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Jew-Israeli Son Speaks Out!

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Jew from Israeli, General’s son, tells the Truth about Racist Jewish Israel against Palestinians. I’m not defending Palestinians since it is our White species that is endangered. It is not for me to take on 7 billion people when our White problems are increasing and our future doesn’t look too good. If you listen and then think “White Rights” where “Palestinian rights” are perhaps you would get what danger we are in. Jews go into Palestinian and “takeover” their homes, kick them out. Jew bankers now with Yellow Commie Chinese $$$ kick out Whites of their homes, farms, foreclose on them. As we become the minority as our White young children are today, it will be more and more. Other races bringing relatives in, not just Mexicans, but Blacks, Hindus, Muslims, Arabs, etc. Same for Europe. We’re not having children and their children are not damaged.

He speaks that the “Zionist Racist” state of Israel has to go. Again, living under Jew domination of Whites has to go also. We need to find our place in the world for all 700,000,000 of us able to compete, improve and grow. How can we when Jews took over our major universities, White bought and paid for universities and just kicked Whites out, especially White male. What did the White male really do to the Jews? He certainly didn’t slaughter them for 900 years. Perhaps kicked them out, but Yellow Chinese wouldn’t put up with Jews for a minute.

Think of Jew’s race-breaking in Israel. There’s a law Jews can’t intermarry, but Jew TV, etc which is all we have shows constant race-breaking, even in commercials on internet. Can a Palestinian become “President of Israel?” He says the Jews of Israel “do not” own their land but lease it. Comparing my ancestry in Russia, my White people owned their land before Jews took over our country and convinced White Russians “how bad” they had it. White Russians owned their own land and very few overseas did. They were privileged, revolted and gave up their land, churches, schools, palace, government buildings, roads, oil, gas, gold, 500 year treasury to Jews, aliens, like the brown Illegals in USA.

He talks of the entire news farce about Iran which is nothing more than a distraction. I have seen this constantly. The day Jew spy, #1 danger to USA, was released by Black Communist Obama. Yet the radio stations talked of the (White) Militia on Nevada farm. Obama got what he wanted. Another Jew criminal safe and sound back to criminal Israeli state and somehow Whites pay for this.

He said the Presbyterians and the Methodists are getting deeply involved and hopefully they save our White species not just “feel sorry” for Palestinians.

I don’t think the speaker knows that Israel is the #1 abortion capital of the world and why. White sex slave trade? Smart Jews can’t use rubber as Jew doctor that raped me? Abortion which can sterilize White woman for life? Jews love the blacks so much send over black women there. Obama’s daughters might get the feeling of what it is really like to be a slave and see nearly a million children die with 100 tons of bombs dropped on them when they come out of school. Who are the real slaves?

Jew$ and Fr. Rydzyk

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Jew$ doctor tapes?Pro-White attorney, Scottish American (are there are a couple, but not even sure if there are any) Edgar J. Steele is in a prison where his wife can’t even find him, based as a framing by Jew Bill Mauer’s cousin and a former FBI informant. Steele as an attorney had two witnesses showing the tapes were “doctored” as this Polish Fr. Rydzyk says the tapes were doctored. After I wrote extensively about him, as I did the Hitler-Pope, both were fired by White Catholics who bowed to Jew$ pre$$ure. (Do Jews control White Vatican Treasury or did Jew$ empty it out already in name of Blacks, Browns, Muslims, Hindus and their rights?)

But if true, do you “blame” Polish White Christians for giving Jew$ $65,000,000,000.00 of their hard earned slaved $$$? In fact, Jew$ owe that $$ to Poland for enslaving us for 900 years, farming for them because they are too lazy to work, making their shoes, giving our universities to them, allowing their rapes of our women, where Hitler stood firm against that. When in fact, my own niece, told me it was the Polish White Christians who were the real victims of World War II and no one can talk about it according to what she learned in history class in Chicago. But it seems Jew$ read my blog where Whites don’t and then go about making changes so no teacher again in Chicago will utter any truths about Jewi$h crimes. Just as the Jews got Fr. Rydzyk fired after I stuck up for his sermons against Jews. Just as Jews arrested Mormon polygamy leader after I went on radio, 50000 watts of power in Vegas saying I applaud White Polygamy as long as babies are healthy, or firing the Hitler-Pope, for Jew$ didn’t realize the German Pope Benedict was raised in Hitler youth which wanted to correct the damage Jew$ did intentionally to German boys and girls. In fact, it was first time in 1400 years a Pope was forced to step down. Not Jewish enough for them. Or was it because White German Pope Benedict reversed Catholic stance saying on Easter that Jew$ must now repent of their crimes and sins, whereas after 1945 and faked Jew Holocau$t, Catholics said Jew$ were good believing the lies Jew$ spread about Germans and Poles in the work camps in Poland, not Germany.


Polish White Christian Men Shaving Heads of Jewi$h men whose heads are filled with dirty lice bugs which cause Typhus, the World War I killer.

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Polish White Christian men shaving Jew’s heads which are filled with lice bugs. My Mama worked as White slave for rich Jew doctors and Vice-Presidents, and she said when rich women gave her “clothes” to bring home for they had so much they couldn’t fit in another thing in closet, these items were filled with lice-bugs which we little children end up getting. We were too poor, being slaves for Jews to have $.25 to buy Fels Naptha soap to get rid of them, and had to itch and scratch and suffer. But that makes Sadist Jews happy. Only I’m not part of that equation anymore. Jews being “Sadists” who love to inflict pain and suffering, and Masochists who enjoy suffering as Whites seem to enjoy today. Polish men shaving Jews

Jewe$$ objects to White Polish Catholic Fr. Rydzyk’s sermons objecting to Jew$ constant Blackmail of Poland.

