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WHITES ARE ILLEGALS! Do Whites want our country and children under the curse of behavior that is “illegal?” They are just as criminal as when Jews took a boat to Israel in 1940, the Patria, loaded with Jews, bombed it themselves, killed 264 of their own Jews, to get “pity” to get a “free home” in a country that Palestinians lived for many millenniums. If Whites accept this behavior of Illegal brown Mexes and their constant sex, THEN WHITES ARE EQUALLY GUILTY AND ILLEGALS TOO. In Alcoholic Anonymous they teach the person who gives $$ and home to alcoholic and drug addict is equally guilty for “enabling” them. Whites have been paying for blacks and browns for 400 years. No company hires a person for 400 years, except Kings and Queens for their heirs would take over thrown. I guess our browns and blacks are “kings and queens” and Whites are slaves for we pay for them.

Here’s from Gov. Jan Brewer:

Dear Friends,

I’m appalled to learn the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun to release hundreds of illegal aliens from custody, the first of potentially thousands to soon be freed under the guise of federal budget cuts. This is pure political posturing and the height of absurdity given that the releases are being granted before the federal ‘sequestration’ cuts have even gone into effect.

This represents a return to exactly the kind of catch-and-release procedures that have long made a mockery of our country’s immigration system. The news is especially concerning when coupled with DHS’ acknowledgment that it may not be able to maintain operation of 34,000 immigration jail beds, as mandated by Congress.

Everyone knows the federal government must get a handle on spending, and it is well past time that the President begins working with Congress to find real budget solutions. But we cannot let public safety and the rule of law be collateral damage of the President’s failed leadership to pass a budget.

Please take a stand with me to show the President and the federal government that this is absurd and our nation deserves better protection over its citizens! It takes 2 minutes to make a donation of $30, $20, or even $10 by clicking here. Your support is the only way I can continue this fight.

If donating by check, please make it payable to “Jan PAC” and mail to Jan PAC, P.O. Box 3798, Phoenix, AZ 85030.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Thank you for standing with me and supporting my fight!

My very best,

Jan Brewer

White Polish Slavery under Jews

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Barbara Ann: “White Polish Labor” from the 17th Century. As White Christian Slaves for Jews (900 years) you can see there was no such thing as “welfare.” As Slaves for Jews, we had to work till our hands were bleeding or starve to death where Jews robbed our corpses after they also conned us into their distilleries, taverns, credit, then give them back everything my ancestors worked for their entire lives. Even if it “seemed” to go to government, Jews were behind it then, as today. Jews “hide,” and put the “hatred” of world on Whites or Poles, while they rub their greasy hands counting the money they can extract and the joy from making us fight and hate one another and love “others” around the world, more than a God or highest values, ourselves, or each other as Whites and or Christians. I have to define “Whites” and/or Christians, since Jews destroyed 100,000,000 White Christians (if not more but I’m only counting since 1917, and not since year 1 when Jews wandered into Europe. Yellows massacred them at that time, hence are not as damaged as we. But soon they too will be damaged since Jewish power has gone unchecked and worse, those that speak it get worse damage by them. It’s built in over the millenniums to silence. It is why Jews put Jesus on a cross for the entire town to see that if anyone dare speak against Jews, they too will be crucified. It’s called fear, or terror which Whites are feeling today, but take a pill for, as if it will magically go away, but never does.

Jews conned Whites into giving, blacks, browns, reds, 1/2 breeds, free welfare, which Whites pay for, and even rich Jews, yellows, Muslims and Hindus with free school grants, citizenship, taking over highest paying jobs in USA and depriving Whites and White children of these jobs.

Governments or schools don’t give that away, White taxes do, which go into Jewish treasuries.

All this “Polish 17th century) labor and slavery was so Jews didn’t have to lift a finger, the Jewess women even less, and their children less than that.” It’s why my Mama would have to cook food like Duck’s Blood soup that fit us for slavery, strength, healthy babies, etc. so we could work even more for Jews who sucked our blood for $$ to keep us into wars around the world. Now the Whites have that honor and role in USA. Blacks and browns don’t dedicate themselves as Whites do.

