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Pills, Liquor, Romney, Obama Impeached

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Thought I might do this song in karaoke, since I’ve been on a Christian Science theme. It is Liza Minnelli, and in it she talks of music, etc. But she talks of her roommate, Elsie, who found fun in “pills and liquor” and made the most beautiful Queen of a corpse that she has ever seen. She goes on to sing she doesn’t want to be like Elsie.
In Chicago, bathrooms, in restaurants and bars, there are signs that warn women of drinking while pregnant, or in my book even before conceiving for one doesn’t want drunken eggs and drunken sperm. We can no longer afford deformed babies, unhealthy babies, and not babies that are at their best and prime. Probably the natives in Africa, whom we empty our treasuries and Christian Slave Banks for, are probably healthier than we are. And we “feel sorry” for them and not ourselves or our fellow Whites. It is Russian problem, with fetal alcohol syndrome babies.
I think CS should be a way of life. We should welcome “young families” or those thinking of having babies, to be detoxed, set on healthy style, prayerful living, instead of looking for only just one person for membership. This country needs to be detoxed badly.
In all the times I have been writing, I’ve done little against Obama and Michele, other than to say I really should write my book “before” he runs again and call it “White Poor: What it was like to grow up as Slaves for Jews a mile away from Michele Obama.” It would put the stupid question of their blues and slavery to rest once and for all. It would “expose” their dastardly deeds they were beaten for and how by withholding beatings we have a USA filled with black thugs, drug lords who use our very own White children as victims. And blacks do this on White Tax and Church $$$!
I saw lyrics in karaoke that a black rap song was singing. It was a lively song and since Jews have repeated those drum beats in our head so much, all White women get up dance, and go into orgasm and ecstasy, like a wild Pagan Orgy, at the feet of the black men. Obama should be impeached just for these sentences. Politics with blacks and Jews is their “sex” orgy on Whites. If this is what the White Race wants and desires, it is what they are getting. I cannot make their choices for them. Nor do I judge them for I know ‘why’ they think like that.
The karaoke song talked of “your little worm” compared to my Super-sized sperm! See it is ok for Blacks to sing about as much violence, drugs, racism of Blacks being superior (size of sperm and penis against Whites, which happens to be a lie, but nonetheless White men and women believe it.)…… Blacks rule. Jews have their Entertainment religion, which Whites, 100% around the world, worship.
They have done studies that White men have the largest penis, but since blacks are such massive sizes on (White and Christian Tax $$$) it is heralded by Jewish press that black men are sex gods and White women secretly desire them. It is “secretly,” from back to Dick Clark and Motown, the blacks have been singing love songs and White women have listened to those songs. The white women “do not” have the ability nor the direction to take those songs and translate the black singer to their white boyfriend or husband. It sticks in their mind that blacks are sweet, gentle, romantic, and sex machines. And that their White counterpart is small in size, harsh, damaged from war and addictions (intentionally).
The facts I read was on the average around the world the White man has the largest penis. Now if you read 27 books on sex as I did, the nerve organs are only 2 inches deep, so anything above 2 inches goes to waste sensation wise. Yet, the big black man will get up and sing and brag and praise his “super-sized sperm” compared to the “small worm,” that they insinuate a White man has. Another reason why White men will not sing in karaoke contests, where the judges, owners of establishments, audience has been stuffed till vomiting a diet of Black supremacy, sports, media, jobs and mentorship, welfare, from White Tax $$$ and Affirmative Action which only “affirms” once thing… the Death of the White Male. Death wouldn’t be so bad… it is the suffering, displacement, humiliation of the White male.
All these White women goi nto orgasm, watching the black men perform lyrics like these. No one stops them, corrects them, threatens to kick them out. No they are given special invitations and $$$ to do so. The White men just sit quietly, like the strong silent John Wayne type the Jews portrayed for White men to become, so they White men wouldn’t say “peep” like a little chicken, when Jews, with their black and brown armies, yellow medical who will save the older Whites now from suffering and death, …. will HAVE THE BIG TAKEOVER OF ALL OF USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, WHITE COUNTRIES, land, women, assets, $$$$. It is the same booty an army would win after a “war.” We don’t have to have a war in the USA. The Jews already fought it and won and the spoils are split up between the Jews and other races. And all we can do is watch. At least now, perhaps partially because of my writings, perhaps we can at least pray. Dump our treasuries into the greedy hands of Jews and healthy blacks from Africa, and just sit and watch.
Then you wonder 270,000 White German men commit suicide each year before Hitler took over.
I’m sick and tired of hearing that Obama is so handsome, even by the pro-White people. It makes a woman like me upset. No woman wants a man that prefers black man’s features to their own White features. Why make a baby then? No wonder white women are having these white looking babies with Afro wiry hair. And all the people go… and smile… and say… “Oh how cute!” No, one should become angry. That baby is a product of perhaps wild, drugged up drunken sex, and we Whites $$$ for all their sex, drugs, booze. Nowadays, welfare food cards have been extended so that one does ‘Not” have to buy food, but can get other things to sell, or I think get cash. When I seen a non-White baby, I know that little human is a product of someone enjoying healthy sex. (Sex is healthier for heart and cardiovascular than yoga, running, gym machines, weights, swimming. Why? It goes directly to the heart for both the male and female! By the way, back in 1970 when I did yoga and meditation, I worked with a Hindu engineer from India. Yes, the Jews were importing Hindu’s to replace White engineers 42 years ago. This Hindu laughed when I told him I was doing yoga and meditation and told me that “no one in India does that stuff. We laugh at it. We concentrate on normal things like study, work, etc.)
Again, I no longer look at non-White or even Jew babies, and say “oh how cute.” All that baby represents to me is that these other races are having and enjoying sex, while we remain celibate, alienated, and even hating one another as Whites.
Regarding the elections of Obama, he should be impeached. Obama represents to White women who “prefer” Obama over any White candidate…. an orgasm. A sex partner. The Jews appeal to women’s sexuality, both by screwing and raping us and leaving our offspring unsupported, but also to “sell a Black candidate.” It is against nature to vote for another race. Yellow Chinese women don’t even look at White men. (Although there are exceptions but I won’t argue the exception but the rule and the basis of the statement.) Women should get up and turn the TV off when they see Obama. I know first hand from son’s live in who forced me to watch the debates between White Presidential runner McCain, and black Obama. She threatened me as a Senior Citizen, like a Texas rattlesnake, not to say a word about the White race for this was “her” home. I was nothing and still am. Not only am “I” nothing but my White son. For while the debates between black and white were on TV all this White (whore I call her for what she did) all she could say was “Look how handsome Obama is. Isn’t he cute, Barbara Ann? And then to my son, the man supporting her and her first daughter while she does nothing… she says to him, “Isn’t Obama wonderful, handsome, smart?” She is just about telling my son with genius mentality and suffering from the intentional breakdown of the finest White men in USA… she is telling him that she as a White woman would have sex with him and leave my White son to just sit and watch!!!!!! It doesn’t get crazier, or blasphemous. Nowhere, does Jesus say in the Bible to “race-break” and consider it “holy!”
Why would Mother Teresa become a saint because she helped Red/brown Hindus, and I get burned at the stake by Christians because I’m a White woman pleading for the life of God, Christ Jesus, Christianity, Christian Science, and the White Species, serving for over 2000 years!!!! Furthermore, my niece who graduated the Art Institute of Chicago, went to India for her graduation trip. She was broken hearted at the little children without limbs thinking they were born deformed. But then found out the parents take an axe and hack off the limbs so they could put the little Hindu on the streets to “beg,” and support the family. Instead of sterilizing them, we give them more sex, more sex, more babies, and axes and do so in the name of Christ Jesus!!! That is blasphemous. This niece then went back to India, leaving her husband, mother and children as a missionary for her church. Her church believes in casting out devils. So in India they had audiences of 10,000 Hindus for these White women missionaries, who seem to prefer helping red/browns instead of their White husband, children, etc. The odd thing is that the Hindu women told her plainly “How many servants (slaves) do you have? I have 5.” When one Hindu gets work, they all stick together, (unlike Whites) and bring them in to live as servants so the other one can go to college, make more $$$ etc. Do they really care about Jesus Christ in this Christianity that we are “selling” them like used cars, or do they want Jobs, $$$. Compare how we study today, and what kind of Christianity they are practicing? Is it the same? Then why waste our time. I wrote about this in my blog, and it wasn’t long, before her preacher advised the (White) women to stop going to India and to take care of their own family. She had a sister with 5 kids, from a rich son of a millionaire, who never supported her or the kids. The Millionaire was a “pills” manufacturer and we know how the USA is the Drug Lords and Drug Ladies of the world.
Obama should be impeached or decide not to run in this next election. It is a disgrace for the White race and human race of which the White race has supported, developed, helped the other races to the point of exhaustion and death of White Race and Christianity and God.
For White women to go into such orgasm over a black man is a stab in the back or worse yet, stab in the groin to the White man.
It reminds me of my own brother, who left the seminary to become a social worker to help blacks. He paid his own tuition at a Catholic University while working full time. I would go into his room sometimes, and he would be sitting at his card table acting as a desk, with books and paper open, but he was sitting up sleeping. All so he could help the “minorities” and “poor blacks.” One day, after working at US Steel, he boarded a bus. It was a black neighborhood and a black thug boarded the bus and got into fight with my brother. The black man, overly sized in muscle mass, height, and aggressiveness, and probably drugged up and drunkened up as Jews got Russians to kill my Polish people at Katyn Forest Massacre,….. and this black man kicked my brother in his penis and balls with all his might. Naturally, my brother fell over, and was the object of ridicule in front of the entire bus. Nothing was done to the black for the Jews, back in 1968 were all defending with White Tax $$$ and White medical $$$, White Art $$$, the blacks with free lawyers, unlimited counseling, and courts that were molded by Jewish Law professors and Jewish textbooks and laws that are against White male and for Jews and blacks. Thic deadly kick injured my brother’s body and mind. He was like an old, old man who could no longer control his peeing. My brother went into a daze and eventually dropped out of school. It was f’n hell to be a White Polak Christian in South Chicago. As if the Jews didn’t make us suffer enough in Poland as our rulers for 900 years, now we have to suffer a thousand times more!!!!! And to watch the blacks get away with it, until today, the White women would prefer any black, certainly any Jew who White women worship for $$$, status, head place at the dinner table as Jesus warns us of.
If you let Obama run, it is a “sexual” experience and has nothing to do with ruling a nation. He is a black King and we are his subjects. Once Rome did that, even just bringing in other colors of people, it was their downfall, not alone letting them rule and their White women going into climax, and campaigning and drooling over him.
There is nothing to drool over. Obama is ugly, I don’t care how much even the pro-White people try to stick up for him and decry me. They should be grateful I take this stand.
Why would one drool over Obama and not Romney?
Let’s put their pix side by side.

Comparing White Romney to Black Obama

Ok, Romney dies his hair and leaves a little of the gray show. It is what I wrote about in my blog letters for many years. I colored both my husbands hair, but it was my second husband’s “daughters” who told him that he looked “debonair” with his grey hair. I told him to go sleep with them since he adored his daughters more than me. It is said that most second marriages fail because of children of first marriage. The practitioner I was using advised me to put my “husband” before children, since the children would soon be grown,and we hope to have lifetime marriage. “I” did it, but “He” favored his children. That is not a marriage, that makes me a slave again to endure and suffer. Mitt comes from a polygamist father who must have had very healthy sperm: No drinking, no drugging, no smoking, no caffeine. His father penis muscle was used frequently amongst his many wives. Romney’s father was a respectable, loving, sexual stud. Romney has what would be called beautiful “White” features, we have “finer” features than Jews, with 12% black blood, blacks, browns, Asians who have “bigger” features. Fatter features. So for a White man, he has perfect features. He himself is a model for White women. He has beautiful teeth, and nice ears. (ha ha) His eyes are nose are perfect. He is “not” a crack cocaine baby as they hide away in Hawaiian Schools at $100,000.00 per student for White Tax $$$ to pay for. These babies have one eyeball on the forehead and one on the chin, which soon will be the “average” looking degenerated White baby. Try to have “that” baby compete with Jewish babies, or yellow babies? We are doomed if we don’t change. Romney is slim and trim, healthy looking. What does bother me is that he wants a Mexican VP. If the Jewish Mossad assassinate Romney, as they did President Kennedy Irish Catholic, then we would have exactly what Jews want… a Brown President. Jews, their banks and Jewish Monopoly Money control the US, White people and eventually Christianity, so whoever we put in doesn’t really matter. But in our delusions, it is a game we play. But these role models “do” have effect, otherwise White women wouldn’t go into orgasm every time a black man, based only on the color of his skin, gets up and dances. I saw first hand that a black man got up to sing. He didn’t even utter a note or sound, he was dressed drabbily, yet the White women go into ecstasy based on his skin color and the “sexual” delusion the Jewish media has fed these poor, poor women with a sacred White womb, constantly, since I showed you the first talkie movie ever made (after Jews stole White Edison’s invention), the Jazz Singer, which a Jew actor portrayed with his skin colored black to “play on the White women’s EMOTIONS AND SEXUALITY!” Romney, as any White man, has beautiful White skin, perhaps with pink cheeks. A woman should look at him and say as the White German women in Hitler’s day and think “I’d like to have his baby.” But for a White woman to think “I want to have Obama’s baby like his race-breaking mother?” That is crazy. There are not enough insane asylums to put all the White women in that think this way.

