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How Jews Work to Destroy Whites Every Chance They Get

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Jews & Black Michelle Obama. How Jewish Monopoly over Whites & USA put the Obama’s into office.

Sadly, we Whites are living in a Twilight Zone (a TV show made by Jews) only it is our reality. We think as citizens we go to a voting poll, and the “right” wins and all if fair and just. Jews would have us  believe that, but they form our minds 24/7.

I already mentioned how the likes of Jew David Geffen the billionaire who made “superstars” out of blacks for Whites to worship not only sold his art work (which Jews control 80% of White art work) for $$ for campaign but the “freebies” that are the 24/7 of Jewish connectedness.

Here’s a prime example. I am going on a new website called exvid. Naturally I like to expand my thinking but unlike Jews who have “no” resistance in their consciousness from us Whites, everything we do has to be challenged and seen how Jews are manufacturing and worse distorting our reality into White bankuptcy, then White slavery and addictions, and finally White death where they will rob our corpses as they did to my Daddy’s ancestors back in Galicia Poland.

I’m watching this teaching video very intently, and that is when Jews know it is the best to smash our minds with their mental pictures. Here’s how they use Michelle Obama’s name, circle it in red, and of course we remember. When we think we are voting for Michelle’s husband, it isn’t because we “want” to, or desire to, or have made an intellectual decision for the man is a black fraud without any documentation and a hidden past, who probably killed his grandmother 24 hours before he was elected, as a way of saying “thanks” for her supporting him thru schools etc. we Whites and even the Jews, browns, yellows, reds, etc have “no” reason to vote for Obama. He was a pure racist who only organized “his own people,” like Jews have 1000 organizations into 1 for their world wide monopoly over us.

Note what I clipped out below. One would watch that teaching video and never realize that even “google,” owned by Jews would be putting forth brainwashing techniques promoting their black African Queen. Remember the African women rule and beat their men to work, stop cannibalizing, warring and messing around. Michelle has Obama trained like a seal for all she has to do is “look” and he will jump to her command and whatever her Jewish #1 Rabbi black uncle tells her to do…. but these “laws” are only “against Whites such as immigration law for “brown” rights. If Whites lose that law, another one and all the ones since I’ve followed politics, it is one step closer to our final White doom. Only when “every” single law in USA and around world is to White advantage will we survive. And only when those laws reflect White character will they be accomplished. The video actually has the pen circling her name as if you were studying in college and “must” remember. Poor, poor Whites, don’t even have a clue this is going on 24/7.

How Jews gang up on Whites 24/7 to Destroy White Species & Have Already taken over.

How Jews gang up on Whites 24/7 to Destroy White Species & Have Already taken over.

Jews Jokes on White Christian Descendants

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Jew doctors and Jew Lawyers: “Doctors are the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too.” Anton Chekhov. (and to think we worship Jew doctors and lawyers. Think of the other fields they control us and maybe we can see the destruction to our White species even human race and planet.

“God heals, and the (Jew or now the non-White) Doctor takes the Fees.” (no more high paying jobs for white males?)

“I have two doctors – my left leg and my right leg” …G.M. Trevelyan (I wish I used the right and left leg to run faster out of the Jew doctor’s office that raped me. Thank God, after I was stupid enough to forgive him when he told me he was seeking psychoanalysis, would be cured, and it would never happen again, I returned several years later as a weak Christian, and he again tried to rape me. Only this time my left leg and right leg ran as fast as possible. Too bad he got away with it for women didn’t talk about subjects like that years ago, and think of all the crimes Jews have gotten away because we don’t talk about them or identify them or they hide as “Whites” when it fits their needs.

“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines. ” Frank Lloyd Wright

“Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing. ”  Voltaire. (I knew personally doctors were quacks when I read the book “Art of Breastfeeding” and learned that doctors only studied “one paragraph” about the benefits of breastmilk, the only perfect food for humans, in their 10 years of study. But then it is a Jewish university controlled country we have soooo.. what do you expect when Jews rejoice and are entertained by White (Christian descendants) illness all the way to the Jew Federal Reserve Bank.

The (Jew and their imp) doctor is to be feared more than the disease
Latin Proverb.

” No one becomes a good (Jew) doctor before he fills a (Christian) churchyard.”
Swedish Proverb

” For each illness that doctors cure with medicine, they provoke ten in healthy people by inoculating them with the virus that is a thousand times more powerful than any microbe: the idea that one is ill.