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Jewe$$ had a White Polish priest who complained of his poverty stricken country paying Blackmail to Polish Jews who run Israel. She got him fired, Ms. Gold-foot (you know Jewi$h) bankers. In fact, it was I who wrote about him preaching on Polish pulpit in Catholic Churches wanting to be free of Jewish persecution. I mean after all Jews enslaves us for 900 years. I mean she complains that there are a few Whites who object to be slaughtered, genocided, our country robbed, our women and boys raped by Jews, constant anti-White propaganda thru “all communication and media” in USA. Jew$ object 24/7 even if they’re guilty of all crimes.

Anyway, today I found this article by a Jewe$$, and replied to her.
“Anti-Semite Radio Star: Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, PhD”
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Blogger Nadene Goldfoot said…

Nadene: There is always some of these people around, but their smart enough to disguise their anti-Semitic propaganda, for example Poland ceased to exist in Sept.1939, (German/Russian invasion.)

I remember facing anti-semitism head on when i worked with Polish historians, we talked of it face to face many times. I found the four different men and one women I worked with, decidedly not bigoted.
However they did admit that 60 or 70 years ago that wasn’t the case.
Many in their families and villages two,three generations past, were either leaning towards or out right anti-Semitic.
In my opinion today, Poland is far less anti-Semitic than some of the other European countries.

Jews have enslaved my White Polish people for 900 years. I have 40,000 pages to prove it, and yes, even your fellow Jews know it for I was naive enough to send them my emails to the “media” not knowing Jews controlled that in USA and around the world. Did you know that in year 1500 in Poland, that every law that went into effect in the Polish Parliament was for “advantage” of Jews not the home people of Poland, the Catholics? Did you know Jews infiltrated the Catholic Church in year 1600’s and made it a law that anyone who did their money business with anyone except Jew$ would be put into prison and their souls would burn in hell forever after death? Ask yourself why did the Jews blow up their own ship “Patria” in 1940 and blame German Nazis which killed 276 of your own people to gain sympathy. Ask yourself this, if you are so smart, even the smartest people in the world by today’s IQ standards, why did your Jewish people kill off the Czar, Czarina, 5 innocent children, including a hemophialic little boy, and their spiritual healer?

Yes, all 7 assassins were Jewish. Why did the Jew Julian Hammer incite White Russians to “Revolution” in that year 1917, but then 300 of the 325 people in their government were Jews, 2 blacks, 15 yellow chinese, and just a handful of our own people. Are you Jews doing that to us now in USA? We have no more White rights? What about the Jewish doctor who raped me in 1967 at the University and Illinois and threatened me for life if I told anyone because… he had a Jewes$ wife like you and it would ruin his career so he couldn’t support you in his multi-million dollar fashion. Why did the Jewish led Communists of Russia kill off 20,000 of my “finest” White Christian males in Katyn Forest in Poland and blame the innocent Nazis. Why did you exaggerate and lie about Anne Frank who died of Typhus bugs which Jew doctors injected in your own people to create a “catastrophe” so your people could illegally emigrate Europe, who was no longer the economic power of the world, and into USA, who had restrictions on Jews? Why were you people kicked out of 106 European countries. But never fear, the Yellow chinese, who you are so friendly with now, selling off the USA, as in Las Vegas, they massacred your people around 1000, and today being Communists they have no heart. Even a Jewes$ told me in Vegas she fears being “enslaved” by Yellow Communists and having to serve them martinis.

You people enslaved my people, and today you complain about innocent Fr. Rydzyk, who complains of your blackmailing the people who were the “real” victims of World War II, White Polish Christians. Blackmailing them from the “pennies” they were living on. why is it the Jew$ brought Black Communists, like Obama, from Africa, into my Poland, and gave them free education in famous Polish excellent universities, huge buffets for the Blacks to eat and drink champagne, free gas when White Polish men and women were restricted, free cars, free travel, when Jew led commies kept my Polish people behind an “iron curtain” where we couldn’t travel and you even ripped out my ancestors tongues so they can no longer even “speak,” about it not even in a whisper. Oh yes! You, as a Jewes$ have freedom of speech to write this filth against Fr. Rydzyk, and I think you were so powerful you got him kicked out of church. Yet no one dare kick out a Jew or Jewess off their god-like pedestals. Sorry, I don’t buy that you people are Chosen of God, in bible, for you adhere to Babylonian occult Talmud which allows Jew$’ men to have sex with White little babies until 3 years old. And we as Whites are the lost tribes or Israelites the true heirs to God’s kingdom. You have put us in hell, and I know that from Polish ancestry, where your Jewi$h ancestors first turned my Polish people into drunks, with Jewish distilleries, Jew taverns, Jew credit, then took away all our possessions we worked for as a White Christian family our entire life, raped our White women, left us to starve to death, and while our White dead corpses were lying around scattered like nothing more than White litter on the ground, (for Jew$ have no conscience) your ancestors robbed their corpses while your people donned golden glittery robes. Your last name is “Gold-foot” which shows your greed at any cost. How is it “Silver-stein” who bought up World Trade Centers just a year before they went down had them insured for “double” indemnity for ‘terorrism,” and got double. Watch movie “Double Indemnity” to find out the true “motive” behind crimes. Why did Communist Obama let your Jew Jonathan Pollard out of prison who was serving a life imprisonment for spying, the worse treasonous person (Jew Pollard) to ever set foot on the globe. Odd but the white men convicted of treason such as Benedict Arnold who was influenced to treason by his Jew Canadian friend, was hung. But I guess only White Christians have laws against them, where other races go scot free. I think it is high time that “you” Jews pay restitution to me for the rape, for enslavement, murder, rape, treason against Polish government. And I mean “big” time especially for the 100,000,000 White Christians your people are responsible for killing. Even now your own Jewish men who have received my emails have written in New York Times, etc. that Jew$ now control the USA (White Species, White Christianity) and futhermore, Terry Graham has sent a Complain of Genocide of White Christianity in USA to United Nations. But then, I know nothing will happen, for 1200 of 1800 UN is Jewish. Any country that has United or USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Russia, USA, United Nations is for “your Jewish world government.” People are catching on and I think you must apologize to me for forcing your men to rape White women. I have 10 witnesses here in USA, not just me. Yes, you Jewe$$ call us “Shiksa’s” or your Jew$ mean whores, for you only give sex a few times to husband to have offspring, get their fortunes or “Gold” Ms. Goldfoot, and spring them on us. Why did Jew doctor who raped me ejaculate in me? To keep me down as a Polish-American slave and ruin my life forever? Let’s have a debate sometime, OK?

