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Jewish Neurosis and Psychosis: Erich Fromm, Communist Lover

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Jewish Communist Psychosis and Neurosis: Just happened to come across the Jew, Erich Fromm, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. When the Jewish doctor raped me in Chicago, he said he would never do it again, and he would be cured for he entered psychoanalysis. He lied, for even though I fled him, I returned to him 7 years later to get help for my Viet Veteran, US Marine, as well as myself. He attempted to rape me a second time, but I fled for good. It was then my spiritual counselor told me to send a letter to him ending my seeing him. Thank God.

But here’s some of Fromm the Jew’s evil thinking:

“Fromm considered love to be an interpersonal creative capacity rather than an emotion, and he distinguished this creative capacity from what he considered to be various forms of narcissistic neuroses and sado-masochistic tendencies that are commonly held out as proof of “true love”.  (Since when is sado-masochism “true love?”) I have written extensively the Jews and the Christians are in this sado-masochist relationship right now. Jews enjoy inflicting pain and as bizarre as it sounds, Christians enjoy and get sexual pleasure when Jews beat them or hurt them, take our money. It seems Christians enjoy pain, and Jews also get sexual gratification whipping us in any way they can. It’s truly sick on both ends. And we thought Jewish pedophilia and Jewish homosexuality and Jewish lesbianism was bad. Jewish-Christian sado-macho.

“Lastly, destructiveness is any process which attempts to eliminate others or the world as a whole, all to escape freedom. Fromm said that “the destruction of the world is the last, almost desperate attempt to save myself from being crushed by it”.  (Isn’t it strange this Jew is teaching about the “destruction” of the world and how he wants to save “himself” from being crushed by it.) I thought these Jews are getting these $400 an hour prices, often on White insurance money, for thinking up “common” sense to heal Whites not hate us further.

“For example, in an addendum to his book The Heart of Man: Its Genius For Good and Evil, Fromm wrote as part of his Humanist Credo:” (Well, it doesn’t surprise me he writes of the “Genius” of “good” and “evil,” for the Jews are the Masters of Evil, not on a Hollywood Jewish screen but in real life. Jews use their “smartness” for evil against Whites. They will someday remember these words for they are voracious readers and regret it and it will be too late. NO RACE, with even the least intelligence would put up with the Jews knowing what we now know about them for they will have to suffer the misery for selling their souls to the Jew devil.

What we Whites learn in psychiatry etc. is from the Jewish “religion.” We have to abandon our European or Christian identity and become part of the Jewish religion as Beatles, John Lennon, said that to be part of any form of entertainment (1960’s on) was to be part of the Jewish “religion,” (not business.) The so called Jews aren’t from the Bible or Old Testament, but use the book the “Talmud,” which states that Jesus Christ is boiling in hot poop for eternity!!!! Also that his mother was a whore…..!!!! And Christians worship these sinister figures. Even the Muslims’ Koran states in 27 different places that Jesus was good, a prophet, his mother was good. And who do Christians go to war with:::::: Muslims!!!!!! And adore and send big fat checks to the Jewish murderers in Israel!!!! I believe it is in the Talmud, or one of their books of the occult that a Jew can rape a girl under 3 because her hymen will grow back. And since he dare not touch his own Jewish women who can’t bear to be in the same bed with them let alone give them sex as my Mama had 12 babies and gave my White Daddy all the sex he wanted and then some…… the Jewish men must have raped White little girls under 3! The book says that Jews can treat Whites like animals, and their G-d, which is how they spell whoever they worship, will forgive all the crimes they will commit in the future!!! No conscience whatsoever for all they have done to us.

Here’s Erich Fromm’s about his study of the “Talmud” where he bases his work which they get $400 an hour from Christians. “Central to Fromm’s world view was his interpretation of the Talmud and Hasidism. He began studying Talmud as a young man .”

Last but not least, for I don’t even want to wallow in this Jewish mud but would rather lift my thought into good realms, Erich the Jew Fromm was a Communist lover!!!! Karl Marx, father of Communist, another Jew. Responsible for killing 100,000,000 White Christians, but also responsible for the Yellow Chinese Communist who threw a grenade at my husband and blew off his testicle. Or the Chinese Commie in Vietnam who threw a grenade at a Christian friend of mine and blew off half of his White face and one blue eye and his skull!!!!!

Fromm contended that Freud was one of the “architects of the modern age”, alongside Albert Einstein and Karl Marx, but emphasized that he considered Marx both far more historically important than Freud and a finer thinker.

Jews consider “bad” writing “good” for it is only when we don’t write about them that they are not “Famous” but if people start to think and reason, bad advertising will be seen for what it is and warn people to protect themselves.

Jews & White Lesbianism

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Lesbianism. On my fb advertising page I keep seeing pix of Ellen Lesbian Degenerate kissing another women. Jews who control advertising do that to shock Whites like their deadly electrical shock treatments given to depressed patients. (probably damaged thru Jew system. So rather than just consent to those pix I will a. write about it, and b. imagine Degenerate kissing a weasel or Black Bear male ready to attack. Since Lesbians “hate” the White male and generally the White male alone, perhaps if she kissed a male Black Bear it would make her happier. Also, I can imagine Degenerate kissing a Jewess like Barbara Boxer (a household word) or the Jewish Star (of David) Pink, or the Jewish woman who forced me to get on my hands and knees and scrub her dirty floor while she looked “above” me like the JAPP, Jewish American Princess on a Pedestal. If anyone knows how to get those pictures off please let me know. Hitler said the most dangerous person to the White Race, was the deviless lesbian.

Jewish American Ghettos

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Jewish American Ghettos. Whites are blinded to what is happening to their home. So we barricade ourselves into our houses with several locks, alarms systems, etc. Worse than animals in a zoo.

As many of our cities turn into ghettos we think this “natural,” but it isn’t for White people. Jews brought their ghettos with them. Jews make them. Then when the homes degrade to the point of being uninhabitable, Jews rent them or sell them to Blacks, hence Jews are slum landlords.

Here’s from Henry for the USA Ghettos even in the 1920’s. What we do not stop and allow only increases. There was once just one Black on White rape in USA. The White Southern Men would have executed or at least punished them or whipped them as the Jews apparently whipped the Polish White slaves in the Jewish empire. Now that the Jews enslaved the Whites and freed the Blacks, themselves and all other races, we have 37,462 Black rapists battering 37,462 White women in USA “each year.” What about Africa, even Finland where Black thug Somalians are gang raping White women and if a man speaks up the White man is “punished” and sent to prison. As I said before. “All” Laws today are only for Whites to obey and for Jews to play a mean God and punish us. Jews are not God. Nor does our God punish us but protect and help us.

