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Skull Chappel, White Poland, and Jewish Wars.

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White Poland, 30 years war Christian chappel. 3,000 white people’s skulls, There are several pictures you can forward to right from our own Smithsonian Institute. Better get it for Jews will eventually close down any negative reference. Odd but I see Christians slammed and hated on internet chats, God abused as well as Jesus, but dare say a word about Jews. While the White men were being slaughtered and massacred as my Viet nam Veteran, or the suffering of coming home “alive,” the Jews in 30 year war not only were protected, but because expanded, became filthy rich… how? Off Veteran’s White Christian descendant blood, as my deceased husband. Odd but one of my husband’s “best” friends (enemies) in South Chicago, Jew Art Karchmer, didn’t have to go to Vietnam. Odd isn’t it. But this is recorded all around the world throughout Jewish parasiting off of White misery, thousand years. Jew Karchmer got to escape Vietnam, and went to an “easy” army base where he learned “office” work and he didn’t shed a drop of blood or even see the agony the White men had to suffer which led to their deaths or suicides from suffering when they came back. Art the Jew Karchmer hated my husband for my husband, when 12 years old would beat the Jew up after school. My poor husband was motherless at this young age and had to go to a nearly all Jewish school. Jews terroize White Gentiles, especially those who might be suffering. Same with sister who went to Jew Coles School in Chicago. Her teacher asked her to sing in front of class for sister had good voice. I have picture and have posted it where the Jews are making fun of her, talking against her, etc. I remember it was so bad for my sister she quit school and sister was only in 8th grade! Wonder what the Palestinians are suffering under Jew rule. How come there isn’t a Palestinians President? I thought Jews forced “Civil Rights” down our throats, written by Jew Rabbi in Jew Synagogue then putting a “religious” law from them as a “political” law. The Civil Rights Act is “illegal” for there is separation of Church and State and it must be kicked off our Constitution. Jews brought the Blacks and Browns here, Jews can worry about what to do with them. Send them to Israel with the rest of Jews.

My deceased husband cannot tell me from the grave what the Jew Karchmer did to him at the mostly Jewish school. Also in Vietnam war, my husband was engaged to a gal named Cheryl. While Jew banksters had my husband, US Marines, positioned so Yellow Chinese Commies could slaughter and torture the men so badly, some were having nervous breakdowns right on the battle field. What was the Jew doing back home in Alabama, easy cushy job in Alabama? Going home to Chicago on week ends to screw my husband’s girlfriend, Cheryl. She end up sending my husband a “Dear John” letter. Jew’s revenge on my husband for something the Jew and their ilk started.

Everyone of these dead bones and skulls is screaming out for justice. An eternal reminder of being victimized by Jews.


Jews and “Silesian Wars” 1740-1763. As widow of US Marine Purple Heart Veteran, I have studied not just Vietnam War, which was led by Jew Commies and Yellow Chinese Communists, but back to year 1025, where Jew bankers kept the first settlers of Poland, Whites, in banking control, but moreover constant fighting, internal bickering and wars. Sounds like Whites in USA today? Or Europe.

Here’s what Frederick II of Prussia said of Jews during war:

“We have too many Jews in the towns. They are needed on the Polish border because in these areas Hebrews alone perform trade. As soon as you get away from the frontier, the Jews become a disadvantage, they form cliques, they deal in contraband and get up to all manner of rascally tricks which are detrimental to Christian burghers and merchants. I have never persecuted anyone from this or any other sect [sic]; I think, however, it would be prudent to pay attention, so that their numbers do not increase.”

Note the “trade” on Polish borders, my country of ancestry, had “only” Jewish traders. Sounds like Hollywood. Only Jewish Hollywood moguls since they robbed White Christian man, Thomas Alva Edison of his invention and ran and started Hollywood around 1925. Nearly 100 years of nothing but Jewish movies, books, TV, radio, music, what “they” call art, banking, wars, magazines, newspapers. How did they get that control? They had it in Europe for thousands of years.

They know they will get caught. And they will quietly stir up some country “against” the country where they live and keep us focused on wars. Sounds like USA. No Jewish victims though.

It was during “30 years war” “Silesian Wars,” that the 20,000 bodies of bones were used to make the Skull Chappel in Poland. Odd but all our Jew masters show us are pix of dead, naked, bald bodies of “Holocaust.” Dead and skinny because Jews themselves arranged a blockade so even German residents starved to death and couldn’t get food, etc. Bald because Jews are notorious for having lice bugs which cause Typhus which killed most White American Veterans in World War I. By shaving the Jew heads filled with dirt and bugs, it prevented an epidemic. Since Jews did get Typhus in the “work camps” misnamed “death camps,” I read blog by Polish guard that it was Jew doctors who injected the Jew inmates, to create a “Holocaust” of dead bodies. Jews have Whites addicted to “death, terror, catastrophies.” If they don’t happen, Jews make them up as they make up stories in Jew Hollywood, only it is our reality. They are immune since they rule us by their own admission.