Here’s a 5 hr show to enumerate just some of Jew’s crimes, which doesn’t include what I’m beginning to uncover from my silent ancestors of Poland.


30 pieces of Silver by Hank Williams: How Jews beat, tortured, crowned with sharp thorns, our White Jesus

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Jews’ Beating, Murder of White Jesus & Suicide of Jewish Treasurer for Jesus’ group…. Judas… Or did the Jews murder him and hung him to make White people “believe” he commit suicide. To all those Whites and other races that do the Jew’s Bankers & rest of Jews that control USA, churches, government, art, book publishing, Hollywood, Vegas, New York Banking, etc. when Jews are done with you they will hang you too, or perhaps just have you beaten and crippled as they did to me. My pain has been so great I had paramedics out 4 times in Vegas, and nearly several times since. I get pressure in body as if i will explode, my head, as if a vice was closing in between my two ears, heart pounding out of my chest, and my lower womb, pounding away perhaps worst than my childbirth at home without drugs, 1979. Yesterday, it was as if someone took a knife and stabbed it into my lower womb or belly. I have no insurance even though I’m on Medicare for Obama, Black Communist aligned with Jew and now Yellow Chinese Commies, stole nearly 1 trillion dollars of Medicare $$$ from older and helpless and really dumbed down Whites to give to “new” children of USA. (When I called the head of the Census Bureau who happened to be Jewish, he agreed the new child in USA is no longer White but Hispanic. What he didn’t say was Jews arranged to have all laws against us and will punish, torture, mentally harass into giving up, anyone who dares expose this.)

I changed the lyrics to reflect “White Jesus” and “Jew-Judas,” so it will give our fellow White Christians a clear understanding once and for all that Jews murdered Jesus.

30 Pieces of Silver, by Hank Williams, Sr. ( will insert White and Jew) where it applies

Tis a sad but true story
From the Bible it came
And it tells us how Jew-Judas
Sold the White-Savior in shame
He planned with the Jew-council
Of Jew high priest that day
30 pieces of silver
Was the price they would pay

30 pieces of silver
30 Jew banker sheckles of shame
Was the price paid for White Jesus
On the Jew cross White Jesus was slain
Betrayed and forsaken
Unloved and unclaimed
In anger Jews pierced him
But White Jesus died not in VAIN
Twas on there on the hillside
The multitude came
And found our dear White Savior
Then took him away
Jews bruised White Jesus and Jews mocked White Jesus
Jews crowned White Jesus’ head with thorns
And his garment of purple
Showed the White blood stains of red

Far off in the mountains with his Jesus face towards the sun
Jew Judas begged mercy for what he had done
He gave back the silver
For his Jew heart filled with strife
Then there in the mountain he took his own life, commit suicide  (Jewish suicide)…. (or did Jews murder him.)

30 pieces of silver
30 sheckles of shame
Was the price paid Jew bankers paid for White Jesus
On the Jew  cross he was slain

Christian Identity, Pastor Eli, White Alliance Radio, themicroeffect.com

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Whites as Chosen of God, not Jews. This live show is about how Jews blame Catholic Church as “rulers” of World. When Jews have written back decades ago they control world, and definitely USA, Whites, our Tax $$$.  I have written about Christian Identity as far back as 9/09/09 on my blog and I think facebook: You would have to then look up on talkshoe.com radio the 9/9/09 shows.

It explains why Jews had to get land of Palestine for their ‘god-hood’ over White species hence world. But their object is not to build us up, but once they give us loans etc. they will take them away, as Jews are chopping up USA and all White world countries and giving them away to any other race to “oppose” and rob us.

I’ll be watching themicroeffect.com at 12 noon CST for another show of Christian Identity. If you are White no matter what your Jew, black, brown, connections, you still must learn of your own true identity which is the highest not the lowest as Jews have done to us. You are not a slave of Jewish wife, Black president, Brown maid or worker, but a son and daughter of God the true Israelites in Bible.