Whites must “stop” paying in any way shape or form for Jewish ghetto landlords and the Jewish International Illegal Drug Syndicate which has ruined so many of our White people today especially Youth.

From “The International Jew: “The ghetto is not an American product but the Jews’ own importation.”

Jews & Tobacco

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Jews Brainwash Whites into Smoking:

For sale: White German Sketches Discouraging their White Children from Smoking:

See other posts below: Who is going to pay for the damages done to me and mine from the miserable health and death due to smoking. Jews made sure their Jewish doctors got rich. Whites became doctors at one time but there are no more male White doctors, especially any that don’t subscribe to the Jewish world wide religion.

I remember after the Jewish doctor raped me and I returned once a few months later for he ejaculated in me and I thought I was pregnant. That nice, friendly, rich, neurotic Jew that everyone so admired and the head of the teaching staff at the hospital, suddenly became evil looking. He snorted “If you tell anyone I will have you committed to an insane asylum for life. This would ruin my career forever and I have a Jewish wife and children to think of. But what of me and my unborn child, (it turns out I got my period) but the fact remains what if I were pregnant. What of my rights? This is what the German Nazis (National Socialists) had to content with: Massive Jewish men of wealth raping White German women and leaving them unsupported and in despair. Jews do it today in Israel the #1 abortion capital of the world and the White and Palestinian women left sterilized in many cases. The doctor had this ugly look on him that was frightening not the mask he wore for the other white patients. We must “not” respect Jews any more. I must learn self-respect to heal the damages the Jews have done to me. Even the lowest of the blacks have no problem with “self-esteem” for they have their Jewish promoted “Black Identity” where Whites even worship them more then respect themselves or each other.


Jews must be liable for 600 years of brainwashing Whites into Tobacco.

Jews must be liable for 600 years of brainwashing Whites into Tobacco.

International Jew: Con’d Chapter 3

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Jewish Empire: USA headquarters; From Henry Ford’s book ‘The International Jew.’ “Judaism is the most closely organized power on earth, even more than the British Empire.” (Judaism is ‘not’ the Israelites from the Bible, the Whites are but have been intentionally damaged.)

All-Jewish. Henry Ford refers to the Jewish World Empire (1920’s) as “All-Jewish.” They control the world from all points of the globe… but I might add… thru the White faces who now have Jewish minds and souls. In other words, possessed by the Devil herself.

Jews & Tobacco. For every White person that has been addicted intentionally by Jews of the dreaded tobacco, with it’s horrendous suffering and misery of cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, swollen glands, colds, the agony of heart attacks, get restitution from the Jews. I talked to someone whose dear mother, my age, has had to have a lung implant, but is suffering terribly. She smoked her entire life. Here’s what I have and I am not even researching hard of 3 instances of how Jews intentionally addicted the Whites in the USA (and world.) If the Whites are part of this conspiracy, let them know of their Jewish mind and soul. Better to live in a trailer park with a clear conscience than in mansions.

Here’s from Henry Ford: “International Jew” on the first Jews who were on ship with Columbus.

” Luis de Torres was the first man ashore, the first to discover the use of tobacco; he settled in Cuba and may be said to be the father of Jewish control of the tobacco business as it exists today.” (year 1492)

In my previous writings, I said the White Puritans who settled USA in 1620 wanted to be “free” of the deadly damage and misery the Jews “dictated” on the Whites in England with smoking and drinking. They wanted a “new country” where they could live as God as made them. Healthy, well, and not needing anything, but food, drink, air, etc. Sort of like how even black Africans who have 15 babies each do today. They are no where near damaged as Whites are. Jews do “not” smoke the cigarettes they and their descendants of today, that they pushed on us. That is why each and every descendant of any Jew who was involved in this 600 year conspiracy against us, is guilty, must pay reparations and punished and brought to justice. If Jews can go back 60 years for their faked Holocaust blackmail, we will go back 600 years and even all their money cannot excuse the pain, suffering, death and agony of the cigarettes and tobacco pushed onto us unsuspecting (White Christians.) But the Jews found  a way to “outsmart” the Christian Whites who wanted to save our species like Hitler did, and since the Puritans ran them off the lands of America, Jews grew their tobacco (with Black slaves or lazy workers) in Barbados. Then Jews could keep a constant supply for both the men in USA and Europe, Australia. Think of where the Whites could be today if we were free of our Jewish masters. Surely we would be in a state of decline, but at some point we have to stand on our own two feet. If we die as a race, we die with dignity, intelligence, love, prosperity and health, and not what they have turned our race into.

Also, Jew Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Eddie Bernays, used “mind techniques” to first get control of a small island of people, about 30,000. When they saw how it worked, they used it on the women to get them to smoke. And to think of those women who smoked and had babies in their tummy!! How many generations just from women alone where the damage was done even while in the womb. Yes, hold the Jews responsible. And all their descendants. Study the Jews’ ancestry and for every one of the Jews today whose ancestors in Poland enslaved us, indebted us, turned us into smoking fiends or drunks intentionally, as far back as 900 years, those Jews today must pay the price. And we can also get them for murdering Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago. Think of this the next time our taxes pay for the operation of a Jewish religious Holocaust Museum in Washington DC or all the 6,000,000 Jews who get Holocaust survivor money from Germany, USA, Poland, Russia!!!!

Here’s a pix where Jews collect tobacco taxes also. And “these” Jews and Jewesses are your gods today. Your “idols.” It was almost prophetic that the TV show I was on, “Jenny Jones” as Queen of Karaoke, was taken by a Jew from Chicago and turned into American “Idol.” The Jews use this word “Idol,” to transform our natural feelings and thoughts of having “one God,” into worshiping them as a “One” Messiah.  Or as Henry Ford of Ford Motors said in the 1920’s…. “All Jewish.”

Here’s a picture of the devil that intentionally destroyed you or your relatives, ancestors, friends, fellow White people who you don’t even know or care about, and all for Jewish “gold.” It’s time to return that gold to pay for the damages done to me and my race.

