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Jews Tribally Devoured Me: the Jewish Laughing Hyena

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Jews tribally devour Me. Here’s a video of a pack of hyenas devouring a lioness, perhaps pregnant, and tear her up out of sheer hatred. This is symbolic of how Jews ganged up on me, Mama, Daddy, Poland and now USA. It is frightening for the lioness is the toughest animal in the jungle since it is “she” who hunts for food fearlessly. It is the “cat” female. Such a proud animal brought down by deadly and ugly hyenas. The Jews nearly destroyed me and mine.

Have you ever heard of “laughing” like a “hyena.” Jews “laugh” out loud at their tribal ganging up and devouring even the Queen of the Jungle. Where are the Whites?


“The British Aren’t Coming; The British Aren’t Coming!”

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White British: “0” Views on youtube. This is first time I talked about something that didn’t even have “1” view. Like Jew Lady Gaga idol 1 billion. But news as important as Whites in Britain standing on their own two feet and refusing to go to war….. doesn’t even attract “1” vote. Then I know I’m on to something big for it shows just how sickened our White and world thought are today. Even the Brits didn’t watch it. Yet the White Brits stood up to Black Obama and no one seems to care.

“The British AREN’T Coming; The British AREN’T coming!” Finally, the Brits must be getting the message that they have been the Jew Stooges for centuries, and American Jew Puppets inciting wars for Jew $$$, and against themselves as White people, ancestors, descendants  and White Germans. Brits’ Parliament voted down to go to war for Jews and Black Obama in Syria. I sometimes wonder if Obama wanted the war on the pretense of America getting involved and then have Syria or Iran bomb Israel occupied by 1/2 of World’s Population of Jews…. all Polish Jews. Yes the very same Jews that enslaved me, raped me, enslaved my folks into the worse poverty in Chicago’s history, enslaved my people of Poland for 900 years… Now we got them here directing Obama, and creating the Revolutions in Middle East for we know for certain Jews were at the heart and $$ of White Revolutions: American, 1776, French, 1787, Black massacre of all the French on Haiti, 1787, Russian Revolution 1917, German Revolution 1923, Jewish Revolution against America, 1960 until today.

It was White Paul Revere who road on his horse in USA war against English King George. (You know how Jews hate our Kings and Queens and have them machined gun to death by families, stabbed in heart while sleeping like Polish King, year 1200, had Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis heads chopped off, (while their Jewish $$$ turned into billions, church, government and French royalty destroyed for their Big Takeover.)

White British Prime Minister Cameron announces Parliament voted “against” warring with USA against Syria.

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Jews/Syria, “Chemical Warfare.” White Britain Parliament voted down to send $$, men to Syria. The insinuation there was “Chemical Warfare,” leads me to Jewish Chemical Warfare. I read Jews, being the smartest supposedly of all the races, and monopolize the medical field, way above what Whites can understand, Jews injected the Jews with Typhus disease to their fellow Jews in World War II work camps. I found this on a website that belonged to a guard at one of the sites today.

That is deception in warfare by Jews to build up such a catastrophe, the USA and Britain (Whites) couldn’t refuse Jewish strong-arming of illegal immigration of Jews into USA and Palestine. 12,000,000 immigrants from one Jewish Holohoax, and all their Jewish plots work like charms for Jews dumbed us down, so, so, so badly.

Also, what about Polish Jewish Israel’s assaulting Palestinians (Jesus’ relatives around Bethlehem etc.) with a “chemical warfare agent” “White Phosphorous.” What about sending the US Marines into Israel and demanding to see all 200+ nuclear weapons, which they are hiding. Yet it was only because Jews lied to us as advisers to Whites that Iraq had them that we went to war after 9/11 with Iraq’, the Jews enemy. Iraq had no nuclear weapons by our government’s own admission. If this is a ploy to war with Israel, just war with them. No story concoctions are necessary. Just bring up the evidence as they do with their faked Holocaust with all the facts the Whites have been producing for the last 10 years, just as Hitler had police reports for all the Jewish businessmen raping White German girls before World War II.

Probably for the first time in 500 years, White England is backing down from Jewish wars, $$$, bribes, etc. This is a “big” victory for England who now has to put their own country in order after World War I, World War II damage, Jewish Rothschild Banking damage, Napoleon’s war with England where Jews were making $$ head over fists on “both” sides, robbing both White treasuries and teaching us to hate and kill one another for their Jewish greed.

USA is still under Jewish control and probably will be until China announces the new Chinese Empire. There is still a little money and White men, inventions, technology, they need to rob with Jews giving it away, but it is coming unless we too stop another war. We are now sending blacks and browns. Big deal. That is what brought Roman Empire down, thinking their slaves they bought from Jews would care enough to fight for Whites, when the other races care only about themselves, including and especially Jews.

Jewish Advertising

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Jewish Hateful Advertising: Kohls isn’t the only one, “all” advertising has been Jewish since Europe. Don’t forget it was the Jews who filled the New York Times with advertising, then pulled it out to bankrupt the Scottish White Successful USA Businessmen who owned the New York Times, New York World (ran it) etc. as far back as 1890’s.

You better look hard and long for a White person for the 92% of world’s population already thinks we are dead and can cannibalize us while still alive as the yellow Chinese Communist immigrant did on bus in Canada. Also for a White man. They put White men with “White” hair and of course the only blonde woman is naked.

Jews discriminated against me in Chicago. I didn’t know that at the time, but now I do.

I went for a job as a background actress that had more permanent work than the minimum wage I was making at the other two. A black woman at church told me she got work all the time, more than she could even handle. She gave me #. (yes, Whites sometimes the other races are much nicer to me than you which is why I often hate myself for trying to help you and yours, since none of my writing affects me or mine.) I called the agency to be in commercials, advertising, films, etc. And they out right rejected me. I asked “why” did the (Black) woman get so much work. They looked up her file and indeed she was the wonderful, Black “grandmother” image they wanted for their shots. They didn’t need a “White” grandmother, just a black one, although race was never involved.