More Synagogue of Satan (5 hr version) Jew International Murderers, Bankers, Criminals, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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Jew Bankers’ Murders & Genocide of White Race for their New Jew World Order. Did the Jews cripple me with the severe beating and hospitalization I received Aug 19, 2013? Why weren’t Security Guards sent to stop it? Why was it hushed up by paramedics, hospital, doctors, lawyers, police as if it never happened? Was it because I paid the $$$ to have my autobiography published “White Slavery for Jews to White Rights: What it was like to grow up on Euclid Avenue, same street as Black Communist Michelle Obama.”

This is so powerful because as this video below says, “If the Jews do not complete the ‘Communist’ takeover of the world, their Jewish race will die and cease to exist.” Jews are banking “all’ their fortune on this, and it includes the genocide of White race so Jews can own and control entire world. Other races will be genocided also. In fact, Jews have been doing this so long, according to my autobiography, 900 years in Poland their former Empire headquarters, that Jews are not capable of stopping even if they wanted to. They are cursed. Now the entire world knows. There were 100,000 hits on this two videos. There should be 100,000,000,000. Yes! If Jews can artificially manipulate and manufacture 1,000,000,000 billion hits on White Justin Beiber being assaulted by a Brown Mexican woman as she puts him down, surely the evidence overwhelming verifying and extending all I’ve written about on facebook and my website, kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, (40,000 pages since 2002) these videos should go virile to “all races,” but especially the White species.

Today, I’m too sick to write much more. I wrote a few days ago regarding the 4 hour video exposing Jew’s crimes, especially regarding almost all the crimes against White species, who Jews hate with such a sadism it is too painful to even talk about. But that is what Jews want to shrink in terror of them. This is a “5” hour video and goes back even further than first one I analyzed.

Jew Criminals Brag about Blowing up “another” ship!

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Jews (Bankers) Blow up More Ships: They think it is a big, big, big joke to confuse and disturb, destroy and genocide, British and Whites. I wrote several times, even a few days ago of 3 other examples of Jews blowing up ships intentionally. (that we know of.) For every crime a person in USA is arrested for, they have commit 1000 times more. When I wrote a few days ago of Synagogue of Satan, Jewish crimes, (4 hour movie) that means they commit at least 1000 times more, that we will never know. Jews have kept us dumbed down Whites intentionally, as they intoxicated us so that we can’t solve this problem. We can now assume it was “child’s play” for Jews to blow up 3 Skyscrapers, World Trade Centers, with mostly all White casualities… again. Killing 100,000,000 from 1917, until 1967, when my VietVet US Marine fought the Commies, wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to see Whites actually so “terrorified” Whites would be jumping out of 100 story buildings, a white man and a white woman hand in hand. That pleased the Jews tremendously, since their axe to grind was to destroy the White male and female to destroy our race, while their Jew male and female (business arrangement of doom) is perfectly intact.  I will post another version of the Synagogue of Satan, Jews, only instead of the 4 hour version I showed, it will be a 5 hour version. You must save this and spread it around. Jews are destroyers and will destroy these. If not today, then in 40 years, or 400 years, but it is why we have so little to go on, especially in my Poland where Jews had their 900 year empire perfected and we their slaves. White slaves.

Pt 7… con’d

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Pt 7: Jew murderers in new movie: Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington

1992: Jew Bankers drive interest rates up 5% driving White Britain into recession. Market crashes, right on cue for Jew Rothschild’s banking empire. Housing market crashes, as in USA recently. Enslaving White people.

1993: Jews buy up England, pennies on the pound, as Jews did to Vegas, New York Times, and all the businesses they own today. For every White man’s business, there are 2 Jews to steal it! I wrote that earlier in my research.

1993: 65 member United Nations resolutions… against Polish Jew owned state of Israel. Not Christians, but Jews, who now own land where Jew ancestors murdered Jesus Christ. These 65 resolutions against Israel are more than “all” the other nearly 200 countries combined!!!! And how many passed against Jew’s whore… the USA…. who Jews enslaved as they did my ancestors in Poland.

“ADL” Jewish Anti-Defamation League which persecutes and prosecutes only Whites who “de-FAME” jews from their so called god-hood….. Spying on “White Wing” Christians who want Constitution rights.

1993: More civilians in Mideast killed

1993. Jew Steven Spielberg gets award for his faked movie “Schindler’s List” about World War II Jews. But it is a “fiction” book, not truth. Just as he wrote fiction ET, for Extra Terrestials, the next Jewish hoax on Whites if we can bear it. Jew controlled Holly-wood, since they robbed White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine after he slaved on 10,000 inventions to perfect it, Jews fled to Hollywood with it around 1925, totally gouging the White man and robbing his business. All $$$ gotten from Whites for those movies, but be returned to a White Treasury, soon to start hopefully.

In Jewish Talmud: “If you save even one Jewish life it is as if you saved the entire world (of 7 billion non-Jews who in Jew devil eyes are nothing but cattle for them to devour, especially White species, Christians, the “opposite” of Jews.

On a Jew holiday, Jew enters in to Mosque of Arabs their neighbors and murders many of them while praying to their God. He is beaten to death by Arabs. Gold-stein didn’t act alone and didn’t match gun that was used on Jew’s victims. Now Jews go to his grave as a Christian would go to Israel for pilgrimage to Israel to view Jesus’ relics. Now Jews have 100% control of land where Jesus lived and Jews are Jesus’ murderers and killers as well as his disciples.

