Jews & Youtube, Secrets of Communism, Dr. David Duke

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Jew Youtube Boycotts Dr. David Duke’s new book on Jews and Communism. I just heard on Dr. David Duke’s radio show that Youtube (owned by Jews) took his youtube about his book showing the Jews as the founders, leaders, assassins, and slaughterers of 10,000,000 Whites in Ukraine. (Many tens of millions more around Europe and China. We haven’t begun to investigate the USA and Jew slaughters or murders. Jews silenced their prior home, Poland, for 900 years and now USA for 400 and counting. But Poland didn’t have internet.)

Even Elvis was concerned and studied Communism for 10 years. Why isn’t there a book on that. They have an entire bookcase filled with books on Elvis on everything but what mattered to him most: the frightening and terrorizing effects of Communism (Jews) on the USA and mostly his audience that he worshiped and loved!

Dr. Duke’s book is out and I received my copy. Jew Communism affects me directly. They killed 20,000 of my Polish people at Katyn Massacre and blamed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and covered it up at the Nuremberg Trials which prosecuted the leaders of the White German Government.

Jews kept my White ancestors in slavery and turned us against one another. That is what I suffered from growing up poor in South Chicago. Not just from the Jews who Mama and Daddy slaved for, but the Polish people who were against us. Sound familiar to the dysfunctional White family of the USA? It’s Jews at their worst against us. Divide and Conquer. We are in a war of “minds” and Whites don’t even know it the Jews have destroyed our minds.

Jews invented Communism as a way to broaden their reach from Poland thru unsuspecting White Russia who Jews turned into Barbaric drunks, more millions murdered, and today Putin has an army of Jewish advisers controlling Russia. Germany, Russia and Poland were brought to their knees by Jewish banking and wars, that they readily accept Jews back into their countries to lead since they were made dysfunctional. It is why I say Whites need to unite and unite fast.

Jewish led Yellow Commies killed all my White US Marine Purple Heart’s friends in Viet Nam. Jews destroyed my husband and made sure the White male was totally annihilated so they could complete their Jewish Commie and Yellow Commie takeover of USA. Actually all the other 92% of the non-White races are in a race to see who can devour our White USA corpses as Jews did in the town of Galicia Poland/Austria.

(I heard there was a train crash in Galicia in Europe which killed 80 (Whites?)

From Whitenewsnow.

Jews Takeover USA and Whites through Communism, Zionism, Judaism

Jews Takeover USA and Whites through Communism, Zionism, Judaism

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