Here’s from website. Note the skulls had “bullet to the head.” (year 1618 to 1648) Sounds like Jew Communists who rounded up 20,000 of Poland’s finest White Christian men and had them sent to Katyn (see movie of that name) and killed with bullet to brain and buried alive in put if didn’t die. Plus Jews blamed “German Nazis.” (always a name to make whites terrorized as if we were still superstitious pagans.) Jews got away with it and in Nuremberg Trials Jews got White lawyers, judges overfed and drunk, so that even with the worst hoaxes and lies Jews tried to pull off, such as Nazis shrunk Jews heads. No, they were black African shrunken heads. Go ask Obama about his relatives and ancestries and make them accountable. Jews put bars of soap on the witness stand after World War II, claiming the “Nazis” boiled the Jew bodies into soap. See Jews don’t believe the Bible so they can lie all they want in court. It’s amusing for Jews to see Whites squirm, or even die, suffer, especially Veteran White Christian descendants. It was shown to be “lies” but didn’t stop Jews from piling on more, for Jew newspapers in USA were reporting these lies as “truths” even teaching them in schools. Jewish witnesses said they actually “saw” Jews going into gas chambers. There were no gas chambers. Point blank. Even at Auschwitz, Poland, the guard admitted the buildings are props, like Hollywood buildings, poorly made, “3 years after World War II.” Churchill wrote 6 volumes on World War II, not a word of gas chambers. So if Jews “lied” about that, how about their lies as “witnesses” against the Nazis accusing the Germans of shaving Jewish heads to use hair as mattresses. Lies. Jewish lies which are the only form of communication that comes from their tongues. How about Jews accusing Nazi Germans, innocent, of turning Jew’s skin into lampshades. Jews had the audacity, hatred, putrid effrontery, of bringing lampshades as “exhibits” to execute the White German leaders. All of them…. The rest Jews drove to suicide, by Hitler’s doctor, who was doctor to Jew entertainers and Hitlers only companion for the entire war. Even though the Nuremberg Germany trials discounted as “false, crazy” lies that the exhibits of lamps were Jewish skin, Jews still published it around the world and never told us the truth, until now, people like me finding out, by actually reading Nuremberg transcripts or reading British David Irving’s book, “Nuremberg.” The lamps Jews used as “evidence” in their case, were goat’s skins. But even as recent as 6 years ago, I heard Jew Michael Weiner Savage, (gets 10,000,000 White male and female radio listeners) to convince the White audience if we don’t war against Muslims they will…. guess what… the old, old… Jewish terror tactics… turn Whites into white lampshades as the Germans did in World War II. Only the Germans were innocent!!! How about Diary of Anne Frank, Jewess lesbian filled with lice bugs and died from Typhus at age of 15. No White German ever raped her as Jew doctor raped me in 1967 and threatened me for life, no one beat her so badly in hospital 3 times, as I was beaten in Jewish run Las Vegas. (Although Jew’s Commie buddies, Yellow Chinese Commies, buying up Vegas, quickly, especially with low priced homes after Jewish forced real estate collapse.)

“…….. SKULL CHAPPEL…….From the road, it would be easy to overlook this small, unassuming chapel located in one of the oldest towns in southwestern Poland. But the wooden doors hide a spectacular, macabre interior. The skulls and leg bones of over 3,000 victims of wars and plagues cover the walls and ceiling, and a crypt below, accessible through a trapdoor, houses over 21,000 additional remains. Between 1776 and 1804, the local priest, Vaclav Tomasek, painstakingly gathered, cleaned and carefully arranged skeletons recovered from numerous, shallow mass graves left by the Thirty Years’ War, Silesian Wars and cholera outbreaks. Modeled off of similar ossuaries and catacombs in Rome, the chapel was intended as a shrine for the dead, as well as a “memento mori” for the living.

On the church’s altar, Tomasek placed the bones of important figures and curiosities, including the skull of the local mayor, skulls with bullet holes, a skull deformed by syphilis and the bones of a supposed giant. When the chapel’s creator passed away in 1804, his skull was placed on the altar as well.

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/this-creepily-beautiful-chapel-in-czermna-poland-is-constructed-out-of-thousands-of-human-bones-6613033/#wZHXLXdqE3g0YpQl.99
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Whites, Jews and 30 year war

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Jews & Polish, European Christians, 30 years war! years 1618-1648

There is a “Skull Chappel” I will post later, which consisted of 20,000 bodies of bones hidden under, and 3000 White Polish Christian skulls, suffered from “30 Years War.” So I looked up if Jews had anything to do with it. Again, as in French Revolution, where not a Jew’s hair on their head was hurt, White French were being guillotined. Jews were “billionaires” by today’s standards. In USA 40% of billionaires are Jews. Yet they are only 2%.

Jews living off of White blood, misery, agony. They must “enjoy” our suffering even more than the money. It’s much deeper to watch us suffer.

Same with Civil War, both sides were funded by Jews. Jews could simply walk up to Abraham Lincoln to “advise” him. (The North) on the (South) Confederate President, Jefferson Davis,’ top adviser (as Obama’s was Raum Emmanuel) was Jew, Judah P. Benjamin. Benjamin, end up confiscating the South’s wealth (the South had perhaps 80% of wealth in USA) and sent the gold to Jews in England, (Rothchild banking perverts).

1/2 of the White German male population were killed in this 30 years war. The “best” Germans. I guess that is one way to keep Jews “smartest,” as Jew led Commies killed 20,000 of my finest ancestors in Katyn Forest, (see movie) Poland, rounding up the “smartest, finest, most religious” men of Poland, one bullet to back of brain, buried alive in forest. It seems this is clearly stated for 400 years. Today, USA had “one” ally. Rest of world hates us, (Whites not other races), that “friend” or tapeworm on our White and American bowels is Jews of Israel. Occupying land where their Jew ancestors killed Jesus and the 12 disciples.

Jews preach “Best of the Best Gentiles (Whites) should be killed.” We kick them out, but then Jews somehow reduce us to wars and they make us need their “$$$$.” 400 years, and counting. Remember Poland in 1025, was 7 tribes, with 7 Jewish family bankers leading us. They had us fighting within each white tribe. Each tribe fighting each other. And then either fighting or defending their territory against neighbors of Europe who “hated,” them. Do you see “why” Jews in comedy, vaudeville labeled me and my people “dumb Polaks?” So no one would believe, and Whites would turn against us and me.

Jews “refuse” labor, hard work or work with hands. They parasite. Usually they force tobacco, booze, illegal drugs down the throats of white youth and population as in USA, England, etc. While they bodies and dna remain sober and undamaged like the rest of the World’s population.

Jews are “not” victims. If “I” am not a victim suffering under them as slave in was in nearly starvation in (South Chicago, 5 blocks from rich bitch Michelle Obama) USA, these Jew billionaires are not victims, but predators.

Jews claim to live in “ghettos,” but so sorry, the Jews’ lies are now going viral. It’s only a matter of time when the entire world will refuse them a place to live or a crust of bread. Let them know how it feels to starve as they did to us. The only reason there were “skinny bodies” in Holohoax pictures was it was the Jew led “Allieds” “blockades” Germany and the “work camps” where Jews were healthy, strong, happy and protected, just counting the final hours when the Jews “Hoax” of the World History would give them total emigration into USA and Palestine for “takeover of Whites, Christianity, World.” Yes, only Jews won World War II, (President Kennedy’s father, Joseph.) Do you suppose that is why Jews got revenge and killed President Kennedy, the son, John-John, and brother Robert Kennedy? Did Jews “arrange” for the death of Edward Kennedy’s secretary while he was driving to “force” Edward into putting forth Jewish made by Rabbi in Synagogue, “Civil Rights” to destroy White male? Just putting out facts. Can’t solve a problem in problem solving without facts.

