Most notorious spy, Jonathan Pollard, Jew, released from prison by Black Communist Barach Obama

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2014 at 2:44 am

Jew Spy, most notorious criminal in all USA history, “released and pardoned” by the most notorious Communist in our history, Black Obama! See how Commies stick together while Whites fight and flight! In fact, he is going back to Israel, home of impersonator Jews, who conned all the Christians the are “sons and daughters” of God for us to worship. Sadly White Christians totally believe it.

He probably has a mansion there for his notorious and deadly deeds against us, and White Tax $$$ will pay for it for his treachery against us. Also, as when the nefarious crime syndicate leader (sorry not White Al Capone a mere angel compared to this Jewish devil,) Meyer Lansky of Murder Inc. got off scot free for all his crimes and murders (He and 23 other Jews of New York) when all the White men were put behind bars during Prohibition. I just reasoned out that Jews orchestrated Prohibition for illegal booze trade, but most of all to put all the White men who owned the booze businesses out of business so Jews could buy up… yes.. pennies on a dollar. If you look at my earlier postings here, before I was beaten up severely and hospitalized in Vegas, you can see Lansky’s criminal network. He got to go back to Israel, the Jewish Criminal Empire headquarters, which again, we pay for. There is even a statue of him, as a salute for all the crimes he commit against White Christians.

Isn’t this man Jonathan Pollard the ugliest you have ever seen? And White women drool over Jewish men (and their $$$$$$$$$.$$) Well, Jews turned the White man into “evil” and “fool” and “damaged.” Who is going to pay restitution for all that damage to us?


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