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Chicago Crime – White Policeman’s Story for being kicked off for “Excessive Violence.”

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Higher and Higher


Black Jackie Wilson / White Rights. I’m re-reading the chapter on my autobiography where I’m engaged to a Chicago policeman who was just kicked off the force for “excessive violence” against blacks when he was called to break up a race riot at lounge. It was right across the street from my home on 7916 S. Euclid Avenue, Chicago, and 5 blocks from the privileged and pampered Black Michelle Obama, 7436 S. Euclid. The Chicago Police department accused him of “hate crimes!” The blacks thru Jew block-busting pushed out and terrorized the White so bad, that Whites lost their businesses, sold their homes for practically nothing, left neighborhoods that were built and paid for with White tax $$, left Christian churches to close down. “Most” of those Christians are gone from the membership roles until today. If my fiance, an exile from the Communist (Jew) Hungarian Revolution in 1956 that came here was sooo hateful, why was his favorite song a “black man’s song” “Higher and Higher” for he said I lifted him out of his deep depression. Perhaps he was suicidal too! In fact, he “idolized” the black music and Jackie Wilson. But for his “worship” all the blacks, Jews and Chicago Police gave him was “hatred” and took the sides of the blacks who claimed “RRRRRRacist!” And each of us Whites had to stand “alone” to face not just these people but the entire world against us.  Now today, with Chicago the #1 crime capital of the World, more murders than anywhere even Communist God-hating China which has few if any, what do you think of the “crimes” in Chicago. Was my fiance “excessive” in his force? Why isn’t the crime of Chicago the “least”. Why did I have to run out of there so fast I almost didn’t use a plane because of the violence against me?  Here’s Black Wilson dancing. I’ve done many of his movements and I would just be called “crazy.” If a black man or woman does it they are “geniuses”.  The USA, Chicago, the world, has the mind of the Jew.

Fast and Furious

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“Fast and Furious?” I’m looking through the old emails I sent the media in Chicago when my autobiography started to slip out gradually. One of the headings was “Fast and furious.” In case you didn’t know, Jews read all the emails sent and get paid for it for the comb through them for ideas to sell back to Whites.

I just happened to open one of the three thick binders of the emails in Chicago alone and it landed on the one that starts with “Fast and Furious.” I used that term back in 2003 to describe how Mary Baker Eddy wrote (fast and furious) when she first began to write her book, Science and Health. She would start in the a.m., write as fast as she could, even as the papers would fly to the floor, and at night the inspiration would stop. I’ve used that term several times and it is no wonder when I heard about Obama’s criminal gun activity with Mexico, which came up recently for the gun that killed a White border patrol man by a Brown Mexican was part of the “Fast and Furious” gun sales to Mexico! Jews need to keep us “amused” and if there is no news, they make it up or agitate it such as wars, revolutions, serial killers, murders, to make sure Whites have a steady and constant diet of that. Don’t you think Whites as descendents of Christians for 2,000 years finally deserve something better? No other race has suffered as much as we have.

Autobiography Draft: Chapter 13: White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue same street as Black Michelle Obama

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Chapter 13

To describe this next chapter, I will simply use my essay for English 101. It is too painful to write again for as I read it the same tears, feelings, stomach clenches and nerves inflame again surface. The story really doesn’t end as I wrote. I had to fit it in less than ten pages and had to cut if off. But, autobiographically speaking, the worse is yet to come.


Barbie Patton (my name from husband #2, like the most famous general of World War II, George Patton

English 101
Ms. Laura Mc Bride
Story about myself when I was older than 10 years old
September 20, 2006
“White Poor Baby”
My sibling, recently said to me point blank, “You should have never been born.  There were too many of us.”  I was the eleventh of twelve Caucasian children; Daddy was very spiritual, but he only made minimum wage.  It was not a compliment, to say the least.  Inside, I was always hiding my shame of who and what I was: the poorest girl in the white neighborhood, even feeling unwanted by my own family.  I lived in a shabby, run down, two room house, (I always thought it was haunted) in a family of 15.  What made it unique was everyone around us seemed rich, the Polish White Christian middle class, and across 83rd Street in South Chicago, the very rich and nasty Jews.
The Civil Rights Act in 1964, so most aid and attention was going to the Blacks and Hispanics.  Asians and Hindus were groomed and fostered in the schools. Jews already controlled the  most important aspects of USA society, such as TV, movies, newspapers for nearly 50 years.  Our Caucasian family was caught on the cusp of this.  On the outside, I was always a cheerful and happy person just like the artificial Burger King man on TV commercials with his plastic-mask grin.  But, on the inside, I was wishing and hoping this was my last day on earth.
Back in 1967, when I was 19, there seemed to be an invisible barrier between the opposite sex and me, yet as real and solid as the walls of a bank vault.  I had just graduated high school with straight A’s, although I had forged my parent’s report card signatures since third grade when I learned to write cursive, because nobody knew or cared about my accomplishments.  While attending Chicago Vocational High where there were 4,500 students (4,000 boys) no one ever asked me out, ever invited to a party, or lunch, I was a complete social loser.  I did have to support myself, so my life consisted only of work and school and church, work and school and church.  I was well-employed at the giant U.S. Steel Corporation in South Chicago where I worked with the beginnings of computers, not because of my good grades for “what” I knew, but “who”’ I knew.  My brother-in-law knew the man that headed personnel for this Fortune 100 company for they played poker together.
Although I was well acquainted with domestic violence, and a victim of child abuse, I yearned for something better, richer, and more wholesome.  On one hot and humid summer night in Chicago, I went dancing at the Holiday Lounge.  I now have to laugh because it was called “the Combat Lounge,” because of all the fights the white men had with the minorities during the race riots.  (only now, today as I re-read this it wasn’t funny at all for the blacks and browns took over that territory the White men were fighting for.)
One might say I should have known better, but I fell in love with a “Honkey” or White man who was a drunk and hoodlum, as he was the only man to approach me for a relationship.  He was handsome as could be.  I learned later in studying programs for drugs and alcohol rehabilitation, that it is the most handsome, most intelligent (White) men, the cream of the crop in the United States, which the drug dealers go after in this country. Once they get the victim addicted, it is easy for them to attract other suckers to magnet their next victims to load their pocket books for them and their gals.  They leave the druggee a vegetable or dead in many cases.
I was desperately unhappy at home, always fearing my parent’s next violent argument.  As if that was not bad enough, landlords evicted us constantly.  The neighbors hated us because of the poverty, noise, broken windows, and parade of police visits for domestic violence, so I could never make any “good” friends.  Nice people avoided me as if I had the dreaded leprosy in the Bible.
_____ (Name withheld), my Prince Charming, drugged and drunk, just used me to support him, to use my car, and eventually use my body.  My hymen was still unbroken.  Being raised in a strict Catholic family, I believed that I should save my body, my “cherry”, and myself as we called it, for my husband.  That was kind of unspoken pledge, that if a girl could wait until marriage to have sex, she surely would be faithful to her husband, and he could feel confident that the woman and children he was sacrificing his life and money for were actually his, not the milkman’s or in today’s world the boss’ or co-worker’s or Jewish doctor’s.
I started to drink with him, though I never matched his amount; I consumed much less.  But alcohol is a depressant, despite what anyone says.  I already had a life of depression, so this was very toxic for me.
Then one day while we were making out, he wanted to have sex.  Although I had restrained him for several months, I had drunk quite a bit and let my guard down.  I was yearning for a love, for a man to me, and yes, I craved feeling a man’s penis inside me.  However, it was not the fireworks of Fourth of July that I had heard of; it was just sex.
Two months had gone by after this incident, and because I was always regular with my period, I was late for the first time in my life.  I tried to shrug it off with an “I’m probably just nervous or even guilty” attitude, but the monthly red blood on my white panties did not show up.
I knew I could not tell my family because my sisters were all virgins when they got married in the 1950’s.  But, this was the 1960’s, and things were different.  Abortions were not talked about, and the birth control pill was just starting to surface.  It did not matter.  I did not have the money for either, and neither did my boyfriend.  Nor could I let a baby grow up in America to suffer what I had to would be inhumane. All the female acquaintances I new in South Chicago had sex since grammar school.  One even dropped out of grammar school, and one out of high school, to bear “bastards”, as Mama called them.  I was the only one I knew still a virgin at 20.
I was so introverted, shy, and afraid, I did not know where to turn in this hour of need.  Although once very religious, I had given up on God since all church seemed to ask for was $$$, $$$, and more $$$, of which I had very little.  I could not even bring myself to tell the father, since he was probably drunk, and couldn’t take care of himself.
So after work one Friday, I just went to a bar by myself.  There I sat on the bar stool and just drank several highballs.  I got more depressed with each swallow of the – foul brown fluid.  Perhaps, sub-consciously I wanted to confide to the bartender, but he seemed too busy to chat, and just readily refilled my glass.  I finally said to the bartender, “Ok, Joe, it is time for me to go.”
When I got home, there was more of the bickering and fighting, and perhaps even another police report for my folks.  I do not know.  My mind was frozen.  See, my body was alive, but I was already dead inside.  I told my sister and Mama that I wanted to kill myself, but never mentioned the baby I thought I was carrying.  They did nothing, but carried on their own battles, as if I were already dead.  It was these feelings I had to fight all my life, these feelings of “unreality”, feelings that I really did not exist anyway.
So I went to get away in the bathroom, just for some peace and quiet.  However, a horrible memory from my childhood came back to me with such velocity and force, I felt like I was translated back into time.  The flashback depicted me when I was a child of nine.  I had tried to break up my parent’s arguments by cutting my wrists with the glass from the windows my mother smashed which was my first attempt at suicide.  I tried to fight these thoughts off mentally: I did not want them.  Then, in the same instant, I was back in the present.  Should I solve my problem of an unwanted pregnancy for the unborn baby and me the same way I handled it when I was nine?
The small, claustrophobic bathroom contained the heavy, pungent scent of Pinesol Bathroom Cleaner, and part of me wished I could be outdoors somewhere in the pine forests, like one of the female foxes in nature carrying an animal baby, and not a human, with all these worries and cares.  A fight started in my mind.  As I look back, it was the same kind of fighting Mama and Daddy were screeching outside the locked bathroom door, only the opposing thoughts were shouting, “I should commit suicide”.  The other side was screaming, “Don’t kill yourself and the baby.”  I could not believe that I was playing host to such a horrendous debate, and the mental fight kept getting louder and louder in my silent head.  One of the faucets had a slight, but steady drip, and it seemed in tune with the tears that were falling from my eyes.  I accidentally caught a glance of myself in the mirror, and it reflected back my swollen eyes, my reddened nose, and my haggard appearance.  I did not see my normal self in the mirror.  Normally, people would say I was attractive with a great body, but all I saw Fear and Terror in the form of a female body, someone I did not even recognize.  I knew I needed psychological help, but my sister had just returned from the insane asylum, straight-jacketed, and having undergone the extremely painful, electro-shock therapy. I had already taken some of her strong pills with my drunken condition.  “I think I’d rather die now, for both me and the baby’s sake.  It wasn’t fair to put this  on to an innocent, unknowing creature of God,” is what I thought.
There is a Heaven I believed in, and surely the baby and I would be better off there, where we would be cared for, protected, loved, cherished, nourished and supported, not humiliated, embarrassed, beaten, neglected, deprived, and made to live in shame and misery all its life, as I did.  I loved the idea of “baby”, but the pain associated with raising a child as I  by myself was overwhelming.  Raising children really existed for people with means and money, not me, or for pampered black and brown raced women for their sex and babies which Whites pay for eagerly.  When I thought of the agony, pain, misery, and endless sacrifice, and exclusion, (yes, I discovered my own white people could be very cruel as they enjoy the ladder of success) my Mama and Daddy had to go through, I said to myself, I’d rather die now and get it over with.
My right arm became as heavy as the clay I thought we would soon be buried in.  Reluctantly, I opened the medicine cabinet door, as if I were opening the lid of a coffin.  It creaked.  It was old and in need of oiling.  There lying on the shelf was a single, paper-thin, 1 ½ inch, rectangular razor blade.  I had never heard of anyone else back in 1967 cutting themselves, so I surely thought I was insane.  Here was something so useful to shave with, and for me it was to be my death.  I thought of trying to seek the strength of my brother’s help, but I could imagine Bert the Polak saying, “Oh, so you want to kill yourself with one of my razor blades, here is a box, or better yet I will get you a crate of blades to finish the job.  You are looking for “sympathy” from me.  The only place you will find “sympathy” is in the Webster’s dictionary between “shit and syphilis”!
With that, I turned my left hand with palms up toward the bathroom ceiling.  I could see the veins on my wrist, but blurrily from the effects of the highballs.  I wanted the argument in my head to stop, and for the side of my mind that would say, “Put that down, and go to sleep, you will feel better in the morning”, to win the battle.  My stomach started to cringe inside, tighter and tighter.  I could feel every nerve in my body shake and weep.  Was there a white baby inside me after all, feeling this emotional misery too?  No doctor confirmed it yet.  Maybe there was hope still.
When I made the first cut on my wrist, it was red, white, and blue.  The red blood, on my white skin, from my blue veins was looking back at me.  After making several more cuts into the vein, I thought, “Oh, God, please help me, I can’t go on”.  Then, suddenly something seemed to stop my hand.  I don’t know what it was, maybe the force of good taking over.  I have to stop a minute because I have to cry for a little while to be able to continue.  (Deep, deep, breath and a slow walk to a “bathroom” for some toilet paper for my tears and runny nose).
I know this does not make sense, but I just wanted the pain in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul to stop.  I never wanted to die or hurt my unborn child.  When a person is sick physically, everyone rushes around with help and sympathy.  Yet when the mind is bleeding, that person is considered a weakling.  I’m very strong for I was born with severe depression, just as someone is born with mental retardation.
With all the mental might I could muster, I threw the razor blade down on the ground, hearing the tinny crash against the little squares of mosaic tiles on the floor that was gathering the combination droplets of blood, sweat, and tears.  There was the other part of me that said to pick it back up and end it all, but I covered my ears and my head and unlocked the handle on the door and ran to my bedroom.  It was only a few feet, but it felt like I was running through a tunnel, for miles and miles.
After the bleeding, I just bound my wrists, hoping to die from the combination of booze, pills and blood, and fell into a deep, almost coma-like sleep.  But, when I awoke the next morning, I could barely walk back to my “room of doom” to use the toilet.  As I went pee I noticed the blood from my period was there on my cotton white panties.  I was not pregnant, or at least not anymore; it was probably “just nerves”, like the nursery rhyme of the large egg in the nursery rhyme.  “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, could not put Humpty back together again”, is how I felt.
That following Saturday, I went to confession at “Our Lady of Peace” church in Chicago.  I started my confession to the priest, “Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”  I reflected that I had no sins; I lived my life according to the Ten Commandments, loving God, and loving my neighbor as myself.  But I had one big, sacrilegious sin, so I continued, “My dear Father,” I stumbled over my words and could barely make audible, “I tried to commit suicide with what I thought to be a baby egg inside me.  One time.”  (It is customary to tell how many times one commits a sin.)  He was so alarmed, he asked me to stay until all the confessions were heard, and then started me on a long, varied, road of rehabilitation for my broken mind, spirit, and soul.”  I recovered enough to hold myself together, but eventually checked myself into a state mental hospital for severe depression so that I could try to put back the pieces of a shattered egg. This is what I considered myself as an embryo from my mother’s womb.
Gradually, through much therapy, hard work on my part, prayer, mentorship, (I think I would rather climb the highest mountain in the world than the road to recovery with the attached stigma weighing me down,) through various meetings, mentorship, prayer, nutrition, and remaining alcohol and drug-free, I learned to function.  I have read that most suicides occur before the age of thirty-one, linking it to hormones going haywire.  As the hormones subside, so do the suicidal tendencies.  Sometimes to alter one’s life course for the better, one has to break out of the snake pit, like the one I was in.  There also might be one event in a person’s life, like the one I described, that catapults the person  a different mountain climb, whether they like it or not.
Today, I am much more creative today, taking courses to improve myself.  Prayer, contemplation on good, creative venues such as karaoke, dancing, designing costumes, work, organic gardening, replace the mental battles of self-destruction in my mind.  I can use razor blades for sewing, box cutter blades, for opening packages, and – the home I just bought and finished, and matting for my original art pictures, not for cutting my wrists.  My life since has still been a roller coaster, but I no longer complain, “Why me, Lord?”  I am grateful, so extremely grateful for all the good in my experiences, and not becoming fixated and obsessed with the apparent abnormal amount of evil that seems to drift my way.
A year later, on July 26, 1969, I did marry a Viet Nam Veteran, Purple Heart winner, Mike, “the Deacon” Duncan, who, I believe, with my tender love and devotion, became the “Wind Beneath My Wings.”  His ancestry dated back to the Mayflower on one side, and Lithuanian Royalty on the other; I’m pedigree Polish.  We had two beautiful sons, who I stayed home and breastfed for three years each. I also had a home delivery childbirth without drugs for my second son, to give them the best possible start in life possible and to compensate for the fact that they have an ‘unusual’ mother.  Those 16 years of marriage were the greatest accomplishments of my life, even though I went on in life to make many accomplishments in business such as an awarded leader in the “Quality Movement”.

