Everly Brothers, Phil, dies at 74. Also doctor accuses me of having hallucinations and delusions regarding the beating I got at karaoke recently.

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Sorry about Phil Everly’s death. For all practical purposes White music is dead even though elderly Whites have 80% of the money in this country. All they do is abuse us. In little doses, so  by the time we get into nursing homes they can wipe the floors with us like white used up rags. (Did I mention Jews own or run most of the nursing homes in the Chicagoland area and probably around US and set standard and laws against us for their $$$?) Did I also tell you I worked at karaoke 4 times at Jewish nursing homes and they are like castles with large paintings on the wall as if they were stripped off the German art museums and placed there for their Jewish elderly or hide them where no one would suspect. I will write more about the treatment my sister Rose, the White slave from our large family of 15 got, before she died in a nursing home this week. I’m too upset to even think about it. Note the lyrics below sings “I’m just a slave… only a slave.” I didn’t realize that until I looked it up just now. This song haunted me and was prophetic for inside me perhaps were the rumblings of the writings I would eventually do 15 years later as the title of my autobiography “White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up on Euclid Avenue as slaves for Jews, 5 blocks south of black Michelle Obama, the leader of the USA. After all she mentored and controlled Obama at Sidley Austin Legal Firm where they both worked, so she must be controlling him and us and usa now and we don’t even know it.

Yes, I’m a slave, worse than the blacks for even they didn’t get beaten for “entertainment” in front of a large crowd and now everyone won’t even mention it on their reports and insinuate I’m crazy having delusions and hallucinations coming from doctors….. The same type of doctors who gave me a black baby in the hospital in 1973 to stop me from breastfeeding and threw me out of their office when I took my 5 month old baby and told him I was still breastfeeding. He screamed at me and told me to put him on baby formula… or “Get out of my office! I won’t have you as a patient.” I was nice but weeping bitterly over my oldest son as I ran out of the office and called Carolyn Tskikoris my La Leche Breastfeeding counselor. She got me a doctor who couldn’t speak English barely, Dr. Kurup. Am I crazy or making this up and why are they getting me to question whatever sanity this country hasn’t destroyed in me? Who destroys constantly the sanity of the Jewess, Hindu woman, Communist God-hating Chinese women, the Red women. Whites are afraid to death of hurting any Black or Brown woman but kiss their feet. Yet me they will beat even until today and leave me crippled. The only one who ever cared about their genocide or the death of their children, debt of their children, cruelty towards their children. All the other races stick together, but the hatred of Whites is beyond bearing. The words “Well then pity me” I think all I wanted was even a trillionth of the pity Whites have avalanched on Jews, Blacks, Browns, Reds, 1/2 Breeds, Hindus, Muslim Terrorists, dogs, cats, even cockroaches. No one would beat a healthy young child who could easily overcome it as they beat me an elderly woman who has been sick.

n” was written by Brown, Nacio Herb / Freed, Arthur.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You came, I was alone
I should have known
You were temptation

You sigh, leading me on
I should have known
You were temptation

It would be thrilling
If you were willing
But if it can never be
Well, then pity me

You were born to be kissed
I can’t resist
You are temptation

I’m yours, here is my heart
Take it away, we’ll never part
I’m just a slave, only a slave

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Read more: Everly Brothers – Temptation Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Here’s my favorite song by Everly Brothers called “Temptation.”

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