Jews had our minds so controlled to “feel sorry” for them, that whites such as my family could be starving in front of their eyes, and Whites just “felt sorry” for Jews of an imagined Holocaust, or Blacks of Africa or poor browns with babies coming over. (Free slave babies for low waged jobs.)

To be continued, next post.


Jews Rape of Palestine, compared to German “Rape of Belgium”

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JEWS’ Rape of Palestine. Is it time for war against Israel? Judging by what Wiki (Jewish) broadcasts as the German Rape of Belgium before World War I, it looks like Jewish crimes are definitely war crimes and horrors by the Jews own pens and keyboards to own and run Wiki. Jews better make sure their cohorts who have nothing to do in Israel since we support those rich bastards and bitches who are so lazy they stink, literally and figuratively….. erase or destroy… what I find on internet for Jews leave “no clues” behind. yet all their clues are right in front of us. That is really dumbing down.

Since a Jewish doctor raped me at University of Illinois affiliated hospital, and threatened me for life, saying he had a Jewish wife and children and this would ruin him for life. He had just graduated from the college and was starting a very lucrative career. Today as he had prophesied his wife and son own an entire clinic in Fort Lauderdale. Jews stick together. Since Jews force their men on White or even black women, etc. their marriage is not one of “love” but of “hate.” She hates him but wants his money only. Her object is to spend money. When Mama worked for them while she raised 12 more slaves and breastfed, took care of Daddy and her Daddy, she said the women had so many clothes and would buy so much, they had to give Mama their old clothes so they could buy more. It’s how we got lice in our hair. Too poor for the $.25 bar of Fels Naphtha soap to stop the horrible itching. It was “lice” not Nazis that killed off most Jews. Lice bugs form Typhus, the deadly killed that even the fraudulent Anne Frank Autobiography, is attested to. She didn’t die of German Nazi beatings, or ovens, or didn’t turn her into soap, or take her hair for mattresses, or gassed, or they didn’t kill her or shrink her head, she died of Typhus around 15. And from what one of the guards at Poland whose website I went on admitted that it was (Jew) doctors who injected them with Typhus to create an “epidemic,” so Whites of USA would “feel sorry” and let them all emigrate to America en masse. Illegally.. yes, the truly diabolical Jewish illegal immigrants who are bringing the brown Mexican illegals in here to USA today. I’ve witnessed it in Las Vegas, where radio commercials (radio is run by Jews, in fact all forms of communication) would broadcast for illegals to work in casinos and they would give the illegals, citizenship, free food at their mile long buffets, ability to buy a home, union jobs, medical, loans for cars, etc. Sounds like many poor Whites can’t afford to even “think” like that.

Anyway, I found this term Rape of Belgium, which was one of the horrors the Whites supposedly commit in World War 1 by German White Nazis. yet if you look at what Jewish (Polish descent not Christians) are doing to Palestine today, where Jesus’ relatives are from, it makes this look like nothing.

Look at the statistics that are in this article: Now since Jews lie like rugs and every word that comes off their tongue is a lie or exaggeration or manipulation, these statistics or if it were even done should be debated. Even Hitler said the USA papers and England just typed up lies about him and hid their true agenda to save the White children who had been damaged by Jews thru homosexuality, lesbians, distilleries, breweries, garbage food, cigarettes, education that was against their survival and health, media propaganda by Jews. I mean who wouldn’t get mad if their entire reality was Jew controlled. That is the opposite of freedom as Jews are opposing or opposing Christians by their very nature. Don’t try to “convert” them. The popes have been doing that for millenniums and Jews use to to their advantage to “become” Popes and then rule White Europeans every way they could. Ship Jews to AFrica, en masse, and let the Obamas and Jews rule there without a single penny from the rest of world. It’s time the entire world knows these things or at least debates them.

Statistics of supposed… German Rape of Belgium. 6000 killed.  How many killed by Jews, God-hating, in Palestine. Here’s statistics and I believe the Jews invent these suicide bombers. Were you or I there to witness it? Then it is what we “believe!!” It’s an abuse of Christianity using the function of “believing” to make us idiots. Jews killed nearly 9,000 Palestinians, brutally, not with rocks or taking their own lives, as Palestinians have had to do. I guess White Christians enjoy watching this as they have their TV dinners and watch the news. 1,000 Israeli’s killed.

25,000 Belgium homes destroyed before World War I, which was Jewish propaganda admittedly to get Whites of Europe and America into World War 1 for Jews rights and their banks.

30 Jewish soldiers of Israel commit suicide. Ah! it didn’t only affect my Viet Veteran, White Christian descent.

Jew Wiki says 27,000 homes were destroyed. Odd but 25,000 is figure Jew Wiki said the White Germans destroyed in Belgium. We will one day have to use computers and honest people to do statistics in a Excel Report. I know both Obama and his wife are too dumb to even read an Excel Report let alone make one, but we cannot put lies into a computer or guess off the top of our heads. Especially if the head is Jewish filled with lice and hatred. Like the 6,000,000 number Jews grabbed for how many were killed.

On a different know, it is why Agatha Christie invented her Hercule Peroit character as a mystery novel detective for the entire world was feeling sorry for Belgium. Jews already had owned the New York Times when the defrauded White owner into bankruptcy and then bought it… like Vegas… pennies on a dollar. Jews had stolen Thomas Alva Edisions (White Christian descendent)’s movie machine so movies and news reels were in Jewish Monopoly. Yet Monopoly is illegal in this country. Jews used that law to break the rich White man’s businesses. But like the French Revolution when all the White Christians were getting decapitated, not a hair or head of the Jews were touched. They became billionaires by today’s standards.