I clearly remember autobiographically speaking that I once worked for a Jewish woman scrubbing the floors. She actually came to pick up Mama, but Mama couldn’t stand the Jewess and got herself drunk on Christian Brothers brandy as if “that” would somehow save my poor uneducated mother. So the Jewish woman grabbed me at age of 12 and took her to her home. She enjoyed intensely watching me on my hands and knees at her feet looking up at her, scrubbing her floors. It always gave her a feeling of Super-human superiority over me.

The terrible thing was that I was starving and needed food, I needed stockings or gloves for those icy Chicago winter days. Instead, I took the $.25 and bought a pack of cigarettes. Already addicted. It took 5 times to throw off the habit, the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I did it out of anger. I saw the girls who addicted me no longer smoked and it made me mad. What really makes me mad was as the nun at school said, “Don’t show me the person who sinned, show me the person who “started” them.” And that was the Jew. And all their descendants and that means mother and father in laws, cousins etc. Why. When my ancestry was done my Grandma and Grandpa have over 1300 descendants, but that includes “all” who co-mingled as a family, not just the blood ones. So, “all” those relatives of the Jews from 1492, until today, must be held accountable. And we haven’t even gotten to the ones that addicted us to booze as the 55% of the Jewish population in Poland were employed in getting my ancestors drunk! And the damage done to the children with alcohol fetal syndrome.

Jews have done intentional damage to Whites since 1492  when the first Jew landed in Cuba.

Jews have done intentional damage to Whites since 1492 when the first Jew landed in Cuba.

“The International Jew.” The only persecuted Jews in the USA, were persecuted by the Jews themselves in “human sweatshops” of New York. Hence even the Jews of today no longer have to black mail innocent Germans or Americans, Poles, or Russians, but their own people for their misery.

Jews are said to be “philanthropists,” but think, in the sweatshops below, it was Jews who organized these dirty, exhausting jobs. So if they gave a few pennies towards their own people, big deal, why didn’t they change the system that enslaved their own. That is pure evidence that the Jews would have clearly had their own people starved to death in the Work Camps, not Death Camps of Germany, and also their Jewish doctors injecting them with “typhus” disease to create such a pathetic picture of dying Jews that the USA would gladly invite them in en masse to takeover USA as the Whites “allow” the invasion of Mexicans over our border.

Also the “philanthropist” Jews that donated paintings to any American Museum and their descendants must be held accountable for all those paintings they “stole” from the Russian museums and castles when the Jew Bolshevik Communists took over Russia slaughtering 100,000,000 White Christians. Those paintings should go “back” to Russia, France, England, Germany or wherever else they stole them from. Their descendants must pay retribution and be held as guilty if there is to be any sense of justice to begin.

From Henry Ford of Ford Motors book, … the Jews are “cruel, insensible and inhumane,” but it comes out of their “business” techniques, which now rule every single White person’s work ethics today.

Jews have taught you that people like me are “crazy,” when in fact they are and perhaps have driven you crazy also. “Some proposals of industrial reform appear as crazy to him as would a proposal to credit one base ball batter’s hit to his opponent’s score, just as a matter of humanity.”

“Jews don’t assimilate.” That is why Jews have dictated to us that the Brown Mexicans who are supposed to be “less smart” than us have outsmarted us and do not assimilate either… unless they can snatch a White man or woman for a husband to race-break us.

Jews cultivate a feeling that they “don’t belong.” I think that has permeated my own being and I must change that. I “do” belong to whereever I live, family or friends, Whites of course, although Jews have damaged the Whites so badly they neither want me to belong to them or damaged me that I don’t want to belong to them either. That will have to be worked on and if I put my mind on it, perhaps it will at least improve even a little.

“A Jewish American is a mere amateur Gentile, doomed to be a parasite forever.”

Here’s even a better picture in German I believe of the Jewish gold and the White skeleton who the Jews have addicted for 600 years. Get the restitution for all the damages done to your ancestors for 600 years just as Jews try to make us feel guilty for a holocaust or even black slavery which never happened. Jews and Blacks lie. So do browns, yellows, etc. Get used to it. They use it against to replace us in our country, parks, beaches, mountains, businesses, relationships, jobs, etc.

Jews must be held accountable and give restitution for 600 years of intentional damage done to us Whites

Jews must be held accountable and give restitution for 600 years of intentional damage done to us Whites


Oh Poop! Lots of it! White France Protests Removal of President with truckload of manure. What if that would happen here in USA? Freedom?

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Oh Poop! Lots of it! White France Protests removal of their President, (might be part Jew) with a huge, huge dumpload of manure!

Can you imagine if that happened here in America, the “bastion” of freedom to oust the welfare recipients in the White House. 400 years of Blacks and Jews extracting $$$ from Whites for crimes such as “slavery” we never commit. If the Jews bottled the rum in Rhode Island, sold it to the Black African Kings who sold their own sons and daughters, owned the “slave” (workers, lazy shuffers) ships, hired the people on them, if Jews gouged the White Southern innocent men who paid $2000 for each black worker when it cost Jews not even $20 to buy them, then “Jews” must be held accountable totally for this slavery, the Whites resolved, and Jews return all $$$’s from 1865 until today to the South for every business venture they have completed. Their Jewish descendants must pay and pay “liberally” like the liberals like to use to the White Southern People especially those who were White slaves. After all, Germany, Russia, Poland, USA “descendants” are still paying dearly to 6,000,000 Jew survivors of the Holocaust and Germans never commit those crimes either!!!!

Chapter 2: Henry Ford, International Jew

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“The International Jew” by White Henry Ford founder of Ford Motors. Ford would be brokenhearted as I am as I read this 1920’s book free on google. He points out what Jews did to Germany who are the exact opposites of the Jews and how the Jews got hold and enslaved our smartest people.

Since I’m sure it must have been the Jews who had me beaten or at least watched and let it happen without Security or Police at karaoke, reading this just makes it that more real of their danger. I’m crippled as far as my abilities to think clearly and write without fearing another hospitalization like I had after the beating. Especially since I had not seen doctors, medicine, hospitals (with exception of cancer) in 36 years! To break down intentionally a healthy, loving, kind, intelligent and “good” White woman and not a Jewess bitch who reigns free in the world, is an act of war for my in my mind. And yes, even Ford says the “Jews were the sole winner of World War “I”, and Kennedy’s father said the Jews were the only winners of World War II. We Whites, even White Christians were the terrible losers, especially Protestants who lost their major businesses, country, $$$, to the dreaded Jewish conniving businessmen, not religious.