Now here is where Romney lacks over Obama… Teeth! First of all, Whites natural teeth are very degenerated. Most need braces, pulling, and are not the perfectly formed teeth of blacks and Mex’s who have not been subject to our addictions, wars, for thousands of years. We could correct that, just thru proper eating and breeding, but we don’t.
Now here is Obama with his “teeth.” Rather a cigarette. Our White women find this “sexy,” and want his sperm like the song above where the black singer brags of his “supersized” sperm against the “little worm” that he suggests the White man has.
You name me one thing that is handsome for a White woman? Chinese women don’t even look at White men, they only find their yellow men “attractive, handsome,” and they don’t even care about $$$ but about “character and qualities.” Odd for God-less yellow Communists, and our own Christian women volunteer and go into orgasm for “this” thug looking cocaine addict. Obama’s build is thin like Romney. Obama’s hair looks like a brillo pad that has been given an Permanent Wave for women and left on too long. His ears stick out of his head. His skin is a brown color, that should be attractive only to brown women of his race since his handlers murdered his white grandmother who supported him generously, kindly and lovingly, the day “before” he was elected. That would give me the impression that no matter who we vote for, the choice has already been made. They wouldn’t kill her on the “assumption” he was going to be in office. It was to give the world an image of a “black” president, and then to take him to White Germany with a crowd of 200,000 for White German women to worship him and to keep Hitler’s ideas of saving the White race burned forever dead along with his and Mrs. Hitler’s corpses. Obama the Black has big lips. What is attractive with that? Who would kiss big lips and find that “sexy?” He doesn’t have the brain to read 27 books as I have but can only produce “animal” sex, like the jungles of Africa. When we came from Europe it should have been for Whites to elevate higher in all dimensions or our existence, instead the Jews made us “equal” to the people and animals of Africa!!!!! Aren’t we sons and daughters of God, didn’t our human ancestors serve God and Jesus for 2000 years! And we act like animals and go into sexual orgasm over blacks like this? Please tell me what I should say when I get a phone call from all these White women volunteering their $$$, time, emotions, sexuality for a black man and his Jewish handlers in favor of their own species? I don’t trust Obama’s eyes. They say one thing, but inside it says “Takeover.” If the Jews and blacks want a “takeover” send them both to Africa where they can animal screw each other and rule over one another. then there will be no more Jewish race. That 12% black will become 100% black and the Jews will be extinct. Obama’s nose isn’t European. It is flat and wide. There is nothing attractive about that and probably filled with snots. White women jump up for “that?” It seems from my reasoning that the top Jews that support Obama, like Geffen, #1 in marketing and advertising and probably “free” labor for their Jewish candidate, he is homosexual. Geffen the Jew is also the #1 at the Music Entertainment, which is why we have black music where Whites go crazy and wild for them and make themselves look silly. Geffen is homosexual, and Obama should be given not only a drug test working the highest office with his finger on the red button that could start a nuclear war which will certainly annihilate the White Race, but also a lie detector test about his sexuality. I do not think Romney with 5 children is homosexual. Furthermore, Romney is a good businessman. We must run our churches, meetings, even families, like business, especially our government. One has to watch Romney for Mormons have this special love for Red Indians. I see Romney loving his Jewish bosses first, Mormons second, Indian like people third, and perhaps other White Christians 4th. But never despair, for Whites are not even on Obama’s list.

Jesus: Healing at a Distance

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I’ve always had a deep love for Jesus since childhood. I thought of something I read today about the “long distance” healings Jesus did where he healed but he didn’t go there to the sight of the victim. He healed “mentally.”
There were 3 of them: From Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracles_of_Jesus
1. The Canaanite woman and her daughter, a Gentile.
2. The White Roman Centurion servant: a Gentile.
3. Son of a royal official. It doesn’t state whether Jew or Gentile, but I will study further.
Why didn’t Jesus go to the Gentile’s homes as he did for Lazarus? Because Jesus healed at a distance. Jesus was a racist in most instances, and the few exceptions he made, is probably what infuriated the Jewish hierarchy.
Jesus didn’t go to their Gentile homes when called. Perhaps there is a lesson. Perhaps we don’t need to go to African homes, or homes in Mexico or anywhere around the world anymore. Since we live in “mental homes,” perhaps if we “pray” for the blacks, etc. it will be enough. God will care for them in His own way. Perhaps the blacks of USA can go back to Africa and help their ancestors with the talents, money and skills and welfare to the trillions of White dollars between Church and Government. And perhaps, in a perfect world, the Jews, being 12% black, can go there too. The Blacks can then worship them 24/7 to their hearts content, and we White Christians can go about our duties of saving ourselves, leading the rest of our lives happy and safe as God wants us to after 2000 years of being his servant, or slave, as I was like a slave to my husband or I Dream of Jeannie, TV fame, was a slave to her Master in a good sense of obedience.
If Jesus didn’t go to the other races, but only prayed, I think our chasing the rest of the 92% of the population to give them our treasuries, people, time is over with.
Jesus taught: charity begins at home and we should respect our fellow European White people around the world as descendants of a great religion, and not worship the natives. If they want Jesus and God, let them find it as we had to. No one knocked on my door. I had to seek it out.
Here is a song by Meatloaf 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, for 2 our of 3 healings were done by long distance, never coming in material contact with the victim, and were done for Gentiles and not Jews. The words don’t fit, but perhaps there is a lesson here that we don’t have to drop everything and run for members of different tribes and races as Jesus didn’t.
Link for 2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad, by Meatloaf. The White men have been begging for attention in all sorts of negative ways as a result of intentional bringing and breaking down, but our blind eyes and deaf ears and our brainwashed minds could only see what the Jews wanted us White Christians to see: the Jews, blacks, browns, Hindu from India, yellows, natives around the world. Don’t you think our White men deserve a break? And the saddest thing is that they will “fight” it as Jews taught them for millenniums of “Empire Wars.” We’ll have to turn to God on this one, for it is historical.

New Holocaust II Movie?

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Since Jew Holocaust I, was a Jew type Movie, this interview is warning that a New Holocaust II might be on the Horizon for Jewish crimes.
Believe me, in all my study, all I see is severe worship of Jews by Christians, Communist Chinese, (Jewish bankers with White $$ who developed and run them).
I already sent this movie, but wanted a few comments. I would write more, but to me, most of what he said, I’ve already gleaned from other videos.
I also think it is hard for all of us, as White Christian Polish and Christian Scientists to even tackle this since the German government imprisoned many of our ancestors. Many Polish killed (way way more than Jews) and also Christian Scientists were imprisoned as well as Jehovah Witnesses for not believing in the Medical System, which had been laid down by Jews. Jews were advising Germans, as Hitler’s doctor was the former doctor to Jewish entertainers.
But to forgive, means to take the good, if any, and use it to improve and basically to save ourselves.
One thing that stood out in yesterday’s writing was that the Complaint of Genocide I often mention, by Terry Graham to the UN (Jews 1200 of 1800), mentions the Genocide of European American (Christians!!!!) That means the White Race will be here; Christianity, God, Jesus, will be dead. Is that right after 2000 years of slavery, labor, prayer, sacrifice, helping all the other nations and “this” is our reward: Death? And the God-less people will live and thrive and occupy and share the planet, without White Christians? Do the other Christian religions know this?
Did the Jews use our treasuries for sure in Poland, but in Europe and America for Jewish causes: To revenge the Whites for speaking the Truth about Jesus Christ and what the Jews did to him? Once we White Christians are dead, then the Jews will be able to put their “King and Queen” robes on and rule, without having to wear camouflage, the business suit uniform, they wear today.
I don’t want to write about these things anymore. I have written too much already, and I see no changes in this respect. It only puts deeper and further wedges between me and my fellow human beings. Unless the reality becomes more favorable to my studies, it doesn’t do me any good to write or talk about it. I must appear like a madwoman into this hateful society bent on destruction of God, Christ Jesus, Christianity, Christian Science. Remember it was “not” suicide Whites commit, although Jews will record that in history for posterity as their books lie eternally, but genocide.
Even the video above, talked of Germans in such bad shape, not only financially, having to take a wheelbarrow of $$$ for a loaf of bread, but 270,000 White people commit suicide out of desperation. Jews surely got a chuckle out of that for their “entertainment.”
Ok: a few notes on movie below I already sent, Ernst Zundel vs Zionism, Truth vs Blasphemy:
    • It is really odd that a Jew interviewer made this movie. Jews don’t do something unless there is “gain” in it. The “Gain” was to have evidence to prosecute Ernst Zundel whch happened after this video was done. Just as the Jew, Owen Robbins, took my Jenny Jones TV tape, analyzed it, and then came up with American Idol, the Jews did the same with this tape, and ended up with destroying and breaking down this man, arresting him, making him spend many many years in Jewish run courts and prisons, deportation, solitary confinement and now worse of all, to have to live in his 400 year old German home… away from his wife in Pigeon Forge Tennessee home of Dolly Parton.
    • Note how Zundel talks of how his “books” were burned. Priceless, where he got his research from. Books over 400 years old that cannot be replaced. Jews burned them. Whites don’t get the Jewish hate, although Whites will listen to Jews like sheep to a false Shepherd. No Shepherd would make the sheep do things that will make them commit suicide, but preserve the sheep, help the sheep, guide the sheep. Here is where Hitler burned Jewish books again. It is “ok?” for Jews to burn White books, but not vice versa. I accidentally found this sample of “Book Burning” which shows the Germans burning Jewish books of lies, but it came up with a recent Book Burning by Obama regarding hidden information (like Katyn Polish Massacre being excluded from Nuremberg Trials). This book burning was of the “Memoirs” of a Government Agent. Certainly, it would be symbolic of Jews burning my information for Jews demand 100% obedience and worship. Does even God Almighty get that from the human race? Even those that claim they worship God, in their daily life worship dumb Polak Jew mortals with liver and kidneys, but no Love and Kindness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT0qgjxJyRA
    • They mention Sammy Davis Jr. the black being a Jew. In Vegas, no blacks were allowed when the Italians ran it. But the Jew lawyer of the Mafia, stabbed the Italians in the back, turned evidence on them to FBI, (Federal Bureau of Israel, posing as American gov’t agency) and bought Vegas, pennies on a dollar as they did in Germany after World War I. Jews use a sort of mental gimmickry to control us. They know the Whites have a little sales resistance to Jewish genocide, so Jews chose a Black man with one eye, that everyone “loved.” Then the Jews made that black man a “Jew,” which Jews don’t go after people coming into their faith. And I have already written about a former White Christian who wanted to become a Jew, but was treated and alienated so badly, he never went back. Jews huddle like a tribe. Now, thanks to Jews, White men will not even enter karaoke contests and refuse to sing, for blacks win all the time. Nor do Jews allow for “creativity” as I am the only one in world who has 222 costumed characters that I sing and dance too.
    • I have written just from human observation that Jews are part black. They have kinky and wirey hair, and it would explain how and why the Jews demanded that we White Christian sheep obey them and worship the Jew: See Obama, Oprah, Michelle, their children, how we go to Africa and keep pouring in labor and $$$ and let them multiply so that the blacks have 8 babies each. We could die from exhaustion trying to keep adopting and supporting black babies and all the sex that goes in, while denying ourselves the closeness of sex for our White Christian males and females to have children. Zundel makes his case towards the end of movie about Jews being 12% black in their DNA.
    • Zundel faced several bombings, death threats, I think I heard they tried to throw acid on his face. Here is from the chat on youtube. Why do Jews want acid thrown on White male faces? Why did Jews take our most handsome men and turn then into their “girls” for anal and oral sex?.. and no White babies for our future with handsome looks, just as they took our White women for lesbians, movie stars, no babies and sterilized White women like Dolly Parton, God Loving, and God singing, so she would never have children but could screw the hell out of the Jewish men. It is so disgraceful I want to scream, and scream and scream, but instead, hold it all in. The commenter is talking of Muslims.

Are you insane. They don’t cut vaginas or throw acid. It is jews who do that. Ask Professor Robert Faurisson from France about getting acid thrown in your face by jews. Or ask Ernst Zundel, who was taken to court by jews and then won so they burned down his house and attacked him and his wife. Atempted to throw acid on him and anyone who associated with him. Get your facts straight. Google Faurisson and read it yourself.

iggy6in reply to c9dw2rm8(Show the comment) 2 years ago


The Jews also sent bombs in the mail to him. Burned down the camera that was watching his home. The Mossad is smarter than us, and to even have to waste our White Christian time and $$$ in this struggle for survival, seems preposterous. The Jew led Commies of China don’t have to, or the non-Christian yellow Japanese, who have both taken over White livelihood in America and Europe and brought us to our knees financially. Starvation is next. Jews are surprised we caught on and are laying low. But the results of their work is already in statistics of our decline, death. Both as Whites and especially Christian Whites.

