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Dr. David Duke Wishes you a White Christmas! David Duke Wishes you a White Christmas

Pills using us as White Rats

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Pills for Whites: we’ve been duped, dumbed down and now drugged up. Here’s one of thousands of reports on how the Jews and their imps use as as nothing more than White Rats with pills that not only don’t work, but kill.


Jews – 9/11 – President Bush duped by Jews and Blacks

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9/11-Blacks President Bush. Here is photo showing where President Bush was “sent” for the Jewish Hollywood entertainment of bringing down 3 White paid for and built World Trade Center’s 9/11 tragedy. Mostly Whites killed. It is called Jewish and Muslim and Black entertainment. Who is in White house? Black Muslim. Who runs country, Jews? Where are Whites fighting, for Muslims for 10 years with 5,000 mostly White dead bodies and 300,000 White brain injuries to keep White IQ almost at mentally retarded level.

In this pix President Bush is at an “all black school.” This was intentionally done. Jews knew it all the time. He was positioned there so the Communists around the world could “enjoy” the fact that our White President was in their control and show how blacks and Communists are getting more education and White $$$ than our White kids rotting away.

Just as I wrote that the Polish Jew Communists brought blacks into Poland for education thru PHD’s while the Blacks watched thru window the White host country starving in bread lines, while he ate gourmet food, drank the finest champagnes and had sex with finest Swedish White women supposedly our best!

It dawned on me when I watched the video on my next post, something I never saw before, even though 9/11 was only thing I’ve followed on TV. It was an “all black” Florida school with black teacher, where President Bush was sent. Even today, White Romney was “sent” to White House. Whites are totally unaware of what is happening to us. It is scary. Not Jew Hollywood scary, but real life scary for it is just another genocide attack. I wouldn’t even go to the White House if I were Romney. With all their Jew hidden microphones, cameras, etc. he is being set up. And I certainly wouldn’t help black Obama. 400 years of White help and Jews and non-Whites stabbing us in the back is enough! (also watch video following showing what has dawned on me the last month or so. Jews were in cahoots with rich “oil” Muslims and using White Christian money for the other two major religions for Muslim $$$$ sucked from Whites for 10 years wars, trillions of dollars. Jews are on both sides, or really not on our side but Hate to the nth degree that Christians can’t even conceive.

Jews & Blacks did 9/11. I would worry about White Romney in White (Black) House. Here’s video from England showing Jews names written all over 9/11. You people don’t recognize Jew’s names, you recognize only “Lady Gaga” and “Justin Beiber.” Even my 6 year old granddaughter can find them on computers. Jews, Commies, Blacks are working together, even Muslims to destroy our race, our civilization, God, especially Jesus, who whipped the Jews the only person in history and he did it single-handedly.

This is White British video that sparked my mind for in an instant, I saw President Bush specifically placed at an all black school sitting in a tiny chair looking rather bizarre as a White man on the most tragic day in our history. Remember Jews “create “news and this was a Jewish set up Hollywood production for them and who they are cahoots with to genocide us to laugh at. I don’t believe President Bush knew anything about it. Whites are 100% kept in the dark and worse dumbed down and using our “emotions” that our own Whites will curse and scream at those who point these things out.

I have been writing of low and declining into imbeciles (lowest IQ possible?)- White IQ today, and suddenly I find these videos more evidence etc. (See other post today!) It is “intentional” that all our White $$$ has gone for our own White children to rot or for Whites to struggle with 3 jobs as my brother and his wife did to put 3 kids in college. It is the Jews. It is how they got to be smartest. We have been enslaved for so long it is hard to find the beginning, but I’ve tried. Any race that has no mental ability to survive but kills themselves at will of other races, even blacks, is at imbecile level, for we can’t survive, let alone thrive or even surpass other races. Also these other races keep us down by not teaching us properly, withholding information as Jews do, and promoting their own with grants, promotions at work, etc. It is all “hate” crimes against the 700,000,000 Whites alive today. Having more White children multiplies our problems not helps them.

