clinton, and to work and slave for Negroes like the criminal Black Panthers.) All these words of these books ring true to what I’ve experienced and studied, but that which is buried. Our White education must change, and our children must learn all this. Not what Jews have poisoned their minds with for so long. Have mercy on our White children, dear God, have mercy on them.
131. “America is being subverted by Jews and Communists.”
136: A drop of Jewish blood in your family destroys your blood forever.
137: “Austria faces the menace of Jewish domination. ”
139. “World War II is seen as a Jewish-inspired war to rescue 600, 000 German-Jewish aristocrats from Nazism.”
141. whose thesis is that she has been horrified to discover that the organization to which she has always held allegiance is a Jewish-controlled, anti-Christian, anti-American institution. “Nothing is so vital as the truth about the control of Masonry by the Jews; it is the Key to the devil’s plan of destruction and chaos. It is the Eye of the Octopus-not Communism but Judaism. “
142: Interesting Antisemitic section about the rule of Jews within the movies: they are basically being portrayed is only being interested in sordid and degenerate sex related topics…’proofed’ with a three verse poem and several sample photos from Jewish Movies.
147: “Argues that the ADL is a communist-front organization advancing the cause of the communist, Yiddish-speaking ‘Master Race. ‘”
148: (Jewish Utopia, 1932) “Claims to find ‘the complete plans of the Zionists, in their own words, for world domination” in the pages of Michael Higger’s THE JEWISH UTOPIA (Baltimore, 1932) . ” Here’s a representatively insightful sentence from p. 15: “Obviously, the raceless, characterless [statue of a] “man”, [sic] standing on the world, is the UNESCO ideal toward which all of us must work, the blending of all the races of mankind into one composite, raceless, nationless, homeless, characterless, faceless brown slob–utterly lost from all heritage and completely subject to the will of the Zionist “master race”–which, while producing the propaganda to cause us to blend, quickens the tribal pride ofthe Jews to keep them from blending. “
189. B. D. Brochmann, author of “An Open Letter to Hitler, ” who apparently led a small nationalist Christian Democratic party in Norway. “…I hope you have not allowed yourself to be frightened by the press’s persecution and description of me. I have only been chosen as a scapegoat-but was never either a national socialist or a traitor. You will be aware that when the masses experience certain unpleasant and inexplicable things and disappointments, so the ‘authorities’ now, just as before, find scapegoats and victims to calm the masses and give release to their passions. Also in the witch times there were inexplicable things and the ‘authorities’ who didn’t know the causes, satisfied the public with witchhunts and witchburnings. The same thing happened in 1918-33 in Germany to the Jews…”
192. “Nudism.” (my comment, although I had read a little of German nude calendars, and my art teacher taught nude drawing, and I was a model for nude drawing at Art Institute of Vegas, and spent all summer nude indoors to save electricity in hot weather, I never realized there was nudism in Germany!) Illustrated with about 100 photographs of nude, oiled German sun worshippers, and women and children engaging in sports and outdoor activities. Hans Suren, a former German Army officer with colonial service in the tropics, believed that nudism must be used as a form of soldierly conditioning and sun worship. He strove to recreate the naked, carefree German tribes that existed before contact with Rome or Christianity. Published under the aegis of National Socialism at the time of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, a tasteful celebration of the human form, featuring men and women, nude, in the midst of outdoors activities, e. G. Sport, harvesting, and play, the author expressing through various essays and fulsome photography the ‘Aryan Olympic spirit’ of physical health and physical idealism, vigor, the sculpted form in strength and beauty

Must Read: Hitler’s Last Speech Jan. 30, 1945

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Here is something I uncovered in the email I’m writing. Since I uncovered it at the end of my long email, I didn’t want it buried, so I am going to paste it here.
If you listen to Hitler’s words, it is as if he is talking about the USA today. He also mentions that the Jews (Bolshevik Commies) were going to “eliminate” Poland. Judging by what Jews did to Russia, Ukraine, etc, with 40,000,000 dead whites, surely Poland was on the platter. So perhaps Hitler saved Poland from extinction. Jews wanted that more than anything to cover up their 900 years of crimes there. They like to be “invisible” and leave no clues. But if you look at my other email today, with “Pix” and book list of anti-Semite books for the past 100 years from around the world, there is much written. And if this much is “written” and Jews are masters of “vaporizing” the evidence in their bad deeds such as 9/11, think of how much we don’t know, never will know, and our children will be spoon fed poison from Jews.
When Hitler speaks of “God Almighty” and “Spiritual renaissance,” I’m flabbergasted, for we were taught he was a devil and a monster by the devils and monsters that run us… the Jews.
Hitler speaks of those trying to brainwash his people thru lies, and that it can’t work on German people anymore. do you think we will ever reach that day, when “slogans” and “lies” won’t affect us, and our lives will move on in a progressive manner, not degenerative.
I got goose bumps at Hitler’s prophecy of how Jews of Russia, will annihilate those that helped them in war, such as us and Europe. Here’s his quote from below that will send shivers up your spine:
“I herewith repeat my prophecy: England will not only not be in a position to control bolshevism but her development will unavoidably evolve more and more toward the symptoms of this destructive disease. The democracies are unable to rid themselves now of the forces they summoned from the steppes of Asia. All the small European nations ,who capitulated, confident of Allied assurances, are facing complete annihilation. It is entirely uninteresting whether this fate will befall them a little earlier or later; what counts is its implacability. The Kremlin Jews are motivated only by tactical considerations; whether in one case they act with immediate brutality or, in another case, with some reticence, the result will always be the same.”
January 30, 1945:

GERMAN COMPATRIOTS! NATIONAL SOCIALISTS! Twelve years ago, when, as the leader of the strongest party, I was entrusted by the deceased Reich President, [Field Marshal Paul] von Hindenburg, with the office of Chancellor, Germany found herself faced with the same situation internally as the one that today faces it externally. The forces of economic destruction and annihilation of the Versailles dictate led to a situation that had gradually become a permanent one-namely, the existence of almost 7,000,000 unemployed, 7,000,000 part-time workers, a destroyed farmers’ class, a ruined industry and a commerce that had become correspondingly prostrate.

The German ports were nothing but ship cemeteries. The financial situation of the country threatened at any moment to lead to a collapse not only of the state but also of the provinces and of the communities. The decisive thing, however, was this: Behind this methodical destruction of Germany’s economy, there stood the specter of Asiatic bolshevism. It was there then, just as much as it is there today.

In the years before our assumption of power the bourgeois world was incapable of opposing this development effectively on a small scale, just as it is incapable of doing so today on a large scale. Even after the collapse of 1918 this bourgeois world had failed to realize that an old world was vanishing and a new one being born and that there is no use in supporting and thus artificially maintaining what has been found to be decayed and rotten, but that something healthy must be substituted for it. A social structure that had become obsolete had cracked and every attempt to maintain it was bound to fail.

