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Davie Bowie: “Quicksand” on White Nazi Germany

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White Race & song “Quicksand” by David Bowie: Regarding 4 other posts today regarding the Jewish murder of White Species. What Judge is going to handle then when even our US Supreme Court is 4 out of 9 Jews, and the others in the Jew’s pocket. (Black, brown.)

In this song, I quickly looked up ‘Crowley’ who was the “occultist” man in Hitler’s regime. The Golden Dawn is part of it. I don’t want to study occult. It talks of “Himmler’s sacred realm,” which it seems Himmler was highly associated with breeding a lot of White healthy babies under Nazis, (symbol of fertility.)

Bowie cries and laments, “He doesn’t have the power anymore.” Whites lived under the illusion of “power.” We have been slaves more now than ever, both in Poland, Jewish Empire Headquarters, and Europe, now USA. Perhaps the Russians came close to the truth about Jew’s viciousness to destroy the country’s population in which they lived, and had to be exterminated. With Jews having the “sympathy” and power over the 92% of the rest of the world’s population it is quite a frightening picture for the White species.

He sings out the “Lies of Winston Churchill” of England. Jewish Polish man paid Churchill who was heavily in debt and need of $$, $2.5 million to start World War II in England with vicious lies against Germany. The only version we have of World War II is lies, Jewish lies.

“Should I kiss the viper’s fang
Or herald loud
the death of Man
I’m sinking in the quicksand
of my thought
And I ain’t got the power anymore”

Perhaps the viper’s fang was part of the occult “Golden Dawn” Crowley was mixed up with. The death of Man with a capital “M”…. the death of White man which may result in the death of mankind for there is no truth or Christianity in them.

The “Don’t believe in yourself,” surely means the White’s inability to believe in our own existence or even the descendants of White Christians. We “believe” now in Jew’s 24/7. Entire worship.

He states “Knowledge comes” with death’s release. Maybe he means that when we release the belief that we die as a solution to our problems or go to heaven “only” when we die, whereas the Jews’ claim that both Poland and USA for 1000 years has been Kingdom of Heaven, Paradise and Golden age. Ask the Veteran’s families if that is their lot in life for 1000 years of wars, even until today for brown Muslim rights.

Muslims voted 85% for Black Obama, who did nothing for them.

Whites don’t have power over themselves, nor give power to God, but have relinquished their lives, children, women, boys, fortunes, land to Jews and their ilk.


I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform
Of imagery
I’m living in a silent film
Himmler’s sacred realm
Of dream reality
I’m frightened by the total goal
Drawing to the ragged hole
And I ain’t got the power anymore
No I ain’t got the power anymore

I’m the twisted name
on Garbo’s eyes
Living proof of
Churchill’s lies
I’m destiny
I’m torn between the light and dark
Where others see their targets
Divine symmetry
Should I kiss the viper’s fang
Or herald loud
the death of Man
I’m sinking in the quicksand
of my thought
And I ain’t got the power anymore

Don’t believe in yourself
Don’t deceive with belief
Knowledge comes
with death’s release

I’m not a prophet
or a stone age man
Just a mortal
with the potential of a superman
I’m living on
I’m tethered to the logic
of Homo Sapien
Can’t take my eyes
from the great salvation
Of bullshit faith
If I don’t explain what you ought to know
You can tell me all about it
On, the next Bardo
I’m sinking in the quicksand
of my thought
And I ain’t got the power anymore


Esterka, Polish Jewess Whore

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Jewess Whore of Poland, “Esterka”. What the Jewess has really done that affects me is they are the Sorceress of the World War III between the White male and female which has left me hurt and vulnerable, as a “good” White woman. I heard of “divide and conquer” but the male and female of an entire White species. Not animal, insect, or plant has suffered as much.

Well we talked of the Jewish whore of Babylon, my former Jewess House of Rep, Shelley Berkeley who got defeated for running for State of Nevada Senator, now we will trace again, from rare tidbits more showing how the Jewess literally got in bed with Poland to take over the Polish empire and make the entire White Christian population slaves, as they still are today with a Jewess First lady after her predecessor was killed in a suspicious airplane crash recently near Katyn Poland. Site of where Jew-led Commies of Russia killed 20,000 of Poland’s finest White men with one swoop. Bullet to back of head; buried alive if not dead from bullet.