(Here’s a funny one by Erma Bombeck. And I can attest that in my yard alll my veggies, nuts, fruit trees, berries, herbs are growing and live since 1970. But how about the doctor’s plants. If they don’t know the principles of raising healthy plants how can they raise healthy people or cure them.)  “Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”

” The more ignorant, reckless and thoughtless a Jew and their imp doctor is, the higher his reputation soars even amongst powerful princes.
Desiderius Erasmus
(yet in Russia doctors got paid same as janitor, minimum wage, only in USA have Jews raised themselves to be ‘gods and goddesses’ for Whites (Christian descendents) to worship and we buy into it 24/7.

Jews enjoy blood, such as World War I, II, Civil War, Viet Nam War, which is why Whites still engage in them as if Whites are supposed to be nothing better than wounded or dead bodybags… for Jew rights $$$$ or non-White rights such as the invading army that is strolling over our board and Whites just yawn away our White Life. What is worse than one White dying under Jew control… the entire White species.

Here are my (101) versions of what Jews have laughed about and this doesn’t even tough the surface.

1. Jews laughing at our White misery in American Revolution where “they” funded and indebted us to them for a war they started and benefited by since 1776.
2. Jews laughed at Poland’s peoples, even naming us “dumb Polaks,” (did Abe Foxman, Jew, start a crusade or organization to defend White rights.)
3. Jews laughed when our Polish king let them in our country 1096, only to have a Jew turn around and assassinate the Polish kings son by stabbing him in the heart while he slept…
4. Jews laughed at White Christians in World War I, when we “believed” their lies about 6,000,000 Jews dying in Europe, 30 years “before” the so called “Holocaust.”
5. Jews laughed about pulling the Holohoax on us for completion emigration from Europe and citizenship into USA and Israel. Do you see why Jews are getting away with Mexican immigration into USA.
6. Jews laugh at illegal immigration for Jews want brown slaves and convince Whites to same.
7. Jews laugh at raping our White women such as me. Yes the Jew doctor laughed at me at his pleasure of attacking me and even afterwards as if I was reduced to lower than a non-human. Again, where are the Jewish Civil Rights groups for my White rights against them?
8. Jews laugh at taking over Hollywood and robbing Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine before 1927. Jews put the most ridiculous movies out, and become “billionaires” off White Christian $$. Are Christians laughing at being “abused” like this.
9. Jews laugh at all the money they collected from White taxes with the Jew made IRS and Jew Federal Reserve. Jews could skim as much $$ as they want or use it for wars (jew banks live on White Christian blood,) oh yes, Jews laugh and love Christian blood for nothing is sacred or holy or respected about Whites anymore…. but get used to it, Poland endured the suffering of Jewish laughter and crime against us and now they got another Jewish First Lady. One would think that once Hitler did the Poles the favor of putting the Jews into work camps and actually Hitler thought he could “force” Jews to work instead of rob, steal, murder, spy, rape, assassinate, war, but … Jews got the last laugh on White species, Germany our smartest and most cultured, the USA, even Russia who didn’t realize it under “after” World War II how Jews used the Russians as bodybags for “Jew rights.”
10. Jews laugh and joke among themselves how White men are jerks and White women are bitches… all from the new Jew World War III between our sexes.
(I will let you fill in the other 90 Jewish Jokes on Whites but just as Jews founded and funded the “dumb Polak” jokes, it gets to a point where to slander, libel, hurt an entire species the descendents of White Christians (which we all are) isn’t funny. Would the Jews find it funny if Whites go en masse into Holocaust museums and ‘laugh our heads” off at all the lice-filled shoes, lice-filled coats, pictures of Polish Christians posed as Jew victims, signs that are changed saying only 1.5 million died at Auschwitz Poland work camp and that it never was a gas chambers camp nor ovens to shove Jews in alive to bake alive.

In reality there are probably 2 billion dead Whites since 1096 that were “jokes for Jews,” and now there are 700,000,000 White men, women and children who are nothing more than 700,000,000 jokes for Jews and nothing more. It isn’t funny anymore, it is horrific.

Jew Jokes Defaming Whites. Where's rich Jew Abe Foxman head of "Anti-Defamation" league?

Jew Jokes Defaming Whites. Where’s rich Jew Abe Foxman head of “Anti-Defamation” league?

Jewish Doctors: “Murderers in White Robes”

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You can skip to the YouTube below if you prefer movies.