It was no different from today on a large scale, when the bourgeois states are doomed and when only clearly defined and ideologically consolidated national communities can survive the most difficult crisis Europe has seen in many centuries. We were granted only six years of peace after Jan. 30, 1933. During these six years tremendous feats were achieved, and even greater ones were planned, so many and such huge ones that they caused envy among our democratic, impotent neighbors.

But this was decisive: That we succeeded during these six years, with superhuman exertions, to restore the German nation militarily-that is, to imbue it with the spirit of resistance and self-assertion rather than to equip it with a material war potential. The horrid fate that is now taking shape in the east and that exterminates hundreds of thousands in the villages and market places, in the country and in the cities will be warded off in the end and mastered by us, with the utmost exertion and despite all setbacks and hard trials.

But if this is possible at all, it is only because a change has taken place in the German people since 1933. If Germany today were the Germany envisaged by the Versailles Treaty, Europe would long since have been swept away by the hurricane from Central Asia. It is hardly necessary to argue with those eternal blockheads who maintain that an unarmed Germany would, owing to its impotence, not have become the victim of this Jewish international world plot. Such reasoning would amount to a reversal of all laws of nature.

When was a helpless goose ever not eaten by the fox because she was constitutionally incapable of harboring aggressive designs? And when has a wolf ever reformed and become a pacifist because sheep do not wear armor? If there are still bourgeois states who earnestly believe this, that only proves how necessary it was to do away with an era that by its educational system managed to cultivate and maintain such notions, nay, even granted them political influence.

The fight against this Jewish Asiatic bolshevism had been raging long before National Socialism came into power. The only reason why it had not already overrun Europe during the years 1919-20 was that it was then itself too weak and too poorly armed. Its attempt to eliminate Poland was not abandoned because of its compassion for the Poland of that time but only because of the lost battle before Warsaw. Its intention to annihilate Hungary was not discarded because they changed their minds, but because Bolshevist power could not be maintained militarily. Nor was the attempt to smash Germany given up because this achievement was not desired but because it proved impossible to overcome the natural resistance stamina of our people.

Thereupon Judaism began systematically to undermine our nation from within, and it found its best ally in those narrow-minded bourgeoisie who would not recognize that the era of a bourgeois world is ended and will never again return, that the epoch of unbridled economic liberalism has outlived itself and can only lead to its self-destruction and, above all, that the great tasks of our time can be mastered only under an authoritarian coordination of natural strength, based on the law of same rights for all and, thence, of same duties. On the other hand, the fulfillment of the same duties must necessarily entail an equality of rights.

Thus National Socialism, in the midst of gigantic economic, social and cultural reconstruction work, has also educationally given to the German people that armor without which no military values can be created. The power of resistance of our nation has increased so tremendously since Jan. 30, 1933, that it cannot be compared any more with that of former times But the maintaining of this inner power of resistance is by the same token the safest guarantor of final victory. If Europe today finds itself stricken with a severe illness, the stricken countries will either overcome this illness by exerting their full and utmost power of resistance or they will succumb.

Yet the convalescent and survivor overcomes the climax of such an illness only in a crisis, a crisis that utterly weakens him, but in spite of all, it is all the more our immutable will not to shrink from anything in this battle for the salvation of our people from the most dreadful fate of all times and unflinchingly and faithfully to obey the law of the preservation of our nation.

God the Almighty has made our nation. By defending its existence we are defending His work. The fact that this defense is fraught with incalculable misery, suffering and hardships makes us even more attached to this nation But it also gives us that hard will needed to fulfill our duty even in the most critical struggle; that is, not only to fulfill our duty toward the decent, noble Germans, but also our duty toward those few infamous ones who turn their backs on their people.

In this fateful battle there is therefore for us but one command: He who fights honorably can thus save his own life and the lives of his loved ones. But he who, because of cowardice or lack of character, turns his back on the nation shall inexorably die an ignominious death. That National Socialism succeeded in awakening and strengthening this spirit in our German people is a great achievement. Only when this mighty world drama will have died away and the bells of peace are ringing will realization come of what the German people owes to this spiritual renaissance: No less than its existence in this world.

Only a few months and weeks ago Allied statesmen openly outlined the German fate. Thereupon they were warned by some newspapers to be more intelligent and rather to promise something, even though nobody intended to keep this promise later. As an inexorable National Socialist and a fighter for my people, I now wish to assure these statesmen once and for all that every attempt at influencing National Socialist Germany through slogans, lies and distortions presupposes a simple-mindedness unknown to the Germany of today. The fact that political activities and lies are inextricably linked in a democracy is of no consequence. Decisive is that every promise given by these statesmen to a people is today quite meaningless, because they are not in a position ever to fulfill any such promise. This is as if one sheep promised another sheep to protect it against a tiger.

I herewith repeat my prophecy: England will not only not be in a position to control bolshevism but her development will unavoidably evolve more and more toward the symptoms of this destructive disease. The democracies are unable to rid themselves now of the forces they summoned from the steppes of Asia. All the small European nations ,who capitulated, confident of Allied assurances, are facing complete annihilation. It is entirely uninteresting whether this fate will befall them a little earlier or later; what counts is its implacability. The Kremlin Jews are motivated only by tactical considerations; whether in one case they act with immediate brutality or, in another case, with some reticence, the result will always be the same.

Germany, however, shall never suffer this fate. The guarantor thereof is the victory achieved twelve years ago within our country. Whatever our enemies may plot, whatever sufferings they may inflict on our German cities, on German landscapes and, above all, on our people, all that cannot bear any comparison with the irreparable misery, the tragedy that would befall us if the plutocratic-Bolshevistic conspiracy were victorious. Therefore, it is all the more necessary on this twelfth anniversary of the rise to power to strengthen the heart more than ever before and to steel ourselves in the holy determination to wield the sword, no-matter where and under what circumstances, until final victory crowns our efforts.

On this day I do not want to leave any doubt about something else. Against an entire hostile world I once chose my road, according to my inner call, and strode it, as an unknown and nameless man, to final success; often they reported I was dead and always they wished I were, but in the end I remained victor in spite of all. My life today is with an equal exclusiveness determined by the duties incumbent on me.

Combined, they are but one: To work for my people and to fight for it. Only He can relieve me of this duty Who called me to it. It was in the hand of Providence to snuff me out by the bomb that exploded only one and a half meters from me on July 20, and thus to terminate my life’s work. That the Almighty protected me on that day I consider a renewed affirmation of the task entrusted to me. In the years to come I shall continue on this road, uncompromisingly safeguarding my people’s interests, oblivious to all misery and danger, and filled with the holy conviction that God the Almighty will not abandon him who, during all his life, had no desire but to save his people from a fate it had never deserved, neither by virtue of its number nor by way of its importance.