I knew I had recovered when I could finally do things the right way and give my husband and sons real love and feel it returned.  The suicidal tendencies became evanescent.
I have changed, and changed for the better, I hope.  Thank God.

This is what I wrote for my college essay, and it had read helped another girl in the class, a young White woman, who had recently attempted suicide, hid away in shame in a rehab center for several months, and was trying to put her life together. I empathized with her as sisters, or as mother and daughter, for here I was 40 years later, and had overcome it and even thrived. But my heart was breaking for she was at the age of White sexuality, relationships, White motherhood and she was so beautiful, with the blonde hair, beautiful skin and beautiful blue eyes and she didn’t want to live. But it did give her hope as I still have, despite the heaviness of my writings.

I think the hardest cross to bear, was the stigma that suicide and depression ignite, not just for the victim, but for society, for it smolders under the surface of many of us. One can’t solve a problem unless one identifies with it. No one would blame a physical cripple for being so, but society shuns those with mental forms of illness. There is no handicapped sticker for parking for those unable to cope, drag though the day or live life as a zombie.

I had to fit the true episode of my autobiography essay above into 10 double-spaced pages, so I couldn’t elaborate on the detail, or the real-life and not Hollywood fiction horror that would creep up next.

Here’s video of “I Want to Live” a Jewish movie of the early 1950’s where a woman named Barbara Graham is framed and she is first woman to die in gas chamber. Jews wanted to convince White USA of the concept of “gas chambers” for up until then there was no “gas chambers” idea for the Holocaust Jews invented to sell total Jewish immigration from Europe to USA. Nazis did not kill Jews in gas chambers. Jews faked it in propaganda.

I Want to Live

Autobiography Draft – Chapter 12 White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up in South Chicago on Euclid Avenue on the same street as Michelle Obama!

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Chapter 12

The blacks started to abuse me and my family and it was nasty. When we lived at 8332 S. Colfax, it was White and surrounded on the perimeter were Jews living in new homes and apartments, while we lived in very, very old homes, such as the farm-house that Grandpa Kopaczewski moved on the back of a trailer flat bed to his vacant land. There was no violence against us from other races.

And then it began as if out of nowhere, we were living in a racially changing neighborhood, 7916 S. Euclid Avenue, same block Michelle Obama grew up in. Or as Mama said that the Jew$ are  block busting the White neighborhood for profit, gain, and terror against Whites to force us to move further into suburbs. But once in the suburbs it wasn’t long before again Whites would be forced to run like crazy and move. And this time the homes the blacks and browns were getting free or little, were mansions left abandoned or bought pennies on a dollar with White tax money in programs like HUD.

It again reminds of when my three brothers came home from seminary having been uplifted into helping all races and love for them. As they were walking down 79th Street for there was no money for buses being poor.  When suddenly, out of nowhere, a gang of blacks jumped my brothers and start beating them up, perhaps robbery, but it is doubtful they had anything. It reminds of today, seeing a White man, who looked just like Benjamin Franklin that I worked for as legal secretary. He had a scar all along the base of his neck. I finally asked him about it and he told me he was riding bus in Las Vegas with his bicycle on the rack. He got off and biked to the grocery store, with $5 in his pocket. He was working full-time and going to college full-time to get degree for there was no financial help for him as a White man thanks to the anti-White male, racist law, Affirmative Action. When he got near the store, a non-White jumped him and went to cut his head off leaving him in a pool of blood. How sad, how sickening our Whites should have to suffer this and Jewish masters who don’t “allow” us to see or hear these things and to have White Rights. He told me the hardened criminals only got $5, but they wanted his head, his intelligence, his life. Did black Michelle Obama’s brother experience such beatings at the hands of Whites for no reason other than the color of our White skin?

And then there was that day when Mama went to the store. She was only armed with her old raggedy purse and as the paralegal above, just a few dollars. Since Daddy only made minimum wage, it was like a thousand dollars to us and she held it with all her might. I remember vividly I had that same experience when I went to Riverview Amusement Park on Belmont Street on the North Side. We had coupons for free rides from Butternut Bread and went to enjoy the day. I was on a roller coaster called the “Bobs” which was not one that went high and plunged down, but one that would ride extremely fast and when rounding a corner would jerk you so you felt as if car would zoom off the track. I had my dime to get home on for car fare in my hand. There was no money for popcorn, or drink or souvenir, and it was the same when I raised my children as single parent, and today as Widow of US Marine war hero. I was crying for with all the jerking I thought I would lose my dime and I had no way to get home. Since no one ever helped me with anything, there wasn’t even the concept that if I lost the dime, someone would see a little girl in distress to aid me.

Suddenly, in Mama’s terror, out of nowhere, three black men jumped my mother and beat her for her purse. It was no use to cry or scream-there is no help. The other Whites are too frightened and the Jews and non-Whites laugh and this is Jewish entertainment on their news, as a White South African woman told me,  married to Jew who stand up and cheer when Blacks rape, beat, even murder White South Afrikaners as broadcast on television, convinced Whites we deserve the black beatings for trying to civilize other races. By the time the police would get to my mother, if they got there, it would be pick up a battered body, or make a report. There are no White Rights or White Justice as Whites fought for other races and Jew race to have.

Since Mama was so tough, having been raised through the dregs of being slaves for Jews and being forced to develop survival techniques, she literally fought these three black tough male assailants, perhaps part of Black Panther gang from the South Side of Chicago. Mama was strong enough to beat them back and run away with her purse and few dollars which meant life or death for us in poverty. But Mama was older. Where were her Civil White Rights, her Senior Abuse Rights as through Department of Aging, her female rights as Jewess Gloria Steinem changed our White Race’s mind to think that female rights are only in the work place. She did it more for herself and her female Jewess’ whose male counterparts still discriminate against them in Israel.

Yet Mama had 12 White babies, didn’t get welfare or help from church, family or friends. At the least, where was the “respect” and “appreciation” let alone a safe neighborhood to walk in. Did we leave Poland for this? Why are the White Polish, Romanians, Bosnians, etc. that I talk to running back to Europe for the discrimination and terror they are experiencing as White immigrants? And again, did black Michelle Obama’s mother get beat up unmercifully and attempted robbery on Euclid Avenue in South Chicago by Whites as the black raced gang members did to my poor, worn and broken down, Mama?

Another time, my brother was coming home from work at US Steel and was riding the CTA bus. Whites pay for taxes to build buses, maintain them and pay for the gas, so why shouldn’t Whites use them? It was after the Civil Rights Act for “Black, Brown and Female” rights when the country was super-conscious of giving rights to them but taken away from Whites. Blacks had the Jewish treasury (from White and Christian $$) backing them up, so they were very bold and assertive. White had not a leg to stand on. Even today, blacks have no problem with self-esteem, while 200,000 White men commit suicide from Viet Nam which is the ultimate way of saying “you have robbed my self-esteem and cannot live in a society with such discrimination for the good I have done! The black man and my brother got into a verbal argument and the black man got up to beat my brother up, right on the CTA bus!  He then kicked my brother in the balls so hard, my brother was hurt physically for a long time afterwards, even until today.

The black pressed charges at the workplace, where they both worked and my brother was fired, while the black kept his job. Blacks were not “silenced” nor if they gave my brother a chance, would they listen to him. Why? He was White and Whites were to be punished after the Civil Rights not just to give blacks Civil Rights. Jews are never punished for their 4,000 years of crimes. What makes this really sad is that my brother was going to DePaul University to become a social worker to help the blacks and browns and sacrifice his life, not on the battle fields, but the business, educational, social and welfare fields for their colored advancement as in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Jews founded, funded, staffed and used as weapon against Whites.

And then there was my first boyfriend when I lived in Euclid Avenue in Chicago:

I found my first true love, Walter, White Polish, who looked like Don Everly of the famous Everly Brothers. And his brother, Skip, looked like Phil, Don’s brother. I was playing pinochle with some friends and he started to hang with us. My girlfriend encouraged me to date him for she told me when I was 16, “We all have boyfriends, yet you are the prettiest and you have none.”

When I met Walter, it was mostly at these card games. Sometimes he’d walk me home. I was afraid to let him get too close to my home for once when a white neighbor named Clem, came to sit down on front porch and talk to me when I was 15, Mama took her broom, and batted him away and hollered at him so badly, he is still running. Mama was afraid, as her mother when she batted the Jew away from Mama on her wedding day, that I would get pregnant, and there was nothing more socially unacceptable than an unwed mother and helpless baby.

Walter was so handsome with his thick light brown hair that dropped into a peak over his forehead, his skin white and clear, his eyes that smiled with love towards me. He treated me gently and kindly and he made my heart melt. When I would sit with a queen of spaces and jack of diamonds, which meant, pinochle and a lot of points, I would fantasize that  we were the lucky couple.

I’ll never forget the day he kissed me on the streets of South Chicago. Where black Michelle Obama cries that poor Barach’s car had a hole it bottom of floor, my first boyfriend either had no car and we had to walk long distances or once he stole one. I remember vividly he showed up in a candy apple red convertible with a white top. It wasn’t until later I found out it was not “borrowed” but stolen. When I refused to ever ride in a stolen car again, he respected my wishes and it was back to walking. Since he knew the entire inside of the car engine and parts, it was easy for him to break into any car he wanted to.