  • At 1:43 in movie, is a picture of the Zyclon B granules that Germans used to kill off the Lice which led to Typhus, off the coats, hats and shoes of Jews. No gas chambers for humans. I think Poland still believes this, but did Hitler do Poland about exporting Jews from Poland when we couldn’t do it ourselves for 900 years as we Americans can’t and are not capable of even thinking about it, let alone debating or discussing it.Also, the Polish guard has on his website that it was (Jew) doctors who injected in what was thought vaccines, the Typhus Lice bugs, into humans to spread it for “sensationalism.” Jews knew they had to “work” on the White Christian mind to get acceptance of all Jews out of Europe (by then an already declining empire with the Asian Empire and Dynasty already earmarked by Jews since 1949) and into America and Israel. Zundel speaks of how the Jews conned Germany into building the entire infrastructure for lazy Polish 12% black Jews of Israel and their dumber Palestinian slaves.
  • Ernst kids with the faceless Jewish interviewer about possibly being a journalist that doubles as a Mossad agent. For sure. Again, this Jewish Mossad agent, wanted this interview to build a case against Zundel. And…. Jews wear us down. It took 2 hours to wear down Zundel, but the question finally came up that he sends his newsletter to Germany where this kind of Truth is illegal. Once the Jew got that on video to show in secret courts, the Jews surely convinced the other White judges that Zundel was dangerous and should be deported to Germany, solitary confinement, 8 years of exhaustive trials and $$$ in Canada. Plus it will scare and terrorize to death, any other White from even thinking of these things. It certainly did and does me.
  • The Jews then tribed themselves into a wolf pack against Zundel, to “break down,” the “only” man who has such investigative knowledge. Notice while being filmed, Zundel’s records of the Jewish crimes behind him, all organized in a typical German smart fashion and catalogued. It has to make me laugh how smart he is… but.. he is old… and the only one. What happens when he dies? There is no one to take his place. Jews have again killed Jesus Christ, and will kill him over and over again, until his memory is wiped out. They break down our White men, intentionally, and make us suffer, before taking over our businesses, and then call this a “”Jewish religion?” No wonder Jesus Christ called it the Synagogue of Satan.
  • Revelations 2: 9 and Rev. 3: 9: Here’s pix of John at Patmos in Bible with pen and Sword of Truth writing his book on his lap: image Here is from Gil’s Exposition of the Entire Bible. It talks of the “conversion” of Jews to love God and forsake Satan. But be very weary in that expectation. Jews live off of “Christian Hope” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” for their wars and body bags at a cheap Jew price of $.37 a head, while White taxes and Christian treasuries picking up the rest. Jews have not picked up the White Civil Rights cause, nor saving Christianity. Jews are mortals. Jews have one mind, that that isn’t the “mind of Christ” but of Satan, and to me are the “anti-Christ.” All Whites worry about is being called “anti-Semite” which not only means anti-Jew, but anti-Muslim. So of the 3 major religions, Christian,Jew, Muslim, the Jews and Muslims found a way to unite, bring Christians to our knees to “worship” them: Jew= banking, and Muslims = oil!

    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,…. Which may be understood either of the Papists, the followers of the man of sin, whose coming was after the working of Satan, and whose doctrines are the doctrines of devils, many of whom will now be converted, and brought to the true church; or rather of the Jews, who had, and have, and will have till this time, their synagogues for religious worship in their way; but they are no other than synagogues of Satan; the men that assemble in them are of their father the devil, and do his works, and will do them:

    which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; they are Jews by name and nation; they are. Jews outwardly, but not inwardly and spiritually, Romans 2:28; they are carnal wicked men, under the influence of Satan, though they pretend to be religious men, and worshippers of God:

    behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet; the conversion of the Jews is here intended. The worship here spoken of is not either a religious or civil worship of the church, for the church is not the object of worship; only before whom, and at whose feet, this worship shall be given to God in the most humble and hearty manner: the sense is, that the convinced and converted Jews shall come to the church, and in the most lowly and contrite manner acknowledge their former blindness, furious zeal, and violent hatred of the Christians, and shall profess their faith in Christ; shall join themselves to the church, and partake of the ordinances of the Gospel with them; and shall worship God and Jesus Christ, their Lord and King, in their presence, and at their feet:

    and to know that I have loved thee; the Gentile church, and the members of it, in assuming human nature, and dying for, and redeeming them, as well as the Jews; in sending his Gospel to them, and calling them by his grace, and planting them into Gospel churches; giving them a place, and a name in his house, better than that of sons and daughters.

  • Since Jews are genociding us White Christians, and there are only so many sands in our White Christian hourglass, I wouldn’t worry about their survival and conversion. It makes us look like Christian imperialists and looking at the quality of Christianity in most 3rd Worlders, I don’t think it a compliment to Jesus Christ, other than a Jew way of emptying out our Treasury and emptying the world of Christians who have the book of the New Testament showing how the Jew-Satanic mind works.
  • Ernst talks of how the German White citizens (most Christian Catholics and Protestants) became drug addicts, 270,000 suicides a year. There is no more worry about Nazis or KKK. Jews had them both wiped out with one swat like White flies, 1944-1945. One thing about the KKK and their use of burning crosses, to me it is symbolic of the love of the cross, not the destruction of it, as Jews and their imps want to do.
  • The Jew invisible interrogator of Zundel of hating blacks. And in Truth, should Whites live in black slums. Jews are the slum landlords or were the original ones who used Jewish real estate block busting to make the Whites so filled with terror, they run like crazy into a different neighborhood. Jews make $$$ all the way around. On real estate for Whites will flee and give their homes away for nothing, and all the interest that should have been the Whites especially from parent’s homes, which should have “increased” not “decreased.” Jewish bankers off these sales, Jewish lawyers. And Jewish doctors probably play the “invisible” role. How? Jews are the doctors and have a dying patient with big medical bills. But perhaps need surgery. Jewish real estate goes into to “buy” the home and give them a bigger price to pay for surgery or bills so they don’t go bankrupt. (Most bankruptcies involve medical bills and pills.) Then the Jew (who appears White and camouflaged) buys home, who sells it to blacks. Blacks then bring their rapes, murder, violence, beatings as they did to us in South Chicago, and Whites run. Whites run into newly built neighborhoods again Jewish owned or finances, Jewish lawyers, Jewish banking for new loans. Then we wonder again, how Jews became rich. Off White fear and terror. I’m so glad Obama the black ended the War on Terror last week, now maybe he can end the War on Terror against Whites in our own home. How scary can that be? No Jew Hollywood movie on that yet, nor ever wil be. I wonder if someday all the Jewish film will be burned like the books that assaulted Christianity and Whites for the Big Jew Takeover. Jews also made money off the former White neighborhoods for as Jews sucked the blood out dry of both Whites and blacks, it became slum. Whites “again” paid with their tax dollars for “free and cheap housing” for blacks, browns…. who were drug lords and Jews made sure that there are enough of them in USA to feed these illegal drugs to White children. So Jews are the drug lords in Medical which seems “legal” but is an atrocity against our true health, both physical and mental, and also Jews are at the helm of the illegal drugs. If Whites are with them, then there is no sense saving the White Race especially under the name of Jesus Christ a man of health and healing, which separates him from any other religious teacher of all time. It was not just his parables, his suffering, his friends, but his healing that makes Jesus Christ the “ONLY.”
  • Note that 3 Jews were arrested in the bombings against Zundel of which the Jewish interrogator confirms. Let’s turn the table on the Jews. Just as they used this video to prosecute Zundel, and jail him, and murder him, as Jews did to Jesus, let’s see how we can analyze the Jew in video as how they trick Christians into falling into worshipping them. Since there is only “1” Ernst Zundel, we don’t hear of more Jewish crimes, because the Jews have their worship sewed up 100%. Jews work is a piece of cake and don’t have to spend their trillions making us behave to their orders and dictates. It’s been in the making for thousands of years. What will happen to Jews when they don’t have us? It will be the first time in their history? Aren’t they scared to me at mercy of God-less yellow Commies who have a history of massacring them?
  • Jews called Zundel the “Untouchable Icon,” but Jews won out by breaking White will in Canada. You can see why the DJ I began to write to from Canada which is the beginning of my autobiography is scared to death to agree to be in my book. Yet he knows now, firsthand that the Jews were the source of his being fired in Chicago as well as a dear buddy of his recently. I feel sorry for him, but I can’t dwell on it, for God might not save all Whites nor all Christians. And if we don’t hurry and do something God won’t save any of us if we cling to lies, lies and more lies.
  • Again, Jew doctors supplied all the poison and cyanide as I “reasoned” in my earlier blog writings. When I knew that Hitler’s doctor was former Jew Entertainer doctor for German Whites, and that he gave Hitler the cyanide capsules for he and his new wife Eva Braun, it made sense the Jews wanted “most” of all the important German leaders dead. A Dead Leader Cannot Testify at the upcoming Nuremberg Trials a Jewish circus. That intentionally did not include the “Katyn Massacre” hidden away until recently in the Katyn movie by Andrej Wajda. And perhaps the 270,000 White German Suicides a year “before” Hitler were the result of Jewish propaganda, banking, movies, books, education. The Whites could not survive under such Jewish tyranny for it appears “good.” Like a Good Jewish lawyer. Never, it is only because of their tribalism like African cannibals that their lawyers devour us unless we submit to high prices, evil Jew laws working “against” us. A “good” Jewish doctor… never. They mean to keep us sick, mentally ill, degenerated, until our last thought, out last prayer, our last drop of White blood. And make it look like “suicide.”
  • We White Christians may have wanted the conversion of the entire world to Jesus Christ, but from what I read, Christianity may not be for “all,” which sounds to me like a Communist theory, and may cause our death. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong. But, we cannot be White Fools anymore. To think Hitler finally married Eva before they died, says something. The German government didn’t want him to marry for he was an “icon” that the White German women loved and fantasized about so they could enjoy sex and have babies. Hitler didn’t have to worry about that and married Eva who stuck by him. Eva a Catholic who was in the nunnery for a while. Hitler an artist painting humble pictures of Jesus on Cross. And now we worship not our own Christian symbols but the star of David, and even that curses David a prophet of God, and we do nothing about it. I wrote about the song that was playing while the famous couple commit suicide. Here’s video of Joseph Goebbel’s who stayed with Hitler and Braun, even unto the Bunker. They raised their 6 children with higher standards of character and racial love and pride of German culture, history and to revise the the history of Germany as Americans should but will never do out of fear and terror, loss of job at university if they speak up, etc. Did this “family suicide” mark the beginning of the worship of the Jewish family (Jewish Princess on Pedestal, like Jewish Barbie Doll, and Jewish Princes surrounding the entire globe like one big KKK noose?).. .and the end of the loving White Christian religion and race, where the Complaint of Genocide focuses only on White Christians to be dead? The rest will blend into one brown color, while Jews will remain race pure, yellows, browns, blacks, reds. Only we will die. I’m starting to cry as I watch the movie, for I can’t bear to see our White Christian children die off or become so degenerated, they are White monsters with no God…. It is too much for the Burning Heart of Love to bear. I will wipe my tears and try to watch again. It’s always been this painful. And such a devoted couple with such love. Nazis had no intention of wiping out Christianity, it was their foe, the Jewish Commies who had White Russians by the back of the hairs of their White head as Winston Churchill exclaimed! Look at the little children in costumes and hats, just like me. They are playing instruments just like I take on stage for the audience to pretend to play while backing me up. Now, Jews just have us sitting in chairs, or Lazy Boys, which are more last electric chairs or the chair that one is strapped to when in an American gas chamber, to watch Jewish TV and Jew movies and Jew books, and Jew magazines. And they use the remove like the lever that pulls down the voltage or the pellets in the gas chamber as in the movie “I Want to Live” the first execution of a woman, Barbara Graham. Barbara being my name, and Graham, being the last name of woman Terry Graham, and her Complaint of Genocide against White Christians. One of the White German Children has a book “Sommer of 1942,” and the Jews, always stealing White ideas, made a Hollywood production “Summer of 1942.” Here’s a youtube of Jew movie. I would guess that this movie was another attacking White Christian values, race, standards, while maintaining blacks and Jews as “superior” for us to worship and adore instead of God and Jesus Christ. How can we let Jews crucify Jesus and his followers continuously, endlessly and eternally? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWMxX5MGuHI
  • While watching the video below, which encourages White family, White respect for parents, White elders teaching their values to their young. Hitler who “invented” Mother’s Day, with that poem I sent you and can be found on kkkaraoke.wordpress.com. What I’m seeing of relationships of Christians is divorce, race-breaking, White women throwing themselves at Jewish for the prospect of $$$ or a job. As I read, the Jews will kill off White male and let the White women live. In the Zundel interview I believe he said that of what was happening to Germany. White women will have wombs for Jew and non-White babies to degrade and defile us women. That is why USA allows 37,463 blacks raping White women. And the countless # of Rapes of Jews against White women as Hitler knew, and as I wrote to you of my own experience, something kept hidden for 40 years… for as the Bible says…. for fear of the Jews. Look at the “love” the children have for the male “My Daddy is my Best Friend” the little girl says. Not “the Jew is my provider of sperm and uses my sacred vagina for a sewer, not a dwelling of sacred holiness!” This just breaks my heart. It is so hard to type and I can’t wait until I get over this and type no more. No woman should have to suffer for the truth as the pain and tears I am suffering now. It will probably take days to recover, although I will pray and perhaps God will help me. Or perhaps God has given up on us. My “Mama’ was my best friend. My Daddy used to be my older siblings friend, but the Jews broke my Daddy down where he worked as they tried to do to me, when I nearly signed myself in to psyche ward again, because of what they were doing to me. Now Jews only make shows making fun of White parents, as fools, and teaches only for our Whites to “befriend” each other. That is how the Jews got control of our White children’s minds. TV Shows like “Friends.” Or Happy Days that had a Jew, “Fonzi” as their new god to worship, especially White women who now really adore Jews. Even my former boss and friend, Judy King, would only talk of having a Jewish doctor for a husband. And if she could snare one into her bedroom, would give him the sex “works” in hopes of catching him for a husband!!! See the little girl taught to “love and respect and honor” the male of her species? Doesn’t sound like the World War III bombs the Jews used to break up the white male and female worse than the deadly Jewish invented Atom Bomb whose only signature is Jewish on the dropping of it on the Yellow Japs. I once read in Singles’ book, “tell me how you love your mother (father) opposite sex, and I will tell you how the person will treat you. I never really “loved” my Mama and Daddy until I wrote about them. Quite the contrary, I was embarrassed of them, and hated the things they did which were so unlike Ozzie and Harriet parents. But now it is healed, and I need to turn away from them for I have done my job.
  • Can you imagine the Whites dropping a bomb on Germany like Dresden, the main city that made China dishes for gourmet food, where 200,000 Whites if not “all” Christians “melted” from 1000 bombs being dropped. They didn’t want to just “kill” white Germans, they wanted them so afraid they would never try to save the White race again. And that has been accomplished and even our White German Pope taught under Hitler Youth doesn’t seem to know this. Wouldn’t you think God wanted him to know this and understand and pray about this? See Goebbels looking at the German ruins still smoldering with flames and smoke, but never realizing it was Jewish $$$ that was accomplishing this. And Jews got their $$$ from sucking Whites, especially Christians die, with both $$$ and labor.
  • And then the camera turns to the Dead White Family. White Parents, and their 6 children, also Hitler’s dog, Blondie and all of her pedigree puppies as I raised, and realized that it was “ok” to not just raise mutts as I first did and sell them for guard dogs, but it was “ok” to have pedigreed champion dogs. Yet we don’t have pedigreed champion White Christian children anymore? Why. My tears are dropping like White bombs falling on my breasts. If what I’m writing is true it is unbearable for anyone like me with a heart, mind and soul. Even if others read this, they would never get it for Jews programmed them to say “You’re Crazy!” Jews use one word to destroy not only our bodies, but Christianity? “You’re Crazy?” Are the Jews sane? Are Jews the most neurotic and psychotic people ever recorded in history and imposters and we “follow” them?
  • As Ernst Zundel stated in movie I sent and below it was “Jewish poison, cyanide that killed the Nazi Leaders and here also the little White children.” I am “not” saying that we should now worship White Germans, even of the past. There are many races of Whites, and each should be cherished for their own uniqueness. I would hope they stay pedigreed, but also for the hope of mixed Whites who is about “all the mixed diversity” we need.
  • In the movie, it seems it is our own White “Allies” or Friends (enemies of German Whites to tried to save and preserve White Race, family, sex, marriage, character)… but the are walking around the dead bodies like nothing. Jews sure brainwashed them into Whites hating Whites. It seems that Christianity might have died years ago, and all that remains is our few buildings and treasuries. Mama would curse and complain when she drank her Christian Brothers brandy how we were “spiritually” dead, as churches, individuals, government, family, neighbors, but I never got it. And perhaps your families are all nice and happy and don’t need this. The White Mother’s and Father’s corpses are lying there, never to be resurrected again. Now we just have the White Christian ruins it seems.
  • Towards the end of movie, there is a spiral screw with a burned artificial leg on it. Goebbel’s I think had one leg shorter than the other and had to wear something to walk properly. Will all the tens of thousands of Jew faked Holocaust pictures which are probably not Jews at all.. but… Polish White Christians… why aren’t these shown. In our Christian schools today, we should no longer “teach” our kids with “memorizing” Jewish textbooks. My Daddy worked for Jewish publishers and they crucified him there, and kept us in abject poverty, starvation. And White Christians “memorize” what Jews want us to know in our minds with Jewish textbooks? Today, our books must be scrutinized to only reflect what is true as we see it. No praying in the world will save “lies” forever. Let the children read and study, but teach them to “challenge” what is read about Civil War, World Wars, Holocaust. If they can bring different opinions, (without being bizarre like Jews) let it be debated and discussed and get higher grades for it. And then once the truth is written, then it can be memorized. Who are the Whites standing around the corpses? How many are Jews and is this how Jews get “entertained?” I’m crying again, cause the costume I’m working on for Batwoman, I wanted to sing “I Believe I Can Fly,” and the little girl is singing “Fly, Ladybird, Fly.” I’m weeping now, and I want to cry for a long time. I don’t want to keep my tears all bottled up. I know that I can’t write anymore, for I gotta appear a little bit sane and maybe this crying over our death will hurt me. The Jews want nothing more than to break me down.
  • I stopped crying and had to write that Zundel preducts there will be a Holocaust II. With all his evidence against Jews, he knows the Jews cannot keep doing the things against Whites and Christians forever. But the way it looks, the Jews have won. The Jews are united with the Muslims and suckered us Whites into paying for a trillion dollar war for Muslim and Arab Oil Barrons. How long, dear God, will this continue? If God dies, I surely will automatically die. It won’t be suicide,my heart will just stop for my existence has only been thru Him, whether I was conscious of it or not.

