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Purse Stolen Again in America

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What a violent country is the USA. While I go about my daily business doing good, trying to be productive, there are elements in USA that do not have the same reality. Their reality is to stalk us, rob us, take our businesses away, and it is from the richest and most intelligent Jews, down to the blacks/mexs and even poor Whites.


I was in a hurry to go to karaoke so I slipped my little purse with my precious props for Memorial Veteran’s Day and tribute to Veteran’s and deceased husband.
I came home, and my purse was gone. I usually don’t carry it with me.
It’s the first time in 8 years here in Vegas. In Chicago, it happened 9 times in 9 years. Plus a drugging and raping, plus they stole my new expensive karaoke mic when I tried to have business, stole my karaoke discs, karaoke brand new TV, the hoodlums of Chicago smashed my car windows 3 different times, they stole my deceased husband’s autobiography, hand written, about being White and homeless, twice.
“This” is my only reward for being loving, creative, kind and good. $100,000.00 in costumes, labor and work, and the only reward is to have one of my audience steal my vital items. Not only is the fact I don’t make $$$ not even tips, but the Americans “steal” ruthlessly my private cards, expensive phone, few pennies I have.
By the way, I am listening to Alex Jones in background. He is mentioning Jewish names as villains. Mendelsohn is Jew. Richard Perle Jew. (Mendelsohn is the same last name of the Jew I worked for downtown Chicago that was so mean thru his “white women” managers that they hired and fired so many they could fill a forest, even though there was only 10 people in office! It was above Neiman Marcus (also Jewish) and Jews are “above” White law. No White law is Jewish law, not Christian nor White otherwise we wouldn’t be genocided today.
We must know that Whites are involved with Jews. They are not innocent. I would think Whites must be saved and Whites must give their 100% attention “not” to Jews, as Mitt Romney is following Obama’s pattern by strict connection with Jews, but our own survival. Those Mormons have a lot of White Christian children and if the Mormons think the Jews are their “friends,” check what the Jews did to the Polish large families that all turned into slaves.

Whites, Jews, Alex Jones, Bilderberg

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I happened to turn on Alex Jones radio. Much of what he is espousing could be taken from my notes, such as Eugenics, which is getting even mainstream. My original final essay for English 101 in 2006 calling “Saving the White Race,” mentioned Eugenics. I’ve also written about over-population and said “if the USA can only handle 500 wolves, how can we handle 500,000,000 people in a generation, most non-White?
But what bothers me is that they are broadcasting live and the very “First” thing he mentions on his onsite radio protest at the Bilderberg secret meeting is that Bilderberg is “Not” a Jewish conspiracy. Why didn’t he say it wasn’t a “papal” conspiracy, or a White conspiracy. Right now, Alex Jones is insinuated and really motivating passionately even with screaming that it “is” a White unified conspiracy. It would bring down White people while sanctifying Jews. This is spooky. But we must know this.
What does that mean? Jews again go scot free. That everyone on the planet could be “suspect” of malicious practices against humanity…. except… the Jews.
Isn’t it odd that all our movies which have come from Jews since 1927 after Jews stole White Christian Thomas Alva Edison’s movie maker invention and ruined not only “his” life but his wife’s, that all our movies show that the “good” man wins, and the villains get destroyed. Yet, it seems if the Jews are the villains, they are immediately white-washed (sorry the expression since the Whites are being genocided by the Jews).
Immediately Jones gives an automatic blessing and protection that this World Dominating Group as he calls them has nothing to do with “Jews.”
Could that be because his wife is Jewish? Could it be that he and the Drudge Report have something in common? Drudge is Jewish also.
How could the Jewish villains be labeled as “heroes” and “innocent” of any wrong doing? I don’t know a Christian on earth that is that “pious” as individuals or groups. No wonder we worship them. I begin to doubt myself and think I perhaps should worship them. But I “did” forgive the Jewish doctor that raped me when he so sweetly, compassionately told me that he has gone into psychoanalysis and will be “cured” and he wanted to marry me and loved me, blah blah blah. And when I went to see “help” 8 years later not just for me by my Viet Vet suffering husband, he first told me to get rid of him, marry a Jew boss, (who really only wanted sex as I found out years later when after the divorce I contacted him and he didn’t want me at all) and on our first private session after hospitalization, he goes to rape me a second time.
Can you imagine investigating a murder and everyone in the world could be a possible suspect… except…. the murderer? Jewish Hollywood or Books have never even placed that idea in our consciousness as a possibility. In fact, all or thoughts that come from this reality would say that it is “impossible,” the murderer is good, heroic, to be emulated, obeyed and worshiped.
Alex Jones is espousing “all races” to unite and fight the Bilderbergs, which are basically “Whites” and perhaps Christians. He’s been infiltrated by Jews.
By the way, the person who started this Bilderberg group which resulted in European Union is Polish White and I believe Christian. Again, Polish people have to really investigate what went on in Poland and now. If Polish people really love God and Jesus, they must use their intelligence to bring this Jewish works to the surface and not continue this in our Christian history.

