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666 Park Avenue

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“666” TV show that airs tonight? It’s quite odd but I have already written that both the Jewish psychiatrist that raped me and a Jewish psychologist that I used to see, that one of his patients burned down the psychologist’s entire floor…. was located at ….. 666 N. Michigan Avenue. Also at the end of that block, was a “Drake Hotel,” as this TV show is situated at an apartment building in New York, “The Drake Apartments.” The sad thing is that if the Jews used another one of my ideas for their movies, TV, radio, laws, there is nothing that can be done. And if anything, people will end up watching it and “idolizing” the Jews even more.

“Whites” 100 years to live

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Whites: “100 years to live!” I get really shaky when I research these ideas I post. I never have been afraid to go on TV, radio, stage, etc. but what I’m writing is shattering and I “feel” too much for my own good. The Jews haven’t molded me, at least not most of me. And what they did mold, I’ve been able to expose.

Here’s lyrics of this song, and Whites have to unite and think what are we going to do with our last 100 years, when we go extinct. Or will we just reproduce like rabbits, and have ailing, degenerated and be the “slave” poor for the rest of the world. And our own White $$, time, labor, tears, addictions, misery, will actually work and pay for the Jew’s White genocide of us.
The vid actually shows the yellow man, the White army guy who represents the White body bag for Jewish wars, which cost Jews, only $.37 per White dead body. We paid for the rest with White taxes, Christian donations for relief. And there is the White couple in the inner elbows of a tree. I once did a painting of 2 koala bears from Australian nestled and hugging like that.

But now that White couple is an endangered species, in World War III, and Whites are in a state of catatonia, meaning we are alive, but dead to the world. Only if we obey our Jewish Master Dictator Monster’s edicts can we live, progress, but never ever can we be “equal” with Jews or have their top jobs in Art, Government, Music, Movies, Newspapers, Hollywood, TV, Banking, etc. Worse yet, Jews have dumbed us down and drugged us up so badly, we can hardly think let alone be masters of our own White species and every other race has that right… except the champions of “Rights”… the White Race.

Also note in lyrics he sings about Mars. I had the feeling we came from another planet. Perhaps blockbusting and had to run for our White lives. Today, I see no possible help for the White Race, who is only 8% of World Population. And all used up, as Jews used us for white soiled toilet paper. Just as after World War II, Jews destroyed White Europe and made “USA” the #1 power, yellow Jew led Commie China is our #1 power, and even Mexico has a brighter future as the world’s richest man is from Mexico, what Whites were brainwashed to believe was a “poor” country. Jew’s #1 way to control and kill off whites: “get Whites to feel sorry.” The “feel sorry” was a value we derived from Christianity that Jews turned upside down for their wealth, takeover, security for Jew raced children. Yet, this same “feel sorry” was never used towards my White poor Polish family growing up as slaves for jews.

I have already written that perhaps the White way’s only way to survive, at any level, is to leave the planet Earth. Hitler said we were the only “creative” force on earth, and all the other races were ultimately “destructive.” If we leave, they will destroy each other. If we stay, they will destroy us, or control us to be like the Jew that invented and dropped the atom bombs on Japan, Oppenheimer, his own words: “”Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

He should add the destroyer of an entire (White) species.

So knowing we have only 100 years to live as a White species, how will you spend your day?



Whites: 100 Years (to live or until our death and genocide). See my other post for lyrics and comment. If you are White, how will you spend today, knowing out death is right around the corner. Just make more babies! Jews turned the entire White Christian population into slavery in Poland and now “their Jewish descendants” emigrated here and are our Masters.” And even if one isn’t White, I appeal to the other races, even blacks voting for Obama, when the White Race is gone and out of control, and Jews are only left, what will they do to you. It was only thru White “Christian” and loving thinking that brought you from cannibalism, starvation, into civilization, $$$, houses, jobs, even telephones. Black Obama never did that. The Jews just put a Black face on what Whites are paying for.
The Polish People took the Jews in after all the other countries kicked them out, even massacred them. We were unsuspecting and perhaps not close to their German or French White neighbors so we didn’t know of Jewish crime, terror, war, assassination. We ended up becoming “their” slaves, instead of them working for us in our own home. We had to work the tough cold Europe climates and soil to farm and feed the Jews who refuse to do hard work. We slaved for them to make sure their children had shoes, coats, hats, gloves. Just like Jews parade those items at Holocaust museum as “evidence” of how Evil the White German Nazis and Hitler were, I didn’t even have shoes, gloves, hats, coat, and I was White Christian American born! Jews have to be dumber than me for if I was loaded with lice bugs that could possibly wipe out an entire country’s population thru “Typhus” why on earth would Jews put them on display for the people to look at. I’d be ashamed of being filthy which causes lice bugs. What if those lice bugs get loose and cause a Typhus epidemic in America?
But the Polish people slaved for them, even cleaning up after them as my folks and sisters and I did. Otherwise when you would shake hands with a Jew you might see a lice bug from his hair or coat pop off of him or her and jump onto your hand and enter your hair, coat, shoes, gloves.
And after feeding Jews for 900 years… think of that… 900 years… how did Jews return that favor: Starving us to death, 50,000 a year in Galicia Poland where Jews not only starved us to death but robbed our corpses. For being “kind” and feeding them, they starve us to death and don’t even leave us a crumb, not a f  n crumb? That is how greedy Jews are. If they seem to “give” a crumb it is only an illusion to get something higher and deeper that being dumbed down we don’t understand what it is.
When White Polish Christians fed and slaved in the fields for Jews for 900 years, their Jewish thank-you? To mastermind the Jew Commies of Russia to kill off our 20,000 top intellectual men. Who could then could be smart enough to figure out what Jews did to Poland once Jews pulled Holohoax to get into America: it really is “Jewish illegal immigration” en masse into America for Jews used “mind” and “war” techniques to become citizens. “Feel sorry” for Jews? All of the top thinkers of White Christian Poland were not only shot a bullet to the back of the brain, but buried alive in pits with bulldozers if the man were still alive. Considered to be the worst form of murder. Jews have no conscious or mercy.
Then if that wasn’t bad enough, Jews killed off the Polish King with a knife to his heart while he slept. That was the “thank” you for letting the Jews into Poland.
And to top it off, Jews made sure that Poland was put into horror, misery, starvation again, in “Communism.” How could that be? World War II began in Poland because Germans attacked it, (driven to it). England and USA intervened. So what did England and USA do to my Polish people the real and only victims of World  War II, give Poland into the treacherous hands of Jewish Communism. 40 years the Polish people were kept behind an invisible Iron Curtain, and what Whites need to realize is we are dealing with “invisible” agencies and techniques.
How did the Communist Jews treat Polish, who again fed them for 900 years? Starved them, took away food from the very White people that gave them food and slaved for them.
As I wrote before, I met a Polish black man where I worked. I was shocked to see a black man speaking Polish for my ancestry is soooo poor. At least “Christian Polish” I now find out that Polish Jews can make $11,000,000.00 an hour as Jew Commies and Yellow Commies unite in business.
This black Polish man said that in 1977, the (Jewish) Commies went to black Africa to get students to learn in Polish universities, just as Jewish lawyers after Civil Rights movement went into cotton fields to give “blacks” PHD’s and allllllllll that went with that.
Once in Poland, the black man got “free” education, all the way up to PHD. That included housing, $$$, not only food, but largest of buffets, booze, white women. He even married a White Swedish woman, who was desperately in love with him. Have the Jews driven the White woman to a nervous breakdown that doesn’t have the mind to save their own selves, children and species? The Jews are soooo sadistic, it wasn’t enough to have the blacks from Africa eat and drink at this buffet with White women, but there was a window the blacks could see how the Jew government nearly starved the host White Christian people. The black African,now in Poland, could see the Whites shivering, pale, weak, hungry, waiting in a “government bread line,” but the Jew government made sure they would “run” out of bread. That kept the Poles like animals doing whatever the government wanted for they were ‘Hungry’.  Hopefully they don’t put our White or any color raced men and women to work thru “war!” You can see the Jews treated us Whites “worse” than animals, for I wouldn’t withhold food from my cats or dogs, let alone another human being. Look how White USA for 400 years has fed Jews, blacks, browns, reds, yellows, Hindus, 1/2 breeds. And to think our White death will be these same people, headed by the smartest but most evil of humans, the Jews will “starve the Whites to death?”
White children are the minority. Having babies is not the answer if we are having White slaves so rest of world could laugh at us as we die. No one would laugh when a person is dying, but these people are run by Jews and their $$, and care about their “own” survival. Jews have destroyed our “will to live.” Not our “will to give,” for we have given Jews all the food they wanted, all our money we worked for 100 years… yes for 100 of the last years, all our money we made went into Jewish Federal Reserve Bank and Jewish causes. It’s nearly 2013, the 100th anniversary of Federal Reserve Bank which they conned us by enacting for ‘Christmas Day’ headlines, a double whammy of an insult and assault against Jesus’ Christ, whose birthday we celebrate on Christmas day.
Whites could be millionaires today. Just like in Qatar. We could be pursuing spiritual ideas, art, higher sex, reproduction, white unity. But instead, the last 100 years so Jews rob us and bleed us dry. The next Jew White 100 years is our speedy death, degeneration, destruction. How will you spend today?
I will spend the day starting my very painful autobiography. Amen, Dear God, Amen!

