Food for Whites

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2013 at 10:53 pm

White food. I notice most women have diets of “salads,” or at least in the past. Then we wonder why we have sickly babies. There is “no” nutrition in iceberg lettuce the kind in restaurants, McD’s, Burg King, Wendy’s and home refrigerator. The only reason we eat it is because they forced it down our throats. Why? easy for transporting as heads last longer than the loose varieties. The USA was “never” about the health of White people but our genocide and even our Whites at the top just got on the Jewish bandwagon. They think, “hey the White species is going extinct might as well suck the most blood out of them before they go and then we can rob their corpses after they die.

I eat all of these, but not as often as I should. I do eat them daily though.  Note the part towards the end that there is no nutrition in Iceberg (head) lettuce. White women have been conditioned into having bodies like boys with flat stomach and square hips. They have turned White women from looking like a Renoir Female Model Painting into a boy-like creature. By doing so, it wipes out of the White woman’s mind her role as a wife and mother.


By the way, the Southern Plantation owners that had black workers as farmers (not slaves) fed the blacks all these most nutritious foods which explains why the blacks are 10 feet tall. And Mrs. Obama was never proud until the day her husband became president. What a feeble minded hypocrite.


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