Jews: The White Womans’ Face

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Autobiographically speaking, there was only 1 episode of the Twilight Zone I saw as a child. It was about getting plastic surgery which I sometimes think of now that I’m old. But it wasn’t just being “old” that I wanted surgery. When I was growing up I truly thought I was ugly. I didn’t want to see my reflection in a window, or mirror.
No one ever looked at me and said I was pretty In fact, I probably was harassed by all my many older siblings, who probably called me “ugly.” I thought my older “sister” was beautiful and once even took her pix to the nun to show her off. But alas I was ugly.
When people “Now” tell me how beautiful I am, I think they must be just being kind or something.
Here are a few parts of the episode “Eye of the Beholder,” Twilight Zone. Although this is a remake, the story is the same. Also, the 1950’s series was made by Rod Sterling the spokesperson… a Jew. So what’s new? It is a dangerous thing to realize the minds we have are not our minds at all but the Jew or Jewess.
I’ll let you watch this and then you can read my notes if you like or even don’t like but are paid to do so. Just kidding. As you watch this, start to think as I do. Watch for what the Jews are throwing in our faces. Just a jumpcut, I watched a TV show when in Colorado by my son. I just caught a few glimpses, but the scene was a red-haired doctor, with a black doctor next to him. They were making “fun” of the red-headed doctor. From my writings we know the red-heads are rare like diamonds and to be treasured as such. But the Jews who deal in diamonds and make fortunes, taught us White humans are so worthless they can be used as cannon fodder in wars or road kill when it comes to getting Veteran’s medical help as my deceased husband. In that show, the red headed doctor was helping a man with a colostomy, which is when they rip off the intestines and jam a bag to collect the poop. (Well we must feel sorry for doctors for they need $$$$ and are poor? Right? No? ) While the red headed doctor goes to adjust the bag, all the patients poop starts flying out…. you guessed it… all over the red headed White doctor. But the black doctor next to him, standing above the seated doctor, (the black man in a position of authority and power over the White man)…. the black man didn’t have a drop of poop on him! This is how even until today, the Jews disgrace the White men in the worse way. That being said, we can only expect the Jews’ hatred will accelerate as in this movie. Take your own notes then compare to mine.
Why don’t they use the Jewish woman’s face as one of a monster? After the Jew doctor raped me and I confronted him with a possible pregnancy, this “nice” Jewish doctor’s face came off and in its place a hideous, monstrous face of the devil, when he threatened to commit me for life because he had a Jewish wife and kids he had to protect and this would “ruin” him.
In the Jew movie, they are always so conceited, they give away their crimes to us in mockery of our dumbness, which they induced as Jew doctors induce babies before they are ready, throw the woman into violent labor for it is premature not natural, and then convince the woman next time to get a “Caesarian Surgery Baby,” giving doctors more $$$$$ for something the woman could do at home for free.
The doctor is “black”, tall, dark and handsome, as the Jews taught us is the only beautiful, handsome man. Why did Elvis tan his skin, dye his very blonde hair black, and cover his blue blue eyes? His hairdresser was Jewish. Elvis thought he was “ugly.” Yes, just as I did. Elvis had pimples as I did, and my girlfriend humiliated me into going to doctor. I didn’t have many. Yet pimples are a sign of high sexuality hormones. No one told you. Of course not. I don’t think Jews have pimples so they make us Whites seem like we are “freaks.” Same with our fine hair. They make us feel inferior to the other 92% of the world. And while they do that, they make us so uncomfortable and agitated we buy products, do things, perhaps even drink and drug to sooth our problems. Perhaps that is my son’s problem.
White women like to go to hospitals. It started back in the soap opera days. Jewish doctors would treat the White women so nice and kind, and seemed so exceptional compared to their drunken White husband, who was intentionally brought down. Now women will still go thru surgeries, whatever for just a moment if not a look of a “kind Jewish doctor” or their non-White imps. Remember, our upcoming generation will either have ‘no’ White doctors, no male doctors, so these habits we are learning of worshipping doctors, will be transferred to black doctors, Jew doctors, yellow, any color.
In the movie black doctor takes her White hand and talks of “heat’, that is Jewish code that the black doctors are hotter than white men, have larger penises which is not a fact. But we “believe” these things since Jews have transformed our minds.
Not only that Jewish plastic surgeons are making White women with more black features. For example. I saw part of movie and all the White women had big lips like niggers. (Don’t forget you all called me dumb Polak.) Why should we look like we are black when God made us differently. Does God hate White people as this movie indicates?
The black doctor tells her she will have to go live in a cave if this doctor’s procedure doesn’t work. Since all our land is being usurped by brown Mex’s, bought up by Arab Muslims and Chinese, other Asians, you can see where we may have to resort living in caves, Especially since Jews have indebted us and can demand that $$$ at any time. Hard especially if intentionally addicted as Jews did in Galicia Poland.
There is some symbolic meaning but I can’t figure it out. The camera goes to “her” name on her wrist, and then darts to the black doctor’s name badge. Perhaps the White woman will be a breeder for rich black babies, Jew babies, after the White men are totally ruined or even killed as Jews had 21,000,000 White Germans killed. It was too dangerous to have Christian White German babies who were beginning to be smarter than Jews and Yellows. We might just find out what they have been up to.
Again, it is about race-breaking. And Jewesses just smile all the way to the Fed Reserve Bank for over 100 years with our money, labor, sex.
The White woman’s only option once the White man is gone is to breed with rich Jewish doctors, for she won’t be attracted to addicted White men who go wild from addictions. The nice Jewish doctor in comparison is a “king.” Jews have not been intentionally damaged. They have been free to breed, rape, rob, steal, assassinate and even bring down the 3 World Trade Centers. She will also be breeding for rich black singer superstars or like OJ Simpson the black football player. She was probably drugged up innocently, then had to marry once she found herself pregnant, and needed more drugs, like Anna Nicole Smith who was living with a Jewish lawyer for many years and her will is made out to him as Executor and no one can take his name off. She was to inherit billions from her old husband.
It is spooky, but the TV show talks of the ‘State’ in control of her medical. We have that right now. Again, Jews look 40 years into the future, at least. While I barely know what I’m going to do 40 minutes from now. The “State” will determine who lives and dies, which color babies will come out of State Jewish Sperm banks and they won’t be White. Even the black Pygmies will be allowed to live for Jews didn’t damage the hell out of them as Whites, especially Christians have been.
The black doc (put their by Grants from White Tax $$$, making White women work to support black, brown women, rich Jewish women and their non-white doctor’s wives.)… the black doc says that this White woman will be sent to live “comfortably” in a place with her own ugly kind>>>>> a White man.
She says “I’ll take a job; any job.” Today, while Jewish women run for National Senate as Shelley Berkeley in Las Vegas, White women are confined sometimes to working 3 jobs and kids are raised by society, TV, or other Jewish methods. That is called Jewish Women’s lib for Whites. They gave a cool jingle type name to brainwash White women. White women like myself have to take ‘any’ job. I have “no connections” and the old Jewish fact, “it is now what you know but who you know” applies.
The doctor tells her she has to follow State Rules. We can observe our own country, and see how this is possible of coming true.
It is said Whites are freaks. It is true. A black person just has to go on a karaoke stage and based on their black faces the White audience will go into orgasm. The other races are just laughing at us, while they also are in the act of taking over our women, treasury, schools, churches. Our White Christian churches are going for cheap to blacks, Muslims, etc. Whites should be buying them up for our own uses, perhaps as White Meeting Halls and have the government pay for them out of Jewish Taxes. Tax the Jews at 150%, meaning all their money, but indebt them for the rest of their lives as they did to us.
It is just a guess, but the room number in the hospital is 307. Jews never do anything without meaning or mockery of their host White men’s country. 307 is the area code for Wyoming and has the lowest population. Perhaps that is an indication that soon Whites will have the lowest population too, as the news says our babies are already minorities.
The magazine “Paradise” sits proudly on the desk. We already know the Jews claimed Christian Poland as “Paradise” “Golden Age,” “Kingdom of Heaven.” While White Christians kept “praying” for it to get out of the Jewish debt and wars and suffering that goes with it like my son and husband, Jews already had and have it. Now this “Paradise” extends to blacks, Some Arab countries who make $97,000.00 a year on the average, while others live in near poverty.
The words “Obedience” leads to harmony on the screen is exactly what Whites are doing. Mex’s today have the word “Obedience” on their shirts which means “obey” and you will have everything the Whites have worked for for 2000 years, including land. We Whites will be confined to caves to hide like Osama bin Laden, or perhaps only 1 state of Wyoming the lowest population. The Jews could round all the few Whites left and then just bomb us as the Jews did the Japanese in world War II.
They say “it is treason to be different.” Yes, when the police threaten to arrest me for wanting help for my White Veteran son and then say “I’m crazy” for asking that, you can see “I’m different.”
“One Leader, One Voice, One World.” This is not sci fi, this is Jews preparing us for what is already on their charts. Surely Whites might be with them, the Jews couldn’t do it on their own, there are not enough. If Whites stop worshipping Jews, then the 6.3 billion non-Whites are ready to do anything the Jews desire. I mentioned before how Jews control us with the “One” God. It makes us easy to obey them. It is blasphemy against God though and we know it.
Talks of “Unified.” The Jews want and pretty near have a Jew World Order. Only it is not ‘New,’ for Jews have controlled us through international trading, banks, since Europe and especially Poland.
The TV show teaches us that Whites are ugly and soon White race will be breeded down to the features of other races. Or Jewish plastic surgeons like in this movie who will make us look like Jews or blacks etc because of our ugly White features.
The black doctor says there is a “law” in the Health Care System that can “exterminate” White undesirables. (Sounds like this is already on the charts as Whites are mostly going to be on Social Security soon and there is no $$$ for Jews used it all up for their Jewess Princess on a Pedestal wife.)
Whites are seen as having disabilities. I have written as far back as 9 years ago, that if we tried to get all the Whites off pills and drugs, we would have to open up all the prisons, send the other races back to their country of origin so they can discipline them, otherwise Whites will be accused like Southern men of beating and hanging blacks, even though they did the same to White criminals. All Jewish smashing our minds. Now it probably would include many White women addicted and certainly unable to complete with yellow women, black women, brown women, Jewish women, yellow women. These other people pretty much know the damage that is intentionally being done to us and are smarter than us for they are avoiding those pit falls.
Again, movie says “Single Purpose” “One,” and I had written about that extensively just a few days ago. The world united as “one” but not under God, but under Jews.
They say the “ugly” (Whites) must be removed.
The black doctor is rather kind, but utterly cruel, when he says that the other races will leave at least one village where all the remaining Whites can live. Perhaps off the land as everything we work for is taken away.
They talk of “love,” and it is a terribly wrong sense of “loving” everyone except ourselves, or own and God, that has gotten us into this mess.
When the White man comes to pick her up, he too is “ugly.” She is holding on to the black doctor for she doesn’t want to go with her own species. Sounds like sci-fi, it is already happening as White women race break like crazy as well as White men. Or don’t have kids or have degenerated kids thru Jewish methods. I’m thinking the Jewish methods not only don’t work but are as deadly as if they dropped one of their Jewish atom bombs on us.
The show says the: black man is handsome, the black man is a rich doctor wealthy from White $$$ and more apt to support the White woman’s baby in luxury. Since Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend, we are taught to see out rich Jewish doctors or whatever to get all the luxuries they make us think we need.