“I Love You,” Vanilla Ice

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Love, Love, Love! Just as sex might be 10% of one’s relationship or marriage, karaoke singing also is great including 10% love songs, not just bashing songs.

This song “I Love You,” is the flip side of “Ice Ice Baby.” I bought it on karaoke “cassette” (shows you how far I go back in karaoke!?) and on the flip side was this lovely, romantic song by “Vanilla!” I like the part when the telephone rings and he talks to her!

Here’s the great lyrics and isn’t “Vanilla” heavenly. I will also post his famous song “Ice Ice Baby” and the “autobiographically speaking story” that goes with it.

Girl, I keep thinkin’ of how I feel
When I’m in your arms gives me a chill
Just knowin’ that you want me by your side
Mellows my mind and enhances my pride
Girl, I need you more and more each day
Believe me when I tell you I’m here to stay
I’m captured by your love and your pretty smile
You devastating beauty and your sweet profile

I love you, cause I love you
I love you, cause I love you

[Verse 2]
You’re so fine, let’s wine and dine
I’m so happy that you are mine
Thinking of you I melt with desire
Take you in my arms, let love take us higher
To hear you talk, sounds so sweet
When you’re close to me I feel your heat
Girl, I want you and you want me
And it’ll last until eternity
You’re like the snow fallin’ from the sky
So clean, like the look in your eye
You’re my queen, i’ll buy you everything
Yes, girl, even diamond rings
Cause you’re my lady, and this love is true
Every sunset makes me think of you
And i’ll never forget what you mean to me
Comin’ straight from the heart of vanilla i-see-e


Hello girl, when I first saw you. it was love at first sight
We’ve been goin’ out now for about two years and I still feel the same
I know I haven’t said it much before…well…it’s because
See, I get all choked up inside. it just doesn’t want to
Come out. I don’t know. maybe this’ll help all the bad
Things i’ve done. so, no matter what goes on, no matter
What happens, always remember…I love you!

Hitler as Christian

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Hitler-Youth Nazi. Here’s quote of Hitler on his “being Christian.” Remember he and Eva were not only raised Christian, but she was in nunnery, and his paintings were of fine German church architecture of Jesus on Cross. I will put his painting attached to this.