As we walked along the dark streets of Chicago, I remember that he stopped suddenly, and turned me towards him. I looked at him and the moon glowed brightly over his head, like a halo, and he bent over and pressed his soft lips next to mine. Oh, even the thought brings back the feeling of my legs giving way underneath me, my groin having its first spark of fire and flames, and my lips melting under his gentle press. I’m breathless just remembering that feeling. It lasted for what seemed like eternity and I wanted it to go on forever, but as I opened my eyes, and never said “I Love You, Walter,” I knew I was in love.

But suddenly, racial truth broke that dream into pieces when I found out a secret about him, which was to be the heaviest weight on our three-year relationship. Even though Walter was only sixteen years old, he already had a past. You see, he lived near the Steel Mills in an area called the “the Bush.” Living near the steel mills, the homes were not only old, but old beyond their years with the black, brown and red dust that would blanket the homes and people from the spewing blast furnaces as the 36” and 96” mills. Since the unions attracted a lot of non-Whites through protests and money of the Jews, this was a multi-racial neighborhood and the poorest of each race. It was there that racial riots would occur.

In US history when each ethnic group would come from Europe, it was the former White ethnicity that would protect the neighborhood in case riff-raff came from overseas. So when the Italians were predominant on a block, they would make sure it was safe from Irish. Then the Irish, would do the same about the new White Poles. But when the White Poles came here it was the black and browns that we faced, and united against us, where the White people may have been more magnanimous.

Walter told me that he was in a fight in “the Bush” multi-racial neighborhood where the “toughest” of the Browns and Blacks lived, fought, ganged up and intimidated the White youth for they asserted it was “their” territory” and “their” neighborhood as male animals do in Nature to defne what is theirs.  Even my male cat and male German Shepherd had enough sense to do that.  Jews took that primitive instinct away from our White men and Whites now have no “territory” of our own. Walter was the one that the Civil Rights Act government punished and sent to prison and the Browns and Blacks got off scot-free. He was so angry, he never went back to school, and was only 16 where another yellow Chinese or Jew, both smarter than Whites, don’t even have this in their experience, other than the $$$ they make during real estate transaction or drug deals which affected many, many Whites like myself. It still goes on today. This multi-racial neighborhood ruined Walter and after we dated, he once picked me up in a stolen red convertible. I was horrified when I found out and refused to ride it again. Black Michelle Obama complained she had to ride in car with Barack that had a hole in the floor, but I had to ride in a stolen car for our White boys were being sacrificed, neglected and emasculated so that Blacks got preferred treatment! But compared to my poverty, his was less and he wasn’t as damaged as I had been, so he made a good and only friend.

But I had to “pay” for this boyfriend. Since he didn’t work, I had to pay for any dates that we had. I kept a card of all the money I spent for he promised to pay me back, but he never did, and I didn’t nag him. He was tinkering on cars so he could one day become a race car driver for NASCAR. Speaking of NASCAR, I’d like to fast forward to a time when I was a female Elvis downtown Chicago. I was hired to work as a temp, (Barbie the Temp they called me) at a radio station, that had both the sports talk and news and rock n roll. I assisted the manager with Excel reports that I did daily. Although I usually separate business with my costumed karaoke image, I was pretty well known in Chicago, and the sales staff thought it would be great if I showed up the last day of work in my female Elvis costume. It was Friday, and I dressed up as they wanted, but when I got to the front door, there were police surrounding the building and wouldn’t let me in. I told them I was “Barbie the Temp” and it was my last day and for “casual” Friday, they said it was ok for me to come in costume. The police guard checked it and I they let me in. I showed the manager and she approved and then the sales staff called me in to the CBS radio general manager’s office. His name was “Howard” and “Howard” was Jewish. But where the sales staff thought it was entertaining, the Jewish manager was scared to death for he thought I was going to kill him. I didn’t know what was going on with all the police and now the Jew is scared to death because I look like Elvis.
I went up to the Jew and told him “It’s just me; Barbie the Temp; don’t be scared!” The Jew General Manager calmed down but I had to leave the office and go to my own office.

I sat dressed as Elvis at my computer for the day, but at lunch, the manager surprised me. She asked me if I would agree to be interviewed by Mike North, the man who had the sports radio show. I had never been on radio show and was a little reluctant but she begged me. She told me that the reason the building was surrounded by police was that Dale Earnhardt, #88, had been killed in a NASCAR car accident the day before. North mentioned something that Earnhardt shouldn’t have driven aggressively and the caller on the radio said he was going to kill North for making such a derogatory comment. North was not a professional. He used to own a hot dog stand and would talk sports so well to the local customers, the sports radio station gave him a full time position. It was just a slip of the tongue and North was equally distressed and upset and not prepared to handle such a monumental car crash and death of the top NASCAR driver, perhaps of all time.


I agreed to do the interview as Elvis at 4 pm before I left. I never have been nervous doing TV or radio. She called me to the studio and I awaited outside the glass enclosure where I could see the radio host. When I went in I flirted and asked where to sit and if I could sit on his lap. It broke the fear and terror he was under.


Mike North asked me: “Did you actually walk down the street in that Elvis costume to come to work.”
I replied, “I parked my car on the busy street and walked down the street to get here.”

He asked further, “What did the traffic cars do?”

I smiled and said, “They beeped their horns in approval!”

I still morn the death of the Dale Earnhardt though, for I felt in so personally since I supported a young White man for 3 years so that he could spend his time working on cars for free and learning how to race. The race scene in “Rebel Without a Cause” comes to mind for when he had a car he would sometimes race the others on the streets of Chicago and my beloved, Walter, could have smashed up even with me in it for he drove that fast! Last I heard, he was racing cars in North Carolina.


Picture Dale Earnhardt #88


Since I only made $.50 an hour working at a Dutch cleaners, called “Paris Cleaners” with owner Marvin Spomar, it was hard to support two on that, but Daddy was supporting many, many more in our large family, plus had all the bills and utilities to go with. With that less than minimum wage job, I had to also buy my own clothes, which I never had before, so took a bus to Three Sister’s on 63rd and Halsted and bought a pink sweater and burgundy skirt. I felt so wonderful, I suppose like Cinderella felt having to scrub floors and then finally to have a beautiful gown already waiting to go to the ball!

But that good feeling wasn’t to last long at all. After I wore it a few times, I found it was missing and was confused at how my only outfit could disappear. I looked all over thinking I was losing my mind where I would put something down and in morning it was gone. I’d spend time looking but had to get to school so put on the rags again. It wasn’t long before I found out where my clothes were going. My sister was out drinking and drugging heavy, prostituting or just being promiscuous with all the raced men a “Christian dream” to “love all the races” which she took to an extreme. I found the clothes when she returned for she would be gone for several days at a time, and my new clothes were now ruined with sperm on them, booze stains, and cigarette smoke. How does one try to get Straight A’s to lift myself up in USA, and to have to have these constant obstacles. My brother-in-law, Tony, suggested I buy a cabinet closet with a lock and keep her out. It is how I finished my high school with the couple of outfits I was able to buy.

Walter wanted to be a race car driver, as in NASCAR, and he would volunteer to work on cars at a nearby mechanics shop on Commercial Avenue, called “Van’s.” So I helped give him a social life, although not sex, since I once told him if I lost my virginity before marriage, I would lose my mind. I now know of my Mama’s probability of marriage while pregnant in 1930, and see the foundation of my fear.

The pain and love united, erupts my soul, and again, I begin crying as I watch and listen on youtube, the old ‘50’s song, “ This Should Go on Forever” on the Teardrop label.

I remember the night of my prom, and we were to go together, I had a nice pink chiffon gown, with a white bodice and green tiny flowers cascading over my breasts. When he came over the day before, he was drunk. Mama had kicked me out of the house, just a few months before graduation when I said the word “damn” at the table and my brother slapped me. It was the “Senior Tea” at Chicago Vocational High, and it was for mothers and daughters. I was too ashamed of what my mother was doing or worrying if she would be drunk, so I didn’t ask her. I never attended any social events at school, business or even weddings or funerals for we were no longer welcome at that our reputation was so volatile. I begged and cried to Mama and I pled for her to stick up for my rights, and instead she began screaming at me for she always stuck up for her boys and not me. I was so afraid of her beating me also, for she would make that red facial grimace of wrapping her lips around her teeth when she was ready to start pounding with the fists that I ran out. In my despair, I got one room with bath and private entrance my red-headed girlfriend, Marilyn Neff and I shared of $7.00 a week. It was there that Walter came to see me the day before prom, drunk, and when he was created a scene, I refused to let him in. He grabbed me and started beating me. I never saw him again.

It was only a few weeks later, I would go on stage at Chicago Vocational High School and get the top award in Business and I also fulfilled my goal of having Straight A’s under the most horrific circumstances imaginable, and being the only girl in my family to graduate high school.

It was sad for when we broke up he called me on the phone and was crying so hard. He was telling me he wanted to commit suicide and he couldn’t stand living anymore. Another White suicide victim in my life, and my heart bleeds now as I write these words so long ago buried in the vaults far away in my mind that have signs “Do Not Enter, Under Penalty of Law” in front of them. But I dig deeper to share, write, research, debate, expose and find solutions for integral problems that are facing us as a society today.

I’m going to fast forward too to add what the Blacks did to me when I was about 59. I had come home from costumed karaoke one night in my old age, and something told me to leave early. I hung up my costume, wig, washed up and went to sleep. Suddenly, I heard bullets flying around my trailer! I thought I was dreaming or imagining things. I don’t have TV or radio so it wasn’t a movie or show. So I went to the double wide sliding doors and pulled the drapes back. To my horror there were three plainclothes police men with three large dogs foaming at the mouth and barking so shrilling together it felt like my ear drums would break. I asked what was going on, for I was scared to death. And the police warned me to go back inside as he did the neighbor.

He said, “This is dangerous. There are three more men in the Park with loaded guns. Get back in the house!” I darted back in as fast as I could, but I peeked out the drapes from the corner of the frame and I saw them take a tall, broad-shouldered Black Man out of my tool shed just 10 feet from my door, (the kind of Black one would see on the Jewish profession Black Basketball team or Jewish professional Football team, since Jews control sports since the early 19th century with boxing.)   I heard the one officer scream out load that the gun was loaded. Did that Black man come to kill me? I was involved in White Rights a little, not even much, for I had to work and survive as a widow of US Marine Purple Heart that didn’t get any money for he wandered off with the war injuries, Agent Orange, addictions of Viet Nam. Where were the US Marines at this moment when I needed protection and worse yet why do I even need protection in a country that is “the American dream?” Or has it become the “American White Nightmare?”  We once lived in a society where one didn’t have to lock their doors, cars, bicycles. Now one has seven locks on their doors.

Well, since I worked on the work program at school, going to classes in the morning, and the Federal Reserve Bank in the afternoon, I already had a resume. It was great to have a little money coming in so that I could get the things I needed, although even through the poverty I always had what it took to get through the day, the course at school, or the time with friends.

When I went to the Federal Reserve Bank and talked with the supervisor they asked me if I’d like to be a secretary or work in human resources. But I asked politely if I could work on “data entry” which is like working on a computer keyboard today. The head supervisor said that I couldn’t, but when he saw my sad face looking down at the carpet, he deliberated and said, “If you take a special test and pass then we will teach you how to use these IBM machines. This is highly irregular for our employees in this department already have training from a special school. I passed the test and found myself sitting at my first IBM keyboard. When I was in my first year of high school I started on an ancient keyboard machine that is now in the Smithsonian Institute and is so odd even my son who is a computer programmer took a picture of me standing next to it. I started computers for all practical purposes in 1962 or 50 years I’ve been pounding away at these keys. I don’t think I have fingerprints or keypads anymore!

As I worked the manager, Mary Alano, took me under her wing and I also was her assistant. Throughout my entire life, I was a good Indian for the chiefs making their jobs easier, for I always do what they ask, do it with a smile, and do it to the best of my ability, as my poor Mama and Daddy taught me character at home.

I began to put money aside and for the first time could buy more than one outfit for my closet. I remember the day clearly, I went to a store downtown after work, and tried on some cute dresses for work. That was the days before credit cards, so I put several outfits to change daily on lay away. Then when payday came and I had the cash, I picked them up.

But my new dresses didn’t last long, for after I hung them up nicely, it was only a few weeks when I came home and again, as in 6th grade, the fire department was there. There was someone playing with matches in the closet and the sparks lit my clothes ablaze. I never got reimbursed so my wardrobe again became limited. It just seemed like all the odds were constantly against me. When I would start to do well, another tragedy would surface like a submarine to put obstacles and discouragement, even depression in my way.

But after graduation I got a really good job at US Steel in the office with benefits and help from my brother-in-law Tony who had friends in human resources.  I love to work. So often people go to work to pay bills, keep occupied, be with others, or for a check. But I loved working for the sake of work itself. Remember, I had no toys or plays growing up and few friends. So perhaps for me, work is “play” and therefore enjoyable not a burden to be avoided at all costs. as I saw in business over the course of 40 years! I’ve got very high work ethics.