I’m not going to comment much. I already know every word is true that he writes. But he has a unique view for he shows the Jews as the “Race” and “Business” not religion and it is aimed against White (Christians.)

George Pitter-Wilson, of the Lon don Globe, who wrote early in April, 1919, “Bolshe vism is the dispossession of the Christian nations of the world to such an extent that no capital will remain in the hands of the Christians, that all Jews may jointly hold the world in their hands and reign wherever they choose.”

You must read the book line for line and over and over again. I already understand much of this. Here’s topics that interest me.

*Jews have already slated the Jew-S-A to repeat what they did to Poland, Russia and Germany here: “the so-called German Jew forgot loyalty to the country in which he lived and joined the outside Jews in accomplishing the collapse of Germany, and not merely, as we shall see, to rid Germany of militarism, which every thoughtful German desired, but to throw the country into such confusion as to permit them to seize control.”

*Jews owned and controlled German newspapers after Jews completely took over Germany after World War I. All the cabinet positions as they did when they destroyed Russian government and 325 of 350 positions were all Jewish fiends, not our friends. The Whites must know who is a fiend and who is a friend. They beat me and I’m their friend, and treat the “fiends” like walking saints!

*I’ve written extensively how our news is just Jewish hollywood stunts that pass as news. It is “manufactured.” Here shows how our White and world thought is “manufactured.” “One of the great pieces of research that ought to be undertaken for the purpose of showing the world how its thought is manufactured for it every day, and for what ulterior purposes, is this union of the Jewish press, which passes for the Public Press, throughout the world.”

*The “food supply” was in Jew hands. Just as in Poland “after” World War II when the Allied fields put Poland in the hands of Jew Commies of Russia. I’ve written extensively how dangerous it is to have our food supply poisoned, coming from other countries, which is how Jews starved 50,000 of my Polish people in Galicia, for we gave up our “knowledge” of how to grow things and depended on Jew controlled government and nobles.

*Jews did everything they could to ‘profit’ off the wars but especially to make sure the White Germans, our smartest of our species, suffered beyond anything the world could even imagine let alone execute so skillfully.

*”Immediately Jews appeared in banks, war companies, distribution societies, and the ministries of supplies — wherever the life of the people could be speculated in or taxed. Articles that were plentiful disappeared, only to reappear again at high prices. The war companies were exclusively Jewish, and all though the government attempted to regulate the out go of food in the interests of all the people, it became notorious that those with money could get all of any thing they wanted, regardless of the food cards. The Jews simply trebled the price of the goods they let go without the cards, and so kept a stream of the nation’s gold flowing into their private treasuries.”

*When the people complained the judges they sought relief from were.. you guessed it Jews, as our Supreme Court in USA is stacked with them, Mexicans, Blacks who now “dominate” the entire White Race and manufacture our thinking and worse, our feelings of terror, shame, guilt, confusion, even insanity.

*I have written extensively how the Jews have used hot irons on us as if branding our minds as if we were cattle. The book says the same thought: “you will discover that the abuse of power by the Jews has burned across Germany’s mem ory like a hot iron.” (Wonder if anyone is branding the Jews as if they were nothing but mere cattle and evil ones at that.)

*”In Germany it was possible for the poor Jew to thrust himself up through the wall of Germanism above him only by breaking it up. In Russia the same was true.” (Think today. After Jews arrived here after Holohoax, but especially in the ’60’s after they shot our White president Kennedy, the Jews “broke” up the White USA, Christianity, schools, medicine, Mental Health where only Jews decide who is crazy (us) and who isn’t crazy (them.) LOL. They really thought they were “super-humans” as Henry Ford put out. Super devils maybe. They are “ordinary” but convinced us they were and are super-humans especially after pulverizing us in their wars, addictions, banking plots, anything they can do and now with China and Muslims also against us. Even blacks and browns, and where in heaven does that leave the White Race battling all of them for survival.

*”When Russia broke, who came first to light? Kerensky, who is a Jew. But his plans were not radical enough, and then came Trotsky, another Jew.” In World War II all of President Roosevelt’s sidekicks were Jews and the last one to see him before he died when he went to stay in a secluded cottage was a Jew!! Just like Elvis’ last visitor before his death, a Jew dentist!

*”How Gentile Germany and Russia look at the en tire question may be summarized as follows: Judaism is the most closely organized power on earth, even more than the British Empire. It forms a State whose citizens are unconditionally loyal wherever they may be and whether rich or poor. The name which is given in Germany to this State which circulates among all the states is “All-Judaan.” The means of power of the State of All-Judaan are capital and journalism, or money and propaganda. All-Judaan is the only State ^that exercises world government; all the other States can and may exer cise national government only.”

*(And the Jews are not even Jews and not the Israelites of the Bible, the Whites are and don’t even know it.)

*”The principal culture of All-Judaan is journalistic; the technical, scientific, literary performances of the modern Jew are throughout journalistic performances. They are due to the marvelous talent of the Jews for receptivity of others’ ideas. Capital and Journalism are joined in the Press to create a political and spir itual medium of Jewish power.” (Just as the Jew who made my appearance on Jenny Jones Show back in Chicago turned it into American Idol, it was a cinch for Jews steal White ideas. They don’t have a brain cell to think for themselves.

*Jews knew they wanted “all” Jews to leave Old Europe. New America was where white $$$ was and they smelled it all across the ocean. Hence the biggest illegal immigration hoax in history: Almost the entire Jew population of “Europe” leaving there to USA and Palestine and we never suspected a thing. We only “knew” what the Jews were broadcasting as they “manufactured” our thought process.///”It remains to be seen whether New York will now sup plant London — the drift is toward America.”(Yes even in 1920 Ford knew the drift was towards America. and all the Jews with it. Jews didn’t “ask” for citizenship, anymore than the dumber Brown illegals do. they “take” it from the Whites and treat us horribly at the same time. But the Jewish masters encourage all the other races to disrespect and hate us.

*Jews don’t have an army or navy for their empire but use the host nations and control it. Whites don’t have a clue. Jews added “Palestine” for the British to control, only because Jews were setting up Germany for World War II which would lead the British to win and give the land to the dirty rotten Jews. Filthy ones at that.