Watch this British TV carefully and you will see why White British IQ has descended into 92 while the black IQ in Britain has gone up to 90. “Equality.” It was the damned Jews who forced this upon them, when Hitler was trying to make us smarter in many ways. Note carefully in youtube how many “blacks” are in this video. Why are Whites even showing pictures of them? Pictures are like branding irons on our money, emotions, and finally our pocketbooks and White taxes!

It’s that “tragedy” linked to “poor blacks” that stabbed White Romney in the back and made a hero if not Messiah out of Black Obama. It was no coincidence the Jew who Obama chose first had last name of “Emanuel” (Raum) which Emanuel means Messiah! What happened to Jesus, or God, or Christianity or White? We are already dead and they are eating away at our White corpses and that of our pregnant White women, eggs and sperm and babies for their perverted pleasure and enjoyment!

Watch how the camera focuses on black males and females, even the entire school of black children and black teacher! One would think only “blacks” died in 9/11.

“No” Jews died in 9/11. In fact, an entire floor of Jews (or Israeli Jews) were emptied out and it is said that is where all the explosives were hidden to wire up and bomb the 3 World Trade Centers)

Also what were the “races” in our “multi-racial” society that died in 9/11? In fact, with the trillions of info on google not one thread on “whites killed in 9/11.” How do we find out? Call the Jew who runs New York for 3 terms even changing the law to make sure that Jews keep the cover on 9/11, Mayor Bloomberg? Always know when you are dealing with Jews. It is why it’s good to listen to David Duke etc. to learn Jewish names. Even Hitler had Jews wear yellow Stars of David for whites to learn to identify them in business, rapes, gouging, stealing, murders etc.

Note behind President Bush, who is used as a White flunky positioned there by Jews (yellows, Muslims, blacks, even browns who are all laughing at Whites all the way to the bank, and having plenty of White sex for free also!) behind Bush is a sign “Reading makes a country great!”  What could be more true? Perhaps “true” reading makes a country great and a White species. We have been denied both reading and TV, movie material. It has been all White bashing or like the famous writing website that gives grants and $$$ only goes to those who write “fiction” or “Lies.” Very few go to truth writers, unless one is black of course, or Jews who invaded and conquered our White university for White people to get smarter, Harvard, Yale, Cornell (mostly Jewish. I bet that is where they plan their crimes against us for they are all huddled together.)
Note in vid, most of the hijackers that were blamed are alive not dead. False passports. Jews of Israel are famous for false passports as they blamed Scottish and English posing as them.
The names mentioned here like Wolfowitz, Perle, who formed the “Clean Break” papers called for a “Pearl Harbor”-like attack on US to get Whites involved in war. It takes violence to make more violence. Also the name Sustein, Jewish… all calling to kill Saddam Hussein for Jews to rule Middle East. We killed a man Hussein who never had nuclear weapons, and that is the only reason he was found guilty. We killed an innocent man. We had a story of Obama the black killing Osama bin laden, when it was a Hollywood creation hoax. He wasn’t killed, he wasn’t dropped in the middle of the ocean. They stole that concept from my emails when my brother, who’s dead now, (I wonder if that was fishy) said the kids were so stupid, mostly black, but White veteran’s sons also who lived there, should be put on barge and dropped in middle of ocean. They were unteachable. Whites are going down to that level called “equality” while Jews and yellows get extremely smarter and richer.

Note also in vid President Bush arm around a White man who looks Irish or British as if saying “Here’s a British or White hero, who “saved the blacks” since so many non-Whites were in footage and had no right dominating the film for White British to view on TV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgABDdU7yD8&feature=em-subs_digest-vrecs

Jews Sink 4 Ships and US White Navy Ships are in Israel ports today!

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Jews bomb Ships! What the hell are White people and white Taxes doing over in Israel with our White Men and White ships in their waters, the most in history.

