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White Boy’s Talent

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For a change, someone actually cares about the welfare of our White youth, culture, talent, joy and talk about “human rights?” How about the White Right’s to Exist?

John de Nugent, Hitler, Alex Jones, Me

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Here is a video of Hitler. Remember the first casualty of war is “The Truth.” But isn’t God = Truth. We can never side with a lie if we love God. So prior to World War II, Germany had suffered the ravages of the Jews but unlike Russia, France, England, Poland, they were smart enough to see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3qF1e2nvfY&feature=player_embedded
Hitler was a victim of his Doctors, as Elvis. Both thought doctors were “gods.” As does our entire globe. Elvis was murdered by doctors. His regular doctor had him on “medicine” so strong, the doctor prescribed 10,000 pills for Elvis in 6 months. That is 56 pills a day, and strong ones at that. Then the day before Elvis was to go on his tour his Jewish dentist comes to his home for teeth work. The Jew dentist injects Elvis with a needle of something and that night he dies. I believe the dentist came during the night.
So now we have to separate even the Jewish doctor influence on Hitler and sort out the good that might help us individually. But to call one that seeks to restore truth and sanity…. crazy…. will eventually drive that person crazy for hearing it so much from others. It is how Jews and their imps accomplish their goals. Jews don’t have to take a sledgehammer over our heads. They train our very white people, even Christians, to do their work for them.
They had to see it. As is written below by Goebbels “people can handle the truth.” It was a fear so great they were afraid to expose the truth as it is today. Yet their Germans were living in absolute financial hell, peril, and degeneration, even extinction. A slow extinction. Jews were sucking out the $$$ from the blood of the Germans thru horrendous business tactics “against” the White Germans, raping their women, impregnating them, and discarding women and Jew bastard babies left behind like used toilet paper. And Jews were “rich.” Doctors, lawyers, professors, business owners…. wealthy! It was easy for Jews to get women for when one is wealthy, unaddicted, one looks very appealing. The Jews don’t beat their wives, even though their wives pushed them into this behavior. Business should be “good” and not “evil,” and we should at least be aware of what the Jews have done and if we wish to spend our last 100 years of White existence on this path of race death. It will also probably be death of Christianity, as least as we have known it for 2,000 years. Christianity will morph into a pseudo-Jewish religion, as the Beatles said entertainment was part of the Jewish “religion,” not “business.” So Jews’ business today…. is…. “religion.” And Whites are unprepared in dealing with a “religion” that destroys, and not creates. Somehow, Jews think that the are God-appointed to do this.
Poles, Russians, French, English, Germans, and White Americans should unite in a exclusive study to put together what Jews have done in our countries. If it is good and we should continue to worship them as the “Chosen” of God, then so be it. But if our studies are correct about the Jews’ evil influences, then all our Whites should not only be “privy” to this information, but it must be understood, and just be “part” of our re-education. I can clearly see why Jewish books were burned. And in the USA it would be most for they control book publishing as my Daddy’s employment who only paid him minimum wage for his entire life, knowing he had 12 children, & the man with the golden hands. Do blacks and browns have ‘golden hands’ as well as golden mind and heart?
One must trace how the Germans were suffering after World War I, the absolutely unfair treatment. While Jews complain, shout, holler, scream, protest, labor, for “rights” of whatever they choose, that is ok. But Whites must remain “silent.” I knew that I took a vow of silence many years ago, but did the entire White Race… unknowingly?
My concern as a bearer of a White womb is the male, female, child unit. The German children were going to school drunk, fighting, brawls, teachers couldn’t teach them. It was the “teaching” community who saw the destructive power over the German children that brought in the Nazis and not the “Nazis” taking over.
No other country resisted the Jews for 1,000 years and Jews had a field day with their World Headquarters in Poland, as Jews now use a dual headquarters of USA-Israel.
I wept thru this video seeing these women and children weeping. They were finally “free.” Free from all the tragic propaganda, crimes, destructiveness that had taken over their lives. You would have to be a wife of a Viet Nam Veteran who came back from war with such tragedies that he commit suicide, and to watch that in her son also. Women are being coached, brainwashed, coerced, and filled with propaganda to “kick” the White man or woman out. And these same Jews council as if the council of God to decry these victims for it was “they” who made bad choices. Well, doesn’t that make the Jew and Jewess… gods and goddesses that rule over us? It takes all the blame off Jews for anything they have ever done since they mentally and then physically tortured and murdered Jesus Christ until today. It gives Jews free reign in every department of our existence. No other so-called religion should have that power, and Whites should not yield to it.
John deNugent is right is exposing Alex Jones. I listened to him for a while and found that he had these same innuendoes of Hitler and the Nazis as the Jew Michael Savage uses in his radio broadcasts with millions and millions of listeners as Alex gets. And yet they are mostly White listeners. Shouldn’t their be a radio station for White listeners to help resurrect us even before we die. Do we want to wait to die like Jesus and then wait for someone to come along and resurrect us? Pretty chancy I would say, and no one would take a risk like that in “business.” From my study, Alex Jones is married to a Jewess, as Rush Limbaugh was, but I don’t think he is now. Either one is a radio talk show host that is a Jew or married to one or the anus for Jewish perversion and direction.
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Subject: The ignorant horde we have become; Hitler vs. Alex Jones

The ignorant horde we have become; Hitler vs. Alex Jones


Alex Jones has come out with his most vicious attack on Hitler yet. ZionCrimeFactory has a brilliant retort, found on my blog.

The Isaiah (Bible) quotes at the end of this artice were especially telling, since Isaiah was supposed to be such an enlightened prophet, replete with phrases about a ‘prince of peace,’ the lion lying down with the lamb, beating swords into plowshares, etc.,

Well, just read those juicy quotes at the end from ‘the prophet Isaiah’!

A image I myself created using Photoshop colorization years ago is in the article.

Adolf was totally without bodyguards.

Yes, the ”feared tyrant” was crawling along through the crowds in his covertible Mercedes without any bulletproof glass whatsoever, and was “protected” by just one SS man …not grim, scowling at thecrowd, and talking into a radio like OUR “SS” men, the Secret Service, but perched up on the top of the back seat, nonchalant, and grinning like Howdy Doody at a picnic….

