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Con’d. It hurts as I write now. I’m sure Jew$ and Jewe$$ are happy about that. Here’s last picture of me in costume as an Aviator like Charles Lindbergh Sr. whose baby was kidnapped, mutilated, $50,000 ransom paid in gold certificates for Jews to get all gold certificates back to Fed Reserve, and White German man executed while Jew suspect fled country. Jew lawyer was prosecuting White German.

Here’s song I sing in costume for Christmas where the White European British and White Germans stop the war at Christmastime….. Jews keep us hating 24/7 rest of time. But legally Whites can only hate themselves and each other for all other races are protected and Jews will prosecute and persecute us for “picking” on them scabs and their crimes.

I’ll post song on next post.

See the entire chat on Jes and murder of Charles Lindbergh's White blonde curly headed baby

See the entire chat on Jes and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s White blonde curly headed baby


Here’s the song I sing in karaoke. I do not mix singing with my political views. Jew$ make sure of that since they control the entire entertainment industry as even Beatle’s John Lennon said… You have to be part of their “religion” in entertainment. We think we believe in God but we believe Jew$. And I have 40000 pages of their crimes against me, you, ancestors, USA, God, Jesus, White Species. One page should have been enough. It’s when the White British stopped the White World War at Christmastime for 24 hours.

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