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Hillary & Bill “White Trash” Nancy Isenberg

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“Mr. Clinton’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky resulted in a spectacle that the author likens to a “white trash outing on the grand national stage.” White Trash, Nancy Eisenberg

President Clinton’s appointees had more Jews than ever before in history. Jews seem to run the show as far as our Presidents go, and perhaps with Trump we might have an exception. Although it is known of his connections with Jews; Hillary’s are worse.

It seems Clinton was hand-picked and promoted by Jews. As was President Wilson who had a secret affair with a woman, and a Jew had all “their” letters, and blackmailed him. They wanted to make sure the first Jew got on the Supreme Court.

Below see how the present US Supreme Court a White country has been hijacked by Jews and their “appointees.” From my own updated entry on this website:

Jesus said that the Jews way of being lawyers was ‘totally wrong,’ yet we follow Jewish lawyers right to their Supremacy in the Supreme Court, followed by Catholics, who are bent on turning the entire Vatican Treasury over to the Hispanics in South and Middle America, if not Africa.  And then we have blacks and now a Hispanic.  Everything but Protestant males, who are the very, very, very minority.  2 out of 9, not even 25%!!!!!!!

First of all the Chief Justice, or the head of the entire country for “Justice,” in the “Supreme” way is a Jew!


Roberts Mother Jew Race, Father White Catholic (Chief Justice) 1/2 Jew: John Roberts… the “deciding vote,” and “head of Supreme Court…. Jewish mother. In Jewish race/religion/business/mafia whatever you want to call it.. the “mother” counts, no matter what religion is indicated. Here is from Wiki: showing his mother’s name ending in “sky” the Jewish name. Roberts was born in Buffalo, New York, on January 27, 1955, the son of Rosemary (née Podrasky) (“ski” at the end of a name is like Mama’s Kopaczewski, Polish Royalty. Jews married into highest of Poland their secret Jew empire for 1000 years.
Kennedy Put in by Jews to hypnotize Whites who associate name of “Kennedy” with beloved President Kennedy.
Kagan Jewess race. From Harvard. Hired 50% all Jews for job openings.
Scalia Deceased (Opening) Found with pillow over his head. Talking heads say “murder,” no autopsy done.
Sotomayer Brown Race female Hispanic. She had record of punishing White firemen who wanted Rights She replaced the “only” token White Protestant Heterosexual Male, who was 94 years old, after I wrote about him on facebook as the ‘only’ one. Jews act on my posts since 2002.
Thomas Black Race
Ginsberg Jewess Race
Alito Catholic married “Bomgartner,” (Jew name.)
Breyer Jew

When Jews affect their changes they use White Presidents to accomplish them. Think Jew’s Mossad assassination of White President Kennedy. Jews knew they had to pass their Civil Rights Act, drafted by Jew Rabbi in a Jew synagogue. But they are sinister enough to know that just “getting the approval of Whites” in the USA would not be 100% certain. Hence the “Tragedy,” assassination. It shook the White USA to the core with grief. A perfect time for Jews to attack ruthlessly, at the worse moment of our lives as a White people and White nation. Even using his brother, Edward, to push the Jew “Civil Rights Act,” of 1964 onto our books, hopefully not forever. If crooked laws are on the books, they have to be changed, and fast, for we are in a high paced, competitive society, and the other races don’t have this damage done to them.

So Jews staged the Jewess Monica Lewinsky (spy) sexual affair with White Southern President Clinton. And I’m sure the Clintons and Jews have a long history together and will worsen if she gets elected. the sex affair, shows the Jewess got into President Clinton’s life. With White Clinton surrounded by so many Jew advisors that was a piece of cake. Even in President Lincoln’s day Jews had so much power they could would up and talk to him anytime they wanted. For an opposite Christian country, one would think we would spot them as our “enemy” within our gates.

Jewess spy, Lewinsky, then has a blue dress with Clinton’s white sperm. Since Jews control our courts, they knew to have evidence. Jews used it for years of faked stories to keep selling and brainwashing Whites with fictitious and genocidal news to Whites, TV, radio, newspapers, and then the gossip between Whites who quote and feel the news is real today.