I’m studying the CD’s for Creative Writing and as I wrote yesterday 3 times the teacher brings in “monster” Nazis or Germans, and “poor suffering rich Jews who brought our finest, smartest Whites to their knees.” Now again, I’m doing dishes & listening to CD’s. I’m already not recovered from US education & they poison they pass off as “schooling.” It is just another tool for Jew Takeover. Jews already rule us but they have to keep pounding at us, as a hammer, to keep us under control, without a peep like even a white mouse has those rights.
So I’m at the part of the course that says that one might want to use a “pen name” so no one knows their private life. Too late! It’s been on internet publicly for 3 years and to the Jews in media for 10 years. What is the difference if I was writing my secrets to Jews who then made TV shows out of them and got all the $$$. Whites could be organized so we could help each other like that, but no, first genuflecting to Jews is our “order of the day.” So it’s too late for pen name. Perhaps, White can begin to talk about the 2 taboo topics, like the apple tree in the middle of the Garden of Eatin’ in Old Testament, where God says “no” you can’t do that.
Two taboo topics Jews want to make sure we don’t talk about: Politics and religion. And look at our destructive politics today. The decline of religion is so bad in Europe for all practical purposes it is a Communist Country, except for Poland. And I’m still wondering why the news on both media and internet is downing Romney. He’s White and he’s qualified to run a business and the USA is a business. Why we ever had to have a black president is beyond me. Force the Jews in Hollywood to make all their chiefs there White Heterosexual Christians like Romney is. They won’t let us for this isn’t a free country, it is one nation under Jews, which used to be one nation under God.
So as I’m listening to the CD, she talks of covering up your life for the sake of the “family.” Too late. And my family knows my thinking and they know from growing up with me that it’s true. They have a choice. Either hide my parent’s domestic violence as White Polish slaves of Jews, or take the chance that since ancestry is so big our descendants will find out as I found out the “truth.” At least if I put forth my book, and blog, FB, emails, there is plenty around that has “the truth” about my folks, and not just an embarrassment that one should “not” write about in autobiography. Think how that would hurt someone just finding the surface of my folks’ life. At least, now, they will know “why”, “how” “who” when, what, all the things a good book should describe not hide.
Nazi: now the teacher uses an example of what she thinks is “shocking” and to the “extreme” of evil. In other words, it can’t get more evil than what I’m going to tell you to hide: Nazi uncle. Does she know the swastika is symbol for thousands of years for “fertility?” That they tried to save the White race and World War II was  “race war?” Whites lost. The only reason we were not totally wiped out was so Jews could let us live to get more $$$ in Federal Reserve Bank which has taken White taxes and $$$ since 1913, Christmas Day, to attack Jesus Christ’s birthday, besides the people that worship and study him.
Jews and evil. Jews are evil, but by constantly making up “boogie men” to scare Whites and we Whites are terribly superstitious. They just go “boo” and we will give them our land, women, children, skyscrapers, US Marines for homosexuality as Kay Griggs’ videos spell out naming names.. etc. etc. etc.
But until today, I have to listen to my teacher tell me to “hate” Nazi German Whites and if that won’t make a person cry, what will. I used to “love” schooling. I loved school, the nuns and priests so much, and the kids, the subjects, that I would run to school even if I didn’t have a coat, because a daughter of slaves for Jews in Icy, windy, frigid, South Chicago, where the wind chill index could be as low as 30% as the day I moved into my skyscraper downtown Chicago with all the rich Jews. (Now I know why they harassed me so badly in Chicago with stealing, etc. to drive me out and they “won!” Jews always win because we are too dumbed down to know we have been in a Jewish Revolution Takeover since 1960.
How can I learn if my instincts and now my intellect from research and study opposes and fights these examples she is giving. She needs to be re-programmed. And not like England “let’s just stop teaching Holocaust” & Whites and White Christians will never know what we did to them in World War II, I, Civil War, Poland, Europe, France, Russia, Germany. Jews think we are that dumb and stupid, and yet Israel is made up of nothing but dumb Polak Israelis whose only hope of eternal life is not God, but to keep stealing and robbing the people that were kind enough to host them.
Anyway, just a picture of a young White German boy taught in Hitler Youth. I think they are trying to play it down, but it should be questioned. The Pope, in his sacred position holding the lives of all our White people made saints for their morals, he needs to be honest, as do the Polish Whites.
I mentioned to my brother today, there are 3 ways of dealing with people. 1. If you know something bad about them; don’t talk. 2. If you know something bad about fellow whites talk and gossip and even add insults (as Jews do) or 3. Find “good” things to say about the other (White) person. How often I have gone on stage giving tributes to the people I am imitating; giving them the credit, even carrying posters. It is called simply “loving.” Going out of one’s way to speak nice and good things. If there are things that are unacceptable, it can be done in private not to hurt feelings as they did at Jewish Donco Paper, not just to me, but a forest full of people for a company of 12. That drives people to the ground. Breaks Whites down, especially talented, or intelligent, or even beautiful/handsome. All things Jews want out of our White genepool. They want to make our last 100 years as painful as possible for some kind of revenge that is insane. It is as if they read the Old Testament and picture their enemies as us Whites. Who fed and cared for them for 1000 years when yellow Chinese massacred them? They make sure they come in at the top of their field, not as scrub women and men. But, as I wrote before, if Jews are to be redeemed, they will have to become the scrub people. Same with yellow Chinese that want to take over USA since we seem to be dividing it up to all the other races except Whites, like apple pie. No more doctors from other countries. Or yellow CEO’s etc. If “white” boys and men can go to China to be engineers, doctors, or go to Israel Polish Jews and takeover their highest positions, newspaper editors, head of company that makes all the cell phones which we keep trading in and buying more, or their company that has “all” the telephone records of top 11 industrial nations, so Jewish spies can trace anyone and everyone they choose to. They don’t have to work for ….. Whites support them… cause Whites have nothing but $$$ that they give away like a free for all. They never gave to me, nor my folks, nor my husband, because we were all White and good, even heroic.
Here’s pix of Hitler Youth, German Pope, Benedict XVI. And again, I write alone and not part of any group. My dream is to unite all 700,000,000 Whites. I don’t know where they are in terms of religion or spirituality, but the best of Christians is going to be needed to salvage a dying White species. The Whites don’t have to attend services but perhaps contribute to use the empty Church buildings (if they can afford and if Jew doctors, bankers, real estate, government Jews,  have left Whites any $$.) There seems to be “good” in all different churches, we just see things differently. But to “hate” one another as Jews successfully did to White Germans, Hitler, Nazis who only tried to “save” the dying and degenerated White race is the work of a Jewish devil.
Adolf & Eva Hitler-Christian: Hitler’s quote from Wiki: “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” And in my own humble mind, I think I am too. For I take the side of life for an entire White species and fight the genocide against me. If the rest of the Whites don’t care if they are genocided, Daddy said, “They are going to do what they are going to do.” I can’t base my happiness on what the Whites are or are not doing. For even if 350,000,000 would unite, I’d be worried about the other 350,000,000 or as Jesus said from the Message Bible: “WORK IT OUT BETWEEN YOU” “Look at it this way. If someone has 100 sheep and one of them wanders off, doesn’t he leave the 99 and go after the 1? And if he finds it, doesn’t he make far more over it than over the 99 who stay put? Your Father in heaven feels the same way. He doesn’t want to lose EVEN ONE OF (YOU) simple believers.”  (So in God’s terms, even if there were 699,999,999 Whites that wanted to unite and live, He would go after that “1” that wanted to be genocided or die.
Matter of fact, I have the metalized holy picture that I have that I bought off ebay, a replica of one that was given to my deceased US Marine that he kept with him in battle that saved his penis and one testicle (the yellow Jew-led Commie Chinks exploded the other one in Viet Nam, that was his Purple Heart.) On this painting is Jesus with those “100” sheep, I will attach or put on next post.

I found a better site of info on Hitler’s Christianity, and perhaps my 6 years of writing about the “good” in Hitler and Nazis changed history. (Some think of Adam and Eve, I think of Adolf and Eva, and certainly not to idolize them but hadn’t he at least tried to fight the Jew led Russian Communists who destroyed Christianity for tens of millions of people and starved them to death, the same would have happened to Western Europe, or even USA.)

Here’s from Wiki: Hitler was a Christian his entire life. Surely like Elvis, he couldn’t attend church, but his belief in God and giving Protestants and Catholics rights even encouraging it. What he didn’t want was “race-breaking” churches. Look at Europe “before” World War II, pure White and look at Europe now, the large cities, like USA, that have more non-Whites than Whites, especially sex and babies.

Hitler’s mother was “devout Catholic.” I mean she was “holy!” Not some Jewish atheist that runs our lives thru Jew TV, Jew News, Jew books, and worse of all… Jewish education, universities, schools, Jew textbooks, Jew curriculum. From what I saw of education personally in last 10 years it is nothing more than poison to the White brain, mind, heart and soul and Whites “pay” to be slowly poisoned and die. Surprisingly the Our “Jew” father, Sigmund Freud, of Mental Illness fame, (and he certainly was Mentally Ill) dictated what is sane and what is crazy. And his final analysis: If you love Jews or are a Jew you are sane, if you hate them or don’t like their actions, you are crazy. And automatically, if you are White, you are crazy.

Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf (his autobiography, “My Struggle”, that the Jews “should not” be attacked. This monster that Jews created doesn’t exist except in ‘their’ minds, for they reveal their true identity in how they brainwashed us. What they made Hitler out to be, a ruthless monster, is what the Jews have been.

