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Another White Martyr! His crime: Exposing Jews

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Sadly, I was cheering for Fr. Rydzyk of Poland, who was exposing the Jews on his pulpit. The Jews were demanding black mail from from poverty stricken Poland since 1945 when in fact the Polish Whites lost the most people in World War II… not… the Jews.
But I guess even the Hitler Pope punished him for doing so. I had written so much “good” about him in my blog and I think Jews read all my info just as a source of people to attack and punish. Whites don’t read. Jews write 52% of books and read 52% of books. Whites should be reading and writing but don’t. We need deep thinkers. China has them. Muslims. Hindus, even blacks like Obama are writing books.
Sad when the Catholics punish their own for standing up to Jews. Another White martyr!!!

“Crowded with Genius” by James Buchan about White Scottish Genius

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White Scottish Genius brought down by Jews? What I say has little meaning and might even anger some unless they have been following some of my 30,000 pages of email, not sentences, but pages.

I put aside the biography about Scottish genius poet Robert Burns from Edinburgh for he had a journal later in life called the Devil’s Diary. I don’t want that in my mind, for I’m am utterly creative as Hitler said the only creative race was the White Race soon to go extinct. Having babies and breastfeeding (pioneering 1973) is the most creative a woman can experience for we cannot make a baby out of nothing. Our race depends on it. Hitler and the Nazis knew that and rewarded the Mothers with a Mother’s Cross. My Mama had 12 babies, and 8 would have qualified her for the Mother’s cross seeing the Nazis knew of our prognosticated extinction. Now what I posed yesterday shows that the White Races extinction (or genocide) cannot be reversed and all the laws are against. It was the same under Jewish rule of the Christians in Poland. All laws against the Whites (Christians) and for the advantage of the Jewish bankers etc.

I’m reading book “Crowded with Genius: The Scottish Enlightenment: Edinburgh’s Moment of the Mind” by James Buchan.

But what really threw me is that I mentioned in writings that it was the Jews that brought down the French government, Christian Church and Royalty, Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI in 1789, same year the Black workers in Haiti slaughtered their bosses, the French Aristocrats and wiped them off the face of the island. Who could have been behind “both.” It is not a coincidence. If Jews (the opposite of Christians) were behind the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, American Revolution, Civil War, World War I and II, the 9/11 Tragedy, could it be that they also were responsible for the massacre of the Mind, the Scottish Mind in 1789, (French Revolution Against Whites 1789)?

As the Jew-led Communists killed 20,000 of the finest White Polish minds of my ancestry country of Poland, and blamed the Nazis who were innocent, it could be they had something to do with the death of the White Scottish genius. Since my suicided White Purple Heart Vietnam US Marine’s last name was “Duncan” Scottish, I have a personal investment in this for I have his two sons and their ancestry like their Daddy, also goes back to the Mayflower, 1620!

I will write more and I write fast for I just write “Creative Writing,” which tries to keep up with the mind and not stop to analyze. That can be done later. From the Book Cover.

“In the early eighteenth century, Edinburgh was a filthy backwater synonymous with poverty and disease and recently famous for religious persecution. By the century’s end, the ancient Scottish capital had become the marvel of modern Europe, thanks to a group of friends whose trailblazing ingenuity and passion for ideas changed the way all of us look at the world.”

“It was in Edinburgh that a unique gathering of the finest minds of the day came together and made breathtaking innovations in architecture, politics, science, the arts and economics, all of which continue to echo loudly today.” This was a time of radical upheaval and advancement, and a place of such cerebral stature as to rival the Athens of Socrates.”

These geniuses according to author transformed the way we understand our perceptions and feelings, sickness and health, relations between sexes, the natural world, the purpose of existence .(All topics I have researched but also reasoned since I didn’t have TV, radio, growing up poor as White Slaves for Jews in South Chicago, 5 blocks down on Euclid Avenue.) All I ask is for the chance to tell the truth about how agonizing it was to be White Slavery for Jews in Poland  now here for 900 years and tell how great the White Southern Plantations owners treated their black workers, misnamed slaves. If we do not reverse what the Jews have done to Whites (Christian descendants,) soon, it may be too late!

“For a period of nearly half a century, from about the time of the Highland rebellion of 1745 until the French Revolution 1789, the small city of Edinburgh ruled the “Western (White) Intellect. For nearly 50 years, a city that had for centuries been a byword for poverty, religious bigotry, violence and squalor laid the mental foundations for the modern world.”