*All governments of the world are “national” and limited. Jews are the only “International government,” hence title of book by Ford: “The International Jew.” Sadly even though Ford was so pro-White and the start of the Christian Identity church, after his death, the Jews must have taken over, for the Ford Foundation $$$ only goes to non-Whites. And look what the Jews and Blacks did to his dear Detroit where we used to make cars. Now we make “0”. China and Japan, Mexico, are the superpowers. We are super-debtors.

*Jews are liars. They shoved “segregation” down our White parched throats, yet they refuse to segregate. And no one arrests them. “They are a separate people, always were and always will be.” Whites should be separate and I voted for Gov. George Wallace of Alabama a segregationist and “separatist.” Jews can bring in 5 billion other races to USA. To Jews they are animals for their use and nothing more.

*”It (Jews) can make war, it can make peace; (Jews) can command anarchy in stubborn cases, (Jews) can restore order. It holds the sinews of world power in its hand and it ap portions them among the nations in such ways as will best support All-Judaan’s plan.” Everything we Whites even Christians think, do, say or pay is what the Jews have outlined and manufactured for us for their women and children, not ours as I sit here and suffer today.

* Yes, again, as I wrote from my own experience, the Jews “manufacture” news, just as the first shooter serial killer was a Jew homo high school student and liberal Colorado school. perhaps all the others were staged and manufactured too as Jews manufactured 9/11 and got twice the amount of money for all 7 buildings!

*’Where in this hell pit called the USA did we ever get a “tolerance” for other races. It’s not only wrong but insane. Jews put mines are their Polish Israel borders, get pa for the Browns to invade our country. It will be an easy war for the blacks and browns to destroy us and Jews can rule entirely. But the Jews will never ever ever find another race like us and they know it. They will regret bitterly after they genocide us and the misery it will bring them for China and no other country will allow them to continue this madness and death they have pulverized us with.

*”At first sight it would seem as if the eco nomic system of North America was the very one that developed independently of the Jews …. Nevertheless I uphold my assertion that the United States (perhaps more than any other land) are filled to the brim with the Jewish spirit. This is recognised in many quarters, above all in those best capable of forming a judgment on the subject …. “In the face of this fact, is there not some jus tification for the opinion that the United States owe their very existence to the Jews? And if this be so, how much more can it be asserted that Jewish influence made the United States just what they are — that is, American? For what we call Americanism is nothing else, if we may say so, than the Jewish spirit distilled.” —Werner Sombart, “The Jews and Modern Capital,” pp. 38, 43.

*Chapter 3 later. Read ahead. Cry ahead. I’ll give you my shoulder to cry on if you give me yours. There is little else we can do and they won’t even let us comfort one another.


“International Jew”, Henry Ford, and Did the Jews “beat” their White Polish Slaves, my ancestors, in Poland?

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Did Jews “beat” White Christian Polish when we were their slaves? I found this but only after writing much about my own thoughts on how Jews take over the capital cities and led me to Warsaw Poland’s capital. Jews & White Capital Cities of USA and Europe. It dawned on me when I woke up, a string of similarities of what Jews do to “capital” cities of the White countries when Jews conquer us. It wasn’t with a bullet, bomb, bayonet…. It was with a “bottle.”

From what I read Jews invented the “bottle” as we know it today. Why? They knew the destructive effect it would have on their host people. It is like when the man from Holland (another Jew city) first drugged me, a man who worked for County in Chicago, and then raped me. The drug, incapacitated me, literally froze me, and I was left “helpless.” Jews favorite scheme against Whites…. make us helpless and nearly hopeless as we are today. Jews have really only “just begun” for they barely left Poland 60 years ago. Can you imagine if we leave, and the genocide or suicide doesn’t happen first to White species, what we are going to be after 900 years of drugging? While they and the other races stay sober and just natural as God made them?

I’ve written that Jews used the bottle in Rhode Island in 1600’s for their 22 rum distillery plants. They had the “only” distilleries…. They did that to trade to the African Kings who were total partners in this conspiracy against defrauding the White Southern men in selling them black workers or shufflers misnamed “slaves.” It was the African Kings then who began this “drunken drugged” frenzy of the black race, not the Whites. So Obama has to settle with them even for his White half. When you read my autobiography, “White slavery to White rights,” you will know what slavery really means, not this fluff the Jews pawned on us. While it cost the Jews perhaps $20 to buy each slave, they gouged, gouged, gouged the unsuspecting and less intelligent White man to pay $2,000 each black worker, especially when we could have gotten all the free White workers as in USA today where Jews flood our country with illegal immigrants, the same way the Jews came to USA illegally… only Jews used the Holo-hoax invention to get here en masse emptying Europe the former industrial capital of the world.

I read Whites, again unsuspectingly, for no White person would intentionally drug themselves and children to death, but the Jews of “London,” capital of England, in the “1500’s” turned the city, White British men, women, children and pregnant mothers into drunks. I’ve written on this blog and Facebook already the painting of the Gin Mill of London where the Whites were lying around drunk out of their minds, white babies falling out of laps of mothers, but alas, a Jewess hiding behind the scenes, sober and devilishly calculating, is reaping the $$$ through the Jewish liquor store to get the Whites further drunken and pawn shop ready to grab all the goods the Whites would have to sell for pennies to addict themselves even more.

What did the Jews do to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, 200 years after the Jews destroyed London’s White people? Well, Scotland capital, gave Jews “free reign.” Oh yes, land of the “free.” For Jews only. The Whites never knew what was happening to them. Devilish Jews were free to use “communication” to get the entire White capital city drunken, drugged, disabled. White Christians no less being victimized by Jews as the Jews harassed, tried to kill, arrested, tried, convicted, beat bloody and murdered Jesus Christ in a horrific manner. When the population where the laws are made, business and financial transactions happening, the Jews easily ruled the drunken Whites.

