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White Female and Jewish “Great?!”

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Jews are not great; only God is. If you worship Jews or are a Jew you don’t have to read further.


British White Petula Clark & Jew Jack Benny:

Just to show how Jews destroyed our normal mind as a species thru “mind” control, here is another sample. I like British Petula Clark and didn’t realize she didn’t so many songs I enjoyed. See other posts today: “Kiss Me Goodbye,” “This is My Song,” and “Winchester Cathedral.”

Here’s the truth that Jews saw in these shows destroying Whites and using us for talent, sex, money, power and control. We never knew it was happening and still don’t.

I noticed in this that the Jew, Jack Benny is “adored” in this dialogue. Not Petula, not the White British man who was so beaten in world war ii he left his White female for all practical purposes as London now is a brown pit, where the older Whites stay locked up in their homes like caged White animals in fear and terror. Jews staged that decades ago if not a century or more. Whites kick them out but end up taking Jews back and this is price we pay. Younger Whites are mating with the other races who offer sex “freely” like animals while we Whites are distant sexually from one another. Another World War III between White male and female: Jewish divide and conquer our most basic instinct to survive.

Jack Benny is the cheap Jew and he tells us. As in Jewish run nursing homes (for Whites to get horrible treatment) Jews pay each other 3 times the amount for supplies, but Jew down the White businessman. Whites can’t take it out against Jews because of artificial Jew Holocaust and can’t take it out against other races, as White men learned in South Chicago when Jew Civil Rights Law was passed against White men, and immediately Blacks were instigating trouble to bring law suits and imprisonment against White men who didn’t have the Jewish US legal system all the way to the Supreme Court on the Black man’s side. No wonder we have Jewish Black President and Jewish First Lady today, as Poland once again has Jewess First Lady after mysterious plane accident killed Polish President and First Lady. I know others who have worked for Jews and say the same thing. They starved us to death while Daddy worked his fingers to the bone for Jewish Book Publishing. Jews only publish other Jew’s books or Whites who say what Jews want us to know, more lies.  As long as one includes anti-White and pro-Jew and other raced material you can be sure it will hit the Jew New York Times Best Seller List! Don’t Whites have even an ounce of life left for their own survival or the agony of other Whites?

Note while Petula is singing “This is my Song” which is title of contest I won naming my autobiography back in 2001… there is a woman in front row in a fur trimmed coat who is sleeping and not paying attention. It is how Jews made Whites a jaded audience towards other Whites but to be alert, almost afraid of Jewish entertainers who we have made billionaires. I once saw on video to learn to sing blues (white  blues in my case although Whites think only blacks sing blues.) The teacher said that the audience is “jaded” and not to look at them. Look at the wall behind them. She said if you connect to “one” person, give that person your all or possibly connect to another. But Jews command attention of 100% of Whites and now world, not just one or none. Perhaps Whites should turn that treatment on Jews and say “I don’t care about Jew’s performances. I don’t find Jewish mind and body and $$ manipulating of Whites funny or entertaining which is how I view this.

Note Benny admits his name on TV. Whites never caught it  but I did. “Kabel-sky” remember if Jew breeded with White royalty in Poland for 900 years they changed the White Christian Polish name to make it Jewish by adding “sky” at the end instead of “ski.”

Note how Benny calls himself “Kabelsky” the “Great.” Jews can call each other and teach us to worship them like this, and even call black women groups like “Supremes” or Black men as “Temptations” teasing White women to want taboo sex with them when they have smaller penis’ than White men who have largest. Also black man’s penis for some reason can’t extend fully and certainly they can only give animal sex like African animals like “intelligent” sex as I have read 27 books on sex. But non-whites are sooo free with their sex that White men who have been damaged thru porn, constant sex marketing, drugs, pills, cigarettes, will settle for anything jus to relieve themselves. Intentional damage by Jews.