As a very popular video depicted his folk upon seeing him:


Zimmerman Martin, Brown Mexican, Part White, and Black

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It was “NOT” a WHITE MAN that killed Trayvon Martin the black boy. We will only know the side of the story the Jews want us to know and since it was between a 1/2 brown Mex/1/2 White Zimmerman and a black, it doesn’t concern me, other than to alert us to the time and money we are wasting having to be police, baby sitters, juries, jailers, paying Jewish lawyers to “Defend” blacks and browns…. against White interests. None of the 3, Jews, blacks or browns are going extinct, nor are they as suicidal.
I can’t understand why Whites are 24/7 occupied with paying for and sorting out and disciplining all these other races. Who made the Whites “Police!” A good God doesn’t punish, and if there are crimes, let their own people take care of them. This sort of stuff occupies our minds 24/7 and Jews just hate us so much they fill our news and thoughts with pity and sucking our more $$$ for these episodes. Such as the 1/2 White Zimmerman, murdering the black in self-defense. Or, let’s be “equal” since Whites want to be “equal” with blacks and browns but ‘Not’ Jews or yellows or even Hindus……. let’s look at the fact that this murderer was 1/2 brown Mexican. Mexicans want to get rid of blacks and replace them. But let’s not be stupid, for the White Polish Christians in Las Vegas told me the brown (Mex’s and their sex’s babies) are doing the same thing to Whites as Mex’s are doing to blacks. When the browns finish off pushing the blacks around, murder, gangs, drugging, the browns will come after not just White Poles, but all Whites for the big MEX TAKEOVER. They already have the Jewish gods and goddesses blessings to do so.
Lesson: White men and women need chastity belts. We need to put a halt to breeding worse than animals as Jews have kept our dumbing down even as far as sex goes. My idea of seeing sex thru 27 books, educational DVD’s, exercises, is a much higher form of sex, and breeding our babies.
I mean take homosexuality. How dumbed down can a White man be, offspring of 2,000 years of White Christians, that he doesn’t know which hole to put his penis in? And it is up to Whites to create a society that centers around sacred sex, good sex, intelligent sex. I’ve had sex with Jews. They are just as dumbed down as we are! And I thought they were the smartest. Even the yellows have Tantric sex of penetration. Which enables the yellow women to enjoy penetration more. The 1 billion Hindus have Kama Sutra sex. The Whites: A bunch of “let’s see how many of the opposite sex I can screw” and that will make me a sex god or goddess? Really?
Somehow Christians needs to form our own reality, and a White reality. Our priorities on top, not our priorities and rights being stolen, murdered and our $$$ given to the Jews as happened in Poland to Whites. But remember, in Poland, it was a cohesive all White and all one religion country. What will happen to Whites with all these other races making more $$$ than us, replacing us, healthier than us, and not have God for “mercy” to help our degenerated ones, bankrupt ones, lost White souls?
Here’s a scene of a White man and woman on the Titantic Ship that was sunk 100 years ago Apr. 15, which Jews chose as “Tax Day.” Could Jews have been doing these crazy things that long ago? Just as the “9/11” date was used to start up a war against Jew neighbors? Just say 9/11 to anyone in the world, and 7 billion people all know of it and remember it. Jews are good at that. And if Whites are in on it, they are traitors and treasonous to choose another religion and race over their own.
Let the blacks and browns and JEwish lawyers fight the battle above without any help or encouragement from Whites or Christians. See how long the Jews will keep these cases up without White attention, $$$, “feeling sorry emotions,” they play on us.
How much more trillions and long hours will the Whites have to work to support this? If the black boy beat up the 1/2 brown Mexican, it was self-defense. It was “Not” a White man that killed Martin.
Also from the movie I took a snip it of her necklace. I do not think it is the one that she threw in the ocean.
In the movie, the White man saves the red head from suicide and now plans to bring “fun” into her life and give her joy to live.
image Is it Jewish? Jewish symbol? Don’t have time to investigate. I have proved enough in my writings.

Tax Time or Titanic? April 15

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It is the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, which probably had mostly White people and mostly rich Whites. It is April 15, and that is also the dreaded Tax Day Dead-line.
Did they choose April 15 as a symbol of the beginning of the sinking of the White Race by taking all our $$$ into the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank instead of the US Treasury. To think that Jews had control of our purse strings for “all” their pet projects. Wars. Civil Rights. La Raza “The Race” for Brown Mex and their sex babies’ rights. Jewish doctors, lawyers, Jewish Supreme Court Justices. You probably know the Jewish list by heart.
I didn’t read these, but one is the IRS, Internal Revenue Service which collected White Taxes from us and was started in February 1912, just 10 months after this IRS and Federal Reserve Bank were simultaneously put into Jewish hands. That is like taking our money and giving it to the enemy that wants us to do us the most harm in every way possible. While Jews had us suspicious and hating one another, we totally overlooked them.
Isn’t it amazing that the Jews first big emigration from Poland, etc. to USA was in 1899 and within 13 years they turned around the entire White population, Christianity, and USA? Well, they did it first to Poland and had a perfect template. Then Russia. And it was when the Jews started to screw with the White Germans…. the smartest…. that the Germans were smart enough to catch on to what the Jews were doing in Germany. He then realized that in order to secure Europe, he needed to remove the Jews from Poland and free those people who had been enslaved for 900 years.

How Jews use Christians

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I see all the pro-Jewish articles in the Christian Science literature. It was different in the 1970’s I was told when Christian Scientists wouldn’t allow their children to play with Jews. Also, note, as we changed, as the Catholics into “loving Jews,” or like the Protestant Evangelicals, worshipping them, mainstream White Christianity took a steady decline. If you trace your numbers from the 70’s until today, you will see that decline. But then the Jews have the money and power and perhaps they will be our ‘Savior.’ The lyrics below
There used to be a song by Mel Torme, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me,”…. but then the Jewish Entertainment Religion added to the Batman movie, Kilmer, starred in: 2 words “Kill Me!” So it will seem as if the Whites killed themselves as a race, species and developers of Christianity, the religion of Jesus.
In Val’s movie, Batman Forever, I wrote down the songs from the movie so I know what to sing in karaoke.
I don’t want to be angry anymore, so, perhaps it is time for me to worship Jews too. I mean they are everywhere, it would be “easy.” The Bible says “narrow is the gate” to Truth, and wide is the gate to “error.” The Jewish gate is not only “wide open” it is the “only” gate. Jews know it takes several years to break down the Whites, even me, that is why many Jewish legal cases last several years. They knew then and now they can “wear down the Whites.” Does that mean White Christians, like myself, are weak for not believing in them. And I too must convert to their worldwide religion. Everyone else has.
(Note in U2 Video the Batman symbol which is black figure and letters with yellow-gold background, actually look like devil, not batman. And the Jews that make up these sets, or their followers, use the “Devil” as a god, and not Good, God, as a god.
Note how the lyrics defame Jesus by saying that the audience wants the stars to be like Jesus, and they will bend their knee. That is why so few are in CS or even Christianity. Our young worship all right, but not Jesus, and we have made that possible and encouraged it for we never knew that their “business” was, is and eternally will be a religion.
In lyrics: dressing as a girl, could mean transvestite. Jews love playing these games and seeing us just worship them like dumb animals or dogs that were trained, but that will be put to sleep with just one Jewish nod.
The first is “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.” Then the song from Batman Forever, “Smash it Up.” Must be about smashing up the Western White Christian Civilization. It mentions also words of death, dying. Perhaps that is why we accepted smashing up the 3 World Trade Centers.
Just as we have to protect ourselves from matter “pill” and “Doctor” suggestions, there are also lyrics that we have to deny.
The next song is by the blacks called “Kiss from a Rose” and it talks of addictions. It would seem that the Jews didn’t mean “Drugs,” but a love of a woman.
Here are the lyrics:



You don’t know how you took it
You just know what you got
Oh Lordy you’ve been stealing
From the theives and you got caught
In the headlights
Of a stretch car
You’re a star

Dressing like your sister
Living like a tart
They don’t know what you’re doing
Babe, it must be art
You’re a headache
In a suitcase
You’re a star

Oh no, don’t be shy
You don’t have to go blind
Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me

You don’t know how you got here
You just know you want out
Believing in yourself
Almost as much as you doubt
You’re a big smash
You wear it like a rash

Oh no, don’t be shy
There’s a crowd to cry
Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me

They want you to be Jesus
They’ll go down on one knee
But they’ll want their money back
If you’re alive at thirty-three
And you’re turning tricks
With your crucifix
You’re a star

(Oh child)

Of course you’re not shy
You don’t have to deny love
Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me


We’ve been playing now for much too long And never gonna dance to a different song I’m gonna scream and shout till my dying breath I’m gonna smash it up till there’s nothing left
Ooh smash it up Smash it up smash it up Ooh smash it up Smash it up smash it up
People call me weird, oh it’s such a shame Maybe it’s my clothes, must be to blame I don’t even care if I look a mess Don’t wanna be a sucker like all the rest
Ooh smash it up Smash it up smash it up Ooh smash it up Smash it up smash it up Smash it up
Smash it up Smash it up
[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/smash-it-up-lyrics-offspring.html ]
Smash it up
Smash it up And you can keep your crystal glasses Smash it up And you can see a very dead-way end Smash it up And you can stick a frothy lager Smash it up Up the fuck with your lesson
We’ve been playing now for much too long And never gonna dance to a different song I’m gonna scream and shout till my dying breath I’m gonna smash it up till there’s nothing left
Ooh smash it up Smash it up smash it up Ooh smash it up Smash it up smash it up Smash it up
And everybody’s smashing things down I said everybody’s smashing things down