So now let’s use the “Rape of Palestine.” Think if Jesus knew his murders were caretakers of his land and that Christians didn’t want to be bothered just run away. Let the Jews run out of there. It doesn’t belong to them, the are not the descendants of those people, but are from Poland. If there are jews from there they are the wicked and evil Pharisees who haunted Jesus and perhaps when it says the “devil” tried to convince Jesus to commit suicide by jumping off a high roof, that “devil” were the thoughts of Jews manifested in his mind as “his” mind. We think our thoughts are “ours” and Jew psychologists preach in their religion that we Christians “choose” our fate and destiny. Oh really? I know Jews are nutty, psychotic, neurotic, patriotic only to Israel, psychopaths, rapists, their women deadly to control their males to be able to pull this off so she doesn’t have to work and just get supported for her and offspring…. But I didn’t choose to be born a Jew slave nor did my 1,000 years of ancestors, my mama and my daddy, the 50,000 Galicia Poland ancestors who Jews first turned into drunks thru their distilleries, taverns, credit, foreclosed on homes, destroyed their minds so Poles didn’t realize they could grow food but had to rely on other countries, and then Jews starved them to death. Did the White men of the South treat the pampered blacks that way? No! In case you don’t know the answer, take my word for it.

Jews are the Rape Kings of the world, but Jews made illegal sex, illegal. Like when Jews controlled Poland, it was “lawless,” only laws put into effect which helped Jews in their Polish White Parliament. How shrewd? is there an animal species that is that shrewd for survival and not have to work? Israel is the King of Abortions. More abortion there than anywhere in world. Since Jews like to ejaculate in their Gentile victims, as jew doctor in me, when he should have known better… he was a doctor…!….. Jews make these women pregnant. More abortions in Israel than anywhere in the universe!!! Jewish women don’t get abortions, they get sterilized. Once they get their one baby to get their husbands fortunes, they turn their sex maniac husbands on White woman. Today White woman of America are now the most sex crazed on earth. More than the primitive African women having 15 babies. Whites are taking birth control pills, deadly in forming embryos, and abortions also cause sterilization. Then we wonder why we are having children that need to be on pills practically at birth. Jews rape the White women from Eastern Europe: Israeli Jew sex traffic White slavery trade. Those poor women have to service an assembly line of Jews who crave White sex and it’s used to put us down worse than animals. Even animals have rights. Poor White women and it says if we are to save country we have to save White male of our species (intentionally pulverized by Jews and Commies) and our White woman has to change.



Jew Comedy Against Whites: Jack Benny as Meyer Rothchild, Banking Richest man ever lived.

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Old Time Radio show 143,  #25 on list below, Jews entertain us their slaves with attacks against us… hidden ones. I wonder if anyone in world or audience picked this up. I suppose so.

Show starts with Jew bragging about another Jew. Great violinist and talent. They chat about Atlantic City New Jersey, and recently the the New Jersey government officials were in cahoots with Jew Rabbis who were taking the organs of dead Palestinians and selling them for $100,000.00. Big Bucks off misery. Perhaps Jews just pretended war to kill off Palestinians Jesus relatives (although they were White then that bred with other races.)

Jew Benny’s wife in real life and this radio show during World War II (to keep Whites laughing while our misery overseas was unbearable.. for Jew rights…)  Jewess Mary Livingstone, of Jewish Romanian traders. She was related to 4 Jews named Marx Brothers, (same name as Communist Manefesto Author, which Julian Hammer used to kill off 100,000,000 in Russian Revolution against White Christians. )

They mention Jean Harlow (White sex symbol first one) didn’t win Miss America but the rabbit did. Perhaps meaning the rabbit died if she was pregnant. She was conned into marrying Jew who wrecked her life.

Jack the Jew Benny is laughing his head off and pulling off the insults against Whites and Whites paid $$ or time to worship him. These same whites won’t support Whites, for Jews have not taught us that yet.

Commercial “General Tire.” Jews are famous for making $$ off tires, for they have to be replaced. Knew French Aristocrat lady who came to USA as wife of Jew Tire Owner. Jews get royalty like President Clinton’s daughter and President Kennedy’s.

He mentions staying at hotels, and if it was the “Marx brothers” (Jew hotel) he would have played plenty $$.

He announces the show is the “House of Rothchild.” Mayer Rothchild, from the late 1700’s, was richest man who ever lived, and got so from living off White bloody body bags of our men, women and children in wars.

Jews would instigate and incite, we’d pay, and hefty too for 40-50 years sometimes.

I wrote before Jew comedians before performing in Vegas or wherever would rehearse thinking of the most hateful things against Whites and then vomiting at white audience who paid good money to see them. Even Elvis never went back to Vegas when Jew Shecky Green opened for him. He must have humiliated poor Elvis a good man, so bad, it took 14 years and getting 50 people on stage with him to go back.

Rothchilds were from Frankfurt Germany. Jew Benny mentions how Rothchild spread his 5 sons over Europe and India.

Mary (and Jewesses must change their names and not take name of Jesus’ mother for murderess’ associates shouldn’t do so.) Jewess Livingstone makes a jab at White Loretta Young, for Benny Jew referred to wife as horror film star, Boris Karloff. Livingstone says it was Loretta that looked like monster not her! Jewesses sure know how to fight and to rake in all that dough for doing nothing but instigating trouble.

“Rise of the House of Rothchild.” The usher is selling magazines. Jew Benny says he doesn’t want the one that says, ”

When audience asks for program for show he mistakenly gets… “Men in White!” You see how it is all coded. It’s even more than I can understand nor want to. All this is evidence against the Jews and we have every movie, TV, radio show, song, court case, painting sale, real estate deal, book, they ever wrote or published in America and Europe… to convict them. We’ll set up our own World Court with all Whites who have been educated into the truth so they can come up with a clear conviction. Not like putting a White man who they arrest for being pro-White and having an all black jury with Jew lawyers. Our white men never had a chance. If we don’t save White male, third world country. Women must change.

Jack is very sarcastic and rude, and perhaps it has rubbed off on me. I hope I can change my disposition. I don’t want to go down to their level, which is not kingdom of heaven but hell. Even Shakespeare said, “Hell is empty, all the devils are here on earth.” At that time, British whites were falling over drunk, nursing babies falling out of mother’s arms, milk filled with deadly gin which makes fetal syndrome babies. Ask Russia what Jews did to them, and perhaps myself.