Jew Doctors: “Murderers in White Robes!” From Russian history. Since there is one one Jew version of books and writing, I can only use my own experience, research and reasoning. You will see on youtube below where White Russian Joe Stalin, comes to the realization he has been “used as a White fool,” for Jewish emigration to USA/Israel and where Russian Commies killed the Nazis and destroyed them (under Jewish rule) Stalin now sees that he killed off the wrong people. Stalin then turns on the Jews and kills off the “Jewish writers.” But that is all we have in USA today or Europe for Jews run book publishing, even our texts in college, for 23 of 25 essays in my English 101 course were “anti-White,” pro-Jew and pro-non-White including all the posters and pictures on wall to brainwash White “minds.” You can see why Hitler burned the books of Jews. If that were done today it would be nearly all books on our library shelves, books stores, amazon, etc.

I’ve written already of how Hitler’s doctor was the doctor to “Jewish entertainers,” (clients with big $$$$.) Hitler’s doctor was the “only” person who never left Hitler’s side and knew his every move. Dr. Morrell. He weasled his way into Hitler’s utmost confidence more than any of his generals, staff, secretaries, family or friends.

I suggested Dr. Morell could have been a “spy” for Jews reporting back to USA Hitler’s every move. Otherwise how could there have been 46 assassination attempts on Hitler’s life. “Someone” had to know his exact whereabouts for all these times, and the “least” one suspected would be the Jew doctor “god” that Jews made Christians worship. In Russia a doctor gets paid as much as a janitor, but here in USA, they are elevated to “god-level,” and the worse part is we have no more White male doctors so all these high level salaries, homes, jobs, vacations, stock portfolios, and “power” that goes with it in voting, goes to Jews and now “non-Whites” such as yellows, Hindus, Muslims, Arabs, anyone and everyone “except” the White male. Jews divided and conquered the White species, our country, children, even our Christ. Jews are the “anti-Christ” that the bible warns us of.

There is an entirely different understanding than the one White Christian descendents were brainwashed in our minds. The Jew version, the “only” form of book publishing, text book, autobiographies, fiction, or even our White inclination of what we want to read is what Jews masters approve.

I wrote about this before but will again. Jews controlled 52% of German doctors, and would include “most” of them since Jews controlled the medical universities as Jews do today in Harvard where although Jews comprise only 2% of population, control 30% of Harvard. We know from Black Obama’s appointee of Elena Kagan (Jewess) to Supreme Court, (4 1/2 out of 9 are Jews, a black, brown, and no White Protestant male) that Kagan’s appointees at Harvard to best jobs were 50% Jewish. How can Whites “wonder” why we are in such bad shape when it was intentionally done to us. Poland’s doctor percentage even higher.

Strongest organization in the world, including any business, is AMA, American Medical Association, founded by a Jewish clown that was fired from his job and couldn’t find work. And do you really think what Jews have done to our health or diseases they caused like injecting themselves with Typhus to get “sympathy” of the White Protestants for the “takeover,” and even destruction of Protestestanism. As long as Whites continues to give their treasuries to the other races, surely Jews will let us live. They are just shocked we caught on after 1000% of Jewish rule over us, especially my Poland.

In Russian there was the “Doctor’s Plot,” where Stalin, White, thought the Jewish doctors were trying to kill the Russian leaders. But I already wrote that most of the White Nazis leaders of Germany had “commit suicide” and were “convinced” to kill themselves with cyanide capsules. And… who else… but Dr. Morrell, Hitler’s “friend? and doctor,” or in actuality his #1 enemy, but concealed and what a masterminded criminal plot for who would suspect the doctor-god? … But Dr. Morrell gave the cyanide capsules to the White Nazi leaders just as he did to kill Hitler’s dog “Blondie” (We know how Jews hate blondes and even though they put them up as “stars,” it is for their $$$ Jews brainwashed our “minds” with the term “dumb blonde” just as they labeled me and my people, “Dumb Polaks,” to destroy us, break us down, get us addicted with low self esteem, etc. They did the same to “blondes” and one would think the Aryans are the smartest in the world, yet in their countries’ capitals, the blacks are gang raping the White women and the White men are paralyzed. Jews want the White man “impotent” and Jews “powerful” to the point of god-hood and we have allowed it.