I was able to advance quickly at US Steel, and every few months I found myself in a higher paid union position. I was again working as a keypunch operator, something Janis Joplin, the white blues singer did before becoming the famous idol whose White female blues music I so enjoy. Whites sing the blues also not just blacks!  I soon was selected to fill in for vacation replacements in the computer room. Back in 1966, the computer brain spread out the size of several home floor plans. The room was kept very cold and we wore sweaters, if not jackets even. It sometimes seemed as if I were in a refrigerator and would offer to bring coffee for everyone to keep us warm.

I then worked as a teletype operator communicating with the EJE Railroad which shipped our steel. (Grandpa Kopaczewski was a chief engineer for same railroad 47 years earlier according to ancestry Census report.) I had work on Sundays although there wasn’t much business, a skeleton crew was there for we were open 365 days of the year. It was on a very slow Sunday my boss asked us if we could play pinochle, and I love to play, even as my folks did. From that Sunday the four of us would sit and play  “single deck,” and it would make the eight hour shift pass quickly between the few orders we got.

But for all this harmony, hard work and happiness on the surface, there was an emotional volcano that was about to erupt that would eclipse anything in my life.

Autobiography Draft Chapter 11: White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue same street as Michelle Obama

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Mama and Me with my brown boy's stockings and shoes

Mama and Me with brown boys’ hand-me-down stockings

Me with White Stockings and my brothers

Me with White Stockings I got from being lookout for my sister’s prostitution

ps. On pix posted earlier below, it’s my brother John on the left and brother Eddie on the right who died this last year. We were only a year apart for he was premature and sickly. He was premature at 7 months and that was extremely rare for doctors to take babies at the time. Today doctors cut women up with surgery called Caesarian section as early as 6 months so the doctor can go back to India, Israel, Pakistan, China for a 4 month vacation. Do Whites want to be slaves for even these other races. Jews and now their imps sell Whites services to make them filthy rich just to get the White’s money. We are going bankrupt, indebted, can Whites afford the high cost of surgery. I would think it costs a White woman perhaps $60,000.00 for one of these birth surgeries, where she could have baby at home for free or very little. Jews made sure with Obamacare that Whites will pay these high prices for their baby births not just for themselves but for alllllll the sex the browns and blacks have and the babies that result! Is this crazy or what? Whites encourage and enable this catastrophe which is just one more weapons Jewish doctors use against us.

The brother on the right composed and recorded a song called “We the People” before he died. I will try to download it for Facebook for in his copyrighted song he sings “God Bless America; God Save America.” I’d add the White species also.

Chapter 11

After the brutal death scare and divorce, my sister took me with her to the bars when I was about 10.  She never wanted to go to places alone and the addictions drove her back time and time again. But what my sister didn’t realize is that the men were doping her up. She was so naïve for she hadn’t graduated grammar school and had no protection from a much degenerated, especially many raced United States. So much has happened to our young White girls and it is not called rape since Jews had a sexual revolution opening the formerly sacred White vagina to every possible race on the planet. It’s not happening in China which is one solid race, India, or even Israel who rules over their Palestinian slaves (Jesus’ relatives) but has laws into effect that Jews can only marry other Jews. But I’d like to see DNA tests on all the Palestinian women and children to see if they are Jewish offspring who are unsupported. All this can and should be documented. Jewish Israel is the second highest nation in the world for abortions and it certainly isn’t the smart, rich, intellectual Jewess that has unwanted pregnancies for she knows of all the medical precautions since their husbands have run the medical field around the world. The abortions must be for the less intelligent Palestinian women now uses as sex slaves for Jewish Polish men of Israel as I was in the USA. Although there has been much broadcasted at how the Polish Jews of Israel would kidnap White Eastern European women and use them for sex in Israel, even tearing up their passports.

Sister Rose-o-day would play the juke box and being too young to drink I’d just stand by it and listen to it and watch her dance and sing with the other races of men. She finally discovered that the brown Mexicans would sometimes drop a “Spanish Fly” into her drink and made her lose her sexual control. She didn’t know she was drugged; she probably thought she was oversexed.  The Brown Mexicans were teaching the White women to give them “oral” sex, while the White boys were masturbating for we were taught not to have sex… with each other. There were two sets of laws in the South Chicago jungle.  One for Whites and White Christians to obey religiously, and one for rich Jews, poor blacks, browns and those Whites that mixed with them, which was “law-less-ness.”  It is said when Jew$ controlled Poland for 900 years there was lawlessness and the only country in Europe to exhibit such bizarre behavior. Also most White Poles turned into slaves completely wiping out the middle class. Now the Jews brought that lawlessness here and it doesn’t bother them a bit for they do not have Christian or even White Pagan minds.

Once my sister told me she was going to buy me a pair of white stockings if I did her a favor. I never had pretty stockings. I’d either have to wear hand-me-down brown boy’s stockings or no stockings at all. So I agreed to tag along with her. What I didn’t realize was that my sister was engaged in the oldest profession in the world: prostitution. She had no money to survive and was not educated or skilled to do any work. Because the brown Mexicans were drugging her up, it was easy for her to fall into for she was out of her mind. When we got to the flop house, she and her “John” went into a bedroom. I don’t know what race he was, I was too scared that somehow I would be pulled into this and I was too weakened from being a good citizen of the United States to withstand anymore. She told me to keep guard outside the door and let her know if there were police or anything. I guarded the door as the guards watch the famous Queen of England’s Buckingham Palace. I didn’t have the costume, but just stood upright like a stiff board. Scared stiff! She came out and handed me a few dollars and we went to buy the White stockings. I think of that because the White Sox baseball team used to be called “the White Stockings.”

Once a woman is doped up, she is a sex slave, for she craves that drug addiction and will do anything the man wants, even prostitution. It wasn’t long before the blacks started to prey on her. I used to resent what my sister was doing and it just added to the shame of the domestic violence which made the other Whites shun us terribly. I was fighting too many emotional battles and it seemed the larger the family, the more the battles. Another one of the atrocious side-effects of screwing the Brown Mexicans that sister Rose-o-day encountered was bringing back home not just cockroaches but venereal disease crab bugs on her vagina from his dirty cock!

It was a dark day, when I came home from school and found our living room with black men around my sister. It was understood that she was a prostitute for them. Their eyes looked at me next for I was now a full-fledged teen and in my prime for sex and babies. I abstained from both on religious convictions. Their eyes and their laughs raped me and I ran away and hid so the blacks would not find me.

When I finally came back home, the familiar Chicago Police were there and there was White dust over all our furniture. Our home was robbed from top to bottom. We didn’t even have much. But the saddest part of all, these Blacks robbed my Mama’s wedding rings, the only thing she had in the entire world for all the hard slaving work she did for Jews, this country, Grandpa and Daddy, and us White poor children. She never wanted anything for herself and the rings were all she had and now they were gone. It is known that when Whites are robbed and have to go through that pain, there is no justice for most criminals are not caught. It is said for every 1000 crimes, only 1 is caught. And if prosecuted the only punishment is a gravy stay in the prison where blacks and browns get to meet up with all their buddies and get to be master criminals. And Whites pay for that through tax dollars.

It was more recently at the College of Southern Nevada that I found a book on prostitution called “Mustang Ranch.” The author stated that most of the prostitutes were White but had black pimps who took all their money. White men don’t realize that and look for satisfaction with a woman that really hates the him and only uses them for their money. It is the same for lesbians who are strippers or bartenders, take the White man’s tips and money, and go back to their female lover! It is all part of the “Let’s get Whitey!” attitude the Jews have instilled in the USA. I think in my sister’s case, she didn’t hate the White male, but the White male rejected her. Although her prostitution and sexual liaisons did include White men throughout her life. But when she was in a nursing home in the south suburbs of Chicago, a black man knocked her down so hard, he broke her hip and she had to be in the hospital for a month!

It wasn’t long before Mama had the For Sale sign up and lo and behold we move to 7916 South “Euclid” Avenue, the same street as her highness, Black First Lady Michelle Obama!

Here’s a chart I created for my blog: kkkaraoke. wordpress.com, which I started a few years ago. It just highlights some of the differences between the Black Michelle Obama who has gained sympathy for her Black slave roots and another column for myself and my misery as a daughter of  slaves for Jews for 900 years in Poland and now 100 years in USA. Michelle has Jew preferred status through many different Jewish agencies based on the color of her skin, and I have been discriminated against, suffered reverse discrimination and see this for our future White children. Will Jews turn USA into slavery as they did to my Poland according to my ancestry study?