This one is “Bad Days: Flaming Lips.
I once worked for Jews for 3 years. They had fired so many people or were nasty to employees to drive them out, that the Swedish female CFO said they could fill a forest preserve with the victims. The ones that were “regular’ that were “Not” mistreated were, the Jews that own and ran the company, the one White Gentile woman, who the Jews used as their Roman soldier to mentally whip the employees to quit. The white woman married to a black man, the black receptionist, the black sales assistant, the Jewish salesman, and the lesbian in the computer room. Needless to say, I didn’t fit in any category. I’m a Christian Scientist, not a Jew, I’m white and not black, I do “Not” marry black men I married White and can tell firsthand of their pain needing help but are denied as they are being displaced and replaced in own country. I’m a heterosexual, not a lesbian, I’m a “good” woman. The female boss that did all the hate against a few of us, was said to be “Satanic”, not a bitch, or super bitch, but literally Satanic. She once threatened to chop my head off and put it on a platter, as the Jewess demanded of John the Baptist’s head the forerunner of Jesus Christ. Also, even the White Swedish CFO told me she couldn’t quit for her husband, older school teacher, could not find work in Chicago. Just like my Viet Nam Veteran White husband. The other boss, Teresa Alai’s husband was also unemployed, trying to work on computers at home, but not working for a long, long time. She also had to do everything the Satanic Jews told her to do or the couple would be out in the street, homeless. The girl that was training me for this new job warned me quietly to go back to my old job as a Teamster’s who really put me thru the meat grinder. But then it is said there is little difference between Italians and Jews, and that is scary for it means Christianity has been infiltrated to somehow do the bidding of Jews and we think it God or Christ Jesus. The gal training me said that the bosses were “Satanic” not just mean. Being a “good” Christian and using this “abuse” against a White, good, heterosexual woman, meant that I could suffer like Jesus. A very wrong concept of Christianity. The other mean female boss said that she could treat me anyway that she wanted to, for that is why the (Jewish) owner kept company under 70 employees for they fall out of the sight of the government. They also “drove” people out, so that they wouldn’t be noticed on government “unemployment” roles. I was told there was not a temp agency in Chicago that would send their temps there. It would be like sending them to hell on earth. I stuck it out in Jewish hell for 3 years.
Living on the Magnificent Mile in a Jewish skyscraper loaded with vermin, mice, bugs, and green snot like stuff coming out of registers, I needed the Jewish $$$ to survive. I also thought, like a spouse married to a drunk or dope addict, they will “change.” Until both are broken down.
I know that when my son Paul had an activity at Principia, I wanted to attend and it meant taking off Friday. They refused. I only wish the entire government and all USA business would refuse “all” white, black, Jewish women, brown, from taking off for their children’s illness, or meetings at school, or doctor appointments, etc. Why just me and those that were persecuted at Donco Paper Supply Chicago.
When my mother died and I was up all night crying, they insisted I attend work. My eyes were swollen shut from tears, and I never put the two together that Mama and Daddy must have suffered this too “in silence,” and with hands folded praying to God to save them, but somehow, the Jewish power had blinded us to God and we worship them. Yes, I couldn’t even take off the day my Mama died and it was done in hatred and malice against me not for my “good.”
They would holler at me for wearing a lace blouse, yet the day before the receptionist wore one. Or a leather skirt, yet prior the black sales assistant wore one. They never let up. As I wrote before, they told me they would train me on computers, such as Word for letters. I only worked on keypunch and its totally different. The day came after my trainer quit, that the white female boss, under duress from the Jewish company, came up to me and told me to type a letter for the Jewish Owner, President, CEO. (Jews always have big titles for us to look up to them and worship them. But are they needed?) When the boss told me to type the letter, I was sweet and not angry, but reminded her she promised to “teach” me. She turned all red, her face aflame with acne, and raced towards her office and brought to me a book about 1,000 pages on Computers. She told me to read and study the book, teach myself, and have the letter done in 10 minutes! That would be like giving someone a Science and Health, with 700+ pages and literally throwing it on the desk in the Reading Room of someone knew and expect them to understand every word, and to heal a patient with 10 minutes. And no questions to ask of anyone. No class, no literature. When I first started in Reading Room, the practitioner sold me Science and Health. When I looked at how thick it was I told her I would take a speed reading course. She said, “No, it is to be studied, contemplated, digested.”
I would go home crying and call the practitioner and pray. Although I had to work so many jobs, there was little time to pray. It was all survival. Hopefully my good deeds were a prayer to God and my hard work and thoughts of praise. God knows all, and he knows my motives and intentions are not of Satan, but of His wishes. Although I’ve been so broken down, that I doubt and wonder all the time.
I would cry and cry and once I actually had a date with a Vice-President of VISA, so high up, his name appeared on the letter of my VISA. I was to meet him for dinner after work. He actually took me out, almost unheard of a man buying me dinner. But I just couldn’t go, I was drained from all the crying, and the humiliation and embarrassment at work, where I was the “White Fool” for the office to laugh at. Just like they laughed and spit at Jesus. It is a joke… isn’t it? Should we find pleasure and entertainment in that, as the Jews and Italians did? I’m getting “confused.” It could hurt my sanity to write against Jews and they do have the power of the Devil backing them up. Otherwise how did they get so rich and powerful. They are “Not” facing extinction as we are so they must be doing something good and right.
I called my teacher and she encouraged me to go on the date whether I felt like it or not. Do Jewesses have to meet that every time they get invited to dinner? Is that why Jewesses rule the USA, which is called the Jewess Kingdom of Heaven, while White Christians keep searching for it and being let down for they look at their lives, compare to Jews and say, “Why wasn’t I born a Jewess or black, brown or yellow? I’m sure God will punish me and in my next life I will be black or brown for God seems to continually punish … Whites, heterosexual, Christians, males.
I did go on the date, after leaving the Satanic Donco. Puffy eyes and all. I didn’t “complain” against the Jews. I never opened my mouth. I was in such fear of Jews as the Bible says, that I didn’t even “think” that the problems were of “Jewish origin.” I thought it was ‘only’ my office. Yet God wanted me to work there and suffer and see first hand what it was like for my Mama who cleaned houses for Jews, help their children and probably have to screw their doctor husbands for Jewess’ hate their husbands and won’t have sex with them. For that treatment, Jewish men will give all their $$$ to Jewesses and their Jew children. Jews are so smart, much smarter than White Christians so this all must make sense, otherwise they would have figured it out, and not a dumb Polak, like me.
The Vice President of VISA was astonished when I invited him back not just for a cheap dinner as he bought me, but for a gourmet dinner, the OSSO Bucco recipe I learned in chef school. $350.00 for 2 at Tony’s in St. Louis, at least my chef told me that. It was expensive, using veal shanks from hind quarter, (had to be special ordered) etc. cooked slowly to perfection.
The date told me that he took women out 3 times a week since he didn’t cook and didn’t like to eat out alone. He had done this for 10 years since his divorce. Not “1” woman invited him for even an egg salad sandwich back, let alone a gourmet dinner. He was beside himself. It is why I heard in Chicago men are bringing contracts with them if they buy the dinner. A woman must give him something in return, be it sex, a dinner of equal value in return. And even the books I read said that a woman should not accept anything from a man unless she gives him something in return. It “breaks down” a man, and if we are to save him, get him off addictions, or even restore his will to live as we get genocided, we must give him value. I should feel “value” for all the good I’ve done but get nothing in return.
Well, the lesbian at work went on vacation and they wanted me to take her place for 2 weeks. I will never forget the day her husband who she divorced for a woman, sent her a bouquet of red roses to work. He wanted to save the white marriage, but she wanted a lesbian vibrator to satisfy her and then be dumbed down and all that “love.” When I worked in her job, I had to keypunch all the tickets or jobs that we processed. The sales. I noticed that I did 19 jobs per week, while the other women did 1.3. The Jews were not only treating me badly, spitting insults in front of me while the office laughed, but made me work 19 times as hard. Why wasn’t I a lesbian, or a white woman married to black, or a black woman or a Jewess. The Jewish owner loved his Jewish wife so much he had a 13th floor put on a building that his wife wanted to live in and there were no vacancies. That is power and money!
Also, her son did “ Not” marry a Jewess. But since there is sooooo much power, money and work, there are not enough Jews to go around. So, Jews are marrying Gentiles… it’s called breeding. Jews did that in Poland, marrying into royalty, as the Chelsea Clinton married Jew. It’s all part of the Jewish religion. And I guess Christian Science is also part of this Jewish religion, which to me is the opposite of what we believe. But then I’m a dumb Polak that needs reforming. This Jew son married the Gentile. Why? Her looks plus she was a kindergarten teacher, and had been specially trained in raising children. So it was her White looks and beauty, as well as her character and ability to raise their Jewish children to “perfection.” I will write another email about the Jew who dumped my Catholic niece and how he used her for breeding. The children will “always” look up to the Jewish half for Jews are connected and have $$$. My niece has neither. She was his Polish slave for 20 years and now her Catholic children are against her and for him. Plus he has a Jewess lover. Think of it. He kicks her out of their home when he tells her he doesn’t love her. He covers the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a stocking for he hates the statue looking at him. He literally carries the Blessed Virgin Mary statue out when the movers came with the eyes, and ears and mouth of Mary, so the statue couldn’t see, hear, talk, feel, or have White looks. He puts my Catholic 1/2 Polish, 1/2 Croatian niece into a cheap condo but he keeps the house! I warned my sister but they thought I was “crazy” as you do. I will eventually become crazy, but I am believing it too. My niece’s daughter, now grown up, doesn’t want to live with her Catholic mother, so she is allowed to stay in the home that the Jew father owns, lock stock and barrel. Well he is a Jewish “genius” with $$, but all Jews are geniuses or so we have been led to believe. He is a Vice President for Wells Fargo, and before that a Vice President for Prudential Bache.
(I will write more but first need to put the lyrics from Batman Forever about blowing the head off a boss. I only “loved” and gave hard work and even slavery to these Jews.” When they wouldn’t let me off the day my mother died and I nearly collapsed from tears, I drug my body to make sure I was there to serve the Jewish owner and his wife. And to think, my Mama and my Grand-mamas for 900 years had these large family for cheap labor and slaves for Jews so “they” could go up higher and higher and we stayed like animals. We had Kings and Queens and royalty and were like Western Europe, but then we made the mistake of allowing Jews into our country and worse into our churches. Now we have nothing to do except worship the Jews, leave God behind, and take this route just to survive our last 100 years, as Christian Scientists, Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals. At least we are not dead yet.. or will the Jews bring in the Chinese, blacks and browns to speed up the process. Jews will never give up their power and $$$. And they did invent and use the atom bomb, not the Whites. )
In “reality” Jews can buy expensive cars, and “show no mercy.” Only Christians have to lead a life of “mercy” towards all races and religions, above all Jews, except towards ourselves or each other.