So here’s the article of Stalin perhaps after seeing a change in Jewish behavior after World War II, suspects that “all Jews are spies.” Think of that in USA. “All Jews are spies.” I met the Jew advertising agent who conned me into making him a copy of the Jenny Jones Show tape where I was Queen of Karaoke; he turned it into American Idol and gets royalties. Was he a spy? Absolutely and I thought he was a “friend.” Is the devil our friend or foe? Was the Jew doctor who raped me a “friend or foe,” or a Satanic rapist, for “doctors” I presumed had the  “highest” level of being professional, honest, and “who would suspect” a doctor? Whites better wake up and wake up quickly. Who would have thought a doctor who should know health and medicine would kick me out of his office for “breastfeeding” in 1973, when now it is common fact. But the doctors are “shifty” for they are sneaky, “covering” up their 100 year conspiracy to drug up Whites from baby formula, to pills, drugs, even illegal drugs where our war in Afghanistan was about Heroine poppies for US citizens, not rights of brown Muslims.

The Jews were “through” with using the White Russians for war and barbarianism. Germany, Poland, Russia, England, USA, even Japan, alllll played into the Jewish hand. How Jews did it all seems impossible but even by Jew David Brooks’ admission in the Jew New York Times (since late 1800’s), the Jews control USA. Jews surely used other organizations, perhaps White, but Chinese Yellow Commies seem to be a top suspect for look at their wealth today and future and “one” raced country of 1.3 and look at Whites hobbling around in every direction for “other” races especially Jews. White slavery.

So when Jews were thru with Russia, even after Jews concocted the plot of Katyn Massacre killing off 20,000 of the “finest” of White Christian Polish, Jews wanted to destroy Russia. Jews won their 1 goal: Complete emigration from Europe which was now a bombed out, terrorized, bankrupt, indebted to Jewish credit from war, country, with a bleak future, (as compared to USA where all the Jews wanted to be.) The Jewish plot worked. Jews got total freedom to terrorize Palestinians and take over their country and our country which they still terrorize (see 9/11)

Hence the Jews developed “another plot.” As many Hollywood Jewish movies, which is all since the first 1927, have all these crazy plots, Jews used them on Whites in our reality for perhaps 1000 years and we are still living in them. In fact, in order to get ‘charged’ up we Whites just sit and wait until the next ‘terror’ act, or schemed up earth quake, or locks breaking in New Orleans, or gulf stream, or shootings, which never happened until 9/11…. all to keep Whites terrorized for the final takeover. The takeover we are living in now is  still acceptable, it won’t be when Jews accomplish in USA what they did to Russia. 100,000,000 White Christians, starved to death, cannibalization, Jews selling human ground meat to starving people etc. Church, values, God and especially Jews who “exposed” Jews… dead… at the hand and “mind” of the Jews.

Jews developed plot to assassinate all the Russian leaders. I mean, piece of cake for Jewish doctor. They already succeeded in winning World War II and convincing Whites to give up their “lives” for Jews, their brains, limbs, eyes, faces, testicles… all for Jew diabolical “business” rights. Nothing to do with religion, but all to do with Jewish race.

White people have “no” youtubes on this, and the ‘only’ source of info we have is a Jew’s version.

Note the “Professor” says there were “rumors” how the Whites were going to “punish” Jews, put them by millions into Gulags, etc. When in fact, the ones put into Gulags were White Christians, not Jews. But Jews wanted to emigrate to USA for it was soooo easy for them to takeover. Take a look at how lower IQ brown Mexicans just strolled over the border, screwing their guts out so we can give citizenship to their babies and have our White women and men and children working 94 hours a week to not support themselves for we live in “credit and debt” to Jews, but to support the Jews, brown babies, black babies (soon to be 9 billion for they are having 9 babies each on average,)  red babies, yellow babies, and our White babies don’t even have time to study, pray, or associate or unite with one another. As longs as Whites don’t unite with one another we will never be able to control our own destiny.

We know the Jews helped break up the Soviet Union for Jews used the idea of “Cold War” to keep Whites in America, scared, terrorized, sickly, indebted, divided, conquered. The Cold War with USA and Russia was nothing more than covering up Jewish involvement in World War II, such as Katyn Massacre by Commies. Jews then went to steal all of Russia’s utilities and resources, but Russia can “see” the Jews’ crimes where USA Whites are totally unsuspecting… as Poland was for 900 years.

I don’t believe it has to be this way, otherwise I wouldn’t write. White Russians and USA Whites need to unite, have think tanks, sober ones, as painful as it might be, to resolve these issues, and begin to build what is best for the remainder of White Christian descendants.

Chicago Skies were Weeping and Drowning

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Chicago’s Blues Skies were Weeping!