Breasts, Breasts and more Breasts

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I will never forget when I first started to show cleavage how the other women hated me and mocked me. Once 4 of them nearly locked me in the bathroom and wouldn’t let me sing karaoke. Why? They all probably fed their babies, dastardly, destructive baby formula. I crusaded all by myself with writing, performing with cleavage, and going against the entire grain of the world that thought breasts were piggish and not from God!!!!  I pioneered in bringing back breastfeeding in 1972 when I was pregnant with first son and read book “The Art of Breastfeeding.” La Leche International.  Our White babies are getting sicker and sicker and it has been done to us intentionally for an easy takeover and to make plenty of $$$ off our illnesses induced by our own government and society.
I wrote 8 years ago, about my trip to the Houston Art Institute, near my son that lived in the forest preserve like a ferule. It’s tough to be a White male with nearly genius mentality, smarter than Jew Einstein for son was trained in metaphysics, which is above physics, he looks and acts like James Dean, and heart of Jesus as was told to me by others.
When I visited the art gallery, I saw a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary with her naked breast in hand, and Jesus about a foot away from her body, and she was positioning the breast to feed him and his mouth was open. I was shocked!!! I had been taking my son to the Art Institute Chicago for many years, and never had I seen anything like that. The most I ever saw was mere breast cleavage.
Well, I certainly wrote the media, friends, churches, schools. When I first went to Ann Riehle, the #1 costume designer in Illinois, who also lectured on women’s fashion from Babylonia until present, I told her I wanted to show cleavage. I paid the price of solitary confinement for 7 years breastfeeding in fear, terror, and shame, all 3 which break a person down, not build them up or heal them. She told me that women always showed their cleavage and even breasts since Babylonia, and then something changed. I will tell you what changed. Jews. Jew Prime Minister Disraeli got thick with Queen Victoria, who ushered in the Victorian Age. Jews knew by making breasts piggish or nasty, they could accomplish 2 things against the innocent unsuspecting White mind. First, the rich doctors’ wives were trying not to breastfeed for it was beneath them. Hence, the beginning of selling baby formula. Also, the Jews could make $$$ on making breasts sexual, taboo, and then Jews will make plenty of $$$ in porn, sex advertising etc. When it is all ridiculous. Jews sell Whites what they should be enjoying for free. Not only did the Jews take all our $$$ since Fed Reserve 1913, and IRS, the $$$ they did make off of us is fraudulent, destructive to Whites survival and health, and should be outright and illegal. (Do you think Whites will ever run rich Jews out of town if Whites find out what Jews have done? Doubt it. … for as the Bible says… no one spoke… for fear of the Jews and Jewesses.)
So I went to Chicago and stopped at the Art Institute. Something told me to ask to visit an art gallery with “Romantic paintings.” And I was told the Baroque Gallery.
Tra-la-la-la. There were not only romantic paintings, but there were so many paintings with women’s breasts and nipples hanging out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I wrote before, after I wrote the Pope about seeing Mary about to breastfeed baby Jesus with a bare breast and nipple, the Pope began to bring out all the “Hidden” paintings and sculptures of nudes that were buried under the Vatican for 500 years. I read that the reason they were buried was because of the new Protestants and the Catholics didn’t want to lose any more people than they already had.
You can look on google.com/images but here is just a sample. I think that little by little we are restoring our sanity. The Jews and their imps should never have intentionally driven us mad, both insane and angry… mad. Just think of this advertisement of giving a baby the healthiest food in our solar system for humans, mother’s milk, instead of baby formula, sugar followed by 22 drugs that is so weak, sickening, disgusting, one had to give not only the inferior product, but add bottles of vitamins, baby cereal, baby food, just to try to make up the difference, which it still was lacking….. but look how “rich” the baby formula people got, the doctors and nurses and hospitals that got bribes to make sure that the Whites 100% bottle fed. (Jews never settle for 99%, they demand 100% worship.) How about adding the $$$ they sucked out of Whites for baby cereal, again, processed, filled with drugs. Baby food in little jars was so filled with sugar and salt, it was pathetic. And we complain now about obesity. This was done to not only make $$$ off us, but to weaken us and bring us down for the Big Takeover. We never resisted, and it was like when the Jews formed plot for Persia to take over Babylonia. Jews made sure the Babylonians were drunk, over fed, tired, so Persia just had to walk in and Take Over. Just like the brown Mex’s are doing here. America, a Free for All, except Whites where nothing is free and have to work 94 hours a week to not only support ourselves, but Jews, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, 1/2 breeds, not only in USA, but all around the world.
imageimageHere’s one showing Virgin Mary’s cleavage but you will have to check out website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/m_morgavan/4140563694/lightbox/
What irks the hell out of me is that these goons brainwashed White Christians with baby formula etc. and very quietly just brought back Breastfeeding, when the culprits were never exposed, fined, and run off the planet. Here is the article of the Vatican’s historical change on the Virgin Mary’s breasts filled with milk that God made for his Son.

Whites Face Off Against New Black Panther Party

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I think it was the motorcyclists like Marlon Brando that made the Black Panthers turn back. Can you imagine Prin’s Panthers using the 1968 Black Panthers as role models? If the FBI can shut down the White People’s Party of 8 people protesting and threaten the innocent leader a White Irish American to cut off his livelihood, and if the government won’t lift a finger to stop the fear and terror Whites are experiencing, then these neighbors have to protect themselves. It is called mere “survival.” Whites keep running, blacks chase them, and the brown Mex’s chase the blacks. This is a Circus of Horrors, not the United States of America. Jews tried to turn Russia in to a “Union” of Soviet Republic, and look what it did to that country, their men and women and their poor alcohol fetal syndrome babies? Jewish Commies? Hopefully the rich Jews won’t be dragging Whites into law suits? I mean first having to White Fright Flight, and then to face the Tribal Jews in courts? Do we have time for this working 94 hours a week each for all the other races and religions around the world?
Did we really leave Europe for “this?” Was it this bad in Europe before we immigrated here?
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 7:03 PM
Subject: Fw: New Black Panther Party Chased Out Of Town
THIS is the way things are SUPPOSED to be!
I get sick of constant intimidation by thugs–time to turn the tables on these criminal supporters. Eric Holder can kiss where the sun don’t shine, the crook.

New Black Panther Party Chased Out Of Town

New Black Panther Party tries to protest outside the home of a man who shot and killed burglars. The local residents chased them out of town.

A man has the right to defend his home and property, no matter what his race or color. It’s high time Americans stood up to the Black Panthers
and any other group or government agency that villainizes law and order.

David Duke and Kevin McDonald on the Jewish mistreatment of Christians, Jewish “Race,” etc.