Therefore I now appeal to the entire German people and, above all, to my old fellow-fighters and to all the soldiers to gird themselves with a yet greater, harder spirit of resistance, until we can again-as we did before-put on the graves of the dead of this enormous struggle a wreath inscribed with the words: “And yet you were victorious.” Therefore I expect every German to do his duty to the last and that he be willing to take upon himself every sacrifice he will be asked to make; I expect every able-bodied German to fight with the complete disregard for his personal safety; I expect the sick and the weak or those otherwise unavailable for military duty to work with their last strength; I expect city dwellers to forge the weapons for this struggle and I expect the farmer to supply the bread for the soldiers and workers of this struggle by imposing restrictions upon himself; I expect all women and girls to continue supporting this struggle with utmost fanaticism.

In this appeal I particularly address myself to German youth. In vowing ourselves to one another, we are entitled to stand before the Almighty and ask Him for His grace and His blessing. No people can do more than that everybody who can fight, fights, and that everybody who can work, works, and that they all sacrifice in common, filled with but one thought: to safeguard freedom and national honor and thus the future of life. However grave the crisis may be at the moment, it will, despite everything, finally be mastered by our unalterable will, by our readiness for sacrifice and by our abilities. We shall overcome this calamity, too, and this fight, too, will not be won by central Asia but by Europe; and at its head will be the nation that has represented Europe against the East for 1,500 years and shall represent it for all times: our Greater German Reich, the German nation.

Secret Jewish Esperansa Code

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I was in a fancy antique store today on the mall. Pete Rose was there for pictures, chat, autographs, and selling his memorabilia. My son, Mikey, was an excellent baseball player, and played even after he grew up and plays even recently; he is 39.
While in the store I was looking at these artifacts that are assembled in a frame, similar to how I arrange my posters for tributes in karaoke.
I was fascinated by this one that had a letter from President Roosevelt, and then something from George Patton. There was a little gold plaque that talked about how “Hitler and Stalin” knew of a code called “Esperansa.” (Esperanza?) All they had written was that it was a “secret code,” and it was being used for “uniting” all the Jews of the world.
That is why it is so hard to pin anything on Jews. They make their crimes “normal” behavior when they change society.
This info on the wall at the antique store is so “secret” that there is nothing on the internet about it, other than associating Roosevelt’s and Patton’s name with this secret code that was “uniting all Jews.” So we as Whites were totally aware that we were doing the leg work on White tax $$ not only to “unite” all Jews in a Monopoly like the world has ever seen, but we “paid” for it.

Catholic Sterilization?

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Was driving around town on errands and also looking for elk or bison for hamburgers. It is quite expensive. I got to listen to talk radio and heard that Obama sent out a letter to each and every Catholic church, school, organization and university, telling them that they must conform with government standards for birth control pills, abortion and sterilization!
Was I shocked! But I had written that to the media perhaps 9 years ago. I wrote I would sterilize all Mexicans that wanted to work here. It would be mandatory. I also heard today that 1 trillion of our economy is on their housing, food, medical, schooling, college, (and they didn’t mention prisons, etc.) I also read that 96 % of those that are in poverty have no problem getting food.
All I know is that Obama is using many, many of my ideas. And it seems I’m more liberal, than Republican. Just remember the “divine Jews’ of America are not sitting around thinking up these ideas. They are White whether from me or someone else, and they sell Whites their own ideas and then take the $$$ and the glory for Jewery.
To me it is almost fitting. Croatia is all Catholic, but they are not having babies by the droves for Whites to pay 1 trillion in bennies. Even breeding for Whites should be done intelligently. Everything we do should be done intelligently. No more dumbing down or damage to ourselves or people.
It was not like that when I grew up. There was not only no help from any agency, but if I went to borrow $5.00 for food for Mama, her sister-in-law would say, “Your family played, (had sex) now let them pay.
Daddy was driven to kick Mama in her stomach to abort baby, although I don’t think it was premeditated. They were fighting. White poverty will do that. Also, when I thought I was pregnant, I attempted suicide, an abortion for both mother and child. Yes, I had it that bad.
When I wrote several years ago to media, I also suggested mandatory sterilization for the Hindus of India that work for us. Christians are going there and have the same philosophy for many children. Many Hindus have 8 children, and one man has 165! I read today that Jews have the highest income in America, followed by Asian Hindus. Just as I wrote, they are in medicine, and businesses. The science fields once dominated by Whites are now outsourced and they get the biggest houses, cars, stock portfolios.
It is hard to believe that in our own land, everyone else is raking in all the dough, and since they are smarter, raking in the grants at schools like Harvard, built by and for Whites.