What did the Monstrous, Anti-Christians, Anti-White, Taking over the World, (not Hitler or Nazis) Jews do to Berlin Germany before World War II? Got them drunkened, bankrupted the smartest of our White people, the Germans. (now the Germans are spiritually and physically dead. Jews had to totally pulverize them not just to bring them down but “terrorize” them to shreds as Jews terrorize Whites today by themselves and all the other races, 24/7. Jewish bankers single handedly united as one machine well oiled for thousand years from their Polish empire, paralyzed the Berlin people as well as the entire country. Even the White German kids were drunken and the German teachers couldn’t teach them. It was our White teachers who demanded the Nazi party to save their students. Can you imagine if White teachers today demanded segregation for Whites, deporting of Jews, all the treasury of our $$ not to go to Jews but to White students and White students alone? The Jewish treasury paying restitution for all the damage done to me personally first since I began writing this not anyone else nor should anyone get credit just as I give Mary Baker Eddy credit for my spiritual healings or a singer the credit when I sing karaoke. It is the only way this hatred against me will stop and perhaps I can get well again. The Jews not only turned the White Germans into drugged up drunkards, but once they introduced the deadly “Jewish bottle,” into Berlin, the Jews thru their schemes turned the entire city into lesbians and homosexually who eat their own s h i t when the lick the Jew peter who shoved it into the White man’s anus. It is the lowest, beyond low, what the Jews could do to the White man and it is fully accomplished for their Jewish destruction of White male. Of 150 bars in Berlin, 149 were for formerly White men and women who Jews turned into drunken by the body or pulluted by the mind, White lesbians and homosexuals. Hitler said the White lesbian was the worse enemy of the White race than even the Jewess.(But I think both are from the devil not God.)

How about the USA capital: Washington DC? Jews and Black population with White “front men” as even White Henry Ford of Ford motors said in the early 1920’s. Well, I’ve read it was crime capital of the country. Jews made sure they took over our capital by chasing out Whites thru diabolical Jewish real estate $$$ agents, called “block-busting” as Mama told me in 1955 as she prophecied they would do to our South Chicago by flooding it with blacks and browns as Jews sold their own homes to them and the Whites gleefully paid for these phoney Jewish Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loans which the Whites again paid for in taxes and debt for the recent housing loan collapse in USA. All under the poisonous baton of the Jewish maestro who plays our music, not a symphony by like the song “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and the Devil’s music is hideous and not-melodious. But Jews destroyed our ears with their music and only their music. We have no White choice. Remember, only Jews and other races are “free.” and We Whites the slaves. Jews surely drug up the White politicians who never could have gotten there if they were not 100% in the pockets of the Jews. Jews probably hypnotize them another drugging, use propaganda, another form of Jew mind control. Jews drug up the DC women with their doctors who have them all on a brain changing drug: anti-depressants, which is what they want me on, and most of the White women of American today. anti-depressants or SSRI’s is the choice of drug given to the seriel killers from the first killing in Columbine Colorado, and the Jewish high school student that started it to the Sandy Hook shooter. All under the baton of the Jewish medical who dominated USA, Germany, Poland, Russia. Probably England etc. but one of their own British will have to come forth and expose what Jews did to them. In the board game, Stratego, when the opponent crosses the board and takes the capital city, they are “victorious.” When the victorious win they actually have sexual hormones that increase and make themselves both sexier and meaner. Just as when Blacks win all these Jewish sports games which Whites pour their hard earned slavery money into. Jews and Blacks totally dominate DC but as in Henry Ford famous for Ford Motors wrote in his book “The International Jew” the Jews “hide” and “disguise” themselves and use White men as front. (See the House of Rep and Senate, nothing but front men and women for Jewish international destruction of White race, slavery of us, and Jewish Communism and Chinese Communism who will spread our money to themselves first and then to other races. Although they will surely kill off the other races like ourselves when they use them up.

Jews and the capital of Warsaw, Poland, the secret headquarters of the Jew Empire against Whites for 900 years. Also, I might interject, along with the deadly bottle of booze used to paralyze Whites, the Jews were responsible for the wars for once we were drunken as the Jews and government forced my Viet Vet into war, then addicted him forever, my husband had to take the torture, rats crawling over him in the jungle, ants biting him, bombs, grenades, bullets flying at him. And the government gave him all the booze he wanted, all the drugs he wanted, women, gambling, all “rewards???” for his bravery and valor. The Jews did the same to my Poland. I know personally for my grandma was a bootlegger in Chicago and distilled either vodka or gin in the bathtub. She must have done it for my grandpa was a Polish Russian general-soldier and he needed it when the enemy the Jews put against him would blow his limbs off, or blow his skull off like one Christian Vietvet I dated, also his face and blue eye, which the Jewish doctors reconstructed with an artificial one in one of their other capitals…. Holland, Amsterdam. The Polish people have been so successfully terrorized I have found but few words other than those written by Jews of what happened there. I do know Hitler gave strict orders “not” to bomb the capital of Poland, Warsaw, but Jews infiltrated the Nazi party, drugged Hitler with an injection of a jungle disease which left Hitler incapacitated for 2 weeks. Get the picture on how Jews have already drugged and incapacitated us, not just thru booze, drugs, pills, but their deadly mind control hypnosis that we are not even aware of on a conscious level. I can see it sooo clearly for I haven’t had 66 years of Jewish TV or 120 years of Jew movies, or 150 years of Jewish monopoly of even the News they stage and report as if it “just happened,” and they hide behind their wives skirts or pants now. Cowards. Jewish cowards. Only a coward would resort to it. A Jew would never fight a White man with his fists and surely Mama if she could would have beaten them with her very fists as she beat Daddy who drank the Jewish bottle which he picked up daily at the Jewish tavern, “Irv’s Saginaw Liquors.” She saw the Jews destroying my good even saintly Daddy right in front of her eyes, but the rest of the world was calling her “crazy” and leaving our family of 15 as White slaves for Jews in South Chicago to starve to death. Oh yes, the end result of the Jewish drugging, starvation but first they will grab all your $$$, rape all your women and boys, make you very sick and miserable, and then kill us.