On his gravestone says “Here lies the Jewish saint (? meaning devil)… may “their lord” get revenge on his blood.” meaning Jews to keep killing more Arab Muslims and White Christians the “other” two major religions with Jewish religion (Mafia) as third.

1994: Poland demands the extradition of Jew Solomon for “crimes against humanity.” After World War II the Polish camp had women and children of German descent and had property seized by Jewish “Communist” authorities. Poles accused Jew of:

1. He murdered babies by bashing their heads against stone walls

2. He bludgeoned to death with stones and clubs

3. Committed torture on inmates his preferred methods was sticking objects up White German man’s anus!!! (Jewish obsession with the butt and poop, which is a species of insanity Jew doctors haven’t told us of yet.)

4. Jew Solomon forced White German women and children to walk around naked in sub-zero temperatures. (Remember Germans did none of these things to Jews, not even Anne Frank the Lesbian filled with Lice bugs and died of Lice bugs infested Typhus disease.

5. Jew made White Christians Germans to eat feces. Who makes the Jewish men, women and children to eat feces or poop! Why? aren’t they “equal” to Whites and shouldn’t they suffer as they made us suffer.

6. Jew Solomon starved inmates to death 2:20 in movie. Just as they starved each year 50,000 of my Daddy’s ancestors in Galicia Poland.

Jew flees to Israel, Jewish Empire of Crime Capital of World and all charges… dismissed… he gets off scot free, as all the rest of the Jews.

His last name is “Morrell,” and it was just a guess on my part that Dr. Morrell, man who never let Hitler out of his sight, was a Jewish agent, just as this Morrell.

Israel refuses to “extradite” their criminals back for punishment by White or Arab country, for Jews never get punished. Only Whites as Jews had me beaten, a senior woman, in Las Vegas and crippled me.

Israel is a “Racist” state and is “above” all other countries.

Book “Eye for an Eye” states: Stalin deliberately picked Jews as commandants for Jews show “no mercy” to inmates.

1994: Another book by Jew Israel Mossad former agent “Other Side of Deception,” “What is Jew racist Israel giving aid to Blacks in…..” Jews used Blacks to test medicine for they never test medicine on their own “privileged” Jewish people that Whites support as Whites have supported Blacks for 400 years and Red Indians, and not browns, while leaving Whites to die and starve.

1994: Black Mandella served in prison, 103 accounts of Terrorism. (Sounds like Jews are really good evil teachers.) He’s elected as President over Whites in South Africa for “terrorizing” White South Africans.

Mandella writes…. “How to be a good Communist!” Remember Jews will die if Communism isn’t completed. Now USA has Black Jew-led Communist President, Obama and his wife.

Jew Rothschild’s wanted control of Africa: Diamond and gold mines! And they stole them from both Whites and blacks too dumbed down to challenge or even think Jews crime like this against them.

Jew Harry Oppenheimer (same last name as Oppenheimer who invented and dropped atom bombs on Japan and Oppenheimer whose TV show “I Love Lucy” about a redhead with a “Latin” husband, getting Whites adapted to the Brown takeover of USA. Although Cubans are White, it was a ploy that worked for Jews. Jew Harry Oppenheimer owns 95% of Africa’s gold. Not a bad heist would you say? Jew media, tv, radio, didn’t tell anyone. All wealth of South African Whites stolen by Jews as Jews stole all of Russia, USA, France, Germany, Poland, etc…. All White countries. I would call those hate crimes and the entire world must know about this.

Karl Marx, Jew, Father of Communism, flooded Africa, and guided an entire nation by a mere 2 Jews ! That is quite powerful over our kinsman White farmers of Africa.

Communism in Africa was designed to concentrate all the wealth (Whites) for the few Jews at the top. (That they got away with this is quite astonishing.)

Jews incite Blacks to murder, pillage, rape the South African White farmers from Europe. I was told by a South African woman, Blacks massacred 40,000 Whites a year. Not a word in Jewish world wide controlled media!

Crime levels soar after Whites lost their country to Jews, just as after Civil War, the Jews freed blacks to commit horrendous crimes against Whites to “punish” Whites, Jew’s favorite entertainment past time.

Blacks rape 1 woman every 26 seconds. How else would these Black women have 15 babies each for White Shiploads of grain to support. Blacks rape babies less than 6 months old, and Jews gloat in that for their Talmud also lets them rape little babies up to 3 years old!!!!!!

1995: Jew former Mossad spy agent, Ostrovsky, appears on Canada show with Jew Israeli head of TV. (author) Jew wants Ostrovsky killed for writing 2 books against Jews of Israel.

Jew Publisher tells Ostrovsky “Sue us,” for Jews “never” lose a case. They created our illegal legal system and Whites and truth tellers just suffer, on and on and on.

The Jew Mossad agent’s daughter, denied her job in Canada. Seems like Jews burned his home to the ground as book on Jews “1888” which I wrote about on facebook and website, kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, where Jews of New York would over insure old places, put old furniture in them, burn them to ground and collect big insurance $$$ from White insurance companies, perhaps bankrupting them.

Jew Banksters Rothschilds control 80% of uranium supply giving them monopoly for Nuclear Power.

Current President of Jewish Israel regarding USA: “Once we squeeze all we can out of United States (Whites) it can dry up and blow away. Benjamin Netanyahu. And when he came to USA he got 29 standing ovations from our White Congress, who need to be rescued from this hypnotic devilish voo doo trance.