David Duke Radio Transcript 1-30-12

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David Duke: This broadcast goes all over the world. Every culture, every tradition, every people, has the right to live and preserve their particular expressions of their culture and how they look. We look at American Indians, Arabic peoples, among the European peoples, humanity is a whole rainbow of traits, character, values and races, if I dare use the word. Somewhere between 100,000 to 150,000 years ago, humans migrated. Even the Whites emigrated to North America, thousands of years before the Red Native Indians.
The globalists are trying to make everyone the same. They want to make us “consumers,” and have a “world government” which is tyrannical by nature. Why in the world we would let the people from Bei Jing, or Paris, etc. control the world?
Scandinavians are quiet and they don’t talk above a whisper. Italians are loud and very verbal. This isn’t bad! This is great! This is wonderful!
People who are liberal are waking up “more quickly” than conservatives. Liberals do not understand that the media has programmed them that these differences exist and are fundamental. Many Europeans have been taught to “hate themselves.” Do you think the yellow Chinese didn’t oppress others, or the Native Indians didn’t oppress and exterminate the White Europeans who were already living in North America?
The people of “god,” the people that are called “’Chosen,” and yet they produce filth, rot of Hollywood, to encourage our people to get drunk, get drugged up. Why are not they leading us in a “positive” way? Please see new video: watch on davidduke.com. It about a Jewish Rabbi calling in his newspaper for the assassination of our President. Now I don’t like Obama much, but I would never think or say such things as the chutzpah of this Jew. Jews control our media, Jews control our politics, and Jews control our economy. Now that the Jews got what they want, they are clamping down on our (White Rights). Guest: From mountains of Argentina. Adrian Sabuci (spelling?)
AS: How are you?
DD: The Jews can’t restrain themselves from “expressing themselves” and isn’t it shocking this Rabbi who is a publisher, editor and owner of a famous newspaper in Atlanta Georgia, would call for the assassination?
AS: Your video is extremely interesting. America calls the shots of the world, but Zionism calls for the shots of America. It is layers of power and information. These Zionists are so gross in their ways.
DD: We are having a bad connection.
DD: Globalism is our real enemy. It is not popular to say the word “Jewish,” and instead they talk of the Bilderbergers, etc. Jews are a tribal force and they think they are the “Messiah”. It isn’t just a few rich people that want to get more $$$. Gentiles are involved for (White) Gentiles know “who: they have to serve. They would be “booted” out if they opposed.
AS: (Can’t make out the connection from Argentina.)
DD: I’m so appreciative for your being here. We will get back to you and want deep analysis, and I consider you one of the deepest minds in the world.
DD: My engineer can fix this.
DD: Jeff Rense has built an incredible media station around the world. (18 years). You can always go to a link on archives either on rense.com, or davidduke.com, and listen at your leisure. It’s on 10 minutes after show. We now have Gary John from China and is doing incredible role in Chinese history. He shows the opium destruction that existed in England and in China. I love his scientific, analytical mind.
GJ: It is the middle of Chinese New Year and a lot of firecrackers.
DD: Pretty good ambiance.
GJ: Chinese work on lunar calendar, as we work on solar calendar. In the Chinese, it is different every year. It changes according to moon. Lot of celebrations.
DD: That is a rich tradition. Globalism would try to destroy their culture, connection and brotherhood, positive feelings, they have for each other. It generates more harmony, rather than multi-cultural Babel, always competing with each other. It’s amazing that we embrace these destructive influences.
GJ: Just ask a (yellow) Chinese if they want to preserve what they have. They say immediately yes.
DD: If you said it in New York, Europe, Chicago, they would say “I like humanity,” not individual cultures. If Whites are eliminated “then” we will have peace and brotherhood.
GJ: It is a sickness.
DD: It’s an external disease and they have been poisoned. I blame the “poisoner” not the people. Jew extremists learned how to survive as an entity. A Jew in Russia and a Jew in Spain, are 6 times more genetically more similar than a Jew is to a (White) Russian. They learned to preserve their heritage, with an extreme love for their own people, and hatred for the host country. They go for deception policy. The people are not obviously going to say to Jews, “Come on and TAKEOVER us!” President Clinton told the audience once that they (the Whites) were going to be a minority in their own country, and the audience CHEERED! You constantly hear of Whites persecuting Jews, but you never hear of Jews persecuting Gentiles. There is a lot of hatred against Whites in Europe, America, etc. Tell me Gary, what is the most practical thing people can do to wake up?
GJ: Your message of not just saying something, but doing something. There is a large difference between Chinese and Whites and it was easy for me to see. What your listeners could do is to get over fear. Take the first step and address your fear, you start to find and explore yourself and your personality comes out. Actions speak louder than words. (Chatting on internet.) Deception, the word, comes to mind. The Jewish Mossad “With Deception thou shalt do war.” “All warfare is based on deception,” Confucius. I was reading Jewish literature in China. Jews are attacking “all” religions, not just Christianity.
DD: I read Jewish literature my entire life. People think we are anti-Semites. But if you read the Talmud, one realizes it is terrible. I grew up in Sunday School learning about heroes of the Bible. But these Jews of today are not these heroes.
DD: I think history and evolution is about biology. It has effect on our hopes and dreams. Our nature is our nature and understanding our nature and our differences is a fantastic beginning. What systems work, and which don’t. What polices? The ethnic conflict exits all over the world where masses of people are injected onto another mass of people. It was thru Neanderthals and Pro-Magnons. Look at UN studies. It is the major cause of violence and destruction. Instead, allow people the right to preserve their identity. Imperialism is when Jews of Israel took over Palestine. Look at what happened to the Palestinians. Perhaps if we understand this law we can understand and move on to peace. We are in a war and we are “occupied” societies as Whites in the west. It is important for our people to know that our movement character is not what Jews in media present us as hateful, racists. They do it purposely and powerful. And if they wanted to listen to us they would have to become “haters” or “Nazis.” We Whites are not Supremacists. We need to learn to express ourselves. Gary, how can people support and get message out.
GJ: I email your video to different people. I translate the stuff you have been doing. Looking at some websites, we do need to try to overcome the “infighting.” Forget about “trivialities.” The enemy is trying to divide us. They often penetrate these chats to incite trouble to discourage people to quit.
DD: They try to destroy labor/management, etc and use the power of our people, so they can control the world.
GJ: Jared Taylor: White Europeans celebrate “diversity” in their own country as we become minorities in our own countries.
DD: This is an alien produced pathogen. It is not coming naturally from our own people. Whites didn’t have an immune system. This anti-Whitism and anti-Europeanism, was injected by our enemy. The Frankfort School helped blanket this worldwide. These same Zionists who lied to us about our own culture, or our ability to defend ourselves. We need liberation movements, just as we hear of other ethnicities go about defending themselves and we applaud it.
GJ: I have been talking to Taiwanism. I mentioned to them if they wanted to become a minority in their own country. They “want” their culture. They even want “Whites” and Europeans to have their own culture. They don’t oppose it.
DD: In every speech in other cultures that I have given, I have asked them if they can respect my right to preserve my own people as I would want them to preserve their own. Immediately they get up and applaud.

Pastor Eli on Jew usury, foreclosure, deception

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I got this from Pastor Eli of Christian Identity. It has within the 2 articles how Jews accomplish their business, knowing full well they are sinning, but forgiving themselves. It is already established that Jews couldn’t be Jews without White Christians as the enabler.
Here are some of the sins Jews take for granted and work on us without any pain or conscience. It’s how they operate wars, genocide: Watch out, White folks, the next time their religious (business really) holiday comes up for “Yom Kippur” which is another way of saying how Jews have gouged the White Christians for 2 millennium, and will for the next 2, only doubtfully because we probably won’t be here.
He also tells a story of someone that joined a Jewish synagogue, and although they treated him rudely at first, they needed him for a quorum. When he decided to quit, all Jewish hell literally broke loose. It is on first article.
Here’s from second article to see this gem I’ve copied and pasted which really exposes the Jews for what they are.
Also, below I will copy and paste what “usury” is, and then “foreclosure” which is the worse thing to destroy the people, and how Jews used it to TAKEOVER all the $$$ of the poor community. We are in the midst of experiencing that right now. The Jews are holding back the gauntlet on us, but with our credit as Whites and USA, lack of manufacturing, laws against us, we are White putty in their hands.
I’ve conversed with White Europeans from poor countries of Europe, that starkly see how bad we have it here as far as our quality of lives go for Whites. They literally are running back.
You will see that it was the “ignorance” of the White Europeans that the Jews preyed on. Once they figured it out they ran them out or massacred them. But Jews would go to another and another community, infinitely. They are still doing it. They took over USA, now spread to China, who once massacred the lot of them, and Jews were so scared to go back, they use the big might of the Whites of USA to “back” them up as we do Polish Jewish Israel.
I think now though, even if internet were shut down, the word is out about the Jews worldwide. Finally, we Whites can all understand, and be forewarned about the Jews. It is the end of this evil relationship. Who on earth would want a marriage with a criminal constantly using, abusing, murdering, stealing, driving you to sinful deeds in desperation. That is not “love” or “respect,” it is pure evil and Satanic.
If you read it, I’m not asking you to agree with every word. That is where we get huffy, trying to take things apart and criticize. It is said if we can get along on 80%, that in itself would be a miracle. Take out what applies to the Jews as part of our problem, and I think you will find much. If you don’t understand the Bible part, there are many parts written in lay man’s terms.
The articles point out wisely how the Jews got into the community. Kickbacks to government officials so Jews could set up shop. They did it in Poland, yr. 1096. Made some of the Polish nobles rich, then turned the entire nation into “poverty.” It was the only country of Europe to not have a middle class, but practically all slaves. I wish Poland would investigate this. They must have much info that I’m not getting and don’t know how to find. I’ve already seen this firsthand in USA, how much worse it had to be in Poland.
Ask yourself this:What if the Jews would foreclose on all our debt this very minute. And force us Whites to return everything to pay Jews back leaving us bankrupt and without possessions. Jews then turn around all the things we bought and shipped them back on the empty boats to China to cash in on the trillions in China’s banks. Whites are left starving, miserable, homeless, and totally unable to progress in any direction individually let alone as a collective people, which we have never done in history before.
Here’s excerpts from articles:

Martin Luther, a scholar in Hebrew and Latin as well as German, had this to say about their religion:

They are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have not only perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing their interpretations. And all of the anxious sighing, longing and hoping of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as they dealt with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther…Oh how they love that book Esther, which so nicely agrees with their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope.” — from The Jews and Their Lies.

Don’t try to find this book in your local library. The Jews have seen to it, through their secret censorship, that no copies of it exist except in private libraries, such as mine.

One of the comments that was made that a (White) Christian goes to set up a “business” and there are “2” Jews to take it away. The Jews and their “Big Takeover” of the New York Times and New York World, prior to the early 1900s is proof how Jews practically stole those papers by first buying advertising and letting it grow, and then cancelling the advertising, withdrawing all their funds and practically bankrupting the White Protestant Heterosexual Male news publishers. Then Jews can buy the paper for a “fraction.” As Jews buy nursing home supplies, paying their fellow Jews 3 times what something is worth, and having White Taxes from government pay that. Yet if a Jew buys from a White Gentile, he will “jew, jew, jew” him down. How can a White Christian male survive. And let’s not just think of the pocketbook, but what about the self-esteem and pride of the Christian who is always confused and living in a chaotic state for he doesn’t know this is happening. The women that are getting raped by Jews today, don’t even call it rape. They have messed with our minds so badly.

You can read more if you like, or my special highlights below:
Jews Admit that the Internet Is Messing Up Their Plans for world domination. Potential jewish convert discovers the Kol Nidre. Writer Jim Stone targetted for assassination by Jews for revealing the truth about the Kol Nidre.
“The Kol Nidre: The Prayer of the Synagogue of Satan” by Pastor Eli James

The Jewish Prayer Book lists the following sins specifically, as amongst those which are unconditionally forgiven the Jew on Yom Kippur:

Sins committed with incestuous lewdness;

Oppressing one’s neighbor;

Assembling to commit fornication;

Deceitful acknowledgements;


Evil imagination;

Denying and lying;

Taking and giving bribes;


Extortion and usury;





Treachery to one’s neighbor;





A Fatal Conceit

Since the crucifixion of Christ, history has recorded thousands of pogroms, large and small, of the Jewish people. In every case, the Jews have moved into a community and ravaged the local population with their usury, vice rackets, con games, trickery and conceit. The local history is always the same: A poor but peaceful community gets visited by a Jewish moneylender. As soon as there are one or two customers, he makes regular trips back to the community. With enough customers, he sets up shop and moves his family in. After a while, to serve the Jewish moneylender’s needs, other Jewish families move in and a ghetto is established. Due the economic activity of the Jews, starting with usury, the once peaceful community finds that all of their money is now in the hands of the Jews. And even those who never borrowed any money from a Jew find that there is no money to be had because, through usury and foreclosure, the Jewish moneylender has contrived to steal it all. It is due to a simple law of economics that the usurer understands very well. But the operation of this law is not taught in school and it is not broadcast to the public. It is the exclusive domain of the usurer. The law is this: After the principal has been payed back by the borrower, the interest on the money borrowed has to come from the community’s reserve of cash and goods. In Medieval times, the locals could not go to the government and ask for money to pay their debts. Governments and communities did not have cash that they could spend into circulation to revive a failing economy. Paying the interest on the loans ensured that the community’s money supply would slowly run out and flow into the hands of the usurers. This is the oldest trick in the book, but few, except the Jew, understand how the con-game works. Here, again, the Jews have historically ignored and reversed the Biblical prohibitions against usury. Once the community’s money supply ran out, the moneylender would then demand payment in goods, such as the houses and tools and furniture, which the Jew would turn around and sell to other communities in their second-hand retail outlets and pawn shops. Usury is bad enough, but foreclosure is the backbreaker.

Eventually, the townspeople would get together and say to each other: “Life was much better before the Jews moved in.” Although they did not understand how the con game called usury worked, they did understand that the Jew was the cause of their current difficulties. The difference between the relative peace before the Jews moved in versus the poverty after the Jews moved in was too obvious. Once the people realized that they were dispossessed of their property by the Jews, then the uprising occurred. The Jews were either massacred or, like gypsies, they ran for their lives and lived to victimize another community. This scenario took place thousands — if not millions — of times in the history of Europe and in other nations as well. The Jewish moneylender, having bribed local authorities in order to set up his usury lending operations, gave the corrupted officials kickbacks in order to stay in business. Usually, the serfs, townspeople and farmers had no idea where the Jews came from or how they were allowed to set up shop. All they knew was that Jewish business destroys Christian communities.