You’re sorta stuck where you are
But, in your dreams you can buy expensive cars,
or live on mars
and have it your way

And you hate your boss at your job
well in your dreams you can blow his head off
in your dreams
show no mercy

And all your bad days will end
And all your bad days will end
You have to sleep late when you can
And all your bad days will end

Now it gets worse…. this week, the Jew father and former husband is bringing in for the 2 grown up 1/2 Catholic and 1/2 Jewish children to meet his new wife to be… a JEWESS! She will soon become the new Mistress of the home that my Catholic White niece raised the children in and took care of the husband for 20 years. Catholics don’t believe in divorce, but he kicked her out. Now the Jewess will rule. The children have already turned against their very devout Catholic mother who was used as a “breeder” as Jews choose us but we never know. He even had my sister fooled for my sister thought he “loved” my niece. Just like the Jew doctor that raped me “loved” me and was “soooo kind” to force sex on me. Like the Polish White Christian animal that I am.
Now my niece is out of the picture. My sister once called the Jew a “kyke” and for that, she was barred for 20 years from ever seeing the children. Jews want 100% control of their offspring, as they demand 100% control of Christian Whites or Whites.
Now, the children who are dependent on him for $$, are his slaves and will do his Jewish bidding, not the Catholic church they were raised in, baptized in. And my niece worked for the church diligently. I hope the church now supports her, for she is absolutely devastated. To go to a Jewish psychologist is not payment for her 20 years of being hoodwinked and used like a stud dog for breeding “Jewish” children, not Catholics.
I’m doubting. And I don’t want anger. Yet it was Jewish therapy who taught me “not to suppress” my angry feelings. And so I started to become angry letting out every word to defend myself as in womens’ lib. But those angry feelings could only be vented towards other whites. Siblings, etc. Never is an angry feeling to be let out towards Jews.
The song below “Bad Days” is about an employee wanting to kill their boss. But again, it is always a “White boss.” Jews have us so hoodwinked that I know several White women who not only gave their Jewish bosses their work for less pay, but gave them 40 years of free sex while their Jewish wife got all the $$, big house, vacations, respect at the highest place at dinners, etc. Remember what Jesus says in Bible about getting invited to a dinner and being at the “Highest” place. I don’t even get invited to dinners that is how “low’ my place is compared to a Jewess.
The last song is from Black (Jewess made) Star for Whites to worship instead of Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother…… her name is Brandy and she sings in Batman Forever, “Where are You now? as I wrote, in the movie there was a 1/2 white 1/2 black doll. Jews try to “sneak” in race breaking and Jew worship. As Kilmer plays a rich White man and company owner, (who the Jews will eventually force out of business and destroy and TAKEOVER as Jews had the Big Jew Takeover of America, Europe, South Africa, Argentina, etc….. Val walks along side a distinguished, black woman, not a White one. This song is supposedly about a black woman who was rejected by the White man. But now, this song is about a White woman, animal woman, sewer for Jewish sperm and breeding, that my Catholic White niece who was married to a Jew can sing. The Jew kicked her out of his life, out of her children’s life, out of her home that she loved and cared for all of them… not only that… she is replaced by a Jewess Princess on a pedestal.
Her “bed” was good as long as she spread her legs to breed for him. And he was so ugly. Her children are not ugly as he was and thus he accomplished what he set out for. His Jewess lover that he must have had for years, for the Jewess not only plays along with the Jew, but she is the power behind these schemes and who would suspect. Just as the Jewess running for office in Las Vegas as Senator for Nevada, Shelley Berkeley, she spent $77,000.00 of $$$ to take trips to Jewish Polish Israel. White tax $$$. Out of the 500+ House of Reps. hers was second highest. Why didn’t they take trips to Polish White Christian Poland? Why don’t they try to unite and find out what the Jews did to White Christian Poles as slaves and starvation, taking over their government, killing their king with a stab in his heart during the night? Why don’t our White House of Reps go to “Poland” with $77,000.00 of taxpayers $$$ not Polish Rich Jewish Israel. Oops. I better watch it. I might get angry. Start cursing with the filthiest mouth possible, and flashbacks of Mama smashing all the windows, beating my Daddy bloody, smashing the heavy black phone over his head until he was taken to hospital. Lucky he wasn’t killed. Or did God save him from the worse brutality a woman could inflict on a man. No, I better, sigh, not get angry, be spiritual, and perhaps the Jews won’t destroy anymore of our people. Perhaps the Jews are divine to be worshipped, and perhaps I’ve gone insane. Or never was sane at least by what the Jewish Freuds describe as sanity where only Jews can save us from our White Christian misery.

Send “Where Are You Now?” Ringtone to your Cell

“Where Are You Now?”

Oooohh oh

[Verse 1:]
You just came into my world,
A little boy without a girl.
You just smiled at me,
I knew it was on.
We spent weeks that were a blur.
We made love so sweet and pure.
Then one day, you were gone.

Where’s that man I’d come to know
With the heart I thought was gold?
You just turned it off and walked out the door.
How could you just be so cold?
What a hard and heavy load?
Now I’m lying here alone on the floor.

Are you in another place
Or behind another face;
Where are you now?
Are you just a mental case
Or did you just slip into another space;
Where are you now?

[Verse 2:]
I have searched inside my soul
For the reasons never told;
What bothers me is that there’s none.
You should’ve told me from the start
Instead of playing with my heart,
But you left me here with nothing to hold.