Note the cigarette commercial. If you or anyone smokes, died from smoking, sick from it, blame Jews. First tobacco plantation in America not by White men but Jews in equator island as I wrote before! Jews intentionally destroyed us and cigarette smoking stops blood flow into penis and clitoris for full White satisfaction. Jews will publish my findings and you will “adore” them when it hits a magazine, believe it, and pay  big for it, but ignore or hate me who gets no $$ for this.

See how he outright and blatantly kisses her White hand affectionately with his dirty Jewish lips. He does that to assault and attack White ego and pride. Even a cat will declare his own turf and territory but Jews destroyed that also and White women feel that by being unprotected and preyed on by 92% of Jews and other races who soon will only use us for “breeding” not love, or support, or developing us. I know, for the Jew that hired me at Production Tool Corp. (Jews) promised to make me an accountant with training but then abused me with demanding sex until I quit and fled to mental ward for safety. Only to again be threatened with rape by Jew doctor who raped me 7 years prior.

Winchesher Cathedral also is negative against British Christianity. Jews infiltrated both church and governments of Whites as far back as 1095 when Germans and French men united to massacre the Jews when they saw their “leaders” were genociding and enslaving them. Chinese Yellow already massacred Jews for trying to pull off the same s  – h i t against “their” people. I have a feeling when Jews genocide us, they will actually do China the favor, for China plans on taking over USA and both us and blacks will be gone and they can move in without lifting a finger, bomb, or bullet.

A’s for Some Whites

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A’s for Whites. I would hope Whites would once again take our rightful place in society not as White slaves to crafty murderous Jews and other races, but to ourselves and each other. Even on the Mayflower crew, the captain and governor broke down the White British immigrants into units of 10. If they survived, fine, if not they were allowed to die rather than destroy all the White People as happened with the entire White crew on the first ship before the Mayflower.

And don’t think the ‘Reds’ that the Whites met on that first ship were “sooo nice” like the freak Obama says on Thanksgiving. (What a way to ruin a perfectly good and valued holiday.) The Red women chopped up the White men and women alive and boiled them. Did they eat them like soup? The book, “Here Shall I die Ashore” by Caleb Johnson, doesn’t mention it. (Biography of Stephen Hopkins, husband’s ancestor from Mayflower, whose wife Elizabeth, also had the only baby born on Mayflower, called “Oceanus.” How beautiful the British thoughts and aims, how evil the Red savage women, just like the black women of Africa, beating their men constantly. Does Michelle beat Obama or does he obey with just a “look” from her he is so scared?) Also, the Red Indians let our White people “starve” rather than help us, for the rest of the crew starved to death or were forced to cannibalize their wife and baby in her stomach to survive. The Reds were alive and eating well but selfish and greedy. It wasn’t until the governor made law and contacted their chief Red Indian that they no longer could keep bothering White people for products, food, attention, only trading, that the Whites were able to survive as groups of 10 and “all” survived. No one group stole from another or were beaten, even women and children for it was that harsh in building America. But Michelle Obama never was proud for Whites never made any sacrifices for this land and people of all races. Is she just pure evil or is she plain stupid, an idiot, moron, and perhaps a whore sucking Black for Jewish $$ and power to continue genocide of White species.

Here’s a cute youtube with Alvin and Chipmunks and chipettes with eyes that look like Whites. An “A” is on his hat for the “A’s” our Whites will be getting and don’t forget it is no other person or party and certainly not Jews that is calling for this and I should get at least some of the credit as I give credit to all the other characters I do.

Kiss Me Goodbye British Petula Clark

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My White Husband’s Suicide, today, 9 years ago! Memorial Day. I am editing my autobiography, (the draft is on this site in October of 2012,) when I wrote of my Grandpa Kopaczewski’s death when I was two. He was waked in my Aunt’s home downstairs on 8332 S. Colfax, and the children were to “kiss him good-bye.” So I climbed up and hugged and kiss his dead body good-bye. He was the White Polish Christian Russian General, Mama’ father, who lived with us, and had 14 of his own children, besides helping Mama raise her 12 babies. He’d take us out for walks in the buggy so we got fresh air every day, and five days before he died he bought me a birthday dress because he wanted to see me “dressed” up and not in the hand-me-downs of five siblings above me.