White War Song, Viet Nam, “19” and Jews

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I accidentally turned to an ‘80’s radio station on my Grace 10,000 internet radio station receiver. (the youtube version is longer and is seems like it is from Germany if you read the header on it.)
The song that was playing was “19”. It jarred me so that my soul wanted to get out of my White skin for I couldn’t bear anymore pain in what I’m realizing about our White race. The song was bout the (White) Viet Vet of age 19. And the “destruction” of him, White men in their “prime.” It is one way for Jews to screw the white women, when Jews have war that blows off the White man’s balls, as happened to my husband’s one testicle. And I have his words for the hospital records to prove it.
One thing I noticed in the videos is that blacks were “in charge” often as the DI, or office jobs getting the White men thru. Now, even if we “stop” war, so our black and brown slaves can be “spared the suffering” the damage done to the White man and race for these 2,000 years, will not bring us into where we might have been if we had just lived naturally like natives who are getting jobs and businesses faster than we. They are not damaged. Jews have crippled an entire species. And then try to “rescue” us when Jews made the problems we are suffering today.
When you watch video, don’t get into “oh well there were blacks there too.” That is a Jewish trick and Jewish jingle and Jewish psychological warfare against our own survival. Our minds shouldn’t be defending other races and religions other than our own which we are leaving to die while taking up “verbal battles” to still defend Jews as Whites did in World War II, Whites verbally still defending blacks, browns, and now Muslim women, while I as a good white woman rot in this f’n chair.
It didn’t work for a “multi-cultural society” in Rome, nor did it in Egypt, where in the hell did we get the ideas shoved down our mind’s throat that in order to be “good” we need to be “multi-cultural?” It has suppressed our own White intellect, white finances, white being, white spirituality. And increased our “debt” and our total reliance on other races, especially Jews, for our thinking, our being able to feed ourselves, with browns as farmers, and soon to be black farmers when they turn Africa into the new “breadbasket.” Oh yes, there were “reasons” why Jews brought down our South African White farmers: BIG TAKEOVER, not just of virgin fertile land, but of the diamonds and gold, etc. This way Jews knock off and kill the presence of the “middle man.” More $$$ for Jews and their imps.
I think that Jews had planned a ‘double whammy’ against Whites. First, kill off, degrade, emasculate, de-limb, neuter, replace, bomb, grenade, fill with bullets and lead, the….. White Man. Leave the White women and children to become “slaves” as I had to just to survive. Second….. while the Jews successfully accomplished this…. replace the White laws with Civil Rights for Jews to TAKEOVER and not be able to even think or pray anymore, let alone debate or take action to save ourselves. Civil Rights? For Jews. Civil Rights? For Blacks. Civil Rights? For Reds. Civil Rights? For 1/2 breed Mulattos who now run the country and replaced families like the White Russian Czar, Czarina, 5 kids and spiritual healer. Civil Rights? For browns and their sex’s and babies for us Whites to pay for. There are only “UN-Civil Rights for Whites,” which has turned us into slaves in our own home.
I sobbed bitterly when I watched this. My only consolation, is that I took it on “Myself” to make my husband a hero. I did it in 1968, I do it today. I get no appreciation for it in return. In fact, I get utter rejection and hatred towards me most of the time. How could a race, once Christian, abiding by laws of love, turn on their own is beyond me. Even as far back as 1985, White men were trying to tell the world in song, music, the horrors of war, the most “inhumane” way to day.
Think also, that our White men were not just fighting a battle, the Jews were directing both sides. The White men were being sent to places where the Viet Cong was already waiting for them, not to “battle” but to slaughter and massacre our White men. And while the Jews had our men enslaved in the epitome of suffering, the Jews then proceeded to go to war on the White Man psychological warfare with a Revolution against Whites that took over our country, churches, schools, government, media. And we thought Hitler was a madman for trying to stop them? That was 1945, now 67 years later, we are only that much deeper towards White Death, not closer for survival. The Mormons know! Their boys are trained with guns by age 6. Their White women are canning vegetables to survive in case of a Takeover in this country. Most Mormons are in good shape now. But that is only temporary. For even they are being replaced and how are they going to feed their big families and protect them as happened to those people of White Europe, killed off in starvation, murder, torture, being buried alive as Katyn Polish Massacre by Jew Commies.
The words below by Paul Hardcastle talk of “de-struction.” It wasn’t destroying the Chinese in Viet Nam, it was to destroy the White Veteran, the White man. Break him down, break his will, his spirituality. While at the same time, raising the level of every species on the planet, including amoebae.
And if you think it broke down the White man, think of what it did to his wife, like me, or his children. And how about when I went for “help” to the Jewish psychiatrist, Dr. Rejtman, Hispanic “immigrant” from Columbia, in 1977, and instead of getting help for my husband, this Jew doctor was ensnaring my own White husband against me. The doctor tried to rape me “again,” even though he swore he was “cured” from his first rape 9 years before. He goes to rape me again after another hospitalization. And he had already had a “secret meeting” with my husband probably telling him if I exhibit certain “bizarre” behavior, to call the Jew doctor and “he would put me away.” And when I went to run out of the office, and the doctor still came after me to kiss me and try to get me hot, he ran back to desk and offered me a white piece of paper with a prescription on it that was the ‘sure cure for depression!’ I ran out right to the Tri-City Mental Health Clinic where the yellow female Chinese doctor told me not to take that medicine; it would have made me sicker. “This” was the help for the Viet Nam Veteran and his “good” White Wife and 2 White sons with genius mentality. God will never forgive this country for what it did to me and mine. If God is “life” He doesn’t condone, promote, encourage death and destruction of its own people, especially the “good.”
Here’s lyrics and song below:
Note the “reward” for trying to save the yellow Viet Namese from Jew Commies. White Veterans arrested, homeless, drugged up, bums of society, tormented. The “bravest” Whites of our species, and Jews smashed them from mountains of strength, courage, creativeness, into gravel even sand! Who has smashed them into gravel and sand for 2,000 years. Jesus Christ would never ever call that a religion that would allow a race to be annihilated especially since we served him for 2 millenniums.
I just know my husband’s buddy, the Jew, Art Kaschmer, got a gravy job in Alabama, learned office work, had several successful bars and nut shops near Rush and also across from Wrigley Field, and he did not suffer a bit, no broken heads, or blown of testicle like my White husband and father of my 2 White sons whose ancestry was from the Mayflower Ship, 1620. He is now a millionaire and so are his 2 sons. I can tell you one thing, that God did. This Jew had “No” children of his own. He married a White woman and adopted “Her’ children. Perhaps this is a sign of the end of the Jewish race. And remember also, it seems, according to “Nose” that my husband’s girl friend who sent him a “Dear John” letter while he thought he was battling for “her” freedom and rights, this same girl was apparently screwing this Jewish friend. So white men get blown up, and Jews screw their White women and boys back home! WHAT A HYPOCRISY, FILTH AND SHAME FOR THIS COUNTRY, RACE, AND WORLD.
And to think we again went to war for 10 years for “Muslim Brown Rights!” While Whites haven’t got a single White right to stand on. We are just as crippled as my husband’s friend, The Nose, Greg Simon, who came back in a wheel chair and died at age 37! A nice guy, a good White man.
How come no one tries to stop the Middle East Wars, of if “I” go to stop it and go to conference “No More Wars for Israel,” my car engine suddenly blows up on my way, and the 3 day conference is shut down by Marriott Hotel!
Remember Hitler’s words: The Whites are the only “creative” people. The rest are “destructive.” But the Jews and their imps have driven us mad, insane, taken away or stolen and made compound interest on our creative ideas and inventions….. and forced us to be NOT CREATIVE… BUT AGENTS OF ‘DESTRUCTION.’