Then there was a young boy about 12 who got $10,000.00 McDonald’s commercials. I never wrote about this, but wondered what the big companies saw in him that they didn’t see in my White light colored skin, light haired, light eyes (as Elvis had but Jew Larry Geller hair dresser made him into a Brown hispanic “universal” man.) Now I realize that this boy, although White had the dark, very dark, pitch black hair. The perfect Jew boy to genocide White boys and girls, but to elevate into godhood, the Browns, Jews, Muslims, blacks.

If I would protest every store or ad, I would have to live in a closet, turn out the lights, and hide away from your reality forever. It is Jew Gas Poison on my lovely mind.

Oh note the “pregnant” woman with “big belly” is a brown Mexican, for these images convince even politician traitors in Washington for Brown Whites against not just White Rights, but White Survival.


Syrian War, Jews and America

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Why doesn’t White Jew Cameron (Jewish blood as I wrote before) fight for “my White Rights in USA or the genocide of White Rights, bodies, minds, or even the IQ of their own Whites in London whose IQ has dropped to 92, same as Blacks. Jews motto: Make Whites “equal” to Blacks and Browns, while Jews and Yellow Commies, undamaged Hindus’ rise to the top, along with the undamaged Jews and Undamaged by drinking, drugs, smoking, excessive pills, constant brainwashing called TV, Muslims, Hindus.

Why protect the Syrians? Why the White Guilt: What about White women and children? Just because Jew-led Britain bombed the hell out of Germany, Dresden, 1000 bombs which melted White pregnant women, children, (Like Jew News Commercials are showing on TV, both mainstream, CNN, Fox, internet. And even though I keep my mind away from Jewish Poison Gas on TV, radio, all I have to do is spend 5 minutes with a White person and that is all they talk about. Hoping Obama will send troops to kill the Syrians…. after all, “their poor brown women and childre.” How much insanity will Whites digest as if we are imbeciles, morons, kooks, or crazy people!  (Nazis, Al Queda, whatever monster of Terror the Jews and their imps have dreamed up. )


Jewish Commercial

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Ft. Hood Muslim Shooting. Again, it is a false flag. It is toooooo, toooo, toooo coincidental that the shooter Brown Muslim Religion (not Christian or Jew the other two main ones) is being sentenced to death at the exactly same time, DC is pounding the war drums against Middle Eastern Syria. Please tell them we are “not that stupid” anymore… They are the dumb Jewish Polaks that are the stupid ones to think e’d believe this forever. Just because Jews got away with this for 1000+ years, means they are immortal. They are not. They are nothing but liver and kidneys.

Here’s a Jew commercial for Certs breath mints from 1968, during the Jew Revolution. As I wrote tooo, tooo, tooo coincidental above, I thought of this commercial… Two, Two, Two mints in one. Ordinarily it would look like just a commercial. But look deeper. Is the woman a brown Mex. Since they have have dark hair is this a Jewish Kaballa Devil Occult Ritual and Whites are not even aware of it. Watch the man who bends down between the couple in the middle  of commercial (jews always do their stabbing of the White man and race in middle like the video at 9/11 Truthers, that had the “Poor Jewish Holocaust” mentioned when Jews are responsible. Even if they didn’t do it, they run our White media and it is all they gave us was the hoax story of 2 planes bringing down 7 gigantic colossal skyscrapers owned by Jew (Double Indemnity Insurance) Silverstein.

The man in the background (I was a background actress, Vegas, Chicago) but the man looks like a person Jews would put in movie as a devil character. At around 20 seconds, the devilish man walks up to the man and whispers in his ear, and the man laughs. What are Jews trying to say? Homo? Devil Jew Takeover. Then he goes to the woman and puts his arm around her. Odd but no one ever did that to me in restaurant, especially one that looks like a devil!


Communists Blacks March on Washington DC 1963-2013 (Jew Organization as Weapon Against Whites)

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Communists Blacks March on Washington DC 1963.

Nazi White Germans were “not” the killers of World War I and II it was the Jews and their injections of “germ warfare,” “Typhus,” from lice bugs. I know I communicated with guard from one of the “Work camps” not “death camps,” and he said the Jews were injected by the Jew doctors instead of vaccines or shots, but deadly Typhus bugs. When you think of “poison” gas in Syria, and germ warfare, think of Jews injecting and killing off their own as they did when the Jew blew up the ship trying to illegally emigrate to Palestine in 1940. The Jew terrorist bomber exploded the Jewish ship “Patria.” (that ship named for Whites to “feel sorry” for them with word “patriotism” drummed into as a a Jewish weapon for Jewish wars and White genocide.

Just 3 mere months before the Jews or their imps killed our White Irish President John Kennedy, there were talks among the different departments, both the White brothers, John and Robert Kennedy, and the departments of Justice for example. I wonder what their Black Communist Leader of the world, Obama, will say to them in his address to the Blacks, Jews, and sadly the Whites who have no more leaders and can’t even raise a White boy to get a PHD anymore.

As this farce occurs of honoring Martin Luther King who “plagarized the I have a dream speech” for Blacks, non-Whites and Jews, which turned into an “I Have a Nightmare Speech for Whites and Whites are living it today thinking nightmares are “entertainment and fun.” Again Thanks or no thanks I should say to Jews. More than a thanks how about a kick in the butt!

Martin Luther King (and I don’t believe that is his name. It is a “fraud.” Jews made it up when he was younger he changed his name, and then there is the case there is “no birth certificate,” (sound familiar?!). Jews named him that for 2 reason. Jews wanted to kill off Martin Luther of the Protestant movement for White Martin Luther exposed the Jews in the 1500’s. Jews were used to that treatment from “White Germany” since the Jew headquarters in Poland’s churches and government were so infiltrated by Jews the enslaved White Poles made law: If anyone would do any of their banking with anyone “except” a Jew, that White Christian Pole would be sent to prison but also burn in the fires of hell for eternity! (it’s a Jew law for Jews have a crazy and I mean crazy… obsession with fires, flames, explosions, destruction, death. Holocaust… their faked Holocaust… means “fire or conflagration,” yet Jews used reverse psychology for no White German Nazis burned Jews to death. Only the typhus victims for you can’t put the diseased body back into the ground for like microbes the disease will still spread. Anyway, if you check my website kkkaraoke . wordpress . com and search at bottom the Black Martin Luther King’s name, I think you will find it. Also…. Jews… who murdered our Kings and Queens, (Czars and Czarinas) for their Jewish Revolution to Replace Whites, gain control of 500 years worth of gold, silver, art, fine furnishings, museum artifacts,….. Jews wanted to not only give this “fraud” MLK (every city in America has a street named after him.. and “only” him, not even Washington, or White Jefferson, or Lincoln who had ships on the shore to take “all” the Blacks back to Africa after Civil War and restore the White Southern men.