But then we have $40,000,000.00 of White taxes that went for the court case of Southern White Man, President Bill Clinton, who Jewess Monica Lewinsky, whore, tried to bring down. She “conveniently” had a blue dress with his White sperm on there. Instead of screwing his White wife the Jewess twisted his mind. And today, both Hillary and Bill are still “slaves” to Jews and blacks. It will never change; it can only be written about. The Jewish influence is too deep and has spread to the other races against Whites such as their hatred against Romney.

Here’s a Jewess whore who found her way into the Polish King’s mind, heart, soul, and of course pocket book. And thru him, into the $$ and death of the people.

I wrote before of the painting on google images “Jews arrive Poland 1096,” and Jewess has baby on the floor in front of White King of Poland, and said it was to hint to him she will give him “sex” not babies. And remember once the White King was kind enough to let Jews rule Poland as foreign agents as Jews do in USA today, a Polish Jew assassinated the Polish King’s son, with a dagger in his heart while the King slept!

“Esterka was a legendary Jewish mistress of Casimir the Great, the King of Poland between 1333 and 1370. She was the daughter of a poor tailor from Opoczno named Rafael.”
“According to later writers the love affair took place while Casimir was married to Adelaide of Hesse and Krystyna Rokiczanka (the king had four wives during his reign).[1] Supposedly the affair produced four children; two boys, Polka and Niemira, and two daughters (names not recorded).[2] It is also suggested that, while the boys were raised according to the tenets of Casimir’s Catholic faith, the girls retained their mother’s Jewish faith.[3] Another part of the story holds that the king had built a small castle in Bochotnica, north of Krakow, which he connected to Wawel Castle via an underground tunnel.[4]

Several places, streets and monuments in Poland are named after Esterka, usually ones associated with her and the king.[1][2] One such place is a remaining wall of an old castle build by Casimir in Kalisz where, according to local legend, Esterka’s ghost comes at night to wait for her lover.” (Gotta watch for Jewess ghosts and witches, although I don’t believe in them and can’t have power over me.)

“In some sources Esterka is presented as king’s consort who actually lived with him at Wawel Castle although the two never married nor was she ever declared queen. Esterka is also sometimes credited by writers as being responsible for the expansion of privileges granted to Jews under Casimir.” It would seem a Jewish Rabbi is the owner of the home that the Polish King enters for sex or brainwashing.

Jewish Rabbi? See two posts below of the murder of White Royalty and White Pure blood. What I didn’t notice is that the home of the Jewess the King was about to see has a Jewish “Rabbi” or Jew with that beanie on his head. The King is no where in the picture, as a Christian and even leader of Christian church. The star of the painting is the Jew man with the beanie on his head standing in the Esterka, Jewess whore’s, home the King provided for her so amply. Look at the painting carefully. You can also find on Wiki under Esterka. Remember to save or copy and spread around for Jews destroy any kind of work that exposes them. I’ve put some on here, but are very rare to find. It is why Jews buy up “used book stores” to destroy every copy. They work together as an international syndicate and their #1 enemy and victim is the White male who fed the Jews, housed them, worked for them, became their Jewish slaves and suckers, and all we now face is financial doom.

Nor would I fall for Whites moving to South America. It is the final Jewish blockbusting of fear for us to leave USA and begin to build South America. Whites have no time, $$$ or future. We are in “Quicksand” as Davie Bowie’s song states. Will Post next.

Jewess Whore Esterka is the White Christian Polish King's mistress. She weaseled into his life for Civil Rights for Jews.

Jewess Whore Esterka is the White Christian Polish King’s mistress. She weaseled into his life for Civil Rights for Jews.

Jewish Kings the enemies of the White Christian Race

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History Jew News: As I wrote before the New York World was owned by Jews as well as the New York Times back in the late 1800’s. So Whites’ minds have been molded by the opposite of Christians, the Jews. But oddly, there was another set of papers, “Hearst” Corporation, and he was a White Scotsman….. with a Jew “adviser,” like Obama’s very first adviser after he became President, Raum Emanuel, chosen for his name “Emanuel” meaning “Messiah.” This is just must what Whites must have gotten steadily without stop for at least 1000 years, but were “unaware.”

Hearst News in the late 1800’s somehow was “overtaken” by a Jew from Russian ancestry, (Polish before that for 85 % of Jews come from my country of Poland. Jews made wars so that Russia would “acquire” Polish land filled with Jews when Russia “won” the war, and Poland, not realizing they were puppets for Jews, never suspected. But how many Whites in the world suspect or at least think of it today.