So I’m taking it easy.
I’m clearing my head.
I’ve cried me a river.
Even said some prayers.
But I often wonder…
When I’m in my bed…
You now?… Hey…

Are you in another place
Or behind another face;
Where are you now?
Are you just a mental case
Or did you just slip into another space;
Where are you now?

Elvis & White Europe

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It was heavy on Elvis’ mind before he died to have a concert in Europe.

Elvis & Europe! I’ve read 16 biographies about Elvis & studied many, many videos of him, but I never came across this info below. Elvis said in biography that once he started to wear costumes, all he had to do was just show up. The fans loved them. He didn’t have to work so hard at gyrating, or kneeling, or laying, or kissing, joking, talking. Just costumes! Selena, the Mexican singer that was murdered (Her mother sewed her bra-tops, perhaps the murder was jealousy, by her female fan club president who worked for her in her 3 boutiques)…. but Selena, thought the same. It was about costumes, fabric, sparkles to entertain. Elvis wanted to go to Europe, but Col. Parker did not have passport. Apparently, Parker left Holland as a fugitive & was deadly scared to go back there and have to give up citizenship. Even though he was responsible for the greatest singer of all time, he was still frightened. Elvis was going to go to Europe, “With or Without You,” he told the Colonel. It was Elvis’ dream and his designer was going to make the most spectacular suit… a laser light suit with diamonds. But, he never got to have Elvis wear it, a friend of Belew’s stole the idea and gave it to Michael Jackson. Truth.