Here’s a book on how the Jews turned even my husband’s ancestors on his mother’s side of Lithuania into alcoholics:Jews in Poland-Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century: A Genealogy of Modernity… Once the Jews turn the “White men” into drunks, the Jews can screw the White women all they want for their is no male protector as even birds have or hen chickens have with the male rooster in the Hen house. Jews destroyed our White male protectors officially by forcing down the only 2 White male orgs that protected White women and children: KKK and Nazi Party, National Socialists. It was the evil Jews that made up the name Nazi when it is the “Jew” that is the monstor word, not Nazi. Just as Jews scared the daylights out of the fearful Whites naming the Vietnamese. the Viet Cong, like King Kong, one of their Jew movies of horror in 1930.s. It shows how profitable it was to cheap bottle grain alcohol which destroyed the White Lithuanian people which was easy to ship instead of grains which are healthy but by the tonnage. I hereby hold the Jewish bottler, distiller, propagadist, and mind controller with the suicide and death of my husband’s mother. She was said to be a beautiful Hollywood type Blonde woman, who left the farms of Edgewood Illinois for the cess pool of Chicago around 1940. She then became addicted to alcohol and led to the Jewish doctors cutting her bowel off and she used a bag. It was a colostomy surgery and said to be the worse pain of all diseases. My father-in-law said he’d gave to come home from work after working as the chauffeur of the President of the Jewish book publishing company in Skokie, (new home of 2nd Holocaust museum) where my Daddy slaved also, and he’d have to take my husband’s very white mother and lay her horribly suffering body down and jump on her stomach to release the poop she had within her and it splattered all over the walls. And I hold the Jew and Jewess responsible, each and every one for “that” and other mind tricks like that, for she was alcoholic and that traces to the Jews 100%. All the $$$ today is Jewish blood money from White blood. She either commit suicide or the father murdered her as one would do a mercy killing for a horse. Do any Jewish women suffer like this? Are their husband’s murdering them for mercy killings after the Jewish suffering. Why she doesn’t suffer a damned bit? I saw just a clip of 2 Jewish women in a wonderful nursing home at age 99 and both were so healthy and happy they wanted to live another 99 years. Do you know any Whites like that even in the past 500 years? When is this going to stop? Also, I’m reading about alcoholism and the new successful treatment of alcoholism is to “stop hiding” it and let the family and friends know of the person using alcohol to extremes so there can be support. Also to stop calling the person who is dealing with the effects of 1000 years of Jews turning us into drunks, an “alcoholic or drunk,” but a “loved one,” instead.

To quote from book below, nearly 1/3 of the Polish Jewish population was involved in the manufacture, distribution, selling, advertising, marketing of booze by Jews to the White Christian population of Polish Commonwealth. The book continues the relationship of the “Jews and the Nobles.” I read sketches only of how Jews got the Nobles of Poland indebted and then controlled the entire country of Poland since 1096 until today. The Jewish Secret Empire of the World.

If the Jews felt threatened by the nobles and the Polish White Christian Nobles didn’t do exactly as the Jews wanted, the Jews threatened to leave. And think today if Jews left the Whites in USA? Jews would go to China the capital of the world, only the yellows will massacre them for they are not that damaged yet. Yet. Whites now have to begin to live as if Jews are going to leave us. It must be done. This elite in Poland was only 10-20 White families as it is today in the USA and world. The White Polish had a law that no one could live in his town unless he brought profit. But what about USA blacks and browns plugging up the US toilet of welfare for 400 years?

Of secret diaries of 20 White Polish Christian Noblemen, all of them wrote of this dislike of Jews who all hated them and the White European (American) people. The White noble had to secure complete reign of freedom in all the Polish towns over the White people so the Jews could use, abuse, rape, bankrupt any and all of the town if the Jew merely chose to. Book talks of Jewish “monopolies” like the entire box I sent to the Federal Communication Center, (which is not Federal as the Federal Reserve bank is not Federal or government owned, but both owned by Jews. about 7 years ago with DVD’s of Jewish TV show by Jew Sidney Sheldon, “I Dream of Jeannie” and my binder of info against Jewish in TV called “Whites are Discriminated by Jewish Monopoly. Also the head secretary was black as it seems so many many of our top White men in business have black secretaries who were “groomed” by Jewish means and put there to get all the secrets of the business as Jews put Marilyn Monroe’s Jewish housekeeper and Jewish doctor psychiatrist who surely must have drugged and raped her as the Jew doctor raped me in Chicago in 1967.

The Jews would force the White Polish Nobles to hold the White Polish women and even the Polish man’s children “hostage” until the leaseholder collected the rent. Odd but who holds the Jews “hostage” until they pay me and mine restitution for 900 years? Do you hold the Jewish women and children “hostage?” Or do you Whites worship them. (I am reading further and it seems the Jewess and children were put behind bars, and that the Polish men wouldn’t “pollute” her which is really defaming the White Polish men as if his sperm were garbage, for the Jew man wouldn’t redeem her and leave her and Jew kyke kids to rot in the cell for White Polish to house and feed for free.

(Be careful to think if this book was written by Jews or Christians and then read between the lines.) It says the Jews were permitting to “import” wine from Hungary and got rich and White Christians drunk and destroyed. What I am suffering from “depression” today is from 900 years of my ancestors being drunkened by Jews and weak White noble 20 families who probably went bankrupted or assassinated when Jews were done using them.

All of the distilling and importing of booze were in the hands of the Jewish monopoly against White innocent people of Poland. Jews did same in Scotland, Russia, and now our own “Loved Ones” in the United States Jew-S-A.


Jews Hatred Towards Whites Con’d

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Con’d Jews Extreme Hatred Towards Whites (Even White Christians.)