pss: On picture below of my brother on right who died, he used to be a school teacher for 30 years and did play “8332 S. Colfax” a “haunted” musical about the street we grew up on before house burned down. He once told me that the kids were degenerating so badly and fast they could no longer be taught. He said to put them on a barge and send them back to Africa but when it gets to the middle of the ocean drop them off there! And to be equal, he said White kids also were degenerating with them and the same for those. He was not pro-White. I wrote this to Jewish media and it didn’t surprise me when they had this faked kill on Osama bin Laden and he was “dropped” in the middle of the ocean. Jews use White ideas especially for their sensational faked news. Jews have formed our unsuspecting minds for years with made up trash both on the Hollywood fiction screen and then the news. Whites do not know what “truth” is for our reality is faked and for our
genocide. They do these things on the news to keep us ‘entertained’ and having all this crime fills up not just black White pages but blank White minds that should be filled with the “Highest” and “best” in life not the Jew’s worse. My brother is now dead and buried and I cried at his wake and kissed the forehead of his dead body in the coffin. He was lucky to have his job as school teacher for there was a big glut of men who didn’t go to war but could get defermit if they became a school teacher. I helped get both my brothers a school teacher job, having my younger brother live with me and Viet Vet husband in poor Sauk Village where many Veteran’s children’s attended for we couldn’t get a VA loan anywhere else. Odd but blacks and browns could live anywhere they wanted and we paid royally for them and still do today. Someone is paying for all these loans that were foreclosed. The banks would have closed. Eveni f they were insured, Whites pay the insurance!
White Barbara Ann Nowak, Slave for Jews’ Race, Religion, Business Black Michelle Obama, ancestors many generations ago, slave for White Southern Christian Men
Book This is my book “White Poor to White Rights – What It Was Like to Grow Up as Jewish Slaves on Euclid Avenue the Same Street as the Black Michele Obama. Michelle’s book on healthy gardening and eating is something I pioneered in 1970.
Mentorship None Jews involved in Civil Revolutionary War for Black Rights which cost 500,000 White men’s lives, limbs, land.Jews start NAACP a racist organization “National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People,” only, Whites need not apply. It was founded at a Jewish temple not by a White Congressman or White citizen.
 Slavery? My Polish people slaves for Jews 1,000 years. Jews impregnated my ancestry’s Polish White women, left babies and mother unsupported. Even though second smartest of Europeans, Jews kept us in bondage and secret until today. Slave for White Men, 400 years. Whites supported blacks for 400 years. Turned a race of African people some who were recently cannibals and a 70 IQ which borders on retarded for US into the President and his wife and the highest standard for Blacks in the entire world.
Grew Up South Chicago old Polish Farmhouse. 15 in family; 3 babies died. 2 bedrooms. Only toilet, no bathtub, no phone, no TV, the only radio we had, mama smashed on my head because I listened to “it” and not “her.” Our slavery and poverty was so stressful. South Chicago in homes Jews used to own, but block-busted the neighborhood to terrorize Whites to flee to suburbs and so blacks could pick up homes cheap. But no one will live after Jews I was told by Mama who housecleaned for them.
Street Grew Up 7916 South EUCLID, CHICAGO 7436 South EUCLID, CHICAGO
College Cheap Community Colleges, few fully paid courses, no money, no aid. Refused help at College recently for I was not the “right” kind even though I met all criteria to get help. Who paid for her fancy courses from when she was in grammar school through Harvard? Just today, for the University of Texas, Supreme Court is ruling to “Halt” and perhaps “end” Affirmative Action giving 25% of all aid, grants, money, mentorship, jobs to people with a different skin color than White. It’s been reverse discrimination. China wouldn’t do it, nor Israel, both countries and races “smarter” than Whites!She was pampered at Princeton, Harvard
Legal Job Legal Secretary. Today a Black woman makes “twice” as much as a White woman with same background! Attorney for Sidley Austin, Prestigious Firm.
Where met spouse “Combat Lounge” real name “Holiday Lounge, 96th Ewing, where I met my White US Marine, Purple Heart. In South Chicago, when Whites would go to dance, the blacks and browns would fight us. Legal Firm, and both Obama’s were paid famously.
Work for City of Chicago I danced in many parades to entertain millions as Costumed Queen of Karaoke, in many ethnic and race costumes, I did it for free and out of love. On Mayor Richard Daley’s paid staff, superior salary.
Presidency My Polish ancestry President Lech Kaczynski killed on plane crash at site of Katyn Massacre murdering Polish finest, most religious White Christian men. Oddly the First Lady then was a Christian &  killed and replaced by a Jewish First Lady to continue this 1000 year Jewish rule over Poland. Her husband, a President
Stress level Off the charts, poverty, near death experiences 22 times, coping with war hero’s wounds, addictions None, everything has been handed to her and her people for 400 years under Jewish supervision against Whites. Jews used their “Civil Rights” card in Bavaria Europe in 1300  and were deported for assaulting White Rights
University Jew doctor raped me at University of Illinois and threatened me for life. University of Chicago Medical Center, prestigious work, well respected by Whites, well paid.
Crusading for husband Crusaded, wrote, performed and suffered to change history because of my deceased US Marine Veteran’s suicide. Changed history in 10 fields for Veteran’s rights. She gave keynote speech at Democratic Convention 2008, well paid
Children Two 100% pure white pedigreed sons. 2 well fed, well mentored, well supplied 75% Black daughters
Fashion The top designers in the world have come to my self-made or designed costumed karaoke performances and taken pictures. My ideas have been spread over the globe in fashion. She wears what the Jews tell her to wear, so Whites will dress like her. She never sewed a dress nor can she sew a difficult advanced costume. She has “slaves” do that for her. She wore famous pink suit similar to one Jackie Kennedy wore the day of the assassination of our White President.
Causes What does “she” know about poverty? Has she faced starvation, day after day, or was she fed well? I was into nutrition and healthy eating and organic gardening  42 years ago. She has benefited for 400 years of White care, money, welfare, employment, housing, cell phones for free, medical, education, books, supplies, mentorship, Christian teaching, etc. Instead of “Thank you” to Whites her husband “apologizes” for our good to the world. Perhaps we should take it back or stop giving it.
Mother Anna, like Blessed Virgin Mary’s mother. Marian
Mother’s job Scrub woman for Vice President of Spiegel. Jew. Also worked for Jewish doctor and his wife. Worked during World War II at Mall Tool which manufactured the bullets or tank parts for the war against Hitler who wanted to save the White race. Secretary at Spiegel.
Ancestry Slaves for Jews for 900 years and not allowed to talk about it. Privileged and pampered workers for South Carolina White man
Slave Polish slaves had to work, sacrifice, pay their own way, and never talk of our Polish ancestry. Erase it, while we only worship Jew ancestry in Bible, and black ancestry, show like “Roots.” Often starved as White slaves for Jews. If I had a few pennies I’d buy penny candy for my meal. Black slaves were paid for and treated like Kings and Queens, compared to the White Irish begging for work in the fields who came here for free but Whites had to pay Jews high prices for black slaves. Southern Whites fed the Black the most nutritious food available and the five highest vegetables in Whole Foods ANDI chart: kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, collard greens, watercress.
Ancestors’ weather I grew up as slaves for Jews in freezing Chicago cold, no shoes often, or shoes so tight I had bloody blisters on my feet that I sometimes ate, which is embarrassing but true. Black workers (misnamed slaves) grew up in wonderful climate, sunshine, fresh air, and blacks look 10 times as healthy as whites, and Whites paid for it.
Ancestor father’ Pedigreed White, even saintly. Black blood but a White ancestor. Is that true or invented?
War My Viet Vet husband fought the Jewish – led Communists of China in Viet Nam who had killed 200,000,000 White Christians and yellow God-loving people. Blacks lounged around  but got all the benefits as Jews did in Work Camps, World War II. White men sacrificed 500,000 lives, and perhaps 4 times that with injuries, loss of limbs, loss of property, sobriety, loss of their minds sometimes so Jews could give Black our White Rights!
Vacations Mama never had a vacation. Nor did Daddy. Daddy had to work his vacations as I understand 50%+ of our country now has to work. (Land of Plenty? Or Plenty White slaves?) The Robinsons used to vacation in a rustic cabin in White Cloud, Michigan. Oh I bet it was “White Cloud” and they would dream of how the Blacks and Jews would replace the White Christians as they do now.
School Me and my brother, Nicky, failed school for I didn’t have shoes to get to school in freezing, snowing Chicago winters, and my brother did not have the “tuition” for the Christians made us pay or fail. “She and her brother, Craig (who is 21 months older), skipped the second grade.” When one is living in a comfortable and relaxed environment one can excel.
Honors A’s in school even though too poor for a paper and pencil! President of class in St. Mary Magdalene School. Top award for business with 4,500 students. Had to work to support myself and had no time for extra work at school. Asked me to run for Home Queen, but turned it down. “She was on the honor roll for four years, took advanced placement  classes, a member of the National Honor Society and served as student council  treasurer.”
Essay Essay “Saving the White Race from Extinction.” I would now change that to White Christian and Extinction to Genocide as Terry Graham’s Complaint sitting on the Jewish United Nations’ desk.  “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.”  (Where is the essay she could have followed with called “Princeton-Educated Whites and the White Community.” Where are White Equal Rights for every program that is “Black” there is a “White equivalent.”
Opinions on Whites I love my White species and have hate for no one else. It was a real shock to my system to stop loving other races “more” than myself. Barack and Michelle Obama’s Rev. Wright attack speech “God Damn (White) America.”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc2FCJ7zWEQ
Race I never was racist. I danced in Mexican parades, Puerto Rican (1/2 black; ½ White) sang Jewish songs, worked diligently as Jewish-raced slave, did tributes to Red Indians. Did Michele ever sing a Polish song honor my culture and race as I did hers? She worked in college for “minorities” or black  rights. President Obama, her husband, worked as Community Organizer in South Chicago black neighborhoods and that makes him a Black racist.
Studies There is no such thing as White studies, until I hit the College of Southern Nevada campus in 2006. I made my own course and openly studied White race for my essays and classes. Minored in Black African Studies. I’m sure she didn’t study the White South Africans who gave up their land and rule to let Blacks have the country. A White woman from South Africa told me that when she sees the Blacks attack and murder White farmers she and her and her Jew husband jump for joy and cheer the Black murderers. That is “hate crime” against Whites.
Salary I can’t make anywhere near what a black “mentored” by Jews makes Black women make 200% more than White women with same intelligence.
Protest I protested once against illegal brown Mexicans. The head of our 8 people White People’s Party was targeted and threatened by FBI. I never got free, free, free legal aid from Jews as Blacks and Browns get for their “Civil Rights.” Where are my White Civil Rights. In 2008, Blacks threatened to pull their church meetings from hotel if our pro-White meeting wasn’t cancelled. The government issued State of Emergency against Whites so we couldn’t even peacefully meet in farm field At Harvard she participated in demonstrations advocating the hiring of professors who were members of minorities. Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State crusaded for the deadly Chicago gang, the Black Panthers, instead of her own White Rights. She even was violent towards her Southern White husband, President Clinton according to FBI reports.
Racist Sorority Grew up so poor I never dreamed of going to college, plus growing up as Polish White slave for Jews I hadn’t the self-esteem for they constantly put us down, even when Jews invented “Dumb Polak” jokes. “In July 2008, Obama accepted the invitation to become an honorary member of the 100-year-old black sorority  Alpha Kappa Alpha (Is there a “White Sorority” based on being White alone for 100 years? Why not? Whites are now equal. Stop the intentional discrimination against Whites!)
Mentor I rescued my Viet Vet US Marine, Purple Heart husband Mike when he returned with addictions, country against him and for Blacks and Jews. Michelle mentored Obama
Lunches No man ever took me to lunch. I had to pay for the poor White men in South Chicago on Euclid Avenue if I went on luncheon date. Jewish boss that bought me lunch once, demanded sex from me in order for me to keep my job. “Their relationship started with a business lunch and then a community organization meeting where he first impressed her.”Both Michelle and Obama are racists for these meetings were for mostly non-White people whose sold intention was to deprive Whites of rights and demand theirs.
First date The Brookfield Zoo with husband’s friends. Friendly with the animals since Jews see White people as nothing more than cattle and animals with no White Rights! Let me tell you about White Tension! Movie: “Do the Right Thing” about Black Racial tensions.More Racist activities which focuses on Black rights only not White Rights who should be “equal” but intentionally replaced in our own land.
Fighting Races I never fought blacks; nor Jews. I have been the victim of the Jew and black marriage, and in all my writings, this is the first time I ever expose blacks. I think the Blacks are history for Jews for they now want Brown slaves. Movie above quote: “A young man named Radio Raheem (Bill Nunn) lives for nothing else but to blast Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”  The Public Enemy is the White and the Fight the Power is Fight the White Power.
Jews & Michelle Obama I do not have Jewish rabbi connections in my family, unless they raped my White Polish ancestors and left the women unsupported and abandoned. “She is the first cousin, once removed, of Rabbi Capers C. Funnye Jr., one of the country’s most prominent black rabbis.”
Spouse Fighting My Viet Vet and I never had a fight or argument in 16 years, until 17 yr old stole him from me.  From Wikipedia.org “family life and beginning political career led to many arguments about balancing work and family.”
Stress Don’t insult me by saying black slaves had “stress.” Ask Obama if the yellow Commies shot bullets and blew his testicle off as my husband suffered, or threw grenades that wounded his leg, or did he have to eat rat and snake in Viet Nam huts to stay alive. Did Obama see his buddies explode into bits and pieces for Jew Banksters? Ask the President about “hookworm” “Agent Orange” sprayed on him. Ask Mrs. Obama about “screaming” nightmares that I had when I lived on Euclid Avenue as she and I did, seeing my Mama and Daddy ready to guillotine my head off. “Tired and stressed, we had little time for conversation, much less romance”.”
Grandmother I find it very suspicious that Obama’s White grandmother who sacrificed her life and $$$ to help support Obama was found dead the day before 2008 election. Michelle’s mother, has moved into the White House to assist with child care. No White relatives of Obama mentioned at all!
Millionaires Living in poverty, despite the fact my White husband a war hero and he and I spent 93 years working in USA. According to the couple’s 2006 income tax return they are a millionaire couple and spent $1.3 billion since their White House engagement.
Campaigning I only voted for George Wallace, who as governor of Alabama refused to allow black girls into an all-White school in the South. He was shot him and reduced him to weeping cripple in a black church begging the black God for forgiveness. White boys will have to be separated in schools if White race is to survive. Michelle liked to campaign for she could visit living rooms and learn about decorating. Like the living room of the terrorist Bill Ayers and his Jewish co-conspirator to revolt against White Christian USA… Bernadine Dohrns. There is a whole slew of Jew names in that couple’s criminal activities to overthrow the White Christian country.
Angry against other Race? Black men rape White women 37,000 times a year. (That doesn’t count Jewish rape against whites as I was raped which goes unnoticed, unreported. Nazis knew of this and made 3 rules in their 25 laws against Jews raping White Germans.)3 Black Panthers went to beat and rob my poor White mother of 12, She fought them back and ran. Blacks enslaved my White sister as a prostitute by drugging her then making her support them. Blacks robbed my home when visiting my sister and stole my Mama’s only reward for her had life in South Chicago her wedding and engagement ring. Black man kicked my brother in the peter on a CTA bus coming home from Union job, US Steel In 1300 the Whites from Bavaria, Europe, kicked out the Jews for the Jews “Civil Rights,” which punished Whites and uplifted Jews. Black man was in my toolshed to kill me recently. Three plainclothesmen with barking dogs wrestled him out with his loaded gun.Black men robbed my poor Daddy on the CTA Elevated train. Black boys ganged up on my 3 brothers from the Catholic seminary and beat them up in South Chicago. Did White boys gang up and beat up the Obama brother in South Chicago on Euclid Avenue? Dated Chicago Policeman who answered call for fights which broke out when Blacks wanted to socialize with White women. (Race-breaking). The Blacks, with Jewish founded and funded NAACP, cried their favorite discrimination song and was able to punish the Chicago Policeman suspending him and wounded his self-esteem so badly, he left the Chicago Police force and left Chicago and nearly went  back to Hungary as many, many White immigrants from Europe are doing today. Michelle voiced her opinion of dismay at the formerly White USA home. What if her ancestors stayed in Africa. Think of it Michelle Obama would now have 9 babies, like my Mama and living in poverty and then she and I would be “equal!”
Feeling towards country I love my country in spite of the harsh treatment for now I know the cause and did patriotic tributes to my country for “free.” Michelle: “It was only after Obama was elected that she felt “proud” for the first time.” What if the Whites never bought Jewish slaves in the South and got White ones for free as my Polish people came here? Michelle would still be back in Africa and maybe then she would realize just how “great” the USA is.
 Freedom of Speech There is none for Whites. Our White Rights that we slaved for and fought for now belongs to Jews and their prized slaves which Jews have traded in for 6,000 years… the blacks and now browns and yellows. Blacks have freedom to unite, become President, live and work where they choose, race-break with White women or men. There are so many “Black” groups they are too many to count. No White groups for we get shut down immediately.
Haiti It is known both Russia and US have technology to resemble earthquakes. Was the earthquake man-made for Black Rights? One of Obama’s first official acts was to give free $$$ to Haiti after earthquake. Yet, the blacks there revolted, hung the White aristocrats and killed off the entire White French who amply supported them for many years. At same time, beheadings of Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI and the French Revolution
Homelessness My deceased husband was kicked out of Chicago Veteran’s hospitals 3 times and left homeless to live as a rodent on the under streets of Chicago. During her early months as First Lady, she visited homeless shelters and soup kitchens in Chicago. Perhaps she even served my White husband  there whose ancestry goes back to Mayflower and no work for him. 80% of government post office jobs in Chicago are black & that is racist.
Organic I am pioneer from 1970 in organic gardening and taught my sons as young as 2 years old how to plant She is only recently promoting organic vegetable gardens, teaching her daughters.
Double-crossing Jews David Axelrod is a Jew that helped put Obama in White House. He is the same Jew that brought down the campaign against White Sen. Chuck Percy of Illinois, because Percy wasn’t always 100% for Jew Israel. Percy’s daughter was found murdered in a bloody mess in her bedroom. There was a Jewish suspect, but he got away. Barack and Michelle Obama got to their position today for being the kind of people that always do the bidding of Jews, their banking benefactors and mentors. Michelle’s cousin, top black Rabbi in USA.
Friends Have had to spend most of my life slaving without friends for I had to work so many jobs in Chicago just to survive. Obama’s friends, Bill Ayers, and his Jewish partner that were domestic USA terrorists, bombers and Communists. Frank Marshal Davis, not only a Communist, but had a newspaper for Jewish Communism in Chicago. He’s said to be Obama’s “real” father and perhaps biological father.
Book I’m writing this book on White Rights and Reverse Discrimination She wrote a book on eating healthy.