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DD’s Show 4/23/12 Part 1 & 2
  • Globalism: Portrayed as world peace & values. Globalists in power in Western Nations.
  • Intra-continental government: Canada, US, Mexico, they are trying to create; also EU in Europe.
  • The people that run globalism, care not about the people, but their own people, a tiny minority: Jews.
  • It opens up one to attacks and demonization. They are interested in power and destroying our rights.
  • Globalism is a form of imperialism: a form of Jewish imperialism.
  • We see it in wars: Afghanistan, Iraq, and planned war with Iran.
  • It’s polices that harm nations that harm no one else, like Iran who is “not” building a bomb.
  • Israel Jews has hundreds of nuclear weapons and has threatened others with them.
  • Jews have power over the only superpower: USA.
  • Jews have power over politics, Britain, France, USA, etc.
  • Jewish moguls have been the biggest contributors to politicians. 3 largest contributors in USA have been Jewish. George Soros, Adelson, Irving Moscowitz. Irving has made the largest contribution ever.
  • Barach Obama has not kept the Jews happy.
  • Moscowitz has decided to donate $1,000,000.00 to American Crossroads dedicated to opposing Obama. He wants to replace with someone who is more servile to Israel, even though Obama is very servile.
  • Monica Lewinsky (Clinton’s Jewish lover) was critical of President Clinton’s Peace Talks between Clinton, Israel and Palestinians.
  • Clinton knew that if he lost the friendship of the Jews, he would be impeached.
  • Obama knows the same thing.
  • Jews have incredible power to extort us.
  • Moscowitz has given millions of dollars to the Jews in the West Bank who are stealing Palestinian land. He also gave $$$ to (Internet news) World Net Daily.
  • They want to excite our people against the Arabs of Europe. Instead of making our people understand who is behind the immigration. The Mexicans and Arabs didn’t change immigration laws in USA; Jews did.
  • Jews changed everything thru media etc to get all the people on the side of Israel.
Dr. Keven McDonald arrives.
KM The case of Irving Moskowitz has supported the most fanatical in Israel. He wants the most pro-Israel President he can into office. Wealthy Jews are soooo important to the political process in “both” parties. Jewish power = How much $$$ the can pour into these projects, there are a lot of very wealthy White people but they tend not to use their $$$. They tend to want to get their name on a “medical building”. We have no one that wants to put their $$$ behind their ethnic interests.
DD There’s of course, Bill Gates, who has donated millions, millions, millions for scholarships which are racially discriminatory. Take Harvard for instance. You get a degree from Harvard and you get your ticket punches for the rest of your life. European Americans are 60-70% of population. They have high IQ and very productive, created the overwhelming technology, culture, medicine, business, industry. Now we look at Harvard, the flagship university, and European Americans are only 20% of the student body. Jews who are 2% of population compose 20%. Other groups compose 60%. Obviously that is a lot of discrimination when you consider that blacks and Mexican Americans have lower qualifications which is why you have to have Affirmative Action. Would you comment on the racial discrimination and racism going on at Harvard?
KM I’ve written on occidentalobserver.net website that when you correct for IQ the Jews are in fact vastly over represented at Harvard and other Ivy league universities. It is “not” just being “smarter” there is some kind of “ethnic networking” going on. Princeton had 10% Jews and you had the Jew New York Times implying there was anti-Semitism yet that is 5 times the representation of Jewish population. Hence Princeton is going to feel “under pressure” to admit more Jews until it will be 20% as it is at Harvard or 10 times their population.
DD If you graduate from Harvard you are plugged in. If you are “Jewish” and “graduate from Harvard” you are “doubly plugged in.” People argue that if Jews have such position it is because they are “smart.” There’s debate about Jewish IQ and it seems it is a few points higher than Whites. If that is the case, then one would think that there would be 1% additional Jews in Harvard or 3%… not 20%. Maybe double or even triple, 6%.
KM The ratio would be 7 to 1 Whites compared to Jews, but instead it is Whites and Jews equal. There’s definitely a problem there. It is a Jewish push to dominate these institutions. Social Sciences & Humanities are the most politicized Jews dominate, not necessarily, engineers, and regular sciences. It is pathetic to see Jews dominate my own university.
DD Certain abilities such as intelligence as well as altruism, gregariousness, aggression etc., the Jewish ethnic organization and group and how they have evolved in a certain way affects their behavior, religion, and societal structure. Affects their behavior; affects their genetics. It goes back and forth. Let’s talk about personality traits have an inheritable component. Can you explain that to our audience from a psychologists point of view.
KM I teach childhood development and the textbook teaches this point. It’s not just physical stature or IQ. It’s pretty much everything and all aspects of behavior. Conscientiousness inherited. It’s all about restrain of impulses. Being able to plan for the future. Being able to control aggression. Being able to control your emotions and so on. There are race differences in conscientiousness.
DD One of the ways they prove that is by identical twins with very different environments. People showing the exact heritage are closer to their biological parents, including intelligence, than the folks that adopted them.
KM This holds true of twins raised in different families.
DD We have identical twins that share all their genes and fraternal twins that share 1/2 of their genes. Fraternal twins raised in same home, same family, not separated, are not as close together in their personality traits as identical twins who have been separated from birth and living in different environments.
KM Genetic influence becomes more important as people get older. It is thought that as people live longer and longer, the environment would have more an influence, but if you look at the actual data identical twins are more alike in their 70’s until they are really old and about to die, even if they haven’t lived together for years.
DD We’ll go back to that famous Jewish question, your books have suggested Judaism and Jews as a group have an evolutionary strategy & the way they structured their society, and religion structure have a profound influence on their marriages and breeding patterns. This has caused certain elemental aspects of Jewish characteristics and traits.
KM Jews had strong influence on marriage within the group. They have strong eugenic practices. Jewish scholars could marry the daughters of wealthy Jews. It isn’t that Jews have these highest positions in society, it is that they have this hostile attitudes towards the traditional people of America. We have to be concerned about “Culture of Jewish influence,” as well as genetics, etc. Jews change that culture of the West to satisfy their Jewish group influence. Students are not just genes and biology, but when it comes to attitudes about life, this leftist domination of the academic world and media has a “huge” impact. That is why 2 of my books have “Culture” in title such as “Culture of Critique.” We have had well over 100 years of Jewish influence over the West. It’s Jews making us feel bad about ourselves.
DD We are talking about the Torah and Talmud, and aspects that the Christ railed against vehemently. My book, “Jewish Supremacism” basically argues that there are no more ethnocentric racially oriented people on the planet compared to the Jews. But they continually portray themselves as “victims.” of other peoples.
KM Jews became so ethnocentric from their origins in the Middle East. In general, the Middle East is far more ethnocentric than European groups. The Arabs can be broken down into tribal groups. That’s why when you go into Afghanistan or Iraq, you can win the war for a while but ultimately those societies are going to revert to their tribal ways. So the fact that Jews came from the Middle East is important. They keep outsiders out to maintain their racial purity. If a Jew was the kind that would inform on other Jews, or marry a non-Jew, they would be excluded from the group. That constitutes natural selection. You are concentrating the actual genes by getting rid of people who are not ethnocentric. The most ethnocentric Jews are those on the West Bank of Israel. These are the ones that are really pushing Israeli policy. Jews that are not into this either get on board or are excluded from the Jewish community. Zionism was very controversial 50 or 100 years ago, before Israel came into being. Most Jews in America were opposed to Zionism. It was the ideology of a very strong, fanatical group. A Methodist group was trying to stop investments in Israel, and 1200 Rabbis united to protest this.
DD Aggression of Jews are becoming more extreme in ethnocentrism and are winning out and are becoming more Extremists, than less Extremists. That Jews are going to assimilate is a false hope.
KM Jews that intermarry ultimately will be lost to the Jewish community. And even if they have a partial Jewish identity, they will still try to advance Jewish, but the ethnocentric core is not going to admit the children of these marriages. The most extreme are on the West Bank.
DD Also right here in USA: CBS, NBC, ABC, Democrats, Republicans. White House.
KM If you are against this as a Jew, you are drummed out and have no voice.
DD If you got time tomorrow, can we continue? What about the founding gene of the Jewish characteristics?
KM The founder effects happen when small groups are evolve quite rapidly. And what you see in Europe is a very small group of Jews, which are now the ancestors of the now Ashkenazi Jews. You select from a small gene pool. Jewish population was expelled from Europe, and pretty flat lining. Then in the 19th century the ultra-Orthodox Jews that were really emphasizing fertility. No matter how poor you were, etc. There was this window when they went pedal to the metal on fertility and expanded dramatically. They had the largest population increase of any European group. (Europeans were trying to keep population down.) This is basically what created Jewish power. And it was the most fanatical Jews who were responsible for this. You’re then passing down the traits for fanaticism.
DD This is fascinating. Jews have encountered very intolerant Christians over the centuries. The intolerance was far more from the Jewish sector than the European sector. The Jewish intolerance triggered the European intolerance because of their extreme anti-European values.
To be continued tomorrow:
Continued on April 24, 2012……
The show begins with beautiful music and words from the play “Man from La Mancha (I think) the song “The Impossible Dream.”
DD He is on Rense Radio Network. There are people all around the world listening to this show and people are really appreciating what is being said on human diversity, human rights, human independence. But the globalists want everyone to conform to a particular standard. They want us to be consumers of the same junk music, the same junk movies, the same junk morality, the same junk food, which by the way is destroying the health of billions of people. They talk of human diversity, that it is positive. Massive human diversity in a country is not beneficial. Cultures are different with their religions, societal structure. They find themselves alienated. As aliens come into a nation. The globalists try to hide this. This has been done by a minority who has dominated the media, governmental programs, national finance, and this particular ethno group has an extreme ethnocentrism, that motivates and animates it. Sydney Adelson, the big pro Israel contributor in the Republican Party has just donated another huge amount of $$$ to Newt Gingrich who uses the words that “Palestinians don’t exist.” It’s politics that serve Israel and one particular ethnic group. Our guest today is probably the top expert on ethnocentrism. These ethnocentric can exist in foxes, and deer and even nematodes. Jewishness has a genetic character to it. There’s an article on my website called “The Chosen Genes.” At the Albert Einstein (Jew) college of Medicine, and these genes can be traced to the Lavont an area in Israel. Thank you, Kevin, for coming on.
Jews in Russia were 6 times more genetically different than Russians where they lived than Sephardic Jews than Jews in Spain. There is a difference beyond the physical differences on the surface.
KM It shows that Jews around the world are more closely related than the people they live around. Jews around the world are related as 4th or 5th cousins, and that is a very close relationship. Jews have basically resisted marriage from those around them a pure race. If you look at Old Testament the whole point is to preserve the racial purity of this tribe of people. God preserves their racial purity and there are strong sanctions against intermarriage. Jews pass as White but they are not; they are part of the Middle Eastern gene pool. Even though they have blue eyes, etc. they are still strong related to one another.
DD Could you comment on a species of butterflies that began to resemble an entirely different species?
KM If you look at Jewish community it is sort of layered. If you go to the Orthodox sort of groups, these groups continue to look more Middle Eastern. Plus they all dress alike and have beards, etc. The other Jews that don’t look like these, the liberals, are far more dangerous to Europeans, because they look more like us like the ones in media.
DD Article on website: The Jewish priest class. A certain genetic chromosome could be identified with 98% of the “Cohen” priest class. It certainly shows they were indeed related. Computers now can run thru hundreds of thousands of dna markers to identify differences and similarities. The Cohen’s are the elite and could be compared to German’s SS class who had to prove their purity for 4 generations back. The Cohen’s can go back to a thousand generations, but if there is even a drop of non-Cohen or Gentile blood, they are not able to marry another Cohen. There’s an article “Not Jewish enough to marry a Cohen.” It’s not even legal to perform a marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew. Even among Cohen’s they cannot marry even a religious Jew if they have even a drop of Gentile blood. It’s not just the Old Testament, but the current state of Israel who promotes the Jews as a “race” as a identifiable and biological race.
KM The Y chromosome can actually be traced to Aaron in the Old Testament. The Diaspora strategy and real genius was for Moses to set up this Cohen strategy for special Levites. Racial purity was the most important thing to them and it is validated today that their marriage laws are set up for that. Israel is very big on eugenics and endogamy.
DD Circumcision is a barrier to conversion. If you take an adult male in the olden times and you take a knife to a man’s penis that certainly is going to be a barrier to “convert” to Judaism.
KM There are all these barriers. There were claims in ancient world that there were all these converts but evidence doesn’t back that up. All these informal barriers, like circumcision a huge problem for an adult male. Conversions doesn’t happen.
DD A Jewish baby doesn’t have a choice in the circumcision. It’s different with an adult.
DD We are discussing differences between Jews and non-Jews. We will talk about Jews who have gone against the other Jews. Jewishness can be influenced by genes. We do not despise Jews, but try to understand these Jewish organizations like AIPAC around the world have had and how to deal with that and stop these insane wars. “If you don’t understand Jewish culture then you can’t understand the problems that result from Jewish culture.” Is Jewishness genetic?
KM Jewish culture is important too. Jewish culture has reinforced and produced for example Kosher food so that you feel like you are separate. Circumcision. In the ancient world if you did somehow marry into the Jewish community it was known for generations that there would be a low mark against you. Your children would ultimately probably would leave the community. The Old Testament is a blueprint for Jewish strategy, the Talmud, and so on. If you look at Christianity, you don’t see a tight fit. Today we have so many Christian Zionists that are gung ho for Israel and the Christians don’t realize the hostility the Jews have for Christianity. It is routine that the Christian personnel in Israel are spit on, vandalism on Christian churches. I just bang my head about it.
DD If you look back in history, Christians and Jews, were opposed to each other and saw each other as enemies. When Jews got in power as Commissars of Russia, the Jews killed many, many, many millions of Christians including lot of Christian clergy. If they have the opportunity to do it, they do do it. It’s not because some Christian people decided they should support the Jews, but because Judaism is anti Christian. Regarding Jesus: the Jewish Talmud, the author Peter Schaeffer, and many other rabbis, point out that the Jewish scholars believe that it was hocus pocus of Jesus, and Jewish priests conjured up Jesus and are boiling up his body in excrement for eternity. You can’t get anymore vile than this. And Christians don’t know this and many of the leaders have been bought off especially the tele-evangelists because they can’t get their TV religious programs on the air unless they give the Jewish value of it. This has snow balled and now they fight among each other to be the most pro-Jewish element, because they will get good press from Jewish media.
KM The Scofield Bible is the Bible of the Christian Zionists. Zionists Jews have promoted this and now there are strong organizational ties. All these organizations are headed by Jews to promote ties between these Christians and Jew Zionists. They routinely suppress any info showing the real hostility of Jews towards Christianity. There is a sign in Jerusalem that says “Jesus is the son of a whore!” That is the kind of attitude that pervades Orthodox Jew circles. Reverend Hagee has made an awful lot of $$$ on this. Fame and fortune and the ticket to their success.
DD Give me details of poster, “Jesus is the son of a whore.”
KM This show on 60 minutes by Bob Simon who is Jewish, (on Kevin McDonald’s website) talks of Christianity as disappearing in Israel. The huge pressure against the Palestinians. There was a very vibrant Palestinian Christian community. Bethlehem was 80% Christian now it has gone way down low.
DD We’ll talk when we get back how Christians are hurting other Christians by these Christian Zionists.
DD Our guest Kevin McDonald is one of the foremost experts on the Jewish people and how their psychology and genetics are interwoven and are affecting Western World and entire world with their “Globalism” ideas with economic financing and control which then control the politics of the world. What about that sign?
KM The poster was at a Baptist congregation in West Jerusalem and the sign says “Jesus’ mother was a whore.” And it was on the side of this church. There’s a long history of Jewish religious students insulting Christians. For example, the Greek Orthodox go out and have their habits on, the collar, etc. and the Jews spit on them routinely.
DD Even the nuns are spit upon.
KM It’s horrible! 60 minutes did the piece on the decline of Christianity for the Palestinians in Israel and they were basically blaming Israel. Palestinians have to deal with that on a daily basis, and some of them are moving out. The Israeli Ambassador Michael Oron (spelling?) was furious and so they tried to prevent it from being aired. It was tone down, but anyone that viewed 60 minutes would have thought that Michael Oron was lying thru his teeth. Christian Palestinians say it has nothing to do with the Muslims. It has everything to do with the policy of the Israeli government. American Christians have to understand what is going on here. The organized Jewish community is “not” their friend, Israel is “not” their friend. Jews have this atavistic hatred against Christians. It’s the mother’s milk of Judaism throughout the world. In this country, but even more in Israel where all the gloves are off.
DD We can use Jews own words “atavistic” hatred of Jews towards Christianity. Israel killed thousands of Lebanese Christians. They bombed tens of thousands of Christian homes as well as Muslim homes. So how can Christians here support Israel when they murder Christian children in the Middle East?
KM This was not mentioned on 60 minutes.
DD It is horrific to think that Christians support Israel’s harm to many Christian neighbors, what kind of Christian support the bombing of “any” people, let alone the bombing of their fellow Christians by very serious anti-Christian Jewish extremists. Let go to epigenetics.
KM It really has become an argument by the Social Science left where you can see the political edge they have put the whole science of behavior questions into this. It’s a completely false argument. If you win a tennis tournament your testosterone and genes are turned up, and if you lose, they are turned down, but that doesn’t mean that was routine done. Aggressiveness is modulated also by the environment. IQ genetics are turned on and off by certain environmental influences. The genes for your nose are not turned on and off by environmental influences.
KM When we talk of how one is conducting their lives can actually affect their offspring and it is a wake up call to conduct yourself for your offspring also. Exercise turns on genes that make you more functional more physically and mentally, yet don’t change your genetics.
DD Well, I would like to have you on again, perhaps once a week, for you are the foremost authority on the Jewish people.

