White Waco, White Ruby Ridge, White Oklahoma Bombing

In Uncategorized on September 16, 2013 at 4:13 am

Sonny & Cher: Jew Serial Killer at Columbine massacre. It was the “first” of the serial killers and the leader was a Jew high school student and homosexual who influenced the other White boys. Note the connection to 9/11 prophesying a plane going into the World Trade Centers.

Odd but all three agents killed at Waco were killed by a fourth one who threw in grenade and machine gun knowing the other three agents were in there. The ones murdered were all three Bill Clinton’s bodyguards.

In Waco, Randy Weaver got the front cover of Jewish Time Magazine as the “Sinful Messiah.” Jews do that advertising deliberately making the White man look crazy, and using the word “Messiah” as a cover up for the fact they believe they are the Chosen of God or “Messiah” who will save the world, not that Jesus already did. Obama’s first choice after election: Jew Raum Emmanuel, and “Emmanuel” means “Messiah.” They constantly do these tricks behind our backs and minds keeping us slaves in a pit of hell under their rule while they accelerate to the top even more if that is possible.

Before Sonny Bono died in a suspicious skiing accident, he was beginning to investigate Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma bombing.

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