“The battle of Culloden Moor in 1746 which writer John Buchan called the ‘last fight of the Middle Ages’ was also the beginning of the modern age for Scotland’s ancient capital.

(Yahoo! I read ahead the next sentence and I find hope for the White species, if just a flicker. Look how I turned my abject poverty and starvation around, suicidal attempts into not just a business leader in the Quality Movement but the Queen of Karaoke (self-made website: queenofkaraoke . com. 247 self-made/designed costumed characters for me to sing, dance, get the audience participating, etc. But I also know that what happened to us White Polish is here now in USA and has been hidden for nearly a millennium! I don’t want to see that pain put on any Whites or their children, or mine.)

“The town, which had sat little changed on its rock until then, inconvenient, dirty, old=fashioned, alcoholic, quarrelsome and poor, began to alter first slowly, then in a convulsion. Ale gave way to tea and port and whiskey. (they sobered up, no booze, drugs, pills, or mental brainwashing. my own words.)” But the alcoholism, tobacco, and drug addiction I lay at the feet of the Jews since they brought them here to the New World, 1600’s, when the Whites from Britain and Holland wanted to have the New America as a place for a fresh start from the addictions and misery left back in Europe which probably caused the Dark Ages. I know the Jews addicted my Polish people in that 900 years and enslaved the entire country, the only such in all of Europe. I know from reading that Russia also tried to stop the Jews from addicting their Russian people thru laws. Hitler tried to stop them but lost. The Jews won World War II in order to empty all 15,000,0000 Jews of Europe into USA (who had a partial ban on them) and Palestine so the Jews could pass off to the world that the Polish Jews of Israel were the Chosen People of God!) If we don’t save the White male this will be a third world country for it took the uniqueness like these White Scottish geniuses to make and maintain our country and our race the only one in danger of extinction.

I found this on amazon to buy as cheap as $.01 for who in the world really cares about White geniuses when our IQ has gone down so low thanks to “equality” that in London, the Blacks from Africa’s IQ is 92, and the Whites is also 92!!!! We were brought down… intentionally… for takeover of species, USA, Europe etc.!

As the Jews and Communists killed off the smartest men of Poland in 1940 at Katyn Massacre and blamed the innocent Nazis, Jews also intentionally put down the White mind and people. This way they could be smartest even "Chosen" compared to our stifled IQ, and yellow Chinese second smartest, leaving the Whites third smartest and declining.

As the Jews and Communists killed off the smartest men of Poland in 1940 at Katyn Massacre and blamed the innocent Nazis, Jews also intentionally put down the White mind and people. This way they could be smartest even “Chosen” compared to our stifled IQ, and yellow Chinese second smartest, leaving the Whites third smartest and declining.

Jesus’ Enlightenment & Healing the White Greek Woman!

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Jesus Heals White Woman. Also Syria and Jesus: With the entire world filling up all the airwaves of their constant 24/7 hoaxes of war, explosions, etc. I recall hearing name of “Syria” in the Bible with Jesus.

The first is about healing all over Syria. As I wrote, Jesus stayed away from the devil Jews in Jerusalem for he knew they were after him just as they were after his cousin, St. John the Baptizer who Jew King Herod beheaded!

“New International Version
News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them.”

From the Message Bible it says Jesus taught the “Truth of God!” I write the Truth and never have lied or exaggerated which makes it “boring” compared to all explosion and Sci-fi not only on Hollywood Jew movie screens, but Jew manufactured reality we live in called “news.” Let’s change the name from “news” to “jews” and we will get a clearer picture of our reality.

“God’s kingdom was (Jesus’) theme–and beginning right now they were under God’s government.” (Boy do I wish I could see that in my lifetime, not just witnessing the rich Jewess also from Poland as my Master/mistress, living in Kingdom of Heaven in USA as Poland, Germany etc.)
He also healed people of their diseases and of the bad effects on their lives. (The damage done to us by Jews, tobacco, booze, porn, gambling, sugar, TV, movies, new for Whites to self-suicide at their command.) Word got around the entire Roman province of Syria. (So we see Syria could have been White, certainly Gentile, and Jesus could have been White. Jesus was not born in Jewish Jerusalem, but in Bethlehem and lived in Galilee which was Roman or White.)