Black Obama Raids My Neighborhood

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Two years ago, I volunteered for a Republican Candidate, who was a Mormon, and who was opposing the Jewish Princess, Shelley Berkley. (In Lil’ Israel, Vegas, she didn’t have a hard time & won. She is now running for Senator, and since Republicans don’t seem to have a chance here in Nevada/Vegas (Jews and their imps) she is a shoe in. Do the Jewish Supremacists ever lose at anything they do. No wonder we worship them.
While I worked for him, I made 2 commercials. Oh by the way, I “must” say his name was White Kenneth Wegner. I always tell the “Jewish” name which really works for them instead of against them, but forget the White name. It is said in metaphysics if you have to look at error in the mud, look at it “1” time, but declare the spiritual truth, “5” times. So here is his name 5 times to eliminate the name of the Jewess Princess in both your name and mine: Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner.
One of the commercials I did really blasted her. But then he called me to do another one, which was kind on her. Someone must have gotten to him and “advised” him and we know how Jews advise. We must really watch out for that. Why? Because we as Christians pray to God. And rightfully and most importantly so. But then we “wait for an answer.” And sometimes, if not most times, our answers seem to come from this pseudo-reality, which is Jewish. So “who” is guiding us. God, the spiritual highest and Supreme, or the Jewish Supremacists…. the collective tribe. We don’t need to see them as individuals as I named above for the Jewess, but now as a collective Mafia tribe. And when you think of “tribe’ think of the African cannibal tribes ready to devour God, Christ Jesus, Christianity, our minds, bodies, health, and for what? For $$$$$.
I also hosted an internet radio show for him, the Judge that was running and I was the first non-Mormon guest hostess. I didn’t know what was required of me, and they had to encourage me to talk for they did most of the talking, but they were polite and asked for my input when I was just listening to them attentively.
So, just now, I got a call at the door. Black Obama is sending his “White” army to our Mobile Home Park for Citizens. And these lonely people are just ready for some advice or literature or company. Even a friendly face.
I was the one, that told the Republican Party to come to my trailer park. They were sending out flyers to walking house to house in “rich” neighborhoods, but the walk between houses was so long, that few could be distributed. In the mobile home park, or even apartment buildings, one can distribute or ring the doorbells as this White man did, and give out a lot.
So the Jewish Tribe have got their Obama campaign organized very early. They have never come here before. Last time he ran it was “all white women” that I got calls from, begging me to vote for him, come to free lunches or meetings, etc. Yes, they have driven our White women to nervous breakdowns and they are now insane. Oh well.

Prison Debt?

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Remember my writings, that when the Jews brought their “Funny money” into Poland around 1500, and got into the churches, as they are today, without us even knowing it, it was a law that one had to do their $$$ business with Jews and not only go to prison, but in their spiritual journey would be in the “Flames” Of hell for eternity with Satan. (Pardon me, I think the Jewish Satan and the Synagogue of Satan are here on earth.)
And in Galatia Poland, White Christian Poles started to work for Jews are were running for their jobs. But psychologically Jews tricked them to also have to “drink at another Jewish tavern. (White Polish men, and even women, did “not” know Jews work “together” against us. We think from our own limited White sense, where we only care about our own household and sometimes not even that, the way we are running like crazy for businesses. I met a young White woman on the plane. She was chatty and I asked her questions to get to know her. She had a husband, and a very bright little 4 year old. But this woman worked 12 hours a day as a “nurse.” I know the Jews are working my girlfriend from childhood, who used to carry Mein Kampf around, also 12 hours a day at a Jewish nursing home. Is this what Hitler wanted for our women? To be work slaves and sex slaves for Jewish men and that the White men could get the Jewish crumbs or discards and call it a “Sexual Revolution.” There was only “1” Revolution, as in the French White Catholic Revolution, and it was a Jewish Revolution, for God was murdered and the King and Queen were guillotined and framed by “sting” operations. In my Daddy’s town, after the Jews employed White Catholics, made them drink in Jew taverns, with Jew distilleries, etc., then Jews giving Poles plenty of “credit’ while drunk, and the White Poles was “out of it and didn’t even know he was making credit,” then Jews had the Big Takeover of each Polish household, taking over all the Poles bought that they worked for over the years. Somehow Jews got their seeds and plows away also, and the White Christian Poles starved to death. No debtor prisons for Jews robbing Poles, for Jews wanted a slow horribly painful death for their “host” country who were so nice to them for 900 years. And of course, Jews robbing the White Polish corpses, as Jews shed their plain clothes (like a camouflage that Jews use today since Jews control retail and what we wear or don’t wear.)…. Then the Jews put on their golden glittery robes and became the “real” Kings of today, after they got rid of all of ours, including my Polish King back around 1200, by Jew assassin stabbing him in heart, while Polish King slept. How utterly cruel for Jews to turn on us White Christians and abuse the name of “Christ,” in their devilish acts! Jews killed Jesus for calling himself King or Kingdom…… Jews knew they were Kings back in Jesus’ days and they weren’t about to let Jesus foil their world plot and insinuate he had a “Peaceful” Kingdom, when surely Jews also were involved in Roman Empire wars. We already knew a Jewess was married to Governor of Rome. There are probably trillions of pages more to go thru, but do we have the time?
I met a Jew Russian in Chicago. He was 1/2 Jewish. His father was Jewish, screwed his Russian mother, and voila, another Jewish bastard left unsupported and criminals worse than even those brown Mex and their constant sex illegal babies. For Jews are the “smartest.” This 1/2 Russian Jew was nice and I asked him about the Jews killing the Russian Czar, Czarina, 5 children and spiritual healer? He said I was wrong. It was not the Jews. Jews had nothing to do with it. It was the (White) Stalin (who by the way had 3 Jewess mistresses who knew everything he did and could sway him as the Jews used Marilyn Monroe and President Kennedy and we never knew what was really going on but only what Jew News told us. Try to deal with people like that who are in a different reality than the one I’m in.
I felt sorry for the young woman and told her so gently and quietly since it was late on the plane and all the lights were out. I told her I used to breastfeed, organic garden, take care of husband and much study of Bible, God, church work, church services, and of course my 2 babies. I worked “part time” because our society, commands it, demands it and we could use the $$.
But today, it “requires” “2” to maintain a household, not one. That was intentional. It was the result of 3 Jewesses who are rich, have maids, have inheritances, connections and force their Jewess men on us White Gentiles to keep us as slaves so the Jewess can work, go to school, play card games, go to galas and balls and have the “first” place at the dinner table, which Jesus warns us about.
Not only that she has to work 12 hours a day as a nurse. What would happen if Whites woke up and started to care for their bodies, with right food and exercise, without being obsessive. I know a fellow Christian who I love dearly who is an Ironman (woman) but it requires so much time that she has no time for church, Association. I think she came because of me since I spent some time at her home convalescing after cancer surgery when the doctors took out my womb when another doctor jabbed me so badly with an IUD he injured me for life years before. But then I got $$$ from a bankrupted fund, but should that keep me quiet, as the victim’s families of 9/11 Hoax?
This woman above volunteered that her mother worked before her even though married, and that she “had” to have her job. It was her…… Drum, Dumb Role….. IDENTITY.
Not being a white wife, or white Christian, or even a prayer once in a while, or White mother….. but a White nurse for Jewish doctors and their non-White imps which flood the hospitals, doctor’s offices. People think if they see a White doctor they will jump on me and fight with me and say “No, I went to hospital and I saw White doctors.” Probably Jewish for they “pass” as White but under no circumstances to they consider themselves White unless to hide under our Christian name while they rape other countries, financially and their women. Again, check Israel and see if those Palestinian babies, perhaps relatives of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, are in reality, Jew bastards, and left unsupported, unloved, and cursed for eternity.
Also, she told me that Frank Moreno in Las Vegas who is a male impersonator of females only does “1” character. He is probably the most well known person as far as people talking about him or the Jewess from church offering me free tickets to see him. I have no time, nor inclination, I am a White Christian Heterosexual female as my folks and family were, even despite the fact that a man raped my brother he still put that behind him and married a White German American woman.
But this Frank Moreno, and I have no ill feelings towards him, but keep my feelings of love and liking for heterosexual White men….. Anyway, Frank went ahead and had plastic surgery from Jewish doctors and their imps, so that he could look like….. drum, dumb roll…… Joan Rivers….. the Jewess comedian. She was the one who knocked down her husband so badly in comedy he commit suicide. Her name, her Jewess name, is known more and revered and worshipped more than Jesus’ mother, Blessed Virgin Mary. And in a world of nearly 1/2 Christians I find that frightening. Try to have a normal conversation with people that are that far gone in some la-la land.
Although one seems his picture with many other costumes… I always thought that he did “all” of those other characters, as I have 222. But no, he does one character, he gave up his masculine White face, his ability to have White children to preserve our White population, just so he could look like a Jewess woman, Joan Rivers. How sad? Well, we could say one less homo if we wanted to be mean, but the Jews are taking away some of our most handsome and beautiful people for their homo and lezzie sex, and leaving us heteros with less to pick from for dating and mating.
Here’s just a random sample of Joan talking about dating. Note how the Jewish mother says she wanted a doctor, lawyer, CPA, dentist, (all fields Jewish men rake in collective trillions. See White Christians make up lists of the “Richest” men in the world. But Jewish wealth is not only “individually” richest in world, but collectively, Jews are trillionaires, a trillion times over. And how? Off White $$$, Polish $$$, European $$, and now that the Jews are drenching every last drop of White blood out of us for their Jew New World Empire, Jews are getting yellow $$$ from Jew Led Commies, just like the former Russians. You see all those fetal syndrome White Christian Russian babies that are badly damaged and people are all getting healthy yellow babies? Soon the yellow babies will be all damaged too. Plenty of $$$ for these Rich Jewish doctors? Do we expose the Jews? No, why… fear of the Jews. Even Jesus had a well understood “fear of the Jews,” and had to hide himself, escape, until he finally gave in. Do we try to prevent this Trillion $$$ dynasty the Jews have created, maintained? No. Do we try to develop a White community, help one another, have healthy children, no matter what route we take? No.
So, Frank Moreno’s pictures around Vegas are of “other” men who gave up their White identity to look like women, have sex with each other for they are too dumb to find the right hole to put it in. Even the yellow Chinese and Hindus both have very excellent means of ancient sex techniques (I never tried them for I could find no man for marriage that was sport enough to read a few books on the subjects. Jews totally annihilated the White man’s brain with “sport” for craving black football, baseball, black women, black presidents, but a sport like sex that is the best exercise in the world for his “heart?” Nothing. No exercise in the gym can compare to sex for a man and woman for it directly relates to the heart and seems to release chemicals that help each other. The same as when a White man and woman kiss. There is a chemical that because it is the “opposite” sex, it somehow reduces cavities. Do the Jewish dentist rapists and horsekillers who are ruthless in the dental chair as Dr. Jacob Stern who felt my breasts, drilled my teeth and told me how nicely I was “budding” out? Where is the Nazis? Where’s the KKK? Where is God, because this is an absolute tragedy not just for me, but for Christianity, God, Christ, White Race, the USA, and World who are sharing the loss of my ability to relate properly to the male and certainly the White males inability to relate to me.
Watch how Joan says at the end, that the final man who comes is a man with a mask and a gun. That too is a Jew, but instead of a gun with bullets, it is his peter with sperm, shooting it all over the place, and we Whites just have to remain “silent” as the Vow of Silence I took for 37 years, or as the Poles regarding The Jew Commie massacre at Katyn Poland.
You will have to look for Joan Rivers, the Jewess Comedian, who knocked down her Jewish husband, “Edgar” all the time for “Laughs.” What the Jewish man doesn’t know, is that the Jewess women are all united against their own Jewish male and laughing at them right to the bank so they could get free support for doing nothing for their Jewess selves and Kyke kids, making the Jews the laughing stock of the Whole world. How does the Jewish man look at himself in the mirror each morning, knowing his Jewish wife, Jewess daughter, Jewess mother, are really making a fool out of him as the Jew continues to conquer the White Christian world. (on our last leg and breath. I mean, come on how can that woman above working 12 hours a day, ever find time to “help” save her White husband, work on her marriage, pray to her God, raise her child, as the rich yellow women spend so much time devoted to upbringing their “1” child, or the Hindu mother who has 5 maids, or Jewess who has been wealthy for thousands of years and not just stay home with child, but get her Jew husband to rape and impregnate White women so that we are dumber, can’t go to school, cause we are barefoot and pregnant.
By the way, I told you about Jew, Owen Robbins who got my Jenny Jones tape as Queen of Karaoke and turned it into American Idol. It’s on queenofkaraoke1 on youtube.com. That was back in 1999, and you can see my son’s age, 20, and he was born in 1979, so it’s God’s proof I’m honest and telling the the truth.
Well, this Owen Robbins, multi-millionaire not only from Superbowl, but the brown Mex “Telemundo.” (By the way, living in Vegas, I can attest firmly that brown Mex’s and their sex’s babies support their “own” Mexican stores. When the Jews flee the neighborhood for better homes, gouge the brown Mex’s, have the Whites pay for Mexican homes with White Mortgages for browns and blacks…. the browns takeover the neighborhood. It becomes a slow ghetto. Browns do “not” support White businesses. Isn’t that odd, since Whites support both Jews and brown Mex’s. Where I live I go to brown Mex stores for they have more meat, fish, produce, and much cheaper. Their stores are lively and packed. Yet I got into White owned stores with White names such as Smith’s or Albertson’s and they are like White morgues. Think of the saying: For every White business, there are 2 Jews to take it away. And now I will make up my own, for every White business in a brown or black neighborhood, there are “2” brown businesses such as Mexican Food stores that Browns use exclusively and ignore the White Food stores. The mall near my home, is almost a ghost town. Why? Mex’s buy at their own store. Swap meets. Buy second hand from Whites. They live together many in a home and don’t need all the items as Whites do when each and every White must have their own home, own toaster, own fridge, own car. It is the cause for the World War III. Divide and conquer White male and female. More houses, more apartments. Every way you look Jews and their imps are assaulting us with “their” non-White, anti-Christ or anti- Christian behavior. And we pay for it and it is in our own “Home.” Oddly, Whites, even Christians kick out their own offspring for alcohol, drug addiction. Yet Whites won’t lift a finger to kick our the drug lords, or the doctor lords, who abuse us with overmedication, Jewish media to make us and keep us sick. Take Eddie Bernays, nephew of Freud, who turned our White women into “freedom” with cigarette ads. That was also part of Jewess Feminism, Gloria Steinem and Company, who forced our White women into slavery in business so that we Whites could support the Jewish High Lifestyle, PHD’s, and now the browns, blacks, even yellows and Hindus as they come in not as floor scrubbers as my Mama did, but at the top as Doctor’s doctor’s wives. How about all the lower labor in hospitals etc, coming from Philipines as nurses, etc. Instead of trying to think “health” and not having to use any of them, and dangerously now as we get older, our very lives are in the hands of evil Jews, yellow, Muslim, Hindu doctors, black and brown hospital help, etc.
And while the Jews stay home with their babies, yellows can, rich Hindu’s can, and even poor blacks and browns can because of White and Christian welfare, White women, above will have to work 12 hours a day and neglect her child and have to admit that she has to work for it is her “IDENTIY!” Then we wonder why Christianity is dying. And I can’t even talk about it with my own fellow Christians which is really a heartbreaker for they are too busy adopting yellow Chinese babies, marrying yellow Chinese women, helping South Americans, marrying and being slaves for Black wives, and even now their own children are adopting “Vietnamese babies.” I feel so alone… so alone… being a White Christian that would like to save the White Race from themselves. But I truly don’t think they want to be saved. They would rather separate me, I think. I have no problem with them, as my brother who adopted obese black baby, so heavy he can’t lift it. And plus he is looked on like a “saint” while I am the “sinner.” It is no wonder I checked in mental ward, many years, ago, I never was in your reality, even though I was always “Jew” first, black “first” “Mexican first,” anybody except my own good Christian female identity, which is a curse in our society. The bitches cackle together like hens and really rule the roost, not the male rooster. For they bring down the good White woman, and all the white Rooster has to pick from, since good white women are so damages, is the BITCH. Book: “Men Love Bitches: Stop Being a Doormat and Get the Man of Your Dreams.”
I’m looked at like Crazy” if I say the word White. I face prison for writing the Truth about Jews. I face death, by Black men with loaded guns and bullets hiding and waiting for me in my tool shed. Yet, Jesus faced this. He spoke the Truth about the Jews. He never once fell for their lies, hate, murder plots, even “mental” malpractice for surely when Jesus was tempted by the Devil in the Wilderness, it was the Jewish thought he was facing, not a Devil with horns. Jesus faced prison and was arrested by Jews who forced Whites to war and kill him. Jesus faced death many times by Jewish hands,minds, plots. And all in the name of “good” as Jews would have fellow Whites believe they are being “good” when it comes to dealing with me. And of course, Jesus faced being called “crazy.” You will find it many times in the New Testament commentaries. I am no comparison to Jesus. I am barely alive sometimes I get so weak and tired. My only hope is to “survive.” I could never compete with a Jewess on a pedestal with golden spoon stuffed in her mouth, or a rich yellow manufacturer’s wife from China, or Hindu doctor’s wife, or even black Obama’s wife, who grew up just a mile away from me in South Chicago. What has happened to our country? Remember the goal is to bring the USA as a microcosm of the entire world. Did anyone ask me for that crazy decision? No. Nor did they ask you. But a microcosm of the world would make it 92% non-Whites with Jews as Kings and Queens sitting on top a mountain of gold. The USA would then be only 8% as our percentage world wide is right now. I wonder what year that will be? By 2042, we will be 49%.