Jew Benny mentions White Sgt O’Hare and he had to do with famous battle of White British against White Germans. Lively dancing music is played to get White hypnotized into thinking what they are hearing about Jewish robber bankers … as if it were good. And Whites call jews genius. At what? Hate? Crime? Rape? Assassinations? Foreclosures? Wars?

Radio Show music: “Farewell to Arms” about World War I (Jews first success at obtaining land of Palestine and sympathy for complete illegal emigration from Europe to America/Palestine for Jews. It’s why we have brown and other raced immigration against Whites in our own territory. Even dogs get to mark and claim territory.
By the way, if you look at entire list, mainly Jews or blacks. Al Jolson, Marx brothers, etc.

Play begins in household of Jew Banker Meyer Rothchild (richest man in history) and his wife Sarah, the Jewess who is the real villain for she gets all his $$ for her and offspring. What a conspiracy Jewess’ pulled off against the men they hate! Waltz music playing in background.

Mayer: Wants book to read. She hands him ” First National Bank” or “Guaranteed Trust,” he already used them up and wants the book called…you guessed it the dreaded US Federal Reserve Bank, which they started in 1913, for their wars. The last 3 chairmen were Jews and now a Jewess “Yellin!” and they pull it off right in front of us today and we didn’t have a clue. All our tax money went to that bank and not to our own Treasury. We have to pay Jews interest on our own tax money. Several presidents tried to stop it, but Jews killed them off. Kennedy, Jackson, Lincoln etc.

Rothchild’s had $200 million goldens. He laughs evilly, “In Money is Power.” “If it is White French General Napoleon begging for more war money against England, tell him he can’t get it.” Now a prince from Eastern Europe comes begging for money to gamble against Bulgaria, and gets $35. Can you imagine a White prince selling their country and people down the drain for $35? he comes back a second time for more. He lost it in a “crap” game. Jews favorite word to humiliate Whites… crap.. But the joke is on the Jews for crap is a good word and is used for fertilizer instead of poisonous artificial fertilizer. I’ve used all kinds of crap or manures: human on grass only, chicken, cattle, sheep, but the best is worm, and most expensive. Jews are not only “dumb Kykes” but “moronic, idiotic and stupid Kykes!” got it back with compounded interest for labeling me and my people in your comedy as “dumb Polaks” and “Dumb Blondes.”

The prince offers World Series ticket for “White” Sox against Cincinnati. Note how Jews squeeze that word “White” in but erased in from our consciousness as if it is evil and they are gods to be worshiped. Only the divine should be worshiped.

Jew Mayer actually tells prince after he loans him $35 to gamble that Jews will expect “favors” from him in his White country. It is a fact that in 1300’s, White Bavarians from Austria, Germany kicked Jews out for “gambling.” My husband’s grandmother was princess in Lithuania. Jews must have managed to fix her up with artist who she fell into their hands not suspecting. He lost the entire castle, clothes, money, jewels in a gambling game. They had to live as slaves in cottage. Russians came when their sons were teens and took first one for war. The grandparents escaped into Germany then USA.

Jew Mayer Rothchild tells Jewess wife Sarah he made a good investment for you never know when you never know when he will throw something our way.       Sarah says “Just so the audience doesn’t throw something our way.” She earlier talked of box of tomatoes, something which was used when audience didn’t like an act. If Whites knew what Jews were doing in comedy would the really “laugh” and pay money and time for this and adding nails to the White species coffin?1

Jew Mayer tells in radio play he has a great idea to make him and his wife the “power of the world.” And today, it is still so. The Jewish Rothchild Empire.

He says to bring him the King of France, Spain, President of Cuba. Yes, Jews have commanded them and ours. Jew dictators while hypnotizing us into being free and abusing word “Patriotic.” It’s why Jews in World War II to gain White sympathy for their devious Holohoax, had a Jew bomb their own ship with over 1000 people on killing 276, named “Patria.” They wanted to force emigration into Palestine from Europe and British Churchill said “no.” Jews never take “no” for an answer. 2000 years will prove that. Did they take “no” from even Jesus? Jesus didn’t have to die on a cross. He could have showed us immortality thru his own death, but he had to show us how evil the Jews, as sons and daughters of Satan, really are.

Now the singers pull off another joke against not just audience in studio but around the entire world even our troops could hear these insults directed at them while they were getting blasted away in war, nervous breakdowns on the battlefield, addictions, families suffering beyond words.. all for Jewish banks and their wives, kids, descendants until today. That is why if I hear a person is a good Jew I would trace their money and what crimes their ancestors commit knowingly or unknowingly.

The singers blast our “London bridges falling down.” Jews instigated Germany into war, when the Nazis not only didn’t want it but begged England to stop their war advances. Hitler admired England and wanted to become like that. So even though we thought we were fighting “for” Britain, in actuality, Jews were laughing singing “London Bridges falling down!” What a horrible, horrible, satanic sense of humor.

The 5 sons of Rothchild are named and they are “playing” and having fun in yard, doing nothing, while Whites are slaving in factories, women working, white men and practically only White men dying in battlefield. All a big joke for Jews.

The Jew father gives them each money and they make money back. His first son says he is “67” and Mayer Rothchild says it is fine time he goes to work and begins to make a living. In other words for 67 years the Rothchild son just sucked the blood of White men and money, raped their women in sex, for White women were taught to adore money. As Marilyn Monroe for example with Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Yet all Marilyn’s money, every thing she owned, went right back to Jews on her death. She got nothing but was their sex and business slave. They murdered her with an enema so it wouldn’t show up in autopsy.

He repeats “Let’s make the House of Rothchild, the House of Power.” Sarah, Jewess in play, says.. “You mean the House of David.” Jews lied to us and said they are people from Bible and line of House of David, which was supposed to produce Messiah and did produce Jesus genealogically speaking. But Jews consider themselves collectively as Messiah, it is why Obama’s first choice after being elected was Raum Emmanuel, meaning Messiah. Again, Jews and blacks were spitting their lies in our face. Especially since Whites are probably the lost tribes and chosen people from line of House of David. for he had red blushing cheeks which only Whites have.