Wild Irish Rose

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I found the article on President Nixon’s love letters to Pat Nixon and a “new” image of what the Jews destroyed him with. It is well known that the Christian Billy Graham and Politician President Nixon were both talking on secret tapes that the Jews were destroying this country. Then it seemed that the Jewish journalist, Berstein, who wrote the book about it, had all this ‘info’. Sounds like Nixon and his aids were framed. Even Elvis, must have suspected in his soul, that there was evil (Jews) surrounding Nixon and Elvis took 2 guns for both Nixon and Vice-President Agnew. It was when my body was wreaking in pain so bad I wanted to die a few months before 9/11. While all this “hidden” hatred was being prepared against a formerly White America to demolish 3 skyscrapers with 2 planes and have so much power the entire World believed it….. I was “feeling” the pain and even desiring death for relief. Does American seek “death” to relieve her of this decline, intentional generation and genocide. Don’t forget my Daddy’s ancestors under Jewish rule not only worked their entire lives for Jews, but had to give back to Jews everything they worked for and then the White Polish starved to death…. 50,000 a year, while the Jews walked around in golden glittery robes. We are in the middle of that cycle.
I would think that both Protestants and Catholics should get along. We have been divided and conquered into 41,000 denominations and if you check the Polish Pope, John XXIII, he is quoted as saying he can’t understand why all Christians don’t get along.
Just as Brigham Bicknell Young left the Mormons to become a Christian Science leader in 1900’s, the Mormons should love him, for they do worship the dead, and love us. The same for Catholics. I’m not Catholic anymore, God chose Christian Science for me. Yet Catholics should still love me for I have always respected the good in their teaching me and the character that started my spirituality. Yet it isn’t just for me to love them and not be loved in return. That is a Christian doormat, as we play in the Middle East, home of Jesus, where we gave away the land to Jesus’ haters to rule over Israel. The same people that tortured, harassed, almost drive Jesus off a cliff, (Jews then would have called it “suicide” and Christianity would never have developed.
All this “equality” that Whites have bestowed by lowering themselves to even lower than other races, has not trickled over towards White Christians loving one another.
In the movie, Elvis Meets Nixon, which is one of the only movies I’ve ever watched, at the end, President Nixon and Elvis Presley sit on a couch together and sing “My Wild Irish Rose.” I didn’t realize until yesterday, that they put that song in for Dick Nixon’s love of his wife, Pat, who he called “Irish Gypsy!” I will sing that in karaoke tonight in his and her honor.
There is another song called the Orange and the Green where Ireland’s Catholics and Protestants were fighting. You know, in my earliest emails, about 10 years ago, I wrote how that broke my heart to see White brothers and sisters fighting and hating each other. Both Christians who have the same God, Christ Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary. Orange is Protestant, Green is Catholic. I was Catholic and married a Protestant, and although from Viet Nam had lots of problems, so did I growing up in abject poverty family of 15.
Do you know after I wrote that to the media in Chicago, never again did I hear of bombings in Ireland or terrorism there. It seemed as if that was healed for good and is healed until today. I don’t know if my emails had a part of it, for I have no real contact with your reality until recently.
Also, I like the Irish, for my husband was Scotch Irish and the only man who supported me, although I asked for next to nothing and worked part time as well as breastfeeding etc. No other man did that for me. Even my father told me to quit school when I turned 16 to support family as my sisters had to. (My brothers all have Master’s Degrees.) Mama had to quit in 5th grade while her brothers went on to graduate high school. White Polish women were breeders and unbeknownst to anyone until my writings, the sewer for Jewish devilish sperm as Hitler brought to the surface. But then we drove him to suicide didn’t we?
I also have a kinship with Irish for they have big families as we did. I don’t think they had it as hard, for many of them had government jobs, with fireman and policemen and could afford the children. Daddy worked for greedy Jews who only paid Daddy $.43 an hour, knowing that we had a large family. Jews have no conscience, feelings or mercy, yet they have twisted Christians to work against each other with our “feelings, mercy, conscience” and emotions… using those against us in “preferring Jews and non-Whites” than ourselves, each other or even God who doesn’t know genocide, hatred, towards his White children who served him in whatever religion for 2000 years!
When we die it will be the end of God and the Communist Jewish devils whose side the Jews convinced us to fight for in World War II, will have won.
And speaking of Irish. Read the book, “They were White and they were Slaves.” (I’m going to start crying because it has been so unjust as we dream away how happy and free we are as Whites in USA.) The book talks of how the Southern Whites could have gotten free Christian White Irish who were so eager to work and come here they were stowing away with the rats on the bottom of ships or “paying” their own way here. We should have forced the blacks to “pay” their way here before we gave them any free training etc. as we give away free grants to Hindus, and browns and even Muslims who we fight at the same time.
Irish were not drinking or drunks as the Jew-S-A has turned some of them into like my deceased Scotch Irish husband. But they were not wanted by the Southern Whites who succumbed to Jewish Slave Traders and Ship owners who were selling blacks for 6,000 years. They convinced the Southern Whites how much “better” blacks were because they were “bigger.” Yet the blacks worked at a snails pace, as I noted throughout my work career, especially unions. Blacks can run and beat every running record in the Olympics but put a broom or duster in their hands and it takes an eternity to get from one end of the office to the other. My Daddy got paid minimum wage like a black janitor, but could work on electric, gas, telephone, carpentry, landscaping, painting, and all with a smile for everyone. And Jews crushed my Daddy. They crushed me also when Daddy told me to give him 200 invitations to my wedding on July 26, 1969. Daddy thought all the people at work “liked” him and “appreciated” him and would come. He had by that time worked there 35 years. I was worried for the invitations cost so much and I was paying for wedding. Mama did by my dress though. The day of my wedding only 2 couples showed up from Daddy’s work. 194 did not! That hurt worse than all the beatings my Mama gave Daddy. For Daddy spent most of his waking hours at “work” not with me, or Mama or kids or even in our home which Whites seem to keep wanting bigger and better homes but never use them. It keeps us running from the blacks and browns and gives Jew real estate plenty of $$$ for their Jew wives and kyke kids.
Anyway, the Southern Whites not only shunned the Whites who wanted to work for them, but allowed the blacks to gang up and harass the Whites. You know that blacks had “power” way before this. Look at movie Gone with the Wind and see that a black woman actually ran the plantation household. That is “power!” Considering the black woman’s relatives were probably still cannibalizing in Africa! And 400 years we have cowtowed to blacks and Jews. They used and abused us as they did Daddy. I can see it more clearly and “feel” it seem I feel the pain of it. Whites have be deluded by Jews to think that White problems are “choices” Whites have made and it is our fault and again, Jews are left ot me the modern “saints’ of today, only being “good Jew doctors that make us sick then act as “healer,” and “savior”, good jew lawyers, who make laws against Whites and then stick together against Whites and for Jewish or non-White interests. Take whatever field they are in and you will see the same.
Today, Mexican browns gang up and harass Polish Whites here who are the “minority.” What a punch in the face and blackened eyes these other races are blasting us with! ANd just like the Southern Whites not only “allowed” this extreme prejudice, but encouraged it.
It is well known that the Southern Whites actually took a “loss” on having blacks for it took so long to teach them, and then house them, feed them, Christianize them, and today, after 400 years of treating them like black kings and black queens after White Kings and Queens were killed off by Jews in Europe… the blacks hate us, kill us, threaten us with loaded guns, beat us, take our jobs, get paid twice as much as our hands our tied, our mouths have been sewn shut, and our brains have been frozen with Jewish propaganda.
Elvis’ mother was an Irish slave having to pull Elvis on a blanket as she walked thru the fields. No one mentions that her husband and her were so poor he had to forge a check to pay for food. No one cares, for they were White. Jews made sure that all the $$$ Elvis made, went right back into Jewish hands. Col Parker who got 50% used it in Vegas for Jewish gambling. Elvis bought his houses, cars, jewels, suits, from mostly Jews as far as I can see. His hairdresser, Jewish. The woman that was constantly with Elvis, more than Priscilla or Lisa Marie, Jewess.
Now today I get an email asking to “halt Irish (White) immigration to USA. NumbersUSA who is a good fighter against illegal browns, also wants to stop Whites. It is as if we always have to cowtow and treat everyone “alike.” If we stop browns, we must stop Whites. Jews don’t think like that. Jews pick Jews for their jobs. Yellow Chinese and Japanese do not allow Whites to go to the top of their businesses. They are prejudice against Whites and united races against Whites who want to help their “own,” just as people would usually help their own family first. In my family, Polish White Christian, it is not true. My brother hates me, but adopts obese black baby, and ready to adopt the other 3 black children even though the black mother is fighting for them. (her welfare cut off and White $$$ cut off.)
When Irish came here they could not get jobs even in the North, and rooming houses had signs that Irish were not wanted.
And yet, Irish fought wars. These White men fought in the Civil War for Black Rights, hating each other as White brothers, cousins, relatives and White friends to “prefer and love blacks ‘more’ than themselves!” And today, black spit on them and would kill us and take our job than say “Thank you for all we have done.” Obama the black is so ashamed of his white half that certainly his white grandmother was murdered the day before he was elected so this President could be “all black!” And all the Jew-News could focus on building up the black man while continually bringing down White man. 500,000 White men died, more than any time in our history, in Civil War, for Black rights.
Today, my sister Mary, has a black cleaning lady she gets from Catholic Charity. My sister sees “Her” as her friend, and me as her enemy! They have coffee together, lunch, go on errands etc.
If you read the book “Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt, he writes in his autobiography about poverty, how his Dad moved to America but not only couldn’t find work but was somehow led to alcoholism, something that doesn’t happen in Ireland. They moved back to Ireland and they suffered terribly. Although the mother smoke and drank and didn’t work which is quite the opposite of my poor mother. But still, we have to look deeper as to why this is happening.
Frank McCourt’s mother finally gets $$$ from government and gives Frank a quarter to take dance lessons. (all our white men should be great dancers, not just saying dancing for me is “gay.” Jews have twisted our minds to become like Jews who don’t dance. Even Paul in the Bible meets the Christians and dances with them to Peter’s horror that Jews don’t dance! Pagan Whites “Danced” and Paul not only approved, he loved it. See movie, Peter and Paul.
Frank McCourt goes to dancing lessons and at the end he gives the quarter to his instructor. But she in turn tells him to give it to the poor black boy waiting at the door who puts out his tongue to lay the quarter on. (that is psychological for feeding blacks.) The same was done on his Communion Day when he could go beg in the streets and people would give him $$. He didn’t get to keep that money for food or a paper and pencil. It was to go to the church who gave it to the blacks.
It was the reason I stopped going to the Catholic Church. I had already been suicidal from our poverty and my anger towards it. I would go with my Mama to church at Our Lady of Peace. And yet it seemed that every Sunday the sermon was on collecting $$$ for blacks or Africa, or some other worldwide (non-White) cause, (although I didn’t think in terms of White. I was neither White nor Polish. We were taught to “erase” Europe from our minds and become “melted” into one race, but only Whites melt into one race without knowing it.) It was the 5th Sunday in a row that I went to church with Mama. And I told her if they ask $$ in this sermon for other people and leave us starving and struggling, I will never go back. I never went back and perhaps Mama never went back anymore either.
Also, I had gone to a priest for counseling regarding my suicide attempt which I confessed to in Confession and he said he could help. He tried, but he said he was falling in love with me and that would ruin his Priestly career. If the Church let (White) priests marry and “only” White priests, I don’t think we’d be going extinct today for a stand would have been taken and shown to the world. Instead, he sent me to Jewish psychiatrist who had the attraction for me and acted on it with rape which the White priest didn’t do. We would not have all these pedophiles in our church and if the Catholics studied it, I wouldn’t be surprised if this homosexuality didn’t get in there from Jewish infiltration. We would have to compare our Pagan White Roots to see if there was rampant homosexuality, which really is “not” progressive, but takes us back to Bible in Mid East about 5000 years ago when it was rampant. True sexual progression is what I have recommended. Studying books together on sex, penetration sex, not sloppy, animal sex, as Jews have propounded and pounded on us even rape and leaving White women to raise their Jewish bastards. You know I wrote the Jews about this and do you know how arrogant they were? Jews in Hollywood put out movie “Inglorious Basteurds,” where Jews bash the heads in with baseball bats to the White German Nazis who were trying to tell the truth about Jews. Jews get away with such effrontery and chutzpah! Another black eye on the White man, woman and child’s faces.