Jews already sank 4 ships. I’ve put that on posts and blog. I show the Jew involvement in sinking the Titanic, and Lusitania. Then I clearly showed just recently, even picture of Jews sinking the “Patria,” killing 276 of their own people for the ship was overloaded with “illegal”Jewish immigrants that wanted to invade the shores of Israel for citizenship, like the brown Mexicans did to us. What crimes against God, humanity and the race. Even crimes against Jesus to allow Jesus’ assassins to invade his homeland and artifacts.  Then of course the Jews directly and nearly sank the USS Liberty. Killed 34 White men so badly the Christian chaplain had to pick up their heads, arms, eyes, fingers, toes, torsos, peters, ears and just put them in a bag and put a name on splattered body parts of unknown identity. Jews who are war mongers know the first thing an enemy bombs it he radio man or radio part of ship. And that is exactly what they did. They also wounded 176 and “all” were told to shut up about it by Admiral Mc Cain, John Mc Cain’s father. Now with Jews sinking 4 ships, and I haven’t even investigated the rest, nor can I waste time since our White Sands of time are running out or so damaged it might be impossible to repair. The black Obama and Michelle want to heal ‘everyone’ first, then tackle the White problems. In other words all 92% of the world’s population are considered “minorities” which is again perfect stupidity for 92% of anything is a majority, hence their rights come before White Rights.

Are Whites stupid? I mean dumbed down is one thing, but stupidity is another. Jesus forgave the White Romans (never forgave the Jews on the cross, only the soldiers) because “they didn’t know what they did,” by crucifying the Son of God and Son of Man. But now we “know,” and we still suck up to rich Jews, who became rich by subterfuge, assassinations, bank heists, rapes, genocides of complete civilizations as they did to Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe and now are doing here slowly since they came 100 years ago.

Whites hate Smartness. Jews did it to us. Even in Poland, Jews replaced themselves in Polish universities, and even though Whites built Harvard, brick by brick, dollar by dollar, hour by hour for 200 years, Jews invaded it and occupy it at 50%. Whites are 20% and less than half White males at 9% if that. Plus Whites have to pay big time not just their “own White tuition” but for yellow and Jew grants who are both smarter, Muslim and Hindu grants who are “minorities” and not damaged as Whites and for blacks and browns who get free education like the “Obama’s” who now rule the world and we their White slaves.

Here’s article showing how Jews got to be smartest, and yellows second. And how Whites have turned into more or less “idiot level.” We had a smarter man in Romney, even because he wasn’t damaged with smoking, drinking, drugging, caffeine, like Black Obama, but his business academics show a brilliant mind.

I know “3” White me of Straight A’s as well as my own Straight A ability that can’t get work and have been mentally assaulted for our IQ. Jews did it intentionally. We can reverse that, but certainly going to war for dumb Polak Jews of Israel certainly shows that we haven’t even a cell of intelligence left in our White minds.

Note this man describes how Jewish women “bred” with the highest in 1000. That was Germany and France first (White) and when those White men realized how Jews were replacing them and wanting to save their species to survive, massacred them. Some Jews escaped into Poland and Poland never caught on. The Jews as I wrote long, long ago, then bred with Poland’s royalty and finest, (smartest) to keep having smarter babies. Even the White babies we have could be 100 times as bright but we have to first give our time, money, lives in war, for rich Jews and perhaps now yellow Commie Chinese as we did in Viet Nam, and we give our white bodybags for Muslims also in the Middle East, while our White children and eggs and sperm rot here.

One would think even in dating or marriage, that a White man would want a Straight A student like me. Where are the guys pursuing me? Intellect can be improved and Whites haven’t even started for we have to make sure all the other races are “accommodated” for there is a vile strain of Christianity plaguing us. 50% of Christians worship the Jews in Israel and send their children as “sacrifice” to the Jewish gods to appease them so we can live. It’s hogwash, myth, stupidity. That is like we are living in the per-historic times where we were scared of our own shadow and couldn’t reason for the “boogie-man” or “dinosaur” would attack us. There’s only 1 dinosaur today: The collection Jewish monster. Whites outnumber them yet they control us. It is a pity.

Jews highest IQ, Yellow Commies (2), (both today are loaded with $$$ while Whites and our countries sinking like these 4 ships above into unrecoverable debt. Soon they both will be robbing our corpses as Jews did to my Polish people in Galicia Poland/Austria. Whites are (3) but at 92 in England only 2 points higher than blacks for we used our $$ and time to educate them, and Jews and China drugged our White boys and girls up. (4) are blacks, (5) are Browns who will rule the USA by sheer “majority,” for Jews knew that and made sure they paid for the Mexican invasion over our open borders. Whites have no choice but to unite and unite big time. At least take a baby step as I am doing, which still may not save an entire species.