The Jew’s name was Moses Koenigsberg. And the word ‘Koenigs” means “King.” Yes, just as I wrote that Jews could not handle Jesus being the “King” of the Jews as was put on his crucifix over his head “IHRI,” Jews are considered the ‘Kings’ of the world, as I referred to Emanuel as the “King of Chicago.” Only I just “reasoned” it, I never read it. But now I find my evidence right from Jewish sources, if you read with a full mind not 1/2.

“In 1903, he became city editor of Hearst’s Chicago American. In 1913, Koenigsberg headed a Hearst subsidiary, Newspaper Feature Service, Inc., to sell Hearst’s features and comics to non-Hearst papers.
King Features Syndicate

In 1915. King Features Syndicate was launched when Koenigsberg consolidated all of Hearst’s syndication enterprises under one banner and gave it his own name (koenig=king).[2]

By 1928, Koenigsberg was the president of International News Service, Universal Service, King Features Syndicate, Premier Syndicate and vice-president of Newspaper Feature Service, all owned by Hearst.

For nine years, Koenigsberg also staged the King Features Syndicates Larks, elaborate annual Friars Club dinner parties with a six-hour theatrical involving Broadway luminaries.” (Jew wiki)

Here’s where he takes “over” White Scot Hearst news, as Jews took over White Bill Gates’ money and Jews have him giving it away to the blacks of Africa. The highest fortune in the world the Jews stole away. Not for black Africans, but for gold, land, and hatred to take away from Whites what they worked for. But Jew bankers, rulers, did that to my Polish people until they were entirely slaved under them.

Note the word “King,” and as I reasoned out, Jews made sure the White pure blooded kings like King Louis in France, Queen Marie Antoinette, King George of England who owned the United States, the Kings of Germany etc. all guillotined, stripped of power, or brought down…. Sound familiar to the Middle East today and all the leaders killed, murdered, forced into exile… with our White $$. Not it wasn’t our Tax dollars this time, for Jews have to confuse us, but the rise of gas from $2.00 a gallon to $4.00 a gallon would pay for plenty of Mideast Wars.

And of course the Jews murdering assault on the White Christian martyrs, Czar & Czarina of Russia, 5 children, and spiritual healer, Rasputin.

Jews had to destroy the White Race starting at the top and worked it way down to the lowest of the Whites. The seeds are in place to repeat what Jews did to Poland. As long as Whites don’t complain and keep slaving for them to all become billionaires, and for the other races to dissent the United States and replace us, Jews will allow us to live for Jews have 92% of the rest of the world’s population backing them us… the non-Whites.

Black Voo Doo in the White House

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Black Voo Doo in White House: Something caught my eye when I was surfing regarding witchcraft. Since a few of my characters are witches, like Wizard of Oz and Snow White witch, I stopped to skim this article.

It turns out the first witch arrested and prosecuted for Witchcraft and Devilry is a black worker (misnamed slave) named Tituba.

Whereas the “White” women were tortured, harassed, burned at the stake for witchcraft, they probably learned it from this black woman who … just like the Jews…. get off “scot free” for all their crimes against Whites/White Christian descendants.

Here’s from Wiki: Survival

(black worker Tituba: Despite the fact that she confessed to a capital offense and was a slave, Tituba was never tried or executed for her role in the witchcraft trials. She was sent to jail but later released; however, there is no record of where she went after this.)

I bet Tituba is an ancestor of Michelle Obama who practices voo doo every time she goes on TV to sell ideas to the unsuspecting White women like Tituba did to the former Protestant and pure, White women. Oprah did the same and became the richest entertainer of all time on blasting the White woman’s mind with Jew ideas, especially race-breaking. White women were not only the losers, they have their time, $$$, and minds over to blacks and Jews. Soon it will be yellows and browns that Whites will worship, since God hardly exists today.

Tituba was the first person accused by Betty Parris and Abigail Williams of witchcraft. She was also the first person to confess to witchcraft in Salem Village.

19 White women were “hanged to death,” and one had the misfortune of being “pressed to death.” And I thought only our darling Black workers were hung when in fact, a White man from the Mayflower was hung. He had a “blasphemous” mouth against God, but they tolerated that until he was suspect of murder. A White woman was hung shortly after that. Hangings were done to anyone who raped, murdered, treason, etc. whereas today it is “commonplace.” Jews made USA like they did Poland for 900 years “lawless,” and beneficial to “Jews” and now in USA all other races “except” Whites who Jews hate but “loved” our money, screwed our women and boys.