Jewish Women Ate Their Babies

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The website I sent you before this tells clearly one cannot understand the Bible unless one understands all of history. That is why history revisionist and Truth telling is so important.
In that last long, long, long website of the Bible showing the crimes of the Jews that I just sent, it said when the Romans went to destroy the murderous Jews, it was so bad that the Jewish women were eating their own babies! Never before or since in history have I ever come across anything like that. But it seems to show they have no love for their babies, they are only $$$ -their Jew husband’s inheritance. Do the Jewish men know this for they worship their mothers? We better not stress out the Jewish women.
This was recorded I think in Josephus.

Jewess Kicked me, a Veteran’s widow, out of Veteran’s Office!

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I won’t even go into details. I feel like I’ve been put thru a meat grinder. To make a long story short, I went for help for my son’s 4th suicide attempt to the “Veteran’s” and the Jewish head not only kicked me out, but had 4 Mexican brown police loaded with weapons and mental preferences, to threaten me. They didn’t arrest me. I called the police immediately on her right back.
Went to see if I could get help for my son, of Viet Viet, US Marine, Purple Heart, for his significant other found him in a pool of blood. She called 9/11 and he was taken to hospital. Blood level 3.89. 4.00 is death. It is “nice” to have a 4.00 average in college, for it is death for alcohol poisoning. His Dad’s death certificate reads .289. Anything around .300 kills. Our White boys and men “living horrible lives” are dying like this. And it is a tragic painful life and death. Jewish wars or Commie Jews at Katyn Poland Massacre, just ended with a bullet to the brain.
I didn’t want a “hospital” or doctors or medicine, at least at first. Nor did I want the police. So I went to Veteran’s Helping Veterans. Since I’ve changed history in the last 10 years for Veterans it could very well be a White tax $$$ organization that was a result of writings, etc.
When I went in a Veteran came out. I simply stated that I needed guidance for getting help for my son. He is again drunk on vodka.
We all know that the Jews in Russia were “intentionally” bringing down the White Russia through distilleries (vodka), taverns, and the worse was the “credit” for Jews could get back all the $$$ and things the Russians earned from working for Jews. And then of course rob their corpses after the Whites were starved to death. We know they did that to Poland. Germans, the smartest of the 3 of us, took action against them, but we know 21,000,000 of the finest German men lost their lives fighting Jewish Commies.
Russians and Germans “took action” through laws, government to protect their White people. Russia “prohibited” the Jews from having any business with alcohol. But the Jews would “obey” only to wait 40 years and then start again, after that generation died off.
We know what happened to the Germans when they confronted the Jews.
While at the Veteran’s Helping Veterans, I asked the Veteran on duty for literature and found the card for Veteran’s Suicide Prevention. I was on the line and they also said “no help.” Unless the sick, addicted person somehow decides he wants help, they will let him die. Population control. More non-Whites for America.
I’m not distraught or drying, but I told him that when my Viet Vet was having problems, I went to Jewish doctor, but instead of helping me he went to rape me. The man said that Jews are “good.” I then in a few sentences told him about Jews in Poland, how they got here, and I said, even Obama’s handlers are Jewish: Billionaire David Geffin who does all the hip hop music, videos, black music empire, Raum Emmauel from Chicago, Obama’s 1st choice, and David Axelrod Jew funding Obama not only with millions of dollars, but “free services.”
A little female comes out and comes up to me and tells me I can’t talk “politics” in her office. She then went to call the police on me. While on the phone, she says “I’m Jewish.” I then tell her, “I’m going to look you in the eye, and repeat once again, “I was raped by a Jewish doctor,” and that is a “Crime.” And I will call the police right back on you, for this is Memorial Day for Veteran’s and I’m trying to get suicide prevention for my son.
The Jewish woman had the police department in her pocket. I had the police on the line and they asked me to wait outside. There was a stone there I sat on for I was literally caving in. When the police came I told them what happened. Police we know are not our friends, even though White Christian dollars pay their salaries. Most of the police were brown Mex’s. I told them that I mentioned the Jewish doctor raping me, and she was “offended.” Who was the victim? How long will Jews (and blacks, etc) rape our White women, impregnate us? Or drug us with Spanish Fly drugs like the Mexicans did to my sister and cousin? Where is Women’s lib?
While waiting I mentioned that my deceased husband said that he fought the Chinese Communists, who now seem to own all the “World Trade.” (With Jewish International world Traders doing their bidding.)
I wept so hard, but don’t think they care. They called my son’s significant other and told them that I’m crazy. They decided not to arrest me. Yes for trying to get help at a Veteran’s center, but that the Jewish women has kicked me out of there and that I could never go back. Well, it has been this way for 1,000 years, and all it leads me to do is what the Jews want. Break down any resistance or truth speaking about Jewish crimes against Christianity. Jews won’t rest until the New Testament is wiped out, which has Jesus speaking up against Jews.
When I went back to my son’s house, his live in is hollering at me. Why did you bring up the Jewish doctor raping you? She was raised Baptist and she said, “The Jews are God’s Chosen People. If you say anything against the Jews, who hurt God Himself. We must always love and worship them.” She made it sound like I should endure all the rapes the Jews want to inflict on me and other Christian White women, as we have done for at least a millennium.
My sister calls and is concerned about my son. She tells me over and over again, like a sledge hammer, “You were wrong. The Jewish doctors are “good”. No they are very, very good. No they are the ‘best.’ “So “she” worships them, until I was sick. Then my son tells me to leave. He says the police say I’m crazy and he can commit me, just as MBE’s son tried to commit her.
Today the Jewish women is applauded that went to have me arrested. She won. She will work today, feeling great, wanting to live to be 100, as they often say on TV, and realizing both Poland and now USA are Kingdom of Heaven, Paradise, for Jews. Does anything above sound like that for me or my son?
I came home on plane and rushed to a 9/11 Truth conference. Not many there. Some of them very aware it was the Jews that did it.
But I can tell you from the long movie that the Jews have infiltrated that, as they did the Tea Party.
In the middle of the movie, one of the engineers that opposes 9/11 official story is Jewish and has name with “sky,” at the end, meaning these Jews interbred with Polish White Christian royalty to have superb offspring, while simultaneously bringing down White Christians into deeper slavery for them.
Along side him is a book, “Holocaust” and it is in plain view. Then a few scenes later the movie warns of the “Danger” of our country turning into Germany controlling their people and killing them…. as in the Holocaust. (Always Jewish propaganda; free advertising, 24/7 non-stop.) Movie continues that we must be like the Jews…. brave and courageous and face the (White Christian) enemy.
I have written this organization, and when I went to speak they cut me off twice. There was a non-White woman who got up about 10 different times, at least, but they never interrupted her.
I did not mention Jews there, but someone else mentioned (Jew) Larry Silverstein that bought the 3 World Trade Centers a year before, set them up for Double Indemnity Insurance and got his billions. He did not say that Jew Silverstein on camera was being interviewed when there was a fire at Building 7, and Silverstein says on camera, “Pull it!” It was those 2 words that sealed the Jews guilt for eternity. Why 7 billion people don’t know this, is beyond me. The psychologist from Switzerland says that the mind shuts down and cannot accept what is too painful in their “comfortable” world.
I found 9/11 when I looked up word ‘Jew’ and ‘9/11 back in 2005 which I was one of the first in the room. Again I didn’t say “Jew.” I wanted to bring up how I went to a “No More War” convention, my car engine blew up but I managed to get there. I shared a room with a widow of one of the 9/11 victims. She told me all the victim’s relatives were paid off heftily (With White Insurance $$$, anything in brackets my comments.). She was the “only” one that was suing for she wanted an investigation.
The man cut me off. He didn’t let me say that I think this is the woman whose plane crashed in Buffalo New York. And there there is “no one” suing and has not accepted blood insurance money.
Now, that being said, it is easier for me to live in this Jew worshipping country, and need to let this go. For a Jewish woman to try to arrest the women who has fought for Veteran’s and Whites and Christianity for 10 years, and win, isn’t defeating me a mere mortal, but what we have worked for for 2,000 years. For me to even act in this way is probably delusionary.
When I got up the next a.m. I was led to this website. It is Catholic and perhaps I’m just suffering from Catholic beliefs, except the writer really doesn’t seem to speak for the Catholic Church. I know from going to interdenominational meetings, Catholics participate. I’m not siding with them in these readings below, if anything I’m even doubting now my own views of challenging Jews or Jewesses. Or even my sanity.
If there is anything worthwhile in these readings that come directly from the Bible, front to back, then perhaps think on them. It took me 5 hours to read it.
The one thing they say is that Jew’s riches, power, wealth comes from “violence.” I’d add mental trickery and quackery. Well, the Whites threw out the Jews 106 times, and now a Jewess kicks me out of Veteran’s office.