Led to a $40,000,000.00 court case which Whites had no choice but pay for. It was convenient for it put Clinton’s name all over the news . . . and moreover, Hillary’s name. Her interviews pictured her as strong, calm, confident. Qualities for a political position, that she won. New York State Senator.

Since I have written over and over again, on my emails, Facebook and this website, how it seems very fake that she has 55,000 pages emails that are crooked. I wrote I had 40,000 pages of emails and writings way before that. Jews need to sensationalize and since my writings are true but out of the ordinary, they use them for marketing and advertising. There was another case in Florida, I think, of a woman involved with a politician and her 25,000 emails. That faked Jew news, came after my assertions of how much I had been writing. I think at that time I estimated 30,000 pages of emails. So Jews made this scenario 25,000.

I sometimes think, after I wrote at length of Daddy’s wicked step-mother, Katrina, and also about how I refused to stop at New Orleans when I moved from Chicago, to Las Vegas, it came as no surprise that the hurricane, which destroyed New Orleans, was named “Katrina.” The internet says the levies were tampered with, and we know that HAARP can produce weather changes.

In the book, “White Trash” by Nancy Isenberg (Jewess?) she talks of the poor and damaged Whites who helped build the USA. I am one. Polish-American, White slave for Jews. She writes of traitor White Hillary’s husband:





How Jews Forced White Polish Women into Brutal Sex 20-30 Times a “Day

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A Jew doctor raped me, (I’m White ) and threatened me for life. He snarled, “If you tell anyone, I will send you to insane asylum. It would ruin me for I have a Jewess wife and kids.” I also read when I went back to college, 2006, to write entry for my deceased suicided US Marine Purple Heart Hall of Honor, that in pre-World War II Germany, the Jews were raping White girls, women and boys but it was “taboo” to talk about. The National Socialists began teaching the White youth to issue police reports if Jews attempted or raped any one. Before you know it there were so many police reports and it gave the White Germans (Our White smartest) the evidence to expel the criminal rapists. For even then Germany was going extinct. Now it is doomed for the birth rate is 1.6 and that is Muslim and Jew Orthodox and other races in that figure I think. (Nazis a name made up by Jews to scare Whites like boogiemen or like Jews gave name of ISIS. Jews keep us terrorized because when afraid one can’t think but will listen to anyone around them.) Just as this poor Polish woman was raped 20-30 times. I know a man who was a White Christian missionary in Israel and Russia for 9 years. That alone shocked me for Jews are by far the richest race in history. He said that in Russia the Jew Rabbis are wicked. They are responsible for all the crime in Russia and Israel. They forge papers for identity. (I wonder if that is what they did for Obama’s birth certificate.) In israel, there are many Jew drunks. And many Christian religions worship Jews of Israel, for then Jews will favor the Whites with low cost TV which Jews own. The only condition. For White Christians to sell their soul to the Jew devil. The White Missionary said that Jew rabbis con White Eastern European women to go to Israel, rip up their passports, and then these girls have to give sex with 20 or 30 Jews a day, as said in this video that happened in my Poland.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeRC0RxBCJ8

White Dr. Pierce: Conditioning for Death

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White Dr. William Pierce “America Changing Country”

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White Dr. William Pierce Exposes Hillary & Bill Traitors to White Race

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White Dr. Pierce, Free Mason, Jew Banks

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Jew Book Burning White Canada

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I hope now that White England is posed for freedom with Brexit, they will take that to their colony of White Canada. Jews used their laws of perverted sex (I’m for healthy heterosexuality but not perversion.) to get their “hate” laws. Simply, Jews use White Christianity as a weakness. Since we believe in Jesus’ “Love” Jews automatically invented if anyone exposes and wants to expel Jews, a “Hater.” Whites jump like jackrabbits for they must “love” at all costs. Even their murderers and genociders of themselves, ancestors, descendants.


White Dr. William Pierce: Jew Hate Books

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Gun Control White Dr. William Pierce

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White Dr. William Pierce Lemmings

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