Jew father teaches them to be “shrewd.” He tells son Solomon to go to Hollywood to become a “Roach child!” What the sub meaning is Jews were already planning this mighty Brown invasion over the border and Mex’s are noticed for their roaches. This was done during war in 1940’s. What salt to rub into our misery and laugh at us!

Jew father says to be a “cocky Roach Child,” meaning Jews use their penis more than any other race. Leave us with their bastards as Jew doctor raped me and ejaculated in me. Or in Israel today more abortions than anywhere in world. Their wives have tubes tied so it is the White European women sex slaves who have to continually have sex with Jewish men from night into day, for Jews are cheap, evil and devious. Those women have abortions (Palestinians probably too, but more White women the object of Jewess hatred. I think White women who hate me are only victims of the Jewess who have molded their minds for I don’t hate. I may expose like Matthew Mark Luke and John in New Testament, but I don’t hate. Just Justice.

Mayer Rothchild is going mad for he hasn’t made enough billions, and wants trillions of White $$$ and women, boys, land, art, government, awards, worship, etc.

A strange calls comes in and Mayer says this is House of Rothchild, and the caller quips, “Oh I’m looking for House of Goldberg.” Goldberg a Jewish name, perhaps the head Jew in the world. Jews won’t tell us that for they killed off our heads of state who interfered with their banking crimes, Kennedy, Lincoln, Jackson, nearly.

The boys come back from their investments and first Jew boy says that in Saratoga every person there has debt, an IOU, made out to Rothchilds. I think Jews involved in horse racing gambling. Horses are beautiful animals and shouldn’t be used as part of Jews plots.

The Jewess gets the last word in. After all the Jew Rothchild males make their crooked deals, she ends the show with Mary Livingstone, Jewess, telling Jew husband, where’s my “power” for the week, meaning her money for being the hidden actress in this conspiracy.






Jew Jack Benny as Banker Rothchild Radio Show to Pulverize White Radio audience.

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Jew Banksters Defrauding Whites not just in bank but on radio (TV, movies, books, art, music) shows All Entertainment: European Rothschilds. Even those that are pro-White or at least inclined to help save Whites, know about the evil European Jewish Family, the banksters, Rothschilds from 1775, just in time to start the American Revolution in 1776 which Whites had to pay for perhaps 40 years in America if not more, back to Jews. Whites are gluttons for punishment, which Jews sadists accustomed us to. Think of that when you read “50 Shades of Grey” and punishment in sex…. it’s Jews punishing us, and even our White men with painful anal sex, which bleeds, smells, and probably having feces go into the male penis, causes prostrate cancer, even death.

See below about a Jack Benny Show, (Jew, Benjamin Kubelsky, “sky” is Jew who married into Polish Royalty as my Mama’s last name ends in “ski” for royalty breeding, power, money, connections. ) and his insults against Christ-mas “making a (Jew) killing.” $$$. Yes, Jew Berlin wrote White Christmas. Entire world is not only hating us as whites but laughing at us as well. They dare not laugh at the Jew bankers or Jews will cut them off of their play money or Jewish Monopoly Money.

I’m going to listen and write to the House of Rothschild comedy Jew Jack Benny Show. If I hear any Jew possible code words I will write at same time. If I’m wrong forgive me, I need an excuse to stop writing anyway.

Only Jews can write for they are so smart and dumbed us down as Whites. Good or bad at least it is real truthful white writing I do.

Here goes: Let’s listen.

Jews brag and start “Master Golfer and talented violin player.” More to worship them and put us down. They brag about each other so it doesn’t sound like “bragging.” I have no manager, or anyone to bring me up.

He talks of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Jersey is noted recently for Jew Rabbi robbing dead Palestinians for their organs which they sell for huge sums for White taxes and White insurance pay for.

They make fun of White actress Jean Harlow, saying the “rabbit died.” Jews are like that.

Jew Benny Radio Show: Begins… House is for sale. He talks of the 4 Marx brothers, (Jews, Karl Marx their ancestor, Communist Manifesto to destroy White Race and country from within.)

He talks of the Jew Rothschild having 5 sons and these banksters are spread over Europe and India. (1750’s approx.)

Jews spit it right in our White face and ears on radio. I can hardly believe this.  Benny asks for program before a show, and he says it’s wrong one, it is for “Men in White.” They say it all the time.

Play about Jew bankers start, “House of Rothschild.” Again it is a comedy for Jews to bankrupt us, rape us, murder us, war us, takeover our land, and genocide us. I’m not laughing.

Jews play real lively music to keep our “spirits” up, while World War II is going on and 100,000,000 White European and American Christians have been murdered thru Jew Communism. Again, Jews want us totally distracted as if they are maestro’s and we are merely musical notes.

Here’s “Rise of House of Rothschild,” which begins in Frankfurt Germany. (Nazi territory 200 years later when White Germans figured out what Jews were up to.) Jack asks for books. Of course they are “bank books,” but he as a Jew laughs or spits in our White face saying “No I want the Federal Reserve Book.” We all know Jews started that in 1913 to take all White Tax money to skim off 80% for themselves and their wars or projects against us.

There’s other things they are saying and I’m catching, but only writing most important ones. Jew Benny mentions and laughs about Sergeant O’Hare. It’s about a World War II battle Whites are fighting for Jew rights, all Whites lost. But no one ever stopped to decipher these names. My emails were loaded with Jews hidden meanings when I did all of 138 episodes of I Dream of Jeannie, (White woman) and Sidney Sheldon, Jew producer, Major Nelson, the victim of this assault and battery against our White male.

Our ancestors all thought we were “relaxing” not being programmed mentally for our destruction.

A German waltz is playing. The show starts with Mrs. Rothchild giving her jew husband, Mayer Rothchild a book. Let’s guess the title: she replies “First National Bank or Guaranteed Trust,” and like the chat below, he says the Jews most powerful bank of all, which they started against us in 1913, to confiscate all our tax dollars into their private bank… The Federal Reserve. It was how World War 1 for Jew rights, was funded with White blood and bodybags and the intense suffering as they pulverized our White men.