As slaves for Jews there was no welfare, as browns, blacks, reds get in USA with White Tax Dollars

As slaves for Jews there was no welfare, as browns, blacks, reds get in USA with White Tax Dollars

Legal White Ellis Island Immigrants not Criminal Brown Mexican Illegals now “Majority” of US children.

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Reenactment of White Ellis Island Immigrants from Europe

Reenactment of White Ellis Island Immigrants from Europe

White immigrants! Before our USA became a country of lawlessness where browns can invade us with an army of Mexicans while we remain silent and in a state of catatonia as we just “watch” them and “hire” them and give them our US and your white wallet for their sex and babies, while we masturbate alone, people came to USA “legally.” Even rotten Jews used World War II as a conspiracy for “all Jews” to leave Europe and take over USA the way they did Poland. Here’s white children dressed in the costume of Ellis Island and doing things according to our laws of immigration, meant to protect and safeguard the descendents of Europe


Ellis Island and White Legal Immigration

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Poland Death under Jew Commies. These Commies are now out of Poland, Russia, Germany and rule USA. Blacks are loaded with guns, the government is caving in from such a high budget.

To think that after White Polish Christian people gave Poland a home for 900 years when all the countries of the world were going to fry them, this movie shows what the Jew led Commies thought of Polish extreme hospitality.

Jewish Hollywood Empire part 3

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Jewish Empire: Hollywood, America, World. Jews perfected this in Europe, now USA and we their white slaves and worshipers. Jews even partially wrote this and see it, so when will Whites? In one horror film of old, the Jew doctor takes the brain of monster and puts into White man. And now the Jewish brain is our mind, which controls our body, sexual urges, and $$$, all in jew’s hands.

The end of this trilogy shows how Jew’s blurred the line of race for all people and races and religions to unite… but not as equals… but to worship Jews as a collective God or Messiah which so many Christians and people who don’t believe in a God or good.  Look at Poland again, how the White Gentile Christian President and his first lady Killed in plane crash to be replaced by a Jewish woman as First Lady. Now that Jews $$$ filled into Poland, (surely my constant writings enlightened Jew’s of their heritage there) Poland is once again on road to slavery. Jews will give them “plenty” for some years as in America, but then pull the rug under us and take over everything we worked for as they did in my Daddy’s town of Galicia Poland when 50,000 White Gentile Christian Polish died of starvation annually. When Jews unleash that epidemic on Whites of America, it is going to be 1000 times worse for Jew and Yellow Chinese Commies are in control. jews only keep repeating to whites, “you’re free, you’re free, and you’re evil for enslaving reds and blacks.”

But there was a movie where the black man in Django beat up and killed his white slave owners. What if a White man or woman beat up their Jewish slave owners as I was and killed them in a movie. Would the Whites rush to see or would theaters be empty. When one sees a “full house” one knows they are old duped by Jewish movie salesman and slavemen which whites have become.

Mixing of Blood: Jew’s final destruction of Whites using our sexual drive as a tool, so highly persuasive, for they have our men thinking of sex every 8 seconds thru Jew movies, TV. But White men have been scorned and scourged by Jew mogul monopolies, so they can’t get white women or drugged up or poor and can’t compete with rich Jews, rich and successful Yellow Commies, or rich Hindus and Muslims (all of who don’t drink, smoke, drug, or even take the pills they push on us.

The ending shows that even white Thomas Alva Edison’s invention of movie maker, stolen by Jews, were taken over by “Aliens.”  And isn’t that what Jews have made whties soooo afraid of… being taken over by Aliens from another planet. But in actually White America and our culture, values, land, banks, business, have been taken over by “Alien” jews from Eastern Europe adn Alien Yellows such as Chinese etc. Even Alien blacks and browns who Whites now support thru welfare as if these blacks and browns came out of our wombs and penis.

Also at end shows Jimmy Stewart, movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and behind him is Abraham Lincoln, Jewish symbol of freedom of blacks. Lincoln wanted all blacks back to Africa and another President and England actually sent some back to Liberia. Jews “invented” Lincoln just as faked as black Obama as a torture tool against Whites.