Elsewhere in Mein Kampf Hitler speaks of the “creator of the universe” and “eternal Providence.” He also states his belief that the Aryan race was created by God, and that it would be a sin to dilute it through racial intermixing:

“The folkish-minded man, in particular, has the sacred duty, each in his own denomination, of making people stop just talking superficially of God’s will, and actually fulfill God’s will, and not let God’s word be desecrated. For God’s will gave men their form, their essence and their abilities. Anyone who destroys His work is declaring war on the Lord’s creation, the divine will.”

In his diary Goebbels reported that Hitler believed Jesus “also wanted to act against the Jewish world domination. Jewry had him crucified.

Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber wrote in a confidential report that Hitler “undoubtedly lives in belief in God” and that he “recognizes Christianity as the builder of western culture.”

Nazi General Gerhard Engel reported in his diary that in 1941 Hitler stated, “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.”

(Jesus ‘not’ a Jew as I wrote before) He must be regarded as a popular leader who took up His position against Jewry… and it’s certain that Jesus was not a Jew. The Jews, by the way, regarded Him as the son of a whore—of a whore and a Roman soldier.

In Hitler’s conception, Jews were enemies of all civilization, especially the Volk.

According to Hitler’s personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, the Catholic priest Bernhard Stempfle was a prominent member of Hitler’s inner circle and frequently advised him on religious issues.

For a time Hitler advocated positive Christianity, a militant, non-denominational form of Christianity which emphasized Christ as an active preacher, organizer, and fighter who opposed the institutionalized Judaism of his day.[46] Positive Christianity purged or deemphasized the Jewish aspects of Christianity and was infused with aspects of nationalism and racial antisemitism. Hitler never directed his attacks on Jesus himself,[47] whom Hitler regarded as an Aryan opponent of the Jews.[48] Hitler viewed traditional Christianity as a corruption of the original ideas of Jesus by the Apostle Paul.[49] In Mein Kampf Hitler writes that Jesus “made no secret of his attitude toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity, who then as always saw in religion nothing but an instrument for his business existence. In return, Christ was nailed to the cross.”[50] In a speech 26 June 1934, Hitler stated:

The National Socialist State professes its allegiance to positive Christianity. It will be its honest endeavour to protect both the great Christian Confessions in their rights, to secure them from interference with their doctrines (Lehren), and in their duties to constitute a harmony with the views and the exigencies of the State of today.

Hitler while speaking the Bürgerbräukeller turned Lerchenfeld’s perspective of Jesus on its head:

I would like here to appeal to a greater than I, Count Lerchenfeld. He said in the last session of the Landtag that his feeling ‘as a man and a Christian’ prevented him from being an anti-Semite. I say: My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. .. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison.

(Hitler’s plans were to move Jews of Europe to “Madagascar” and he would keep them as workers in camps until that could be done. There is no order or evidence that Hitler wanted to kill, exterminate or gas Jews. Even Hitler’s assistant, )
Hitler often associated atheism with bolshevism, communism, and Jewish materialism.[65] Hitler stated in a speech to the people of Stuttgart on February 15, 1933: “Today they say that Christianity is in danger, that the Catholic faith is threatened. My reply to them is: for the time being, Christians and not international atheists are now standing at Germany’s fore. I am not merely talking about Christianity; I confess that I will never ally myself with the parties which aim to destroy Christianity. Fourteen years they have gone arm in arm with atheism. At no time was greater damage ever done to Christianity than in those years when the Christian parties ruled side by side with those who denied the very existence of God. Germany’s entire cultural life was shattered and contaminated in this period. It shall be our task to burn out these manifestations of degeneracy in literature, theater, schools, and the press—that is, in our entire culture—and to eliminate the poison which has been permeating every facet of our lives for these past fourteen years.

In a radio address October 14, 1933 Hitler stated, “For eight months we have been waging a heroic battle against the Communist threat to our Volk, the decomposition of our culture, the subversion of our art, and the poisoning of our public morality. We have put an end to denial of God and abuse of religion. We owe Providence humble gratitude for not allowing us to lose our battle against the misery of unemployment and for the salvation of the German peasant.”

In a speech delivered in Berlin, October 24, 1933, Hitler stated: “We were convinced that the people needs and requires this faith. We have therefore undertaken the fight against the atheistic movement, and that not merely with a few theoretical declarations: we have stamped it out.”

National Socialism neither opposes the Church nor is it anti-religious, but on the contrary, it stands on the ground of a real Christianity. The Church’s interests cannot fail to coincide with ours alike in our fight against the symptoms of degeneracy in the world of today, in our fight against the Bolshevist culture, against an atheistic movement, against criminality, and in our struggle for the consciousness of a community in our national life, for the conquest of hatred and disunion between the classes, for the conquest of civil war and unrest, of strife and discord. These are not anti-Christian, these are Christian principles.”During negotiations leading to the Nazi-Vatican Concordat of April 26, 1933 Hitler argued that “Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith.”

Among eastern religions, Hitler described religious leaders such as “Confucius, Buddha, and Mohammed” as providers of “spiritual sustenance”.[71] In this context, Hitler’s connection to Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem — which included asylum in 1941, the honorary rank of an SS Major-General, and a “respected racial genealogy” — has been interpreted more as a sign of respect than political expedience.[72] Hitler expressed admiration for the Muslim military tradition and directed Himmler to initiate Muslim SS Divisions as a matter of policy. However, Nazi-era Minister of Armaments and War Production Albert Speer acknowledged that Hitler was only cooperating with Muslim figures, such as al-Husseini, because he felt the antisemitic views they shared would eventually help him win power and influence over the Middle East in the long run.
(Hitler is upset though with Christianity for meekness and flabbiness. But I see that as Jewish infiltration into our churches as they are in any protest group that arises, so Jews can bring it down. Christian churches, in my own view, should not be race-breakers. It should become common knowledge that Whites want to preserve our race. Only it seems as if Whites don’t want to live, and apparently don’t want their children to live, for it doesn’t bother then and they would fight “for” the Jewish genocide of us and “against” anyone that is pro-White and even pro Christian.)

Hitler’s choice of the Hindu Swastika as the Nazis’ main and official symbol, was linked to the belief in the Aryan cultural descent of the German people.

I have been attacked because of my handling of the Jewish question. The Catholic Church considered the Jews pestilent for fifteen hundred years, put them in ghettos, etc, because it recognised the Jews for what they were. In the epoch of liberalism the danger was no longer recognised. I am moving back toward the time in which a fifteen-hundred-year-long tradition was implemented

The Jewish Wiki article published that there was an “alleged” article where Nazis wanted Hitler to be worshiped. I don’t believe that, as Elvis was mighty popular, but even while performing in Vegas sternly corrected when a section of his audience said “We worship you Elvis” and Elvis said, “Take that sign down; you only worship God, Jesus.)

I can also compare to myself when I was named “Queen of Karaoke.” I’m no Queen, nor a leader, especially not a Messiah type of image. It’s a cute title, and it spreads a lot of hope, joy, feelings and cheer. I hope I have a humble attitude, and would never even bring myself up if I had…. a good Jewish agent… for they would advertise me and I wouldn’t have to do it myself. Jews won’t come near me with a 10 foot pole. They used to, but I now watch and screen people I deal with so I know if I’m dealing with a Jew or not. Matter of fact, in that Chicago Reader newspaper article from 13 years ago I am quoted: “I am nobody; I am nothing.  You can see that “that” isn’t healthy either but the Jews totally destroyed any self-confidence or self-esteem, where today, even black men and women don’t have that problem they have “black pride” and Jew $$$ backing them. And Christian $$$ too.)

