Communists of South Africa: leaders, Mandela and Slovo the “Brains” behind Communism.

In Uncategorized on August 19, 2013 at 6:21 am

Communist Black Mandela of South Africa.

Here he holds his Black Fist with the Jew Fist next to him, which means to punch out the White man and race which is their only goal. They have won. Now are they going to punch each other and devour each other once we are gone. Yes. For even Hitler said we were only creative race, at least we used to be. Note the Jew symbol of the hammer and cycle but it was only a lie and prop for Jews to takeover the respective country they desired for Jews never have done and will never do manual labor or hard work. It is why Hitler put up “work camps’ to get them to do  honest work for first time in 1000 years. But you can see how much they hate to do honest work, for that only lasted 5 years and they are back to sucking White hard labor and $$$ as their slaves. Black Mandela, Jew Slovo, hands clenched in fists as Communists to punch out White Race.

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