I have had times in my life, just a few, when the skies seemed to cry along with me. There are songs like that. But this last year is when I unloaded my entire autobiography (at supersonic speed of thought and typing) here on fb and my website, and all my heartache of Chicago came pouring out. So much so, I thought I’d die to relive it and nearly did. I’m still suffering from it today.

So when I went back to Chicago last week, when I went to check the airlines schedule I saw many flights were cancelled or delayed. Mine wasn’t. Why the cancellations? The Chicago skies were weeping so badly the rain flooded much of the entire Chicagoland area. Yes for a city that has had so many black blues singers, none of them could compare to the horrors I experienced. They have been privileged and pampered since Jews sold them to us and conned us into buying them in the 1600’s to work on tobacco plantations to keep our White men addicted, sick, cancerous, dying, diseased, smelling, while Jews laughed at them all the way to the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank in England. No one really knew the extent of this, especially the 900 years Jews ruled Whites thru their hidden existence in Poland where both church and government bowed to their every wish.

Yes, indeed the Chicago skies were crying, and so was I. I also got to sing in the short hours I was there. I got off at O’hare airport and there was a street performer in the subway part underground. I paid him a tip and asked to do a duet but he let me have the mic by myself. I got to sing “3” songs, mostly the music of the late 60’s like the time I was in the mental hospital and Fred the White blonde blue eyed fellow also depressed, would play his albums in the music therapy room. I sang “America” by Simon and Garfunkel, Starry Nights, about artist Van Gogh, by Don McLean of American Pie fame, (forget the other) or perhaps I did two.

“Here’s” song “America.” In case you ever wanted to know what a White man and White woman, myself, were listening to, and crying about, in the locked ward at the insane asylum, Illinois State Psychiatric Institute of Chicago. I never dreamed as I was “trying to get well,” against all odds, the head Jewish doctor would rape me and then have a plot all worked out to cover his acts. He nearly got away with the perfect crime, but for the grace of God, I lived long enough to tell my side, 40 years later. Wonder why I cry? Never? Wonder why I am able to stop and function at all from what the Jews and society have done to my family and me, while elevating the Jewess to godhood along with their voodoo Queen in the White House, Michelle Obama, who also lived on “Euclid Avenue” in Chicago as I did. You mean “she” never cried like that? What a bitch! Doesn’t know the meaning of the word “suffering” not since her uncle is head Black Rabbi for Jews in the USA and World. Jews run our government. The election was rigged and fixed against our White man, Romney, and it just shows you how deeply scarred and damaged our White race is.

Some of the pictures here coincidentally are things I talked about, such as the Kennedy brothers and family.

White Celine Dion

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White Celine; her mother had 13 babies, my mama 12, so I’m sure, especially as a Christian, she loves me as I do her.

When I first started karaoke, I bought her CDG with 15 songs and knew and sang all of them. I was not into “costumed” karaoke, and starting at age 51 or so, and not even having music in my experience being so poor, I gave it my best.

My favorite Celine is “Because You Loved Me” for my mentors who helped me thru turbulent and dangerous times on the terrorized waters of USA. Also, “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” which is a mighty powerful song, and her voice and mannerisms are so European French which is very entertaining as a sister White person. The Titanic song also is a legend as it is the most sung music at funerals. I have 2 costumes from Titanic movie I’ve sewed/designed: Rose and Unsinkable Molly Brown, both with self-made huge hats.

But as I watch this I see my ideas that I introduced on stage which made me seem an oddity, so I will point them out. Since I don’t have TV or follow media, I may not even be right on this, but you know how accurate or close my guesses are, which are pretty good.

When Celine cries on stage during mid show, I have cried on stage and have said others have cried when I sang, both in Chicago and Vegas. Chicago was about 15 years ago; Vegas recently. When Celine’s father died, I was writing media about some partial episodes of my Daddy’s hardship, being beaten by my mother, although not mentioning Jews yet, for no one can voice anything regarding Jews except worship or silence and awe, which they don’t deserve. Only God gets that from me. Celine showed up to perform the day of her father’s death, for she wanted to “express” herself, in which she cried. I have wept many times in my emails to media, (Jews) regarding my love and grief over my Dad.

Celine wears White and wears it well. The gown is soooo beaded, just as my first beaded gown I bought in Chicago at Alyce Designs warehouse which I still wear today. I even went to Pigeon Forge Tennessee to see Dollywood to see if I could get a beaded gown there like Dolly Parton, but they didn’t have any.