The “Aryan race,” supposedly the bearer of civilization, is allocated a special place:

“What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and the reproduction of our race … so that our people may mature for the fulfilment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. … Peoples that bastardize themselves, or let themselves be bastardized, sin against the will of eternal Providence.”[

In November 1936 the Roman Catholic prelate Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber met Hitler at Berghof for a three hour meeting. He left the meeting convinced that “Hitler was deeply religious” and that “The Reich Chancellor undoubtedly lives in belief in God. He recognises Christianity as the builder of Western culture”.

(Hitler had no intentions of bringing back worship of ancient German gods.)

And Whites of Europe and America, Canada, South Africa, Australia sided with Jewish led Commies of Russia whose main purpose was the destruction of Christianity and the White Race, our land, homes, children, churches, our selves.


Jewess Lies: Helene Berr

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Jewess’ creep into my life, even though I avoid them on TV, radio, books, movies, etc. I’m listening to Creative Writing CD’s and it’s third time World War II is brought in. White German man is ‘evil’ and ‘spy.’ When in fact they wanted to save White race as their motive, and to bring back culture into German schools and universities and not Jewish Professors lies and smut.

Then the story of Coco Chanel who brought Jews into her life that ruined her business. But Chanel’s villains were the “evil Nazis.” Anytime you want to sell a book, just call Nazis “evil” and “poor genius Jews” and one is guaranteed million books sales and perhaps in 80 languages that is how far Jews book publishing empire and dynasty extends. Also is written about Coco Chanel of Chanel #5 perfume, (I do not use perfume. I don’t smell or use deodorant and don’t need it. Also, when it comes to sexuality my natural scent is an attraction to men although invisible.) Now Coco spends perhaps 20 years fighting Jews. “That” would be my story. But the author makes it that Coco finally wins a partial settlement. (What is 20 years of your life worth? As much as 20 years of a Jew’s life? Think about it.) The episode ends that the Jews won and got her name for life which Chanel had to give up, but the Jews agreed to just pay her bills for life.  The White women loses her name, the product, invention, even until today 70 years later collecting “big White female and male bucks” with Chanel very expensive clothes, perfume, purses hats, etc. and all this woman gets is her bills paid until the end of her life. Jews made a killing on this besides the suffering they caused to break this woman down. Now you see clearly how Jews did business in France during the French Revolution bringing down Christian church and royalty government and making billions off White misery as in play and music “Les Miserable” meaning “The Misery” of White French people. And Hitler tried to save them for he knew they too, like my Polish people, were in the hands of Jewish demons.

Now again, the learning CD is bringing up the “Holocaust” era. Didn’t I tell you, it’s everywhere, like air we breathe. It’s bad enough that it plagues us constantly, but there are so many lies, exaggerations, that it has become our mind. If our White mind is filled with lies then we are technically insane. For our decisions are based on “lies”  not truth. It will be easier to heal as a White species with just simple truths. It might not be Hollywood exciting, and scary, and even terrorizing, but it will be an easy road to living and resisting the genocide not only of our white bodies, but our minds, our spirits, our souls, our ancestry, culture, heritage.

It is the same when I was at college 6 years ago. It was sooo anti-White and White hating and Jew loving, I couldn’t stand it. It was “cyanide” to my brain and mind as I began unravelling the lies that filled my head. And my head doesn’t have 1/1,000,000 of what the average White person has….. even unto generations upon generations.

So here is another example of “poor, did I say “poor” rich Jews.” Let’s read it from “my” perspective as opposed to a slave White who bought all the lies the Jews were selling. And above all to “create sympathy.”
Here’s the story. Then I will add my reasoned and researched comments. And above all, if you don’t believe what I say, think “Building 7.” I also believed the Muslims did it miraculously thru Allah for it just fell over and was never hit! I do not blame the author for all the authors whether White or Jew have bought into Jewish lies and exaggerations and hate crimes against White Germans, our smartest.