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Poster for Elvis' performance in Chicago

Elvis in Chicago, March 28, 1957, Gold Lame


An essay I wrote at College English 101 about the 24 hours on Thursday March 28, 1957, the events surrounding the day I saw Elvis Presley in the Gold Lame Suit!

Barbie Patton


English 101

Ms. Laura Mc Bride

Story about myself when I was under 10 years old

September 19, 2006

The ticket on the stub showed March 28, 1957.  I was 9 years old and 7 months.  Mama would always try to make us older and would have called me a 10 year-old horse, as if to say we were capable of more than just a 9 year old.  My sister Rose was one of the many of millions of American teenage girls that were completely gaa-gaa over Elvis.  I just appreciated him through her eyes as her necessary companion.  Daddy, well, my daddy was just working that day.

You might think, why a necessary companion?  Rose, who I will call the slave the large family, wanted to become a Dominican nun, like St. Rose of Lima, that is to say a nun one who cleans, cooks, and prays rather than a teaching nun.  It was necessary for a nun to always have another female companion for safety.  Men, it seems, were always on the prowl for young virgins, especially pretty, talented, and hard-working women that could cook and clean their homes for them, and although I didn’t know about sex then, now I know that men want sex.

I, following the path of my older sister, wanted to become a nun, too.  But, I wanted to be like St. Theresa, the Little Flower of Jesus.  That meant I would have to live a cloistered celibate life.  Although the dictionary just defines cloister as living in a monastery in seclusion, it really should add that the inhabitant never speaks another word aloud again, praying only silently to God.  St. Theresa led such an exemplary close-mouthed life, with such numerous, daily, good deeds, that her Mother Superior asked her to write an autobiography.  And yes, I can say today, that my life is filled with kind, little deeds, both to God and man.  When I say, man, I mean men, because I love men today.

St. Theresa was my idol; my invisible mentor.  I studied holy pictures of her, and fashioned myself after her.  I wore a brown scapular, a braided cord around my waist, and a holy ring of the Blessed Virgin Mary on my left finger. I would be the bride of Jesus.  It’s funny, but as I look down on my ring finger today, there is a ¼ inch round, brown scar on my left hand, ring finger.  I never took the cheap ring off for years, and even though it became infected under the ring with blood and even pus, I continued to wear it oblivious of the pain underneath the silver.

I also took the vow of silence, (and maintained it for the next 40 years, never talking, or only when absolutely necessary.)  I never went out without my aurora borealis rosary beads, to pray during idle times.

My sister, of course, had to take me with her, since her vow included never being alone.  So I went out of duty, to see Elvis Presley at the Chicago International Ampitheatre.  It was near the stockyards, and one could still smell the shit from the herds of cows that were getting ready for slaughter.  Our seats were as high and as cheap as possible, because of our poverty.  That we even got to attend, was a minor miracle of her prayers, I’m sure.

There was an act before Elvis, which really made all the girls antsy, since they were waiting almost in mental foreplay to see him.  I, though, was indifferent, even critical of him, and a very self-righteous, Pharasee-type, Catholic school girl.  And then the MC exclaimed, “And next, the greatest singing sensation ever, Mr. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock’n Roll”.  For the next 47 minutes, it was the girls deafening screams I heard, not the Elvis voice.

I pulled out my rosary beads, since I thought Elvis was of the devil, as many churches ascribed to him.  Although he didn’t drink, smoke, take drugs, and didn’t even take pills, he was sexy, even wearing his hair in a duck’s ass, which gave immoral suggestions.  Today, I am more like the Elvis then, I don’t drink, smoke, take drugs, or even pills.

Silently, in my vow-of-silence mode, I began to pray, “I believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth”, the words that begin the rosary.  I never stopped until the end.

I’d like to describe for you my unique version of how I saw and felt about Elvis that day, and how this date, March 28, 1957, transformed me in my personal development.  He sang 16 songs that day, starting with “Heartbreak Hotel”, a song written by Mae Axton about a man that had committed suicide in a Miami Hotel, and whose obituary had caught her eye.  And he ended with ‘Big Mama’ Thorton’s magnificent, bluesy, sexy piece, “Hound Dog”, which sounded nothing like the ‘Spaghettios-type’ 45 record that was made for the public.

For the first time in pop music history, Elvis came out shining like a god.  The screams and faintings of the girls surrounding me 12,000+ were hitting decibels that would break the sound barrio that moment.  He walked out like a nocturnal cat, prowling for his next mate.  The shiney golden slippers were like his paws, swiftly, silently grabbing the stage with his male strength.  His appearance was like an extraterrestrial, dripping with gold from head to foot.  His very blonde hair was dyed black to offset the costume of metallic gold, and dropped loosely on his forehead to kiss his eyebrow.  The American-Polish, flamboyant piano player, Liberace,  told Elvis of a good clothing designer Nude-e when Elvis miserably flopped in Las Vegas just prior to this concert.  So Nude-e designed this Gold Lame Suit like the royal cloaking for a king, (worn only two times afterwards, since he then only used the jacket with black accessories), fields of Austrian beads like rainbow tiny bubbles danced around the lapels and pockets.  Even flaxen silk, sexy stockings, were exposed for me to see, when he dropped down to his knees, as if he were proposing marriage.  He had a cute, shiny bow tie to match left me in optical amazement.  How could this be the suit of a devil?

He held his white guitar in hand.  I read later that he would put a empty roll of toilet paper around his penis, attach a hidden string which was connected to the guitar handle, so that every time he lifted up the handle, the string would lift his encased penis, giving the illusion he had a hard on for the females.  It even gave me the feeling that I just wanted to hold and kiss him, I began melting in the mass pandemonium.  I felt my tiny, young fingers grasp my rosary beads dangling in my hands, tighter and tighter.  The plastic seat below me, seemed to get hotter and hotter!

The massive floodlights above, cast a glow on him, that made him radiate like the burning inferno of the magnificent sun shining brilliantly on a hot, summer Las Vegas afternoon.

Although, I could barely see him, I felt that he was singing just to me; what a fantasy for a girl of 9 1/2.  I look back, and see that my hormones start rumbling in me, in my vagina, breasts, and tongue, when I saw him gyrating his continuous, throbbing, pelvis thrusts.  I think that day I went from a child to the very first stages of becoming a woman.  The explosive, rhythm of the drums and guitar accompanied his maledom.  Perspiration beads dripped like golden diamonds from his forehead as I began to become part of the audience frenzy.

For Forty-Seven minutes I was held captive to his charms, his southernly gentleman manners, even his devotion to God came through devotedly through his gospel songs.  He sounded like a black man, but moved like no black or any other race before in history.  Although much publicity came out against him, saying he couldn’t sing or dance, the critiques had not yet witnessed anything like this, so they had nothing to compare.  They say the United States has really only come up with 4 original ideas, and Elvis Presley was one of them.  Do you know even as I sit with my computer board on my lap, my heart pounds, my chest expands, my breath quickens, and my vagina twitches!  Whew!

He took the entire audience on a roller coaster ride, from his tender ballad singing, to his totally abandoned expression of this new thing dubbed rock ‘n roll.  A girl on the deck below had fainted and the paramedics were rushing in to take her away.  The Andy Frain ushers and Chicago Police Force valiantly controlled the crowds, and had to hold the girls in check from storming the stage.  They thought the crowd might create a stampede like the herds of cows nearby in the stockyards.  Even after the concert, both sexes would try to rip pieces of his clothes for souveneirs, while he was running to the car.  His father, Vernon, said that Elvis would come home scratched and bloody, with scraps of cloth torn from his body.

I just read that in Iran, the Islamic nation, they changed the laws from 18 down to 9, for girls to marry.   In that country, I could be ready to look for a husband!  I knew for the first time in my life, that I didn’t want to become a nun, if it meant never to have a boyfriend.  I was too young to know about sex, only boys.  All the other girls at school had boyfriends.  Their mothers would invite them over and drive them in cars to movies and activities.  I knew I was too ashamed of my home to do that, nor would I be allowed, but in my heart, I changed.  That day, off came the brown scapular, the braided cord on my waist, and the silver ring on my finger.  I decided I like boys, rather, let me be a little more honest, I love boys.

Something eerie happened to me later though, something I’ve never revealed, but, when I went back to my school early the next morning at St. Mary Magdalene’s, (yes, the same prostitute as the famous character in the DaVinci Code) I felt the presence of Satan.  I felt it was punishment for liking boys and giving up my secular devotion God.  While walking the corridors, my vision darkened as if an eclipse of the sun blackened the entire planet, including the inside of the hall.  I was blinded and couldn’t see anything.  Then, Satan’s voice was laughing at me out loud, HA! HA! HA!, in a sub-human, low voice, as if coming from the pits of Hates, as if he won.  Yes, you’re right.  I felt that he won my soul away from God, and I didn’t know how to deal with this as a little girl.  You know, I’m crying, because it was that scary and real.  It was not science fiction, not writer’s imagination, but my ‘reality’.  Gradually, the light reappeared, and I walked over to one of my favorite male schoolmates, Robert Czalewski, a Polish fellow, and said, “Hello, I just went to see the Elvis concert and boy was he sensational”.

After the concert, sister Rose and I returned home, to a man quite different than the one I saw in stage.  The man I came home to, my daddy, was bleeding, black-eyed, bruised, broken, clothes tattered and torn, from the wounds my ‘Big Mama’ had inflicted on him, a reaction from the overwhelming poverty she and their 12 offspring were living in.  Daddy looked more like the cow being slaughtered, than Elvis the handsome, well-dressed king.  Thank God, for writing, because before I started to write recently, and understood my parents, I hated them, and was totally ashamed and embarrassed of them.  I no longer feel that way; my parents had it so unbearably hard having 12 children in the wealthy middle class America of the 1950’s.  We were living on Daddy’s minimum wage paycheck, and taking care of Mama’s Daddy.  I could never have walked in their ripped up shoes.  I have a love, respect, and admiration so deep for their utter sacrifice and unwelfared, uncharitied, attempt at raising a large white family, that I don’t think even Webster has described that much of love of a child for her parents into a word(s).

I was petrified when saw Rose try to break up the third world war battle, by placing her body between my parents, and taking some of the fists, and punches.  When she threatened to run away from home to live with Elvis, (many girls did at that time) I begged her to take me with her; after all, hadn’t I always accompanied her?  But, because I couldn’t speak, not that I was dumb, but I remained true to my vow of abstinence of words, I could say no more, but kept my lips sealed, as she ran out of the house, alone in the dark, cruel world, for the first time in her 17 years.

This incident changed me forever.  I solemnly vowed I would never argue with a man, beat him, bitch him, or hurt him in any way, if it was all earthly possible no matter how he treated me, after seeing my father in total emasculation.  Even when my marriage to a U.S. Marine, Purple Heart winner included his excessive drinking Scotch, smoking Camel cigarettes like a chimney, drugging with Viet Nam hash, pills, cocaine, gambling both our meager paychecks, screwing around in my house with other women, and abusing me physically and mentally in front of our sons, I never argued with him.  And I also would not beat and mentally abuse my sons.  I only had 2.  Living in the fires of hell, not a family, tarnished, as the silver in my holy ring, my dream of ever having a big, white family like my mother and father.

When Rose returned home, after my life-changing, Elvis concert, the next morning, she also was beaten, and walking in a daze, her arms stiffening unable to move.  I overheard the words she relayed to my mother as to her whereabouts after she ran away. She was hitchhiking to Memphis and took a ride with a truck driver.  He had promised to get her a hamburger at one of the huge truck stops, which allowed space for huge rigs.  When he moved the truck to the back of the lot, he and 17 men raped her and then left her alone.  She became so mad and mean, was drug into an insane asylum, where she was put in a straight-jacket and the doctors administered shock treatments to her.  I have to bite my lip, because I can barely go on and write any more my hand trembling so bad, I can’t even grasp my mouse to scroll.  If only you could have witnessed her as such a pathetic sight compared to the happy, holy, heavenly girl I once knew.

I was devastated, that this extreme act of violence on my holy, virgin-sister, was all my fault.  I should have screamed; I should have been with her, this would never have happened.  I’m sobbing hyserically now, tears that look just like the aura borealis rosary beads I held that day praying for Elvis, because witnessing my families suffering still hurts me, and although I’m 59 now, the phrase “time heals all wounds” is false.