ps Lusitania and Titanic

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I was mad as hell about the Lusitania and Titanic, but after I posted my blog, wordpress gives me suggestions to add to my “tags,” to get more responses. They might give suggestions as to add “war history,” etc. Well, on today’s topic of the sunken tragedies, they added “vacation” and “travel.” Can you imagine anyone thinking of traveling intentionally on the Titanic or Lusitania????? Many of their other suggestions are worthwhile though.

Titanic, Lusitania, Hero, Heroine, World War I

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At the beginning of my writings to the Whites I compared the White Race to being on the Titanic Ship. And that we are headed for a White iceberg and we must desperately try to change course of the ship. We now “see” the iceberg and can change the course of our history… Yes it was one of my favorite analogies, I never dreamed that today April 15 is the 100 anniversary. It causes me great pain. This is a lone email if you are too busy you can delete.
I’m going to be doing character Molly Brown (Unsinkable Molly Brown Movie) for my Titanic Tribute. I hope it is not outlawed I’ve already made the costumes, hats, jewelry, gigantic posters and it is of the “highest” possible entertainment that I can think of and for “free” and out of “love.”
Here’s Molly Brown in her big feathered hat. Mama used to wear feathered hats….. before too many children were born…. and Grandpa who lived with us and helped us so Mama could work full time, breastfeed, take care of him and Daddy and try to pray and her evil older sister came upstairs got Grandpa drunk, and had him sign the house we lived in over to her and take my Mama’s name “off” his inheritance list. I bet this Aunt’s descendants are all doing fine today, not suffering as I have had to do.
But here is Molly Brown giving this man Arthur a trophy. If you are looking for something to write about it is “good” information, but if you are desperately searching for Truth as God is Truth, then notice this captain also was on the “Lusitania.” Didn’t I just discover in my writings a few days ago that perhaps not only was the Lusitania sunk but the Titanic as well. Remember the Jews were on “both” sides of Civil War, World War II, Viet Nam War. I read that our White men actually were sent into territories where the enemy was awaiting to slaughter and massacre them.
Do I think our White leaders or Generals “aware” of this? Of Course not, we are dumbed down, but not that stupid, I hope. But the “advisors” and “banks” that had a say so in these wars surely got their spies to “plant” ideas at highest places of authority.
Note: a Jewish author wrote this article. I’ve already been wearing the “Molly Brown” costume for a year and have written about her and been on stage. Jews take White ideas and become rich and famous with them. At least if they would stop bashing me I would certainly appreciate it. There has to be a God and Justice.
Published: April 10, 2012 By: STEVEN COHEN

5 Things You May Not Know About Titanic’s Rescue Ship

As we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the most famous of all maritime catastrophes—the sinking of the White Star liner Titanic early in the morning of April 15, 1912—the heroic and perilous rescue effort that took place in response remains something of a footnote. Titanic, after all, was the largest and perhaps most opulent ocean liner of its day, while Cunard’s Carpathia was a relatively modest ship launched 10 years earlier that was coasting toward eternal obscurity when disaster struck. Explore five things you may not know about the only vessel to rescue any Titanic survivors from the icy waters of the North Atlantic.


Arthur Rostron, captain of Carpathia, receives a trophy from Titanic survivor Molly Brown in May 1912. (Credit: Library of Congress)