Romney at the White (Black) House for Advice: Tell Obama to shove it

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White Romney at the White House. I’d tell Obomb-us to shove it before I gave him any advice for straightening out the economy as he expects to get from Romney. I’d let it collapse first. I told you already Obama is stupid. He knows nothing, did nothing, his only expertise is deadly Communism which killed 100,000,000 Whites including my Polish finest men at Katyn Massacre and blamed the innocent, good Nazis of Germany and poor Hitler who only tried to save the White Race from this Jewish genocide of us or Jews making us so miserable we’d rather commit suicide than live another day under their wicked regime. (But stay alive, for we have the Jews cornered and they know it and are shi t -scared. Where can they run and hide when the entire world knows of how they persecuted us for 1,000 years. Even yellow Chinese Commies aren’t that dumb to want that to happen to themselves or people.)

If the USA wanted Romney a good, successful businessman to lead their country they should have voted for him. Instead the USA voted for a Black gangster racist who’s only action on his resume is uniting the black gangs of Chicago into one organization. (it will be a Chicago bloodbath if they ever turn their guns on Whites like they do each other; and as soon as one cuts their jobs (80% of all Chicago Post Office Jobs are Black with great $$ and benefits, despite the fact the United States of America post office a beacon of White ingenuity and success is also on the chopping block. Can’t Whites even save what we made, built, paid for?)

The USA thinks it “cute and fashionable” like the new Jewish Israeli cell phone they buy, to elect a black president who has done nothing and now positions us into War with Iran no sooner he is elected?

Pomegranates & Outlawing Caesarian Section Babies

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Pomegranates. How can I work with nice thoughts like Life, Nature, my Pomegranate crop from my bush, when I live in a genocided White society by Jews and we can do nothing about it, anymore than Isaac in picture below, whose own father tied his hands. How many White fathers are sending their boys to wars for rich Jews and their “Jew and Black rights’ when White Rights have been killed, totally killed.

Anyway, I got about 30 pomegranates, double the size of previous harvests. Since I only have a tiny lot perhaps 20 x 20 and grew apricots, delicious lemons, almonds, tomatoes, figs, pomegranates and herb bed, I’m very grateful to get those 30 red ornament like pomegranates. Not only that, I spend very little time in garden and the veggies and fruit are pretty neglected but they continue to yield up nicely.

Here’s Daddy Cat sniffing the burst open pomegranates. It’s another lesson on letting our White babies come to full term and naturally without drugs if possible. For Jewish doctors to slice open a White woman and take the baby early so they can go back to Israel for their holidays or Muslim doctors for their holiday is a crime. Doctors are taking White babies as young as 6 months in the womb instead of letting them burst open. Oh, Michelle Obama didn’t have her babies without drugs? Why not? Will she start promoting that like the hypocrite that she is?

Bible Jews Kill our White Boys for their Wars

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Bible: Jews Kill White Boys! Jew Warmongers! The USA Navy has the most personnel and ships near Israel the highest ever! Also, 1,000 of our (White) soldiers on their soil!

Here’s a famous White most famous artist Rembrandt Bible painting of Abraham killing Isaac, his own son from Jewess Sarah. Sadly, Abraham tried to kill his other son, Ishmael.  But take heed it is our White boys who gave up their lives, became slithering amputees in mud after Jews crucified the White Germans before, during and after World War II.  White women not only “allowed” this but forced the knife on their own sons by voting for Black Barach Obama and his Jewish crew.

You can see in picture that God’s angel stops Abraham and the knife falling from his hand, for a devil thought came into Abraham’s mind to kill his own son. This devil thought came into our White minds for all these wars and it is the Jewish Bankers! Jews who control 80% of world art, (white art) Jews who control 95% of Hollywood, 50% of Harvard Professors, (It is why Hitler replaced all the professors when he took over. You can’t teach the kids “poison” as I was learning here at College of Southern Nevada. I would have gone for a degree, but the school would not have made me smarter, but driven me mad with their lies and anti-White and their hatred towards White, curriculum, teachers, faculty, even posters that applauded every race except Whites! Who needs that crap in their heads. Poop that Jewish crap out once and for all and save your White boy not sacrifice him for another Jewish war for Jew $$$$.