Also, MLK would come to Vegas to screw the hell out of White prostitutes to degrade them. But not only that he actually beat, and beat and beat them uncontrollably and insanely saying it was for “God.” Excuse me, my “God” isn’t an insane maniac, warmonger, whoremongers, thief, rapists, moron or idiot, and it is not “God” who gave away the US treasury as well as all the main and even small churches to Jews adn Blacks, reds, etc. My God isn’t insane. Naturally, Jews who control our “laws” as they did in Poland 1500’s, made a law that the Jews can “seal” any records they want for 75 years… Why 75 years?  Jews know within 3 generations (a generation is 25 years) the people will not be at all aware of the sealed material. It is why we Whites have to get on this Holohoax and World War II and the Crimes and murders of Whites in World War II… now…. Jews have been successfully in totally brainwashing those lies since 1945. That is 68 years. Jews will have been 100% successful in just another “7” years. And Jews know that lucky 7 is already in their pocket and Jews win, Whites lose. Blacks win, Whites lose. Reds Win, Whites Lose, Brown Mex, sex’s and babies win, Whites lose. Muslims in Syria, Polish Jews of Israel, Middle East wins… Whites lose plenty of money, body bags, and worse of all White self-respect.

Also, I “protested” against Martin Luther King, Jr. here with the White People’s Party several years ago on that date. But the police curbed it so badly, (the few Whites that there were) and then the FBI (trained by Polish Jews of Israel Mafia)… went to the White leaders home, (name withheld so the Mossad doesn’t shoot him and say it was a heart attack or accident or even an illness where the poison takes weeks to kill the person) The FBI told the White President leader if he ever did another protest, the government would take his job and money away. Threaten, intimidation, terrorize as the Jew doctor that raped me in 1967, just 4 years later. The White Leader had job to help people just out of prison or mental hospital, (which is where Jews put people like me and I have a “huge” list already on the internet, hidden, spoken, of all the men “&” women the Jews crucified for telling the “truth” about them. The Leader quit, as I did.

First before  I even just quote what I read on the internet, I will tell you what I heard from another White human, my dead brother Eddie. He said that ( will “not” call Martin Luther King any more. It is a Jewish atom bomb to the White face not just a slap, or beating. Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer was a holy man. He must have seen the Jews had totally infiltrated the Catholic Church, hence the reforms. “That” might be a topic to learn about not watch even a single word, especially no TV images of this protest by Blacks or Obama’s speech. They better not but it on the news or I will rip the plug out of the wall and stop listening to even internet radio. They cannot poison gas my ‘mind’ which is worse that the lying figure of 100,000 poison gassed in Syria. 9/11 was not true, Syrian deaths is not true. It’s all manufactured to keep Whites busy while they sell off the USA land parcels, oil wells, theaters, banks, gold, silver, etc.

My brother told me way before I read it on internet when I told him of my “White” species discovery. He said the Black MLK had talks with White Kennedys and government officials and told them the blacks are situated all across the USA in strategic places ready to burn down the USA. (Fire, conflagration… Holocaust (Fire) sounds like Jews…. In fact, there were several spots that had fires, riots, breakins. Brother also said that it was the Black African Kings who “sold” their own sons and daughters. No White man went there looking for Blacks Slaves. It was the Jews. In extreme contrast, when the Jews & Muslims went to enslave Whites from Europe, Jews and Muslims actually ran around Europe’s coasts kidnapping the Whites forever and taking them to the “Barbara Coast,” which was the name of the place I used to sing karaoke at before they changed it to Bill’s Gambling Hall. That can be documented that Jews controlled Vegas and thought it a ‘joke’ to name a casino after a town that kidnapped and enslaved White people while Whites only can think of “poor Blacks” when they are richer than we are and don’t have to do a damn thing for it like the Jews, Browns, etc.

Now read article below. If it is too hard to read, read one paragraph at a time. Don’t watch any other TV or radio, or internet quick blogs. We need to learn to focus and I have a hard time also. It’s brain damage I suppose but irregardless I have to try to function to the best of my ability despite the the Jews and even White clones, damaged me. I have never damaged anyone on the planet, let alone racially.

Note right off bat: White Robert Kennedy nervous about march on DC. I believe Jews bumped off all 3 Kennedys, White Irish) for their Daddy Joe Kennedy was ambassador in Europe, and Joe said that the only one that “won” World War II were Jews and we shouldn’t be there. President John Kennedy said in his book “Profiles in Courage” a book about very “courageous” men not the “Cowards” we have today around the globe, Kennedy wrote that White German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler would be considered a legend for the courageous acts he took. Add the fact that Kennedy wanted to have Polish Jews of Israel investigated for nuclear warheads, and wanted to squash the Jewish banking system in USA, the only 2 main witnesses in his death were the Jew Zapruder with only film of event, (same as 9/11 Dancing Israel’s taking film) and the other Jew was Jack Ruby Rubenstein who murdered right on TV we have all seen it or heard of it, Lee Harvey Oswald, said to be a US Marine, like my husband, who was “framed” which he also said on camera before he was shot by mad Jew Ruby.

Note also “who” unsuspecting Robert Kennedy’s first adviser like Black Obama’s first choice in advisers, Raum Emmanuel….. Jews. The name Rosenthal,” is as Jewish as a kosher slaughtered and bled to death alive poor cow.

The entire march was orchestrated by Jews. Even Malcolm X was furious, angry, mad, hollering and screaming for the event was “staged.” Just as I said all news is. Even today Associated Press, AP, is Jewish and almost every news paper gets their leads from Jews and have for 123 years. (Jews don’t forget the Holohoax with their blackmail against Germans, Poles, I will double the years in bringing back Jewish crimes, not White crimes. All the blacks were staged, put into position, told what to say, etc. The Jewish cameras made sure there were “White” faces, or Jewish celebrities to “sell” the march to Whites.