1. The Titanic disaster launched Carpathia’s captain on a trajectory to a distinguished career.
Captain Arthur Henry Rostron—who was sufficiently anonymous at the time for many newspapers to misspell his name as “Rostrom”—spent virtually his entire life at sea after turning 17. Born near Liverpool in 1869, Rostron embarked on his maritime exploits just after completing high school, joining the ranks on a naval school ship. After serving on a variety of vessels including barques and iron clipper ships, Rostron joined the Cunard Line in 1895, soon serving as fourth officer on RMS Umbria. He then served on a number of Cunard ships and worked his way up to first officer before becoming captain of the Brescia. Leaving Cunard in 1904 for service in the Royal Navy, he returned in 1905 and became captain of the then 3-year-old Carpathia. Rostron achieved universal praise and celebrity as a result of his legendary efforts to rescue survivors of Titanic’s sinking, testifying in the British Board of Trade inquiry, traveling to the United States to appear before the Senate and receiving the Congressional Gold Medal from President William Taft. Rostron went on to command some of Cunard’s most illustrious ships, including Mauritania and Lusitania, and in 1928 he was made commodore of the Cunard fleet. He was named a commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1919, and in 1926 became Sir Arthur as a knight commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Here is something about how “Lusitania” ship got its name. Has to do with gods and wars in Rome, Celts. I know that the Scottish Celts and the Romans fought bitterly. That is why Scotsman wear kilts today. The Romans used to wear them and when the Romans came to slaughter the Scottish, the Celts adopted that skirt for warfare and wear. One has to study the enemy for enemies are not always 100% evil. They might have advanced ideas. Take the Jews, Chinese, Japanese, (Please take them oh Lord!)… these Asiatic races study our ideas, steal, them and make trillions and trillions of dollars on them and we nod our heads like bobbleheads and think it is “good”. when it is “evil.”
(One thing I learned from a book that I got from a Paul Fromm from Canada that I met at one of the White conferences is that “before,” World War I, Jews had already published in their Jew News all around the world that there were “6,000,000” Jewish victims in Europe and tons of $$$ were pouring in to ‘save those Jews.’ How can that be? On the Titanic there were many rich Jews hob nobbing with elite Whites????????? This “6,000,000” number was taken from the smartest Jews mathematical minds “before” World War I and was the “cause” underlying World War I as World War II has clearly been established.)
My hunch was right about what I reasoned above. The Lusitania was named after these Roman Wars with the Scotsman. White Italian Romans were afraid of the Scotsman when they were marching on for territory and empires. (The Mexicans march for territory and to build their empire here in USA and we just put out millions of little welcome mats for the brown women and their oversexed organs that we pay bitterly and dearly for with White Tax $$ and White Church $$$.) When the Italian Romans confronted the Scotsman in battle, the Romans were terrified for the Scots had brilliant red hair, and the Scots would paint their faces with bright blue and other colors and charge at the Italians as like Scotch Madman… The Scotchman were screaming, going wild, hysterical, animated, and the Romans had never met such an enemy. The others more or less just laid down and let the Romans conquer them as that animal in nature who when their enemy chases them to devour and eat them alive, the victim gives a little chase, but then collapses and allows the enemy to kill and eat them. But there are not many of them in nature. The White people and humans and their men, women and children are one example, only the killing and eating alive is “mental” not physical for we are mental beings.
Note that both ships Titanic and Lusitania had contacts with Ireland. Titanic built by White Irish (what is the Irish Whites source of trade today as they go bankrupt and China is now making the most colossal ships of all time?)
The German attacked the Lusitania, but oddly right at a Scottish golf course place. Remember in 1915, when this happened, golf courses “banned” Jews from membership. I wonder what our ancestors knew, that we didn’t. I feel so sorry for your descendants. I apologize, and I don’t do that often, for I believe what I write, but I wrote that I don’t care about the Whites anymore for I have no grandchildren to speak of and it is up to the other Whites. I cannot bear the pressure, fear and terror, tears, and nearly collapse from grief, that these writings cost me for I have “feelings.” But then I thought, “Barbara Ann, Jesus didn’t have children or grandchildren, yet he tried to save his own Jewish people from their horrible sins. Perhaps you could write and investigate once in a while. Right now the Jews have literally a trillion forms of paper, news, movies, books, posters, billboards, people that all stick together for their World Control. It isn’t a “New” World Order; it’s the Jew World Order and it is as old as the Roman Empire even before, for we know the White Italian Governor’s wife was Jewish that St. Paul went to see for his freedom. Here’s the place where the Lusitania went down. I have already written a long time ago and it should be on my blog site about the ideas that the Lusitania was intentionally sunk to gain entry into World War I. Sounds identical to 9/11 horrors. All these White casualties and mostly White men, even on the Titanic for most of the dead were White men. Why? The White men gave place to White women and children for the survivor boats. White men must be taught to survive also…. we believe in equality. The world doesn’t need more millions of White children, but healthy White children, brilliant White children, respectful and loving White children. Spiritually minded, God loving, Jesus loving, Mary loving, Joseph loving, White children. (did I say the youth should respect their elders and mothers and fathers as Jesus did?) Here’s the spot where the Lusitania went down ‘Old Head of Kinsale.’ Here’s from Wiki:
The golf course has also been criticised for being elitist[citation needed] and is one of the most expensive golf courses in Ireland.
I have to ponder that. Do I feel that there are White elitists that would ban poor White “good” women like me? It’s the story of my life, my autobiography. But there have been exceptions. But when I used to be a tuxedoed waitress at the rich galas and balls in Chicago where I also worked as the Director of Human Resources for Development (of White employees since my job description required me to hire White heterosexuals for the British Owner who worked for the Queen of England as head butler, wanted an “elite” staff, not all the gays, blacks and browns who made his parties a wreck like the Titanic. You have never seen so much broken glass and dishes as behind the scenes at these parties. And the staff balks at cleaning it up. How can there be so much dissention and yet try to pull off the most elegant parties. But what do Whites know about “elegant” anymore. Look at our richest Whites dressing in ripped up jeans, getting us ready for our future homelessness, TAKEOVER of all we worked for 2,000 years, starvation, a slow, slow death, and then have the Jews rob our corpses where they will take off their uniform business suit (Jews control retail also of our clothing) and Jews will don golden glittery robes as they take our wedding rings off our fingers of both our White men and women. This is the “final” nail in the White coffin, where Jews have managed to set our White male and females against each other. But “for” the blacks. Just check out statistics of White women “loving” Obama so much they go into sexual orgasm. Why? The music from as far back as the ‘50s had black niggers (I’m called a dumb Polak which is worse) but these men were given “love” songs by Jewish entertainment, a branch of Jewish Religion, (really a business but they need a cover for Whites to accept their crimes and willingly give all they own to them including their women and boys for sex and becomes sewers for their sperm.) White women kept hearing these blacks singing love songs and they automatically had those loving thoughts for the black men not their own White race as yellow Chinese women don’t even look at other men from different races. Chink women don’t have to waste their time writing these emails to save her species. The Jews are united as a tribe to do so. I remember back in 1967 when working for the Jewish company, Production Tool, they bought their steel from yellow Japan. That isn’t as bad as what I’m telling you next. The Jew company, that hired former Nazis for welding and Polish immigrants that were also supposedly guards at these (death camps) really work camps, but this Jew company’s customers who paid them money were US Steel, Bethlehem Steel, Republic Steel, in South Chicago. Don’t you think that it would make sense both morally and business-wise that when you need steel you would return the favor and buy the steel from these White companies? No, Jews stabbed their own customers in the back!!!!! Jews imported Yellow Jap steel carried across the ocean like the Titanic and Lusitania, sunken ships, and saved a few dollars. Jews were bent on confiscating the entire White fortune. Just as many on the Titanic were Steel Rich Magnates. Don’t forget this saying: For every White business made, there are 2 Jews to take it away from them. The same with Ships:
In studying the sinking of Lusitania, we know that there were “investigations.” Howbeit the investigation of murdering our Irish White President, was headed by Jews? Nuremberg Trials and their Jews, even stifling, covering up and withholding White Christian witnesses and evidence. There were White Tax $$$ for 9/11 investigations. I don’t need to read thousands of pages of what they want me to think, I can with my own eyes see 3 buildings collapse with 3,000 people, even a White couple jumping 100 stories out the window. I’m sure the Jews especially like seeing them jump to their death together as a White male and female, no more White babies. 3 skyscrapers can’t collapse with 2 planes. It was the first thing I investigated about Jews several years ago, way before there was any TV comments like Rosie O’Donnell talked of building 7 on Jewish show, Jew Barbra Walters, the View.
In trying to salvage the Lusitania wreck I found this:
Any fine art recovered, such as the paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt and Monet among other artists believed to have been in the possession of Sir Hugh Lane, who was believed to be carrying i lead tubes,[130] would remain in the ownership of the Irish Government.
That would be worthwhile in itself for these paintings in lead tubes! Perhaps this entire sinking was the stealing of these paintings which today would be millions and millions of dollars.
I just had a funny thought. Wouldn’t it be odd if I did a tribute on stage to the “Lusitania?” I won’t do it. I only have so many sands left in my hourglass, and I don’t think I’m using them as wisely as I should. Otherwise I’d have a doctorate degree, perhaps 5 of them!!!! I do have 20,000+ pages of Truth as I see it and my soul left naked for all to see, something more scary than a naked body.
In the references on Lusitiania sunken ship that started World War I below the article is this book:
  • ^ Beesly, p.95; Preston, ‘Wilful Murder’ p.91-92; Preston (2002), pp76–77
Here’s British Propaganda poster. (I guess British had to find a “new” enemy like Germany, when the Brits 400 years of war against White French ended. I know from study that Jews were into Britain quite a bit, for the Jews were kicked out of their several times but kept coming back, like cockroaches.) That is quite a poster with a “woman” dressed like a Saint and a sword in her hand and the Lusitania in the background.
I myself have taken up the Sword of Justice and like this woman walking on the waters like Jesus did, I am alone. One must remember that Jews and their propaganda appeal to the “Women,” not the men. Men will follow what the women do: men follow White mothers, White teachers, White female Sunday School teachers, now White bosses. Actually the White men now follow black bosses, Jew bosses, Chinese and Japanese yellow bosses, African bosses as missionaries, White men follow Black women, like Obama’s Michelle. Do they follow God, do they have their own White mentors, even as ancestors? I don’t believe we can survive until we tell the Truth about the past. Otherwise, we are still living lies.

Illustration of Lusitania‘s life boats in the slip in Queenstown

(As a queen of karaoke I can’t image why this life boat is in “Queenstown,” and the Titanic is called the “Queen of the Ocean” on the real poster I have for my poster collage today. Is the word “Queen” a bad word, like female Goddess. As far as the world is concerned today, in my own knowledge, there is only 1 Queen, Queen Elizabeth from England who is probably indebted to Jewish Rothschild banks for 200 years at least.)
From Wiki, German’s response: At the time Dernburg was recognized as the official spokesman of the Imperial German government in the United States. Dernburg said that because Lusitania “carried contraband of war” and also because she “was classed as an auxiliary cruiser” Germany had had a right to destroy her regardless of any passengers aboard. Dernburg further said that the warnings given by the German Embassy before her sailing plus the 18 February note declaring the existence of “war zones” relieved Germany of any responsibility for the deaths of the American citizens aboard. He referred to the ammunition and military goods declared on Lusitania’s manifest and said that “vessels of that kind” could be seized and destroyed under the Hague rules without any respect to a war zone.
(Time for breakfast: Decaf Coffee, OJ, Greek Yogurt (4 for $.99 at $.99 Store), thawed homegrown Pomegranites, Granola for new food store Winco, where I can buy in bulk, and Molasses for sweetner for sugar and honey have “0” nourishment, Molasses is nutritious.)
Whether the Lusitania was armed with guns to kill White Germans isn’t really the issue. Someone “told” the Top Germans that. These White men were trying to protect their German territory (women and White babies) just as mere animals do. Why did the Jews breed and war against Whites that we no longer have the instinct for men to protect our Women and children, or now the women and children should protect the White men.
The Lusitania was intentionally filled with sick and women and children to make sure it would pull the Heart Strings of the English, Americans, White and of course White Christian Soldiers. Where the hell did anyone get the idea that to be a soldier of Jesus was to kill fellow Whites and support Jewish, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Haitians babies and women? As I wrote, the Jews make sure they get Whites to “feel sorry,” and Whites will bend the White treasuries, Christians, White labor, women and boys for sex, etc.
Lusitania arriving in port.
Name: RMS Lusitania
Owner: Cunard Line
Port of registry: United Kingdom, Liverpool
Route: Liverpool-New York
Builder: John Brown & Co. Ltd, Clydebank, Scotland
Yard number: 367
Laid down: 16 June 1904
Launched: 7 June 1906[1]
Christened: Mary, Lady Inverclyde[2]
Maiden voyage: 7 September 1907
In service: 1907–1915
Out of service: N/A
Fate: Torpedoed by German U-boatU-20 on Friday 7 May 1915. Wreck lies approximately 11 mi (18 km) off the Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse in 300 ft (91 m) of water.
Status: Sunk at 51°25′N 8°33′WCoordinates: 51°25′N 8°33′W
General characteristics
Tonnage: 31,550 gross register tons (GRT)
Displacement: 44,060 Long Tons
Length: 787 ft (239.88 m)[3]
Beam: 87 ft (26.52 m)
Height: 60 ft to boat deck, 165 feet to aerials
Draught: 33.6 ft (10.24 m)
Decks: 9
Installed power: 25 Scotch boilers. Four direct-acting Parsons steam turbines producing 76,000 hp (57 MW).
Propulsion: Four triple blade propellers. (Quadruple blade propellers installed in 1909).
Speed: 25 knots (46.3 km/h / 28.8 mph) Top speed (single day’s run): 26.7 knots (49.4 km/h / 30.7 mph) (March, 1914)
Capacity: 552 first class, 460 second class, 1,186 third class. 2,198 total. 7000 tons coal.

British propaganda

It was in the interests of the British to keep US passions inflamed, and a fabricated story was circulated that in some regions of Germany, schoolchildren were given a holiday to celebrate the sinking of the Lusitania. This story was so effective that James W. Gerard, the US ambassador to Germany, recounted it in his memoir of his time in Germany, Face to Face with Kaiserism (1918), though without substantiating its validity.


Fabricated has nothing to do with sewing fabric for karaoke costumes. Fabricate means “lies!!!”

Well, I kept saying, I know quite a bit about World War II, and Civil War, Whites hating Whites, Jews making $$$ and now yellow Chinese making $$$ for yellows sell us boats, bullets for our guns etc. What a war we’d have with China asking and begging them for parts for our military hardware so we can fight and kill the God-hating yellow Chinese Communists. There are 100,000,000 yellow Chinese Christians, but these yellows only become Christians to “get jobs” $$$, freebies. Now for the 1st time, I am taking the microscope of Truth on World War I. I can’t spend too much time on this, there are not many sands in my hourglass of life left and must use my time wisely.

Last survivor

The last survivor was Audrey Lawson-Johnston (née Pearl), who was three months old when the RMS Lusitania was sunk. She died on 11 January 2011.[113] She became the last living survivor following the deaths of Barbara McDermott (née Anderson) on 12 April 2008 and Ida Cantley on 31 December 2006


Audrey, Barbara and Ida, all 3 are women that survived. What do we do to try to Save our White Heterosexual Christian Male? Send him to war, give him entertainment of blacks chasing each other on football fields for billions of dollars to go into Black and Jewish hands, which was the same when Jews controlled Boxing and fought against Hitler’s Max Schmelling. I think Hitler boy lost, but Hitler never ever realized how deep the Jewish problem was, he only scratched the surface and left the rest for me and others to expose.

There was a second explosion that I’m going to read about after the 1st torpedo into the Lusitania. We already have a colossal amount of information on Polish Jews of Israel torpedoing USS Liberty June 8, 1967, blasting a gigantic hole trying to sink the mostly White ship. (blacks don’t like seawater, perhaps for they are afraid we are going to send them back on the ocean where they came from if they don’t shape up or ship out!!!!. Jews brought them here on ships, Jews can take them back and Jews can take their own people to Africa. Take the people from Israel to Africa. Jesus’ murderers, torturers, persecutors cannot occupy Israel today, where Jesus walked and all his relics are. Jews are shrewd for they know no Christians would ever bomb Israel because of that, and they can continue their shrines of Murderers against Whites, like Meyer Lan-sky of Murder Inc.!!! Polish Christians can no longer support Polish Jews. Polish Christians must break that umbilical cord with Polish Jews. Polish Christians must finish what Hitler started about ridding Jewish evil thought from Poland’s holy land. Otherwise Poland will continue to have a flag that sometimes has an eagle with a crown (free) or without a crown (White Polish men defeated in war.)


Here’s on 2nd explosion:

An additional hearing took place on 1 July, at the insistence of Joseph Marichal, who was threatening to sue Cunard for their poor handling of the disaster. He testified that the second explosion had sounded to him like the rattling of machine gun fire and appeared to be below the second class dining room at the rear of the ship where he had been seated. Information about Marechal’s background was sought out by the British government and leaked to the press so as to discredit him.

Captain Turner, the Cunard Company, and the Royal Navy were absolved of any negligence, and all blame was placed on the German government. Lord Mersey found that Turner “exercised his judgment for the best” and that the blame for the disaster “must rest solely with those who plotted and with those who committed the crime”.[89]

Two days after he closed the inquiry, Lord Mersey waived his fees for the case and formally resigned. His last words on the subject were: “The Lusitania case was a damned, dirty business!” The full report has never been made available to the public. A copy was thought to exist amongst Lord Mersey’s private papers after his death, but has since proved untraceable.

It reminds me when during 9/11 chaos, many witnesses talked of “explosions” at the base of the World Trade Centers. That didn’t happen from 2 small airplanes hitting the sides of the tops of the skyscrapers. Yet 7 billion people simultaneously believed that story and do until today. It cost about 5000 mostly White men their lives, the damages done to their bodies, families, children, sperm, their minds and souls in incalculable.

I may sound like a heretic but I don’t believe the English government, the German government, or the USA government. We are either evil White Christians, or we have been infiltrated by Jews to the point we have no minds, no hearts, or no souls left…. (And soon to be no White money either.)

From Germans I talked to, their German government is totally in the hands of Jews, as their Communist leader, Angela Merkel. Wonder why Christianity is dying.

If Protestants die, the Catholics will be next. The only difference is that Jews and non-Whites will have taken over the Catholic Treasury completely as Jews did in Poland in year 1500. That is an insult to Jesus Christ that we live, move and breathe for Jesus’ published enemies… the Jews.





  • The second explosion made passengers believe U-20 had torpedoed Lusitania a second time.