1. My own words: Adolf Hitler, one man with an army, stood up to the Jews. We drove him to suicide (yes the White puppets and slaves for Jews) along with Eva Braun and we fell right into Jewish hands when we bombed the hell out of the White Germans in World War II and had President Eisenhauer (General) kill 1.5 million White German prisoners of war who should have been treated with “mercy” for surrendering. It is why we must never surrender to the Jews in any aspect of our lives.
2. Notice at 15:00 in video the great explanation on the screen of the Jewish Kosher Tax conspiracy. They are making $30 billion on this tax along. Any item you buy that has different secret code symbols the Rabbi Cult places on they extract a tax on that product!! for their Mafia, Racketeering calling Jewish religion! We are paying for their world wide religion!!!! Communism!!! Zionism!!! Bolshevism!!! Just as the Jews said what they did to Russia (Killing White Russian men, women, children, elderly, pregnant mothers,) burning the Christian Churches down, leaving only synagogues for Jews, confiscating their 500 year treasury (as they got the entire White USA treasury)… by the Jews’ own words, what they did to Russia they will do to all the White countries. And those Jewish words are now fact!!!! Stop the unjust, immoral and illegal Kosher Tax. They not only tax “foods” but Windex, Dobie pot scrubbers, and the companies are too scared to death and terrorized of these Jews to stop them as is our government and churches. Jews did the same to France and Germany in 1093, until the White men went over the heads of church and state and drove the Jews out…. right into Poland… which is where the head Jews wanted their people to go just as the head Jews knew distinctly the Jews were safe in work camps and they could all be transferred into Palestine and USA and they did it in such a way we would “beg” for them to come here after the Holo-hoax which was a lie for Jewish mass immigration, like the Jews are responsible along with Catholic Communists, for Mexican immigration illegally  into USA. Why don’t we have mines along the entire border of USA? Jews have them in Israel to keep their race pure and keep even animals out. In the Jewish Kosher Rabbi tax on hundreds of thousands of household everyday products, we need to rebel just like the Boston “Tea Party.” Only we are “not” rebelling against Whites as Jews so deviously taught us, but against those Jews that hate us or their $$$ today came from blood $$$ over the last 900 years. (which is all of them.)
3. Judeo-Christian Churches mean “Jewish-Christian” churches. That means White Christians adore, worship, support, put on pedestals, the Jews who murdered Jesus Christ. Billy Graham, as well as the other churches like Mormons and Christian Science and the rest opened their doors to all the other races. That was the beginning of the end for all White Christians in America. As you watch this movie, even by Jew’s own words, they will do to all White countries what they did to White Russia and they won’t have to use or pay for a single bullet. It will seem like we are doing it to ourselves, in fact, Jews are doing it to us thru so many methods, too many to mention.
4. In Christian Identity, Jesus Christ warned us to avoid race-mixing. Jesus was white and a racist. He attended Jewish synagogue, but not Jewish. It’s why Jews killed, and beat him.
5. Henry Ford could see it clearly and wrote his “The International Jew,” even in his daily newspaper.
6. “Semitism” means “favoritism towards Jews,” Anti-Semitism, means to be against the brainwashing that Jews are not equal but Supreme over us. Only God is over me and no mortal. And this is true religion, my own words.
7. From Ariel Sharon, former prime ministers of Jewish Polish Israel, the Jewish butcher of many Middle East women, children, pregnant mothers, men, says in October 3, “2001” right after the 9/11 tragedy also pulled off by Jew Silverstein who owned all 7 buildings and won “twice” the amount of the insurance policy!!!!….  “We the Jewish people control (White even Christian) America, and they know it!!!” the murderers of Jesus Christ and the murderers of 50,000 White Polish Christians in Galicia Poland my ancestry where they had their secret Jewish Empire!!!


Jewish “Defamation.” Jews have an org (they have 1000’s where they unite to bring Whites down and bring us down bad.) It’s called “Anti-Defamation League” and they lead the 15,000,000 Jews so that if we say or do anything without genuflecting to them they will attack with power, money and the other races if necessary.

But think, dear Whites, the word Defamation, only attacks Whites! No Jews, no other races. And for alllll that we have done for all the races to the point of White extinction and genocide, they still attack us.

Word “De-famation” comes from the root word in English “fame.”

So Jews accuse us of “de-faming” them or intruding on their world-wide fame, honor, and worship of them as if they are gods! The $$ that made them “famous,” is White blood money from our misery as they “parasite” us by their own words in youtube and notes below.

Jews and only Jews decide “who is famous” and “who isn’t.” For example, the “only” autobiographies Jews publish and yes, indeed they control the book publishing, book agents, book selling, even Oprah, as the White women adore her and her “fame.” Jews publish only the people they made “stars.” I imagine the word “star” comes from the Jewish Star of David. Jews must immediately stop using that symbol or have to take it down from their flag and country and USA, world. They are “not” from the blood line of King David anymore than Obama is. The Jew Prime Minister, soooo violent, bombed the hell out of the “King David Hotel,” in Israel to show the world and all the Jews just how much Jews “hate” King David and how smug they are assuming the identity of the Israelites in the Bible. Jews have never been in that land. Whites are the Chosen of God according to Christian Identity.

Jews brought down President Nixon

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President Nixon said:

“Politicians are often controlled by the media … People have to realize that the Jews in the U.S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big companies. And there is a force that we have to take into consideration.”

That was about 1970 before the Jews intentionally destroyed the White President. Bad enough the Jews footprints are all over White President Kennedy’s death, they are all over Nixon. It was Armand Hammer, Jew, who paid $2.5 to perpetuate the Watergate Scandal which impeached the President and then forced him to resign. Who is Jew Hammer? His father or grandfather, Julian Hammer, is the Jew totally responsible for starting the Jewish Communist Revolution in Russia 1917! They killed nearly 100,000,000 White Christians burned down the churches but left all the Jewish Rabbis and Synagogues untouched.

Here’s a picture of a happy President Nixon hoping to help the USA. I think Jews used him to end the Vietnam War and since Jew Commies and Yellow Chinese Commies deliberately started that war to put our best White men on the front line which killed 58,000, (Perhaps 98% White) then drive to suicide, 200,000 “all White men,” and that doesn’t even begin to number the addicts intentionally addicted, the wives and children left crippled, as it hurt me and family, all  my husband’s close Vietnam Veteran buddies dying before age 35 with Horrible, Horrible, Horrible injuries. No legs, no half of face with loss of blue eye, etc. But. as you can imagine his friend, Art , the Jew, didn’t have to go to Vietnam but went to Alabama, to work in war in a gravy office and could go home on week-ends and screw my husband’s fiancee until she wrote him a Dear John Letter in Vietnam. You see, my White Veteran husband, biographically speaking for him, used to beat the Jew up after school every day. The Jew mother taught her son to play baseball, not as I did in the yard,but with expensive professionals so her son was a superstar compared to my husband’s great baseball abilities. The Jew boy then weasled his ways into the baseball coaches affections who just happened to be my husband’s father; my husband’s mother died young. That Jew became my husband’s father best friend until the father died… not realizing the Jew “stole” him away from his Viet Vet son when my husband needed his father most!! Jews get “revenge” but Jews “start” the trouble which provoked my husband to fight. The Jew today is alive, well, happy, millionaire as are his two sons. My husband, suicided. All the Jew $$$ today cannot bring him back but they continue to slaughter our Whites in war, financially with the housing losses, which “Whites” will have to pick up either thru insurance or White taxes.

Yes, our White men were happy once as  Nixon, but Jews surely know how to make us suffer in White misery while they call USA and Poland for 900 years: Kingdom of heaven, Paradise, Golden Age.

President Nixon before the Jews brought him down and made him a miserable and disgraced White man.

President Nixon before the Jews brought him down and made him a miserable and disgraced White man.