Sadly, the Jewish Rabbi in a Synagogue already drafted the Civil Rights Act and shoved it down White Kennedy’s throats. The Irish were known for fighting and he did his best, but the Jews used bullets on him, Robert and even his own flesh and blood, John Jr. and the supposed car accident where Teddy Kennedy was drinking and killed the secretary at Chappaquidick when car went off road. We know about Jews and their “car accidents’ or remote control planes going into 9/11 buildings. If ti is the Whites, I will stop writing for I don’t want to save them either. But for Whites to die and just leave earth to yellows and browns, is like being a moron. They are worse than we so why just “give” it to them as we gave away the Vatican 2000 year treasury, gold, (think of all the interest on that White $$). The USA treasury, certainly the Jews outright stole White Russia’s treasury of 500 years, French Treasury, when White Germany fought valiantly it was the Russian Commies Jews who went in and conquered Berlin, so that the Communist Jews could take the credit. I think it was Gen. George Patton (same as my 2nd husband’s name, both Scottish) who wanted to go into Germany and Berlin. Jew “advisors” like Rosenthal above screamed “no!” For Jews didn’t want Germany just “taken” as Hitler just walked over the border and walked into France and they gave up as we Whites did to America in this non-White invasion, but Jews wanted the smartest Whites, Germans, squirming, terrorized, bulleted, poor White women gang raped by White Barbaric Russians all drunken on Jewish distilleries (as they do on Jew Jerry Springer Show to the White “Trash” people on his show all drunked up intentionally to fight!) Jews wanted the White German boys raped in the butt, sucking off the drunks, for that is what Jews did to our White boys as victims. These White boys should be demanding rights and restitution not to have more gays and lezzies, but to gain their normalcy again for Jews not only destroyed their mind, but their balls and penis, and their self-esteem for the entire word is laughing at them.

Here’s Malcolm X Black who is “smart” enough and “smarter” than Whites who are dumbed down now to not be “equal” to Blacks and Browns, but “lower” than them in our own home-land. “fter referring to it as the “Farce on Washington,” Malcolm X would write in his autobiography, “there wasn’t a single logistics aspect uncontrolled. The marchers had been instructed to bring no signs. … They had been told how to arrive, when, where to arrive, where to assemble, when to start marching, the route to march. … Yes, I was there. I observed that circus.”

This Syria war is the same: It is a Jewish media circus. And whatever the outcome it is to hurt the White species, not help. Whites should be getting “help” now, but not from Jews.

The name “John Lewish” who was “just elected” (no not elected for Blacks don’t know about voting any more than Whites. We hear a name, or party and vote, but in most cases don’t vote. Why don’t the parties concentrate on Whites and voting since most of us don’t vote instead of bringing new Browns, sex’s and babies, into USA just for a lousy vote. (Lousy means lice-filled and was favorite word when I grew up in South Chicago for as slaves of Jews we worked as domestic help in their home and came back with lice. Lice bugs caused by filth (Typhus Disease) is what killed most Jews in world war ii, not White Nazis.

Here’s on Black name mentioned A. Philip Randolph, who like the Jewish advisers pulling the strings of President Roosevelt World War II,  White crippled in a wheel chair (for sympathy for Black and Jew causes to affect White Public opinion (brainwashing). Whilte Blacks demand their rights (under Jews who have lawyers, courts, presidents, already in their favor. Jews leave us going crazy in USA with all these race. They are used to it and remain “Calm” like the Jew named yesterday in Communist Jew takeover of Germany. World War II and I.

(I have to laugh, and since so many of you dumbed down Whites have laughed at my misery, called Dumb Polak Jews which Jew comedians started, but this Randolph Black organized a group of “Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters,” a mostly Black union and workers, I’m sure the Jews used that because the image of Blacks often is of not working. The Whites of South should have had a union for their black help called the “Brotherhood of Shuffling Black Farm Workers,” for Blacks outsmarted the dumbed down and Jew hypnotized Whites by “shuffling” with their feet pretending to work. That way Jews could sell even more Blacks which would take 10 to do the work of one poor White of Poland, Ireland, etc.

He organized and led the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the first predominantly black labor union. In the early civil-rights movement, Randolph led the March on Washington Movement, which convinced President Franklin D. Roosevelt to issue Executive Order 8802 in 1941, banning discrimination in the defense industries during World War II. After the war Randolph pressured President Harry S. Truman to issue Executive Order 9981 in 1948, ending segregation in the armed services.

In 1963, Randolph was the head of the March on Washington, which was organized by Bayard Rustin, at which Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech. Randolph inspired the Freedom budget, sometimes called the “Randolph Freedom budget”, which aimed to deal with the economic problems facing the black community, particularly workers and the unemployed.

Now here is a loud mouthed overpaid Jewess being quoted as if she were only thing on earth. So lazy, so pampered, so disgusting. The reporter quoted is “Jewess” hypnotizer who expects Whites to not only “believe” this crap, but to “memorize” it.

“”The Kennedy administration was afraid that if there was violence on the march, it would mean that the Civil Rights Act, which John F. Kennedy had just introduced, would never get passed,” said march planner Rachelle Horowitz. (it’s like that Jewess Rachel on TV that all the White women that stay home and men, children, baby watch like religious devotees.)

White Kennedy might have prophecies his own death at the point of a gun, when he said these words: “We want success in the Congress, not just a big show at the Capitol,” Kennedy is quoted as saying. “Some of these people are looking for an excuse to be against us, and I don’t want to give any of them a chance to say, ‘Yes I’m for the bill but I am damned if I will vote for it a the point of a gun.'”

You can see he isn’t “thinking” he is “pressured” and finally cries Uncle just to have the Jews stop attacking him from “all” sides. No White man can endure what Jews have put us thru, and I as a good White woman have endured the same if not more for I have no one to share this with where damaged White men do.

“The only effect is to create an atmosphere of intimidation – and this may give some members of Congress an out.”