Wanted Dead or Alive: Jews as Secretary of Treasury, War on Whites

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I’m wearing a Cowgirl Costume for karaoke tonite! I kept trying to think of a song, but nothing came to me. Finally, Bon Jovi’s song, “Wanted Dead or Alive!” popped into my head, but it was more tragic than even I could imagine.
I start with all positive and spiritual and hard-working, loving intentions, and then it is like the Lord throws a ton of bricks on me to Wake Up! But I would rather live in Truth, than in lies. The lies are a maze that has no way out, and the entrance slams shut & locked never to be reopened.
I was going to do a Country and Western song, for all the poor Southern Whites who were duped into a war by the Jew, Secretary of Treasury, for the South. Jews were on “both” sides. Jews walked along side President Abraham Lincoln and guided his every move and his assassination and death. Jews live on White $$$ and White Red Blood.
In the Civil War, the Southern Secretary of Treasury was “Judah Benjamin,” and it was his “Jewish Genius Financing” that was responsible for 500,000 White men of both sides, to not only be killed, but tortured for life and then discarded like road kill, as my US Marine, Purple Heart, Veteran.
Ironically, in World War II, another famous “Jew” was Secretary of the Treasury to Roosevelt. Morgenthau. Boy this is getting to be a “habit”. Even when Hitler was in charge, if the banks he needed $$$ from “advised” him, surely the Germans took those actions. Such as the bombing of Warsaw Poland to schmitereens. Why? When the Jews left after World War II, they were smart enough to destroy all the records. Similar to 9/11 where in building 7 there were controversial records stored on one floor. It was where the fire was, I think. Hence no one would suspect the destruction of records. Everyone was focusing on the other two World Trade Centers.
Where the is the evidence against the Jews and Poland. The capital city of Warsaw, where Jews must have ruled, as they do in Washington DC today, (See Jew Ben Bernancke, and Timothy Geithner who was “mentored” by Jews. Might as well have Beelzubub as a mentor.)
Here is the statue in Chicago of Judah Benjamin. It faces our 17th Church, Christian Science, Chicago. He is watching our church and people. Now think on this one carefully and get a think tank if need be, but “Why” would a Jewish Confederate Secretary of Treasury be heralded for us to worship in “statue” form, as I used to worship Jesus in statue form every morning, afternoon and evening service at St. Mary Magdalene’s in Chicago? Note how the new Trump Skyscraper shines over the Jew responsible for the death of 500,000 White Christian men. And they were “all” Christian at that time. Jews had not yet destroyed or damaged Christianity in America. Jews needed us to be Christian to play on Christian “feelings” of justice, good, and then go fight their wars.
Here is your “Jew” $$$ genius, that emigrated from Poland, to America to fund the “Revolutionary” War!!!!!!!
Name: Less we forget in a test on famous Jews in college: Haym Solomon. You may argue but we would still be paying taxes to England. We are still financed by Jewish Rothschilds of England. At least at that time our White taxes and Christian $$ were going to Whites. Now we support all the blacks of the US. Whether thru welfare, government jobs, drug dealing, and then what is leftover the Mex’s get with their sex’ and babies.
There didn’t have to be a Revolutionary War. Whites can easily work things out. Christianity if worshipped as Jesus taught, means to “never” pick up a sword, gun, atom bomb, or unkind word against a fellow White or Christian White.

Haym Solomon, financier of the American Revolution

Here’s more on our “jewish Financial geniuses,” the same that Jesus was not afraid to “kick out of the temple.” No one is afraid to “kick me out.” No one is afraid to kick our drugged up sons and daughters for that is what Jewish counseling, advising and mentoring is “teaching” us to do. Our own White Christian offspring! And then to put our White “parents” into Jewish nursing homes!!!!! Oh dear. I better not write too deeply, or I will make myself sick and Jewesses are not worth it.

Haym Solomon was born in Leszno, Poland to a Sephardi Jewish family from Portugal. In his youth, he studied Hebrew. [2] During his travels in western Europe, he acquired a knowledge of finance as well as fluency in several other languages. He returned to Poland in 1770 but left for England two years later in the wake of the Polish partition. In 1775, he immigrated to New York City, where he established himself as a financial broker for merchants engaged in overseas trade.[3][4]

When he first came to the colonies, he became friends with Alexander MacDougall. In July 1777, Solomon married Rachael Franks, the daughter of Moses Franks, of a prominent colonial period Jewish family that included loyalist and revolutionary sympathizers.

By the way, speaking of the “Polish Partition,” in Wiki, there is info on how 3 other countries fought over the “land” after Poland was chopped up. Will the US be chopped up? China, India, Israel? Perhaps!