When I saw the photos in this song by Petula Clark from Britain, I thought of also kissing my Viet Veteran US Marine good-bye. A 17 year old hussy stole him from me, someone he hired for sales, who first weasled her way into him buying her free lunches and drinks after work and they wanted him 24/7. Although when he confessed to me that he still loved me he told me she gave him an “ultimatum” which was the beginning of the end for us.

I look back, autobiographically speaking, and know that it had to be. Eventually, some wife or mother had to come along to right the wrongs for the terribly treated White Veteran, but it broke my heart, will, soul, body and mind for me to help lead the way. If the atrocities against Veteran’s in America were not exposed and mourned, think of how bad these men from Afghanistan war for Muslim woman’s rights would feel.

As I watched this song by Petula Clark I saw the Veteran’s going off to war and thought of my innocent husband, just a late teen, forced to go fight for yellow Vietnamese women’s rights, not mind or even his own. But the Chinese Yellow Commies won that war and right after President Nixon went to China to sign surrender papers and give them all our technological, business and manufacturing secrets! No sane race would do that which shows you the Jews have driven us mad.

I began to cry as I watched this and by the time it neared the end I screamed out loud for the universe to hear or perhaps the stars. And then it ended of course with a black man in tears…. not the White man… so the mind will remind the black man.. and not the White man. Yet until Viet Nam War only White men were in wars not Blacks, or browns, for the most part. It was to destroy and damage the White man so badly, while Jews made their final takeover of the White man’s land, women, businesses, banks, churches, schools, art, music, news, TV. What is left for the White man to have? Even third Worlder browns stroll over the border for they know how helpless we are.

Note all the White men and women, no browns, blacks for 400 years of wars. I know the pain of my White sister also Veteran’s wife, and wished she would have crusaded and helped me bear my pain breaking the way for Veteran’s. I’m still scarred terribly today and I should “think positive” but it feels better when I cry sometimes. All those wars for Jews and their faked Israel so we worship them as “Chosen Ones.” Chosen what? Chosen criminals?


“This is My Song,” by British Petula Clark, which was the title of a contest I won regarding the name of my autobiography if I were to write one in 2001. (right after the 9/11 tragedy.) I then began my journal writing and writing to the media. I won the journal to write in, and one of the first observations was I started to keep track of my alcohol consumption and found I was on verge of alcoholism, and was led to stop.

The words are incomparable as far as my good feelings about love and romance.

Note though Petula sings surrounded by “stars.” Jews are too crafty to put Stars of David all around so they put an extra spoke knowing Whites are too dumbed down to “get it.” Also the stars around the lights which are 6 pointed. At the end there are explosions that sound like gun blasts and were Jews getting us reading for the 9/11 Hollywood tragedy they would pull off?  Nice to see an older woman singing with such feeling, talent and beauty.

White London

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White London: Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer. (well it used to be White until Jews forced their anti-White Civil Rights. but then Bavaria kicked the Jews out of their White country for that exact reason in year 1300….. Civil Rights… which destroys the host people’s rights, minds, souls, hearts, land, children, parents, etc.)

Wonder Woman Cape Spin

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Wonder Woman’s Cape Spin:

White German Nazis on Wonder Woman: More Jew Terror on Us

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The Nazis on “Wonder Woman.” Jew TV never ceases from drowning our poor White minds with constant reminders that “Nazis” whose symbol means “fertility” not death and destruction like Jews have done to us. Here’s Wonder Woman in her famous spin into her cape but she is “terrorized” by the White German Nazis who might want her to have a baby or two to save and guard the species instead of becoming a slave to Jewish and their non-White masters of us.


White Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman spins: I liked this for it only showed the “spin” and not the other 59 minutes of Jewish propaganda as the one I posted below about Wonder Woman being afraid of “Nazis.” Jew Motto: Keep the White woman in constant state of terror and fear while her competition the Jewish Princess on a Pedestal lives in luxury, royalty, wealth and fearless. And we got conned into paying trillions for “Muslim Women’s Rights,” when it is White woman kept in fear and terror that the mind cannot imagine or comprehend, so to survive “temporarily” we block it out. State of denial to White’s addiction to Jews.