The final blue gown in Titanic is also beautiful. When Celine takes the chiffon fabric and whips it thru the air, I did that on stage in karaoke in my belly dancer costumer with 2 White shiny chiffon long lengths of material. I think it is on facebook with the fabric flying in the air. I mentioned to designers here that it isn’t about singing for me but moving the fabric on stage, creating the costumes, having a one woman production, not a song.

I’ve been crusading for White race and allll these babies born are certainly part of my crusade of saving White race. Also the fact Celine breastfed, it was nearly extinct when I showed my cleavage downtown Chicago, 1994, and told them it was my trademark because I breastfed.

When I was on Jenny Jones Show as Queen of karaoke, which turned into American Idol, the producer, Ron, asked me to sing “All by Myself,” by Celine. But they already told me they would make me sound bad with the microphones, and I really wouldn’t torture that song. Also I think the song was given to me to sing for I traveled downtown Chicago… all by myself… and still do. It is probably the only reason I have accomplished so much, but what a price to pay to give up humanity for goals and accomplishments. I didn’t sing Celine’s song, I sang “Fame.” My nipple fell out and afterwards the man who I gave the VHS tape to (turned into American Idol) also had Superbowl marketing and advertising, and Janet Jackson’s nipple fell out. It was “not” an accident. It was copied from me.

When Celine takes the baton and twirls on stage, I did that also on stage with the cane I carry when I sing “Chicago,” which is on my website queenofkaraoke. com….

At end of show, as Celine is in her dressing room, she brings out a naked dress form, used to hold gowns, and I had my on stage for I made mine from an old one I found at Salvation Army and padded it to fit my figure. The one at end is white and naked.

Celine sings “River Deep Mountain High” a rocker song from my era, Tina Turner, which I did many times in Chicago when I also did all of Tina Turner’s music. I did a wicked Tina Turner. As you know, Tina would go to Germany to get the White men sexed up and not wear panties with her short skirts and broadcast the smell of her vagina under the German man’s nose. What a way to insult our smartest race who figured out how Jews were trying to destroy our White species. Also Tina did oral sex to the microphone, and I’ve done some sexy shots with the microphone and stick on stage. But again, I do 8000 songs in 8 languages 247 self-made or designed costumes, so I go the entire and infinite realm of music and am not boxed into one kind. I have really done all there is to music and karaoke. Where Hitler tried to teach the White man and White woman to love each other, get along, and have babies, with each other, Jews smashed the White German Race forcing them to “love” blacks “more” than themselves, and not only “love” Jews more than themselves, but feel guilty for things White German Nazis and Hitler never did or even dreamed of. World War II Lies: War is written by the winner… and President Kennedy’s father said the only winner of World War II was the Jews. Perhaps that is why the President was killed, John F. Kennedy Jr. his son, perhaps they drugged Ted Kennedy, which is why he went off the bridge with his secretary and then Jews used him as a sure puppet to put across the Jewish Civil Rights Act against Whites, for themselves and the 92% of the world to takeover and help destroy White species, even Christianity. Also, Robert Kennedy was assassinated.  Since the Jews’ big mistake, Building 7, of 9/11, everything becomes suspicious and what are we going to do about it. Germans in World War II were sooo innocent about preserving their race, giving themselves as much rights as one would give their pedigreed dogs, or pedigreed cats or even horses. Whites are only race on earth that have no rights but are forced to race-break with each blink of the eye, for Jews have deluged our entire “mind” for 100 years. And as Winston Churchill said after World War II, the “next” war will be fought will be a “mind” war. And believe me, it’s everywhere. I wrote consistently we are being bombarded from every direction like a racquetball and are exhausted just trying to meet the balls they throw at us. When we should either get out of the racquet ball court for we are the White fools of the world, or get them out and let us build and mold our life to White standards of survival, not the lowest scum road Jews have us on as we tread in invisible “mind” chains.

I would like an idea from this video for me on stage. When Celine is up there they have video shots of her behind her. I would like to have pictures of all my 247 different characters, hats, costumes, props, performances, blinking behind me during my entire performance. It is truly the only way the audience can even begin to understand and appreciate, if even then. But if I were to be made even a moderate success, what would it do to other singers or entertainers who can’t compete at my level. Even American Idol is really the same Jewish entertainment for 100 years. Although I’m getting older, and only men can stay on stage like Jew comedian George Burns until he was 101 years old! You say you didn’t know Jews also controlled our comedy for Whites for 100 years! Of course, what’s new. They are astonished that I figured it out when even their top people probably didn’t. It was all done thru the ‘mind.’