Jack asks his Jew wife Sarah (from Bible) “How much money to we have now” And she saves over $2 billion. (Jew Rothchild richest man that ever lived.) Again, off White misery, white blood, white taxes, white land, white minds, white governments etc.

The Jews now talk of their “Golden” anniversary. Rothchild Jew bankers of England confiscated nearly all of the South’s money (for the South in USA before Civil War was loaded with $$$) after Civil War. Jews throw a few coins to the King and Queen and we allow them to get away with this mental and financial slavery.

Rothchild says “we must save every penny for in money there is power.” And he has an evil laugh. It should frighten the Whites but I think they are too scared to leave their seats and no one else is leaving so suffer at laugh when the Jew’s put up cards and we laugh like trained White seals.

He then makes fun of White French Napoleon, the General, who was a victim of banking manipulation for France to war against England.

Some prince comes to microphone, and Jack the Jew says “Hey you “dog” what can I do for you?” Yes, as Jews did to my ancestors in Poland, getting a handful of people rich, then indebted, then turn entire country into slaves for Jews who never work but are worshiped by us.

Prince, (white) needs 20,000,000.00 and Jew Benny has arrogant voice as if looking down on White prince. Jew and White prince talking about money prince needs: “Big crap game with Bulgaria and they took us.” I’ve written extensively how Whites kicked out Jews for “gambling.” They would warn Whites not to gamble with Jews, but Whites can only think Jew thoughts. Jews would take over entire castles as they did my husband’s princess grandmother in Lithuania, who then became slave and lived in slave quarters with her artist husband. Jews surely arranged that marriage as they arranged our two President daughters marriage to Jews: Kennedy and Clinton. Jews know none of our messages ever go high up. It’s why Jews put Blacks and browns in all the government jobs of White America.

Jack Comedian now says to “Usher” where’s my seat and then a check is referred, as if two different conversations are going on. Comedy shouldn’t be to confuse us more. We are entirely confused, but there is hope.

The prince says he can have “security” for his loan as one ticket between the “White” Sox and Cincinnati. Always jabbing White in there.

Jew Benny (as Rothchild) says as he grants the prince a mere $35, “I will expect special favors from your kingdom.”

Jew Benny tells Jewess wife “you never know when the prince will throw something good our way.” The Jewess wife replies, “That goes for the audience too.” They figure some day the White audience will wake up and rightfully throw something at them on stage for their Jewish insults against us and even Jesus Christ!

Jew Benny as Rothchild says “I am the power of the world.” Odd I thought God was and is and will be. Who is this imposter or anti-Christ Jesus?”

Benny calls for the Kings of Spain, France and Cuba. Must be nice to control such big characters. Yet jews destroyed all the Kings, even England, for Jews have no competition in their syndicate called a religion. If any of this seems far fetched let’s talk. Jews would like nothing better than to see me stop writing.

Now in the background of this “uplifting” Jew radio show, the singers sing “London Bridges falling down.” Yes, it was recorded in 1940’s and they already knew London would be bombed to shreds. Jews who would soon be emigrated illegally en masse into America and Palestine would be the  new Kings and Queens.

While the whites are warring and being blown to bits, the jew boys are playing in the yard whooping it up. Jew Benny kids his kids by telling them since they are in the ’60s year old it is time they work. haven’t I written jews don’t work they parasite. The White audience is laughing their heads off, as jews had White Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI beheaded and they all became billionaires, as 40% of all USA billionaires are… you guessed it… Jews and Jewesses and their offspring who will inherit. No one touches their money as JEWs manage to get White inheritances thru banks, foreclosures, drugged up white heirs, fighting heirs, etc.

“Money is Power,” he keeps repeating. Jewess Sarah says it looks more like House of David (they are not from that line as the Messiah was to come.) She admits this is the worst show she has ever seen. If Whites only could have possibly known “how worse” it would be for them in World War II under Jewish puppeteers.

Meyer Rothchild, gives some money to each child. Saratoga. He tells them to be “screwd.” To Hollywood to become a “RoachChild,” a Cocky Rochchild, meaning penis! King Jew Penis.

HE saves “save every penny,” which Jews do.

Again waltz is playing.. Second act. “Sarah” I’m going mad; I only made so many millions and I need to loan to Swiss Navy (Whites to fight each other,but JEWs had us Polish doing that since year 1025, when 7 banking Jewish families ruled 7 Polish tribes.)

“Rise of the House of Rothchild” someone asks on phone. The caller says isn’t it the House of the Rosenbergs, another Jew name. Perhaps that the secret Head Jew no one knows who is their head, for Jews assassinate our White Presidents. Look in history how many died and or nearly died, including one from South who was said to die on July 4, but was exhumed and found he was poisoned!

Benny (Rothchild) asks his sons who came from how they did. He replies “Everyone in Saratoga has IOU with our (Jew Rothchild) name on it.” White Saratoga. Didn’t understand what he said of Hollywood. The other boy took his money to sell as “tires” to the police. (We know our police are overworked with Jew crime in USA, Russia. I know a French aristocrat woman I worked for. She as royalty came to USA as war bride… of a Jew…. tire company magnet!!! Why aren’t Whites getting these spouses?

In show the prince comes back he is begging for more money to borrow for gambling with Bulgaria. They mention again, Sgt. O’Hare.

Now does the 20 trillion in debt the Whites are in USA alone, make sense, while JEWs are in the black as Chinese Commies their counterpart, and even blacks and browns on White welfare and giving them best jobs: government and unions?

#25 on this website: Note how Jew photographers put a halo around black sidekick of Jew Jack Benny.


Jews’ Comedy attacks White men and Jesus Christ

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Jew Comedians and how they attack Whites also using blacks as weapons against us and actually having us “laugh”right up to their genocidal guillotine for us and our descendants.

I have old radio on, again, thinking maybe out of 10,000 radio stations I can find something that is not a hateful station against Whites or something relaxing. Well, again, I tried the Jack Benny radio station. I only caught end, so this won’t be 10 pages.