Helene Berr, a young Jewish woman who lived in Paris during the Second World War. (Why not a Polish Christian White woman? Why is it always a Jewess of another race and religion that now rule over us?) Berr tells her story with silence as well as words. Dramatic example: (Anything Jews do is dramatic and we are addicted to it.)
“On boulevard de la Gare, there are currently 200 people, men and women, living together in one room, with one sink between them. (This was time when White Germans were rounding up Jews to “Deport” them. Or put in camps to work until they could be deported…. not killed. There are no documents that Hitler or Nazis wanted to exterminate Jews even though after I wrote about this on my blog, Jewish media miraculously dug up one like the miraculous passport of Muslim that floated thru the most massive explosion in US history so it could be found to blame Muslims and start war between Christians and Muslims, in which both would lose and Jews go up even higher with perhaps yellow Chinese Commies.) (When I grew up there was one sink for all of us in probably 1/100 the size space this story describes. No bathtub but a tub or waska in Polish to dunk it and wash up. As I wrote before to you, there were boys and men that would come in house to visit as well as family boys. No one wrote a horror novel about my growing up!)
“There is no privacy at all!” Is this Jewess serious? I just wrote today there were no doors on bedrooms, no bathtub for washing, no private place to dress or undress. And this was “America” not “Nazi Germany” and no one felt sorry for us but humiliated and degraded us as it was “My” fault I was born! Do you begin to see the deep depression and suicidal thoughts that filled my life.
“.. men and women had to be stripped of modesty with exquisite refinement.” (Jews made up this “modesty” code with Queen Victoria of England and her Jewish President and Prime Minister Disraeli around 1900’s. It was when women had to cover up, even when breastfeeding, etc. Then Jews could make sex and nudity taboo and make more $$$ to sell Whites sex when they could get it for free. Hitler on the contrast, removed that Jewish taboo and put nude models on bank calendars, brought sex out in picnic areas for hundreds of white German youth to have all the sex they wanted. Not just for babies, for they could use rubbers to prevent babies if white girls and women didn’t want them. There was no “dictator” hanging over them that said they “must” get pregnant. Jewish propagandists around the world would have White blonde German women tied with chains and forced to have sex to make babies. It was never true as all the other lies. And if the Jews lied their heads off, think of the lies that are crossing your newspapers now. Your TV and Jew movies used to make you pay admission to watch your White male crucified and race genocided.)(Also, Jews were stripped because no matter how rich they were they were filled with lice bugs from filth that caused Typhus which caused the most deaths of prior War, World War I. If Hitler was the Monster of Death, why didn’t he let Jews die. Why take precautions of stripping them down, putting their clothes, coats, hats, shoes in tiny gas chambers with Zyclon B to kill the deadly lice bugs that literally killed 10’s of millions (and maybe by Jewish doctor’s injections to create a Holocaust as one Polish guard at camp alludes to on my website!) Never to kill Jews! Why did he make them take showers? I will post a video from a movie, “I Want to Live” about Barbara Graham, first American woman sent to gas chamber in USA. I’m sure it was Jew’s way of introducing “gas chamber” as weapon against Jews in the early 1950’s when even Churchill from England, Germany’s supposed enemy wrote 6 volumes about World War II and not even one word of a ‘gas chamber’. It was invented Jewish Hollywood imagination that we think of as real and “feel sorry” for Jews which is a deadly weapon Jews have used to control us: Our White feelings and even White Christian feelings.)
“That’s where Monsier Kohn is.” (Kohn or Cohen is the name Jews consider as their “priests” or highest of their race. In Polish Jewish Israel today, Cohen’s are so sacred in their own eyes, not God’s, that they cannot marry any other named person.)
“They are all suffering.” (Remember White Germans are evil and Jews are good and especially “all suffering.” I’m sick of it. I’m trying to take a course to make myself smarter and I’m getting dumber and more over I’m getting upset for these are lies spoken by a woman who teaches “Creative Writing Non-Fiction” who stresses 100 times we must always tell the truth. How much more dear God do I have to suffer this? It’s beyond what a mortal should have to endure, but endure I will, for “I want to live” no matter how much the JEws have set in motion weapons of genocide against my White species, God, Jesus and Christianity and me as a “good and smart White woman.” (that counteracts Jewish hate crimes against me labeling me “dumb blonde” and “dumb Polak!” Double Jewish hate crime!
“…it’s just that for people who are intensely sensitive like M. Kohn it must be worse.” (Was it sensitive for the Jewish doctor to rape me, with no mercy or sensitivity but “planned” crime from time I was an inpatient to when I first became out patient? Why are Jews highest and richest the “Kohn’s or Cohens” labeled intensely sensitive when they use reverse psychology to cover their crimes.)
“Went to Neuilly…. waste of time.” Now it shows that the Jews could walk around freely just as Jews could in work camps. They could come and go and received $$$ for their work. What Jewess famous author made famous by other Jews who have Dynasty over Book publishing, author and agents, is really trying to say is that her walk around White France bored her. She was hoping to live as most Jews did who left Europe to leave for USA, new, rich, exciting, and more White Blood $$$ to be sucked out.)
“Wept after dinner.” (Jewish women don’t know what “weeping” means, until you hear your parents weeping from their graves 2000 miles across America and across dimensions. Jews were laughing their asses off at us White Polish Christians for 1000 years as they enslaved us into misery, starvation, bankrupting us, robbing us, addicting us, degeneration and replacing us. They were laughing so hard, these Jews, they called Poland, and now America: Kingdom of Heaven, Paradise, Golden Age! For 1000 years? I weep daily, for I have a “heart” and weep not for myself.If I forget about writing my autobiography I can adjust to no weeping at all. I can learn to block out just as you have done, these lies and crimes against me, mine and all whites. Note how short the sentence is “Wept after dinner.” Perhaps she was mad because the food for her dinner has been provided for the Jewess family for 1000 years by White slaves of Europe toiling in fields, and they never had to lift a shovel, or turn cement like soil over for planting by the sweat of Polish brows. Did she ever have to til the soil as me and my Polish ancestors have done and still do? No, she gets $11,000,000.00 an hour to share with rich Jew husband who is in business with yellow Communists of China! And she does “nothing” to deserve it. Nothing with a capital “N.” Jews are now getting back what they dished out to White French Marie Antoinette before they beheaded her, only Queen Marie didn’t deserve it.
“At Boulevard de la Gre there are aisles for every sort of thing, furniture, sewing kits, haberdashery, jewelry. Entirely made up of things stolen from the dwellings of people who have been taken and deported, which are packed and crated by the internees themselves. (Note something incredibly important here: DEPORTED!. Jews were not killed; they were deported. Almost all of them. The first to be deported according to my research were Jewish doctor, retailer, professor, etc. RAPISTS of White German girls and women! Leaving them impregnated and having to support bastard Jewish babies like Jewish movie “Inglorious Basteurds” showing Jews bashing the heads of White German men during World War II! Talk about Jewish cruelty, monsters and sadism! It’s horrific beyond words that I could ever figure to put into sentence in Creative Writing! Also note that these items were said to be “stolen,” but if Jews intentionally broke down Germany’s economy, bought or stole these items from White Germans, why would they be allowed to keep or take it with them to USA and Israel? Does it get any more bizarre. For example. Julius Hammer begins Communist Party in Russia and assassinates our White Christian holy Royal Family. He and his hoodlum Jew fiends rob the royal paintings, jewelry, even off the daughter’s bodies the day of the assassination. Remember how I wrote the Jews robbed my Daddy’s ancestors corpses after bankrupting them and starving them to death? So why would Germans let Jews keep “stolen property” from Germans, Polish, Russians. Germans didn’t steal it like this “memoir of Jewess Helene Berr lies not writes, but they took back what was theirs. If I have a new car and someone steals it it does not legally become the possession of the thief, but now in lawless America that seems the case.
“The crates are sent to Germany right away.” If those Jewish goods were illegally or immorally gotten, they do not belong to Jews. Remember that “Hebrew” means “bandit!”
Well, the creative teacher gets student to feeel sorry for Jews because the Jews have to pack the crates themselves to give back to Germans and not have slaves do it for Jews!
Whew! Can you now see how painful college was for me? This is just a small course and I have to argue with it to save whatever sanity I have left. Think of what Jews have done to your minds? Try to think?
Here’s the wiki on her “memoirs” but oddly this Jewess turns an ordinary experience of being in work camp in Germany and wearing a “yellow” badge which you can see in this wiki that identified all Jews so Whites could tell they were dealing with the enemy who seemed “nice” and sometimes even looked like us, she changes this dull experience into White English Shakespeare’s Macbeth plagiarizing it and using the exact words from White man such as “Horror! Horror! Horror!” Yet it even admits in wiki below that there were ‘rumors of gas chambers,’ a story Jews would invent for their Takeover of USA as they did Germany, Poland, Russia, France, England.

Well, it is back to listening to study “Creative Writing.” I have to clear my mind of these examples that play on my White emotions with Jewish heroes and heroines and make “monsters out of our smartest and only ethnicity that tried to save the White species, even Christianity, for Hitler fought Jewish Commies of Russia who were brainwashed Whites just as we are today! Sigh! All I want to do is learn to write better, not get emotionally exhausted over feeling sorry for Jews and their lies. What a life? I feel more sorry for the other 700,000,000 White who have been subjected to this 24/7 by Jews and believe and even want to fight for Polish Jews of Israel! Perhaps I should also borrow White male Shakespeare’s writings and words of what the Jews did to us Whites: HORROR! HORROR! HORROR!


Jews, Holocaust and England: just a ps…. after I started to write and expose Jews and Holocaust, I heard on radio that England, who was Germany’s enemy does not even ‘teach’ the Holocaust in their British schools anymore! It’s only us White Americans that are being kept in bondage to Jewish Lies, exaggerations, Monopoly over our Minds! Since we have felt sorry for Black workers for 400 years do we have another 400 years of Jewish exaggerations and lies of World War II especially since we are not going to be here in another 100 years and have to go to our White Death filled with Jewish minds, Jewish jingles, Jewish hate against us in every way possible?

