42,000 Manufacturing Job Losses since 2001, same time as “World Trade” Centers were demolished

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42,000 Manufacturing jobs lost in USA since 2001. With the tragedy of the intentional explosions of 9/11 of the “World Trade” Centers,” I think it was also “symbolic” that the USA would no longer be the American Leader of Trade it once was. Hence the 3 skyscrapers came down so has the World Trade of the USA gone down. We now just are a maze of problems and we are kept busy with silly news of Jews instead of really working on the problem of Jews genociding us. All those American jobs went overseas, and even the corporations headquarters moved to Bermuda, the same place the English ship my husband’s ancestor was on before the Mayflower in 1620. The first ship wrecked in Bermuda (perhaps the Bermuda Triangle although I won’t go there) and my husband’s ancestor, Stephen Hopkins, stood up for mutiny to the captain of the ship, by demanding the crew make home in Bermuda with all the turtle eggs, wild pigs and loads of fruit. The captain was going to kill Hopkins, but Hopkins pleaded for his life and promised allegiance if he would only live.

What is the economy of USA and Europe now? We certainly have a lot of immigrants Jews are flooding us with as they did the blacks 1620-1865, when our White Race is suffering and unstable, even bankrupted, losing life savings, homes, aging, addictions, illness, lowered IQ intentionally. But we don’t have the manufacturing anymore. I rarely, rarely see a label “made in USA” and if I do I wonder if the shuffling blacks made it or the illegal criminal Mexicans and then I don’t want it anyway.

Note the manufacturing chart below shows continual loss. Jews arranged it so it looked like we were doing good in 2007 to make sure the Whites had a “feeling” of prosperity when Jews put in Obama for the second term. Yes, Jews and their imps have that much power and they intentionally keep us dumbed down, drugged up, degenerated and dying so that we can’t even try to raise our IQ not just to memorize the Jewish mantra chant, 6,000,000 Jews died in the (exaggerated) Holocaust and Jews intentionally hide the Holodomor where Jew Commies were responsible for 10’s of millions of Whites to starvation and gulags alone, not counting the 60,000,000 White men who were killed in World War II for… as President Kennedy’s father said, (for all you Democrats,)…. for Jew rights to takeover USA and Palestine with an illegal Jew Immigration plot that is mind boggling but am finally unraveling the mess the Jews made of my mind and body. I will probably never be able to do that completely since there was so much damage not just to me but others for I need to communicate and interact with others which should be easy as Jews do with each other for thousands of years. They didn’t do their takeover alone. They were strategically planted all around the world with USA as headquarters and they disguise themselves as nice White Christians while stabbing White Christian Heterosexual mals and race in the back.

Comparison of World Trade loss in USA to World Trade Centers intentional demolish probably by Jew Silverstein owner and insured for double indemnity one year before collapse.

Comparison of World Trade loss in USA to World Trade Centers intentional demolish probably by Jew Silverstein owner and insured for double indemnity one year before collapse.

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