Anyway, without a doubt, Celine is the greatest female singer of all time, and I give her that applause and support. Her voice is amazing. I think she sings more thru her nose, or nasal, which is how French people talk, and now that my costumes are done, perhaps I can spend more time just learning how to sing right. Won’t be easy at my age. Then of course is the editing of my autobiography which is here on facebook, but it nearly killed me to write that and relive my real life. Celine never had it that hard. I hope the White species doesn’t collapse not just for her sake, but for her children’s sake, and all her many nieces and nephews. What good are all the awards, and magnificence if our children live homeless, starvation, tortured and all for “helping” other races, especially Jews.

Jews Hate When Whites are United and Get Along Well

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Jews Hate When Whites are United and Get Along Well. If Whites really wanted to get back at our Jewish masters it would be to unite what Jews have divided and conquered. Here women are playfully interacting on balcony.

See all of today’s posts on these German Dresden Figurines. And it wasn’t that Jews wanted any city to be destroyed but chose Dresden Germany which they Holocausted 200,000 White German smartest, cultured, refined, spiritual Christians, with 1000 bombs which melted them in flames which is really what a Holocaust is. No Jews died in these flames nor in any flames, hence no Holocaust in World War II. Holocaust means flames, and Jews were not put into ovens alive or burned, other than after they were dead for cremation to stop the lice bugs they were loaded with from destroying all of Germany, even Europe as nearly happened in World War I. I bet Jewish doctors were responsible for those injections too when the soldiers thought they were getting ‘vaccines’ but loaded with Typhus that killed them off. What a way for Jewish doctors to win a war. They are diabolical and Satanic.

But alas, I so enjoy the beauty of these figurines that I will just look for the good that we once had in our history, which we all could have had.

Jews Hate White Culture but love our White Slavery for Them and White $$, Women, boys for their perversion

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Jews Hate White Culture: As you can see now, from these Germany Dresden Figures, (Jews and their Commie imps destroyed and Holocausted in Flames the German White men, women, children and melted them alive with 1000 bombs…… NO JEWS WERE HOLOCAUSTED IN FLAMES IN WORLD WAR II BUT SAFE IN WORK CAMPS TO MAKE IT EASY FOR THEIR EMIGRATION TO USA…. TALK ABOUT ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.’ Like when Jews filled up a ship called “Patria” like “Patriotic” and forced their immigration like brown Mex’s and their sex’s do on USA today, but Jews did to Palestine, 1940. When Winston Churchill refused to acknowledge the Jews robbing that land thru forced immigration, Jews bombed their own ship, killing 276 of their own Jews so Whites would “feel sorry” for them when they murdered their own people and sank their own ship. Hitler was a saint compared to how cruel Jews were to their own, such as Jew doctors injecting their people with typhus to make sure the world would “feel sorry for them.” Now today, the world hates Whites and love Jews and we helped and slave to make tit happen.

Look how relaxed and happy our White women used to be. That could have been for “all” White women not just royalty. All our money instead went to Jew banks, misery, war, which is unfit for God’s children who served Him/Her for 2000+ years. It would be a cruel god who reward the Jews for their crimes, and punish White Christian descendants for worshiping him and helping world get civilized. Send them back to being cannibals, poverty, starvation etc. The other races only hate us for our generosity which they consider a weakness. Let’s see if when Whites are gone how good the Jews are to them. We opened up our USA home and the Jews and other races took it over and chased us thru Jew blockbusting. We gave them our universities, and they replaced us and only Whites have to pay; all the rest are free which means “we Whites pay for them too.” They took our beaches, oceans, parks, mountains, roads, libraries, subways, they not only took our skyscrapers, Jew Silverstein with his double indemnity insurance policy destroyed them for $$$, which Whites will pay for higher premiums, etc. We opened our Christian churches and welcomed them in, but they made racist Black churches out of them as the one Michelle, the African Queen Ruler of USA and world attended and her Jewish Black Rabbi #1 in USA.

No race deserves to die off like the Whites are doing right now and have been. Where’s our dignity, our royalty, our refinement, our hard work, our meditation, our God. Why do we worship Jews as gods 24/7 and blacks and whoever jews sling in our face. First it is Muslims for their revolutions, then they transfer to black Somali pirates, then to Yellow North Koreans. I just wake up and wonder where their Hollywood production is going to be next. It’s an assault on White Life to life worse than cockroaches not humans. And Jews reduced us to a level below the lowest of nature.

By the way, I never saw these figurines until today so I’m writing as I research.