“People brought anyone with an ailment, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Jesus healed them all.” And for his teaching and healing which would have put the Jews out of business in controlling the people in the area, Jews arrested, imprisoned him, tried to break up his meetings, killed him. Just as Jews have done to many pro-Whites speakers today, the few that we have that could withstand the severe Jewish pressure!

Here’s the other passage of Jesus and Syria:

“New International Version
The woman was White Greek as her daughter!!!!! Not a Jewess.

But since Jesus was a racist, or believed in the Jewish religion, but might have been White raced, he admonishes the White woman for asking for a healing since she was not converted to Jews as the entire White race are Jews today.

This White Greek woman had a daughter who was possessed with a devil.

“The woman was a Greek, a Syrophoenician by race; and she besought him that he would cast forth the demon (evil or devil) out of her daughter. It’s odd but when I signed myself into mental hospital for help for depression I told the Jew that I thought “I” was evil. And yet I never hurt a soul only ‘helped’ and ‘loved’ to the point of exhaustion. Perhaps seeing Mama over the brink as White slave for Jew it affected me for I probably thought she was evil beating Daddy, smashing up the windows etc. The Jews never thought of themselves as “evil,” but “Princes and princesses” and converted us to worshiping them as even gods! I remember when I needed medical papers for a lawsuit for the Dalkon Shield, IUD, that damaged my womb and had to be taken out with cancer. (another way Jew doctors bring down or damage White population and mothers and babies. Many women lost babies or dead babies, like Alice Cooper singers.) I didn’t actually sue there was a fund available for the multi-billion dollar company was shut down. I met a lawyer at church for I missed the deadline and he sent papers for me and I was awarded $$$. I was then sterile after the IUD and surgery of my cancerous womb! But when I looked through medical records to give to attorney, I came across a sheet that was from the Jew doctor that raped me. On that sheet he wrote that I said I was depressed because I thought I was “evil.” You can only imagine how it upsets me now to write of Jew’s evil’s and keep that in my mind when it should be erased and I too can live happily ever after with positive or spiritual thoughts. When my book is over, I hope to leave this all behind, for I won’t take any more White or Jew abuse. I’m old and let the Jewess suffer now like I did and with compound interest for Jews understand $$ language and interest.

Jesus, still hanging on to his Jewish religious beliefs, said that the woman should stand in line and take her turn. He said “the children (meaning religious Jews from Bible) get fed first.” And “If there’s any left over the dog’s get it.” Yes he referred to us unknowingly as dogs. Jesus was human in many ways. His life was a “growth” in truth and spirituality, not born with it. He had to study, pray, learn, practice. His life began to open up to the treachery of the religious Jews, but not until they arrested and crucified him did he see the full extent of the wickedness of the religion he belonged to and the Jewish “race” of people and how far they will go to the point of murder to stop anyone from discovering or spreading any resistance to them!

The White Greek woman said, “But Master (meaning Master / slave for there was nothing wrong with those terms only Jews made Whites believe they were “evil” by having Black farm workers (or shufflers pretending to work and misnamed slaves.) ….. “Don’t the dogs get the scraps dropped by the children?”

“Jesus was impressed.” Do you see Jesus’ awakening to the idea that other people were children of God not just the treacherous Jews who he was hoping to someday convert and change. They don’t convert or change. They remain as diabolical yesterday as today as tomorrow. Jesus: “You’re right! On your way! Your daughter is no longer disturbed. the demonic (evil or devil) affliction is gone” She went home and found her daughter relaxed on the bed, the torment gone for good.” Ah, what a happy ending. Perhaps the White woman’s problems today can be healed also for it is said “we” have to change to save our male and race! The woman was a Greek, a Syrophoenician by race; and she besought him that he would cast forth the demon out of her daughter.

Jesus probably was White but a convert to Jew religion. It was this event that began to open Jesus eyes that "Whites" were children of God, and that the Jews were just religious demon imposters posing as the 'Chosen Ones'.

Jesus probably was White but a convert to Jew religion. It was this event that began to open Jesus eyes that “Whites” were children of God, and that the Jews were just religious demon imposters posing as the ‘Chosen Ones’.


Anti-Semetic & Ancient Syria! Jews would like nothing better than to repeat news 24/7, have White people ‘talk’ about it our only form of communication, and then send our White boys to war, White Treasury (already bankrupted) and then turn the Middle East Muslims, 1 billion of them browns, into another Yellow Commie China!

But there is a “real” side of Syria. And I don’t stick up for them, and not even for all the Whites for I’ve seen really bad sides to them.