Stop the Wars for Israel Jews! Jews in USA (who control our country) are setting up war with Iran…. on White tax dollars and White body bags and White brain injuries so our boys will not only be 3rd smartest but declining from Jewish intentional damage upon our race.

We had Revolutionary War with Jewish instigation, Civil War, World War I, World War II and Viet Nam war for “Jews!” and their banks and international control. If Jesus kicked them out, where are Jesus’ followers, called “Christians.” I don’t even believe in sin, but it is wrong, deadly wrong, to put our White boys on an altar to serve a Jewish god, more like a devil, to appease it. This is myth that we worship; God loves our White sons and would prohibit the destruction of our Race. To believe otherwise is Jews that have or are trying to drive a White Race mad before our genocide. In that case we wouldn’t even know we were being genocided, our minds would be insane, and we would not only allow it but encourage it.

Get our troops home! My car engine blew up when I went to California for a “No More Wars for Israel” conference as well as the conference being shut down. How could a Christian nation be run by Jesus’ murderers and assassins and now they murder our own White boys who desperately need to be saved, we send them to be “destroyed” for “Jews’ rights,” like the fake World War II?

Jews Wanted to Steralize our Smartest Whites: Germans, before, during & after World War II

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Jews Wanted Sterilization to wipe out White German race after World War II (our smartest). Just a ps from the book “Other Losses” and wasn’t sure I mentioned that. It’s the insanity and cruelty of how Jews do business with Whites…. and for a thousand years, even before. Jesus knew that; he got the whip! But for Jews to go to that extent to the people who gave them a home. Jews were used to Polish people just agreeing with their every demand as Whites in America today.

I just found this on internet written by a Jew to “sterilize” our smartest White people. It wasn’t just “before” the war ended Jews wanted White German’s steralized, (it always makes Jews the “smartest” as they smash our IQ into the ground as well as our White bodies and souls.)….. but “after” the war, the Jews brought up the same issue, like Jew Morgenthau. Jew wanted the most severe punishment as well as Jew Eisenhower’s hatred of Germans…. all for things they never did but Jew’s evil minds invented to get White$$ and White body bags as the Jewish wars in the Middle East. All of them, Palestine, Israel, Gaza, Egypt, Lybia, as far as I’m concerned Jews with White backers as in Poland are running the entire show. Whites pay for it dearly even with out last breaths as a race and species. How much more cruel can one get?) If one steralized the smartest our Germans, that much easier to control the entire White Species who don’t even know their real strengths and potentials but give their White Rights away by voting for black Obama who is courting the yellow Asians as the Communists courted the Black Africans bringing them into Poland whose people were starving so Blacks could eat like kings and blacks could marry the finest White women of Sweden!  Boy did they do a number on us, and the Nordics never even figured this out with all their brilliance.

In essay below, this Jew, Kaufman, advertises his book within a cardboard Black coffin with note inside. I carry my own black cardboard coffin on stage and it is full size!

I picked up something I read before but it didn’t sink in. I am absorbing so much my mind shuts down with so much truth. But when Germany went to war it was only to get back White German land the Jews bankers  took from them in World War I. It would be like US owns Texas. After a war with brown Mexico, Mexico gets Texas. But then the Whites get mad for we built it, developed it, paid for it. So in the next war with Mexico (and don’t think it isn’t possible with the richest man in the world there, the Arab Brown Carlos Slim, and Mexico sitting on tons of natural resources untouched as of yet.)… but in the next war we say and demand “We want our White Texas back.” You can take your Mexicans back to Mexico and with all the training and money we gave them for all their sex, civilize your country. It is Christian and humane to all the races.