White Seniors, Depression, Brown Mexican Happiness

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White Seniors, Brown Mexicans: Mexicans are almost the happiest people in the world. according to statistics. I would be too if I was given a golden spoon for me and my kid as the Whites have given them for their sex and babies. Mexicans have “family” “Parents” {grandparents, there isn’t even a word for senior citizens in their Mexican language} friends, togetherness, breast milk, fresh foods & meat (they have all the jobs in slaughterhouses, butchers, picking and growing fruit and veggies, many drug free childbirth (till they come to Jew-S-A and strip Whites $$$ for doctors, hospital, drugs for childbirth, even illegals…. when will Whites decide to stop paying for Jew sex with your White women and boys, and all the other races sex and their babies. I mean 400 years in USA is enough. How about White Rome and the “slaves” the Jews conned us into buying?)

White Seniors. In contrast to the ever-loving, deliriously happy brown Mexicans, is the poor elderly White. When my Mama was advancing in years I consulted with Department of Aging for she wasn’t eating and wiltering away. They told me to have a meeting with my family and she would lead us. She said the family shouldn’t worry about the “senior citizen” because the “government (rule by Jews)” will take care of Mama. Remember, Jews own, run and rule the nursing homes for Whites and give us the “least” of care while they get they and the non-Whites get the most. She said we should only take her out to lunch, etc and have fun with her. Well, she didn’t go into a nursing home for many years later and was murdered there according to my sister who was her guardian and who did indeed care for Mama in addition to her job.

I’ve heard people who have relatives in nursing homes and they have nothing but “Horror” stories. One gal went everyday to check on each detail for her father was being abused in one. I know my sister had problems with the nursing home. They end up amputating his leg and had bed sores, falling out of wheelchairs, not from old age, but from bad care. A big black hoodlum pushed my sister down in a nursing home so aggressively, he broke her hip and she was in hospital for long time and rehabilitation. I’m sure black Obama gives out awards to every black and brown that cause grief, crime, terror, murder, butchering, “shuffling” which Blacks did in South to fool the White bosses into thinking they were working, as Michelle and Obama do with all their “white and brown and Jew slaves.” Also, the Jews at nursing homes pay their fellow Jews 3 times the amount for supplies, and gouge the White man by “Jewing” the White man down.

But for Whites we are not so happy. In fact, suicidal, both individually and collectively as a race. We also kill one another with remarks, actions against each other, and even the blacks stick together with “Say it loud I’m black and I’m proud.” I even see non-Whites wearing tee-shirts “I Love Me!” They certainly don’t love the White species who has supported them, their constant sex, babies, children, grandparents, while we stay alienated or rot.

In fact, so many Whites are prone to depression. No wonder I’m “sad” I should be “sad” when an illegal has more rights than I do and my husband’s ancestry goes back to Mayflower 400 years ago, should I be delirious and jump for joy as Jews have taught us to do? Look how many women addicted to anti-“depressants.” Why are we so unhappy? Why are our women damaged their eggs, ovaries, womb, fetus’ with drugs while the brown Mexicans skip with joy and laughter. While White Christians are “hoping” the kingdom of heaven comes after we die, we know for a fact Jews claimed they lived in Kingdom of Heaven, Golden Age, Paradise for 900 years in Chicago. I don’t see Yellow Commie Chinese depressed. They sing, and dance their Communist hearts out in karaoke. For the blacks it is just one big happy party in the USA  (take a look at Michelle and Barach and their black kids who are the epitome of joy, laughter, arrogance, pride, Black Supremacy, as the President and First Lady.) Ask any Hindu or Muslim who have not been damaged by war, eat good food, get fresh air, no illegal drugs, pills or horrendous wars to mutilate their bodies, minds and souls, ask they if they are “depressed.”