My pity and condolences to you if you or your white children watched the Jewish religious Academy Awards yesterday

Jewish Hollywood an Empire part 2

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Jew Hollywood: Empire of their own. Even some Jews now realize all the things I’ve been writing for 7 years. See other posts today.

Some additions notes:: Jews used “their” music and White faces to “sell” their hatred, revenge and takeover. Whites and churches have to debate this for themselves if the $$ they got will save them today. I don’t see other Christians writing about this. Day of reckoning is here.

Irving Jew Berlin: Note as singer talks of “murdering Bugler” the American flag is very prominent in the “back.” And in order to see the message “Jews” were getting laughing at Whites and Christians all the way to the bank, we must de-code movies.

Just as decline of Christianity became paramount in USA in 1945, what happened then? Entire Jew population miraculously left Europe after they suckered Whites into World War II and took over USA, meaning our minds, hearts, souls, and most of all businesses, land, banks, etc. Not only for themselves, for Jews know they cannot overcome the White man unless Jews flood USA with non-Whites who hate Whites. Obvious in President Election: 96% blacks voted for Black Obama, 76% Jews, 75% Mexicans, 89% Red Indians, 76% yellows, and doesn’t even mention Arabs and Hindus who will sucker white $$ for Christianity and jobs, and then stab us in the heart at the voting poll which is a worthless jewish controlled entity that they destroyed and reinvented.

Note in movies of Jews the performers or producers are “cantors’ sons” or jew religious sons, not just ordinary people but religious. Whites were slowly endoctrined into jew religion and if you look at how whites worship them they are in a voo doo daze and spell and one can’t get thru to them.

“White Christmas” Jesus’ birthday, and “Easter Parade” symbolizing Jesus death and resurrection, were jews slap in the face and scourge to Jesus hidden in a “fun form” for whites to digest. Jews’ who ran retail industry also, like Neiman Marcus, Spiegel’s catalog, Sear and Roebuck, Goldblatts, made billions and billions when white’s trading presents on Christmas. They “abused” Jesus and we worship their abuse of him and ourselves who are Christian descendants.

In talking of jews changing names to “hide” like Bernie Schwartz, Tony Curtis, that was Elvis’ idol. Why? White Elvis was usher in movie theater and eventually dyed his hair black, tanned his white skin and covered his blue eyes to look like the jew.

At 5:25 in youtube the “jew cantor” looks like Jew doctor that raped me, Dr. Jaimie Rejtman of Hispanic Columbia. The other girls on the “Ward” “worshiped” him because he was “tall DARK AND HANDSOME,” another Jewish jingle branded on our white slave cattle-like mind.

At 7:20 Jew paints his face black for White audience to be “duped” and Whites “pay” for this abuse. Jew Al Jolson has a White Gentile sex slave waiting for him, and also since he is wearing a black face, jews open gate for race-breaking the ultimate destruction of white race. Not “revenge,” for Whites were innocent. Yellow Chinese massacred Jews over 1000 years ago, but now using White faces took over China (Communism) and both smarter races: Jews and Yellow Chinese, now own and control USA, Whites, our religious values. As long as we work 94 hours a week, they will let us live, at least until the other races divide up all of America before we die or degenerate. It’s easy as pie for look at browns who are supposedly dumber, don’t even have army to fight and invade formerly White Christian America but stroll over the border.

Jewish Comic books: The German Canadian Ernst Zundel showed how Jews “sold to White suckers” 70,000,000 comic books a month to mold white (Christian) minds and fill them with “hate, hate and more hate,” instead of “love, love, love” which is the essence of our White values, perhaps even before Christianity. For yellow Chinese didn’t accept Christian values. But jews of Canada such a crusader for “rights” but not White Rights, kicked Zundel out of country, banned from USA, imprisoned in Germany for 7 years as well as his lawyer! It’s an Empire that has been with us for so long that we cannot even see or ‘feel’ the horror of the Jews.

Jewish Hollywood an Empire of their Own

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White Thomas Edison: Jewish Swindle of Sales or Thievery for their present Jewish Empire: Jews have always had their empire, from their hidden existence in Poland, now in USA. Who today knows Jews have an world wide empire and we their white slaves, even Christian slaves? No one. The same with of the Jews of Poland who ruled the Whites then. It’s secret. In Jesus day, Jew’s treachery was “secret” and Jesus exposed them and it cost him his life. And today, we worship Jesus’ killers as gods and goddesses. (If Thomas Edison was swindled here in USA, Jews swindled others in Europe, Poland and Germany, we just have never researched it in our schools, discussions, church debates.