Here’s another painting by the famous painter, Jan Matejko, (same man who painted Jews Arrival in Poland, 1096-1945) ( I added the 1945 for clarity and impact.) It is the Fall of Poland, 1866. Wow! How convenient! Jews run Poland and it falls the year after US ends its horrific Civil War!

I suppose that is when the Jews slaughtered Polish Royalty! As they did France, Germany, Russia! No wonder why I dread being a “Queen” of karaoke. It has blood on it, misery and suffering on White people and even “Religious.” I’m sorry. I cannot write. I can’t break down and cry. But God will help me for it is not just for the righteous to suffer, nor the honest and Truthful.

Note in the painting there is probably a Jew in the middle, telling the Polish Royalty, to “get out.” He is pointing his finger at the door. The White Polish man is on the ground, I do not know why the man on the ground is ripping open his shirt and showing his chest. Sounds like something a stripper might do. My Breasts are from God for breastfeeding. There is a woman weeping to the right of the man with his finger pointing. She covers her eyes with a white hankie. A white hankie! A Polish Christian staple, after 900 years of slavery. To listen to black blues is an insult to me and my family, ancestors, who served God faithfully for 900 years, and Jesus Christ his son, and Blessed Virgin Mary, his mother, and St. Joseph, his father. (My Daddy’s name is Joseph, and my Mama’s name is Ann( a ) like Blessed Virgin Mary’s mother who wanted a husband for her pregnant daughter. It looks like the revolt smashed the “chair” the White man was sitting on.On the back of the chair is what seems to be a “Cross” symbol! Poland and the US were by now “silent” partners to rule the World. Jews just extended what they had done to Poland and used the same tactics, only perfected after honing for 900 years. Royalty was not to rule over Whites or Christians anymore, Jews would be the new Rulers.

Emergency! I just got a phone call. My son, oldest son, of Viet Vet, is in hospital. He was found in fetal position, covered in blood. Alcohol level 3.80. Death is 4.0!

I’ll finish this email as I was going to start it. I was looking up song, “Wanted Dead of Alive,” for my Cowgirl Sheriff costume. I was going to pick a Country & Western song, but a website popped up saying that Country and Western music is linked with (White) suicides.

I found this particular Bon Jovi song. And in no way do I condemn the White musical artists who were victimized by Jewish Satanic Cult religion, determined to destroy Jesus Christ, thru the present day White Christians. These entertainers had no idea they were part of genociding their own people, as did the Civil War Veterans.

I chose this version because the concert was dated Oct. 20, 2001. It was a “tribute” and commemoration of the 9/11 tragedy and 3,000 loss of lives. If checked by “race” I’m sure it was mostly White species. (the thought came again, “whom the gods which to destroy, they will first drive mad.” Our “gods” today are the Jews. Same today, yesterday, tomorrow.)

If you notice the video, done by Jewish entertainment, Bon Jovi is wearing an American flag “shirt.” But it is a ragged one. Tie dyed, bleeding colors, the red and white stripes (white race/red blood) are draped on his chest, but the “stars” are on the back, hidden. The stars are the Jewish Stars of David. I took a guess before this email that the stars on the American flag represented Stars of David, but didn’t realize Jews funded that Revolutionary War.

Watch the video and you will see gold stars. They are made with lighting. I have already written of this over and over again. Jews “catch” these lights, and to me they are Stars of David. That is said to be questionable. But what you “won’t” call questionable is the guitar player’s guitar, and the emblem on it. A modern art Star of David. I tend to stick up for Jews thinking it is “me” or “my imagination.” Every time I looked at the guitar I saw the strange emblem. Sinister like. And then the end of the song, the Jewish camera, zooms in on the emblem, it is the Climax or Orgasm of New York’s 9/11 suffering, the Star of David. Israel, American, World Wide Jewry. People are grieving to the point of distraction, and Jews are “mocking” Christianity, White species, the world. And “why” is the one guy wearing a “Cross?” Either the man wearing it felt a religious moment, which I hope is why. Or… one of his Jewish or homo advisors that “dresses” them in rags, “suggested” it. Perhaps even left on his dresser. So we can never point the finger at the Jew, like the man in the painting. Could the Jews be “that cruel?”

The song “Wanted Dead or Alive?” Was this whole 9/11 Holocaust against White Christians had in it the ending built in? The “villain” like Hitler, would be hunted down…. Osama bed Ladin, “Dead or Alive?” And isn’t that what happened with the fake death of Osama? As fake as the character of Obama, a Hollywood myth, to “mock” Whites as our leader. Well, I guess when you don’t turn to God, the Devil is there with wide open arms. But this “devil” is “not” taking the Jews. Why are the Jews so prosperous? Because the Devil is the Jews, collectively. And if Whites are doing the same thing, so are we.

Here’s the emblem at beginning of song:


imageThe Jew camera immediately jumps to a picture of the crucifix the guitarist is wearing. Think of how horrible the Jew is to degrade this young White guitarist that wants only to entertain, show his skills, etc.

The instruments are clothed in red/white/blue, like the flag. It is to get us “patriotic” especially women to send their sons to war. I know for a fact, I called both my sons and asked them to go to war, based on just what I heard on TV. Never a thought, until my Veteran’s suicide or murder, of what would happen to my sons. In a war fought for Jews and Muslims!!!!! Look at how rich some of those Muslim religious are with gold bathrooms, $98,000 average person’s income. Jews and Muslims, Christian competitors are both living like “royalty”, gods and goddesses!

Boys, young men, watching this, along with all the other brainwashing techniques, would volunteer, and consent to a war, that I believe, was never declared by Congress. For “Muslim” rights, and almost final destruction of White Rights. Only by God’s grace, is this treachery coming to the surface. For Jews to “save” us, will further destroy us. The source of our destruction cannot be the source of our saving, or salvation, or redemption. Jesus taught in Bible, Evil cannot cure Evil. Both will die. Good has to cure Evil. And God is now a weak God. Jews may have hurt him, and “used” Him and “abused” His only son, but they haven’t gotten away with it. I’m sure the Jews already have taken away as much gold and silver or diamonds to live in case of event like this. In that case, we let the world know, make sure each country “knows” so they don’t find another “Poland” with a kind heart, and then we don’t live on gold, or silver or diamond standards anymore. Whatever they try to steal or take, will be worthless.

Here’s shirt of singer: imageMessed up, similar to our beloved American Flag, which is our “home” and “country,” but now Hijacked, by non-Christians and non-Whites.

The song sings

“It’s all the same; only the names have changed.”

History is repeating itself. Different Jew, Christian, bank account, country, war, false flag, tragedy.

Bon Jovi is wearing a “Southern Man” cowboy hat. They will keep bringing down the Southern Man to the end of time. Always making sure of the “guilt” for having black workers. Perhaps we should “fire” Obama the Black, like an employee, or black worker. If Jews put us on a guilt trip for hiring blacks for farm work, then we should feel “guilt” about making Obama work as President. He should be collecting White and Christian welfare, taking crack, making black and white babies. We can support all of them too! Or give the;m government jobs, which Whites and Christians should have since this was founded as a “Christian Country.”

Here’s the back of Bon Jovi’s shirt. The “stars” part. The Jew stars of david I call them. Ironically the White woman is in picture also. It is the Jews prime intention to bring down “both” the White male and female. The real Third World War.