But the civil rights leaders would not be discouraged. (Jews have “intimidated Whites, even Presidents.” That word “intimidate” means to… “make timid” White men like the pills they give our White women and even school aged boys. Then the raging bruts of China (who are often 7 feet tall, and the Blacks) can easily scare the White man to death or suicide or give up anything just to stop the Jews. They like a swarm of bees or biting ants, and you will do anything to stop it.

But also, the writer says the Whites are timid and scared, but the blacks are “courageous!” What a black eye from the Blacks to the White man’s and races’ eye.
“The March on Washington planning committee set up an office on 130th Street in Harlem in summer 1963 and began the arduous task of trying to contact, recruit and deliver thousands of people to attend the march. ”

In “Equality” I demand the “government” and Taxpayers or even out of Jewish treasury, give Whites an equal amount of time, lawyers, $$$, shifty Jew plots, judges, as they did for BlackRights, for our White Rights and the freedom to easily write books, movies, TV shows. For example have all white commercials with White nazi symbols in back selling their products like Jews used their menorahs and Stars of Davids in so many TV shows, movies, music videos galore, books, advertising, school text books, instead of the race-breaking you poor, poor White people have been brainwashed with.


Jews & Book Publishing

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Jews & Book Publishing. As I continue to edit my book, I was going to just put it on Kindle, or eBook. But I read yesterday Jews publish their books hardcover. Jews control book publishing since Jews brought down Germany “before” World War II and White Germans were just fighting for their life. They lost and are now Communists headed by Angela Merkel, Communist from Eastern Europe, before the Berlin Wall came down.

Jews know the internet can go down in a flash, but a book or the access to it, the words cannot be erased.

That is Jew Trotsky picture, Revolutionary Communist who overthrew the White government of Russia and made it “Union” of Soviet Socialists Republic,” as the Revolutionary War (funded by Jews which indebted our White forefathers even the Constitution fathers, was funded by a Dumb Polak “Jew” from Poland. (Jews will get that “dumb Polak” which they smeared me and my ancestry with for hundreds of years, back on them…. But believe me… it is going back to them with compounded interest. And they better pray that the Chinese Communists don’t turn on them, indebt them, take away everything they have ever worked for, rape their women who hate sex and hate men like the secret Lesbian, Diary of Anne Frank, and then have the rest of the 92% of world’s population not only “rob their Jew corpses,” but eat them if there is a famine as Jews ground up the dead frozen bodies in the frozen camps of Siberian Gulags and then sell the human meat to the rest of the “colors” as Jews used them as weapon to torture, genocide Whites, especially White male.

Look below, and see that Jew publishers account for 50% of children’s publishing. Why? Jews who claim to hate  Hitler adopted all his ideas while Jews intentionally kept them from us. Hitler and Nazis started “HitlerYouth,” for it was only thru the new White children the Jew-induced drinking, drugging, homo and lezzies, cigarette smoking, bad diets, could be stopped. We could then begin to breed healthy even holy children with character. Jews imitated Hitler in the Polish Jewish Kabbutzes of Israel. There they adopted Hitler’s ideas of fresh air, exercise, veggie gardens, large families.  Yes the Jews kept pumping code words like “free, free, freedom” “Liberty, Liberty, Liberty,” but the Jews equated in our minds (if you believe we still have a mind for a mind can “think” but we are like White computers who can only reason what the Jews put into our electrical brain.) That “free” and that “liberty” meant for Whites to smoke, drink all they want, drug to their hearts content, commit crimes, get stoned on Jewish doctors pills. (And many pills are made by Muslim countries for my relative was married to a pill manufacturer from the Arab countries and the parents were multi-millionaires. Selling cars for a profit is a thing of the past. Manufacturing a little blue pill for 1/2 cent and charging $100 is big profit for there is no cost! Boy these other races have got Whites by the back of the hair of our head and I don’t know about you but I want to get well and get rid of this horrible headache!

Jews must be held accountable for their destruction of our children’s minds. If the government wont’ do it, the churches won’t then we must unite together to form a  “White World Government.”

Here’s just a sample of book publishers, and to get in mainstream it is “only” book publishers. http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-controlledpress-publishers.html

“The Jews: the Apostles of Communism” (Revolutions)