This film is similar to one below, but at 2:00 minutes show picture of the White Victim, Thomas Alva Edison, and other Whites who wanted “good and entertaining” White movies, not the trashing of Jew’s hate on our screen that White Christians gobble up today.

As I wrote to Federal Communication Commission of the Jews’ Monopoly of Whites especially media, movies, entertainment back July 28, 2008, this Jew man who made these videos, made them “after” me in 2009. I never saw these, I “reasoned” Jew hatred of Whites in movies, TV, etc.

The speaker talks of Jews saying they are “ruthless, treating stars brutally, used women (not boys) for sex…”. the same I experienced as White Christian slave for Jews. Jews boldly scream non stop they are “Bigger, meaner, louder not only than the other Kykes who are the same, but totally over White men and women who Jews have silenced almost as if Jews did a lobotomy to our brain.

Jew laughs that his “d ick” is bigger. Let’s just say Jews were intent on drugging and making drunk our White men, so white women would find them unattractive even violent and unable to cope with. While Jews became rich, sober, and at the “top,” thru their ruthlessness and corruption. Even the idea that black men have bigger ones is a lie for white men have largest. But while Jews are screwing the organs inside out of White women in secret, the White men again suckered by Jewish salesman have bought into Jewish porn, $25 billion dollars of white $$$, when Whites could either be screwing white women in marriage or relationships, but have to be content with masturbation and all the sperm babies that could be born to white race. Also Jews turning other races loose to rape white women and soon white women ‘prefer’ Jews and other raced men to White men. Don’t other White mothers care, or is it only me?

Jews made their own “dark shadow” reality, which we “believe” in today as real. It’s all a lie. And if Jews created it in Hollywood, whatever field they are in they are duping us like suckers: Medical, government, art, entertainment, book publishing, news publishing, banking, schools, TV, radio, even internet where google gives those that are Jews are subjugated to Jew’s will of destruction of white race and elevation of themselves into god-hood for world to worship.

Hospitals are new jew temples of worship, the doctors and nurses, former priests adn nuns, or religious clergy. The movie houses or now your own home has been converted into a jew temple or church when you watch their movies with their not so hidden agenda. Whites worship jew and jewess as “idols,” who rake in $$$ that all the churches of the world combined can’t equal by a long shot.

Whites used to go to church once a week, to mingle, socialize, help one another, (at least that is how it should be) but now visit the jew temple or jew church, the movie house, or computer screen, where our very home is not a satellite temple of worship of the jewish religion.

Note how Jews “sold” black entertainers to America. And that is 1927, first talkie movie, “Jazz Singer,” where Jew star paints his face black, sings song “Mammy” like “Mama” to “get to white emotions of love for mother,’ sold ‘hate’ of race-breaking and white destruction and take over of our $$, business, minds, bodies.

King Kong, Jew flick, has a beautiful blonde white woman in his black paw….. blacks raping White women. White women turning on White men, even white lesbianism, was forced down white women’s throats. The white gays can protest (jew jingles repeated again and again) of their rights, but their rights were smashed by jews when they first began homosexuality or lesbianism. Let them examine their minds and see if anything was done to protect even enhance their white rights to normal productive sex.



Jews Create Hollywood: Jewish Communism

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Jew Communists in Hollywood. Jews black list those they don’t want in entertainment. When our White government, while still White, tried to question, them the Communists answered back in circles and hence drive us crazy.

In 1945, after Jews won war against our smartest White German Christians, Jews magically left Europe…. all of them. How stunning! How effective they magically got citizenship, and $$, jobs, even takeover of USA. Whites were suckered. Period. Jews did to USA what their crimes did to Poland, Russia, Germany, and we got them all. Jews hate White Christians, and are the anti-Christ the Bible warns of us.

I will never make it as an entertainer, for I tell the truth about them. Jews have no where on earth to run and are cornered and must face the light of truth on them.