Jewess Shelley Berkeley Failing Grades for Immigration in Seeking Nevada Senatorship

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Jewess Senator for Nevada? Failing Grade for “Immigration.” Sad to say, but Democrat, Jew,Shelley Berkeley running for senate of Nevada gets “all failing grades” for immigration problems in Nevada.   Here’s a White Polish man’s website and its a champion for whistle-blowing those that hurt our White species, (although he doesn’t use words White and or Jew. Whites have been too terrorized to be able to think clearly. But he shows it very plainly as I have reasoned: Jews want brown (Mexican) slaves and now Jews have kicked out Polish slaves (Jews used and abused us for 900 years) then chose black slaves (See Civil War and Jewish people and $$) & Jews tired of them once using blacks as a weapon got as much $$$ and attention from Whites as possible. Mexicans are not “damaged”  yet…. but will be according to browns that are here in USA second generation in many cases. Also, Jews are tired of Whites for their highest paid $$ and positions; hence are giving citizenship to yellow Chinese Commies smarter than us Whites and again… not damaged.  And most won’t be for they are too smart. We are like the white icing in an oreo cookie with the other races closing in on us from both sides. https://www.numbersusa.com/content/elections/races/southwest/nevada/2012-nevada-senate.html

Fictional story of how 9/11 happened between Whites and Jews.

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9/11: Fiction: World Trade Center explosion. For my homework, in Creative Writing, I’m writing paragraph about a crime as the one in the guidebook… a real thriller. But this is “fiction” so I imagine that there is a Jew and a White man that are setting the nuclear explosives in the buildings on the floor. The Jews worked well with the White men who vow to keep the silence of the historical, horrendous, and horrifying hell of a catastrophe. Their names were David for Jew and Sean for White man. They were the top honchos. I have the story written that after the last explosive was set, David the Jew tells Sean the White man that he has been succored in for this act, and now he must die. The Jew conks him on head, ties him up unconscious, and leaves him to die in a building that will be totally destroyed in just a matter of hours, like any Jewish Hollywood flick. Hence the Jews used the whites to pull it off, but destroyed them when they were finished. That is why no one talks. Now in “non-fiction” I hope to live to see the day when the entire “true” story of how 9/11 was executed really came off. Not a single lie, cover up, exaggeration, no names withheld, world-wide. That is how it must be if we are ever to gain our White sanity. Our minds are going off in different directions like raquetballs hitting against walls bouncing from every direction for Whites. It is not that way for Jews for they are master-minding our events.



Adolf Hitler Quote: On White Boys

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Hitler’s quote: I’m going to use this quote for my Creative Writing assignment. Why? My object after my US Marine Purple Heart’s white suicide was especially to save the intentionally genocided White male for takeover of his country, women, $$$, real estate, banks, newspapers, movie machine, art, music, science by the Jews.

I get teary eyed and find it hard to type for the damage done to us which the 3 skyscrapers are just a symbol. Always Remember “Building 7” when your mind loves up for Jews and hates me.

Remember my study that said that the White German male was intentionally brought down in Germany. The teachers couldn’t teach them, they were drunk, drugged up, fighting. The White banks were exploded by Jewish banksters so that it cost 1 wheelbarrow full of $$ to buy “an egg!” It was intentionally done after World War I whereby the entire smartest of White people were brought to their knees by Jews who for a starter, wanted land of Palestine, which White British owned. It’s called “Zionist” Jews making Palestine and Israel the prophecies place of Bible for World Rule. But the “Zionists” are nothing but dumb Jewish Polaks who enslaved me and my people for 900 years and now 100 years in USA. That is a “Reich” or a 1,000 years of Jewish Lordship and Ladyship over us Christians.

German men were so drunk and drugged they were having sex on stage with donkeys. They didn’t even know about saving our species but rather having Jews watch us literally turn into ‘animals.’ In last, post I mentioned that the Nazi Party was never about “exterminating” Jews. It was kicking them out of German universities for their teaching was animalistic. Nazis and Hitler wanted to replace Jewish teaching, books, professors with refinement and culture. White Germans were that “dumb downed” by Jews who controlled even Jewish doctors, bankers, lawyers etc. Germans were living in the pit of hell under Jewish rule who bought up Germany pennies on a dollar.

Now here is quote from Hitler, as humble as it might be, about White boys. I believe at the end when he said he wanted to start a “new world,” it was a new lease on life for Whites otherwise we would be dead. Hitler at least put the fear of God into Jews, for Jews had not had opposition since 1095-1096 when Jews fled into sanctuary of Poland when yellow Chinese massacred Jews, and French and White Germans also formed millitias to chase them out and massacre them if necessary. But as in year 400 when St. Ambrose burned all the synagogues, the church and government “protected” Jewish criminals. Who is protecting Jews today? The entire world thru “Jewish brainwashing, Jewish hypnotism, Jewish propaganda, TV, books, movies etc.”
Hitler especially said he wanted to make “entertainment” the exact opposite of Jewish entertainment for Jews were that destructive to the minds, souls, and character of White species.

Hitler knew it was too late for the Whites of Germany. Even Eva Braun chain smoked, and the others drank heavily and were obsessed with Jewish materialism: gold, Jew-els, villas, rich status symbols.

But as I raised my sons with organic veggies in 1973, breastmilk, good mother working in garden for strong babies, (i had drug free home birthing to try to stop my white sons from being Jewish White victims of drug country bent on genocide of White male especially, but the white female is catching up. Look at President Obama and Cocaine, or George Bush’s alcoholism!) I treated my husband like a king, and he needed it after being totally shattered as the war bombs, bullets and grenades that went off in Viet Nam fighting Jewish Chinese Commies. Me and hubby taught sons as Hitler did, outdoors, camping, fresh air. No one did that in 1973 in USA. And I went beyond Hitler with spiritual study and prayer and Sunday School. Art instruction like Hitler was artist. Lots and lots of sports hoping it would be a defense against Jews and their imps devilish intention of destroying White male around the world. It was never about “world domination.” Jews already had that. And the Jew domination left their Jew boys not smoking, not drinking, not drugging, not gambling, but Jews are the biggest of whoremasters as  my dead Mama would call them.
Hitler said in such a loving tone: “My magnificent youngsters!” I’m crying now, so I have to wait a minute if not just give up and stop writing and join a convent like Elvis’ leading lady. Who could write such painful truths and not just weep away. I can’t see the keyboard and cannot type, my heart is soo broken. How Jesus said “Weep not for me… but for your children.”  Jesus knew their children were in the hands of evil Jews and the spell can not be broken.
As Hitler spoke in “Hitler’s Letters and Notes” “Are there any finer in the world?” Don’t you think as my 2006 college essay title asked that our white boys and men are “worthy to be saved?” 2,000 years of serving God and Jesus Christ alone makes them worthy even if they didn’t do anything else, which the White men civilized the world and made Jews the richest in world. If we are gone, so are Jews. For China is smart enough to see thru them and have enough of their own people to conquer world trade, minds, etc.” Hitler saw the “highest” in German boys not the lowest as our White males have declined to where not even one white boy in a certain privileged Las Vegas advanced math and science class.  “With you and I, we can make a new world.” A New White World. Not a White Dynasty overruling other races, but our own White Sovereignty, united, loving each other, hopefully God loving, or “highest of good” loving if you don’t like word “God” thanks to Jews who “Deicided” Him.  Our world is a Jewish world. Period! Has been, is and always will be unless we wake up to live and form our own destiny.