Oh, one last bit of history.  After reading 15 biographies about Elvis, I found out he was going to leave show business for good and become a ‘cloistered monk’ several years after the concert, just like I wanted to be the day I was praying for him in the Chicago International Ampitheatre..  A cloister, one that lived in seclusion and took the vow of silence and led a life of celibacy and never had sex again.  He changed his mind also.

These previous words describe the twenty four hours from the evening of March 28, 1957 to the next morning.  A day I’ll never forget.  This was only 24 hours, just wait until you hear about the rest of my life in my upcoming autobiography, “White Poor”.

Polish Ukraine Uprising Jews

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Jews ban on “merrymaking.” It is no wonder I had to practically pull teeth to get White people to “Merrymake”  with singing and dancing.  And the people couldn’t dress in “costumes” or “masquerades.” No wonder had such a hard time wearing costumes in many places singing karaoke or called “crazy” because I did what my costumed karaoke teacher taught me in Chicago.

I came across this regarding wars in Poland and Ukraine and how Jews were “spared” and could buy their lives with furs and textiles, where their Polish neighbors were slaughtered.
From Wiki:

“Most Jewish Ukrainian communities were devastated by the uprising and ensuing massacres, though occasionally a Jewish population was spared, notably after the sack of the town of Brody (the population of which was 70% Jewish). The Jews of Brody were judged and “deemed as not engaged in maltreatment of the Ruthenians” and were instead required to pay a tribute in “textiles and furs”.[13]

The uprising also led to a decree on July 3, 1661, at the Council of Vilna in which Jewish elders banned merrymaking, including the setting of limitations on wedding celebrations, public drinking, fire dances, masquerades and Jewish comic entertainers.:

I wrote of Jews and their Jewish comics who labeled me and my people “dumb Polaks” or in USA Jews labeled Aryan looking women as “dumb blondes,” while their Jews and Jewess are always “geniuses.”  Note today, Whites don’t have the fun in the USA that even my Polish ancestors have where they play the accordion and dance in their streets with White neighbors at midnight! Today one has to pay  money to do things Whites did for free.

Also in this article it talks of Jews “inflating” numbers of the massacres and other than Jews were massacred. But the guy that led the revolt who has a Jewish sounding name accused the Jews of turning the peasants into Jewish slaves. Sound familiar in Poland, now in USA?

“Khmelnytsky told the people that the Poles had sold them as slaves “into the hands of the accursed Jews.” With this as their battle cry, Cossacks and the peasantry massacred a large number of Jewish and Polish-Lithuanian townsfolk, as well as szlachta during the years 1648-1649. The contemporary 17th-century Eyewitness Chronicle (Yeven Mezulah) by Nathan ben Moses Hannover states:

Wherever they found the szlachta, royal officials or Jews, they [Cossacks] killed them all, sparing neither women nor children. They pillaged the estates of the Jews and nobles, burned churches and killed their priests, leaving nothing whole. It was a rare individual in those days who had not soaked his hands in blood…”

Here’s something on the massacre of even Polish babies. I told you Jews kept us in wars for 900 years just as they now have the USA. We have 700 years to go only Whites won’t be here which might give us peace and quiet the hard way. They used war for “depopulation” of Poland and compare the USA where we want to “populate” it with browns and blacks from around the world instead of “depopulating” it naturally and shrinking it not increasing it.

“The extent of the tragedy can be exemplified by a report of a Polish officer of the time, describing the devastation:

I estimate that the number of (White) infants alone who were found dead along the roads and in the castles reached 10,000. I ordered them to be buried in the fields and one grave alone contained over 270 bodies… All the infants were less than a year old since the older ones were driven off into captivity. The surviving peasants wander about in groups, bewailing their misfortune.[30]”


Jesus Whips the Jews Bankers out of the Temple

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Jesus got a whip to beat the Jews out of the Temple

Jesus Whipped the Jews for they used the temple not for religion but for banking and trading.

Jesus & His Whip on Jew Bankers. I’ve written about this before, but was led to look it up again. I found the New Testament, Bible story, written in plain language by Maria Valtorta. It is really compelling and vivid. It was strange but I had finished in my autobiography about the last time my Viet Vet husband and I met before his suicide. We were both broken down. I was again living in poverty even though in the condo skyscraper, the violence against me was atrocious, and was bed ridden with severe pain for about four months right before 9/11.  I was older and harder for me to find work, for city jobs were going to young blacks and browns as my deceased Viet Vet found out. He also was 60 and unable to find work, kicked out homeless by Veteran’s hospital where he threatened suicide. I tried like hell to make it as a karaoke hostess, only to find out I had to work for low wages carrying all my heavy equipment and costumes myself. Being an older woman, the city was merciless, for my purse was stolen 9 times in 9 years, my karaoke new TV, my brand new Shure mic, Karaoke discs, people even stole my karaoke jobs right right after I was hired. Stole two of my husband’s attempts to write autobiography about being White, Veteran, and kicked out homeless in Chicago. We were both older as Marta Valtorta writes in this essay on Jesus and the wicked evil Jewish banksters and how he whipped them out. She talks of how Jesus “loved” this weeping, poor old couple, which is how I just wrote in my autobiography before I read this.

She writes that the Jews used the Temple of God not as a “religion” but as a Stock Exchange and Black Market. Jews still hide being “religion” when in fact it is the worse Mafia the planet has ever seen. I bet the Jews don’t get away with a 1/10 with their Yellow Commie Chinese God-less people then Jews did with unsuspecting White Christians.

In banking there was the “legal” rate and the “Jewish rate.” What would Jesus have done to Jews if he found out that all the money the White Christian descendents made for 100 years here in USA and 1000 years in Europe went directly into Jewish bankster hands for “their” agenda the takeover of everything the Whites worked for including their women and children?

Jews especially gouged the poor and the old. Take a look at Jews and the nursing homes, the gouging of White vendors while paying their fellow Jews three times the price for White Medicare to pay for. Whites don’t suspect a thing. Or lawyers that manipulate the old White money and distribute it to the young blacks and browns who did nothing but have black or brown skin to deserve it. Jews taught White youth to “hate their parents,” but Jews don’t. Yellow Chinese Commies love their elders and parents. So what happened?  It is what drove my mother over the brink seeing such disrespect.

Jewess Democrat Shelley Berkeley running for Senator of Nevada wanted a 55% death tax absconding the older White money and leaving nothing for younger White generation! Jews made sure all the laws protect their investments so they can leave big treasuries to the next Jewish generations as they did in Poland for 900 years! She cheated the taxpayers giving her doctor husband special privileges because of her job as House of Rep of my district!

In this essay Jews all worked together against the poor unsuspecting “foreigners” perhaps even White Gentiles from Greece? The Jews would give the 1/2 blind a wretched lamb no one would buy for they couldn’t see the condition. Jews wouldn’t take it back but replied with nasty words and rude mannerisms as the Mexicans did to me when I took back the tires I just bought for twice they want flat and I could have spent $20 for new ones guaranteed for 50,000 miles! Hell to be poverty stricken, perhaps someday Jews will know and they won’t have even each other for comfort.

The story calls for “Strict Justice” and that is what I want to see in my life and with the Jews takeover of the USA.

There’s a great painting on here.


Whore of Babylon: The Jewess

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Russian Painting of Bible passage on the Whore of Babylon

Jewess Whore of Babylon, for she ruled over Babylonian people and brought down the Babylonian empire.

Babylonian Whore! I came across this in Bible and it struck me for the verse was all in “CAPITALS” screaming out at reader. So I decided to look it up. The Bible is open to debate and interpretation. Only the religious Jewish faked Holocaust can’t be talked about or debated, which should make one wonder.


When I saw the word “Abominations” that seems as it refers to “Obama-nations” as he is called for his dastardly deeds such as 1,000 Executive ORDERS AND DICTATES when even Hitler didn’t have any and our White Presidents only 3 perhaps. Jews are pumping their fists pretty hard against Whites these days and use a black face to make sure their Jewish medicine goes down easy for us in our last White days.

Here’s the chapter from Revelations 17: And how I see some of it.

The Book of Revelation

Chapter 17


And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
(Who is the great whore that sitteth on many waters. To me it would be Jewess for she is international, but it could be a black woman like Michelle Obama for she has been the “tool of the Jews” in slavery for many years, getting other races to mate with her for she wants to “breed up” and use children for blackmail.)

With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
We know that it is the Jewess who committed fornication and had sex with royalty from days of Poland, until Monica Lewinsky. The Jewess, like her black counterpart, is crafty and can use White Christians easily for they abused our meekness as weakness. Jesus wasn’t weak; he was outnumbered and non-violent. I know from Poland the Jews mated with royalty and high breeding as Jews did with President Kennedy’s Democrat daughter, and President Clinton’s Democrat White daughter. The White inhabitants, but really all races, are in a sort of drunken stupor, by the hands of the Jewess for all the Jew’s crime was done for himself, his sexual urges, his hate against Whites and his Jewess and her children no matter who the father is, he buys it. If one gets drunk it is a sad memory the next day, but the drunkenness on Jewish lies and ideas 24/7 we cannot wake up from for it is everywhere.

So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
Who is the colored beast? The blacks? I know the Jews think the Whites are beasts and cattle, even our women. I know the Jews blaspheme our God and Jesus, his mother, constantly and I’ve written so.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
The woman is in purple and scarlet colors, decked with gold and precious stones and a gold cup in her hand with “Abominations” as Obama is called and the filthiness of her fornication. Did Michelle have to sleep with a lot of Jews or her husband? Let’s come clean or lie detector tests.

On her forehead is written Babylon the Great, mother of harlots and Abominations of the Earth. We know that Babylon was destroyed by the Jewess and Jews. So the Whore might be extended to Jewess Whores and Whoremasters as Mama called them as a White Polish slaves for Jews. In Babylonia, the Jews were not prisoners but hefty paid “advisers,” to the top people even Royalty. The Jews even though they lived on Babylonian soil, benefited from an empire and luxury, still stabbed the Babylonians in the back. How? Jews arranged for a party and banquet and made sure there was plenty of booze, (perhaps drugged up booze) and too much food. The Jews got the higher ups at the capital drunk and tired. Then the Jews sent the word to their enemy the Persians that their army could just walk in and take over Babylonia. Similar to  how Jews just took a boat and took over USA and Jews invited brown illegal criminals to just takeover USA. We are all drunk not on booze but on Jewish mental techniques, brainwashing. When  showed you the Arrival of Jews in Poland 1096, you can see the Jewess Whore bending over with her baby on the floor. That shows she will have sex with the kind. Jewess’ don’t even have sex with their own husband for they hate their guts. They only want their $$$. Even I didn’t hate the Jews that much for I have had sex with them even beside the rape, although I ask before I meet with a man if he is Jewish or not and even deprive myself of White males because of this fear. Jews have mental ways beyond mine and I don’t want to be their victim. Note in World War II Stalin had “3” Jewess whores that were getting info to him, perhaps drugging him up, pumping him up to hate Hitler and even Europe for Jew Commies wanted to devour “all” of Europe, not just the 100,000,000 they murdered and killed, especially White Christians of Eastern Europe. They wanted God and Jesus destroyed in Western Europe and they succeeded. Poland is the only Christian country left and even USA is no longer a Christian country but a Jewish religion which we worship 24/7.

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
This “woman” was drunk with the blood of White saints and martyrs and Jesus. Jews killed Jesus and were responsible for the death of the apostles. Jews are “drunk” on the blood of White men descendants of White saints and martyrs, but what do you know of our White Christian saints and martyrs? Do you know of Jew prophets in the Bible, and Jew “idols” of today. What about the holy white people, our heritage, who gave their blood for Jesus, Christianity, Beatitudes of Love, or the saintly Whites who led virtuous and loving lives that molded Whites to be higher morally than devilish Jews or God-less yellow Commie Chinese. Even black preachers spew hate against Whites as Obama’s preacher. He doesn’t mean Jews for Michelle’s uncle is head black Rabbi in USA!

And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
What is the mystery of the Jewess or even the blacks that we “idolize.” I have explained what I see that the Jewess and black woman have done but perhaps there is more.

The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
The beast is something confusing for it “was” and “is not” and yet is. The beast is “deceiving” for it is not real yet “is.” We “believe” the Jews and their ilk.
{perdition definition} “eternal punishment and damnation that a sinful person passes after death.” Well I have to debate this for Jews can commit assassinations, wars, drive the Whites to addictions, insanity, steal from us our very treasury, rape our women and they get rewarded higher and higher. So we as White Christians can’t believe that there is only a God that punishes “Whites” and not “Jews.” Jews used this as a tool to put our minds in vices. As the law of Poland around 1500 states that if any White Christian Pole does their money business with anyone except a Jew, the Pole will be damned to the fires of hell for eternity. Yet is was just a sales trick of the deadly Jews and Poles were conditioned for 500 years to believe thousands of lies Jews put into our brains. Is it only Whites that commit sin? Certainly or so it seems for the laws on our USA books are to the “advantage” to Jews and non-whites and use “sin” as “guilt methods” to attack Whites. Jews and other races don’t worry about sin or even punishment for they know Whites will put them in a nice prison and they will live for “free” as we slave at work.