U2 Lyrics – Wild Irish Rose

In a field by a river
my love and I did lie
And on my naked shoulder
she too proud to cry
She said that I must leave her
an icy tear she froze
How could I melt the heart
Of a Wild Irish Rose

Well a gypsy she has made of me
A servent of the street
And back to bed I’ve travelled
To taste a love as sweet
Well the heart it knows no reasons
And reason never knows
As I lie with them I’m thinking
Of a Wild Irish Rose

Well I saw the city of angels
It brought a devil out in me
And Hell’s hotel on Sunset
Showed a whore no mercy
As the orange sky was screaming
From the roof I let her go
These are the dizzying heights that brought me
My Wild Irish Rose

Now red is the rose
That she layed on my grave
A life is what she wanted
And a life I surely gave
Like a hundred men before me
They lay lying here in rows
Young men, bloody
As a Wild Irish Rose

The White Unicorn(s) United!

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Hi All,
I thought this was the easiest way to communicate with all of you on a subject each of us has been involved in to varying degrees.
I spoke with Bea today, and it is her wish that the Executive Committee, rather than Bea, make the decision and handle the arrangements re admitting guests to our Association. So if any of you gets a request from a would-be guest, please ask them to either call or e-mail a member of the EC. Barbara Ann, your careful documenting of past guests will be helpful to the EC in going forward, so thank you very much!
On a related note, if any of you gets a request from one of our members to attend another Association, this should also come to the EC for approval. Please ask the member to call or e-mail a member of the EC.
Hope this clears up any confusion!

Long Emails

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Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself if you have had to read one of my long emails as the Jews have read in Chicago & Vegas when I emailed (unknowingly and unsuspectingly) Jewish media.
My longest was to the Political Cesspool, who now disowned me, a White Group, but they are affiliated with a White church, and I think when I wrote about my own Christian beliefs, however rare I penned them, they fought against me and disowned me. I am old. Neared death 21 times, I have no time to live more lies or cover up the Truth, especially when God is Truth. I would rather have mortals disown me than for my Creator, God, and Goddess, to disown me. “They” are my conscience, now the Jewish Prince and Princess on a pedestal that Whites, Christians and the World seems to worship today.
My longest email was 126 pages and was 14 hours of straight writing. The the deep digging I discovered the FBI report and lengthy details of how Charles Lindberg’s son was kidnapped, and delimbed, murdered. Charles Lindberg, the great pioneer aviator, called Lucky Lindberg, was also “pro Nazi” and had a Nazi wife and children in Germany. He was “anti-War.”
But every time I post on wordpress.com they now sne—send me a little sentence about writing.
My writing doesn’t not equal Shakespeares, or Mrs. Eddy’s, or Hitler’s Lieutenant with 75,000 pages that no one has read and no one cares about World War II for it is the “past.” Jews surely care about it with their constant blackmail of $$$ from Whites and Christians regarding the “Holohoax” which apparently happened miraculously “only to Jews.” Yet Jews won the war according to President Kennedy’s father. Whites lost and lost big and still pay Jews big $$$ for all the loans, weapons. $$$$. Jews won big. By their fruits you shall know them. Look at Jewish fruitage today and wonder why all Christians hang on every Jewish word. We think that by doing so we White women can get men who will shower us with all our desires, $$$, and for our children, best education, and $$$, jobs, “Jewish Mafia Connections” under the guise of a “religion.”
Here’s todays: I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

President Nixon’s “Good” Resurrected

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Sometimes one can be declared dead, but come to life again, and resurrected with a “good” name.
When I started to perform a tribute to Nixon and the (Christian Science) Plumbers I did so with a forgiving and loving attitude. It was warm, not preachy, and I even carried a plunger on stage, as they do in the Chicago St. Patrick’s Parade when the Plumber’s Union had their annual festivity. (which is now mostly for black and brown children who really don’t appreciate it as we do.)
It was after I watched the comedy, “Elvis Meets Nixon” that I realized there was a lot of good going on in that presidency, and realizing it was the Jew’s who labeled him “Tricky Dick.” that is all it took for Jews to bring down a White man and his “Irish” wife as we near St. Patrick’s Day. Jews just give White Christians a 2 word Jew Jingle, “Tricky Dick” and Whites behavior is “forever modified,” by Jewish Psychology and their Behavior Modification. Why doesn’t someone do reverse psychology and modify Jewish behavior.>>>> after Jewish pay restitution for 2000 years of damages, unsupported bastard babies they left behind, etc. to Whites and Christians.
I also did a tribute to Nixon with that poster that had the book written by CS, Nixon’s Secretary, Bud Krogh, and all the pix, of how the Christian Scientists gleefully let Elvis into the White House, spontaneously. The song “Sweet Home Alabama” sings “Watergate does not bother me; does your conscience bother you now tell the truth!” And I also have a Nixon mask that is cute as a button and I get someone from audience to go on stage with me and wear mask and sing along.
Who would ever dream that the singers and Southern Rock Group would be so moved, they would open up a multi-million dollar restaurant and stage for bands and karaoke, so I could sing and bring my costume, poster of Elvis Meets Nixon, (and CS Secretary) and Nixon mask?
I’ve labored on the above many times now, in 3 major Strip casino stages. I guess the “good” side of Nixon caught on. Aren’t we taught in CS to magnify the “good.” Here is astonishing, poetic, and very loving notes sent by President Nixon to his “Irish Gypsy” that he adored and loved so much.