Jews Hate White Life

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Jews hate White sparkle and beauty.

Here’s a neat Dresden Germany White male figurine. He’s going to soak his feet in a bath, and what a clever idea. It looks like a porcelain swimming pool for toes!

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Jews Hated White Germans, Smartest & Most Cultured & were #1 responsible for World War II Bombing ($$) of Dresden Germany, worse atrocity of all time wars inflicted on Whites and Whites only.

Jews Hated White Germans, Smartest & Most Cultured & were #1 responsible for World War II Bombing ($$) of Dresden Germany, worse atrocity of all time wars inflicted on Whites and Whites only.

Jews Hate White Males: Dresden Germany

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Jews Hate the White male.

It breaks my heart to realize the Jews destroyed our White male. Here is a Dresden Germany figurine of a well-dressed, refined, intelligent, even spiritualized White man with his faithful doggie by his side.

I couldn’t understand at first why Jews and their imp Commies destroyed Dresden Germany with 1000 bombs that created a “real Holocaust.” Holocaust means to destroy by flames and no Jews were killed in ovens, flames, so there was no Jew Holocaust. The only people burned up and melted in flames were White Germans of Dresden were this figurine of the White male was made. The true and only Holocaust of Europe was Dresden Germany where the people, dogs, cats, children, old seniors melted just from the heat of the flames to “punish” our White smartest people who wanted to save White Race from Jewish destruction, banking, raping, wars, Jew art, Jew thieving of everything Whites owned to disburse to world.

I wonder what will happen when German men and women find out what happened to them by Jews in both World War I and II. What about all the German descendants of the USA which make up most of our people. Doesn’t that irk you? It’s not for me to save you when I’m really lucky if I can save myself.

The odd thing is Jewish men dress obnoxiously and stink too at least the one who demanded sex from me when I needed work desperately when Viet Vet was fired from job and I had to support family.

But when the Jewish destroy us Whites (and believe me they won’t stop for destroying blacks, browns, yellows, reds, if it meets their $$$ need) Jews will dress differently and the golden glittery robes in their closets as they rob our starved corpses as well as the corpses of our children like they did to my Poland, Galicia, where my Daddy is from.

If we don’t save our White male this will be a third world country. Jews don’t care. They thrive in cockroaches as in the movie “The Eternal Jew,” with tens of thousands of cockroaches on the wall during their “holy feast” days of conquering White or Gentiles, and Whites like nuts, applaud their defeating us! As President Bill Clinton did, Michelle Obama who hates this country and all we have done. Send her back to Africa where maybe she can learn a little virtue for she certainly has none now.

Jews Hate White male & if we don't save our White male it's the end of our species, Christianity, USA

Jews Hate White male & if we don’t save our White male it’s the end of our species, Christianity, USA

Jews Hate White Breasts and Cleavage

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Jews Hated White Breasts and Cleavage: Why? They are homosexual perverts and the homosexual that plays the female role can’t breastfeed. Do you see how they ruined our minds and didn’t Winston Churchill say that the next war would be one of the “mind” and Whites haven’t even the idea that our collective mind is lost, gone, kaput.

White cleavage and breasts are God made. I paid the price having the hospital try to assault my mind and prevent me from breastfeeding by first engorging me and not bringing my baby to me, and then bringing me a black baby by ‘mistake.’ Then when I was still breastfeeding when baby was 5 months old, the doctor literally screamed at me and told me if I didn’t put my baby on solids, baby formula, vitamins, cereals (products$$$$) to get out of his office. That was ‘mental cruelty’ of the mind and didn’t Winston Churchill after World War II say the next war that would be fought would be of the “mind,” and Whites have lost our minds, for no sooner we get back on track with one problem, Jews put another trillion obstacles in our path and we “worship” them for this assault. That doctor should have been arrested for cruelty and I had to go to the black ghetto for a brown Hindu doctor just so I could continue breastfeeding without being assaulted by doctor for just doing what was sane in 1972 as a pioneer in comeback of nursing.

It was Jewish doctor’s wives, who hate their offspring and only have 1 to get their Jew husband’s $$$ and fortune for doing absolutely nothing but stand on a pedestal for us to worship 24/7. These doctor’s wives didn’t want to be near their Jewish offspring and were the first to get prescriptions to buy drugged up baby formula. And Whites follow Jews as gods.

Jewish doctors pushed the drugs of baby formula down our White babies throats and our pocketbooks.

Jewish doctors pushed the drugs of baby formula down our White babies throats and our pocketbooks.