1996: Jews conduct the worse and most aggressive spying operation against USA. Again, they refer to Jew Jonathan Pollard, arrested, rightfully convicted by US law, sentenced to life in prison, not gas chamber for treason or hanging as Benedict Arnold probably got, and Jew-led Communist Black President Obama let him go free… free… free.. What abuse against White species, Christianity, and our sanity, is beyond comprehension. Jews use it as “shock treatments” constantly against Whites so we actually look forward to their next attack on us. It’s Jewish entertainment.

1996: Several more Polish Jews of Israel, caught in USA, stealing secret documents.

(surely those secrets given to Communist China, Jew Communists partners in crime against Whites as in Vietnam War against my White husband, US Marine, Purple Heart, who commit suicide.

1996: Jews launch rocket attack against “ambulance” (how cruel can a human or devil get) killing 6.

On April 18, commit another tragedy, just one week later at compound, killing 106 Lebanese. Their first apology “meant nothing” but “deceit” to get White Christians and Muslims to “love and adore them.”

Jews said it was a “mistake” just as their bombing, murders of 34 and injuring 276 White men on USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. Just a “mistake” by smartest people in world? I’m not that dumb Polak for them anymore.

Jews have memorized litany of excuses which we buy each and every time!

Jew Amsel Rothschild strangled with his own rope of his robe. French leader calls to “close” investigation. Cover up! Jews have to have insane image “Jews can do no wrong; and made White man look “evil.” Entire world today believes White man evil, including White women and children. Jewish damage to our minds thru Jew mind control.

1996: Jewess Secretary of State of USA reports on TV, (Madelyn Albright) Broadcaster: “We have heard 1/2 million children have died.” Albright (again a Jewish play on their name as positive “all bright,” she exclaims the “price was worth it.” No conscience whatsoever. It sends chills up my spine to think I live in country controlled by cutthroat Jewesses and their kin and I’m as in Poland still a slave for Jews for 1000 years.

Holocaust of 1/2 million children “admired” by USA, for White Southern Bill Clinton appoints her to Secy of State. Where is his Southern heritage and character? He should be totally ashamed and spend rest of his life in restitution to White species and prosecuting Jews.

1996: Paper “A Clean Break,” (wrote about this before.) Removing Sadam Hussein of Iraq from power, even before 9/11 ever happened! All Jews behind this paper.

1996: Actor Marlon Brando states on Larry King live: Hollywood is run by Jews, owned by Jews, and should have a greater sensitivity about people who are suffering (perhaps as me and family not just Red people) Jews demand his star be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1997: Army mechanical engineer, gave classified secret information to Jewish Israeli officials.

1997: Conversation recorded between 2 more Jews spying against White USA.

1997: Tap on Jewess: Monica Lewin-sky (sky at end Jew, ski at end Polish Royalty) at Watergate, same hotel, Jew Hammer, framed President Nixon, now frame President Clinton (both White) I mean don’t these Jewish shysters and criminals even have enough imagination to pick another location making so Whites don’t suspect. No, Whites never suspect, only each other, themselves, or people like me who would like to help them.

The major prosecutor is named “Ken Starr” a good character in this Jewish induced fiasco and hoax. Remember how Jews use names to brand our minds with their hot branding irons. 9/11, USS Liberty, Ken Starr, Showtime (Waco tragedy against White Christians and Jew run government holding our White men in hostage to them)

Jew Ed Bronfman extracts $1 1/2 billion for more Holocaust lies and Swiss pay it!!! Look at this woman screaming. Odd even this wouldn’t show a blonde woman who we now don’t trust thanks to Jews. It will be end of White blonde Aryans soon. Bronfman (liquor King Jew and President Clinton’s biggest backer. See how Jews get $$ they use… deception pitting one White country against another and we have never communicated to each other to know this. Jews blocked all forms of White Communication perhaps 2000 years ago, when even in Jesus’ time, Whites did not talk… “for fear of the Jews.”

Bronfman Jew gives none of that $$$, 99% overpaid by White Swiss, to “alleged” Holocaust Jews. He gouged his own like Jew Bernie Madoff!!!

British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s tennis partner…. Jew.. who funded his campaign. Treasonous White Traitor. Both should be held accountable.

Jews make these White-Jew connections which is causing our bankruptcies not only of White people but White nations.

White Tony Blair makes these Jew donors…. “Lords,” which is unfit for Devils.

Death of Jew founder of Church of Satan and reveals “Protocols of Zion” for Jewish Satanic takeover of White world, Christianity, destruction of God, Jesus Christ.

I’ve written about this extensively website and even David Duke will now have book coming out about this.

Black/Jewess Rothschild marriage.

1997: Arrest “The Promised Land of Organized Crime.” Jew Miami, Jew Las Vegas, Jew Canada, Jew Israel. Drug Lords of world, cocaine, ecstasy, for and against our White people!! Jews don’t take it, just force it down our throats as they did baby formula.

1997: Jew White collar and computer credit card fraud. I was defrauded 6 times in Vegas, beaten and sent to hospital. 3 dead bodies dropped at different times 4 mobile homes down at front entrance.

1997: AMDOCS in Israel, telephone records of all of 11 leading industrialized nations including USA. Works closely with Israeli Jewish government.

1998: Michael Spector: (Jew) published article about White Sex Slaves in Jewish Polish Israel.