Jack Benny, Jew, and his show list shows it filled with Blacks and other Jews. Ronald Coleman is his guest and lives next door. He’s an actor who was in “Rise and Fall of Roman Empire,” as Jew Benny notes. (Hmmph, think Jews are already putting code in all their shows as far back as 1940’s like the one I sent yesterday?) Jew Benny also mentions Albert Einstein, Jew. and lest we ever forget as Whites their holocaust which never happened they way they lied about to get illegal immigration en masse into USA after World War II, we also can never forget a Jew is smartest in history Einstein, when in fact Einstein stole a White man’s idea. The third reference book Jew Benny mentions “Origin of Species,” is he referring to their genocide of the White Species as I often accuse them of. It will be first time a species goes extinct and on our White death certificate cause of death… laughed to death while starving at Jew’s attacking jokes. I mentioned before in Vegas, Jews would practice in the back room as comedians and think up as much hate as possible against Whites and then go out and vomit this on us and we paid plenty! Now blacks who are comedians must do the same. Think of the most obnoxious man in world, Jew Don Rickles and how he assaulted White men and women and we “put him on pedestal and worshiped him.” It’s not funny for all the suffering Jews have done to Jesus and to us White Christian descendants until today.

Jew Benny naturally mentions “banks.” On Jew owned Wiki, the picture gives the Jews totally away. They can run but they can’t hide anymore, the entire world now knows. And knows Jews will do it to them, once Whites go extinct.  The picture shows Benny with a White woman (as usual, for Jews made the White woman hate their own White male by drugging him, getting him drunk, smoking and the cancer, stealing White man’s businesses, women, boys, raping, warmongering us as body bags for Jew banks, foreclosing on us, and manipulating our entire mind and all the words and pix we have going on in our heads. The picture also shows his black constant assistant, (Jews use blacks as weapons against us).. and the black has a halo around him. See below. Jews took off the halo off of Jesus, Mary, his father Joseph, etc. and put it on the Blacks for us to easily worship both Jews and Blacks.

But the clincher was towards the end. He is selling Christmas Cards. Everyone one Jew Berlin wrote White Christmas for Jews turned Christmas into a Jew $$$$ feast. Having less to do with Jesus every year. This would have also been during war to keep Whites laughing while their loved ones, White men, were suffering the ultimate pain, dying in war, the physical pain, but being part of a conspiracy to kill off Jesus. Yes, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the 4 writers of gospels, exposed the Jews and told of the glory of Jesus. Jews think they are the “Messiah” and tens of millions of Whites worship them. Even if we don’t believe it, there is absolutely nothing in our reality white healthy. It’s all Jew and other race healthy and it shows.

Jew Benny is selling Christ-mas cards… the final joke is on the White race, when he says he is “making a killing,” and has the pregnant pause so his other Jew and perhaps yellow Commie friends all get the point of this show. Jews put a halo around Obama’s and it is time Whites remove it and put it back on Jesus or at least worship good and not evil. Remember Obama’s church in Chicago has on front walls that it is dedicated to black Africa and his preacher Rev. Wright said on youtube the blasphemy of God. “God damn America.” If he hates it so much send him back to Africa with the Obamas or send me to Europe with an interpreter for it is too painful here sometimes for me. Blacks have no self esteem problem; Browns are 2nd happiest in world.

Jew Jack Benny puts halo on black sidekick and blasphemes Jesus Christ in radio show

Jew Jack Benny puts halo on black sidekick and blasphemes Jesus Christ in radio show

Why Should Not Christians Support Jews of Israel?

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White Christians Support Jews? (same people who tortured, beat, humiliated Jesus Christ. What part of “Christ” do Christians worship? His murders and “their” ancestors murders like Jewish Commies since 1917, Hitler had to face these same Commies and so did my Viet Vet Purple Heart?

Remember Jews thrive on “negative advertising,” so in order to combat that mentally, you must say out loud or in your mind even “No!” I don’t support Jesus’ murderers. There surely would have been other ways to for him to show us we are immortal, just as he raised the dead a young teen boy and a young teen girl. (Perhaps there was a secret message in that at that age they were prime for having healthy babies and then perhaps we wouldn’t have as much damage and sickness to our White children.)

I’m assuming there are about 30,000,000 White Christians who support Jews, Jesus’ murderers. Today. Then they want to know why 80% of new Christians are coming from Africa, Mexico, So. America, but 80% of the Christian treasuries are supported by North of Equator… (Europe and USA). What can Whites relate to? In order to “get on TV” religions must totally bow down on their knees, prostrate themselves and lie on the ground and worship the Jews and their Commie agenda. It’s the only thing we know how to do.

Why don’t they say “Free Book,” Why Christians Worship Israel? I once went on the Roger Hedgecock Radio Show. They were talking about loving Israel. Yet I went on his website and 94% of listeners already worshiped Israel. So they are trying to convert to their Jew-Israel-American-European religion, people like me the 6% remainder. They are trying for 100% in whatever field they dominate. 99.999999999% is not enough for Jews. Their empire will self-destruct if even two people know truth. One person who knows it, one to listen and both to spread. Then Jewish Commies will disappear. Jews will become ordinary people and not gods, and stop their racism. You see people call me “racist” because I love my race. I love everyone but I have my own history. Yet, Jews have drummed “race” into our heads. The Civil Rights Act.. World War II with rights for Jews… World War 1, Jew rights, Civil War, Black rights, Illegal immigration, Brown rights, Red Rights because they never wanted to work on plantation just live on reservations, now Muslim rights, Hindu and Yellow Commie rights….. all them sticking to together. Nowadays, Whites may have $$, but as in Poland, Jews and their crooked banking give Whites plenty of $$$ but then as in Poland, Galicia, (Austria) the Jews will take away everything the white man (Christian) earned, force the White man into drunkeness or drugged state, then starvation, rape his women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, (If you think Jews crave money their craving for White women and boys in sex is even beyond that)… Then Jews will put on their golden glittery robes and rob your corpses. They have it all figured out how they will spend the 80% of the $$ in this country… White money… which is really in hands of Jews. Don’t Christians want to have a future, White Christians? Or should only Jews and yellow Commies survive, the opposite of Christians?

Jewish Israeli Propaganda against White Christians around the world

Jewish Israeli Propaganda against White Christians around the world