The article talks of using fortune tellers, glass objects, and turning people into “mass hysteria. (see how Jews did it on 9/11 and now with gun rights etc. Anything to make the Whites suffer with combined mass hysteria. Another of Jew’s weapons and now have the other races to use against us as the other races voted “against” Romney for they love our White money, white slavery, white women and boys, but hate us and stab us in the White back. And even Whites would take “their” sides against me.

Here’s from our history, Wiki, and again, save this for Jews will destroy and burn whatever is against them or other races:

“Mrs. Elizabeth Parris, Betty’s mother, worried about the health of her daughter, and protested against using her credibility as a witch finder. At the end of March 1692, Betty was sent to live with Rev. Samuel Parris’ distant cousin, Stephen Sewall. On March 25, Elizabeth “related that the GREAT BLACK MAN came to her, and told her, if she would be ruled by him, she should have whatsoever she desired, and go to a Golden City.” Stephen Sewall’s wife told Betty that it had been the Devil who approached her “and he was a liar from the beginning, and bid her tell him so, if he came again: which she did.””

Oddly, and with the fear and terror Jews drummed into us, and our prone to be superstitious pagans, a “Black man” now rules all the Whites and put in the White House by Blacks, Jews, Reds, Browns, Yellows, Hindus, Arab Muslims, all voting “against” White Christian and good Romney.

So perhaps the USA is now the capital of the Devil, (if there is one.) and not one with horns and a tail which is superstitious, but diabolical humans who use their powers, ($$$) and hatred against Whites, God, Jesus, Mary, etc.

“Because slaves in colonial Spain were allowed to commingle and often entered into sexual relations with each other, scholars began to assume that Tituba was of mixed heritage.” (like Obama.) I don’t want to get into the details of this other than Whites are being hypnotized by some power or these crimes against us wouldn’t be happening.

“A year after Upham’s contribution, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow went a step further in Giles Corey of the Salem Farms and claimed Tituba was “’the daughter of a man all black and fierce…He was an Obi man, and taught [her] magic.’ Obeah (also spelled Obi) is a specifically African and Afro-American system of magic.”[9] It is generally agreed by scholars since the mid-19th century that Tituba had taught and practiced voodoo with the young girls of Salem. Voodoo is certainly a West African religious rite that was practiced in the Caribbean during the 17th century. To be sure, if Tituba did indeed come from that region, she could have learned some form of voodoo from other slaves.”

“In fact, in her confession, all of the magic Tituba admitted to having practiced was European in nature, such as signing the Devil’s book.” (the article goes into great depth of determining which dark race she belonged to and Whites don’t need to get involved in that for if they do they have no time and no clear thoughts about how to keep their White race pure not only in body or skin, but mind, values, culture, etc.)

“Further complicating the debate is the name Tituba itself. According to Smith Tucker, ‘Tituba’ is a Yoruba word.[8] Prominent in Nigeria, Yoruba is an ethnic group which speaks a language of the same name. Smith Tucker points out that titi in Yoruba means ‘endless.'”

Yes just as Jews got name “Eternal Jew,” the Blacks will be the “Endless blacks,” for there are 1 billion blacks in Africa alone and our trillions of White dollars both from Obama and Bill Gates are going over to the “blacks” ignoring any rights or welfare for Whites whose $$$ they are using against us.

Black Voo doo in White House

Black Voo doo in White House

King Obama, Queen Oprah say “Shut Up!” And Whites Shut up!

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King Obama says “Shut Up!”

Queen Oprah Winfrey had the same rules in her Harpo Studios in Chicago. She told the people that worked for her or she had them sign an agreement that everything that went on at her productions was “secret!” It’s how Blacks rule the country, entertainment, sports. And we wonder why no one “talked” about 9/11. Jews keep their silence so well and hidden they just nod to each other in secret code or send their messages hidden in their movies and TV, etc. We as Whites never had a clue this was not only going on in our country but the motives were “anti-White,” to takeover everything we worked for 400 years. But then the Jews already did it to Poland and they get us “used to it,” quickly.


Hating White Royalty?

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Hating White Royalty. Well I guess no one would really want to be a “Queen” of karaoke when royalty is hated from the foundation of our government. (But we know Jews instigated the American Revolution and their $$$ was all over it and have indebted us since 1776 only we see it now over the entire country.