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Fighting & Warring: JEWS: APOSTLES OF COMMUNISM: How Jews provoked Germans into Jewish en masse immigration to USA and Israel. “Jewish Domination of Weinmar Germany 1919-1932”
This time line would be World War I and how the treaties gouged Germany, then Jew Commies Overthrow the Government in Russian Revolution until the election of German Nazis (The Party of White Fertility.)
(This written in 1932) A Jew, Karl Marx, and then a series of Jews, headed by Jew Julian Hammer, (father of Armand Hammer) Communists, is to blame for the fact that out of a labor movement the aim was to overturn existing order in ‘all’ countries, and became greatest danger that has ever threatened the world.
1918: Communist leaders to White Russia, Germany, (a few years later China) “Arise, proletarians, and fight! You have a world to conquer and contend with. In this class struggle in the world’s history, your motto must be: “Thumbs on their eyes and knees on their breast.” Jew Commies wanted to gouge the eyes out of the White people and then when we fell down, the Jew’s knees would “keep us down” which is still the case today 2013.
“This connection between Russia and the German “Independents” was maintained by means of another Jew in addition to Haase, for in the same public statement the Russian Ambassador Joffe stated that he had handed over a fund of over 10 million rubles to Dr. Oskar Cohn, Member of the Reichstag, with regard to which “he had granted Herr Cohn the right of disposal in the interests of the “German Revolution.” (Cohn is Jewish and was in the German government ready to take bribes to overthrow both Russia and Germany. Poland was already the Jews for 900 years, and England at least since 1700’s when the Jew Rothschild family began their European banking to control White funds and instigate wars. So you see that when this bribe was made, it was for a “German Revolution.” Why wouldn’t the White Germans try to throw off the damage done to them by Jews and attempt a sane government? If Jews were to overthrow USA as their forefathers did, would we just sit here?
Leaders of Bavarian Revolution, also Jews. (What is odd is that in 1300’s I’ve recorded that the reason White Bavaria kicked the Jews out was for “Civil Rights” which meant destroy and abuse the host White country so Jews could gouge them. Our forefathers and mothers could see it absolutely clearly for their minds were not yet destroyed by Jew propaganda, TV, internet, radio, movies, books, schools, churches etc. Whites are severely damaged.
Jew leaders would instigate the White workmen in munitions factories to strike and organize revolution. It’s strange but Jews wanted to defeat the White Protestant male and takeover his companies, while now the Jews are in control and who is there to organize and put on strikes against the Jews who overthrew the White Protestants.
Jewess Rosa Luxemborg was exceptionally diabolical and was eventually put to death for her attempt to organize overthrow of German White (Christian) government. Although just as I wrote about Jew Ethel Rosenberg who traded the secrets of the atom bomb to Russian Jewish Communists around 1950, it’s very possible Jews never killed those women at all, but made it look like it as they did 9/11.
1919 “Eisner’s dictatorship in Munich finally led to setting up of Jew “Soviet Republic” in Munich, (Germany). (Since Jews were utterly successful in their assassinations of Czar, Czarina, family, takeover of 500 year White Russian treasury, government in 1917, they immediately without a moment’s delay headed over to Germany. At that time there was a “Red Army” (Jew) Tribunal. Almost exclusively Jewish… “writers” (so never underestimate Jewish writing and words, or even our own White words if followed with actions as they arrogantly did against unsuspecting Whites.”evien, Levine-Nissen, Kurt Muhsam, Ernst Toller and Gustav Landauer… freshly imported from Moscow, capital of Russia. This led to government serious outbursts and a conflagration (fire) on largest public square in Muich and to the execrable murder by the (Jew) Communists of 10 White hostages, all innocent White citizens. It was only by employing armed regiments that put an end to Jewish-Soviet dictatorship.. by a handful of Jewish writers. (Jews now monopolize the entire writing field. Jews own publishing houses, agents, marketing advertising, and the only autobiographies published are about people who “Jews” made famous. Whites have been crippled badly in our reading and writing skills for we have been vomiting the only subject taught in schools, TV, media,… Die-Versity.
Jews took lead of other revolutions or fueled the flames. (Surely it is what is going on in Mideast today.) If Jews had their way, White Germany would have fallen victim to Jews as White Russia.
“It can be also said with mathematical certainty that, wherever the interests of the White German people were betrayed in this fight for existence, Jews had a hand in the game. The Jew Kurt Eisner, the Bavarian Minister President of Munich, conducted his own foreign policy—against the Foreign Office of Berlin! His (Jew) appeal to Whites in all nations of the 19th Nov, 1918 is simply high treason according to the codes of nations. (They list more Jews and crimes against the state. What made it a triple treason was the Jews made sure the White Germans were defeated (our smartest people) and it was right after World War I which the Jews and White Allies shattered Germany into the worst Treaty ever to hurt them beyond belief. Jews are inhuman in that respect and when we deal with them in a nice or Christian type manner, they do not deserve it.
“What other people in the world would have put up with Jewish treacheries by a (Jew) racially foreign element or even regarded tem for so long with patience?” It was the White Democratic System of government that allowed for such (ridiculous) tolerate of the Jewish traitors. (I would like to see someone go to Israel and do to them what they did to Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, and see what would happen. Jews can overthrow White government after White government but no one can overthrow the Polish Jewish Israel government.

