9/11 Motorcyclists to Washington DC

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2013 at 2:30 pm

Motorcycle Stunt Drivers for movie “Viva Las Vegas,” subbing for Elvis and Ann Margret. (Elvis wrote that his love was Ann Margret was the perfect match for him. They liked the same things and cut from the same mold. E was mad Margret got the better parts in movie and shots favoring her. (Obviously one would surely say that the stunt woman got the better shot here over Elvis, but there are times when both sexes should be able to excel over one another, at different times, or different reasons.)

Elvis once gave his entire Memphis Mafia (12 of them) Harley Davison motorcycles although can’t find picture on internet.

Here’s another picture of Elvis and Ann in plane where “Elvis” is in the driver’s seat, although to equal the other picture he should be “standing” on the plane balancing.

I’m also going to read this interview by Vernon Presley, E’s father, for I have never mentioned Vernon rarely in my writings.


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