Song: “19”- Paul Hardcastle

(White Veteran).. “and then we came back & people said, “what happened to those guys over there?” There’s gotta be something wrong there. We did what we had to do. There’s gotta me something wrong somewhere and people wanted us to be ashamed of what it made us. They had no idea what it meant, 5 to 10 years from now. All we wanted to do was…. come home. WHY? ALL WE WANTED TO DO WAS COME HOME. What did we do it for? All we wanted to do was COME HOME. (My own comment: Whites have no more “home.” This country belongs to Jews, blacks, reds, browns, who have divided it up as the soldiers that watched over Jesus’ hanging by Jews, divided up his white garment, robbing his corpse practically, as Jews robbed my Daddy’s ancestors in Galicia Poland.)

“Was it worth it?

Announcer: “This is the story of men who are victims of war. They fought the longest war in American history. They all saw heavy combat in Viet Nam, although they were all decorated for heroism, none of them received a heroes welcome.

(Battle cries in background, bullets, grenades, orders to kill.)

19, 19, 19, 19, 19,

(White Veteran) “You see a lot of destruction, you see a lot of buildings being burned and people being killed. You shoot into bushes and screams and you know people who have been hit and when you see someone get hit with high velocity steel and a jack of rounds designed by people to kill other people. There is no more obscene way to die.

Announcer: Hundreds of thousands of (mostly all White men) who saw heavy combat have been arrested since they came back from Viet Nam discharge. Their arrest rate is almost “twice” that of non-Veterans of men the same age. There are no accurate figures of how many of these men have been incarcerated, but the Veteran’s Administration Study concludes that the greater the Vet’s exposure to combat the more chance his being arrested or convicted.

This is one legacy of the Viet Nam war

(I’m sorry I have to stop and weep. It hits my nerve of my very being. Let me try to stop the tears so I can see the computer screen for now it looks like a screen blurred by a Niagara Falls of tears. And I don’t want to type anymore. If I’m typing for nothing, I don’t want to add white salt to my white wounds.) You haven’t lived in a hose with a Viet White Vet. You haven’t had sex with him, been supported by him, loved, cared and protected by him, when no one else in the entire world, not even my parents, or siblings, or church, cared if I lived or die. In fact there were elements that wanted me dead. Not the damned evil Jewess, but me, a good White woman.)

Sigh… Deep breathe, prayer, and continue….

(White Veteran) THEY HAD VC (Viet Cong) that were over 12 feet tall. (My Comment: I think this really needs to be investigated. For where are they hiding such men as we breed dwarfs.) They captured the 25th infantry with a bag full of rocks. (My comment: just as today we fight these Arabs who have rocks, and Jews loaded with a minimum of 200 Nuclear Warheads, the inventors of the evil atom bomb, and germ warfare like white phosphorus sprayed on humans to show us whites just how brazen the Jews can be and get away with it, and how hopeless we are to do anything about it.) Everybody went after Ho Chi Mein with bayonets. This was the baddest news I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

(Girl Singers)

Nininini Nineteen, 19, Ni-nineteen 19
Destruction De-De-De-De-Destruction
(White young 19 year old Veteran) I looked at this guy, asked him what to do. He’d been hit right below his eye (by yellow Chinese Jew led Commies) The side of his face was blown away.
(My Comment: I sadly remember that I too dated a Christian Scientist, Steve Waller, a handsome English Aryan, who the yellows led by Jews, blew away not only his blue eye, his side of his face, but his skull! Holland doctors gave him reconstructive surgery. But if we didn’t allow Jews to send us to war, we wouldn’t need Jew doctors for their surgeries, like Jew Dr. Frankensteins.)
(White young 19 year old Vet con’d) He wasn’t falling, just standing. He kind of half turned and fell. And then we came back home and everyone wants to know “What happened to those guys?” “There’s got to be something there.” We did what we had to do. And people wanted us to be ashamed of what it (the war and warmongers) made us. They had no idea what it meant to be in Viet Nam. All we wanted to do was come home.
(my comment) Remember, remember, remember, it was the USA government and their Jew Masters that forced by law, imprisonment, the DRAFT, that made it mandatory for our White men to go there. Either that or run to Canada who “accepted” the draft dodgers with open arms. While today Canada puts in prison anyone who tries to defend White people, or expose the Jews, or tries to write letters on computers complaining of all the other races we are being drowned with robbing our very life, soul, and wallet….
(White vet)… all we wanted to do was come home…. all we wanted to do was come home… all we wanted to do was come home….. (my comment: America is “Not” the home of the White Race or even Christianity which has turned into a branch of the new jew religion of world domination denomination.)
(White 19 year old Vet) Was it worth it? (Ask yourself: was the 10 year Iraq war worth it for Jews? These Middle East Revolution hoaxes to get to Iran and put under Jewish thumb? Was it worth our White trillions of tax dollars, while our White children are not only rotting alive, but are not even being born, a self-genocide induced in us.)
None of them received a heroes welcome, none of them, none of them
Nenene Nenene None of them, none of them, none of them (etc…)
None of them received a hero’s welcome
None of them received a hero’s welcome
White Viet Vet 19 year old: Then we came back and everyone wants to know “What happened to those guys over there?” “There’s gotta to be something wrong somewhere.” We did what we had to do. And people wanted us to be ashamed of what it made us.
Here’s another version below:

In 1965, Viet Nam just seemed like another foreign war. But it wasn’t.
It was different in many ways, as so were those that did the fighting.
In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was 26…
In Vietnam he was 19.
In inininininin Vietnam he was 19.

(TV announcer’s voice)
The shooting and fighting of the past two weeks continued today
25 miles west of Saigon
I really wasn’t sure what was going on (Vet’s Voice)

Nininini Nineteen, 19, Ni-nineteen 19

In Vietnam the combat soldier typically served a twelve month tour of duty but
was exposed to hostile fire almost everyday
Ninininininininininin 19 nininininninin 19

Hundreds of Thousands of men who saw heavy combat in Vietnam were arrested
since discharge
Their arrest rate is almost twice that of non-veterans of the same age.
There are no accurate figures of how many of these men have been incarcerated.
But, a Veterans Administration study concludes that the greater of Vets
exposure to combat could more likely affect his chances of being arrested or

This is one legacy of the Vietnam War

(Singing Girls)
All those who remember the war
They won’t forget what they’ve seen..
Destruction of men in their prime
whose average was 19
War, War
Dededede-Destruction, wa-wa-War, wa-War, War
War, War

(Intermittently, the announcer says “Saigon, Saigon. Purple Heart, Purple Heart, Purple Heart.”)