Con’s Jews the Apostles of Communism. The great chief of Communism propaganda in Germany, Jew Willi Munzenberg (member of own White German Government! Traitor of Treason in the Reichstag! He owned the widely read Communist paper, “Die Welt am Abend” (and 2 others.) Although his role was “behind” the scenes but organizer of Communist Party Germany. “.. with the fine instinct of the Jew, he knew how to influence public (White) opinion in the cleverest way, while he remained in background. (I read the strong and domineering Jewess mother teaches her sons and daughters that early in life, while Whites leave the teaching of White children to Communist schools.
“The most dangerous of German Communists was also a Jew, Hans Kippenberger. Found of cold-blooded murder organization of Communist Party. (In the next decade the White USA would be plagued by Jew led Meyer Lan-sky’s “Murder Inc,” the most notorious syndicate that probably even White Al Capone was subservient to.
Question: How many Jews were there in Principal Office of Health? 40%. Whites do not see that now, for it isn’t only the Jews that have all the top jobs, but Jews arranged for the conspiracy of putting the other races at the top with them. Like Harvard today, it is not enough to say that Jews have 30% of students, Jews conspired and put in 80% Jews and non-Whites against White students who have to pay for the 80%! And they are all rich and take as much $$ from Whites as they possibly can while they stomp us in the ground.
Jews were involved in many more murders in Germany pre-World War II and the SA White man Gatschke. Jew murderer name: Jew Calm.
The two Police presidents in Berlin, also Jews.
Spiritual Union of Jewry and Communism, was such that if Communist Jew assassins were sent for trail, the defense was undertaken by …. Jew lawyers .(Jews did the same after Jew Rabbi written Civil Rights Act, 1964, USA) where the prosecutors against White men were Jews.
Jewess Communist leader Rosa Luxemburg was editor of paper “The Red Front.” The flag on cover page reads “Long Live the World Revolution. She writes: “The armed rising is the most decisive, most acute and highest form of class warfare which the proletariat must adopt the suitable moment in every country in order to “overthrow” the domination of the (Whites) bourgeoisie and to “take the power into their own hands.” What is someone did that to Polish Jewish Israel or the Jewish homes in USA? Do you think they would mind or just be patient and let it continue forever?
Jew’s organized the agricultural laborers (who fed the Jews good food for Jews can’t get their hands dirty so they leave it to White slaves.)… the peasant proprietors, lower middle class, groups of intellectuals, scientists, artists. Why don’t Whites organize these same people, only around the entire world as one White unit working in harmony. Even the ant colonies are highly organized for survival, and we are supposed to be highest level of intelligence as humans.
Jews cloaked it as “love of one’s neighbor.” Jews used our own Jesus words for their World Revolution against us. They “hated” us so spitefully, and surely this has gone on for 1,000 years. Yet the Jew Abe Foxman only persecutes and prosecutes Whites who want to save our White species and country.
The Association of Patriotic Women in USA, 1932, protested Professor Einstein’s visit to USA. (White women were still strong then and not totally brainwashed disease Jews induced on us.) I assume the “Einstein” is Albert Einstein, who Jews conned us into believing he was smartest man. I read he stole his ideas from someone else on his famous MC2 theory of relativity.
“Professor Einstein as a “pioneer of (Jew) Bolshevism or Communism.”
The height of Jew-Communist Propaganda reached its height against the domain of the education of young White Germans.(Jews have totally destroyed the minds of the White children for at least 50 years, if not more. All we know is what Jews write, think, speak, act.
(I saw in Wiki that the Russian Revolution was the Red Army (Jews) fighting the White Army (Whites) and as usual, Whites lost.)
“The newspapers were written by the (Communist Jew) pupils themselves and all authority was torn to pieces.”
“The fight against the church and against religions instruction is no theoretical fight about theoretical doctrines, but the fight of the new coming social (Jewish) system (religion) against the dying social system.”
1932: Communist school paper: “Marxism (Jews) teaches that a parliamentary election (democracy can never bring about Socialism. The only thing that can bring it about is a violent revolution.”
Jew Lowenstein founded children’s Communist camps, 10,000 children by 1929 to “penetrate with REVOLUTION… to gradually modify society.” Lowenstein said “With us, God and religion simply do not exist for the children.” The children were completely removed from their families and placed under control of Communist collective. White boys and White girls put in same tent and were taught communist songs.
It was against the will of the White German people.
“These cases of the failure of the healthy section of the German people to get their way may also be considered as a symptom of how much wrath and indignation gradually accumulated under the domination of Jewry in Germany. The measure was full to overflowing!” How many Jew judges in Berlin? 23%. (Yet Jews only 1%.0
Conclusion: What led to this German White wrath to curb (not kill) Jewry, (which left unchecked would have destroyed their country as USA is being destroyed to for it is rampant against Whites.) The measures adopted by German government were “mild corrections.” (I agree from books I read from a “White women’s point of view in saving White species.”)
How many welfare doctors were employed in Berlin Germany…. 70%. That means under Black and Jew Obamacare, it is the Jews and their non-White imps that will be making a $$$ killing over Whites.
At this time in history, Jews were led to do business as normal, not a finger was laid on the Jews.
By Dr. E. R. Fields some comments… Germany lost World War I signing armistice on Nov. 11, 1918. Jew Commies led strikes and agitated against war. Jew seized power in 1917 over White Russia and then planned an immediate takeover in Germany. (But Nazis and Hitler fooled them, but the Jews won in the long run.) Russian Lenin said that with Russia and Germany as (Jew) Communists, the entire White Europe would fall. The White German Kaiser abdicated (as the Jews killed off the White Russian royalty) and weakened Germany which is what Red Jew Commies were waiting for. (It is the same ploy the Jews and their imps used on assassination of White President Kennedy. It confused and emotionally disturbed the USA Whites so badly, Jews then conducted a 10 Communist Revolution against us Whites and we didn’t even know it. We still don’t realize the Jews overthrew the USA government.
Jew Kurt Eisner was responsible for Nov. 9 White Germany November Revolution. He proclaimed himself head of Soviet Jew Commie Republic of Bavaria. A disorganized government (as USA Whites) was unable to put down the revolt. His Jew Commissars: Levine, Levien, Axelrod, Toller. (Axelrod name is same as David Axlerod, Black Obama’s top adviser. Also it was Jew Axlerod that brought down White Illinois Senator Charles Percy, while Jew Axlerod with his billons, put Black Senator from Illinois, Obama, into Presidency over Whites for two terms. It was a shame White Sen. Percy’s daughter was found murdered in her bedroom in North Suburbs of Chicago. The only suspect, a Jew, got away and no one charged.
Jewess Rosa Luxemburg was not only the leader of Revolution in Germany, but in my city of Warsaw Poland. “On Dec. 24, (Christmas Eve) they announced a (Jewish Communist) Council of People’s Commissars was taking power of White German Berlin.
(Jews destroyed the German Art and Music and substituted it with Black Jazz and Jew art. Just as first USA talkie movie Jews did (after stealing White Thomas Edison’s movie machine,) used a Jew as star and painted his face black to introduce to Whites gradually and thru entertainment how Jews and Blacks would overthrow USA…. 1927.)
Jewess Luxemburg (editor) used inflammatory language to enflame workers to take up arms and overthrow government. (Yep, these Jewish women are tough as nails. No wonder in America they are called JAPP Jewish American Princess on a Pedestal.. for us Whites beaten to the ground by their husbands and forced to worship them. Jewess Luxemburg wrote: “This is the final battle—disarm the counter revolutionaries, arm the masses, occupy all important government buildings, act quickly, the Revolution demands it!”
“Chase out EgbertScheidemann, (the legal government) and set up a genuinely revolutionary government in its place. Now, with your weapons in your hands, you must take over power everywhere and set up a Worker’s, Soldiers and Peasants government with (Jew) at the helm.”
The government put down the Jewish uprising and restored order… for a while, until Jews, as they usually do, won World War II which came next.
Jewish Tentacles Grasp All Forms of Business. (Just as they did in the Jewish Revolution against White America. Beatles’ Song, Revolution, told us what was happening but Whites didn’t get it and still don’t.
It was the Jews who launched Advance Publications to build a mammoth press empire. (It probably was after they robbed the White Russian Treasury when they overthrew the White Russian government.)
It was a “monopoly” in 1979, and that is exactly the title of the entire binder I sent to the USA Justice Department of the “Jews Monopoly over White Race.” It was about the Jew TV show, “I Dream of Jeannie” which I was able to break the Jewish code of genocide inserted into all their news, books, TV, movies, songs, government, churches, art, entertainment. The entire world is having a really good laugh and full pockets of White $$ over our genocide. They will probably all rob our White corpses as Jews did to my ancestors in Galicia Poland. Instead of just the 15% Jew population as in Poland, it will be the 92% World Wide Jewish Communist Colored population robbing our White corpses.
Field writes of Jews monopolizing book publishing so only the Jew’s view is publishing. Jews bought out the White owned businesses of Book Publishing, Alfred A. Knopf, Crown, Pantheon, Vintage, Fodors, Ballantine and Random House. Magazines: Brides, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Vanity Fair, Vogue, etc. Jews monopolize TV, (internet). There is nothing in our reality for Whites, nothing.
Walt Disney was anti-Jewish. He refused to hire Jews. He testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities and named Communists working in Hollywood—most Jews. But the Jews always win and Whites lose. Jews drove White Disney to bankruptcy, but Disney came back until his death. Now the Jews conquered gentle Disney and own his entire productions, films, jobs all going to Jews, Gays and lezzies, non-Whites and White race-breakers. The USA is the spookiest country that ever existed. Germany, Poland, Russia and USA the most tortured by Jews.
Jew Eisner conquered White Disney Studios and on Disney’s sacrifice, hard work, slavery, suffering under Jewish persecution, Jew Eisner makes $9,783 an hour, highest paid executive in America and his films are full of race-breaking. Other Jews are in top positions for there is “no democracy” or “equality” in the Jewish empire that rules the USA. Civil Rights and equality was just to destroy the White species, replace us in our hard earned business, country, (I don’t think we have controlled banks or newspapers, etc for at least 100 years, but at least we know it now. We could have gone to our White Death just feeling depressed or having anxiety but not knowing why and would like cowards run to Jews to give us anxiety pills and pay for them as they continue to rob, rape, murder, sell off USA, turn us into another war for Jews in Israel, etc.) Jews also head White Canadian people so they are in a Jewish straight-jacket also.
Jews as World Property Owners. Sam Zell, Chicago, world largest owner of office buildings. 700. Dominant landlord in San Francisco 74, Atlanta 45, Portland 42, Seattle 64, etc. His Equity Office Properties Trust is values at $25 billion and he personally worth $2 billion.
As in Germany when the Jews ousted the White hotel owners (before World War II) and took over hotels and restaurants, Paul the Jew Nussbaum of Patriot Hospitality owns 455 hotels values at over $43 billion. Jew Isadore sharp heads Four Seaons with 39 luxury hotels from Fiji to London. Canada’s dominant hotel owner… Paul Reichman. (You know the game “Monopoly” by Parker Brothers is about the Jews. The little green houses represent the Jewish block-busting of White neighborhoods as the chased us out of our neighborhoods to buy our homes, pennies on the dollar. The red hotels in the fame Monopoly represent the Jewish Empire of Hotels.
International Banks Financed by Red Jew Communists: Frankfurt, Germany was the founding site of Rothschild Bank. They began by buying and selling rare gold coins. Money lending followed and the Amschell Rothschild dispatched his 4 sons to London, Paris, Vienna, Naples. Nathan became a baron with great power over White British government. He floated loans to finance wars and buying of Suez Canal. His son, Edmond financed first Jew settlement in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration, which ended World War I) of 1917 (same year as Jews’ Revolution over White Russia) didn’t help the Whites at all but end result… the promise to give Jews… the land of Palestine, and this document was addressed not to other Whites who fought the war or governed the White lands, but to the Jewish Banker, Rothschild.
Jew Jacob Schiff from USA New Jew York, financed the Jews for overthrow of White Russian 500 year old government. (I shudder when I think what more persecutions the Jews are going to lay on us.)
“While in exile the White German Kaiser Wilhelm II, told the Chicago Tribune of July 2, 1922: “The Jews responsible for Communist Bolshevism in Russia and (White) Germany to. I was far too indulgent with them during my reign and I bitterly regret the favors I showed to prominent Jewish bankers.” (and yes, all our White Presidents in USA can same the same thing.”
As I post this, this picture “With Jews (Whites) you lose,” reflects our losses that are too numerous to count, in white bodybags, land in USA, businesses, jobs, respect, White self-esteem, White harmony, White country, religion, art, advertising, marketing, government, population, White education… Whites were losers to White Rights which there are none today.”