Pt 6 “Must Watch “Synagogue of Satan” full Andrew Carrington

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Pt 6 Jewish murderers, killers, assassins, war-mongers, whore-mongers and oh yes, Banksters. “Synagogue of Satan” by Andrew Carrington.

Jewish Communist which Jews forced on White Russians and killed 100,000,000 Whites in 1917, finally collapses after all Jews left (250,000) and Jews made sure White Russians were left damaged and pulverized. So bad, that a friend who went to Russia with son, said the Moscow streets were actually litters with White Russian drunkards, men and women. Yet, Russia tried to “contain” Jews, not kick them out or murder them as Jews wrongly accused Hitler. Russians made laws to put Jews in other forms of business, than taverns, Jewish distilleries, Jew wineries, Jew credit, etc. But Jews always get last word, Christians never speak, as Whites were afraid in Jesus’ day… “for fear of the Jews.” and I quote.

So Jewish Communism didn’t work did it? Than why do we in USA have a Black Jew Led Communist dictator in White House today? Are Whites addicted to suffering and genocide for themselves and offspring? It took 72 years and Jews have a theory that in order to control and change people it takes 70 years, (or to destroy them.) The “President” elected in Russia (my ancestry also) is Boris Yelson, who is offspring of Butcher, Joe Stalin, who had 3 Jewess mistresses perhaps drugging him and getting him drunk constantly to be “more barbaric” as Jew Jerry Springer his White guests on his show to fight and “hate” one another! I know for fact. I talked with man in Chicago on his show. He never dreamed he be fighting his room mate on stage over a girl he never met… yes… Jewish lies, 24/7. Whites have nothing else so eventually go back to what they are “used” to… punishment under Jews.

White Russian Boris Yelsen’s mother… none other than one of the Jewess wife of Stalin… Rose Kagonovich, elected as President. Speaking of “Kagonovich” Black Commie Jew-led Obama’s appointee to Supreme Court which is for White laws against us only, was Elena, the Jewess, Kagan, probably short for Kaganovich. Surely related to this Jewess devil.

More Jews get to “illegally” emigrate to Palestine, 750,000 devils. Now do you know why we have 50,000,000 Brown illegals in USA, but none in Racist Polish Jewish Israel?

Benjamin Jew Netanyahu addressed college that they should have had massive expulsions, (kicked out) more Arabs during Jew Communist Chinese Revolution. Jews aren’t afraid to “kick” out, yet Whites no longer have power to kick them out as we did 106 times before in our history!

The Jew in Panama, seems to fulfill Communist Jew prophecy of taking over “Panama Canal.” My brother helped build it or worked on it.

The Jew criminal is not extradited in USA to face charges for his crime but surfaces in Criminal Syndicate capital of world, Jew Israel.

In my ancestry home of Poland, Auschwitz, the plaque which said 4,000,000 Jews killed changed to 1,500,000 and that is lie for most killed with White Christian Polish.. not Jews, who lost perhaps only 300,000 and by their own devious hands: injected with Typhus by Jew doctors, and Jew Commies who blockaded Germany so camps could not get food. Yes, Jews killed their own and are the grotesque monsters, not Hitler and Nazis. Even the sign (which was stolen after I posted on Facebook and my website) said it was a “work” camp and freedom came from working. What it should have said to continue… “from working not parasiting or sucking the last drops of blood of White Christians and descendants.

“By Way of Deception,” by Jew from Israel.

1. The Mossad recruits Arab agents to carry out missions.

2. Israeli agents are skilled at impersonating “Arabs” (as they impersonate the Chosen of God in Bible who are really White European-Americans… not Jews who don’t study Old Testament but Babylonian occult Talmud.

3. Jew Mossad has an elaborate plan to vilify Iraq and involve the US in war against it. (We now know Jews did 9/11 and blamed the Arabs.

1990: Jews pass law in a country not theirs, that to challenge the Jewish version (lies) of Holocaust or even just debate is crime. As in Poland, Jewish Empire, “all” lies by 1600 were for “advantage” of Jews, not the White people, Christians, who owned country but became total slaves in their own country. And now 1,000 yrs later, Poles still can’t talk about it. Jews wiped their Polish minds (worse than bodies) off the map of the world.

More Jewish laws against Whites so they can not even “think” to challenge Holocaust lies.






Czech Rep.




As predicted by Mossad agent’s book, White British and White USA begin bombing raids against Iraq and fall right into Jewish Communist Devilish plan.

Jews instigated murder and bombing of 150,000 Arabs.

“A Sea of White Flags.” Military ordered not just to murder those, but as the Iraqi surrendered we as Communists killed those surrendering and then burying them with bulldozers, perhaps alive, as Jew Led Commies of Russia did to my Polish ancestors at Katyn Massacre 1940.. And and yes, Commies blamed the innocent German Nazis and Hitler.

Oddly but this slaughter occurred on Jewish holiday, Purim, yet Jews have no blood relations to the Bible whatsoever. Only Whites do. To think these handful of Jews control our entire military is spooky and so dangerous, I can’t even put it into words until we expand our English vocabulary not shrink it as Jews have dumbed us down almost below Blacks now. I don’t think any sane White person would now call me or my ancestors “Dumb Polaks.”

Looks like Jews injured and killed 800,000 of our own mostly White men in Desert Storm war for “Wars for Israel.” You can see why they must have done something to my car so I couldn’t make it from Vegas to California for the “No More Wars for Israel” conference at the Mormon owned Marriott Hotel.