Jews Control Hollywood Part 1

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Whites to Worship Jew Hollywood. Jew Neal Gabler exposes Hollywood, (as I heard on David Duke’s rense . com radio show. This 8 part series will tell you how Jews not only replaced the White Protestant male, and now any white male of any religion, and are the Kings, gods, that we “worship” today.

But there is more I can add that this and the next 7 videos don’t tell you but I put the pieces together from my research.

Frank Sinatra is singing to young White boys about “democrazy.” That means “demo” for “Jewish demo-ns” driving Whites “crazy.” It’s not the White even White Christian dream and values. Jews hijacked our country, our religion, race, values, minds and we bow to them as living statues like the faked Academy Award statue of today. Sinatra, unknowingly, is Jewish putty, since all movies since 1927 were made by Jews for White self-destruction, or really Jewish destruction of Whites. Sinatra is getting these innocent white boys ready for “Jewish war: World War II.” That was the only way to destroy Europe, subjugate the smartest White Germans, get revenge against White Russian Czar for exposing and controlling Jewish crimes, and magically have all Jews of Europe leave that dying country (our ancestry) and takeover USA and Israel. It cost Whites 60,000,000 soldiers, a fortune we had to slave to pay off, and 100,000,000 deaths by Jewish Communism including Czar, Czarina, 5 children, spiritual healer directly by Jewish arrest, imprisonment, torture, death. Similar to what Jews did to Jesus. It’s why the Russian Royalty were made “saints and martyrs.”

This movie shows Russians treating Jews ‘badly.’ Sorry, let’s hear the truth. Jews were vicious in their “sales” against White men turning them into alcoholics. Jews make $$ off of White misery and suffering. Do the Whites really want to be miserable while the Jews and rest of the world enjoy watching us suffer as tools for Jews? Russians forbade them employment in any trade that hurt White Russians. To me that is common sense, good government. Jews turned American around so that we now have Jews ruling in every field that forms our reality. Once one breaks the Jewish hallucinations and delusions they put on us in one field, then it breaks the entire Jewish nightmare. And if war, bankruptcies, rapes, murders, isn’t a nightmare, then we are indeed insane whites who need to get well and healed.

Notice the Statue of Liberty is outlined at the ground level in a jagged edged foundation…… like the star of david. The words on that statue written by jewess preparing white thought for us to ‘take in’ those jewess huddled masses that would take us over. Even “feel sorry” for them instead of kicking them right back to Europe or to the moon.

This movie shows these jew immigrants as “poor.” Not true. I have seen pictures of rich Jews, with furs, diamonds, waiting on the shores for their Jewish people to put them into business etc. Jews “made” ghettos here, not put into them. Jews are filthy and without slaves or maids, etc, like in the Nazi work camps, they lived into own sh – i t. Even White General Patton exposed that the yare filthiest people on earth. And we too as Whites will be living like that for the Jews have the stage set.

I told you over and over Jews are “salesmen.” I didn’t read that, I reasoned it. When I tried to explain how Jews were slave traders and Whites were suckers in buying black slaves, I used the term Jew car salesmen with a bad car deal. Jew real estate sales, terrorizing Whites to leave their homes into suburbs, really screwing us for we have to pay $$$ plus travel time to get to companies in cities, while blacks and browns are near our museums, art institutes, etc.

This movie shows all 8 of Hollywood Jew Heads were “salesmen.” Con artist salesmen. If someone sells something to another White we should deal honestly or we will be forever insane, doing tricks with our minds and each other and never being able to think clearly and simply.

Note these 8 men lived within 500 mile radius in Europe… but… think of this… they lived in 4 different countries: Poland, Russia, Germany and Hungary. Why? Jews’ wars in Europe. For Jews to gain their evil control into other countries, they managed to start wars, have us fight but the “winner” won the territory where Jews lived on borders, hence the evil was “won.” That is a “loser” not a “winner.”

Not only that, Jews ‘stole’ White businesses in these countries. It is why Russians had to confine them. Jews had been doing this to my Poland, 900 years. Poland is once against silenced today with Jewish money for Poland is #1 economy.Talk against Jews, Poles go back into poverty. Same here in USA. Jewish hypnotism of White minds.