From Jew Wiki on Syria. The Muslims, who if living in White Europe, need to be sterilized as the Browns and Jews do also. (Remember the Jews said if first of sterilizing or smartest White Germans after they tried to save White species, World War II.)

5,000 years ago, there were 20,000 clay tablets made with their language. At least then people could talk and communicate to one another not just rattle off some Jewish jingle and hear the same thing from 4 different friends on the war in Syria today.

It is the first “Semetic language.” So here goes the Jews whines, cries, moans and slaps that Whites are “anti-Semitic” when they mean anti-Jew. Although since Jews opened up the borders of Europe and American to take in a billion Muslims as we go extinct and their “Middle Eastern Slaves,” I’d say I’d be careful of “both” the “Semetic Muslims and Semetic Jews.” That isn’t “anti-Semitic” but they are anti-Christ, especially the Jews.

: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebla

Painting: White Mother Kisses Her White Son off to War!

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White Sad Mother Kissing her White Son Off to War. Odd but all the wars in last 1000 years have been White wars that I know of, and that is how long Jews have been ruling us since Poland.

The really strange thing is that I was a wife of Vietnam Veteran, I shared his misery silently, lovingly, even depriving myself of any rewards for my work, my entire life was for him and sons. I shared his bed of screaming nightmares when the people (who knows the Communist Jews and Chinese probably set up the Vietnam war as a mousetrap that we were forced by law and prison to go into) over in Asia destroyed him unto 40 years of misery and suicide for he could take no more of Jew-SA. And yes he was no fan of Jews. He saw right through them when he attended a grammar school filled with Jews near Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Whatever the Jew did, my husband beat him up after school. It probably was the only beating a Jew ever got in Europe, Poland, Germany, Russia, and now USA and Israel. The Jews’ revenge was horrible. His mother found out that my husband’s father was the baseball coach so she sent her Jew son to baseball school, bought him the best gear, had tutors for him. When the Jew was ready and outplaying my young sandlot husband, the Jew boy got in very close to my husband’s father. In fact, since the Jew was not damaged as husband thru parents drinking and fetal alcohol syndrome, the Jew boy seemed like a “prime” son. Not the irritable son of his penis. It was easy for the Jew boy to kick out my White husband of my husband’s own father’s life. Until my father-in-law’s dying day he was buddies with the Jew and preferred the Jew to his own son. You see the circle of damage coming from all sides because of Jews. Not only that when my husband went to Vietnam as a United States White Marine / Purple Heart fighting in a war that he was a mere target practice for the Commie Chinese, the Jew, again, living in the USA Kingdom of heaven for Jews only, (Brown Mex’s too for they are 2nd happiest people, and Blacks also having no self-esteem problem, along with other races) the Jew got more revenge against my husband. My husband, like President Jefferson Davis of Confederate war who was going to fight to kill the Jew Judah  Benjamin in a duel, then became best friends with their worst enemy. Davis actually appointed his enemy Secretary of War and Treasury in Civil War for South.  While husband was at war, the Jew didn’t have to go to war. Instead he was given gravy job in army, Alabama, the South no less, where the Jews learned business and office techniques where he’s now a Jew millionaire today as “his sons!” The Jew realizing my husband’s fiance was alone in Chicago, preyed on her and seduced her, (screwed the hell out of her. Since Jews are not damaged and got their $$$ thru White wars, White murders, White rapes, White gouging, stealing White businesses, inventions, the Jew looked like a better catch! He treated her sooo nicely, as Jews treat their women. This World War III between White man and woman was done to us “intentionally!” Once the Jew got control of her mind, as well as her body, emotions, he talked her into writing a “Dear John” letter of hatred breaking off the engagement while my husband was on the battlefield, supposedly fighting for her “Rights” and “freedom.” Instead of White Rights, she got White enslavement and now has to work to not only support herself but her children, as well as Jew’s kids, Yellow commie kids, Brown kids, Muslim kids who are having 8.1 on the average, Black kids for at least 400 years if not more for Europe has been brainwashed and enticed with loving Blacks like voo doo idols, while they give up their own political, religious, human and spiritual idols of our existence!