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
(ahhh! the “mind which hath wisdom” or is “smart.” Which White mind have challenged the Jews and left to live long. The 7 mountains are the 7 continents which Jews rule over today, with the Jewess Princess on a Pedestal for us to worship 24/7 with our White $$, time, labor, even prayers.)

And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

(The Kings are fallen for Jews killed off many of our White kings. I know the (1) Polish, (2) French, (3) Russian, (4) German (Hitler) (5) President Kennedy, and other high ranking Whites who only appear for a “short” time, while Jews rule eternally.

And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
The Jewish beast was, yet isn’t, for he is not what he appears to be. The Jews have made the Whites the beast of labor providing all the hard work for Jewish food, homes, furniture, etc. It has shifted to other races and Whites imitate the Jew’s way of life of “enslavement,” and “easy money” tricks.

And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

(The ten horns are ten kings) All of pure blooded royalty has been assassinated except for England. They live in a dream that they are the head of the World and the Jew Rothschild Banking English family rules with them. It is a dream. Jews have an empire and dynasty and we just don’t see it and go around 24/7 bashing everyone, even the ones we should love the most our White God, our selves, our White neighbors, children, parents, bosses, friends. Hopefully not hating the Whites who suffered just to say the word “White.”) There is only “1” hour allotted with the beast. Jews wouldn’t give the Whites a second let alone an hour, yet Whites give Jews 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Congress gives them hours, days, $$$, laws, but sadly now the Jews and black Obama is “above Congress,” for they are nothing with their voting. As I said in the Chicago Reader News, “I am no one; I am nothing” or like the song, “Bring me to Live” which I’ve posted many times recently.

These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

(This is scary for it is as I have written so clearly. The Jews have “one mind” and work as “one organism.” It is same for brown Hispanics who stick together, or blacks that race to the voting booth to vote for Obama for he is a “black brother” and no other reason. Do Whites vote for Romney because he is a “black brother?” He is your brother you know. The Jewish “one mind” has given false strength to the White beast by all this credit and building, TV, etc. But it will all be taken from us in a moment and we may starve to death 50,000 a year as my White ancestors did in Galicia Poland while Jews walked around in golden glittery robes. You that have Jewish friends, ask them what they think about the Death of the White Male, genocide of White Species and White Christianity. Are they open to discussion or will they hurl more Jewish jingles at you. Those Whites that take sides against me, one of the only White women to at least write, no matter how humble, I take “your” side, as a White person. You don’t have anyone else. You have enemies against us that might even appear as your best friend. If they are not for your White Rights, they are against you.

These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

Jews have made war with the “Lamb” which I see as Jesus and our God and our species which has served both for 2,000 years. Our White blood is all over Europe and no other race has suffered like this. No other race drugged up like us, not even blacks of Africa who have a better chance of surviving that we do.

The White “Lamb” shall overcome them. I do not believe Jesus is coming back in a form of a body. I think we lose time, money, labor, our species our country if we sit around and do nothing. It is what the Whites of Russia did and Eastern Europe when 100,0000,000 were killed by Jewish Commies. It is an insult for a White Christian to go on one’s knees while the Jewish Commie puts a bullet to our brain, mind, and buries us alive after it sucks every last penny from us. Jesus worked on earth, he exposed the Jews, he beat them with a whip. Yet we side with Jesus’ murderers, the Jews.

And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

(I think the Whore (Jew or Black, even yellow that has joined them in a Monopoly) is the Jewess who controls “all the peoples and nations no matter how many different languages.” Look how the entire earth bought 9/11: 2 planes crashing into 3 mega skyscrapers that totally disintegrated into nothing the blast was so powerful. It’s even worse for the 9/11 Truthers have a part in their movie to “feel sorry” for Jews as “Holocaust” victims averting our White and or Christian attention away from the ones that I think did it. If they didn’t do it, let them use their Jewish Worldwide Mafia to find those that did.

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
Now this gets rather aggressive for it says the Jewess will be desolate and naked and her flesh shall be eaten and burned with fire. I don’t believe in violence, but I don’t thin the Jewess or her black whore Michelle should rein over Whites. Aren’t the Whites the ones who served God for 2,000 years, or their descendants? Jews made up being “Holocausted” which means to burn with fire, for no Jews were burned alive in ovens as Jews claimed.  Only dead Jews created after dying from deadly Typhus for one cannot bury they for the bugs live on and can spread contagion. Jew led Commies did kill my ancestors at Katyn Poland Massacre, one bullet to brain, 20,000 White male finest of our country which is second smartest of Europe. I don’t understand why I don’t hear from even my own White Polish who seem to be embarrassed by me and wish I would shutup. If I lie, then I should shut up. Tell the Jews to shut up about the Holocaust. Is it easy to shut up and ridicule me for I am weak, but not to the the Jews to shut up for we live in fear and idol worship of them. Who do we worship as God?

For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

(I have to believe that the God I pray to and worship wants me healed, wants me to live and not die, either individually or as a White Race. What is God’s will? Jewish genocide of us or White Life? What is His reward for 2,000 years of service? Death in 100 years? I don’t think so. The work is ours to do, the strength and mind is His. He doesn’t do it for us, but he certainly will help us see the truth, whatever that is if we only look for it. The Bible says “Knock and it shall be opened.” Whites are not knocking but “watching” as if our reality were a Jewish Hollywood movie and we can’t even get out of our seats to leave the theater if we don’t like it. And Jews make us “pay” for their trash. And now Yellow Commies own most of movie theaters.

Here’s from passage above on “knocking” and “asking” God’s help. Or ask yourself if you don’t believe in God.
{New International Version (©1984)
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

New Living Translation (©2007)
“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.}

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

“And the woman is not the Jewish Whore, but a generic “good White woman” whose womb and breasts not beasts are sacred. That great city is worldwide White unity of our “highest” existence which like the Renaissance is striving at all levels of heights. The “Kings of the earth” are the Jews and their Jewesses who reign over us now. But we are free born and once a question is asked of the universe, an answer or solution should come.

(Here’s from Wiki on the Whore of Babylon and the painting is from White Christian Russia before Jews assassinated Royalty, destroyed God, Jesus, Bible, Christianity and robbed their treasury even recently where one Jew in Russia tried to make up with tons of $$$ on Russian natural resources. I think The brave Russians caught him and his Jew ass in jail. Perhaps Jews need to be sterilized rather than having Polish Jewish Israel the #2 country on abortion. )

“The Whore is associated with the Antichrist and the Beast of Revelation by connection with an equally evil kingdom. (The word “Whore” can also be translated as “Idolatress”.) Note just lately I have been using word “Idol” as Jews made my VHS tape into “American Idol.” Jews have made “idols” for us Whites to worship and it is wrong. Even Elvis wanted to be loved but not idolized.) Note that the Whore is the “ANTICHRIST.” I have written my fingers and veins off my hands trying to write that Jews used reverse psychology calling us “Anti-Semites” when in fact, they are the “anti-Christ” and anti-Christian descendants: the White Species. The “equally evil kingdom” is this Jewish “equality” farce to bring down Whites to level below blacks and browns and make sure Whites never catch up with smarter and richer Jews and their new slaves, The Yellow Communist Chinese.

Here’s Russian painting:

Note in painting she (Jewess) carries her “gold” to hypnotize the White kings and nobles who grovel on their knees at the beasts feet and horses hoofs for they make themselves “lower than animals.” What an insult to God! What blasphemy against our Creator!  The Jewess Whore of Babylon for after all the Jewess were at the top of Babylon not even the Babylonians themselves. In the background is Russia and the kingdom of White Christians. The Jewess with her Golden chalice will steal the treasures as well as slaughter the people just 100 years after this painting was done. The 7 heads on the dragon are the Jews who stick their tongue out at Whites and laugh as we get on our knees and bow to them. We don’t even recognize nor call to mind the White Christians that went before us for 2,000 years, no matter what religions since we have been smashed into 41,000 different denominations, while Jews stay as “one” and Muslims “one brotherhood” and “one yellow Chinese” and “one” black and “one brown,” even “one Red.”

I don’t speak for any Christians, nor Whites. This is how it came to me to talk on this subject. It’s no use dicing it up for we have no time. If anything good, take it with you. If it is not good, dismiss it.


Reception of Jews in Poland 1096, after Germans and French massacred them.

The Whore of Babylon, Jewess, brings her destruction and fornication against Polish King and White Poland.


As I wrote on two prior posts with pix the Jews destroyed Babylonian empire through their psychological tactics by getting the Babylonians drunk, over fed at parties, then having enemy Persia just walk in and take over as every other race and religion on earth at behest of Jews is taking over USA. (see two prior posts.)

Babylonia was “Iraq!” and look how Jews got us to fight their war there just as they did thousands of years ago! Unless we need the Illegal Drugs to keep the USA empire running, look at how those same drugs are killing off and degenerating our White youth! From legal to illegal drugs, our # 1 and #2 products. It used to be the automobile White Henry Ford invented and made assembly line. But yellows have reign over that.

One of the 7 Wonders of the World in Iraq Hanging Gardens of Babylonia

Hanging Gardens of Babylonia in Iraq: one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Only Egypt’s pyramids are left.

Here is pix of famous Hanging gardens of Babylonia for it was once a Wonder of the World, like USA, but Jews brought it down to their enemies the Persians as Jews might give USA to Yellow China. Chinese are in poverty and will do anything to feed their people.

Saddamm Hussein who we made sure was Hung until the whole world heard his neck crack, wanted so much good for Iraq and wanted to make it once again into a place of wonder and beauty, not the ashes, bullets, bombs, that the USA and Israel decorated it with. How filthy! How terrible! Are we driven by Satan thru the Jews or are the Whites equally to blame?

Look at the beauty in the desert, a Wonder of the World, Hanging Gardens of Babylonia. It has been “destroyed” by constant wars as Jews got Whites to war constantly. Jews even wanted to destroy Egypt’s Wonder of the World, the only one left, after the Jews bombed the hell out of the Whites on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967!

Where did the “creative” power and vision of the Christian White? Is there anything left in us worth saving?

Black Michelle Obama’s Picture Virus all over my computer

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Black Michelle Obama’s pix all over my computer. I have a virus on my computer and it is called the Michelle Madness with her puss all over my internet pages. I don’t want it there, for my eye tends to look at her face (Jews trained us like Pavlov’s dog that if we want to eat we will first salivate and then do whatever the Jews want us to.)

Why not make it equal. Since Jews shoved “equality” or “genocide” down our throats. Get a picture of me as a little girl or teen when I attempted suicide. Put up my poor White picture as slaves for Jews all over her house as well as Obama’s, the kids, the black grandmother, the Jews throughout  the world. And let them see “nothing” but my poor picture. Put one of me with Jewish lice filling my head and I’m crying for it itches like crazy and we don’t have $.25 for a bar of Fels Naphtha soap to get rid of them.

What if there becomes a disaster in USA and Michelle and her children are so poor their heads are filled with itchy lice and no money and every door they beg for help slams right in their black face. And put the address 7916 South Euclid along with it so she knows it is her “neighbor.” She never loved her White “neighbor” as the Bible says, she loved her black self, her black Gangs of Chicago, the Jews. How many Jews did she have to screw?

Put up my picture around the white house, on the door of the bathroom, on the government limos so she can’t help but see what I suffered as her neighbor.

Put a  pix of me of dying with double pneumonia and my White body turned blue as my family told me, being carried away by Jewish doctor who admits there is no cure, but someone God cured me. Show here that “blue White dead body” so that she can see my pix all day as I’m reminded of how “good” she had it on 7436 South Euclid Chicago.

Put a pix of me weeping and a picture of my White Daddy with his bleeding face, bruised head, black eyes, after Mama beat him for he was a “slave” for Jews and had to beat him as Black African mothers beat their sons and husbands to work. Put it all over where the Jews and Jewesses could see for they also did that to Jesus Christ.

Put a pix of me with floppy soled shoes  as I try to get to school through the icy and snowy and freezing Chicago winters but I have no shoes and turn back.

If I have to look at her face all day long, put a picture of me as the Queen of Karaoke, and that her daughters idolize me a White woman more than their own mother or father or any of the black singers, sports stars, preachers.

Put a pix of me really skinny and forlorn. Put the picture up with me and the “sad” face while everyone else is laughing around me.

Paste them everywhere, inside the limo’s, put them on tee shirts. See if the Mexicans that work in the White House harass her so much that as she goes to sit down in her chair a Mexican runs and sits down in it before her. If this country wants to drive me nuts, drive her nuts. It is called “equality” and she hasn’t done anything to repay the Whites, nor in her whole life could she make up the money the Whites invested in blacks for 400 years.

Put a picture of my mother’s fist as she beat us in order to get us to behave and let her know what it was like to be starving “Slaves of Jews.” Make sure the entire world turns against her and then she can say she was never proud of the USA and only making her husband president was good enough to satiate that hate crime against our country. Do this to the Jewess also? There are 700,000,000 of us and not that many of them. Trying making movies and TV shows for the next 100 years for the world to see and use the blacks, even their royal blacks, as figures of ridicule, scorn, criminals even monsters. If the world hates us Whites, let’s show them what the Jews invented about us, and show the truth about blacks and Jews.

This list could go on forever, but I want to write my bio, and finish it up at least in draft.