Note in this pix, the Gold Star in a form of a light, is between Bon Jovi’s legs. Like his penis that surely the Jews sucked or forced him to put in their own filthy butts! How disgusting! All this “silence” and not talking about the evils of homos and lezzies has brought us into Christians fully accepting and “loving” it. Wrong!

imageAt the end, the guitar with the emblem that looks like Star of David, comes into view. Perhaps I’m only seeing this and the Jews didn’t do it intentionally. But it still “points the finger” at them. Below is the painting of The Fall of Poland, but Polish White Christian artist, Jan Matejko.

You can make pix larger of Fall of Poland, by pulling one of the corners, or finding it on Wiki and get “full size” image. Please note “year 1866” one year after Fall of South, in Civil War! Poland and USA are linked in history. Jews of Poland and Jews of USA are “linked” in history.

Rejtan – The Fall of Poland, oil on canvas by Jan Matejko, 1866, 282 x 487 cm, Royal Castle in Warsaw.

White Arthur Topham Arrested for Speaking Truth about Jews & World War II

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2012 at 9:41 pm
More arrests of White men! How can it be that one writes the truth, that it is a crime. It would be like people murdering, raping, embezzling, and if a person writes about it and names the people, the “writer” gets arrested and the criminals continue to go free and “demand” the arrests. Jews are that powerful. There are several White men jailed, computers taken away, deported, put into solitary confinement for challenging the story of World War II.
Those Europeans are going to have to speak out and come forward about World War II. It is because of these arrests that this crime is spreading and multiplying.
If our ancestors challenged the Jews 106 times kicked out of European countries, is it sane and Godly, to just let the Jews have free reign and we cannot write about it. It is “impossible” to talk about it, it is as if the Whites took a collective Vow of Silence. It is spooky. It is like a real life Twilight Zone episode that never ends. It’s like the show is on but even if you try to turn the TV off, it repeats itself constantly. There is no other TV or other media.
I feel sorry for those men in Canada. And it makes the other men and women just starting to discover these things, afraid, and they will give up and go back to being asleep.
How can it be that the White men cannot speak or write? Is it “hate” to speak the Truth? Is it “love” to lie, and lie and lie some more so that “everyone is happy,” and this genocide can complete itself. Especially against White Christians! Jews are not in danger of genocide. The other main religion, Muslims, are not in danger. Only us and we can not even say “Boo!” or it is handcuffs and the hoosegow! I’ll turn to God in prayer, it is too painful for me to bear. He will help me carry this cross. He sent Jesus someone, surely he will send me someone also.
Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2012 12:45 AM
Subject: Arthur Topham Arrested on “Hate” Charges

Arthur Topham Arrested on “Hate” Charges

Arthur Topham is an engaging and personable free thinker living in Quesnel, British Columbia. For years, he has been the editor of The Radical Press, first as a newsletter, and then as a blog. He started, as he’d admit, as someone on the left in the hippie scene in the 1970s. However, he was always passionately attached to freedom of speech. About a decade ago, he championed Ernst Zundel during the horrific assault by the Canadian Human Rights Commission on the Zundelsite and, later, during his persecution under the now utterly discredited “national security certificate” hearings, which resulted in the deportation of the dissident publisher, then a landed immigrant, to Germany and a five year prison term of doubting the Hollywood version of World War II. He earned the denunciations of some of his former leftist friends for his principled defence of free speech.
Over the years, Arthur became increasingly outspoken about the vile influence of the Zionist lobby in Canada. Not surprisingly, retaliation and an effort to gag Mr. Topham followed in short order. Organized Zionists have consistently sought to silence, jail or have fired anyone who questions their views. Dissent means human rights complaints, jail or unemployment. The list of the victims of the Zionists is long: eccentric John Ross Taylor, publisher Ernst Zundel, gentle school teacher Malcolm Ross, journalist and war hero Doug Collins, yours truly and many others.
Just this week, French comic Dieudonne M’bala M’bala was denied a Montreal concert venue after ferocious lobbying by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and, of course, loudly applauded by the League for Human Rights (that doesn’t include free speech) of B’nai Brith.
In 2008, Harry Abrams, long-time Victoria operative for the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith, launched a Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) complaint against Mr. Topham for some of his postings. The Canadian Association for Free Expression intervened on Mr. Topham’s behalf. After Marc Lemire’s historic victory, September 2, 2009, when Sec. 13 was declared unconstitutional by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the Tribunal looking into the Topham complaint was adjourned sine die.
Sadly, that didn’t mean the end of the judicial persecution of this brave man who has continued to champion victims of persecution. Earlier this week, Arthur was arrested and charged with “hate”, under Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious “hate” law. Arthur’s friend Hans Krampe reports:
‘Arthur Topham, publisher of the Radical Press website, was arrested on May 16, 2012, at 11:30 am on the Barkerville Highway near Quesnel, B.C., put in handcuffs and taken to jail. Apparently, Arthur’s home had been staked out for quite some time by the RCMP.
The warrant for his arrest read “commission of hate crimes”.
While in jail, Arthur’s house was raided and his computer equipment confiscated, including all his files. During the raid, Shasta, Arthur’s wife, wasn’t allowed into her home for 9 hours. Once the RCMP had taken what they wanted — we wonder where the bugs are now hidden — and finished questioning Arthur, he was released at 11:00 pm.

Arthur is now back home again, but prohibited from sending ANY emails or expressing any opinions about the issues all too familiar to us. In other words, freedom of speech, which he so passionately fights for, has now been stymied by unconstitutional somersaults, technically and “legally” muzzling him, for the time being. Without compunction, might is right in Canada.

Arthur advises NOT to send him any emails, since those would only wind up at the RCMP instead. What Arthur would like to have send to him — by snail mail etc. — is money, since he is — always has been — chronically broke. It would help to defray some of the legal expenses he will now incur. Arthur has asked Doug Christie, prominent defence lawyer in the Ernst Zündel case, for legal assistance and Doug agreed to help him without hesitation. — Hans Krampe”

In an interview this evening, Douglas Christie, the Battling Barrister, confirmed that he will be acting for the the freethinker in the Cariboo. We’re still waiting for the specifics of the charges.
The persecution of Arthur Topham follows the model of the suppression of pro-free speech dissent practised by professional censors and the Zionist lobby and enabled by the laws of Canada. One route is to tie the dissident up in a lengthy and costly “human rights” hearing. This happened to Terry Tremaine. Next, charge them under the Criminal Code for “hate.” The police raid you and seize (steal) your computer. [Don’t count on ever getting it back. When this happened to lecturer Terry Tremaine, CAFE raised money and replaced it within 10 days.] The goal is to take away the resources that allow an Internet dissident to function. After some time, the dissident is charged. Then, a pliant judge imposes bail conditions that involve silencing the dissident. In Mr. Topham’s case, he is not allowed to use e-mail.
Note that the victim is silenced even though the charges have not been heard. This is turning Anglo-Saxon justice on its head. We presume a person innocent until proven guilty.
Arthur is not well off. He has spent thousands of dollars on fighting the now shelved Canadian Human Rights complaint. People who might like to send messages of support or financial assistance to Arthur Topham can reach him at the following address:
Arthur Topham,
4633 Barkerville Hwy.,
Quesnel, BC.,
V2J 6T8
Paul Fromm