Oddly, even though I knew of these horrors of war, first hand, after I watched 9/11 on TV, the only time in my life I ever watched TV for a while, I immediately called my sons in hysteria telling them to sign up for War. Jews and Commies, Muslims got the exact response they wanted… get the White women all worked up to send us their boys and men! I regret that action more than anything in my life. Today, I see thru the Jew-Muslim (other two main religions than Christianity) fiasco in Middle East. But I have talked to 4 other White women all worked up about war and Muslims and going there to fight for them, and “poor Rich Jews of Israel,” (they know nothing of Jewish crimes and makes them “nervous strain” when I talk about it. Think of the strain I’m under!

Someday, Whites will need to be in war like the Muslims taking over Europe or browns taking over USA, and we will just fold our hands and let them in. Instead, we will be shouting to Kill the Syrians etc. But never ever look into the eyes of the Jews.

Just as this sad mother kisses her son off to White War, after 9/11 I also was so hypnotized by Jew media, I called my sons to go to war to punish the villains. Not knowing no one punishes the villain Jews.

Just as this sad mother kisses her son off to White War, after 9/11 I also was so hypnotized by Jew media, I called my sons to go to war to punish the villains. Not knowing no one punishes the villain Jews.

Poem “Justice of the Peace” and “Genius and Valor,” by Rev. Langhorne

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White poem referred in biography of Scottish Robert Burns:

It’s so beautifully eloquent of the description of a sad mother’s tears mixing in with her breastmilk for she once nursed that child. Most women in America don’t have a clue about the “feeling” that goes with it. Today it seems like a “rushed” thing to do like a business and not a “loved” or primal instinct feeling to share.

And yes, I would shutter if I were a White mother today and had a baby boy only to baptize him into the USA a “child of misery baptized in tears.” Only to send him to war, as my husband’s mother birthed him just to be a potential $.37 body bag for the Jew banks. You see Jews only pay the $.37 towards the White body bag. If he is lucky the soldier dies immediately and gets it over. If he is wounded bad or addicted by Jews and lives, his live of “misery” is beyond compare especially having every door slammed in his face and every door “opened” to Jews, Yellow Commies also, Hindus’, Browns, Blacks, Reds. And along with the Veteran the widow and child suffer, even the poor door. And we have to point the finger of fate at the Jew and Jewess their child who have become near gods as they put us in the Holocaust of hell in the USA. Burning alive with pain and agony while they “laugh” and are entertained.

“The only thing I remember which was remarkable in Burns’s manner was the effect produced upon him by a print of Burnbury’s, representing a soldier lying dead on the snow, his dog sitting in misery on the one side, on the other his widow, with a child in her arms. These lines were written beneath,—

Cold on Canadian hills, on Minden’s plain,
Perhaps that parent wept her soldier slain;
Bent o’er her babe, her eye dissolved in dew,
The big drops, mingling with the milk he drew,
Gave the sad passage of his future years,
The child of misery baptized in tears.

Burns seemed much affected by the print, or rather the ideas which it suggested to his mind. He actually shed tears. He asked whose the lines were, and it chanced that nobody but myself remembered that they occur in a half-forgotten poem of Langhorne’s, called by the unpromising title of The Justice of the Peace.”

Here’s poem about the sadness of a wife or mother. I think this is Blessed Virgin Mary. When I was in mental hospital for depression they had art therapy and I joined all the therapies hoping I’d get well. I didn’t. I got raped… by a Jewish doctor.. and threatened for life. But there is a “law of limitations” for Jewish rapes, but “no” law of limitations for Jews to persecute, hound, prosecute even murder the White smartest Germans who only wanted to “deport them.” It is why Whites cannot deport the Jews today, why Lincoln couldn’t deport the slaves back to Africa as he wanted, and why Whites can’t deport the 50,000,000 Brown Mexicans back to one of the richest countries on the planet, Mexico, but they want to use up our $$$ first to build their country up, and then leave the White USA in ashes. Mexico is loaded to the hilt with natural resources, oil, gold, fertile land, etc.

In poem “Justice of the Peace” the sad woman could be the wife or mother of the soldier either imprisoned by the enemy (whether mental or physical prison as Jews put us in). The entire poem is here. The first stanzas talk about the “monster” she has to deal with. Jews told us Hitler and Nazis were monsters. I’m calling the Jews monsters.