Even Hitler’s top leader “Goebbels” had six children and was one of the only ones that commit suicide with him in Bunker, along with Eva Braun, and Goebbel’s wife and their 6 white Children. (Mrs. Goebbel’s wanted to end her children’s life for she knew Germany would not be fit for children anymore the way she raised them. It was how my Mama felt, raising us to her highest standards, spirituality, top education, no smoking, no drinking, no drugging, character, hard work and USA society nearly wrecked all of us!)It’s what drove Mama nearly nuts and I don’t blame her.)

Seeing he was very “White birthing” conscious he made the comment that if White Germans were defeated the Jews would want to sterilize them. (Don’t forget most doctors are Jews and 50% of the professors that teach medicine, if not more are Jews. The rest are not White males, but non-Whites who get free citizenship, grants, etc. now that Jews effectively dumbed us down.  But never fear. The Jewish medical is outdated and history. Even as far back as my Mama in 1950, she was into alternative medicines, and she opened my mind to it by her example. I didn’t laugh or make fun or ridicule Mama as people do me. It is how Whites break each other down being the Jew’s very own weapon and it is why it hurts the worse.) Jew doctors know all about medical practices of sterilization.

It would be like me calling for all Jews around the world to be sterilized today.  What goes around comes around.  Don’t forget, after World War II, the Jews genocided over a million of White Germans who did nothing wrong, but Jews like to act like the mean God in the Bible, which is really an illusion about God. He doesn’t go around punishing people, making us sick to teach us lesson, or kill us. He “loves” us and we would know more about the infinite abilities of that “love” but Jews stand in our way with outdated medical practices for White $$$.

White Germans had every right to round up Jews for deportation and house the ones who were too poor into camps for work. Poland suffered Jewish tyranny for 900 years and never stood up. But Germans were smart enough to see their evil in a short amount of time for it is that shocking to any sane person.


Dr. Duke Radio Show 11-27-12

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Dr. David Duke archive radio show for today is very interesting. I got a pair of ear buds at Fry’s for $29.00 so I can clean the house and listen also at the same time, for those that “have no time.” Remember, if you “Have no time,” you can rant against the Jews who tripled our workload for their $$$$. Check the 11/27/12.

When I speak, I speak for myself, so as not to give any trouble to either White groups, or churches, family etc. We Whites should all be united then I wouldn’t have to speak like this for “I’m not mean; but the Jew’s violence, murders, wars, are the meanest people mankind has ever laid eyes on.


Society in Nazi Germany: Breastfeeding

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A Beautiful Nazi Painting promoting Breastfeeding and Family

“The Aryans” Nazi wonderful painting by Wolfgang Willrich promoting breastfeeding.

Nazis and Breastfeeding “family.” I pioneered breastfeeding and had to live in solitary confinement for each son, 3 1/2 years, or 7 years in the USA my White Womanly Rights were so violated. People hated me that much for my stand which was considered “piggish” even by my sisters. But I stuck to my guns and am grateful my Viet Vet stood by me and he even fed the babies my frozen expressed milk, (the only perfect food for humans) when I worked part-time so I was never a burden to him since I supported myself and lived very, very simply. Sometimes canning 50 quarts of tomatoes, etc. each year to save money and the “taste” was awesome.

The painting below is by German Wolfgang Willrich called the “Aryans” and reminds me of me breastfeeding, my husband supporting my “crazy” decision as I was called. (now black Michelle Obama is going around the country promoting breastfeeding, when she never had a baby at her breast. She stole my ideas, as did Obama for the Veterans’ programs which made history 10 of them including 200,000 of the men who commit suicide from Viet Nam, all were White, and won’t be called “suicide” anymore, but died of battle wounds… I crusaded 10 years ago!

Two Black Bandits as a Couple in the White House. Can’t think of ideas by themselves so they have to “steal” them and get $1.3 billion a year for their “extras,” let alone salaries. In painting is a cute little kitty cat in the picture looks like my cat Mama, for she is tiny compared to other cat, Big Daddy. You can see the son planting as I taught my sons to also plant seeds and get along with Nature, back in 1974, when no Chicago people had planted in 75 years perhaps, unless on a farm or during war Victory gardens.
There is much more in my analysis of book which will be on website also under “Sex and Society in Nazi Germany.” It makes me feel good to see at least someone appreciated my sacrifice when the entire world or Jew-S-A was against me.