At 2:05 video shows 3 Stooges… all Jews who made it “funny” to slap each other for they thought they were slapping the White man around, not each other.

The Production manager at company with “defective” suits which allowed horrendous biological warfare to eat up the brains and nerves, skin, even unto next generation thru White sperm… his name Rosenthal…. Jewish. He should be held accountable for all those injuries and pay restitution, then prison. And make his descendants go to prison as descendants of World War II Europeans still pay blackmail to Jews, the richest people on earth for a Holocaust that was never committed as Jews fabricated like a bad Hollywood movie.

Jew Mossad backed the rebels which resulted in picture of Kurd mother and her two babies injured. Now let’s see. Jews used $2.5 million to Churchill to start lying hate campaign against Germany saying the White Germans had babies on the end of their bayonets. Then this Kurd picture to get Whites into war with bodies, time and $$$ which could have been spent on White improvement, education, survival. More recently, remember the faked actress from Middle East that said in her country the enemy of Israel was going into hospitals and ripping babies off of premature devices to kill them…. All lies…. It’s the only Mind Whites now have. Not a shred of truth or fact.

1991: “I participated in a ‘hoax’ on the American people (Whites), the international community and United Nations. White Lawrence Wilkerson. You don’t think a Jew would confess. Even if they do they eventually get off scot -free.

Jews made sure the head of our military was Black Colin Powell, as we now have Black President, Communist. I wonder what catastrophe Obama will push down our White throats?

Only non-Jews have to follow the 7 Noahide laws, not Jews. As I said before, all laws I’ve followed since I got interested in politics were in USA “against” White man and pro-Communism, Jews and other races who now rule and keep Whites in 24/7 fear and terror.

Jew Noahide laws against Whites:

1. Do not worship false gods… such as Jesus. Instead worship Jew Satanic devils and their synagogue.

2. Do not murder: Only Whites cannot think or do violence. Rest of races can tear us to shreds, rape our White women as Jew doctor raped me in Chicago, and 37,462 Black thugs rape White women each year according to department of justice.

3. Do Not Steal. Jews have stolen our entire nation. The entire 500 year treasury of Russia, the entire treasury of Poland where all my ancestors $$ went to Jews not to themselves. Also, Do Not Kidnap, yet Charles Lindberg’s 2 year old baby was “kidnapped” and used a hoax of $50,000 which had Gold Certificates in ransom $$ to get all the Whites’ gold certificates into Jewish hands of Federal Reserve. Jews can kidnap all they want and their prisons show that.

4. Do not be sexually immoral. Only for Whites to obey. Jews can rape all the women they want, first in Germany, where the Nazis actually put 3 laws into their Nuremberg Laws forbidding this perverted behavior of Jews against Germany’s White women. Today I know at least 10 White women who have been sexual slaves as well as underpaid working for Jewish men. Jewess’ force them to do it so Jewess can laze around and join all these organizations to genocide Whites. They are Jewess Communists. If Communism doesn’t succeed all these Jewish women will no longer exist.

5. Do Not Bless God. (IN other words only say “Oh the Jews are soooo nice” as if we are White bobble-heads without a brain.)

6. Jews allow for their inhumane slaughter of cows who are bled to death and die a slow death as Jews bleed to death the White male and species.

7. Do not allow anarchy. Yet 99.99% of all radio, both mainstream and internet, talk of anarchy against our US government. Then Jews can bring a revolution against… White leaders… not Jews or yellow Chinese commies. I once heard, about 8 years ago, that mainstream media was about producing anarchy but never realized the fullness of that statement until recently.

These laws were bedrock of Jewish Supremacism over White underlings.

Only worship Jew god, Satan. Jews will then decapitate one as they did White Christian French Queen Marie Antoinette and husband King Charles XVI when Jews framed them with Jewish jeweler’s diamond necklace scheme! And Jews thought they’d never get caught and got away with all these perfect crimes. Odd, but not a single Jew’s hair on his/her head was lost during French Revolution, but Jews became “billionaires” by today’s standards over our White misery.

1991: Germany says they are grateful for secrecy for Bilderberg group so they could carrying out their “world” plan… Communism, with Jews at top, Whites genocided.

Remember when you hear “Rothschild” you must say “Jew” Rothschild each time. Jews like publicity. Give it to them with compounded interest as my mama would say.

1992: Jew caught spying give important government position.

1992: More Jews caught trying to spy taking our top technology! Well, Jews got away with stealing White Thomas Edison’s talkie movie machine in 1925, and all movies out of Hollywood, are Jewish crimes against Whites

1992: All of Russia, again, as in 1917, all their $$$ lands up in 7 Jewish oligarchs’ greasy hands.

Don’t fall for those black skinny African baby bodies. Their whore mothers screw their insides out having 15 babies for Whites to support with shiploads of grain. Must be nice to have to do nothing except screw and be taken care of by Whites. I was terribly skinny, called “Barney Beanpole,” by fat female friends, yet when I was starving not even friends offered me a lunch or dinner, let alone churches. Me and my family could have starved to death and died in front of their eyes and they would have stomped on us and walked over our corpses.

1992: White Britain’s currency, the pound, collapses, when led by Ashkenazi Jew banker. ( think Jews nicknamed White Germans… Nazis… as a private joke using part of their own last name, Ashkenazi. Who would have suspected they were the monsters, not the White German Christians.