After World War II the Men came home together on troop ships, but the Vietnam
Vet often arrived home within 48 hours of jungle combat
Perhaps the most dramatic difference between World War II and Vietnam was
coming home.. .none of them received a hero’s welcome
None of them received a heroes welcome, none of them, none of them
Nenene Nenene None of them, none of them, none of them (etc…)
None of them received a hero’s welcome
None of them received a hero’s welcome

According to a Veteran’s Administration study
Half of the Vietnam combat veterans suffered from what Psychiatrists call
Many vets complain of alienation, rage, or guilt
Some succumb to suicidal thoughts
Eight to Ten years after coming home almost eight-hundred-thousand men are
still fighting the Vietnam War

(Singing Girls)

Nininininininininin Nineteen, 19, Ni-nineteen 19
Nininininininininin Nineteen, 19, Ni-nineteen 19

(Soldiers Voice)
When we came back it was different.. Everybody wants to know “How’d it
happened to those guys over there
There’s gotta be something wrong somewhere
We did what we had to do
There’s gotta be something wrong somewhere
People wanted us to be ashamed of what it made us
Dad had no idea what he went to fight and he is now
All we want to do is come home
All we want to do is come home
What did we do it for
All we want to do is come home
Was it worth it?

(my comment: Home? You mean USA, The United Semites of America? The other races have carved our land up and divided it as the soldiers divided up Jesus’ garments as the Jews hung him, only instead of a noose, a cross with nails. The other races have carved up our white, divide and conquer, husband/wife, male/female, parent/child, sister/brother, coworker, white neighbors, white church members, white schools, white minds, bodies, worse than when the Aztecs cut out the human hearts of their victims. The very heart of the White race is gone.

Rich Jew CEO: Starbucks

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It was common street knowledge that if one worked for a bank at the bottom they got paid little; but the higher ups not only got huge salaries but bennies to match.
Same with marketing and advertising where my sister worked as Executive Secretary where she got small salary, worked long hours, but the higher ups commanded big wages with plenty of screwing time off.
Same with Starbucks here is msn’s CEO of the day: the 1% at top. He is the Jew named Howard Shultz. One thing we have to realize when Jews start up companies, is the Jews can go to Jewish banks with their Mafia Monopoly Syndicate Connections. The average White can’t, and is even lessening with Hindu’s taking over motel ownership, Dunkin Donut’s, 7-11’s, gas stations etc. Whites are working in malls for perhaps $10.00, no business, no degree, no future.
Any field a Jew is in, he commands, demands the highest wages. Take Jerry Springer who barely said a few sentences on his show that he read from cards. Commanding and got millions of dollars for his shows. The White Trashy people got “0” for being on it. Had they gotten millions perhaps they could send white children to college, Sunday School, and helped elevate them. Even the White people that worked for him worked for peanuts on a straight salary, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, just for the “chance” of going up in the Jewish media. But Jews don’t hire Whites at the top. Chinese and Japanese definitely don’t. They are strictly racist, loving their own, promoting their own, paying their own yellows the highest possible salary they make off Whites that don’t suspect a thing. Below will be the stuff that should be written, but is denied us. From Wiki:
Howard Schultz was born to a German-Jewish family on July 19, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. It says his Jewish family was very poor. I was born Polish White poor, and not making way over a hundred million dollars a year. Must be great to come from Germany a Jew rather than a Christian.
After graduating, he worked as a salesperson for Xerox Corporation. In 1979 he became a general manager for Swedish drip coffee maker manufacturer, Hammarplast.[4] In 1981, Schultz visited a client of Hammarplast, a fledgling coffee-bean shop called Starbucks Coffee Company in Seattle which he joined as the Director of Marketing a year later.[5] On a buying trip to Milan, Italy for Starbucks, Schultz noted that coffee bars existed on practically every street. He learned that they not only served excellent espresso, they also served as meeting places or public squares; they were a big part of Italy’s societal glue, and there were 200,000 of them in the country.Template:Http://www.myprimetime.com/work/ge/schultzbio/
You see with Jewish connections, one can do anything. It isn’t just having “smarts” it is “who” you know, not “what” you know. And Jews know all the right people: other Jews. What a religion they have had, a business that hides behind a religion so no one questions them, debates them, or investigates if what I say is true, that they get preferential treatment for loans, $$$, stocks, knowledge ahead of time. While at the same time “keeping” that knowledge or teaching to Whites so that we also can enjoy their trillions.
Note how Jews command and demand respect. They don’t have to whip blacks, Jews fire them, and before they do, making billions off of the sports figures, not only from commission, but Jews selling them drugs, Jews selling them real estate, homes, jewelry, Jews fixing them up with all the White women the blacks can handle. It is almost worse than the blacks that rape White women, 37,462 in USA alone, and that doesn’t count the gang raping of black Somalians in the former Aryan lands.
Schultz is the former owner of the NBA‘s Seattle SuperSonics. During his tenure as team owner, he was criticized for his naivete and propensity to run the franchise as a business rather than a sports team.[9] Schultz feuded with big name star Gary Payton, feeling that Payton disrespected him and the team by not showing up to the first day of training camp in 2002.
With his Jewish Supremacism expertise he comments on England’s economy:

Speaking to CNBC in February 2009 about his concerns over the global economic crisis, Schultz that “the place that concerns us the most is western Europe, and specifically the UK”, which he considered to be in a “spiral”, expressing concern with the levels of unemployment and consumer confidence in the country.

Lord Mandelson, the then-UK Business Secretary, responded saying that Britain was “not spiralling, although I’ve noticed Starbucks is in a great deal of trouble”, and suggesting that Schultz was projecting his own company’s trouble in the United Kingdom onto the wider national economy. Mandelson was later overheard at a drinks reception, saying: “Why should I have this guy running down the country? Who the fuck is he? How the hell are [Starbucks] doing?”

Note that Starbucks Jewish head bows to Israel and homos for AIDS. Where is his $$ for Whites? There is none. It is how much they can take from us. Think of that when you order a $3.00 Starbucks, that probably 2.50 goes right into the Jews pocket to give to Polish Jews of Israel.

Schultz became Fortune Magazine’s “2011 Businessperson of the Year” for his initiatives in the economy and job market.

I bet Jews own Fortune Magazine, they own most of the biggies. Jews promote Jews. Award Jews. Give Jews loans from White Treasury, while holding Whites back if they can help it and put us at a disadvantage in our own country.

Dr. Morrell, Hitler’s Doctor and Only Constant Companion

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Note pix 4 has Hitler’s Dr. Morrell at dinner table. Dr. Morrell was granted the special and only privilege of being the only human to be with Hitler constantly. Dr. Morrell was the doctor to Jewish entertainers before becoming Hitler’s… friend and physician. Boy that German lady looks quite happy being a Nazi! The White German men took the Jewess off the pedestal and treated their own women extremely well, and vice versa. It was an experiment in White relationships, not just breeding like animals, but family life.
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2012 8:29 PM
Subject: newly discovered fotos of Hiter