I don’t believe in all these remedies until it seems healthful. I think prayer is better than meditation for mediation dwells on nothing or nonsense word as in Transcendental Meditation which even the Hindus of India laugh at Whites for practicing it when they don’t.

But the Whites know something is gravely wrong inside and about their family, friends, race. Mama saw it clearly and screamed and used her fist to try to right it. She also used her mighty “pen” and she would send letters to the family, State’s Attorney etc to add to her “prayers” for them. Once you got a letter or a scolding from Mama you never could lift your head for days. But Jewess don’t scold their boys for raping, robbing, stealing, assassinating, bombing brown Palestinians with “White” Phosphorus, which was just a slap in the White face for they just wanted to show how powerful they are and helpless we are.


Jews, Banking, Three Stooges, Jewish Comedy Against Whites

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Jews & Money! 3 Stooges:

“3 Stooges” are Jews and when it started it was to poke fun at the White Southern gentlemen as Jews made sure they destroyed them and robbed their vast fortune during Civil War. 600,000 White dead (not counting perhaps 2,400,000 White suicies, and White men disabled, terribly addicted, white family and children ruined, offspring damaged from alcohol used to tame pain from losing limbs, eyes… all for Jewish $$ and black rights. And black Michelle Obama says she was “never proud of USA.” What a treasonous traitor! and we pay taxes for her insults against us Whites and give her and her brats top vacations and she never did a day’s work in her life. As I wrote a few days ago even a Jew wrote in book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” the blacks in South to avoid work would “shuffle” around pretending to work. Even before I read this I wrote that White men took a grave loss on buying black workers from greedy Jew 6,000 year slave traders. They made White suckers out of our people until today! You better save this if possible for Jews will destroy them as they have done the last 2000 years. They do things in “secret.”

Of the 3 Stooges which so many Whites are addicted to for comedy, here is Russian-Jewish Larry Fine. Note he got injured with chemical his father used to examine gold. They are obsessed with it and their $$ and our White women and boys.

“In early childhood, his arm was burned with acid that his father used to test whether or not gold was real: having mistaken it for a beverage, Larry had raised the acid bottle to his lips when his father noticed and knocked it from his hand, accidentally splashing Larry’s forearm.”

Rube Goldberg made films. (Jew) (note how Jews use gold and silver in their names like Silverstein who brought down the 3 World Trade Centers, the owner, and insurer which got double indemnity just 1 year before destroying 3000 of our mostly White people, White firemen and White Policemen, and destroying, shocking and terrorizing our White people for Jewish-Turkish (from Poland) Israeli wars.

Shemp Howard Samuel Horwitz, (Lithuanian Jew) (Note these Jews’ origin was 85% Polish but by keeping my White Christian people in war constantly for 900 years they kept moving the boundaries around. Jews did it in World War I making sure Poland acquired German land and people. That set the stage as an excuse to get Germany mad, as even Hitler wanted his German people back. It is how Jews worked with all of Poland’s neighbors. Remember when I wrote Jews had such horrendous hate campaigns against Poland that 4 of his neighbors wanted to war with him at the same time for different reasons. If Russia “won” the war, the Jews by some stroke of bad luck, happened to already live on the border of Poland and Russia “won” the Jews.

Just as Jews stole Thomas Edison’s Movie Machine to create Hollywood, destruction of White species, and the first talkie movie of all time, “the Jazz Singer” a Jewish star with a face painted black, jews have been working on our White minds to destroy our identity with constant “black” characters. It started with just one or two and now it is  non stop and we have a black White House family that does nothing but “shuffle” instead of work and Whites pay thru the nose.

Moe: Lithuanian Jew. Loved to read about “rags to riches” stories by Horatio Alger, only Jews made Whites riches to rags as they did Thomas Edison, White Protestant owner of New York Times when they gouged him, Walt Disney, when they banrupted him and finally took over after his death when they couldn’t destroy him while alive.