White Russian Victims & Jew Bolsheviks, Cannibalism

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2012 at 7:45 pm
It is frightening to see the history that has been covered up. It is more scary to know that our schools are filled with memorizing lies to keep their Communist Jewish gods.
It was the Jew gang that killed the Czar and family of Russia. As the Jews planned the guillotine of the last Queen and King of France, while Jews were in the billions of dollars and not ‘one Jew, Jewess or kid” had their heads chopped off. But were able to use that $$$ to come here and buy up anything and anyone they so chose or choose. Also, 325 of 350 board of Communism, Bolsheviks, in Russia.
My grandfather Matteusz Kopaczewski was said to be a Polish Russian General. And he married a war bride from Russia. He got out around 1902, which would have meant he was under the command of the Czar. Had he stayed there and still be in Russia, this horrible experience shown in the video below could have happened to him. I have already written about this extensively, but now it is put into a short video. From my research, it is all true. Plus the books quoted are from Harvard and Yale. Note how the Jews wanted to kill the “royalty” and…… “God,” or Christianity! That is beyond belief how we not only let them get away with it, we Whites were the slaves that funded the Jewish $$$ to do so. Jews live off of and parasite White blood. The same happened in France. Jews killed royalty and God, I’ve written that already.
Jews already reduced Poland to slavery for 900 years. But Jews wanted to break down the smartest of Whites and perhaps the religious of Germany.
And look what the Jews did to the USA. It doesn’t affect them. Jews live in their own “dynasty,” and no one suspected them and still don’t until today. Matter of fact, if one even mentions Jew, the other person, White and or Christian will “argue” for the Jew and “against” the White Christian person making the comment. As my sister and a fellow female older church person said, they would pick up machine guns and fight for the Jews in Israel. I told my sister those JEws are nothing but dumb Polak imposter Jews who robbed Poland’s treasury and enslaved the people as Jews did to the USA. But their main goal: Stop Christianity by all means. Jews need to “cover” up Jesus, the Cross and the Crucifixion. That is the only thing preventing the entire world from worshipping them. Although, it looks like Jews have already done that.
The video speaks of the fact that thru starvation, the TAKEOVER of Russian Farming, (which is coming here) the White Russians were forced into cannibalism! All for Jews profit and power, and to punish, hurt, destroy, murder by the worst methods possible, innocent White Christians.

21,000,000 Germans Died for “Jew’s Rights & $$$”

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2012 at 6:04 am
On Alex Jones radio: after Jews declared war on Germany, 21,000,000 of Germans finest men, raised on veggies, no smoking, drinking, drugging, character, outdoors, were killed or commit suicide. Plus Germans were our “smartest,” something the Yellow Chinese and Jews surely appreciate having our gene pools finest die. How about the “injured” ones, which suffer worst of all? And all so that ‘Jews’ a religion on business that killed our Lord, could leave Europe and control the world thru USA & the world $$$$$$$$$$$. The other major casualty: Christianity, God as we know, Jesus’ teachings for Whites. That number above doesn’t include all the rest of the Whites, Americans, Russians, British, Europeans, etc. killed or that the Jew Communists starved to death or buried alive such as Katyn Poland massacre. White Christians surely suffered at the hands and minds of the Jews.

ps to my Bible and Homosexuality Email

In Uncategorized on May 17, 2012 at 10:32 pm
Just a ps to my email on Bible, God and homosexuality and rich Jews. Here’s a Beatle’s song which I enjoy singing in karaoke. I like the Beatles, and I especially like them for their words “The entertainment industry is really being part of the Jewish ‘religion.’) Whatever happened to them, they were also White victims to be added to our list of billions and billions of Whites persecuted by Jews since Jesus Christ.
One of the Beatle’s son is named “Jude” a Jewish name, and their original manager was Jewish, Bryan Epstein. Epstein was a homosexual, rich, drug addicted and committed suicide. With his Jewish connections around the globe, (what a Mafia and Monopoly) he “changed” the course of music. Elvis knew that and that is why E took 2 World War II guns to President Nixon for E knew the destruction that was besetting his audience being drug addicted. He thought the Beatles doing this would “break down the USA.” Was Elvis right?
(You may want to skip this part if you know the story. But remember it was a Christian Scientist from Principia that allowed Elvis to see Nixon and took Elvis serious about stopping the Communist destruction of America thru drugs, which he felt the Beatle’s were promoting. The Beatles didn’t know what they were doing anymore than “all” the stars the Jews made and used up until now. And if Jews think by using the same method it will “save” the Whites, it’s ridiculous. One cannot use one method to destroy and then use the same method to “save.” They used “evil” on us. Just a quick note, it refers to room “505” WHERE Elvis stayed in Washington DC and my home is “505” today. Also it reads that Elvis wanted to stop the (Chicago) Black Panthers. Odd but today, the black Panthers are cursing “Race War” on Whites. (Not Jews, or blacks or browns. Shows you what 400 years of love, Christianity and welfare to Blacks have led them. Also, Hillary worked for the Black Panthers in college, so where is “her blackened heart.” Odd but she kisses Obama’s feet, yet was violent against her Southern White husband Bill. And the FBI even had to watch while she threw things at him. But she ‘loooovvveeed’ the blacks while “haaatttttiiinnnng” her White husband. And below where Elvis mentions the “dangerous” SDS, from my own website, I wrote how Jewish Bernadine Dohrn, headed that organization and was closely linked with our Jew led Commie President, Obama: from my website:
If you look at the video, the woman decrying the US as terrorists is nothing but a Jewess terrorist herself. And her husband also, who from Chicago, was Obama’s friends!
Her name is Bernadine Dohrn, (Ohrnstein, Jewess terrorist and revolutionary) One of the top 1 fugitives in America. (But then we have hosts of Jews that would fit that description.)
(Well, they can’t label me as being a “radical,” then. Dohrn became one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM), a radical wing of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), in the late 1960s.
(You can find more entitled “Impeachment, Terrorism, Revolution” by me. You will also read about how Obama’s buddy from Chicago Bill Ayers was planting bombs etc. Obama’s friend not only bombed the staute “once” but “twice” mocking the White police, as during the Chicago Democratic convention, the hippies were throwing balloons filled with urine at the White police!!!! How utterly disgusting this country had become even then. But we lost the Viet Nam war against the Yellow Communist Chinese and we lost the Jewish Revolution against White Christians at the same time. And we Whites and Christians slaved and paid for this $$$$$. You’ll find more Jews involved in this. Elvis was very shrew and God-led and inspired I’m sure.
Later in 1969, Ayers participated in planting a bomb at a statue dedicated to riot police casualties in the 1886 Haymarket Riot confrontation between labor supporters and the police. The blast broke almost 100 windows and blew pieces of the statue onto the nearby Kennedy Expressway. (The statue was rebuilt and unveiled on May 4, 1970, and blown up again by other Weathermen on October 6, 1970. Rebuilding it yet again, the city posted a 24-hour police guard to prevent another blast, and in January 1972 it was moved to Chicago police headquarters.
And to think Obama’s preacher for 22 years who he even had lunches with, was advocating and “spewing” hatred against Whites from the pulpit!!!! This black president is the woman that White women are “fantasizing” about!!!!! What madness!!! What genocide of her holy White womb!!!
Here’s song “Hey Jude” like Jesus’ brother. In it, you can already see that when there is a very pretty White girl, especially blonde, light skin, blue eyes, a black man is next to her, as a black is next to the preferred position of one of the Beatles. They were supposed to force us to “live” together and be equal. Everyone… except the Jews, who have taken all that “equality” money and now are so rich they make $11,000,000.00 an hour by doing business with Chinese yellows, while bringing the yellows back here to Vegas to buy it up, such as our banks, sports stadiums, businesses, homes, oil refineries in Texas. I would say the Yellow commies and Jews won the Viet Nam War as well as World War II ..my poor dead White husband Michael.
Nixon Meets Elvis

Elvis asks to be a soldier in the War on Drugs

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Elvis’ Letter to Nixon

Elvis and Nixon meet in the Oval Office of the White House

Nixon’s “Thank You” letter to Elvis

Memo summarizing the meeting between Elvis and Nixon

Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace

Meeting and entertaining kings is one of the jobs of U.S. presidents. On one famous occasion, a U.S. president — Richard Nixon, met the king of entertainment — Elvis Presely.

