Jewish Terrorist Bombers of Ships

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2013 at 3:02 am

Jewish Terrorist Bomber explodes 276 of his own Jewish people and nearly sank the ship “Patria” in 1940 when over 1000 Jews went en masse to begin takeover of Palestine… Jew Terrorist bomber writes a book…. but Jews took it off the internet on Amazon after I wrote about it on my blog. They take off of youtube, which they now own, how Jews bombed the USS Liberty also and nearly sank it in 1967 for they were going to blame the Arab Egyptians as they blamed the Arab Saudis for 9/11.

The Jew in plain view of Whites to scorn us, calls it “Strictly Illegal” so you know why the Brown illegal criminal invaders can just walk over the border and takeover the USA as Jews conned the Persians to do to destroy their neighbor and become the next superpower, Babylonia. Yes, Mexico will probably be the next superpower of the Western world as we decay, rot, decline into racial chaos. Mexico has immensely more untouched resources as we use ours up here, they save theirs. The richest man in world lives there Carlos Slim, and their climate is much more suitable to live than much of the cold winters of USA and Canada where Whites are confined since Blacks, Jews and Browns now have the complete Southern Half of the USA including large cities of Chicago, New York.


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