The famous comedian (and the only comedians we Whites have ever seen have been Jews or those controlled by Jews 100% as Beatles said you had to be part of their “religion,” to be in entertainment.).. but the famous comedian, Eddie Cantor, also Jew whose TV show this clip is from. Note his name has “Israel” in it as if these greedy, sinister, mercenary, imposters were the “children of Israel” in the Bible! Self-proclaimed and brainwashed us. I don’t know how the Whites are going to if ever get over this.

His real name: Edward Israel Iskowitz… Russian Jew.

People say “But the Jews are so talented,” Jews block anyone that is not on their agenda for takeover and racebreaking White species and elevating themselves to godhood. Like Charles Manson, who massacred the people in the Jew’s home for he could not get his music published. I know from Jewish Jerry Springer show he worked the Whites to death, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for little wages and the “Hopes” of getting into Hollywood. But our White people’s hopes, prayers, candles, actions could never materialize for Jews controlled Hollywood. If they had to hire a White it was only until a Jew needed a better job etc. Now all the races do that against White people.

Ted Healy, a Catholic Christian, originated the 3 Stooges but whatever the Jew Goldberg producer did to him he left comedy forever. No one realized this was going on back in the 1930’s.  Again, it was about “Southern Gentlemen” which probably was cute and not the violence Jews wanted to portray against the Southern Whites.

From this video, note the 3 Stooges are going to rob the US Mint. In fact, they did rob it, they had comedy on TV to tell us they were and we were totally hypnotized by them that we never suspected a thing.

The one stooge, Moe, takes a gun to the head of the supposed Southern White Gentlemen, but really another Jew, and says “One Word and I’ll pull the trigger.” This is basically how Jews hold a loaded gun to our White’s head. And now the other races who, like Poland for 900 years and especially regarding Katyn Massacre movie where the director says “How can an entire (large,White Christian) nation have been silenced in such a massacre of 20,000 of Poland’s finest White men….. and now Jews have silenced not just Polish White descendants in USA but “all” White European descendants. I still shake my head at how they could have pulled off this coup.

Note how the 3 Jews found themselves into the First National Bank with all the money. They controlled every last dime of Whites since 1913, one hundred years ago, from Jew Federal Reserve, (all 12 of them), IRS to take our White taxes, International Monetary Fund, Ft. Knox, World Bank, and destroyed any country who was not in the Jewish International Money System.  If Whites are in this, they better snap out of their dreams for Jews will crush them with a loaded gun to their heads when Jews finally use them up.

If you see the blonde girl is behind Jew and she is the background actress to attract attention of White male.

But notice at end how the Jew comedian grabs the White woman in shorts, she screams and they all “laugh.” How dare the White audience laugh at Jews raping
White women. Hitler didn’t laugh. But as Jews turned Poland lawless for 900 years the only European country to degenerate that far, Jews have done same to USA with gays in Boy Scouts. How long are Jews going to assault us? Where are my White rights as a mother that don’t want that insanity put on my descendants! Why don’t White women care in the least!

Every time we laughed at Jew’s comedies, we were committing suicide while they elevated themselves to godhood.

Viet Nam Veteran’s White Suicides on Veteran’s Wall in Washington DC

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Viet Nam War White Suicides.  All suicides from Viet Nam were White men. No Jews, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds, Hindus, Muslims. All White Christian descendants. Almost all Veterans in 400 years were White until just recently. There are 58,195 names of those in Viet Nam on the Viet Nam Veteran Wall in Washington DC. Now, let’s add the 200,000 White Suicide names to that wall! Let’s take a real good look at those White Heroes! I shall contact my senators tomorrow if I can break the barricade and blockade the Jews and other races have between the White citizen and our Congress.

Here’s my deceased husband’s picture. I could almost die of a broken heart attack as I write this and send this. It’s from the Purple Heart Hall of Honor. If he is considered as having died in “battle” then his name belongs on that wall. I suggest this for myself as his widow and for my white offspring, as well as those other 199,999 White Veterans who not only died of a bullet or bomb which is horrific, but the suffering their lives entailed. We must protect our country and our white race. We have been duped into giving all our military secrets to Jewish and Yellow Chinese Commies, and now who is to protect and defend the White species around the world?