On December 21, 1970, three men got out of bed in rooms 505-506 & 507 of the Washington Hotel in Washington, D.C. where they had registered under the names of Jerry Schilling, Sonny West, and Jon Burrows.

Schilling and West were along for the ride, but Mr. Jon Burrows had a definite agenda — and a pistol. Right after breakfast, the trio set out to visit the White House.

Three weeks earlier, Burrows had spoken in Palm Springs, CA with Spiro Agnew, the Vice President of the United States and had come away with a burning desire to fight the drug culture, hippies, the SDS, and the Blank Panthers.

Early that morning, Burrows simply walked up to the White House gates and handed the guard a 5-page letter addressed to President Richard Nixon. In his hand-written letter on American Airlines stationary, Burrows asked to meet with the President to give him a present and have the President appoint him “Federal Agent at Large” in the war against drugs.

Was Mr. Burrows immediately hustled away by the Secret Service, never to be seen again? No. A few hours later, Mr. Burrows stood in the Oval Office of the White House speaking with the President Richard M. Nixon.

How could this have happened? “Mr. Jon Burrows,” you see, was far better known by his kingly name — Elvis Presley.

During the brief Oval Office meeting, Elvis presented Nixon with a commemorative World War II-era Colt .45 pistol and told Nixon he felt the Beatles promoted an “anti-American” theme appealing to violence, drug use, dissent and protest. [See: Memo summarizing the meeting (National Archives)]

The Colt. 45 pistol is now on display at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, CA.

Complete Text of Elvis’ Letter to President Nixon

Dear Mr. President.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Elvis Presley and admire you and have great respect for your office. I talked to Vice President Agnew in Palm Springs three weeks ago and expressed my concern for our country. The drug culture, the hippie elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc. do NOT consider me as their enemy or as they call it The Establishment. I call it America and I love it. Sir, I can and will be of any service that I can to help The Country out. I have no concern or Motives other than helping the country out.

So I wish not to be given a title or an appointed position. I can and will do more good if I were made a Federal Agent at Large and I will help out by doing it my way through my communications with people of all ages. First and foremost, I am an entertainer, but all I need is the Federal credentials. I am on this plane with Senator George Murphy and we have been discussing the problems that our country is faced with.

Sir, I am staying at the Washington Hotel, Room 505-506-507. I have two men who work with me by the name of Jerry Schilling and Sonny West. I am registered under the name of Jon Burrows. I will be here for as long as long as it takes to get the credentials of a Federal Agent. I have done an in-depth study of drug abuse and Communist brainwashing techniques and I am right in the middle of the whole thing where I can and will do the most good.

I am Glad to help just so long as it is kept very Private. You can have your staff or whomever call me anytime today, tonight, or tomorrow. I was nominated this coming year one of America’s Ten Most Outstanding Young Men. That will be in January 18 in my home town of Memphis, Tennessee. I am sending you the short autobiography about myself so you can better understand this approach. I would love to meet you just to say hello if you’re not too busy.

Elvis Presley

P. S. I believe that you, Sir, were one of the Top Ten Outstanding Men of America also.
I have a personal gift for you which I would like to present to you and you can accept it or I will keep it for you until you can take it.

Here’s song “Hey Jude,” but I feel like I want to vomit, I’m so sickened by what is being revealed to me and my protesting against it with my entire being.

Beatles made the song “Revolution” for the Jews are that “mocking” that they told us all they were doing in their movies, songs, books, news, only we were too dumbed down to “get it.” They “got it” all the way to the banks $$$$$$$$ for the Jewess wives and kyke kids. (That helps me get over Jews dubbing me a dumb Polak and dumb blonde to break me down. Who breaks down the Jewess or the Black Madonnas or Brown Senorita’s or the Yellow smarter and richer women? They get the “opposite” treatment in this White hating country.

Also, Beatles made a song Imagine which talks of “no more religion” and if one can “imagine” it then it will happen. It was the beginning of the severe destruction of Christianity, and even Christian Science if you compare statistics and dates.

It was the murder of Christianity and killing off Jesus all over again, as if the first time wasn’t bad enough.

Delete and stop the song when you get fed up.

In the “Imagine” song, Lennon (just like the Jew Lennon Commie that killed 200,000,000 with his Commie cohorts) sings of “no heaven, no hell. no country.” “That” was the end of the UK, America, and every White “country.” where you and I talk of “patriotism” and “love” of country, it was to be destroyed. This way all the non-whites could move in with Jews for the Big Takeover of our churches, children, ‘country.’ It has already happened. It is not “going to happen” and we live in fear. they accomplished it and we are suffering from their mental violence against us.

image(from song)

He sings “all the people living in peace” together, but he doesn’t sing that Jews will be ruling off the White $$$, to the tune of $11,000,000.00 an hour. If the Jews were so “kind and generous” would all their $$$ be going to the blacks of Africa and having their JEwish bank accounts “equal” to the blacks or even poor Whites like me? No! Jewish brainwashing Commie ideas of “equality” were propaganda. Even the book “Animal Farm” talks of Communism which is equal for everyone except those at the top… the Jews. and if Whites go along with it, they are just as guilty. But the Jews will “oust” the Whites, even their Mormon friends, and replace with “yellows” as are coming into Vegas. Yellows are not as drugged up or pilled up as Whites. It was an “easy” war against Whites.

This song was a nice, gentle way to get into the “emotions and hearts” of Whites to join Communistic ideas with was soooo sugar coated, and covered up the 200,000,000 God loving people murdered, starved to death, buried alive!!!!! Jewish “entertainment.”

imageJust as I wrote yesterday, how Jews wear that idea from Bible in their boxes on their bodies that there is “One” God, Jews use that for 2 reasons: the first is to make a “One Jew World Order” where they are gods and goddesses and we Christ Jesus followers slaves to Jesus’ murderers. The second is that by abusing the term “One God” it makes humans accepting of following “one” order, and not thinking for themselves. It is abusing God this time, not only Jesus.

It sings of “Imagine no possessions” and soon Whites will be stripped of “all our possessions” including the Vatican’s gold, statutes, paintings and $$$ which White Christians accumulated for 2,000 years. Jews “will have all the possessions” they want and got, including White women of the finest sort, and the most handsome White boys and men.

While they are talking of “greed and hunger” it was a smash in the mouth to the White man to “give away” their $$$ as Bill Gates and his wife are doing to Africa, and the next 8 billion black babies coming up. Who cared about my White hunger in South Chicago? Not a damned soul.

“Brotherhood of man” really means dumbing down, breaking down, bankrupting and replacing White man. Jews are not “brotherhoods” to anyone, except.. perhaps the Muslims who are their brothers from Abraham. The Middle East War was a big joke on Whites for Jews were on both sides.

Lennon, like Communist Lennon of Russia, sings that “all the people will SHARE THE WORLD,” but it really meant the world would barge in, invade and “share” the White man’s land: South Africa, America, Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, Finland, Norway, even my country of Poland that the JEws left poverty stricken after living there and enslaving us for 900 years…. everything the White man and his family has, and Jews will make $$$ off of it. How crazy does it get?