Would you cry seeing your son or husband come back from war addicted coffee, cola, cigarettes, heavy booze, Scotch, addicted gambling, womanizing for the yellow women were more than happy to spread their lips below for the change of having a “white” baby and perhaps marriage, citizenship, screaming nightmares, testicle shot off, (obviously the Jew and Yellow Commies don’t want us to have babies) pierced ear drums, hookworms, horrible malaria. And he was “forced” to go or go to prison with a record that he would never be able to work again!!!!!!! I know someone close who was a “conscientious objector” and refused to go. He was assaulted badly by Blacks in South Chicago, and could never get a job for he was “black-balled!” Even with a Master’s Degree!!!!! Why? He was White, and the Jewish Civil Rights Act made by religious Rabbi in a synagogue in 1965 was passed to take away this other man’s civil rights objecting to his body being torn to shreds, his mind smashed, his nerves fried… for Jew Commies and Yellow Communists’ with face of Black Commie Obama and Michelle and their takeover of world!

On page 87 is also a poem called “Genius and Valor” about Scottish White Geniuses which I’m also reading a book about.

“The bard whose gentle heart ne’er gave
One pain or trouble that he knew to save

The poem talks of being “Freed from the Gothic graves” such as the one the White species is in today.

“When taste and ‘genius’ of the royal mind” (It gives the hint that indeed White royalty and breeding were of the “highest.” It reflects two things in Jew’s destruction of us. 1. the Royals were of the highest and that is why Jews bred with them, married them like President Kennedy’s and Clinton’s daughters. Since childbirth they were bred and educated to the highest and have the most “connections.” Talk about Jewish networking, Whites can’t even dream of it and only get frustrated for we can never achieve what the Jews have taken from us by force and crime. Even if we become like them, we still don’t have the 15,000,000 highest and richest most powerful to back up or network with. We sometimes have just poor Whites and it just depresses them more to realize. Also it is why Jews had to murder and assassinate Royalty for they were the “highest” and Jews had to kill off the “highest” so they can be the “Chosen of God” which our Whites are now insane into ‘believing’.)

“In nervous strain Dunbar’s bold music flows” This country and Jews had pushed my parents beyond the brink of nervous strain with family of 15 for slaves for Jews beyond any kind of endurance that even a top athlete could withstand. Jews have done the same to me.

“Hail, Anna, Hail! O May each Muse divine!” Odd but I mentioned my mama’s nervous and physical and mental strain as slaves for Jews above and have never seen this poem before, but my Mama’s name is “Anna.” I wonder if the Jews raped my poor White Polish Catholic Mama and got away with it as they did me as the White German girls until Nazis educated them in schools about the evil Jew and taught them how to make police reports.

“With wreaths eternal grace thy holy shrine
Graved on thy tomb this sacred verse remain
This verse more sweet than conquest’s sounding strain
She bade the rage of hostile nation’s cease
The glorious arbitress of of Europe’s peace
She through whose bosom rolled the vital tide
In Britains monarchs one stream ‘allied’
Closed the long jealousies of different stray
And saw united sister’s realms obey

Auspicious days when Scots no more oppressed
On their free mountains bared the fearless breast (And my breast is fearless)
(It then talks of exploring Africa in peace… what a mistake! Whites should never have been suckered into the Jewish slave conspiracy!)

“Boast Scotland, boast they sons of mighty name
Thine ancient chiefs of high heroic fame

(yet Europe has been evacuated by 6,000,000 Jews who illegally came here from a Jewish conspiracy against Whites of both Europe and USA… and as Jews did when hundreds of thousands suddenly left Poland in 1096, the Jews left Europe en masse and emigrated to Poland to fill those vacant homes, jobs etc. Europe “lost” the Jews, but “lost again” by winning the Muslims their “Semite” brothers and sisters! There are 3 religions: Christians, Jews, Muslims. They are both “Semites.” We are the opposite or Christians so in reality “anti-Semites”. Not in a cruel way, but our beliefs are different. Muslims and Jews, especially Jews are the Anti-Christ or Anti-Christians as can be seen in the 100,000,000 White Christians the Jew Communists killed in Communist Eastern Europe and Russia. )

From the “Justice of the Peace,” by Rev. Langhorne.

“See the pale mother (wife, sister of Veteran, daughter or Blessed Virgin Mary sunk with grief at just how evil the Jews treated her and her son Jesus Christ! Until today, the Jews crucify him and us) sunk with grief and despair
“To the proud farmer fearfully repair
Soon to be sent with insolence away

You can see the rest below. But “note” the Scottish were farmers. Robert Burns, famous genius poet a ‘ploughman.’ Why didn’t USA and Jews if they had any mind at all, bring White farmers here. If they were “drinking” cure them. Black farmers misnamed slaves, shuffling one that pretended to work so Jews could bring and sell more to White suckers like us.. But Blacks were drunks. They had to be for the Jews sold the African “Kings and Queens” bottles of rum to buy the cannibals and wild natives and some still are not civilized thanks to Jews.


