Elvis Studies Evils of (Jew) Communism

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Con’d Elvis studies evils of Jew Communism: Elvis did not know Jews were Commies. He probably thought, as the Jews brainwashed us with unmercifully, the “White” Russians were Commies. In Elvis’ own handwriting (which surely is a sign of the Divine, for one can argue with someone’s books, as I argue with Jew’s books, but not one’s own words. Elvis only supernatural event with Jew Communism, (from 16 biographies I read on him) was the day he was driving from LA to Vegas. Elvis had been studying about God with his Jew hairdresser, Larry Geller, and Elvis was getting frustrated for he felt he wasn’t contacting God or vice versa even though Elvis who was born poverty stricken, had purchased perhaps nearly 1000 books from Larry Geller’s spiritual store.
As Elvis was driving, he encountered the beautiful White clouds of Vegas. Even at night the White clouds can be seen against the dark blue sky, and it is truly one of the 8th wonders of the world to behold. God-made, not man made.
Suddenly, Elvis caught eye in the white clouds, and he stopped the car. He screamed, “Look Larry, it is the face of Jesus Christ, as Elvis had tears rolling down his face. When Jew Larry Geller got out of the car, the face of Jesus, turned into the deadly Jew-led Commie Joseph Stalin, who had a young Jewess harem who probably kept him drugged, overfed, and sexed up, so the Jews could continue killing their 60,000,000 White Christian Eastern Europeans, including my ancestors from Poland, Russia, Austria. Jews managed to nail all 3 of my ancestors! How’s that for Jew thoroughness! Did the Jesus cloud image appear to Elvis who was White and very receptive, and did it change, because Geller the Jew represented the Jew Communist devil on earth, not in some afterlife, and burning flames of hell which is a Jewish manmade threat to Whites if we don’t obey them. Comparing the book I’m noting about Communism, we are now living under Communism, with Jews at the helm, as in Orwell’s book, “Animal Farm,” where Jews communize all the Whites, to make them “equal” to other races, animals, plants, and air, or even reduce us to white rats, but Jews remain as Supremacists over all the races, plants, animals.

Elvis was dead at age 42 on August 16, today’s date, 1977. He was called “the King,” for Jews destroyed White royalty, and for one reason only, to replace them. Not necessarily as individual King’s of Poland, Germany, France, Russia, but as a collective international mob where each Jew and Jewess was a King or Queen in their own empire.

Elvis Studies Evils of (Jew) Communism

Elvis Studies Evils of (Jew) Communism

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