Jew Media incites White Women to War!

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Jew Media incites White Women to War. It’s sad that our White women who watch a lot of CNN and Fox are so riled up about Syria, the 100,000 bodies, poison gas, that they are screaming for “War!”

Sadly, I did the same after watching the Jew manufactured production of 9/11. I didn’t even realize that it affected me sooo much, that I called both my sons to join the military and “fight” them. I didn’t even know “who” the “them” was! Now if it hit me that hard, and I have to official Jew media brainwashing, think how it is for poor older White women whose only source of joy is that Jew TV box. It isn’t fair and it should be accounted as a hate crime against Jews to incite and manipulate White women not just as they rape us for 1000 years, but even the older women who I can’t even talk to. People that I like, but whose minds are set on war. I suggested they don’t believe the TV for the same thing happened in 9/11.  But the White women say “they must protect the ‘poor (Polish) Jews of Israel.” Both women are poor and very sick and without that TV they have nothing. That is how dependent the Jews made our White women.

When they said how many bodies were on TV of poison gas, (which I don’t believe anymore than I believe 9/11) I reminded them of the boxes of black and white pictures my US Marine husband had developed in Viet Nam of dead Yellow Communist Chinese who he fought bravely. Sadly, the Jew Communists and Chinese Communists won that war, and they drove my White brave, handsome, responsible, White Presbyterian descent husband to his suicide. And to think I was going to send my own two sons despite the damage done to my war hero husband.

There has got to be a better life for Whites, even seniors. This is pathetic. No one had the right to manipulate the White mind like that to the exclusion of any other thought for they don’t want to hear me and block it out annoyingly. This is called “divide and conquer” the White women, and it’s said if we are to save this country, it is our women that must change.

I never saw so clearly how Jews affected women, even old ones, and that is dangerous for there is nothing on that JEW TV for their self-preservation or self-defense. And I’m tired of White women turning on me, or even White men. Why should I risk anything for them or their children. Look at the breastfeeding. I helped change history as a pioneer and suffered the abuse. Today, it’s like breastfeeding was always the style and I shouldn’t be looking for credit. Ask a Jew if he doesn’t want his or her name after the credits in movies or at their own self-glorification at the academy awards.