When I watched this a man from Puerto Rico asks the Supreme Court if he could run for President. Why don’t we have dogs running for President?  I mean it seems we have degenerated to the point of animals sometimes, so why not?

But what is interesting is that the Supreme Court Justice says that the law was made that foreigners could “not” run for President and it was directed “No royal blood or pure blood or White Royal blood wanted in USA!” So we ban the highest of our race and block the doors and we let open insane asylums, prisons, Kenya Africans, now Puerto Ricans which are 1/2 blacks, and say they “all” can be the head of our government and what is really scary, head and ruler of our lives, bank accounts, minds, feelings.

I wrote before the Jews’ big intent was to destroy White pedigreed Royalty of Europe so they could completely takeover. And that they did. Instead of the world ‘hating’ us as Jews taught them to do as Jews taught all of Europe to hate Poland where they ruled us in their secret Dynasty for 900 years, the world really should feel sorry for the White Race for I don’t think descendants of Christianity for 2000 years should be treated so rotten and laugh thru it like the White race is nothing but a big joke for the 92% of the world to “laugh” at. Jews made our Race and Species a “Situation Comedy” it is so pitiful.


Black thugs kill White Baby with Blue eyes

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Black youth shoots White baby in face! In Georgia no less, a state that was part of 650,000 White men who gave their lives for Black rights. And this is the ‘thank you,’ the White women get for birthing, breastfeeding and caring for all those White men and boys who sacrificed the highest one can give on earth, as Jesus did, his very life.

The baby was white so perhaps the father is another marriage. But everything is so insane in America now, there’s no trying to make sense of it. But murdering an innocent White baby whose mother is penniless is unforgivable. Perhaps this could make worldwide headlines in papers that Jews control around the world. Doubt it. Jews monitor carefully what goes into our heads to keep us insane.


Jew Abuses White Christian woman

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Jew Abuses White Woman: Well, you have a billionaire Jew was conveniently put as mayor of New York after 9/11, to keep the tragedy “hushed” up so Whites can’t think, and he changed the laws so he could run 3 terms for himself. Must be nice to a a billionaire Jew who got his $$$ defrauding White Christians the “opposite” religion.

Now even the Jew police attack a poor White Christian woman, bruise her up, and makes sexist remarks. Where is the hundred million dollar Jewish Anti-defamation League to come to aid of White Christian woman or is that an illegal Jew organization that only punished “Whites” in our own home of America for getting fed up with the way Jews and other races are taking over our treasury, religion, homes, women and children, government.

6,000,000 Jews never died

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?! 6,000,000 Jews? How could the Jews have invented the number 6,000,000 Jews killed in World War II “Holocaust,” when these viable (Jewish owned) newspapers, were throwing around the number 6,000,000 like today’s papers throw around the figures of “trillions of dollars.” Jews know we are stupid, for they made us like this and we don’t have an alternative for it is our reality… a reality of lies, hoaxes, jingles like 6,000,000 Jews died in Holocaust. It makes me mad for nothing is said about Polish Christians who lost the “most,” and why? Because we sided with Jewish Communist Russians who took over in 1917. Odd but this one paper talks of the problems Jews were having in 1918, but Jews took over Russia, killed Czar and Czarina, took over government positions 95% of them, but were heralding a “6,000,000” Holocaust of Jews. A billion years from now our White Christian descendants which are the opposite of Jews, will be rattling off like hypnotized guinea pigs: “Yes, the Jews were the only ones in the 20 th century that lost a “Souls.” No other race or religion lost any.. only the “poor souls.” Note how Jews use the word “soul,” to dig into the Christian vocabulary to prepare us as the hymn goes, “Onward Christian solider, marching off to war.”  Yes we lost perhaps 40,000,000 Whites in Europe, America, and the worse of it we lost White Christianity and the idea of God that Whites developed. And of course the values of Jesus. All because of lies like this “6,000,000 Jews.” And isn’t it wonderful for Whites to have a baby to go to schools that White taxes pay for so their innocent babies, not yet molded, will also memorize “6,000,000” Jews were killed in Holocaust, and if a little White kid refuses to put that lying poison in his mind, s/he will be called ‘crazy’ or fail the test, and be an “outcast,” by society, for exposing these 6,000,000 lies.

Jewish mother commits suicide and attempted murder for her baby

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Jewish mother’s suicide and attempted murder of her baby. She left a 13 page note. Odd but the Jewish woman worked in a good paying legal job for $122,000.00. I wonder who the father was: Jew or Gentile?