Lies about Black Slavery

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Wonderful Black farmer workers (misnamed slaves) and their quarters which were equal if not better than the average White person in America at the time! Now the Blacks got the #1 House in USA, the White House. Nothing is too good for them.

Wonderful Black farmer workers (misnamed slaves) and their quarters which were equal if not better than the average White person in America at the time! Now the Blacks got the #1 House in USA, the White House. Nothing is too good for them.

d today that our White seniors can live in an assisted living facility. But they have to give all their $$ from Social Security towards upkeep: Housing, food, medical, Christianity, electricity, gas, telephone, meals prepared, roof fixed, windows caulked, houses cleaned, phone, TV, computers, swimming, grounds keep, taxes, etc. Now Blacks before the Civil War got the same thing for just “shuffling” around the farm, knowing the Whites were so gullible they’d buy many, many more Black farm workers from the African Kings, and the African Queens who beat their boys to work. The Blacks got all that and more in the South. Comradery, music, singing, dancing, civilization that cost the Whites so much patience I’m surprised we are not totally broken down today. In other words, Whites paid for the entire “upkeep” of Blacks. They wanted for nothing, they needed nothing.

Take a look at this painting of the royal quarters for slaves. “I” should have been so lucky living in a family of 15 and slaves for Jews and living in a shack-of-a-house and both Mama and Daddy worked their asses off for Jewish Masters. You see the difference: Jews underpaid my folks, so we lived in squalor. If we didn’t have a Jewish Federal Reserve Note, we starved, and didn’t complain. 900 years of slavery for Jews in Poland will do that.

I know someone in Chicago that had a loft put in like this that was $25,000.00. Blacks had it made. 400 years of welfare for them is enough. Look at the cute beds that slide under. As a White slave in South Chicago, 5 blocks down from Michelle Obama, I had to sleep on the floor, fluff up a pile of rags and sleep in the pantry with the mice. Look at the drop down wooden handmade table to give the Black Family more room. A high chair for the little black babies. (Women in Africa now have 9-15 babies and wait for Whites to send packages. No one sent me and my starving family a single apple, nor should we ever have done it for blacks. We could have gotten White farm workers already trained from Europe! It’s no wonder Black Obamas wanted the #1 home in the world, the White House. Blacks are “too good” for anything less. No company in the world would have kept employees on their payroll from generation to generation with jobs and welfare for 400 years.

Look at pan on wall made probably of cast iron or similar. In that pan went the most nutritious foods of all, according to Whole Foods: Beet Greens, Mustard, Turnip, Collards, Kale and Watercress. Everything was provided for them. They didn’t have a care in the world. Look at them just laying around listening to their daddy play an instrument. If White Plantations owners were so evil, how did they get all these musical instruments? Look a the wooden cradles for their black babies (whites better work more than 3 jobs to feed and give welfare to the blacks in African having 15 babies.) Those kinds of cradles were the same kind the middle class Whites had all over the USA. I’ve seen them in forts at museums. Whites treated their babies as our babies, but do Blacks treat White babies as “their” babies or do they stick together for their own Black Race. Obama has done nothing for the White Race in all these years. He worries about homos’ rights, black rights like Treyvon Martin but ignores the Black Gangs killing whites all over the world. If the Blacks were beaten they must have been drunk or something. And blacks should be glad they were beaten instead of suffering the dregs of alcoholism which destroys the entire family! See picture of the wonderful Black farmer quarters, misnamed slave quarters. https://www.google.com/search…

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