Adolf Hitler: “I begin with the young. We older ones are used up but my magnificent youngsters! Are there finer ones anywhere in the world? Look at all these men and boys! What material! With you and I, we can make a new world.”

Jewish Scare of Death: Atom Bomb

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“Jude” is Jewish name and Paul named his son “Jude” they were so closely joined at hip: Jews and White Christian descendents! Beatles clearly stated that to be part of “entertainment” was to be part of Jewish “religion” not business. It’s a world wide religion that Whites now all belong to just as the Jewish symbol for boys” Jewish circumcision, a horrific, sadistic, bloody amputation of a white boys penis’ skin put there by God. But Jews have become “god: for Whites to worship. It’s not the White Beatles fault: it’s the Jewish masters. No one blames the blacks for Civil War.

Jew Terrorizes White President Franklin Roosevelt with “bomb scare” letter.

Note the date is August 2 by Jew Einstein to White President handicapped and crippled and suffering President Roosevelt. War then began just a month later in Poland, which seemed England and USA (we are still joined at the hips) drove White Germany into. World War II for White smartest Germans was a War for Race: racial survival. Not just in “quantity” for our white numbers were very low, but for “quality” Whites were hopelessly addicted under Jewish rule and easily to manipulate for their Jewish World Wide Rule and Dynasty. And I think this Jewish Dynasty has gone on even though Whites thought “we” had empires, such as Roman Empire, British Empire, now American Empire. It was White faces with Jewish minds and for Jewish $$$$.

Jews & Atom Bomb: Here is letter from Jew Einstein, who thru Jews’ minds and now our minds was “smartest” man ever. Not that he was, but we are told he was.
This letter shows Jew warning our White President of “nuclear” weapons and include at end that “Berlin” or capital of Germany has knowledge of this.
What was effect: scaring White Species into War with Germany. Note letter is dated Aug. 1939. It was only a month later when Germany started war with Poland the official act of World War II. Jewish $$ pouring into England for “hate” campaign against Germany. White Germans did not want war, begged for negotiations with England, even admired England, Germany was not prepared for war with weapons or $$, but was forced into it. Churchill told someone that Germany will get war whether she likes it or not! Churchill was indebted $2.5 million to Jewish bankers of Poland.
Also Jewish creator of atomic bomb has this quote: Jew: J. Oppenheimer: “Oppenheimer remarked later that it brought to mind words from the Bhagavad Gita: “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
Here’s letter scaring our White President from Jew Eisenstein: We can see that step by step, Whites were drawn into war by Jew letters, $$$, threats, and even totally Jewish Hollywood which prepared our white boys of USA to give up their lives, give up their sobriety and come back addicts, give up their self preservation for “death” is not equal to “life” for White species. And all for Jewish victories, Jewish Takeover of USA.

Here’s quote from description of true motives of White Germans pre-World War II and book “The Quantum Exodus”

“Product Description
It was no accident that the Holocaust and the Atomic Bomb happened at the same time. When the Nazis came into power in 1933, their initial objective was not to get rid of Jews. Rather, their aim was to refine German culture: Jewish professors and teachers at fine universities were sacked. Atomic science had attracted a lot of Jewish talent, and as Albert Einstein and other quantum exiles scattered, they realized that they held the key to a weapon of unimaginable power. Convinced that their gentile counterparts in Germany had come to the same conclusion, and having witnessed what the Nazis were prepared to do, the exiles were afraid. They had to get to the Atomic Bomb first. The Nazis meanwhile had acquired a more pressing objective: their persecution of the Jews had evolved into extermination. Two dreadful projects – the Bomb and the Holocaust – became locked a grisly race.
Read more at http://ebookee.org/The-Quantum-Exodus-Oxford-Jewish-fugitives-the-atomic-bomb-and-the-holocaust-By-Gordon-Fraser-ebook-pdf-download-mediafire_1800167.html#PdVDtfilSCeL0ij5.99

Jews used the “bomb scare” for White President Roosevelt, a crippled in wheel chair, to terrorize him, as Jews are using Iran Bomb Scare now! Both Jewish Hollywood scenarios to keep us Whites in bondage to Jews eternally. If Jews are called “The Eternal Jew” who are they living off of eternally? Whites for at least 2000 years.
Jews branded out minds like asses of cattle with “Atom Bomb = Jewish Holocaust.” And perhaps, today, Jews will annihilate USA, not from China or yellows or others, but they again will be at the helm of Death and Destruction as Oppenheimer Jew is the father of atom bomb.

Jews Scare & Terrorize Whites with Fear of Atom Bomb

Jews Terrorize Whites



Jewess Spy: Monica Lewinsky

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Democrat Jewess Spy: Monica Lewin’sky.’ Remember ‘sky’ at end of name is a Jew that barged their way into breeding with highest royalty of Poland. Mama’s name is “Kopaczew-ski” meaning Polish White Christian royalty. Now in Poland, first lady is Jewish after her predecessor died at Katyn massacre site, or was it “murder” of First Polish White Catholic Lady?
As you know Whites paid $40,000,000.00 for investigation of a Jewess who threw herself at President. Jews controlled every aspect of the of the Clinton politics until today. Jew News made sure we heard about Bill’s sexcapades, so when he was in office, they manufactured a Hollywood story of White man and Jewess having sex in white house. And of course, she was told to make sure she had “evidence” for Jews represent our entire legal field. It will forever make a household name for even me without much TV, news, to know this Jewess is a Supremacist over me and my White people, Christian Whites also.
And I think the entire purpose was to make way for “Hillary” to enter a major role not as “wife” of President but I really think it was going to be “President” Hitlery as she is called on internet radio. But perhaps with my writing of “race” suddenly a black candidate appeared. Hitlery Clinton was volunteer for notorious Black Panther gang in Chicago. She is now the “saint” of black race for nowadays Whites have no more saints. Our heroes or Jews from bible or black superstars, or one person Jews elevate so they can get a lot of their money for Jewish stocks, Jewish banks, Jewish investors.
So here’s pix of our Jewish spy queen, forever etched and branded in our minds. I’m sure Jews had cameras and watched all this in their perversion and Bill Clinton from the South, probably had ancestors that died in Civil War, another Jewish atrocity, and here is shown how White men fall into woman’s clutches of non-Whites even our greatest and perhaps only enemy, the Jews.
Here’s from my own website kkkaraoke.wordpress.com showing how Jewess would coyly and kittenly find their way into White men’s bedrooms but were as deadly as rattlesnakes:
““Joseph Stalin,” was a White Russian under Jew Commie control. He was married to a Jewess at one point and had 3 Jewess lovers later. Jewish women “will have sex” when it is for crime, like Jewess Monica Lewinsky.” See Photo.

Jewess Spy that cost White Tax $$ $40,000,000.00

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