Mary weeps because the Jews persecuted her since she carried Jesus in her womb for they would have stoned her to death! Plus the Jews arresting, torturing, imprisoning and murdering her son!

Mary weeps because the Jews persecuted her since she carried Jesus in her womb for they would have stoned her to death! Plus the Jews arresting, torturing, imprisoning and murdering her son!

Russian News: Navy Shootings

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Russian News on Black who shot the Navy people in Washington DC. Odd but the man from Veteran’s for Peace says so many Veterans are suffering from the war (as my suicided White husband) but they are on long waiting lists!

Doubly odd is that the Brown women and their constant sex and babies get all the $$$ they need. In fact, the illegal browns alone, not counting legal ones, the “majority” of babies in USA and not entitled to “minority” status or $$ anymore, closed down 80 hospitals in California, depriving and putting sick Whites at the bottom of the list, just as the Veterans are.

Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Chinese as the new “doctor” breed with PHDS since White men can’t get them anymore, all stick together and get all the medical care they want. Whites are at a roulette wheel for doctors and medicine. Blacks have been working the White system for 400 years including the White House recipients. Try putting a White the head of any of the Hollywood studios owned and operated by only Jewish monopoly since 1926.


Black Navy Shooter in DC

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How many Whites were shot?


Navy Shooting Washington DC

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Black laughs at Navy Shooting? Why? Most Blacks don’t go in Navy for they are afraid of water!?

Muslims to take over Europe as White Race dies or degenerates

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Jews and Muslims don’t smoke, drink, drug, or engage in porn, nor do they let their women get raped by other races as the White Race has degenerated too. Whites will never be able to compete with these other two religions or even Hindus and Chinese who have never been damaged with those addictions as Jews put on us since 1600’s. Whites are in a quagmire of dilemmas put on us intentionally by the Jews who have been “race-conscious” for 5,000 years! Jews along with other races help genocide White Race.

With White Race going extinct, Muslim Barach Obama and his people will be the ruling race for the Whites last 100 years on earth! It was done intentionally by

The Jews were at the helm in race-breaking Europe from White to other races as in America. Whites can’t go to the top of any Jew org like Hollywood, Vegas, TV, Radio, Art, Entertainment, News, Internet, Banking which they control. Yet Jews put a Black up as President at the top of a White company (Our government which determines our life or death. It looks like Congress with its laws has determined the White Death forcing race-breaking and no White babies. Odd but 50,000,000 Brown Muslims are now in Europe, yet White women have murdered 50,000,000 White babies in abortion. Whites preferring Brown babies over our own.. and supporting them through every law possible and tax since the Jewish Rabbi Civil Rights Act 1965. By the way, Muslims and Jews are “brothers,” if they are both Semites. To be anti-Semitic, not only means Jews shouldn’t rule Whites as descendants of Christians, but Muslims shouldn’t rule us for they both work together although appearing they are fighting!  http://www.youtube.com/embed/6-3X5hIFXYU

It is not just for Whites to have more babies. All the laws are against us and that will insure our poverty and starvation, homelessness and death. We need to have healthy babies as Adolf Hitler wanted. The Swastika of the Nazis was simply a symbol of fertility used for thousands of years by many cultures. News who control media since 1890’s here in USA and Europe and Poland for about 1000 years, made the White Germans our smartest people as evil Nazis because all Hitler wanted was to stop the damage of the entire White German Race from the severely damaging effects of Jews.

New Costume Pix: Gloria Golf Girl

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Anna Rose finally gets a picture after taking off my other one! It’s Gloria Golf Girl for costumed karaoke! Note I made the pom pom on hat myself as well as pom pom’s for my shoes! Sorry no Jewish hate crimes against me or Whites yet today.

Changed pix today for Sports: Gloria Golf Girl in Costumed Karaoke

Changed pix today for Sports: Gloria Golf Girl in Costumed Karaoke


How come the Jewess never gets “Hit!” Only good White Women! Gloria Golf Girl for Costumed Karaoke: with song “Hit Me With Your Best Shot!” Fire away!20130916_102707[1]